Early Potter County Vital Statistics

Note: These are newspaper notices, not official Vital Records.
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Name Event Date Text
RANDALL, A. C. Marriage 12-24-1866 Miss Louise R. Butterworth, daughter of Wales & Jane Butterworth of Wisc. & A. C. Randall of Chicago, Ill., mar. Dec. 24, 1866.
RATHBUN, Abbie Marriage 1-1-1895 E. S. Bunker of Millport & Abbie Rathbun, daughter of J. G. Rathbun of Chrystal, mar. Jan. 1, 1895.
RAYMER, Florence A. Marriage 9-5-1906 Guy Ole Witter & Florence A. Raymer, both of Roulet, married Sept. 5, 1906.
RAYMOND, Amos Marriage 3-15-1878 Mrs. Miriam D. Corey of Detroit, Mich. & Amos Raymond of Ulysses mar. Mar. 15, 1878 in Emporium, PA
RAYMOND, Asa A. Marriage 12-20-1875 Miss Mary M. Cutler & Asa A. Raymond of Bingham, mar. Dec. 29, 1875.
RAYMOND, Frank Marriage 1-1-1878 Mrs. Maryette Cornell, daughter of Mrs. Thomas Church of Lockport, NY & Frank A. Raymond, mar. Jan. 1, 1878.
RAYMOND, Joel D. Death 03-05-1913 Joel D. Raymond died yesterday [3-5-1913] at the home of his son, John L. Raymond of Ulysses. He celebrated his 97th birthday March 2nd. Survived by two sons & six daughters.
RAYMOND, John Marriage 2-1879 Miss Mary Clark of Spring Mills & John Raymond, mar. Feb. __, 1879.
RAYMOND, Sarah (Mrs.) Marriage 2-27-1855 N. L. Dike of Coudersport & Mrs. Sarah Raymond of Bingham, married Feb. 27, 1855 at the home of James B. Jones in Bingham.
REARICK, Annie M. Death 01-20-1923 Mrs. George M. Rearick died at the Williamsport Hospital last Saturday. Annie M. Rearick was born at Jersey Shores, Pa. October 6, 1860 and married on September 23, 1880 to George M. Rearick who survives with two daughters; Miss Margaret E. Rearick of Warren & Mrs. T. R. [Martha] Quick of Galeton, and one son: Charles M. Rearick of Galeton. Buried in West Hill Cemetery.
REARICK, Martha Marriage 05-14-1913 T. R. Quick & Miss Martha Rearick were married May 14, 1913 at the home of her parents Mr. & Mrs. G. M. Rearick by Rev. Wave Paltyson.
RECKHOW, John R. Marriage 2-5-1850 Miss Jane M. Burrows & John R. Reckhow, both of Coudersport, mar. Feb. 5, 1850.
RECTENWALD, C. N. Marriage 12-26-1912 Mr. C. N. Rectenwald & Miss Abbie Straley were married December 26, 1912 by Rev. D. S. Sheehan at Coudersport.
REED, Adelia Marriage 3-14-1895 Henry Clinton & Miss Adelia Reed, both of Summit Twp. mar. March 14, 1882.
REED, Alonzo Marriage 09-1955 Miss Sarah A. Chase of Sweden Twp. & Alonzo Reed of Summit Twp., mar. Sept. 20, 1855 in Homer Twp.
REED, Austin Marriage 8-26-1886 Miss Lenora A. Bonawitz & Austin Reed, both of Summit, mar. Aug. 26, 1886.
REED, Clella Marriage 09-27-1910 Glenn Fitch & Miss Clella Reed married Sept. 27, 1910.
REED, Edna Marriage 03-24-1917 Albert E. Kellogg, Jr. & Edna Reed, both of Roulet, married March 24, 1917.
REED, Floyd Marriage 06-14-1914 Miss Esther Kenyon, daughter of Rev. Kenyon of Richburg, NY & Floyd Reed of Shinglehouse, married June 16, 1914.
REED, George L. Marriage 06-13-1908 May Fanton & George L. Reed, both of Borie, married June 13, 1908.
REED, Leon Marriage 05-04-1904 Alma Marvin & Leon Reed, both of Roulet, married May 4, 1904 at Olean, NY
REED, Max Marriage 07-02-1923 Miss Carrie Smith & Mr. Max Reed of Genesee were married at the home of the bride last Tuesday (July 2, 1923) by Rev. Harry in Coudersport.
REED, Myrtle Marriage 02-21-1920 Ralph Maynard & Miss Myrtle Reed, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Grant Reed, married Feb. 21, 1920 at Olean, NY
REES, George W. Marriage 12-15-1878 Miss Altie Champlin & George W. Rees of Sylvania, Potter Co. PA, mar. Dec. 15, 1878 in Keating Twp.
REES, Nina Florence Marriage 11-04-1919 Peter P. McCandrews & Miss Nina Florence Rees, married Nov. 4, 1919 at Dolgeville, NY.
REES, T. B. Marriage 2-12-1898 Miss Bertha Breunle, dau. of C. C. Breunle was married to Glenn M. Rees, son of T. B. Rees, Feb. 12, 1898. Both from Coudersport.
REESE, Francis G., Dr. Marriage 3-8-1899 Mrs. Katherine J. Benson & Dr. Francis G. Reese, mar. Mar. 8, 1899.
REEVES, Erwin M. Marriage 12-19-1891 Erwin M. Bradley of Allegany Twp. & Miss Lillian Reeves of Eulalia Twp., mar. Dec. 19, 1891 in Eulalia Twp.
REMINGTON, Rowland Death 12-12-1913 Rowland Remington age 16 years died last Friday (December 12, 1913) at the home of his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Cyrus Remington at Lyman Run. Buried in West Hill Cemetery.
RENNELLS, Arch Marriage 12-1910 Miss Lula Chase & Arch Rennells of Sweden Hill married Dec. 20, 1910.
RENNELLS, Bertha Marriage 08-1903 E. H. Cooley & Miss Bertha Rennells, both of Coudersport, mar. August 20, 1903.
RENNELLS, Cyrenus Marriage 05-01-1908 May Baker & Cyrenus Rennells married May __. 1908 at Andover, NY
RENNELLS, Edith Marriage 11-27-1905 Robert Ianson of Borie & Edith Rennells of Coudersport married Nov. 27, 1905 in Coudersport.
RENNELLS, Edna Marie Marriage 10-24-1906 Lee Voorhees & Miss Edna Maria Rennells of Coudersport, married Oct. 24, 1906 at Coudersport.
RENNELLS, Walter Marriage 08-10-1915 Miss Eva Halsey of Homer & Walter Rennells of Summit Twp., married Aug. 10, 1915.
RENNELLS, William R. Marriage 12-28-1908 Miss Ona Lillibridge & William R. Rennells, both of Coudersport, married Dec. 28, 1908 at Coudersport.
RENNELS, Herman B., Marjorie Divorce 01-04-1923 Marjorie Rennels vs. Herman B. Rennels
REPLEY, Bernice Death 10-20-1923 Miss Bernice Repley, age 16 years, the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F.L. Repley of Marshlands, was fatally injured in an automobile accident on the Gaines road, Saturday.
REUNING, Carl Marriage 11-30-11905 Miss Isabelle Mansfield of Inez & Carl Reuning of Eulalia Twp, married Nov. 30, 1905.
REUNING, Henry C. Marriage 09-30-1908 Miss Hulda Larson of Port Allegany & Henry C. Reuning of Coudersport, married Sept. 30, 1908 at Olean, NY
REUNING, Lena R. Marriage 08-06-1902 Harry S. hull of Hulls, son of Joseph S. Hull, & Miss Lena R. Reuning, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Reuning of South Hill, married Aug. 6, 1902 at South Hill, Coudersport.
REX, George W. Marriage 03-03-1923 George W. Rex & Miss Elinor Stutzman were married March 3rd at the home of the bride at Wayland, NY.
REXFORD, N. O. Marriage 05-01-1870 MARRIED at residence of brideís father in Westfield, Pa., May 1, 1870, by Rev. B. Thomas, Capt. J. W. Stevens of Harrison Valley and Miss N. O. Rexford, daughter of Job Rexford, Esq.
REXFORD, P. E. Marriage 06-26-1870 MARRIED in the Baptist Church at Harrison Valley, by Rev. Benj. Thomas, Mr. P. E. Rexford of Westfield and Miss Clara, daughter of M. W. Swetland of Harrison, Pa.
REXFORD, Stella Marriage 01-01-1879 MARRIED: In this place, Harrison Valley, on new Yearís morn, at the house of Job Rexford, the brideís father, were married by Rev. Benjamin Thomas, Dr. E. J. Shaw of this place and Miss Stella Rexford.
REYNOLDS, A. J. Marriage 12-25-1870 Miss Ida F. Cone of Hebron Twp. & A. J. Reynolds of Ward, Allegany Co. NY, mar. Dec. 25, 1870.
REYNOLDS, Anna Marriage 12-25-1907 Erville Green & Anna Reynolds, both of Andrews Settlement, married Dec. 25, 1907.
REYNOLDS, Charles Marriage 05-01-1986 Miss Mettie Dawley & Charles Reynolds, both of Hebron, married May __, 1896.
REYNOLDS, Elizabeth A. Marriage 8-1-1895 Adelbert L. Conable & Elizabeth A. Reynolds of Gold, mar. Aug. 1, 1895 at the home of her sister, Mrs. A. C. Allis.
REYNOLDS, J. Foster Marriage 12-26-1914 Miss Leona Glindeman & J. Foster Reynolds, both of Ulysses, married Dec. 26, 1914.
REYNOLDS, Myron Marriage 10-24-1875 Miss E. Coller of Genesee & Myron Reynolds of Allegany, mar. Oct. 24, 1875.
REYNOLDS, Nathaniel M. Marriage 1-15-1852 Miss Mary S. Baker of Homer Twp. & Nathaniel M. Reynolds of Coudersport, mar. Jan. 15, 1852.
REYNOLDS, Ruth Marriage 09-26-1917 Morton Lilly of Coudersport & Miss Ruth Reynolds of Mainsburg, Pa., married Sept. 26, 1917.
RICE, Chester Marriage 11-17-1923 Chester Rice, son of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Rice and Miss Allene Dougherty of Elmira were married November 17th at the Baptist parsonage in Corning by Rev. Hoagland.
RICE, George Marriage 9-22-1896 Miss Mayme Dodd of Eldred & George Rice of Larrabee, married Sept. 22, 1898 at the home of Ed Lyon in Coudersport.
RICE, Harry D. Marriage 4-27-1890 Miss Angie Carpenter & Henry D. Rice, both of Newfield, mar. Apr. 27, 1890 at Whitesville, NY
RICHARDSON, Anna Marriage 9-16-1890 Nathan D. Cornell of Baltimore, Md. & Miss Anna Richardson of Austin, PA mar. Sept. 16, 1890 at Olean, NY
RICKERSON, Gail J. Marriage 01-22-1923 Gail J. Rickerson & Miss Verna B. Rorabaugh were married last Saturday at Corning, NY.
RIDLON, John C. Marriage 09-23-1914 Mona Irene Grant of Coudersport & John C. Ridlon of Roulet, married Sept. 23, 1914.
RIGBY, Agnes J. Marriage 10-1911 Willis A. Carpenter & Agnes J. Rigby, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R. S. Rigby, mar. Oct. 4, 1911.
RINEHULTS, William H. Death 05-06-1923 William H. Rinehults, aged 38 years was killed Sunday May 6th by a New York Central train at Niagara Falls. Buried at Keating Summit. Survived by his wife, a daughter; Lillian, two sisters and two brothers.
RINK, Belva Marriage 09-04-1909 Frank R. Galpin & Miss Belva Rink, both of Colesburg, married Sept 4, 1909.
RIPPLE, L. D., Rev. Marriage 2-9-1879 Miss Belle Brownlee of Sylvania & Rev. L. D. Ripple of Orbesonia, PA, mar. Feb. 9, 1879 in Sylvania.
RISCHEL, Jennie Marriage 12-10-1883 Chester Corsaw of Sweden & Miss Jennie Rischel of Smethport, mar. Dec. 10, 1883.
RITCHIE, Mabel Marriage 10-19-1903 Will Kirkendall & Mabel Ritchie, both of Harrison Valley, married Oct. 19, 1903.
ROACH, Loretta Marriage 04-02-1918 Howard McGonnell of Coudersport & Miss Loretta Roach of Kane married April 2, 1918.
ROBBINS, Clara E. Marriage 4-26-1880 Elliott Cobb of West Branch & Miss Clara E. Robbins of Hector, mar. Apr. 26, 1880 at Sunderlinville.
ROBBINS, L. W. Marriage 10-17-1917 Mrs. Melissa Hackett of Austin & L.W. Robbins, married Oct. 17, 1917 in Emporium.
ROBERTS, Birdie Marriage 08-31-1910 John Brooks & Birdie Roberts married Aug. 31, 1910 at Conrad.
ROBERTS, E. A. L. Marriage 4-8-1867 Mrs. Ida Butterworth Chase & E. A. L. Roberts, both of Titusville, PA, mar. Apr. 8, 1967. [1867?]
ROBERTS, Martha (Mrs.) Marriage 11-4-1899 James R. Clark & Mrs. Martha Roberts, both of Sweden Valley, mar. Nov. 4, 1899.
ROBERTS, Reuben Z. Marriage 1-12-1864 Miss Mary E. Barclay of Coudersport & Reuben Z. Roberts of the 53rd PA Vols., were married Jan. 12, 1864.
ROBINSON, Edgar Willett Marriage 1-16-1889 Miss Maggie Bullis of Rochester, NY & Mr. E. W. Robinson of Coudersport, mar. Jan. 16, 1889.
ROBINSON, George Alrich Birth 06-06-1923 Mr. & Mrs. Lorenzo Robinson are the parents of a son born June 6, 1923, named George Alrich.
ROBINSON, Warren Marriage 12-24-1912 January 16, 1913: Mr. Warren Robinson & Miss Daisy Darling were married December 24, 1912 at Witichite, Texas.
ROBINSON, Zalmon Death 02-03-1876 DIED: As we go to press we learn of the death of Zalmon Robinson of Harrison Valley.
ROBY, Mary Marriage 01-01-1900 Omer L. Baker & Mary A. Roby of Hebron, Mar. Jan. __ , 1900.
ROCHE, Alice Marriage 06-28-1905 Frank W. Murphy of Stone Dam & Miss Alice Roche of Kinney, married June 28, 1905.
ROCKEFELLER, James Marriage 9-1-1895 Mrs. Samantha Blanchard of Bingham & James Rockefeller of Sharon, mar. Sept. 1, 1895.
ROGERS, Clare Marriage 09-06-1908 Henry Fuller of Raymond & Miss Clare Rogers of Gold, married Sept. 16, 1908.
ROGERS, Jesse W. Marriage 9-4-1883 Amelia Doerner & Jesse W. Rogers, both of Coudersport, married Sept. 4, 1883.
ROGERS, Mildred Marriage 7-4-1899 John Foley & Miss Mildred Rogers of West Pike married July 4, 1899 at Addison, NY
ROMANIA, Joseph Marriage 04-18-1917 Miss Elizabeth Moran, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Moran & Joseph Romania, married April 18, 1917.
RORABAUGH, Verna B. Marriage 01-22-1923 Gail J. Rickerson & Miss Verna B. Rorabaugh were married last Saturday [Jan. 22, 1923] at Corning, NY.
ROSE, Mary (Bennett) Death 05-01-1923 Mrs. Mary Rose died May 1, 1923. Mary Bennett Rose was born in Charleston, Tioga Co., PA, February 24, 1863 and married August 3, 1884 to Leon M. Rose of that place. Survived by her son, Basil of Galeton and one brother; Edwin Bennett of Charleston. Buried in West Hill Cemetery.
ROSENBLOOM, Morris Death 12-04-1923 Morris Rosenbloom aged 39 years jumped out of the second story window of his brotherís home, Frank Rosenbloom at Austin last Tuesday (December 4, 1923) and died at Keating Summitt while enroute to a hospital in Buffalo. Mr. Rosenbloom who lived in Olean was married to Pauline Taksen of that city on November 26th and the bridal couple were on their honeymoon.
ROSS, George Marriage 7-4-1878 Miss Frankie Brown of Gaines & George F. Ross of Coudersport, mar. July 4, 1878 at Gaines, PA
ROSS, John S. Marriage 10-1872 Miss Lydia S. Colegrove of Colegrove, McKean Co. PA & John S. Ross of Coudersport, mar. Oct. __, 1872.
ROSS, Robert Marriage 11-6-1877 Elizabeth Dipple of Ulysses & Robert Rosa of Allegany Twp., married Nov. 6, 1877 in Allegany.
ROSSMAN, Sarah Marriage 3-24-1880 John S. Bird & Miss Sarah Rossman, both of Sweden, PA., mar. March 24, 1880.
ROSSMAN, William O. Marriage 7337 Mrs. Chloe Benn & W. O. Rossman of Sweden married Feb. __, 1920 in Williamsport.
ROTELLO, Girl Birth 05-1923 A girl was born to Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rotello of Austin.
ROUNDS, Charles Marriage 2-29-1850 Miss Olive Card of Roulet & Charles Rounds of Eldred, PA, mar. Feb. 29, 1880 in Roulet, PA
ROWE, Margaret Marriage 10-16-1913 R. Lynn Emerick, State Forester at Cross Fork was married at Smethport, PA, last Thursday [10-16-1913] to Miss Margaret Rowe, daughter of Ed Rowe of Betula, PA. They will live at Cross Fork, PA.
ROWLEY, Ida V. Marriage 8-8-1877 Edgar S. Crittenden & Miss Ida V. Rowley, both of Oswayo, mar. Aug. 8, 1877.
RUBY, Volney Marriage 12-01-1913 Alice Annette Dibble & Volney Ruby married Dec. __, 1913.
RUDDY, Howard J. Marriage 12-19-1923 Marguerite Genevieve Cotter, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James J. Cotter of Buffalo was married to Mr. Howard J. Ruddy on Wednesday (December 19, 1923) in the Second United Presbyterian Rectory by Rev. W. W. Hopping. The bride was formerly of Galeton.
RUKGABER, Leah Marriage 08-29-1923 Raymond D. Connelly & Miss Leah Rukgaber were married last Saturday at the Presbyterian Manse. The bride is a daughter of C. G. Rukgaber and the groom is the oldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Connelly.
RUMSEY, Ned L. Marriage 06-06-1900 Ella May Head, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Head of Oswayo & Ned L Rumsey, married June 6, 1900.
RUSSELL, Eugenie S. Marriage 12-20-1881 Eugene H. Brooks of Rixford, PA & Miss Eugenie S. Russell of Buffalo, NY, mar. Dec. 20, 1881 at Eldred, PA
RUSSELL, Richard Marriage 02-1904 Lottie Crittenden & Richard Russell, both of Oswayo, mar. Feb. 2, 1904.
RUSSELL, U. B. Marriage 3-1-1894 Eda F. Doerner & U. B. Russell married Mar. 1, 1894 in Coudersport.
RYAN, Celia Marriage 11-21-1905 Henry O. Hausheer & Miss Celia Ryan, both of Coudersport, married Nov. 21, 1905 at Coudersport.
RYAN, Nellie Marriage 9-27-1899 Martin Lawler & Miss Nellie Ryan married Sept. 27, 1899.
RYAN, Willis M. Marriage 11-10-1884 Miss Evva L. Barlow of Genesee, PA & Willis M. Ryan of Genesee, PA were married Tuesday, Nov. 10, 1884 at Genesee Forks, by me, James I. Ryan, J.P.

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