Early Potter County Vital Statistics

Note: These are newspaper notices, not official Vital Records.
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Name Event Date Text
PAGE, Boy Birth 12-29-1922 A son was born December 29, 1922 to Mr. & Mrs. Launce Page of Austin.
PAGE, Elizabeth Marriage 8-31-1899 Dr. Clinton Crosby of Austin & Miss Elizabeth Page of Roulet, mar. Aug. 31, 1899 at Olean, NY
PAGE, John F. Marriage 11-08-1906 Mrs. Katherine Gallup & John F. Page, both of Austin, married Nov. 8, 1906.
PAGE, Louis Marriage 07-07-1923 Louis Page & Mrs. Loretta Weger both of Austin were married July 4th at Coudersport.
PALMATER, Kate A. Marriage 01-09-1869 MARRIED: In Harrison by J. N. Gill, Esq., Mr. Charles A. Merrick of Bingham and Miss Kate A. Palmater of Harrison.
PALMATIER, Harry Marriage 06-23-1913 Miss Sophia Mosch & Harry Palmatier, both of Seven Bridges, married June 23, 1913.
PALMATIER, Kathrine Marriage 02-12-1920 Roselle Leete & Miss Katherine Palmatier, both of Coudersport, married Feb. 12, 1920.
PALMATIER, Mabel Marriage 02-01-1905 Herman D. Junge of Warren & M. Mabel Palmatier, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A. C. Palmatier, married Feb. 1, 1905.
PALMER, Leah A. Marriage 2283 John H. Blesh of Keating Summit & Miss Leah A. Palmer of Oswayo, mar. Apr. __, 1906.
PARISH, Joseph H. Marriage 08-31-1912 Miss Lena Grabe of Coudersport & Joseph H. Parish of Port Allegany, married Aug. 31, 1915.
PARKER, Elizabeth M. Marriage 1-15-1866 J. Weston Bird & Elizabeth M. Parker, a preceptress of the Genesee Valley Seminary, mar. Jan. 15, 1866 at Belfast, NY
PARKER, Jennie Marriage 12-10-1906 Ray Hess & Miss Jennie Parker, both of Shinglehouse, married Dec. 10, 1906.
PARKER, Nora Marriage 11-29-1885 G. E. Conable & Miss Nora Parker, both of Raymond, mar. Nov. 29, 1885.
PARMENTER, Emma E. Marriage 4-9-1870 George W. Dodge of Sharon Center & Emma E. Parmeter, daughter of Nelson Parmeter, Esq. of East Sharon, married Apr. 9, 1870 in Friendship, NY
PARMENTER, Mary Marriage 12-19-1869 Ambrose Clemmer & Miss Mary Parmenter, both of Coudersport, mar. Dec. 19, 1869
PARRY, Elizabeth (Phillips) Death 04-05-1913 Mrs. George Parry died Saturday [4-5-1913] at Oriskanny, NY, and was buried there. Dan Parry left Galeton several days ago and reached there before she died.
PARRY, George H. Death 05-21-1923 George H. Parry of Galeton died in the Austin Hospital on Monday. He was born at Rome, NY, September 12, 1862; married Miss Elizabeth Phillips of Rome who preceded him in death. He came to Galeton in 1897. Survived by 5 children; Daniel & Frederick of Galeton; William of Syracuse; Bessie of Corning, N.Y.; & Celia of Cincinnati, Ohio, also on brother; William C. Parry of Rome, NY. Buried in West Hill cemetery (old part Elmwood Abe, North to Driveway Section).
PATTERSON, Anna U. Marriage 3-23-1879 Francis H. Chappell & Miss Anna U. Patterson, both of Eulalia Twp., mar. Feb. 23, 1879.
PATTERSON, Edgar Marriage 6-27-1880 Fendora Burdic & Edgar Patterson, both of Binghan, mar. June 27, 1880.
PATTERSON, Perry S. Marriage 09-27-1916 Miss Coletta Dunn of Coudersport & Perry S. Patterson of Chicago married Sept. 27, 1916.
PATTERSON, Perry S. Marriage 09-27-1916 Miss Coletta Dunn of Coudersport & Perry S. Patterson of Chicago married Sept. 27, 1916.
PATTYSON, Harry Arthur Marriage 7-10-1913 Miss Katharine Teresa Baxter, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Baxter was married to Harry Arthur Pattyson of Detroit, Mich. at the home of her parents in Rochester, NY by Rev. Pattyson, father of the groom and assisted by Rev. Mark R. Chapman of Knoxville, uncle of the groom. [7-10-1913 paper]
PAWSON, Alice Marriage 7-4-1876 Jasper Card, Esq. & Alice Pawson, both of Roulet, mar. July 4, 1876.
PAYNE, Pearl Marriage 10-02-1910 Rue McLaughlin & Miss Pearl Payne married Oct. 2, 1910 at Bradford, Pa.
PEARCE, Nella Rounseville Marriage 06-02-1904 Harry K. Brown of Hornellsville, NY & Miss Nella Rounseville Pearce, daughter of Mrs. Mary Pearce, mar. June 2, 1904 at Oswayo.
PEARSALL, Clarissa Death 07-13-1913 Square Estes, Civil War veteran of Oswayo, died March 7, 1913; born Sept. 16, 1843, a son of George G. & Polly (Brizzee) Estes. Married in 1871 to Miss Clancy Pearsall.
PEARSALL, Edith Marriage 9-3-1881 Eugene Corwin & Miss Edith Pearsall, both of Shinglehouse, mar. Sept. 3, 1881.
PEARSALL, Frank Marriage 2-27-1892 Miss Marion Cornelius & Frank Pearsall, both of Coudersport, mar. Feb. 27, 1892 at Olean, NY
PEARSALL, Mabel Marriage 04-06-1903 Frederick T. Matteson & Miss Mabel Pearsall of Shinglehouse, married April 16, 1903.
PEARSALL, Maude A. Marriage 11-22-1906 Mr. Grant Levering of Albion, Pa. & Mrs. Maude A. Pearsall of Emporium, formerly of Coudersport, married Nov. 22, 1906 in Emporium.
PEARSONS, Robert Death 12-12-1923 Robert Pearson of Austin died at his home on West Main Street December 12th aged 62 years. He was born in Canada. Survived by his wife, one son, Earl of Ohio; 2 daughters; Ellen & Genevieve at home. Buried in Forest Hill cemetery.
PECK, J. Raymond Marriage 08-23-1911 Miss Margery Allen Lyon & J. Raymond Peck, both of Coudersport, married Aug 23, 1911.
PECK, Louise Marriage 8-1899 John Holland & Miss Louise Peck, daughter of N. J. Peck, married Aug. --, 1899 at Corning, NY
PECK, Viola Marriage 8-11-1897 Abraham Cross of Austin & Viola Peck of Costello, mar. Aug. 11, 1897 at Costello.
PEET, Della Marriage 6-20-1894 Charles Chaffee & Miss Della Peet of Hebron, mar. June 20, 1894 at Whitesville, NY
PEET, Robert Death 01-27-1923 Robert Peet, an old highly respected resident of Hebron Twp. died Sunday last, aged 80 years.
PELHAM, Sarah (Pelham) Marriage 11-8-1913 Norman C. Terriberry & Sarah R. Pellam, both of Coudersport, married Nov. 8, 1913.
PEPPER, Emory Marriage 11-11-1919 Lillian Blow & Emory Pepper, both of Coudersport, mar. Nov. 11, 1919.
PEPPERMAN, Jane (Mrs.) Marriage 7-1893 George Crouch of Oswayo & Mrs. Jane Pepperman of Roulet, mar. July __, 1893.
PERKINS, Ebenezer Marriage 10-24-1875 MARRIED in Harrison, Oct. 24, 1875, by Rev. Benj. Thomas, Mr. Ebenezer Perkins of Courtland County, NY and Mrs. E. M. Doud, daughter of officiating clergyman.
PERKINS, Gertrude Marriage 02-18-1915 Joseph Guenther, Jr. & Miss Gertrude Perkins, both of Coudersport, married Feb. 18, 1915.
PERKINS, Mamie Marriage 2-10-1886 Jason L. Claflin of Howard Co. Neb., formerly of Eulalia Twp. Potter Co. PA & Miss Mamie N. Perkins of Hall Co. Neb., mar. Feb. 10, 1886 at Berwick, Neb.
PERKINS, Marissa Dean Marriage 08-09-1911 James Leon Gibson of Caledonia, NY & Miss Marissa Dean Perkins of Newfield, married Aug. 9, 1911.
PERKINS, Nellie Marriage 07-15-1908 Charles W. Lyons & Miss Nellie Perkins married July 15, 1908 at Alfred, NY
PERKINS, Rheta Marriage 02-08-1911 James Titus Burt of Ulysses & Miss Rheta Perkins, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Perkins, mar. Feb. 8, 1911.
PERKINS, William M. Marriage 1-1-1854 Miss Marissa P. Dean & William M. Perkins of Andover, NY, married Jan.1, 1854 in Ulysses.
PERRY, Lytle Marriage 01-05-1908 Eugenia Benson & Lytle Perry married Jan. 5, 1908.
PERSING, Opal Marriage 10-06-1923 Theodore R. Chaffee & Miss Opal Persing were married last Saturday at the Presbyterian Manse in Corning by Rev. Elmer J. Stuart. The bride is a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Persing.
PETERS, Ralph Death 04-1923 Ralph Peters of Wharton died at Cresson, Pa.
PETERSON, Annie Marriage 7-5-1897 Mr. Devall of Logue & Annie Peterson of Costello, married July 5, 1897, at Olean, NY
PETERSON, John H. Marriage 1/24/1900 Miss Dora Campbell of Clara & John H. Peterson of Scio, NY, mar. Jan. 24, 1900.
PETERSON, Mary Marriage 10-12-1889 Cornelius Brooks & Miss Mary Peterson, both of Wharton, mar. Oct. 12, 1889.
PFEIFFER, William Marriage 2-1-1894 Nellie Boyington & William Pfeiffer, both of Roulet, mar. Feb. 1, 1894.
PFUNTNER, Edward, Jr. Marriage 06-17-1914 Miss Clara Kelly, daughter of Patrick Kelly & Edward Pfuntner, Jr., both of Coudersport, married June 17, 1914.
PHELPS, William Marriage 4-8-1896 Miss Mary Chase & William Phelps of Ladona married Apr. 8, 1896.
PHILLIPS, Boy Birth 02-24-1878 E. B. Phillips has a son, weight nine and one half pounds.
PHILLIPS, Ella Louise (Higgins) Death 03-16-1923 Mrs. Ella Louise Higgins Phillips died at her home March 16, 1923. She was born in Williamstown, PA, January 31, 1880. On August 17, 1901 she married to John W. Phillips who survives with 3 children; Mrs. Susie Bates, Dorothy and Neslie; and 2 brothers; Henry and Charles Higgins. Buried West Hill Cemetery. [Listed in East Sharon Cem]
PHILO, Edgar W. Marriage 06-02-1920 Miss Fannie McConeghy of Coudersport & E. W. Philo, formerly of Elmira, NY, married June 2, 1920 at Jacksonville, Florida.
PHOENIX, Joshua Marriage 12-17-1899 Mrs. Addie Temple of West Pike & Joshua Phoenix, married Dec. 17, 1899.
PINIERI, Josephine Marriage 01-27-1913 Miss Josephine Pinieri & Robert Formica were married last Saturday at the Catholic church. She is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A. Pinieri.
PINNEY, Norman Marriage 7-27-1898 Miss Fannie Connolly & Norman Pinney, mar. July 27, 1898 at Coudersport,
PIRE, Floyd Marriage 6-3-1902 Miss Josephine Teachman of Coudersport & Floyd Pire of Bolivar, NY, married June 3, 1902.
PLAGEMAN, Mary Marriage 3-11-1883 John Cox of Elmira, NY & Miss Mary Plageman of Ulysses, mar. March 11, 1883.
PLANK, David Death 06-26-1913 David Plank of Sunderlinville died Thursday [6-26-1913]. Buried at Brookfield. Survived by his wife, a son; Henry, a daughter; Mrs. Fannie Welch of Sunderlinville. He was 71 years old.
PLATT, Girl Birth 01-12-1923 Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Platt are the parents of a daughter born January 12th.
PLATTE, Violet Marriage 10-1923 Miss Violet Platte of DuBois, daughter of Frank Platte of Wharton was married to Mr. Eli McConaghay of Wharton, October in DuBois.
PLOTTS, Violette Marriage 12-10-1907 George W. Mitchell & Miss Violette Plotts, both of Inez, married Dec. 10, 1907.
PLUM, J. E. Marriage 8-18-1881 Miss Nellie Collins of Coudersport & J. E. Plum of Elmira, NY, mar. Sept. 18, 1881.
POMEROY, Dayton G. Marriage 1-1-1898 Miss Jessie Cool of Andrews Settlement & Dayton G. Pomeroy of Roulet, mar. Jan. 1, 1898.
POMEROY, Edith Marriage 6-22-1898 William Harry Clulow of Venango Co. PA & Miss Edith Pomeroy, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Seneca Pomeroy, mar. June 22, 1898.
POOLER, Daisy Marriage 3-1891 Milton M. Drake & Miss Daisy Pooler, both of Sharon Center, married March __, 1891.
POTTER, Grace (Goodyear) Death 09-12-1914 Goodyear: Mrs. Grace Depew Potter, daughter of the late Frank H. Goodyear, and widow of Ashton Potter, died Sept. 12, 1914 in Colorado Springs, Colo. Her husband died a month ago. Buried in Buffalo, N,.Y.
POTTER, Sarah Marriage 7-3-1858 Mr. A. H. Briggs of Bingham & Miss Sarah Potter of Independence, NY mar. July 3, 1858.
POTTER, Woolsey, Dr. Marriage 06-09-1904 Edith Butler & Dr. Woolsey Potter of Austin married June 9, 1904.
POWELL, M. E. Marriage 6-28-1870 Miss Josephine Butterworth & M. E. Powell, both of Sparta, Wisc. mar. June 28, 1870.
POWERS, Thomas A. Marriage 11-26-1912 Mrs. Josephine Marooney of Coudersport & Thomas A. Powers of Norwich, Pa. married Nov. 26, 1912.
PRESHO, Arthur L. Marriage 2-5-1876 Miss Sarah L. Conable & Arthur L. Presho married Feb. 5, 1876, at Raymond, PA
PRESHO, L. C. Marriage 12-24-1887 Mrs. Frances Dunkley of Sweden & L. C. Presho of Ulysses, married Dec 24, 1877. (She was divorced from Frederick Dunkley).
PRESHO, Sophronia Marriage 12-9-1852 Robert W. Benton & Miss Sophia Presho married Dec. 9, 1852 in Allegany Twp.
PRESS, Eva E. Marriage 2-23-1889 Dennis L. Dye & Eva E. Press, both of Shinglehouse, married Feb. 23, 1889, in Ceres, NY
PRESSLER, Lottie Marriage 12-25-1906 Claude Fessenden of Roulet & Miss Lottie Pressler of Liberty married Dec. 25, 1906.
PRIDE, Ernest Marriage 07-02-1906 Ernest Pride & Miss Pearl Morley, both of Gold, married July 2, 1906.
PRIDE, Nellie Death 07-02-1906 Miss Nellie Pride & William Morley, both of Gold, married July 2, 1906
PRINCE, Jennie Marriage 07-01-1903 Charles Hanson & Jennie Prince, both of Shinglehouse, married July --, 1903 in Ceres.
PROUTY, Bert Death 01-13-1923 Bert Prouty aged 12 years, son of Mr. & Mrs. Lemuel Prouty died in the Blossburg Hospital on Saturday. Buried in the South Branch Cemetery.
PROUTY, Chester Walter Death 07-04-1923 Chester Walter Prouty, the infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Prouty of Germania St. died Tuesday (July 24, 1923). He was born July 4, 1923, and is survived by his parents, one brother and one sister.
PROUTY, Martin VanBuren Death 01-22-1923 M. V. Prouty was born in Pike Twp., April 27, 1839; married September 22, 1867 to Lydia M. Conable and to them were born 14 children, 7 of whom survive: James N. Prouty of Salamanca, NY; Mrs. Nona Bateman & Mrs. Anna Goldmeyer of Pleasantville, NJ; Pearl Prouty of Belleville, N.J.; Mrs. Carrie Green, Mrs. Iva Crippen and Mrs. Emma Gridley of Galeton. Mr. Prouty died at Washington, D.C. January 22, 1923. Buried in West Hills Cemetery. [Actually in West Branch Cemetery.]
PROUTY, William H. Marriage 12-15-1896 Nellie Champney & William H. Prouty, both of West Pike, mar. Dec. 15, 1896.
PUNTILLO, James R. Marriage 10-20-1923 Miss Delores Forto became the bride of James R. Puntillo of Buffalo at the Catholic Church last Saturday. The bride is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. D. Forto of Germania St., Galeton.
QUEAR, William Marriage ~~ Miss Sarah Douglass of Clinton Co., PA & William M. Quear of Stewardson Twp., married July __. in Abbott Twp.
QUICK, Edgar M. Marriage 2-12-1865 Miss S. Helen Crosby & Edgar M. Quick of the 149th PA Reg., mar. Feb. 12, 1865 in Coudersport.
QUICK, T. R. Marriage 05-14-1913 T. R. Quick & Miss Martha Rearick were married May 14, 1913, at the home of her parents Mr. & Mrs. G. M. Rearick by Rev. Wave Paltyson.
QUIMBY, Alida Marriage 7-1-1874 William Crosby & Miss Alida Quimby, both of Homer, mar. July 1, 1874.
QUIMBY, Ernest Marriage 08-29-1919 Miss Ruth Harris of Coudersport & Ernest Quimby of Oswayo, married Aug. 29, 1919 in Olean, NY
QUIMBY, Homer Marriage 02-07-1900 Edna Crosby, daughter of Austin C. Crosby & Homer Quimby of Coudersport, mar. Feb. 7, 1900 in Odin.
QUIMBY, John Marriage 1-1-1883 Miss Lydia Crosby & John Quimby, both of Homer, mar. Jan. 1, 1883.
QUIMBY, Martin Marriage 03-14-1913 Miss Jennie Mitchell of Coudersport & Martin Quimby of Austin, married March 14, 1913.
QUIMBY, Merle Marriage 04-11-1915 Miss Lena Buchanan, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Buchanan & Merle Quimby, son of the late A. J. Quimby of Homer Twp., mar. Apr. 11, 1915 in Buffalo, NY
QUIMBY, Violet Marriage 11-1920 Clifford Corey & Miss Violet Quimby of Inez married Nov. __, 1920.


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