Early Potter County Vital Statistics

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Name Event Date Text
NAGELIA, Casper, Julia Divorce 01-04-1923 Casper Nagelia vs. Julia Nagelia
NAGELY, Rose M. C. Marriage 01-31-1923 Miss Rose M. C. Nagely, daughter of Mrs. John Nagely of Port Allegany and John E. Weller of Athens, PA, were married Wednesday by Rev. F. P. Simmons of the Methodist Church.
NEAL, Mollie Marriage 11-1897 Ulric S. Dodge of Shinglehouse & Miss Mollie Neal of Dayton, Ohio, married Nov. __. 1897 in Buffalo, NY
NEAR, Emily N. Marriage 11-17-1913 Miss Emily N. Near, youngest daughter of Mrs. T. J. Near was married Monday [11-17-1913] evening to Lloyd D. Stout, by Rev. Pattyson
NEEFE, Alice Marriage 09-30-1916 Charles Mitchell of Elmira, NY & Miss Alice Neefe of Sweden married Sept. 30, 1916.
NEEFE, Arthur Marriage 12-8-1897 Ella Belle Chase, daughter of Mrs. Thompson Chase, mar. Dec. 8, 1897 to Arthur Neefe.
NEEFE, Donald Marriage 10-05-1916 Miss Ella Dean, daughter of Mrs. Frank Neefe & Donald Neefe married Oct. 5, 1916.
NEEFE, Edna F. Marriage 06-04-1903 Frank H. McGinnis of Genesee & Miss Edna F. Neefe married June 4, 1903. He was the deputy prothonotary.
NEEFE, Ella Deane (Mrs.) Marriage 02-01-1927 Dudley Day & Mrs. Ellla Deane Neefe, both of Coudersport, married Feb. __, 1927.
NEEFE, Frank E. Marriage 06-03-1913 Mrs. Alice Dean & Frank E. Neefe, both of Coudersport, married June 3, 1913 at Coudersport.
NEEFE, Gladys Marriage 02-28-1920 Calvin Morley of Gold & Miss Gladys Neefe of Sweden Valley, married Feb. 28, 1920.
NEEFE, Lynn Marriage 04-1902 Nancy Harris & Lynn Neefe of Sweden married April --, 1902.
NEEFE, Lynn Marriage 12-1915 Miss Katherine Kiehle & Lynn Neefe, both of Sweden Twp, married Dec. --, 1915 in Olean, NY
NEEFE, Thomas J. Marriage 05-28-1920 Lavanna McCloskey, daughter of the late Dr. & Mrs. J. B. McCloskey & Thomas J. Neefe of Coudersport, married May 28, 1920 at Johnsonburg, Pa.
NEFSEY, Kathleen Marriage 08-21-1923 Miss Kathleen Nefsey & Edward Head of Austin were married last Tuesday.
NEILY, Frank Marriage 04-05-1905 Adah Martin & Frank Neily, both of Harrison Valley, married April 5, 1905.
NELSON, Bessie Marriage 09-26-1910 Orlo Jordan & Miss Bessie Nelson, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F. B. Nelson, married Sept. 26, 1910.
NELSON, Charles Marriage 6-22-1872 Miss Anna Downs of Ellisburg & Charles W. Nelson of Allegany Twp., married June 22, 1872, at Clara, PA
NELSON, Eben L. Marriage 10-27-1858 Miss Emma Cobb, eldest daughter of William Cob of Independence, NY & Eben L. Nelson of Middleboro, Mass., mar. Oct. 27, 1858.
NELSON, Elmina Marriage 2-25-1867 F. Marion Berfield & Miss Elmina Nelson, both of Wharton Twp. mar. Feb. 25, 1867.
NELSON, Jeanette O. Marriage 10-03-1916 Carl B. Johnson of Akron, Ohio & Jeanette O. Nelson, daughter of John R. Nelson, married Oct. 3, 1906.
NELSON, Nina Marriage 01-16-1911 Ralph Meyers & Miss Nina Nelson, both of Coudersport, married Jan. 16, 1911.
NELSON, Rodney Marriage 03-31-1903 Mrs. Ione B. Francis & Rodney Nelson of Andrews Settlement married March 31, 1903 at Independence, NY
NELSON, S. B. Marriage 11-30-1899 Sophia Benson & S. B. Nelson of Port Allegany, PA, mar. Nov. 30, 1899 at Olean, NY
NELSON, Vina (Mrs.) Marriage 01-31-1907 Charles Wesley Berfield of Wharton & Mrs. Vina Nelson of First Fork, mar. Jan. 31, 1907 at Emporium.
NEWCOMB, Lulu Marriage 06-16-1923 Lulu Newcomb, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Newcomb was married on Saturday (June 16, 1923) to Danforth Mattison by Rev. W. O. Hevner at her parent’s home.
NEWTON, Alonzo Death 08-18-1913 Alonzo R. Newton, aged 89 years and one of the most respected citizens of Shinglehouse died there on August 18th [1913]. He has resided in Potter County since 1844.
NEWTON, Boy Birth 04-22-1913 Mr. & Mrs. H. H. Newton of E. Main Street are the happy parents of a nine lb. son born April 22nd [1913].
NEWTON, Dorothy Marriage 07-03-1919 Leon Jacobs & Miss Dorothy Newton, both of Coudersport, married July 3, 1919 at Belmont, NY
NEWTON, Jennie D. Marriage 10-7-1880 Arthur L. Cole of Clara & Miss Jennie D. Newton of Sharon, mar. Oct. 7, 1880.
NEWTON, Jessie Marriage 5-27-1882 Charles Cole & Miss Jessie Newton, both of Sharon, mar. May 27, 1882.
NEWTON, W. E. Marriage 11-15-1899 Mrs. Warren Colegrove & W. E. Newton, both of Sharon Center mar. Nov. (15), 1899.
  second marriage for Lettie. Wed 3rd, William Newton.    
NICHOLS, A. B., Dr. Marriage 6-28-1870 Miss Rose Bancroft & Dr. A. B. Nichols, both of Sparta, Wisc., mar. June 28, 1870.
NICHOLS, Albert Marriage 11-1901 May Houghtaling, daughter of A. D. Houghtaling & Albert Nichols, both of Millport, married Nov. --, 1901.
NICHOLS, Nora Marriage 06-30-1904 Arthur M. Devall & Miss Nora Nichols, both of Coudersport, married June 30, 1904.
NICHOLS, Will Marriage 7-2-1879 Miss Lorna N. Card of Roulet & Will Nichols of Ridgway, mar. July 2, 1879.
NICKERSON, James Death 08-29-1901 Mrs. Mary E. Mitchell of Wellsville, NY & James Nickerson of Ulysses, married Sept. 29, 1901.
NICKERSON, Marcus F. Marriage 12-20-1910 Mrs. Emma D. Booth, mother of Samuel Booth of Coudersport was married, Dec. 21, 1910 to Marcus F. Nickerson of Mt. Sterling, PA The bride is 64 and the groom is 72.
NICKLAUS, Albert Death 08-17-1913 Albert Nicklaus, the 15 year old son of Albrecht Nicklaus of Germania accidently shot himself last Sunday [8-17-1913] while hunting woodchucks. Survived by his parents, 4 brothers; Fred, Carl, Robert & Walter & 4 sisters; Anna, Louisa, Sophia & Martha. Buried in Germania Cemetery.
NICKLAUS, Mable (Kriss) Death 01-26-1923 Mable Nicklaus, wife of Albert Nichlaus of Olean, formerly of Galeton died Friday, aged 21 years. Survived by her husband, her mother, Mrs. Jessie Kriss, one brother, Herbert and 3 sisters, Evelyn, Alice and Nellie Kriss of Millport.
NILES, Frank Marriage 10-11-1882 Miss Carrie Clark & Frank Niles, both of Coudersport, mar. Oct. 11, 1882 at Emporium.
NIXON, Perry Marriage 06-26-1909 Ida McConeghy of Coudersport & Perry Nixon of Port Allegany married June 26, 1909.
NOBLE, Herman Marriage 06-22-1904 Miss Nellie Hurr & Herman Noble married June 22, 1904 in Coudersport.
NOBLES, George R. Marriage 06-29-2875 Mrs. Julia A. Brown of Wellsville, NY & George R. Nobles of Harrison Valley, mar. June 29, 1875.
NOETHER, Eva Marriage 04-30-1913 Fenton McGonnell of Coudersport & Miss Eva Noether of Roulet married April 30, 1913.
NOETHER, John Marriage 06-11-1913 Mrs. Eva Mae Luce & John Noether of Roulet, married June 11, 1913, at Roulet.
NORDQUIST, Emma Victoria Marriage 07-02-1913 Emma Victoria Nordquist and Charles Berger Johnson were married in the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Lars Nordquist, #8 Elm Street on July 2nd [1913].
NUSCHKE, Louis Death 06-20-1923 Louis Nuschke died last Wednesday (June 20, 1923) at the Austin Hospital. He is survived by his aged mother 94 years old, his wife, one daughter; Helen 2 sons; Walter & Irvin. Buried in Forest Hill cemetery.
O'BRIEN, Francis Death 04-03-1913 Francis, son of Mr. & Mrs. John O’Brien fell from a foot bridge in Austin and was drowned. His body was found three hours later.
O'CONNOR, Mary Elizabeth Marriage 09-23-1919 Clair Edward McGinnis of Genesee & Miss Mary Elizabeth O'Connor of Wellsville, NY, married Sept. 23, 1919.
O'DONNELL, Anna May Marriage 10-22-1908 John Leon Fickler & Miss Anna May O'Donnell, both of Coudersport, married Oct. 22, 1908.
O'DONNELL, Thomas Marriage 11-14-1887 Miss Catherine Clancy & Thomas O’Donnell, both of Genesee, mar. Nov. 14, 1887.
OGG, John Simpson Marriage 08-28-1917 Miss Jane Morro Lyman, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob W. Lyman of Coudersport & John Simpson Ogg of New York City, married Aug. 28, 1917.
OHLS, Edward B. Marriage 12-05-1913 Edward B. Ohls & Anna Smith were married December 5, 1813 at the home of her father Jacob Smith at Germania Station.
OLDFIELD, Etta Marriage 05-1905 George Rowley Monroe & Etta Oldfield, both of Austin, married May --, 1905.
OLMSTEAD, Alice Marriage 9-11-1865 George W. Davidson & Miss Alice Olmsted, both of Ulysses, married Sept. 11, 1865.
OLMSTEAD, Daniel Edward Marriage 8-29-1854 Miss Lydia L. Cushing & D. Edward Olmstead married Aug. 29, 1854 in Coudersport.
OLMSTEAD, Estella Marriage 3-13-1879 Rev. Charles G. Creager of Hancock, Md. & Miss Estella Olmstead, daughter of D. E. Olmstead of Williamsport, mar. Mar. 13, 1879 at Williamsport.
OLMSTEAD, Florence Marriage 11-28-1899 C. Jay Goodenough & Miss Florence Olmsted, both of Emporium, married Nov. 28, 1899.
OLMSTEAD, Herbert C. Marriage 9-16-1865 Miss Martha Cushing & Herbert C. Olmstead, both of Ulysses, mar. Sept. 16, 1865.
OLMSTEAD, Nellie Marriage 12-26-1893 Prof. W. F. DuBois & Miss Nellie Olmsted, both of Coudersport, married Dec. 26, 1893.
OLMSTED, Robert A. Marriage 01-1907 Miss Kathryn Fizzell of Bradford & Robert A. Olmsted of Coudersport married Jan. --, 1907.
OLMSTED, Will Marriage 10-1909 Miss Frances Edwards & Will Olmsted, both of Coudersport, married Oct. --, 1909, in Olean, NY
O'MALLEY, Edward J. Marriage 08-18-1920 Miss Mable Kelly, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Kelly of Coudersport & Edward J. O'Malley of Emporium, married Aug. 18, 1920.
ORCUTT, Ernest R. Marriage 06-02-1917 Miss Hattie B. Dibble of North Fork & Ernest R. Orcutt, son of Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Orcutt of Coudersport, married June 2, 1917.
ORWAN, F. W. Marriage 06-25-1902 Martha M. Kelly, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John R. Kelly & F. W. Orwan, both of Austin, married June 25, 1902.
OSANI, Albert Angelo Birth 11-06-1923 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Osani of Galeton are the parents of a son born November 6, 1923 named Albert Angelo.
OSBORNE, William Fuller Death 04-13-1923 William Fuller Osborne died at is home in new York, April 13th. Buried in Brooklyn, NY. he was the husband of Emma Gale Osborne formerly of Galeton.
OSBOURNE, Emma Marriage 09-15-1923 George W. Cobb & Miss Emma Osbourne of Walton were married at the Herriman home on Saturday by Rev. A. E. Herriman.
OSTLAND, Beda Marriage 02-10-1905 Benjamin Caffo & Miss Beda Ostland married Feb. 10, 1905 at Coudersport.
OWEN, R. D. Marriage 05-26-1909 Miss Mamie Klesa, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Johb Klesa & R. D. Owen of Mansfield, married May 26, 1909.
OWENS, E. O. Marriage 01-04-1868 MARRIED: At White’s Corners Jan. 4, 1868 by J. N. Gill, Esq., Mr. E. O. Owens of Cameron, N. Y. and Miss S. J. Sandford of Harrison
OWENS, Irving Marriage 3-??-1918 Eunice Zentmeyer & Irving Owens married March --, 1918.
OWENS, Orville Marriage 05-17-1919 Mildred Bittler & Orville Owens, both of Coudersport, mar. May 17, 1919.


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