Early Potter County Vital Statistics

Note: These are newspaper notices, not official Vital Records.
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Name Event Date Text
HACKETT, Alice Marriage ~~ E. J. Beebe of Oswayo mar. Miss Alice Hackett of Coudersport
HACKETT, Cynthia S. Marriage 9-19-1870 E. F. Cook of Millport & Miss Cynthia S. Hackett of Homer Twp. married Sept. 19, 1870.
HACKETT, Daniel (Mr. and Mrs.) Death 03-07-1920 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hackett died March 7, 1920 on Fishing Creek. They were married about 57 years ago. Survived by a large family.
HACKETT, Flora Rose Death 11-12-1916 Flora Rose Hackett died Nov. 12, 1916 at the Austin Hospital, age 17 years. Survived by mother, 1 sister & 7 brothers. Buried in Forest Hill cemetery.
HACKETT, Frank B. Death 01-22-1900 Frank B. Hackett of Ulysses died Jan. 22, 1900. He was a half-brother of Mrs. C. E. Baker.
HACKETT, Josiah Marriage 10-4-1874 Miss Malissa Bundy & Josiah Hackett, both of Homer, mar. Oct. 4, 1874.
HACKETT, Josiah Death 02-14-1910 Josiah Hackett of Odin died Feb. 14, 1910, age 66 years. Married to Melissa Bundy. Survived by 9 children.
HACKETT, Laura Death 11-12-1916 Miss Laura Hackett of Austin died Nov. 12, 1916, age 17 years. Survived by her mother, Mrs. Melissa Robbins of Austin; and brothers Glen & Clayton Hackett of Coudersport.
HACKETT, Lila (Bridges) Death 02-10-1915 Mrs. Lila Hackett died Feb. 10, 1915 at Archer, NE. She was a daughter of Hiram Bridges of Odin. Survived by 2 grown children; also a half-sister & 2 half-brothers. A brother, Herman died some years ago.
HACKETT, Louisa () Land Sale 3-15-1865 Ruth Hackett widow of John, Moses Hackett and wife Julia, George W. Hackett and wife Mary, Elymus Hackett and Mary M, his wife, and Dan Baker and Kesiah, his wife all heirs of John Hackett, sell land to Louisa Hackett for $50
HACKETT, Louisa () Land Sale 1-16-1889 Louisa Bassett (formerly Hacket) sells land for $1 to Rocelia Baker wife of S. C. Baker of Sweden Valley. Land in Ulysses, being the same lot land conveyed to Louisa Hackett the grantor above named by the widow and heirs of John Hackett deceased by deed dated the 15th day of March 1865.
HACKETT, Louisa (Mrs.) Marriage 10-31-1876 Mr. O. R. Bassett & Louise Hackett, both of Ulysses, mar. Oct. 31, 1876.
HACKETT, Melissa (Bundy) Marriage 10-17-1917 Mrs. Melissa Hackett of Austin & L. W. Robbins, married Oct. 17, 1917 in Emporium.
HACKETT, Monroe Death 02-06-1915 Monroe Hackett, son of Lemuel Hackett, died Feb. 6, 1915 at Archer, Neb.; born in Homer Twp. about 1850. Married Lila Bridges who survives with 2 children; also by 2 sisters, Mrs. Abbie Jane Lewis of Odin & Mrs. Melissa Rees of Austin.
HACKETT, Uri Death 10-13-1905 Uri Hackett, Civil War veteran, son of Lemuel & Eunice (Holiday) Hackett, died Oct.13, 1905 in the Austin hospital. Married 1st Rhoda Younglove by whom he had 3 children: Charles, Mannie and Minnie. They were divorced, he went west and married again but returned some years ago. Buried at Odin.
HACKETT, Wesley Marriage 06-1900 Wesley Hackett & Miss Jennie Tauscher, both of Roulet, married June --, 1900.
HAFNER, Edith Alverna Marriage 09-20-1905 Miss Edith Alverna Hafner of Smethport & Herman Grabe of Coudersport, married Sept. 20, 1905.
HAIGHT, Louis Death 09-02-1913 Louis, the 12 year old son of F. D. Haight of Galeton died Tuesday [9-2-1913] of pneumonia at the Oakdale School for Boys.
HAILTON, Susie B. (Pearsall) Death 09-21-1915 Mrs. Susie B. Hamilton, wife of Byron Hamilton of Olean, died Sept. 21, 1915. She was formerly of Coudersport. Survived by husband & 5 children: Harry, Hilda, Fred, Nina and Madeline, all at home; also her mother, Mrs.Catherine Pearsall of Coudersport; 2 brothers, John of Coudersport & Joseph of New York City; 1 sister, Miss Catherine Pearsall of Coudersport. Buried in Mt. View cemetery.
HAINES, Pearl (Fessenden) Death 12-09-1913 Mrs. Walter Haines of Tacoma, Wash. Died Dec. 9, 1913. She was formerly Pearl Fessenden, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Fessenden. Survived by husband and one daughter.
HAKES, Lena (Mrs.) Marriage 08-23-1923 Mrs. Lena Hakes of Galeton & Mr. Edward Walsh of Buffalo were married last Thursday at the Methodist parsonage by Rev. Matthews.
HALL, Bernice Marriage 10-16-1907 Miss Bernice Hall of Coudersport & Emery E. Haskins of Madera, Clearfield Co., Pa. married Oct. 16, 1907.
HALL, Bessie Marriage 12-1902 Miss Bessie Hall & Robert Stiles, both of Sweden Valley, married Dec. --, 1902.
HALL, Clair L. Death 06-20-1908 Clair L. Hall, son of Mr. & Mrs. Orange L.Hall of Inez, died June 20, 1908 at Hickory Corners, Northumberland Co., Pa., age 27-3-12. Survived by parents. He was to have been married to Miss Jennie Mitchell. Survived by brothers & sisters: Halbyrt of Newport, Wash., Clyde of Galeton, Bernice, Angie, Cleomie & Malcolm of Inez.
HALL, Dennis Death 07-06-1912 Dennis Hall, pioneer of Potter County, died July 6, 1912 at Warren, Pa., age 86 years; youngest son of Dennis Hall. Married Elvina Lewis. They had 5 children: Edgar, who was killed by lightniing, Orange, Horace, May Mahon & Almond, deceased.
HALL, Edgar A. Marriage 11-26-1871 Miss Eva A. Brooks of Clara Twp. & Edgar A. Hall of Homer Twp., mar. Nov. 26, 1871 at Clara.
HALL, Eva (Brooks) Marriage 12-24-1876 James S. Barnes of Millport & Mrs. Eva A. Hall of Clara, PA, Dec. 24, 1876.
HALL, Horace H. Marriage 10-18-1874 Miss Sarah J. Bishop of Allegany & Horace H. Hall of Homer, mar. Oct. 18, 1874.
HALL, John K. Death 07-22-1913 John H. Hall of Shinglehouse died July 22, 1913, age 81 years. Survived by wife & 6 children: John of Sweden Twp., Mrs. L.C. Howe of Hornell, Mrs. Robert Stiles of Harrison Valley, Mrs. Mae Youngs of Nelson and Mrs. L.C. Turck of Child Wald, NY
HALL, Joseph Death 01-08-1910 Joseph Hall, formerly of Costello, died Jan. 8, 1910 at Wellsville, NY at the home of his daughter; born July 18, 1834 at Philadelphia; came to Reesville with his mother when he was 10 years old. Survived by one daughter, Mrs. Mary Ann Burt; one sister, Mrs. Emma Rees; a half-brother, William Keeler. His daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Layton died 2 years ago.
HALL, Martha (Barr) Death 03-08-1900 Martha Hall, wife of Alexander Hall of Fishing Creek, died March 8, 1900, age 76-10-11. She was a daughter of Rev. Samuel Barr.
HALL, Monroe Marriage 06-01-1915 Monroe Hall of Bradford & Mrs. Harriet Dornan of Coudersport married June 1, 1905.
HALL, Orange L. Marriage 4-5-1873 Miss Jessie A. Crosby & Orange L. Hall, both of Homer Twp., mar. Apr. 5, 1873.
HALL, Sarah (Coleman) Death 07-06-1907 Mrs. Sarah Coleman Hall, widow of the late David T. Hall, died July 16, 1907, age 89-5-21. Survived by 2 daughters: Miss Alida Hall of Kane & Mrs. O. B. Lay of Port Allegany; and a brother, O. D. Coleman of Kane. She was a daughter of Dr. Horace Coleman of Liberty Twp, McKean Co., PA.
HALL, Sarah Louisa Marriage 4-12-1838 Daniel Clark & Sarah Louisa Hall, both of Coudersport, mar. April 12, 1838 by Judge Timothy Ives.
HALL, Veda Marriage 09-05-1910 Miss Veda Hall, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Hall of Roulet & Jay Kibbe, married Sept. 5, 1910.
HALLETT, Jefferson C. Death 06-05-1910 Jefferson C. Hallett, Civil War veteran of Hebron, died June 5, 1910, age 63 years. His wife died 6 years ago. Survived by an adopted son, his brother's child. Buried at Chrystal, Pa.
HALLORAN, Annie Marriage 6-16-1896 George Beckman & Miss Annie Halloran, both of Coudersport, mar. June 16, 1896.
HALLORAN, Charles M. Marriage 09-22-1913 Charles M. Halloran of Coudersport & Miss Elizabeth Yates of Wellsville, NY, married Sept. 22, 1913 at Wellsville.
HALLORAN, Doris Marriage 10-01-1918 Doris Halloran of Coudersport & Robert Meehan of Battle Creek, Mich. married Oct. 1, 1918.
HALLORAN, John H. [Jack] Death 03-28-1919 John H. Halloran, Jack, of Coudersport, died March 28, 1919; born Nov. 20, 1870 in Syracuse, NY, son of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Halloran. Married Miss Carrie Lyman of Roulet. They had 2 daughters: Doris (Mrs. Robert Meehan) of Buffalo and Naomi Halloran, at home. Survived by parents, brothers & sisters.
HALLORAN, Michael Marriage 09-23-1913 Michael Holloran of Coudersport & Miss Mary Cummings of Syracuse, NY, married Sept. 23, 1913.
HALLORAN, Thomas Marriage 08-27-1902 Miss Mary Fostella Cunningham, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Cunningham of Kinney & Thomas Halloran of Coudersport, mar. Aug. 27, 1902.
HALSEY, Clarence Death 08-27-1918 Pvt. Clarence Halsey, son of Mr. & Mrs. Mordica Halsey of Homer, died Aug. 27, 1918 in France.
HALSEY, Eva Marriage 08-10-1915 Miss Eva Halsey of Homer & Walter Rennells of Summit Twp., married Aug. 10, 1915.
HALSEY, L. Edson Marriage 04-08-1914 L. Edson Halsey of Hornell, NY, & Miss Josephine Knox of Coudersport, married April 8, 1914.
HAM, Boy Death 08-29-1923 The infant son of Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Ham was born Friday at the Coudersport Hospital and died on Saturday.
HAM, W. Arthur Marriage 02-20-1913 W. Arthur Ham & Miss Margaret Keister went to Wellsboro last Thursday [2-20-1913] and were married by Rev. F. P. Simmons. Mrs. Ham is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. L. A. Keister.
HAMEL, Katherine (Unger) Death 03-21-1914 Mrs. Katherine Hamel of Elm Flat died March 21, 1914 near Mina: born Oct. 30, 1843 in Kirklotheim, Germany, a daughter of Adam & Louisa Unger. Married Dec. 26, 1859 to Frederick Hamel of Buchenburg. They came to America in 1876. They had 5 children, 2 survive: Mrs. Henry Chestain of Roulet & Mrs. Fred Buchsenschutz of Elm Flat. The other children, Mrs. F. W. Lehman died a short time ago; Fred and Katherine Hamel died several years ago. Survived also by a sister, Mrs. Louisa Reuning of South Hill; and a brother, Henry Unger, Sr. of Buffalo. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
HAMEL, William Marriage 07-03-1923 Miss Edith A. Kester & William Hamel, both of Juanita, PA, were married Tuesday at the Presbyterian Manse by Rev. W. D. Hevner.
HAMILTON, Elizabeth (Flannigan) Death 03-1904 Mrs. John M. Hamilton of Coudersport died March --, 1904, age 87 next July.
HAMILTON, Harland P. Marriage 07-03-1917 Harland P. Hamilton of Bingham & Miss Lora Bartoo, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H.S. Bartoo, married July 3, 1917.
HAMILTON, Margaret Helen Birth 05-1923 Mr. & Mrs. Fred E Hamilton of Cranberry Lake, NY. are the parents of a daughter, named Margaret Helen.
HAMILTON, Walter Marriage 10-29-1879 Walter Hamilton & Sarah E. Wales, both of Philadelphia, married Oct. 29, 1879 in New York City.
HAMMERSLEY, Arthur Marriage 01-04-1905 Arthur Hammersley & Miss Anna McMahon, both of Galeton, married Jan. 4, 1905.
HAMMOND, Hannah Stone (Taintor) Death 12-02-1905 Hannah Stone Taintor Hammond of Eleven Mile died Dec. 2, 1905; born Nov. 20, 1820 at Bangor, Me. At age 18 she was married to Allen Hammond who died Dec. 22, 1887. She had no children of her own, but raised several children: Frank Hyde, the late A.V. Butterfield and the late Edward Connor. Survived by 3 brothers: Amos, Amasa and Bartlett Taintor; one sister, Mrs. Nancy Bartlett of West Almond, NY. Buried in Chrystal cemetery, beside her husband.
HAMMOND, Lemuel Death 07-19-1903 Lemuel Hammond, a pioneer of Pine Creek, died July 19, 1903, age 84 years. His wife was the former Jane Crippen.
HAMMOND, Leroy L. Marriage 02-23-1905 Roy Hammond of DuBois & Miss Etta Courtright of Austin married Feb. 23, 1905.
HAMMOND, Mary (Treat)     Mrs. Mary Treat Hammond of Annin Creek, Pa. died Dec. 12, 1919; born 92 years ago in Angelica, NY. Married Nathan C. Hammond.
HAMMOND, Minnie Marriage 6-1891 Frank Brown of Angelica, NY & Miss Minnie Hammond of Port Allegany, mar. June __, 1891 at Oswayo, PA
HAMMOND, Nathan C. Death 08-11-1911 Nathan C. Hammond of Annin Creek, Pa. died Aug. 11, 1911; born 88 years ago in Angelica, NY, where he married Miss Mary Treat who survives. They had 10 children, 6 survive: G. P. Hammond & Mrs. Mary Bailey of Angelica, Judge D. L. Hammond of Boyne City, Mich, Mrs. I. N. Miller of Pleasant Valley, PA, Mrs. Carl Beckwith of Annin Creek and Mrs. F. A. Brown of Wellsville, NY.
HAMPTON, Ethel Marriage 07-31-1910 Miss Ethel Hampton & Arthur L. Klein, both of Cross Fork, married July 31, 1910 in Coudersport.
HANCHETT, Carl Marriage 04-27-1916 Carl Hanchett of Wellsville, NY & Jessie Ball, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A.J. Ball of East Hebron, married April 27, 1916.
HANDWERK, Joseph C. Death 03-04-1923 Joseph C. Handwerk of Buffalo died at the Deaconess Hospital on March 4th. His remains were taken to Germania for burial. He was 54 years old. Survived by 2 brothers; John of Germania & Marcus of Galeton.
HANLEY, Genevieve Marriage 08-03-1920 Miss Genevieve Hanley of Coudersport & Charles Spearing of Northumberland, PA married Aug. 3, 1920.
HANLEY, John Marriage 01-13-1904 John Hanley & Mary McCormick, both of Coudersport, married Jan. 13, 1904.
HANN, Clifford Marriage 08-14-1917 Clifford Hann of Costello & Miss Hazel Gordon of Austin married Aug. 14, 1917
HANN, Hildred Howard Marriage 12-27-1917 Hildred Howard Hann of Carbondale, Pa. & Grace Cobb of Coudersport married Dec. 27, 1917.
HANNA, Malvina (Estes)     Mrs. Malvina Estes Hanna of Olean NY died Jan. 16, 1900, age 72 years. Married 1st to J. S. Markham in 1842; married 2nd to Frank Hanna. Survived by her husband and 1 son, George Markham and 2 daughters.
HANSEN, Nicholas Marriage 08-18-1910 Nicholas Hansen of Rochester & Miss Mary Groves of Coudersport married Aug. 18, 1910.
HANSON, Anna Marriage 5-9-1883 Calvin Burt & Miss Anna Hanson, both of Burtville, mar. May 9, 1883.
HANSON, Charles Marriage 07-01-1903 Charles Hanson & Jennie Prince, both of Shinglehouse, married July --, 1903 in Ceres.
HANSON, Mrs. Ole Death 11-02-1910 Mrs. Ole Hanson of Port Allegany died Nov. 2, 1910, age 74 years.
HARDEN, Mrs. Cora Marriage 09-29-1920 Seth Mitchell & Mrs. Cora Harden, both of Morley, Mich., married Sept. 29, 1920.
HARMON, John Henry Death 11-08-1913 John Henry Harman shot himself on November 8th [1913]. He was born in Claryville, NY, on January 1866 coming to Galeton at an early age with his parents. Married 19 years ago last October to Edith Mattison of Ansonia. A few years ago he went to Tulsa, OK. Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery at Tulsa. Survived by his widow, 2 sisters; Mrs. Jas. T. Hurd and Mrs. Mary Tompkins of Galeton and one brother George B. Harman of Tampico, Mex.
HARPS, Ettie Marriage 3-11-1879 Levi Card of Roulet & Miss Ettie Harps of Ridgway, Elk Co. PA, mar. Mar. 11, 1879 in Ridgway.
HARRINGTON, Charles Death 10-02-1906 Charles Harrington of Wellsboro died Oct. 2, 1906, age 85 years. He was a brother of Jacob Harrington of Sweden Valley.
HARRINGTON, Elain Mary Birth 07-16-1923 Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Harrington of Hornell, NY, are the parents of a daughter; Elaine Mary, born July 16th. Mrs. Harrington was formerly Miss Bessie Clark of Galeton.
HARRINGTON, Jacob Death 02-02-1909 Jacob Harrington of Sweden Twp. died Feb. 2, 1909, age 94 years.
HARRINGTON, James Marriage 06-21-1909 James Harrington of Sweden & Miss Clara Toombs, daughter of Judson Toombs, married June 21, 1909.
HARRINGTON, Thomas Death 12-05-1920 Thomas Harrington, a veteran of three wars, died Dec. 5, 1920 at the home of his sister, Mrs. E. J. Fickler in Coudersport; born Dec. 24, 1846 in Ireland. Survived by 1 brother, John of Washington, D. C., his sister, Mrs. Fickler, a half-brother, William Glavin of Smethport and a half-sister, Mrs. Mary Quimby of Coudersport. He was never married.
HARRIS, Dorothy P. Marriage 10-01-1912 Carl J. Elliott of Roulet & Dorothy P. Harris of Coudersport married Oct. --, 1912 at Coudersport.
HARRIS, Emma Marriage 9-20-1871 Harold H. Beebe & Miss Emma Harris, both of Keating Twp., mar. Sept. 20,1871.
HARRIS, Grace Unita Marriage 06-26-1919 Grace Unita Harris, daughter of James M. Harris, & James H. Tucker of Colesburg, married June 26, 1919.
HARRIS, Helen Marriage 11-21-1925 Miss Helen Harris, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. S. A. Harris of Ulysses, & John W. Baker, son of Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Baker of Buffalo, formerly of Ulysses, married Nov. 21, 1915.
HARRIS, James K. Death 06-22-1900 James K. Harris of Sweden Valley died June 22, 1900, age 78 years.
HARRIS, Martha Death 06-18-1914 Martha Harris, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Harris of Sweden, died June 18, 1914, age nearly 11 years.
HARRIS, Minnie (Tauscher) Death 07-24-1907 Mrs. Thomas Harris of Sweden died July 24, 1907, age 30 years. Maiden name, Minnie Tauscher, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Tauscher.
HARRIS, Nancy Marriage 04-1902 Nancy Harris & Lynn Neefe of Sweden married April --, 1902.
HARRIS, O. E. Marriage 2-18-1883 O. E. Harris & Miss Frankie Snyder, both of Sweden, married Feb. 18, 1883.
HARRIS, Ovid Marriage 1-7-1866 Miss Lucy Cole of Allegany & Ovid Harris of Allegany were married Jan. 7, 1866 by me, V. Dickinson, J. P.
HARRIS, Ruth Marriage 08-29-1919 Miss Ruth Harris of Coudersport & Ernest Quimby of Oswayo, married Aug. 29, 1919 in Olean, NY
HARRIS, Sineche (Brace) Death 10-14-1914 Mrs. Sineche Vroom Harris, daughter of Hiram & Jame Brace, was born Aug. 9, 1835 at Prattsburg, NY; died Oct. 24, 1914 at Keech. Married July 7, 1852 to Robert F. Harris who died about 2 years ago. She had 10 children, 9 survive: Mrs. John Hunt of Cuba, NY, S. A. Harris of Candea, NY, J. B. Harris of Wellsville, NY, Elsworth D. Harris of Montana, Mrs. J. H. Tilburgh of Keech, Mrs. I. A. Shutt of Barker, NY, Bentley J. Harris of Deer Park, Wash., Mrs. J. S. Kohler of Santa Ana, Cal. and Mrs. Martha Smith of Clifton Springs, NY. Buried at Genesee beside her husband.
HARRIS, Sylvanus A. Marriage 3-14-1880 Miss Lucy M. Baker of Bingham & Sylvanus A. Harris of Genesee, mar. March 14, 1880.
HARRIS, Wilber T. Marriage 12-29-1904 Wilber T. Harris & Miss Minnie Teuscher, both of Sweden Twp. married Dec. 29, 1904.
HARRIS, William A. Marriage 10-17-1894 Miss Lucy E. Bundy of Homer & William A. Harris, mar. Oct. 17, 1894.
HARRISON, A. Victor Death 12-13-1910 A.V. Harrison of Mills died Dec. 13, 1910. Survived by wife and 2 chilsren, Wayne and Mabel Harrison.
HARRISON, DeEtta (White) Death 01-19-1923 Mrs. J. Harlan Harrison died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. F. Eberle at Westfield on January 19, 1923.
HARRISON, Margaret Marriage 12-10-1919 Margaret Harrison of Coudersport & Joseph F. Eberle of Westfield married Dec. 10, 1919.
HARRISON, Wayne Marriage 11-28-1910 Wayne Harrison & Blanch Travers, both of Harrison Valley, married Nov. 28, 1910 in Elmira, NY
HART, Elmer Death 06-20-1916 Elmer Hart, son of Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hart of Genesee, died June 20, 1916, age 32 years. Survived by wife and 2 sons.
HART, James Marriage 5-3-1885 James Hart, formerly of Montreal, Canada, but late of Westfield, Pa. & Mrs. Mary A. Douglass of Hector, married May 3, 1885.
HART, Jennie Ardell (White) Death 11-06-1918 Mrs. Dr. Hart of Genesee died Nov. 6, 1918. Jennie Ardell White was born May 28, 1862 at Whites Corners, eldest daughter of John & Jane Hubbard White. Married Nov. 8, 1883 to H. Delvin Hart. They had 2 children: Leah B., wife of Lester J. Skillman of Bemus Point, NY, and Olan J. Hart of Princeton, NJ.
HART, John, Sr. Death 06-1908 John Hart, Sr., a pioneer of Genesee Twp., died June --, 1908, age 99 years. His wife died 12 years ago. Survived by the following children: Thomas Hart of Eleven Mile, Pa., Mrs. Mary Sloane of Titusville, Pa., Delia Hart of Chicago, Ill., Mrs. Julia Clark of Beach Hill, Kate, Patrick, John and Michael of Genesee and Ed Hart of Elizabeth, N.J.
HART, Leah B. Marriage 08-29-1906 Leah B. Hart, daughter of Dr. H. D. Hart of Genesee & Lester J. Skillman of Bemus Point, NY, married Aug. 29, 1906 at Genesee.
HART, Michael Death 08-26-1917 Michael Hart of Kinney died Aug. 26, 1917, age 58 years; born April 4, 1859 in Kinney, son of John & Nancy Murphy Hart. Survived by brothers & sisters.
HART, William Marriage 12-18-1915 William Hart & Miss Eva Conable, both of Gold, married Dec. 18, 1915.
HART, William Mix Death 05-08-1909 William Mix Hart, a pioneer of Bingham Center, died May 8, 1909, ago 84 years; born Oct. 24, 1824 in New Hartford, Conn., one of 7 children of William & Lavina (Mix) Hart. Married in 1849 to Mary Ann Langdon of N. Bingham who died in 1892. Married 2nd.in 1893 to Mrs. Elizabeth Smith of Litchfield, Conn. who died in Oct. 1907. He had 5 children by his first wife.
HARTRICK, Lizzie J. Marriage 11-17-1875 D. W. Butterworth & Miss Lizzie J. Hartrick, mar. Nov. 17, 1875, in Pickering, Canada.
HARTWELL, Arthur Rees Death 04-10-1917 Arthur Reese Hartwell, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Hartwell died April 10, 1917.
HARTWICK, Adam Death 11-15-1911 Adam Hartwick, Civil War veteran of Coudersport, died Nov. 15, 1911, age 75 years. Survived by wife, 2 sons: William of Coudersport and Ernest of Ann Arbor, & 3 daughters: Mrs. Lena Kimball, Mrs. Mary Merryman and Mrs. Grace Beebe.
HARTWICK, Grace Marriage ~~ Charles Beebe, son of Mrs. Jennie Beebe was married to Miss Grace Hartwick, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Adam Hartwick.
HARVEY, Agnes (VanWegen)     Mrs. Mark Harvey of Colesburg, died Jan. 19, 1909, age 50 years. Maiden name, Agnes Van Wegen. Survived by husband, 2 sons & 3 daughters: Fred, Glen, Mrs. Mabel Clark of Brookland, Carrie & Christine; also brothers & sisters: Mrs. Mary Pillotson of Sigel, PA, Mrs. Robert Haskins of Coudersport, D. W. and L. C. Van Wegen of Coudersport, A. B. of Coreopolis, PA, and A. E. Van Wegen of Galeton.
HARVEY, Beth Marriage 06-29-1915 Miss Beth Harvey of Coudersport & William Bissell of Albany, NY married June 29, 1915.
HARVEY, Elizabeth Death 02-08-1910 Mrs. Elizabeth Harvey, wife of W. G. Harvey of Austin, died Feb. 18, 1910 at Buffalo. Survived by husband and 3 children.
HARVEY, Hiram J. Death 07-03-1912 Hiram J. Harvey, an aged citizen of Shinglehouse, died July 3, 1912. Survived by wife and a daughter, Mrs. Irwin Hanks.
HARVEY, Ivins Marriage 12-27-1903 Laura T. Joerg, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Martin Joerg of Coudersport & Ivins Harvey, formerly of Philadelphia, married Dec. 27, 1903.
HARVEY, Jerome Death 04-05-1912 Jerome Harvey, formerly of Bingham, died April 5, 1912 at Ulysses, age nearly 90 years. He was married 3 times, his 3rd. wife survives.
HARVEY, Laura J. (Mrs.) Marriage 05-31-1917 Mrs. Laura J. Harvey & George Bernard Davis of Martinsburg, WV, married May 31, 1917 at Elkton, MD.
HARVEY, Sarah (Spencer) Death 06-23-1915 Mrs. Sarah Harvey, mother of M. S. Harvey, died June 23, 1915 at Coudersport, age 80 years. Buried at Ulysses.
HARVEY, Vera L. Marriage 07-09-1913 Harold C. Hopkins of Peoria, Ill. & Miss Vera L. Harvey of Coudersport married July 9, 1913 at Coudersport.
HARVEY, W. W. Death 01-20-1912 W. W. Harvey died Jan. 20, 1912. Buried at Ulysses.
HARVEY, W. W. Marriage 9-4-1881 Laura Comstock & W. W. Harvey married Sept. 4, 1881 at the home of Jacob Grantier in Ulysses.
HASKELL, Belle Marriage 01-12-1905 Miss Belle Haskell & Sanford H. Lewis, both of Coudersport, married Jan. 12, 1905.
HASKELL, Clara (Furman) Death 03-24-1902 Mrs. Edgar A. (Clara) Haskell of Veley, died March 24, 1902. Survived by husband & 6 children.
HASKELL, Edith Marriage 5-11-1886 Mahlon J. Colcord & Miss Edith Haskell married May 11, 1886.
HASKELL, Edwin Marriage 5-5-1852 Miss Laura Ann Cannon of Allegany Twp. & Edwin Haskell of Coudersport, mar. May 5, 1852.
HASKELL, Edwin Death 01-18-1912 Edwin Haskell of Coudersport died Jan. 18, 1912; born Feb 3, 1829 at Richford, NY, oldest son of Peter & Myra (Olney) Haskell. Married May 5, 1852 to Laura A. Cannon. Survived by 2 daughters: Mrs. Edith Colcord and Mrs. Belle Lewis.
HASKELL, Herbert Leroy Death 05-27-1917 Herbert Leroy Haskell died May 27, 1917 at the home of his grandmother, Mrs. Asa Haskell. He was the eldest son of Edgar A. & Clara (Furman) Haskell; born Aug. 15, 1885 at Colesburg. His mother died when he was 15. Survived by father, grandmother, 3 brothers and 1 sister.
HASKELL, Lucy Death 03-09-1903 Lucy Haskell, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. A. Haskell of Velie, died March 9, 1903, age about 1 year. The mother died when she was born.
HASKELL, Mary, (PEET) Death 10-05-1914 Mrs. Henry (Mary) Haskell of Arcade, NY, died Oct.5, 1914; born May 4, 1853, a daughter of Samuel & Olive Peet. Survived by husband and an adopted daughter, Lucy (Mrs. Clyde Taylor). Buried in Eulalia cemetery beside her daughter, May who died at age 4 years.
HASKINS, Alice M. Marriage 6-8-1882 J. W. Bidlock of Bradford Co. PA & Miss Alice M. Haskins of Summit Twp., mar. June 8, 1882 at Forest House, [Keating Summit] PA
HASKINS, Clara B. (VanWegen) Death 01-05-1915 Mrs. Robert Haskins of Roulet died Jan. 5, 1915. Survived by husband and 3 sons: Lynn, Dan & Herman; & 2 daughters; also 3 brothers: A. B. Van Wegen of Coraopolis, A. E. Van Wegen of Funesta, L. C. Van Wegen of Eulalia and 1 sister, Mrs. Chauncy Tillison of Jefferson Co. A brother, D. W. Van Wegen is deceased.
HASKINS, Claude Death 10-01-1918 Claude Haskins, son of Charles Haskins of Roulet died Oct. 30, 1918 in Pittsburgh.
HASKINS, Edwin Marriage 11-6-1864 Miss Mary D. Burdick of Potter Co and Edwin Haskins of Potter Co. were married Nov. 6, 1864 by me, V. Dickinson, J.P.
HASKINS, Elizabeth Marriage 12-3-1883 Robert Clinton & Elizabeth J. Haskins, both of Summit Twp., mar. Dec. 3, 1883.
HASKINS, Elizabeth (Mrs.) Marriage 02-1900 Mrs. Elizabeth Haskins of Coudersport & Andrew Burleson of Costello married Feb. --, 1900.
HASKINS, Ellen Marriage 3-28-1874 Geroge Clinton Clark and Miss Ellen haskins, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Haskins were married on Mar. 28, 1874.
HASKINS, Ellery Marriage 11-25-1883 Nellie Campbell of Leidy, Clinton Co. PA & Ellery Haskins of Summit Twp., mar. Nov. 25, 1883 at Borie.
HASKINS, Emery E. Marriage 10-16-1907 Emery E. Haskins of Madera, Clearfield Co., Pa. & Miss Bernice Hall of Coudersport married Oct. 16, 1907.
HASKINS, George Marriage 1-2-1880 Miss Mary Burleson & George Haskins, both of Keating Summit, mar. Jan. 2, 1880.
HASKINS, Harry Death 01-1911 Harry Haskins, son of Mr. & Mrs. Orange Haskins of Costello died Jan. --, 1911, age 16 years.
HASKINS, Ida Marriage 4-17-1888 Mr. Ora J. Cambell & Miss Ida Haskins married Apr. 17, 1888 in Coudersport.
HASKINS, Irvin Marriage 12-21-1910 Irvin Haskins & Miss Nettie Mitchell, daughter of George Mitchell, married Dec. 21 1910 in Olean, NY
HASKINS, Irving G. Marriage 06-25-1918 Irving G. Haskins of Sayre, Pa. & Miss Mary A. Snyder of Coudersport married June 25, 1918.
HASKINS, Lena Marriage 12-18-1920 Miss Lena Haskins & Milford Scranton married Dec. 18, 1920.
HASKINS, Leroy Death 01-13-1911 Leroy Haskins of the Prouty died Jan. 13, 1911; born nearly 65 years ago in Sylvania Twp. Survived by wife and 2 daughters: Mrs. Emma Reed of Borie and Mrs. Carl Ridgway of Somerset; also 3 brothers: Ellery, W.H. and O.B. of Coudersport; 3 sisters: Mrs. Ward Jacklin of Borie, Mrs. George Clark and Miss Eulalia Haskins of Coudersport.
HASKINS, Mabel Marriage 07-19-1910 Miss Mabel Haskins of Costello & Leon Klein of Roulet married July 19, 1910.
HASKINS, Marion   09-01-1903 Nina Brinnen of Mills, & Marion Haskins of Harrison Valley, mar. Sept.__. 1903.
HASKINS, Naomi Marriage 10-07-1916 John Kanally & Naomi K. Haskins, both of Roulet, married Oct. 7, 1916.
HASKINS, Nellie (Campbell) Death 05-08-1914 Mrs. Nellie (Campbell) Haskins, wife of Ellery Haskins, died May 8, 1914; born in Clinton Co. Sept. 30, 1861. Married Dec. 25, 1883. Survived by husband, her father, Roseberrie Campbell; 2 brothers: Frank Campbell of Olean & George Campbell of Rock Island, Ill. & 5 sisters: Mary J. Heath of Benton, PA, Mrs. Ira Murphy of Rochester, NY, Mrs. Fred Georgia of Olean, NY , Mrs. H. Albertson & Mrs. W. H. Haskins of Coudersport.
HASKINS, Norval Death 11-1910 Norval Haskins, formerly of Costello, died Nov. --, 1910 in Louisiana. He was married about 2 months ago.
HASKINS, Pardon Marriage 4-22-1849 Henrietta Burleson & Pardon Haskins of Wharton Twp., mar. Apr. 22, 1849.
HASKINS, Samuel B. Death 12-18-1905 Samuel B. Haskins of Coudersport died Dec. 18, 1905; born in Sylvania Twp. Buried at Costello.
HASKINS, Viola Marriage 11-26-1917 Miss Viola Haskins, age 16 years, daughter of Arnold Haskins & Frank Lambert, married Nov. 26, 1917.
HASKINS, William Marriage 10-22-1917 William Haskins & Miss Fern Burdick, both of Coudersport, married Oct. 22, 1917 in Olean, NY
HASKINS, William H. Marriage 10-20-1888 Maggie Campbell of Leidy Twp. Clinton Co. PA & William H. Haskins of Sylvania Twp., mar. Oct. 20, 1888 in Coudersport.
HASTINGS, Mary J. Marriage 12-25-1879 W. A. Dalrymple of Rixford & Mary J. Hastings of Sharon, married Dec. 25, 1879 at Little Genesee, NY
HATCH, Mrs. Mary Announcement 07-1923 Potter County seems to have an unusually large number of its old settlers left who are to be congratulated on their old age. Among the latest of these to have a birthday is Mrs. Mary Hatch of Oswayo who this past week celebrated her 102nd birthday anniversary. She has an alert mind, reads and talks on current topics and can recite poetry learned in her school days. Her husband has been dead since the Civil War and she is living with one of her five children.
HATHAWAY, Elijah H. Death 10-19-1912 Elijah H. Hathaway of Roulet died Oct. 19, 1912, age 73 years. Buried at Scio, NY
HATHAWAY, Esther F. Marriage 07-25-1914 Mrs. Esther F. Hathaway of Ulysses & Charles C. Whitney of Seven Bridges married July 25, 1914 at Coudersport.
HATHAWAY, Fred Death 02-29-1912 Fred Hathaway of Ulysses died Feb. 29, 1912 at Warren, Pa.; born March 20, 1884 at Pine Valley, NY, son of Frank & Bell Smith Hathaway. Survived by wife and a brother, George of Wellsville; and a sister, Ruth Hathaway of Stannards.
HATHAWAY, Sarah (Wood) Death 02-27-1923 Mrs. Sarah Wood Hathaway died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. H. Taylor at Pittsburgh, February 27th. She was the widow of the late Jerome Hathaway, a former proprietor of the Hotel Galeton. Survived by 2 daughters, Mrs. G. H. Danks of Westfield, PA, and Mrs. Taylor; also one brother, Charles Wood of Addison, NY.
HAUBER, David Thatcher Death 11-29-1835 David Thatcher Hauber of N. Bingham died June 26, 1915; born Nov. 29, 1835 in Rexville, NY, son of John & Jane Hauber. Married in 1865 to Eugertha Chapin, daughter of Alvin & Alvina Chapin. They had 3 children: Mrs. Blanche Clark of Carbondale, Giles Hauber of Harrison Valley, and Mary, deceased.
HAUBER, Eugertha (Chapin) Death 07-06-1910 Mrs. D. T. Hauber of Bingham died July 6, 1910. Eugertha Chapin was born nearly 70 years ago and was married to David T. Hauber. Three children: Mrs. Blanche Clark of Carbondale, Giles of Bingham and a daughter Mary, deceased.
HAUBER, Giles Chapin Marriage 12-04-1907 Giles Chapin Hauber & Miss Lottie Lucy Briggs, both of N. Bingham, married Dec. 4, 1907.
HAUBER, Harry Death 01-25-1906 Harry Hauber, father of G. W. Hauber of Harrison Valley, died Jan. 25, 1906.
HAUBER, Mrs. Harry Death 4-20-1899 Mrs. Harry Hauber of Harrison Valley died April 20, 1899.
HAUGHENBERRY, James L. Death 4-3-1854 James L. Haughenberry of Coudersport died April 3, 1902; born Feb. 25, 1854, son of Rev. Adam & Elizabeth (Shaffer) Haughberry at Clearfield, Pa. Married Dec. 1877 to Kate Crosby, only daughter of Orson & Chloe Crosby. Survived by wife and 3 daughters.
HAUGHENBERRY, James L. Marriage 12-5-1877 Miss Kate Crosby & James L. Haughenberry, both of Coudersport, mar. Dec. 5, 1877.
HAUSHEER, Henry O. Marriage 11-21-1905 Henry O. Hausheer & Miss Celia Ryan, both of Coudersport, married Nov. 21, 1905 at Coudersport.
HAVEN, Narissa (Wood) Death 12-30-1903 Mrs. Narrissa Haven, wife of Roscoe Haven of Buffalo, NY, died Dec. 30, 1903; born in 1839.
HAVEN, Roscoe Death 09-05-1905 Roscoe Haven, formerly of Coudersport, died Sept. 5, 1905; born in Coudersport in 1840. Married in 1861 to Narissa Wood who died about 2 years ago. Survived by his father, Samuel Haven; and sisters: Mrs. Sophia Glassmire of Coudersport, Mrs. Isabella Hunter of Cato, NY, and Mrs. Charlotte Stowell of Wellsboro, PA.
HAVEN, Samuel Death 01-28-1911 Samuel Haven of Coudersport died Jan. 28, 1911; born March 21, 1815 in Portsmouth, NH. Married in Aug. 1836 to Miss Ann Churchill, daughter of Mr. Reuben Churchill & wife of Albany, NY. Survived by 3 daughters: Mrs. Isabelle Hunter of Cato, NY, Mrs. Charlotte Stowell of Wellsboro and Mrs. Sophia Glassmire; 1 son, W. R. Haven of Buffalo, deceased. Mrs. Haven died about 26 years ago.
HAVENS, Eva (Mrs.) Marriage 07-04-1909 Mrs. Eva Havens of Potter Brook & Hamilton White of Harrison Valley, married July 4, 1909.
HAVENS, John Marriage 02-17-1915 John Havens & Miss Ada Woodhouse, both of Coudersport, married Feb. 17, 1915 at Coudersport.
HAVENS, John Death 11-19-1912 John Havens of Potter Brook died Nov. 19, 1912, age 70 years. He was the grandfather of George Sutton. Survived by his widow, Mrs. Anna Mastin Havens; 1 daughter, Mrs. L.G. Stillman of Eulalia; 1 son, Bert Havens of Rochester. Another daughter, Mrs. Alice Sutton died a number of years ago.
HAVENS, Mabel Death 05-04-1909 Mrs. Mabel Havens of Hulls, died May 4, 1909, age 21 years. Survived by husband and 2 small children.
HAVENS, Matilda Death 02-12-1919 Mrs. Matilda Havens, wife of John Havens of Costello, died Feb. 12, 1919, age 74 years. Buried at Moores City cemetery.
HAVENS, Myrtle Death 05-17-1915 Mrs. Myrtle Havens of Austin died May 17, 1915, age 24 years. Buried at Moores City cemetery.
HAWKS, Lydia K. Marriage 7-15-1877 Leman J. Cady of Ulysses & Miss Lydia K. Hawks of Harrison, mar. July 15, 1877.
HAWLEY, Lucy Death 11-24-1863 Mrs. Lucy Hawley died Nov. 24, 1863 in Coudersport, in her 80th year of her age.
HAWLEY, Preston Marriage 03-1918 Preston D. Hawley of Shinglehouse & Ella L. Amidon of Oswayo, married March --, 1918.
HAXTON, Joe Clark Death 06-20-1923 Joe Clark Haxton, the 3 weeks old son of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Haxton of West Pike, died Wednesday (June 20, 1923). [Born 5-27-1923]
HAXTON, Maude R. Marriage 01-1906 Maude R. Haxton of West Pike & Archie E. Monroe of Bolivar, NY, married Jan. --, 1906.
HAXTON, Rose Marriage 07-01-1910 Rose Haxton & Frank Vergason, both of Sweden Valley, married July 1, 1910.
HAYES, Julia A. Marriage 12-20-1893 John E. Dakin of Keating & Miss Julia A. Hayes of Austin, married Dec. 20, 1893 at Coudersport.
HAYNES, Becky   10-26-1907 Aunt Becky Haynes of First Fork died Oct. 26, 1907 (or Nov. 6). Survived by 2 sons.
HAYNES, Caleb Death 12-03-1901 Caleb Haynes of First Fork died Dec. 3, 1901, age about 70 years. Buried in the G.Y. S?mith graveyard.
HAYNES, Cornelius Death 3-21-1885 Cornelius Haynes of Bell's Run died March 21, 1885 at the home of Mrs. Freeman Blanchard.
HAYNES, James H. Death 10-20-1910 James H. Haynes died Oct. 20, 1910 at the home of his sister, Mrs. A. Bennett at Sinnemahoning, age 53 years. Buried in Smith graveyard beside his parents.
HAYNES, Jane (Nesbit) Death 04-09-1910 Mrs. Hubbard Haynes of Sweden Valley died April 9, 1910. Jane Nesbit was born Sept. 18, 1826 in Scotland. Married Sept. 1, 1859 to Hubbard Haynes. They lived on Yocum Hill and Denton Hill. Survived by husband and 1 brother, John Nesbit. Buried on Yocum Hill.
HAYNES, Julia E. Death 11-10-1913 Mrs. James Haynes of Whites Corners died Nov. 10, 1913, age 72 years. Survived by husband, a son, Louis Haynes and 2 granddaughters: Mrs. James Riley & Mrs. Frank Dibble. Buried at Potter Brook cemetery.
HAYNES, Robert Hubbard Death 09-25-1915 Robert Hubbard Haynes, Civil War veteran of Shinglehouse, died Sept. 25, 1915, age 85 years; born April 23, 1830 at Lavonia, NY, a son of Robert & Jeanette Haynes. He had lived in Potter County for 50 years. Survived by 1 brother, James W. Haynes of Hornell. Buried on Yocum Hill beside his wife.
HAYNES, Robert P. Marriage 12-24-1914 Miss Augusta Edith Kellner of Coudersport & Robert P. Haynes of Snow Shoe, married Dec. 24, 1914.
HAZEN, George Death 12-20-1905 George Hazen of Burtville died Dec. 20, 1905, age 88 years. Survived by 2 sons, William H. of Roulet and C. A. of Burtville, Pa.
HEAD, Charles M. Death 12-28-1918 Charles M. Head of Austin died Dec. 28, 1918 at Austin; born 57 years ago in Oswayo, son of Charles & Polly ( Johnson) Head. Married Miss Carrie Fourness of Odin. They had 6 children; one daughter died a short time ago. Buried in Inez cemetery.
HEAD, Ella May Marriage 06-06-1900 Ella May Head, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Head of Oswayo & Ned L Rumsey, married June 6, 1900.
HEAD, Grace (Colegrove) Death 01-30-1900 Mrs. Grace Colegrove Head, wife of Andrew Head, died Jan. 30, 1900, age 23 years. Buried in Rathbone cemetery.
HEAD, Harry M. Death 5-6-1848 DIED in Harrison on Saturday, May 6, 1848, Mr. Harry M. Head and old resident of this place.
HEALEY, Maud Marriage 12-03-1903 Maud Healy & William Bliss, both of Millport, married Dec. 3, 1903.
HEALY, Lewis S. Death 10-6-1876 Lewis S. Healy died Oct. 6, 1876; born Jan 29, 1824 in Chenango Co., NY; moved to Oswayo in 1851.
HEALY, Walter Grant Death 03-02-1906 Walter Grant Healy born Feb. 24, 1867 in Oswayo Twp., died March 2, 1906. Married March 16, 1890 to Mary Everson by whom he had a son, Dean, age 8 and a daughter, Angie, age 3. Survived by his wife, children, an aged mother, Mrs. Charlotte H. Healy; 4 brothers: Edward B., Dean R., Wellington E., Myron T. Healy; 2 sisters: Mrs. Alice Deremer and Mrs. Minnie Woodard.
HEATH, Cora (Yaple) Death 02-28-1913 Mrs. Leonard Heath of Roulette committed suicide when she discovered her two and a half baby had burned to death. Cora Yaple Heath died Friday morning [2-28-1913]. She was 21 years of age
HEATH, Elizabeth Jane Marriage 7-13-1879 Oscar Crandall & Miss Elizabeth Jane Heath, both of Ulysses, mar. July 13, 1879.
HEATH, George L. Marriage 10-31-1901 George L. Heath & Nellie E. Toles, both of Coudersport, married Oct. 31, 1901.
HECK, Levi G. Death 12-31-1842 Rev. Levi G. Heck of Watsontown, Pa. died Dec. 31, 1918; born April 1842 at Orbosinia, Huntington Co., Pa. Married to Sarah Widney, daughter of William & Martha Widney of Huntington Co. They had 3 children: Judge Albert S. Heck of Coudersport, Mrs. Ella G. Adams of Watsontown and William Heck of Johnstown, PA.
HECKMAN, Anna Marriage 08-02-1923 Miss Anna Heckman of DuBois became the bride of James McTamney of Owego in the Catholic Church at Owego, NY, on August 2, 1923. The groom is formerly of Galeton.
HECKMAN, Mrs. John Death 01-13-1968 Mrs. John Heckman of Coudersport died Jan. 13, 1868. Survived by 2 children: Sammy and Nellie Heckman.
HEDGES, Charles Marriage 12-21-1898 Minnie D. Baker & Charles Hedges married Dec. 21, 1898 in Coudersport.
HEFFEN, Frank M. Marriage 06-28-1913 On Saturday June 28th [1913] at the Presbyterian Manse, Miss Myra Gant of Pike Township and Frank M. Heffen of Galeton were married by Rev. Warren Elsing.
HEINRICH, Mabel E. Marriage 09-22-1923 Miss Mabel E. Heinrich, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Heinrich of Germania & Jake Felker, son of Mr. & Mrs. Martin Felker of Corning were married Saturday at the Germania Evangelical Church by Rev. R. Vieweg.
HEINRICH, Margaret Barbara Death 11-1923 Mrs. Margaret Heinrich died at her home in Germania. Margaret Barbara Heinrich was born in Wurtemberg, Germany December 29, 1828 and was the oldest settler in Germania. Survived by one daughter; Mrs. Mary Lehman of Galeton and 4 sons; George of Philadelphia, Charles of Osceola, John & William of Germania.
HELENBROOK, Adena L. Marriage 09-01-1909 Adna L. Helenbrook of Potter Brook & Horace B. Monroe of Mills, married Sept.--, 1909.
HELGESDATTER, Dortha Marriage 3-24-1854 Andreas Bronken & Miss Dortha Helgesdatter, both of New Norway, mar. March 24, 1854 in Abbott Twp.
HELMS, Sadie Marriage 2-22-1880 Ruel Barrows, Esq. & Sadie Helms, both of Cameron Co. PA, mar. Feb. 22, 1880 in Cameron.
HELWIG, Louis Death 01-20-1908 Louis Helwig died Jan. 20, 1908 at Roulet, age 84 years. He was the father of Mrs. George Eimer. Survived by son & 2 daughters.
HEMMINGER, William M Marriage 11-04-1905 Edna Fessenden & William M. Hemminger, both of Roulet, married Nov. 4, 1905 at Roulet.
HEMPHILL, Harry Death 10-03-1918 Harry Hemphill of Coudersport died Oct. 3, 1918 of influenza at Alfred university; born Feb. 25, 1899, son of Walter B. & Cora Carmer Hemphill. Buried at Woodlawn cemetery. [Woodland]
HEMPHILL, Silas P. Death 10-18-1916 Silas P. Hemphill of Hebron died Oct. 18, 1916 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. W. Holly at Myrtle, age 83 years. Survived by children: Mrs. Thelma Holly, Mrs. Ella Crocker of Horse Run, Mrs. Vina Burdick of Little Genesee, Walter of Coudersport, James W. of Hebron, Dr. W. J. of North Loup, Neb. & Mrs. John Barrett.
HENDLEY, Alexander Marriage 06-18-1902 Alexander Hendley & Lydia Zimmerman, both of Coudersport, married June 18, 1902.
HENDLEY, Millard H. Marriage 08-27-1913 Miss Myrtle Mehring, formerly of Coudersport & Millard H. Hendley of Niagara Falls, NY, married Aug. 27, 1913.
HENDRICK, G. Eugene Marriage 11-03-1881 MARRIED in Westfield at M. E. Parsonage, Oct. 26, 1881, by Rev. G. W. Howland, G. Eugene Hendrick of Troupsburg, N. Y. and Miss Olive Buck of Harrison, Pa.
HENDRYX, Frank A. Marriage 7-3-1876 Miss Olive W. Collar of Ellisburg & Frank A. Hendryx of Allegany Twp., mar. July 3, 1876.
HENDRYX, Frank A. Death 03-03-1915 Frank M. Hendryx died March 3, 1915 at Olean, age 54 years. Survived by wife & 4 daughters: Mrs. A. L. Prince of Shinglehouse, Misses Oleatha, Vivian and Charlotte Hendryx & 1 son, A. E. Hendryx of Vineland, N.J.
HENDRYX, Martha Marriage 09-10-1913 Miss Martha Hendryx of Coudersport & Earl W. Dobbins of Buffalo, married Sept. 10, 1913.
HENDRYX, Robert G. Marriage 06-30-1908 Robert G. Hendryx & Mary A. Stevens, both of Coudersport, married June 30, 1908.
HENDRYX, Sarah (Gililland) Death 02-17-1905 Mrs. Sarah Gililland Hendryx of Seven Bridges died Feb. 17, 1905; born in Cuba, NY, in 1826.Came to Potter County between 50 & 60 years ago. Survived by 2 children: Frank A. Hendryx of Seven Bridges & Mrs. L. M. Hurd of Coudersport.
HENLEY, Annie Marriage 6-21-1871 Nelson Clark of Hebron & Miss Annie Henley of Sharon, PA, mar. June 21, 1871 in Ceres, NY
HENLEY, John Marriage 7-12-1872 Miss Ella E. Barnes & John Henley, both of Sharon Twp., mar. July 12, 1872.
HENSEL, John Death 02-08-1913 John Hensel died at his home near Germania on February 8th [1913], Funeral at the Catholic Church, Father Sheehan of Coudersport officiating. Survived by his wife and 5 children; Mrs. J. Gold of Galeton, John, Albert, Mary & Pauline.
HENSER, Carl J. Marriage 06-30-1917 Carl J. Henser of Germania & Miss Louise Sharp of Austin married June 20, 1917.
HENYON, Frank E. Marriage 8-13-1876 Miss Mary L. Barnes & Frank E. Henyon, both of Millport, mar. Aug. 13, 1876 at Millport.
HENYON, Prudence R. Death 02-16-1917 Mrs. Prudence R. Henyon of Oswayo died Feb. 16, 1917, age 65 years. Survived by 1 daughter, 3 sisters and 2 brothers.
HERRICK, Anna Grace Death 06-25-1912 Miss Anna Grace Herrick, sister of John P. Herrick of Olean, died June 25, 1912 in Paris, France, age 31 years.
HERRICK, Charles Marriage 10-01-1907 Charles Herrick & Miss Nora Johnson, both of Shinglehouse, married Oct. --, 1907.
HERRINGTON, Lucinda Marriage 8-1884 Elmer Downey of West Union, NY & Lucinda Herrington of Whites Corners, married Aug. __, 1884.
HERVEY, A. L. Death 04-18-1905 A.L. Hervey, Civil War veteran of Ulysses, died April 18, 1905.
HERZOG, Conrad Marriage 10-2-1880 Miss Frances Lenora Cannon of Sweden & Conrad Herzog of Farmers Valley, PA mar. Oct. 2, 1880.
HERZOG, George Marriage 7-3-1881 Miss Lettie Cannon of Sweden & George Herzog married July 3, 1881 at Coudersport.
HESS, Nettie (Wilcox) Death 04-30-1910 Mrs. J. B. Hess of Austin, died April 30, 1910. Nettie Wilcox was her name before marriage. Survived by husband and daughter. Buried in Bradford County, PA.
HESS, Ray Marriage 12-10-1906 Ray Hess & Miss Jennie Parker, both of Shinglehouse, married Dec. 10, 1906.
HEWITT, Ray H. Marriage 07-01-1923 Ray H. Hewitt of Eldred, PA, and Miss Helen Johnson of Addison, NY, were married in the Presbyterian Manse.
HEYMAN, Doris Marriage 12-31-1918 Miss Doris Heyman of Galeton & A.P. Akeley of Coudersport, married Dec. 31, 1918.
HEYMANN, Ruth Margaret Marriage 02-1923 Miss Ruth Margaret Heymann & Lawrence Paul Foster of Pentwater, Michigan the leading man of the Cutter Stock Co, were married at Cortland, NY. The bride is the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. August Heymann of Galeton.
HICKOX, Phoebe Death 05-07-1915 Mrs. Phoebe Hickox, widow of Willard Hickox, died May 7, 1915, age 77 years. Her husband died about 3 years ago. Survived by a nephew, Erwin Hurd.
HICKS, Boy Birth 10-30-1913 Mr. & Mrs. L. A. Hicks of Mirland Station, NY formerly of Galeton are the parents of a son born October 30th [1913].
HIGLEY, Alfred V. Marriage 12-24-1866 Catherine E. Campbell & Alfred V. Higley, both of Hebron, mar. Dec. 24, 1866.
HIGLEY, Hazel Marriage 05-29-1913 Miss Hazel Higley of Hebron Center & Ellsworth Bunker of Oswayo, married May 28, 1913.
HIGLEY, Minerva Marriage 12-23-1851 William G. Carmer & Miss Minerva Higley, both of Hebron, mar. Dec. 23, 1851.
HIGLEY, Mrs. Esther Death 02-08-1900 Mrs. Esther Higley died Feb 8, 1900 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Nancy Wilcox of Hebron Summit, age 77 years. Survived by 1 daughter. Buried in Ford Hill cemetery.
HIGLEY, Permelia Death 08-20-1919 Mrs. Permelia Higley of Allegany Twp, died Aug. 30, 1919; born May 7, 1836; moved to Potter County with parents when 10 years old. Married Jan. 22, 1854 to Benjamin Higley. Survived by 3 children: Lorenzo B. Higley and Roxey A. Densmore, at home; and Daniel S. Higley of Bolivar, NY. The husband belonged to the Pa. Bucktails and died at the battle of Wilderness. Buried in Ford Hill cemetery.
HILDEBRANDT, Paul A. Marriage 01-21-1918 Paul A. Hildebrandt & Miss Anna Kahle, both of Coudersport, married Jan. 21, 1915 at Coudersport.
HILFIGER, Fannie Death 04-17-1911 Mrs. Fannie Hilfiger of Raymond died April 17, 1911, age 58 years.
HILFIGER, Jacob Death 05-13-1909 Jacob Hilfiger of Raymond died May 13, 1909; born in Bradford Co., Pa. 55 years ago. Survived by wife and several children.
HILL, Angie Marriage 06-09-1909 Miss Angie Hill & Charles H. Griffith, both of Genesee, married June 9, 1909.
HILL, Asa Marriage 1-14-1895 Miss Isa Clinton of Coudersport & Asa Hill of Westfield, mar. Jan. 14, 1895.
HILL, Dennis A. Marriage 4-9-1881 Miss Bertha S. Bishop of Genesee Fork, PA & Dennis A. Hill of Troupsburg, NY, mar. Apr. 9, 1881 in Whitesville, NY
HILL, Emily Death 10-19-1907 Mrs. Emily Hill, wife of John Hill of Ayers Hill, died Oct. 19, 1907. Survived by husband and several children. Buried at Inez.
HILL, James Death 01-21-1913 James Hill of Genesee died Jan. 21, 1913, age 77 years. Survived by a son and 2 daughters. Buried in Inez cemetery. [Actually buried in Genesee cemetery]
HILL, Lizzie (Strong) Death 02-04-1913 Mrs. Lizzie Hill, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Orange Strong, died Feb. 4, 1913 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ida Moore of Coudersport; born April 8, 1853 in Eulalia Twp. Survived by husband, James Hill of Ladona, 4 sons: O. H. Clinton of Hebron Twp., Reuben Jorden of Sunstown, Pa., Fred Jorden of Friendship, NY, Orlo Jorden of Sweden Twp., 1 daughter, Mrs. Ida Moore; 2 sisters: Mrs. Charles Vergason of Homer Twp & Mrs. Mary Holiday; & 1 brother, O. H. Strong of Wisc. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
HILL, R. H. Marriage 1-3-1878 Miss Sophrona Benjamin of Bradford, PA, late of Eulalia, Potter Co. PA, mar. Jan. 3, 1878 in Genesee to Mr. R. H. Hill.
HILLE, Carl Death 12-25-1902 Carl Hille of Coudersport died Dec. 25, 1902.
HILLIGAS, Florence Death 08-01-1915 Mrs. Flora Hilligas died Aug. 1, 1915; born 42 years ago in Minn., a daughter of John R. & Elvina Higley. Married Jacob Hilligas who survives; also her father, brothers & sisters: Mrs. Luella Ball, Mrs. Jennie Painter of Hebron, Mrs. Hazel Bunker of Oswayo, Mrs. Ettie Bunker of Bradford, Benjamin Higley of Betula, John, Frank, George & Theodore Higley of Hebron.
HILLIGASS, Alexander Death 03-17-1916 Alexander Hilligass of Andrew Settlement died March 17, 1916, age 64 years. He never married. Survived by 2 brothers: Benjamin & Jacob Hilligass. Buried in Ford Hill cemetery.
HILLIGASS, George Death 01-24-1911 George Hilligass of Hebron Summit died Jan. 24, 1911 at Port Allegany, age 61 years. Survived by wife and 4 children: Furd, William, Arthur and Mrs. Martie White.
HILLIGER, Martha Marriage 11-09-1902 Miss Martha Hilliger of Raymond & Grant Dibble, married Nov. 9, 1902 at Whitesville, NY
HILLMAN, Charles Death 01-24-1913 Charles Hillman, a veteran of the Civil War died at his home on Friday [1-24-1913] ; born in Philadelphia in October 1848; enlisted in Co. D., 207th Reg. Pa. Vol. when he was 18. Survived by his widow & 2 sons; LaVerne of Galeton & E. B. Hillman of Genesee. Buried in West Hill Cemetery.
HILTON, W. G. Marriage 07-08-1902 W. G. Hilton of Norfolk, VA & Miss Jeannette D. Knox, daughter of Mrs. Louise Knox of Coudersport, married July 8, 1902.
HINKLEY, Sarah [Mrs.] Marriage 04-1902 Mrs. Sarah Hinkley of Hector & Peter Dayton of Ulysses, married April --, 1902.
HITCHCOCK, Julia A. Marriage 3-8-1879 James B. Donovan & Miss Julia A. Hitchcock, both of Sharon, married March 8, 1879, at Clara, PA
HITT, Florence Anna Death 04-14-1923 Florence Anna Hitt died at her home in Wellsboro on Saturday. She was born in Galeton, February 3, 1907, a daughter of Ziba & Gertrude Hitt. Survived by her parents & one sister; Mrs. Bessie King and one brother; Ziba. Buried in West Hill.
HITZEL, Benjamin Death 10-20-1923 Benjamin Hitzel, aged 11 years, died Saturday of diphtheria. He is survived by his mother, 5 sisters; Elizabeth, Anna, Rose, Marguerite & Josephine, and one brother; Nick.
HOBER, Ella Marriage 10-25-1874 George L. Clark & Miss Ella Hober, both of Liberty, McKean Co. PA, mar. Oct. 25, 1874.
HODGES, Irene Marriage 06-02-1911 Miss Irene Hodges, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Hodges of Coudersport, & Lester Barr of Roulet, married June 2, 1911.
HODGES, Maud (Sherwood) Death 02-12-1910 Mrs. Maud Sherwood Hodges, wife of Joseph Hodges of Oswayo, died Feb. 12, 1910, age 17 years. Buried at Port Allegany.
HODGES, Myra Marriage 02-05-1916 Miss Myra Hodges, daughter of George Hodges & Lyman Cobb, son of Mr. & Mrs. D. H. Cobb, married Feb. 5, 1916 in Olean, NY
HODSKIN, Albert A. Death 04-11-1902 Albert A. Hodskin of Coudersport died April 11, 1902, age 84 years; born April 26, 1818 at Laurens, Otsego Co., NY Married Nov. 9, 1848 to Celina J. Johnson.
HODSKIN, Celinda (Johnson) Death 06-13-1912 Mrs. Celinda Hodskin, relict of Albert A. Hodskin, died June 13, 1912; born Dec. 28, 1823 in Lisle, Broome Co., NY, daughter of Cyrus & Katherine Johnson. Married Nov. 9, 1848 to Albert A. Hodskin who died April 11, 1902. They had 4 children: Knapp R., who died Feb. 1904, J. D. Hodskin of Binghamton, NY, Mrs. Fannie Knox & Mrs. Katherine Reese of Coudersport; also 3 brothers: Capt. J. C. Johnson of Emporium, Wheeler A. Johnson & Vincent Johnson of Lisle, NY.
HODSKIN, Kittie J. Marriage 12-3-1884 James B. Benson, son of Isaac & Eugenia L. Benson was married to Kittie J. Hodskin, dau. of Albert & Celinda (Johnson) Hodskin, Dec. 3, 1884.
HODSKIN, Knapp R. Death 02-1904 Knapp R. Hodskin, formerly of Coudersport, died Feb. --, 1904 at Middleport, NY
HOLCOMB, Chandler L. Death 01-07-1918 A.L. Holcomb of Ladona died Jan. 7, 1918, age 82 years; born in 1836 at Greenville, Chenango Co., NY Married Jan. 6, 1858 to Lucy Morse. They had 6 children: Harvey of Mt. Alton, Pa., Berdette of Coudersport, Herson of Bakersfield, Cal., Herbert of Brookland & Floyd of Ohio; also by 4 brothers: John of Bolivar, Abel of Franklinville, Levi of Portville and Carlton of Shinglehouse; also by 2 sisters: Alice Wood of Rixford and Laura Wood of Shinglehouse.
HOLCOMB, Deretha Marriage 08-28-1920 Miss Deretha Holcomb, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bert Holcomb & Floyd Froebel, all of Coudersport, married Aug. 28, 1920 at Penn Yan, NY
HOLCOMB, John Death 11-16-1918 John Holcomb, Civil War veteran of Bolivar, NY. died Nov. 16, 1918; born in Chenango Co. NY 80 years ago last April. Lived at Annin Creek for some years. Survived by his wife.
HOLCOMB, Lucy (Morse) Death 11-29-1907 Mrs. Lucy Holcomb, wife of C. L. Holcomb of North Hollow died Nov. 29, 1907, age 72 years; born in Ellington, Chautauqua Co., NY, a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. David Morse. Survived by children: Harvey H. of Fayetteville, Pa., V. W. Holcomb of Coudersport, Mrs. Lucy Irwin of Mina, Herbert Holcomb of Sweden Valley, Floyd Holcomb of U.S.N. and H. L. Holcomb of California.
HOLCOMB, Luie J. Marriage 10-11-1899 Miss. Luie J. Holcomb of Coudersport & Willard G. Irwin of Cross Fork married Oct. 11, 1899.
HOLCOMB, Milton Death 10-21-1905 Milton Holcomb, son of Augustus Holcomb of Harrison Valley was accidently shot and killed Oct. 21, 1905 at Chehalis, Wash., age about 27 years. Buried at Harrison Valley.
HOLCOMB, Mrs. Augustus Death 05-1903 Mrs. Augustus Holcomb of Harrison Valley died May --, 1903. [Susan Fletcher?]
HOLCOMB, Phoebe Ann Marriage 7-3-1864 Abram Chase & Miss Phebe Ann Holcomb, both of Sweden Twp., mar. July 3, 1864.
HOLCOMB, Theodore Death 09-30-1903 Theodore Holcomb, Civil War veteran of Harrison Valley, died Sept. 30, 1903. Buried in Potter Brook cemetery.
HOLLAND, John Marriage 8-1899 John Holland & Miss Louise Peck, daughter of N.J. Peck, married Aug. --, 1899 at Corning, NY
HOLLAND, Michael Death 04-12-1920 Michael Holland of Coudersport died April 12, 1920, age 75 years. Survived by children: Mrs. Jack Tourney, Miss Lena Holland & Mrs. Jack Lawley of Port Allegany. Buried in Warren cemetery beside his wife.
HOLLENBECK, Amos Marriage 6-13-1888 Miss Mathile Doerner & Amos Hollenbeck married June 13, 1888, at Coudersport.
HOLLENBECK, Amos F. Marriage 10-5-1878 Miss Carrie Cole of Clara & Amos F. Hollenbeck of Hebron, mar. Oct. 5, 1878 at Coudersport.
HOLLENBECK, Catherine Marriage 09-07-1907 Miss Catherine Hollenbeck & Milo Sherwood, both of East Hebron, married Sept. 7, 1907 at Alma, N.J.
HOLLENBECK, Conrad Death 01-20-1915 Judge Conrad Hollenbeck died Jan. 20, 1915 at Lincoln, Neb.; born in Hebron Twp., Potter Co., Pa. in 1848. Survived by wife, Mrs. Nettie Knox Hollenbeck and 1 son, Frank; also 4 brothers: Amos, George & John in Col. & Adelbert in Utah; 3 sisters: Mrs. Frank Howell of Calif., Mrs. Rebecca Clatt of Neb. and Mrs. A.E. Eggleston of Coudersport.
HOLLENBECK, Edwin Death 06-03-1909 Edwin Hollenbeck, Civil War veteran of Sweden Twp., died June 3, 1909 in Coudersport; born Dec. 2, 1839 in Sweden Twp., oldest son of John & Emily Hollenbeck. Married in 1861 to Matilda Davis who died Nov. 5, 1906. They had 12 children: Frank of Inez, Mrs. Emily Wilcox of Keating Summit, Mrs. Lydia Campbell of Hebron, Orson of Trinchera, Colo., Mrs. Zadie Lockwood of Odin, Owen of Keating Summit, Mrs. Susie Bly of Coudersport, Mrs. Eva Sturdevant of Hebron Summit, John & Kate at home, Mrs. Bessie Clinton of Odin and Idell Reniff.
HOLLENBECK, Emily (Parker) Death 06-20-1900 Mrs. John Hollenbeck of Hebron died June 20, 1900, age 82 years. Survived by her husband, children & grandchildren.
HOLLENBECK, Frank Marriage 11-15-1905 Frank Hollenbeck of Freemont, Nebr. & Miss May B. Alexander of Forsythe, Montana, married Nov. 15, 1905.
HOLLENBECK, George W. Death 02-05-1918 George W. Hollenbeck, Civil War veteran, died Feb. 5, 1918 at his home in Fishing Creek, age 81 years. His wife died about a year ago. Survived by a daughter, Mrs. Zalmon Robinson of Coudersport.
HOLLENBECK, John G. Death 09-1920 John G. Hollenbeck died Sept. 22, 1920 at Salida, Calif., age 76 years. Survived by wife and 2 children; also by a sister, Mrs. E. E. Eggleston of Coudersport.
HOLLENBECK, Matilda Death 11-05-1906 Mrs. Matilda Hollenbeck, wife of Edwin Hollenbeck of Hebron, died Nov. 5, 1906; born in Springwater, Livingston Co., NY. She raised 12 children who all survive; also a sister, Mrs. Susan Witter and a half-brother, Leonard Davis.
HOLLENBECK, Rebecca Marriage 8-3-1873 Hammond Clapp & Miss Rebecca Hollenbeck of East Hebron, PA, mar. Aug. 3, 1873 at the home of John G. Hollenbeck in Steele City, Neb.
HOLLENBECK, Susie Marriage 4-18-1894 Lewis Bly & Susie Hollenbeck married Apr. 18, 1894 at Hebron.
HOLLORAN, Michael Marriage 09-23-1913 Michael Holloran of Coudersport & Miss Mary Cummings of Syracuse, NY, married Sept. 23, 1913.
HOLLY, Barton Marriage 4-15-1854 Miss Helen Bee of Ceres to Mr. Barton Holly of Portage, mar. in Ceres, on March 15, 1854 by Rev. Wm. Leak.
HOLLY, Harold Marriage 09-17-1917 Harold Holly of Shinglehouse & Miss Clara Sonnekalb of Coudersport married Sept. 17, 1917.
HOLLY, Wallace Marriage 3-14-1888 Miss Mittie Clark of Pleasant Valley, PA & Mr. Wallace Holly of Myrtle, PA, mar. March 14, 1888 at Little Genesee, NY
HOLMES, Jennie Marriage 05-12-1914 Dennis Dorley & Miss Jennie Holmes of Chrystal married May 12, 1914.
HOLMES, Boy Birth 01-10-1913 A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. J. R. Holmes of Conrad on January 10th [1913].
HOLMES, Jennie Marriage 05-12-1914 Miss Jennie Holmes of Chrystal & Dennis Dorley married May 12 (or 19) 1914.
HOLSTROM, Anna G. Marriage 03-23-1913 Miss Anna G. E. Holstrom & Gust E. Johnson were married March 23rd [1913] at the home of her parents Mr. & Mrs. John Holstrom in Clintontown.
HOLT, Mary Death 12-19-1912 Mrs. Mary Holt, wife of Andy Holt of Sweden Valley, died Dec. 19, 1912, age 48 years.
HOLT, Mrs. Dell Marriage 10-1903 Mrs. Dell Holt of Sweden Valley & Clyde Turner of Coudersport married Oct. --, 1903.
HOOD, Elvira Marriage 8-29-1877 Lalon R. Bliss & Elvira A. Hood married Aug. 29, 1877.
HOOFTALLEN, Edith (Mrs.) Marriage 06-30-1910 Mrs. Edith Hooftallen & John B. Crawford, both of Austin, married June 30, 1919.
HOOVER, C. G. Marriage 12-22-1920 C.G. Hoover of Mahaffey, Pa. & Miss Alice Dickinson, daughter of Mrs. Glendon Younglove of Coudersport, married Dec. 22, 1920.
HOPE, Myrtle Marriage 09-25-1913 Miss Myrtle Hope and Raymond Castor of Corning were married in Wellsboro last Thursday [9-25-1913]. The bride’s father made objections to the marriage as the girl was not quite 18 years old.
HOPKINS, Edward F. Marriage 3-31-1883 Miss Fidelia Conklin of Windsor, NY & Edward F. Hopkins of Hornellsville, NY, mar. Mar. 31, 1883 at the home of L. D. Judd in Windsor, Broome Co. NY
HOPKINS, Harold C. Marriage 07-09-1913 Harold C. Hopkins of Peoria, Ill. & Miss Vera L. Harvey of Coudersport married July 9, 1913 at Coudersport.
HOPKINS, Harriet Marriage 05-06-1902 Harriet Hopkins, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. David Hopkins & Arling L. Corwin, married May 6, 1902.
HOPKINS, Joseph E. Death 11-03-1918 Joseph E. Hopkins of Austin died Nov. 3, 1918, age 55 years. Survived by wife, a brother, Charles of Franklinville, NY and a sister, Miss Althea Hopkins of Ulysses.
HOPKINS, Samuel Death 04-1902 Samuel Hopkins, Civil War veteran of Gold, died April --, 1902.
HOPKINS, Thomas Marriage 02-03-1910 Thomas Hopkins & Miss Leah Trimm, both of Coudersport, married Feb. 3, 1910 at Buffalo, NY
HOPPE, Margaret Marriage 9-25-1913 Miss Margaret Hoppe, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Louis Hoppe of Germania, who has been in Montana for some time, was married last week to David Ernest of Coburg, Montana. [9-25-1913 paper]
HORN, Girl Birth 07-07-1913 A daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. G. F. Horn on July 7th [1913]
HORNAK, Lizzie Marriage 9-15-1892 John Deibrauskie & Lizzie Hornak, both of Costello, married Sept. 15, 1892.
HORTON, Delight Marriage 7-9-1887 Seth Briggs & Miss Delight Horton, both of Wharton, PA, mar. July 9, 1887.
HORTON, Elizabeth (McCormack) Death 04-01-1903 Mrs. L. D. Horton of Coudersport died April 1, 1903. She was a daughter of Mrs. Jane McCormick. Survived by husband and 2 children, Robert and Marion Horton.
HOSLEY, Addie M. (Young) Death 11-24-1915 Mrs. Henry Hosley of Gold died Nov. 24, 1915, age 64 years. Survived by husband and 2 sons, Rufus & Merle Hosley of Gold.
HOSLEY, Arlington Marriage 06-30-1919 Arlington Hosley of Brookland & Miss Belle McLaughlin of Keating Summit married June 30, 1919 in Buffalo, NY
HOSLEY, Charles E. Marriage 4-30-1873 Miss Marion Burt, daughter of T. W. Burt & C. E. Hosley, mar. Apr. 30, 1873, at Lewisville.
HOSLEY, Charles Emerson Death 08-07-1915 Charles Emerson Hosley of Brookland died Aug. 7, 1915; born 71 years ago in Bradford Co., Pa. Married April 1873 to Marion Burt of Ulysses. They had 2 children, Harry H. and Arlington Hosley.
HOSLEY, Charles W. Marriage 05-15-1918 Charles W. Hosley of Ulysses & Leona Kathryn Clark, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Birney Clark, married May 15, 1918.
HOSLEY, Evelyn Marriage 06-13-1920 Miss Evelyn Hosley of Olean, NY & DeForest Smith, son of Mr. & Mrs. A. F. Smith of Coudersport, married June 13, 1920 in Salamanca.
HOSLEY, Ezra P. Marriage 1-1-1878 Miss Lydia A. Dickerson of Springfield, Bradford Co. PA & Ezra P. Hosley of Ulysses, married Jan. 1, 1878 in Springfield.
HOSLEY, Harry Death 01-1923 Harry Hosley of Coudersport died at his home there. Survived by his wife and six small children; also by his mother, buried in Ulysses Cemetery.
HOSLEY, Mrs. Rufus Death 11-7-1899 Mrs. Rufus Hosley of Newfield died Nov. 7, 1899.
HOSLEY, Stella Marriage 8-8-1874 Frederick Baker & Miss Stella Hosley married Aug. 8, 1874 in Lewisville.
HOSMER, Jennie M. Death 01-09-1916 Mrs. Jennie M. Hosmer of Oswayo died Jan. 9, 1916, age 34 years, at the home of her mother, Mrs. Cordelia Cook. Survived by 3 children, 2 sister and a brother, besides her mother. Buried in Chrystal cemetery.
HOUGHTAILING, Cynthia Death 10-1878 Last Friday two funeral processions met at the White’s Corners Cemetery. One from Harrison Valley, bearing the remains of Mrs. Amanda Fletcher, who had long resided in this county. The other came from West Union to pay a last tribute to Cynthia, wife of Allen Houghtailing. This is the second wife Mr. Houghtailing has lost within a year.
HOUGHTAILING, May Marriage 11-1901 May Houghtaling, daughter of A. D. Houghtaling & Albert Nichols, both of Millport, married Nov. --, 1901.
HOUSE, Alva Marriage 11-30-1905 Alva House & Miss Myrtle Tauscher of Sweden Hill, married Nov. 30, 1905.
HOUSE, Edith Marriage 04-22-1914 Miss Edith House & Walter H. Joerg, both of Coudersport, married April 22, 1914.
HOUSEKEEPER, Mary A. Marriage 11-20-1911 T. Benton Brown of Coudersport & Miss Mary A. Housekeeper, daughter of P. W. Housekeeper of Lancaster Co., PA, mar. Nov. 20, 1873.
HOUSER, Mrs. William Death 02-26-1923 Mrs. William Housler aged 46 years died at her home in Lyman Run on Monday. Survived by husband & 3 children, Mrs. Lelia Johnson and Erva Housler of Marshlands and Walter at home. Buried in West Branch Cemetery.
HOVEY, Jacob T. Death 03-20-1900 Comrade Jacob T. Hovey of Ulysses died March 20, 1900, age 78 years.
HOWARD, Jesse Lionel Marriage 04-30-1913 Lucretia Marguerite Cortright, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H. R. Cortright was married to Jesse Lionel Howard yesterday [4-30-1913] at her parents home. Mr. Howard is the son of Mr. & Mrs. L. Howard of Friendship, NY.
HOWARD, Laura Marriage 10-21-1903 Floyd Hubbard of Harrison Valley & Miss Laura Howard of Whites Corners, married Oct. 21, 1903 at Whites Corners.
HOWARD, Minnie E. (Mrs) Marriage 11-16-1919 Mrs. Minnie E. Howard & Maynard E. Kimm, both of Coudersport, married Nov. 16, 1911.
HOWE, A. E. Marriage 5-15-1881 Miss Carrie E. Case of Sullivan, Tioga Co. PA & A. E. Howe of Bingham, mar. May 15, 1881 in Sullivan.
HOWE, Eliza Marriage 1-1-1879 Charles Brightman & Miss Eliza Howe of Shinglehouse, mar. Jan. 1, 1879.
HOWE, Elmira J. Marriage 3-4-1884 M. W. Briggs & Miss Elmira J. Howe, both of Bingham, mar. Apr. 3, 1884.
HOWE, Hulda (Tarbox) Death 12-16-1911 Mrs. Hulda Howe of Bingham died Dec. 16, 1911, age 38 years. Married 15 years ago to Reuben Howe. She was a daughter of Willis & Rose Shutt Tarbox of W. Bingham. Survived by husband, a daughter & parents.
HOWE, Laura Death 04-15-1910 Miss Laura Howe of Bingham died April 15, 1910, age nearly 86 years; a daughter of Timothy & Flavia (Colton) Howe. Survived by a sister, Mrs. B. J. Eggleston of Pikeville, NY
HOWE, Lavern B. Marriage 4-4-1880 Ella E. Daniels & Lavern B. Howe, both of Bingham, married Apr. 14, 1880.
HOWE, Louis F. Marriage 02-22-1907 Harriet A. Bassett, dau. of Mrs. Oriel Bassett of Ulysses & Louis F. Howe, son of Mr. & Mrs. A. D. Howe of Whitesville, mar. Feb. 22,1907.
HOWE, Louise Marriage 07-25-1917 Miss Louise Howe of Ulysses & Lewis D. Mosley of Columbia, Mo., married July 25, 1917.
HOWE, Lucy Frances (Mindock) Death 07-29-1913 Mrs. Frances Mindock Howe, widow of Isaac P. Howe of North Bingham, died July 29, 1913, age 77 years.
HOWE, Mary Melissa Death 07-22-1915 Mrs. Mary Melissa Howe of Ulysses died July 22, 1915, age 71 years. Her husband, Harrison Howe died in 1894. Survived by a daughter, Mrs. W. E. Tupper. Buried in Corning, NY.
HOWLAND, Frank Marriage 01-16-1918 Frank Howland & Lena Lehman, both of Coudersport, married Jan. 16, 1918.
HOWLAND, William R. Marriage 1-11-1880 Miss Susan A. Baker of Allegany & William R. Howland of Lisle, Broome Co. N.Y, mar. Jan. 11, 1880.
HOYT, Charles L. Marriage 9-29-1858 Miss Mary C. Colvin, daughter of Hon. G. G. Colvin of Bingham & Charles L. Hoyt of Knoxville, Tioga Co. PA, mar. Sept. 29, 1858.
HUBBARD, Cornelia Death 03-25-1919 Mrs. Cornelia Gee Hubbard died March 25, 1919 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. R. Grover in Ulysses; born Jan. 28, 1834 at Willett, Cortland Co., NY Married 1st March 25, 1855 to Wilson Gee who died 27 years ago on the same day. Her son, Andrew Gee, b. March 25 and died 20 years ago. Married 2nd in 1902 to N. W. Hubbard who died 5 years ago.
HUBBARD, Floyd Marriage 10-21-1903 Floyd Hubbard of Harrison Valley & Miss Laura Howard of Whites Corners, married Oct. 21, 1903 at Whites Corners.
HUBER, Charlotte Marriage 11-03-1910 Daniel Griesel & Miss Charlotte Huber, both of Buffalo, married Nov. 23, 1910.
HUBER, William Harold Marriage 08-24-1916 Harold Huber of Corning, NY & Miss Alice Stevens of Coudersport, married Aug. 24, 1916.
HUDSON, E., Rev. Marriage 8-9-1849 Miss Jerusha Cool, daughter of Rev. W. P. Cool of Hebron Twp. & Rev. E. Hudson of Ulysses, mar. Aug. 9, 1849.
HUEBERS, Sophia Marriage 5-2-1867 John Bodler & Sophia Huebers, both of Germania, mar. May 2, 1867.
HUERTA, Fred J. Marriage 08-1917 Miss Ruby Jenkins of Roulet & Fred J. Huerta of Detroit, Mich. Married Aug. --, 1917.
HUFF, Lee Marriage 12-25-1906 Lee Huff & Neola Wagner, both of Ladona, married Dec. 25, 1906.
HUFF, Otis Death 09-18-1912 Otis Huff, son of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Huff of Coudersport, died Sept. 18, 1912, age 3 years.
HUGGLER, George C. Death 02-14-1905 George C. Huggler of Galeton died Feb. 14, 1905 in Williamsport Hospital, age about 45 years. Survived by wife and 3 children.
HUGHES, Arthur J. Marriage 8-19-1875 Alice A. Bushby of Friendship, NY & Arthur J. Hughes of Port Allegany, mar. Aug. 19,1875.
HUGHES, Margaret Death 09-16-1925 Mrs. Margaret Hughes of Genesee, died Sept. 16, 1915; born in 1853 in Ireland; lived in Genesee 44 years. Married 1st. in 1872 to James O'Donnell who died in 1875. Married 2nd. May 1, 1881 to John Hughes who survives; also by children: Julia O'Donnell, William R. Hughes of Genesee, Mrs. W. D. Williams of Erie, PA, Gertrude & Irene Hughes of Genesee; also a sister, Mrs. Thomas Kelly of Olean; and a brother, Thomas Gorman of Austin.
HUGHES, Mary (McHale) Death 09-06-1911 Mrs. Mary Hughes of Kinney died Sept 6, 1911; born in Willing on Jan. 1, 1854 daughter of Michael & Nancy Moran McHale. Married 33 years ago to Thomas Hughes who died in 1900. Survived by children: Fred, Joseph, Edward & Loretta Hughes.
HULBERT, Josephine Marriage 11-15-1888 George Barnes of Bingham Center & Miss Josephine Hulbert of Spring Mills, NY, mar. Nov. 15, 1888.
HULFIGGER, Charley Marriage 09-01-1903 May Bennett of Ulysses & Charley Hulfigger of Newfield, mar. Sept. __, 1903.
HULL, Charles Marriage 10-14-1914 Charles Hull of Norwich & Mae Dochia Gallup, daughter of Mrs. Elvira Gallup, married Oct. 14, 1914.
HULL, Florence (Wagner) Death 10-23-1918 Mrs. Florence Wagner Hull died Oct. 23, 1918 in Olean, NY, age 30 years. She was the wife of Norman Hull who is in France, and a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Martin Wagner who survive; also 3 sisters: Mrs. Neola Huff of Olean, Mrs. George Bates of Emporium & Miss Inez Wagner of Olean.
HULL, Harry S. Marriage 08-06-1902 Harry S. Hull of Hulls, son of Joseph S. Hull, & Miss Lena R. Reuning, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Reuning of South Hill, married Aug. 6, 1902 at South Hill, Coudersport.
HULL, John S. Marriage 01-25-1908 John S. Hull & Mary Jane Martin, both of Hulls, married Jan. 25, 1908 at Wharton, Pa.
HULL, Loren Death 09-16-1915 Loren Hull, son of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hull of Smethport was killed by the Shaumut train, Sept. 16, 1915, age 22 years. Survived by parents and brothers: Robert, Lewis, Norman & John of Smethport; half-brothers: Harry & Charles Hull of Norwich.
HULL, Thomas Gold Death 2-11-1885 Thomas Gold Hull, son of Thomas G. & Anna M.A. Hull of Brookland, died Feb. 11, 1885, age 5-3-21.
HUNT, George W. Marriage 09-02-2909 George W. Hunt of Ulysses & Hilda Larson of Port Allegany, married Sept. 2, 1909.
HUNTER, Effie Death 12-25-1879 Resolution of Harrison valley Sunday School: Whereas it has pleased God to take from our midst Miss Effie Hunter, a faithful and appreciative member of our school. Resolved that we, as a Sunday School, deeply feeling our own loss, do give to the bereaved family our heartfelt sympathy. Resolved that a copy of these resolutions be presented to the family of the deceased and sent to each of the county paper. Rev. W. E. Searles, D. D. Chapin, Committee.
HUNTER, Iva Marriage 11-19-1923 Miss Iva L. Hunter, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Hunter of Knoxville and Asa M. R. Sumner, son of Mr. & Mrs. William Sumner of Galeton were married at the Baptist parsonage in Addison, NY. on Monday (November 19, 1923).
HUNTER, James Benedict Death 02-1915 James Benedict Hunter, husband of Mrs. Isabella Haven Ross Hunter of Cato, died Feb. --, 1915.
HUNTINGTON, Charles Benjamin Birth 10-20-1923 A baby boy arrived at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Huntington last Saturday, named Charles Benjamin.
HUNTINGTON, Ellen Marriage 8-3-1898 C. A. Clark & Ellen Huntington married Aug. 3, 1898 at N. Bingham.
HUNTLEY, Arthur Death 05-18-1923 Arthur Huntley, aged 10 years died Saturday (May 18, 1923) in the Philadelphia Hospital. Remains were brought from the Catholic Church and burial in the West Hill cemetery. Survived by two sisters and a brother.
HURD, Alice (Mrs.) Marriage 07-21-1908 Lucien Bird of Penfield & Mrs. Alice Hurd of Coudersport, sister of F. A. Hendryx, married July 21, 1908.
HURD, Elizabeth Marriage 4-27-1873 Sanford Downs & Miss Elizabeth Hurd, both of Genesee, married Apr. 27, 1873.
HURD, Harry Death 02-18-1911 Harry Hurd, pioneer of Genesee, died Feb. 18, 1911. He would have been 92 on Feb. 24th. Survived by a son, Henry Hurd, 4 daughters: Mrs. Eliza Easton of Genesee, Mrs. Effie Slingerland of Andrews Settlement, Mrs. Elizabeth Downs of Ellisburg & Mrs. Mary North of Goshen, Conn.
HURD, Henry S. Marriage 07-01-1916 Miss Luella Clark & Henry S. Hurd, both of Genesee, mar. July 1, 1916, at Wellsville, NY
HURD, John Marriage 11-01-1901 Miss Grace Furman of Brookland & John Hurd of Genesee married Nov. --, 1901.
HURD, Lucy (Grover) Death 03-23-1902 Mrs. Lucy Grover Hurd of Genesee died March 23, 1902 at the Austin Hospital; born in Bingham Twp.
HURD, Lula Marriage 05-11-1905 Miss Lula Hurd of Genesee, daughter of F. E. Hurd of Montour Falls, NY; and sister of R. L. Hurd was married May 11, 1905 to Mr. T. Gordon Kelly of Genesee.
HURD, Mary Marriage 06-23-1915 Mary Hurd & Ira Allis, both of Ellisburg, married June 23, 1915.
HURD, Reverdy L. Marriage 05-10-1913 Reverdy L. Hurd & Edna L. McGinnis, both of Potter Co., married May 10, 1913 at Buffalo, NY
HURLBURT, Ella Marriage 12-23-1877 Horace Barnaby & Miss Ella Hurlburt, both of Liberty, McKean Co. PA, mar. Dec. 23, 1877.
HURLBURT, Jerry Death 07-20-1923 Jerry Hurlbert died at his home in Watrous last Friday (July 20, 1923). He was 66 years of age. He was buried n the cemetery at Elk Run. Survived by his wife and 2 sons; Jesse of Ithaca and Fred of Marshlands; 4 brothers; Arthur of Galeton, Charles of Watrous, Daniel and Matthew of Troupsburg, N.Y.; 2 sisters; Mrs. Lydia Mattison of Gaines & Mrs. Martha Harris of Niagara Falls, N.Y.
HURLBURT, Josephine Marriage 11-15-1888 George Barnes of Bingham Center & Miss Josephine Hulbert of Spring Mills, NY, mar. Nov. 15, 1888.
HURLBURT, Marcus Z. Death 01-12-1920 Marcus Z. Hurlburt died Jan. 12, 1920 at Clovis; born Dec. 9, 1853 in Potter County. Survived by wife, Etta Hurlburt. Buried at Clovis
HURLBURT, Mary Death 11-22-1914 Mrs. Mary Hurlburt of Harrison Valley, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Hurd in Wellsville, Nov. 22, 1914, age 79 years. She was the widow of Hiram Hurlburt who died in 1871. Buried at Whites Corners.
HURLBURT, Mary (Deremer) Death 04-27-1907 Mrs. Harvey Hurlburt died April 27, 1907, age 67 years; born in Greenwood, NY, maiden name was Mary J. Dereamer. Married when 19 to George Rossiter of Hebron who died during the Civil War. Married in 1867 to Harvey Hurlburt by whom she had one son, James Hurlburt of Wharton. Children by first marriage were: Mrs. William Reed of Borie and William Rossiter of Coudersport. Buried in Ayers Hill cemetery.
HURLBURT, Mary (Mrs.) Marriage 02-18-1877 Joel Clark Witter and Mrs. Mary Hurlburt were married Feb. 18, 1877. Mr. Witter has taken up his residence with us.
HURLBURT, Rosalinda Death 07-23-1909 Mrs. Rosalinda Hurlburt of Harrison Valley died July 23, 1909. Buried at Mills, PA beside her daughter, Bell
HURLBURT, Ruth (Stebbins) Death 08-13-1913 Mrs.Ruth Stebbins Hurlburt, wife of Homer Hurlburt of Whites Corners, PA. Died Aug. 13, 1913; born at West Union, NY on Nov. 23, 1854. Married July 4, 1874. Survived by husband & 1 son, Floyd Hurlburt of Greenwood, NY; also 3 brothers: Melvin, Fred & Philo Stebbins, all of Harrison Twp.
HURLBURT, Sarah C. Death 01-1908 Mrs. Sarah C. Hurlburt of Chatham Twp. Tioga Co. Pa died Jan. --, 1908, age 91 years. She was the last pensioner of the Rev. War in the State of Pa. Widow of Lyman H. Hurlburt.
HURLBURT, Wesley Death 05-03-1869 Wesley Hurlburt, age 17 died of hydrophobia in Harrison Valley, Pa., on May 3, 1869. He has been bitten by a cat about a year before his death. The cat was supposed to be rapid and he was trying to kill it when bitten. He tried to bite every person who approached him during his illness. Copied from the Agitator.
HURLBURT, William Death 05-28-1908 William Hurlburt, formerly of Harrison Valley, died May 28, 1908 at Harrison Valley. Body taken to Wisc. for burial by his wife & son, Charles.
HURLBUT, George Death 05-18-1914 George Hurlbut, Civil War veteran of Harrison Valley, died May 18, 1914, age 79 years. Survived by 2 children: Mrs. Florence Lowe of Galeton & Mrs. George Church of Harrison Valley.
HURR, George Death 09-19-1919 George Hurr, Civil War veteran of Coudersport, died Sept. 19, 1919; born Aug. 16, 1840 in Lycoming Co. Pa. Married 1st to Miss Mary Ruggles who died leaving one son, Byron Hurr. Married 2nd in 1872 to Miss Eleanor Lay and they had 4 daughters: Harriet (Mrs. Charles Shaw), Nellie (Mrs. Herman Noble), Ada, at home & Alice who died in her youth. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
HURR, Nellie Marriage 06-22-1904 Miss Nellie Hurr & Herman Noble married June 22, 1904 in Coudersport.
HYATT, Lucille Marriage 9-21-1880 George W. Ball of Alma, NY & Miss Lucille Hyatt of Sharon, PA, mar. Sept. 21, 1880 in Wellsville, NY
HYDE, Carrie J. Marriage 7-15-1885 Miss Carrie J. Hyde of Bell's Run & Paul S. Morley, late of Sharpsville, Pa., married July 15, 1885.
HYDE, Eddie Death 04-15-1913 Eddie Hyde, an inmate of the County Home hung himself in his cell Saturday [April 5, 1913] morning. He was 24 years of age.
HYDE, Edson Death 02-17-1913 Edson Hyde, Civil War veteran of Ulysses, died Feb. 17, 1913; born Feb. 26, 1835 in N. Bingham, son of Myron & Minnie Warner Hyde. Married April 11, 1874 to Miss Addie L. Hill of Sweden who survives. Their children: Eddie Hyde, Mrs. Ella Chilson of Ulysses, Mrs. Edith Sabin of Mills, Lawrence Hyde & Walter Hyde of Ulysses.
HYDE, Ella Marriage 12-27-1899 Miss Ella Hyde & Will Chilson, both of Ulysses, married Dec. 27, 1899 at Whitesville, NY
HYDE, Maude L. Marriage 12-30-1902 Miss Maude L. Hyde & Harry D. Kent, both of Millport, married Dec. 30, 1902.
HYER, John W. Death 02-03-1912 John W. Hyer of Allegany Twp died Feb. 3, 1912, age 74 years. Buried in Allegany Twp.
HYLAND, Michael J. Marriage 11-10-1915 Helen Binkey, the well known Austin flood heroine, was married Nov. 10, 1915 to Michael J. Hyland of Rochester, NY


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