Early Potter County Vital Statistics

Note: These are newspaper notices, not official Vital Records.
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Name Event Date Text
DAGGETT, Edwin Marriage 07-23-1964 Edwin Daggett of Allegany Twp. Potter Co. & Miss Laura J. Varney of Allegany Twp. were married July 23, 1864 by me, V. Dickinson, J.P.
DAGGETT, Laura (Varney) Death 6-11-1873 Laura Varney Daggett died June 11, 1873; wife of E. Daggett of Oswayo.
DAGGETT, Walter J. Death 11-11877 Walter J. Daggett, son of Edwin & Clara Daggett, died Nov. 16, 1877 in Oswayo, age 2y 3m 20d.
DAILEY, Marion E. Marriage 06-15-1935 Miss Marion E. Dailey, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. P. Dailey of Genesee & James A. Aiken of Brookland, PA, married June 15, 1935.
DAILY, Edith M. Marriage 11-18-1918 Miss Edith M. Daily of Genesee & Clair Cobb, son of Theodore Cobb of Spring Mills, NY, married on Thanksgiving Day in 1918
DAILY, Robert Louis Death 02-28-1923 Robert Louis Daily, 17 month old child of Mr. & Mrs. Louis Daily of Salamanca, NY. died February 28, 1923. Buried in Genesee Cemetery.
DAKIN, John E. Marriage 12-20-1893 John E. Dakin of Keating & Miss Julia A. Hayes of Austin, married Dec. 20, 1893 at Coudersport.
DALABA, Lucy L. (Haskins) Death 12-31-1904 Lucy L. Dalaba, daughter of Elias & Betsy (Hunt) Haskins, died Dec. 31, 1904, age 81. She was born in Putman Co. NY
DALABA, S. H. Marriage 7-4-1876 S. H. Dalaba & Miss S. J. Dennis, both of Hector, married July 4, 1876.
DALEY, Helen A. Marriage 06-08-1911 Dr. Andrew E. Forster of Kalamazoo, Mich., son of Joseph E. Forster, formerly of Coudersport & Miss Helen A. Daley of Dowagiac, Mich, married June 8, 1911.
DALRYMPLE, Edwin P. Death 10-22-1901 Edwin P. Dalrymple of Port Allegany died Oct. 22, 1901 in New York City; born in New York City, Nov. 1, 1853. Married Jan. 1, 1879 to Kate D. Arnold of Port Allegany who died Feb. 21, 1893. Survived by 2 sons, Hugh, age 19 years and Keith, age 8 years.
DALRYMPLE, Edwin P. Marriage 1-1-1879 Edwin P. Dalrymple & Miss Kate D. Arnold, daughter of F. H. Arnold of Port Allegany, Mar. Jan. 1, 1879.
DALRYMPLE, Reuben B. Marriage 4-3-1878 Miss Emma V. Burdic & Reuben B. Dalrymple, both of Oswayo, married Apr. 3, 1878 at the home of her step-father, J. C. Wiklinson.
DALRYMPLE, W. A. Marriage 12-25-1879 W. A. Dalrymple of Rixford & Mary J. Hastings of Sharon, married Dec. 25, 1879 at Little Genesee, NY
DALTON, Isaac Death 12-17-1859 Isaac Dalton of Bingham Twp. committed suicide Dec. 17, 1859, age abt. 50 years. Came from England about 19 years ago. Has a wife and children in England. He was a brother of Mrs. John Coulston, Sr.
DAMINANO, Mary Louise Birth 04-1923 Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Daminano are parents of a daughter, named Mary Louise.
DANFORTH, Byron Death 07-12-1915 Byron Danforth, Civil War veteran of Shinglehouse, died July 12, 1915 in Olean Hospital, age 73 years; born at Richburg, NY. Survived by wife and 3 sons: John, Earl and Guy Danforth of Shinglehouse; 4 daughters: Mrs. L. E. McCarthy of Rochester, Mrs. Joseph DeRoller of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, Mrs. Rudolph Hoffman and Miss Dorothy Danforth.
DANIELS, (Mrs.) Death 10-20-1911 Mrs. Barney Daniels of West Bingham died Oct. 20, 1911, age 57 years. Survived by husband and children: Mrs. Frank Converse & Barney Daniels, Jr. of West Bingham; also step-children: Mrs. Jennie Carpenter of Ellisburg, Mrs. William Mattison of Galeton and Reuben Daniels of Sweden Valley.
DANIELS, B. Marriage 12-6-1876 Miss B. Daniels of Genesee & G. Crum of Bingham, married Dec. 6, 1876.
DANIELS, Eliza Jane (Bassett) Death 12-21-1916 Mrs. Joseph Daniels died Dec. 21, 1916 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. LaVerne Howe of Bingham. Survived by the daughter and one son, George W. Daniels of Kansas.
DANIELS, Ella E. Marriage 4-4-1880 Ella E. Daniels & Lavern B. Howe, both of Bingham, married Apr. 14, 1880.
DANIELS, Fannie M. Death 5-6-1874 Fannie M. Daniels, daughter of Barney Daniels, died May 6, 1874 at Genesee, in her 3rd year.
DANIELS, Freddie Death 10-28-1887 Freddie Daniels, son of H. L. Daniels of Harrison Valley, died Oct. 28, 1887, aged 18 years.
DANIELS, George W. Death 1-6-1884 George W. Daniels of Bingham died Jan. 6, 1884. He was born in Otsego Co. NY, Oct. 14, 1802 but moved to Broome Co. NY when quite young. Married Jan. 1, 1824 to Achsah Hawley at Windsor, Broome Co. NY In 1828, they moved to Bingham Twp. Potter Co.
DANIELS, Harriet Marriage 3-31-1879 Mrs. Harriet Brown Daniels of Bingham & Silas L. Dingman of Raymonds Corners, Potter Co. PA, married Mar. 31, 1879.
DANIELS, Jennie O. Marriage 06-27-2885 Miss Jennie O. Daniels of West Bingham & Ethlin Chapman of Ellisburg were married Saturday, June 27, 1885 by me, James I. Ryan, J.P.
DANIELS, Joe E. Marriage 8-25-1026 Joe E. Daniels & Miss Martha Mackie married Aug. 25, 1926 at Lawrence, Kansas.
DANIELS, John Marriage 10-29-1917 John Daniels, Civil War veteran of Bingham & Miss Laura Fowler, age 21 years, married Oct. 29, 1917.
DANIELS, John, Laura Divorce 01-04-1923 Laura Daniels vs. John Daniels
DANIELS, Joseph Death 12-18-1906 Joseph Daniels of Ulysses died Dec. 18, 1906; born Feb. 1830 in Harrison Twp., one of 15 children. Survived by his wife and 2 children: George W. Daniels of Coudersport and Mrs. L. B. Howe of Ulysses; also 2 brothers & 2 sisters.
DANIELS, Joseph (Mrs.) Death 12-21-1906 Mrs. Joseph Daniels died Dec. 21, 1916 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. LaVerne Howe of Bingham. Survived by the daughter and one son, George W. Daniels of Kansas.
DANIELS, Kate Virginia Death 4-29-1877 Kate Virginia Daniels died Apr. 29, 1877 in Bingham, age 3y 3m 29d.
DANIELS, M. Nina Death 05-03-1918 M. Nina Daniels of Coudersport, daughter of William & Ellen Harris Daniels, died May 3, 1918. Survived by mother and a brother, Henry Daniels of Washington, D.C.
DANIELS, Martha Marriage 5-4-1875 Miss Martha Daniels & Joseph Coulston, both of Genesee, married May 4, 1875.
DANIELS, Mary Marriage 12-1890 Miss Mary Daniels & Laverne Howe of Bingham, married Dec. __, 1890, or Jan. __. 1891.
DANIELS, Patience (Bowen) Death 9=16=1874 Patience Daniels, wife of Leonard Daniels of Detroit, Mich. died Sept. 16, 1874. She came to Ulysses in 1850, stayed about 12 years and moved to Mich. Her father was Emmer Bowen, one of the oldest citizens of Tioga Co. PA
DANIELSON, Gustavus Death 5-23-1863 Gustavus Danielson of Coudersport died May 23, 1863, age 35 yrs.
DANN, Faye Marriage 08-01-1911 Miss Faye Dann of Mansfield & Walter Gordnier of Coudersport married Aug. 1, 1911.
DANN, Geraldine Marriage 01-11-1918 Miss Geraldine Dann of Mansfield & Earl Austin of Coudersport married Jan. 11, 1918.
DARLING, Daisy Marriage 12-24-1912 Mr. Warren Robinson & Miss Daisy Darling were married December 24, 1912 at Witichite, Texas.
DARLING, Mary Death 4-23-1870 Mary Darling, wife of Luke Darling, died Apt. 23, 1870, age 59 yrs 3 mos 18 ds. Died at Dallas, Iowa.
DARLING, P. Sobieski Marriage 6-29-1884 P. Sobieski Darling of Coudersport & Miss Mary L. Tauscher of Sweden Twp., married June 29, 1884.
DARRIN, Helena Marriage 10-4-1894 Julius Colcord & Miss Lena Darrin, both of Coudersport, married Oct. 4, 1894 at Buffalo, NY
DARRIN, Robert Marriage 01-28-1939 Robert Darrin & Miss Bonnie Tauscher, both of Coudersport, married Jan. 28, 1939.
DAUGHERTY, F. W., Dr. Marriage 10-23-1909 Dr. F. W. Daugherty of DuBois & Miss Ina Conable, daughter of Willis Conable, married Oct. 23, 1909.
DAUGHERTY, James H. Death 06-05-1935 James H. Daugherty, father of Frank Daugherty, died June 7, 1935.
DAUGHERTY, Jones Marriage 7-12-1891 Jones Daugherty & Alzina LaFied, both of Cross Fork, married July 12, 1891 at Cross Fork.
DAUGHERTY, William Death 06-29-1923 William Daugherty, formerly of Walton, died at Clarion last Friday (June 29, 1923). He was 42 and is survived by a half-sister; Mrs. Chriss Summerson of Emporium. Buried in West Pike cemetery.
DAVENPORT, Carrie Marriage 4-4-1889 Orlando Chase & Miss Carrie Davenport married Apr. 4, 1889.
DAVENPORT, Frederick Marriage 10-3-1865 Frederick Davenport & Miss Henrietta M. Horton, both of Wharton, married Oct. 3, 1865.
DAVENPORT, Frederick Death 5-25-1893 Frederick Davenport of Coudersport died May 25, 1893, age 63y 7m ; born in Broome Co. NY In 1861, he enlisted in the 89th N. Y. Vols. In 1863 he moved to Wharton Twp. where he married in 1865; moved to Coudersport in 1882. Survived by his wife, a son, & 2 daughters.
DAVENPORT, Mae Marriage 09-14-1908 Mae Davenport & Edward Moran married Sept. 14, 1908.
DAVEY, Katie Marriage 12-24-1919 Miss Katie Davey & Laurence Snyder, both of Seven Bridges, married Dec. 24, 1919.
DAVIDSON, Flossie M. Marriage 04-1900 Miss Flossie M. Davidson of Hector & Fred Hodge of Harrison Valley, married Apr. __, 1900.
DAVIDSON, G. W. Death 6-1877 G. W. Davidson died June __. 1877 at Addison, NY, in his 39th year.
DAVIDSON, George W. Marriage 9-11-1865 George W. Davidson & Miss Alice Olmsted, both of Ulysses, married Sept. 11, 1865.
DAVIS, Addie Death 10-17-1930 Mrs. Addie Davis of Raymond died Oct. 17, 1930; born 71 years ago in Troupsburg, NY Survived by her husband, Horace Davis and several children. Buried in Raymond cemetery.
DAVIS, Albert G. Death 4-24-1876 Albert G. Davis of East Hebron, died Apr. 24, 1876; born May 24, 1801 in Rutland Co. VT; lived in Essex Co. NY and Livingston Co. NY before coming to Potter Co. in 1852.
DAVIS, Amelia Death 06-23-1925 Mrs. Amelia Davis of Sunderlinville, died June 23, 1925; born Mar. 2, 1850; married May 14, 1919 to John L. Davis. Survived by her husband and one son, Charles Mead. Buried In Champlin cemetery.
DAVIS, Charles H. Marriage 8-20-1872 Charles H. Davis of Saginaw, Mich. & Miss Edith M. Frank of Hebron, married Aug. 20, 1872 at Coudersport.
DAVIS, Cinderilla Death 05-21-1938 Mrs. Cinderilla Davis of Sunderlinville, wife of Gaylord Davis, died May 21, 1938, age 86 years. Survived by her husband, a son, Ralph, a grandson, Maynard and a great grandson, Ralph, all of Sunderlinville. Burial at Rexville, NY
DAVIS, Elizabeth (Parker) Death 02-03-1903 Elizabeth Parker Davis, wife of Isaiah Davis of Sunderlinville, died Feb. 3, 1903, age nearly 57 years. Survived by husband, brothers and sisters.
DAVIS, Gaylord Death 07-12-1939 Gaylord Davis of Hector died July 12, 1939, at the home of his nephew, Don Davis of Elmer; born May 25, 1851 at Rexville, NY. In 1868 he married Miss Cinderilla Davis, who died in 1938.
DAVIS, Harold Herbert Marriage 03-23-1925 Harold Herbert Davis of Bolivar, NY & Miss Ruth Elizabeth Shattuck of Oswayo, married Mar. 23, 1925, at Olean, NY
DAVIS, Ira Adelbert Death 07-26-1930 Ira Adelbert Davis of Coudersport died July 26, 1930. He was born in 1869 in Coudersport, a son of Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Davis. He married Mrs. Mary Jane Gilbert, who survives with 10 children; Harry of Elmira, NY; Abert of Rochester, NY; Arthur of Friendship, NY; Leonard, Leon, William, Irvin, Walter, Florence and Eloise, all of Coudersport. Also a sister, Ida Davis of Coudersport.
DAVIS, James S. Marriage 8-7-1864 James S. Davis of Chicago & Miss Mary E. Rees of Coudersport, married Aug. 7, 1864.
DAVIS, John Death 08-13-1911 John Davis of Oswayo died Aug. 13, 1911, age [abt.] 70 years. A Civil War veteran. About 50 years ago he married Rachel Fessenden of Roulet, who with 3 sons & 1 daughter survive.
DAVIS, John L. Death 04-22-1935 John L. Davis of Sunderlinville died Apr. 22, 1935, age 88 years; born Jan. 18, 1847; married twice, 1st. to Miss Maria Parker who died Oct. 17, 1918; married 2nd to Mrs. Amelia Prutzman who died June 23, 1925. Survived by one brother, Gaylord Davis who is 84 years old.
DAVIS, Leonard C. Death 03-08-1911 Leonard. C. Davis, Civil War veteran of Coudersport, died March 8, 1911 in his 80th year; born May 17, 1831 in Springwater, NY. Married in 1859 to Sarah Goodnoe of Oswayo, who survives with 5 children: Charles of Coudersport, Ira of Hebron, Mrs. Mamie Rima of Austin, Mrs. Minnie Hathaway of Allegan, Mich., and Ida Davis, at home. Buried in Hebron.
DAVIS, Luella Marriage 06-09-1928 Miss Luella Davis, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Davis of Salamanca, NY, married June 9, 1928 to Morris Lent of Coudersport.
DAVIS, Maria Death 04-29-1912 Mrs. Maria Davis of Clara died April 29, 1912, age 57 years.
DAVIS, Maryetta Death 12-11-1888 Maryetta Davis, wife of Benjamin Davis, died Dec. 11, 1888 in Roulette, age 54y 7m 1d.
DAVIS, Miss Helen K. Marriage 2-16-1882 Miss Helen K. Davis of New York City & Rev. Herbert D. Cone, married Feb. 16, 1882.
DAVIS, Nettie F. (Weimer) Death 01-13-1919 Mrs. Nettie F. Davis of Farmers Valley died Jan. 13, 1919 at Roulet. She was a daughter of Michael Weimer.
DAVIS, W. N. Marriage 4-21-1895 W. N. Davis, formerly of Barker, Broome Co. NY & Maggie A. Foster of West Pike, married Apr. 21, 1895 at West Pike.
DAVISON, Thomas Marriage 10-20-1878 Thomas Davison & Adela Space, married Oct. 30, 1878 in Allegany.
DAWLEY , John Death 7-1882 John Dawley of Genesee Forks died July or August 1882 at Millport, PA
DAWLEY, Isaac Marriage 1-1866 Isaac Dawley of Genesee & Miss Angeline D. Sherwood of Genesee were married ___, 1866 by Mr. V. Dickinson, J.P.
DAWLEY, Marinda Marriage 6-29-1862 Miss Marinda Dawley of Genesee and Simeon Spencer of Potter Co. were married, June 29, 1862 by me, V. Dickinson, J.P.
DAWLEY, Mettie Marriage 05-01-1986 Miss Mettie Dawley & Charles Reynolds, both of Hebron, married May __, 1896.
DAY, Charles Marriage 2-1-1874 Charles Day & Miss Ellen S. Lyman, both of Oswayo, married Feb. 1, 1874.
DAY, Dudley Marriage 02-01-1927 Dudley Day & Mrs. Ellla Deane Neefe, both of Coudersport, married Feb. __, 1927.
DAY, Ella (Dean) Death 06-15-1938 Mrs. Dudley Day of Roulet died June 15, 1938. Survived by her husband and 2 sons, Frank Dean Neefe and Warren Neefe.
DAY, Harry M. Marriage 12-25-1905 Harry M. Day & Eva Byam of Colesburg married Dec. 25, 1905 at Coudersport.
Day, Mrs. Luhanze (Burdick) Death 12-16-1917 Mrs. Luhanze M. Day of Roulet died Dec. 16, 1917, age 69 years. Survived by a sister, Frances & a brother, Orlando Burdick of Port Allegany. Buried in the Hill cemetery.
DAYTON, Peter Marriage 04-01-1902 Peter Dayton of Ulysses & Mrs. Sarah Hinkley of Hector, married April --, 1902.
DEAN, Alice [Mrs.] Marriage 06-03-1913 Mrs. Alice Dean & Frank E. Neefe, both of Coudersport, married June 3, 1913 at Coudersport.
DEAN, Bessie (Madison) Death 12-18-1910 Mrs. Bessie Dean, wife of Edward Dean, died Dec. 18, 1910, age 33 years. She was a daughter of J. H. Madison.
DEAN, Ella Marriage 10-05-1916 Miss Ella Dean, daughter of Mrs. Frank Dean & Donald Neefe married Oct. 5, 1916.
DEAN, Ella (Belknap) Death 03-19-1915 Mrs. Hiram Dean of Westons Mills, NY died March 19, 1915, age 68 years. Survived by one son, Eugene and one daughter, Mrs. Lee Smith of Buffalo, NY
DEAN, Frank H. Death 10-27-1909 Frank H. Dean of Coudersport died Oct. 27, 1909, age 42 years, son of Mr. & Mrs. Hiram Dean of Olean. Survived by his wife, one daughter, Ella and a son, Paul Dean.
DEAN, Henry Marriage 6-19-1879 Miss Ida Cavanaugh & Henry Dean, both of Allegany Twp., married June 19, 1879.
DEAN, Hiram Death 05-07-1913 Hiram Dean, Civil War veteran, died May 7, 1913 at Westons Mills; born 76 years ago last Dec. in Elmira, NY. Married Sept. 14, 1872 to Miss Ella Belknap of Eldred, Pa. Four children, two survive.
DEAN, Marissa P. Marriage 1-1-1854 Miss Marissa P. Dean & William M. Perkins of Andover, NY, married Jan.1, 1854 in Ulysses.
DECKER, A. M Death 05-09-1923 A. M. Decker of Port Allegany died at the McGranor Hospital on Wednesday (May 9, 1923). He was 50 yrs old and was at one time employed in the Tannery at Galeton.
DECKER, Louisa M. Marriage 12-14-1893 Miss Louisa M. Decker of Eulalia Twp & William S. Troutman, married Dec. 14, 1893.
DECKER, Louise (Conklin) Death 09-30-1911 Mrs. Jonas Decker of Austin was drowned Sept. 30, 1911. Louise Conklin Decker was born 58 years ago in Rockland, NY Survived by husband and 3 daughters: Nellie (Mrs. Moshier), Mary and Grace (Mrs. Joslyn) of Kane. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
DECKER, Mary (Mrs.) Marriage 7-4-1878 Mrs. Mary Decker & J. M. Walker, both of Wharton, married July 4, 1878.
DECKER, Samuel Death 09-19-1903 Samuel Decker, a pioneer of Sunderlinville died Sept. 19, 1903. Survived by an aged wife, 5 daughters and 2 sons. Buried in Parker cemetery.
DEER, Irvin E., Rev. Marriage 08-06-1913 Miss Rose W. French, daughter of John C. French of Roulet & Rev. Irvin E. Deer of Lititz, PA, married Aug . 6, 1913.
DEGLER, Dora Death 03-10-1923 Mrs. Dora Degler died at her home in Corning, NY. March 10th. Buried at Germania, her former home. Survived by a daughter; Miss Emma Degler and a granddaughter; Miss Dorothy Versay of Corning.
DEGROAT, George F. Marriage 4-30-1895 George F. DeGroat & Miss Rosa A. Jones, both of West Bingham, PA, married Apr. 30, 1895.
DEGROAT, Rhoda Death 4-14-1886 Mrs. Rhoda DeGroat of Hebron Center died Apr. 14, 1886, in her 72th year.
DEHN, Augusta (Dehn) Death 9-1883 Mrs. Michael Dehn died Sept. __. 1883.
DEHN, Eunice Death 11-18-1917 Miss Eunice Dehn of Roulet died Nov. 18, 1917, age 47 years. Survived by brothers & sisters: Mrs. John Clutter of Claysville, Mrs. J. P. Hall, Mrs. Rosetta Johnson & Mrs. Mordica Kimm of Roulet; Fred Dehn of Emporium & Francis Dehn of Duke Center. Buried in Hill cemetery.
DEHN, James Marriage 3-16-1874 James Dehn & Mrs. Miama Schirmer, both of Norwich, PA, married Mar. 16, 1874.
DEHN, John C. Death 03-16-1914 John C. Dehn of Roulet Twp died March 16, 1914, age 75 years.
DEHN, William Death 07-20-1917 William Dehn of Roulet died July 20, 1917 at Olean Hospital. Survived by mother, Mrs. J. C. Dehn of Sartwell Creek, 2 brothers: Alonzo of Roulet & Lewis of Sartwell Creek & 1 sister, Mrs. Ernest Lampe of Olean, NY
DEIBRAUSKIE, John Marriage 9-15-1892 John Deibrauskie & Lizzie Hornak, both of Costello, married Sept. 15, 1892.
DEITER, Cameron Marriage 08-26-1919 Cameron Deiter & Miss Pearl Cook, both of Coudersport, married Aug. 26, 1919.
DEITER, Cameron Earl Death 11-15-1939 Cameron Earl Deiter of Coudersport died Nov. 15, 1939; born Dec. 10, 1897 at Austin, PA, son of Frank Deiter; married Aug. 26, 1919 Pearl Cook who survives with 2 children, Jane and Carl Deiter.
DEITER, Thomas Social 01-1901 Thomas Deiter of Cross Fork was the father of Frank Deiter of Coudersport. (paper dated 1901)
DEMING, Affa E. Death 9-25-1885 Affa E. Deming, infant daughter of Elmer & Lydia Deming of Sartwell Creek, died Sept. 25, 1885, age 2 months & 7 days.
DEMING, Elmer Marriage 9-29-1878 Elmer Deming & Mrs. Lydia A. Wright, both of Pleasant Valley, married Sept. 29, 1878.
DEMMING, Richard Marriage 12-17-1890 Richard Demming of Wellsville, NY & Ava Stives of Alma, NY married Dec. 17, 1890 at Coudersport.
DEMPSEY, James Marriage 9-7-1889 James Dempsey & Miss Sophia Wolfanger, both of Potter Co., married Sept. 7, 1889 at Keating Summit, PA
DENHOFF, Adam Marriage 6-17-1880 Adam Denhoff of Coudersport & Mrs. Katherine Sophie Elizabeth (Ernst) of Sweden Twp., married June 17, 1880 at the home of Edward Franke in Sweden Twp.
DENHOFF, Bertha Marriage 12-29-1916 Miss Bertha Denhoff & Raymond Blow married Dec. 20, 1916 at Coudersport.
DENHOFF, Eva (Burdick) Death 02-21-1920 Mrs. William Denhoff of Coudersport died Feb. 21, 1920. Eva Burdick, daughter of Mrs. Emma Burdick was born 33 years ago. Survived by mother, husband and a son, Levi Denhoff, age 15 years.
DENHOFF, Fred Marriage 12-03-1919 Fred Denhoff & Miss Anna Duell, both of Coudersport, married Dec. 3, 1919.
DENHOFF, Gustave A. Death 8-1899 Gustave A. Denhoff of Lebanon, Mo., formerly of Coudersport, died Aug. __. 1899, age 34 yrs. Survived by wife & 5 children.
DENHOFF, Gustoff Marriage 3-1888 Gustoff Denhoff, formerly of Coudersport & Miss Carried Dodd, married March __. 1888, at Lebanon, Mo.
DENHOFF, John, Jr. Marriage 07-24-2882 John Denhoff, Jr. & Miss Hettie Bell Leach, both of Coudersport, married July 24, 1882.
DENHOFF, Levi Marriage 05-01-1928 Levi Denhoff & Inez Baker married May __. 1928.
DENHOFF, Louise Marriage 12-20-1916 Miss Louise Denhoff & John Saulter married Dec. 20, 1916 at Coudersport.
DENHOFF, Sophia Marriage 04-02-1913 Miss Sophia Denhoff & Arnos Kellner, both of Coudersport, married April 2, 1913.
DENHOFF, Sophia (Ernst) Death 02-03-1927 Mrs. (Katherine) Sophia (Elizabeth) Denhoff, nee Ernst of North Coudersport, died Feb. 3, 1927. She was born in Germany 73 years ago.
DENINNIE, G. E. Death 02-19-1900 Mrs. G. E. Deninnie of Sunderlinville, PA, died Feb. 19, 1900, age 67 years. She was the widow of Brom (Abraham) Rorebacker who died 10 years ago. Two years later she married G. E. Deninnie, who with 8 children survive.
DENNIS, Amos Marriage 12-01-1907 Amos Dennis & Mrs. Ella L. Crum, widow of M. D. Crum, both of West Bingham, married Dec. --, 1907.
DENNIS, Clark Death 12-22-1917 Clark Dennis died Dec. 22, 1917 at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John H. Robertson, age 83 years; born in 1834 at Piermont, NJ. He had lived in Cuba, NY. Survived by Mrs. Robertson and a son, Clark Dennis.
DENNIS, Elmer Died 08-25-1909 Elmer Dennis, son of Amos Dennis of West Bingham, died Aug. 25, 1909, age about 23 years. Survived by father and 2 sisters.
DENNIS, Evelyn Marriage 06-19-1912 Miss Evelyn Dennis of West Clarksville, NY & Albert Guenther of Coudersport, married June 19, 1912.
DENNIS, Joseph Death 03-26-1904 Joseph Dennis died March 26, 1904 at Wharton, age 10, a son of Albert & Nellie Dennis. He was born at Logue, PA
DENNIS, Nettie M. Marriage 5-2-1877 Miss Nettie M. Dennis & Harvey W. Loghry, both of Bingham, married May 2, 1877 at Lewisville.
DENNIS, Peter Death 01-09-1904 Peter Dennis died Jan. 9, 1904 at Austin, PA, age 63 years. Born in Ireland. Buried at Scranton, PA
DENNIS, S. J. Marriage 7-4-1876 Miss S. J. Dennis & Mr. S. H. Dalaba, both of Hector, married July 4, 1876 in Ulysses.
DENNIS, Sally Death 4-5-1876 Mrs. Sally Dennis, mother of Charles P. Dennis of Harrison Twp., died April 5, 1883, in her 87th year.
DENNIS, William Death 4-8-1886 William Dennis of Harrison Twp., died April 8, 1886, in his 86th year.
DENSMORE , Mary Death 12-09-1920 Mrs. Mary Densmore of Oswayo died Dec. 9, 1920; born Mar. 22, 1867; survived by her husband & 7 children.
DENSMORE, Clara Marriage 05-16-1917 Clara Densmore & Lee Stilson, both of Oswayo, married May 16, 1917.
DENSMORE, Emma E. Death 5-1891 Mrs. Hiram Densmore of Rose Lane died May __, 1891.
DENSMORE, Eva J. Marriage 7-4-1874 Miss Eva J. Densmore & Walter F. Stonemetes, both of Allegany Twp., married July 4, 1874.
DENSMORE, Hiram Death 12-03-1914 Hiram Densmore of Allegany Twp. died Dec. 4, 1914, age 83 years. Buried in Ford Hill cemetery.
DENSMORE, John Death 03-02-1902 John Densmore died Mar. 2, 1902 at Hatchville, age 93y 1m 5d. He was born in NH. Buried in Hebron, PA
DENSMORE. Robert, Sr. Death 06-27-1911 Robert Densmore of Hebron died June 27, 1911. Survived by wife, 2 sons: Charles of Coudersport and Robert, Jr. of Friendship, NY. 2 daughters, Mrs. Ida Harris of Clara and 1 aged brother, Hiram of Woodville. A daughter died May 30th.
DENT, Adlumnia Marriage 1-20-1876 Adlumnia Dent, daughter of the late H. H. Dent & Rev. James McBride Sterrett of Wellsville, NY, married Jan. 20, 1876 at Brookland, PA
DENT, Anna M. A. Marriage 12-17-1876 Anna M. A. Dent, daughter of the late Henry H. Dent & Thomas G. Hull, married Dec. 17, 1876 at Brookland, PA
DENT, Catherine Death 4-24-1860 Mrs. Catherine Dent, mother of H. H. Dent, Esq., died Apr. 24, 1860 at Coudersport, age 71 years. Burial will be made at her home in Maryland. Another son, Josiah Dent.
DENT, Duane Robert Birth 08-24-1923 Mr. & Mrs. Miles Dent are he proud parents of a son, Duane Robert, on August 24th.
DENT, Henry Hatch Death 4-22-1876 Henry Hatch Dent, son of William & Fanny E. Dent, died Apr. 22, 1876, at Brookland, PA, age 10m 28d.
DENT, Henry Hatch Death 11-19-1872 H. H. Dent of Brookland, Potter Co. PA, died Nov. 19, 1872 in Baltimore, Md., age about 57 years. Came to Potter county about 20 years ago.
DENT, Kate Death 08-01-1917 Miss Kate Dent, daughter of H. H. Dent of Brookland, died Aug. --, 1917 at the home of her sister, Mrs. Anne Dent Hull in Baltimore. Buried in the family cemetery at Brookland, Pa.
DENT, William Marriage 6-9-1874 William Dent of Brookland, PA & Fanny E. Johnstone of Baltimore, Md., married June 9, 1874 in Baltimore.
DEPP, Anna A. Marriage 12-01-1908 Anna A. Depp & Albert Monroe, both of Sweden, married Dec. --, 1908.
DEPP, Henry Death 05-01-1912 Henry Depp of Sweden Valley died May --, 1912, age 33 years. Survived by wife and 2 children.
DER, Barbara Death 2-28-1849 Mrs. Barbara Der (Durr) of Roulet died Feb. 28, 1849 at the home of Jacob Weidrich, age 81 years.
DEREAMER, Adelbert, Sr. Death 2-20-1892 Adelbert Dereamer, Sr., of East Hebron, died Feb. 20, 1892, aged 73 years. [also spelled DEREMER]
DEREAMER, Adelia M. Marriage 12-25-1877 Miss Adelia M. Dereamer & A. F. Smith, both of Sharon, married Dec. 25, 1877.
DEREAMER, Jane M. Death 5-3-1879 Mrs. Jane M. Dereamer died May 3, 1879 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. M. J. Hurlburt on Ayers Hill, age 62y 4m 7d.
DEREMER, Lottie Marriage 10-09-1912 Lottie Deremer of Sharon & Lewis VanBuren of Oswayo married Oct. 9, 1912.
DETTENHOFFER, Conrad Marriage 10-1913 Miss Kathleen Lyons, heroine of the Austin flood was married at Hornell to Conrad Dettenhoffer of Buffalo. Miss Lyons was the telephone operator at Austin when the dam broke. [10-30-1913 paper]
DEVALL, ? Marriage 7-5-1897 Mr. Devall of Logue & Annie Peterson of Costello, married July 5, 1897, at Olean, NY
DEVALL, Arthur M. Marriage 06-30-1904 Arthur M. Devall & Miss Nora Nichols, both of Coudersprot, married June 30, 1904.
DEVALL, Elizabeth Death 01-17-1909 Mrs. Elizaabeth Devall of East Fork died Jan. 17, 1909.
DEVALL, J. M. Death 2-6-1890 Mrs. J. M. Devall of East Fork died Feb. 6, 1890.
DEVALL, James M. Marriage 1-4-1873 James M. Devall & Miss Rebecca Warner, both of Wharton, married Jan. 4, 1873.
DEVALL, Rose Death 6-25-1898 Rose Devall, dau of Rebecca Warner Devall, died June 25, 1898, age 12 years.
DEVINS, Catherine Ann Death 1-18-1887 Catherine Ann Devins, wife of Sterling Devins, died Jan. 18, 1887, age 47y 5m 3d.
DEVINS, Sterling Death 05-24-1907 Sterling Devins of Ayers Hill died May 24, 1907, age 80 years.
DEVLING, Betty Jane Birth 10-31-1923 A daughter, Betty Jane was born Wednesday at the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Clyde A. Devling.
DEWEESE, Edna Marriage 08-30-1922 Miss Edna DeWeese & George Froebel, both of Coudersport, married Aug. 30, 1922.
DEWEESE, Jearold Owen Marriage 04-09-1914 Jearold Owen DeWeese & Lura Jewell Dingee, both of Coudersport, married April 9, 1914 at Olean, NY
DEWEESE, Minnie Marriage 9-4-1898 Minnie DeWeese & Fred Fessenden, both of Coudersport, married Sept. 14, 1898.
DEWEY, Helena M. Marriage 05-05-1923 Robert M. Greene & Miss Helena M. Dewey were married last Saturday (May 5, 1923) at the home of the groom’s parents, Mrs. & Mrs. William Greene of South Branch.
DEXTER, Almon Marriage 06-02-1909 Almon Dexter & Miss May Burt, both of Burtville, married June 2, 1909.
DEXTER, Blanche Marriage 1-17-1899 Miss Blanche Dexter & Vincent Burt, both of Roulet, married Jan. 17, 1899.
DEXTER, Emily Death 10-10-1919 Mrs. Emily Dexter of Roulet died Oct. 10, 1919; born in 1837 in Independence, NY Married Ezra Dexter, who died 3 years ago. Survived by 2 sons: Fred of Burtville and Merle of Roulet. Buried in Card Creek cemetery.
DEXTER, James Death 01-14-1918 James Dexter of Coudersport died Jan. 14, 1918; born March 3, 1858, only son of William & Lucy (Parker) Dexter, natives of Chenango Co., NY. Married Mrs. Louise Griffin of Allegany Co., NY , whose son, Robert P. has been reared by his step-father.
DEXTER, Lucy Maria (Parker) Death 4-13-1884 Mrs. Lucy Maria Dexter, wife of William Dexter of Oswayo Twp., died Apr. 13, 1884, in her 63rd year.
DEXTER, Robert Marriage 10-29-1902 Robert Dexter & Miss Mollie Chandler, daughter of Ezra & Emma Goodsell Chandler of Port Allegany, married Oct. 29, 1902.
DEXTER, Viola Marriage 06-01-1920 Miss Viola Dexter of Burtville & Claude Lunn of Oswayo married June 1, 1920 in Coudersport.
DEXTER, William Death 5-4-1893 William Dexter of Oswayo died May 4, 1893, in his 84th year. He was a resident of Oswayo for over 40 years.
DEZUTTER, Charles E. Death 02-15-1920 Charles E. DeZutter died Feb. 15, 1920 at Coudersport; born 35 years ago in Alfred, NY, son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles DeZutter of Oswayo. Survived by wife and 2 children: Jack, age 4 and Marjorie, age 2. Buried at Oswayo.
DEZUTTER, Fannie (Nelson) Death 05-05-1915 Mrs. Fannie Nelson DeZutter, wife of Claude DeZutter of Oswayo died May 5, 1915; born May 15, 1895, daughter of Charles & Etta Densmore Nelson.
DIBBLE, Alice Annette Marriage 12-01-1913 Alice Annette Dibble & Volney Ruby married Dec. __, 1913.
DIBBLE, Ezekiel Death 8-31-1874 Ezekiel Dibble, son of Luther & Matilda Dibble, died Aug. 31, 1874 at Ulysses, in his 10th year.
DIBBLE, Grant Marriage 11-09-1902 Grant Dibble & Miss Martha Hilliger of Raymond married Nov. 9, 1902 at Whitesville, NY
DIBBLE, Hattie B. Marriage 06-02-1917 Miss Hattie B. Dibble of North Fork & Ernest R. Orcutt, son of Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Orcutt of Coudersport, married June 2, 1917.
DIBBLE, John A. Marriage 12-23-1876 John A. Dibble of Covington, PA & Miss Cindarilla Knickerbacker of West Branch, Potter Co. PA, married Dec. 23, 1876 in Wellsboro.
DIBBLE, Phoebe (Mrs.) Marriage 11-27-1898 Mrs. Phoebe Dibble & Charles Frilligan married Nov. 27, 1898.
DICKENS, Mrs. Abel. Death 06-30-1902 Mrs. Abel Dickens of Sunderlinville died June 30, 1902 at the home of Jerome Ward, age past 90 years.
DICKENS, Rodentha Marriage 4-21-1878 Clarence H. Barnes of Gaines, PA & Miss Rodentha Dickens of Sunderlinville, married Apr. 21, 1878.
DICKENSON, May Marriage 6-30-1889 Miss May Dickenson of Millport & Silas Barnes married June 30, 1889.
DICKERSON, George H. Marriage 2-22-1889 George H. Dickerson of Ceres, NY & Miss Alice Champlin of Shinglehouse, married Feb. 22, 1889 at Ceres.
DICKERSON, Glen Marriage 12-25-1924 Glen Dickerson of Wellsville, NY & Miss Bernice R. Johnson of Shinglehouse, married Dec. 25, 1924.
DICKERSON, Lydia A. Marriage 1-1-1878 Miss Lydia A. Dickerson of Springfield, Bradford Co. PA & Ezra P. Hosley of Ulysses, married Jan. 1, 1878 in Springfield.
DICKINSON, Alice Marriage 12-22-1920 Miss Alice Dickinson, daughter of Mrs. Glendon Younglove of Coudersport & C. G. Hoover of Mahaffey, PA, married Dec. 22. 1920.
DICKINSON, Edith Marriage 12-24-1879 Miss Edith Dickinson & Lyman H. Cobb married Dec. 24, 1879 in Coudersport.
DICKINSON, George W. Marriage 5-3-1881 George W. Dickinson of Olean, NY & Miss Mary A. Bickford of Lowville, NY, married May 3, 1881 in Lowville.
DICKINSON, Jesse Marriage 03-31-1917 Jesse Dickinson & Miss Bessie Stebbins married March 31, 1917.
DICKINSON, Jessie E. Marriage 11-1899 Jessie E. Dickinson & William L. Bunker, both of Sharon, married Nov. __, 1899.
DICKINSON, Libbie Marriage 6-20-1877 Miss Libbie Dickinson of Titusville & F. W. Knox of Coudersport, married June 20, 1877 in Buffalo, NY
DICKINSON, Loetta Death 2-14-1877 Loetta Dickinson, wife of Versal Dickinson, died Feb. 14, 1877 at Ellisburg, age 66 years.
DICKINSON, Mary A. Marriage 6-9-1883 Mary A. Dickinson of Bath, NY & A[lgernon] Sidney Lyman of Oswayo, married June 9, 1883.
DICKINSON, May Marriage 6-30-1889 Silas Barnes & Miss May Dickinson of Millport, mar. June 30, 1889.
DICKINSON, Sarah Marriage 6-18-1849 Miss Sarah Dickinson & H. L. Simons, both of Coudersport, married June 18, 1849.
DICKINSON, Versal Death 1-24-1887 Versal Dickinson, an old pioneer of Potter county, died Jan. 24, 1887, age 79 years, at the home of his son in law, J. M. Judd in Emporium, PA
DIEFFENBACHER, John Vernon Marriage 06-24-1903 J. Vernon Dieffenbacher of Coudersport & Miss Maud V. Clark of Port Allegany married June 24, 1903.
DIEFFENBACHER, John Vernon Death 10-26-1933 J. Vernon Dieffenbacher of Coudersport died Oct. 26, 1933.
DIESENKEMBER, John Death 01-1908 John Diesenkember of Abbott Twp., died Jan. __. 1900, age 88 years. Settled in Abbott Twp in 1965.
DIETRICK, Emma (Berfield) Death 12-12-1923 Mrs. Emma Berfield Deitrick of Wharton died last Wednesday (December 12, 1923). Buried in Eulalia cemetery. Survived by her husband and three small children.
DILDINE, Daisy Marriage 11-26-1896 Daisy Dildine & George Loucks married Nov. 26, 1896.
DILLON, John Marriage 12-7-1889 John Dillon of Galeton, PA & Miss Josie Britting of Germania, PA, married Dec. 7, 1889 in Buffalo, NY
DILLON, John, Sr. Death 05-21-1915 John Dillon, Sr. of Galeton died May 21, 1915 at the home of his son, John E. Dillon; born in 1830 in Ireland; came to America when he was 22. Survived by 2 sons, William & John E. of Galeton; 4 daughters: Mrs. Marcella Dillon of Pittsburgh, Mrs. Julia Grimes of Galeton, Mrs. McClean of Chicago and Mrs. Gus Doris of Buffalo. Buried in Germania cemetery
DIMMOCK, Annie M. (Wakeman) Marriage 3-8-1870 Mrs. Annie M. Dimmock, daughter of Gen. B. Wakeman of Laceyville & F. W. Knox of Coudersport, married March 8, 1870.
DIMON, Clinton Marriage 7-4-1873 Clinton Dimon & Miss Delphine I. Kilbourne, both of Hector, married July 4, 1873.
DIMON, Horace Death 09-29-1907 Horace Dimon of Sunderlinville died Sept. 29, 1907, age 80 years. Survived by wife and children: C. E., George, F. D. Dimon of Sunderlinville; Edward & Charles of Hector; Mrs. L. C. Crippen of Galeton & Mrs. William Martin of Ulysses.
DIMON, Mary C. Death 09-10-1908 Mrs. Horace Dimon, an early pioneer of Sunderlinville, died Sept. 10, 1908, age 84 years. Survived by 3 sons: Clinton, George & Ferdinand; and several daughters.
DIMON, Nellie Death 6-26-1880 Nellie Dimon, only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Dimon, died June 26, 1880 at Genesee Forks, PA, age 5 years.
DIMON, Sophia Marriage 3-27-1881 Miss Sophia Dimon of Sunderlinville & Mr. L. S. Crippen of West Branch, married Mar. 27, 1881 in Sabinsville, PA
DINEHART, Frederick E. Marriage 06-26-1900 Frederick E. Dinehart & Myrtle Berfield married June 26, 1900.
DINGEE, Agnes May Death 5-23-1862 Agnes May Dingee, infant daughter of Eleazer Z. & Lura F. Dingee of Keating Twp. died May 23, 1862.
DINGEE, Amy Marriage 05-14-1913 Miss Amy Dingman & Reuben Grom, both of Coudersport, married May 14, 1913.
DINGEE, Annie Marriage 10-18-1890 Miss Annie Dingee & Mr. I. N. Rhodes of Iowa & Austin, PA, married Oct. 18, 1890 in Coudersport.
DINGEE, Clara Marriage 07-28-1900 Miss Clara Dingee, formerly of Coudersport & Henry J. Atherton married July 28, 1900 in Howard. NY
DINGEE, Emily E. Marriage 10-7-1873 Miss Emily E. Dingee & Joseph W. Dingee, both of Keating Twp., married Oct. 7, 1873.
DINGEE, Ernest J. Wesley Death 9-2-1865 Ernest J. Wesley Dingee, 2nd son of Joseph A. & Martha J. Dingee, died Sept. 2, 1865, age 4-5-23.
DINGEE, Florence Death 09-08-1920 Miss Florence Dingee, daughter of Mrs. E. A. Dingee of Coudersport, died Sept. 8, 1920, age 57 years. Survived by mother and 3 sisters: Mrs. M. J. Teuscher, Mrs. L. M. Acker & Miss Fannie Dingee; 2 brothers: Winfield Dingee of Seattle, Wash. & Wilson Dingee of Oregon. Buried at Odin, Pa.
DINGEE, H. F. Death 12-24-1889 H. F. Dingee of Coudersport died Dec. 24, 1889, age 54 years.
DINGEE, Hugh R. Marriage 07-17-1907 Hugh R. Dingee of Waverly, NY & Miss Isabelle Crane of Coudersport married July 17, 1907 at Atlantic City.
DINGEE, Infant Death 8-27-1866 Infant Dingee, child of Harlow Dingee of Coudersport, died Aug. 27, 1886, age 1y 2m.
DINGEE, Jewell Death 4-24-1884 Jewell Dingee, son of Eleazer Dingee of Freeman Run, died Apr. 24, 1884, age 18 years.
DINGEE, Joseph A. Death 8-12-1865 Joseph A. Dingee, late of Co. C. 97th Reg. PA Vols., died Aug. 12, 1865 at Keating Twp., age 39y 9m 8d. Brought home to die.
DINGEE, Joseph W. Marriage 10-7-1873 Joseph W. Dingee & Miss Emily E. Dingee, both of Keating Twp., married Oct. 7, 1873.
DINGEE, Laura F. Death 12-1-1890 Mrs. Laura F. Dingee of Odin died Dec. 1, 1890, in her 65th year.
DINGEE, Lavinia Death 6-19-1882 Mrs. Lavinia Dingee died June 19, 1882, age 85 yrs & 5 mos., at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Earl Crane. Born in Fairfield, Conn. in 1797. At the age of 8 she moved to Delhi, Delaware Co., NY At 23, she married Peter Dingee. Came to Potter county in 1859. Nine children, six survive her.
DINGEE, Lura Marriage 04-09-1914 Lura Jewell Dingee & Jearold Owen DeWeese, both of Coudersport married April 9, 1914 at Olean, NY
DINGEE, Nelson P. Death 8-5-1865 Nelson P. Dingee, son of Joseph & Martha J. Dingee, died Aug. 15, 1865 of diphtheria, age 5y 8m 25d.
DINGEE, Rhoda Marriage 4-28-1868 Miss Rhoda Dingee & Uri Hackett, both of Homer Twp., married Apr. 28, 1868.
DINGEY, Herschel K. Marriage 10-02-1923 Ruth Ann Thompson, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Thompson, married Herschel K. Dingey of McConnelsville, Ohio on Tuesday at her parents' home.
DINGMAN, Amy Marriage 05-14-1913 Miss Amy Dingman & Reuben Grom, both of Coudersport, married May 14, 1913.
DINGMAN, Anna Verna Death 5-9-1881 Anna Verna Dingman died May 9, 1881, at the home of A. G. Presho, in Allegany Twp., age 12y 10m.
DINGMAN, Charlotte (Palmer) Death 11-1898 Mrs. Charlotte Dingman, widow of N. T. Dingman, formerly of Potter Co. PA, died Nov. __, 1898 at Newton, Iowa.
DINGMAN, Della Marriage 1-31-1883 Della Dingman & Edward Griesel, both of Coudersport, married Jan. 31, 1883.
DINGMAN, Effie May (Snyder) Death 05-15-1939 Mrs. Effie May Snyder Dingman of Shinglehouse died May 15, 1939; born Aug. 26, 1890 in West Bingham, a daughter of Andrew Snyder and Elizabeth Williams; married 1st to Almon Dingman in 1906 and in 1926 to Judson Dingman. Survived by 3 children: Mrs. John Drabert at home, Isaac Dingman of Shinglehouse; and Mrs. Leonard Brown of Dukes Center; one sister, Mrs. Bert Kellogg of Shinglehouse; 3 brothers, Fred Snyder of Crandall Hill, Joseph Snyder of Allegany, NY; and Charles Snyder of Coudersport. Buried in Crandall Hill cemetery.
DINGMAN, Eve L. (Weimer) Death 01-09-1918 Mrs. Isaac H. Dingman of Hebron died Jan. 9, 1918, age 62 years. Eve L. Dingman, daughter of Michael & Rebecca Barr Weimer was born Sept. 15, 1855 at Roulet. Married Nov. 1, 1873 to Isaac H. Dingman. They had 5 children: George J., Almond D., E. Judson, Mrs. Alva Thompson and Mrs. Fred Snyder, all of Hebron; also brothers & sisters: Mrs. William Tauscher of Sweden, Mrs. Perry B. Brock of Hebron, George W. Weimer of Point Marion, Mrs. Dell Wright of Bradford, Mrs. Burt Davis of Farmers Valley, Mrs. E. D. Whaley, Mrs. R. Lee Burt, Mrs. William Ruby, Mrs. Ira Knight and Michael I. Weimer of Roulet.
DINGMAN, Frank Marriage 7-4-1894 Frank Dingman of Coudersport & Miss Louise M. Bang of Gardeau, married July 4, 1894.
DiNGMAN, Harriet (Daniels) Death 03-26-1917 Mrs. Harriet (Daniels) Dingman, wife of Lester Dingman of Roulet, died March 26, 1917, age 81 years; daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Daniels. Survived by children: Mrs. Marcus (Etta) Hurlburt of Clovis, CA., Mrs. A. D. (Ella) Moon of Port Allegany; also a sister, Mrs. Sarah Morrison of Wellsville & 2 brothers, Silas Daniels of Galeton and John Daniels of West Bingham. Buried in [John] Lyman cemetery.
DINGMAN, Henry Death 8-19-1897 Henry Dingman, an old settler, died Aug. 19, 1897, age 72-4-18. Survived by his wife and one son, Isaac Dingman
DINGMAN, Isaac H. Marriage 11-1-1873 Isaac H. Dingman of Coudersport & Miss Eve I. Weimer of Roulet, married Nov. 1, 1873.
DINGMAN, Isaac Judson Marriage 10-20-1925 I. Judson Dingman & [Mrs.] Effie M. Dingman, both of Hebron, PA, married Oct. 20, 1925.
DINGMAN, Isaac Judson Death 11-14-1938 Isaac Judson Dingman of Shinglehouse died Nov. 14, 1938; born Sept. 10, 1878 in Hebron Twp.
DINGMAN, John Death 8-6-1878 John Dingman, an old pioneer, died Aug. 6, 1878; born Dec. 23, 1787.
DINGMAN, Laura Marriage 11-3-1880 Laura Dingman of Coudersport & Loren Gridley of Alfred, NY, married Nov. 3, 1880 in Coudersport.
DINGMAN, Lillian Marriage 04-23-1902 Lillian Dingman & Alva Thompson, both of Hebron married April 23, 1902
DINGMAN, Lois A. Marriage 12-25-1866 Miss Lois A. Dingman of Homer & Albert L. Boyce of Smithville, Chenango Co. NY, married Dec. 25, 1866 in Coudersport.
DINGMAN, Mary A. Death 12-18-1917 Mary A. Dingman died Dec. 18, 1917 at Coudersport; born April 28, 1840 at Grafton, NY. Married in 1857 to William Dingman. They had 8 children, 4 survive: Mrs. Charles Toles, Mrs. May Bell Mattison of Coudersport, Mrs. O. J. McCullough of Olean, & Frank Dingman of Hebron.
DINGMAN, Mary O. Marriage 11-2-1875 Miss Mary O. Dingman & Charles J. Toles married Nov. 2, 1875, in Coudersport.
DINGMAN, May Belle Marriage 10-201889 Miss May Belle Dingman & Phillip Matteson, married Oct. 2, 1889 in Coudersport.
DINGMAN, Minnie Death 6-28-1879 Minnie Dingman, dau of William & Mary Dingman, died June 28, 1879, age 5w 3d.
DINGMAN, Myrtle Marriage 09-08-1918 Miss Myrtle Dingman of Crandall Hill & Merle Criss married Sept. 9, 1918.
DINGMAN, Nancy Ann Death 5-13-1877 Mrs. Nancy Ann Dingman, wife of Lester Dingman, died May 13, 1877 in West Branch, age 31 years.
DINGMAN, Nathan T. Death 9-3-1897 Nathan T. Dingman died Sept. 3, 1897 in Newton, Iowa, formerly of Potter county; born in 1822; married in 1844 to Miss Charlotte Palmer who with 7 children survive.
DINGMAN, Silas L. Marriage 3-31-1879 Silas L. Dingman of Raymond’s Corners, Potter Co. & Mrs. Harriet Daniels Brown of Bingham, married Mar. 31, 1879.
DINGMAN, William Marriage 4-18-1857 William Dingman was married April 18, 1857.
DININNY, William Tracey Marriage 06-05-1913 William Tracey Dininny of Driftwood, Pa. and Mrs. Grace Sula Erwin of Addison, NY were married by Rev. P. S. Calvin at the home of Mr. & Mrs. John McMinds. [6-5-1913 paper]
DIPPLE, Elizabeth Marriage 11-6-1877 Elizabeth Dipple of Ulysses & Robert Rosa of Allegany Twp., married Nov. 6, 1877 in Allegany.
DISBROW, Helen (Lehman) Death 03-28-1914 Mrs. Vincent Disbrow of Mina died March 28, 1914; born Jan. 24, 1850 near Olmsted [PA], daughter of Philip Lehman. Married March 27, 1891 to Vincent Disbrow. Survived by 6 brothers: Jacob, John, Henry, Lewis, Fred & Carl Lehman, all of Eulalia Twp.
DISBROW, Vincent L. Marriage 3-25-1891 Vincent L. Disbrow of Eldred, PA & Helen Lehman of Eulalia Twp., married Mar. 25, 1891.
DOANE, George H. Marriage 9-24-1892 George H. Doane & Mrs. Mary E. Faulkner, married Sept. 24, 1892 at the home of her sister, Mrs. Estell (Fred C.) Leonard in Coudersport.
DOANE, Herbert Marriage 6-3-1893 Herbert Doane & Miss Jessie Brownlee, both of Austin, Mar. June 3, 1893.
DOBBINS, Earl W. Marriage 09-10-1913 Miss Martha Hendryx of Coudersport & Earl W. Dobbins of Buffalo, married Sept. 10, 1913.
DODD, Betsey Ann (Holcomb) Death 11-10-1907 Mrs. Betsey Ann Dodd, wife of Edward Dodd, died Nov. 10, 1907 at Coudersport; born in 1826 at Lisle, Broome Co., NY, a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Levi Holcomb. Married in 1845 to Edward Dodd. Ten children were born, eight surviving: John Dodd of Sweden Valley, William Dodd of Coudersport, Edward L. Dodd of Coudersport, Sherman Dodd of Sweden Valley, Mrs. Mary Lyon of Coudersport, Rev. Charles Hastings Dodd of Baltimore, Peter Dodd of Eldred & Luman Dodd of Knoxville, TN. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
DODD, C. E. Marriage 06-26-1900 C. E. Dodd of Coudersport & Miss Ida Root of Olean, NY, married June 26, 1900.
DODD, Edward Death 02-02-1913 Edward Dodd of Sweden died Feb. 2, 1913, age 93 years; born at Angelica, NY Mrs. Dodd died several years ago. Survived by 7 sons & 1 daughter: John, William Edward, Sherman, Charles, Peter & Luman & Mrs. Edward Lyon.
DODD, Elsie J. (Jackson) Death 12-5-1890 Mrs. John Dodd of Sweden Valley died at the home of her father, Merrick Jackson of Borie, Dec. 5, 1890. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
DODD, Eunice M. Marriage 10-25-1875 Mrs. Eunice M. Dodd of Harrison Valley & Ebenezer Perkins of Cortland, NY, married Oct. 25, 1875.
DODD, H. Libbie Death 6-9-1874 H. Libbie Dodd, daughter of W. W. Dodd, died June 9, 1874 at Sweden, PA, in her 12th year.
DODD, Hattie Marriage 11-05-1914 Miss Hattie Dodd & Harry Lambert married Nov. 5, 1914 at Coudersport.
DODD, John R. Marriage 11-16-1870 John R. Dodd of Sweden Twp. & Miss Elsie J. Jackson of Summit Twp., married Nov. 16, 1870.
DODD, Julia Marriage 11-1-1892 Miss Julia Dodd & William J. Costello, both of Sweden Valley, married Nov. 1, 1892.
DODD, Mary M. Marriage 9-27-1898 Mary M. Dodd & Edward N. Lyon, both of Sweden, married Sept. 27, 1877.
DODD, Mayme Marriage 9-22-1896 Miss Mayme Dodd of Eldred & George Rice of Larrabee, married Sept. 22, 1898 at the home of Ed Lyon in Coudersport.
DODD, Mina Marriage 1-19-1896 Miss Mina Dodd of Sweden Valley & Frank Bievenover, married Jan. 19, 1896.
DODD, Peter A. Marriage 7-20-1893 Peter A. Dodd of Belmont, NY & Miss Grace S. Snyder of Sweden Twp., married July 20, 1893.
DODD, Rebecca R. (Wykoff) Death 12-30-1863 Mrs. Rebecca Dodd, wife of Sherman Dodd of Sweden Valley, died Sept. 27, 1884. Born in East Wharton, Dec. 30, 1863. Married at the age of 16 years.
DODD, Sherman Marriage 1-3-1880 Sherman Dodd of Sweden & Miss Rebecca R. Wykoff of Sylvania, married Jan. 3, 1880 at Eldred, PA
DODD, Susie Mildred Marriage 12-31-1894 Susie Mildred Dodd, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E. B. Dodd & Harry George VanMeter, married Dec. 31, 1894.
DODD, William Marriage 11-19-1874 William Dodd & Miss Martha Reed, both of Potter Co., married Nov. 19, 1874.
DODD, William E. Marriage 12-20-1899 William E. Dodd & Miss Louisa Baker of Sweden, married Dec. 20, 1899.
DODD, William H. Death 04-1935 William H. Dodd, bro. of Mrs. E. W. Lyon, died Apr. __, 1935 at the home of his daughter Mrs. Mary Rice in California.
DODDS, Girl Birth 11-06-1913 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Dodds of West Pike are rejoicing over the arrival of a daughter. [10-30-1913 paper]
DODDS, Robert Marriage 11-29-1923 Robert Dodds, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Dodds of West Pike and Miss Lena Ammeter of Williamsport were married Thanksgiving Day.
DODGE, Alfred Wallace Death 03-03-1919 Alfred Wallace Dodge of Coudersport died March 3, 1919; born June, 1839 in New York, a son of Winslow & Harriet (Emerson) Dodge. Survived by wife and children: Ida (Mrs. Alex Lucas) of Coldwater, Mich., Carrie (Mrs. A. V. Tracy) of Coudersport, J. B. Dodge of Richwood, WV. & Lula (Mrs. J. E. Palmer) of Hart, MI.
DODGE, Curtis Death 11-3-1877 Curtis Dodge, only son of Frank & Louisa Dodge of Harrison, died Nov. 3, 1877, age nearly 16 years.
DODGE, Daniel Death 01-05-1903 Mrs. Daniel Dodge died Jan. 5, 1903, age 83 years, at Port Allegany. Buried at Rushford beside her first husband.
DODGE, Edna Death 5-28-1880 Edna Dodge, daughter of Vincent & Hannah Dodge, died May 28, 1880, age 10y 20d.
DODGE, George W. Marriage 4-9-1870 George W. Dodge of Sharon Center & Emma E. Parmeter, daughter of Nelson Parmeter, Esq. of East Sharon, married Apr. 9, 1870 in Friendship, NY
DODGE, Sallie Marriage 5-27-1888 Miss Sallie Dodge of Ansonia, PA & Isaac Stryker of Colesburg, married May 27, 1888 at the home of M. S. J. Stryker in Spring Mills, NY
DODGE, Ulric S. Marriage 11-1897 Ulric S. Dodge of Shinglehouse & Miss Mollie Neal of Dayton, Ohio, married Nov. __. 1897 in Buffalo, NY
DODGE, Vincent Death 04-26-1905 Vincent Dodge of Elmer died April 26, 1905. Survived by his wife, an adopted daughter, Mrs. Eda Dodge Kunkle & 2 brothers: Frank Dodge of Elmer and Martin Dodge of Westfield.
DODGE, Walter Herbert Death 12-14-1908 Walter Herbert Dodge, son of Mr. & Mrs. A. W. Dodge of Coudersport, died Dec. 14, 1908; born Jan. 15, 1861 at Woodstock, Lenawee Co., MI. Married in July 1882 to Miss Carrie Roell. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
DOERNER, Amelia Marriage 9-4-1883 Amelia Doerner & Jesse W. Rogers, both of Coudersport, married Sept. 4, 1883.
DOERNER, Eda F. Marriage 3-1-1894 Eda F. Doerner & U. B. Russell married Mar. 1, 1894 in Coudersport.
DOERNER, Julius Death 02-25-1918 Julius Doerner died Feb. 25, 1918 in Chicago, age 71 years. His wife and child died some years ago. Survived by mother, sisters and a brother.
DOERNER, Julius (Mrs.) Death 4-19-1887 Mrs. Julius Doerner died Apr. 19, 1887 at Bethlehem, PA
DOERNER, Karl August Death 6-8-1899 Karl August Doerner died June 8, 1899; born in 1826 in Elberfeld, Prussia; came to America in 1847.
DOERNER, Laura Marriage 2-9-1892 Laura Doerner & Arthur Buck, both of Coudersport, married Feb. 9, 1892.
DOERNER, Mathile Marriage 6-13-1888 Miss Mathile Doerner & Amos Hollenbeck married June 13, 1888, at Coudersport.
DOERNER, Thusnelda (Hoelsche) Death 06-11-1920 Mrs. Thusnelda Doerner of Coudersport died June 11, 1920; born April 3, 1837 at Zelienople, Pa., daughter of Rev. Jacob & Frances (Yocum) Hoelsche. Married in 1856 to Carl Augustus Doerner. Children: Julius (deceased), Mrs. J. W. Rogers of San Francisco, Mrs. A. B. Hollenbeck of Trinidad, CO., Mrs U. B. Russell of Friendship, NY, A. C. Doerner of Providence, RI, Mrs. A. R. Buck of Salamanca, NY, Nelda & Fannie at home. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
DOLAN, Charles Death 8-27-1878 Charles Dolan of Genesee died Aug. 27, 1878, age 45 years.
DOLAN, Margaret Death 11-30-1918 Miss Margaret Dolan died Nov. 30, 1918 in Wellsville, NY; born April 28, 1877 in Genesee. Her father, Charles Dolan died 40 years ago.
DOLAN, Susan Death 10-16-1918 Mrs. Susan Dolan died Oct. 16, 1918 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. James Hanley in Coudersport. Survived also by a son, Charles Dolan of Akron, Ohio. Buried at DuBois, Pa.
DOLBEE, Benjamin D. Death 1-22-1860 Col. Benjamin D. Dolbee of Oswayo died Jan. 22, 1860, while on a visit to Mich., age 67 years. (Wife Fanny Dolbee died Aug. 17, 1885, age 78 yrs. Buried near Oswayo)
DOLLEY, Charles Marriage 6-1891 Charles Dolley of Millport & Nettie Burdick of Hebron, married June 27, 1891 at Oswayo.
DOLLEY, Delia Marriage 9-28-1891 Miss Delia Dolley of Port Allegany & Clarence Kiehle of Coudersport, married Sept. 28, 1898 in Buffalo, NY
DOLLEY, Izates Marriage 10-24-1876 Izates Dolley of Port Allegany, PA & Miss Adella A. Saunders of Roulet, married Oct. 24, 1876 in Roulet.
DOLLY, Ann Death 8-14-1883 Mary Ann Dolly, wife of L. H. Dolly of Port Allegany & daughter of Michael Snyder of Sweden Twp. died Aug. 14, 1883, age 45 years, while on her way to California.
DOLNE, John Death 04-08-1923 John Dolne died Sunday morning (April 8, 1923). He was born in Austria, October 29, 1867 and came to America at the age of 16. He married Elizabeth Gajos in New York City in 1893. Six children were born to them, four survived. Survived by his wife & children; Mrs. Arthur Johnson, Edward & William Dolne of Galeton, and John of Koppel, Pa. Buried in West Hill Cemetery.
DONIHI, Florence Marriage 12-26-1912 Bernard Massman & Miss Florence Donihi, formerly of Genesee were married December 26, 1912 by Rev. D. S. Sheehan in Coudersport.
DONLEY, Sarah A. Death 4-2-1866 Mrs. Sarah A. Donley, wife of James Donley formerly of West Pike, PA, died in Richmond, Osceola Co. Mich., Apr. 2, 1866, age 60 years.
DONMOYER, Nina H. (Johnson) Death 03-24-1915 Mrs. Charles Donmoyer died March 24, 1915 at the home of her parents Mr. & Mrs. James Johnston. Nina H. Johnston was born in 1887. Survived by husband and a one year old daughter.
DONOVAN, Florence L. Marriage 06-30-1919 F. L. Donovan of Millport & Alice McLatchie of Mina married June 30, 1919.
DONOVAN, James Marriage 6-20-1893 James Donovan of Wellsville, NY & Miss Mary Corcoran of Irish Settlement, married June 20, 1893.
DONOVAN, James B. Marriage 3-8-1879 James B. Donovan & Miss Julia A. Hitchcock, both of Sharon, married March 8, 1879, at Clara, PA
DOOLITTLE, Adeline Death 5-1850 Adeline Doolittle, age 21 yrs.; b. NY; d. May; childbirth. (Mortality census for year ending June 1, 1850)
DORLAND, Mary S. Death 01-13-1904 Mrs. C[harles] Dorland died Jan. 13, 1904.
DORLAND, Melvin Marriage 06-24-1904 Melvin Dorland & Mattie Hubbard of Harrison Valley, married June 24, 1903.
DORLEY, Anna Marriage 09-24-1906 Miss Anna Dorley of Chrystal & Dr. Edward F. Schwartz of Medford, Okla. Married Sept. 24, 1906.
DORLEY, Dennis Marriage 05-12-1914 Dennis Dorley & Miss Jennie Holmes of Chrystal married May 12, 1914.
DORLEY, Otto P. Marriage 08-29-1912 Otto P. Dorley & Clara Alice Walker, both of Eleven Mile married Aug. 29, 1912.
DORLEY, Patrick Death 02-03-1909 Patrick H. Dorley of Oswayo died Feb. 3, 1909; born in 1840. Buried in Kinney Churchyard. He was a son of Thomas & Catherine Rigney Dorley. Married Catherine McGinnis who survives. Also 2 sons, Dennis & Otto & 1 daughter, Anna (Mrs. Dr. E. F. Swartz), and Mildred, an adopted daughter. Also by 2 brothers, Edward Dorley of Hornell and Wm Dorley of Oklahoma; and a sister, Mrs. Mary Newcomb of Oklahoma.
DORNAN, Harriet (Huntley) Marriage 06-01-1905 Mrs. Harriet Dornan of Coudersport & Monroe Hall of Bradford married June 1, 1905.
DORSEY, John Death 01-28-1917 John Dorsey died Jan. 28, 1917 at the county home, in his 103rd year. He was a cousin of Hugh Kernan and had lived in Coudersport nearly 60 years.
DORSON, Nellie R. Marriage 02-10-1923 Wayne W. Mattison & Miss Nellie R. Dorson were married last Saturday at the Catholic rectory by Rev. George L. Shea.
DOUD, Charles Henry Death 12-30-1910 Charles Henry Doud, Civil War veteran of Harrison Valley died Dec. 30, 1910. Born May 10, 1836, youngest child of Russell C. & Polly Darrow Doud. Married June 28, 1857 to Mary Elizabeth Thomas, daughter of Rev. Benjamin & Catherine Gorton Thomas, who survives with 2 daughters: Mrs. C. A. Swetland and Mrs. E. R. Gustin. Buried at Mills.
DOUD, Kate Marriage 9-28-1881 Miss Kate Doud & Chester A. Swetland, both of Mills, married Sept. 28, 1881.
DOUD, Mrs. E. M. (Thomas) Marriage 10-24-1875 MARRIED in Harrison, Oct. 24, 1875, by Rev. Benj. Thomas, Mr. Ebenezer Perkins of Courtland County, NY and Mrs. E. M. Doud, daughter of officiating clergyman.
DOUGHARTY, John Death 7-1853 John Dougharty of Stewardson Twp. & Miss Rosanna Camden of Clinton Co. PA, married July __, 1853.
DOUGHERTY, Allene Marriage 11-17-1923 Chester Rice, son of Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Rice and Miss Allene Dougherty of Elmira were married November 17th at the Baptist parsonage in Corning by Rev. Hoagland.
DOUGLAS, Sebat Henry R. Death 7-25-1882 Henry R. Douglass of Hector, Civil War veteran, died July 25, 1882, age 45 years.
DOUGLASS, Betsey Death 1-1899 Mrs. Betsey Douglass, wife of Andrew Douglass, died Jan. __, 1899 at Velie, age 60 years. Buried at Eldred, PA
DOUGLASS, Ira Death 08-01-1911 Ira Douglass of Hector died Aug. --, 1911, age 77 years.
DOUGLASS, James T. Death 9-15-1865 James T. Douglass, Civil War, died Sept. 15, 1865 at Florence, SC. (He was the father of Mrs. M. S. Harvey)
DOUGLASS, Lina Marriage 12-23-1913 Miss Lina Douglass of Hector & Prof. DeForest Bartoo of Roulet, married Dec. 23, 1913.
DOUGLASS, Mary A. (Mrs.) Marriage 5-3-1885 Mrs. Mary A. Douglass of Hector, Pa. & James Hart, formerly of Montreal, Canada, but late of Westfield, PA, married May 3, 1885.
DOUGLASS, Sallie Death 8-7-1895 Mrs. Sallie Douglass of Hector died Aug. 7, 1895, in her 94th year.
DOUGLASS, Sarah Marriage ~~ Miss Sarah Douglass of Clinton Co., PA & William M. Quear of Stewardson Twp., married July __. in Abbott Twp.
DOWNEY, Elmer Marriage 8-1884 Elmer Downey of West Union, NY & Lucinda Herrington of Whites Corners, married Aug. __, 1884.
DOWNEY, Harrison B. Marriage 10-06-1915 Harrison B. Downey & Miss Emma G. Adams, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Adams, both of Harrison Valley, married Oct. 6, 1915.
DOWNEY, Melvina Roxana Marriage 12-28-1875 Melvina Roxana Downey of Newark Valley, NY & Earnest Adelbert Monroe of Ulysses, married Dec. 28, 1875 at Brookland, PA
DOWNS, Anna Marriage 6-22-1872 Miss Anna Downs of Ellisburg & Charles W. Nelson of Allegany Twp., married June 22, 1872, at Clara, PA
DOWNS, Asa Death 12-6-1891 Asa Downs, Civil War veteran of Andrews Settlement, died Dec. 6, 1891, age about 75 years. Served with Walter Dwight’s Bucktails.
DOWNS, C. C. Marriage 10-23-1862 Miss C. C. Downs of Genesee & R. M. Wood of Veteran, NY, married Oct. 23, 1862.
DOWNS, James Marriage 12-6-1899 Mary Clark & James Downs, both of Oswayo, married Dec. 6, 1899.
DOWNS, Linnie Marriage 10-21-1882 John Beebe of Oswayo & Miss Lenie Dennis of Genesee, married Oct. 21, 1882. [Should be Linnie Downs, daughter of Asa and Hannah (Pye) Downs.]
DOWNS, Sanford Marriage 4-27-1873 Sanford Downs & Miss Elizabeth Hurd, both of Genesee, married Apr. 27, 1873.
DOWNS, William Marriage 1-9-1892 William Downs & Miss Estella Berfield, both of Port Allegany, married Jan. 9, 1892.
DOYLE, Edith Marriage 4-16-1803 Miss Edith Doyle of Caledonia & John Allen of West Pike, married April 16, 1903.
DOYLE, Maggie Marriage 11-14-1887 William Coyle & Miss Maggie Doyle, both of Eleven Mile, mar. Nov. 14, 1887.
DOYLE, Mary Death 01-27-1915 Mrs. Mary Doyle of Eleven Mile died Jan. 27, 1915; born June 4, 1820 in Ireland. Married 66 years ago to Patrick Doyle in Belmont, NY, who died Dec. 19, 1896. Survived by children: Mrs. Wm. F. Coyle of Eleven Mile, Mrs. J. J. Coyle of Newcastle, Wyoming, Mrs. John Coogan of Indianapolis, Ind., Mrs. Charles Poughn of Morris, OK., Mrs. George Nonemaker of Prairie Depot, Ohio, and Mrs. Susie Mulligan of Belmont, NY
DOYLE, Patrick Death 12-20-1896 Patrick Doyle, a pioneer of Eleven Mile, died Dec. 20, 1896.
DOYLE, Susie Marriage 4-17-1880 Miss Susie Doyle of Eleven Mile, PA & Frank Costello of Williamstown, Oswego Co. NY, married Apr. 17, 1880 at Genesee.
DRAKE, Candace R. Marriage 5-25-1878 Miss Candace R. Drake & Willis E. Turner, both of Lewisville, married May 25, 1878.
DRAKE, Catherine (Wagoner) Death 01-1900 Mrs. L. S. Drake, mother of Mrs. Birney G. Clark, died Jan. __. 1900.
DRAKE, Cora Adele Death 2-12-1875 Cora Adele Drake, youngest daughter of Matthew D. & Martha A. Drake of Brookland, PA, died Feb. 12, 1875, in her 12th year.
DRAKE, Edward E. Marriage 8-27-1897 Edward E. Drake & Minnie E. Smith, both of Shinglehouse, married Aug. 27, 1897.
DRAKE, Emogene Marriage 2-22-1886 Birney G. Clark of Coudersport & Sarah Emogene Drake of Ulysses, married Feb. 22, 1886 at Welllsville, NY
DRAKE, Eva O. Marriage 11-17-1880 Miss Eva O. Drake of Salamanca, NY & Willis D. Weimer, married Nov. 17, 1880.
DRAKE, Herbert Marriage 10-11-1906 Herbert Drake & Miss Mayme Loghry, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Loghry of Coudersport, married Oct. 11, 1906 at Rochester, NY
DRAKE, Jennie M. Death 2-26-1875 Jennie M. Drake, oldest daughter of Matthew & Martha A. Drake, died Feb. 26, 1875, in her 22nd year.
DRAKE, Joseph H. Death 12-25-1875 Joseph H. Drake of Brookland died Dec. 25, 1875, in his 20th yr.
DRAKE, Mary (McConeghy) Death 04-16-1914 Mrs. Mary McConeghy Drake of Coudersport died April 16, 1914. Survived by her aged mother, Mrs. Matilda McConeghy; 2 sisters, Mrs. Matilda Reidy of Coudersport and Mrs. Frank Griesel of Buffalo; and 3 brothers: Daniel, James & John McConeghy of Coudersport.
DRAKE, Mary A. Marriage 4-15-1876 Mary A. Drake, daughter of Metthew D. Drake & Adelbert W. Smith, both of Ulysses, married Apr. 15, 1876.
DRAKE, Milton M. Marriage 3-1891 Milton M. Drake & Miss Daisy Pooler, both of Sharon Center, married March __, 1891.
DRAKE, Minnie (Smith) Death 01-1901 Mrs. Edward E. Drake, a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Coleman Smith, died Jan. __, 1901, age 24 years. Lived in Sharon Center.
DRAKE, Phoebe Death 1-23-1879 Phoebe Drake, mother of Deacon Drake, died Jan. 23, 1879, age 87y 10m 10d.
DRAKE, Phoebe C. (Nichols) Death 6-20-1885 Phoebe C. Drake died June 20, 1885; born Feb. 15, 1809. Phoebe C. Nichols came to Sharon Twp in 1820; married in 1831 to Willard M. Jones, who was killed by a falling tree during a storm; left two sons and a daughter In 1840, his widow married Thomas A. Drake, brother of Simon Drake of Sharon; he died in 1845, leaving two infant daus. Phoebe Drake’s aged parents came from Bainbridge, NY to spend their remaining years with her. Both sons preceded her in death. Each a soldier in the Civil War. The elder was Gen. F. A. Jones who died of wounds received in the war. B. F. Jones was a merchant of Shinglehouse. She is survived by her two daughters.; Mrs. Emma Moody and Mrs. Mary Nichols, wife of George Nichols with whom she lived.
DRAKE, Polly A. Death 08-20-1915 Mrs. Melvin L. Drake of Ulyses died Aug. 20, 1915, age 65 years. Survived by husband and 1 daughter, Mrs. Alta Gridley of Rochester, NY
DRAKE, Seth Death 03-16-1908 Seth Drake, Civil War veteran of Sharon Twp. died March 16, 1908, age 64 years.
DRAKE, Seth Marriage 10-1-1867 Seth Drake of Sharon Center & Miss Kate Jones, daughter of Anthony Jones, married Oct. 1, 1867, at Clara, PA
DRAKE, Simon Death 5-23-1885 Simon Drake of Sharon Township died May 23, 1885.
DUBOIS, Arthur Marriage 8-16-1885 Arthur DuBois & Miss Helen Welfling, both of Coudersport, married Aug. 16, 1921.
DUBOIS, William F. Marriage 12-26-1893 Prof. W. F. DuBois & Miss Nellie Olmsted, both of Coudersport, married Dec. 26, 1893.
DUDLEY, Barney Marriage 7-17-1897 Barney Dudley & Miss Laura Simons, both of Austin, married July 17, 1897 in Coudersport.
DUELL, Anna Marriage 12-03-1919 Miss Anna Duell & Fred Denhoff, both of Coudersport, married Dec. 3, 1919.
DUELL, Arthur Death 12-12-1872 Arthur Duell, son of John & Dora Duell of Coudersport, died Dec. 14, 1872, aged 17 mos.
DUELL, John Death 3-1890 John Duell of Keating died Mar. --, 1890, aged 76 years. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
DUELL, Maggie E. Marriage 03-1909 Maggie E. Duell & James L. Monroe, both of Sweden, married March --, 1909.
DUELL, Mamie (White)   09-08-1916 Mrs. Roy Duell, nee Mamie White, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank White, died Sept. 8, 1916, age 30 years. Survived by husband and 2 small children.
DUELL, Matilda Death 4-7-1859 Matilda Duell, daughter of H. Duell was burned to death, Apr. 7, 1859, age about 7 years.
DUELL, Roy Marriage 11-30-1905 Roy Duell & Mayme White, both of Sweden Valley, married Nov. 30, 1905.
DUNBAR, Clemmine Death 8-31-1883 Mrs. Clemmine Dunbar, wife of Dr. H. T. Dunbar, formerly of Coudersport, died Aug. 31, 1883 at Spring Creek, PA
DUNBAR, Delos H. Death 05-16-1913 Delos H. Dunbar of Coneville died May 16, 1913, age 87 years.
DUNBAR, Fannie Marriage 8-25-1881 Miss Fannie Dunbar of Lewisville & Charles E. Joseph of Brookfield, married Aug. 25, 1881.
DUNBAR, George Death 4-2-1893 George Dunbar died Apr. 2, 1893 at Brookland, age 53y 5m 4d. He was born at Bingham.
DUNBAR, Harriet Death 4-1895 Harriet Dunbar, wife of Delos H. Dunbar, Sr., died Apr. __, 1895, in Oswayo. in her 60th year.
DUNBAR, Jonathan D. Death 12-8-1880 Jonathan D. Dunbar died Dec. 8, 1880, at the home of his son in Liberty Twp. PA, in his 83rd year.
DUNBAR, Lemira Death 02-10-1905 Mrs. George Dunbar of Brookland died Feb. 10, 1905. Survived by 5 children: Albert T., George H., Mrs. E. Jacobs, Mrs. W. M. Furman of Manhattan and Mrs. C. E. Joseph of Sumner, Mich.
DUNBAR, Martin W. Death 01-18-1900 Martin W. Dunbar died Jan. 18, 1900 at Hebron, age 7 years. He was a son of A. J. & Maggie Dunbar. Buried in the Rathbun cemetery.
DUNBAR, Merle Death 01-18-1900 Merle Dunbar, son of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Dunbar of Oswayo, died Jan. 18, 1900, age 7 months & 7 days.
DUNHAM, [Adah B.] Burial 02-20-1913 The funeral of Mrs. Chas. Dunham was held from her last home at Carr Corners, Thursday. Burial at Parker Hill Cemetery. [2-20-1913 paper]
DUNHAM, Ambrose Death 09-18-1917 Ambrose E. Dunham died Sept. 18, 1917, age 57 years, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Charles Bird of Sweden Valley. Survived by 3 daughters: Mrs. Chloe Gardner of Clearfield, Mrs. Carrie Bird & Floyd E. Dunham of Sweden Valley.
DUNHAM, Belle Marriage 4-22-1874 Miss Belle Dunham of Owego, NY & Joe James of Coudersport, married Apr. 22, 1874.
DUNHAM, Betsey Maria (Drum) Death 6-271913 Mrs. W. W. Dunham, a former resident of Galeton died at Rochester, NY June 27, 1913; born Betsy Maria Drum in Worchester, Otsego Co. NY in 1839 and in 1855 she married William Wallace Dunham at Knoxville, PA where they lived 46 years [before] coming to Galeton in 1901. Survived by one sister, Mrs. Mary Aiken of Los Angeles, California, a daughter; Mrs. R. T. Martin of Galeton; a son, Marion M. Dunham of Rochester. Buried in Riverside Cemetery at Knoxville.
DUNHAM, Carrie M. Marriage 07-03-1907 Charles J. Bird & Carrie M. Dunham of Sweden Valley, married July 3, 1907.
DUNHAM, Claude R. Marriage 01-17-1919 Claude R. Dunham of Hector & Miss Edith C. Wooley of Buffalo married Jan. 27, 1919.
DUNHAM, Dennis L. Death 10-01-1917 Dennis L. Dunham died Oct. --, 1917, age 69 years. Survived by wife.
DUNHAM, Francis M. Death 11-08-1967 Francis M. Dunham, age 69, of Sabinsville, died Nov. 8, 1967; born Mar. 30, 1898 in Hector, son of Charles & Ada Butler Dunham. In 1920, he married Jennie Stiles who survives.
DUNHAM, Louisa Marriage 08-03-1967 Louisa Dunham of Oswayo & Edmund Lent of Eulalia, married Aug. 3, 1967.
DUNHAM, May G. (Sutton) Death 12-17-1917 Mrs. Claude Dunham, only sister of George Sutton, Jr. died Dec. 17, 1917 in Sunderlinville. Survived by mother, husband, a son age 5 and a daughter a week old.
DUNHAM, Mrs. Vernon Death 02-01-1920 Mrs. Vernon Dunham of Oswayo died Feb. 1, 1920, age 69 years; a daughter of the late Solomon & Marie (Gordon) Dunham.
DUNHAM, Sally Maria (Gordon) Death 05-09-1904 Mrs. Maria Dunham of Oswayo died May 9, 1904, age about 80 years. Survived by 3 daughters.
DUNHAM, Venice Marriage 6-9-1877 William Burke of Elmira married June 9, 1877 Miss Vernice Dunham of Oswayo.
DUNHAM, W. C. Burial 5-2-1891 Mrs. W. C. Dunham of Alfred, NY, was buried May 2, 1891.
DUNKLEY, Frances (Mrs.) Marriage 12-24-1887 Mrs. Frances Dunkley of Sweden & L. C. Presho of Ulysses, married Dec 24, 1877. (She was divorced from Frederick Dunkley).
DUNMORE, Mrs. R. E. Death 01-19-1913 Mrs. R. E. Dunmore died January 19th [1913] at Watrous. She is survived by a daughter; Mrs. Wm. Carriel of Ramsey, NJ.
DUNN, Coletta Marriage 09-27-1916 Miss Coletta Dunn of Coudersport & Perry S. Patterson of Chicago married Sept. 27, 1916.
DUNN, Edith Marriage 6-1892 Miss Edith Dunn & Seymour Toland married June __. 1892.
DUNN, Ellery Marriage 11-20-1916 Ellery Dunn & Bertha Lyman, both of Allegany Twp. married Nov. 20, 1916.
DUNN, Glenn Cora Marriage 12-11-1894 Miss Glenn Cora Dunn of Colesburg & Riley Galpin of Sweden, married Dec. 11, 1894.
DUNN, Glenn E. Marriage 10-30-1917 Glenn E. Dunn of Roulet & Miss Delia M. Scott of Crandall Hill married Oct. 30, 1917.
DUNN, John Death 08-30-1903 John Dunn died Aug. 30, 1903 in Seattle, Wash. He was the father of Coletta Patterson. Buried in Sartwell, Pa.
DUNN, Julia Death 11-07-1910 Julia Dunn, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R.M. Dunn, died Nov. 7, 1910, age 3 years. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
DUNN, Margaret Marriage 12-29-1888 Miss Margaret Dunn of Allegany Twp. & Stephen Snyder of Sweden, PA, married Dec. 29, 1888 in Allegany Twp.
DUNN, Michael Death 10-23-1877 Michael Dunn of Allegany Twp., a Civil War veteran, died Oct. 23, 1877, age 36 yrs. (see, article Journal, Nov. 8, 1877, p.3.)
DUNN, Mina G. Marriage 5-20-1880 Mina G. Dunn of Charlotte, Mich. & George B. Barr of Roulet, married May 20, 1880 at Roulet.
DUNN, Stanton Death 11-16-1916 Stanton Dunn of Seven Bridges died Nov. 16, 1916, age 47 years. Survived by wife & 3 children: Mrs. Ada Hazzard of Spring Mills, NY, Mrs. George White of Belfast, NY, and Ellery Dunn of Seven Bridges.
DUNN, Susie Marriage 09-17-1902 Miss Susie Dunn of Coudersport & Thomas Cantwell of Hattiesburg, Miss, married Sept. 17, 1902.
DUNN, Theodore Marriage 05-07-1917 Theodore Dunn of Colesburg & Miss Adah Leete of Coudersport married May 7, 1913.
DUNNING, Joshua Marriage 11-13-1870 Miss Ella Brown of Millport & Joshua Dunning of Almond, NY, married Nov. 13, 1870.
DUNSHIE, George O. Marriage 7-5-1870 George O. Dunshie of Sharon & Miss Sarah M. Kearns of Ceres, married July 5, 1877 at Clara, PA
DUTCHER, Addie D. Marriage 11-30-1878 Miss Addie D. Dutcher & Lamont D. Woodcock, both of Oswyo, married Nov. 30, 1878 in Oswayo.
DUVALL, Perry Death 11-12-1905 Perry Duvall of Wharton died Nov. 12, 1905; born May 24, 1827.
DWIGHT, Carrie Death 10-14-1889 Mrs. Carrie Dwight, widow of the late W. W. Dwight of Oswayo, died Oct. 14, 1889 at Wellsville, NY, in her 32nd year.
DWIGHT, H. D. Marriage 1-1-1873 H. D. Dwight of Hebron & Miss Flora I. Williams of Bingham, married Jan. 1, 1873 in Allegany Twp.
DWIGHT, Jennie O. Marriage 11-5-1888 Miss Jennie O. Dwight & Ulysses G. Weidman married Nov. 5, 1888 in Coudersport.
DWIGHT, John Death 2-8-1862 John Dwight of Hebron Twp. died before Feb. 8, 1862 when his will was probated. Mariah Dwight, executrix, his widow and Norman Dwight, executor.
DWIGHT, Louis Death 11-17-1893 Louis Dwight, only son of Mrs. Alva Andrews, died Nov. 17, 1893, age 20 yrs. Survived by mother & 2 sisters.
DWIGHT, Margaret Death 12-21-1875 Mrs. Margaret Dwight, wife of W. W. Dwight, died Dec. 21, 1875 in Oswayo.
DWIGHT, Mariah (Mrs.) Marriage 11-20-1864 Mrs. Mariah Dwight of Hebron Twp. & Cornelius Lord of West Almond, NY, married Nov. 20, 1864.
DWIGHT, Mary Death 11-18-1906 Mrs. Mary Dwight died Nov. 18, 1906 at the home of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Alva Andrews, in her 90th year; born in Windsor Twp., Broome Co., NY. Her brothers: John, Alonzo, Norman and Orson lived in Potter County; also a sister, Mrs. Judd.
DWIGHT, Norman Death 2-4-1886 Norman Dwight of Hebron died at his old home Feb. 4, 1886; born May 5,1819 at Windsor, Broome Co. NY Buried at Oswayo.
DWIGHT, Norman Marriage 1-1-1855 Norman Dwight and his wife Harriet [Chamberlin] were married Jan. 1, 1855.
DWIGHT, Sylvester Death 7-1891 Sylvester Dwight died July __, 1891 at Ashton, Mich., aged 87 years. Buried at Addison, NY
DWIGHT, William W. Marriage 12-24-1876 W. W. Dwight & Miss Clara E. Bently, both of Hebron, married Dec. 24, 1876 at Clara, PA
DYE, Dennis L. Marriage 2-23-1889 Dennis L. Dye & Eva E. Press, both of Shinglehouse, married Feb. 23, 1889, in Ceres, NY
DYKE, Eva Marriage 10-4-1882 Eva Dyke & W. W. Thompson, both of Coudersport, married Oct. 4, 1882.
DYKE, Mary (Ives) Death 10-19-1853 Mary Dike, wife of Nathaniel L. Dike of Coudersport, died Oct. 19,1853, age 29y 1m.
DYKE, Nathaniel L. Marriage 2-27-1855 N. L. Dike of Coudersport & Mrs. Sarah Raymond of Bingham, married Feb. 27, 1855 at the home of James B. Jones in Bingham.
DYKE, Nathaniel L. Death 6-1882 N. L. Dike of Goodland, Indiana, died last week, age 63. Was once in partnership with Timothy Ives whose daughter he married. His son, Watson Dike now lives in Coudersport. (paper dated, June 28, 1882)
DYKE, Nathaniel L. Marriage 8-17-1843 Nathaniel L. Dike & Miss Mary Ives, daughter of Hon. Timothy Ives, married Aug. 17, 1843.
DYKE, Vesta (French) Death 6-21-18878 Mrs. Vesta Dyke, sister of Dr. Amos French of Coudersport, died June 21, 1878, aged 52 years.
DYKE, Watson T. Death 11-09-1915 Watson T. Dike of Coudersport died Nov. 9, 1915; born April 15, 1850 in Coudersport, son of Nathan L. & Mary (Ives) Dike. Married in 1873 to Mary Carey and they had 2 children: Mrs. Nellie Follette and Charles Dike.
DYKE, Watson T. Marriage 9-22-1873 Watson T. Dike & Miss Mary E. Carey, daughter of Patrick Carey, both of Coudersport, married Sept. 22, 1873. [Also spelled Dyke]
DYKEMAN, Jennie A. Marriage 12-20-1898 Miss Jennie A. Dykeman, daughter of Miles Dykeman was married Dec. 20, 1898 to Albert Stambaugh of Galeton.
DYKEMAN, Maude Marriage 8-25-1892 Maude Dykeman & Walter Scott, both of Costello, married Aug. 25, 1892.
DYKENS, C. A. Marriage 3-6-1881 C. A. Dykens of Bradford, PA & Miss Carrie May Breese of Hector, late of Breeseport, NY, married March 6, 1881.
DYKENS, Carrie May (Breese) Death 05-17-1915 Mrs. C. A. Dykens of West Pike died May 17, 1915; born in 1854 at Hartford Mills, NY. Buried in the Champlin family burying ground. NOTE: This entry should be for Margaret (Foster) Dykens who was C. A.'s second wife. Carrie May Breese was his first wife and died Jan. 8, 1898. C. A. and both wives are buried in Champlin Cemetery in Tioga County, PA.
DYKINS, Ralph Marriage 08-31-1905 Ralph Dykins & Miss Bertha Church, both of Galeton, married Aug. 31, 1905 at Wellsville, NY
DYKINS, W. W. Marriage 9-28-1885 W. W. Dykins & Miss Satie Kilbourn, both of Hector, married Sept. 28, 1885, in Hector by Rev. C. P. Kilbourn.


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