Early Potter County Vital Statistics

Note: These are newspaper notices, not official Vital Records.
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Name Event Date Text
CADE, Janet Mary Birth 07-05-1923 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cade of Philadelphia have a daughter, Janet Mary born July 5th. Mrs. Cade was a former resident of Galeton.
CADY, Abijah Marriage 2-4-1888 Abijah Cady & Miss Mary Cushing of Ulysses married Feb. 4, 1888.
CADY, Colonel P. Marriage 11-3-1885 Mrs. Mary E. Crum of Potter Co. & Col. F. Cady of Afton, Chenango Co. NY, mar. Nov. 3, 1885 at the home of Mrs. Leete in Corry, PA
CADY, Leman J. Marriage 7-15-1877 Leman J. Cady of Ulysses & Miss Lydia K. Hawks of Harrison, mar. July 15, 1877.
CAFFO, Benjamin Marriage 02-1905 Benjamin Caffo & Miss Beda Ostland married Feb. 10, 1905 at Coudersport.
CALDWELL, Archibald Death 01-1902 Archibald Caldwell of First Fork died Jan. 27, 1902, age 61 years. Survived by his widow and 8 children.
CALDWELL, Electa Death 11-11-1890 Electa Caldwell, relict of the late William Caldwell of Redwing, Minn. and mother of Mrs. E. A. Powers, died Jan. 11, 1890, age 88 years. A widow of nearly 20 years; born in 1801 in New York State; mother of 9 children, all dead except Mrs. Powers. Kept a hotel on site where now stands residence of Orson Crosby in Coudersport.
CALDWELL, Mary Death 04-2896 Mrs. Mary Caldwell of First Fork died April 25, 1896. She was the mother of Mrs. Sinsabaugh of Sweden Valley.
CALKINS, Alice (Mrs.) Marriage 07-1908 George Henry Brundage of Twin Falls, Idaho & Mrs. Alice Calkins, formerly of Johnsonburg, PA, mar. July 9, 1908 at the home of Gilbert W. Calkins in Kimmbel, Ind.
CALKINS, John Death 01-1911 John Calkins, a veteran of the Civil War, died Jan. 5, 1911, age 78 years, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Mary Johnston.
CALKINS, Mervil Marriage 3-30-1878 Mervil Calkins & Miss Alice E. Adams, both of Coudersport, mar. March 30, 1878.
CAMBELL Ora J. Marriage 4-17-1888 Mr. Ora J. Cambell & Miss Ida Haskins married Apr. 17, 1888 in Coudersport.
CAMDEN, Rosanna Marriage 7-1853 Miss Rosanna Camden of Clinton Co. & John Dougherty of Stewardson Twp., mar. July __, 1853.
CAMERON William K. Death 11-1910 W. K. Cameron of East Coudersport died Nov. 28, 1910, age 76 yrs; born in Newark Valley, NY; mar. Miss Jane White of Colesburg, 47 years ago.
CAMERON, Elisha H. Marriage 02-05-1923 E. H. Cameron & Miss Beatrice M. Benson were married last Monday in Williamsport, PA. The bride is a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C. F. Benson of Galeton.
CAMERON, William Marriage 03-1903 Agnes Gilliland of Oswayo & William Cameron of Coudersport, married March --, 1903 in Whitesville, NY
CAMPBELL, Ada Marriage 03-23-1914 J. L. Monroe & Ada Campbell, both of Ulysses, married March 23, 1914.
CAMPBELL, Albert Marriage 11-1909 Albert Campbell, son of Mr. & Mrs. P. H. Campbell & Miss Caroline Klein, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Klein, mar. Nov. 21, 1909.
CAMPBELL, Clara (Mrs.) Marriage 7-28-1891 Dr. Frank Buck of Coudersport & Mrs. Clara Campbell of East Hebron, mar. July 28, 1891 at Wellsville, NY
CAMPBELL, Dora Marriage 01-1900 Miss Dora Campbell of Clara & John H. Peterson of Scio, NY, mar. Jan. 24, 1900.
CAMPBELL, Ellen Death 1-27-1890 Ellen Campbell, wife of Washington Campbell of Cross Fork, died Jan. 27, 1890, age 45y 5m 1d.
CAMPBELL, Ethel Marriage 06-1905 Miss Ethel Campbell & Fred Leroy Georgia, both of Coudersport, mar. June 21, 1905.
CAMPBELL, George Death 12-22-1882 George Campbell, half-brother of William Campbell of Hebron, died Dec. 22, 1882.
CAMPBELL, J. P. Marriage 10-24-1886 J. P. Campbell & Miss Emma Butler married Oct. 24, 1886.
CAMPBELL, James Marriage 11-1915 James Campbell of Olean, NY & Miss Sadie Lunn of Shinglehouse, mar. Nov. 24, 1915.
CAMPBELL, John Death 06-1905 John Campbell of Hulls died June 8, 1905, age about 56 years.
CAMPBELL, Josie Marriage 1-3-1897 Josie Campbell & Cornel Foster of Wharton, mar. Jan. 3, 1897 at the home of her parents.
CAMPBELL, Lewis H. Marriage 8-16-1882 Lewis H. Campbell of Delmar & Miss Mary E. Crippen of West Branch, PA, mar. Aug. 16, 1882.
CAMPBELL, Lucy Marriage 11-1917 Carl Eastman & Miss Lucy Campbell, daughter of Mrs. Bertha Erway married Nov. 29, 1917.
CAMPBELL, Maggie Marriage 10-20-1888 Maggie Campbell of Leidy Twp. Clinton Co. PA & William H. Haskins of Sylvania Twp., mar. Oct. 20, 1888 in Coudersport.
CAMPBELL, Mary (Crippen) Death 6-7-1883 Mary Campbell, wife of Lewis N. Campbell and daughter of Erastus & Sarah Crippen of West Branch, died June 7, 1883, age 15y 6m 4d.
CAMPBELL, Mary Jane Marriage 7-15-1875 Mary Jane Campbell of Leidy, Clinton Co. PA & Levi G. Stillman of Ulysses, mar. July 15, 1875 in Ulysses.
CAMPBELL, Nellie Marriage 11-25-1883 Nellie Campbell of Leidy, Clinton Co. PA & Ellery Haskins of Summit Twp., mar. Nov. 25, 1883 at Borie.
CAMPBELL, Nelson Death 5-6-1862 Nelson Campbell, son of Enoch Campbell of Hebron, died on the battlefield near Williamsburg, Va., May 6, 1862, age about 17 years. Member of Co. C. 3rd Reg. Excelsior Brigade, NY He was the first Potter county boy killed on the battlefield.
CAMPBELL, P. H. Death 02-1926 P. H. Campbell of Smethport, formerly of Mina, PA, died Feb. __, 1926, age 60 years.
CAMPBELL, Redfield R. Marriage 07-01-1923 Genevieve Margaret Bullock, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. W. Bullock, was married to Redfield R. Campbell of Wellsboro on Monday (July 1, 1923) her parent's home.
CAMPBELL, Sarah J. Marriage 8-8-1869 Miss Sarah J. Campbell & David Conway, Esq., both of Cross Fork, Potter Co., mar. Aug. 8, 1869.
CAMPBELL, Walter Death 11-4-1878 Walter Campbell, son of R. A. & A. M. Campbell, died Nov. 4, 1878 in Hebron, age 10y 9m 18d.
CAMPBELL, William Social 1-1-1891 William Campbell died Jan. 1, 1891; came from Virgil, NY in 1851 with his parents when 2 or 3 years old.
CAMPBELL,Catherine E. Marriage 12-24-1866 Catherine E. Campbell & Alfred V. Higley, both of Hebron, mar. Dec. 24, 1866.
CAMPBELL,Clara Marriage 7-28-1891 Mrs. Clara Campbell of East Hebron & Dr. Frank Buck, mar. July 28, 1891.
CANE, Mrs. Elizabeth Death 7-4-1881 Mrs. Elizabeth Cane died July 4, 1881 at Hector, age 57y 1m.
CANFIELD, Isaac Marriage 3-30-1862 Miss Imogene Butterworth & Isaac Canfield, both of Coudersport, mar. March 30, 1862.
CANFIELD, L. H. Marriage 2-10-1862 L. H. Canfield of Sparta, Wisc. & Mrs. Jane W. Butterworth of Coudersport, mar. Feb. 10, 1862.
CANFIELD, Maude Louise Marriage 7-7-1894 Miss Maude Louise Canfield of Elmira Heights & W. M. Grover of Coudersport, mar. July 7, 1904.
CANFIELD, Mrs. Hannah Death 1-26-1889 Mrs. Hannah Canfield, widow of Luther Canfield, died Jan. 26, 1889 in Shinglehouse, PA Survived by 5 children.
CANNON, Laura Ann Marriage 5-5-1852 Miss Laura Ann Cannon of Allegany Twp. & Edwin Haskell of Coudersport, mar. May 5, 1852.
CANNON, Frances Lenora Marriage 10-2-1880 Miss Frances Lenora Cannon of Sweden & Conrad Herzog of Farmers Valley, PA mar. Oct. 2, 1880.
CANNON, Lettie Marriage 7-3-1881 Miss Lettie Cannon of Sweden & George Herzog married July 3, 1881 at Coudersport.
CANNON, R.C. Death 3-25-1865 R. C. Cannon of Coudersport was killed at the battle of Fort Steadman, on March 25, 1865.
CANNON,Charles Death 12-23-1894 Charles Cannon of Coudersport died Dec. 23, 1894, age 43 yrs.
CANTWELL, Thomas Marriage 09-1902 Thomas Cantwell of Hattiesburg, Miss. & Miss Susie Dunn of Coudersport, mar. Sept. 17, 1902 by Father Sheehan.
CARD, Carrie Marriage 3-31-1899 Miss Carrie Card & Frank Masso married Mar. 31, 1899 at Packer, PA [Wharton]
CARD, David Death 06-1900 David Card, a resident of Packer [Wharton] for 45 years, died June 11, 1900, age 82 years. Survived by his wife and 13 children. Mrs. Card died a few days after her husband. He was born in Ostego Co. NY
CARD, Eliza (Briggs) Death 10-17-1829 Mrs. Eliza Card of Packer died June 24, 1900; born Oct. 17, 1829 in Tioga Co. NY survived by 5 children, one bro. Seth Briggs and one sister, Mrs. Minerva Miller.
CARD, Eva Marriage 6-1-1892 Eva Card & Michael Green, both of Borie, mar. June 1, 1892 in Coudersport.
CARD, Jasper Marriage 7-4-1876 Jasper Card, Esq. & Alice Pawson, both of Roulet, mar. July 4, 1876.
CARD, L. E. Marriage 6-21-1874 Miss L. E. Card of Roulet & Rev. Herbert E. Babcock of Adams, NY, mar. June 21, 1874.
CARD, Levi Marriage 3-11-1879 Levi Card of Roulet & Miss Ettie Harps of Ridgway, Elk Co. PA, mar. Mar. 11, 1879 in Ridgway.
CARD, Levi Death 6-18-1882 Levi Card of Roulet died June 18, 1882, age about 33 years.
CARD, Lorna N. Marriage 7-2-1879 Miss Lorna N. Card of Roulet & Will Nichols of Ridgway, mar. July 2, 1879.
CARD, Louise (Haskins) Death 12-1901 Louise Haskins Card (Mrs. Oren Card) died Dec. 16, 1901, age 56y 8m 2d.
CARD, Mary Marriage 4-23-1888 Miss Mary Card of Burtville, PA & George Griffen of Bay Springs, Mich., mar. Apr. 23, 1888 at Obi, NY They went to Mich. to live.
CARD, Olive Marriage 2-29-1850 Miss Olive Card of Roulet & Charles Rounds of Eldred, PA, mar. Feb. 29, 1880 in Roulet, PA
CARD, Orson Marriage 9-2-1883 Orson Card & Clara Brock married Sept. 2, 1883.
CARD, Reuben Death 11-1-1873 Reuben Card, Sr. of Roulet died Nov. 1, 1873.
CARD, Samuel Death 11-1902 Samuel Card died Nov. 4, 1902; born July 25, 1818 in Vermont. Buried in the Wharton cemetery.
CARD, Sarah (Beckwith) Death 10-27-1894 Mrs. John Card of Roulet died Oct. 27. 1894, age 56 years.
CARD, William Death 11-1898 William Card, the father of Mrs. John Logue, died Nov. __, 1898 in Englishville, Ohio.
CAREY, Alice Marriage 8-23-1899 Hugh McGee of Costello & Alice Carey, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Carey, married Aug. 23, 1899 at Port Allegany, Pa.
CAREY, Arthur Marriage 2-1898 Arthur Carey & Miss Flora Belle Langdon, mar. Feb. __,1898 at Coudersport.
CAREY, Carrie Marriage 8-27-1895 Miss Carrie Carey & Horace Cobb married Aug. 27, 1895 at Whitesville, NY
CAREY, Hannah Death 12-1911 Mrs. Hannah Carey, wife of Joseph J. Carey of Roulet, died Dec. 2, 1911.
CAREY, Mary E. Marriage 9-22-1873 Miss Mary E. Carey, daughter of Patrick Carey & Watson T. Dyke, both of Coudersport, mar. Sept. 22, 1873. . [Also spelled Dyke]
CAREY, Mrs. Patrick Death 11-9-1867 Mrs. Patrick Carey of Roulet died Nov. 9, 1867.
CAREY, William Death 2-7-1891 William Carey, son of Joseph Carey of Roulet, died Feb. 7, 1891 at Philadelphia. He was a young man. Buried at Roulet.
CARL, Daisie M. Marriage 09-22-1907 Burt Lyman of Sweden Valley & Miss Daisie M. Carl of Westfield, Pa., married Sept. 22, 1907.
CARLEY, James Marriage 3-16-1897 James Carley & Edith Matteson, daughter of Jefferson Matteson, mar. March 16, 1897.
CARLEY, Lena Death 04-1915 Mrs. Lena Carley died Apr. 20, 1915 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Annie Campbell of Coudersport, age 80 years.
CARMAN, Jane Death 7-2-1888 Mrs. Jane Carman of Wharton died July 2, 1888, age 60 years.
CARMAN, Jeanette Death 07-1900 Mrs. Stephen (Jeanette) Carman of Idaho died July 16, 1900.
CARMEN, Frank Marriage 5-31-1891 Frank Carmen & Phoebe Angevine, both of Costello, mar. May 31, 1891 in Coudersport.
CARMER, Ellen B. Death 8-25-1862 Miss Ellen B. Carmer, daughter of Isaac Carmer of Homer Twp., died Aug. 25, 1862, age 29 years.
CARMER, Florella Marriage 3-5-1876 Miss Florella Carmer of Hebron & Eli H. Ford of Allegany Twp. mar. March 5, 1876.
CARMER, Isaac, Jr. Death 12-6-1862 Isaac Carmer, Jr. of Homer Twp. died Dec. 6, 1862, age 25y 2m 24d.
CARMER, James (Mrs.) Death 12-25-1896 Mrs. James Carmer died Dec. 25, 1896 aged 72 years, at the home of her son, A. W. Carmer in Coudersport.
CARMER, Lillian Death 11-24-1862 Lillian Carmer, daughter of Isaac Carmer, Jr. & Mary Carmer of Homer Twp. died Nov. 24, 1862, age 19 mos.
CARMER, Mary E. (Mrs.) Marriage 9-17-1865 Mrs. Mary E. Carmer of Homer & Edward T. Fourness of Eulalia, mar. Sept. 17, 1865.
CARMER, William G. Marriage 12-23-1851 William G. Carmer & Miss Minerva Higley, both of Hebron, mar. Dec. 23, 1851.
CARNAHAN, James T. Marriage 9-30-1878 James T. Carnahan of New Lebanon, PA & Miss Kate Bird, sister of Mrs. J. M. Spafford, mar. Sept. 30, 1878.
CARNAHAN, Kate (Bird) Death 3-7-1883 Mrs. Kate (Bird) Carnahan died Mar. 7, 1883 in Los Angeles, Calif., age 28 years.
CARNS, Elizabeth Annie Marriage 03-1903 Miss Elizabeth Annie Cairns of Chicago & Homer R. White of Coudersport, mar. Mar. 25, 1903.
CARPENTER, Alva Death 4-19-1895 Alva Carpenter of Ulysses Twp. died Apr. 19. 1895.
CARPENTER, Angie Marriage 4-27-1890 Miss Angie Carpenter & Henry D. Rice, both of Newfield, mar. Apr. 27, 1890 at Whitesville, NY
CARPENTER, Boy Birth 07-1913 Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Carpenter are the parents of a son born Tuesday, July 22nd [1913].
CARPENTER, Calvin C. Marriage 8-26-1820 Calvin C. Carpenter of Genesee & Miss Nellie Turck, daughter of Mrs. Matilda Turck, mar. Aug. 26, 1920 at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Elmira Perkins.
CARPENTER, David Death 12-4-1880 David Carpenter, son of David D. & Susan Carpenter, died Dec. 4, 1880, age 2y 5m 19d.
CARPENTER, Ella Marriage 5-26-1886 Miss Ella Carpenter of Angelica, NY & Ambrose Veley of Colesburg, mar. May 26, 1886 in Angelica.
CARPENTER, Esther Marriage 9-21-1875 Esther Carpenter of Bingham, PA & Robert H. Wilcox of Avon, Conn., mar. Sept. 21, 1875 at New Hartford, Conn.
CARPENTER, Eugene Marriage 12-25-1877 Eugene Carpenter & Ella Wheaton, both of Bingham, mar. Dec. 25, 1877.
CARPENTER, Eugenie Marriage 1-19-1875 Eugenie Carpenter & W. J. Grover, both of Ulysses, mar. Jan. 19, 1875.
CARPENTER, Hattie Marriage 12-1889 Miss Hattie Carpenter of Colesburg & William Currier of Andrews Settlement, mar. Dec. __, 1889.
CARPENTER, John Marriage 8-23-1879 John Carpenter of Genesee & Miss Ida A. Avery of Raymond, mar. Aug. 23, 1879.
CARPENTER, John L. Marriage 10-1903 Miss Ida M. Geier of Ulysses & John L. Carpenter of Oswayo, married Oct. 27, 1903 in Ulysses.
CARPENTER, Julia Death 11-18-1877 Julia Carpenter, daughter of George & Lucinda Carpenter of Ulysses, died Nov. 18, 1877, age 19y 2m 7d.
CARPENTER, Mae Marriage 05-2897 Miss Mae Carpenter & W. G. Jackson of Ulysses, mar. May 26, 1897.
CARPENTER, Roselle S. Marriage 02-1905 Roselle S. Carpenter of Bingham Center & Ella Marie Allis, mar. in 1868. One child, Calvin Clyde Carpenter.
CARPENTER, Theodore Marriage 8-25-1883 Theodore Carpenter of Ulysses & Miss Josephine Smith of Raymond, mar. Aug. 25, 1883.
CARPENTER, Wells Marriage 03-1916 Wells Carpenter & Miss Bessie Crittenden married Mar. 2, 1916, at Olean, NY
CARPENTER, Willis A. Marriage 10-1911 Willis A. Carpenter & Agnes J. Rigby, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R. S. Rigby, mar. Oct. 4, 1911.
CARPENTER, Zelma Marriage 2-1887 Miss Zelma Carpenter & Reuben Coats, both of Allegany Twp., mar. Feb. __, 1887.
CARR, Boy Birth 05-05-1923 Mrs. & Mrs. Milan Carr of Austin are the parents of a baby boy born May 5 [1923].
CARR, Claude Marriage 06-1900 Claude Carr & Hattie Wickham of North Hector, mar. June 6, 1900.
CARR, George Death 03-1900 George Carr of North Fork died Mar. 30, 1900. Survived by his wife and one son.
CARR, Girl Birth 7-1-1913 A daughter was born to Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Carr on July 1st [1913] at Germania.
CARR, Joseph Death 1-31-1881 Joseph Carr of Bells Run, McKean Co. PA died Jan. 31, 1881. He was a pensioner of the War of 1812.
CARR, Lorana Death 12-1900 Mrs. E. D. Carr died Dec. 16, 1900.
CARR, Mary Marriage 7-1853 Miss Mary Carr of Hornsby, Steuben Co. NY & Albert B. Goodsell of Coudersport, mar. July __, 1853.
CARR, Stulley H. Death 03-1904 Stulley H. Carr, father of Jas. G. Carr died in Corning last week. Resident of Potter county from 1856 to 1890, a Civil War veteran of Hector. Survived by his wife and 5 sons: Dr. C. A. Carr of Corning; Jas. G. Carr of Harrison Valley; W. W. Carr; H. E. Carr; S. A. Carr of Glen Hazel, PA; and H. E. Carr of Corning. [paper dated Apr. 6. 1904]
CARRIEL, Rosalie Death 11-1-1862 Rosalie Carriel, daughter of Willard & Catherine Carriel of Pike Mills, died Nov. 1, 1862, age 12w 6d.
CARRIEL, William Marriage 6-2-1869 William Carriel of Elmira, NY & Mrs. M. G. Manning of Coudersport, mar. June 2, 1869.
CARSON, Alice (Crandall) Death 11-1923 Mrs. Alice Crandall Carsen died Nov. 3, 1923. She was a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A. N. Crandall. She had a daughter Marion Carsen born Oct. 29, 1923.
CARSON, Elizabeth Marriage 12-5-1848 Miss Elizabeth Carson & Robert Young, both of Wharton Twp., mar. Dec. 5, 1848 in Coudersport.
CARSON, James Death 03-1902 James Carson of Austin died Mar. __, 1902.
CARSON, Mary Death 6-25-1878 Mrs. Mary Carson of Portage died June 25, 1878, age 79 years.
CARSON, William Death 8-22-1880 William Carson of Portage died Aug. 22, 1880; born near Belfast, Ireland in 1797; came to America when he was 24 leaving his young wife in Ireland to follow him later. His grandson, William Young died in 1874; his dau. Mrs. R. K. Young died in 1876; his son, Matthew B. Carson died in 1863 in North Carolina, a soldier in the Civil War. [Journal, Sept. 2, 1880, page 3]
CARSTENS, C. Henry Marriage 1-31-1894 C. H. Carstens & Miss R. V. Schadenberger, mar. Jan. 31, 1894 at Coudersport.
CARSTENS, C. Henry Death 12-1915 Henry C. Carstens of Southern Pines, NC, died Dec. 21, 1915. He was a brother-in-law of Frank Schadenberger.
CARTEE, Mary (Bell) Death 12-21-1862 Miss Mary Bell Cartee, consort of Lafayette F. Cartee, died Dec. 21, 1862, age 38 years, at her home in Dallas, Oregon. She was born in Ceres, McKean Co. PA
CARTEE, Seclinda Death 3-16-1858 Mrs. Seclinda Cartee of Coudersport died Mar. 16, 1858; born July 31, 1789 in Saftsbury, Bennington Co. Vt., one of 11 children; removed to Onondaga Co. NY when she was 9; 20 years later to Tioga Co. NY; then to Coudersport where her parents made the first permanent settlement. Married 1st. John Knight; mar. 2nd to John L. Cartee; three children, 2 survive, a dau. Mary A. Ross with whom she lived and a son in the far west.
CARTER, V. Perry Marriage 8-14-1876 V. Perry Carter of Ceres, PA & Lottie Kimball of Cincinnati, Ohio, mar. Aug. 14, 1876 at Cincinnati.
CARTER, Bennie Marriage 12-25-1894 Bennie Carter & Miss Margaret Kilbourne of Myrtle, PA, mar. Dec. 25, 1894.
CARTWRIGHT, PhiletusC. Marriage 11-15-1879 Philetus C. Cartwright of Bolivar, NY & Miss Emma L. Burdick of East Sharon, PA, mar. Nov. 15, 1879 at East Sharon.
CASE, Carrie E. Marriage 5-15-1881 Miss Carrie E. Case of Sullivan, Tioga Co. PA & A. E. Howe of Bingham, mar. May 15, 1881 in Sullivan.
CASE, Ella Death 8-31-1889 Miss Ella Case died Aug. 31, 1889 in Inez, age 17 years.
CASE, James G. Marriage 08-1913 James G. Case of Inez & Eva Britters of Brookland, mar. Aug. __, 1913.
CASE, William Marriage 2-14-1894 William Case of Coudersport & Eleanor A. Green of Gold, mar. Feb. 14, 1894 at Wellsville, NY
CASE, William Marriage 6-10-1875 William Case of Titusville & S. E. Baker of Coudersport, mar. June 10, 1875 in Titusville.
CASSELBURY, Joseph D. Marriage 11-22-1899 Joseph D. Casselbury & Bettie Williams, both of Keech, mar. Nov. 22, 1899 at Gold.
CASTLE, Gertrude Marriage 1-21-1890 Miss Gertie Castle & Mr. [Keron] Fitzsimmons, both of Roulet, mar. Jan. 21, 1890.
CASTOR, Raymond Marriage 09-1913 Raymond Castor of Corning and Miss Myrtle Hope were married in Wellsboro last Thursday [9-25-1913]. The bride’s father made objections to the marriage as the girl was not quite 18 years old.
CAUSER, Edward Death 02-1909 Edward Causer of Burtville, an old settler, died Feb. 10, 1909, age 70 years.
CAVANAUGH, Ellen Marriage 08-2887 Miss Ellen Cavanaugh of Roulet & William Grandin married Aug. 29, 1887.
CAVANAUGH, Elsie G. Marriage 4-22-1896 Miss Elsie G. Cavanaugh of Shinglehouse & John W. Crooks of Myrtle, mar. Apr. 22, 1896 at Ceres.
CAVANAUGH, Frank L. Marriage 1-19-1879 Frank L. Cavanaugh & Miss Orpha Morley, both of Allegany Twp, mar. Jan. 19, 1879.
CAVANAUGH, Frank L. Death 12-13-1879 Frank Cavanaugh of Raymond died Dec. 13, 1879, in his 22nd yr. Also his wife, Orpha Morley Cavanaugh died Dec. __. 1879, in her 18th year.
CAVANAUGH, Ida Marriage 6-19-1879 Miss Ida Cavanaugh & Henry Dean, both of Allegany Twp., mar. June 19, 1879.
CAVANAUGH, James Marriage 5-13-1876 James Cavanaugh & Miss Marcella Curtis, both of Allegany Twp., mar. May 13, 1876, at Oswayo, by Rev. Underwood.
CAVANAUGH, John Death 9-30-1893 John Cavanaugh died Sept. 30. 1893, age 85 yrs. at the home of his son James in Coudersport. Came to Allegany Twp. in 1836, farm now owned by Warren Gardner. Buried at Andrews Settlement.
CAVANAUGH, Laura A. Marriage 07-1913 James Graves & Laura A. Cavanaugh, both of Eulalia, married July 17, 1913.
CAVANAUGH, Orpha (Morley) Death 12-1879 Orpha Morley Cavanaugh of Raymond died Dec. __. 1879, in her 18th year. Also her husband, Frank Cavanaugh died Dec. 13, 1879, in his 22nd yr.
CAVEN, Lillian Marriage 06-25-1919 Guy A. Mitchell of Coudersport & Miss Lillian Caven of Costello, married June 25, 1919.
CHADWICK, Richard Death 12-27-1896 Richard Chadwick died Dec. 27, 1896 at his home in Shippen Twp. born Dec. 17, 1820 in Shippen Twp. the son of John & Jedidah Chadwick and grandson of Elihu Chadwick who was a Col. in the Rev. War and who at an early date settled in Shippen Twp.
CHAFFEE, Alta Death 3-10-1883 Alta Chaffee, daughter of Charles & Hattie Chaffee, died Mar. 10, 1883, aged 3 months.
CHAFFEE, Charles Marriage 6-20-1894 Charles Chaffee & Miss Della Peet of Hebron, mar. June 20, 1894 at Whitesville, NY
CHAFFEE, Charles B. Marriage 3-8-1882 Charles B. Chaffee & Miss Hattie Bassett, both of Coudersport, married March 8, 1882.
CHAFFEE, Nora Marriage 3-5-1802 Miss Nora Chaffee & Ira Covell of Sunderlinville, mar. March 5, 1902.
CHAFFEE, Sara Death 02-24-1923 Mrs. Sara Chaffee died Saturday (February 24, 1923) at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ira Covell.
CHAFFEE, Theodore Marriage 10-06-1923 Theodore R. Chaffee & Miss Opal Persing were married last Saturday at the Presbyterian Manse in Corning by Rev. Elmer J. Stuart. The bride is a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Persing.
CHAMBERLAIN, Harriet M. Marriage 1-1-1855 Norman Dwight and his wife Harriet [Chamberlin] were married Jan. 1, 1855.
CHAMBERLIN, Martha E. Marriage 10-7-1883 Miss Martha E. Chamberlin of Hebron & John Booth of Tallmage, McKean Co. PA, mar. Oct. 7, 1883 in Coudersport.
CHAMBERLIN, Solomon Death 7-21-1883 Solomon Chamberlin died July 21, 1883 in Hebron; born Dec. 12, 1829 in Belfast, Allegany Co. NY
CHAMPLIN, Alice Marriage 2-22-1889 Miss Alice Champlin of Shinglehouse & George H. Dickerson of Ceres, NY, mar. Feb. 22, 1889 at Ceres.
CHAMPLIN, Altie Marriage 12-15-1878 Miss Altie Champlin & George W. Rees of Sylvania, Potter Co. PA, mar. Dec. 15, 1878 in Keating Twp.
CHAMPNEEY, Nellie Marriage 12-15-1896 Nellie Champney & William H. Prouty, both of West Pike, mar. Dec. 15, 1896.
CHAMPNEY, Luton Death 11-03-1923 Luton Champney, an aged and respected citizen of Watrous died last Friday (November 30, 1923) morning at the home of his niece, Mrs. William Prouty. Buried in the Knowlton cemetery.
CHANDLER, Elizabeth Death 6-8-1877 Mrs. Elizabeth Chandler, widow of Charles Chandler, died June 18, 1877 in Eulalia, aged 72y 1m 10d.
CHANDLER, Florence Marriage 03-1915 Miss Florence Chandler of Port Allegany & Daniel McConeghy, Jr. of Coudersport, mar. Mar. __, 1915.
CHANDLER, Fred G. Marriage 12-1910 Amy L. Easton & Fred G. Chandler, both of Roulet, married Dec. 6, 1910 at Coudersport.
CHANDLER, Infant Death 02-1913 Mrs. Fred Chandler of Fishing Creek went calling on one of her neighbors last Saturday [2-8-1913]. She took with her, her 3 month old son, wrapping him up well. On arrival there she was shocked to find the child dead. Whether the child has been smothered or whether death was due to come cause, it is not ascertained.
CHANDLER, James Ezra Marriage 10-22-1880 James Ezra Chandler of Port Allegany & Miss Emma Goodsell, daughter of Albert Goodsell of Coudersport, mar. Oct. 22, 1880.
CHANDLER, Mollie Marriage 10-29-1902 Robert Dexter & Miss Mollie Chandler, daughter of Ezra & Emma Goodsell Chandler of Port Allegany, married Oct. 29, 1902.
CHANDLER, Olive Marriage 7-18-1872 Miss Olive Chandler, formerly of Utica, NY & Dr. O. B. Bird, formerly of Coudersport, mar. July 18, 1872 in Menominee.
CHANDLER, Simon Death 4-1-1908 Simon Chandler, Civil War veteran of Fishing Creek, died Apr. 1, 1908 aged 88 years.
CHAPEL , Anna Marriage 9-1-1917 Miss Anna Chapel & Joseph Golden, both of Coudersport, married Sept. 1, 1917 in Olean.
CHAPEL, Urania Marriage 3-14-1875 Mrs. Urania Chapel of Sweden Twp. & G. W. McKinney of Ulysses, mar. March 14, 1875.
CHAPEL, W. H. Death 03-1912 W. H. Chapel, late of Homer Twp., died Feb. 2, 1912 at his home in Austin.
CHAPEL, William (Mrs.) Death 4-9-1888 Mrs. William Chapel died Apr. 9, 1888. Survived by her husband and 3 small children.
CHAPIN, Delwin D. Marriage 04-25-1877 MARRIED at Bridgewater, Pa., by Rev. Francis E. Church, April 25, 1877, Mr. Delwin D. Chapin of Harrison Valley and Miss Mary Laura Stitzer of Bridgewater, Pa., eldest daughter of James Stitzer, Esq, principle of Bridgewater Soldiers’ Orphan School.
CHAPIN, Emma J. Death 11-26-1923 Mrs. Emma J. Chapin of Watrous, widow of Warren J. Chapin, died suddenly last week. She was found dead in her rocking chair on Monday evening.
CHAPIN, H. O. Death 06-1903 H. O. Chapin of White’s Corners died June 23, 1903; born Mar. 16, 1843 in West Union, Steuben Co. NY; mar. in 1868 to Mary L. Kane, two daughters.
CHAPIN,Charles W. Death 10-1849 Charles W. Chapin, Coudersport, age 22; born in NY; died in Oct.; consumption. (mortality census, year ending June 1, 1850).
CHAPMAN, Cordelia (Krusen) Death 07-1900 Mrs. Norman Chapman, nee Krusen, of Genesee died July 5, 1900. Survived by her husband & 2 sons.
CHAPMAN, Ethlin Marriage 06-2885 Ethlin Chapman of Ellisburg & Miss Jennie O. Daniels of West Bingham were married Saturday, June 27, 1885 by me, James I. Ryan, J.P.
CHAPMAN, Fielder Death 4-23-1893 Fielder Chapman of Ellisburg died Apr. 23, 1893. Survived by 3 sons & 3 daughters.
CHAPMAN, Fielder (Mrs.) Burial 4-1-1888 Mrs. Fielder Chapman of Genesee was buried Apr. 1, 1888.
CHAPMAN, Gertie Death 6-15-1881 Gertie Chapman, daughter of Leander Chapman, died June 15, 1881 in Harrison, age 4y 6d.
CHAPMAN, Percis Marriage 7-29-1866 Miss Percis Chapman of Genesee & J. Jerome Waterman of Genesee were married July 29, 1866 by me, V. Dickinson, J.P.
CHAPPELL, Esther Death 7-9-1881 Esther Chappell, wife of Judge E. W. Chappell of Lewisville, died July 9, 1881, at 51y 1m 10d.
CHAPPELL, Francis H. Marriage 3-23-1879 Francis H. Chappell & Miss Anna U. Patterson, both of Eulalia Twp., mar. Feb. 23, 1879.
CHAPPELL, Francis Leigh Death 04-1939 Francis Leigh Chappell of Sweden Valley died Apr. 27, 1939; born May 28, 1883 in Eulalia Twp., a son of Francis H. & Anna Patterson Chappell. Survived by a bro. C. E. Chappell and a sister, Mrs. Anna Golden of Coudersport.
CHAPPELL, John Death 06-1905 John Chappell was found dead at Hulls, June 8, 1905. age abt. 56.
CHAPPELL, John Marriage 11-13-1887 John Chappell of Lewisville & Miss Maggie McGinnis, daughter of Bryan McGinnis, mar. Nov. 13, 1887 in Genesee.
CHAPPELL, Marcy Death 10-1872 Mrs. Marcy Chappell, wife of John Chappell, died Oct. __, 1872 in her 79th year. She was the mother of E. W. Chappell of Ulysses. Born in Saratoga Co. NY; married April 16, 1812 to John Chappell in Chenango Co. NY
CHAPPELL, Mary S. Death 05-1930 Mrs. Mary S. Chappell of Inez died May 10, 1930.
CHASE, Abram Marriage 7-3-1864 Abram Chase & Miss Phebe Ann Holcomb, both of Sweden Twp., mar. July 3, 1864.
CHASE, Clark C. Marriage 6-4-1873 Clark C. Chase & Miss Martha White, daughter of David White, both of Sweden, mar. June 4, 1873.
CHASE, Dewitt C. Death 2-20-1892 Dewitt C. Chase of Millport died Feb. 20, 1892, age 88 years.
CHASE, E. A. Marriage 11-7-1888 Miss E. A. Chase & Arch Fessenden, both of Roulet, mar. Nov. 7, 1888 at Olean, NY
CHASE, Ella Belle Marriage 12-8-1897 Ella Belle Chase, daughter of Mrs. Thompson Chase, mar. Dec. 8, 1897 to Arthur Neefe.
CHASE, Emma Marriage 4-10-1871 Miss Emma Chase & James S. Barnes, both of Potter Co., mar. Apr. 10, 1871 in Wellsville, NY
CHASE, Emma Marriage 07-18-1908 Walter Mansfield & Miss Emma Chase, both of Coudersport, married July 18, 1908 at Whitesville, NY
CHASE, Ida (Butterworth) Marriage 4-8-1867 Mrs. Ida Butterworth Chase & E. A. L. Roberts, both of Titusville, PA, mar. Apr. 8, 1867. [1867?]
CHASE, Johnson Death 4-26-1895 Johnson Chase of Sweden died April 26, 1895 in his 81st year. Born in Livingston Co. NY May 16, 1814; came to Potter co. abt. 1838; married Sarah Roberts who died 2 years ago; 4 children; a son, Clark Chase lives at Sweden Valley; other children, Deliah, Miles T., and Amanda E. Chase.
CHASE, Katie E. Death 8-8-1864 Katie E. Chase, daughter of H. D. & Sarah B. Chase, died Aug. 8, 1864 at Dayton, Ohio, age 1y 10m 7d.
CHASE, Lula Marriage 12-1910 Miss Lula Chase & Arch Rennells of Sweden Hill married Dec. 20, 1910.
CHASE, M. S. Death 3-1887 Mrs. M. S. Chase died March __, 1887, age 63 years.
CHASE, M. T. Death 8-4-1894 M. T. Chase of Sweden died Aug. 4, 1894, age 49 years. Survived by his wife & 2 children.
CHASE, Martha J. Death 03-1912 Mrs. Martha J. Chase, wife of Clark Chase, died Feb. 8, 1912, at her home in Sweden.
CHASE, Mary Marriage 4-8-1896 Miss Mary Chase & William Phelps of Ladona married Apr. 8, 1896.
CHASE, Morris S. Marriage 04-1900 Morris S. Chase & Gertrude M. White married Apr. 5, 1900, at Whitesville, NY
CHASE, Orlando Marriage 4-4-1889 Orlando Chase & Miss Carrie Davenport married Apr. 4, 1889.
CHASE, Sally Ann (Jackson) Death 11-1914 Mrs. Sally Ann Chase, daughter of Joshua Jackson of Sweden Twp., died Nov. 1, 1914, aged 66 years, at the home of her sister, Mrs. George Abson.
CHASE, Sarah A. Marriage 09-1955 Miss Sarah A. Chase of Sweden Twp. & Alonzo Reed of Summit Twp., mar. Sept. 20, 1855 in Homer Twp.
CHASE, T. S. Death 6-28-1865 T. S. Chase, formerly of Coudersport, died June 28, 1865 at Titusville, PA One time publisher of the Potter Journal.
CHASE, Thomas Sills Marriage 9-29-1859 Thomas Sills Chase, Esq. & Miss Ida Butterworth, eldest daughter of the late Wales Butterworth, both of Coudersport, mar. Sept. 29, 1859.
CHASTAIN, Louise (Hamel) Death 04-1937 Mrs. Henry Chastain died April 10 (21), 1937, at Roulet. Louise Hamel Chastain was born Oct. 7, 1868 in Germany, a daughter of Frederick & Katherine Unger Hamel; mar. in May 1892 to Henry Chastain. They had 3 children: Edwin F. Chastain of Fort Williams, Canada; Harry Chastain at home; and Mrs. Florence Fleming of Port Allegany.
CHASTAIN, Anna Marriage 06-13-1903 John Marschner of Roulet & Miss Anna Chestain of Mina married June 13, 1903.
CHASTAIN, Conrad Marriage 10-8-1874 Conrad Chastain of Roulet & Miss Louisa Grabe of Coudersport, mar. Oct. 8, 1874.
CHASTAIN, Dora Marriage 04-30-1912 Clarence Lehman of Olmsted & Dora Chestain of Roulet married April 30, 1912.
CHASTAIN, Frances Marriage 12-25-1872 Miss Frances Chastain of Roulet & George F. Brehmer of Eulalia, mar. Dec. 25, 1872.
CHASTAIN, Fredericka [Rickey] Marriage 06-1906 Miss Rickey Chastain of Roulet & Albert Miller of Lyon’s, NY, mar. June __, 1906.
CHASTAIN, Lena Marriage 12-23-1915 Miss Lena Chastain of Roulet & Walter W. Blauvelt of Coudersport, mar. Dec. 23, 1915.
CHASTAIN, Louis Marriage 07-1919 Louis Chastain & Miss Laura Lyman, both of Roulet, mar. July __, 1919.
CHASTAIN, Peter Death 2-7-1892 Mrs. Peter Chastain of Roulet died Feb. 7, 1892.
CHEESBRO, Sylvester Death 12-17-1848 Sylvester Cheesbro of Jackson Co. Mich. died Dec. 17, 1848 in Potter county, age 63 years.
CHESBRO, Almond Death 7-10-1863 Almond Chesbro died July 10, 1863. (Gettysburg, PA)
CHESBRO, Dennis H. Marriage 3-15-1864 Capt. Dennis H. Chesbro of the 46th PA Vols. & Miss Lydia Rogers of Kittaning, PA, mar. March 15, 1864 at Harrisburg, PA
CHESBRO, Dennis H. Death 5-25-1864 Capt. Dennis H. Chesbro was killed at the battle of Dallas, Ga., May 25, 1864, age 23y 10m 8d.
CHESBRO, Ellen M. Death 4-8-1865 Ellen M. Chesbro of Homer Twp. died Apr. 8, 1865, age 17y 20d.
CHESBRO, Hale H. Marriage 10-2-1878 Hale H. Chesbro of Port Allegany & Hattie A. Shives of Emporium, mar. Oct. 2, 1878 in Emporium.
CHESBRO, Hattie Marriage 1-8-1883 Miss Hattie (Shives) Chesbro of Homer & Edgerton John Smith of Scranton, PA, mar. Jan. 8, 1883.
CHESBRO, Hiram Death 7-31-1886 Hiram Chesbro, early settler of Homer Twp. died July 31, 1886, age 70y 1m.
CHESBRO, Laverna H. Death 3-16-1882 Mrs. Laverna H. Chesbro of Homer died Feb. 16, 1882, age 59y 11m ; born in Groton, NY; came to Potter Co. about 1828. Two sons died in the Civil War. A daughter is also dead.
CHESBRO, Warren C. Marriage 5-5-1880 Warren C. Chesbro of Hebron & Miss Hattie Lyman, mar. May 5, 1880.
CHESTNUT, Earl Death 10-25-1896 Earl Chestnut of Harrison died Oct. 25, 1896, aged 11 years.
CHESTNUT, James Marriage 6-1878 James Chestnut of Bradford, PA & Miss Savria [Sabra] S. Greene, adopted daughter of B. A. Greene of Clara, PA, mar. June __, 1878.
CHESTNUT, James Death 02-01-1877 DIED at his residence in Harrison, Feb. 1, 1877, James Chestnut, aged 64 years. He was an old time resident of Bingham and was buried there.
CHESTNUT, John Death 6-2-1899 Uncle John Chestnut, Civil War veteran of Mills, died June 2, 1899, age 66 years. Survived by his wife and 7 children.
CHEVALIER, Henry Death 1-15-1892 Henry Chevalier of Glenn, McKean Co. PA died Jan. 15, 1892. He was a native of Switzerland. Lived in Glenn for more than 50 years. He was 90 years old on Sept. 11, 1891.
CHEVALIER, Lydia C. Death 1-3-1878 Lydia (Clendenon) Chevalier died Jan. 3, 1878 at Glenn, McKean Co. PA, aged 80 years.
CHEVALIER,Charles Marriage 12-24-1875 Charles Chevalier of Sharon & Miss Lucina Griffith of Bolivar, NY, mar. Dec. 24, 1875 at East Sharon.
CHILSON, Avery Marriage 5-2-1881 Avery Chilson & Miss Claribel Fling, late of Mansfield, PA, mar. May 2, 1881 in Lewisville, PA
CHILSON, Eli H. Death 09-1911 Eli H. Chilson of Ulysses died Sept. 19, 1911, aged 74 years. He was a Civil War veteran.
CHILSON, Will Marriage 12-27-1899 Will Chilson & Miss Ella Hyde, both of Ulysses, mar. Dec. 27, 1899 at Whitesville, NY
CHILSON, William Alonzo Death 3-4-1868 William Alonzo Chilson of Hector died March 4, 1868, age 31-11-7.
CHRISTIE, Phoebe Ann (?) Marriage 6-1880 Mrs. Phoebe Ann Christie of Bingham & Nelson Elderkin, mar. June __, 1880.
CHURCH, Adell Marriage 6-11-1880 Miss Adell Church & David Bartholomew, both of Roulet, mar. June 11, 1880.
CHURCH, Bertha Marriage 08-1905 Ralph Dykins & Miss Bertha Church, both of Galeton, married Aug. 31, 1905 at Wellsville, NY
CHURCH, William Marriage 8-12-1891 William Church & Addie Greene, both of Fishing Creek, mar. Aug. 12, 1891.
CHURCHILL, William Death 4-1849 William Churchill, age 54; born NY; married; Apr. : typhus fever. (Mortality census, ending June 1, 1850.
CHURCHILL,Clarissa Marriage 3-24-1864 Miss Clarissa Churchill of Ulysses & Henry E. McKilleb of Potter Co. were married Mar. 24, 1864 by me, V. Dickinson, J.P.
CLAFLIN, Jason L. Social ~~ Jason L. Claflin, Father of Mrs. Mildred Crossland.
CLAFLIN, Jason L. Marriage 2-10-1886 Jason L. Claflin of Howard Co. Neb., formerly of Eulalia Twp. Potter Co. PA & Miss Mamie N. Perkins of Hall Co. Neb., mar. Feb. 10, 1886 at Berwick, Neb.
CLAFLIN, RayCleon Marriage 9-9-1908 Ray Cleon Claflin of Washington, D.C. & Miss Edna Bernice Moody, eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred R. Moody of Rixford, mar. Sept. 9, 1908 at Rixford, PA
CLAFLIN, Rufus T. Marriage 10-22-1852 Rev. Rufus T. Claflin & Miss Lavina Lewis, daughter of Rev. Jason Lewis, mar. Oct. 22, 1852.
CLAFLIN, Rufus T. Death 3-4-1893 Rufus T. Claflin died Mar. 14, 1893 at Freemont, Neb., at the home of his son, F. M. Claflin, age 72 years. Born in Mass.
CLAFLIN, Sophia Marriage 12-25-1890 Miss Sophia Claflin & Jno. McKervey, both of Austin, mar. Dec. 25, 1890.
CLAIR, Maria Death 3-12-1894 Mrs. Maria Clair, wife of Joseph Clair, Sr., died Mar. 12, 1894. They came from Scio, NY in 1878. Six of their seven children have settled near them.
CLAIR, Mary Mehitable Death 12-1910 Mrs. Mary Mehitable Clair, wife of Joseph Clair, died Dec. 8, 1910, at East Hebron, age 73 years.
CLAIR, Morris Death 03-1908 Morris Clair of Coneville died March 14, 1908.
CLAIR, Paris Death 3-27-1896 Paris Clair died March 27, 1896 at Shinglehouse, age abt. 80 years. Buried at Hebron.
CLAIRE, Eunice Marriage 9-29-1895 Miss Eunice Claire of Hebron Center & Thomas Gale of Oswayo, mar. Sept. 29, 1895 at Ceres.
CLANCY, Bridget Death 12-12-1900 Mrs. Bridget Clancy, widow of Dennis Clancy, who died in the Civil War, died at her home in Genesee, Dec. 12, 1900, age 66 years. Settled in Genesee in 1856. Survived by a son and 3 daughters.
CLANCY,Catherine Marriage 11-14-1887 Miss Catherine Clancy & Thomas O’Donnell, both of Genesee, mar. Nov. 14, 1887.
CLAPP, Hammond Marriage 8-3-1873 Hammond Clapp & Miss Rebecca Hollenbeck of East Hebron, PA, mar. Aug. 3, 1873 at the home of John G. Hollenbeck in Steele City, Neb.
CLARE, Edward Marriage 8-8-1869 Edward Clare & Miss Jane Shattuck, both of Hebron, mar. Aug. 8, 1869. She was a daughter of Capt. Wm. L. Shattuck.
CLARE, William Death 01-1911 William Clare of Hebron died Jan. 13, 1911 at the home of his daughter Mrs. Swift.
CLARK, Abel Death 03-31-1931 Abel Clark died Mar. 31, 1931, a son of Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Clark, early settlers in Hebron Twp.
CLARK, Abel Marriage 12-28-1888 Abel Clark of Hebron & Miss Martha Meacham of Pleasant Valley, mar. Dec. 28, 1888 at Ceres.
CLARK, Angeline Marriage 6-16-1867 Miss Angeline Clark of Hebron & Isaac Garthwait of Hebron were married June 16, 1867 by me, V. Dickinson, J.P.
CLARK, Birney G. Marriage 2-22-1886 Birney G. Clark of Coudersport & Sarah Emogene Drake of Ulysses, mar. Feb. 22, 1886 at Welllsville, NY
CLARK, Bridget Marriage 12-13-1888 Miss Bridget Clark & William Maroney, both of Coudersport, mar. Feb. 13, 1888 at Genesee.
CLARK, Carrie Marriage 10-11-1882 Miss Carrie Clark & Frank Niles, both of Coudersport, mar. Oct. 11, 1882 at Emporium.
CLARK, Clinton Addison Marriage 8-3-1898 C. A. Clark & Ellen Huntington married Aug. 3, 1898 at N. Bingham.
CLARK, Daniel Death 1-15-1899 Daniel Clark of Hebron died Jan. 15, 1899 in his 86th year. Survived by his wife, 3 sons & 2 daughters.
CLARK, Daniel Marriage 4-12-1838 Daniel Clark & Sarah Louisa Hall, both of Coudersport, mar. April 12, 1838 by Judge Timothy Ives.
CLARK, Daniel B. Marriage 5-29-1906 Daniel B. Clark & Miss Grace L. Crandall, both of Crandall Hill, mar. May 29, 1906.
CLARK, E. H. Death 04-29-1921 E. H. Clark, formerly of Knoxville died Apr. 29, 1921 at the home of his son, C. E. Clark of Coudersport, age 85 years old on the day he died. Buried in Knoxville. Survived by 1 daughter & 5 sons.
CLARK, Elizabeth Death 9-1849 Elizabeth Clark, married; age 28; b. PA; d. Sept.; dysentery. (Mortality census, year ending June 1, 1850).
CLARK, Ella Marriage 9-25-1887 Ella Clark of Ulysses & C. E. Farnsworth married Sept. 25, 1887 at Whitesville, NY
CLARK, Ella Marriage 5-5-1875 Miss Ella M. Clark of Clark’s Corners, Potter Co. PA & J. W. Snyder of Emporium, PA, mar. May 5, 1875, at the home of Rev. Joel Clark.
CLARK, Emaline (Mantania) Death 12-23-1881 Mrs. Porter H. Clark of Eulalia Twp. died Dec. 23, 1881, age 35.
CLARK, Ethel Marriage 06-30-1908 Miss Ethel Clark of Crandall Hill & Fred VanWegen, son of Mr. & Mrs. Levi VanWegan, mar. June 30, 1908 at Elmira, NY
CLARK, Eugene E. Marriage 11-1913 Eugene E. Clark & Mrs. Catherine Smith both of Galeton were married November 29, 1913 at Coudersport.
CLARK, Freeman Marriage 07-1916 Clara B. Buchanan of Costello & Freeman A. Clark of Coudersport, mar. July __, 1916.
CLARK, George Death 9-1849 George Clark, age 3/12; b. PA; d. Sept.; dysentery. (Mortality census for year ending June 1, 1850).
CLARK, George Clinton Death 05-1907 George Clinton Clark of Coudersport died May 24, 1907; born Feb. 29, 1856 on Crandall Hill in Hebron Twp., a son of James Clark; mar. Mar. 28, 1874 to Miss Ellen Haskins, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Haskins, who survives with 2 children; Mrs. Charles (Lou) Pierce; and Miss Ollie Clark; also a half-brother, Nathan Ayers and his aged father.
CLARK, George Clinton Marriage 3-28-1874 George Clinton Clark and Miss Ellen Haskins, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Haskins were married on Mar. 28, 1874.
CLARK, George L. Marriage 10-25-1874 George L. Clark & Miss Ella Hober, both of Liberty, McKean Co. PA, mar. Oct. 25, 1874.
CLARK, Harry Marriage 6-27-1890 Harry Clark & Miss Flora May Ives, both of Austin, PA, mar. June 27, 1890 at Olean, NY
CLARK, Henry Marriage 6-25-1885 Henry Clark of Penn Yan, NY & Miss Addie White of Whites Corners, mar. June 25, 1885
CLARK, Ina (Ives) Burial 08-1900 Mrs. Ina Ives Clark of Ulysses was buried Aug. 17, 1900 in Buffalo, NY
CLARK, James Death 09-1907 James Clark, an early pioneer, died Sept. 1, 1907, age 79 yrs.
CLARK, James R. Marriage 11-4-1899 James R. Clark & Mrs. Martha Roberts, both of Sweden Valley, mar. Nov. 4, 1899.
CLARK, John Marriage 1-14-1887 John Clark of Port Allegany & Miss Sarah Joseph of Sartwell Creek, mar. Jan. 14, 1887.
CLARK, John M. Marriage 5-27-1890 John M. Clark of Coudersport & Kate Furlong of Freeport, mar. May 27, 1890.
CLARK, Lee Marriage 03-1910 Lee Clark & Katherine Ahearn, both of Ulysses, mar. Mar. 28, 1910, in Coudersport.
CLARK, Leona Kathryn Marriage 05-15-1918 Charles W. Hosley of Ulysses & Leona Kathryn Clark, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Birney Clark, married May 15, 1918.
CLARK, Luella Marriage 11-1883 Miss Luella Clark of Oswayo & James Everett of Coudersport, mar. Nov. __, 1883.
CLARK, Luella Marriage 07-1916 Miss Luella Clark & Henry S. Hurd, both of Genesee, mar. July 1, 1916, at Wellsville, NY
CLARK, Lydia Social 11-04-1939 Mrs. Lydia Clark of Cuba, NY is 100 years old, Nov. 4, 1939. Born in Barbertown, now Galeton on Nov. 4, 1839. a daughter of John & Lucy Robbins; mar. to Amos S. Clark, a lumberman and they moved to Kettle Creek. Mr. Clark died in 1899. They had 9 children
CLARK, Lydia (Bailey) Death 3-31-1888 Lydia Bailey Clark died March 31, 1888 at Warren, age 57y 11m 21d. She was the mother of Nathan Ayers, George Clark; also sister of Mrs. Mary Bailey Gates.
CLARK, Lydia M. Divorce 3-1881 Lydia M. Clark vs James Clark, divorce granted, March 1881.
CLARK, Martha J. (Jordan-McCarty) Death 12-13-1881 Mrs. Fayette Clark died at North Wharton, Dec. 13, 1881, age 57 years.
CLARK, Mary Marriage 2-1879 Miss Mary Clark of Spring Mills & John Raymond, mar. Feb. __, 1879.
CLARK, Mary Marriage 12-6-1899 Mary Clark & James Downs, both of Oswayo, mar. Dec. 6, 1899.
CLARK, Mary Ann (Barrows) Burial 10-2-1885 Mary Ann Clark, wife of Nelson Clark, was buried Oct. 12, 1885; mar. Oct. 15, 1828 in Windham Co Conn. Age 75 years.
CLARK, Maud Virginia Marriage 06-24-1903 Miss Maud Virginia Clark, daughter of I. C. Clark of Port Allegany & [John] Vernon Dieffenbacker of Coudersport, mar. June 24, 1903.
CLARK, Millie Marriage 05-1910 Millie Clark, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Abel Clark & William Grigsby, mar. May 12, 1910.
CLARK, Milton F. Marriage 12-31-1877 Milton F. Clark & Miss May E. Barnhart, both of Ulysses, mar. Dec. 31, 1877 in Ulysses.
CLARK, Minerva Death 05-1939 Mrs. Minerva Clark, widow of Arthur Clark, died May 7, 1939; born Aug. 2, 1876 at Roulet, a daughter of Miles L. & Dorcas Sarah Weimer Marsh; mar. Arthur Lee Clark, Mar. 7, 1905 at Olean, NY Survived by 2 bros: William M. Marsh & Fred T. Marsh; 2 nieces, Mrs. Neva Clark and Mrs. Anna Lindsey, all of Roulet; 1 nephew, Elmer Gillett of the Panama Canal Zone.
CLARK, Minerva Death 5-26-1891 Mrs. Minerva Clark, wife of James Clark of Coudersport, died May 26, 1891, age 45 years. Buried in Eulalia cemetery.
CLARK, Mittie Marriage 3-14-1888 Miss Mittie Clark of Pleasant Valley, PA & Mr. Wallace Holly of Myrtle, PA, mar. March 14, 1888 at Little Genesee, NY
CLARK, Myra Marriage 3-18-1877 Miss Myra Clark of Bingham & Frank Smith of Ulysses, mar. Mar. 18, 1877.
CLARK, N. P Marriage 08-1905 Miss Ellen Frink & N. P. Clark, both of Coudersport, married Aug. 23, 1905 at PennYan, NY
CLARK, Nelson Marriage 6-21-1871 Nelson Clark of Hebron & Miss Annie Henley of Sharon, PA, mar. June 21, 1871 in Ceres, NY
CLARK, Nelson Marriage 10-15-1829 Nelson Clark & Mary Ann Barrows, married Oct. 15, 1829 at Windham Co. Conn.
CLARK, Nelson Death 1-20-1893 Nelson Clark of Eulalia Twp., died Jan. 20, 1893, aged 85 years. Born in Mansfield, Windham Co. Conn. in 1808; came to Potter Co. in 1819; mar. Oct. 15, 1829 to Mary L. Burrows. They had 10 children.
CLARK, Norman Death 10-6-1881 Norman Clark of Gold, PA died Oct. 16, 1881, age 15y 6m.
CLARK, Ollie L. Marriage 02-1911 Miss Ollie L. Clark & James P. Kenote of Coudersport, mar. Feb. 25, 1911, in Buffalo, NY
CLARK, Ransom Marriage 2-22-1877 Ransom Clark & Miss Ettie Mead, both of Ulysses, mar. Feb. 22, 1877 in Ulysses.
CLARK, Reuben M. Death 12-30-1883 Reuben M. Clark, age 95 years, died Dec. 30, 1883 at the home of his son in law, Dr. R. V. Post in Hebron. One of the first settlers.
CLARK, Roy C. Marriage 2-4-1815 Roy C. Clark & Miss Hazel Kemp, daughter of Jesse Kemp, mar. Feb. 4, 1915.
CLARK, Sabra Death 4-27-1875 Mrs. Sabra Clark, wife of Reuben Clark, died Apr. 27, 1875, at the home of Frank White in Coudersport, after an illness of two days. She was 85 years old and one of the first settlers.
CLARK, Sarah Salome Marriage 6-28-1893 Miss Sarah Salome Clark of Coudersport & C. A. Whelan of Rigle, Colo., mar. June 28, 1893.
CLARK, Tilly M. Marriage 8-8-1877 Miss Tilly M. Clark of Bingham, Potter Co. PA & Charles Smith of Ulysses, mar. Aug. 18, 1877.
CLARK, William Death 9-1849 William Clark, age 3 yrs; b. PA; d. Sept.; dysentery. (Mortality census, for the year ending June 1, 1850).
CLARK, William J. Death 11-1939 William J. Clark of Harrison Valley died Nov. 17, 1939; born in North Bingham, Jan. 29, 1858, a son of Addison & Martha Chestnut Clark; mar. Mar. 24, 1881 to Miss Jennie A. Grover, who died Oct. 24, 1923. Survived by 3 daughters., 2 sons., 1 sister & 3 bros.
CLARK, William J. Marriage 3-23-1881 William J. Clark & Miss Jennie Grover, both of Bingham, mar. March 23, 1881.
CLARK, William L. Death 06-1912 William L. Clark of Austin died June 13, 1912, at the home of his son, Harry, age 78 years.
CLEMMER, Ambrose Marriage 12-19-1869 Ambrose Clemmer & Miss Mary Parmenter, both of Coudersport, mar. Dec. 19, 1869
CLENDENON, Sarah Death 8-7-1879 Sarah Clendenon of Ceres, McKean Co. PA, died Aug. 7, 1879, age 93 years, at the home of William K. King.
CLINTON, Benjamin Death 11-1910 Benjamin Clinton of Homer Twp. died Nov. 29, 1910.
CLINTON, Cora Marriage 7-5-1899 R. B. Greene & Miss Cora Clinton married July 5, 1899.
CLINTON, G. W. Marriage 10-30-1870 G. W. Clinton & Miss Alwilda Fairfield, both of Sylvania, mar. Oct. 30, 1870.
CLINTON, George (Mrs.) Birth 12-1-1838 Mrs. George Clinton was born Dec. 1, 1838
CLINTON, Henry Marriage 3-14-1895 Henry Clinton & Miss Adelia Reed, both of Summit Twp. mar. March 14, 1882.
CLINTON, Isa Marriage 1-14-1895 Miss Isa Clinton of Coudersport & Asa Hill of Westfield, mar. Jan. 14, 1895.
CLINTON, Jerry B. Death 10-28-1939 Jerry B. Clinton of Coudersport died Oct. 28, 1939; born at Brockport, Elk Co. PA Aug. 10, 1880, a son of Henry A. & Philena Bundy Clinton; Wellsville, NY; mar. Oct. 3, 1900 to Miss Bertha Meredith of Brockway. They had 2 daughters., Mrs. Ruby Barclay and Bonnibel Clinton of Wellsville, NY
CLINTON, Lyman Death 07-16-1906 Lyman Clinton of Moores Run died July 16, 1906, age 65 years. Survived by his wife and several grown children.
CLINTON, O. H. Death 05-28-1925 Mrs. O. H. Clinton died May 28, 1925 at the Austin Hospital; born 41 years ago in Hebron Twp.
CLINTON, Robert Marriage 12-3-1883 Robert Clinton & Elizabeth J. Haskins, both of Summit Twp., mar. Dec. 3, 1883.
CLINTON, Washington Death 12-1-1897 Washington Clinton of Moores Run died Dec. 1, 1897, age past 84 years.
CLOSE, Benjamin Death 8-31-1891 Benjamin Close, a Civil War veteran, died Aug. 31, 1891 at Elmer, PA
CLUCKEY, Helen L. Marriage 05-1923 Miss Helen L. Cluckey became the bride of Myrol Curry at Whitney Crossing, NY. They will reside in Gardwood NY. Mrs. Curry was formerly of Galeton.
CLUKEY, Otis Death 1-13-1892 Otis Clukey died Jan. 13, 1892 on Kettle Creek, age 21 years.
CLULOW, Edith (Pomeroy) Death 05-17-1937 Mrs. Edith Pomeroy Clulow died May 17, 1937 at Roulet; born Jan. 1, 1865 in Roulet; mar. in 1898 to Harry Clulow, who died in the state of Washington.
CLULOW, William Harry Marriage 6-22-1898 William Harry Clulow of Venango Co. PA & Miss Edith Pomeroy, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Seneca Pomeroy, mar. June 22, 1898.
CLYMER, Mary H. Marriage 8-10-1852 Miss Mary H. Clymer, daughter of Edward Clymer & William B. Clymer of Wellsboro, PA, mar. Aug. 10, 1852
CLYMER, William B. Marriage 8-10-1852 William B. Clymer of Wellsboro, PA & Miss Mary H. Clymer, daughter of Edward Clymer, mar. Aug. 10, 1852.
COATES, Harriet Ardell Marriage 11-12-1876 Miss Harriet Ardell Coates of Allegany Twp. & Lazelle M. Coy of Genesee, mar. Nov. 12, 1876.
COATS, Charles Marriage 1-21-1850 Charles Coats & Miss Alvira Ellis, both of Genesee Twp. mar. Jan. 21, 1850.
COATS, Frances Marriage 10-26-1873 Miss Frances Coats & Frank Bishop, mar. Oct. 26, 1873 at Andrews Settlement.
COATS, Franklin D. Marriage 06-1913 Miss Hilday Schoendorfer and Franklin D. Coats were married at Jersey Shore by Rev. Father Manley. The bride is a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Schoendorfer of Jersey Shore and a niece of C. R. Mosch of Galeton. [6-12-1913 paper]
COATS, Lizzie Marriage 09-26-1906 Miss Lizzie Coats & Lewis Gridley of Ulysses, PA, mar. Sept. 26, 1906.
COATS, Reuben Marriage 2-1887 Reuben Coats & Miss Zelma Carpenter, both of Allegany Twp., mar. Feb. __, 1887.
COATS, William Death 11-8-1886 William Coats, son of Charles & Elvira Coats, died Nov. 8, 1886 in his 21st year.
COBB, Angie Marriage 6-1-1874 Miss Angie Cobb, youngest daughter of Hon. Wm. Cobb of Spring Mills & E. B. Tullar, mar. June 1, 1874.
COBB, Clair Marriage 11-1918 Miss Edith M. Daily of Genesee & Clair Cobb, son of Theodore Cobb of Spring Mills, NY, married on Thanksgiving Day in 1918
COBB, Diana H. Death 12-4-1882 Mrs. Diana H. Cobb, relict of the late Horace Cobb of Spring Mills, died Dec. 4, 1882; born in Windham Co. Vt., June 14, 1811. Raised a large family.
COBB, Dorr R. Marriage 09-09-1903 Dorr R. Cobb & Miss Daisy Erlbeck, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Erlbeck, mar. Sept. 9, 1903.
COBB, Edward D. Death 8-29-1879 Edward D. Cobb, infant son of Daniel H. & Nettie L. Cobb, died in Coudersport, Aug. 29, 1879, age 4m 4d.
COBB, Elliott Marriage 4-26-1880 Elliott Cobb of West Branch & Miss Clara E. Robbins of Hector, mar. Apr. 26, 1880 at Sunderlinville.
COBB, Emma Marriage 10-27-1858 Miss Emma Cobb, eldest daughter of William Cob of Independence, NY & Eben L. Nelson of Middleboro, Mass., mar. Oct. 27, 1858.
COBB, Francis Marriage 9-9-1849 Mr. Francis Cobb & Miss Margaret Galutia, both of Allegany Twp., mar. Sept. 9, 1849.
COBB, George W. Marriage 09-15-1923 George W. Cobb & Miss Emma Osbourne of Walton were married at the Herriman home on Saturday by Rev. A. E. Herriman.
COBB, Grace Marriage 12-27-1917 Hildred Howard Hann of Carbondale, Pa. & Grace Cobb of Coudersport married Dec. 27, 1917.
COBB, Helena A. Marriage 12-29-1892 Miss Helena A. Cobb, daughter of D. H. Cobb of Ulysses & Mr. A. G. Miller of Elmira, NY, mar. Dec. 29, 1892 in Ulysses.
COBB, Henry Death 04-21-1923 Henry Cobb of Coudersport died at his home last Saturday (April 21, 1923) aged 80 years old. Survived by his wife, 2 sons; Horace of Ulysses and Dorr of Coudersport, and a daughter; Mrs. Frank Leete. Buried in Eulalia Cemetery.
COBB, Horace Marriage 8-27-1895 Horace Cobb & Carrie Carey married Aug. 27, 1895 at Lewisville.
COBB, John Marriage 01-1909 John Cobb of Corning, NY & Grace Storey of Sweden, mar. Jan. __, 1909.
COBB, Louise Marriage 10-09-1901 Louise Cobb, daughter of Henry Cobb & Frank A. Leete, mar. Oct. 9, 1901.
COBB, Louise Death 09-06-1923 Mrs. Louise Cobb of Coudersport died Wednesday at the age of 84. She survived her husband, Henry Cobb, by but a few months.
COBB, Lyman Marriage 02-05-1916 Lyman Cobb, son of Mr. & Mrs. D. H. Cobb & Miss Myra Hodges, mar. Feb. 5, 1916 at Olean, NY
COBB, Lyman H. Death 11-28-1892 Lyman H. Cobb of Coudersport died Nov. 28, 1892, age 43 years. Born at Spring Mills, NY Survived by his wife & a daughter
COBB, Lyman H. Marriage 12-24-1879 Lyman H. Cobb & Miss Edith Dickinson, both of Coudersport, mar. Dec. 24, 1879.
COBB, Pauline Death 6-27-1891 Miss Pauline Cobb of Ulysses died June 27, 1891.
COBB, Theodore Marriage 7-13-1864 Theodore Cobb of Spring Mills, Allegany Co. NY & Miss Maggie Metzger of Coudersport, mar. July 13, 1864.
COBB, William Death 2-26-1893 William Cobb of Spring Mills died Feb. 26, 1893, age 78 years. Survived by 4 children; William & Theodore of Spring Mills; Mrs. D. L. Freeborn of Knoxville; and Mrs. Tullar of Wellsville, NY
COBERN,Charles Marriage 7-3-1880 Charles Cobern & Sarah Gridley, both of Brookland, PA, mar. July 3, 1880.
COCHRAN, Clark Marriage 05-1913 Clark Cochran & Miss Hazel Kelly were married at Wellsboro by Rev. F. P. Simmons. She is the only daughter of Mrs. Emma Kelly Hess and Mr. Cochran is the only son of P. C. Cochran. [5-13-1913 paper]
COCHRAN, Emma [Anna] Marriage 10-14-1896 Emma Cochran of Reynoldsville & Frank Marble of Coudersport, mar. Oct. 14, 1896.
COCHRAN, John Marriage 01-29-1919 John Cochran of New Lexington, Ohio & Ada Shay, mar. Jan. 29, 1919.
CODDINGTON, Joseph Death 2-21-1896 Joseph Coddington died Feb. 21, 1896, age 69 years; born in Ulster Co. NY; came to Coudersport in 1869; mar. in 1872 to Mrs. Theresa Fisher, nee Fourness; 2 sons & a daughter were born to them.
CODY, ? Marriage 11-22-1900 Mr. Cody & Hattie Metcalf married Nov. 22, 1900.
COFFEE, John Death 03-10-1912 John Coffee died March 10, 1912 at his home in Genesee, age 83 years.
COFFIN, E. Jennie Marriage 12-27-1877 Miss E. Jennie Coffin, daughter of Dr. Coffin of Homewood, Beaver Co. PA & A. V. Sunderlin of Reed City, Mich., mar. Dec. 27, 1877.
COGGINS, John William Death 09-01-1928 John William Coggins of Austin died Sept. 1, 1928; born Feb. 28, 1875, and had lived here 31 years.
COLCORD Elizabeth (Shearer) Death 12-30-1905 Mrs. Albert John Colcord (Elizabeth Shearer) died Dec. 30, 1905 in her 66th year; mar. in 1860 at Bath, NY, daughter of John Shearer who came to Potter county with her and her husband. Survived by the following children; Dr. J. B. Colcord of Port Allegany; John S. Colcord, Mrs. Sue LeCompte of Coudersport; and Mrs. Iva Austin of University Place, Nebraska.
COLCORD, A. W. Marriage 7-14-1891 A. W. Colcord & Miss Eva Bradford, both of Milbank, S.D., mar. July 14, 1891.
COLCORD, Alice Marriage 8-26-1867 George Washington Berfield of Wharton & Miss Alice Colcord of Eulalia, mar. Aug. 26, 1867.
COLCORD, Alice Marriage 8-26-1867 Miss Alice Colcord of Eulalia & Washington Berfield of Wharton, mar. Aug. 26, 1867.
COLCORD, Amos D. Death 5-29-1885 Amos D. Colcord died May 25, 1885, age 49y 8m 17d.
COLCORD, Amos D. Marriage 7-11-1867 Amos D. Colcord of Eulalia Twp. & Sarah Taggart, mar. July 11, 1867 at Coudersport.
COLCORD, David Harold Marriage 07-28-1914 David Harold Colcord & Miss Florence Stinchcomb, mar. July 28, 1914 in Marshall, Mich.
COLCORD, Edith (Haskell) Death 12-09-1955 Edith Colcord, widow of Mahlon Colcord of Coudersport and daughter of Edwin Haskell, died Dec. 9, 1955 in Elgin Ill.
COLCORD, Family Death 12-1862

Children of D[avid] D. & Sarah Colcord:
Mary Lizzie Colcord, d. Oct. 21, 1862, age 3y 6m 21d.
Imogene B. Colcord, died Nov. 4, 1862, age 6y 5m 8d.
Sarah Amelia Colcord, died Dec. 20, 1862, age 12y 4m 0d.
Milton R. Colcord, died Dec. 28, 1862, age 1

COLCORD, John S. Marriage 6-16-1897 John S. Colcord & Anna Guenther married June 16, 1897 on South Hill, Coudersport.
COLCORD, John Sherer Death 7-17-1824 John Sherer Colcord of Coudersport died July 17, 1924; born Sept. 4, 1868, son of Albert & Betsey Sherer Colcord.
COLCORD, Julius Marriage 10-4-1894 Julius Colcord & Miss Lena Darrin, both of Coudersport, mar. Oct. 4, 1894 at Buffalo, NY
COLCORD, Mahlon J. Marriage 5-11-1886 Mahlon J. Colcord & Miss Edith Haskell married May 11, 1886.
COLCORD, Nancy (Ayers) Death 03-20-1918 Mrs. Nancy Colcord, widow of David Colcord, died Mar. 20, 1918; age 90 years; mar. 1st to Joseph L. Nelson who died Apr. 14, 1874; mar. 2nd in 1878 to David Colcord. Her maiden name was Ayers.
COLCORD, Sarah Marriage 08-23-1923 Sarah Colcord, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Julius Colcord & John Mullen of Chicago, mar. Aug. 23, 1923 at Chicago.
COLCORD, Sarah Death 10-31-1887 Mrs. Sarah Colcord, wife of Joseph Colcord, died Oct. 31, 1887, age 83 years, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jacob Peet, near Costello; born near Pompey, Onondaga Co. NY She survived her husband by twenty-five years, maiden name Sarah Dickinson.
COLCORD, Sarah (Peet) Death 9-5-1877 Mrs. Sarah Peet Colcord, wife of David Colcord of Homer, died Sept. 5, 1877, age 57 years.
COLCORD, Sarah (Taggert) Death 01-03-1903 Mrs. Sarah T. Colcord died Jan. 3, 1903. She was the last member of the Seth Taggart family to die at the old Peet homestead.
COLE, Arthur L. Marriage 10-7-1880 Arthur L. Cole of Clara & Miss Jennie D. Newton of Sharon, mar. Oct. 7, 1880.
COLE, Carrie Marriage 10-5-1878 Miss Carrie Cole of Clara & Amos F. Hollenbeck of Hebron, mar. Oct. 5, 1878 at Coudersport.
COLE, Carsaw M. Death 11-29-1867 Carsaw M. Cole died Nov. 29, 1867 in Hebron, age 23 years.
COLE, Charles Marriage 5-27-1882 Charles Cole & Miss Jessie Newton, both of Sharon, mar. May 27, 1882.
COLE, Elihu Death 12-31-1876 Elihu Cole, father of James Cole, died Dec. 31, 1876 in Allegany Twp.; born March 31, 1791.
COLE, Frederick Marriage 1-7-1839 Frederick Cole & Jeanette Baker, both of Coudersport, mar. Jan. 7, 1839.
COLE, James H. Death 11-09-1911 James H. Cole of Millport died Nov. 9, 1911, age 77 years.
COLE, L. Birney Death 09-03-2907 L. Birney Cole of Coudersport died Sept. 3, 1907; born Oct. 6, 1843 at Colesburg, and was the only remaining son of L. B. & Mary (Bishop) Cole.
COLE, Laura (Low) Death 04-04-1923 Mrs. Grant Cole died (April 4, 1923) at her home on Wednesday. Laura Low Cole was born at Dewittville, Ulster Co., NY, on August 31, 187_. She was married to grant Cole November 27, 1901 at Borden, NY. Survived by her husband, one son; Lewis and one daughter; Ethel, her father; Levi Lowe of Allegany, N.Y.; her mother; Mrs. Eliza Lowe, one sister; Mrs. Dora Mathern & 3 brothers; Edward Alyy and Frank Lowe.
COLE, Leon Marriage 11-1921 Leon Cole of Millport & Jennie Lockwood married Nov. __, 1921.
COLE, Lewis B. Death 2-10-1882 Lewis B. Cole of Coudersport died Feb. 10, 1882 in his 76th year; born July 18, 1808 in Ostego, NY; came to Coudersport in 1832; married in 1834.
COLE, Lucy Marriage 1-7-1866 Miss Lucy Cole of Allegany & Ovid Harris of Allegany were married Jan. 7, 1866 by me, V. Dickinson, J. P.
COLE, Lula Death 10-11-1903 Lula Cole of Fox Hill died Oct. 11, 1903, age 15 years.
COLE, Mary Death 02-17-1936 Mrs. Mary Cole of Millport died Feb. 17, 1936, age 89 years. Survived by 2 daughters., Mrs. Ernest Hyde of Millport and Miss Mattie Cole at home; and 1 son Leon Cole of Ceres.
COLE, Mary (Bishop) Death 8-8-1853 Mrs. Mary Bishop Cole, wife of L. B. Cole, Esq. of Coudersport, died Aug. 8, 1853, age 38y 9m.
COLE, Ransford Death 03-1923 Ransford Cole, aged 54 years, died at his home in Elmira last week. The remains were brought to the home of his mother in Sabinsville. He formerly lived in Galeton.
COLE, William B. Marriage 05-1906 William B. Cole & Miss Mayme Erleck, both of Coudersport, mar. May 12, 1906.
COLEGROVE, Lettie R. (Campbell) Marriage 11-15-1899 Mrs. Warren Colegrove & W. E. Newton, both of Sharon Center mar. Nov. (15), 1899.
COLEGROVE, Christopher Death 09-21-1900 Christopher Colegrove of Reesville died Sept. 21, 1900; born Nov. 2, 1810 9n Diretta , Madison Co. NY Survived by 3 children: George Colegrove of Reesville, Mrs. Nellie Sheldon of Providence, RI and ---.
COLEGROVE, Christopher (Mrs.) Death 09-11-1900 Mrs. Christopher Colegrove of Reesville died Sept. 11, 1900, age 87y 3m 29d. Came from Andover, NY
COLEGROVE, Harlow F. Marriage 11-16-1912 Miss Dora Klesa, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Franz Klesa of Coudersport & Harlow F. Colegrove of Hornell, married Nov. 16, 1912 at Coudersport.
COLEGROVE, Ida Marriage 12-22-1878 Ida Colegrove of Sharon, PA & George E. Kemp of Oswayo, mar. Dec. 22, 1878.
COLEGROVE, Lydia S. Marriage 10-1872 Miss Lydia S. Colegrove of Colegrove, McKean Co. PA & John S. Ross of Coudersport, mar. Oct. __, 1872.
COLEGROVE, M. Josephine Marriage 12-25-1813 M. Josephine Colegrove of Coudersport & Michael J. Tauscher of Sweden, mar. Dec. 25, 1913.
COLEGROVE, Warren L. Marriage 6-10-1883 Warren L. Colegrove of Sharon Center & Mrs. L. R. Benton of Allegany Twp., mar. June 10, 1883.
COLEMAN, Andy Marriage 6-17-1885 Andy Coleman of Port Allegany & Annis Burt, youngest daughter of J. K. Burt of Burtville, mar. June 17, 1885.
COLEMAN, Anna B. Marriage 05-31-1910 Anna B. Coleman & Thomas J. Yentzer, both of Roulet, mar. May 31, 1910.
COLEMAN, Julia A. Marriage 10-23-1848 Miss Julia A. Coleman of Liberty & John W. Crosier of Cuba, NY, mar. Oct. 23, 1848 in Liberty, McKean Co. PA
COLEMAN, Robert D. Marriage 09-08-1923 Robert D. Coleman of Lansing, Mich. & Miss Caroline Grabe of Coudersport, mar. Sept. 8, 1923 at Coudersport.
COLGROVE, Katie Marriage 10-1903 Alfred Groesbeck of Roulet & Katie Colegrove of Reesville, married Oct. 25, 1903 at Olean, NY
COLLAR, John Death 7-31-1899 John Collar of Ellisburg died July 31, 1899, age 25 years.
COLLAR, Olive W. Marriage 7-3-1876 Miss Olive W. Collar of Ellisburg & Frank A. Hendryx of Allegany Twp., mar. July 3, 1876.
COLLAR, Thomas Death 2-1894 Thomas Collar of Ellisburg died Feb. __. 1894, age abt. 70 yrs.
COLLER, E. Marriage 10-24-1875 Miss E. Coller of Genesee & Myron Reynolds of Allegany, mar. Oct. 24, 1875.
COLLER, Lucy Marriage 7-4-1875 Lucy Coller of Genesee & Augustus Beach of Shongo, PA, mar. July 4, 1875.
COLLIER, Eleanor (McCutcheon) Marriage 2-1-1898 Mrs. Charles Collier, nee Eleanor McCutcheon, & Dr. T. DeWitt Talmage, mar. Feb. 1, 1898 in Allegany.
COLLINS, Katherine Marriage 01-1905 Miss Katherine Collins of Coudersport & Louis G. Eimer of Roulet, mar. Jan. __. 1905, at Smethport, PA
COLLINS, M.C. Marriage 4-10-1899 M. C. Collins of Austin & Miss Grace Lillian Josephine Baldwin of Dukes Center, PA, mar. Apr. 10, 1899 in Olean, NY
COLLINS, Nellie Marriage 8-18-1881 Miss Nellie Collins of Coudersport & J. E. Plum of Elmira, NY, mar. Sept. 18, 1881.
COLVIN, Gaylord Death 5-8-1883 Judge Gaylord Colvin of Osceola died May 8, 1883, age 82 years. He came first to this valley with his parents from Herkimer Co. NY in 1809 and settled at Academy Corners, in Deerfield Twp. On arriving at manhood, he removed to Oneida Co. N. Y. and later to Bingham, Potter Co. Pa. and finally to Osceola in 1872.
COLVIN, Mary C. Marriage 9-29-1858 Miss Mary C. Colvin, daughter of Hon. G. G. Colvin of Bingham & Charles L. Hoyt of Knoxville, Tioga Co. PA, mar. Sept. 29, 1858.
COLWELL, Benjamin S. Marriage 10-5-1865 Benjamin S. Colwell of Coudersport & Miss Adaline Griswold of Scottsville, NY, mar. Oct. 5, 1865.
COLWELL, George W. Marriage 9-8-1875 George W. Colwell & Mary J. Gordnier married Sept. 8, 1875 at Angelica, NY
COLWELL, Sallie M. Death 8-5-1864 Mrs. Sallie M. Colwell, wife of Benjamin Colwell of Coudersport, died Aug. 5, 1864, (at Addison, NY)
COLWELL, William Marriage 10-2-1865 William Colwell & Miss Sue Barnes, both of Sharon Twp., mar. Oct. 2, 1865.
COMSTOCK, Laura Marriage 9-4-1881 Laura Comstock & W. W. Harvey married Sept. 4, 1881 at the home of Jacob Grantier in Ulysses.
CONABLE, Adelbert L. Marriage 8-1-1895 Adelbert L. Conable & Elizabeth A. Reynolds of Gold, mar. Aug. 1, 1895 at the home of her sister, Mrs. A. C. Allis.
CONABLE, Alice S. Marriage 9-5-1875 Alice S. Conable of West Branch & Franklin Stewart of Cameron, NY, mar. Sept. 5, 1875 at Germania.
CONABLE, Anna May Death 8-27-1883 Anna May Conable, infant twin daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Willis Conable, died Aug. 27, 1883 at West Branch, age 3m 8d.
CONABLE, Edward D. Marriage 09-04-1912 Vida Elizabeth Griesel & Edward D. Conable, both of Coudersport, married Sept. 4, 1912.
CONABLE, Eva Marriage 12-1915 Miss Eva Conable & William Hart, both of Gold, mar. Dec. 18, 1915.
CONABLE, Fred Death 11-1902 Fred Conable of Raymond died Nov. 12, 1902, age 36 years.
CONABLE, G. E. Marriage 11-29-1885 G. E. Conable & Miss Nora Parker, both of Raymond, mar. Nov. 29, 1885.
CONABLE, Ina May Marriage 10-1909 Miss Ina May Conable, daughter of Willis Conable, of Ulysses & Dr. F. W. Daugherty of DuBois, PA, mar. Oct. 30, 1909 at Wellsboro, PA
CONABLE, Mamie Death 1-25-1882 Mamie Conable, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Willis Conable, died Jan. 25, 1882 at West Branch, PA, age about 4 mos.
CONABLE, Sabra Death 12-22-1891 Mrs. Sabra Conable of West Branch died Dec. 22, 1891, age 59 yrs. Survived by her husband and 7 children.
CONABLE, Samuel Maxwell Death 6-29-1881 Samuel Maxwell Conable, son of William and Alice Conable, died June 29, 1881 in West Branch, PA, age 5y 2m 24d.
CONABLE, Sarah L. Marriage 2-5-1876 Miss Sarah L. Conable & Arthur L. Presho married Feb. 5, 1876, at Raymond, PA
CONE, Edith Marriage 2-28-1895 Miss Edith Cone & Charles Buell, both of Austin, mar. Feb. 28, 1895.
CONE, Edward Marriage 1-1-1880 Edward Cone & Miss May Stillman, both of Hebron, mar. Jan. 1, 1880.
CONE, Emma (Swift) Death 7-23-1882 Mrs. Emma Cone of Hebron died July 23, 1882. She was the wife of Will Cone and youngest daughter of Elijah Swift and was in her 20th year. Leaves a daughter a week old.
CONE, Hattie Death 8-28-1868 Hattie Cone, daughter of A. P. Cone was drowned Aug. 29, 1868, age 12 years. (Taken from Wellsville paper).
CONE, Herbert D. Marriage 2-16-1882 Rev. Herbert D. Cone & Miss Helen K. Davis of New York City, mar. Feb. 16, 1882.
CONE, Ida F. Marriage 12-25-1870 Miss Ida F. Cone of Hebron Twp. & A. J. Reynolds of Ward, Allegany Co. NY, mar. Dec. 25, 1870.
CONE, Jane Death 03-1902 Mrs. Jane Cone died Mar. 6, 1902 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Coe. Survived also by a son, William Cone.
CONE, May (Kenyon) Death 4-18-1883 Mrs. May Cone, wife of Edward Cone and daughter of G. W. Kenyon of Nortonville, Kansas, died Apr. 18, 1883 in her 21st year. Her mother died when she was 3 months old and she was adopted by Mr. & Mrs. Alanson Stillman and lived with them until her marriage 3 years ago.
CONE, Will Marriage 1-1884 Will Cone & Della Spencer are married and living in Hebron in 1884.
CONE, William Marriage 6-12-1881 William Cone & Miss Emma Swift, both of Hebron, mar. June 12, 1881.
CONEVERY, Frank Marriage 12-9-1880 Frank Conevery & Miss Helen E. Bullard, daughter of Massena Bullard, mar. Dec. 9, 1880 at Wellsboro, PA
CONFER, Ada Marriage 09-1912 Dwight Fourness & Mrs. Ada Confer, both of Coudersport, married Sept. 26, 1912 at Rochester, NY
CONKLIN, Fidelia Marriage 3-31-1883 Miss Fidelia Conklin of Windsor, NY & Edward F. Hopkins of Hornellsville, NY, mar. Mar. 31, 1883 at the home of L. D. Judd in Windsor, Broome Co. NY
CONLON, Thomas Marriage 1-10-1894 Thomas Conlon of Costello & Miss Eliza Curly of Coudersport, mar. Jan. 10, 1894 at Coudersport.
CONNELLY, Harold Spencer Birth 12-1912 A son was born to Mr. & Mrs. Glen Connelly on December 26, 1912. His name, Harold Spencer.
CONNELLY, Raymond D. Marriage 08-29-1923 Raymond D. Connelly & Miss Leah Rukgaber were married last Saturday at the Presbyterian Manse. The bride is a daughter of C. G. Rukgaber and the groom is the oldest son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Connelly.
CONNOLLY, Fannie Marriage 7-27-1898 Miss Fannie Connolly & Norman Pinney, mar. July 27, 1898 at Coudersport,
CONNOLLY, Florence Marriage 06-26-1919 Dewey McGonnell of Coudersport & Miss Florence Connolly of Port Allegany married June 26, 1919.
CONNOR, Edward Death 11-27-1897 Edward Connor died Nov. 27, 1897 at the Eleven Mile; born Apr. 2, 1852 in Orange Co. NY Survived by his wife, Ella Rozell Connor, 2 sons & 2 daughters.
CONNOR, J. E. Marriage 10-24-1892 J. E. Connor of Roulet & Miss Cora E. Wetherbee of Coryville, mar. Oct. 24, 1892 by the Rev. J. Holmes.
CONNOR, Mary Marriage 10-1903 Miss Mary Connor of Chrystal & E. P. Williams of Genesee, mar. Oct. 25, 1903 at Wellsville, NY
CONRAD, John Merrit Death 10-29-1887 John Merrit Conrad died Oct. 29, 1887 at Austin, age 29 years. Survived by his wife and 3 young children. Buried in the McFall cemetery on the East Fork.
CONWAY, David Marriage 8-8-1869 Mr. David Conway, Esq. & Miss Sarah J. Campbell, both of Cross Fork, Potter Co. married Aug. 8, 1869.
CONWAY, Jean Death 3-24-1854 Jean Conway, wife of William Conway of Abbott Twp., died Mar. 24, 1854 in her 64th years.
COOK, Andrew D. Marriage 01-20-1917 Mrs. Lydia S. Mitchell & Andrew D. Cook, both of Coudersport, married Jan. 20, 1917.
COOK, Burt Marriage 07-1901 Burt Cook & Miss Lulu Bell Toles of Coudersport married July 17, 1901.
COOK, E. F. Marriage 9-19-1870 E. F. Cook of Millport & Miss Cynthia S. Hackett of Homer Twp. married Sept. 19, 1870.
COOK, M. R. Death 11-07-1923 M. R. Cooke, Supt of Beerstown Acetate Plant at Walton, NY., a former resident of Galeton was fatally injured in an automobile accident, November 7, 1923. He was born at Nelson, Tioga Co., Pa. August 25, 1860. In 1896 he was married to Miss Elizabeth Daily of Austin, PA. Survived by his widow and the following sons and daughters, Miss Marian Cooke, Buffalo, ; W. D. Cooke, Philadelphia; Mrs. E. S. Laberdee, Gouvernour; Mrs. E. A. Secor, Geneva, N.Y. and Leda Cooke, Belmore, L.I., N.Y.
COOK, Matilda Death 07-1901 Mrs. Matilda Cook who had been visiting her son in Coudersport, returned to Whitesville and died July __, 1901, age 74 years.
COOK, Nathaniel Marriage 1-1-1870 Nathaniel Cook of Elmira, NY & Miss Amelia Ticknor of Allegany Twp., mar. Jan. 1, 1870.
COOK, Pearl Marriage 08-1919 Cameron Deiter & Miss Pearl Cook, both of Coudersport, married Aug. 26, 1919.
COOL, Jerusha Marriage 8-9-1849 Miss Jerusha Cool, daughter of Rev. W. P. Cool of Hebron Twp. & Rev. E. Hudson of Ulysses, mar. Aug. 9, 1849.
COOL, Jessie Marriage 1-1-1898 Miss Jessie Cool of Andrews Settlement & Dayton G. Pomeroy of Roulet, mar. Jan. 1, 1898.
COOL, Mary Marriage 4-17-1849 Miss Mary Cool of Hebron & William Coolidge of Wellsboro, mar. April, 17, 1849.
COOL, Walter P. Marriage 4-27-1882 Walter P. Cool & Louisa Warner, both of Allegany Twp., mar. April 27, 1882 in Coudersport.
COOL, William Marriage 4-28-1891 William Cool & Mabel White, daughter of Hon. Rodney White of Roulet, mar. April 28, 1891.
COOL, William Marriage 6-27-1893 William Cool & Cora Eaton, both of Galeton, mar. June 27, 1893.
COOL, William P. Death 3-14-1876 Rev. William P. Cool died March 14, 1876 in his 74th year, at Iona Co. Mich. where he had moved in 1863; had lived in Hebron Twp. for 22 years, where his first wife and 2 children died. He married again and raised a daughter and 4 sons, John, James & Edward.
COOLEY, E. H. Marriage 08-1903 E. H. Cooley & Miss Bertha Rennells, both of Coudersport, mar. August 20, 1903.
COOLIDGE, Amos Death 5-16-1851 Amos Coolidge of Pike Twp. died May 16, 1851, age about 70 yrs.
COOLIDGE, William Marriage 4-17-1849 William Coolidge of Wellsboro & Miss Mary Cool of Hebron, mar. April 17, 1849.
COON, Anna Louise Marriage 11-1927 Miss Anna Louise Coon of Coudersport & Chester Lee Irving of Shinglehouse, mar. Nov. 2, 1927 at Olean, NY
COON, Bradley Marriage 12-8-1899 Bradley Coon & Katherine Woolevever of Sweden Valley, Mar. Dec. 8, 1899.
COON, Bradley Marriage 5-25-1896 Bradley Coon & Lula Wade married May 25, 1896 at Coudersport.
COON, Jennie Marriage 2-11-1890 Miss Jennie Coon of Roulet, PA & Theodore Yentzer of Sweden, PA mar. Feb. 11, 1890.
COON, Josiah Marriage 7-1-1860 Josiah Coon & Miss Thankful Knowlton, both of Roulet, PA, mar. July1, 1860 by E. H. Burt, Esq.
COONEY, Evelyn Marriage 06-19-1923 Mr. Earl Kelly & Miss Evelyn Cooney were married June 19th at St. Augustine Church in Austin.
COONEY, John Marriage 02-1926 John Cooney & Elizabeth Brownlee, both of Costello, mar. Feb. __. 1926.
COONS, Chester W. Marriage 11-30-1905 Miss Anna M. Klesa of Sweden Valley & Chester W. Coons, married Nov. 30, 1905.
COONS, George L. Death 05-09-1923 George L. Coons, veteran salesman of Scoville, Brown & Co. of Wellsville died May 9, 1923 at the store of L. A. Wilson at Gold, Pa.
COONS, Vance Marriage 09-1917 Miss Lottie Gates, daughter of Lewis Fessenden of Roulet & Vance Coons, married Sept. 5, 1917 in Buffalo. She had lived for years at the home of W. S. Gates in Sweden Valley.
COOPER. ? Death 05-20-1878 5-20-1878: On the first Saturday of May as Andrew Erway and his little son, Lewis were fishing near New York State line, they found a man dead in the creek. He had apparently undertaken to walk across the creek on a log that lie above water, and fell off and drowned. He was a stranger, known by none who saw him after his death. He came to White’s Corners Friday and was seen to take the path in the direction of which he was found. The path led through the woods to a settlement over the state line. A man apparently sixty or seventy years of age. Walked with a cane, apparently on one toe of boot. No papers found on him with which to identify him. In his pocket was a pocket book containing $1.90 a box of collars, neckties and jackknife.
6-1-1878: The body of the man who was found dead in the creek near the state line recently has been identified by his friends. His name was Cooper, and he is said to have been eighty years of age. HVJ NR  
COPE, George Marriage 06-1916 Miss Winnie Erlbeck of Coudersport & George Cope of California, married June 6, 1906 in San Francisco, Calif.
COPELAND, John N. Death 8-29-1890 John N. Copeland died Aug. 29, 1890 at Lithia Springs, Ga.; born July 23, 1866 in Lima, NY
CORBETT, Michael Marriage 05-02-1900 Michael Corbett & Mary Lauffenberger married May 2, 1900.
CORCORAN, Anthony Death 09-1913 Anthony Corcoran of Genesee died Sept. 15, 1913.
CORCORAN, Mary Marriage 6-20-1893 Miss Mary Corcoran of Irish Settlement & James Donovan of Wellsville, NY mar. June 20, 1893.
COREY , Arthur Marriage 2-1898 Arthur Corey & Miss Flora Belle Langdon, mar. Feb. __,1898 at Coudersport.
COREY, Anson D. Death 7-6-1893 A. D. Corey, Esq. of Lewisville died July 16, 1893; born in 1824 in Almond, NY, son of Ambrose Corey.
COREY, Arabella Marriage 3-9-1877 Arabella Corey, daughter of Edwin Corey & Albert H. Walters, mar. Mar. 9, 1899.
COREY, Edward Marriage 11-17-1875 Edward Corey & Miss Mary A. Baker of Ulysses, mar. Nov. 17, 1875.
COREY, Girtie Death 5-9-1877 [Girtie] Corey, only daughter of Denzal & Nettie Corey, died May 9, 1877 in Ulysses, age 11m 8d.
COREY, Miriam D. (Mrs.) Marriage 3-15-1878 Mrs. Miriam D. Corey of Detroit, Mich. & Amos Raymond of Ulysses mar. Mar. 15, 1878 in Emporium, PA
COREY, Myra Marriage 08-1911 Edward A. Guenter & Miss Myra Corey, married Aug. 16, 1911 at Jamestown, NY
COREY, Selina Marriage 7-3-1852 Miss Selina Corey & Chester C. Lyman, both of Ulysses, mar. July 3, 1852.
COREY,Clifford Marriage 11-1920 Clifford Corey & Miss Violet Quimby of Inez married Nov. __, 1920.
CORNELISON, William G. Marriage 11-25-1890 William G. Cornelison of Sidney, Australia & Miss Carrie E. King of Ceres, mar. Nov. 25, 1890.
CORNELIUS, Addie (Clark) Death 11-1936 Mrs. Addie Cornelius died Nov. 10, 1936 in Columbus, Ga. age 66 yrs., a daughter of Porter Clark. Survived by her husband.
CORNELIUS, Anna (Baker) Death 01-1924 Mrs. Anna Cornelius, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Baker, died in 1924, age 68 years.
CORNELIUS, Anna F. Death 02-15-1923 Mrs. Anna F. Cornelius died last Thursday at her home in Colesburg. Buried in Raymond cemetery. She was the mother of Mrs. William Wolfanger of Galeton.
CORNELIUS, David Marriage 10-4-1874 David Cornelius & Miss Anna Baker, both of Homer, mar. Oct. 4, 1874.
CORNELIUS, Jennie Marriage 12-1907 Miss Jennie Cornelius of Oswayo & John Slaughter of Olean, NY mar. Dec. __, 1907 at Ceres.
CORNELIUS, Marion Marriage 2-27-1892 Miss Marion Cornelius & Frank Pearsall, both of Coudersport, mar. Feb. 27, 1892 at Olean, NY
CORNELL, Doris Death 12-1946 Doris Cornell, wife of Merle Cornell died Dec. 7, 1946.
CORNELL, Frank Death 03-1913 Frank Cornell died at Wellsville yesterday [3-5-1913]. He was employed as a conductor on the B & S [Railroad] and had his headquarters at Galeton.
CORNELL, Hiram Death 11-1909 Hiram Cornell of Roulet died Nov. 1, 1909 age 70 yrs. He was a Civil War veteran, a member of the 149th Reg. Co. K. Bucktails. Survived by his wife and 8 out of 10 children: Mrs. Fannie Fessenden, Mrs. Belle Knowlton, William Cornell of Galeton, Mrs. Mittie Matteson of Coudersport, Frank Cornell of Roulet, Charles Cornell of Penn Yan, Mrs. Marie White of Colesburg, and Perry Cornell of Roulet.
CORNELL, Hiram Marriage 6-3-1860 Hiram Cornell & Miss Mary Knowlton, both of Roulet, mar. June 3, 1860.
CORNELL, Isabell Marriage 2-3-1860 Isabell Cornell & Charles A. Knowlton, both of Roulet, mar. Feb. 3, 1882 at Emporium.
CORNELL, Mary (Knowlton) Death 04-24-1915 Mrs. Mary Cornell, an aged woman of Roulet, died Apr. 24, 1915.
CORNELL, Maryette (Church) Marriage 1-1-1878 Mrs. Maryette Cornell, daughter of Mrs. Thomas Church of Lockport, NY & Frank A. Raymond, mar. Jan. 1, 1878.
CORNELL, Nathan D. Marriage 9-16-1890 Nathan D. Cornell of Baltimore, Md. & Miss Anna Richardson of Austin, PA mar. Sept. 16, 1890 at Olean, NY
CORNELL, William Floyd Death 5-21-1836 William Floyd Cornell died Mary 21, 1936; born Apr. 29, 1867 at Troupsburg, NY, a son of Hiram & Mary Knowlton Cornell. He was one of 10 children; mar. May Smith of Roulet. They had 2 sons, Guy who died at age 7 and Paul who is in the southwest; also 2 sisters, Mrs. H. D. White of Colesburg and Mrs. Fanny Morey of Roulet.
CORSAW, Chester L., Jr. Marriage 12-10-1883 Chester Corsaw of Sweden & Miss Jennie Rischel of Smethport, mar. Dec. 10, 1883.
CORSAW, Chester Lush, Sr. Death 11-21-1886 Chester Lush Corsaw of Sweden, pioneer settler, died Nov. 21, 1886, age 85 years.
CORSAW, Emily Marriage 2-4-1849 Miss Emily Corsaw of Sweden Twp & Marcus Flynn, mar. Feb. 4, 1849.
CORSAW, Henderson K. Death 4-24-1884 Henderson Corsaw, eldest son of C. L. Corsaw of Sweden, died Apr. 24, 1884, age 41 yrs. Survived by his wife, parents & 5 brothers.
CORSAW, Henderson K. Marriage 5-27-1873 Henderson K. Corsaw of Sweden, PA & Miss Orel V. Schofield of Eulalia Twp, mar. May 24, 1873 at Lymansville.
CORSAW, Jennie (Rischel) Marriage 10-27-1917 John R. Ferris of Ulysses & Mrs. Jennie Corsaw of Potter Brook married Oct. 27, 1917.
CORSAW, John Death 5-1-1851 John Corsaw of Coudersport died May 1, 1851, age nearly 64 yrs.
CORSAW, Nettie (Bloomer) Death 01-1932 Nettie Corsaw, wife of DeForest Corsaw and daughter of John Bloomer, died Jan. 10, 1932.
CORSAW, Rachel Death 1-12-1878 Mrs. Rachel Corsaw died Jan. 12, 1878 on Fishing Creek, in Clara Twp., age 85y 2m 13d.
CORSAW, Warren Death 02-1911 Warren Corsaw of Sweden Hill died Feb. 15, 1911 at Hornell, NY: born Oct. 13, 1850.
CORSAW, Warren Marriage 2-21-1873 Warren Corsaw of Sweden & Miss Bertha Wood of Lymansville, mar. Feb. 21, 1873.
CORTHELL, Clinton L. Marriage 9-1-1887 Clinton L. Corthell of Findley, Ohio & Mary Alice Boyington of Roulet, mar. Sept. 1, 1887 at Coudersport.
CORTWRIGHT, Lucretia Marguerite Marriage 04-30-1913 Lucretia Marguerite Cortright, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. H. R. Cortright was married to Jesse Lionel Howard yesterday [4-30-1913] at her parents home. Mr. Howard is the son of Mr. & Mrs. L. Howard of Friendship, NY.
CORWIN, Arlington R. Marriage 05-1902 Arling L. Corwin & Miss Harriet Hopkins, daighter of David Hopkins, mar. May 6, 1902.
CORWIN, Eugene Marriage 9-3-1881 Eugene Corwin & Miss Edith Pearsall, both of Shinglehouse, mar. Sept. 3, 1881.
CORY, C. Daniel Marriage 8-24-1891 C. Daniel Cory & Miss Stella J. Wheaton, both of Sunderlinville, mar. Aug. 24, 1891 in Hornellsville, NY
CORY, Lizzie Marriage 7-31-1879 Miss Lizzie Cory & Henry Childs Ledyard, both of San Jose, mar. July 31, 1879 at San Jose, Calif.
COSOLOWSKY, Johan Death 10-2801861 Johan Petter Friedtjof Cosolowsky of Coudersport died Oct. 28, 1861, age 20y 5m.
COSOLOWSKY, John Death 2-20-1873 John Cosolowsky died at Christiana, Norway, Feb. 20, 1873, age 63 years. He was one of the party of the Ole Bull Colony about 20 years ago. In 1863 he located in Titusville and married a Mrs. Weaver in 1866. He lived in Coudersport for a time. Returned to Norway with one son.
COSTELLO, Frank Marriage 4-17-1880 Frank Costello of Williamstown, Oswego Co. NY & Miss Susie Doyle of Eleven Mile, Potter Co. PA, mar. Apr. 17, 1880.
COSTELLO, Susie A. (Doyle) Death 3-13-1882 Mrs. Susie A. Costello, wife of Frank Costello and eldest daughter of Patrick & Mary Doyle of Oswayo, died Mar. 13, 1882 at Bear Butte Valley, Dakota, age 29 years.
COSTELLO, Thomas J. Marriage 10-5-1882 T. J. Costello of Carrolton, NY & Miss Mary E. Gillon of Coudersport, mar. Oct. 5, 1882.
COSTELLO, William J. Marriage 3-1-1892 William J. Costello & Miss Julia Dodd, both of Sweden Valley, mar. Mar. 1, 1892.
COSTON, Frederick G. Death 10-1887 Frederick G. Coston died Oct. __, 1887, age 87 years, at the home of his daughter Mrs. Sarah W. Warner of Harrison.
COSTON, Lydia S. Marriage 9-11-1870 Lydia S. Coston of Harrison, PA & Avery Graves of Montour, NY, mar. Sept. 11, 1870.
COTTER, Charles B. Death 7-5-1873 Charles B. Cotter died July 5, 1873 in Saginaw, Mich., age 58 yrs.; born March 18, 1815, near East Aurora, NY At one time published the Potter Pioneer.
COTTER, Charles C. Marriage 2-4-1874 Charles C. Cotter & Miss Marion L. Marvin married Feb. 4, 1874 at Saginaw City, Mich,
COTTER, Crenia Marriage 9-16-1897 Crenia Cotter & Lee F. Smock, son of Samuel Smock, both of Coudersport, mar. Sept. 16, 1897.
COTTER, Marguerite Genievive Marriage 12-19-1923 Marguerite Genevieve Cotter, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James J. Cotter of Buffalo was married to Mr. Howard J. Ruddy on Wednesday (December 19, 1923) in the Second United Presbyterian Rectory by Rev. W. W. Hopping. The bride was formerly of Galeton.
COULSTON , John B. Marriage 3-10-1891 John B. Coulston of Austin & Miss Nora Seibert of Sanders, mar. Nov. 10, 1891, at Sanders.
COULSTON, John Death 2-26-1880 John Coulston of Bingham died Feb. 26, 1880, age 82 yrs & 23 ds.
COULSTON, John, Sr. Death 03-1919 John Coulston, Sr. of Pasadena, Calif. died Mar. __. 1919.
COULSTON, Joseph Death 02-1929 Joseph Coulston of Genesee died Feb. __. 1929, age 81 years.
COULSTON, Joseph Marriage 5-4-1875 Joseph Coulston & Miss Martha Daniels, both of Genesee, mar. May 4, 1875.
COULSTON, Maria Death 03-1911 Mrs. Thomas Coulston of Genesee Twp., died Mar. 16, 1911. She is survived by her husband and 2 adopted children.
COUNCILMAN, Hattie (Dodge) Death 7-24-1898 Mrs. Frank Councilman of Elmer died July 24, 1898.
COUNTRYMAN, Kate Marriage 09-01-1923 Mrs. Kate Countryman & Frank Knight were married last Saturday at the Presbyterian Manse by Rev. W. D. Hevner.
COURTRIGHT, Henrietta Marriage 02-23-1905 Roy Hammond of DuBois & Miss Etta Courtright of Austin married Feb. 23, 1905.
COURTRIGHT, S. W. Marriage 04-08-1878 S. W. Courtright and Miss Emma Bartoo were married March 17, 1878 by Rev. Thomas
COURTWRIGHT, Bertha Marriage 8-15-1893 Bertha Courtright of Wharton & Robert Martin of Antigonish, NS., mar. Aug. 15, 1893.
COURTWRIGHT, Orrin Death 01-1932 Orrin Courtright was born in Owego, NY in 1844; came to Potter county when 12 years old. His father and one brother died in the Civil War. He died in 1932.
COVELL, Ira Marriage 03-05-1902 Ira Covell & Miss Nora Chaffee of Sunderlinville, mar. Mar. 5, 1902.
COVELL, Ladora (Dayton) Death 02-1933 Mrs Ladora Covell of Galeton died Feb. 4, 1933, age 75 yrs.; mar. May 17, 1897 to Wells Covell. Survived by her husband and one brother, Elmer Dayton of Williamsport.
COVEY, James G. Marriage 09-06-1905 Katherine Knox & James G. Covey, both of Coudersport, married Sept. 6, 1905.
COVEY, John Clyde Marriage 9-5-1806 J. Clyde Covey of Coudersport & Miss Orpha Cunningham of Genesee, mar. Sept. 5, 1906.
COVEY, John Marcellus Death 11-17-1886 John Marcellus Covey of Coudersport died Nov. 17, 1886 at a hospital in Philadelphia. He was within a few days of being 42 years of age,
COVEY, Lillian Marriage 7-27-1892 Lillian Covey & Frank French married July 27, 1892 at Coudersport.
COWLES, Victoria Marriage 10-19-1863 Miss Viebria Cowles, formerly of Wayne Co., PA & Rinaldo McDonald of Sharon, mar. Oct. 19, 1862.
COX, John Marriage 3-11-1883 John Cox of Elmira, NY & Miss Mary Plageman of Ulysses, mar. March 11, 1883.
COY, Clara Mae Marriage 11-08-1916 Glendora Edwin Earle of Portage & Miss Clara Mae Coy of Austin married Nov. 8, 1916.
COY, Lazelle M. Death 11-12-1876 Lazelle M. Coy & Miss Harriet Ardell Coats of Allegany, mar. Nov. 12, 1876 at Clara, PA. Mr. Coy was from Genesee.
COYKENDALL, Susannah Marriage 10-11-1873 Susannah Coykendall & Rev. John Mack, both of Harrison Twp., mar. Oct. 11, 1873 by Rev. F. G. Stephens.
COYLE, William Marriage 11-14-1887 William Coyle & Miss Maggie Doyle, both of Eleven Mile, mar. Nov. 14, 1887.
CRAMMER, Elmer Marriage 11-25-1882 Elmer Crammer & Miss Angie Gridley married Nov. 25, 1882 at Brookland, PA
CRANDALL, A. A. Marriage 6-28-1878 A. A. Crandall of Coudersport & Mrs. Mary A. Curry of Salamanca, NY, mar. June 28, 1878.
CRANDALL, Adelma J. Death 8-19-1875 Adelma J. Crandall of Hebron died Aug. 19, 1875, age 8 yrs.
CRANDALL, Alfred Newton Death 02-1928 Alfred Newton Crandall, son of Ira & Rebecca Babbitt Crandall, died Feb. 28, 1938; born Aug. 14, 1865 near Main Settlement; mar. in 1892 to Amarilla Horton of Victor, NY
CRANDALL, Alta (Green) Death 4-2-1896 Mrs. W. L. Crandall of Hebron died April 2, 1896, age 43 years. Survived by her husband and 8 children.
CRANDALL, B. F. Marriage 9-27-1873 Mr. B. F. Crandall of East Sharon & Miss Ann Sealy of Sharon, PA, mar. Sept. 27, 1873 at Portville, NY
CRANDALL, Cora Marriage 12-25-1893 Miss Cora Crandall & Lincoln Burdick married Dec. 25, 1893.
CRANDALL, Daniel E. Marriage 4-11-1874 Daniel E. Crandall & Miss Katie A. Turck married Apr. 11, 1874 in Pike Twp.
CRANDALL, Earl Marriage 7-31-1828 Earl Crandall, bro. of Mrs. L. E. Burdick, died July 31, 1928. in Brookfield, MO.
CRANDALL, Earl B. Marriage 02-1920 Earl B. Crandall & Miss Agnes A. Therioult of Galeton, mar. Feb. 15, 1920.
CRANDALL, George M. Death 3-29-1876 George M. Crandall, son of Frank & Ann Crandall, died Mar. 29, 1876, age 6m.
CRANDALL, Glenn Orrin Death 6-6-1887 Glenn Orrin Crandall, son of Daniel & Kate Crandall, died June 6, 1887 at West Pike, age 5m 23d.
CRANDALL, Grace L. Marriage 05-1906 Miss Grace L. Crandall & Daniel B. Clark, both of Crandall Hill, mar. May 29, 1906.
CRANDALL, Ira Death 01-28-1902 Ira Crandall, father of A. N. Crandall of Portville, died Jan. 28, 1902.
CRANDALL, Jennie A. Marriage 10-13-1873 Miss Jennie A. Crandall & John Smith, both of Ulysses Twp., mar. Oct. 13, 1873.
CRANDALL, Maria Elizabeth Death 02-02-1939 Mrs. Maria Elizabeth Crandall of Ulysses died Feb. 2, 1939; born Aug. 3, 1845, daughter of George & Betsey Jorden; mar. in 1862 to William White and they had 3 children; mar. 2nd. in 1900 to Oscar Crandall of Gold. Survived by a dau. Mrs. Frances Stewart and a son, Austin White, both of Ulysses. Also, a grand dau., Mrs. William Russell of Coudersport. Buried in the Fox Hill Cemetery.
CRANDALL, Merton M. Marriage 1-31-1891 Miss Merton M. Crandall & William Matteson of Hebron, mar. Jan. 3, 1891.
CRANDALL, O. E. Marriage 02-1900 O. E. Crandall & Maud Gardner, both of Gold, mar. Feb. __. 1900.
CRANDALL, Oscar Marriage 7-13-1879 Oscar Crandall & Miss Elizabeth Jane Heath, both of Ulysses, mar. July 13, 1879.
CRANDALL, William L. Death 4-23-1814 William L. Crandall died Apr. 23, 1914, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. L. E. Burdick, age 69 years.
CRANE, Earl G. Death 11-1893 Earl G. Crane of Coudersport died Nov. __, 1893; came to Potter county in 1859 and settled first on Freeman Run.
CRANE, Ida L. Death 7-21-1878 Miss Ida L. Crane, eldest daughter of Earl Crane, died July 21, 1878 in her 21st year.
CRANE, Isabelle Marriage 07-1907 Hugh R. Dingee of Waverly, NY & Miss Isabelle Crane of Coudersport married July 17, 1907 at Atlantic City.
CRANE, Joseph Death 11-29-1882 Joseph Crane died Nov. 29, 1882, age 19 years.
CRANE, Rose Adelaide Death 11-1939 Miss Rose Adelaide Crane died Nov. 19, 1939; born Apr. 3, 1860, at Odin, a daughter of Earl & Mary Dingee Crane.
CRAPSEY, Angelo Death 8-1-1864 Angelo Crapsey, Civil War veteran of Roulet, shot himself, Aug. 1, 1864. It is thought that he was deranged since his war service.
CRATLEE, John C. Marriage 9-1895 Jennie Brock of Hebron & John C. Cratlee of Rew City, mar. Sept. __, 1896.
CRAVEN, Ishi Death 5-11-1897 Ishi Craven of Emporium died May 11, 1897; came from Lycoming Co., PA in1851; married to Mary J. Taggert of Emporium in 1855. She died some years ago.
CRAWFORD, John B. Marriage 06-30-1910 Mrs. Edith Hooftallen & John B. Crawford, both of Austin, married June 30, 1919.
CRAWFORD, Lewis W. Death 8-28-1894 Lewis W. Crawford died Aug. 28, 1894 at Roulet, age 67 years.
CRAWFORD, Lot Marriage 7-4-1852 Lot Crawford & Miss Aurelia Sherman, both of Sharon, mar. July 4, 1852.
CRAWFORD, R. O. Marriage 3-28-1866 R. O. Crawford & Miss Mary A. Adams married Mar. 28, 1866 in New Hudson, NY
CRAWFORD, Sarah Marriage 10-6-1880 Miss Sarah Crawford & Myron J. Swarthout, both of Sharon, PA, mar. Oct. 6, 1880 at Wellsville, N.Y,
CREAGER, Charles G. Marriage 3-13-1879 Rev. Charles G. Creager of Hancock, Md. & Miss Estella Olmstead, daughter of D. E. Olmstead of Williamsport, mar. Mar. 13, 1879 at Williamsport.
CREENAN, Matthew J. Marriage 10-1917 Miss Katherine A. Goram of Buffalo, sister of Mrs. J. H. Green of Coudersport & Matthew J. Creenan, married Oct. --, 1917 in Buffalo.
CRIPPEN, Edward C. Death 12-1936 Edward C. Crippen of West Branch died Dec. __, 1936, age 83 yrs. a son of Mr. & Mrs. Erastus Crippen and grandson of Daniel Crippen who came to the county over 100 years ago.
CRIPPEN, Erastus Death 1-27-1889 Erastus Crippen of West Branch died Jan. 27, 1889.
CRIPPEN, Job Death 10-1837 Job Crippen died Oct. __, 1937 at Galeton, PA
CRIPPEN, John H. Marriage 06-30-1923 Nellie Louise Linck, daughter of Mrs. Jacob H. Linck of Williamsport was married to John H. Crippen, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Crippen of Galeton in New York at the Church of the Transfiguration on June 30, 1923.
CRIPPEN, L. S. Marriage 3-27-1881 L. S. Crippen of West Branch & Miss Sophia Dimon of Sunderlinville, mar. Mar. 27, 1881 in Sabinsville, PA
CRIPPEN, Mary E. Marriage 8-16-1882 Miss Mary E. Crippen of West Branch, PA, & Lewis H. Campbell of Delmar, mar. Aug. 16, 1882.
CRIPPEN, Mary Viola (Burnett) Death 01-02-1923 Mrs. Edward Crippen died at her home on Clinton Street Tuesday [Jan. 9, 1923]. Mary Viola Burnett was born in Brockport, N.Y. in July 1853 and was a daughter of the late John & Adelia Burnett. When small she moved to Wellsboro with her parents. January 1, 1883 she was married to Edward Crippen. One child was born to them but died in infancy. Buried in the Crippen Cemetery.
CRIPPEN, Robert Death 1-25-1880 Robert Crippen of Gaines, Tioga Co. PA died Jan. 25, 1880, at the home of Erastus Crippin in West Branch, age 52y 3d.
CRIPPEN, Sadie Marriage 09-01-1917 Robert Mattison & Miss Sadie Crippen, both of Galeton, married Sept. 1, 1917.
CRIPPEN, Sarah (Roberts) Death 02-1902 Mrs. Erastus Crippen, nee Sarah Roberts, of West Branch died Feb. 12, 1902; born at Painted Post, Steuben Co. NY Six children, 2 married daughters. that are deceased and 4 sons, J. W., Edward D., Lach, and Ross Crippen.
CRISS, Lawrence Marriage 12-1928 Lawrence Criss & Miss Leona Meacham married Dec. 29, 1928 at Port Allegany.
CRISS, Merle Marriage 09-1918 Miss Myrtle Dingman of Crandall Hill & Merle Criss married Sept. 9, 1918.
CRISS, Nelson W. Marriage 12-15-1894 Nelson W. Criss & Miss Minerva A. Toles married Dec. 15, 1894 in Coudersport.
CRITTENDEN, Altania Death 10-21-1875 Altania Crittenden died Oct. 21, 1875 at Cincinnatus, NY in her 67th year.
CRITTENDEN, Bessie Marriage 03-1916 Miss Bessie Crittenden & Wells Carpenter married Mar. 2, 1916, at Olean, NY
CRITTENDEN, Clarence Death 1-21-1884 Clarence Crittenden, eldest son of Edgar & Ida Crittenden of Oswayo, died Jan. 21, 1884, age 5y 4m 11d.
CRITTENDEN, Cora Death 8-12-1883 Cora Crittenden, daughter of Laroy & Nancy Jones Crittenden, died Aug. 12, 1883 in Marathon, NY
CRITTENDEN, Ed Marriage 08-1902 Ed Crittenden of Oswayo & Mrs. Clara Simonds of Coudersport, mar. Aug. 6, 1902.
CRITTENDEN, Edgar S. Marriage 8-8-1877 Edgar S. Crittenden & Miss Ida V. Rowley, both of Oswayo, mar. Aug. 8, 1877.
CRITTENDEN, Leroy Marriage 10-13-1864 Leroy Crittenden of Stewardson Twp. & Miss Nancy Jones of Coudersport, mar. Oct. 13, 1864.
CRITTENDEN, Lottie Marriage 02-1904 Lottie Crittenden & Richard Russell, both of Oswayo, mar. Feb. 2, 1904.
CRITTENDEN, Lydia Ann Death 9-5-1857 Miss Lydia Ann Crittenden of Coudersport died Sept. 5, 1857, age 25 years.
CRITTENDEN, Nancy Death 5-7-1880 Mrs. Nancy Crittenden, wife of Leroy Crittenden of Marathon, Cortland Co. NY, died May 7, 1880. She was a niece of the late Capt. Arch Jones.
CRITTENDEN, S. E. Marriage 9-3-1894 S. E. Crittenden of Oswayo & Miss Clara Simmons of Elkland, mar. Sept. 3, 1894.
CROCKER, Belle Marriage 9-2-1894 Miss Belle Crocker of Ceres & George Weimer of Williston, mar. Sept. 3, 1894.
CRONIN, George C. Death 04-1907 George C. Cronin of Austin died Apr. 7, 1907, age 37y 6m 3d; mar. Apr. 14, 1896 to Miss Margaret Sinon. Survived by his widow and 3 children; Marion, Clement and Bradford Cronin. Buried at Scio, NY
CROOKS, John W. Marriage 4-22-1896 John W. Crooks of Myrtle & Miss Elsie G. Cavanaugh of Shinglehouse, mar. Apr. 22, 1896 at Ceres.
CROSBY, Abel U. Death 9-17-1878 Abel U. Crosby of Homer, an old pioneer, died Sept. 27, 1878.
CROSBY, Arnold Death 7-14-1899 Arnold Crosby, only child of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Crosby of Forest House, died July 14, 1899.
CROSBY, Austin H. Marriage 6-10-1874 Austin H. Crosby & Miss Clara Foster, both of Homer, mar. June 10, 1874.
CROSBY, Carl W. Death 01-1933 Carl W. Crosby died Jan. 3, 1933 at Port Allegany, PA
CROSBY, Chloe (Armstrong) Death 5-27-1890 Chloe Armstrong Crosby, wife of O. H. Crosby, died May 27, 1890 in Coudersport, age 50 yrs & 16 ds.; born Mar. 11, 1840 in Ulysses; mar. Dec. 1, 1858.
CROSBY, Clinton (Dr.) Marriage 8-31-1899 Dr. Clinton Crosby of Austin & Miss Elizabeth Page of Roulet, mar. Aug. 31, 1899 at Olean, NY
CROSBY, Cora Death 06-30-1900 Cora Crosby, daughter of A. H. & Clara Crosby, died June 30, 1900. She was born May 18, 1878 at Odin, PA
CROSBY, Edna Marriage 02-07-1900 Edna Crosby, daughter of Austin C. Crosby & Homer Quimby of Coudersport, mar. Feb. 7, 1900 in Odin.
CROSBY, Fred Marriage 6-20-1896 Fred Crosby & Maggie Edwards, both of Inez, mar. June 20, 1896 at Portville, NY
CROSBY, Guy Marriage 11-22-1911 Guy Crosby & Miss Esther Keith, daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. Albert Keith, mar. Nov. 22, 1911.
CROSBY, Hannah Malinda Death 7-14-1861 Miss Hannah Malinda Crosby of Homer Twp., died July 14, 1861, age 20 years.
CROSBY, Helen Death 7-13-1822 Helen Crosby, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Crosby of Austin, died July 13, 1922, age 13 years.
CROSBY, Ivan Marriage 01-26-1923 Ivan Crosby and Miss Dorothy Walker of Austin were married at Olean, NY. on Friday of last week. [Feb, 2. 1923]
CROSBY, Janet Marriage 01-06-1907 Robert Moody of Titusville & Miss Janet Crosby of Coudersport, married Jan. 6, 1907.
CROSBY, Jessie A. Marriage 4-5-1873 Miss Jessie A. Crosby & Orange L. Hall, both of Homer Twp., mar. Apr. 5, 1873.
CROSBY, Kate Marriage 12-5-1877 Miss Kate Crosby & James L. Haughenberry, both of Coudersport, mar. Dec. 5, 1877.
CROSBY, Libbie Marriage 9-28-1887 Miss Libbie Crosby & O. A. Kilbourne married Sept. 28, 1887 in Homer Twp.
CROSBY, Lydia Marriage 1-1-1883 Miss Lydia Crosby & John Quimby, both of Homer, mar. Jan. 1, 1883.
CROSBY, Lydia (Hammond) Death 7-1-1871 Lydia Hammond Crosby of Homer Twp., died July 1, 1871, in her 70th year; born in Madison Co. NY in April 1801; moved to Cortland Co. NY and from there to Potter county 44 years ago.
CROSBY, M. Ostrander Death 1-10-1862 Lt. M. Ostrander Crosby died Jan. 10, 1862 at Alexandria, Va. of typhoid fever, age about 24 years.
CROSBY, Mary (Evans) Death 4-8-1889 Mrs. Mary Crosby, nee Evans, died Apr. 8, 1899 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. John Quimby in Austin, age 70 yrs & 6 mos; born in Warren Co. NY and came to Potter county with her parents when young. Married Abel Crosby in 1849.
CROSBY, Myrtle Marriage 09-24-1900 Charles Gideon Maynard & Miss Myrtle Crosby, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Crosby, married Sept. 24, 1900.
CROSBY, Orson Marriage 9-22-1891 Orson Crosby & Mrs. M. E. Barstow of Knoxville, mar. Sept. 22, 1891.
CROSBY, Orson H. Sr. Marriage 12-1-1858 Orson H. Crosby & Miss Chloe M. Armstrong, daughter of A. S. Armstrong, mar. Dec. 1, 1858.
CROSBY, Orson H., Jr. Death 02-28-1903 Orson H. Crosby, Jr. of Homer Twp., died Feb. 28, 1903 in his 51st year.
CROSBY, Orson Hammond Marriage 10-29-1874 H. O. Crosby & Miss M. Alice Earl married Oct. 29, 1874 at Coudersport.
CROSBY, Raymond Death 8-5-1889 Raymond Crosby, son of A. H. & Clara Crosby, died Aug. 5, 1889 at Odin, PA, age 4m 21d.
CROSBY, S. Helen Marriage 2-12-1865 Miss S. Helen Crosby & Edgar M. Quick of the 149th PA Reg., mar. Feb. 12, 1865 in Coudersport.
CROSBY, Samantha Death 2-18-1880 Samantha Crosby, only sister of O. H. & W. A. Crosby of Coudersport, died Feb. 18, 1880.
CROSBY, Susan (Taggart) Death 8-15-1876 Susan Crosby, nee Taggert, wife of W. A. Crosby, died Aug. 15, 1876 in Coudersport.
CROSBY, Vernice (Reed) Death 02-09-1920 Mrs. Herbert Crosby died Feb. 9, 1920.
CROSBY, William Marriage 7-1-1874 William Crosby & Miss Alida Quimby, both of Homer, mar. July 1, 1874.
CROSBY, William Death 7-13-1867 William Crosby died July 13, 1867 in Homer, PA; born in Homer, Cortland Co., NY, Nov. 1, 1801.
CROSBY, William A. Marriage 7-28-1874 William A. Crosby & Miss Eugenia Willard married July 28, 1877.
CROSBY, William Alonzo Marriage 6-2-1870 William Alonzo Crosby of Homer & Miss Susie Taggart, daughter of Seth Taggart of Eulalia Twp., mar. June 2, 1870 in Philadelphia.
CROSIER, Susie Marriage 10-1905 George Forester & Miss Susie Crosier, both of Millport, married Oct. 11, 1905 at Wellsville, NY
CROSS, Abraham Marriage 8-11-1897 Abraham Cross of Austin & Viola Peck of Costello, mar. Aug. 11, 1897 at Costello.
CROSS, George Marriage 02-1900 George Cross of Wellsville, NY & Mrs. Pauline Yentzer of Roulet, mar. Feb. 21, 1900.
CROSS, Pauline (Neefe) Death 04-1902 Mrs. Pauline Cross, wife of George Cross, died Apr. 22, 1902; born in 1844 in Sweden Twp.; mar. in 1863 to Lewis Yentzer who died in 1891, leaving 6 children; G. H. Yentzer, Mrs. Israel Raymer, Mrs. Peter Beck, Edward, Burdette & Carroll Yentzer.
CROUCH George Marriage 7-1893 George Crouch of Oswayo & Mrs. Jane Pepperman of Roulet, mar. July __, 1893.
CROWELL, Charles R. Marriage 9-5-1878 Charles R. Crowell of Ulysses & Miss Celestia Towner of Avoca, Steuben Co. NY, mar. Sept. 5, 1878.
CROWELL, Frank A. Marriage 3-14-1878 A. F. Crowell & Miss Harriet J. Kilbourne of Pike Mills, mar. March 14, 1878. She was a daughter of J. M. Kilbourne.
CROWELL, J. N. Death 05-1909 J. N. Crowell of Ulysses died May 3, 1909, age 86 years.
CROWELL, John L. Marriage 04-18-1906 Lora L. Kilbourn & John L. Crowell, both of Ulysses, married April 18, 1906.
CROWELL, Mary (Mrs.) Marriage 1-8-1874 Mrs. Mary Crowell & Fayette Lewis, both of Ulysses, mar. Jan. 8, 1874 at Ulysses.
CROZIER, John W. Marriage 10-23-1848 John W. Crozier of Cuba, NY & Miss Julia A. Coleman of Liberty, McKean Co. PA, mar. Oct. 23, 1848 in Liberty.
CROZIER, Julia Ann (Coleman) Marriage 12-7-1858 A. H. Butterworth, Esq. of Coudersport & Mrs. Julia Ann Crozier of Port Allegany, PA, mar. Dec. 7, 1858.
CRUM, Cirelda J. Marriage 10-28-1877 Miss C. J. Crum of Bingham & Mr. S[ylvester] S. Sherman of Genesee Forks, Mar. Oct. 28, 1877.
CRUM, Clark Death 2-2-1887 Clark Crum, an early settler and hunter of Ulysses and father of M. S. Crum, died Feb. 2, 1887, age 97 years. Came to Potter county in 1831. Has relatives in Tompkins Co. NY
CRUM, Clark W. Marriage 6-20-1876 Clark Crum of Bingham & Miss Maryetta Easton of Genesee, mar. June 20, 1876.
CRUM, Ella L. [Mrs.] Marriage 12-1907 Amos Dennis & Mrs. Ella L. Crum, widow of Morris D. Crum, both of West Bingham, married Dec. --, 1907.
CRUM, G. Marriage 12-6-1876 G. Crum of Bingham & Miss B. Daniels of Genesee, mar. Dec. 6, 1876.
CRUM, Mary E. Marriage 11-3-1885 Mrs. Mary E. Crum of Potter Co. & Col. F. Cady of Afton, Chenango Co. NY, mar. Nov. 3, 1885 at the home of Mrs. Leete in Corry, PA
CRUM, Origen Death 2-19-1875 Origen Crum died Feb. 19. 1875 in Lewisville, PA, in his 45th year. He was a son of Clark Crum.
CRUM, Rose (Daniels) Marriage 1-2-1896 Mrs. Rose Crum, daughter of Barna Daniels & Norman W. Keech, both of Keech, mar. Jan. 2, 1896.
CULLEN, Thomas Death 08-1913 Thomas Cullen of Coudersport, a Civil War veteran, died Aug. 18, 1913, at the home of Mrs. Richard Pearson. [Medal of Honor]
CULLINAN, Elizabeth Marriage 10-12-1914 George Markham of Oswayo & Miss Elizabeth Cullinan of Olean married Oct. 12, 1914.
CUMMINGS, Alfred Marriage 9-30-1849 Alfred Cummings & Nancy Stone, both of Harrison Twp., mar. Sept. 30, 1849.
CUMMINGS, Claude Marriage 09-1909 Claude Cummings of Wellsville, NY & Miss Mattie Begell of Harrison Valley, mar. Sept. 1, 1909.
CUMMINGS, Emily Marriage 2-24-1850 Miss Emily Cummings & Nathan Knapp, both of Liberty, McKean Co. PA, mar. Feb. 24, 1850 in Roulet.
CUMMINGS, Fannie Marriage 7-19-1885 George Washington Berfield & Miss Fannie Cummings, both of Coudersport, mar. July 19, 1885.
CUMMINGS, Mary Marriage 09-23-1913 Michael Holloran of Coudersport & Miss Mary Cummings of Syracuse, NY, married Sept. 23, 1913.
CUMMINGS, Ray Marriage 9-6-1875 Ray Cummings & Etta J. Swetland, both of Harrison, mar. Sept. 6, 1875 in Harrison.
CUNNINGHAM, Annie Marriage 2-2-1893 Miss Annie Cunningham & Frank Gustwick, both of Austin, mar. Feb. 2, 1893 in Coudersport.
CUNNINGHAM, Anthony Death 11-1923 Anthony Cunningham died Nov. 11, 1923, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Thomas Halloran, age 87 years.
CUNNINGHAM, Bridget Death 7-1849 Bridget Cunningham (Conyngham), age 1yr.; b. Ireland; d. July; cause unknown. (Mortality census for year ending June 1, 1850)
CUNNINGHAM, Mary Fostella Marriage 08-1902 Miss Mary Fostella Cunningham, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Cunningham of Kinney & Thomas Halloran of Coudersport, mar. Aug. 27, 1902.
CUNNINGHAM, Orpha Marriage 9-5-1806 J. Clyde Covey of Coudersport & Miss Orpha Cunningham of Genesee, mar. Sept. 5, 1906.
CURLY, Eliza Marriage 1-10-1894 Miss Eliza Curly of Coudersport & Thomas Conlon of Costello, mar. Jan. 10, 1894 at Coudersport.
CURRIER, Bessie (Bachman) Death 11-1927 Mrs. Daniel Currier died Nov. 9, 1927 at the Coudersport Hospital. Bessie Bachman Currier was a daughter of Mrs. & Mrs. William Bachman.
CURRIER, Daniel Death 10-1902 Daniel Currier, the father of William Currier, died Oct. __, 1902. Buried at Angelica NY
CURRIER, James Marriage 5-30-1875 James Currier & Miss Kate Bishop married May 30, 1875, near Raymond, PA, by Rev. J. L. Swain.
CURRIER, James G. Death 01-1930 James G. Currier of Andrews Settlement died Nov. 5, 1930. He was born on Crandall Hill 78 years ago, a son of Daniel & Martha (Gilliland) Currier. Survived by his wife.
CURRIER, Martha (Gilliland) Death 07-1907 Mrs. Martha Currier, widow of Daniel Currier and mother of County Treasurer, William Currier, died July 28, 1907, age 76 years.
CURRIER, W. M Death 12-1930 W. M Currier of Knoxville, Tenn. died Dec. 1, 1930, age 67 years. Survived by his wife, Harriet and children; Daniel, William, and Richard; and daughter Jane. A daughter, Hazel Vicars died in Virginia several years ago.
CURRIER, William Marriage 12-1889 William Currier of Andrews Settlement & Miss Hattie Carpenter of Colesburg, mar. Dec. __. 1889.
CURRY, Mary A. Marriage 6-28-1878 Mrs. Mary A. Curry of Salamanca, NY & A. A. Crandall of Coudersport, mar. June 28, 1878.
CURRY, Myrol Marriage 05-1923 Miss Helen L. Cluckey became the bride of Myrol Curry at Whitney Crossing, NY. They will reside in Gardwood NY. Mrs. Curry was formerly of Galeton.
CURTIS, Marcella Marriage 5-13-1876 Miss Marcella Curtis & James Cavanaugh, both of Allegany, mar. May 13,1876 at Oswayo.
CUSHING, Chauncey G. Death 9-12-1877 Chauncey G. Cushing died Sept. 12, 1877, age 47y 20d. Son of Lucas Cushimg.
CUSHING, Chloe (Wood) Burial 8-26-1880 Mrs. Lucas Cushing was buried Aug. 26, 1880.
CUSHING, Jane (Goodrich) Death 8-29-1893 Jane Cushing, wife of Leavitt Cushing of Ulysses, died Aug. 28, 1893, aged 86 years.
CUSHING, Kate Marriage 4-28-1874 Miss Kate Cushing & Carlos A. Lewis, both of Lewisville, mar. April 28, 1874.
CUSHING, Lotta Marriage 8-14-1890 Lotta Cushing & Corlis E. Buck married Aug. 14, 1890 at Ulysses.
CUSHING, Lucas Marriage 9-24-1823 Lucas Cushing and his wife Chloe (Wood) Cushing celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, Sept. 24, 1873. He is 72 and she is 68.
CUSHING, Lucas Death 9-27-1876 Lucas Cushing died Sept. 27, 1876, age 74y 4m 8d. His son, Chauncey G. Cushing died Sept. 12, 1877, age 47y 20d.
CUSHING, Lydia L. Marriage 8-29-1854 Miss Lydia L. Cushing & Daniel Edward Olmstead married Aug. 29, 1854 in Coudersport.
CUSHING, Martha Marriage 9-16-1865 Miss Martha Cushing & Herbert C. Olmstead, both of Ulysses, mar. Sept. 16, 1865.
CUSHING, Mary Marriage 2-4-1888 Miss Mary Cushing of Ulysses & Abijah Cady married Feb. 4, 1888.
CUSHING, Nellie I. Marriage 11-1904 Miss Nellie I. Cushing & John B. Lambert of Ulysses, mar. Nov. __, 1904.
CUTHBERT, Robert B. Marriage 09-20-1905 Ethel A. Kenyon of Coudersport & Robert B. Cuthbert of Ridgway married Sept. 20, 1905.
CUTLER, Flora May Death 1-17-1880 Flora May Cutler of Raymond, PA, died Jan. 17, 1880; born Oct. 9, 1875.
CUTLER, Harvey Death 5-19-1899 Harvey Cutler died May 19, 1899 at Harrison Valley; born Mar. 14, 1820 in Otsego Co. NY; Jan. 10, 1844 married to Harriet Meichem. Servived by his wife, 1 son & 2 daughters.
CUTLER, James Death 04-1905 James Cutler of Coudersport died Apr. 10, 1905.
CUTLER, Josie Death 01-1904 Miss Josie Cutler died Jan. 13, 1904.
CUTLER, Mary M. Marriage 12-20-1875 Miss Mary M. Cutler & Asa A. Raymond of Bingham, mar. Dec. 29, 1875.
CUTLER, W. B. Death 10-15-1896 W. B. Cutler, a life long resident of Potter county, died Oct. 15, 1896.


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