Near Oswayo, Oswayo Twp
GPS Coordinates: 4154'30.52"N, 7757'22.36"W
On 244, drive east of Oswayo for 3.5 miles. At the Y intersection with Nelson Run road, turn left onto Nelson Run road.
Cemetery is visible across the field on your left in about 100 yds. There is a mowed path to the cemetery.
In this old cemetery, most gravestones were demolished in the 1942 flood. Only broken bases remain.

From the road

Note five broken stones
Photos by Barb Hyde - October 2009

Transcribed from the records of the Potter County Historical Society by Barb Hyde, 2008

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

COLE, Althea. Spouse of Henry. Born 10-10-1758*, died 3-10-1852. Age: 93y 5m 0d - Born in MA. (1850 Allegany Census) 1
COLE, Elihue. Born 3-31-1791, died 12-31-1876. Age: 85y 9m 0d - Born in VT. (1850 Allegany Census) - War of 1812 Vet 1
COLE, George E. Born 11-15-1829*, died 5-25-1865. Age: 35y 6m 10d - GAR Born in NY. (1850 Allegany Census) - Civil War Vet 1
COLE, Henry. Born 5-31-1825*, died 9-11-1826. Age: 1y 3m 11d 1
COLE, Samuel. Born 5-12-1837*, died 3-24-1841. Age: 3y 10m 12d 1
DAGGETT, Edward. Born 1839, died 4-20-1901 - Born in ME. (1860 Allegany Census) 7
DAGGETT, Henry D. Born 8-??-1788*, died 2-29-1862. Age: 73y 6m - [Details unreadable] (1860 Allegany Census) 7
ELLIS, Fannie M. Spouse of W. L. Born 7-12-1859*, died 10-26-1878. Age: 19y 3m 14d 6
ELLIS, George T. Spouse of Rebecca J. Cole. Born 2-18-1823, died 8-27-1902 - Son of Consider Ellis. Father of Amasa and Oscar. Born in PA. Eight children. (1850 Genesee, 1860 Allegany, 1900 Oswayo Census) 2
ELLIS, Rebecca Jane (Cole). Spouse of George. Born 1827, died 1892 - Eight children. Maiden name may be Rice. See 1850 Genesee Census 2
PARKER, Catherine J. Born 1843*, died 7-17-1862. Age: 19 - Dau of Eiljah and Eunice Parker. Born in PA. (1860 Allegany Census) 3
PARKER, Hiram. Born 12-??-1844*, died 1-27-1862. Age: 17y 1m - Son of Eiljah and Eunice Parker. Born in PA. (1860 Allegany Census) 3
PORTER, Charlie. Born 1-??-1891*, died 2-??-1891. Age: 1m - Son of J. L. and Agnes Porter 4
PORTER, Mary. Born 2-??-1890*, died 3-??-1890. Age: 1m - Dau of J. L and Agnes Porter 4
UNKNOWN, Lucy. Born ??, died ?? - [Large stone, only given name. Stone is gone in 2009.] 5

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