Potter County
GPS Coordinates: 4159'51.48"N, 7745'46.31"W
North out of North Bingham on the only road,.5 mi to a Y. At the Y, bear right onto Cemetery Road. Cemetery is.25 mi.

Walked and Photos by: Donna Allen - August 2003

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

ALDRICH, Sandra A. Born 1942, died 1981 - Dau of Edward and Ada (Robbins) Craig
ALLEN, April L. Born 1961, died 2003
ALLEN, Deborah M. Spouse of Eugene. Born 12-27-1953, died 3-21-2004. Age: 50 - Dau of Richard and Dawn (Gorton) Plaisted. Born in Wellsville, NY d. Wellsville, NY. Wed 7/02/1972 in Whitesville, NY
ALLEN, Joshua L. Spouse of Lori G. Born 2-18-1982, died 1-30-2008. Age: 25 - Son of Roy and Sonya (Garis) Allen. Born in Hornell, NY. Wed 8-17-2002 in Wellsville NY, 3 children. Killed in car accident.
ANGOOD, Herbert Daniel. Spouse of Maude. Born 1893, died 1985
ANGOOD, Maude. Spouse of Herbert Daniel. Born 1885, died 1945
ARCHER, Angie. Born 1855, died 1888 - Dau of Daniel D. and L. L. Rooks
ARMSTRONG, Freda L. Born 1915, died 1986 - Dau of Earl and Kathryn Lena (Kate Ransom) Robbins
BABCOCK, Frank E. Spouse of Rose. Born 7-1867, died 1929 - (1900 Bingham Census)
BACON, Beverly J. (Adams). Spouse of Maynard W. Born 1-1-1931, died 9-21-2017. Age: 86 - Dau of Albert and Oralie (Otto) Adams. Born and died in Olean NY, lived in Bingham Twp. Dairy farmer with husband. Wed 3-19-1955 in Olean, two children.
BACON, Blanche B. Born 1922, died 1970 - Dau of Zera L. and Leah (Spencer) Bacon
BACON, Claude Adelbert. Spouse of Dorothy C. Sick. Born 9-5-1912, died 5-1-2006. Age: 93 - Son of Zera L. and Leah (Spencer) Bacon, born in Ulysses. Wed 1-25-1947 in Wellsville NY, 2 daughters. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, European Theater
BACON, Dorothy C. (Sick). Spouse of Claude A. Born 4-16-1923, died 4-3-1997 - Wed 1-25-1947 in Wellsville, NY, 2 daughters
BACON, Eloise G. Born 1914, died 1989 - Dau of Zera L. and Leah (Spencer) Bacon
BACON, Leah Malinda (Spencer). Spouse of Zera L. Born 5-22-1887, died 5-20-1977 - At least 5 children
BACON, Maynard W. Spouse of Beverly Adams. Born 6-11-1919, died 5-4-2000. Age: 80 - Son of Zera L. and Leah (Spencer) Bacon. Born in Bingham Twp PA. Dairy farmer in Bingham Twp PA. Wed 3-19-1955 in Olean, two children.
BACON, Zera Laderne. Spouse of Leah Spencer. Born 5-10-1887, died 9-23-1967 - At least 5 children
BAILEY, Edward W. Spouse of Cheryl L. Born 7-14-1950, died 3-6-2006. Age: 55 - Son of Floyd E. and Hazel J. (Bean) Bailey. Wed 6-5-2004.
BAILEY, Floyd E. Spouse of Hazel J. Bean. Born 1911, died 1980 - Wed 6-4-1949 in North Bingham, 3 children.
BAILEY, Hazel J. (Bean). Spouse of Floyd E. Born 8-21-1921, died 12-21-2003. Age: 82 - Dau of Edward and Almyra (Payne) Bean, born in North Bingham. Wed 6-4-1949 in North Bingham, 3 children.
BAILEY, Thomas Lee. Born 1953, died 1966 - Son of Floyd E and Hazel L. (Bean) Bailey
BAKER, Leonard V. Sr. Born 1949, died 2001
BARKER, Arling M. Spouse of Rosa Howe. Born 07-20-1896, died 1-15-1993
BARKER, Rosa (Howe). Spouse of Arling M. Born 01-27-1898, died 2-12-1991
BARNES, Albert. Born 1852, died 1871. Age: 19 - Son of Hiram and Catherine (Cauly) Barnes
BARNES, Andrew. Born 1836*, died 06-21-1891. Age: 55
BARNES, Bird B. Born 1891, died 1900 - Son of Nathaniel and Emma Barnes
BARNES, Catherine (Cauly). Spouse of Hiram. Born 1825, died 05-30-1889. Age: 64 - (1850 Bingham Census)
BARNES, Charles. Born 1848, died ?? - Son of Hiram and Catherine (Cauly) Barnes. (1850 Bingham Census)
BARNES, Clayton. Born 1881, died 1882
BARNES, Ephram A. Born ??, died ??. Age: 3
BARNES, George D. Spouse of Josephine Hulbert. Born 12-1853, died 1928 - Son of John and Margaret O. Barnes. Wed 11-15-1878. (1900 Bingham Census)
BARNES, Hiram. Spouse of Catherine Cauly. Born 1819, died 01-15-1877. Age: 58 - (1850 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co ? 53, Reg. PA Vol.
BARNES, Josephine (Hulbert). Spouse of George D. Born 11-1851, died 1926 - Wed 11-15-1878. (1900 Bingham Census)
BARNES, Nathaniel. Spouse of Emma. Born 3-1859, died 1858 - Son of Hiram and Catherine (Cauly) Barnes. (1900 Bingham Census)
BARNES, unknown. Born 07-05-1860, died 06-01-1895 - (1900 Bingham Census)
BARRETT, James. Born 12-1853, died 1927 - (1900 Bingham Census)
BARTOO, Clarence H. Born 04-06-1874, died 09-06-1874. Age: 5m - Son of Henry S. and Clara Bartoo
BARTOO, Duane S. Spouse of Patricia Covert. Born 6-13-1939, died 10-4-2016. Age: 77 - Son of Lawrence L. and Helen E. (Ransom) Bartoo. Born in Wellsville NY, lived in Ulysses PA,died in Coudersport PA. Wed 7-25-1958, six children. (She survives)
BARTOO, Helen E. (Ransom). Spouse of Lawrence L. Born 6-2-1915, died 9-15-2002. Age: 87 - Dau of Burt and Agnes (Carpenter) Ransom. Wed 9-21-1935 in Whitesville NY
BARTOO, Lawrence L. Spouse of Helen E. Ransom. Born 1914, died 1998 - Wed 9-21-1935 in Whitesville NY
BARTOO, Marcus. Born 06-6-1879, died 01-12-1881 - Son of Henry S. and Clara Bartoo
BARTOO, Philip R. Spouse of Marlene Griswold. Born 5-26-1964, died 1-29-2011. Age: 46 - Son of Duane and Patricia (Covert) Bartoo. Wed 5-14-1994 in Wellsville NY.
BEAN, Abram S. Spouse of Effie S. Born 1879, died 1947
BEAN, Almyra M. (Payne). Spouse of Edward. Born 1877, died 1961
BEAN, C. P. Spouse of Mabel. Born 1915, died 1975
BEAN, Edward. Spouse of Almyra M. Payne. Born 1877, died 1962
BEAN, Effie S. Spouse of Abram. Born 1885, died uncut
BEAN, Gorden A. Born 3-22-1914, died 2-12-1988
BEAN, Harold. Spouse of Madeline. Born 1911, died 1975 - [Everlasting Love ]
BEAN, Lary. Born 1953, died uncut - Prob son of Madeline Vermilyea
BEAN, Mabel. Spouse of C. P. Born 1907, died 1985
BEAN, Madeline. Spouse of Harold. Born 1920, died Uncut
BEAN, Minnie E. Born ??, died ??
BEAN, Orsmus J. Spouse of Ruth. Born 1902, died 1929
BEAN, Ruth. Spouse of Orsmus J. Born 1905, died 1925
BENNETT, Winifred. Born 1906, died 1924 - Dau of Fred and Carrie Bennet
BIESER, Arnold E. Born 1913, died 1986 - Son of Walter and Lizzie Bieser
BIESER, Edna S. (Smith). Spouse of Frederick C. Born 4-9-1929, died 9-15-2023. Age: 94 - Dau of Earl and Terza (Benedict) Smith. Born in Corning NY, lived in North Bingham PA, died in Wellsville NY. Dairy farming and secretary of North Bingham Cemetery Assoc for 46 years. Wed 8-16-1949 in Whitesville NY, one son. (Spouse d. 1-3-1996)
BIESER, Fredrick C. Spouse of Edna S. Born 1922, died 1996 - Wed 8-16-1949 in Whitesville NY, one son.
BIESER, Lizzie. Spouse of Walter. Born 1850, died 1954
BIESER, Richard Taylor. Born 1963, died 1970
BIESER, Walter. Spouse of Lizzie. Born 1882, died 1955
BLANCHARD, Lucian A. Born 6-11-1974*, died 5-11-1975. Age: 11m - Son of S. and S. Blanchard
BLANCHARD, Stephen. Born 1836*, died 3-15-1895. Age: 59 - (1880 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Btry E, 1st PA Lt Arty (aka 43rd PA Vols), Pvt.
BRACEY, Brandon. Born ??, died ?? - [Beloved Grandson. Loved Forever]
BRACEY, David. Born ??, died ?? - [Beloved Grandson. Loved Forever]
BRACEY, Jack. Spouse of Lorraine Hancock. Born 1956, died uncut - Wed 7-25-1992
BRACEY, Lorraine (Hancock). Spouse of Jack. Born 12-6-1942, died 11-19-2001. Age: 58 - Dau of Kenneth C. and Madeline M. (Patterson) Hancock. Wed 7-25-1992
BRIGGS, Ashel Harrison, Rev. Spouse of Sarah M. Potter. Born 2-19-1840, died 9-14-1893 - Son of Ebenezer P. and Lydia (Matteson) Briggs. Born in PA. Wed 7-3-1858. (1860 Bingham Census)
BRIGGS, Ebenezer Preston. Spouse of Lydia Matteson. Born 1-18-1798*, died 12-05-1883. Age: 85y 10m 18d - Son of Job Briggs. Born in NY. (1840, 1850 Bingham Census)
BRIGGS, Elmira J. (Howe). Spouse of Willis M. Born 9-1858, died 1901 - Wed 4-3-1884. (1900 Bingham Census)
BRIGGS, Emily Samantha (Bacon). Spouse of James W. Born 8-18-1827, died 1-21-1907 - Dau of Ira and Naomi (Bennett) Bacon. (1900 Bingham Census)
BRIGGS, Gary G., PhD. Spouse of Mary (Fuss) Seely. Born 7-10-1947, died 3-9-2015. Age: 67 - Son of William H. and Marguerite (Perry) Briggs, born in Wellsville NY, died in Genesee PA. Killed with his wife in a house fire. Wed 8-6-1983 in Genesee, no children
BRIGGS, Gracye (Rumsey). Spouse of M. Grant. Born 1891, died 1945 - Five children.
BRIGGS, James Matteson. Spouse of Emily S. Bacon. Born 1827, died 08-22-1893. Age: 67 - Son of Ebenezer P. and Lydia (Matteson) Briggs. Five children. (1860 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co H, 99 PA Vols, Pvt. Drafted - discharged by General Order on June 3, 1865
BRIGGS, Job. Born 1802 - Born in NY.
BRIGGS, June. Born ??, died 182? - [His wife]
BRIGGS, Laverne B. Spouse of Mary D. Born ??, died 1853
BRIGGS, Leon R. Born 3-1885, died 1941 - Son of Willis M. and Elmira J. (Howe) Briggs. (1900 Bingham Census)
BRIGGS, Lisander E. Spouse of Mary C. Born 10-1847, died 1920 - Son of Marvin and Phebe Briggs. Born in NY, a farmer. (1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
BRIGGS, Lydia (Matteson). Spouse of Ebenezer P. Born 1803, died 1872. Age: 68y 7m 15d - Dau of Dyer and Freelove (Johnson) Matteson. Born in RI. (1860 Bingham Census). At least two children.
BRIGGS, Marguerite (Perry). Spouse of William H. Born 12-23-1911, died 1-12-2006. Age: 94 - Dau of Warren and Nettie (Thompson) Perry. A teacher
BRIGGS, Martin D. Spouse of Susan Howe. Born 12-09-1821, died 06-03-1892 - Son of Ebenezer P. and Lydia (Matteson) Briggs. Wed 7-4-1843. (1860 Bingham Census)
BRIGGS, Martin Grant. Spouse of Gracye Rumsey. Born 7-6-1878, died 1965 - Son of Rev. Asahel and Sarah (Potter) Briggs.
BRIGGS, Marvin. Spouse of Phebe. Born 9-17-1818*, died 01-17-1885. Age: 66y 4m - (1880 Bingham Census)
BRIGGS, Mary C. Spouse of Lysander. Born 6-1847, died 1924 - (1900 Bingham Census)
BRIGGS, Mary D. Spouse of Laverne B. Born ??, died 1867
BRIGGS, Mary E. (Fuss) Seely. Spouse of ? Seely/ Gary G. Briggs. Born 12-4-1944, died 3-9-2015. Age: 70 - Dau of Carl and Lucille (Smith) Fuss, born in Salamanca NY, died in Genesee PA. Killed in a house fire with her husband, Gary. One son surnamed Seely. Wed Gary 8-6-1983 in Genesee PA. A teacher for over 35 yrs.
BRIGGS, Melvin L. Born 1873, died 1880 - Son of Lysander E.and Mary C. Briggs
BRIGGS, Myron Willis. Spouse of Elmira J. Howe. Born 10-1854, died 3-6-1916 - Son of James M. and Emily (Bacon) Briggs. Wed 9-30-1944 in Westfield
BRIGGS, Phebe (Howe). Spouse of Marvin. Born 12-26-1825*, died 03-02-1874. Age: 48y 2m 7d - [Wife of]
BRIGGS, Sarah M. (Potter). Spouse of Rev Ashel. Born 1-25-1843, died 3-08-1894 - Dau of John and Thankful (Turner) Potter. Born in Independence NY. Wed 7-3-1858, at least two children.
BRIGGS, Susan (Howe). Spouse of Martin D. Born 8-16-1824, died 1902 - [His Wife] Dau of Isaac and Betsey (Buck) Howe. Wed 7-4-1843.
BRIGGS, Unknown. Born ??, died 11-22-18?? - Civil War Vet, Co A 96 PA Vol
BRIGGS, William H. Spouse of Marguerite Perry. Born 1915, died 1997 - Wed 9-30-1944 in Westfield
BRIGGS, Willis M. Spouse of Elmira J. Howe. Born 10-1854, died 3-6-1916 - Son of James M. and Emily (Bacon) Briggs. Wed 4-3-1884. (1900 Bingham Census)
BROWN, Alfred G. Spouse of Jane. Born 4-13-1810, died 5-6-1904 - (1900 Bingham Census)
BROWN, Dennis D. Spouse of Marion A. Hebbe. Born 11-24-1940, died 12-12-2023. Age: 83 - Son of Charles E. and Ona M. (Tyler) Brown. Owner/operator of DB Computers. Born in Olean NY, lived and died in Clara PA. Wed 5-3-1963 in Elizabeth NJ, two children. (Spouse survives)
BROWN, Jane. Spouse of Alfred G. Born 3-26-1816, died 01-23-1883
BROWN, Martha. Spouse of William. Born 9-06-1765*, died 05-19-1861. Age: 95y 8m 13d
BROWN, William. Spouse of Martha. Born 8-18-1768*, died 11-19-1845. Age: 77y 3m 1d
BUCKLEY, Florence. Spouse of William G. Born 1929, died uncut - Wed 6/18/1947 in Whitesville, NY, 2 daughters
BUCKLEY, William G. Spouse of Florence M. Rarick. Born 10-7-1913, died 12-21-2004. Age: 91 - Son of Ray D. and Mary Elizabeth (Thompson) Buckley Born in West Bingham, PA d. Coudersport, PA. Wed 6/18/1947 in Whitesville, NY, 2 daughters
BUMP, Eva C. Born 1915, died 1917 - Dau of Jay and Vina Bump
BUMP, Jacob. Spouse of Mary J. Born 4-1825, died 1908 - (1900 Bingham Census)
BUMP, Jay M. Born 1871, died 1955
BUMP, Mary J. Spouse of Jacob. Born 11-1828, died 1907 - (1900 Bingham Census)
BURDGE, Allene Carol (Patterson). Spouse of Marion. Born 1920, died 1-17-2001. Age: 79 - Dau of Norman H and Mary J (Graham) Patterson
BURDGE, Marion. Spouse of Carol A. Patterson. Born 1921, died 1986 - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth. Spouse of Oliver. Born 1820, died ??
CAMPBELL, Oliver H. P. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1820, died 03-16-1865. Age: 45y 5m 21d - Civil WarVet, Co ?, 189 Reg NY Vol
CAMPIN, Van, Dr. Born ??, died ?? - Second person buried in this cemetery.
CARPENTER, Barber. Spouse of Elinor Bronson. Born 9-30-1777*, died 07-17-1855. Age: 77y 9m 17d - Born In MA. (1850 Bingham Census)
CARPENTER, Charity (Cuatt). Spouse of Theodorus. Born 5-11-1802*, died 06-11-1851. Age: 49y 1m - Born in Tompkins Co. NY. Settled in Bingham Twp abt. 1829. 12 children. (1840 Bingham Census)
CARPENTER, Clyde. Born 09-19-1886, died 09-16-1893 - Son of E. A. and E. J. Carpenter
CARPENTER, Dorr H. Spouse of Mae M. Born 6-1890, died 1963 - Son of Eugene A. and Ella J. Carpenter. 1900 Bingham Census: Dor is male.
CARPENTER, Douglas J. Spouse of Elsie L. Born 1946, died 1988
CARPENTER, Egbert D. Spouse of Leona Gilbert. Born 10-1884, died 1933 - Son of Eugene A. and Ella J. (Wheaton) Carpenter. (1900 Bingham Census)
CARPENTER, Elinor (Bronson). Born 1779*, died 7-6-1862. Age: 82 - Dau of Ephriam and Bethia (Virgil) Bronson. (1850 Bingham Census)
CARPENTER, Ella J. (Wheaton). Spouse of Eugene A. Born 1-1862, died 1928 - Wed 12-26-1877. (1900 Bingham Census)
CARPENTER, Elsie L. Spouse of Douglas J. Born 1946, died 1996
CARPENTER, Eugene A. Spouse of Ella J. Wheaton. Born 7-1853, died 1938 - Son of Ira B. and Mary A. (Baldwin) Carpenter. Wed 12-26-1877. (1900 Bingham Census)
CARPENTER, Floyd S. Spouse of Leah D. Outman. Born 10-1879, died 1965 - Son of Eugene A. and Ella J. (Wheaton) Carpenter. (1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
CARPENTER, Ira B. Spouse of Mary A. Baldwin. Born 3-27-1823, died aft 1890 - Son of Barber and Elinor (Bronson) Carpenter. Wed 9-8-1845. Justice of the peace for 24 years. (1860 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co D 58th PA Vol, Pvt.
CARPENTER, Leah D. (Outman). Spouse of Floyd S. Born 1882, died 1915 - Dau of Jonah A. and Malissa Outman.
CARPENTER, Leona (Gilbert). Spouse of Egbert D. Born 1891, died 1967
CARPENTER, Mae M. Spouse of Dorr H. Born 1898, died 1980
CARPENTER, Marion T. (Baldwin). Born 1857, died 1867 - Son of Ira B. and Mary A. (Baldwin) Carpenter
CARPENTER, Mary A. (Baldwin). Spouse of Ira B. Born 11-1824, died ?? - Dau of David and Margaret (Gibson) Baldwin, of Hector Twp. (1900 Bingham Census)
CARPENTER, Theodorus. Spouse of Charity Cuatt. Born 12-18-1802*, died 07-31-1859. Age: 56y 7m 13d - Son of Barber and Elinor (Bronson) Carpenter. Native of Tompkins Co NY. Settled in Binghan Twp abt 1829. 12 children.
CHESTNUT, Eleanor. Spouse of James. Born 4-3-1815*, died 03-04-1884. Age: 68y 11m 1d
CHESTNUT, James. Spouse of Eleanor. Born 12-28-1812*, died 02-01-1877. Age: 64y 1m 4d - (1840, 1860 Bingham Census)
CHESTNUT, John S. [Uncle John]. Spouse of ?. Born 1833, died 06-02-1899 - Son of James and Eleanor Chestnut. "Survived by his wife and 7 children." (1850 Bingham Census; Spelled Chesnut) - Civil War Vet, Co K 149th PA Vols, Pvt. Captured at Gettysburg, Pa. on July 1, 1863 - mustered out with company on June 24, 1865.
CHESTNUT, M.A. Born 4-12-1860*, died 05-06-1860. Age: 24days - Dau of James and Eleanor Chestnut
CHESTNUT, William E. Born 12-08-1848*, died 06-28-1880. Age: 31y 6m 20d
CHURCHILL, Hannah. Spouse of William. Born 1795, died 1875
CHURCHILL, Mary Ann. Spouse of George. Born 1835, died 1856
CHURCHILL, Theodore. Born 1827, died 1938 - Son of William and Hannah Churchill
CHURCHILL, William. Spouse of Hannah. Born 1795, died 6-1-1850 - Typhus
CLARK, Addison H. Born 1900, died 1910 - Son. of Frederick and Blanche (Hauber) Clark
CLARK, Addison N. Spouse of Martha Chestnut. Born 09-20-1831, died 10-02-1885 - Born in PA, a blacksmith. (1880 Bingham Census) Wed 7-1-1855
CLARK, Blanche (Hauber). Spouse of Frederick. Born 06-02-1869, died 10-27-1963 - Dau of David T. And Eugertha (Chapin) Hauber.
CLARK, Carmi W. Spouse of Della A. Born 1889, died 1971
CLARK, Carrie. Born 06-05-1887, died 07-04-1887 - Dau of William J. and Jennie A. (Grover) Clark
CLARK, Clinton Addison. Spouse of Ellen Hurtington. Born 01-04-1860, died 10-12-1943 - Son of Addison and Martha M (Chestnut) Clark
CLARK, Della A. Spouse of Carmi. Born 1891, died 1965
CLARK, Diana. Born 6-24-1902, died 4-3-1982 - Dau of Frederick and Blanche (Hauber) Clark
CLARK, Ella A. Spouse of Frank B. Born 04-18-1861, died 01-28-1891
CLARK, Ellen (Hurtington). Spouse of Clinton Addison. Born 11-06-1875, died 8-10-1959
CLARK, Frank B. Spouse of Ella A. Born 1861, died 1913
CLARK, Frank E. Spouse of Iva M. Patterson. Born 12-1868, died 1939 - (1900 Bingham Census)
CLARK, Frederick W. Spouse of Blanche Hauber. Born 03-23-1870, died 5-9-1945
CLARK, Gertrude Alice (Neefe). Spouse of Addison H. Born 3-31-1910, died 1986 - Dau of Clarence H. and Evva (Miller) Neefe. Addison diedn in 1970.
CLARK, Helen R. Born 1904, died 1935
CLARK, Henry D. Spouse of Myrtle E. Smith. Born 9-1873, died 1946 - Son of Addison and Martha M (Chestnut) Clark. (1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
CLARK, Iva M. (Patterson). Spouse of Frank E. Born 2-1870, died 1944 - 1900 Bingham Census: 1873
CLARK, Jennie A. (Grover). Spouse of William J. Born 1858, died 1923 - [His wife] Dau of Charles and Eliza L. (Raymond) Grover. Wed 3-24-1881.
CLARK, Martha (Chestnut). Spouse of Addison N. Born 01-29-1838, died 1-10-1915 - [Mother] Dau of James and Elinore (Bronson) Chestnut. (1850 Bingham Census) Born in Lake George NY. Wed 7-1-1855
CLARK, May Emma (Barnhart) [Emma]. Spouse of Milton. Born ??, died ?? - Wed 12-31-1877 in Ulysses.
CLARK, Milton. Spouse of May E. Barnhart. Born 1838, died uncut - Wed 12-31-1877 in Ulysses.
CLARK, Myrtle E. (Smith). Spouse of Henry D. Born 8-1877, died 1945 - (1900 Bingham Census)
CLARK, Wilbert P. Born 1906, died 1925
CLARK, William J. Spouse of Jennie A. Grover. Born 1858, died 11-17-1939 - Son of Addison and Martha M (Chestnut) Clark. Wed 3-24-1881. Survived by 3 dau, 2 sons.
CLARKE, Eleanor (Kibbe). Spouse of Joseph C. Born 1931, died ?? - Wed 3-11-1956.
CLARKE, Joseph C. Spouse of Eleanor Kibbe. Born 1-15-1923, died 2-25-2003. Age: 80 - Son of Rev. Scott and Sarah (Chapman) Clarke. Born in Buckingham, WV. Wed 3-11-1956. - WW II Vet, US Navy
COLVIN, Rosalind D. (Hall) [Rose]. Born 9-24-1949, died 2-4-2020. Age: 70 - Dau of Stewart G. and Onnolee (Truax) Hall. Born in Coudersport, lived in North Bingham PA, died in Olathe KS. One daughter, father not named.
CONVERSE, Betty L. Spouse of Horace. Born 5-1-1934, died uncut
CONVERSE, Horace. Spouse of Betty L. Born 2-25-1931, died 2-5-1996
CORNELL, Charles M. [Sonny]. Spouse of Norma Hamilton. Born 4-10-1941, died 7-5-2001. Age: 60 - Son of Leo E. and Vivian (Barker) Cornell. Born in Elmira, NY
CORNELL, Donna K. Born 1905, died 1957
CORNELL, Leo C. Spouse of Marcy L. Born 6-20-1971, died 12-14-2007. Age: 36 - Son of James and Glenna (Tomb) Cornell. Wed 2-24-1994 in Vojens Denmark - Post-Vietnam Vet, US Army, SFC 1989-2007. Desert Storm and Desert Shield
CORNELL, Norma J. (Hamilton). Spouse of Charles M. Born 1-31-1955, died ??
COTTON, Electa A. Born 6-06-1811*, died 01-05-1845. Age: 33y 6m 29d
COURTRIGHT, Harland. Spouse of Emma A. (Quick). Born 1923, died 1983 - Son of Harley M. and Leah J. Courtright
COURTRIGHT, Harley M. Spouse of Leah J. Born 1900, died 1966
COURTRIGHT, Leah J. Spouse of Harley M. Born 1901, died 1988
COURTRIGHT, Norman A. Born 1930, died 1931 - Son of Harley M. and Leah J. Courtright
CRAIG, Ada A. (Robbins). Spouse of Edward A. Born 1913, died uncut
CRAIG, Edward A. Spouse of Ada A. Robbins. Born 1912, died 1993
CRAIG, Stephanie Lynn. Born ??, died 3-22-1962 - Dau of Diane and Edward Craig, whose father was also Edward. Granddaughter of Ada and Edward
CROWELL, Adelbert C. [Del]. Spouse of Mary Howe. Born 11-30-1928, died 7-31-2003. Age: 74 - Son of Lawrence L. and Ina L. (Tarbox) Crowell. Wed 12-4-1949. - Korean War Vet, US Air Force
CROWELL, Bruce T. Born 5-25-1957, died 10-4-1981 - Son of Adelbert C. and Mary (Howe) Crowell
CROWELL, Mary Elizabeth (Howe). Spouse of Adelbert C. Born 5-6-1929, died 6-22-2018. Age: 89 - Dau of Lavern B. and Viola (Teater) Howe. Born, lived and died in Potter Co. Was secretary in husband's CPA firm for 40 years. Three children.
CROWNER, Jacqueline (Donaldson). Spouse of Robert C. Born 4-30-1941, died 2-9-2005. Age: 63 - Dau of Ferd W. and Marie (Hann) Donaldson. Born in Genesee Twp, worked 40 yrs as a secretary. Wed 2-4-1966 in Coudersport, one son
CROWNER, Robert C. Spouse of Jacqueline Donaldson. Born ??, died 1997 - Wed 2-4-1966 in Coudersport PA
CRUM, Chester A. Spouse of Kate M. Born 9-1886, died 1903 - Son of Morris D. and Ellen A. Crum. (1900 Bingham Census)
CRUM, Kate M. Spouse of Chester A. Born 1891, died 1970
CUTLER, Harriet (Welchem) [Hattie]. Spouse of Harvey. Born 1822, died 1901 - [Mother] Wed on 1-10-1844
CUTLER, Harvey. Spouse of Harriet Welchem. Born 3-14-1820, died 5-19-1899 - [Father] Born in Otsego, NY. Wed on 1-10-1844
CUTLER, James N. Born 1854, died 1903 - Son of William J and Rachel Cutler
CUTLER, Romain B. Born 1844, died 1924 - Son of Harvey and Harriet (Welchem) Cutler - Civil War Vet
CWIKLINSKI, Thelma Sophronia. Born 8-22-1979, died 8-22-1979 - Dau of Sanlley J. and Judy K. (Allen) Cwiklinski, III
DAVENPORT, Charles A. Born 11-30-1911, died 2-18-1990 - [Beloved Husband and Father]
DAVENPORT, Helen M. Born 1910, died 1972
DAVENPORT, Lewis W. Jr. Born ??, died 6-3-1975 - [Our Infant Son. Love is eternal]
DAVENPORT, Thomas. Spouse of Nadean. Born 9-12-1962, died 2-20-2015. Age: 53 - Son of Lewis Davenport and Shirlee Leete, born in Coudersport PA, died in Philadelphia PA. One daughter. Wed Nadeen hours before his death
DAVENPORT, Walter. Born 1906, died 1981
DAVIE, William. Born 1908, died 1908 - Son of A. E. and Dorothy Davie
DECKER, Anna. Spouse of Orlando. Born 1864, died 1934 - [Mother]
DECKER, Orlando. Spouse of Anna. Born 1857, died 11-2-1921. Age: 65 - [Father]
DOTY, Theodorus. Born 5-24-1768*, died 11-28-1842. Age: 74y 6m 4d
DRAKE, Benjamine S. Born 1847, died 1919 - Son of Luther V. and Charlotte (Johnson) Drake, born in PA. (1850 Ulysses Census)
DRAKE, Cora L. Born 1824, died 1943
DUNBAR, Emily A. Born 1862, died 1864 - Dau of G. B. and L. Dunbar
EASTON, Albert W. Spouse of Erma Duell. Born 5-25-1922, died 4-10-2006. Age: 83 - Son of Howard and Nellie (Davey) Easton. Born in Coudersport, worked at Eberle Tannery in Westfield. Wed 12-23-1944 in Westfield, no children
EASTON, Beatrice L. Spouse of Loyal H. Born 1921, died 1984
EASTON, Betty Jean. Born ??, died 1931
EASTON, Dan D. Spouse of Evelyn L. Born 1908, died 1981 - Son of Melvin and Daisy (Harris) Easton, one of 13 children. (1920 Genesee Census)
EASTON, Erma (Duell). Spouse of Albert W. Born 5-10-1920, died 2-25-2005. Age: 84 - Dau of Roddie and Martha (Harvey) Duell. Wed 12-23-1944 in Westfield, no children
EASTON, Evelyn L. Spouse of Dan D. Born 1911, died 1971
EASTON, Loyal H. Spouse of Beatrice. Born 1923, died 1977 - Son of Howard and Nellie (Davey) Easton
EGGLESTON, Anna May. Spouse of Burr E. Born 8-1879, died 5-22-1917. Age: 37 - [Mother] (1900 Bingham Census)
EGGLESTON, Betsey Jane (Howe). Spouse of Edwin. Born 11-11-1830, died 11-14-1912 - Dau of Tiimothy and Flavia (Colton) Howe. Wed 7-4-1855 in Tompkins Co NY. (1850 Bingham Census)
EGGLESTON, Edwin. Spouse of Jane Howe. Born 1831, died 1892
ENGLE, Lynne Marie. Born 3-31-1979, died 10-19-1999 - [Mother]
ENGLE, Michael Richard. Born 5-17-1998, died 10-19-1999 - Son of Lynne Engle
ENSWORTH, Cymantha (Leete). Spouse of William. Born 4-1836, died 1937 - (1900 Bingham Census)
ENSWORTH, Jennie. Born 09-13-1877, died 03-23-1882 - Dau of William W and Cymantha L. (Leete) Ensworth
ENSWORTH, Minnie. Spouse of S. A. Born 08-24-1862, died 09-27-1887
ENSWORTH, William W. Spouse of Cymantha Leete. Born 5-1831, died 1911. Age: 79 - (1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
FEIG, Chester A., Dr. Spouse of Wyona Robbins. Born 1893, died 1963 - Wed 1957
FEIG, Ella Mae. Born 1875, died 1961 - Dau of Dr Chester A and Wynona (Robbins) Feig
FEIG, Wyona R. Spouse of Dr. Chester A. Born 6-8-1906, died 11-2-2001. Age: 95 - Dau of Earl S. and Neva (Ranson) Robbins. Born in Genesee PA. Wed 1957
FLYNN, Carol L. (Weiss). Spouse of Mark P. Born 5-28-1942, died 11-7-2016. Age: 74 - Dau of Edward J. and Violet (Hogancamp) Weiss. Born in North Bingham PA, lived in Elkland PA, died in Elmira NY. Wed 12-9-1967, four children.
FLYNN, Mark P. Spouse of Carol L. Weiss. Born 7-14-1936, died 7-19-1990 - For a time and eternity. Wed 12-9-1967
FLYNN, Robin Moon Christopher. Born 1913, died 1969
FOSTER, Archie Leroy. Born 10-11-1895, died 4-30-1967 - WW II Vet, PA Co A 9MG BN, PVT
FOSTER, Lucy. Spouse of Charles. Born 1862, died 1911 - [Mother]
FOWLER, Della A. Spouse of Lewis. Born 1865, died 1927 - [His Wife]
FOWLER, Leon E. Born 5-1886, died 11-14-1918. Age: 32 - [Son] Son of William B. and Myrtle M. Fowler. (1900 Bingham Census)
FOWLER, Lewis. Spouse of Della A. Born 1863, died 1895
FOWLER, Mildred P. Born 1910, died 1935
FOWLER, Myrtle M. (Wood). Spouse of William B. Born 12-1871, died 1939 - (1900 Bingham Census)
FOWLER, Nealen N. Born 9-1894, died 10-4-1918 - [Son] Son of William B. and Myrtle M. Fowler. (1900 Bingham Census) - WW I, Died of Influenza.
FOWLER, William B. Spouse of Myrtle M. Wood. Born 1-1867, died 1919 - [Father] 1900 Bingham Census:1862
FOWLER, William B. Born 1868, died 1871
FREELAND, Mary. Born 06-20-1755*, died 07-20-1840. Age: 85y 1m - Grandmother of John G. Raymond
FRENCH, Edna (Wemple). Spouse of Leon. Born 10-1884, died 1970 - Dau of Simeon S. and Gertrude H. Wemple. (1900 Bingham Census)
FRENCH, Infant Son. Born ??, died 1921
FRENCH, Leon. Spouse of Edna W. Born 1886, died 1937
FROST, Cheryl M. (Graves). Spouse of Richard A. Born 1-7-1962, died 1-20-2006. Age: 44 - Dau of Cecil and Mary Jean (Outman) Graves. Two children
FROST, Richard A. Spouse of Cheryl Graves. Born 4-13-1957, died 3-16-2014. Age: 56 - Born in Eldred, two children
FRY, Betty M. (Bunnell). Spouse of Cecil L. Born 1002301924, died 10-1-2009. Age: 84 - Dau of Willard and Lillian (Snyder) Bunnell. Wed 12-14-1946 in Genesee PA, 7 children.
FRY, Cecil LeRoy [Roy]. Spouse of Betty Bunnel. Born 9-11-1914, died 11-17-2004. Age: 90 - Son of Alvin Fry and Flossie Boylen. Born in Jamestown, PA. Wed 12-14-1946 in Genesee PA, 7 children.
FULLER, Charles E. Born 1864, died 1865 - Son of Ezra L. and Electa J. (Cotton) Fuller
FULLER, Electa J. (Cotton). Spouse of Ezra. L. Born 1845, died 5-18-1918 - Adopted by Mr. and Mrs. James Kibbe. 10 children. 1900 Bingham census: 12-1843, a widow
FULLER, Ezra Lewis. Spouse of Electa J Cotton. Born 1842, died 3-25-1884 - 10 children. - Civil War Vet, Co D 53rd PA Vols, Pvt.
FULLER, Harden D. Spouse of Mary M. Chilson. Born 1861, died 1902 - Son of Ezra L. and Electa J. (Cotton) Fuller. At least 4 children.
FULLER, Onables C. Born ??, died 08-15-???? - Child of Ezra L. and Electa J. (Cotton) Fuller
FULLER, Ruth D. Born 1874, died 07-10-1880 - Dau of Ezra L. and Electa J. (Cotton) Fuller
GARBUT, George. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet
GARDNER, Owen J. Born 1835*, died 11-28-1874. Age: 39 - War of 1812 Vet
GITCHEL, Infant. Born ??, died ?? - Child of F. E. and ?? (Clark) Gitchell
GLEASON, Earl W. Spouse of Marjorie. Born 1913, died 2-27-1984 - Wed 8-21-1937
GLEASON, Marjorie. Spouse of Earl W. Born 11-4-1917, died 7-20-2006. Age: 88 - Dau of Earl and Kate (Ransom) Robbins
GORDNIER, Edward A. Born 1952, died 1962 - Son of Frank L. and Geraldine (Crum) Gordnier
GORDNIER, Frank L. Spouse of Geraldine S. Crum/ Jane King. Born 12-03-1917, died 6-20-2007. Age: 89 - Son of Walter L. and Faye (Dann) Gordnier. Born in Coudersport PA, d. Wellsville PA (Wellsville Manor Care Center). First wife d. 1969, 4 children. Wed second Jane King who d. 2000
GORDNIER, Geraldine S. (Crum). Spouse of Frank L. Born 1922, died 1969
GOURLEY, Patricia Dawn (Hancock). Spouse of #1 Kenneth J. Weaver, #2 Dennis W. Born 6-26-1954, died 5-15-2019. Age: 64 - Dau of Kenneth C. and Madeline M. (Patterson) Hancock. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in West Bingham PA, died in Wellsville NY. An LPN. One daughter, father unclear. Wed 11-26-1994 in Coudersport. (Spouse survives)
GREENE, John C. Spouse of Mabel E. Born 1886, died uncut
GREENE, Mabel E. Spouse of John C. Born 1892, died 1916
GROVER, Alberta E. (Outman). Spouse of Clarence M. Born 5-18-1931, died 2-19-2022. Age: 90 - Dau of Hubert and Nettie (Button) Outman. Born in Little Marsh PA, lived and died in Genesee PA. A homemaker. Wed 6-15-1948 in Wellsville NY, one daughter.
GROVER, Benjamin D. Spouse of None named. Born 8-13-1948, died 10-9-2012. Age: 64 - Son of Levi L. and Ruth (Main) Grover. Born in Wellsville NY. 7 children, 4 step-children
GROVER, Benjamin Lewis. Spouse of Welthy Robbins. Born 12-27-1812, died 2-15-1876
GROVER, Benjamin Russell. Spouse of Lorinda Lewis. Born 06-23-1821, died 08-29-1885 - Son of Chester and Betsey (Parker) Grover. (1850 Bingham Census)
GROVER, Betsey (Parker). Spouse of Chester. Born 1795, died 1863 - Born in CT. (1860 Bingham Census)
GROVER, C. Wilbur. Spouse of Ina L. Born 1890, died 1970
GROVER, Charles Higgins. Spouse of Eliza L. Raymond. Born 03-14-1827, died 2-15-1910. Age: 83 - Son of David and Lydia (Lymna) Grover. Survived by 5 children. (1850, 1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
GROVER, Chester. Spouse of Betsey Parker. Born 1795, died 1845
GROVER, Clarence M. Spouse of Alberta Outman. Born 7-11-1921, died 12-10-2017. Age: 96 - Son of C. Wilbur and Ina (Grover) Grover. Born and lived in Genesee PA, died in Coudersport PA. Worked 32 years for Dresser-Rand. Wed 6-15-1946 in Wellsville NY, one daughter. - WW II Vet, US Army. 1942-1945, Europe 1950-1952 Panama Canal Zone.
GROVER, Cynthia A. (Hurd). Spouse of Marshall R. Born 11-1846, died 1905 - Dau of Harry and Jane M. (Pye) Hurd. Wed 7-4-1867. (1900 Bingham Census)
GROVER, David. Spouse of Lydia Lyman. Born 1792, died 01-09-1874. Age: 84 - Born in CT. (1850 Bingham Census)
GROVER, David. Born 1859, died ?? - Son of Benjamin R. and Lorinda (Lewis) Grover
GROVER, Edmund R. Spouse of Etta L. Born 1869, died 1931 - Son of Benjamin R. and Lorinda (Lewis) Grover
GROVER, Eliza L. (Raymond). Spouse of Charles Higgins. Born 09-12-1831, died 5-23-1925 - Dau of William and Betsey (Freeland) Raymond. (1850, 1900 Bingham Census)
GROVER, Etta L. Spouse of Edmund R. Born 1872, died 1924
GROVER, Glenn. Born 9-1897, died 1961 - Son of Lloyd L. and Mary B. (Hart) Grover. (1900 Bingham Census)
GROVER, Guy L. Born 6-1871, died 1924 - Son of Marshal R. and Cynthia (Hurd) Grover. (1900 Bingham Census)
GROVER, H. Lyman. Spouse of Mina Smith. Born 1846, died 2-29-1912 - Son of Benjamin Lewis and Wealtha (Robbins) Grover
GROVER, Ina L. Spouse of C. Wilbur. Born 1916, died 1971
GROVER, Ira Parker. Spouse of Sarah A. Born 1832, died 1919 - Living with Benjamin R. and Lorinda Grover in 1850 Bingham census.
GROVER, Karl W. Born 11-3-1950, died 3-16-1971 - Son of Levi L and Ruth E. (Main) Grover. - Vietnam Vet, Army, Ord Corp Rec, SP 4. (Not on Vietnam Casuality list.)
GROVER, Levi L. Spouse of Ruth E. Main. Born 10-9-1919, died 5-13-1993 - Wed 3-18-1942 in Harrison Valley, eleven children - WW II Vet, US Army, Sgt.
GROVER, Lloyd L. Spouse of Mary B. Hart. Born 10-1871, died 1929 - Son of Benjamin Russell and Lorinda (Lewis) Grover. (1900 Bingham Census)
GROVER, Lorinda (Lewis). Spouse of Benjamin Russell. Born 06-05-1831, died 03-17-1886 - Dau of Amos - R and Bethiah (Carpenter) Lewis
GROVER, Lydia (Lyman). Spouse of David. Born 08-01-1792, died 02-11-1875 - Born in CT. (1850 Bingham Census)
GROVER, Marcus H. Spouse of Martha J. Wilber. Born 7-1833, died 1904 - Son of David and Lydia (Lyman) Grover. (1850, 1900 Bingham Census)
GROVER, Marshall R. Spouse of Cynthia Hurd. Born 12-1841, died 9-16-1918 - Son of Benjamin L. and Weltha (Robbins) Grover. (1850, 1900 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co D, 53rd PA Vols, Pvt. Prisoner at Libby, Belle Isle, and Salsbury. Discharged on Surgeon's certificate on June 7, 1865.
GROVER, Martha J. (Wilbur). Spouse of Marcus H. Born 1833, died 1903 - 1900 Bingham Census: Born 6-1838
GROVER, Mary Berdena (Hart). Spouse of Lloyd L. Born 10-1874, died uncut - (1900 Bingham Census)
GROVER, Ruth E. (Main). Spouse of Levi L. Born 9-20-1926, died 10-27-2014. Age: 88 - Dau of Clyde and Rena (Eves) Main, born in Galeton, died in Wellsville. Wed 3-18-1942 in Harrison Valley, eleven children
GROVER, Sarah A. Spouse of Ira P. Born 1819, died 05-22-1879. Age: 60
GROVER, Susan E. Born 1886, died 1965
GROVER, Weltha Anne (Robbins). Spouse of Benjamin Lewis. Born 4-10-1823, died 1910 - Dau of Marshall and Susannah (Chapman) Robbins. (1850, 1900 Bingham Census)
GROVER, Weltha J. Born 4-1868, died 1956 - Dau of Marshal R. and Cynthia (Hurd) Grover. (1900 Bingham Census)
GUSKY, Kathrine Thelma (Robbins). Spouse of Leo B. Born 1920, died 1996 - Dau of Earl and Kathryn Lena (Kate Ransom) Robbins
GUSKY, Leo B. Spouse of Kathrine T. Robbins. Born 1917, died 1993
HACKMAN, Donald E. Born 10-7-1938, died 2-11-2023. Age: 84 - Son of Paul and Mary (Keeler) Hackman. Born in Bethlehem PA, lived and died in Ulysses PA. A self-employed carpenter. Wed Patricia 6-22-1985 in Galeton PA. (Spouse d. 10-4-2021)
HALL, Onnolee (Truax). Spouse of Stewart G. Born 1-3-1925, died 8-26-2000. Age: 75 - Dau of Stephen and Elsie (Robbins) Truax. Wed 5-18-1946 in St. Mary's PA. Co-owner/operator Hall's General Store in North Bingham, PA, also Post Mistress.
HALL, Stewart G. Spouse of Onnolee Truax. Born 10-24-1922, died 4-9-2007. Age: 84 - Son of Charles R. and Margaret (Morrison) Hall. Born in Hanover Co. VA. Owned Hall's General Store in North Bingham for 28 yrs, also Post Master. Wed 5-18-1946 in St. Marys PA, 3 children. d. Bath NY (V.A. Med Ctr). - WW II - US Army Air Corps, Gunner, POW for 8.5 mo. Released in prisoner exchange, Purple Heart, Bronze Battle Star
HANCOCK, Bertha L. (Hanes). Born ??, died 5-23-1929 - Dau of Warren E. and Anna (Benn) Rhodes
HANCOCK, Clifford Ray. Spouse of Theresa Ann. Born 7-18-1946, died 8-3-2002 - Son of Kenneth C. and Madeline M. (Patterson) Hancock. We Love You Papa
HANCOCK, Kenneth C. Spouse of Madeline M. Patterson/ Bertha. Born 1-30-1920, died 5-7-2001. Age: 81 - Son of Robert Ray and Iva Loraine (Tanner) Hancock born Sunderlinville, PA. Wed 1st 9/17/1939, 2nd 8-4-1990
HANCOCK, Madeline M. Spouse of Kenneth C. Born 1923, died 1988
HANCOCK, Theresa Ann. Spouse of Clifford Ray. Born 7-20-1948, died uncut - Wed 1-27-1968 in Ulysses PA
HAND, Carlton L. Spouse of Reha Mahnke [Betty]. Born 6-28-1933, died 9-12-2011. Age: 78 - Son of Arthur and Belva (Lampman) Hand, a machinist. Nine children. (Spouse Survives)
HAND, Mark D. Born 10-1-1968, died 4-16-2018. Age: 49 - Son of Carlton L. and Reha [Betty] (Mahnke) Hand. Unmarried.
HANN, Alta J. Born 1914, died 1922 - Dau of Delette C. Sr. and Rose (Shutt) Hann
HANN, Amenzo. Born 8-26-1854*, died 04-04-1875. Age: 20y 7m 9d - Son of Daniel and Harriet (Phillips) Hann
HANN, Daniel S. Spouse of Harriet Phillips. Born 1825, died 1896 - Six children in 1860 Bingham census
HANN, Emery G. Spouse of Lulu M. Born 1882, died 1958
HANN, Harriet (Phillips). Spouse of Daniel S. Born 8-1828, died 1905 - Six children in 1860 Bingham census
HANN, Lulu M. Spouse of Emery G. Born 1888, died 1978
HANN, Mary E. Born 4-10-1868*, died 01-17-1880. Age: 11y 9m 7d - Dau of Daniel and Harriet (Phillips) Hann
HARRIS, Kate M. Born 1854, died 1893 - Dau of S. A. Harris. (In Wemple lot)
HARRISON, George. Born 10-25-1906, died 5-16-1988
HARRISON, Marry. Spouse of William. Born 1863, died 1935
HARRISON, William. Spouse of Marry. Born 1864, died 1938
HART, Elizabeth Smith (Mrs.). Spouse of William. Born 11-17-1842, died 1907 - 2nd Wife of William. Wed 1893. (1900 Bingham Census)
HART, Ellen Briggs. Spouse of Merrill A. Born 1853, died 1945
HART, Mary A. (Langdon). Spouse of William. Born 1-15-1833, died 7-28-1892 - 1st Wife of William. Wed 1849, 5 children. (1880 Bingham Census)
HART, Merrill A. Spouse of Ellen B. Born 1853, died 1933
HART, Mother. Born 8-09-1845, died 9-05-1889
HART, Rebecca W. Spouse of Salmon H. Born 5-12-1851, died 5-26-1928 - (1900 Bingham Census)
HART, Salmon H. Spouse of Rebecca W. Born 9-20-1851, died 12-11-1933 - (1900 Bingham Census)
HART, William Mix. Spouse of Mary A. Langdon/ Mrs. Elizabeth Smith. Born 10-24-1824, died 5-8-1909 - Born in CT, a farmer. (1880 Bingham Census: Wed Mary in 1849, 5 children. Wed Elizabeth in 1893. (1900 census: Wed 6 yrs to Elizabeth.) - Civil War Vet, Co D, 58th PA Vols, Pvt. Drafted - discharged by General Order on June 13, 1865.
HARVEY, Howard G. Born 2-23-1911, died 12-13-1972 - WW II Vet, TEC 5 734 Ord - Lt, Maint.
HASKINS, Minnie. Spouse of Isaac. Born 6-1875, died 1932 - (1900 Hebron Census)
HAUBER, David Thatcher. Spouse of Eugertha Chapin. Born 11-29-1835, died 6-26-1915 - Son of John and Jane Hauber. Born in Rexville NY. Wed in 1865. (1880, 1900 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co H, 141 NY Vols, Sgt.
HAUBER, Elizabeth L. Spouse of F. Willard. Born 1916, died 1966
HAUBER, Eugertha (Chapin). Spouse of David T. Born 4-1841, died 7-6-1910 - Dau of Alvin and Alvina (Horton) Chapin. Born in Steuben Co NY. Wed in 1865. (1900 Bingham Census)
HAUBER, Fayette Willard. Spouse of Elizabeth L./ Thetis Sheldon. Born 1911, died 1993 - Two children with Elizabeth.
HAUBER, Giles Chapin. Spouse of Lottie L. Briggs. Born 1882, died 1961 - Son of David T. And Eugertha (Chapin) Hauber. Born in PA. Wed 12-4-1907.
HAUBER, Lottie Lucy (Briggs). Spouse of Giles L. Born 1888, died 1964 - Wed 12-4-1907
HAUBER, Mary M. Born 9-1877, died 1902 - Dau of David and Eugertha (Chapin) Hauber. (1900 Bingham Census)
HAUBER, Robert L. Spouse of Monica J. Easton. Born 6-12-1952, died 12-21-2021. Age: 69 - Son of Mahlon and Gladys (Schultz) Hauber. Born in Harrison Valley PA, lived and died in Genesee PA. Wed 8-22-1976 in Genesee, three children. (Spouse survives)
HAVENS, David Wilbur. Spouse of Rosetta Gibson. Born 2-19-1835, died 11-21-1892 - Son of John and Catharin (Woodling) Havens. Wed 1856, at least 9 children. See 1880 Hector Census - Civil War Vet, Co D 207th Inf PA Vols, Muscian
HELIKER, John R. Born 1872, died 1925
HOLBERT, Alice Caroline (Howe). Spouse of John H. Born 7-31-1853, died 5-6-1932 - Dau of Rufus and Caroline (Ainsworth) Howe. (1860, 1900 Bingham Census)
HOLBERT, Ann M. Born 1878, died 1968
HOLBERT, Carrie B. Spouse of Mulford. Born 1882, died 1908 - [Wife of]
HOLBERT, Clinton S. Spouse of Mabel Bartoo. Born 8-1886, died 1923 - Son of John H. and Mabel (Bartoo) Holbert. (1900 Bingham Census) Wed 05-10-1916.
HOLBERT, John H. Spouse of Alice C. Howe. Born 8-1847, died 1925 - (1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
HOLBERT, Mabel (Bartoo). Spouse of Clinton S. Born 11-03-1893, died 4-24-1989 - Dau of Henry and Clara (Grover) Bartoo. Wed 05-10-1916.
HOLBERT, Marjorie. Born 11-25-1917, died 11-25-1917 - Dau of Clinton S and Mabel (Bartoo) Holbert. Died at birth
HOLBERT, Milford. Spouse of Not named. Born 10-20-1920, died 3-19-2005. Age: 84 - Son of Clinton S and Mabel (Bartoo) Holbert. Born in Bingham Center, a farmer.
HOLBERT, Mulford. Spouse of Carrie. Born ??, died ??
HOLBERT, Rufus. Born 1877, died 1955 - Son of John H. and Alice C. (Howe) Holbert. (1880 Bingham Census)
HOWE, Albert Durand. Spouse of Carrie E. Case. Born 4-21-1855, died 5-28-1928 - Son of William N. and Louisa (Dyer) Howe, born in Independence NY.
HOWE, Albert Dyer. Spouse of Martha A. Elston. Born 11-24-1890, died 7-28-1962 - Son of Albert D. and Carrie E (Case) Howe. Wed 4-21-1915 in Elmira NY
HOWE, Alonzo Perry. Born 5-11-1844, died 06-09-1862. Age: 18y 11m 11d - Son of Daniel C and Mary (Smith) Howe
HOWE, Amanda (Lee). Spouse of Simeon P. B. Born 4-9-1824, died 5-20-1908 - Wed 3-3-1842 in Potter Co. (1850 Bingham Census)
HOWE, Asahel Buck. Spouse of Jane A. Born 5-30-1816, died 2-18-1899 - Son of Isaac and Betsey (Buck) Howe. (1850 Bingham Census)
HOWE, Betsy (Buck). Spouse of Isaac. Born 1794, died 1870 - From Lansing, Tompkins Co NY. (1850 Bingham Census)
HOWE, C. Lawrence. Born 1908, died 1957
HOWE, Caroline L. (Ainsworth). Spouse of Rufus H. Born 08-16-1826, died 02-06-1854 - [wife of] Dau of Herman and Betsey (Lewis) Ainsworth. Born in Independence, Tompkins Co, NY.
HOWE, Carrie E. (Case). Spouse of Albert Durand. Born 1852, died 1950 - Wed 5-15-1881 at Sullivan PA.
HOWE, Clinton E. Born 4-30-1851, died 12-02-1872. Age: 21y 7m 2d - Son of Rufus H. and Caroline (Ainsworth) Howe.
HOWE, Clinton L. Spouse of Lucy A. Born 7-1887, died 1961 - Son of Lavern B. and Ella E. Howe. (1900 Bingham Census)
HOWE, Daniel Colton. Spouse of Mary M. Smith. Born 7-28-1818, died 12-24-1878 - Son of Timothy and Flavia (Colton) Howe. Wed 5-23-1840 in North Bingham.
HOWE, Daniel Murdock. Spouse of Ethel G. Born 9-17-1864, died 1943 - Son of Isaac P. and Frances (Murdock) Howe. (1900 Bingham Census)
HOWE, E. Carrie. Spouse of Ira P. Born 1839, died uncut
HOWE, Ella Estelle (Daniels). Spouse of Lavern B., Sr. Born 11-20-1858, died 9-29-1889 - Dau of Joseph W. and Iliza J. (Bassett) Daniels, born in Ulysses. Wed 4-14-1880.
HOWE, Elson James. Spouse of Martha. Born 1917, died 1941
HOWE, Ethel G. Spouse of Daniel M. Born 9-1876, died 1928 - (1900 Bingham Census: 1865)
HOWE, Flavia (Colton). Spouse of Timothy. Born 7-29-1792*, died 12-24-1878. Age: 86y 4m 26d - Dau of Reuben and Rodda Colton. Wed 1-2-1817 in Lansing, Tompkins Co. NY.
HOWE, Hattie Azuba (Bassett). Spouse of Louis F. Born 12-29-1887, died 9-25-1948 - Dau of William A. and Orela (Seeley) Bassett, born in Ulysses. Wed 2-22-1907 in Ulysses, 4 children.
HOWE, Hazel Irene. Born 1909, died 1911 - Dau of Clinton L and Lucy A Howe
HOWE, Herrick L. Spouse of Emma Susannah Bishop. Born 11-4-1843, died 11-23-1869 - Son of Simeon P. and Amanda L. (Lee) Howe, born in Bingham Twp.
HOWE, Hulda (Tarbox). Spouse of Reuben N. Born 1872, died 12-16-1911. Age: 38 - Dau of Willis & Rose (Shutt) Tarbox. Wed in 1896.
HOWE, Ira P. Spouse of E. Carrie. Born 1837, died 1913
HOWE, Isaac. Spouse of Betsy Buck. Born 1782, died 1861 - From Lansing, Tompkins Co NY. (1850 Bingham Census) - War of 1812 Vet
HOWE, Isaac Powers. Spouse of Lucy F. Eggleston/ Frances Murdock. Born 5-16-1822, died 12-17-1900 - Son of Timothy and Flavia (Colton) Howe. Wed Lucy in 1857 in Tompkins Co. NY. Wed Frances in 1863 in PA. (1850 Bingham Census)
HOWE, Jane Ann. Born 2-1-1832, died 1900 - Dau of Isaac and Betsey (Buck) Howe. (1900 Bingham Census)
HOWE, Jay Valorus. Spouse of Mary Bissel/ Martha House. Born 3-11-1853, died 10-29-1924 - Son of William N. and Louisa (Dyer) Howe, born in Independence NY.
HOWE, Joseph. Born 1893, died 1894
HOWE, Lavern B, Jr. Spouse of Viola Teater. Born 1-1900, died 1971 - Son of Lavern B., Sr. and Mary J. Howe. (1900 Bingham Census)
HOWE, Lavern Buck, Sr. Spouse of Ella E. Daniels/ Mary I. Daniels. Born 8-6-1852, died 12-14-1931 - Son of Simeon P. B. and Amanda (Lee) Howe. Wed Ella 4-14-1880. Wed Mary 12-17-1890. (1900 Bingham Census: Wed 9 yrs.)
HOWE, Louis Fayette. Spouse of Hattie Bassett. Born 1882, died 12-23-1935 - Son of Albert D. and Carrie E (Case) Howe. Wed 2-22-1907, 4 children. I.O.O.F. No. 924
HOWE, Louisa Eliza (Dyer). Spouse of William Nelson. Born 2-10-1833, died 9-7-1864 - Dau of Mauser and Sylvia E. (Hazelton) Dyer, born in Independence NY. (1850 Bingham Census)
HOWE, Louise H. (Holbert). Spouse of Philip Burdette. Born 5-18-1928, died 3-21-2019. Age: 90 - Dau of Clinton S. and Mabel (Bartoo) Holbert. Born in Bingham Center PA, died in Dunkirk NY. A pastor's wife, serving churches in NY and MA. Wed 4-16-1949 in Bingham Center, four children. (Spouse d. 8-1-2001)
HOWE, Lucy A. Spouse of Clinton L. Born 1884, died 1972
HOWE, Lucy Frances (Eggleston). Spouse of Isaac P. Born 2-1836, died 7-29-1913 - (1900 Bingham Census)
HOWE, Luthera (Bishop). Spouse of Rufus. Born 5-12-1828, died 7-29-1918. Age: 90 - 2nd wife. (1860, 1900 Bingham Census)
HOWE, Martha. Spouse of Elson. Born 1892, died 1971
HOWE, Mary Isabel (Daniels). Spouse of Lavern B., Sr. Born 4-3-1866, died 4-2-1955 - Dau of Joseph W. and Eliza Jane (Bassett) Daniels. 2nd Wife, wed 12-1890. (1900 Bingham Census)
HOWE, Mary Marie (Smith). Spouse of Daniel C. Born 1822, died 11-17-1901 - Dau of David F. and Catherine (Kiser) Schmidt. Wed 5-23-1840 in North Bingham.
HOWE, Phillip Burdette, Rev. Spouse of Louise Holbert. Born 1-31-1927, died 8-1-2001. Age: 74 - Son of Lavern B. and Viola (Teater) Howe. Served churches in NY and MA. Wed 4-16-1949 in Bingham Center, four children.
HOWE, Reuben N. Spouse of Hulda Tarbox. Born 5-23-1861, died 7-21-1925 - Son of Isaac and Lucy (Eggleston) Howe, born in Tompkins Co. NY. (1900 Bingham Census)
HOWE, Richard Allison. Born 1-7-1923, died 10-5-1981 - Son of Louis F. and Hattie A. (Bassett) Howe, born in Allegany Co, NY.
HOWE, Roy W. Born 02-15-1863, died 04-18-1863
HOWE, Rufus H. Spouse of Caroline Ainsworth/ Luthera Bishop. Born 1-7-1823, died 4-18-1905 - Son of Isaac and Betsey (Buck) Howe. Wed Caroline 1-1-1845 in Lansing, Tompkins Co NY. Wed Luthera 9-16-1855 in Independence, Allegany Co. NY. - Civil War Vet, Co E 99th PA Vols, Pvt. Drafted, fought at Petersburg, witnessed Lee's surrender at Appomatox. Mustered out with company on July 1, 1865.
HOWE, Sally Almira. Born 1-25-1834, died 7-28-1905 - Dau of Isaac and Betsy (Buck) Howe, born in Lansing, Tompkins Co NY
HOWE, Simeon Powers Buck. Spouse of Amanda Lee. Born 1-9-1818, died 03-29-1873. Age: 55y 2m 11d - Son of Isaac and Betsey (Buck) Howe. Wed 3-3-1842 in Potter Co. (1850 Bingham Census)
HOWE, Simeon Roswell. Born 1845, died 1852 - Son of Simeon P. B. and Amanda (Lee) Howe
HOWE, Timothy. Spouse of Flavia Colton. Born 12-20-1794*, died 06-20-1876. Age: 81y 6m - Son of Timothy and Keziah (Powers) Howe, born in MA. Wed 1-2-1817 in Lansing, Tompkins Co. NY. (1840 Bingham Census) - War of 1812 Vet
HOWE, Viola (Teater). Spouse of Lavern B. Jr. Born 1902, died 1993 - (1900 Bingham Census)
HOWE, William Nelson. Spouse of Louisa Dyer. Born 3-10-1829, died 7-5-1865 - Son of Isaac and Betsey (Buck) Howe. Wed 9-3-1849 in Andover NY. - Civil War Vet, Co F 99th PA Vols, Pvt. Drafted - mustered out with company on July 1, 1865 - burial record - died at Philadelphia, Pa on July 5, 1865.
HUNT, Jordan Mark. Spouse of Veronica L. McCutcheon. Born 7-5-1986, died 10-2-2017. Age: 31 - Son of Mark L. and Pamela R. (Gill) Hunt. Born in Wellsville NY, lived in Genesee. Wed 9-14-2013, two daughters
HUNTINGTON, Mary G. (Raymond). Spouse of Ebenezer H. Born 1820, died 1851 - Dau of William G. and Betsey (Freeland) Raymond
HURLBERT, Bertha (Decker). Spouse of Harvey L. Born 1891, died uncut - Dau of Orlando and Anna Decker. His Wife
HURLBERT, Harvey L. Spouse of Bertha Decker. Born 1887, died 1921
IVES, Cornelius H. Born 2-10-1828*, died 10-27-1863. Age: 35y 8m 17d - (1840 Bingham Census)
IVES, Hiram. Spouse of Julia Ann Raymond. Born 4-09-1825*, died 03-01-1870. Age: 44y 10m 22d - (1850 Bingham Census)
IVES, Julia Ann (Raymond). Spouse of Hiram. Born 09-18-1828, died 05-25-1887 - (1850 Bingham Census)
IVES, Sarah. Spouse of Timothy. Born 2-20-1765, died 1-20-1834. Age: 68y 11m - Consort to Timothy Ives. First person buried in this cemetery
JOHNSON, Ana Stacia. Born 8-28-2005, died 8-28-2005 - Dau of Michael and Shawna (Cwiklinski) Johnson
JOHNSON, Asa Jerome. Spouse of Elizabeth L. Born 6-1857, died 1925 - (1900 Bingham Census)
JOHNSON, Edgar J. Born 3-1893, died 1918 - Son of Asa J. and Elizabeth L. Johnson. (1900 Bingham Census)
JOHNSON, Elizabeth L. Spouse of Asa Jerome. Born 10-1866, died 1952 - 1900 Bingham Census: 1867
JONES, Lydia. Spouse of William H. Born 1-1841, died 1904 - 1900 Bingham Census: 1843. William buried in Mills.
KENDERDINE, Alvin R. Spouse of Mary Jane Iliff/ Rose Hand. Born 11-8-1939, died 9-14-2014. Age: 74 - Son of Stanley E. and Pearl (Hoagland) Kenderdine, born in Holland PA. Seven children with Mary. Wed Rose 9-22-2001 in Croydon PA.
KIBBE, Alonzo P. Spouse of Eliza J. Born 1837, died ?? - Son of Hezekiah and Lucy Kibbe
KIBBE, Betsey (Gee). Spouse of Truman. Born 05-29-1823, died 06-02-1884 - (1880 Bingham Census)
KIBBE, Clarence [Duff]. Spouse of Shirley Braud. Born 9-15-1933, died 6-23-2007. Age: 73 - Son of Landis and Dora (Talbett) Kibbe. Born in North Bingham PA, d. Wellsville NY (at home), Wed 8-23-1958 in Sayre PA, 9 children. - Cold War Vet, Vet, US Army 1954-56
KIBBE, Dorcas (Brown). Spouse of James. Born 10-10-1808*, died 06-19-1881. Age: 72y 8m 9d - Dau of William and Martha Brown
KIBBE, Dorothy Church (Fuller) [Dolly]. Spouse of George W. Born 1844, died 1904 - [His Wife] Dau of Charles and Harriett Fuller, from New Hudson NY. 1900 Bingham Census: Wed to George 28 yrs, three children.
KIBBE, Edna L. Born 1879, died 1880 - Dau of Alonzo and Eliza J Kibbe
KIBBE, Eliza J. Spouse of Alonzo. Born 1853, died 12-19-1882. Age: 30y 2m 12d
KIBBE, Emma E. Spouse of George W. Born ??, died 12-16-1870 - [His Wife]
KIBBE, Frank T. Spouse of Grace E. [Emma]. Born 4-1872, died 1930 - Son of Oscar and L. Margaret (Call) Kibbe. (1900 Bingham Census)
KIBBE, Fred A. Spouse of Minnie M. Youker. Born 3-1874, died 1942 - Son of Oscar and L. Margaret (Call) Kibbe. (1900 Bingham Census: Wed after 1900)
KIBBE, George W. Spouse of Dorothy (Church) Fuller/ Mrs. Jennie Smith. Born 6-29-1843, died 4-8-1929. Age: 85 - Son of Truman and Julia (Pierce) Kibbe, born and died in Potter Co.Killed in a fall from his barn roof. Married to Dorothy for 28 yrs in 1900, three children. Wed Jennie 2-17-1906. (1900 Bingham Census):
KIBBE, Grace E. [Emma]. Spouse of Frank. Born 6-1875, died 1942 - (1900 Bingham Census)
KIBBE, Hezekiah. Spouse of Martha/ Lucy. Born 12-06-1801, died 09-10-1876. Age: 74y 9m 4d - Settled in 1826 on the farm where he lived and died. (1840 Bingham Census)
KIBBE, Infant Son. Born 4-1-1836, died 04-07-1836. Age: 6d - Son of Hezekiah and Lucy Kibbe
KIBBE, Infant Son. Born ??, died 1833 - Son of Hezekiah and Martha Kibbe
KIBBE, James. Spouse of Dorcus Brown. Born 1814, died ??
KIBBE, Jason. Spouse of Harriet. Born 8-1850, died aft 1900 - (1900 Bingham Census)
KIBBE, Louisa Margaret (Call). Spouse of Oscar A. Born 9-1851, died 1922 - (1900 Bingham Census: 1851)
KIBBE, Lucy. Spouse of Hezekiah. Born 8-03-1816*, died 09-22-1874. Age: 58y 1m 19d
KIBBE, Lydia J. (Daniels) Jinks. Spouse of Jinks/ Truman. Born 12-14-1821, died uncut - Wed 2-18-1885 at Gold. (1900 Bingham census: name is Jane.)
KIBBE, Mark Duane. Spouse of Shirley Seamans Doan. Born 11-15-1935, died 6-10-2008. Age: 72 - Son of E. Vaughn and Mary (Harrison) Kibbe. Born in Genesee PA. Wed 4-19-1969 in Wellsville NY - Korean War Vet, US Army 1953-55
KIBBE, Martha. Spouse of Hezekiah. Born 8-22-1804*, died 02-12-1834. Age: 29y 5m 21d
KIBBE, Martin. Born 2-12-1820, died 03-21-1847
KIBBE, Minnie (Youker). Spouse of Fred A. Born 1878, died 6-17-1920
KIBBE, Olive S. Spouse of William. Born 7-29-1778, died 12-1847
KIBBE, Oscar A. Spouse of L. Margaret Call. Born 1-1849, died 1922 - Son of Truman and Betsey (Gee) Kibbe. (1900 Bingham Census)
KIBBE, Shirley (Braud). Spouse of Clarence. Born 1935, died uncut
KIBBE, Thana M. Born 1939, died uncut - Pastor
KIBBE, Truman. Spouse of Julia Pierce/ Betsey Gee/ Mrs. Lydia Jinks/. Born 4-15-1816, died ?? - Wed Betsey after 1843. Wed Lydia J. 2-18-1885 at Gold. (1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
KIBBE, Varanes B. Born 1831, died 02-02-1832. Age: 1 - Son of Hezekiah and Martha Kibbe
KIBBE, William. Spouse of Olive. Born 3-11-1773, died 05-01-1855 - (1840 Bingham Census) - War of 1812 Vet
KILKBRENNER, Janet M. Spouse of Leonard. Born 1952, died 1994 - [His Wife] Wed 1-13-1968
KILKBRENNER, Leonard. Spouse of Janet M. Born 1950, died uncut - Wed 1-13-1968
KING, Almena M. Born 1946, died 1992
KING, Amos Clinton. Spouse of Elsie L. Howe. Born 2-21-1841, died 11-29-1914 - Son of William and Mary (O'Neil) King, born in Venango PA, Wed 1-21-1871 in Ellisburg PA> - Civil War Vet, Co F, 121 PA Vols, Pvt. Discharged by Special Order on April 1, 1863.
KING, Elsie Lucina (Howe). Spouse of Amos Clinton. Born 8-19-1845, died 2-14-1901 - Dau of Daniel C. nd Mary M. (Smith) Howe, born in North Bingham. Wed 1-21-1871 in Ellisburg.
KING, Infant Son. Born ??, died 1937 - Son of A. C. and E. L. King
KING, Ruthann C. Spouse of William O. Sr. Born ??, died 1954
KING, William O. Sr. Born ??, died 1940
KNAUER, Elnora (Johnson) Ransom. Spouse of Howard E. Ransom/ George Knauer, Sr. Born 9-3-1919, died 3-22-2012. Age: 92 - Dau of Rufus and Helen (Shutt) Johnson, born in Bingham Twp. Three sons with Howard. Wed George after 1959.
LANGDON, Martha J. Spouse of S. J. Born 2-02-1855, died 2-3-1908
LANGDON, Nancy J. Spouse of Norris A. Born 7-30-1850, died 4-5-1909 - [Gone But Not Forgotten] (1900 Bingham Census)
LANGDON, S. J. Spouse of Martha J. Born 1-14-1852, died 7-13-1913
LAWRENCE, Jemima. Spouse of Willet. Born 1808, died 1893 - [His Wife]
LAWRENCE, Melvin W. Born 1862, died 1890
LAWRENCE, Monterey (Chapin). Spouse of Willet W. Born 1847, died 1912
LAWRENCE, Pearl. Born 1883, died 1883 - Dau of Willet W and Monterey (Chapin) Lawrence
LAWRENCE, Philip W. Spouse of Wilmina R. Born 5-4-1830, died 10-20-1908. Age: 72 - (1900 Bingham Census)
LAWRENCE, Roy W. Born 1860, died 1862 - Son of Philip W and Wilmina - R Lawrence. (1900 Bingham Census)
LAWRENCE, Sarah. Born 1887, died 1887 - Dau of Willet W and Monterey (Chapin) Lawrence
LAWRENCE, Willet. Spouse of Jemima. Born 1804, died 1880 - (1880 Bingham Census)
LAWRENCE, Willet W. Spouse of Monterey C. Chapin. Born 1841, died 1923 - Civil War Vet
LAWRENCE, Wilmina R. Spouse of Philip W. Born 3-10-1836, died 1-4-1917 - [His Wife] (1900 Bingham Census)
LEBAR, Alice. Spouse of Willis. Born 2-1873, died 1927 - 1900 Bingham Census: 1872
LEBAR, Mary E. (Patterson). Spouse of Richard. Born 4-1861, died 1951 - [His Wife] (1900 Bingham Census)
LEBAR, Richard C. Spouse of Mary Patterson. Born 4-1844, died 1925 - 1900 Bingham Census: 1845 - Civil War Vet, Co B 189 NYS Vol.
LEBAR, Willis. Spouse of Alice. Born 5-1873, died 1936 - 1900 Bingham Census: 1871
LEE, Jane. Spouse of John. Born 1803, died 01-08-1852. Age: 49y 5m 22d - [Wife of] Born in NY. (1850 Bingham Census)
LEE, John. Spouse of Jane. Born 7-15-1781, died 10-31-1861. Age: 80y 3m 16d - Born in MA. (1840, 1850 Bingham Census)
LEET, Dale Frank. Born 8-4-1944, died 8-29-1944. Age: 25 day - Son of Walter and Mary (Littlefield) Leet
LEET, Lulu L. Spouse of Lyndon L. Born 1891, died 1965
LEET, Lyndon L. Spouse of Lulu L. Born 1875, died 1955
LEET, Mary F. (Littlefield). Spouse of Walter S. Born 1-6-1918, died 3-29-2003. Age: 85 - Dau of Lafe and Fannie (Dodd) Littlefield. Born in Coudersport, PA d. Sayre, PA. Co-owner/operator dairy/produce farm in Allegany Twp.
LEET, Walter S. Spouse of Mary F. Littlefield. Born 5-10-1913, died Feb-18-1970
LEETE, Eliza A. Spouse of Franklin P. Born 1844, died 1924 - 1900 Allegany census gives birthdate as 11-1848.
LEETE, Franklin P. Spouse of Eliza A. Born 1845, died 1916 - (1880 Bingham Census) 1900 Allegany census gives birthdate as 4-1848.
LEETE, Frederick. Spouse of Polly L. Born 1779, died 1864 - Born in CT. (1850 Bingham Census)
LEETE, Lewis L. Born ??, died ??. Age: 3 - Son of Norman J and Thera H Leete
LEETE, Norman J. Spouse of Thera H. Born 1862, died 1931 - Son of Timothy J. and Samantha (Lewis) Leete.
LEETE, Polly (Ives). Born 1800, died uncut
LEETE, Polly L. Spouse of Frederick. Born 1810, died uncut - Born in MA. (1850 Bingham Census)
LEETE, Ralph C. Born 1855, died 1898 - Son of Timothy J and Samantha (Lewis) Leete
LEETE, Rosell H. Spouse of Katherine Palmatier. Born 1894, died 1952 - Wed 2-12-1920.
LEETE, Ruth Amanda. Born 8-10-1899, died 10-4-1918. Age: 19y 2m - Dau of Norman J and Thera H Leete. Died in Washington DC of the flu.
LEETE, Samantha H. (Lewis). Spouse of Timothy J. Born 11-1834, died 1-3-1911 - Survived by 6 sons.1900 Bingham Census: LEET
LEETE, Thera H. Spouse of Norman J. Born 1865, died 1932
LEETE, Timothy J. Spouse of Samantha H. Lewis. Born 12-06-1827, died 12-21-1906 - Son of Uriah and Polly (Ives) Leete. Survived by 6 sons. (1900 Bingham Census)
LEETE, Uriah. Spouse of Polly Ives. Born 1790, died 1863 - Born CT. (1840, 1850 Bingham Census)
LEMAIRE, Lilia. Born 1923, died uncut
LEWIS, Alonzo B. Born 1843, died - Son of Amos - R and Bethiah (Carpenter) Lewis
LEWIS, Alvin P. Spouse of Mary C. Born 02-12-1833, died 11-09-1891 - Son of Amos - R and Bethiah (Carpenter) Lewis - Civil War Vet
LEWIS, Amos R. Spouse of Bethiah Carpenter. Born 1805, died 12-07-1873. Age: 67y 8m - (1850 Bingham Census)
LEWIS, Bernard. Born 1861, died 1933 - Son of Levi B and Sarah (Ransom) Lewis
LEWIS, Bethiah (Carpenter). Spouse of Amos R. Born 8-1809, died 1909 - Dau of Barber and Elinor (Bronson) Carpenter. (1900 Bingham Census)
LEWIS, Dalton M. Born ??, died 12-??-1880
LEWIS, Della (Carpenter). Spouse of Fowler. Born 1865, died 1884 - Dau of Ira B. and Mary A. (Baldwin) Carpenter.
LEWIS, Della M. Born 1870, died 1880
LEWIS, Fowler. Spouse of Della M. Carpenter. Born 1863, died 1895 - Son of Levi B. and Sarah (Ransom) Lewis
LEWIS, Frank E. Spouse of Minnie. Born 1-1859, died 1939 - Son of Levi B. and Sarah (Ransom) Lewis. (1900 Sharon Census)
LEWIS, Gladys. Born 1889, died 1889 - Dau of John B. and Mattie L. Lewis
LEWIS, Jane (Raymond). Spouse of Norman W,. Born 12-1840, died 11-30-1928. Age: 88 - Dau of Joel L. and Lydia M. (Grover) Raymond. (1850, 1900 Bingham Census)
LEWIS, Ladurne P. Spouse of Minerva Raymond. Born 11-01-1842, died 05-30-1890
LEWIS, Levi B. Spouse of Sarah Ransom. Born 05-22-1837, died 07-27-1883 - [Gone but not forgotten] Son of Amos - R and Bethiah (Carpenter) Lewis. Was Potter Co Auditor and Postmaster. Wed 5-9-1859. (1850 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G, 53rd PA Vols, Pvt.
LEWIS, Lillian A. Spouse of Seldon. Born 8-1872, died 1961 - (1900 Bingham Census)
LEWIS, Louisa. Born 12-26-1839*, died 01-07-1844. Age: 4y 12d - Dau of Amos - R and Bethiah (Carpenter) Lewis
LEWIS, Mary C. Spouse of Alvin P. Born 1839, died 5-5-1915. Age: 75
LEWIS, Minerva (Raymond). Spouse of Ladurne P. Born 06-12-1843, died 7-17-1925 - Dau of Joel L. and Lydia M. (Grover) Raymond. (1850 Bingham Census)
LEWIS, Minnie. Spouse of Frank E. Born 09-23-1869, died 12-10-1891
LEWIS, Norman W. Spouse of Jane Raymond. Born 3-1837, died 3-25-1915 - (1900 Bingham Census: 1836)
LEWIS, Sarah (Ransom). Spouse of Levi B. Born 08-25-1835, died 06-02-1889 - Dau of George and Eliza (Burt) Ransom. Born in Bingham Twp. Wed 5-9-1859.
LEWIS, Seldon. Spouse of Lillian A. Born 2-1869, died 1951 - Son of Levi B and Sarah (Ransom) Lewis. (1900 Bingham Census)
LEWIS, Simeon F. Born 1938, died 10-28-1939. Age: 1 - Son of Amos - R and Bethiah (Carpenter) Lewis
LOWIE, Melvin W. Born 3-26-1862, died 08-10-1890
LOY, James C. II. Born 8-22-1980, died 12-1-2023. Age: 43 - Son of James C. Sr. and Patricia L. (Boden) Loy. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in Sweden Hill PA, died in Smthport PA.
MATTISON, Christian R. Spouse of Rebecca. Born 11-16-1956, died uncut - [To live is Christ and to die is gain] Wed 5-27-1989
MATTISON, Rebecca. Spouse of Christian R. Born 1-11-1961, died uncut - Wed 5-27-1989
MATTISON, Sarah (Carpenter). Spouse of Dr. Edgar S. Born 1848*, died 02-03-1870. Age: 22 - Dau of Ira B. and Mary A. (Baldwin) Carpenter.
MCCARN, Colin D. Born 12-15-1877, died 9-23-1919
MCCARN, Fayette. Born 7-04-1850*, died 03-04-1882. Age: 31y 8m
MCCARN, Henry. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1786, died 1843
MCCARN, Lydia. Born 2-02-1868*, died 04-03-1872. Age: 4y 2m 1d - Dau of Lyman and Sylvia (Howe) McCarn. Gone but not forgotten
MCCARN, Lyman E. Spouse of Sylvia Howe. Born 9-21-1833*, died 02-21-1885. Age: 51y 5m
MCCARN, Sarah. Spouse of Henry. Born 1794, died 1845
MCCARN, Sylvia (Howe). Spouse of Lyman McCarn/ Harrison Mourhees. Born 2-7-1851, died 1-22-1922 - See Mourhees, Harrison. It is unclear where she is buried.
MCCARN, Volney N. Born 6-17-1876*, died 12-26-1902. Age: 26y 6m 9d
MCCARTHY, F.Mike. Born 1917, died 1968
MCCARTHY, Forrest W. Born 4-28-1917, died 6-18-1968 - WW II Vet, PA 1596 Base Unit AAF, PFC
MCCARTHY, Fred A. Spouse of Permelia. Born 1887, died 1964
MCCARTHY, Mary E. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1851, died 1913
MCCARTHY, Norman A. Born ??, died ?? - Son of Forrest McCarthy
MCCARTHY, Permelia. Spouse of Fred A. Born 1892, died 1941
MCCARTHY, Thomas. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1851, died 1913
MCCHESNEY, Walter F. Born 10-19-1854*, died 4-17-1875. Age: 20y 5m 29d
MCCORNELL, Brian. Born 1966, died 1967
MCCUTCHEON, Hulda V. (Frost). Spouse of Ronald J. Born 7-19-1927, died 2-25-2023. Age: 95 - Dau of Clifford and Selynda (Wallace) Frost. Born in Whitesville NY, lived and died in North Bingham PA. Wed 12-18-1960 in Whitesville, five children.
MCCUTCHEON, Ronald J. Spouse of Hulda Frost. Born 9-8-1931, died 10-15-2014. Age: 83 - Son of Clifton Hiram and Gladys L. (Woodard) McCutcheon. Born in Harrison Valley, worked 41 yrs for NY Natural Gas. Wed 12-18-1960 in Whitesville NY, 5 children - Korean War Vet, US Army 1952-1954
MCDOWELL, Hannah Elizabeth. Born 5-15-2003, died 7-19-2003
MCELROY, Angie (Clark). Spouse of James C. Born 08-27-1866, died 7-20-1946
MCELROY, James Clinton. Spouse of Angie Clarke. Born 11-14-1862, died 7-2-1905 - Son of James and Anna (Boyd) McElroy.
MERRICK, Benjamin. Born ??, died 1877 - Son of James and Delia Merrick
MERRICK, Catherine (Rooks) [Kate]. Spouse of Lester. Born 12-1829, died 1917 - [Wife Of] Dau of Daniel and Delanah (Bolman) Rooks. (1900 Bingham Census)
MERRICK, Charles A. Spouse of Kate A. Rooks. Born 1847, died 1920 - Son of Hiram A. and Joysa F. Merrick. (1850 Bingham Census)
MERRICK, Chester Austin. Spouse of Kate Merrick. Born 9-26-1886, died 3-9-1963 - Son of Maurice and Ella (Cooper) Crum
MERRICK, Claude E. Born 08-.1880, died 01-.1920
MERRICK, Delia. Spouse of James F. Born 4-1858, died aft 1900 - (1900 Bingham Census)
MERRICK, Dorr. Born 1887, died 09-10-1888 - Son of Charles and Mahala Merrick
MERRICK, Eugene. Spouse of Gusta. Born 1852, died 1895
MERRICK, Frank P. Spouse of Ida S. Born 1866, died 1931 - Son of Lester and Catherine (Rooks) Merrick. (1880 Bingham Census)
MERRICK, Gusta S. Spouse of Eugene. Born ??, died ??
MERRICK, Hiram August. Spouse of Joyce F. Whitney. Born 1814, died 1894 - Born in PA. (1850 Bingham Census)
MERRICK, Ida S. Spouse of Frank P. Born 1868, died 1955
MERRICK, James F. Spouse of Delia. Born 4-1853, died 1927 - (1900 Bingham Census)
MERRICK, James V. Spouse of Jennie B. Maye. Born 1873, died 1964
MERRICK, Jennie Budd (Maye). Spouse of James V. Born 1884, died 1942 - Dau of Addison C. and Genette (Ryan) Maye.
MERRICK, Joyce F. (Whitney). Spouse of Hiram A. Born 1814, died 1877 - [His Wife] Born in NY. (1850 Bingham Census)
MERRICK, Kate A. Spouse of Charles. Born 5-05-1850*, died 02-05-1875. Age: 24y 9m
MERRICK, Kate M. (Merrick). Spouse of Chester Allen. Born 5-7-1891, died 7-22-1970 - Dau of Charles and Mahala (Kile) Merrick
MERRICK, Lester. Spouse of Catherine Rooks. Born 2-1836, died 1909 - 1900 Bingham Census:1836
MERRICK, Mahala M. Born 1860, died 1931
MILLER, Arlie. Born 1891, died 2-22-1920. Age: 28
MILLER, Charles. Born ??, died ?? - No other info
MILLER, George B. Born 1893, died 1965
MILLER, Gordon E. Spouse of Isabelle M. Born 3-16-1920, died 3-16-1991 - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
MILLER, Ida J. Spouse of James B. Born 1869, died 1955
MILLER, Isabelle M. Spouse of Gordon E. Born 1923, died 1977
MILLER, James B. Spouse of Ida M. Born 1867, died 1950
MILLER, Marguerite E. Born 1917, died 1918 - Dau of Arlie and Florence Miller
MILLER, Marie Raviart. Born 12-9-1902, died 3-23-1981 - [Gram]
MOON, Andrew. Born 01-6-1830, died 01-07-1851. Age: 21y 1d - Son of Thomas W and Jemima Moon
MOON, Jemima. Spouse of Thomas W. Born 10-04-1804*, died 02-27-1880. Age: 75y 4m 23d
MOON, Josephine. Born 4-27-1845*, died 06-19-1848. Age: 3y 1m 22d - Dau of Thomas W and Jemima Moon
MOON, Thomas W. Spouse of Jemima. Born 4-06-1798*, died 10-29-1878. Age: 80y 6m 23d - (1850 Bingham Census)
MOURHESS, Sylvia (Howe) McCarn. Born 1851, died 1922 - See Sylvia McCarn (It is unclear where she is buried.)
MULFORD, Carrie (Henry) Holbert. Spouse of James E. Born 1882, died 1908 - Dau of John and Susan A. (Thompson) Henry.
NEAL, Marjorie M. Spouse of Raymond A. Born 1905, died 1973
NEAL, Raymond A. Spouse of Marjorie M. Born 1903, died 1981
NELSON, Charles. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1904, died 1982
NELSON, Charles M. Spouse of Laura J. Carpenter. Born 6-29-1936, died 12-4-2023. Age: 87 - Son of Charles B. and Mary M. (Easton) Nelson. Born in Bingham Twp, lived and died in Genesee PA. Bingham Twp supervisor for 22 years and tax collector for 24 years. Wed 11-9-1956 in Potter Brook PA, three children. (Spouse survives)
NELSON, Frank. Born 1866, died 1931
NELSON, Ione (Briggs) Frances. Spouse of Sherman Frances/ Rodney. Born 1869, died 1948 - [His Wife] Wed Sherman 8-20-1890. Wed Rodney 3-31-1903 at Independence NY.
NELSON, Lester. Born 1836, died 1909
NELSON, Mary E. Spouse of Charles. Born 1906, died 1941
NELSON, Rodney C. Spouse of Ione B. Born 1-1873, died 1925 - Son of Charles and A. Wilde Nelson. (1880, 1900 Allegany Census)
NICHOLAS, Jane C. (Ruch). Companion of Leo J. Colgan. Born 12-30-1952, died 10-15-2023. Age: 70 - Dau of Stewart and Phyllis (Chamberlin) Ruch. Born in Easton PA, lived in Shinglehouse PA, died in Olean NY. One daughter, father not named.
NICHOLS, Bulah T. (Helton) [Boots]. Spouse of Junior Ray. Born 9-3-1924, died 11-16-2015 - Dau of William Clifton and Maude Odelia (Hightower) Helton, born in Cullman AL, died in Coudersport PA. Wed 2-9-1946 in Cullman, three sons (He d. 7-20-2000)
NICHOLS, Junior Ray. Spouse of Bulah T. Helton. Born 10-12-1922, died 7-20-2000 - WW II Vet, US Army, TEC 5
NICHOLS, Lori S. Spouse of Ronald D. Born 11-21-1968, died uncut
NICHOLS, Ronald D. Spouse of Lori S. Born Mar-20-1957, died 11-27-2000 - Wed 4-22=1995
NICHOLS, Stephanie Noell. Born 3-8-1995, died 3-18-1995. Age: 10d
NYE, Claude L. Spouse of Helen S. Born 1912, died 1974
NYE, Helen S. Spouse of Claude L. Born 1916, died uncut
ORDWAY, Burdette S. Born 1924, died 1950
ORDWAY, Charles. Born 1837, died 1943
ORDWAY, Dana. Born 9-6-1946, died 4-9-2006 - Cremated. Memorial Service at North Bingham Cemetery 7-15-2006
ORDWAY, Diana C. Spouse of Ellery W. Born 1909, died 1981
ORDWAY, Ellery W. Spouse of Diana C. Born 1902, died 1960
ORDWAY, Ethel (Tracy). Spouse of Leon J. Born 12-29-1934, died 3-2-2017. Age: 82 - Dau of Dana and Ethel (Rogers) Tracy. Born in Little Marsh PA, lived in Whitesville NY, died in Wellsville NY. Wed 3-13-1954 in Whitesville, five sons.
ORDWAY, Etta G. (Hurlbert). Spouse of Lewis/Louis. Born 1915, died 1981 - [Mother]
ORDWAY, Leon J. Spouse of Ethel M. Tracy. Born 3-23-1935, died 10-26-2014 - Son of Louis and Etta (Hurlbert) Ordway, Born in Mills PA, d. Whitesville NY.Wed 3-13-1954 in Whitesville, 5 sons
ORDWAY, Leon J. [Jack]. Spouse of Monica Miles. Born 10-2-1957, died 7-13-2017. Age: 59 - Son of Leon J. and Ethel (Tracy) Ordway. Lived in Whitesville NY. Volunteer fireman for 37 years, Worked 38 years for Herbert Cooper Co. in Genesee PA. Wed 7-25-1987, two children.
ORDWAY, Lewis B. /Louis. Spouse of Etta G. Hurlbert. Born 1892, died 1949 - [Father]
ORDWAY, Patricia (Schweigart). Spouse of Richard L Pratt/ Richard G. Born 5-2-1934, died 12-31-2003. Age: 69 - Dau of Albert J and Ida E (Clark) Schweigart. Wed Richard Pratt 11-20-1951 in North Bingham, 5 children. Wed Richard Ordway 2-22-1997 in Whitesville NY.
ORDWAY, Phillip G. Born 1929, died 1971 - [In Memory of our Beloved Son and Brother]
ORDWAY, William S. Born 1921, died 1929 - [Son]
PALMATIER, Elizabeth. Born 5-03-1813, died 12-23-1874. Age: 61y 7m 20d
PARKER, Jake. Born 1860, died 1934
PATTERSON, Amelia. Spouse of William. Born 1827, died 3-1-1902. Age: 89
PATTERSON, Carrie (Perry). Born 1901, died 1918
PATTERSON, Dora (Burdick). Spouse of Edward G. Born 1862, died 1925
PATTERSON, Edward G. Spouse of Dora Burdick. Born 1856, died 1943 - Son of William and Amelia Patterson
PATTERSON, Ermilla. Spouse of William. Born 1827, died 1908 - [His wife]
PATTERSON, Frank M. Spouse of Mary Wood. Born 12-1858, died 1936 - 1900 Bingham Census: 1856
PATTERSON, Levi. Spouse of Waity. Born 1791*, died 08-26-1852. Age: 61 - War of 1812 Vet, NH - 1st Regt (Fisk's), Pvt
PATTERSON, Mary (Wood). Spouse of Frank M. Born 5-1861, died 1918 - [His Wife] Dau of Charles Gardner and Laura J. (Morris) Wood. (1900 Bingham Census)
PATTERSON, Mary J. (Graham). Spouse of Norman J. Born 10-7-1887, died 7-5-1948 - (1900 Bingham Census)
PATTERSON, Norman. Born ??, died. Age: Infant
PATTERSON, Norman J. Spouse of Mary J. Graham. Born 3-27-1884, died Mar-18-1982 - Son of Edward G and Dora (Burdick) Patterson
PATTERSON, Waity. Spouse of Levi. Born 1807, died 1885
PATTERSON, William S. Spouse of Ermilla. Born 1817, died 1899
PAYNE, Avis. Louise (Huntington). Spouse of Lawrence A, Sr. Born 1921, died 1997 - Nine children
PAYNE, Lawrence Ambrose, Sr. Spouse of A. Louise Huntington. Born 6-25-1907, died 3-29-1997 - Nine children - WW II Vet, US Marine Corp, PFC
PEAVY, Minnie. Spouse of S. A. Born 1862, died 1887
PECK, Infant Son. Born 1879, died 1879 - Son of N. J. and Grace (Raymond) Peck
PEET, Martha (Kibbe). Spouse of William. Born 02-12-1820, died 03-21-1847
PERRY, Emeline. Born 1837, died 1842 - Dau of H. D. and R. Perry
PLAISTED, Dawn M. (Gorton). Spouse of Richard H. Born 1933, died 1983
PLAISTED, Edith. Born 1907, died 8-4-1921. Age: 13
PLAISTED, Fred. Born 1882, died 1950
PLAISTED, Phebe. Born 1881, died 1946
PLAISTED, Richard H. Spouse of Dawn Gorton. Born 7-20-1934, died 12-22-1990 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army - PFC
POTTER, E. T. Born ??, died ?? - no other info
POTTER, Mother. Born 1845, died 3-3-1905
POTTER, Theodore F. Born 4-7-1838, died 01-05-1894
PRATT, Patricia L. (Schweigart). Spouse of Richard L. Sr. Born 1934, died 12-21-2003 - [Together Forever] Dau of Albert J and Ida E (Clark) Schweigart. (May not be buried here. See Ordway, Patricia)
PRATT, Richard L. Sr. Spouse of Patricia L. Schweigart. Born 6-14-1931, died 8-22-1979 - Korean War Vet, US Marine Corp, CPL
RANSOM, Agnes M. (Carpenter). Spouse of Burt. Born 5-1881, died 1928 - Dau of Eugene A. and Mary A. (Baldwin) Carpenter. (1900 Bingham Census)
RANSOM, Arthur Eugene. Spouse of Minnie E. Patterson. Born 8-1877, died 1955 - Son of John and Emily (Patterson) Ransom. (1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
RANSOM, Burt. Spouse of Agnes M. Carpenter. Born 1872, died 1953 - Son of John and Emily (Patterson) Ransom
RANSOM, Donald F. Born 1926, died 1926
RANSOM, Ella Mae. Born 1875, died 1961 - Dau of John and Emily (Patterson) Ransom. (1880 Bingham Census)
RANSOM, Elnora (Johnson). Spouse of Howard E. Born 1919, died uncut
RANSOM, Emily (Patterson). Spouse of John. Born 5-1849, died Aft 1900 - (1900 Bingham Census)
RANSOM, Howard E. Spouse of Elnora Johnson. Born 1902, died 1950
RANSOM, John R. Spouse of Emily Patterson. Born 6-1848, died 8-14-1911. Age: 63 - Son of George W. and Eliza (Burt) Ransom.1900 Bingham Census:1847 - Civil War Vet
RANSOM, Minnie Elaine (Patterson). Spouse of Arthur Eugene. Born 8-1894, died uncut - Dau of Frank M. and Mary (Woods) Patterson. (1900 Bingham Census)
RAYMOND, Elizabeth (Freeland) [Betsey]. Spouse of William G. Born 2-13-1788, died 09-25-1875 - Dau of Russell and Mary (Mann) Freeland, born in Hampden Co MA. Wed 5-9-1809 in Peru MA. (1850 Bingham Census)
RAYMOND, Jane (Searle). Spouse of Joel L. Born 8-15-1817, died 10-22-1838 - [Wife of] 1st wife of Joel.
RAYMOND, Jean (Stotler). Born 1935, died 1968
RAYMOND, Joel Lyman. Spouse of Jane Searle/ Matilda Grover. Born 3-2-1812, died 3-12-1913 - Son of William G. and Betsey (Freeland) Raymond. Born in Berkshire Co MA. Wed Jane 11-1-1837 in Berkshire Co MA. Wed Lydia 1-29-1840 in Bingham Twp,. (1840 Bingham Census).
RAYMOND, Joel R. Born 3-17-1882, died 07-18-1884 - Son of John and Mary Raymond.
RAYMOND, John G. Spouse of Sarah Ives. Born 4-3-1824, died 11-17-1849 - Son of John G. and Betsey (Freeland) Raymond, born in Berkshire Co MA. (1850 Bingham Census)
RAYMOND, Lydia Matilda (Grover). Spouse of Joel L. Born 6-8-1820, died 11-14-1886 - [Wife of] Dau of David and Lydia (Lyman) Grover, born in Andover NY. Wed 1-29-1840 - mother of all of Joel's children. (1850 Bingham Census)
RAYMOND, William Greenleaf. Spouse of Betsey Freeland. Born 10-13-1786, died 07-31-1874 - Son of Amos and Alice (Joslin) Raymond, born in Worcester MA. Wed 5-9-1809 in Peru, MA. (1840, 1850 Bingham Census)
REGINA, Vivian (Kibbe) Simmons. Spouse of C. Raymond Simmons / Martin. Born 3-30-1911, died 11-14-2001. Age: 90 - Dau of Bert and Nettie (Bossard) Kibbe. Born in North Bingham, PA (Burial place in question. See SIMMONS, Vivian.)
RENNELLS, Barbara (Cornell). Spouse of Francis (Frank). Born 1931, died 1996
RENNELLS, Francis. Spouse of Barbara Cornell. Born 1930, died uncut
RENNELLS, Robert Edward. Born ??, died 1957 - Son of Frank and Barbara (Cornell) Rennells
REVOKA, Daniel D. Sr. Born ??, died ?? - Revolutionary War Vet
RITTER, Eugertha (Hauber). Born 1914, died 1955
ROBBINS, Albert L. Spouse of Malvina J. Lowery. Born 5-1848, died 1934 - Son of Laban and Electa (Phillips) Robbins. (1900 Bingham Census: 1849) - Civil War Vet, Co J, 189 PA Vols, Pvt
ROBBINS, Alonzo D. Spouse of Lydia Hamilton. Born 12-1852, died 1932 - (1900 Bingham Census)
ROBBINS, Celinda M. (Smith). Spouse of Marshall Keys. Born 1840, died 1-21-1921 - [His Wife] Wed 2-14-2864. Bible says name was Clark
ROBBINS, Earl C. Spouse of Patricia Perrin. Born 7-8-1924, died 5-1-2022. Age: 97 - Son of Earl S. and Katherine (Ransom) Robbins. Born in Genesee PA, lived in Wellsville NY. Wed 3-27-1948 in Wellsville, three children. (Spouse d.1-2006) - WW II Vet, US Army. Fought at Omaha Beach.
ROBBINS, Earl S. Spouse of Neva D. Ransom/ Kate Ransom. Born 1884, died 1966 - (1900, 1910 Bingham Census) Neva and Kate were sisters.
ROBBINS, Eleanor (Payne). Spouse of Mason J. Born 4-4-1924, died 3-31-2016. Age: 91 - Dau of Clarence and Esther (Bennett) Payne, born in Corning NY. Wed 7-26-1953 in Westfield PA, three children.
ROBBINS, Electa J. (Phillips). Spouse of Laben R. Born 1820, died 3-25-1911. Age: 90
ROBBINS, Frank H. Spouse of Mildred T. Turner. Born 9-1883, died 1948 - Son of Alonzo D. and Lydia J. (Hamilton) Robbins. (1900 Bingham Census)
ROBBINS, Frank T. Born 3-8-1874, died 1896 - Son of Marshall K. and Celinda (Smith) Robbins.
ROBBINS, Harlen T. Born 5-7-1911, died 4-28-1989 - Son of Earl and Kathryn L. (Ransom) Robbins. - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
ROBBINS, Herbert L. Spouse of Rose A. Born 8-1887, died 1953 - Son of Albert L. and Malvina J. (Lowery) Robbins. (1900 Bingham Census)
ROBBINS, Kathryn Lena (Ransom) [Kate]. Spouse of Earl S. Born 5-1882, died 1975 - Dau of John R. and Emily (Patterson) Ransom. (1900 Bingham Census)
ROBBINS, Laben R. Spouse of Electa Phillips. Born 1820, died 1909. Age: 89 - Son of David and Mercy (Burleigh) Robbins. (1850 Bingham Census)
ROBBINS, Lowell B. Born ??, died ??. Age: 27y 9m - Son of Albert and Malvina Robbins
ROBBINS, Lydia. Born 5-22-1835, died 02-27-1854. Age: 18y 9m 3d - Dau of Marshall and Susannah (Chapman) Robbins
ROBBINS, Lydia J. (Hamilton). Spouse of Alonzo. Born 1-1859, died 1922 - (1900 Bingham Census)
ROBBINS, Malvina J. (Lowery). Spouse of Albert L. Born 3-1862, died 1945 - (1900 Bingham Census)
ROBBINS, Marshall. Spouse of Susannah Chapman. Born 7-29-1794, died 4-24-1877 - Son of Clark and Zilpha (Keyes) Robbins, born in Windham Co.CT. Wed 4-14-1816, Tompkins Co, NY. (1850 Bingham Census) - War of 1812 Vet
ROBBINS, Marshall Keyes. Spouse of Celinda Smith. Born 6-2-1818, died 1901 - Son of Marshall and Susan (Chapman) Robbins. Wed 2-14-2864. (1850 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet
ROBBINS, Mason J. Spouse of Eleanor Payne. Born 8-19-1917, died 6-14-2006. Age: 88 - Son of Herbert L. and Rose A. (Rogers) Robbins. Wed 7-26-1953 in Westfield, 3 children
ROBBINS, Mildred (Turner). Spouse of Frank H. Born 1883, died 1900
ROBBINS, Neva D. (Ransom). Spouse of Earl S. Born 4-1886, died 1907 - Dau of John R. and Emily (Patterson) Ransom. (1900 Bingham Census) Also, see Slawson, Emma, this cemetery.
ROBBINS, Patricia (Perrin). Spouse of Earl C. Born 3-25-1930, died 1-22-2006. Age: 75 - Dau of Benjamin and Edith (Robertson) Perrin. Wed 3-27-1948 in Wellsville, three children
ROBBINS, Rose A. Spouse of Herbert L. Born 1886, died 1967
ROBBINS, Susannah (Chapman). Spouse of Marshall. Born 3-25-1795, died 2-22-1887. Age: 92 - Wed 4-14-1816, Tompkins Co, NY. (1850 Bingham Census)
ROHRER, Sonja (Hall). Spouse of #1 Carl S. Pratt, #2 Alvin K. Rohrer. Born 11-1-1947, died 11-24-2004. Age: 57 - Dau of Stewart G. and Onnolee (Truax) Hall. Born in Coudersport, a factory worker. Wed Carl 1965, two daughters. Divorced. Wed Alvin 7-4-2002 in Sweden Valley.
ROOKS, Ada (Wiley). Spouse of Ezekiel. Born 1844, died 1926 - [Wife of] Dau of John Wiley of Steuben Co NY
ROOKS, Angie. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Daniel D and L. L Rooks
ROOKS, Daniel D. Sr. Spouse of Prudence Dickerson. Born 3-28-1764, died 05-22-1840 - Born in Uxbridge MA. - Revolutionary War Vet
ROOKS, Daniel Jr. Spouse of Delana Boldman. Born 1793, died 1881 - Son of Daniel Sr. and Prudence (Dickerson) Rooks.
ROOKS, Delana (Boldman). Spouse of Daniel Jr. Born 1798, died 1882
ROOKS, Ezekiel. Spouse of Ada Wiley. Born 1835, died 1923 - Son of Daniel Jr. and Delana (Boldman) Rooks. Born in PA.
ROOKS, Flora (Stillman). Spouse of Lyman H. Born 1857, died 1933 - 2nd wife of Lyman H. Rooks.
ROOKS, Herbert Daniel. Spouse of Maude Angood. Born 1893, died 1985
ROOKS, Hermia R. (Angood). Spouse of Lyman H. Born 05-11-1844, died Mar-18-1886 - 1st wife of Lyman H. Rooks
ROOKS, Infant Son. Born 1891, died 08-02-1891 - Son of Lyman H and Flora (Stillman) Rooks
ROOKS, John L. Spouse of Delilah Kibbe. Born ??, died ?? - Son of Daniel Rooks Sr. and Prudence (Dickerson) Rooks. (1850 Bingham Census)
ROOKS, John P. Born 1828, died 1876 - Son of Daniel Rooks Jr. and Delana (Boldman) Rooks
ROOKS, Lyman H. Spouse of Hermia Angood/ Flora Stillman. Born 1844, died 1919. Age: 75 - Son of Daniel Rooks Jr. and Delana (Boldman) Rooks
ROOKS, Maude. Spouse of Herbert Daniel. Born 1885, died 1954
ROOKS, Prudence. Born 1834, died 1858 - Dau of John L. Rooks and Delilah (Kibbe) Rooks
ROOKS, Prudence (Dickerson). Spouse of Daniel Sr. Born 07-12-1762, died 07-24-1848
RYAN, Abigail. Spouse of Ebenezer W. Born 1806, died 1880
RYAN, Amanda (Howe). Born 1821, died 1903. Age: 84 - 1900 Bingham Census: 4-1825
RYAN, Ebenezer W. Spouse of Abigail. Born 1823, died 1898
SCHWEIGART, Albert J. II. Spouse of Ida M. Clark. Born Mar-19-1908, died 12-10-1981 - Son of Albert J. and Mary E. (Baus) Schweigart. Born in Philadelphia PA, lived and died in Potter Co. Wed 12-29-1928 in Harrison Valley NY, five children.
SCHWEIGART, Albert John III. Spouse of Rebecca M. Foster. Born 10-24-1928, died 3-6-1997 - Son of Albert J II and Ida M. (Clark) Schweigart. Born in Bingham Center, lived in Bingham PA, died in Rochester NY. Wed 12-29-1928 in Harrison Valley NY. - WW II Vet, US Navy, F2
SCHWEIGART, George E. Spouse of Margaret Tubbs. Born 1-17-1931, died 9-28-2005. Age: 74 - Son of Albert J. II and Ida M. (Clark) Schweigart. Born in West Bingham, worked 33 yrs for Corning Glass. Wed 2-8-1983 in Las Vegas NV, eight children - Korean War Vet, US Marines and US Air Force
SCHWEIGART, Ida Mae (Clark). Spouse of Albert J. Born 08-6-1898, died 12-28-1983
SCHWEIGART, Kimberly Sue. Born 3-27-1958, died 6-18-2003. Age: 45 - Dau of William A. and Ruth (Dexter) Schweigart Born in Wellsboro, PA d. Genesee, PA
SCHWEIGART, Margaret R. (Tubbs). Spouse of Allen D. Plank/ George E. Born 4-3-1934, died 4-3-2007. Age: 73 - Dau of John R. and Nora Belle (Glover) Tubbs. Born in Sunderlinville, Hector Twp PA, d. Elmira NY (Arnot Ogden Med Ctr). 3 children. Allen d. 1982. Wed George 2-08-1983 in Las Vegas, NV
SCHWEIGART, Rebecca M. Spouse of Albert J. III. Born 9-19-1928, died 8-13-2021. Age: 92 - Dau of Elmer and Bertha (Bice) Foster. Born in Alfred NY, lived in Andover NY, died in Hornell NY. Wed Albert 12-16-1947 in Alfred, six children.
SCHWEIGART, Ruth Veronica (Dexter). Spouse of William Addison. Born 6-9-1939, died 3-11-2004 - Dau of Fred C. and Mabel (Hart) Dexter, born in Blossburg PA. Wed 12-20-1956 in Harrison Valley, 4 children.
SCHWEIGART, William Addison. Spouse of Ruth V. Dexter. Born 10-3-1932, died 5-27-1999 - Son of Albert J and Ida E (Clark) Schweigart. Wed 12-20-1956 in Harrison Valley, 4 children. - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pvt.
SCOVILLE, Burr S. Born 1889, died 1945 - Son of Perry E and Ida M. (Miller) Scoville
SCOVILLE, Ida (Miller). Spouse of Perry E. Born 1863, died 1944
SCOVILLE, Jesse. Spouse of Rhoda Humphrey. Born 3-11-1791*, died 04-28-1860. Age: 69y 1m 17d
SCOVILLE, Loru H. Spouse of Joseph. Born 6-11-1758*, died Feb-18-1841. Age: 82y 8m 7d
SCOVILLE, Perry E. Spouse of Ida Miller. Born 1857, died 1917. Age: 59 - Son of S. Gilbert and Ruth (Horten) Scoville
SCOVILLE, Rhonda (Humphrey). Spouse of Jessie. Born 1784*, died 11-01-1861. Age: 77 - Rhoda or Rhonda??
SCOVILLE, Ruth (Horten). Spouse of S. Gilbert. Born 06-16-1818, died uncut - Dau of Elisha and Ruth Horton
SCOVILLE, S. Gilbert. Spouse of Theodosia Austin/ Ruth Horten. Born 4-23-1816, died 04-03-1890 - Son of Jesse and Rhoda (Humphrey) Scoville. Born in Cornwall CT.
SEAGER, Ann Elizabeth (Leete). Spouse of Jeffery. Born 4-19-1977, died 6-14-2020. Age: 43 - Dau of Tom and Shirlee Leete. Born and lived in Coudersport PA, died in Corning NY. Human Resources Director at Sweden Valley Manor for 12 years. Wed 1-1-2016, no children.
SEXTON, Irene M. (Bednarek). Born 8-21-1922, died 10-31-2001. Age: 79 - Dau of John J. and Sephronia P. (Marsh) Bednarek. Born in Elmira, NY
SHARPE, Leah (Patterson). Spouse of Thomas D. Born 4-22-1887, died 9-19-1912. Age: 25 - [His Wife] Twin dau of Frank M. and Mary Patterson. (1900 Bingham Census)
SHARPE, Olan A. Born 1891, died 1943 - [Brother] Son of Samuel and Sophia A. Sharpe. (1900 Bingham Census)
SHARPE, Sophia H. (Hann). Spouse of Samuel M. Born 3-21-1852, died 5-12-1936 - Dau of Daniel and Harriet (Phillips) Hann. Born, lived, and died in the Bingham area. Three children. Samuel predeceased and is probably buried here also.
SHARPE, Thomas D. Spouse of Leah Patterson. Born 9-1881, died 12-1966 - Son of Samuel and Sophia A. Sharpe. Born in Genesee PA, died in Coudersport PA. (1900 Bingham Census)
SHARPE, Virginia. Born 1908, died 1908 - Dau of Thomas D. and Leah (Patterson) Sharpe
SHELLEY, Reba M. Born 1909, died 1976
SHERMAN, Charles H. Spouse of Mary E. Born 8-1862, died 1938 - (1900 Bingham Census)
SHERMAN, Lewis V. Spouse of Minnie. Born 11-1884, died 1920 - Son of Charles H. and Mary E. Sherman (1900 Bingham Census)
SHERMAN, Mary E. Spouse of Charles H. Born 5-1866, died 1942 - (1900 Bingham Census: 1866)
SIMMONS, C. Raymond. Spouse of Vivian K. Born 1916, died 1975
SIMMONS, Vivian K. Spouse of C. Raymond. Born 1911, died 2001
SLAWSON, Bernard M. Spouse of Emma Robbins. Born 1901, died 1973
SLAWSON, Emma (Robbins). Spouse of Bernard M. Born 1905, died 7-10-2000 - Dau of Earl S. and Neva (Ransom) Robbins
SLAWSON, Robert L. Born 1934, died 1987 - Prob son of Bernard M. and Emma (Robbins) Slawson
SMITH, Abbie L. Born 1895, died 1976
SMITH, Blanche M. Spouse of Cecil L. Born 1921, died uncut
SMITH, Cecil L. Spouse of Blanche M. Born 1926, died 1989
SOOVOL, Loruh. Spouse of Joseph. Born 6-11-1758*, died 2-18-1841. Age: 82y 8m 7d
SPENCER, Asheal Nelson. Spouse of Clarentine Briggs. Born 10-1843, died 3-4-1913. Age: 65 - Son of William and Lucy (Howe) Spencer. (1900 Bingham Census)
SPENCER, Betsey B. Spouse of Stutely. Born 5-1866, died 1922 - (1900 Bingham Census)
SPENCER, Clarentine A. (Briggs). Spouse of Asheal Nelson. Born 12-1846, died Aft 1920 - (1900, 1920 Bingham Census)
SPENCER, Claud E. Born 1902, died 1902
SPENCER, Earnest C. Spouse of Linnie M. Born 11-1877, died Aft 1920 - Son of Nelson and Clarentine Spencer. (1900, 1920 Bingham Census)
SPENCER, Elberta L. Born 1908, died 7-11-1913. Age: 5
SPENCER, Elmer T. Born 1871, died 7-11-1931 - Son of Nelson and Clarentine Spencer
SPENCER, Linnie M. Spouse of Earnest C. Born 8-1879, died 1929 - (1900 Bingham Census)
SPENCER, Roy N. Born 11-1889, died 1913 - Son of Stutley W. and Betsey B. Spencer. (1900 Bingham Census)
SPENCER, Stutely W. Spouse of Betsey B. Born 4-1854, died 1922 - Son of William and Lucy (Howe) Spencer. (1900 Bingham Census)
SPRINGER, Alfred. Born 1920, died 9-15-1928. Age: 8 - Son of Nelson and Mima (Grover) Springer.
SPRINGER, Frank. Spouse of Mary Louise Shaff. Born 8-19-1866, died 4-1-1942 - Son of Nelson and Mima (Grover) Springer. Wed 1-9-1902, 7 children.
SPRINGER, Grant. Born 1907, died 1952 - Son of Nelson and Mima (Grover) Springer.
SPRINGER, Mary Louise (Shaff). Spouse of Frank. Born 1880, died 6-13-1926. Age: 45 - Wed 1-9-1902, 7 children. Tuberculosis.
SPRINGER, Nelson. Born 1909, died 1912 - Son of Nelson and Mima (Grover) Springer.
STAFFORD, Lena B. Born 1882, died 1963
STAFFORD, Rose L. Born 1883, died 1908
STAFFORD, Thomas. Born 1871, died 1942
STAMBAUGH, Bruce E. Born 5-20-1960, died 2-4-1984 - [Beloved by All - Beloved Son And Brother] Son of Corvin and Ethel Stambaugh
STAMBAUGH, Charles J. Spouse of Not named. Born 2-14-1952, died 8-17-2012 - Son of Corvin and Ethel Stambaugh, born in Hanover, 10 siblings. Two daughters
STAMBAUGH, Corvin L. Spouse of Ethel E. Born 11-13-1923, died 5-2-1992 - [Dad]
STAMBAUGH, Ethel E. Spouse of Corvin L. Born 9-19-1926, died uncut - [Mom]
STATHAM, Gemie L. Spouse of Darwin. Born 6-09-1846*, died 12-24-1874. Age: 28y 6m 15d
STEDMAN, Nettie. Spouse of E. D. Born 07-31-1868, died 01-09-1887
STEVENS, Ivan R. [Jeff]. Spouse of Katherine D. Schweigart. Born 2-24-1932, died 6-2-2000. Age: 68 - Son of Howard and Mayme (Snay) Stevens
STEVENS, Katherine D. (Schweigert). Spouse of Ivan R. Born 6-2-1937, died 10-4-2008 - Dau of Albert J. and Ida (Clark) Schweigart.
STONE, Lester. Spouse of Sophia M. Born 1832, died 1900 - Civil War Vet, Co I 189 NYS Vol. also: Co G, 46th PA Vols, Musician. Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate, date unknown.
STONE, Sophia Moon. Spouse of Lester. Born 1834, died 1912
STOTLER, J Earl. Born 1889, died 1975
STOTLER, Linda Kay. Born 1949, died 1949
SWOGGER, Myrtle M. Spouse of Robert L. Born 1899, died 1983
SWOGGER, Robert L. Spouse of Myrtle M. Born 1902, died 1985
TALBETT, Adolphus M. Jr. Spouse of Wanda C. Born 8-23-1927, died 10-24-1976 - Wed 7-02-1949 in Genesee, PA. - WW II Vet, US Navy, SNRD
TALBETT, Adolphus M. Sr. Spouse of Margaret M. Born 7-1879, died 1964 - (1900 Bingham Census)
TALBETT, Children. Born aft 1900, died ?? - Children of Thomas E. and Mable A. Talbett. (1920 Bingham Census)
TALBETT, Infant. Born aft 1900, died ?? - Child of Thomas E. and Mable A. Talbett. (1920 Bingham Census)
TALBETT, Margaret M. Spouse of Adolphus M. Sr. Born 1908, died 1995
TALBETT, Wanda C. (Cornell). Spouse of Adolphus M. Jr. Born 9-27-1927, died 3-18-2002. Age: 74 - Dau of Glen and Marguerite (Hall) Cornell. Born in Whitesville, NY d. Coudersport, PA
TALLMAN, Charles Edward. Spouse of Sally A. Welch. Born 5-31-1938, died 4-29-2001
TALLMAN, Clarence L. Spouse of Lorna A. Born 1936, died 1975
TALLMAN, Lorna A. Spouse of Clarence L. Born 1937, died uncut
TALLMAN, Sally A. (Welch). Spouse of Charles Edward. Born 6-11-1939, died uncut
TARBOX, Abba R. (Boom). Spouse of George A. Born 1-1861, died ?? - Wed 3-14-1878. (1900 Bingham Census: Abby, 1860)
TARBOX, George A. Spouse of Abba R. Boom. Born 9-1852, died ?? - Son of Samuel and Jane (Perry) Tarbox. Wed 3-14-1878. 1900 Binghan Census: 1852
TARBOX, Roseltha (Shutt). Spouse of Willis. Born 11-1851, died 1942 - [Mother] Dau of John and Lovisa (Kimball ) Shutt. (1870, 1900 Bingham Census: 1852.
TARBOX, Willis. Spouse of Roseltha Shutt. Born 1-1838, died 1913 - Son of Samuel and Jane (Perry) Tarbox. (1900 Bingham Census)
TEATER, Malissa (Carpenter). Spouse of Peter D. Born 01-25-1867, died ?? - Dau of Barber and Eleanor (Bronson) Carpenter.
THOMPSON, Benjamin. Born 1874*, died 11-08-1881. Age: 7 - Son of Seneca E. and Catherine N. Thompson. Diphtheria
THOMPSON, Cory A. Born 1867, died 11-25-1881. Age: 13 - Dau of Seneca E. and Catherine N. Thompson. Diphtheria
THORN, Andrew W. [Andy]. Born 11-30-1982, died 8-29-1993 - [He will rise you up on Eagle wings. You will live in our hearts forever.]
TOMPKINS, John. Born 1797, died 1856. Age: 59y 15d
TOMPKINS, John N. Born 1839, died 1880. Age: 41y 8m - Civil War Vet, Co G, 153rd PA Vols, Pvt.
TRUAX, L. June. Spouse of Merle E. Born 1920, died 1996
TRUAX, Laura M. Spouse of Richard H. Born 1910, died 1993
TRUAX, Merle E. Spouse of L. June. Born 1924, died uncut
TRUAX, Richard H. Spouse of Laura M. Born 1910, died 1991
UNKNOWN,. Born ??, died ??. Age: 31y 5m 22d
UNKNOWN, Infant. Born ??, died ??
UNKNOWN, Leah S. Born 1887, died 1977 - Possibly Bacon or Truax
UNKNOWN, Zira S. Born 1887, died 1977 - Possibly Bacon or Truax
VANCAMPEN Benjamin. Born 06-04-1754*, died 11-26-1831. Age: 77y 5m 22d - Brother of Moses - War of 1812 Vet
VANDERHOOF, Catherine. Spouse of George L. Born 1865, died 1946
VANDERHOOF, George L. Spouse of Catherine. Born 1864, died 1939
VANDERHOOF, Glenn D. Born 1893, died 1984
VANNATTER, John F. Born 1931, died 1980 - Son of Frank and Joyce (Baker) Vannatter
VANNATTER, Leroy E. Spouse of Wilma Ransom. Born 6-26-1920, died 9-26-2005. Age: 85 - Son of Frank and Joyce (Baker) Vannatter. - WW II Vet, U. S. Navy - Bronze Star
VANNATTER, Ricky L. Born 1956, died 1974 - Son of Leroy E. and Wilma (Ransom) Vannatter
VANNATTER, Wilma (Ransom). Spouse of Leroy. Born 1920 D, died 1979 - Wed in 1957
VERMILYEA, Madeline H. (Truax). Spouse of Lawrence C. Thompson. Born 2-8-1920, died 3-10-2013. Age: 93 - Dau of Stephen and Elsie (Robbins) Truax, born in Harrison Valley. Three children - surnamed THOMPSON and BEAN.
VERNACATOLA, Dean Edward. Spouse of Millisa. Born 11-14-1969, died 1-15-1999 - [Beloved Husband. Married 9-3-1994. A life so young released to Heaven - Left on Earth we wonder why? But some are sent among us briefly, some have spirits to fly]
WASHBURN, Wirt Edward, died 3-27-2022. Age: 96 - Born and raised in Wellsville NY, lived and died in Jacksonville FL. Four children, mother not named. - WW II Vet, US Navy, 1943-1946 South Pacific
WEAVER, Kenneth J. Spouse of P. Dawn. Born 1954, died 1993
WEAVER, P. Dawn. Spouse of Kenneth J. Born 1954, died uncut
WEAVER, Sarah. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Kenneth and P. Dawn Weaver. We love you
WEISS, Edward J. Jr. Spouse of Violet Mary Hogencamp. Born 1-25-1902, died 6-25-1992 - Married 8-30-1926
WEISS, Violet Mary (Hogencamp). Spouse of Edward J. Jr. Born 12-25-1908, died 2-22-1995 - [Whither Thou Goest I Will Go] Married 8-30-1926
WELTY, Alfred A. Born 9-17-1900, died 5-7-1968
WEMPLE, Gertrude H. Spouse of Simeon S. Born 1851, died 1895 - [Mother]
WEMPLE, Marion H. Born 1877, died 1919 - Child of Simeon S. and Gertrude H. Wemple. (1880 Bingham Census)
WEMPLE, Simeon S. Spouse of Gertrude H. Born 2-1849, died 1924 - [Father] (1900 Bingham Census)
WENTZELL, Barry L. Spouse of Marlana A. Gerhart. Born 9-20-1949, died 7-15-2017. Age: 67 - Son of Paul and Emma Irene (Schoeneberger) Wentzell. Born in Wind Gap PA, lived in Mills PA, died in Coudersport PA. Lifelong farmer and worked 17 years for PennDOT. Wed 9-21-1985 in Wind Gap, three children. (She survives)
WHEATON, Ambrose H. Spouse of Susan C. Merrick/ LaDora ?. Born 8-1840, died 2-8-1917 - Son of Rufus and Elizabeth Wheaton. Wed Susan abt 1863, LaDora abt 1899. (1870, 1900 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G, 53rd Regt PA Vol, Pvt. Prisoner from May 12, 1864 to May 10, 1865 - discharged by General Order on June 19, 1865. (Andersonville, GA)
WHEATON, Cleo. Born 4-15-1893, died 09-22-1893 - Dau of Clinton A. and Susan E. (Halley) Wheaton
WHEATON, Clinton A. Spouse of Susan E. Halley. Born 8-1871, died 6-21-1933 - (1900 Bingham Census)
WHEATON, Donald A. Spouse of Elizabeth M. Lewis. Born 1-28-1914, died 2000 - Son of Clinton and Susan (Halley) Wheaton. Born in Andover, NY
WHEATON, Egbert D. Spouse of Harriette Leete. Born 4-1842, died 1916 - Son of Rufus and Elizabeth Wheaton. (1900 Bingham Census)
WHEATON, Elizabeth. Spouse of Rufus. Born 4-02-1801, died 04-11-1885 - Born in NY. (1850, 1880 Bingham Census)
WHEATON, Elizabeth M. (Lewis). Spouse of Donald A. Born 1916, died uncut
WHEATON, Estella (Knowles). Born 1885, died 1925 - [Mother
WHEATON, Hariette (Leete) [Hattie]. Spouse of Egbert D. Born 7-1848, died 1921 - (1880, 1900 Bingham Census)
WHEATON, John. Born 1840, died 1894
WHEATON, John. Born 1808, died 1894
WHEATON, LaDora. Spouse of Ambrose H. Born 10-1850, died aft 1920 - (1900, 1920 Bingham Census) Wed 1 yr. in 1900
WHEATON, Merle. Born 01-29-1892, died Feb-18-1892 - Son of Clinton A. and Susan E. (Halley) Wheaton
WHEATON, Merrick. Born 01-29-1892, died Feb-18-1892 - Son of Clinton A. and Susan E. (Halley) Wheaton
WHEATON, Rufus. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 06-10-1799, died 12-18-1875 - Born in NY. (1850 Bingham Census)
WHEATON, Susan C. (Merrick). Spouse of Ambrose H. Born 1842, died 1892
WHEATON, Susan E. (Halley). Spouse of Clinton A. Born 4-1871, died 2-25-1917. Age: 46 - (1900 Bingham Census)
WHEATON, Susan J. Born 1830, died 1852
WHITAKER, Addie E. Spouse of Truman. Born 02-10-1874, died 5-14-1900
WHITAKER, Della (Patterson). Spouse of Willis D. Born 3-1853, died 1939 - (1900 Bingham Census)
WHITAKER, Julia A. Spouse of Leonard. Born 08-02-1855, died 5-18-1929
WHITAKER, Leonard. Spouse of Julia A. Born 07-22-1883, died 11-10-1950 - (1900 Bingham Census)
WHITAKER, Willis D. Spouse of Della Patterson. Born 8-1849, died 11-9-1913. Age: 64 - (1900 Bingham Census) - Civil War Vet, Co I, 189th NY Inf, Pvt
WHITE, Kenneth R. Born 1903, died 1981
WHITE, Martha D. Born 1899, died 1991
WHITED, Claty B. Born 1877, died 1878 - Son of H. and C. Whited
WHITNEY, Eli E. Spouse of Hattie M. Born 6-1843, died 1914 - Son of Amasa and Isabelle Whtney. (1850, 1900 Bingham Census) 1900 Census: 1841.
WHITNEY, Hattie M. Spouse of Eli E. Born 8-1843, died 1921 - 1900 Bingham census: 1841
WOOD, Charles O. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet
WOODS, Charles Gardner. Spouse of Laura J. Morris. Born 05-17-1823, died 9-4-1907 - Son of Charles N and Pheobe (Briggs) Woods. 1900 Bingham Census: No 's' on last name - Civil War Vet
WOODS, Franklin. Born 1840, died ?? - Son of Charles G. and Laura J. (Morris) Woods. (1850 Bingham Census)
WOODS, Laura J. (Morris). Spouse of Charles Gardner. Born 3-20-1817, died 06-18-1898
YOUNG, Baby. Born ??, died 1944
YOUNG, George R. Spouse of Marie (Knauer) White. Born 2-21-1938, died 8-6-2013. Age: 75 - Son of Charles J. and Hazel (Abbey) Young. Born in Bingham Center PA, a dairy farmer. Wed 7-9-1966 in Coudersport, 1 son
YOUNG, Jack Duane. Born 1934, died 1936
YOUNG, Matthew A. Spouse of Reva D. Carpenter. Born 1-26-1901, died 11-24-1976 - Son of Jacob - R and Ella Iza (Allen) Young
YOUNG, Michael M. Spouse of Cheryl A. Blair. Born 2-13-1956, died 2-1-2018. Age: 61 - Son of Byron M. and Marion D. (Barrett) Young. Born in Wellsville NY, lived and died in Bingham Center PA. Wed 8-24-1974 in Genesee PA, two children. (Spouse survives)
YOUNG, Raymond G. Spouse of Tisha M. Stebbins. Born 8-25-1967, died 11-5-2022. Age: 55 - Son of George R. and Marie (Knauer) Young. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in Genesee PA, died in Wellsville NY. A dairy farmer. Wed 3-19-1994, no children named. (Spouse survives)
YOUNG, Reva D. (Carpenter). Spouse of Matthew A. Born 1-27-1911, died 12-1-2000. Age: 89 - Dau of Floyd and Leah (Outman) Carpenter. Wed 9-8-1928

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