Shinglehouse, PA

GPS coordinates: 4157'32.06"N, 7811'31.12"W

On Rte 44, coming into shinglehouse from the east, turn left at the high school onto Oswayo St.
Both Old and New cemeteries are less than a half mile and on the left.

Walked & Compiled by: Rose Siller, LaVerna Krisher, & Frankie Stonemetz
Updated from the Potter County Headstone Project ( and contributions from our users.


Frankie Stonemetz and her sister have started a project to photograph headstones in Potter County's cemeteries and publish them on a new websitePotter County Headstone Project ( . Be sure to check it out!

Her photo inventory of this cemetery has resulted in almost 120 new entries to our list.

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to Sharon census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.

** See link below for Lucy Seyler
MABIE, Ray. Born 1869, died 1919 - Civil War Vet
MACLAREN, Erma M. (Palmer). Born 1880, died 1964 - Dau of Amos Palmer
MANLEY, Albert Eugene. Spouse of Maude Davie. Born 7-1876, died 1944 - Son of Sherman H. and Maria I. (Wells) Manley. (1900 Sharon Census)
MANLEY, Maria I. (Wells). Spouse of Sherman H. Born 4-1846, died 1913 - (1900 Sharon Census)
MANLEY, Maude. Spouse of Ward. Born 1885, died 1976
MANLEY, Maude (Davie). Spouse of Albert E. Born 2-1882, died 1971 - (1900 Sharon Census)
MANLEY, Sherman H. Spouse of Maria I. Wells. Born 10-1837, died 1907 - (1900 Sharon Census)
MANLEY, Ward. Spouse of Maude. Born 1880, died 1962
MATTESON, Anabelle (Smith.). Spouse of H. Newton. Born 1902, died 1990 - Wed 5-15-1933.
MATTESON, H. Newton. Spouse of Annabelle Smith. Born 2-08-1906, died 9-27-2000 - Wed 5-15-1933.
MATTESON, Harry L. Born 11-20-1908, died 2-05-1910
MATTISON, Bernice E. Spouse of William. Born 1901, died 1980
MATTISON, William. Spouse of Bernice E. Born 1895, died 1972
MATYLAS, ?. Born 11-14-1932, died 11-14-1932 - Infant child of John and Leha (Haught) Matylas
MAXSON, Elmer. Born 6-13-1904, died 4-14-1926 - Son of Erwin and Grace (Turner) Maxson
MAXSON, Elmer. Spouse of Helen Clark. Born 2-29-1920, died 12-12-2002. Age: 82 - Son of Paul and Ida Belle (Champlin) Maxson. Born Ceres-PA d. Coudersport-PA
MAXSON, Ernestine. Born 8-22-1908, died 1-20-1922 - Dau of Erwin and Grace (Turner) Maxson
MAXSON, Erwin. Spouse of Grace Turner. Born 12-05-1869, died 5-05-1930 - Son of Enoch Ira and Mary Ann (Barber) Maxson
MAXSON, Gary L. Born 1938, died ??
MAXSON, Grace (Turner). Spouse of Erwin. Born 9-11-1876, died 9-17-1943 - Dau of Sylvanus and Evaline (Bennett) Turner
MAXSON, Helen (Clark). Spouse of Elmer. Born 8-3-1924, died 2-20-2008 - Dau of Willis D. and Grace R. (Thompson) Clark, born in Humphrey NY. Wed 7-30-1952 in Olean-NY
MAXSON, Lucille (Kemp). Spouse of Welcome. Born 1919, died ??
MAXSON, Mary A. Spouse of Charles. Born 5-1869, died 1946 - [Mother] (1900 Sharon Census)
MAXSON, Walter R. Born 7-11-1908, died 12-26-1976 - Son of Paul and Inez (Champlin) Maxson - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
MAXSON, Welcome. Spouse of Lucille Kemp. Born 1916, died 1990 - Son of Erwin and Grace (Turner) Maxson
MAYKEE, George W. Spouse of Mary F. Born 1863, died 1943
MAYKEE, Mary F. Spouse of George W. Born 1871, died 1950
MCCHESNEY, Dorothy (Hunt). Born 1906, died 1937
MCCLAIN, Charlie R. Spouse of Lois Perkins. Born 2-4-1909, died 11-20-1988 - WW II, Korean War Vet, US Army
MCCLURE, Julius A. Spouse of Olive G. Born 1852, died 1930
MCCLURE, Olive Gertrude. Spouse of Julius A. Born 1856, died 1920
MCDONALD, Drexel D. Born 6-5-1915, died 1-29-1919
MCDONALD, Eloise. Spouse of Weldon E. Born 1916, died 1997
MCDONALD, Erma M. Spouse of Ernest L. Born 1879, died 1905
MCDONALD, Harry M. Spouse of Pearl E. Born 1-08-1886, died 3-10-1981 - Son of Rinaldo and Victoria (Cowles) McDonald. (1900 Sharon Census)
MCDONALD, Maxine E. Born 8-05-1898, died 5-05-1922 - Dau of Harry M. and Pearl E. McDonald
MCDONALD, Pearl E. Spouse of Harry M. Born 1892, died 1939
MCDONALD, Rinaldo D. Spouse of Victoria L. Cowles. Born 4-1839, died 1913 - [Children: Wm. Robert, Ernest L., Harry H., Maude E., Jennie E.] Wed 10-19-1862. (1900 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet, Co H, 53rd PA Vols
MCDONALD, Victor R. Born 8-03-1903, died 2-05-1925 - Son of Harry M. and Pearl E. McDonald.
MCDONALD, Victoria L. (Cowles). Spouse of Rinaldo D. Born 8-1844, died 1913 - [Children: Wm. Robert, Ernest L., Harry H., Maude E., Jennie E.] Wed 10-19-1862. (1900 Sharon Census)
MCDONALD, Weldon E. Spouse of Eloise. Born 1912, died 2000
MCDOWELL, Florence A. Born 12-11-1892, died 1986 - Dau of John C. and Helen (Holly) McDowell
MCDOWELL, Harley B. Spouse of Ida B. Campbell. Born 1878, died 1959 - Son of John C. and Helen (Holly) McDowell
MCDOWELL, Helen C. (Holly). Spouse of John C. Born 1-1855, died 1937 - Dau of Barton and Myra Helen Holly. (1900 Sharon Census)
MCDOWELL, Ida B. (Campbell). Spouse of Harley B. Born 1879, died 3-2-1908
MCDOWELL, John C. Spouse of Helen C. Holly. Born 6-1847, died 1922 - Son of Mathew and Hannah (Burt) McDowell. (1900 Sharon Census)
MCGREGOR, Daniel. Spouse of Lucy Ann. Born 5-1825, died 1900 - (1900 Sharon Census)
MCGREGOR, Herbert Jr. Spouse of Lois. Born 1909, died 1972 - Son of Herbert and Mattie G. McGregor, Sr.
MCGREGOR, Herbert Sr. Spouse of Margaret G. Born 1865, died 9-2-1926 - Son of John and Martha (Walker) McGregor
MCGREGOR, Hugh R. Spouse of Ella Usselman. Born 1878, died 1958 - Wed 4-24-1916. "Died from Shingles"
MCGREGOR, John. Spouse of Martha Walker. Born 1821, died 1904 - (1870 Sharon Census)
MCGREGOR, Lois. Spouse of Herbert Jr. Born 1907, died 1966 - Dau of Herbert and Mattie G. McGregor, Sr.
MCGREGOR, Lucy Ann. Spouse of Daniel. Born 2-1840, died 1920 - (1880, 1900 Sharon Census)
MCGREGOR, Margaret G. [Mattie]. Spouse of Herbert Sr. Born 1880, died 8-4-1918 - "hanged herself in attic"
MCGREGOR, Martha (Walker). Spouse of John. Born 1835, died 1908 - Dau of ? and Martha Walker. (1880 Sharon Census)
MCNAMIRE, Adelle (Utter). Spouse of John A. Born 7-28-1951, died 4-13-1899 - (1880 Sharon Census) - 130th Women's Relief Corp, 1883
MCNAMIRE, Cassius. Spouse of Estella Terrett. Born 9-1849, died 1925 - Son of David and Sarah (Stanley) McNamire. (1880, 1900 Sharon Census)
MCNAMIRE, Doris E. Born 1910, died 1929 - Dau of Fred and Winnie B. McNamire
MCNAMIRE, Estella (Terrett). Spouse of Cassius. Born 1-1854, died ?? - (1880, 1900 Sharon Census)
MCNAMIRE, Fred. Spouse of Winnie B. Born 1877, died 1946 - Son of Cassius and Stella (Terrett) McNamire
MCNAMIRE, John A. Spouse of Adelle Utter. Born 1-22-1845, died ?? - Son of David and Sarah (Stanley) McNamire - Civil War Vet, Co F, 210th PA Vols
MCNAMIRE, Maud E. Born 1868, died 1911 - Dau of John A. and Adelle (Utter) McNamire
MCNAMIRE, Winnie B. Spouse of Fred. Born 1882, died ??
MERICLE, Elsie I. Spouse of George H. Born 1889, died 1928
MERICLE, Eva M. Spouse of. Born 1901, died 1983 - [Mother]
MERICLE, George Edward. Born 12-28-1914, died 5-28-1979 - WW II Vet, US Army, PFC
MERICLE, George H. Spouse of Elsie I. Born 1874, died 1952
MERICLE, Glen William. Born 12-11-1912, died 7-11-1972 - WW II Vet
MESLER, Carla S. (Dunshie). Spouse of Martin, Jr. Born 1946, died 1983 - Dau of Max V. and Joan A. (Maynard) Dunshie. Two sons
MESLER, Esther L. Spouse of Martin, Sr. Born 6-15-1919, died 7-11-2012. Age: 92 - Dau of Anton J. and Margaret (Stoehr) Franz, born in Shinglehouse. One of 10 children. Wed 6-18-1941 in Genesee PA, 2 children.
MESLER, Frank D. Spouse of Minnie I. Goodrich. Born 1875, died 1967 - (1920 Sharon Census)
MESLER, Kenneth E. Born 1909, died 1946 - Son of Frank D. and Minnie I. (Goodrich) Mesler
MESLER, Martin J., Jr. Spouse of Carla S. (Dunshie). Born 1946, died Uncut - Two sons
MESLER, Martin J., Sr. Spouse of Esther L. (Franz). Born 1911, died 1983 - Wed 6-18-1941 in Genesee, 2 children
MESLER, Minnie I. (Goodrich). Spouse of Frank D. Born 1881, died 1951 - (1920 Sharon Census)
MEYERS, Charles. Spouse of Mareta O. Born 1900, died 1985
MEYERS, Charles Burdett. Born 1-25-1932, died 11-5-1994 - Son of Charles and Mareta O. Meyers. - Korean War Vet, US Army
MEYERS, Ella. Born 1894, died 1956
MEYERS, Mareta O. Spouse of Mareta O. Born 1905, died 1997
MEYERS, Marie Anna. Born 1867, died 1936 - [Mother]
MOORE, Violet M. Born 1907, died 1940
MORAN, Jay W. Born 11-11-1952, died 5-02-1978
MORRIS, Ida May (Burdic). Spouse of U. Grant. Born 1874, died 1955 - Dau of Edson J. and Lydia (Bradford) Burdic. (1880, 1920 Sharon Census)
MORRIS, U. Grant. Spouse of Ida May Burdic. Born 1867, died 1928 - Son of Stephen and Mary Morris. (1920 Sharon Census)
MORTON, Frederick. Born 1873, died 1950 - Son of Willis B., Sr. and Matilda Morton
MORTON, Willis B., Jr. Born 1878, died ?? - Son of Willis B., Sr. and Matilda Morton. (1880 Sharon Census)
MORTON, Willis B., Sr. Spouse of Matilda. Born 1846, died 1918 - Born in MA, a cobbler. (1880 Sharon Census)
MOSES, Claude D. Born 1868, died 1915 - [Father]
MOWERS, Jeanette W. (Williams) [Nettie]. Born 10-26-1893, died 11-09-1970 - Dau of Charles R. and May (Cook) Williams
MULKIN, Albert A. Spouse of Eva E. Stevens/ Rita McNamara. Born 3-1853, died 1944 - Son of ? and Phebe (Kelley) Mulkin. Wed Eva 7-2-1876 in Ceres. Wed Rita 12-1909 at Buffalo NY. (1900 Sharon Census)
MULKIN, Eva E. (Stevens). Spouse of Albert A. Born 9-1855, died 1-9-1909 - Dau of Luke and Hannah (Robbins) Stevens. Wed 7-2-1876 in Ceres. (1860, 1900 Sharon Census)
MULKIN, Kenneth. Born 12-15-1891, died 2-19-1894 - Son of Albert A. and Eva E. Mulkin
MURRAY, Donna. Born 1937, died 1963
MYRICK, Amanda O. Spouse of Isaac N. Born 1872, died 1939
MYRICK, Isaac N. Spouse of Amanda O. Born 1868, died 1951
NATZLE, John Wilmot. Spouse of Martha Hanel. Born 12-22-1917, died 6-21-1978 - WW II Vet, US Army, Capt.
NATZLE, Martha (Hanel). Spouse of John W. Born 2-27-1922, died 1-03-1996 - Dau of Glen and Myrta Hanel
NELSON, Anna E. Born 1896, died 8-01-1991. Age: 91
NELSON, Christina (Carlson). Spouse of John. Born ??, died ?? - No other data
NELSON, G. Victor. Born 1854, died 1939
NELSON, Gladys. Born 1916, died 1967 - [Mother]
NELSON, H. Joe. Born ??, died ??. Age: Infant - Son of G. Victor and Louisa C. Nelson
NEWHALL, Helen (Woodworth). Born 1898, died 1933
NEWTON, Clarence P. Spouse of Sarah A. Born 11-1861, died 9-24-1906 - Son of Alonzo and Angelina (Warner) Newton. (1900 Sharon Census)
NEWTON, Kirke S. Spouse of Pauline V. Born 1903, died 1980
NEWTON, Pauline V. Spouse of Kirke S. Born 1912, died 1956
NEWTON, Ralph A. Born 6-1892, died 1940 - Son of Clarence P. and Sarah A. Newton. (1900 Sharon Census)
NEWTON, Sarah A. Spouse of Clarence P. Born 3-1860, died 1915 - (1900 Sharon Census)
NEWTON, Virgil R. Born 1927, died 1927 - [Age 2 wks] Buried next to Kirke and Pauline Newton.
NICHOLS, Ade F. Born 1873, died 1948
NICHOLS, Albert L. Born 1903, died 1929
NICHOLS, Ann L. Born 3-12-1920, died 5-04-2000. Age: 80 - Dau of Wayne M. and Sarah I. (Stannard) Nichols. Born in Shinglehouse PA, d. Olean NY. Mother of Donya J. Abrams
NICHOLS, Anna (MacGregor). Spouse of Frank A. Born 6-1860, died 1930 - Wed 10-19-1882. (1900 Sharon Census)
NICHOLS, Anna May. Spouse of Charles Ross. Born 1879, died 1948
NICHOLS, Ben Clayton. Born 11-11-1876, died 7-13-1895
NICHOLS, Benjamin F. Spouse of Ella Sutherland/ Leora Richards. Born 1-1876, died 1968 - Son of Alonzo W. and Lydia (Warren) Nichols. Wed Ella 10-19-1898. (1900 Sharon Census)
NICHOLS, Blanche (Mead). Born 1881, died 1921
NICHOLS, Charles Ross. Spouse of Anna May. Born 4-1879, died 1947 - Son of George and Mary (Drake) Nichols. (1900 Sharon Census)
NICHOLS, Cordelia L. (Perry). Spouse of Maleck A. Born 1827, died 4-28-1895
NICHOLS, Dean S. Spouse of Ethel J. Born 8-1890, died 1968 - Son of Frank A. and Anna (MacGregor) Nichols. (1900 Sharon Census)
NICHOLS, Doris (Danaher). Spouse of Kenneth Ross. Born 1910, died 1994
NICHOLS, Earl Robert. Spouse of Helen Rounsville. Born 1880, died 2-3-1934 - Son of Willard A. and Lydia (Warren) Nichols. Wed 2-12-1902
NICHOLS, Elbert G. Born 5-1872, died 1954 - (1900 Sharon Census)
NICHOLS, Ella N. (Sutherland). Spouse of Benjamin F. Born 4-1876, died 1903 - First wife of Benjamin. Wed 10-19-1898. (1900 Sharon Census)
NICHOLS, Ethel J. Spouse of Dean S. Born 1892, died 1981
NICHOLS, Francis P. Spouse of Josephine E. Stevens. Born 10-1846, died 1924 - Son of Maleck A. and Cordelia (Perry) Nichols. (1900 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet
NICHOLS, Frank A. Spouse of Anna MacGregor. Born 7-30-1854, died 1-1938 - Son of Benjamin F. and Samantha (Jones) Nichols.Wed 10-19-1882. (1900 Sharon Census)
NICHOLS, George. Spouse of Mary L. Drake. Born 8-04-1819, died aft 6-1900 - Born in NY, a farmer. (1880, 1900 Sharon Census)
NICHOLS, George C. Born 1918, died 1920
NICHOLS, George R. [Mike]. Born 8-10-1926, died 7-26-1980 - Son of Wayne M. and Sarah I. (Stannard) Nichols - WW II Vet
NICHOLS, Gladys G. Born 1906, died 1934
NICHOLS, Hollis W. Spouse of Gloria J. Washburn/ Nettie Sue Drake. Born 4-21-1918, died 7-20-2006. Age: 88 - Son of Wayne M. and Sarah I. (Stannard) Nichols. Born in Shinglehouse, a well driller, aviator, and traveler. Four children, prob with Gloria. Wed Nettie 6-10-1978 in Portville NY - WW II Vet, US Army Engineers in Iran
NICHOLS, Ida. Spouse of Loren A. Born 1856, died Uncut - Possibly dau of Elisha and Polly White.
NICHOLS, Josephine E. (Stevens). Spouse of Francis P. Born 6-1848, died 1925 - Dau of Luke and Hannah (Robbins) Stevens. (1900 Sharon Census)
NICHOLS, Kathryn R. [Kate]. Born 1922, died Uncut
NICHOLS, Kenneth Ross. Spouse of Doris Danaher. Born 1905, died 1993
NICHOLS, Laura M. Born 1886, died 1957
NICHOLS, Lee N. Born 1891, died 1891 - Son of Loren A. and Ida Nichols
NICHOLS, Leora (Richards). Spouse of Benjamin F. Born 1882, died 1967 - Dau of John B. Richards
NICHOLS, Loren A. Spouse of Ida. Born 1852, died 1899 - Son of Maleck A. and Cordelia (Perry) Nichols. (1870 Sharon Census)
NICHOLS, Lydia Helena (Warren). Spouse of Willard Alonzo. Born 3-1846, died 1929 - (1900 Sharon Census)
NICHOLS, M. Maxine (Sutton). Born 1914, died 1994
NICHOLS, Maleck. A. Spouse of Cordelia L. Perry/ Elizabeth?. Born 6-1822, died 10-6-1910 - 1900 Sharon Census: Wed to Elizabeth for 30 yrs
NICHOLS, Mary L. (Drake). Spouse of George. Born 11-02-1843, died 10-11-1889 - Dau of Thomas and Phebe (Nichols) Drake
NICHOLS, Max A. Spouse of Leah Haught. Born 2-1889, died 1-16-1913 - Son of Francis P. and Josephine (Stevens) Nichols. (1900 Sharon Census)
NICHOLS, Nancy N. Born 1929, died 1947 - Dau of Dean S. and Ethel Nichols
NICHOLS, Nettie Sue (Drake) Soules. Spouse of Richard Soules/ Hollis W. Nichols. Born 12-28-1935, died 2-3-2015. Age: 79 - Dau of Leon F. and Betty (Burrows) Drake, born and died in Olean NY. Wed Hillis 6-10-1978 in Portville NY.
NICHOLS, Sarah S. Spouse of Wayne M. Born 1893, died 1983 - Wed 3-31-1917
NICHOLS, Wayne M. Spouse of Sarah S. Born 4-1896, died 1967 - Son of Frank A. and Anna (MacGregor) Nichols. Wed 3-31-1917. (1900 Sharon Census)
NICHOLS, Willard Alonzo. Spouse of Lydia H. Warren. Born 2-1848, died 11-16-1914 - Son of Benjamin F, Sr. and Samantha (Jones) Nichols. Killed by a train.
NORTON, Claude W. Born 1875, died 1937
NORTON, Clayton R. Spouse of Mertie Tubbs. Born 1884, died 1949
NORTON, Mertie (Tubbs). Spouse of Clayton R. Born 6-9-1884, died 1965 - Dau of Ira W. and Mary (Whiteman) Tubbs
OLMSTEAD, Ruth E. (Stacy). Spouse of Elwin R. Born 11-24-1921, died 6-18-2007. Age: 85 - Dau of Jesse and Grace (McCann) Stacy. Born Auburn, NY, d. Coudersport, PA. Wed 5-27-1937 in Obi, NY (He d. 9-19-1987)
OLSON, Albert G. Spouse of Hazel E. Maxson. Born 4-25-1899, died 8-07-1966 - Son of Peter and Edla Olson
OLSON, Harold A. [Ole]. Spouse of Helen D. Cornelious. Born 8-12-1921, died 5-7-2013. Age: 91 - Son of Albert G. and Hazel E. (Maxson) Olson. Owned Shinglehouse Cheese Factory. Wed 6-27-1942 in Sanburg, NY, 3 daughters - WW II Vet, 5th Inf
OLSON, Hazel E. (Maxson). Spouse of Albert G. Born 8-03-1896, died 3-19-1956 - Dau of Erwin and Grace (Turner) Maxson
OLSON, Hazen. Born 7-09-1924, died 1939 - Son of Albert G. and Hazel E. (Maxson) Olson
OLSON, Helen D. (Cornelius). Spouse of Harold A. Born 4-05-1921, died 5-29-2010. Age: 89 - Dau of Ellery and Hazel (Osborne) Cornelius. Born in Shinglehouse, owned and ran Shinglehouse Cheese Factory. Wed 6-27-1942 in Sanburg, NY, 3 daughters
OSBORN, Charles J. Spouse of Ethel Anders. Born 1883, died 1953
OSBORN, Elbert A. Spouse of Horatia M. Born 1823, died 1909 - Son of Charles J. and Etherl (Anders) Osborn
OSBORN, Ethel (Anders). Spouse of Charles J. Born 1895, died 1971
OSBORN, Horatia M. Spouse of Elbert A. Born 1838, died 1934
OSBORN, Robert C. Born 3-9-1937, died 12-12-2000 - Son of Charles J. and Etherl (Anders) Osborn
OSBORNE, Corwin. Born 1917, died 1920 - Stone is with the Osborne stones
OSBORNE, Dorothy. Born 1918, died 1919 - Stone is with the Osborne stones
OSBORNE, Fred G. Spouse of Hazel H. Wheeler. Born 8-1893, died 1966 - Son of William M. and Mary J. Osborne. (1900 Sharon Census)
OSBORNE, Harold [Harry]. Born 5-07-1892, died 3-02-1941 - Son of William M. and Mary J. Osborne. (1900 Sharon Census)
OSBORNE, Hazel H. (Wheeler). Spouse of Fred G. Born 1895, died 1970
OSBORNE, Mary Jane. Spouse of William. Born 11-1869, died 1931 - [Mother] (1900 Sharon Census)
OSBORNE, William. Spouse of Mary J. Born 6-1866, died 1930 - [Father] (1900 Sharon Census)
OWENS, Ernest. Born 1-28-1900, died 7-26-1972
PACKER, Charlie A. Spouse of Edna. Born 1903, died 1983
PACKER, Curtis W. Born 1937, died Uncut
PACKER, Edna [Peg]. Spouse of Charlie A. Born 8-20-1917, died 9-25-1979
PACKER, Harriet J. [Hattie]. Spouse of Richard H. Born 1861, died 1938
PACKER, Richard H. Spouse of Harriet J. Born 1861, died 1933
PAGE, Ollon L. Born 1868, died 1928
PALMER, Amos B. Spouse of Nellie Weimer. Born 1857, died 1944 - Son of Hiram and Philenia L. (Goodrich) Palmer. Wed 8-12-1885.
PALMER, Hiram. Spouse of Philenia L.Goodrich. Born 1832, died 1922
PALMER, Jeanette [Jennie]. Spouse of Walter. Born 1872, died 1941 - [Mother]
PALMER, Philenia Lydia (Goodrich). Spouse of Hiram. Born 1834, died 1911
PALMER, Walter. Spouse of Jeanette. Born 1861, died 1933 - Son of Hiram and Philenia L. (Goodrich) Palmer [Father]
PARMENTER, George. D. Spouse of Anna Ward. Born 1846, died 1908 - Son of Nelson and Lorinda (White) Parmenter
PARMENTER, Margaret J. (Blood) Humphrey. Spouse of Walter Humphrey/Nelson Parmenter. Born 6-12-1833, died 4-19-1886
PARMENTER, Nelson. Spouse of Margaret J. Humphrey. Born 1870, died 1890 - Son of George D. and Anna (Ward) Parmenter. 2nd husband of Margaret.
PATCHEN, [Baby]. Born 3-09-1911, died 3-09-1911. Age: Infant - Son of P. I. and N. P. Patchen
PATTERSON, Alex. Spouse of Lucy. Born 1859, died 1930
PATTERSON, Allene S. Spouse of Darold. Born 1910, died Uncut
PATTERSON, Darold. Spouse of Allene S. Born 1910, died 1993
PATTERSON, Lucy. Spouse of Alex. Born 1867, died 19??
PEARSALL, Alice E. Spouse of Almon A. Born 8-1860, died 1936 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
PEARSALL, Almon A. Spouse of Alice E. Born 1-1852, died 1923 - Son of Solomon and Rachel (Warner) Pearsall, a farmer. (1880 Sharon, 1900 Oswayo Census)
PEARSALL, Belle. Born 1867, died 1887 - Dau of John S. and Elnor M. (Graves) Pearsall
PEARSALL, Edwin. Born 2-1855, died 1922 - Son of Solomon and Rachel (Warner) Pearsall. Was a farmer. (1880, 1900 Sharon Census)
PEARSALL, Elnor Matilda (Graves). Spouse of John S. Born 1831, died 1900 - [Mother] (1870 Sharon Census)
PEARSALL, Emma (Newton). Spouse of Horace F. Born 1-1855, died 1910 - Dau of Alonzo and Angelina (Warner) Newton. (1900 Sharon Census)
PEARSALL, Helen L. (Jones). Spouse of Stanley A. Born 1897, died 1970 - Dau of J. E. and Sarah (Foland) Jones.
PEARSALL, Helen M. Born 1849, died 1879 - Dau of John S. and Elnor M. (Graves) Pearsall
PEARSALL, Horace F. Spouse of Emma Newton. Born 3-1847, died 5-12-1915 - Son of Solomon and Rachel (Warner) Pearsall. Was a farmer. (1880, 1900 Sharon Census)
PEARSALL, John S. Spouse of Elnor M. Graves. Born 1821, died 1900 - Born in IN, a farmer. (1880 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet, Co F 210 PA Vols, Pvt. Discharged on Surgeon's Certificate on March 30, 1863. Injured ankle
PEARSALL, Stanley A. Spouse of Helen L. Jones. Born 5-1897, died 1976 - Son of Almon A. and Alice E. Pearsall. (1900 Oswayo Census)
PERKINS, Curtis L. Spouse of Hazel F. Born 1912, died 1999
PERKINS, Dora (Curtis). Spouse of Elmo. Born 1891, died 4-8-1931
PERKINS, Edgar A., Jr. Born 12-10-1919, died 8-9-1942 - Son of Elmo W. and Tina M. Perkins. - WW II Vet, US Navy
PERKINS, Edgar A., Sr. Spouse of Laurena M. Born 2-1850, died 1929 - (1900 Sharon Census)
PERKINS, Elmo W. Spouse of Dora Curtis/ Tina M. Born 8-1884, died 1965 - Son of Edgar A. and Laurena M. Perkins, Sr. (1900 Sharon Census)
PERKINS, Hazel F. Spouse of Curtis L. Born 1912, died 1982
PERKINS, Laurena M. Spouse of Edgar A. Born 4-1855, died 1926 - (1900 Sharon Census)
PERKINS, Tina M. Spouse of Elmo W. Born 1886, died 1965
PERRY, Calvin C. Spouse of Helena J. Stevens. Born 1855, died 1924 - Son of Loren P. and Sarah M. Perry
PERRY, Cyrenius. Spouse of Flora E. Born 1-1850, died 1925 - (1900 Sharon Census)
PERRY, D. Dawn. Born 7-19-1899, died 3-10-1999 - Stone next to Urban Perry
PERRY, Flora E. Spouse of Cyrenius P. Born 4-1852, died 1919 - (1900 Sharon Census)
PERRY, Helena J. (Stevens). Spouse of Calvin C. Born 1854, died 1939 - Dau of Luke and Hannah (Robbins) Stevens
PERRY, John R. Spouse of Sarah M. Born 3-1884, died 1966 - Son of Cyrenius and Flora E. Perry. (1900 Sharon Census)
PERRY, Loren Putnam. Spouse of Sarah M. Born 3-14-1829, died Uncut - (1900 Sharon Census)
PERRY, Sarah M. Spouse of Loren P. Born 9-16-1818, died 12-24-1904 - (1900 Sharon Census)
PERRY, Sarah M. Spouse of John R. Born 1886, died 1971
PERRY, Urban E. Born 1896, died 1981 - Stone next to D. Dawn Perry
PETRE, Florance E. Born 1887, died 1974
PHILLIPS, Dennis G. [Denny]. Spouse of Georgia J. Born 5-30-1947, died 12-27-2006. Age: 59 - Son of Walter L. and Jennie (Sustakowski) Phillips
PHILLIPS, Jean M. (Canfield). Spouse of Roy W. Jr. Born 2-21-1928, died 8-31-2007. Age: 79 - Dau of Sherman O. and Eva N.(Kemp) Canfield. Wed 8-1-1944 in Ceres.
PHILLIPS, Jennie (Sustakowski). Spouse of Walter L. Born 4-08-1915, died 10-30-2000 - Dau of John and Stella Sustakowski
PHILLIPS, Kambrian Symone. Born 9-6-2005, died 9-6-2005
PHILLIPS, Roxanna L. Born 1951, died 1951 - Dau of Roy W. Jr. and Jean M. (Canfield) Phillips
PHILLIPS, Roy W. Jr. Spouse of Jean M. Canfield. Born 1926, died 8-28-1987
PHILLIPS, Walter L. Spouse of Jennie Sustakowski. Born, died 7-01-1981 - Wed 12-24-1931
PIERCE, Clara G. (Cossaboon). Spouse of Eli W. Born 1875, died 1949
PIERCE, Eli Watson. Spouse of Clara G. Cossaboon. Born 12-28-1868, died 11-20-1947 - Son of Ward and Nancy (Watson) Pierce
PINTER, Laura. Born 9-29-1901, died 11-03-1959
POPE, Elizabeth A. (Hoskinson). Spouse of Ross R. Born 1932, died 1997 - Dau of John L. and Sarah C. Hoskinson
POPE, Ross R. Spouse of Elizabeth A. Born 1932, died Uncut
PRESHER, Delores M. (Lunn) [Dollie]. Spouse of Herbert L. Born 3-1891, died 1960 - (1900 Sharon Census)
PRESHER, Herbert L. Spouse of Delores M. Lunn. Born 7-1882, died 1950 - Son of Horace and Emmeretta (Russell) Presher. (1900 Sharon Census)
PRESHER, Ruth. Born 1910, died 1948
PRESS, Eloise C. Born 1898, died 1984 - Buried next to William and Gertrude Press.
PRESS, Gertrude (Mills). Spouse of Ira W. Born 1907, died 1991 - Buried next to Ira and Eloise Press with same kind of stone.
PRESS, Gertrude A. Born 1907, died 1997 - Buried next to William and Gertrude Press.
PRESS, Gertrude A. Spouse of William E. Born 1869, died 1929
PRESS, Ira W. Spouse of Gertrude Mills. Born 1905, died 1986 - Buried next to Eloise Press with same kind of stone.
PRESS, John A. Spouse of Mary M. Bissell. Born 1841, died 1902 - Son of John and Charlotte (Weaver) Press
PRESS, Mary M. (Bissell). Spouse of John A. Born 1837, died 1908
PRESS, Maude E. (Stevens). Spouse of Newton Spencer. Born 4-1866, died 1947 - Dau of Luke and Hannah (Robbins) Stevens. (1900 Sharon Census)
PRESS, Newton Spencer. Spouse of Maude E. Stevens. Born 9-1865, died 1947 - Son of John A. and Mary M. (Bissell) Press. (1900 Sharon Census)
PRESS, Phillip E. Born 1942, died 1946 - Buried next to Ira and Eloise Press with same kind of stone.
PRESS, William E. Spouse of Gertrude A. Born 1860, died 1923 - Son of John S. and Charlotte (Weaver) Press
PRINDLE, Lillian. Born 10-25-1894, died 9-18-1968
QUIMBY, Asa Burdett. Spouse of Luella S. Born 3-1860, died 1955 - (1900 Hebron Census)
QUIMBY, Betty. Born 1923, died 1925 - Buried next to Asa and Luella Quimby
QUIMBY, Luella S. Spouse of Asa Burdett. Born 6-1861, died 1946 - (1900 Hebron Census)
RANDOLPH, Dorothy. Born ??, died ??. Age: 2m 13d - Dau of Fred and Edith Randolph
RAREY, Harriett [Hattie]. Born 1855, died 1914
RAUB, Delana. Born 2-11-1812, died 6-09-1899
RAUB, Ellen (Burbank). Born 1862, died 1946
RAUB, Libbie. Born ??, died ??
REED, Esther (Kenyon). Spouse of Floyd W. Born 7-28-1891, died 5-05-1979 - Dau of Rev. George P. and Mary (Burdick) Kenyon. Wed 6-16-1914.
REED, F. Kenyon. Spouse of Virginia Howard. Born 1916, died 1995 - Son of Floyd and Esther (Kenyon) Reed. Wed 8-17-1940 in Friendship NY, 5 sons
REED, Floyd W. Spouse of Esther Kenyon. Born 9-12-1885, died 6-28-1969 - Son of John P. and Phoebe C. (McDowell) Reed. Wed 6-16-1914.
REED, James Eugene. Born 1958, died 1958 - Son of James W. and Mildred M. (Stephenson) Reed
REED, John P. Spouse of Phoebe C. McDowell. Born 1852, died 1920 - Son of Perry and Margaret Jane (Nelson) Reed
REED, L. Carlton. Born 11-09-1924, died 1-18-1937 - Son of Floyd and Esther (Kenyon) Reed
REED, Leona. Born 1881, died 1939 - Dau of John P. and Phoebe C. (McDowell) Reed
REED, Phoebe C. (McDowell). Spouse of John P. Born 1845, died 1941 - Dau of Matthew and Hannah (Burt) McDowell
REED, Virginia (Howard). Spouse of F. Kenyon. Born 1922, died 7-31-2010. Age: 88 - Dau of Clair E. and Leta (Bosworth) Howard. Wed 8-17-1940 in Friendship NY.
REGIS, Elvin G. Spouse of Lena G. Born 1904, died 1989 - Same stone as H. Newton and Annabelle S. Matteson
REGIS, Lena G. Spouse of Elvin G. Born 1908, died 2000 - Same stone as H. Newton and Annabelle S. Matteson
REID, Juanita (Reynolds) [Ellie]. Spouse of. Born 9-14-1927, died 1-10-1990 - Dau of Levi and Blanche E. Reynolds
REYNOLDS, Blanche E. Spouse of Levi P. Born 1888, died 1975
REYNOLDS, Carl Dean. Born 12-26-1952, died 6-21-1974 - Son of Paul and Edna (Miller) Reynolds - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, SA
REYNOLDS, Edna A. (Miller). Spouse of Paul. Born 1920, died 2002
REYNOLDS, Edward. Spouse of Maria. Born 3-15-1862, died 9-29-1923 - Son of ? and Martha Reynolds
REYNOLDS, Fred F. Spouse of Grace Toombs. Born 1852, died 1921
REYNOLDS, Grace (Toombs). Spouse of Fred F. Born 1861, died 1932
REYNOLDS, Jasmine Marie. Born 1-27-2000, died 4-16-2000 - Dau of Ronnie and April Reynolds.
REYNOLDS, Leo. Born 1906, died 1919 - Buried next to Menzo and Lena Reynolds.
REYNOLDS, Leona (Sherwood) [Lena]. Spouse of Menzo. Born 1886, died 1978 - (1920 Sharon Census)
REYNOLDS, Leslie B. Born 5-10-1905, died 4-02-1912 - Son of Edward and Maria Reynolds
REYNOLDS, Levi P. Spouse of Blanche E. Born 1893, died 1958 - Son of Fred F. and Grace (Toombs) Reynolds
REYNOLDS, Menzo. Spouse of Leona Sherwood. Born 6-1883, died 1942 - (1900 Sharon Census)
REYNOLDS, Robert E. Spouse of Rose M. Quick. Born 1-23-1940, died 7-23-2000 - Son of Paul W. and Edna A. (Miller) Reynolds. - Peacetime Vet, USAF
RICHARDS, Dorothea Jane. Born 1925, died 1925 - Dau of Robert and Edith Claire Richards
RICHARDS, Edith Claire (Robinson). Spouse of Robert Wayne. Born 1888, died 2-13-1935 - Of Philadelphia. Wed 9-24-1913.
RICHARDS, Nita Miriam (Githens). Spouse of Robert Wayne. Born 1893, died 1946
RICHARDS, Robert Wayne. Spouse of Edith C.Robinson/Nita M.Githens. Born 9-16-1885, died 3-12-1964 - Son of George and Cora (Warfel) Richards. Born in Hazelhurst PA. Wed Claire 9-24-1913, Nita on 1-1-1944. - WW I Vet, US Army Medical Corps, 1st Lt.
RIXFORD, Charles B. Spouse of Sarah. Born Abt. 1812, died 8-06-1899
RIXFORD, Elizabeth (Dunning). Spouse of William H. Born 8-13-1861, died 3-13-1933
RIXFORD, Frederick J. Spouse of Jesse. Born 6-14-1877, died 7-25-1971 - Son of William H. and Elizabeth (Dunning) Rixford
RIXFORD, Sarah. Spouse of Charles B. Born 1831, died 4-10-1886
RIXFORD, William H. Spouse of Elizabeth Dunning. Born ??, died ?? - Son of Charles and ? Rixford. Born in NY, a farmer. (1880 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet, Co B, 153 IL Inf
ROBSON, Beatrice Mae. Born 5-06-1898, died 10-03-1909 - Dau of Edward and Emma Jane Robson
ROORBACH, Amy. Spouse of Robert. Born 1891, died 1964
ROORBACK, Robert. Spouse of Amy. Born 1885, died 1948
ROSE, Twila (Taylor). Born 1900, died 1961 - Same stone as William M. Taylor, also born 1900.
ROSENSWIE, Clinton C. Spouse of Florence H. Born 1-23-1903, died 6-03-1980
ROSENSWIE, Florence H. Spouse of Clinton C. Born 8-24-1907, died 6-12-1981
ROTHGANGER, Frederick. Born 1868, died 1940
ROUNSAVELL, Helen. Born 1882, died 1973
RUPERT, Edna C. (Grover). Spouse of Joseph B. Born 9-21-1896, died 5-29-1981 - Dau of Edwin and Hannah M. Grover, born in Ceres Twp, McKean County, died in Shinglehouse PA
RUPERT, Joseph Brown. Spouse of #1 Maude E. Lentz, #2 Edna C. Grover. Born 8-09-1880, died 2-06-1967 - Born in Scottdale PA, died in Shinglehouse PA. Wed Maude 6-30-1904, prob Westmoreland Co PA.
RUPERT, Maude Emma (Lentz). Spouse of Joseph B. Born 1-18-1879, died 11-27-1944 - Born in Scottdale PA, died in Potter Co PA. Killed when hit by a car. Wed 6-30-1904, prob Westmoreland Co PA, three children
RUSSELL, Esther (Anders). Born 1895, died 1982
RUSSELL, Gertrude B. Spouse of William E. Born 1882, died 1962
RUSSELL, John William. Born 7-01-1924, died 4-01-1981 - WW II Vet, US Navy
RUSSELL, Nancy R. Spouse of Niger W. Born 6-1857, died 1933 - (1900 Sharon Census: 1855)
RUSSELL, Niger W. Spouse of Nancy R. Born 12-1851, died 1910 - (1900 Sharon Census)
RUSSELL, William E. Spouse of Gertrude B. Born 7-1881, died 1938 - Son of Niger W. and Nancy R. Russell. (1900 Sharon Census)
SALOMON, Abram. Spouse of Sarah Hornsby. Born 1844, died 1927
SALOMON, Sarah (Hornsby). Spouse of Abram. Born 1854, died 1934
SANDERS, Mettie. Born 1861, died 1943
SCHELL, John D. Spouse of Mary J. Born 1840, died 1916
SCHELL, Mary J. Spouse of John D. Born 1841, died 1919
SCHMIDT, Leah (Ladigo). Spouse of Louis E. Born 2-13-1885, died 7-13-1930 - Dau of William and Julia (Parker) Ladigo. Wed 6-6-1949.
SCHMIDT, Louis E. Spouse of Leah Ladigo. Born 1880, died 1978 - Wed 6-6-1949.
SCOTT, Beatrice May. Born 5-6-1889, died 10-3-1909 - Dau of Edard and Emma Jane (Robson) Scott.
SCOTT, Clyde G. Born 1881, died 1937
SEAGER, Ethel I. (Norton). Spouse of Kenneth L. Born 1905, died 1975 - Dau of Clayton R. and Mertie (Tubbs) Norton
SEAGER, Kenneth L. Spouse of Ethel I. Norton. Born 1904, died 1980
SEALY, Augusta A. Spouse of Batron A. Born 1856, died 1940
SEALY, Batron A. Spouse of Augusta A. Born 1853, died 10-10-1907 - Son of John and Nancy R. (Edwards) Sealy
SEALY, Claton M. Born 1883, died 11-20-1909 - Son of Batron A. and Augusta A. Sealy
SEALY, Elizabeth A. (Deremer) [Bessie]. Spouse of Paul J. Born 1890, died 1985
SEALY, Paul J. Spouse of Elizabeth A. Dermer. Born 1888, died 1958 - Son of Batron A. and Augusta A. Sealy
SELL, Una (Strate). Born 1871, died 1956
SEYLER, Lucy (Mattison). Born 5-22-1872, died 9-04-1927. Age: 53 - Killed in a train accident near Olean.
SHAW, Ella. Born 1858, died 1949
SHEPARD, Belva (Barnes). Born 1902, died 1982
SHERWOOD, Alice Mae (Perry) [Allie]. Spouse of Charles B. Born 1877, died 1939 - (1920 Sharon Census)
SHERWOOD, Charles B. Spouse of Alice Mae Perry. Born 1876, died 1953 - Son of George W. and Millie Sherwood [Father]
SHERWOOD, George W. Spouse of Mildred A. Born 10-1853, died 1934 - Son of Stephen and Eliza Sherwood. (1900 Sharon Census) [Father]
SHERWOOD, J. S. Spouse of Jane. Born 1861, died 1921
SHERWOOD, Jane. Spouse of J. S. Born 1851, died 1924
SHERWOOD, Lawrence. Spouse of Pearl. Born 1894, died 1973
SHERWOOD, Merlin. Born 1917, died Uncut
SHERWOOD, Mildred A. [Millie]. Spouse of George W. Born 12-1852, died 1940 - [Mother] (1900 Sharon Census)
SHERWOOD, Pearl. Spouse of Lawrence. Born 1896, died 1953
SHILES, Grace (Hertzell). Spouse of Millard. Born 7-23-1918, died 6-6-2011. Age: 92 - Dau of Frank and Metta (Nixon) Hetzell, born in Bridgeton NJ. Wed 5-1-1944 in Deerfield NY. Life partner of George Burlew (41 yrs)
SHILES, Millard. Spouse of Grace Hertzell. Born 1921, died 4-14-1964
SHIPMAN, Charles W. Born 1878, died 1935
SIMONS, Eva G. Born 1917, died 1992
SIMONS, Kent Smith. Born 2-13-1965, died 3-18-1965
SIZER, Fannie Hannah (Bixby). Spouse of. Born 11-01-1874, died 4-14-19?? - Dau of Ira and Jane (Newton) Bixby
SLOAT, A. Estella (Kemp). Spouse of Seldon B. Born 11-1858, died 1949 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
SLOAT, Austin E. Spouse of Lottie E. Born 1-1891, died 1921 - Son of Seldon B. and A. Estella (Kemp) Sloat. (1900, 1920 Sharon Census)
SLOAT, Seldon B. Spouse of A. Estella Kemp. Born 6-1849, died 1933 - Son of Ransom and Sara M. Sloat. (1900 Oswayo Census)
SMITH, Dorothy (Hedden) Crum. Spouse of Howard Crum/George L. Smith. Born 10-31-1920, died 9-16-1995
SMITH, Effie. Born 5-15-1894, died 7-29-1967
SMITH, George L. Spouse of Dorothy Crum. Born 1900, died 1984
SPEAREN, Albert. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1842, died 1918 - Civil War Vet
SPEAREN, Margaret. Spouse of Albert. Born 1852, died 1930
SPEAREN, Samuel A. Born 1874, died 1941
SPEAREN, William C. Born 1883, died 1928 - Born in PA. (1920 Sharon Census)
SPENCER, Adda [Addie]. Spouse of William A. Born 1870, died 1945
SPENCER, Alba W. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet
SPENCER, Clair. Born 1895, died 1897. Age: 2 - Son of Elmer and Maud Spencer
SPENCER, William A. Spouse of Adda. Born 1869, died 1931
STANLEY, Maynard G. Born 1913, died 1991
STEPHENSON, Andrew J. Spouse of Ella Morris. Born 12-1867, died 1937 - Born in KS. (1900, 1920 Sharon Census)
STEPHENSON, Ella (Morris). Spouse of Andrew J. Born 9-1867, died 1931 - Born in PA. (1900, 1920 Sharon Census)
STEVENS, Asa. Spouse of Ida. Born 3-1846, died 1929 - Son of Luke and Hannah (Robbins) Stevens, a farmer. (1880, `900 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet
STEVENS, Caroline M. (DiCapua). Spouse of Lawrence W. Born 8-24-1914, died 2-22-2003. Age: 88 - Dau of Caesar and Hazel (Jones) DiCapua. Born in Portville NY. Wed 3-24-1934 in Olean NY
STEVENS, Catherine H. (Rock). Spouse of Lucius. Born 7 1833, died 1906 - Dau of Owen and Catherine Rock. (1850, 1900 Sharon Census)
STEVENS, Donald W. Born 6-23-1910, died 8-26-1910. Age: 2m - Son of Merle O. and Grace A. Stevens
STEVENS, Grace A. Spouse of Merle O. Born 1885, died 1969
STEVENS, Hannah (Robbins). Spouse of Luke. Born 8-16-1821, died 1901 - Dau of Marshall and Susannah (Chapman) Robbins. (1900 Sharon Census)
STEVENS, Ida. Spouse of Asa. Born 2-1860, died 1944 - [Mother] (1900 Sharon Census)
STEVENS, Josephine. Spouse of Mark. Born 1913, died 1991
STEVENS, Lawrence W. Spouse of Caroline M. DiCapua. Born ??, died 9-12-1993 - Wed 3-24-1934 in Olean NY
STEVENS, Luke. Spouse of Hannah Robbins. Born 1818, died 1898 - Born in VT.
STEVENS, Margaret. Born 1864, died 1935 - [Mother]
STEVENS, Mark. Spouse of Josephine. Born 1847, died 1926 - Son of Luke and Hannah (Robbins) Stevens - Civil War Vet
STEVENS, Merle O. Spouse of Grace. Born 12-1887, died 1979 - Son of Asa and Ida Stevens. (1900 Sharon Census)
STIVES, Emily A. Spouse of John E. Born 2-1858, died 1948 - [Mother]
STIVES, John E. Spouse of Emily A. Born 2-1858, died 1925 - [Father]
STONE, Alta C. Spouse of M. Ralph. Born 1887, died 1963
STONE, Deleven R. Spouse of Marie. Born 1860, died 1931 - [Father]
STONE, Emogene R. Spouse of Harry D. Born 9-1874, died 1952 - (1900 Sharon Census)
STONE, Erwin. Spouse of Mary E. Bordon. Born 10-27-1892, died 4-03-1968 - Wed 8-8-1878. - WW I Vet, Sup Co, 128th Inf, 32nd Div, Pvt.
STONE, Harry D. Spouse of Emogene R. Born 1-1879, died 1958 - (1900 Sharon Census)
STONE, John B. Born 10-15-1811, died 8-21-1886
STONE, M. Ralph. Spouse of Alta C. Born 1891, died 1922
STONE, Marie. Spouse of Deleven R. Born 1860, died 1959
STONE, Mary E. (Bordon). Spouse of Erwin. Born 1861, died 1908 - Wed 8-8-1878.
STONE, Newton D. Born 1905, died 1918 - Son of Harry D. and Emogene R. Stone
STONEMETZ, Earl Dewayne. Spouse of Rebecca F. Terrett. Born 1919, died 1980 - Wed 2-24-1956 - WW II Vet.
STONEMETZ, Rebecca F. (Terrett). Spouse of Earl D. Born 11-27-1927, died 7-19-1975 - Dau of Henry and Anah (Taylor) Terrett. Wed 2-24-1956
STRATE, Abram. Spouse of Caroline A. Born 1837, died 1915 - Civil War Vet, Co H, 76th NY S. V.
STRATE, Caroline A. Spouse of Abram. Born 1842, died 1916
STRATE, Unknown. Born ??, died ??
STRIEGEL, Neva K. Born 1888, died 1971
SUGDEN, Eileen R. Spouse of Lyle G. SUGDEN. Born 3-22-1938, died 6-06-2007. Age: 69y - Dau of John Paul and Delma (Bettinger) Jones. Born Oswayo, PA, d. Coudersport, PA. Wed 3-22-1956
SUTHERLAND, Clara A. (Garneret). Spouse of William G. Born 3-20-1906, died 8-14-2001. Age: 95 - Dau of Charles and Charlotte (Striegal) Garneret
SUTHERLAND, Donald. Born bf. 1924, died ??. Age: Infant - Son of M. R. and Lina (Maxson) Sutherland
SUTHERLAND, Donald B. Spouse of Lillian M. Born 12-1868, died 1925 - Son of M. R. and Lina (Maxson) Sutherland. (1900 Sharon Census)
SUTHERLAND, Lillian. Born bf. 1924, died ??. Age: Infant - Dau of M. R. and Lina (Maxson) Sutherland
SUTHERLAND, Lillian M. Spouse of Donald B. Born 7-1872, died 1912 - (1900 Sharon Census)
SUTHERLAND, Lina (Maxson). Spouse of M. R. Born 4-05-1901, died 3-25-1924 - Dau of Charles V. and Mary A. (Blauvelt) Maxson
SUTHERLAND, Nancy (Kinney). Spouse of William G. Born 1-1841, died 1900 - Dau of Alanson (and Lydia?) Kinney. (1900 Sharon Census)
SUTHERLAND, William Charles. Born 3-20-1929, died 9-4-1986 - WW II, Korean War Vet, US Air Force, TSGT.
SUTHERLAND, William G. Spouse of Clara A. Garneret. Born 1906, died 2-20-1992 - Son of Don B. and Lillian Sutherland. Wed 8-12-1925 in Bolivar, NY. (1920 Sharon Census)
SWARTHOUT, Dema B. Born 1884, died 1939
SWARTHOUT, Harry J. Spouse of Maude R. Born 3-1887, died 1929 - Son of Myron and Sarah (Crawford) Swarthout. (1900 Sharon Census)
SWARTHOUT, Lyle C. Born 1917, died 1944 - Son of Harry J. and Maude R. Swarthout. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, Lt.
SWARTHOUT, Maude R. Spouse of Harry J. Born 1866, died 1925
TAYLOR, Ella L. Born 1923, died 1989 - [There's a tear in my beer] - WW II, Korean War Vet, US Air Force, TSGT.
TAYLOR, Gerald P. Born 1911, died 1973
TAYLOR, Gloria M. (Gwynne). Spouse of James H. Born 7-23-1929, died 5-9-2004. Age: 74 - Dau of Harold and Helen Vogel Gwynne, born in Long Island City NY.
TAYLOR, Michael J. Born 11-01-1941, died 6-29-1981
TAYLOR, William M. Born 1900, died 1936 - Shares a stone with Twila Taylor Rose who was also morn in 1900. - WW II, Korean War Vet, US Air Force, TSGT.
TERRETTE, Anah B. (Taylor). Spouse of Henry M. Born 1908, died 1998 - Dau of John and Alta (Mesler) Taylor
TERRETTE, Grace A. Spouse of Henry M. Born 1890, died 1925
TERRETTE, Henry M. Spouse of Grace A./ Anah Taylor. Born 1899, died 1964
THOMAS, William J. Spouse of Emma. Born 1853, died 1914
THOMPSON, Louis E. Spouse of Ola M. Born 1875, died 19??
THOMPSON, Ola M. Spouse of Louis E. Born 1882, died 1917
TONER, Harold P. Spouse of Louise Nourse. Born 1880, died 1950
TONER, Irving J. Born 1-23-1911, died 9-9-1994 - WW II, US Army, 1st Lt.
TONER, Louise (Nourse). Spouse of Harold P. Born 1881, died 1939
TOONE, Tesse. Born 1882, died 1939
TRASK, Grace (Warner). Born 1874, died 1910
TRASKA, Gertrude C. [Fritz]. Spouse of Thomas A. Born 8-14-1914, died 3-31-2000 - Wed May 28, 1949 in Shinglehouse PA
TRASKA, Thomas A. [Tim]. Spouse of Gertrude C. Franz. Born 9-4-1913, died 5-5-2007. Age: 95 - Son of Alexander and Monica (Zydanowicz) Traska. Born in Canonsburg PA. Wed 5-28-1949 in Shinglehouse. - WW II Vet, US Army, Cpl
TURNER, Carl V. [Pal]. Born 8-31-1915, died 2-9-2001 - Son of Truman and Flora (Terrette) Turner. [Much loved brother and uncle: Ray, Chyrie, Todd, Beth, Jacob, Sarah, Dale, Deb, Shalanne]
TURNER, Flora A. (Terrett). Spouse of Truman H. Born 1895, died 1986
TURNER, Truman H. Spouse of Flora A.Terrett. Born 1882, died 1933 - Son of Sylvanus and Evelyn (Bennett) Turner
TYLER, James M. Spouse of Melinda B. Born 1827, died 1906 - Civil War Vet. Co D, 57th PA Vols, Pvt. Discharged by General Order on May 30, 1865.
TYLER, Melinda B. Spouse of James M. Born 1833, died Uncut
UNKNOWN, ? - Stone missing, between Newton Press and Susie Wilcox
UNKNOWN, [Father]. Spouse of [Mother] UNKNOWN. Born ??, died ?? - Between H. H. Fosmer and Edna Rupert
UNKNOWN, [Mother]. Spouse of [Father] UNKNOWN. Born ??, died ?? - Between H. H. Fosmer and Edna Rupert
UNKNOWN, Blanche. Born 1893, died 1902 - Buried next to Leon Unknown.
UNKNOWN, Ernest. Born 1836, died 1918 - Surname unknown--possibly Woodard?
UNKNOWN, Leon. Born 1888, died 1901 - Buried next to Blanche Unknown.
VANDEBOE, Bertha L. (Beyer). Spouse of Charles C. Born 6-01-1886, died 9-30-1975 - Dau of Christopher and Eliza Beyer. Born in Warren, PA. Wed 10-5-1910
VANDEBOE, Carroll D. Spouse of Mary E. Kirlan. Born 3-11-1912, died 2-16-2007. Age: 94 - Son of Charles C. and Bertha L. (Beyer) Vandeboe. Born Shinglehouse, PA, d. Lake Placid, FL (Lake Placid Hlth. Care Ctr.). Wed 9-10-1938. Obit, gives Mary's name as Kirin.
VANDEBOE, Charles C. Spouse of Bertha L. Beyer. Born 9-17-1878, died 8-11-1975 - Son of Carmi D. and Ida G. (Grover) VanDeBoe, an attorney and judge. Wed 10-5-1910.
VANDEBOE, John C. Born 11-30-1944, died 1-20-1966 - Son of Carroll D. and Mary E. (Kirkland) Vandeboe
VANDEBOE, Mary E. (Kirlan). Spouse of Carroll D. Born 6-26-1914, died 4-3-2013. Age: 98 - Dau of John O. asnd Gertrude A. (Brensinger) Kirlin. Born in Reading PA. Wed 9-10-1938, one son
VANDERMARK, Florence. Spouse of Wallace. Born 1873, died 1918
VANDERMARK, Harriet [Hattie]. Born 1907, died 1918 - Dau of Wallace and Florence Vandermark
VANDERMARK, Wallace. Spouse of Florence. Born 1855, died 1921
VANMETER, Harry George. Spouse of Mildred. Born 1897, died 1975 - [Father] Wed 12-31-1894.
VANMETER, Rosalyn. Born 5-16-1926, died 5-16-1928 - Dau of Harry and Mildred Vanmeter
VANMETER, Susie Mildred. Spouse of Harry G. Born 1904, died 1969 - [Mother] Dau of Mr and Mrs E. B. Dodd. Wed 12-31-1894.
VANWORMER, Parthena (Warner) [Thenia]. Spouse of Erven. Born 1845, died 1933 - Dau of Solomon and Rachel (Warner) Pearsall
VANZILE, Mary E. Born 8-12-1871, died 4-21-1944
VAUGHN, Amos E. Born 11-1892, died 1925 - Son of Arthur J. and Katherine Vaughn. (1900 Oswayo Census)
VAUGHN, Arthur J. Spouse of Katherine. Born 11-1870, died 1936 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
VAUGHN, Harold J. Spouse of Mary B. Born 2-10-1915, died 9-11-1982 - WW II Vet, US Navy, MM2
VAUGHN, Katherine E. [Kate]. Spouse of Arthur J. Born 3-1874, died 19?? - (1900 Oswayo Census)
VAUGHN, Mary B. Spouse of Harold J. Born 1911, died 1988
VEILEY, Florence [Flossie]. Born ??, died ??
VEILEY, Nancy L. [Nan]. Spouse of M. L. Born 1837, died 1911
VEILEY, Walter A. Born 1857, died 1917 - Son of M. L. and Nancy L. Veiley
VIZINA, Allison Lian. Born 5-17-2003, died 1-17-2004 - Looks like a wooden cross
VOORHEES, Adelbert C. Born 1850, died 1888 - Son of John and B. Cordelia (Fisk) Voorhees
VOORHEES, Betsey Cordelia (Fisk). Spouse of John. Born 1829, died 1908 - Dau of Harvey and Eliza (Campbell) Fisk. (1880 Sharon Census)
VOORHEES, John. Spouse of B. Cordelia Fisk. Born 1817, died 1880 - Born in NY, a farmer. (1880 Sharon Census)
WALTER, Eli S. Spouse of Jennie E. Born 10-1859, died 1946 - (1900 Sharon Census)
WALTER, Jennie E. Spouse of Eli S. Born 12-1862, died 1937 - (1900 Sharon Census)
WALTER, Neva (Lacy). Spouse of. Born 1892, died 1919 - Dau of Charles S. and Adele M. Lacy
WALTERS, Edward R. [Bucky]. Spouse of Pauline M. Born 1914, died 1981
WALTERS, Therold W. Born 1916, died 1936 - Son of ? and Neva (Lacy) Walters
WALTERS. Pauline M. Spouse of Edward R. Born 1917, died 2002
WARDLAW, William C. Spouse of Mary Olson. Born 3-9-1843, died 1-15-1983 - Vietnam Vet, US Army
WARNER, Grace A. Born 12-10-1925, died 11-7-1926 - Dau of Hazen and Neva I. (Maxson) Warner
WARNER, Hazen F. Spouse of Neva I. Maxson. Born 1900, died 1986 - Wed 5-23-1923.
WARNER, Neva I. (Maxson). Spouse of Hazen F. Born 1899, died 1972 - Dau of Charles V. and Mary A. (Blauvelt) Maxson
WARRENBURGER, Sadie. Born 10-17-1819, died ??
WASHBURN, Clara Bell (Wheeler). Spouse of Ellery E. Born 3-1892, died 1971 - Dau of Ezra and Clarissa (Russell) Wheeler. (1900 Sharon Census)
WASHBURN, Ellery E. Spouse of Clara Bell Wheeler. Born 8-1886, died 1964 - Son of Linden Ordell and Frankie (Hayden) Washburn. (1900 Oswayo Census)
WASHBURN, Frances E. (Hayden) [Frankie]. Spouse of Linden O. Born 1858, died 1935 - (1900 Oswayo Census: 10-1856)
WASHBURN, Linden Ordell [Dell]. Spouse of Frankie Hayden. Born 1858, died 1938 - Son of Josiah and Margaret Jane (Nelson) Washburn. (1900 Oswayo Census:9-1857)
WATSON, Dorothy L. Spouse of Oliver Guy. Born 1910, died 1988
WATSON, Oliver Guy. Spouse of Dorothy L. Born 1894, died 1981
WEIMER, Flora Belle (Crocker). Spouse of George W. Born 1864, died 3-9-1919 - Dau of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Perry) Crocker. Wed 9-3-1894 in Smethport.
WEIMER, George W. Spouse of Flora Belle Crocker. Born 3-1-1871, died 12-26-1953 - Son of Otis and Hulda (Johnson) Weimer. Wed 9-3-1894 in Smethport.
WEIMER, Stephen G. Born 1925, died 1930 - Son of George W. and Adelaide (Smith) Weimer. [Our little darling]
WERTS, Alice B. Spouse of Kenneth M. Born 1929, died Uncut
WERTS, Kenneth M. Spouse of Alice B. Born 1923, died 1988
WEST, Craig Ryle. Born 6-01-1955, died 6-01-1955. Age: Infant - Infant son of Lloyd and Roberta West
WHEELER, Adelbert E. Spouse of Laura E. Born 4-1859, died 1939 - (1900 Sharon Census)
WHEELER, Flora R. Spouse of Riley H. Born 3-1858, died 7-02-1896. Age: 30y 4m
WHEELER, Laura E. Spouse of Adelbert E. Born 7-1872, died 1926 - (1900 Sharon Census)
WHITE, Elisha. Spouse of Polly C. Born 1822, died 1901
WHITE, Polly C. Spouse of Elisha. Born 1828, died 1901
WHITFORD, Baby. Born 8-16-1910, died 8-16-1910
WHITNEY, Alice R. Spouse of Martin D. Born 1884, died 1962
WHITNEY, Martin D. Spouse of Alice R. Born 1847, died 1934
WICHERS, Grace (Warner). Born 1878, died 1937
WILCOX, Susan [Susie]. Born 4-27-1891, died 9-28-1903 - Dau of J. W. and M. Wilcox
WILKINS, Gertrude. Born 3-19-1889, died 7-30-1981
WILKINS, Grace B. Spouse of Harry G. Born 1879, died 1952
WILKINS, Harry G. Spouse of Grace B. Born 1883, died 1964
WILKINS, Pearl F. Born 1879, died 1948
WILKINS, Stephen K. Born 1911, died 1926 - Son of Harry G. and Grace B. Wilkins
WILLIAMS, Charles Riley. Spouse of May Cook. Born 8-1866, died 1942 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
WILLIAMS, Gladys E. Spouse of Lewis B. Born 1896, died 1955
WILLIAMS, Josephine (Meachem). Spouse of ??. Born 10-23-1898, died 12-06-1977
WILLIAMS, Leonard [Darwin]. Spouse of Paula E. Brunt. Born 5-11-1941, died 12-14-2004. Age: 63 - Son of Dan and Olive Williams. Born Wellsville, NY. Wed 8-6-1966 in Shinglehouse. - Peacetime Vet, US Navy
WILLIAMS, Lewis B. Spouse of Gladys E. Born 2-1898, died 1979 - Son of Charles R. and May (Cook) Williams. (1900 Oswayo Census: Louis)
WILLIAMS, May (Cook). Spouse of Charles R. Born 11-1870, died 1917 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
WILLIAMS, Milton Leo. Born 2-17-1916, died 9-03-1916 - Son of ? and Josephine (Meacham) Williams
WILLIAMS, Paula E. (Brunt). Spouse of Leonard. Born 12-20-1948, died 1-24-2007. Age: 58 - Dau of Albert and Josephine (Reynolds) Brunt. Died Erie, PA (Hamot Med. Ctr.). Wed 8-06-1966 in Shinglehouse, PA (He d. 12-14-2004)
WILLS, Robert. Born 1-03-1903, died 1-17-1904 - Son of James and Henrietta Wills
WILSON, Ivan Fred. Spouse of Marie Ensill. Born 9-1895, died 9-30-1940 - Son of Fred and Nettie (Day) Wilson. (1900 Sharon Census) - WW I Vet, 318 Artillery Remount
WILSON, Louis A. [Dick]. Spouse of Veda B. Born 1-24-1887, died 5-14-1965 - Son of Erie J. and Sadie (Whipple) Wilson
WILSON, Marie (Ensill). Spouse of Ivan Fred. Born 2-11-1895, died 4-17-1923 - Dau of Samuel and Josephine (Stalancher) Ensill
WILSON, Raymond. Born 4-24-1926, died 11-23-1931 - Son of Myron and Alta (Torrey) Wilson
WILSON, Veda B. Spouse of Louis A. Born 1885, died 1964
WINSHIP, Bernard M. Spouse of Mabel A. Born 6-05-1883, died 12-19-1957
WINSHIP, Cameron. Born 1908, died 1915 - Son of Bernard M. and Mabel A. Winship
WINSHIP, Harriet A. [Hattie]. Spouse of R. Henry. Born 5-24-1857, died 7-08-1940
WINSHIP, Mabel A. Spouse of Bernard M. Born 4-02-1885, died 3-13-1973
WINSHIP, R. Henry. Spouse of Harriet A. Born 9-09-1849, died 12-08-1930
WISEL, George F. Jr. Spouse of Marie M. Harvey. Born 1899, died 1975 - Son of George F. Wisel
WISEL, Grant G. Spouse of Regina M. Born 4-14-1920, died 7-26-1998 - Wed 6-23-1943 - WW II Vet, Co C, 180th Inf, 45th Div., Sgt
WISEL, Marie M. (Harvey). Spouse of George F. Jr. Born 1901, died ?? - Dau of Abel G. and Lucy A. Harvey
WISEL, Regina M. Spouse of Grant G. Born 1921, died Uncut - Wed 6-23-1943
WOLCOTT, Alice (Raub). Born 1848, died 1922
WOLCOTT, Charles Anthony. Spouse of Harriet B. Hymphrey. Born 1861, died 1919 - Son of Aaron D. and Lucretia (Jones) Wolcott
WOLCOTT, Harriett B. (Humphrey) [Hattie]. Spouse of Charles A. Born 11-10-1865, died 8-29-1889
WOLCOTT, Joseph W. Spouse of Laura L. Born 1869, died 1939
WOLCOTT, Laura L. Spouse of Joseph W. Born 1880, died 1949
WOLCOTT, Lily B. Born ?-03-1867, died 6-08-1886 - Dau of Truman White and Amelia D. (Gannon) Wolcott
WOLCOTT, Ruby Margaret. Born 1886, died 1952 - Dau of Charles A. and Harriet B. (Humphrey) Wolcott
WOOD, Bela H. Spouse of Ella C. Holcomb. Born 4-1871, died 1944 - Son of George and Laura (Holcomb) Wood
WOOD, Ella C. (Holcomb). Spouse of Bela H. Born 1869, died 1961
WOOD, George. Spouse of Laura Holcomb. Born 1834, died 1922 - Son of ? and Eleanor Wood - Civil War Vet
WOOD, John. Spouse of Nellie B. Lawton. Born 1867, died 1924 - Nellie buried in Bell Run Cem, McKean Co.
WOOD, Laura (Holcomb). Spouse of George. Born 1841, died 1926 - Dau of John H. and Abigail (Cummins) Holcomb.
WOODARD, Emma (Drake). Spouse of Prentice. Born 1842, died 1912 - Dau of Thomas A. and Phebe (Nichols) Drake
WOODARD, F. Ernest. Born 1-20-1867, died 9-14-1889 - Son of Prentice and Emma (Drake) Woodard
WOODARD, James A. [Allie]. Spouse of Winnona J. Born 5-1875, died 1944 - Son of Prentice and Emma (Drake) Woodard. (1880, 1900 Sharon Census)
WOODARD, Prentice B. Spouse of Emma Drake. Born 3-1836, died 10-28-1918 - Born in NY. (1880, 1900 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet
WOODARD, Winnona J. Spouse of James A. Born 6-1878, died 1911 - (1900 Sharon Census)
WORDEN, Clara L. Spouse of Donald M. Born 1912, died 1961
WORDEN, Dawn Jane. Born 1892, died 1919
WORDEN, Donald M. Spouse of Clara L. Born 1909, died 1973
WORDEN, Garold R. Born 2-1936, died 7-1936 - Son of Donald and Clara L.Worden
WORDEN, Unknown. Born 4-2-1874, died 7-12-1953 - Between Davis, Ed J. and Worden, Gerald R. Stones
WOUDENBERG, W. M. Born 6-29-1913, died 1-28-1975
WRIGHT, Oscar C. F. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet
YOUNG, Doris E. Born 1911, died 1933 - Dau of Rome E. and Leda S. Young
YOUNG, Howard. Born 1938, died 1938 - Son of Howard and Betty (Norton) Young.
YOUNG, Leda S. Spouse of Rome E. Born 1893, died 1928
YOUNG, Rome E. Spouse of Leda S. Born 5-1888, died 1960 - Son of Alice E. Richardson. (1900 Oswayo Census)

** SEYLER, Lucy (Mattison)
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