Shinglehouse, PA

GPS coordinates: 4157'32.06"N, 7811'31.12"W

On Rte 44, coming into shinglehouse from the east, turn left at the high school onto Oswayo St.
Both Old and New cemeteries are less than a half mile and on the left.

Photos by M. E. Bryant

Original list submitted by PHGS Members Dan and Sally Maxson
Updated by Barb Hyde and Frankie Stonemetz with help from a lot of other people.

Frankie Stonemetz and her sister photographed headstones in this cemetery. Her photo inventory of this cemetery has resulted in 120 new entries and the addition of hundreds of pieces of information.
Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.

ABDO, Valna (Anders). Born 1915, died 1938 - Dau of Walter and Pearl M. Anders
ADAMS, Hilda (Meyers). Spouse of Ronald O. Born 1904, died 1966
ADAMS, Ronald O. Spouse of Hilda Meyers. Born 1896, died 1940
AHL, Arvid Nels. Spouse of Ida Sophia. Born 1864, died 1940
AHL, Emma. Born 1893, died 1911 - Dau of Arvid Nels and Ida Sophia Ahl
AHL, Ida Sophia. Spouse of Arvid Nels. Born 1865, died 1944
ALLEN, Bertha A. (Nichols). Spouse of Charles S. Born 7-1869, died 1937 - (1900, 1920 Sharon Census)
ALLEN, Charles Hayes. Spouse of Dawn Z. Born 1923, died 1988 - Brother of Virginia Allen
ALLEN, Charles S. Spouse of Bertha A. Nichols. Born 1861, died 1925
ALLEN, Eric. Spouse of Harriet. Born 8-28-1887, died 12-23-1967 - Son of Charles S. and Bertha (Nichols) Allen
ALLEN, Harriet [Hattie]. Spouse of Eric. Born 5-30-1892, died 11-13-1968
ALLEN, Virginia M. Born 1912, died 1987 - Sister of Charles Hayes Allen
ALVATRONA, Dennis Andrew. Born 6-10-1962, died 7-30-1981
ANDERS, Catherine A. Spouse of Llewellyn W. Born 1932, died uncut
ANDERS, Charles F. Born 1898, died 1927 - Son of John J. and Margaret Anders
ANDERS, John J. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1871, died 1938
ANDERS, Llewellyn Walter [Dutch]. Spouse of Catherine A. Born 10-15-1917, died 9-23-1987 - WW II Vet, US Marines
ANDERS, Margaret. Spouse of John J. Born 1872, died 1952
ANDERS, Pearl M. Spouse of Walter W. Born 1889, died 1974
ANDERS, Walter W. Spouse of Pearl M. Born 1883, died 1978
ANDREWS, Carrie A. Spouse of Clayton M. Born 5-1857, died 1942 - [Mother] (1900 Sharon Census)
ANDREWS, Clayton M. Spouse of Carrie A. Born 6-1854, died 1914 - [Father] (1900 Sharon Census)
ANDREWS, Ray C. Born 12-1895, died 1913 - Son of Clayton M. and Carrie Andrews. (1900 Sharon Census)
APPLEBY, Foster Prince. Born 1911, died 1912 - Son of Glenn David and Lillian (Prince) Appleby
APPLEBY, Glenn David. Spouse of Lillian Prince. Born 1874, died 2-1934 - Funeral 2-19-1934
APPLEBY, Joanne E. (Klinger). Spouse of Robert. Born 3-26-1930, died 6-14-2012. Age: 82 - Dau of Roy M. [Shorty] and Doris H. (Presher) Klinger, born in Shinglehouse. Wed 9-10-1950 in Shinglehouse, 2 daughters.
APPLEBY, Lillian (Prince). Spouse of Glenn David. Born 8-1877, died 1968 - Dau of Loren and Emma (Warner) Prince. (1900 Sharon Census)
APPLEBY, Loren Levi. Born 7-1899, died 1956 - Son of Glenn David and Lillian (Prince) Appleby. (1900 Sharon Census)
APPLEBY, Robert. Spouse of Joanne E. Klinger. Born 12-6-1928, died 7-24-1998 - [Father] - Korean War Vet, US Army, Sgt.
ARMSTRONG, Bonnie Lee. Born 1940, died - Dau of Dorothy B. Armstrong.
ARMSTRONG, Dorothy B. Born 1920, died 1992
ARMSTRONG, Mary Lee. Born 1941, died - Dau of Dorothy B. Armstrong.
ARNOLD, Roy A. Spouse of Stella M. Born 3-09-1882, died 11-9-1969
ARNOLD, Stella M. Spouse of Roy A. Born 6-23-1889, died 10-9-1975
BABCOCK, Agnes B. Spouse of Andrew. Born 1874, died 1936
BABCOCK, Andrew. Spouse of Agnes B. Born 1870, died 1958
BABCOCK, Clarence L. Jr. [Babby]. Spouse of Virginia M. Green. Born ??, died 3-21-2001 - Son of Clarence L. Babcock, Sr. Wed 7-02-1955 in Shinglehouse, PA.
BABCOCK, Daisy M. Spouse of Harold J. Born 1913, died 1994
BABCOCK, Dolores M. (Brown). Spouse of James A. Born 1-08-1935, died 11-07-2000 - Dau of Frederick and Helen L. (Hull) Brown
BABCOCK, Ford. Born 1848, died 1889 - [In my fathers house are many mansions]
BABCOCK, Harold J. Spouse of Daisy M. Born 1905, died 1987
BABCOCK, Jolene Mae. Born 1949, died 1949
BABCOCK, Minnibel (Foster). Spouse of Roy M. Born 1891, died 1971 - Dau of Hezekiah and Lulu L. Foster
BABCOCK, Roy M. Spouse of Minnibel Foster. Born 1888, died 1978 - Son of Devoe F. and Ida (Maxson) Babcock
BAKER, George M. Spouse of Rose D. Mann. Born 1862, died 1918 - Wed 7-4-1888 in Coudersport.
BAKER, Rose D. (Mann). Spouse of George M. Born 1872, died 1929 - Wed 7-4-1888 in Coudersport.
BALDWIN, Thomas A. Born 7-29-1963, died 1-12-2007. Age: 43 Son of James L. and Fay (Bates) Baldwin. Born in Olean, NY, d. at home in Little Genesee, NY.
BALL, Martin L. Spouse of Sharon L. Murphy. Born 3-7-1936, died 9-19-2006 - Son of Vivan L. and C. Glenola (VanGilder) Ball, born in Olean NY. Wed 6-5-1965, three children. [Together Forever] - Vietnam Vet, US Army, SP5
BALL, Sharon L. (Murphy). Spouse of Martin L. Born 8-29-1946, died 5-16-2020 - Dau of James and Barbara (Gardner) Murphy. Was an EMT and worked many jobs in medical support. Born in Olean NY, lived and died in Shinglehouse PA. Wed 6-5-1965 in Olean, three children. [Together Forever]
BARNES, Alice J. (Brooks) [Auddie]. Spouse of Walter. Born 10-10-1942, died 8-27-2003 - Dau of William and Tessie (Clark) Brooks, born in Caneadea NY. One son.
BARNES, Charles M. Spouse of Hazel. Born 1894, died 1980
BARNES, Clara M. Born 1867, died 1943 - [Mother]
BARNES, Eloise (Perry). Spouse of Ivan L. Born 1908, died 6-25-1993 - Dau of John and Sarah Perry
BARNES, Emma R. Spouse of Frank L. Born 1874, died 1931
BARNES, Frank L. Spouse of Emma R. Born 1875, died 1964
BARNES, George W. Spouse of Martha A. Bump. Born 9-1833, died 1915 - Son of Daniel and Triphenie Barnes. (1900 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet, Co F, 210th PA Vols
BARNES, Hazel. Spouse of Charles M. Born 1897, died 1963
BARNES, Ivan L. Spouse of Eloise Perry. Born 1906, died 1978
BARNES, Martha A. (Bump). Spouse of George W. Born 6-1835, died 4-1919 - (1900 Sharon Census: 1839)
BARNES, Unknown. Born 1885, died 1963 - Name illegible
BARNES, Walter A. Spouse of Alice J. Brooks. Born 9-23-1940, died 2-26-1998 - Son of Ivan L. and Eloise (Perry) Barnes. - Vietnam Vet
BARNHART, Claude Neil. Spouse of Helen M. Mix. Born 11-17-1919, died 3-06-2003. Age: 83 - Son of Claude H. and Floy E. (Stokes) Barnhart. Wed 12-19-1942. - WW II Vet, US Navy
BARNHART, Helen Majorie (Mix). Spouse of Claude Neil. Born 8-28-1923, died 9-16-2002. Age: 79 - Dau of Leon and Effie (Kinney) Mix. Wed 12-19-1942 in Shinglehouse, PA
BARTON, Emma. Spouse of Ernest J. Born 1878, died 1930 - [Mother]
BARTON, Ernest J. Spouse of Emma. Born 1871, died ?? - [Father]
BAUER, Frances (Nichols). Spouse of. Born 1907, died 1946
BEAN, Orvel E. Born 7-17-1888, died 5-26-1964 - WW I Vet, 7 Co, 52 Depot Brigade, Pvt.
BEATTIE, Belle. Spouse of Donald C. Born 1862, died 1931
BEATTIE, Donald C. Spouse of Belle. Born 1858, died 1927
BECKER, Henry J. Born 1884, died 1918
BECKER, Robert. Born ??, died ?? - Infant son of William Becker.
BECKER, William. Born 1887, died 1930
BEMIS, John Gilbert. Born 1889, died 1943
BEMIS, Ruth L. Born 7-06-1915, died 11-25-1915 - Dau of John Gilbert and L. A. Bemis
BENNETT, Amelia. Spouse of Evan. Born 1871, died 1955
BENNETT, Archie A. Spouse of Dorothy R. Born 1895, died 1968 - Son of Evan and Amelia Bennett
BENNETT, Dorothy R. Spouse of Archie A. Born 1895, died 1985
BENNETT, Elizabeth H. Born 6-19-1918, died 12-24-1921 - Dau of Archie A. and Dorothy R. Bennett
BENNETT, Evan. Spouse of Amelia. Born 1869, died 1940
BENNETT, Rufus. Born 1871, died 1947
BENTLEY, Alton N. Spouse of Bernice/ Sarah E. Born 5-1896, died 1985 - Son of William and Ida (Nichols) Bentley. (1900 Oswayo Census)
BENTLEY, Bernice. Spouse of Alton N. Born 1908, died ??
BENTLEY, Lloyd Willis. Born 1921, died 12-8-1932 - Son of Alton N. and Bernice Bentley - diphtheria.
BENTLEY, Sarah E. Spouse of Alton N. Born 1896, died 1961
BISSENDEN, William. Born 1840, died 1925
BIXBY, Dollie M. Born 1905, died 1922
BIXBY, Ira W. Jr. Spouse of Laura. Born 8-1870, died 1963 - Son of Ira W. Sr. and Melissa (Newton)-Pratt Bixby. Wed 1-17-1893. (1900 Sharon Census)
BIXBY, Laura (Nichols). Spouse of Ira W. Jr. Born 6-1871, died 7-12-1920 - Wed 1-17-1893. (1900 Sharon Census)
BLASS, Lowell R. Spouse of E. Verone/ Elaine. Born 9-23-1914, died 7-7-2006 - WW II Vet, US Army, Capt.
BLAUVELT, Earl S. Born 1889, died 1952
BLAUVELT, Flora L. Born 1877, died 1960 - [Mother and Grandmother]
BLY, Elizabeth. Born 1837, died 1917 - Same stone as William and Inez.
BLY, Inez A. Spouse of William W. Born 1876, died 1966
BLY, William W. Spouse of Inez A. Born 12-1867, died 1957 - (1900 Sharon Census)
BOTSFORD, Elizabeth. Born 1913, died 1914 - Same stone as Mildred
BOTSFORD, Mildred. Born 1916, died 1921 - Same stone as Elizabeth
BRABHAM, Hannah J. Spouse of John A. Born 1861, died 1943
BRABHAM, John A. Spouse of Hannah J. Born 1861, died 1928
BRACE, David C. Born 1942, died 1995
BRACE, Harold M. Born 1903, died 1994 - Same stone as Merlin
BRACE, Merin B. Born 1916, died 1993 - Same stone as Harold
BRACE, Neva C. Spouse of Ronald B. Born 1906, died 2000
BRACE, Ronald B. Spouse of Ronald C. Born 1903, died 1986
BRADFORD, Andrew. Spouse of Betsy Pearce. Born 4-1826, died 3-01-1891
BRIDGE, Dora M. Spouse of Madison J. Born 1863, died 1958 - [Mother]
BRIDGE, Herman R. Spouse of Ona L. Gross. Born 1892, died 1930 - Son of Charles and Jane (Culp) Bridge 1st? Husband
BRIDGE, Justin K. Spouse of Ona L. Gross. Born 1900, died 1978 - 2nd? Husband
BRIDGE, Louise B. Spouse of Nelson E. Born 1880, died 1972
BRIDGE, Madison J. Spouse of Dora M. Born 1861, died 1929 - [Father]
BRIDGE, Nelson. Spouse of Louise B. Born 1891, died 1953
BRIDGE, Ona L. (Gross). Spouse of Herman Bridge/Justin Bridge. Born 1895, died 1982 - Dau of Charles and Carrie (Kilmer) Gross.
BRIGGS, Phillip J. Born 1930, died 1930 - Son of Warren H. and Ella (DeGroff) Briggs.
BRIGHTMAN, Alzina (Perry). Spouse of George M. Born 4-27-1824, died 11-21-1904
BRIGHTMAN, Charles. Spouse of Eliza Howe. Born 1-09-1852, died 9-28-1881 - Son of George M. and Alzina (Perry) Brightman. Wed 1-1-1879. (1880 Sharon census)
BRIGHTMAN, George. Born 5-11-1846, died 7-29-1869 - Son of George M. and Alzina (Perry) Brightman
BRIGHTMAN, George M. Spouse of Alzina Perry. Born 6-24-1820, died 4-18-1892
BRIGHTMAN, William H. Born 7-24-1844, died 3-30-1863 - Son of George M. and Alzina (Perry) Brightman. - Civil War, Co D, 85 NY Inf, Pvt. Died of disease
BRONK, Lalia Haire. Born 1888, died 1908 - Dau of Peter and Leona Bronk
BRONK, Leona. Spouse of Peter. Born 1865, died 1934
BRONK, Peter. Spouse of Leona. Born 1860, died 1947
BROWN, Charles E. Spouse of Ona M. Tyler. Born 1906, died 1975 - Son of Harry and Millie Brown
BROWN, Dennis D. Spouse of Marion A. Hebbe. Born 1940, died Uncut - Son of Charles E. and Ona M. (Tyler) Brown
BROWN, Harriet M. Spouse of William S. Born 9-1869, died 1945 - (1900 Sharon Census)
BROWN, Lacy. Born 1906, died 1906. Age: Infant - Dau of William S. and Harriet M. Brown
BROWN, Marion A. (Hebbe). Spouse of Dennis D. Born 1944, died Uncut - Dau of George and Thora Hebbe
BROWN, Ona M. (Tyler). Spouse of Charles E. Born 1914, died 1990 - Dau of Harry and Leola (Baker) Tyler
BROWN, William S. Spouse of Harriet M. Born 9-1865, died 1946 - (1900 Sharon Census)
BRUNDAGE, Clyde W. Born 2-1889, died 1906 - Son of William B. and Emma J. (Kinnicutt) Brundage. (1900 Sharon Census)
BRUNDAGE, Dorothy E. Born 1892, died 1920
BRUNDAGE, Emma J. (Kinnicult). Spouse of William B. Born 7-1867, died 1958 - Wed 2-23-1887 in Austin PA. (1900 Sharon Census)
BRUNDAGE, William B. Spouse of Emma J. Kinnicult. Born 3-1861, died 1901 - Wed 2-23-1887 in Austin PA. (1900 Sharon Census)
BUCHANAN, Ava M. Born 1898, died 1993
BUCHANAN, Bartley E. Born 1898, died 1932
BUCHANAN, Eunice (Finch). Born 1886, died 1960 - Buried next to Arleigh Finch
BUMP, Cora L. (Wolcott). Spouse of Joseph. Born 1-1858*, died 7-07-1896
BUMP, Jacqueline. Born 1948, died 1948
BUMP, Joseph. Spouse of Cora L. Wolcott. Born 5-1853, died Uncut - Son of Josiah and Christina (Easter) Bump. (1900 Sharon Census)
BUMP, Maud E. (Oles). Spouse of Orlando. Born 1886, died 1953 - (1920 Sharon census)
BUMP, Nellie L. Born 9-17-1890, died 10-04-1891 - Dau of Joseph C. and Cora L. (Wolcott) Bump
BUMP, Orlando N. [Orla]. Spouse of Maude Oles. Born 1883, died 1971 - (1920 Sharon census)
BUNKER, Fred L. Spouse of Harriet S. Born 10-1876, died 1959 - (1900 Sharon Census)
BUNKER, Harriet S. [Hattie]. Spouse of Fred L. Born 8-1881, died 1975 - (1900 Sharon Census)
BURBANK, Adelbert W. Born 1881, died 1958
BURDIC, Dana S. Spouse of Dorothy S. Born 5-1897, died 1968 - Son of Edson J. and Sarah (Mead) Burdic. (1900, 1920 Sharon census)
BURDIC, Dorothy S. Spouse of Dana. Born 6-30-1901, died 11-25-1978
BURDIC, George R. Spouse of Lina Drake. Born 1833, died 1898 - Son of Thomas J. and Ursula (Gibbs) Burdic - Civil War Vet, Co L, 15th NY Cav, Pvt.
BURDIC, Lina (Drake). Spouse of George R. Born 1841, died 1898 - 1860 Sharon census: Haline
BURDIC, Lydia (Bradford). Spouse of Edson. Born 3-29-1855, died 10-10-1892 - Dau of A. and Elizabeth Bradford
BUTTON, Fred C. Spouse of Grace Chapman. Born 1893, died 1974
BUTTON, Grace (Chapman). Spouse of Fred C. Born 1889, died 1974
CALAHAN, Nellie. Spouse of A. A. Born 1869, died 1933
CANFIELD, Debra Ruth. Born 7-20-1955, died 7-20-1955 - Dau of Vern L. and ? Canfield
CANFIELD, EvIa N. (Kemp). Spouse of Sherman O. Born 1900, died 1969 - Dau of Frank and Amy Kemp. (1900 Sharon Census)
CANFIELD, Freeman. Spouse of Lenora J. Hardy. Born 5-1863, died 1931 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
CANFIELD, Glenn D. Spouse of Margaret P. Born 1902, died 1974
CANFIELD, Hannah. Spouse of ? Farley/ Luther. Born 5-02-1814, died 1-19-1889 - In 1870 census Hannah is Hannah Farley with two sons whose last name is also Farley.
CANFIELD, Jack. Born 1926, died 1926 - [Baby]
CANFIELD, Lenora A. Born 1920, died 1922 - Dau of Sherman O. and Eva N. (Kemp) Canfield
CANFIELD, Lenora J. (Hardy) [Nora]. Spouse of Freeman. Born 8-1875, died 1924 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
CANFIELD, Luther. Spouse of Hannah. Born 1809, died 8-24-1888
CANFIELD, Margaret P. Spouse of Glenn D. Born 1900, died 1979
CANFIELD, Mary Frances (Pearson). Spouse of Vern L. Born 1929, died 2-7-1997 - Wed Vern 12-19-1985 in Richburg NY
CANFIELD, Neil F. Born 1909, died 1931
CANFIELD, Sherman O., Sr. Spouse of Eva N. Kemp. Born 10-1899, died 1985 - Son of Freeman and Lenora (Hardy) Canfield (1900 Oswayo Census)
CANFIELD, Vern L. Spouse of ?/ Mary F. Pearson. Born 3-24-1935, died 2-24-2010 - Son of Sherman Sr. and Eva (Kemp) Canfield. Born in Shinglehouse, a welder for Servidone Construction for 20 yrs. 3 children. Wed Mary 12-19-1985 in Richburg NY.
CARNEY, Dorothy M. Born 1907, died 1908. Age: 9m 20d - Dau of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Carney
CARPENTER, Alzina. Spouse of Arnold. Born 1883, died 1932
CARPENTER, Anna (Bump). Spouse of. Born 1906, died 1931
CARPENTER, Arnold [Arnie]. Spouse of Alzina. Born 1879, died 1951 - Son of Ezra and Harriet (Culp) Carpenter
CARPENTER, Dennis E. [Carpy]. Born 7-17-1955, died uncut - [Brothers forever] Son of Leo E. and Helen J. (Kellogg) Carpenter.
CARPENTER, Duane J. [Captain]. Spouse of Elizabeth A. Long. Born 7-17-1955, died 8-14-2005. Age: 50 - [Brothers forever] Son of Leo E. and Helen J. (Kellogg) Carpenter. Wed in the home he built on Aug 25, 2001. Owned Captain's Custom Log Homes
CARPENTER, Ezra M. Spouse of Harriet Culp. Born 1854, died 1936 - Son of ? and Arminda (Dowley) Carpenter
CARPENTER, Harriet (Culp) [Hattie]. Spouse of Ezra M. Born 1856, died 1933
CARPENTER, Helen J. Spouse of Leo E. Born 7-9-1931, died 12-9-2006. Age: 75 - Dau of Cecil D. and Julie E. (Wingard) Kellogg, born at Bell Run. Wed 9-16-1984 at Niagra Falls, Canada. [Side by side always]
CARPENTER, Leo E. Spouse of Helen J. Born 9-28-1926, died 9-16-1984 - Wed 9-16-1984 at Niagra Falls, Canada. [Side by side always] - WW II Vet, US Marine Corp
CARPENTER, Lottie. Born 3-1899, died 1924 - ["Weep not, for she is not dead, but sleepeth" Luke VIII: 52] (1900 Sharon Census)
CARPENTER, Maude. Spouse of Merle A. Born 1891, died 1977
CARPENTER, Merle A. Spouse of Maude. Born 1899, died 1973
CARR, Frank L. Spouse of Mary F. Born 1903, died 1975
CARR, Mary F. Spouse of Frank L. Born 1906, died 1998
CHAMBERLIN, Helen F. Spouse of John W. Born 1901, died 1992
CHAMBERLIN, John W. Spouse of Helen F. Born 7-22-1906, died 3-29-1993 - WW II Vet, US Army
CHAMBERLIN, Paul G. Spouse of Darlene. Born 6-14-1937, died 4-6-2006. Age: 69 - Son of John W. and Helen Chamberlin - Cold War Vet, US Army, SP4
CHAPEL, Esther. Spouse of Gardner. Born 1806, died 1903
CHAPEL, Gardner. Spouse of Esther. Born 1801, died 1889
CHAPMAN, Ernest U. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1865, died 1937
CHAPMAN, Floyd A. Spouse of Grace Button. Born 1888, died 1942
CHAPMAN, Marion. Born 1917, died 1919 - Child of Floyd A. and Grace (Button) Chapman
CHAPMAN, Mary E. Spouse of Ernest U. Born 1871, died 1942
CHAPMAN, Ruth. Born 1911, died 1919 - Dau of Floyd A. and Grace (Button) Chapman
CHAPMAN,Grace (Button). Spouse of Floyd A. Born 1889, died 1974
CHISHOLM, Edna A. Born 1890, died 1940 - Dau of John E. Stives?
CLAYTON, Iola F. Born 1920, died 1975 - small stone beside her says "Clinton"
COATES, Bertha M. Spouse of Irwin L. Born 1874, died 1900
COATES, Irwin L. Spouse of Bertha M. Born 1870, died 1924 - Son of Willam Wallace and Emma (Kenyon) Coats
COLLINS, Melissa A. Spouse of Joseph M. Herrick. Born 10-27-1844, died 10-10-1922
COMMON, William L. Born 1937, died 1997
CONE, Clarence W. Spouse of Mary Louise Clark. Born ??, died 1965 - Wed 1-6-1934 in Coudersport,PA
CONE, Rosa Lamberton. Spouse of. Born 1875, died 1968
CONNERS, Ella G. (Stevens). Spouse of John A. Born 9-1850, died 1925 - Dau of Luke and Hannah (Robbins) Stevens
CONNERS, John A. Spouse of Ella G. Stevens. Born 11-1847, died 1936
CONNERS, Luke L. Born 12-1890, died 1926 - Son of John and Ella (Stevens) Conners
CORNELIUS, Edward Charles. Spouse of Mildred Mix. Born 1903, died 5-08-1935
CORNELIUS, Elvin Deo. Born 1901, died 1984
CORNELIUS, Gerald E. Born 1-3-1930, died 3-11-2000 - Korean War Vet, US Army, CPL, Purple Heart
CORNELIUS, Kathryn Olive. Born 1927, died 1927 - Dau of Edward C. and Mildred (Mix) Cornelius
CORNELIUS, Mildred C. (Mix). Born 1907, died 1998
CORWIN, Cora M. Spouse of Thomas J. Born 1860, died 1931
CORWIN, Dorr. Spouse of Grace. Born 4-1884, died 1967 - Nephew of Edwin Pearsall. (1900, 1920 Sharon census)
CORWIN, Edith. Born 1860, died 1888
CORWIN, Emily (Wood). Spouse of Richard. Born 1820, died 1907
CORWIN, Grace. Spouse of Dorr. Born 1905, died 1945
CORWIN, Henry. Born 2-9-1912, died 1-1-1984
CORWIN, Richard. Spouse of Emily Wood. Born 1813, died 1895
CORWIN, Thomas J. Spouse of Cora M. Born 1848, died 1943
COSSABOON, Panola (Griver). Spouse of Robert E. Born 1857, died 1919
COSSABOON, Robert E. Spouse of Panola Griver. Born 1853, died 1934
CRANDALL, Howard C. Spouse of Kathryn Groton. Born 1908, died 1976 - Son of Claude and Mary Crandall
CRANDALL, Kathryn (Groton). Spouse of Howard C. Born 4-14-1909, died 6-25-1965 - Dau of Eben and Nellie Drake Groton
CRANDALL, Max. Born 3-24-1933, died 3-24-1933 - Son of Howard C. and Kathryn (Groton) Crandall
CRAWFORD, Ina R. Born 1902, died 1989
CREATON, Genevieve R. Spouse of John F. Born 1916, died 2001
CREATON, John Francis. Spouse of Genevieve R. Born 1-26-1917, died 3-22-1986 - WW II, Korean War Vet, US Army, Sgt.
CROCKER, Arthur E. Spouse of Ella M. Hemphill. Born 1862, died 1932 - Son of Horace and Diana E. Crocker
CROCKER, Claude Chester. Born 1901, died 1916 - Son of Lawrence and Laura J. Crocker
CROCKER, Diana E. Spouse of Horace. Born 12-14-1830, died 1-24-1917 - Born in NY. (1870 Sharon census)
CROCKER, E. J. Born 10-18-1851, died 3-16-1897 - Child of Horace and Diana E. Crocker
CROCKER, Ella M. (Hemphill). Spouse of Arthur E. Born 1862, died 1928 - Dau of Silas P. and Mary (Clair) Hemphill.
CROCKER, Erastus R. Spouse of Miranda A. Jones. Born 9-1847, died 9-1911 - Born in NY, a farmer. (1900 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet, Co E, 24th NY Cav, Pvt.
CROCKER, Florence M. (Buchanan). Spouse of Lynn J. Born 1890, died 1964
CROCKER, Gladine H. Born 1913, died 1997
CROCKER, Horace. Spouse of Diana E. Born 4-03-1828, died 8-17-1909 - Civil War Vet, Co B, 12th NY Cav
CROCKER, Kenneth L. Spouse of Myrtle C. Sikes. Born 5-10-1908, died 12-20-1981 - Son of Lynn and Florence (Buchanan) Crocker
CROCKER, Laura J. (Carpenter). Spouse of Lawrence. Born 1877, died 1968
CROCKER, Lawrence L. Spouse of Laura J. Carpenter. Born 1877, died 1933
CROCKER, Lynn J. Spouse of Florence M. Buchanan. Born 8-1884, died 1955 - Son of Erastus R. and Miranda (Jones) Crocker. (1900 Sharon Census)
CROCKER, Maranda A. (Jones). Spouse of Erastus R. Born 5-1851, died 1931 - (1900 Sharon Census)
CROCKER, Myrtle C. (Sikes.). Spouse of Kenneth L. Born 1-15-1909, died 5-20-2006 - Dau of Alfonzo and Ellen (Rice) Sikes. Wed 2-13-1931 in Wellsville, NY.
CROCKER, Richard L. Born 1939, died 1949
CROCKER, Woodrow J.. Born 1913, died 1976
CROOKS, William H. Born 11-18-1930, died 10-29-1992 - Korean War Vet, US Army
CROSBY, Fannie. Spouse of Walter T. Born 1863, died 1945
CROSBY, Leon S. Born 1893, died 1909
CROSBY, Walter T. Spouse of Fannie. Born 1864, died 1927
CRUM, Anna (Kile). Spouse of Frank E. Born 2-21-1863, died 3-05-1943 - Dau of Ephrim and Catherine (Phillips) Kile
CRUM, Dorothy (Hedden) Smith. Spouse of George Smith/ Howard R. Born 10-31-1920, died 9-16-1995 - Wed first George L. Smith
CRUM, Frank Eugene. Spouse of Anna Kile. Born 9-19-1858, died 12-14-1924 - Son of Lyman G. and Amanda (Morris) Crum
CRUM, Howard R.. Spouse of Dorothy Hedden. Born 3-18-1913, died 6-06-1967 - Son of Herbert E. and Josephine (Eaton) Crum
CRUM, Robert H. Spouse of Diane Cavanaugh. Born 9-10-1943, died 3-05-1998 - Son of Howard R. and Dorothy (Hedden) Crum
DAVIS, Cecil G. Spouse of Edith B. Quimby. Born 1884, died 1979
DAVIS, Cora M. Spouse of Edward J. Born 1874, died 1958
DAVIS, Edith B. (Quimby). Spouse of Cecil G. Born 1887, died 1990 - Dau of Asa B. and Luella S.Quimby
DAVIS, Edward J. Spouse of Cora M. Born 1871, died 1950
DAWLEY, Glen R. Born 1887, died 1948
DEGROFF, Aaron. Spouse of Elinor Blauvelt. Born 1869, died 1936 - Son of Harrison and Mary (Stang) DeGroff
DEGROFF, Elinor (Blauvelt). Spouse of Aaron. Born 1878, died 1919 - Dau of Jospeh and Luella (Losey) Blauvelt
DEGROFF, Maynard Curtiss. Born 1912, died 1925 - Son of Aaron and Elinor (Blauvelt) DeGroff
DEGROFF, Phillip Briggs. Born 1930, died 1930 - Son of Aaron and Elinor (Blauvelt) DeGroff
DEMING, Debra Lee. Born 1955, died 1955
DEMING, Elizabeth. Born 8-1837, died 4-21-1895
DODD, Edward B. Spouse of Elizabeth O. Born 1887, died 1959
DODD, Elizabeth (Bunker). Spouse of Lionel Charles. Born 1909, died 1967 - Dau of Fred L. and Harriet S. Bunker
DODD, Elizabeth O. [Bessie]. Spouse of Edward B. Born 1882, died 1976
DODD, Lionel Charles. Spouse of Elizabeth Bunker. Born 1906, died 1975
DODD, Lionel Edward. Born 1902, died 1923
DODD, Shirley J. Born 9-15-1936, died 12-16-2002
DORLEY, Dennis H. Spouse of Jeanette E. Holmes. Born 1880, died 1939 - Son of Patrick and Catherine (McGinnis) Dorely, an engineer. Wed 5-12-1914. (1900 Oswayo: b. 12-1877. 1920 Sharon census)
DORLEY, Jeanette E. (Holmes) [Jennie]. Spouse of Dennis H. Born 1882, died 1971 - Wed 5-12-1914.
DRAKE, Alice V. (Warner). Spouse of George Henry. Born 10-1863, died 1910 - Dau of Edson [Phelps] and Esther (Gibbs) Warner. (1900 Sharon Census)
DRAKE, Annabelle (Shaffer). Spouse of Donald L. Born ??, died ??
DRAKE, Donald I. Spouse of Annabelle Shaffer. Born 5-20-1929, died 12-05-2003. Age: 74 - Son of Ernest L. and Angie M. (Parke) Drake
DRAKE, Edna A. (Andrews). Spouse of Orville A. Born 4-1886, died 1967 - (1900 Sharon Census)
DRAKE, George Henry. Spouse of Alice V. Warner. Born 11-1858, died 1934 - Son of Simon and Malissa (Murray) Drake. (1880, 1900, and 1920 Sharon Census)
DRAKE, Lina M. Born 1904, died 1921 - Dau of Orville A. and Edna (Andrews) Drake
DRAKE, Orville A. Spouse of Edna Andrews. Born 6-1882, died 1971 - Son of George Henry and Alice V. (Warner) Drake. (1900 Sharon Census)
DRAKE, Phoebe C. (Nichols) Jones. Spouse of Willard Jones/ Thomas Drake. Born 2-15-1809, died 1-24-1885 - Wed Willard in 1831, 3 children. Wed Thomas in 1840, 2 dau.
DUNNING, Elizabeth. Spouse of John P. Born 1808, died 4-20-1865. Age: 57
DUNNING, John P. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1829, died 1901 - Civil War Vet, Co I, 85th NY Vols
EASTMAN, Frank L.. Born 4-27-1879, died 6-21-1959
EASTMAN, Margaret. Born 5-30-1881, died 10-17-1961
EASTON, Catherine E. (Hawks). Spouse of Alfred E, Sr. Born 9-16-1928, died 6-06-1961 - Died in Childbirth
EASTON, Leonard D. Born 6-05-1961, died 6-05-1961 - Son of Alfred E. and Catherine (Hawks) Easton, Sr. Stillborn
EASTON, Leonard I. Spouse of Louise E. Bailey. Born 1892, died 1967
EASTON, Louise E. (Bailey). Spouse of Leonard I. Born 1907, died 1989
EASTON, Marion A. Born 10-22-1942, died 8-31-2013 Age: 70 - Dau of Leonard I. and Louise E. (Bailey) Easton. Born in Coudersport, worked for Olean General Hospital.
ECKERT, Nellie F. Spouse of Mil~~~ Eckert. Born 7-1866, died 1921 - (1900 Sharon Census)
EDWARD, Lowell. Born 1902, died 1923
EGAN, J. Joseph. Spouse of Mary E. Vandeboe. Born 1910, died 1995
EGAN, Mary Elizabeth (VanDeBoe) [Betty]. Spouse of J. Joseph. Born 1916, died 8-20-2003. Age: 87 - Dau of Charles C. and Bertha L. (Beyer) Vandeboe. Eastern Star
ELLIOTT, Barry Lee. Born 12-30-1847, died 4-7-1999 - WW II Vet
ELLIOTT, Claude E. Spouse of Lottie M. Born 2-1884, died 1976 - (1900 Sharon Census)
ELLIOTT, George W. Spouse of Margaret McLaughlin. Born 4-27-1855, died 5-12-1926 - Son of Horace and Eunice (Spencer) Elliott
ELLIOTT, Lottie M. Spouse of Claude E. Born 1889, died 1938
ELLIOTT, Margaret C. A. (McLaughlin). Spouse of George W. Born 10-30-1861, died 8-03-1932 - Dau of Lewis and Mary Jane (Ball) McLaughlin
ELLIOTT, Myrtle Viola. Born 2-?, died 8-2-?? - Stone is beside Wilford.
ELLIOTT, Wilford. Born 3-17-1898, died 7-06-1960
EMERSON, Albert B. Spouse of Eva E. Born 1873, died 1941
EMERSON, Eva E. Spouse of Albert B. Born 1872, died 1948
ENSELL, Arlene F. Spouse of Charles J. Born 1918, died 1997
ENSELL, Charles J. Spouse of Arlene F. Born 1904, died 1985 - Son of Samuel M. and Josephine H. (Stalancher) Ensell - WW II Vet, US Army
ENSELL, Josephine H. (Stalancher). Spouse of Samuel M. Born 1876, died 1932
ENSELL, Josephine V. Born 1896, died 1955 - Stone is with Josephine H. and Samuel
ENSELL, Phillip Charles. Born 4-18-1961, died 9-4-1989 - Son od David and Conna Ensell. [Riding free]
ENSELL, Samuel M. Spouse of Josephine Stalancher. Born 1872, died 1947
ENSTROM, Donald Theodore. Spouse of Marian L. Mix. Born 6-15-1921, died 3-14-1977 - Wed 6-15-1941 in Shinglehouse, 4 sons - WW II Vet, US Navy, AETM2
ENSTROM, Gerald F. Born 5-09-1953, died 5-12-1953 - Son of Donald T. and Marian L. (Mix) Enstrom
ENSTROM, Marian L. (Mix). Spouse of Donald T. Born 1-18-1921, died 10-10-2007. Age: 86 - Dau of Leon E. and Effie L. (Kinney) Mix. Wed 6-15-1941 in Shinglehouse, 4 sons
FAILING, Carl Guy. Born 1902, died 1976 - Son of Lowell B. and Frances B. Failing [Daddy]
FAILING, Finley H. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1864, died 1943 - Son of Jacob and Almira (Berfield) Failing
FAILING, Frances E. Spouse of Lowell B. Born 1871, died 1950
FAILING, Guy C. Born ??, died 7-18-1925 - WW I Vet, 305th Ammun Train, 80th Div, Pvt
FAILING, Jacob. Spouse of Almira Berfield. Born 2-1831, died 3-10-1910 - (1900 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet, Co H, 141st NY Inf, Pvt.
FAILING, Lowell B. Spouse of Frances E. Born 1868, died 1950 - Son of Jacob and Almira Failing
FAILING, Mary L. Spouse of Finley H. Born 1868, died 1951
FARLEY, Frank. Spouse of Lillian. Born 4-1856, died 1947 - Prob son of ? and Hannah Farley. (1870, 1900 Sharon census)
FARLEY, Lillian [Lily]. Spouse of Frank. Born 2-1857, died 1903 - (1900 Sharon Census)
FARLEY, Seymour. Spouse of Theresa J. Pearsall. Born 2-28-1846, died 5-02-1931 - Prob son of ? and Hannah Farley. (1870 Sharon census) Stone shows Rettia is wife.
FARLEY, Theresa J. (Pearsall) [Rettia}. Spouse of Seymour. Born 2-24-1847, died 9-08-1900
FERGUSON, Almarion Casey. Spouse of Ida Lualla Cole. Born 11-30-1865, died 7-30-1930. Age: 64y 7m 20d - Son of Ansel and Harriet (Quick) Ferguson
FERGUSON, Baby Girl. Born abt 1955, died abt 1955. Age: Stillborn - Dau of Robert C. and Betty (Buckingham) Ferguson
FERGUSON, Betty (Buckingham). Spouse of Robert C. Born 11-3-1925, died 7-23-1986
FERGUSON, Casey Clivan. Spouse of Ethel Emma Davis. Born 3-27-1901, died 1-15-1972 - Son of Almarion and Ida (Cole) Ferguson
FERGUSON, Ethel Emma (Davis). Spouse of Casey Clivan. Born 1901, died 1992
FERGUSON, Ida Lualla (Cole). Spouse of Almarion Casey. Born 12-23-1881, died 1-23-1950 - Dau of James and Mary (Franklin) Cole
FERGUSON, Robert Clivan. Spouse of Betty Buckingham. Born 5-31-1922, died 7-13-1998 - Son of Casey C. and Ethel Emma (Davis) Ferguson - WW II Vet
FINCH, Arleigh M. Born 1884, died 1926
FITCH, Belle (Jones) Sprigg. Spouse of #1 Charles E. Sprigg, #2 George B. Fitch, #2 George W. Maykee. Born 4-6-1861, died 1-12-1927. Age: 65 - Dau of William H and Lydia (Cotton) Jones. Given name is Philanen Isabelle. One daughter with Charles. Wed George Fitch in 1885, one daughter.
FITCH, George B. Spouse of Belle (Jones) Sprigg. Born 1845, died 1911 - Son of Ephriam E. and Corneila (Wright) Fitch. Born in Port Allegany PA, died in Shinglehouse PA. Wed in 1885, one daughter.
FITCH, Myrtle. Born 3-11-1880, died 6-4-1919. Age: 39 - Dau of Charles E. and Belle (Jones) Sprigg, adopted by stepfather George B. Fitch. Born in Westmoreland Co PA, died in Shinglehouse PA. Buried next to George and Belle.
FOOTE, Keith Milo. Spouse of Mary Thelma Rosenswie. Born 2-10-1900, died 4-09-1982 - Son of Nathan L. and Agatha M. (Worden) Foote - WW I Vet, US Army
FOOTE, Mary Thelma (Rosenswie). Spouse of Keith Milo. Born 1905, died 1997
FOSMER, H. H. Born 1864, died 4-05-1909 - [Gone but not forgotten]
FOSTER, George M. Born 1893, died 1920 - Son of Hezekiah B. and Lulu L. Foster
FOSTER, Hezekiah B. Spouse of Lulu L. Born 1862, died 1932
FOSTER, Lulu L. Spouse of Hezekiah B. Born 1868, died 1937
FRANZ, A. J. [Tony]. Born 1899, died 1966
FRANZ, Doris A. (Serena). Spouse of Jacob A. Born 1-11-1905, died 8-11-2000. Age: 95 - Dau of Fred and Ladema (Handley) Serena. Born in Shinglehouse, PA, died in Emporium, PA. Wed 1923.
FRANZ, Frankie. Born 1905, died 1906 - Shares a stone with A. J Franz.
FRANZ, Jacob [Jake]. Spouse of Doris A. Serena. Born 1900, died 2-28-1977
FREEBORN, Frank I. Spouse of Margaret C. Born 1887, died 1962
FREEBORN, Margaret C. (McLaughlin). Spouse of Frank I. Born 1902, died 1980
FREEBORN, Merton F. Born 1916, died 1934
FREER, Marie I. Spouse of Paul I. Born 1915, died 1993
FREER, Paul Ivan. Spouse of Marie I. Born 1914, died 3-1982 - WW II Vet, US Army Medical Corps, PFC. South Pacific
FULMER, Maude E. (Chastain). Born ??, died ?? - No data
GADSBY, Abigail. Spouse of John. Born 1843, died 1924
GADSBY, Baby. Born 1872, died 1872 - Child of John and Abigail Gadsby.
GADSBY, Clara. Born 1862, died 1864 - Child of John and Abigail Gadsby.
GADSBY, John. Spouse of Abigail. Born 1838, died 1910
GADSBY, John H. Spouse of Myrna G. Born 1874, died 1948 - Volunteer Fireman
GADSBY, Mabel (Pearsall). Spouse of W. Stephen. Born 12-1880, died 1959 - Dau of Horace F. and Emma L. (Newton) Pearsall. (1900 Sharon Census)
GADSBY, Myrma G. Spouse of John H. Born 1877, died 1963
GADSBY, Nora. Born 1882, died 1913
GADSBY, W. Stephen. Spouse of Mabel Pearsall. Born 1867, died 1941
GARDNER, Bernice (Kinney). Spouse of Howard A. Born 1899, died 1929 - Dau of Ira J. and Jennie Kinney. Wed 8-25-1920.
GARDNER, Carrie. Spouse of Willard Allen. Born 5-1873, died 1952 - (1900 Allegany Census)
GARDNER, Duane L. Born 1961, died 1961
GARDNER, Howard A. Spouse of Bernice Kinney. Born 1900, died 1978 - Son of Willard Allen and Carrie Gardner. Wed 8-25-1920.
GARDNER, Myra Jordan. Born 1900, died 1883
GARDNER, Willard Allen. Spouse of Carrie. Born 4-1872, died 1957 - (1900 Allegany Census)
GARTHWAITE, Charles Clayton. Born 7-03-1927, died 7-03-1927. Age: Infant - Son of Harry and Gretchen (Elliott) Garthwaite
GARTHWAITE, Harry Jr. Born 4-05-1928, died 4-05-1928. Age: Infant - Son of Harry and Gretchen (Elliott) Garthwaite
GATES, Myrtle. Born 1873, died 1891 - [Neice of L. C. Kinner]
GENAUX, Charles. Spouse of Ida E. White. Born 1879, died 1935 - (1920 Sharon census)
GENAUX, Charles M. Spouse of Eleanor M. Born 1904, died 1984 - Son of Charles and Ida E. (White) Genaux. (1920 Sharon census)
GENAUX, Eleanor M. Spouse of Charles M. Born 1903, died 1974
GENAUX, Ida E. (White). Spouse of Charles. Born 1886, died 1961 - (1920 Sharon census)
GENTNER, Joseph. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1867, died 1946
GENTNER, Mary E. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1859, died 1936
GIRLANDO, Ruth (Matteson). Born 1938, died Uncut
GLADDEN, Thelma M. (Lawton). Born 1935, died 2000 - Dau of Clifton H. and Mildred B. Lawton.
GOLDSMITH, Benjamin B. Spouse of Electa J. Born 12-1825, died 1908 - (1900 Sharon Census) - Civil War Vet, Co F. 210th PA Vols, Pvt. Discharged by General Order on July 13, 1865.
GOLDSMITH, Electa J. Spouse of Benjamin B. Born 9-1835, died 1915 - (1900 Sharon Census)
GOLDSMITH, George. Born 1861, died 1889 - Son of Benjamin B. and Electa J. Goldsmith
GOLDSMITH, Gertrude F. Spouse of Reginald A. Born 2-1879, died 1957 - (1900 Sharon Census)
GOLDSMITH, Minnie (VanBuren). Born 1861, died 1898 Buried with Benjamin and Electa Goldsmith.
GOLDSMITH, Philp Joel. Born 1950, died 1950
GOLDSMITH, Reginald A. Spouse of Gertrude F. Born 8-1869, died 1929 - Son of Benjamin B. and Electa J. Goldsmith. (1900 Sharon Census)
GORTON, Cecil O. Born 12-08-1924, died 2-12-1925
GORTON, Dora. Born 1-03-1913, died 5-24-1913 - Buried with Cecil and Marion Gorton.
GORTON, Eben L. Spouse of Nellie Drake. Born 5-18-1868, died 10-12-1931 - Son of Moses and Medora (Steenrod) Gorton
GORTON, Edna (Andrews). Spouse of Nilie P. Born 1876, died 1919
GORTON, Harry L. Born 1908, died 1908 - Son of Nilie P. and Edna (Andrews) Gorton
GORTON, James N. Born 10-25-1930, died 12-11-1931 - Son of Nilie P. and Lillie (Harrington) Gorton
GORTON, Joseph L. Born 1898, died 1898 - Son of Nilie P. and Edna (Andrews) Gorton
GORTON, Marian L. Born 5-02-1922, died 5-04-1922
GORTON, Max. Born 6-06-1892, died 6-26-1893 - Son of Eben L. and Nellie (Drake) Gorton
GORTON, Medora Josephine (Steenrod). Spouse of Moses L. Born 12-07-1849, died 8-20-1923 - Dau Ebenezer and Philinda (Axtel) Steenrod
GORTON, Moses L. Spouse of Madora J. Steenrod. Born 4-17-1846, died 11-15-1921 - Parents Othniel and Sally (Wolcott) Gorton
GORTON, Myrtle. Born 1870, died 1914
GORTON, Nellie (Drake). Spouse of Eben L. Born 8-28-1868, died 10-12-1929 - Dau of Seth B. and Katherine M. (Jone) Drake
GORTON, Nilie P. Spouse of Edna Andrews/ Lillie Harrington. Born 1876, died 1938 - Son of Moses and Medora (Steenrod) Gorton
GOSS, Ernestine P. (Aumiller). Spouse of Lester T. Born 3-24-1915, died 4-16-1978
GOSS, Lester T. Spouse of Ernestine P. Aumiller. Born 7-27-1913, died 1-17-1991
GOSS, Sharon D. Spouse of Earl W. Dickerson. Born 10-7-1948, died 3-1-2013. Age: 64 - Dau of Lester T. and Ernestine P. (Aumiller) Goss, born in Lewistown, PA. Wed 9-8-1998 in Shinglehouse, 2 children.
GRAHAM, Michael S. Spouse of Cari A. Cornelius. Born 6-10-1970, died 8-07-2000. Age: 30 - Son of Larry S. and Ronda J. (Worden) Graham. Born in Hammond, IN, d. Portville, NY in a car accident. Wed 1-20-1996 in Chrystal. Mat grson of Ronald and Yvonne Worden; Pat grson of Glenn and Doris (Elliott )Graham - Cold War Vet-US Army
GRAMES, Harriet R. Spouse of Charles. Born 12-1867, died aft. 6-1900 - (1900 Sharon Census)
GRAMES, Ida Kate (Stevens). Spouse of Wells. Born 9-21-1878, died 12-4-1943 - Dau of Lucius and Kate (Rock) Stevens.
GRAMES, Jeanette A. [Jennie]. Born 1877, died 1902 - Dau of Lucius and Lydia M. Grames
GRAMES, Percy L. Born 1902, died 1955
GRAMS, Lucius. Spouse of Lydia. Born 1834, died ??
GRAMS, Lydia. Spouse of Lucius. Born 1840, died ??
GRAVES, Adah E. Spouse of R. Lyle. Born 1903, died 1933
GRAVES, Cora I. (Sealy). Spouse of Roy A. Born 1882, died 1954 - Dau of George Nelson and Miranda (Hay) Sealy
GRAVES, Edwin. Born 8-02-1870, died 11-10-1948 - [Brother] Son of Henry T. and Lucinda Graves. (1900, 1920 Sharon census)
GRAVES, Gary C. Born 1936, died 1939
GRAVES, George W. Born 10-1865, died 1962 - Son of Henry T. and Lucinda Graves. (1900, 1920 Sharon census)
GRAVES, Henry T. Spouse of #1 Samantha Norton, # 2 Lucinda Norton. Born 3-24-1829, died 2-04-1924 - Son of Jeremiah and Susanna (Tice) Graves. Four children with Samantha who d. 1858. Wed Lucinda after 1865, three children - Civil War Vet, Co E, 1st Dragoons NYS Vols, Pvt.
GRAVES, Lucinda. Spouse of Henry T. Born 11-21-1834, died 3-24-1909
GRAVES, Patricia J. (Reed) [Tricia]. Spouse of Lewis L. Born 4-23-1933, died 6-02-2003. Age: 70 - Dau of Wesley and Edna (Tyler) Reed. Wed 2-12-1950 in Shinglehouse, PA.
GRAVES, R. Lyle. Spouse of Reba B. Woodard. Born 1905, died 1997 - Son of Roy A. and Cora I. (Sealy) Graves
GRAVES, Reba B. (Woodard). Spouse of R. Lyle. Born 1902, died 1981 - Dau of William and Minnie (Healy) Woodard
GRAVES, Reba's Baby. Born 1935, died 1935
GRAVES, Roy A. Spouse of Cora I. Sealy. Born 1875, died 1936 - Son of Ezra A. and Caroline (Babbitt) Graves
GREEN, Arthur L. Born 5-29-1905, died 5-16-1946 - Son of Sherman and Vina (Crocker) Green
GREEN, Elmer G. Spouse of Marian B. Mesler. Born 9-15-1909, died 5-16-2005. Age: 95 - Son of Elmer and Ella Mae Green, born in Shinglehouse. Wed 5-14-1938 in Shinglehouse
GREEN, Frantselia. Born 1869, died 1932
GREEN, Frederick B. Born 1905, died 1991 - WW II Vet
GREEN, Marian B. (Mesler. Spouse of Elmer G. Born 10-24-1920, died 3-11-2003. Age: 82 - Dau of Frank and Minnie (Moon) Mesler. Born in Portville, NY. Wed 5-14-1938 in Shinglehouse, PA
GREEN, Richard L. Born 9-29-1901, died 1956
GROSS, Ann Marie. Born 1-29-1935, died 1-29-1935
GROSS, Carrie (Kilmer). Spouse of Charles. Born 1876, died 1969
GROSS, Charles. Spouse of Carrie Kilmer. Born 1869, died 1947 - Son of Nathan and Jane (Alexander) Gross
GROSS, Della (Brown). Spouse of George. Born 1907, died 1966 - Dau of Julius and Viola (Slage) Brown
GROSS, George. Spouse of Della Brown. Born 1903, died 1971 - Son of Charles and Carrie (Kilmer) Gross. Fireman
GROSS, Gordon G. Born 1961, died 1970 - Son of James Gross
GROSS, Nina G. Spouse of Orville. Born 1904, died 1973
GROSS, Orville. Spouse of Nina G. Born 1900, died Aft. 1973 - Son of Charles and Carrie (Kilmer) Gross
GROVES, Gary. Born 1936, died 1939
HALL, Almina. Born ??, died ?? - Stone with Wolcott, Charles A.
HALLECK, Helen L. (Babcock). Spouse of James M. Born 1-26-1911, died 7-22-1996 - Dau of Roy M. and Minnie Bell (Foster) Babcock
HALLECK, James M. Spouse of Helen Babcock. Born 1917, died 12-29-1989
HAND, Edith E. (Stives). Spouse of ?. Born 4-1889, died 1932 - Dau of John E. and Emily Stives. (1900 Keating Census) [Daughter]
HAND, Estella. Spouse of Lee. Born 1878, died 1967 - [Mother]
HAND, Gladys G. Spouse of Victor. Born 1915, died 1996
HAND, Lee. Spouse of Estella. Born 1880, died 1957 - [Father]
HAND, Victor J. Spouse of Gladys G. Born 1911, died 1991
HANDLEY, Attie D. Spouse of Daniel L. Born 1859, died 19??
HANDLEY, Daniel L. Spouse of Attie D. Born 1858, died 1924
HANDLEY, Ella M. (Shaw). Spouse of Thomas L. Born 1858, died 1949 - (1900 Sharon Census: Wed 24 yrs.)
HANDLEY, Kathryn [Katy]. Born 1922, died 1924 - Dau of Daniel L. and Attie D. Handley
HANDLEY, Laura Frances. Born 1-17-1878, died 4-05-1912
HANDLEY, Maude. Spouse of Ward. Born 1885, died 1976
HANDLEY, Thomas L. Spouse of Ella M. Shaw. Born 3-27-1854, died 12-29-1903 - (1900 Sharon Census: wed 24 yrs.)
HANDLEY, Ward. Spouse of Maude. Born 1880, died 1962
HANEL Constance A. Born 9-17-1952, died 6-13-2004. Age: 51 - Dau of John R. and Yvonne (Meyers) Hanel, born in Lackawanna NY.
HANKS, Edith L. Spouse of Irwin L. Born 9-1872, died 1968 - (1900 Sharon Census)
HANKS, Hannah M. Born 1843, died 1905 - [Mother]
HANKS, Irwin L. Spouse of Edith L. Born 4-1868, died 1955 - Prob. son of ? and Hannah M. Hanks. (1900 Sharon Census)
HANKS, Merlin J. Born 1874, died 1916 - Son of ? and Hannah M. Hanks [Brother]
HANKS, Ruth H. (Patterson). Born 1912, died 1984
HANKS, Wade F. Born 8-1896, died 12-1-1909 - Son of Irwin L. and Edith L. Hanks. (1900 Sharon Census)
HARBOT, Harriett (Bump). Spouse of. Born 1881, died 1955
HARDY, Callie M. Spouse of John W. Born 1891, died 1969 - [Mother]
HARDY, Howard Leroy. Born 1914, died 1981 - WW II Vet
HARDY, John Wesley. Spouse of Callie M. Born 1889, died 1978 - [Father]
HARLOW, Ina (Woodard). Spouse of. Born 1889, died 1946
HARRIS, James. Born 1872, died 1913
HARRIS, Melzar C. Spouse of Sarah Lou Woody. Born 1891, died 1975
HARRIS, Sarah Lou (Woody). Spouse of Melzar C. Born 9-17-1898, died 1-12-1966
HARTZEL, James. Born, died 1926
HARVEY, Abel G. Spouse of Lucy A. Born 1868, died 1934
HARVEY, Cynthia (Bump). Spouse of H. James. Born 1840, died 1924
HARVEY, Earnest. Born 1898, died 1907 - Son of William Harvey
HARVEY, James. Spouse of Cynthia Bump. Born 1830, died 1912 - (1870 Sharon census: first name begins with H.)
HARVEY, Lucy A. Spouse of Abel G. Born 1869, died 1944
HASTINGS, Cleon D. Spouse of Mildred V./ E. Lucille. Born 1897, died 1964 - 1920 census lists Mildred N as wife of Cleon.
HASTINGS, Clifton S. Spouse of Meta H. Born 1899, died 1961 - Son of H. Seymour and Frances (Moshier) Hastings
HASTINGS, E. Lucille. Spouse of Cleon D. Born 1898, died 1990
HASTINGS, Earl H. Spouse of Myrtle A. Born 7-1887, died 1953 - Son of H. Seymour and Frances (Moshier) Hastings
HASTINGS, Frances A. (Moshier). Spouse of H. Seymour. Born 1860, died 1923
HASTINGS, H. Seymour. Spouse of Frances A. Moshier. Born 1845, died 1925 - Son of John H. and Jane A. Hastings
HASTINGS, Lois B. Born 1931, died 1958 - Dau of Cleon D. and Mildred V. Hastings.
HASTINGS, Meta H. Spouse of Clifton F. Born 1903, died 1987
HASTINGS, Mildred V. Spouse of Cleon D. Born 1898, died 1931 - First wife of Cleon
HASTINGS, Myrtle A. Spouse of Earl H. Born 1881, died 1927
HAUGHT, John. Born 2-23-1848, died 10-04-1931
HAWLEY, Florance (McNamire). Spouse of. Born 1873, died 1909
HAYES, Clark B. Spouse of Mary J./Lillian Wood?. Born 1890, died 1974 - Married 2 times?
HAYES, Lillian W. (Wood). Spouse of Clark B. Born 1891, died 1981 - Dau of Bela and Ella Wood
HAYES, Muriel E. Born 1915, died 1916 - Dau of Clark B. and Lillian (Wood) Hayes
HAYES, Rachel L. Born 1-29-1919, died 3-27-1980 - WW II Vet, US Army, 1st Lt.
HAYNES Charles. Spouse of Emma. Born 1855, died 1931 - Son of Benjamin and Mary (Stone) Haynes
HAYNES, Emma. Spouse of Charles. Born 1851, died 1936
HAYNES, Lewis S. Born 1881, died 1946 - Son of Charles and Emma Haynes
HAYWARD, Clarissa. Spouse of Nathan. Born 1-1834, died 1913 - (1900 Sharon Census)
HAYWARD, Nathan. Spouse of Clarissa. Born 12-1832, died 1901 - (1900 Sharon Census)
HENDERSON, Allie C. Born 1888, died 1939
HENDERSON, Clair M. Spouse of M. Kathleen. Born 1915, died 1999 - WW II Vet
HENDERSON, Helen Gertrude (Hall). Spouse of Ned Clark. Born 9-19-1928, died 3-10-1996 - Dau of John Richard and Gertrude (Baker) Hall
HENDERSON, M. Kathleen. Spouse of Clair M. Born 1925, died 1976
HENDERSON, Ned Clark. Spouse of Helen G. Hall. Born 12-26-1922, died 6-25-1997 - Son of Peter and Allie (Chaffee) Henderson - WW II Vet, Artillery
HENDERSON, William H. Born 3-02-1912, died 2-14-1967 - WW II Vet, US Army, PA, Pvt.
HENRY, Della E. Spouse of James W. Sr. Born 1865, died 1943
HENRY, James W. Jr. Born 1896, died 1915 - Son of James W. Sr. and Della E. Henry
HENRY, James W. Sr. Spouse of Della E. Born 1857, died 1919
HENRY, Joseph C. Born 1891, died 1933 - Son of Joseph M. and Melissa A. (Collins) Herrick - WW I Vet
HERRICK, Charles A. Spouse of Bessie Warner/ Nora Johnson. Born 1871, died 1951 - Wed Bessie 2-11-1904. Wed Nora 10-20-1907
HERRICK, Evelyn (Hunt). Spouse of Joseph. Born 6-06-1915, died 6-28-1997 - Dau of Charles L. and Maude (Mulkin) Hunt
HERRICK, Joseph. Spouse of Evelyn Hunt. Born 1912, died 1965 - Son of Charles A. and Nora (Johnson) Herrick. Grandson of Joseph M. and Melissa (Collins) Herrick.
HERRICK, Margaret (Russell). Spouse of Collins. Born 1906, died 1937
HERRICK, Melissa A. (Collins). Spouse of Joseph Miller Herrick. Born 10-27-1844, died 10-10-1922 - Mother of Collins and Joseph Herrick
HERRICK, Nora P. (Johnson). Spouse of Charles A. Born 1884, died 1921 - Dau of ? and Rose (Pearsall) Johnson. 2nd wife of Charles. Wed 10-20-1907. Funeral 12-7-1920
HESS, Jeanette (Parker) [Jennie]. Spouse of Ray. Born 1877, died 1961 - Wed 12-10-1906.
HESS, Ray. Spouse of Jeanette Parker. Born 1876, died 1931 - Wed 12-10-1906.
HEWITT, Eva M. Spouse of Fredrick T. Born 1907, died 1977
HEWITT, Frederick T. Spouse of Eva M. Born 1910, died 1997
HICKOK, Frank G. Born 1848, died 1908
HIGGINS, Ethel. Born 1892, died 1965
HILE, Clarence G. Born 1908, died 1937
HOGENCAMP, S. Jenny. Born 1861, died 1952
HOLCOMB, Carlton H. Spouse of Mary A. Norton. Born 1854, died 1941 - Son of John H. and Abigail (Cummins) Holcomb. Wed to Sarah Abson 12-30-1875 in Coudersport.
HOLCOMB, Mary A. (Norton). Spouse of Carlton. Born 1852, died 1931
HOLMES, Mattie V. Born 1888, died 1909 - Adopted dau of J. S. and Ellen Hickok
HOSKINSON, John L. Spouse of Sarah C. Born 1905, died 1986
HOSKINSON, Sarah C. Spouse of John L. Born 1909, died 1997
HOWARD, Agnes F. Spouse of Earl G. Born 1907, died 1968
HOWARD, Arland S. Spouse of Elladene W. Born 2-1-1908, died 3-5-1975
HOWARD, Earl G. Spouse of Agnes F. Born 1906, died 1990
HOWARD, Elladene W. Spouse of Agnes F. Born 11-3-1912, died 11-28-1995
HOWE, Flossie (Moses). Spouse of Harold. Born 1904, died 1977 - [Daughter]
HOWE, Harold. Spouse of Flossie Moses. Born 1895, died 1982 - [Son in law]
HOWE, Lavina Guild. Spouse of. Born 1875, died 1906
HOWELL, Clyde B. Spouse of Edna. Born 1891, died 1963 - Son of Joseph M. and Katherine Howell
HOWELL, Edna B. Spouse of Clyde B. Born 5-27-1890, died 3-27-1980
HOWELL, Ernest J. Spouse of Vinnie S. Born 1887, died 1953
HOWELL, Joseph M. Spouse of Katherine. Born 1849, died 1925
HOWELL, Katherine [Kate]. Spouse of Joseph M. Born 1863, died 1942
HOWELL, Vinnie S. Spouse of Earnest J. Born 1878, died 1937
HUSTON, Mable. Spouse of Thomas R. Born 8-02-1894, died 11-07-1965
HUSTON, Thomas R. Spouse of Mable. Born 6-04-1907, died 10-21-1979
JACOBS, Louis L. Spouse of Maude M. Lockwood. Born 4-12-1881, died 2-3-1927
JACOBS, Maude M. (Lockwood). Spouse of Louis L. Born 10-23-1893, died 8-12-1941
JAMES, Clarence. Spouse of Mabel E. Terwilliger. Born 4-1890, died 1964 - (1900, 1920 Sharon census) Grandson of Ruth James.
JAMES, Mabel E. (Terwilliger). Spouse of Clarence. Born 1893, died 1982 - (1920 Sharon census)
JAMES, Wayne R. Born 1916, died 1936 - Son of Clarence and Mabel (Terwilliger) James. (1920 Sharon Census)
JANDREW, Harry M. Born 7-24-1892, died 2-18-1962 - WW I Vet
JARRELL, Debra C. Born 1957, died 1997
JOHNSON, Frances. Born 1865, died 1929
JOHNSON, Lillian M. (Harrington). Spouse of Russell. Born 1902, died 1991 - Dau of Frank and Lydia (Sherwood) Harrington
JOHNSON, Rose (Pearsall). Spouse of Nathaniel. Born 1848, died 1934 - Divorced before 1907.
JOHNSON, Russell. Spouse of Lillian M. Harrington. Born 1915, died 1986
JOHNSON, Warren. Born 1833, died 1908
JOHNSTON, Cora (Stevens). Spouse of John. Born 1859, died 1955
JOHNSTON, Glenn. Born 1885, died 1897 - Son of John and Cora Johnstron
JOHNSTON, John. Spouse of Cora Stevens. Born 1853, died 1905
KARR, Charles C. Spouse of Martha Terrette. Born 7-13-1840, died 10-17-1927 - Son of Joseph and Mary Karr. Born in Niles NY. - Civil War Vet, Co G, 150th PA Vols, Pvt.
KARR, Charles H. Born 11-29-1929, died 8-17-1992 - Son of Joseph and Mary Karr - WW II Vet, US Navy, AS
KARR, Clara L. Spouse of Harold C. Born 9-1905, died 11-15-1980
KARR, Ella A. (Austin). Spouse of Willard L. Born 1902, died 1982 - Dau of Earl and Dacia (Howard) Austin
KARR, Forest L. Spouse of Laura B. Kemp. Born 1878, died 1948 - Son of Charles C. and Martha (Terrette )Karr
KARR, Harold C. Spouse of Clara L. Born 1905, died 1962 - Son of Forest E. and Laura (Kemp) Karr
KARR, Laura B. (Kemp). Spouse of Forest E. Born 12-1884, died 1965 - Dau of Charles M. and Carrie L. (Sloat) Kemp. (1900 Sharon, Oswayo Census)
KARR, Martha (Terrette). Spouse of Charles C. Born 1852, died 1909 - Dau of Henry and Flora (Bradford) Terrette
KARR, Merle Lewis. Spouse of Bessie Mulvey. Born 7-11-1909, died 7-21-1972 - Son of Forest E. and Laura (Kemp) Karr - WW II Vet, 76th Gen Hosp., Pvt.
KARR, Sarah (Degroff). Spouse of Frank. Born 1897, died 1927 - Dau of Aaron and Elinor (Blauvelt) Degroff
KARR, Willard L. Spouse of Ella Austin. Born 7-20-1904, died 11-20-1980 - Son of Frank E. and Ethel (Scott) Karr.
KEAR, Unknown. Born ??, died ??
KEECH, Grace. Born 1933, died 1935 - Dau of Stanley C. and Margaret O. Keech
KEECH, Helen. Born, died 1929 - Dau of Stanley C. and Margaret O. Keech
KEECH, Louie. Born 1934, died 1936 - Son of Stanley C. and Margaret O. Keech
KEECH, Margaret O. Spouse of Stanley C. Born 1894, died 1951 - [Always in our hearts]
KEECH, Stanley C. Spouse of Margaret O. Born 1891, died 1965 - [Always in our hearts]
KEECH, Ward. Born 1931, died 1940 - Son of Stanley C. and Margaret O. Keech
KEIR, Bertha M. Spouse of Claude E. Born 1890, died 1946
KEIR, Claude E. Spouse of Bertha M. Born 1886, died 1977
KEIR, Earl Lorenzo. Spouse of Esther Y. Born 1924, died 1992 - [in God we trust] - WW II Vet
KEIR, Esther Y. Born 1904, died 1980 - [in God we trust]
KEIR, Lowell Edward. Born 1902, died 1923
KEIR, Lula Mae. Born 1888, died 1940
KEIR, Susan [Susie]. Spouse of William L. Born 1857, died 1939
KEIR, William L. Spouse of Susan. Born 1856, died 1921
KELLER, Archie R. Spouse of Eunice B. Elliott. Born 1879, died 1952 - WW II Vet
KELLER, Eunice B. (Elliott). Spouse of Archie R. Born 3-1888, died 1931 - Dau of George W. and Margaret C. (McLaughlin) Elliott. (1900 Sharon Census)
KELLER, George W. Born 7-29-1898, died 12-17-1970 - WW I Vet, Co I, 30th Inf, Pvt.
KELLOGG, Abram. Spouse of Jeanette. Born 11-1854, died 19?? - (1900 Sharon Census)
KELLOGG, Cora. Spouse of Leon L. Born 1887, died 1912
KELLOGG, Ervin J. Spouse of Helen S. Reynolds. Born 1858, died 1938
KELLOGG, Fannie (Woodard). Spouse of. Born 1848, died 1928
KELLOGG, Heath E. Spouse of Lyla S. Born 1908, died 1963 - Son of Ervin and Estella (Reynolds) Kellogg. (1920 Sharon census)
KELLOGG, Helen S. (Reynolds). Spouse of Ervin J. Born 1863, died 1948
KELLOGG, Jeanette [Jennie]. Spouse of Abram. Born 1871, died 1910
KELLOGG, Leon L. Spouse of Cora. Born 6-1878, died 1916 - (1900 Sharon Census)
KELLOGG, Lyla S. Spouse of Heath E. Born 1929, died uncut
KELLOGG, Marshall. Born 1874, died 1898
KELLY, Dorothy E. Spouse of William C. Born 1911, died 1988
KELLY, Margaret (Nichols). Spouse of. Born 1907, died 1962
KELLY, William C. Spouse of Dorothy E. Born 1902, died 1957
KEMP, Clarence E. Spouse of Kathryn M. Conners. Born 2-15-1885, died 1-11-1949 - Son of Bela and Sarah (Elliott) Kemp
KEMP, Helen E. Spouse of Paul H. Born 1903, died 1989 - Wed 6-7-1949.
KEMP, Kathryn M. (Conners). Spouse of Clarence E. Born 5-31-1884, died 2-08-1958
KEMP, Paul H. Spouse of Helen E. Born 1909, died 1993 - Wed 6-7-1949.
KEMP, Roland E. Spouse of Tina M. Born 1914, died 1992
KEMP, Tina M. Spouse of Roland E. Born 1921, died 1983
KENYON, John J. Spouse of Sarah E. Morris. Born 3-5-1830, died 8-4-1905
KENYON, Sarah Elizabeth (Morris). Spouse of John J. Born 3-24-1839, died 5-7-1920 - Dau of Stephen Morris, born in Greene Co NY.
KERR, Neva G. Born 3-1-1909, died 7-4-1968
KIMBLE, Emeline. Spouse of William. Born 1843, died 1913
KIMBLE, William. Spouse of Emeline. Born 1839, died 4-1-1917 - Civil War Vet, Co G 64th Inf, NYS Vols, Pvt.
KINNER, Harriet G. [Hattie]. Born 1872, died 1959
KINNER, Levi C. Spouse of Mary Gray. Born 1840, died aft. 1883 - Wed Mary 1-14-1872 - Civil War Vet, Co H, 71 NY Vols. Lost a leg at Gettysburg and was discharged in June, 1864.
KINNER, Mary (Gray) Howe. Spouse of Victor A. Howe/ Levi C. Born 1841, died 9-10-1908 - Wed Victor in 1861. Wed Levi 1-14-1872
KINNEY, Harold. Born 4-24-1912, died 5-21-1970 - Son of Ira J. and Jennie M. Kinney
KINNEY, Ira J. Spouse of Jeanette M. Born 8-1873, died 1959 - (1900 Sharon Census)
KINNEY, Jeanette M. [Jennie]. Spouse of Ira J. Born 6-1872, died 1937 - (1900 Sharon Census)
KNAPP, Emma J. (Crocker). Born 1853, died 3-19-1897 - Dau of Horace and Diana E. Crocker
KUHN, Bernice E. Spouse of Gerow R. Born 1903, died 1983
KUHN, Gerow Raymond. Spouse of Bernice E. Born 8-12-1896, died 5-9-1992 - WW I Vet, US Navy
KUHN, Lena A. Spouse of Stephen H. Born 2-1875, died 1967 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
KUHN, Stephen H. Spouse of Lena A. Born 1859, died 1947 - (1900 Oswayo Census: 6-1860)
LACY, Adele M. Spouse of Charles S. Born 1863, died Uncut
LACY, Charles S. Spouse of Adele M. Born 1862, died 1938
LADIGO, Mattie. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1882, died Uncut
LADIGO, Thomas. Spouse of Mattie. Born 1890, died 1950 - Son of William and Julia (Parker) Ladigo - WW II Vet
LAMBERTON, Anna C. Spouse of Frank H. Born 1887, died 1967
LAMBERTON, Benjamin H. Spouse of Rosina. Born 6-??-1861, died 1921 - (1900 Clara Census)
LAMBERTON, Clinton B. Born 7-??-1896, died 1925 - Son of Solmon Lamberton(1900 Clara Census)
LAMBERTON, Frank H. Spouse of Anna C. Born ??, died 1924
LAMBERTON, Rosina M. [Rosa]. Spouse of Benjamin H. Born 8-??-1875, died 1968 - (1900 Clara Census)
LANGDON, Cleo M. (Ferguson). Spouse of Clyde. Born 10-3-1896, died 1975 - Dau of Almarion and Ida (Cole) Ferguson. (Clyde is buried at Rathbone Cem.)
LANGDON, Marjorie D. Born 1916, died 1985 - Dau of Clyde and Cleo M. (Ferguson) Langdon
LANKOW, Lillian E. Born 1824, died 1993
LARKIN, Clair. Born 9-06-1936, died 2-26-1978
LARKIN, Jack F. Sr. Spouse of Ruth Margaret (Bish) Braley. Born 5-28-1928, died 3-1-1992 - WW II Vet, Us Navy
LARKIN, Linda D. (Hail). Spouse of Richard F. Born, died 4-14-2002 - Wed 9-6-1992.
LARKIN, Richard F. [Dick]. Spouse of Linda D. Hail. Born 12-9-1952, died 2-1-2006 - Son of Jack F. and Ruth Margaret (Bish) Braley Larkin. Wed 9-6-1992.
LAUCKERN, Elizabeth (Reed). Spouse of Leo L. Born 1917, died abt 2008
LAUCKERN, Leo L. Spouse of Elizabeth Reed. Born 1915, died 1990 - Son of Dennis and Marjorie (Wells) Lauckern
LAWRENCE, Richard. Born 1937, died 1938 - [Baby]
LAWTON, Clifton H. Spouse of Mildred Brace. Born 5-18-1909, died 8-5-2000 - Son of Ned and Elsie (Rhodes) Lawton.
LAWTON, Ellsworth. Born ??, died ??
LAWTON, Elsie (Rhodes). Spouse of Ned. Born 4-11-1885, died 10-29-1964 - Dau of Willard and Mila (Lawton) Rhodes. Wed in 1907.
LAWTON, Mildred (Brace). Spouse of Clifton H. Born 1908, died 1935
LAWTON, Ned. Spouse of Elsie Rhodes. Born 1874, died 1937 - Wed in 1907.
LAYFIELD, Alpha D. Spouse of Dorothy H. Born 1888, died 1952
LAYFIELD, Dorothy H. Spouse of Alpha D. Born 1896, died 1974
LEE, Henrietta (McDowell). Spouse of. Born 1912, died 1975 - Dau of Harley B. and Lucy Evelyn (Turner) McDowell
LIVERMORE, Lloyd. Born 1-28-1895, died 10-18-1895 - Son of George and Mamie Livermore
LLOYD, George G. Born 4-29-1933, died 2-19-2003. Age: 69 - Son of Carney and Edith (Gleason) Lloyd. Born in Coudersport, PA. - Keoran War Vet, Vet-US Navy
LOCKWOOD, Rickey C. Born 6-23-1987, died 2-12-1999 - Son of Robert and Joy Lockwood [Son, brother and Friend]
LORSHBAUGH, Grayce A. (Sherwood). Spouse of ?. Born 6-1881, died 1975 - Dau of George and Mildred Sherwood. (1900 Sharon Census)
LUNN, Alvina. Spouse of Calvin. Born 1827, died ?? - Calvin buried in East Sharon Cemetery.
LUNN, Caroline V. (Press). Spouse of Simon William. Born 4-14-1853, died 5-18-1933 - Dau of John and Charlotte (Weaver) Press. Middle initial is B. or V.
LUNN, Christanna. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1862, died 1925
LUNN, Ebenezer. Spouse of Sarah. Born 7-03-1832, died 2-28-1891 - Prob son of Procter and Alvira (McGee) Lunn. Born in PA. (1870 Sharon census) - Civil War Vet, Co H, 15th NY Eng Vols, Pvt.
LUNN, Elvira (McGee). Spouse of Proctor. Born 3-1816, died 1904 - (1900 Sharon Census)
LUNN, George. Spouse of Margaret W. Born 5-05-1870, died 11-10-1934 - Son of Ebenezer and Sarah Lunn. (1900 Oswayo Census)
LUNN, Joseph A. Spouse of Christanna. Born 1859, died 1911 - Son of Ebenezer and Sarah Lunn
LUNN, Margaret W. [Maggie]. Spouse of George. Born 5-1876, died 1940 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
LUNN, Proctor. Spouse of Elvira McGee. Born 1811, died 1889 - Born in MA. (1870 Sharon census)
LUNN, Proctor. Spouse of Cora A. Born 3-24-1854, died 6-29-1909 - Son of Ebenezer and Sarah Lunn. (1900 Oswayo Census)
LUNN, Richard. Born 7-10-1882, died 12-18-1932 - Son of Simon William and Caroline (Press) Lunn
LUNN, Rowlee E. Born 7-1892, died 1917 - Son of George and Margaret W. Lunn. (1900 Oswayo Census) - WW I Vet, US Navy
LUNN, Sarah. Spouse of Ebenezer. Born 4-1832, died 1907 - (1900 Oswayo Census)
LUNN, Simon William. Spouse of Caroline Press. Born 3-10-1849, died 7-30-1921
LUNN, Unknown. Born ??, died ??
LYON, Gurdain C. Spouse of Samantha H. Born 10-23-1836, died 12-11-1887
LYON, Samantha H. Spouse of Gurdain C. Born 7-29-1841, died 10-07-1890 - Poss dau of Anthony and Nancy (Nichols) Jones (1850 census)
LYON, Willie F. Born 9-24-1861, died 5-10-1872 - Son of Gurdain C. and Samantha H. Lyon

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