Submitted by: great granddaughter Sandy Stives Williamson

Sept. 8, 1927
The Olean Herald 

Mrs. Lucy Seyler, age 53, of Shinglehouse is dead and three other occupants of the automobile in which the party were riding are in the Olean General Hospital in a serious condition.

The car driven onto the Pennsylvania railroad tracks, was struck by an extra, fast bound freight, number 3639, commandeered by Conductor Edward Swartz and Engineer John Roder of Buffalo, Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. The injured are:

Mrs. Seyler's daughter, Irene age 15, fractured skull and numerous abrasions about the body, still unconscious condition.

Mrs. Cyrus Spencer, age 36, Wellsville, cut back of and across right ear, fracture of skull. Condition regarded as serious although chances for recovery seem good.

Cyrus Spencer, age 58, Wellsville, five right ribs fractured, scalp-wound, condition good, expected to recover.

Olean police received a call for an ambulance and rushed immediately to the scene of the tragedy. Passing motorists had already picked up the victims and rushed them to the hospital when the police arrived. Officer Grandusky and Deputy Sheriff Miller, with the aid of Coroner A. E. Burdick, conducted an investigation.

Dr. Allen attended the three who were taken to the hospital and Coroner Burdick ordered the body of Mrs. Seyler removed to Heenan's undertaking rooms. Deputy Sheriff Miller notified relatives.

Mrs. Seyler's body was discovered ten cars back from the engine and about 200 yards from the crossing beneath the train. The sedan in which the party was riding had been totally demolished and the locomotive had dragged it several hundred feet, finally dropping it over an embankment.

Mr. and Mrs. Spencer were married in Wellsville on Saturday, and were on their honeymoon. They had driven to Shinglehouse to visit Mrs. Spencer's sister, Mrs. Seyler, and at the time of the accident, were on their way to visit a third sister on the Dugan road.

In a statement Mr. Spencer stated that he had driven onto the dirt road from the state highway after Mrs. Spencer had instructed him how to turn to reach the sister's house. They had just reached the tracks which are only a short distance from the state highway when Mrs. Spencer cried out "Oh, there's a train," and according to her husband, in her excitement reached over and turned of the ignition switches. The car went on the railroad track.

Before Mr. Spencer could start the engine and drive out of danger, the halted automobile was picked up by the fast coming freight train and carried the length of thirteen freight cars.


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