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This is a story about one of the many heroic men and women who came to Potter County to harvest the tremendous amount of timber that was available when the county was first settled. John Morris Dunshie.

John Morris Dunshie was born in 1831 in the Town of Warsaw Wyoming Co. New York to Ebenezer and Eleanor Holmes Dunshie.

John, like his father Ebenezer, became a farmer.

In 1852 John married Harriet E. Hitchcock, who was born in in the Town of Gainsville Wyoming County NY.  a daughter of Leverett and Mary M. Rhodes Hitchcock

By 1864 they had five children. George was born Jan. 15 1854 next was Carrie born in 1857 then came Elizabeth who was called Libbie in 1860. After that came Elmer born in 1863 and Fred in 1864. All of the children were born in New York.

At some time after Fred was born the family moved to Gold, Ulysses Township Potter County.

Here John Dunshie found employment at the sawmill operated by the Raymonds which was located near Gold but perhaps the mill itself was in Allegany Township.

In early 1866 John and Harriet had their 6th child whom they named Frank E.

It appears that John was given the job of scaling the logs that the jobbers delivered to the mill, which would determine how each jobber was paid.

What has been told by the members of the family, is that while John was working on or near a large pile of logs, several of them became dislodged and rolled over him resulting in serious injury. Johnís death occurred on 19 June 1867.

The only record of his injuries is found in the Probate Record, which is located in the Office of Register & Recorder in The Potter County Courthouse in Coudersport, PA are bills submitted by Doctor Eaton and Doctor Strait for $2.00 each. A bill for $10.00 was submitted by a Doctor Nye and a Doctor William H. Turner submitted thirteen bills for $2 each and 1 for $1.50 for a total of $27.50.

The Employers assisted the now widow Harriet and Calvin Rogers was appointed Administrator and Estate Appraisers were H.H. Gurnsey, Asa Raymond and Samuel Rice.

Funeral expenses were paid to E. Hackett in the amount of $26.50.

Inventory of all goods, chattels and credits amounted to $378.50 and $300.00 of this was retained by the widow.

(According to Harry Palmatier, a former Register & Recorder this was considered to be fairly large for an estate of that time period)

John M. Dunshie is buried in the Raymond Cemetery and a tablet type marker has been erected.

Harriet and the children moved to Sharon Township Potter County by 1868 where she bought a 50 acre parcel of land from William Weston located on dodge Road which adjoined land owned by her brother Mason Hitchcock.

Harriet who was an accomplished seamstress, made suits for men along with all the other clothing she made.

Harriet died 6 August 1897 and is buried on the Hitchcock Family plot in the Sharon Center Cemetery.


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