Borie, Summit Twp.
GPS coordinates: 4142'4.15"N, 7758'1.61"W

From Borie, go north on First Fork Rd for.5 mile to the Y with Anson Rd. Bear left onto Anson Rd. Go.6 mile. Cemetery is in the woods on the right.

Photo by Barb Hyde

Compiled from the records of The Potter County Historical Society and PHGS by:
Charles & Kathleen Heffner

IANSON, Donna L. (Johnson). Spouse of Robert B. Born 1948, died Uncut
IANSON, Durward R. Spouse of Hazel Casbeer. Born 7-29-1909, died 1976 - Son of Robert M. and Edith (Rennells) Ianson. Hazel married second, ? Boom
IANSON, Edith, (Rennells). Spouse of Robert M. Born 4-1887, died 1934 - Wed 11-27-1905 at Coudersport. (1900 Coudersport Ward 2 Census)
IANSON, Gordon A. Born 1922, died 1947 - At least one daughter
IANSON, Grace E. (Tyler). Spouse of Kenneth R. Born 11-10-1916, died 12-6-1998 - From the stone
IANSON, Guerdon McGoey. Born 1907, died 1-23-1909 - Son of Robert and Edith (Rennells) Ianson.
IANSON, Infant. Born 1923, died 1923
IANSON, Jefferson M., died 4-18-1941 - AKA Miles Jefferson - WW I Vet, U S Army, Pvt
IANSON, Kenneth R. Spouse of Grace E. Tyler. Born 11-24-1911, died 1988 - From the stone
IANSON, Lillie J. (Hewitt). Spouse of T. B. Born 1856, died 1932 - Dau of Jefferson and Sarah Wiley (Jordan) Hewitt.
IANSON, Milton M. Born 1906, died 1906
IANSON, Norman Charles. Born 7-6-1943, died 7-6-1943 - Son of Kenneth and Grace (Tyler) Ianson
IANSON, Robert B. [Bryan]. Spouse of Donna L. Johnson. Born 10-1-1948, died 11-15-2014 - Son of Durward R. and Hazel C. (Casbeer) Ianson. Born in Coudersport, lived and died on Ayers Hill. Coudersport Postmaster and maple syrup producer. Wed 46 years, three children. - Vietnam Vet, USMC, Sgt. Purple Heart and Bronze Star.
IANSON, Robert M. Spouse of Edith Rennells. Born 1883, died 1930 - Son of Theodore B. and Lillie (Hewitt) Ianson. Wed 11-27-1905 at Coudersport
IANSON, Sharon (Perrez). Spouse of William K. Born 11-14-1942, died 11-6-2011 - From the stone
IANSON, Teresa L., died 1974 - Dau of Durward C. and Clara Ianson
IANSON, Theodore B. Spouse of Lillie Hewitt. Born 1848, died 1911
IANSON, William Kenneth. Spouse of Sharon Perrez. Born 7-19-1944, died 10-5-2007. Age: 63 - Son of Kenneth and Grace (Tyler) Ianson. Born in Coudersport PA. Wed 6-20-1964. 2 children
SHAFFER, Ed. Spouse of Judie. Born 3-15-1937, died 3-20-2002 - From the stone
SHAFFER, Judie. Spouse of Ed. Born 9-26-1942, died uncut - From the stone
SIMPSON, Arthur L. Spouse of Marilla E. Ianson. Born 3-1-1921, died 7-4-2004. Age: 83 - Son of Albert D. and Dorothy M. (Guignet) Simpson. Born in Punxsutawney PA, worked for DuPont. Wed 6-11-1975 in Conrad PA., two sons - WW I Vet, U S Army
SIMPSON, Marilla E. (Ianson). Spouse of Arthur L. Born 1920, died 2002 - Stone - image blurred
SUNDAY, Lenus W. Spouse of Mary I. Born 1905, died 1987 - From the stone - Vet
SUNDAY, Mary I. Spouse of Lenus W. Born 1914, died 1996 - From the stone
WOODCOCK, Almon A. Born 1875, died 1917 - Son of Eldred N. and Frances (Ianson) Woodcock
WOODCOCK, Frances N. (Ianson). Spouse of Eldred N. Born 1852, died 1941 - Dau of Miles H and Belinda Ianson. Born in Steuben Co NY. (1860 Homer Census)

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