On Greenman Hill in Hebron Township
This cemetery is on the Hollenbeck's family farm
One of Potter County's oldest families
GPS coordinates: 4150'53.26"N, 780'18.48"W

Records from Potter County Historical Society - Charles and Kathleen Heffner
Updated by Harold E. Bly in 2006 and with contributions from our users

Photo by Elizabeth Bly

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

BLY, Edgar Milton. Spouse of Vina L. Luce. Born 10-28-1844, died 3-18-1891. Age: 47y 4m 18d - Son of Elonzo and Harriet (Mapes) Bly. 10 children - Civil War Vet, Co G 64th Regt NYS Vols
BLY, Elonzo. Spouse of Harriet Mapes/ Elizabeth Kimble. Born 1817, died 1871 - Son of Benjamin Harvey and Mary (Miller) Bly.
BLY, Lile Edgar. Born 1888, died 1888. Age: Infant - Son of Edgar M. and Vina (Luce) Bly.
BLY, Sylvia Belle. Born 5-28-1880, died 11-15-1900 - Dau of Edgar and Vina (Luce) Bly. Died of TB
BLY, Vina Lucy (Luce). Spouse of Edgar M. Born 11-8-1847, died 11-12-1923 - Dau of Nathaniel and Lucy (Barnes) Luce. 10 children. (1850, 1900 Hebron Census)
BOOTH, Emma D. Spouse of Hugh G./ Marcus Nickerson. Born 7-1842, died 1916 - Wed Hugh abt 1-1857, Wed Marcus 12-21-1910. (1900 Hebron Census)
BOOTH, Hugh G. Spouse of Emma D. Born 2-8-1833, died 1-7-1907 - Son of Thomas E. and ? Booth. Wed abt 1-1857
BOOTH, Infant. Born 1-25-1884, died - Child of Robinson N. and M. Booth
BOOTH, Infant. Born 3-8-1882, died - Child of Robinson N. and M. Booth
BOOTH, Robinson N. Born 10-22-1862*, died 11-2-1889. Age: 27y 11d - Son of Hugh G. and Emma D. Booth
BOOTH, Thomas E. Born 1800, died 4-25-1881. Age: 81 - Father of Hugh G. Booth.
CAMPBELL, Almira (Lincoln). Spouse of Enoch. Born 12-20-1810, died Aft. 1900 - (1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 Hebron Census)
CAMPBELL, Anna Maria (Graves). Spouse of Rodney A. Born 1842, died 1927 - (1880 Hebron Census)
CAMPBELL, Catherine E. Born 4-14-1837, died ??
CAMPBELL, Emma E. Born 1-16-1847, died 9-28-1851
CAMPBELL, Enoch. Spouse of Almira Lincoln. Born 3-22-1794*, died 10-16-1868. Age: 74y 6m 25d - (1860, 1870 Hebron Census) - War of 1812 Vet
CAMPBELL, Francis M. Spouse of Lydia. Born 11-28-1852, died 1-1-1909 - Son of Enoch and Almira Campbell. (1860, 1900 Hebron Census)
CAMPBELL, George. Born ??, died 12-22-1882 - Half brother of William Campbell.
CAMPBELL, Mary T. Born 10-31-1839, died 5-28-1883
CAMPBELL, Nelson O. Born 7-1-1849, died 5-5-1862 - Son of Enoch and Almira Campbell. (1860 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, 1st Potter Co. Vol to die on a Civil War battlefield
CAMPBELL, Rodney A. Spouse of Anna Maria Graves. Born 1841, died 1920 - Son of Enoch and Almira Campbell. (1860, 1880 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, Co D 76th PA Regt
CAMPBELL, Walter. Born 12-23-1867*, died 11-4-1878. Age: 10y 10m 12d - Son of Rodney A. and Anna Maria (Graves) Campbell
CAMPBELL, William L. Born 3-20-1869, died 12-30-1890 - Son of Enoch and Almira Campbell. (1860 Hebron Census)
CONE, Amanda J. Spouse of William V. Born 1834*, died 4-20-1859. Age: 25
CONE, Jane D. Spouse of William V. Born 1831, died 3-6-1902 - (1870, 1880 Hebron Census)
CONE, William V. Spouse of Amanda J./ Jane D. Born 1825, died 1874
DIBBLE, George. Born 3-04-1868*, died 6-8-1872. Age: 4y 3m 4d - Son of Major and Lydia Dibble. Born in PA. (1870 Hebron Census)
DIBBLE, Major R. Spouse of Lydia S. Born 9-01-1826*, died 1-16-1890. Age: 63y 4m 15d - Born in NY. (1870 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, Co D, 53rd PA Vols, Pvt.
DIBBLE, Roy F. Born 5-19-1878*, died 6-10-1881. Age: 3y 22d
EGGLESTON, Alton N. Spouse of Sarah Kelley/ Sarah Reniff. Born 10-25-1822, died 1-28-1910 - First wife died in 1863. (1880, 1900 Hebron Census)
EGGLESTON, Sarah M. (Howe). Spouse of Alonzo Reniff/ Alton. Born 10-27-1839, died 11-5-1916 - Alonzo died in 1869. (1880, 1900 Hebron Census)
HOLLENBECK, Abram. Born, died 2-20-1851 - Shares a stone with Clarence.
HOLLENBECK, Clarence. Born 1-??-1859*, died 10-28-1866. Age: 7y 9m - Shares a stone with Abram.
HOLLENBECK, Conrad H. Born ??, died ?? - Civil War Vet, 207th PA Vols
HOLLENBECK, Edwin. Spouse of Matilda Olive Davis. Born 12-1-1839, died 6-3-1909. Age: 70 - Son of John and Emily (Parker) Hollenbeck. Wed in 1861, 12 children. (1850, 1900 Hebron Census) - "Civil War Vet, Co K 99th Regt PA Inf
Wounded at Hatcher's Run VA"
HOLLENBECK, Emily (Parker). Spouse of John. Born 9-1816, died 1900 - Born in NJ (1880, 1900 Hebron Census)
HOLLENBECK, Fanny J. (Baker). Spouse of Wilson P. Born 1850*, died 2-22-1877. Age: 27 - Dau of Daniel and Abigail (Strong) Baker
HOLLENBECK, Francis H. Born 5-31-1862, died 6-1-1947 - Son of Edwin and Olive (Davis) Hollenbeck. (1880 Hebron Census)
HOLLENBECK, George W. Born 1849, died 2-5-1918 - Son of John and Emily (Parker) Hollenbeck. (1850, 1870 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, 207th Rgt PA Vols
HOLLENBECK, John. Spouse of Emily Parker. Born 12-1815, died 1901 - Born in NY (1880, 1900 Hebron Census)
HOLLENBECK, Oscar. Born, died 10-24-1865 - Shares a stone with William H.
HOLLENBECK, William H. [Henry]. Born 5-??-1841*, died 8-29-1862. Age: 21y 3m - Son of John and Emily (Parker) Hollenbeck. (1850 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, Killed at 2nd Bull Run
HOLLENBECK, Wilson P. Spouse of Fanny J. Baker. Born 2-10-1846, died 10-12-1877. Age: 31y 8m 3d - Son of John and Emily (Parker) Hollenbeck. Mat Grandfather of Edgar Wilson Bly.
KIO, Bob Orng. Spouse of Vera L. Clinton. Born ??, died 7-1963 - Wed 3-4-1933 in Prentisvale, two daughters.
KIO, Vera L. (Clinton). Spouse of Bob Oring. Born 7-12-1915, died 10-12-2003. Age: 88 - Dau of Orson Henry and Bessie (Hollenbeck) Clinton, born in Hebron Twp. Wed 3-4-1933 in Prentisvale, two daughters.
LINCOLN, Calvin. Spouse of Vina. Born 10-18-1788, died 3-6-1851 - (1850 Hebron Census)
LINCOLN, Vina. Spouse of Calvin. Born 1-26-1790*, died 5-19-1871. Age: 81y 3m 24d - 1850, 1860 Hebron Census conflict on spelling of first name.
LOCKWOOD, James A. Spouse of Sadie Hollenbeck. Born 11-1862, died 9-9-1932 - Eight Children. (1900 Keating Census)
LOCKWOOD, Sadie I. (Hollenbeck). Spouse of James A. Born 4-27-1871, died 10-1-1911. Age: 41 - Dau of Edwin and Olive (Davis) Hollenbeck. Eight children. (1880 Hebron Census)
LUCE, George W. Born 1840, died 5-6-1864 - Son of Nathaniel and Lucy (Barnes) Luce. (1850 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, Co G 153rd PA Vol
LUCE, Lucy (Barnes). Spouse of Nathaniel K. Born 1813
LUCE, Nathaniel Kingsley. Spouse of Lucy Barnes. Born 1802*, died 1-16-1875. Age: 73 - Mother's maiden name was Kingsley. (1850 Hebron Census)
METZGER, Francis A. Born 1848*, died 6-24-1852. Age: 4 - Son of William H. and Pamella G. (Coolidge) Metzger
PALMER, Celestia E. (Weaver). Born 1856*, died 2-18-1894. Age: 38 - [Mother]
PALMER, Etta. Born 1872*, died 1-3-1884. Age: 12 - Dau of W. B. and Celestia E. (Weaver) Palmer
PALMER, William R. Born ??, died aft. 1883 - Civil War Vet
RENIFF, Fred. Born 7-7-1866, died 3-4-1936 - Son of Alonzo and Sarah (Howe) Reniff. (1880, 1900 Hebron Census)
SCHOLLARD, John C. Born 6-3-1913, died 8-26-1913 - Son of Hugh and Ahava Schollard
STURDEVANT, Gary Allen. Spouse of Donna M. Baker. Born 8-11-1932, died 6-7-2023. Age: 90 - Son of ? and Louise Lawton. Adopted and raised by grandparents, Amos and Nellie Sturdevant. Born, lived, and died in Coudersport PA. Owner/operator of Gary Sturdevant General Contracting for 40 years.Wed 5-17-1952 in Coudersport, four chiildren.
TRACY, James P. Spouse of Susannah Campbell. Born 3-18-1829, died 8-9-1912 - Born at Ithica NY. Wed in 1848. (1860, 1880 Hebron Census) - Civil War Vet, Co. G 53rd Regt PA Vols
TRACY, Susannah (Campbell). Spouse of James P. Born 11-30-1828, died 1883 - Wed in 1848.
VANWEGEN, Anita. Born 6-28-1889, died 7-25-1891 - Dau of A. B. and F. T. VanWegen
VANWEGEN, Ethel. Born 5-??-1883*, died 10-7-1883. Age: 5 m - Dau of A. B. and F. T. VanWagen
VANWEGEN, Lyle J. Born 2-24-1894, died 1-30-1895 - Son of A. B. and F. T. VanWegen
WEAVER, Charles A. Spouse of Grace. Born 8-1867, died 19?? - (1900 Roulette Census)
WEAVER, Grace. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1871, died 1898
WHITTUM, Isaac. Born 1820*, died 4-22-1893. Age: 73 - Civil War Vet, Co C 64th Regt NY Vols, Sgt
WILCOX, Charles. Spouse of Emily Hollenbeck. Born 1867, died 1902
WILCOX, Emily (Hollenbeck). Spouse of Charles Stoneham/ Charles Wilcox. Born 1864, died 1927 - Dau of Edwin and Olive (Davis) Hollenbeck. Wed 6-3-1889.

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