Compiled from the records of The Potter County Historical Society and PHGS
NOTE: Markers are all down and generally neglected

Originally compiled by Charles & Kathleen Heffner

Updated with contributions from our users

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

?, Viola. Born 11-15-1853*, died 8-22-1862. Age: 8y 9m 7d - Dau. of David and Belinda ? Changed death year from 1962 to 1862.
COLLER, Dolly. Born 1850*, died 10-18-1868. Age: 12 - Dau. of T. B. and S. M. Coller. Changed death year from 1968 to 1868.
COLLER, Mary. Born 1856*, died 10-8-1863. Age: 7 - Dau. of T. B. and S. M. Coller
DOWNS, Hannah. Spouse of Asa. Born 4-18-1817*, died 1-4-1873. Age: 55y 8m 16d
ELLIS, Francis. Born 3-1844*, died 3-1871. Age: 26y 11m 14d
ELLIS, Genet. Born 4-19-1849*, died 9-9-1864. Age: 15y 4m 20d - Dau. of Harry and Betsey (Seeley) Ellis. (1850 Genesee Census)
ELLIS, Richard. Spouse of ?/ ?/ ?/ ? Seeley. Born 1-9-1752*, died 5-14-1841. Age: 89y 4m 5d - First settler in Ellisburg. Owned mills and the 'Halfway House in Ellisburg. Wed four times. 2nd wife died in 1819, Wed 3rd wife before 1827. Had 19 children. - Revolutionary War Vet
ELLIS, William. Born 1-7-1838*, died 10-23-1877. Age: 39y 9m 16d - Son of Harry and Betsey (Seeley) Ellis. (1850 Genesee Census)
GILLILAND, Daniel L. Spouse of ?. Born ??, died 1-27-1912 - Dies in Thornwood, WV. Survived by wife and 6 children.
HARLOW, James J. Born 6-20-1858*, died 5-28-1862. Age: 3y 11m 8d
PYE, John. Spouse of Mary. Born 1780*, died 8-7-1860. Age: 80
PYE, Mary. Spouse of John. Born 1794*, died 3-9-1875. Age: 89
WOOD, Caroline C. Spouse of W. R. Born 1841*, died 3-16-1869. Age: 28

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