Hector Township, near Sunderlinville
GPS coordinates: 4151'14.56"N, 7736'58.33"W

Drive north from Sunderlinville on Phoenix Run Rd about 1 mi to a Y. Bear right onto Kilbourn Rd.
At the T end of Kilbourn, turn left onto Fry Rd. North about 1 mile. Turn right onto Douglass Rd.
The Douglass farm is on the corner. Ask permission at the house.

From the road

Photos by Barb Hyde - October 2009

Compiled from the records of The Potter County Historical Society
and PHGS by: Charles & Kathleen Heffner

Updated with contributions from our users.

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

BARTOO, Douglass F. Spouse of Doris D. Born 3-12-1919, died 8-20-2005 - Name spelling is actually Bartow, Military had Bartoo. - WW II Vet, Korean War Vet, 1st Lt.
BARTOW, Doris D. Spouse of Douglass Bartoo. Born 1-9-1927, died uncut
DOUGLASS, Amanda. Born 2-15-1832*, died 4-9-1849. Age: 17y 1m 23d - Dau of William and Sally Douglas
DOUGLASS, Sally. Spouse of William. Born 12-16-1796*, died 8-7-1895. Age: 98y 7m 22d
DOUGLASS, Sebat H. R. Spouse of Mary Wilkinson. Born 4-22-1837, died 7-25-1882 - (1880 Hector Census) - Civil War Vet
DOUGLASS, William. Spouse of Sally. Born 6-??-1794*, died 8-3-1862. Age: 68y 2m - War of 1812
DOUGLASS, Aleda M. Born 7-23-1874, died 4-22-1889 - Dau of James and Sarah M. Douglass
DOUGLASS, Charles F. Spouse of Flora A. Born 1849, died 1923 - Son of James and Sarah M. Douglass. (1850 Hector Census)
DOUGLASS, Etta M. Born 11-5-1872, died 10-20-1888 - Dau of Charles F. and Flora A. Douglass
DOUGLASS, Flora A. Spouse of Charles F. Born 1852, died 1929
DOUGLASS, Henry B. Spouse of Sara M. Born 1862, died 1941
DOUGLASS, Ira L. Born 1834, died 1911
DOUGLASS, James. Spouse of Sarah Breese. Born 5-12-1820, died 1-8-1899 - Son of William and Sarah (Rednaer) Douglass, born in Tompkins Co NY. Wed 3-14-1848. - Civil War Vet
DOUGLASS, John W. Born 8-7-1855, died 2-16-1872 - Son of James and Sarah M. Douglass
DOUGLASS, Royal. Born 2-11-1860, died 8-1869 - Son of James and Sarah M. Douglass
DOUGLASS, Sara M. Spouse of Henry B. Born 1862, died 1939
DOUGLASS, Sarah M. (Breese). Spouse of James. Born 2-2-1826, died 5-15-1895 - Dau of John and Hannah (Gildersleve) Breese. First white child born in Chemung Co NY. Wed 3-14-1848.
HART, James. Spouse of Mary A. Douglas. Born 10-6-1843, died 3-31-1907 - Wed 5-3-1885.
HART, Mary A. (Douglas). Spouse of James. Born 3-16-1844, died 2-14-1910 - Wed 5-3-1885.
KILBOURN, Charles N. Spouse of Ester. Born 1827*, died 5-1888. Age: 61 - Son of David Sr. and Lucinda (Pangborn Kilbourn, born in PA. (1880 Hector census)
KILBOURN, David, Sr. Spouse of Lucinda Pangburn. Born 8-12-1788, died 5-3-1854. Age: 66 - Son of Abraham and Elicabeth (DeMaranville) Kilbourn, born in Poultney VT, a farmer. Wed 3-6-1806 in VT, 11 children. (1850 Hector Census)
KILBOURN, Electa J. Spouse of Ira F. Born 1825, died 1890
KILBOURN, Ester. Spouse of Charles N. Born 5-19-1828, died 6-17-1888
KILBOURN, Fred L. Born 6-20-1859, died 4-7-1885
KILBOURN, Ira F. Spouse of Electa I. Born 2-15-1823, died 1872 - Son of David Sr. and Lucinda (Pangborn Kilbourn, born in PA. (1880 Hector census)
KILBOURN, John W. Born 1849, died 1855 - Son of Ira and Electa Kilbourn
KILBOURN, Lucinda (Pangburn). Spouse of David, Sr. Born 7-27-1789, died 4-10-188192 - Dau of Beebe and Susannah (Knapp) Pangborn, born in VT. Wed 3-6-1806 in VT, 11 children. (1850 Hector Census)
REDNER, Abner. Spouse of Margaret Douglass. Born 8-28-1796, died 1-20-1887. Age: 90y 4m 23d - Born in Ulster Co. NY. (1850 Hector Census)
REDNER, Elizabeth (Strait). Spouse of Lemuel. Born 1824, died 1881
REDNER, Emily [Emma]. Spouse of William. D. Born 1841, died 1901 - Born in NY. (1880 Hector Census)
REDNER, Lemuel. Spouse of Elizabeth Strait. Born 1816, died 1856
REDNER, Margaret (Douglass). Spouse of Abner. Born 8-28-1796, died 11-27-1887 - (1850 Hector Census)
REDNER, William D. Spouse of Emily. Born 1834, died 1915 - (1880 Hector Census)
THROCKMORTON, Sarah Ann (Brouer). Spouse of Joseph. Born 12-20-1772, died 10-7-1836 - [No Stone] Born in Monmouth NJ. Wed 3-6-1796, 5 children.
THROCKMORTON, Joseph. Spouse of Sarah Ann Brouer. Born 6-14-1765, died 4-12-1851 - Son of John and Lydia (West) Throckmorton, born in Sussex NJ. Christened John Joseph. Wed 3-6-1796, 5 children. - Revolutionary War Vet, NJ, Pvt. Also War of 1812
UNKNOWN, Rev, G. W. Born 1808*, died 6-3-1863. Age: 55
WILKINSON, Ann. Spouse of Dr. Matthew. Born 10-3-1810, died 11-27-1894
WILKINSON, Matthew Dr. Spouse of Ann. Born 11-23-1800, died 7-25-1869
WILKINSON, Rook. Born 10-17-1840*, died 4-12-1864. Age: 23y 5m 26d - Son of Dr.Matthew and Ann Wilkinson. d. Annapolis MD - Civil War, Co I, Regt Pa Inf. Killed in Action

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