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Records from the Potter County Historical Society
Formatted by PHGS Members: Charles and Kathleen Heffner
Updated with contributions from our users.

Photos by Rachel McCullugh, 2008

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

CRUM, Carry. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Lyman and Amanda (Morris) Crum.
CRUM, Lyman G. Spouse of Amanda Morris. Born 1-9-1834, died 8-20-1875 - [My Husband] Son of Clark and Eda (Gilbert) Crum
CRUM, Eda (Gilbert). Spouse of Clark. Born 3-11-1801, died 8-25-1861. Age: 60 - Dau of Elijah and Betsey (Watkins) Gilbert
DANIELS, Achsah (Hawley). Spouse of George W. Born 8-19-1802, died 10-31-1885 - Dau of James Hawley. Born in NY. Wed 1-1-1824 at Windsor, Broome Co NY, 15 children. (1850 Bingham Census)
DANIELS, George Washington. Spouse of Achsah Hawley. Born 10-14-1802, died 1-6-1884 - Son of George W. and Lydia (Hoskins) Daniels, born in Otsego NY, moved to Potter Co in 1827. Wed 1-1-1824 at Windsor, Broome Co NY, 15 children. (1840, 1850 Bingham Census)
HAWLEY, Abigail E. Born 3-15-1817*, died 8-29-1867. Age: 50y 5m 14d - Dau. of James and Lucy (Edgecomb) Hawley. (1850 Coudersport Census)
HAWLEY, Bessie D. Born 8-??-1884*, died 9-12-1884. Age: 1m - Twin of Betsy D.
HAWLEY, Betsy (Musto). Spouse of James C. Born 1847*, died 7-21-1881. Age: 34 - Dau of William amd Sally (Westfall) Musto. (1850 Bingham Census)
HAWLEY, Betsy D. Born 8-??-1884*, died 5-14-1885. Age: 9m - Twin of Bessie D.
HAWLEY, Daniel. Born 8-??-1867*, died 2-12-1868. Age: 6 m - Son of J. C. and Betsy Hawley. (1840 Bingham Census)
HAWLEY, James. Spouse of Lucy Edgecomb. Born 4-11-1785*, died 5-16-1857. Age: 72y 1m 5d - [In Memory] (1850 Coudersport Census) See Beers biographies on this website.
HAWLEY, Phineas. Born 6-??-1866*, died 9-28-1866. Age: 3m - Son of J. C. and Betsy Hawley
HAWLEY, Salmon. Born 4-11-1755, died 12-8-1842 - Revolutionary War, CT Line, Pvt
JOHNSON, Malinda G. Spouse of William. Born 5-??-1827*, died 2-12-1845. Age: 17y 9m
LAIN, Ezekiel. Spouse of Mary Courtright. Born 2-11-1803*, died 4-27-1877. Age: 74y 2m 16d - (1850, 1860 Bingham Census both say Lane)
MUSTO, Emma S. Born 8-31-1878*, died 4-21-1881. Age: 2y 7m 21d - Dau. of Alonzo and Ida Musto. (1880 Bingham Census)
MUSTO, Rachel (Lane). Spouse of Thomas. Born 3-7-1806, died 11-22-1880 - (1860 Bingham Census)
MUSTO, Sarah Ann (Westfall). Spouse of William F. Born 1820, died 1898 - (1850 Bingham Census)
MUSTO, Thomas. Spouse of ?/ Rachel Lane. Born 11-5-1796, died 12-22-1880 - Born in Berkshire, Eng. (1860 Bingham Census)
MUSTO, William Franklin. Spouse of Sarah A. Westfall. Born 1821, died 1903 - Son of Thomas Musto. (1850 Bingham Census)
MUSTO, Willie. Born ??, died 2-27-1881. Age: 7y 9m 15d - Adopted son of George and Angie Musto
PELBARN, Reuben. Born ??, died ??
PATTERSON, D. Gene, Rev. Spouse of Janet Marmor. Born 5-5-1946, died 4-20-2013. Age: 66 - Son of Clair A. and Elva (Monroe) Patterson. Born in Wellsville NY, a Baptist minister for 31 years. Wed 6-9-1973 in Corning NY, 2 children.
SHUTT, Ida M. Born ??, died 3-17-1881 - Dau. of David and Nancy Shutt. (1880 Bingham Census)
SHUTT, Mary E. Spouse of Stephen M. Born 8-1874, died 1913 - (1900 Bingham Census)
SHUTT, Stephen M. Spouse of Mary E. Born 3-1867, died 1938 - Son of John and Lovisa (Kimball) Shutt. (1870, 1900 Bingham Census)
THOMPSON, Joshua. Spouse of Mary Romer. Born 1794*, died 4-3-1885. Age: 91 - (1840 Bingham Census). Settled in Bingham in 1824.
THOMPSON, Julia B. Born ??, died 8-13-1870. Age: 3
THOMPSON, Julia M. (Lane). Spouse of Ora. Born 8-9-1828, died 11-16-1891 - Dau of Ezekiel and Mary (Courtwright) Lain. Eight children. (1850 Bingham Census)
THOMPSON, Mary (Romer) [Polly]. Spouse of Joshua. Born 5-20-1795*, died 7-27-1878. Age: 83y 2m 7d - See conflicting census entries about Mary's spouses. (1850, 1860 Bingham Census)
THOMPSON, Minnie D. Born ??, died 8-13-1870. Age: 1
THOMPSON, Nettie. Born 2-5-1888, died 2-20-1890 - Dau. of Byron and Lucy Jane (Shutt) Thompson
THOMPSON, Ora T. Spouse of Julia M. Lane. Born 4-16-1816, died ?? - Son of Joshua amd Mary (Romer) Thompson, born in New Jersey. Eight Children. (1850 Bingham Census)
THOMPSON, Rachel P. (Lewis). Spouse of Levi J. Born 1849*, died 1-22-1877. Age: 28 - First wife of Levi. (Beers biographies)
WOODS, Charles N. Spouse of Phebe Briggs. Born 11-20-1789*, died 10-30-1873. Age: 83y 11m 10d - (1850 Bingham Census)

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