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Near Ulysses in Bingham Township

Records from the Potter County Historical Society
Formatted by PHGS Members: Charles and Kathleen Heffner
Updated with contributions from our users.

Photos by Rachel McCullugh, 2008

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

CRUM, Carry. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Lyman and Amanda (Morris) Crum.
CRUM, Eda (Gilbert). Spouse of Clark. Born 3-11-1801, died 8-25-1861. Age: 60 - Dau of Elijah and Betsey (Watkins) Gilbert
CRUM, Lyman G. Spouse of Amanda Morris. Born 1-9-1834, died 8-20-1875 - [My Husband] Son of Clark and Eda (Gilbert) Crum
DANIELS, Achsah (Hawley). Spouse of George W. Born 8-19-1802, died 10-31-1885 - Dau of James Hawley. Born in NY. Wed 1-1-1824 at Windsor, Broome Co NY, 15 children. (1850 Bingham Census)
DANIELS, George Washington. Spouse of Achsah Hawley. Born 10-14-1802, died 1-6-1884 - Son of George W. and Lydia (Hoskins) Daniels, born in Otsego NY, moved to Potter Co in 1827. Wed 1-1-1824 at Windsor, Broome Co NY, 15 children. (1840, 1850 Bingham Census)
HAWLEY, Abigail E. Born 3-15-1817*, died 8-29-1867. Age: 50y 5m 14d - Dau of James and Lucy (Edgecomb) Hawley. (1850 Coudersport Census)
HAWLEY, Bessie D. Born 8-??-1884*, died 9-12-1884. Age: 1m - Twin of Betsy D.
HAWLEY, Betsy (Musto). Spouse of James C. Born 1847*, died 7-21-1881. Age: 34 - Dau of William amd Sally (Westfall) Musto. (1850 Bingham Census)
HAWLEY, Betsy D. Born 8-??-1884*, died 5-14-1885. Age: 9m - Twin of Bessie D.
HAWLEY, Daniel. Born 8-??-1867*, died 2-12-1868. Age: 6 m - Son of J. C. and Betsy Hawley. (1840 Bingham Census)
HAWLEY, James. Spouse of Lucy Edgecomb. Born 4-11-1785*, died 5-16-1857. Age: 72y 1m 5d - [In Memory] (1850 Coudersport Census) See Beers biographies on this website.
HAWLEY, Phineas. Born 6-??-1866*, died 9-28-1866. Age: 3m - Son of J. C. and Betsy Hawley
HAWLEY, Salmon. Born 4-11-1755, died 12-8-1842 - Revolutionary War, CT Line, Pvt
JOHNSON, Malinda G. Spouse of William. Born 5-??-1827*, died 2-12-1845. Age: 17y 9m
LAIN, Ezekiel. Spouse of Mary Courtright. Born 2-11-1803*, died 4-27-1877. Age: 74y 2m 16d - (1850, 1860 Bingham Census both say Lane)
MUSTO, Emma S. Born 8-31-1878*, died 4-21-1881. Age: 2y 7m 21d - Dau of Alonzo and Ida Musto. (1880 Bingham Census)
MUSTO, Rachel (Lane). Spouse of Thomas. Born 3-7-1806, died 11-22-1880 - (1860 Bingham Census)
MUSTO, Sarah Ann (Westfall). Spouse of William F. Born 1820, died 1898 - (1850 Bingham Census)
MUSTO, Thomas. Spouse of ?/ Rachel Lane. Born 11-5-1796, died 12-22-1880 - Born in Berkshire, Eng. (1860 Bingham Census)
MUSTO, William Franklin. Spouse of Sarah A. Westfall. Born 1821, died 1903 - Son of Thomas Musto. (1850 Bingham Census)
MUSTO, Willie. Born ??, died 2-27-1881. Age: 7y 9m 15d - Adopted son of George and Angie Musto
PATTERSON, Bruce E. Spouse of Edna. Born 3-15-1951, died 11-26-2015. Age: 64 - Son of Clair A. and Elva (Monroe) Patterson. Born in Wellsville NY, died in Austin TX. 30 years in arline industry. One son. Divorced from Edna.
PATTERSON, D. Gene, Rev. Spouse of Janet Marmor. Born 5-5-1946, died 4-20-2013. Age: 66 - Son of Clair A. and Elva (Monroe) Patterson. Born in Wellsville NY, a Baptist minister for 31 years. Wed 6-9-1973 in Corning NY, 2 children.
PELBARN, Reuben. Born ??, died ??
SHUTT, Ida M. Born ??, died 3-17-1881 - Dau of David and Nancy Shutt. (1880 Bingham Census)
SHUTT, Mary E. Spouse of Stephen M. Born 8-1874, died 1913 - (1900 Bingham Census)
SHUTT, Stephen M. Spouse of Mary E. Born 3-1867, died 1938 - Son of John and Lovisa (Kimball) Shutt. (1870, 1900 Bingham Census)
THOMPSON, Joshua. Spouse of Mary Romer. Born 1794*, died 4-3-1885. Age: 91 - (1840 Bingham Census). Settled in Bingham in 1824.
THOMPSON, Julia B. Born ??, died 8-13-1870. Age: 3
THOMPSON, Julia M. (Lane). Spouse of Ora. Born 8-9-1828, died 11-16-1891 - Dau of Ezekiel and Mary (Courtwright) Lain. Eight children. (1850 Bingham Census)
THOMPSON, Mary (Romer) [Polly]. Spouse of Joshua. Born 5-20-1795*, died 7-27-1878. Age: 83y 2m 7d - See conflicting census entries about Mary's spouses. (1850, 1860 Bingham Census)
THOMPSON, Minnie D. Born ??, died 8-13-1870. Age: 1
THOMPSON, Nettie. Born 2-5-1888, died 2-20-1890 - Dau of Byron and Lucy Jane (Shutt) Thompson
THOMPSON, Ora T. Spouse of Julia M. Lane. Born 4-16-1816, died ?? - Son of Joshua amd Mary (Romer) Thompson, born in New Jersey. Eight Children. (1850 Bingham Census)
THOMPSON, Rachel P. (Lewis). Spouse of Levi J. Born 1849*, died 1-22-1877. Age: 28 - First wife of Levi. (Beers biographies)
WOODS, Charles N. Spouse of Phebe Briggs. Born 11-20-1789*, died 10-30-1873. Age: 83y 11m 10d - (1850 Bingham Census)

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