Crystal School Picture 1935-1936

This picture was contributed by Al Easton, Jr.
Identification of the students was made by Max Dunshie.

(Drag your mouse over the faces to see the name of the child.)

Crystal School, 1935-1936 Vera Lawton Paul McGee Virgil Kemp John Ellis Bob Armstrong Holmes Walker Hal Kibbe Dean Fuller  ? Carpenter Richard Markey Chuck Packer Jim Carpenter Francis Carroll Billy Markey George Packer Gladys Perkins Liza Armstrong Ruth Walker Juanita Fuller Carl Fuller Margaret McGee Bob Ellis Ruth Ellis    

This picture of Vera was taken a couple of years after the class picture was taken.

Back Row: Vera Lawton, Paul McGee, Virgil Kemp, John Ellis, Bob Armstrong, Holmes Walker, Hal Kibbe, Dean Fuller, and Ethel Carpenter
Middle row: Richard Morley, Chuck Packer, Jim Carpenter, Francis Carroll
Front row: Billy Markey, George Packer, Gladys Perkins, Liza Armstrong, Ruth Walker, Ruth Ellis, Juanita Fuller, Margaret McGee, and Carl Fuller.

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