After the Fire of 1880
May 18, 1880

The May 27th Potter County Journal listed all the businesses and property that were destroyed as well as temporary relocations.

With such devastation, rebuilding had to begin immediately. Businesses that had been burned out found temporary abodes around town and businessmen began the process of cleaning up their lots in preparation to rebuilding. The Journal faithfully published each relocation. However, our forebears were a tough and decisive lot:

By December Main Street was beginning to assume the appearance we are familiar with today: Victorian-style brick and stone buildings - at least two new brick buildings had been completed. They belonged to M. S. Thompson and P. A. Stebbins. The brick was homogeneous because it was all locally made.

If you have ever wondered why the downtown architecture is all from the same period, it is because of this fire. The great fire transformed Coudersport's business architecture from New England hodgpodge that it was to the Victorian that it still is today.

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Before the Fire

The Fire of 1880