Between Austin and Costello, Wharton Twp.

Compiled from the records of The Potter County Historical Society
By: Barb Hyde, 2008

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.

BRIGGS, Paul L. Born 12-3-1897, died 1-3-1979
BRIGGS, Paul L. Born 1877, died ??
BRIGGS, Seth C. Spouse of Delight Horton. Born 1835, died 1905 - Wed 7-9-1887. (1880 Wharton Census)Vital Statistics Pages B
WILLIAMS, Delight (Horton) Briggs. Spouse of Seth Briggs/ Bert P. Williams. Born 1871, died 1911 - Wed Seth 7-9-1887. Wed Bert 1-22-1908Vital Statistics Pages H, W: Williams, Bert

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