GPS Coordinates: 4143'32.00"N, 7757'50.97"W

Take 44 south from Sweden Valley for about about 1 mile to N. Ayers Hill Rd. Turn right onto N. Ayers Hill Road. Drive1.5 miles to the intersection of N. Ayers Hill Rd and First Fork Rd. Turn left onto First Fork Rd. Cemetery is 1/4 mile on the right.

Photo by Barb Hyde

Compiled from the records of The Potter County Historical Society
Formatted by Charles & Kathleen Heffner

Where noted, some entries have been expanded with cross-references to census data. To view the census data, open the census cited and search for a name.
* denotes a birthdate calculated from the given death date and age at death.

AYERS, Aaron A. Born 1-21-1979, died 1-21-1979. Age 0d - Son of Dennis and Rae Anita (Marvin) Ayers. Born and died in Phoenix AZ.
AYERS, Alfred. Spouse of Miranda Furman. Born 3-7-1822, died 12-27-1887 - Son of George and Susan (Hagman) Ayers, seven children. (1850 Homer Census)
AYERS, Arthur W. Spouse of Blanche E. (Ianson). Born 1880, died 1963 - Funeral marker set in concrete. Five sons in 1920 Summit census
AYERS, Blake Alan. Born 9-3-2001, died 9-20-2007. Age 6 - Son of Jason Alan and Lisa Marie (Hammer) Ayers
AYERS, Blanche E. (Ianson). Spouse of Arthur. Born 1895, died 1971 - Funeral marker set in concrete. Five sons in 1920 Summit census
AYERS, Derostas. Spouse of Lydia Bailey. Born 1831*, died 4-15-1852. Age 21 - Son of George and Susan (Hagman) Ayers. Born in PA. (1850 Sweden Census) Drowned in a logging accident. One child
AYERS, Dorrie A. ( Bhe). Spouse of Fred Miles, Sr./ Larry. Born 9-21-1956, died 10-29-2007. Age 51 - Dau of Ronald and Goldie (Ward) Bhe. Two children with Fred. Wed Larry 7-6-1985 in Bell Run PA
AYERS, Francis M. Born 2-14-1912, died 9-25-2003 - Son Stanley's obit names n children, but no wife.
AYERS, Francis Truman. Spouse of Arlene J. Robinson. Born 8-22-1930, died 4-5-2012 - From obituary: "Son of William Ayers and Myrtle Harvey and also Arthur and Blanche Ayers." Wed 7-14-1949, seven children. - WW II Vet, US Navy, 1948-1950. Served on the USS K. D. Bailey.
AYERS, Gene E. Spouse of Diana M. Briggs. Born 8-12-1938, died 11-14-2000. Age 62 - Son of Randall B. and Iva I. (Knowlton) Ayers - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
AYERS, George. Spouse of Susan Hagaman. Born 6-3-1794*, died 5-11-1878. Age 83y 11m 8d - Son of William and Nancy Ayers. Born in England. (1850 Homer Census)
AYERS, James H. Born 1820*, died 11-25-1846. Age 26 - No other information
AYERS, Linda. Born 9-16-1947, died 11-10-1987. Age 40 - [Loving wife and mother] No other information
AYERS, Lowell Winfield. Spouse of Virginia Elaine Johnson. Born 1-15-1939, died 8-6-2014. Age 75 - Son of Orlando and Meta (Watson) Ayers, had 5 brothers. Raised by grandparents, Arthur and Blanche Ayers. Born in Coudersport, career military, 24 yrs. Wed 6-4-1956 in coudersport, 3 children. - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force, 24 yrs.
AYERS, Maude Irene, died 1933 - Funeral marker set in concrete. No other information
AYERS, Nancy. Spouse of William. Born 1778 - First settlers in Potter County.
AYERS, Orland W. Born 1901, died 1948 - Funeral Marker set in concrete.
AYERS, Rita Jean. Born 1942, died 1946 - Funeral marker set in concrete. No other information
AYERS, Ronald [Joe]. Born 1941, died 1998 - No other information
AYERS, Stanley A. Spouse of Violet Force-Copp [Ellie]. Born 4-9-1939, died 1-18-2014 - Son of Francis M. Ayers. Born in Coudersport PA, lived in Addison NY, died in Corning NY. Wed 8-25-2001 in Addison.
AYERS, Susan (Hagaman). Spouse of George. Born 12-28-1788*, died 11-18-1876. Age 87y 10m 21d - Born in PA. (1850 Homer Census)
AYERS, Truman A. Spouse of Lillian Mae Babcock. Born 1908, died 1992 - Funeral Marker. Wed Lillian 2-3-1990.
AYERS, Violet M. Born 1926, died 1983 - Funeral marker, no other information
AYERS, Walter. Born 10-10-1878*, died 11-14-1880. Age 2y 1m 4d - Son of Nathan and Nettie Ayers
AYERS, William. Spouse of Nancy. Born 1774, died 1840. Age 2y 1m 4d - Born in England. First settler in Potter County (1808)
AYERS, William. Born 1900, died 1930 - Funeral marker set in concrete. No other information
BARNES, Mary (Lane). Spouse of William. Born 1810, died 1-2-1860 - Died in Philadelphia PA. Caution: unverified burial
BARNES, William. Spouse of Mary Lane. Born 1791 - Died in Philadelphia PA. Caution: unverified burial
BREWSTER, Charles. Born 1864, died 3-6-1906 - Son of George W, and Alma (Knickerbocker) Brewster. Hanged for the murder of his step-father, Marshall Stryker.
BUTTON, Edna (Burton). Spouse of Urbane L. Born 11-26-1893, died 11-28-1959 - Dau of Tucker and Alice Button. Born in Knoxville PA, died in Potter County PA.
BUTTON, Urbane Leon. Spouse of Edna Burton. Born 7-6-1881, died 6-9-1950 - Son of Lawson and Gertrude Button.
CARD, Lorenzo D. Spouse of Mary Haskins. Born 6-18-1854, died 1928 - Son of David and Diadama D. (Green) Card. Funeral Home marker set in concrete.
CARD, Mary (Haskins). Spouse of Lorenzo D. Born 1-18-1854, died 4-24-1947 - Dau of Washington and Marinda (Reed) Haskins. Born and lived in Summit Twp, died in Coudersport PA.
CLARK, Martha J. (Jordan-McCarty). Spouse of W. Lafayette Clark. Born 1824*, died 12-13-1881. Age 57 - Born in PA. (1860, 1870 Summit Census)
DEREMER, Jane M. (Predmore). Spouse of Abraham. Born 12-27-1816*, died 5-3-1879. Age 62y 4m 7d - Born in NY. (1860 Homer Census)
FANTON, Ada. Born 1-12-1884, died 1962 - Dau of Eber H. and Afflinda (Smith) Fanton.
FANTON, Afflinda (Smith). Spouse of Eber H. Born 7-3-1850, died 12-31-1930. Age 80 - Born in Steuben Co NY, died in Potter Co PA. At least 5 children.
FANTON, Eber Hawkins. Spouse of Afflinda Smith. Born 2-15-1855, died 10-4-1930. Age 75 - Son of Eli H. and Lucinda (Norton) Fanton. (Given name may be Eben) Born in Wellsville NY, died in Costello PA. At least 5 children.
FANTON, Eii. Born 5-29-1881, died 4-9-1911 - Son of Eber H. and Afflinda (Smith) Fanton. Born in Welsville NY, died in Potter Co PA.
FANTON, Elsie D. (Rennells). Spouse of Jay F. Born 8-1871, died 1956 - Dau of Charles W. and Miranda (Reed) Rennells.
FANTON, Jay F. Spouse of Elsie D. Rennells. Born 4-14-1876, died 7-25-1963 - Son of Eber H. and Afflinda (Smith) Fanton. Born in Stannards NY, died in Coudersport PA.
FERMAN, Herbert. Born 10-??-1846*, died 9-13-1861. Age 14y 11m - Gr son of George and Susan (Hagaman) Ayers. (Name spelled FURMAN in census. (1850 Homer Census)
HARVEY, Myrtle (Rennells). Spouse of Jay F. Born 1900, died 1935 - Dau of Charles W. and Miranda (Reed) Rennells. Funseral home marker set inn concrete.
IANSON, H. M. Born 1818, died 1870 - Marker is natural boulder
JACKSON, Celia (Fanton). Spouse of #1 Albert O. Reed Jr., #2 Irving Lewis. Born 11-13-1892, died 1-17-1982. Age 89 - Dau or adopted dau of Elsie (Rennells) Fanton and husband Jay.Two children with Albert. Wed Irving after 1963.
JOHNSON, Ira Ray. Born 12-24-1900, died 30-9-1975. Age 74 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Sgt
MAHON, Earl W. Spouse of Mildred V. Born 3-13-1910, died 1-11-1985 - Son of Kelly and Winifred Mahon. (1920 Wharton Census) Born in Warton PA. - WW II Vet, US Navy
MAHON, Mildred V. Spouse of Earl W. Born 1912, died 1998
PETERS, Aslyum. Born 1793, died 1880 - The only slave ever to live in Potter County. Owned by William Ayers and brought to Potter county in 1808. Freed on his 21st birthday. Lived with Edgcombs. (1850 Homer Census)
POOLE, Nettie (Reed). Spouse of James. Born 8-28-1875, died 11-16-1894
REED, Alonzo. Spouse of Sarah Chase. Born 3-11-1829, died 1894 - Son of Matthias Jr and Sarah A. (Cleveland) Reed. Born in Steuben Co NY, died in Potter Co PA
REED, Celia A. Born 1892, died 1982 - No other information
REED, Sarah (Chase). Spouse of Alonzo. Born 1835, died 9-20-1861 - Born in Steuben Co NY, died in Potter County PA. (1860 Summit Census)
RENNELLS, Albert J. Spouse of Elizabeth Fanton. Born 7-20-1875, died 5-7-1965 - Son of Charles and Marinda P. (Reed) Rennells. Born in PA, a mechanic. (1920-2A Coudersport Census)
RENNELLS, Albert L. Spouse of Elmina Parish. Born 9-18-1844, died 1-10-1922 - Son of Alvin and Mary A. (Ayers) Rennells. Register and recorder in 1887. (1860 Homer Census) Wed 1866. - Civil War Vet, Co K 149th PA Vols, Cpl. Promoted to Cpl. on October 28, 1863 - wounded at Gettysburg, Pa. on July 1, 1863. Lost right leg at Spotsylvania C. H., Va. on May 11, 1864 - absent at muster out.
RENNELLS, Alvin. Spouse of Mary Ann Ayers. Born 8-1-1814*, died 1-11-1890. Age 72 5m 10d - [Father] Son of Ezra and Lydia (Clark) Rennells. Born in Bradford County, PA.
RENNELLS, Charles W. Spouse of Marinda P. Reed. Born 11-1842, died 11-24-1907 - Son of Alvin and Mary A. (Ayers) Rennells. (1850 Homer Census) Wed 1870.
RENNELLS, Elizabeth (Fanton). Spouse of Albert J. Born 1878, died 1940 - Dau of Eber H. and Afflinda (Smith) Fanton. Born in NY. (1920-2A Coudersport Census)
RENNELLS, Elmina (Parish). Spouse of Albert L. Born 4-17-1837, died 7-29-1908 - Dau of Charles and Minerva (Hackett) Parish. Born in Ulysses PA, lived and died in Potter County PA.
RENNELLS, George A. Born 1853, died 1923
RENNELLS, Harold L., died 1964
RENNELLS, Herman B. Spouse of Mae L. Clendenning. Born 1899, died 1950 - Son of Albert J. and Elizabeth (Fanton) Rennells. Wed 1928.
RENNELLS, Lewis H. Born 11-29-1871*, died 6-3-1882. Age 10y 6m 4d - Son of G. W. and M. R. Rennells
RENNELLS, Marinda Paulina (Reed). Spouse of Charles W. Born 1855, died 3-6-1941 - Dau of Henry H. and Mary Ann (Thomas) Reed.
RENNELLS, Mary, died 12-18-1880 - Dau of Charles and Miranda (Reed) Rennells
RENNELLS, Mary Ann (Ayers). Spouse of Alvin. Born 12-10-1817*, died 1-30-1882. Age 64y 1m 20d - Dau of George and Susan (Hagaman) Ayers. Name spelled Reynolds in census. (1850 Homer Census)
RENNELLS, Walter Lester. Born 7-10-1889*, died 4-13-1942. Age 52y 9m 3d - Stone: b. 1884
ROSSITER, George Williamt. Born 6-19-1910, died 7-3-1910 - Son of William W. and Kate M. (Rennells) Rossiter
ROSSITER, Infant 3-27-1904, died 3-27-1904 - Dau of William W. and Kate M. (Rennells) Rossiter
SMITH, Arthur. Born 4-16-1880*, died 2-18-1881. Age 10m 2d - Infant son of William D. and Sophronia (Reed) Smith
SMITH, Warren. Born 12-6-1881*, died 7-12-1884. Age 2y 7m 6d - Son of of William D. and Sophronia (Reed) Smith
STAIGER, Emma V. Born 1912, died 1996 - No other informaton
VANWAGNER, Mae Pearl (Fanton). Spouse of #1 George L. Reed, #2 Floyd J. Van Wagner. Born 8-11-1888, died 10-25-1951 - Dau of Eber H. and Afflinda (Smith) Fanton. Born in NY, died in Quincy PA. One dau with George. Funeral Marker set in concrete.
WOODROCK, Alman Anron. Born 7-26-1875, died 5-4-1917 - Son of Eldred and Francis (Anron?) Woodrock. Born in Ladona PA,

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