Seventh Day Baptist Church Record

Submitted by PHGS Member: L  C  Lanphere

(Handwritten-list of members of the Shinglehouse/Bell Run Churches)

In 1882 Elder H. P. Burdic joined Bell Run and Honeoye in to one church and built a house at Shinglehouse not long after

  1. The church was Dedicated on Dec. 25 1883. the building cost $2500.00
  2. Constituted 1883
  3. Elder H. P. Burdic, Dea. B. F. Burdic, Dea Clark S. Wells, " G. B. Wilbur
  4. The constituent members were

    Asa Burdick Alton Maxson

    Mary Burdick Harrison B. Smith

    Willard C. Palmer Theo B. Wilbur

    Alsina Palmer Hattie Wells 

    George Trask Sallie Lanphere

    Horace Howe Harriet Worden

    Mrs. Horace Howe T. W. F. Sage 

    D. E. Cartwright Abigail Sage

    Emma L. Cartwright Alphonso North

    Mrs L. S. Castleine Bill North

    B. O. Burdick Mary Mawfet. Clemons

    Mrs. Mary Burdick J. J. Kenyon

    Mrs. Ida Burdick Mrs. J. J. Kenyon

    Mrs. Joseph Marsh Mrs. Mary Lamphere 

    Mrs. Catherine Warner Mrs. Andrew Bradford

    H. S. Burdic 

    Mrs. Melissa Bridge

    Nimrod Lanphere

    Edgar Wells 

    Orson Maxson

    Harriet Wilbur

    Libbe Mix

    Ester Wells 

    Roda Maxson 

  6. Pastors;
H. P. Burdick about 3 year

G. P. Kenyon about 10 years

Elder J. G. Mahoney 1 year 7 months


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