Diary of Joseph Beaman Oviatt
Winter of 1847-1848, Keating Township, McKean County, PA
Smethport, 11th mo. 23d 1847

Tuesday.-Rained this morning. Cut some wood. Mr. Mauts brot some corn, which was very poor. Told him I would not give him but $.50 per bushel. He took it over to the mill and promised to give him up his note ($2) for 2 1/4 bushels by weight & $.38 in cash. Two bushels and 3 pecks only weighed 2 1/4 bushels. Took my saw over to have George Chapin file it for me. Took a file from home and lost it. Went back & found it. George and G.N. Smith have bot an instrument for taking pictures & intend to spend the winter in that business. Came home by the creek and waded. Rained all day.

Smethport, Nov.24th

Wednesday.- Rained all night. Wm was in & got some bags & went with the Dr. up to Starks after oats. After breakfast I went down to the mill (illegible) to see if there were any slabs there, found some in the creek. The water is high again over the road this side of the bridge. After I came back from the mill I got Benj to help me grind my axe, after which I made a new shaft to the grindstone. Rained all day pretty hard. The water will doubtless be very high again. It is raining now 10 o'clock p.m.

Smethport, 11 mo. 25th 1847

Thursday.- Rained all night. The water is high this morning, but not as high as before. Maria found the Dr's. pigs in the office & was driving them out when one got his head fast in a gate & could not get out & made a dreadful noise until I got dressed & Arthur came over when we got him out. I thought the Dr. was offended at it. Chopped some wood after breakfast & went up to the Court House to hear a Thanksgiving discourse by Rev. J.L. Smith which was very appropriate. Took dinner at Geo. S. Came home & chopped wood for (illegible). He talks as tho he would not like to (illegible) back in the event of my getting an office. Snowed this evening.

Smethport Nov. 26th

 Friday.- Cold & snowing this morning. Chopped some wood & then went over & got the corn from the mill that I got of Mauts. Miller & Hiram were here. Cleaned out the hog pen & put in new straw. Helped Wm dip candles this afternoon & evening. Brot over 13 candles. Eat supper at at Wms. Patrick Lynch & (Aryesvelle?) were at Wms. Patrick says that Azro's wife is going home again to leave Azro. Belinda was very good, but could not refrain from backbiting & making insulting remarks.

Smethport, 11th mo. 27th 1847

 Saturday. -Cold this morning. Chopped some wood after breakfast. The Dr. killed his beef today. About 9 o'clock Harnessed Wms horse with one of the Dr's & went down the other side of the creek & got some planks at Halls where Ichabod White used to live for sleighs. I got 3 planks which I thought would make a pair of bobs. I got them of I. White for $1. per pair for Dr. I drew them around by the Judges, the Bridge being gone by the old (illegible) mill. The bridge is gone the other side of Dave Corneliuse's & I had to drive thro. the lot - I got some slabs there & came up and left the (illegible) at G. Tubbs & came home. It snowed a little all day

Smethport, Nov. 28th

 Sunday.- Snowed this morning. Had breakfast late. Did not go to church Read some. Was over to Wms a little while. Got some wood into the office and chopped it. Wm got his cow & horses down from the lot Azro said I must divide the hay so that he could feed some. Sister F. was at Wms yesterday & staid all night, but did not come in here. She said the other day that she did not come as often as she wod because Belinda was watching her etc. Snowed a part of the time today the sun shone a few minutes. Was up to the P.O. in the ev. got a Sat (illegible) & Lady's Book & the mags that Bart borrowed. Called in at bro. S. F. gave some butter to bring home.

Smethport - 11th mo. 29th 1847

 Monday.- Cold and clear. Froze pretty hard last night. Brot water for Maria to wash. Worked on the hog pen putting a new roof on it & chopped wood above the house. Ormond A. Holmes died last evening of consumption aged 3 years & 7 months. 

 Tuesday. Nov 30th Clear & cold. It was a very cold night last. froze very hard - as cold as we usually have in Feb. The Dr. killed his hog today. I helped him dress him.. Mr. Howard was chief butcher. It weighed just 300 lbs.

Smethport Nov. 30th

 Tuesday. Attended the funeral at 2 o'clock this afternoon. Did not get there in season to go to the grave. Mr Smith preached the Sermon & was pretty severe I thought. Ormond's connexions & friends are all Universalists. He said that the deceased met with a change of heart before he died. There were a great many at the funeral. The Methodist church was nearly full. Came home & Arthur took the Dr's team & went with me & got a load of wood off of the hill.

Smethport, 12th mo. 1st 1847

 Wednesday - Clear & cold this morning. Went up to the lot. Azro was not at home. He had went away without leaving his wife any wood & Lew. Chapin was drawing some of that he cut for Wm. Offered his wife the money for that butter I got a short time since. The neighbors say that Azro has done nothing but get his wood & they have been without half of the time. Stopped at Linderf's when I came down. Wm came up & got some apples of Thomas. He gave 38cts. per bushel. Linderf sent some down to Maria. (Illegible) was in this ev. to buy my mare. Took supper (illegible). He offers what I ask ($50.) & the only thing is to agree about the pay. He proposes to pay in notes & stock. It is warmer & has rained all the ev.

Smethport, Dec. 2d 1847

 Thursday.- Rainy this morning. Went up on the old State Road with Wm Howard & cut Hoop poles Hickory &c. In the afternoon made an axe helve. Howard put on eight Hoops on the the Dr's meat barrel for which he charged $1. Arthur came up with the horses & drew our timber down. Hiram Payne loaned a bushel of oats of me - said I should have them when I called for them &c.

Smethport - 12 mo. 3d 1847

 Friday._ Cold & snowed - Chopped wood after breakfast was going up to the lot after some hay, but Wm was gone after his mare & colts with one of the horses. Made two more axe helves & two whip (illegible) was about home all day. It was a disagreeable day to be out. Snowed, blew.

Smethport Dec 4th 1847

 Saturday.- Cold & cloudy. Chopped wood & then harnessed the horses & went up to the lot after a load of hay. Was up to Azro's. He was not at home had to load my hay alone. Found the boards that lay on the barn floor were gone. When I was driving down into the lot above the house I fell off of the load & hurt my wrist a trifle. Kept both horses in my stable. After I had unloaded my hay I drew a load of wood & chopped for Sunday.

Smethport, 12th mo. 5th 1847

 Sunday.- Snowed this morning. Washed & shaved before breakfast. Went to meeting at the Court House. Mr. Smith preached. Was in at the P.O. but the mail had not got in. Met it when I was coming down. The Roads are very bad the mails are all delayed on that account. Sylvester while holding the lamp for me broke it. accidentally. Gave the mare some boiled oats, but she did not eat them very well.

Smethport Dec. 6th 1847

 Monday.- Clear & cold. Worked on the stable. Made a door & manger. Chopped some wood & helped Wm make a hound for his sleigh. Got a pound of tobacco at Dr's & had it charged; While over there a crazy man came along. Jane Darling was here today & Sarah York came in to see (illegible). This is the first time she has been in the house. She was quite familiar before I was married; but since then she has been cool. Jane was here to dinner. She is a good girl.

Smethport - 12th mo. 7th 1847

 Tuesday. - Clear & cold in morning. The boys harnessed the horses & carried some oats to the mill for Wm to feed cows. I put on the rest of my corn and went up to the Taylor's shop. Dave Spencer has come back & is at work for John. He says he has no iron suitable for horse shoes. He expects some Friday. Went from there up st. Had a talk with Brad about the pr. business. He says if he was a candidate for office again and they charged him so much for tickets he wud send off and get them done. It is rather mean of him to talk so as he has the best office in the county; but it shows the breed.. Went from there to Steele's store & bot a pound of tea at $1. & a (illegible) shovel for $1.25. Came home & Arthur helped me get a load of wood with the Dr's horses off the hill. Made a window for my stable, done my chores &c. It has been very warm & pleasant today.

Smethport - Dec 8th

 Wednesday. - Cold thro the night. built fire & prepared to kill my hog went up with the buggy to Howards & got Wm's barrell to scald in. Got ready to kill him about noon. I eat dinner at Wm's. Had a good scald. He weighed, when dressed, 284 lb. Wm intends to butcher tomorrow if the weather is suitable. Wrote a letter to Wilson & Co. N.Y. ordering 10 copies of the double Jonathan & sent $1. for Jacob Stickles. The Dr. loaned one of my (illegible) to H. Payne & when sent for today it was not got. It has been very warm & pleasant today & is raining a little this ev.

Smethport, 12th mo., 9th 1847

 Thursday. - Rained during the night-. H. Payne, Dr. McCoy & Wm were in here this morning. Mr. Payne took an axe helve, but did not pay for it. I cut up my pork & weighed one half of it which weighed 149 1/4 lb. When weighed last night he was not clear. He probably weighed as near 300 lbs as may be. It rained nearly all day & I done nothing but make a feed box for the mare. Benjamin took the letter I wrote yesterday for Jacob & money to pay the postage. Azro was here this ev. he says he has bot Alex Gifford's share of the hay in the Bay. I was in the Dr's office this ev. W. F. Ormsby settled with the Dr. who owed him $1.67. It is growing colder & the wind is blowing. Eat dinner at Wm's.

Smethport, Dec. 10th, 1847

 Friday - Rainy thro' the night - Helped Wm Butcher hogs today. Horace King & Mr. Tracy helped. Got thro. about noon. A.D. Hamlin shot one of them twice before he killed it. The heaviest weighed 320 lbs - the next 272. Got 25 lbs of salt of dr. & Wm salted my meat for me. Did not use it all. Maria was whipping Frank all the time they were here. to make him mind. Did not whip him very hard & could not make him give up. I set out 5 apple trees on my (illegible). The trees were brot from Dr's nursery by Wm. Eat dinner at Wm's. He was over before we were up & got some meat - for breakfast. Arth. was over here & took supper. It has been clear all day & warm; but is raining now. The ground has all broke up & is very muddy.

Smethport, 12th mo. 11th 1847

 Saturday. - Clear this morning & rather colder. Maria cleaned house today. I did not do much, helped about the house - shaved out a single tree put a few boards overhead in the house, nailed some boards on the barn &c. Arthur was in this evening & played cards with me. The sun shone almost as warm as summer at times. It did not rain any of consequence today. The water is over the road & the little bridge by Chapin's is out.

Smethport, Dec. 12th

 Sunday.. Rainy this morning. Saw Mr. Bush go up with the Wellsboro mail this morning & rode the mare up to the P.O. expecting a letter from Holcomb. but was disappointed. I got the Col. Mag. The (illegible) Journal & G. Benj. Smith's Herald from N.Y. & the Philad. Sat Cour. from Philad. Stopped in at bro. S. & left their Bap. Reg. & brot. down Wm's Reg. & a shop letter from R. Chadwick for him. Read thro. the day & did not go to church. It has been a cold rainy day. The roads are nearly impassable.

Smethport - 1st mo. 10th 1848

 Monday. - Cold & windey. Went up street in the forenoon was in the Comm. office, Mr. Barnaby had not come over yet. Maria's father was here to get me to write to Washing an application for some mail routes. Found the proposals had not come on yet Stopped at bro. S. on my way down. It has been a cold day - did not do any out of door work

Smethport - Jan'y 11th 1848

 Tuesday. _ Harnessed up the horse & went down to Mr. Stickles. Maria went with me. George helped me chop a load of wood & I drew it up & then took some hay down & stayed all night & then was over at Wms & got a skein of silk of Belinda 

I heard, yesterday, that Minard was not going to start till next week & that his wife & Jane Pelton were going with him.

Smethport - 1st mo. 12th 1848

 Wednesday. - After breakfast George & me chopped a load of wood & I drew it up & George came this side of Rockwell's & chopped. I drew two loads of wood sled length. P. Lynch has bot the bob, of Williams, that I had, for $1. he says that - W. wants me to bring home the Shoes & pay for the use of them. He had Wms mare 5 days which I have paid for. & I also have an acct against him, which I supposed would nearly pay the shoes.

Smethport - January 13th 1848

 Thursday.- George, Miller & Hiram staid here all night - & George went over the creek to chop wood. Wm went up with me after a load of hay. After dinner we drew a load of hay for him. Mr. Smith has a wood (illegible) tomorrow. It is raining this ev. Minard was up today. He does not know when he will start, for his wife is sick, & he wants to take her with him. Jane Darling was in this ev.

Smethport - 1st mo. 14th 1848

 Friday.- Helped Wm get one load of wood above the house, for Mr. S. After breakfast went up to bro. S. & eat dinner. did not go into the woods till afternoon. Mr. Hall, T. Mattison N. Dunbar G. Vansickle, from O.R.B., an Irishman from G. Corwin's. Mr. Webster. Mr. Williams A. N. Taylor George Smith Wm & myself were there. Got up about 7 cords of wood (sled length.) Rained in the morning & in the evening. Lydia came up today.

Smethport - January 15th 1848

 Saturday. - Pretty warm & rainy. Maria washed today. I brot water & chopped wood in the office. Arthur came up today. He says he has broke the evener & one whippletree. He was over in the evening & played cards. Rained nearly all day.

Smethport - 1st mo. 16th 1848

 Sunday. - Washed & shaved & went & heard bro. S. preach at the Court House. Came home & went up again & heard Mr. Lane. heard bro. S. again this evening. It has been a warm, pleasant day & seemed like a May day.

Smethport - Jan 17th 1848

 Monday.- Clear & pleasant this morning. Chopped wood in the office. Minard was up in the forenoon & says he wants to start Wednesday. He & Wm went up to see Acre's colt, but did not trade for it. Wm says he will not let me have any land. Says that Belinda said he sho'd not &c.

Smethport Jan 18th 1848

 Tuesday.- Cold & Winday. I did not work much. Wm bro't over his account book & we settled our matters up to this date. except the hay my horses had last winter & he only accounted for twenty-five of the fifty dollars which the Cory's paid him for me on the old pr. office. He made me the offer of $50. for my mare. Went up st. to see B. Freeman but he was not at home. Joel Bishop's wife died yesterday.

Smethport, Jan'y 19th 1848

 Wednesday. - Cold in morning Went over in the morning & took up my notes for fifty-dollars & gave him my mare. He came over afterwards & proposed to let me have a deed for 1200 acres of land &c. Minard was up again today & after talking with him I concluded not to at present.

Smethport, 1st mo. 20th 1848

 Thursday. - Chopped wood a part of the day & made arrangements to start for Hinsdale for oats & flour loaded up 22 bushels of stone coal to take along. Dr. M'Coy gave me $18. Wm $10. & H. Payne $7.25. I saw more of Payne's character this evening than ever in my life before.

Smethport, Jan 21st, 1848.

 Friday - Was on the road as soon as it was light. Fed at Millgrove. A. Millport sp W. flour was worth $6.50 in bus. & $6. in bags. Went up to Hinsdale. Oats were worth 31 cts pr bushel. Staid all night at M. Ree's had supper. There was a ball at this house tonight & I did not retire till late.

Hinsdale, N.Y. Jan 22d 1848

 Saturady. - Was up a little after four o'clock, had my horses fed & harnessed & my breakfast eat & ready to start as soon as day. Went up to Franklinville & (illegible) M. George's oats were worth 28 in the village & none for sale. Sold my coal for 25cts per bu & got the money for it. It fell short 2 1/2 bushels. Went on a mile to a farmer's & got 3 bushels of oats & left my bags till I returned from Buffalo. Went to Machias & staid all night.

Machias N. Y. Jan 23d, 1848

 Sunday. Had breakfast &c & was on the road before light. went as far as Blakley's at Protection & fed. Went from there to Jackson's, 10 miles short of Buffalo. Jackson used to live in our county & pilot down the Allegany. Had supper &c.

Reservation near Buffalo Jan 24th 1848

 Monday. - was on the road before day went in to Buffalo put up at the Buffalo Hotel. Bot 4 bus flour at $5. & 2 at $4. 1 bu salt $1.50 7 1 bu whiskey $8.24 of Smith & Carpenter, & paid $32. & gave my note for the balance - $5.80 Came back as far as Jackson's that ev. Did not pay my bill at the Hotel in Buffalo. A man by the name of Rich of Franklinville lost his horses this ev.

Reservation 10 miles from Buffalo Jan 25 1848

 Tuesday - Was on the road again, before day. went as far as Holland fed at Morey's had dinner. In the room where we eat was a sick child which they thought wod live but a short time. It had the Scarlet fever. Came to Machias & staid all night. Got in late at night. Sold my whiskey. Got 3 bushels of oats & the rest in cash.

Machias Jan. 26 1848

 Wednesday. - Came off early without breakfast or feeding. Came where I left my bags & fed & got breakfast Got 15 bushels of oats at 25 cts per bushel. Came to Franklinville & got some blacksmith work done & traded to the amt. of $2.95 cts. Com raining about ten o'clock & kept on nearly all day Came as far as Hinsdale & fed & got dinner with M'. Ree. Came on from there to Olean. The roads were getting pretty bad. Today was the first rain or unpleasant weather I had since i started. I put up at Comstock's in Olean.

Olean Jan 27th 1848

 Thursday.- Was on the road about daylight.- It had rained some during the night & the roads were very bad. Got to Millgrove about half past 11 o'clock Threw off 3 bus of flour & 1 of salt. Fed & had dinner. Came from there home. Got home about eleven o'clock in the evening & unloaded in the office.

Smethport Jan 28th

 Friday.- Rained some during the night. Did not do much thr'o the day. Mr. Payne got a bu of flour & W. Y. M'Coy another. Dr. Cory was in today & paid Wm $40.85 on account of land. Mr. Smith & Frances was over to Wms this afternoon, did not come in today.

Smethport, Jan 29

 Saturday - Snowed some today. Mr. Smith was in today & got a part of the bu of flour that was left. Did not anything today except clean out the stable &c.

Smethport, - Jan 30, 1848

 Sunday - Did not go to church Read &c. It rained some towards evening Wm harnessed the horses & his whole family went to church he was in this evening and brot a book on chemistry from the P. O.

Smethport, - Jan 31st 1848

 Monday. - Rained & snowed some. Filed my saw &c. Elder Evans was over at Wms today. - was over there a short time the Elder is a sound old man has read a good deal & thinks more. Yesterday Mr. S. preached the funeral sermon of old Mr. Garey - an old Revolutionary soldier who died from the effects of Liquor; it is thought - having drank near a pint & started for home He was found dead in the road lying on his face

Smethport - 2d mo. 1st 1848

 Tuesday. - Clear & pleasant but rather cold - Did not do much today. Harnessed up Kate & Maria & Jane went up to Mr. Cook's to see if she could get a girl; but got none. Was over to Wms several times. Wm has a new milk's cow. Mr. Walcott was down to trade a colt, three years old next spring, for Kate but I think they will not be able to agree. Dr. M'Coy took 10 bushels of oats & left 4 for Wm.

Smethport - Feb 2d 1848

 Wednesday.- Clear & pleasant. Rode up to the pr. office & ordered my name to be (illegible) & tickets pr. for court. They have enlarged their press. Came home & got dinner & went up to Mr. Bakers & got Betsy to come & work here. Joel King told me that my bridle was in town went up to Bennett's barn & found it. Dr. Smith brot it in. I let him take it home on his promise to be responsible for it.

Smethport Feb 3d 1848

 Thursday. Clear & pleasant. The ground not froze hard enough to hold a waggon. In the morning carried the chain to (illegible) out the old White lot on the hill joining Wm. Brot water to wash. Had a talk with Wm about taking the mare back told him how his wife & children acted because I used the mare to go after a girl. He said it was not his disposition but he could not control her &c. bot of Dr. M'Coy 5 yds of sheeting 12 1/2 3 yds bleach 1/6 & 4lb of coffee & 1/2 (illegible). Betsy & Lydia $1.81 25cts each to attend the shows.

Smethport. 2d mo. 4th 1848

 Friday. - Snowed & blew & rained. Went with Arthur to the Blacksmith's shop. got a new strap made for the reach & paid 25 cts for it Bot a ball of wicking at A.R. Bennett's & paid 10 cts for it came home & dipped candles Jane was over in the ev.


Snowed some during the night. After breakfast it commenced snowing harder & looked likely to continue cold thro the day & I got the Dr's Jacox mare put with Kate & took his fore bob & went to Millgrove after the balance of my load. I started about 10 in the ev. Opened a bu of the (illegible) flour & found it rather dark

Smethport Feb. 6th 1848

 Sunday. - Did not go to church. read some was over to Wms a while I heard while I was at Millgrove that Henry Easty son of (illegible) Easty had run away. It snowed thro the day & is now pretty good slipping. Wm thinks of starting for Buffalo tomorrow or next day.

Smethport 2d mo. 7th 1848

 Monday. - Cold this morning looks as tho we might have a run of sleighing. Brot water to wash, drew a load of wood & went with William to Dea. Taylor's after a load of coal. My cow went away this morning & I cannot find her yet

Smethport Feb. 8th 1848

 Tuesday. - Cold this morning found my cow over near Wms lot in the woods. She had a calf. Brot them up. Mr. Smith & wife were here for a visit. After they went away put the (illegible) on Wms cutter & then went to Mr. Winsor's wood (illegible) got up a fine lot of wood

Smethport, 2d mo. 9th 1848

 Wednesday.- Cold in the morn went up street with the (illegible) & Mr. Smith mended it for me went up to the Post office got a paper containing the advertisements for the mail lettings &c. Feb. 10 Thursday. - drew up proposals for 5 routes for Mr. Stickles & carried them to the office. " 11 Friday Town meeting. I received a maj over the next highest (Jas Miller) of 2 votes. Asa H. Cory was elected Road Comm Dea. T whose term expired Ed. Hartscott ass. Jno Chad T. Clerk, W. A. Williams T. Treas. &c. (Illegible) Joel King, N. Medberry & Jas Miller were candidates against me for const


Diary of Joseph Beaman Oviatt 1847-1848 
Residents of Keating Township, McKean County, PA unless noted otherwise 
Acre, could be Daniel or William Acre, 48, 56 
Allegany, river in McKean County, 62 
Arnold, 40 
Arnold, A.G., a blacksmith, 43 
Arthur, card-playing friend p. 3, 8,10, 15, 18, 19, 22, 24, 25, 26, 41, 45, 46, 54, 74 
Aryeville, might be neighbor Morris Angerville, farmer, age 34, born in 
Ireland, wife Mary and 6 children, 4 
Azro, Azro Cory, age 23, farmer, wife, 3 children, born in PA, 4, 6, 9, 12, 17, 23, 25, 26, 32. 

Baker, Mr., Nicholas Baker, carpenter, age 49, large family, 72 
Bap. Reg. Baptist Register, 20. 
Bard, tailor, 40, 
Barnaby, Mr., 49 
Bart, 6 
Belfonte, Bellefonte, a town in Center County, PA, 27, 28 
Belinda, sister-in-law, Belinda Hall Oviatt, neighbor, wife of Wm. S. 
Oviatt, age 35, born in NY, 4, 6, 21, 27, 34, 50, 56. 
Benj., nephew Benjamin Oviatt, son of Wm. S. Oviatt, 2, 23 
Benjamin, nephew Benjamin Oviatt, son of Wm.S. Oviatt, age 13, born in PA, 
indicating family was in PA by 1835, 17, 38 
Bennett, possibly Lin Bennett, 23 yr. old laborer, black man born in VA, who lived in the hotel of William Smith or more probably Levi Bennett age 61, farmer, 72 
Bennett, A.R, 74 
Bennett, D.R., David R. Bennett, merchant, large famil, 37 
Betsy, Betsy Baker, 72, 73 
Bishop, Joel,whose wife died Jan 17th, 1848, 57 
Blakleys, stopover en route to Buffalo, NY, 61 
Brad, 15 
bro S, brother-in-law John L. Smith, 6, 20, 28, 29, 49, 53, 55 
Brown, Mrs., perhaps Mrs. Daniel Brown, farmer, 22, 24 
Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, 62, 63, 64, 76. 
Buffalo Hotel, hotel in Buffalo, NY, 63 
Bush, Mr., mail carrier, possibly Hiram Bush or Elisha Bush, farmers, 19 

Chad, Jno, 79 
Chadwick, could be Jeremiah Chadwick age 31, Justice of the Peace, or 
Richard Chadwick, 38, 40 
Chadwick, John farmer, age 25, 2 children, 38 
Chadwick, R., Richard Chadwick, age 58, prothonotary, four children, 20 
Chapin, George, of Norwich, took photographs in 1847-48, 1 
Chapin, Lew, perhaps Thaddeus L, age 25 farmer, born in NY, 9 
Chapin's, 19 
Comstock's, a stopover enroute from Buffalo, NY, 65, 
Cook, Mr., could be Elisha or Elias Cook in Keating Twp., 71 
Cornelius, Dave, farmer, age 41 with 3 children or 42 year old lumberman, 5 
Corwin, G, Ghordis Corwin, farmer, age 46, wife Armenia, b. in CT and NY, 53 
Cory, probably Azro Cory, 57 
Cory, Asa, neighbor,landlord, age 33, wife Lucy, one child, in household of Geo. B. Backus with 14 others, 37, 79 
Cory, Dr., Dr. Benjamin Cory, age 28, physician, born in PA , wife Susannah, two children, 67 
Court House, Smethport, county seat of McKean County, PA, 55 
Curtis, probably Ira, possibly Stephen Curtis, farmer, age 39, 2 children, neighbor, 39 
Curtis, Ira, 57 year old clerk, born in NY, wife Clara, 37, 39 
Curtis, Mr., probably Ira, 40 

Darling, possibly Orin Darling, gunsmith, age 33, born in NY, wife Angeline, three children. or Jedediah Darling, age 34, physician, lives in household of Paul E. Scull, 39 
Darling, Jane, lived in household of Dr. W.Y. McCoy, age twenty five., 14, 36, 46, 52 
Dr.,probably Dr. McCoy, neighbor, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 25, 26, 44, 45, 46, 75, 
Dunbar, N., 53 

Eastey, McKean County Commissioner, 36, 76 
Eastey, Henry, 76 
Evans, Elder, 70 

F., sister Frances Smith, 6, 28 
Frances, sister Frances Smith, 67 
Frank, oldest son, Franklin, age 2 years, 18 
Franklinville, town on way to Buffalo, in NY, 61, 63, 65 
Freeman, possibly Brewster Freeman, 44 
Freeman, B, Brewster Freeman, 52 yr.old farmer, born in MA, wife Amanda, nine in household, 57 

G. Henry, 29 
G., Mr., Mr. Gifford, 29 
Garey, Mr., a Revolutionary soldier who died in 1848, 70 
George, George Stickles, brother-in-law, age 21, born in NY, 50, 51, 52 
George, M., 61 
Gifford, Alex, son of Job Gifford, lives in father's household, farmer, born in PA, age twenty one, 17 
Gifford, Job, neighbor, farmer, age 52, born in NY, wife, 5 children, 29 
Gifford, Wm, William Gifford, farmer, neighbor, age 27, wife and two children, born in PA, 32, 46 
Godey's Lady's Book, magazine with current fashions, 27 
Grey's Blacksmith Shop, 43 

Hall, Mr., William Hall, farmer, 53 
Halls, Minard Hall, landlord of hotel, age 38, 5 
Hamlin, A.D., Asa D. Hamlin, farmer, age 26, born in PA, wife and 3 children, 18 
Hamlin's Store, 37 
Hartscott, Ed, 79 
Hawkins, Lewis Hawkins, age 43, born in CT, no occupation, wife Mary, 5 children, 39 
Hinsdale, town en route to Buffalo, in NY, p. 59, 60, 65 
Hiram, Hiram Stickles, brother-in-law, age 15, born in NY, 4, 22, 23, 34, 52 
Holcomb, correspondent, 20, 23, 27, 33, 44, 47 
Holland, 63 
Holmes, Ormond A., who died of consumption, 7, 8 
Howard, Wm., a 47 year old farmer, 10, 16 
Hull, Cornelius, 45 year old farmer, 48 

Jackson's, stopover en route to Buffalo, NY, a former pilot on the Allegany River, 61, 63 
Jacob, Jacob Stickles, brother-in-law, 17 
Jacox, Dr. McCoy's mare, 75 
Jane, Jane Darling who worked for or lived with Dr. McCoy, age twenty five, 71, 74 
John, a blacksmith, John B. Taylor, age 34, wife, 6 children, born in NY, or John Chamberlain, blacksmith, in household with John Taylor, 15 
Jordan, 32 
Judges,. 5 

Kate, a horse, 71 
King, H.B., Horace B. King, neighbor, farmer, age 40, born in RI, estate $100. wife and one child, 43 
King, Horace, neighbor, farmer, age 40, born in RI, estate $1000., wife and one child, 18 
King, Joel, Joel King lives in household of Joshua King. Joel is a 
laborer, age 23, born in PA , 48, 72, 79 

Lane, Mr., 55 
Lillibridge, 40 
Lindorf, neighbor, 9 
Lydia, Lydia Stickles, sister-in-law, age 13, born in NY, 34, 53, 73 
Lynch, P., 51 
Lynch, Patrick, 4 

M., Mrs., Mrs. Moon, 45 
Machias, stopover en route to Buffalo, NY, 61, 62, 64, 65 
Maria, wife Maria Stickles Oviatt, 3, 7, 9, 18, 19, 21, 24, 27, 28, 31, 33, 34, 36, 50, 54, 71 
Maria's father, Stephen Stickles, 49 
Martin, Mr.,new McKean County Commisioner, possibly John, a farmer, 36, 37 
Mattison, T., 53 
Mauts, Mr., 1, 4 
McCoy, Dr. William Y. McCoy, 39 year old physician, born in NJ, wife and 7 children, a neighbor, 17, 59, 71, 73 
McCoy, W.Y., Dr. McCoy, 67 
Medberry, N, Nelson Medbury was a clothier, age 33, wife Louisa, four children, born in RI., 79 
Methodist Church, 8 
Miller, Miller Stickles,brother-in law, age 17, born in NY, 4, 27, 34, 52 
Miller, Jas. 79 
Millgrove, stop en route to Buffalo, NY 60, 66, 75, 76, 
Millport, 60 
Minard,. Brewster F. Minard, laborer working for Richard Chadwick, born in PA, 50, 52, 56, 58 
Moon, Mrs., Elizabeth age 22 wife of William Moon, farmer, 45 
Morey's, 64 

Ned, 29 

O. Benj., boarder at Rev. Smith's. Father Benjamin Oviatt? or nephew Benj? 29 
Olean, town in NY enroute from Buffalo, NY, 65, 66 
Ormsby, W.F, William F. Ormsby, 28 yr old blacksmith, wife Esther and 2 children, 17 
Otis, A. J., 37 
Owens, Mrs., 45 

Pay, H, probably Hiram Payne, 28 
Payne, Fred, 22 
Payne, H., probably Hiram, 16, 17, 44, 59 
Payne, Hiram, attorney age 42 born in CT, wife Mary, five children, 10 
Payne, Mr., probably Hiram, 17, 28, 67 
Pelton, Jane, 20 year old daughter of George Pelton, who had 11 children, 50 
Philadelphia, city in PA, 44 
Philadelphia Sat. Cour. 20 
Pres. Message 
Protection, stopover en route to Buffalo, NY, 62 

Ree, M., stopover en route to Buffalo, NY, 60, 65 
Reservation, town en route to Buffalo, NY, 63. 64 
Reynolds, a blacksmith who worked for A.G. Arnold and then Grey's 
Blacksmith Shop, 43 
Rich, a man of Franklinville who lost his horse., 63 
Rider, G.L., 40 
Rockwell, Abner Rockwell, age 59, Keating Twp., b. in MA, a farmer, wife 
Nancy , 51 

S., Mr., Rev J. L. Smith, brother-in-law, married to sister Frances, 23, 29, 52, 70 
Sister F., Sister Frances, 6, 41 
Smethport, Smethport, PA 
Smith, 33 
Smith, Dr., 72. 
Smith, G.N., George M. Smith, 23 yr old carpenter in household of Geo. B. 
Backus, landlord, took photographs in winter of 1847-1848, 1 
Smith, G. Benj., 20 
Smith, George, 58 yr old farmer, 53 
Smith, Mr., Rev Smith, brother-in-law, 13, 33, 53, 67, 68, 69 
Smith, Mrs., could be sister Frances Smith, 38 
Smith, Rev. J. L., John L. Smith, brother-in-law, Baptist minister, married to sister Frances, age 43, born in MA, 3 children, 3 
Smith's, probably be Samuel Smith, tailor age 43, born in PA estate $1500., wife Catherine, 6 children, 28, 79 
Smith & Bards, tailor shop, 29 
Smith & Carpenter, 63 
Spencer, Dave works for blacksmith, 15 
Starks, Joseph age 33, farmer, or Truman age 32, carpenter, 2 
State Road, 10 
Steele's Store, Charles Steele, merchant age forty three, 15, 28 
Stickles, Mr., Father-in-law Stephen Stickles, age 50, farmer, born in NY, 50, 79 
Sylvester, nephew Sylvester Oviatt, son of Wm. Sweet Oviatt, age eleven, 13, 30 

T., Dea., 79 
Taylor, A. N., possibly Ambrose N. Taylor, merchant age twenty five, 53 
Taylor, Dea. 29, 77 
Taylor, Jas., 61 year old farmer, 36 
Taylor's Shop, blacksmith, John Taylor, 15, 43 
Taylor's Store, 28 
Thomas, Thomas Holmes, age 19, born in NY. Thomas Tracy age 15, born in 
IN, or Thomas King, age 27 farmer, born in IN, wife and 4 children, 9 
Thomp., 33 
Thompson, Jas., 47 
Tracy, Mr.,Edward Tracy, neighbor, farmer, age 44, born in IN, wife Bridget and 5 children, 18 
Tubbs, G. Charles Tubbs,, farmer Z. Tubbs carpenter, 5 

Universalists, 8 

Vansickle, G., James VanSickle age 26, farmer, 53 

Walcott, Mr., 71 
Washing., Washington, DC, 49 
Webster, Mr., Stephen P. , a neighbor, 53 
Wellsboro, a town in PA , 20 
West, N, 40 
White, Andrew, a carpenter age 23, Wm, a farmer age thirty four, 73 
White, Ichabod, 5 
Williams, farmer age 55 or attorney WA, 51, 58 
Williams, W. A., attorney age 30, married with family, neighbor in Keating 
Twp., 35, 39, 79 
Wilson & Co., 16 
Winsor, Mr., a James Windsor lives in household of Solomon Sartwell, 20 yr. old laborer, 78 
Wm., brother William Sweet Oviatt, age 40, farmer, real estate $2000, born in NY, wife Belinda, six children, Keating Twp. neighbor, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 33, 35, 38, 39, 40, 42, 44, 45, 47, 48, 50, 51, 52, 53, 56, 57, 59, 67, 69, 70, 71, 73, 76, 77, 78. 

York, Sarah, 14

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