Bradford, PA
This whole cemetery is on a steep hill

ATWELL, Laura Mabel born 3-8-1877 died 1931 age 54  - b. Oswayo PA nee Lawton 
BAKER, Betty L.    spouse of George Yount born 11-3-1932 died 8-6-2015 age 82 Dau of Albert W. and Louella (Keyes) Troutman, Born in Bradford, PA., Married in Bradford, Died in Bradford, 1 daughter, 1 son
BELL, Earl W. "Jim" spouse of Lois Allen born 9-16-1925 died 12-26-2008 age 83y  - Son of Thomas & Amy Ruby Bell b. Rixford PA d. Bradford PA Wed 8-1-1953 in Bradford PA U.S. Army WW2 awarded European African Middle Eastern Theater Service Medal with two Bronze Stars - Purple Heart - American Theater Service Medal & WW2 Victory Medal 
BLAIR, Earl T. Spouse of Marilyn (MONG) Blair Born 9/13/1929 died 8/15/2016 Age 86  Son of Louiis and Mary (Bourne) Blair, Born in Buffalo, NY, Died in Houston, TX, 1 daughter, 3 sons
BOUQUIN, Shirley M. spouse of Raymond E. born 11-27-1937 died 7-10-2008 age 70y  - Dau. of Samuel & Elsie Keister McWilliams b. Bradford PA d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 3-29-1958 in Bradford PA
BOUQUIN, Raymond E.  spouse of  Shirley M. McWilliams  born  3-29-1937  died  7-2-2010  age  73y  -  Son of Fred & Pansy Field Bouquin b. & d. Bradford PA  Wed 3-29-1958 in Bradford PA U.S. Marine Corps    
BROWN, Alice Arvilla Hills  spouse of Henry Eugene born 5-9-1859 died 4-10-1912 - dau of dau. of Isaiah & Elizabeth Holt Hills Lot No. 2943 
BROWN, George A.  spouse of Achsah Green born 3-29-1861 died 7-23-1931  - son of Henry William & Rhoda DeGolier Brown  Lot No. 3383 
BROWN, Henry Eugene spouse of Alice Arvilla Hills  born 6-8-1850 died 2-24-1936 - son on Henry W. & Rhoda DeGolier Brown the first white child born in the Tuna Valley Bradford Lot No. 2943 
BRUNO, John P. Sr. born 11-19-1917 died 2-10-2008 age 90 - Only Son of James & Mary Ross Bruno b. & d. Bradford PA Wed Wife #1 Alice Allen on 8-16-1949 who died 10-1-1981 Wed Wife #2 Dorothy Clark in 1984 who died 1966 U.S. Army serving in Normandy Northern France Rhineland & Ardennes in Central Europe WW2 
BUNCE, Elizabeth M. "LiL"  spouse of  Willard "Bill" Sr.   born  2/21/1934  died  3/27/2011  age  77y    Dau of Ray & Mary Goldthwait Gilmore b. Syracuse NY d. Bradford PA Wed 9-23-1950 in Syracuse NY Willard died 4-23-1992
BURT, Todd M. born 7-7-1972 died 10-30-2005 age 40  - son of Lowell Blaine & Laura Lee Newman Burt Vehicle accident 
BUTTERFIELD, Lucy Jane Coon Pierce spouse of #1 David James Pierce #2 William Butterfield  born 4-15-1844 died 1-18-1923  - dau. of Rowland & Eunice LeBarron Coon  Lot No. 2944
CARNEY, Elizabeth Lundermuth  spouse of Leo born 1-17-1899 died 12-19-1967 
CARNEY, Leo spouse of Elizabeth L  born 4-11-1897 died 9-18-1965  - son of Thomas Carney and Lovina Morton 
CRISSMAN, Helen E. Spouse of Melvin W. Crissman Born 1-8-1913 died 4-5-2015 Age 102 Dau of Frank P. and Carrie (Whitney) Odell, born in Lima OH, died in Bradford PA, married in Bradford PA, 2 daughters, 1 son
DEGOLIER, Amanda Kilpatrick spouse of Lorenzo L.  born 1844 died 1914  - Lot No. 1532 
DEGOLIER, Lorenzo L. spouse of Amanda Kilpatrick  born 8-19-1841 died 4-15-1918  - son of James III & Anna Stevens DeGolier Lot No. 1532 
DEGOLIER, Spencer M. spouse of Ada born 1868 died 3-24-1936  - son of Albert & Eleanor Hutchinson DeGolier-pioneer settlers of McKean County -Note: Mayor of Bradford  1911-15-1920-23-1928-31- Lot No. 1359 
DENNIS, Betty L (Lewis) Spouse of William H. Dennis Born 5-13-1923 died 5-28-2015 Age 92 Dau of Stillman S. and Freda (Knight) Lewis, Born in Bradford, died in Bradford, Married Aug 4, 1944 in First Baptist Church in Bradford, 3 sons
ERVIN, Lillias J.  spouse of  Charles E. "Bud"  born  8-19-1923  died  7-17-2010  age  86y  -  Son of Frank Cramer & Mildred Louk Barton b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-19-1945 in Buffalo NY Charles E. "Bud" died 4-21-1984   
EYGABROAT, Arthur W.  spouse of Louetta Evanetta "Eleanor" Brown died 11-24-1940 
EYGABROAT, Louetta Evanetta "Eleanor" spouse of #1 Robert Waller  #2 Arthur W.  born 5-16-1865 died 3-3-1935 dau of Henry William & Rhoda A. DeGolier Brown
FARRELL, Patricia L. spouse of George R. born 8-17-1930 died 6-22-2006 age 75  - dau of Fred W. & Cecil Smith Clark m. July 30 1949 
FETTERMAN, Lorraine L. "Pinky" Louk born 12-8-1941 died 10-20-2007 age 65  - Dau. of Edgar & Doris Newman Sr.  b. & d. Bradford PA 
FINLAN, Autumn P.   born 5/29/1936 died 5/31/2016 age 80  Dau of Guy E. and Vilo (Patterson) Finlan Sr.
GOODNOE, Gertrude D. spouse of William born 6-1-1926 died 3-2-2008 age 81 - Dau. of Clarence & Josephine Inscho Kitchell b. Corning NY d. Bradford PA Wed in Limestone NY 
GREER, Gary Foster, Dr.  spouse of Marilynne Barnes born 1/31/1933 died 9/13/2013 age 80y Son of E. Darius Foster & Katherine Dempsey Greer b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 1998 Former Wife Susan Shields Reis  Dr. Greer was a vibrant & learned man with many interests including history literature physical fitness and nutrition   
GRIFFIN, Lena J. spouse of Monroe born 2-20-1903 died 2-22-2005 age 102  - dau of George L. & Harriett Tinker Graham 
GRIFFIN, Monroe spouse of Lena J. died 1961  - wed Sept 16 1929 
GRIFFIN, Thomas died 1934 - son of Monroe & Lena J. Graham Griffin 
HAXTON, Wilson T. spouse of Cora Grinolds  born 6-18-1861 died 2-16-1906  - son of Andrew Timothy and Mary Ann Cook Haxton Father of Pearl Haxton Crowe 
JACKSON, Gregory Lee spouse of born unknown died 3/10/2013 age 40y Son of Larry & Wendy Sue Jackson Terwilliger b. u/k d. Bradford PA   
KENNEDY, Ronald L. "Bubba" Sr.  spouse of  Cathy J. Shugars  born  1/6/1956  died  12/22/2011  age  55y    Son of Alfred L. & Dawn E. Fenton Kennedy b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-27-2008 U.S. Navy Vietnam War
KEERY, Effie Wagner spouse of James Johnson born 12-29-1911 died 5-26-2008 age 96 - b. Bradford PA d. Naples FL Wed 1936 
JUDD, Francis Adelbert spouse of Hannah M.  born 1841 died 3-1-1916 - Judd Mausoleum 
JUDD, Hannah M.  spouse of Francis Adelbert born 1842 died 1-24-1916  - dau of Rowland & Eunice LeBarron Coon Crypt 102 
KEERY, Effie Wagner spouse of James Johnson born 12-29-1911 died 5-26-2008 age 96 - b. Bradford PA d. Naples FL Wed 1936 
KUHANECK, Beverly A. born 7-21-1934 died 12-14-2006 age 72 - Dau. of Seth A. & Rose E. Swanson Davis b. Bradford Pa. d. Smethport Pa.  (She is the last of the family) 
LEONARD, Theodore D. "Ted" spouse of Flora Zamberlan born 12-23-1923 died 4-18-2008 age 84 - Son of John & Rose Steffy Leonard b. Bradford PA d. East Aurora NY  U.S. Navy WW2 
MABEN, Ernest L. spouse of Darla Osborne born 1-4-1937 died 12-5-2007 age 70  - Son of David M. & Katherine Johnson Maben b. & d. Bradford PA 
MABEN, Katherine 'Kate'  born 5-12-1899 died 6-21-1998 age 99  - dau of Frank Johnson and Agnes Young wed 1st John Nelson David M. 'Dewey' Maben d. 11-17-1955 
McADAMS, Jean spouse of  Donald B. born  5/26/1926 died 6/1/2013 age 87y Dau of Albert F. & Elda L. Stephens Xander b. Oil City PA d. Bradford PA Wed 6-28-1947 in Bradford PA    
McAMBLEY, Chris F. spouse of  Bette Case born 10/29/1942 died 10/14/2014 age 71y Son of Joseph Fremont & Gladys Frenz McAmbley b. Chelsea MA d. Warren PA Wed 10-23-1965 in Bradford PA U.S.Navy Vietnam War also served in Naval Reserves   
McAMBLEY, Joseph F.  spouse of  Violette Sayler Hutchens  born  4-24-1915  died  10-11-2010  age  95y    Son of Clarence F. & Winifred Bell Higgins McAmbley b. Custer City PA d. Warren PA  Former Wife Gladys Frenz U.S. Navy serving in the Philippines WW2 Retired from U.S. Navy reserves as Lt.Commander after 24 years
McAMBLEY, Joseph F.  spouse of  Violette Sayler Hutchens  born  4-24-1915  died  10-11-2010  age  95y    Son of Clarence F. & Winifred Bell Higgins McAmbley b. Custer City PA d. Warren PA  Former Wife Gladys Frenz U.S. Navy serving in the Philippines WW2 Retired from U.S. Navy reserves as Lt.Commander after 24 years
McCUTCHEON, Elizabeth J. spouse of  Sophronous S. "Sam" Jr.  born  4/4/1924 died 9/25/2013 age 89y Dau of Howard D. & Helen Shay Acker Sears b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-6-1946 in Buffalo NY Sam died 3-12-1999 Married Husband #2 Fred Hemingway on 11-5-2006 who died 6-5-2010   
McKAY, Helen A. spouse of born 9/5/1924 died 2/8/2014 age 89y Dau of Harold S. & Helen Polley McKay b. & d. Bradford PA    
MESSINA, Steven M. spouse of  born 2-18-2009 died 4-18-2009 age 2m  - Infant Son of Michael S. & Ashley Gallik Messina b. Bradford PA d. Buffalo NY 
MILLER, Theda L. spouse of Herbert L. born 10/10/1925 died 2/2/2015 age 89y Dau of Edward & Florence Barrett Hovey b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 10-15-1945 in Bradford PA Herbert died 9-18-1995
MORETH, Norman F. "Syracuse" Sr. spouse of Evelyn M. Bunce born 4-6-1928 died 3-25-2009 age 80y  - Son of Edward & Irene Michaels Moreth b. Syracuse NY d. Bradford PA Wed 7-23-1949 in Baldwinsville NY
MORGAN, Susan D.  born  5-5-1947 died  7-14-2010 age 63y - Dau. of Archie & Bernice Beuchamp Morgan b. & d. Bradford PA    
MOTT, Connie Ann spouse of Homer F. Sr. born 7-4-1943 died 5-14-2009 age 65y  - Dau. of Wilbert & Helen Keller Taft b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA Wed 11-3-1973 in Bradford PA Wed Husband #1 George Krouse on 8-13-1950 in Limestone NY who died 6-30-1969
MUTZABAUGH, Richard W.  spouse of  Donna G. Griffin  born  8-21-1933  died  12-20-2010  age  77y    Son of R.T. & Isabel Watson Mutzabaugh b. Kane PA d. Bradford PA Wed 9-21-1957 in Bradford PA Attorney Mutzabaugh practiced law for 50 years in McKean County  Mausoleum
NICHOLS, Gale D. spouse of Lillian P. Pendleton born  12-26-1939 died 7-7-2008 age 68y - Son of Howard E. & Dora Woodruff Nichols b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 11-4-1961 in Bradford PA 
NORTHROP, Nels A. spouse of Winifred E. died 1989  - wed May 30 1942 
NORTHROP, Winifred E. spouse of Nels A. born 6-29-1918 died 3-13-2005  - dau of Robert & Vesta L. Warner Hunt 
OLSON, Shirley  spouse of Melvin born 1910 died 5-19-2007 age  97  - Dau. of Charles & Jessie Anning  b. Toronto Canada  d. Bradford PA  Wed Husband #1 Charles MacKendrick on 6-26-1926 Wed Husband #2  7-1985 
PAGLIANITE, Bettie born 9-30-1929 died 6-11-2006 age 76 - Dau. of John "Toot" & Ruth Pitts Lindermuth  b. Brookville Pa.  d. Bradford Pa. 
PIERCE, Byron E. born 12-10-1870 died 10-2-1944 son of David James & Lucy Jane Coon Pierce  Lot No. 2844 He isn't in the family plot
PIERCE, David James spouse of Lucy Jane Coon born 2-18-1842 died 11-4-1899  son of Caleb M. & Nancy Schermerhorn Pierce  Lot No: 2944
PIFER, Catherine L. spouse of  born 9/12/1941 died 3/1/2014  age 72y Dau of Francis Spencer & Lillian Olin Pifer b. Bradford PA d. Erie PA    
PINNEY, Chauncey G. born 4-26-1837 died 10-28-1921 - Co. D 154th NYS Vols. 
PRENTISS, James  S. spouse of  Rhonda L. Weigartz born 9/2/1943 died 2/17/2012 age 68y Son of Claude S. & Viola E. Caputo Prentiss Bosworth b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 6-28-1980 in Olean NY    
SCHIERER, Richard C. spouse of Theola M. died 1976 
SCHIERER, Theola M. spouse of Richard C. born 6-17-1926 died 5-19-2009  - dau of Vernon & Rosa Smith Wetherbee 
SCHONBLOM, Aline D. spouse of H. James born 4-18-1910 died 10-26-2008 age 98y  - Dau. of Earl N. & Lillian Crooker Dana b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 9-2-1933 in Bradford PA 
SILVIS, Merle, E. spouse of Sheryl (Galbreth) Silvis born 10/17/1950 died 7/23/2015 age 64 Son of Arthur R. and Dorothy R. (Allison) Silvis, Born in Bradford, Married Dec 27, 1997, Died in Bradford, 1 son, 1 daughter- City of Bradford Fire Fighter
SLOAN, James MacKenzie spouse of Rhea B. Stevenson born 8-23-1891 died 5-25-1948  Lot No. 2944
SLOAN, Rhea B. Stevenson spouse of James MacKenzie born 5-1-1897 died 8-6-1971  dau. of Elmer T. & Eva Nell Pierce Stevenson
STEVENSON, Eva Nell Pierce  spouse of Elmer T. born 6-1-1873 died 1-20-1921  dau. of David James & Lucy Jane Coon Pierce  Lot No. 2944
TOY, William Major died 12-30-1929 
VEITE, Lawreence N. "Larry" spouse of Theresa F. Nellis born  9-14-1938 died 9-7-2009 age 70y  -  Son of Jacob & Christina Wazelle Veite b. Punxsutawney PA d. Bradford PA  Wed 7-14-1979 in Eldred PA     
WEAVER, Bertha B. "Cookie"  born 10-30-1957 died 8-6-2010 age 52y  - Dau. of Homer F. & Elva Pearl Reinard Mott b. & d. Bradford PA     
WESMILLER, Barbara J. Spouse of Dene P. Wesmiller Born 8-20-1935 died 4-7-2015 Age 79 Dau of Gene and Bernice (Bennett) Case, Born in Bradford, PA., Married May 4, 1953 in Bradford, PA., 1 daughter, 2 sons
WESMILLER, Dene P.  spouse of  Barbara J. Case  born  11/8/1930  died  12/6/2011 age  81y Son of Clarence G. "Smiles" & Helen I. Parsons Wesmiller b. & d. Bradford PA Wed 5-4-1953 in Bradford PA  U.S. Army Korean War
WILSON, Larry R. born  1-22-1942  died 5-12-2010 age 68y  - Son of Richard E. & Delores A. Moore Wilson b. & d. Bradford PA 
WRIGHT, Norma Mae spouse of Alfred Jacob born 4-2-1919 died 5-13-2006 age 87 - Dau. of Frank & Hazel Wright Tallman  b. Salamanca N.Y.  d. Bradford Pa.  Wed: 4-3-1937

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