Nebo Cemetery
Mt. Jewett PA Hamlin Township

Submitted by Russell & Janice Swanson



ADAIR, Donald H. spouse of Donna Wallin born 3-2-1924 died 12-12-2008 age 84y - Son of Hartley & Emma Winner Adair b. & d. Mount Jewett PA Wed 4-17-1954 in Mount Jewett PA 878th Army Airborne Engineers in Europe WW2
ADAIR Donna  Spouse of  Donald born  8-7-1932 died  2-3-2007 Section  AA  8-148b
ADERMAN Mildred G. Maggy Spouse of  Wilbert Jiggs born  2-16-1916 died  8-24-1999 Section  AA  10-220b
ADERMAN Wilbert Jiggs Spouse of  Mildred G. Maggy born  9-12-1903 died  4-29-1981 Section  AA  10-220a
AGGAS Hannah E. Spouse of  William J. born  11-13-1922 died  11-25-1984 Section  AA  8-157b
AGGAS William  Jr. born  1947 died  1967  -  S of William J.& Hannah Section  AA  8-158a
AGGAS William J. Spouse of  Hannah E. born  3-11-1921 died  7-19-1996 Section  AA  8-157a
ALEXIS Albert B. born  1902 died  1930 Section  A  5-18b
ALEXIS Anna M. Spouse of  Otto F. born  1869 died  1947 Section  C  12-9b
ALEXIS B.Christina died  2-28-1888 Section  C  21-11
ALEXIS Carl A. Spouse of  Margaret born  1855 died  1930 Section  A  5-17a
ALEXIS Carl W. born  1913 died  1913 Section  A  6-22c
ALEXIS Edith Spouse of  Harold born  2-28-1898 died  10/21/1980 Section  C  12-8b
ALEXIS Edla C. born  1904 died  1928 Section  A  5-18b
ALEXIS Edna O. born  1904 died  1924 Section  A  6-22b
ALEXIS Emil S. born  12/31/1909 died  10/31/1969 Section  AA  1-11c
ALEXIS Esther Spouse of  Robert born  11-4-1894 died  6/29/1992 Section  B  10-7c
ALEXIS Florence J. born  1903 died  1917 Section  A  6-22a
ALEXIS Geraldine Spouse of  Roy M. born  3/16/1917 died  4/16/1998 Section  AA  8-153b
ALEXIS Harold Spouse of  Edith born  1898 died  1967 Section  C  12-8c
ALEXIS Ivar  born  9/25/1903 died  9/25/1979 Section  AA  1-11b
ALEXIS Lydia K. born  1886 died  1907  -  d.of Carl & Margaret Section  A  5-17c
ALEXIS M.Christina died  2-25-1888 Section  C  21-12
ALEXIS Margaret Spouse of  Carl A. born  1864 died  1932 Section  A  5-17b
ALEXIS Mirdred E. (Millie) Spouse of  Otto F. born  3/8/1930 died  3/4/2002 Section  CC  2-35b
ALEXIS O.Albin born  1896 died  1917  -  s.of Carl & Margaret Section  A  5-17d
ALEXIS Orville H. born  1925 died  1925  -  s of Harold & Edith Section  C 12-8a
ALEXIS Otto F. Spouse of  Anna M. born  1860 died  1935 Section  C  12-9a
ALEXIS Otto F. Spouse of  Mirdred E.  born  2/20/1923 died  1/23/2005 Section  CC  2-35a
ALEXIS Robert Spouse of  Esther born  1891 died  7/24/1974 Section  B  10-7b
ALEXIS Robert Grover born  1916 died  1918  -  s.of Robert & Esther Section  B  10-7a
ALEXIS Roy M. (Butch) Spouse of  Geraldine born  2/28/1911 died  2/5/1996 Section  AA  8-153a
ALEXIS Ruth J. born  1894 died  1910 Section  A  6-22d
ALEXIS Sigfrid Spouse of  Violet born  3/13/1908 died  9/3/1987 Section  AA  10-221a
ALEXIS Violet Spouse of  Sigfred born  1/26/1907 died  3/4/2001 Section  AA  10-221b
ANDERSON A.Gustaf Spouse of  Albertina born  1864 died  1916 Section  B  8-10a
ANDERSON A.Roxie Spouse of  Oliver born  5/4/1913 died  11/6/1982 Section  AA  8-159b
ANDERSON Adolph Spouse of  Alvera H. born  12-22-1899 died  9/4/1989 Section  AA  9-174a
ANDERSON Albertina Spouse of  A.Gustaf born  1873 died  1916 Section  B  8-10b
ANDERSON Alma Spouse of  Charles born  1868 died  1939 Section  B  10-3b
ANDERSON Alphild Spouse of  Hilmer born  1906 died  6/5/1997 Section  AA  4-74b
ANDERSON Alvera H.  Spouse of  Adolph born  1/1/1906 died  10/4/1997 Section  AA  9-174b
ANDERSON Anna T. Spouse of  Olaf born  1872 died  1915 Section  B  8-6c
ANDERSON August died  1/15/1919 Section  B  11-3a
ANDERSON Augusta born  1871 died  1940 Section  A  4-10b
ANDERSON Baby died  1904 Section  A  4-18c
ANDERSON C.August Spouse of  Hilda C. born  1862 died  1950 Section  A  6-24b
ANDERSON Carl W. Spouse of  Gertrude M. born  1895 died  1964 Section  B  7-6b
ANDERSON Charles Spouse of  Alma born  1860 died  1917 Section  B  10-3a
ANDERSON Charles Gerald Spouse of  Pauline born  1915 died  1973 Section  AA  2-34b
ANDERSON Charles L. Spouse of  Emma born  1869 died  1965 Section  B  11-6c
ANDERSON Clyde W.  born  1902 died  1929 Section  B  8-6b
ANDERSON Darlea K. born  2/27/1955 died  6/18/2000  -  d of Anne Section  AA  8-159b
ANDERSON Daveda E. Spouse of  Olin C. born  6/23/1913 died  9/16/1990 Section  AA  6-110c
ANDERSON David's Baby died  1930 Section  B  8-10c
ANDERSON Dolores E. Spouse of  John born  4/14/1928 died  1/11/2005 Section  CC  1-27b
ANDERSON Edith A. Spouse of  H. LeRoy born  12/15/1908 died  3/13/1994 Section  AA  8-164b
ANDERSON Edna K. born  1906 died  1925  -  d.of Charles & Emma Section  B  11-6a
ANDERSON Edwin H. born  1900 died  1913  -  s.of Augus t& HildaC. Section  A  6-24a
ANDERSON Einar Spouse of  Lois born  1/17/1905 died  11/7/1982 Section  AA  11-245a
ANDERSON Ellen Spouse of  Oscar F. born  3-28-1893 died  6/30/1979 Section  AA  2-33a
ANDERSON Emma Spouse of  Charles L. born  1880 died  1953 Section  B  11-6b
ANDERSON Emma Spouse of  Gust born  7-27-1895 died  11/3/1990 Section  AA  8-154b
ANDERSON Evald W. born  8/13/1916 died  6/30/2001 Section  AA  3-54b
ANDERSON Everill F. born  4/4/1919 died  5/4/1994 Section  AA  7-124c
ANDERSON Frank Spouse of  Mrs. Frank died  1917 Section  A  4-18a
ANDERSON Fredrick born  1851 died  1914 Section  C  17-67
ANDERSON Gerda born  4/3/1908 died  12/2/2000 Section  AA  6-Sb
ANDERSON Gertrude M. Spouse of  Carl W. born  7-18-1896 died  6/3/1991 Section  B  7-6a
ANDERSON Gust Spouse of  Emma born  1894 died  1968 Section  AA  8-154a
ANDERSON H.LeRoy Spouse of  Edith A. born  11/8/1908 died  5/17/1995 Section  AA  8-164a
ANDERSON Hilda C. Spouse of  C. August born  1878 died  1969 Section  A  6-24c
ANDERSON Hilmer Spouse of  Alphild born  1903 died  1951 Section  AA  4-74a
ANDERSON J.Sigfrid born  1898 died  1925 Section  B  8-11c
ANDERSON Jenny Spouse of  John born  1882 died  3/24/1971 Section  AA  3-53a
ANDERSON Joel born  8/3/1946 died  3/3/2003 Section  AA  2-34b
ANDERSON Johanna K. born  1843 died  1917 Section  C  19-47
ANDERSON John born  1870 died  1905 Section  A  4-10c
ANDERSON John born  1873 died  1935 Section  C  13-17a
ANDERSON John Spouse of  Jenny born  1862 died  1945 Section  AA  3-53b
ANDERSON John E. spouse of Delores Sorensen born 12-14-1926 died 1-22-2010 age 83y  Son of Adolf & Emma Carlson Anderson b. Mt. Jewett PA d. DuBois PA Wed 2-14-1948 in Mt. Jewett PA  U.S. Army WW2
ANDERSON Lois Spouse of  Einar born  1908 died  4/1/1992 Section  AA  11-245b
ANDERSON Ludwig born  10/22/1908 died  11/30/1976 Section  AA  3-54a
ANDERSON Mabel Julia born  7/4/1914 died  6/1/1974 Section  AA  3-53c
ANDERSON Martha died  1896 Section  C  22-29
ANDERSON Mrs. August died  1932 Section  B  11-3b
ANDERSON Mrs. Frank Spouse of  Frank died  1924 Section  A  4-18b
ANDERSON Olaf Spouse of  Anna T. born  1871 died  1942 Section  B  8-6a
ANDERSON Olin C. Spouse of  Daveda E. born  1898 died  1989 Section  AA  6-110b
ANDERSON Oliver Spouse of  A.Roxie born  1906 died  1968 Section  AA  8-159a
ANDERSON Oscar F. Spouse of  Ellen  born  1887 died  1942 Section  AA  2-33b
ANDERSON Selma Spouse of  Simon born  1889 died  1972 Section  AA  7-124b
ANDERSON Simon Spouse of  Selma born  1880 died  1967 Section  AA  7-124a
ANDERSON Wallace L. born  2/23/1917 died  3/26/1990 Section  A  6-25b
ANDRIS Charlotte Spouse of  Victor born  1865 died  1946 Section  C  13-11b
ANDRIS Victor  Spouse of  Charlotte born  1857 died  1935 Section  C  13-11c
ARTHURS Jesse R. born  1898 died  1899 Section  C  18-1
ARTHURS Leonard W. Spouse of  V. Eleanor born  6/13/1917 died  12/21/2000 Section  AA  11-247a
ARTHURS Mary Spouse of  Winfield S. born  1860 died  1925 Section  A  2-23a
ARTHURS Norman born  1879 died  1924 Section  A  1-21b
ARTHURS V. Eleanor Spouse of  Leonard W. born  10/29/1925 died  3/27/1990 Section  AA  11-247b
ARTHURS Walter S. died  1927 Section  A  1-21a
ARTHURS Winfield S. Spouse of  Mary born  1853 died  1917 Section  A  2-23b
BARNES Leo C. Spouse of  Shirley A. born  3/28/1925 died  11/13/1979 Section  AA  10-203a
BARNHART Fred C. Spouse of  Grace M. born  9/7/1902 died  4/1/1992 Section  AA  9-176b
BARNHART Grace M. Spouse of  Fred C. died  8/24/1988 Section  AA  9-176c
BARNHART Phillip J.(Flip) born  1964 died  9/2/1985  -  s of Phillip & Sally Section  CC  1-35c
BARNHART Richard F. Spouse of  Virginia born  1922 died  10/14/2000 Section  CC  2-25a
BARREY Charles Spouse of  Patricia born  11/30/1917 died  7/10/1988 Section  CC  3-37a
BARTON Frank Spouse of  Lois born  1/20/1920 died  10/28/1976 Section  AA  10-204a
BARTON Lois Spouse of  Frank born  1/9/1918 died  10/28/1976 Section  AA  10-204b
BATES Ann Spouse of  Frank born  1857 died  1933 Section  A  1-19c
BATES Frank Spouse of  Ann born  1856 died  1927 Section  A  1-19b
BEASTROM Carl William born  8-5-1895 died  9-12-1895 Section  C  14A-3b
BEASTROM John born  8-19-1894 died  10-18-1894 Section  C  14A-3a
BECKMAN Anna R died  1903 Section  C  16-10
BECKMAN C. Ellsworth  Spouse of  Roxie J. born  2/22/1907 died  5/10/1988 Section  CC  1-33a
BECKMAN Elizabeth Spouse of  Leland died  2/25/1998 Section  CC  1-34b
BECKMAN Hilma Spouse of  Ludwig born  1881 died  1940 Section  AA  1-17a
BECKMAN Kevin L. Spouse of  Judy born  1953 died  9/12/2004 Section  CC  2-37a
BECKMAN Leland Spouse of  Elizabeth born  4/13/1919 died  5/17/1985 Section  CC  1-34a
BECKMAN Ludwig Spouse of  Hilma born  1884 died  1969 Section  AA  1-17b
BECKMAN Roxie J. Spouse of  C. Ellsworth  born  11-14-1914 died  6-26-2006 age 91  - Dau. of Edward R. & Melissa Bush Schlopy b. Kane Pa.d. Mount Jewett Pa. Wed: 2-26-1936 in Limestone N.Y.  Section  CC  1-33b
BECKMAN Trevor & Brandon born  3/24/1996 died  3/25/1996 Section  CC  1-33a
BECKSTROM Adolph Spouse of  Christina born  1881 died  1955 Section  B  11-14d
BECKSTROM Christina Spouse of  Adolph born  1878 died  1962 Section  B  11-14c
BECKSTROM John born  1886 died  1919 Section  B  11-14a
BECKSTROM Nels born  1908 died  1910  -  s of Christina & Adolph Section  B  11-14b
BENGSTON Alfhild Spouse of  Carl born  11-19-1893 died  10/29/1981 Section  A  6-18b
BENGSTON Anna J. Spouse of  John born  11-11-1854 died  2/23/1925 Section  A  6-17b
BENGSTON August Spouse of  Pauline born  1878 died  1946 Section  B  7-8a
BENGSTON Carl Spouse of  Alfhild born  1888 died  1962 Section  A  6-18a
BENGSTON John Spouse of  Anna J. born  1-8-1852 died  1/22/1911 Section  A  6-17a
BENGSTON Pauline Spouse of  August born  1881 died  1965 Section  B  7-8b
BENSON Albert born  1872 died  1940 Section  B  9-14c
BENSON Alf B. Spouse of  Doris A born  9/9/1906 died  4/16/2000 Section  AA  5-97b
BENSON Andrew born  1869 died  1930 Section  C  15-17
BENSON Anna P. Spouse of  C.Herman born  1874 died  1950 Section  C  13-1b
BENSON Annie born  1905 died  1917 Section  B  9-14b
BENSON Arvid Spouse of  Mae born  3/22/1900 died  6/19/1977 Section  AA  5-96a
BENSON Beda , Spouse of born  1898 died  1952 Section  B  9-15a
BENSON C.Herman Spouse of  Anna P. born  1876 died  1953 Section  C  13-1a
BENSON Doris A. Spouse of  Alf B. born  12/7/1914 died  3/18/1999 Section  AA  5-97c
BENSON Edwin (Gene Edward) born  1935 died  1935 Section  B  9-14a
BENSON Elemina Spouse of  Samuel born  1869 died  1932 Section  A  3-20a
BENSON Ellen born  1897 died  1912  -  d.of Samuel & Elemina Section  A  3-20c
BENSON Emma born  1867 died  1949 Section  B  9-15bx
BENSON Fritz born  1908 died  1973 Section  B  9-15c
BENSON Gurt born  1904 died  1926  -  d of C.Herman & Anna P. Section  C  13-1c
BENSON Harriet Spouse of  Rudolph born  12/28/1906 died  9/5/1974 Section  C  13-2a
BENSON J.H. born  1870 died  1905 Section  C  15-1
BENSON Lillian born  1917 died  2/6/1988 Section  C  13-2c
BENSON Mae Spouse of  Arvid born  3/23/1907 died  6/24/1978 Section  AA  5-96b
BENSON Nels died  1941 Section  C  21-72
BENSON Rudolph Spouse of  Harriet born  1914 died  2/6/1987 Section  C  13-2b
BENSON Samuel Spouse of  Elemina born  1862 died  1918 Section  A  3-20b
BERG Carl Albert Spouse of  Julia born  10/19/1909 died  3/3/1987 Section  AA  7-125c
BERGMAN Elma born  1853 died  1900 Section  C  15-2
BERGREEN Carl V. Spouse of  Gustava born  1849 died  1917 Section  A  4-19a
BERGREEN Gustava Spouse of  Carl V. born  1847 died  1918 Section  A  4-19b
BERNHARD Edmund born  10/30/1944 died  9/8/1980 Section  AA  11-249a
BERNHARD Helen Spouse of  James born  1911 died  1970 Section  AA  2-38b
BERNHARD James Spouse of  Helen born  1904 died  1951 Section  AA  2-38a
BERNHARD James Jr. born  9/15/1927 died  12/22/1962 Section  AA  2-38c
BERNHARD Jessie A. born  1/30/1982 died  1/30/1982 Section  AA  11-249a
BERNHARD  John Kenneth born  1/7/1974 died 8/24/2013 age 39y Son of Ken & Sally Verolini Bernhard b. Kane PA d. Mount Jewett PA
BERNHARD Richard F. born  2/21/1948 died  7/17/2005 Section  AA  11-249b
BERNHARD Roger W. Spouse of  Diane born  10/3/1945 died  9/28/1987 Section  CC  1-18a
BERTIAUX Eglee Spouse of  Eugene born  1867 died  1942 Section  B  7-15b
BERTIAUX Eugene Spouse of  Eglee born  1854 died  1915 Section  B  7-15a
BESECKER Baby/Craft died  1917 Section  A  4-14a
BESECKER Della Byrnes born  1867 died  1933 Section  A  4-14d
BESECKER Ed born  1894 died  1968 Section  AA  5-84a
BESECKER Evelyn B. Spouse of  William born  5/20/1922 died  9/4/2000 Section  AA  7-223a
BESECKER Veno born 1905 died  1905 Section  A  4-14b
BESECKER William born  1854 died  1918 Section  A  4-14c
BESECKER William R. spouse of Evelyn B. Tinson born 5/14/1920 died 5/26/2012 age 92y Son of Edward & Margaret Jackson Besecker b. unknown d. Kane PA Wed 3-1945  U.S. Army WW2
BILLS Everett Spouse of  Jessie C. born  1891 died  1952 Section  AA  2-39a
BILLS Jessie C. Spouse of  Everett born  1900 died  1990 Section  AA  2-39b
BISH Alice died  1908  -  d.of Edward Section  A  3-16c
BISH Sara died  1916  -  d.of Edward Section  A  3-16b
BIXBY Bill Spouse of  Ruth  born  7/5/1923 died  7/20/1980 Section  AA  11-234a
BIXBY Ruth  Spouse of  Bill born  2/18/1923 died  12/7/1985 Section  AA  11-234b
BLACK Alice J. born  1908 died  1936 Section  C  13-10x
BLOMGREN Ida Spouse of  Rev. G.H. born  1890 died  4/1/1977 Section  AA  3-50b
BLOOMQUIST Charles Spouse of  Christina born  1864 died  1932 Section  A  1-17b
BLOOMQUIST Christina Spouse of  Charles born  1863 died  1926 Section  A  1-17c
BLOOMQUIST Clare born  1921 died  1922 Section  C  20-6
BLOOMQUIST Hedvig born  1899 died  1920 Section  B  8-15a
BLOOMQUIST John G. died  1898 Section  C  19-58
BODECKER Donna M. Spouse of  Robert G. born  6/26/1932 died  2/24/1992 Section  AA  10-208b
BODECKER Robert G. Spouse of  Donna M. born  12/17/1929 died  1/7/2006 Section  AA  10-208a
BODECKER Robert L. born  5/21/1957 died  6/26/1981  -  s of Robert & Donna Section  AA  10-207a
BOMGREN Rev. G.H. Spouse of  Ida born  1884 died  1945 Section  AA  3-50a
BOND Emma B. born  1873 died  1936 Section  A  4-10a
BOYD Lottie Spouse of  Norman born  1890 died  1961 Section  AA  5-84b
BOYD Norman Spouse of  Lottie born  1887 died  1966 Section  AA  5-84c
BRISTOL James Spouse of  Sandra L. born  8/7/1946 died  11/19/1993 Section  CC  3-21a
BROMLEY Clinton Spouse of  Lillian born  1892 died  1973 Section  AA  5-90b
BROMLEY Lillian Spouse of  Clinton born  1889 died  1955 Section  AA  5-90a
BROOKS Alice ( Manning) born  2/7/1915 died  9/14/1996 Section  AA  3-48b
BROOKS Glenn Spouse of  Alice born  1910 died  1966 Section  AA  3-48c
BROOKS LeRoy  born  1932 died  1947 Section  AA  3-s
BROOKS Robert born  1942 died  1989 Section  AA  3-48c
BROOKS Stewart born  1859 died  1944 Section  AA  3-48a
BROWN Dustin B. born  2/9/1981 died  1/11/2005  -  s of Leonard & Debra Section  CC  4-19b
BROWN Mr. died  1900 Section  A  5-7a
BROWN Mrs.W.H. died  1895 Section  A  4-2a
BURG Anna V. Spouse of  Emil born  1882 died  1972 Section  C  14-2b
BURG Emil Spouse of  Anna V. born  1869 died  1959 Section  C  14-2c
BURG Eunice Spouse of  LeVerne E. born  12/31/1913 died  4/14/1978 Section  AA  9-187b
BURG LeVerne E. Spouse of  Eunice born  9/11/1911 died  11/9/1987 Section  AA  9-187a
BURKETT Emma Ruth Spouse of  Joseph born  8/16/1927 died  4/28/2004 Section  AA  7-132b
BURKETT Joseph Spouse of  Emma Ruth born  11/13/1919 died  12/28/1987 Section  AA  7-132a
BURNS Ada Vera died  1891 Section  C  18-27
BURROWS Haney (Paulson) born  2/28/1935 died  5/3/1976 Section  AA  3-sc
BUSER Christine L. born  4/26/1934 died  3/8/2003 Section  B  8-3b
BUSH Augusta born  1863 died  1944 Section  A  5-20a
BUSH Minnie Spouse of  Peter born  1895 died  1971 Section  AA  3-59b
BUSH Peter Spouse of  Minnie born  1882 died  1963 Section  AA  3-59c
CALDWELL Earl Spouse of  Ethel born  10/9/1906 died  11/22/1985 Section  AA  4-80c
CALDWELL Ethel Spouse of  Earl born  2/2/1905 died  9/5/1987 Section  AA  4-80A-a
CALLENBERG Anna Spouse of  Arvid born  1887 died  1967 Section  AA  6-111b
CALLENBERG Arvid Spouse of  Anna born  1885 died  1964 Section  AA  6-111c
CALLENBERG Axel Spouse of  Mabel born  1888 died  1965 Section  AA  6-112a
CALLENBERG Carl H. Spouse of  Hilda G. born  1863 died  1940 Section  B  10-10a
CALLENBERG Hilda G. Spouse of  Carl H. born  1860 died  1918 Section  B  10-10b
CALLENBERG J.Irene born  1/2/1920 died  2/22/2002 Section  AA  6-111a
CALLENBERG Veeder born  1914 died  8/25/1977 Section  AA  6-113b
CAMPBELL Mary J. Spouse of  Virgil born  10/23/1920 died  8/31/1997 Section  CC  5-30b
CAMPBELL Virgil W. spouse of Mary J. Johnson born 1/7/1922 died 4/18/2012 age 90y Son of William & Jessie Orcutt Campbell b. & d. Kane PA Wed 2-1946 in Mount Jewett PA U.S. Marine Corps WW2 serving in the South Pacific
CAMPMON Frances Spouse of  Mitchell born  1/23/1910 died  10/8/1978 Section  A  2-24b
CAMPMON Mitchell Spouse of  Frances born  9/4/1902 died  3/7/1980 Section  A  2-24a
CARLSON Adelbert born  1906 died  1907 Section  A  6-14c
CARLSON Agnes Spouse of  John A. born  1-12-1889 died  4/25/1981 Section  B  9-5c
CARLSON Albertina Spouse of  J.Magnus born  1854 died  1920 Section  B  9-4b
CARLSON Alfref J. Spouse of  Jennie born  1865 died  1938 Section  A  6-15c
CARLSON Alice Spouse of  Leonard born  9/9/1902 died  3/30/1987 Section  B  7-5d
CARLSON Anna Spouse of  Gust B. born  1871 died  1952 Section  AA  5-91b
CARLSON Annie C. Spouse of  John A. born  2/7/1907 died  10/22/1991 Section  AA  2-31c
CARLSON Arvid died  1892 Section  A  6-14a
CARLSON Axel B. born  1862 died  1922 Section  A  1-14a
CARLSON Bert E. died  1917 Section  C  21-42
CARLSON Carl died  1902 Section  A  6-14b
CARLSON Carl J. Spouse of  Mathilda born  1865 died  1924 Section  C  12-14b
CARLSON Clara born  6/18/1923 died  6/25/1997 Section  AA  4-75a
CARLSON Daisy Spouse of  J. Edwin born  1896 died  1973 Section  A  3-25a
CARLSON David E. born  1939 died  1940  -  son of Annie C. & John A. Section  AA  2-32c
CARLSON Edith died  1904  -  d.of Hilding Section  A  2-16c
CARLSON Ellen V. born  11/15/1985 died  8/14/2002 Section  C  12-14d
CARLSON Elof Spouse of  Eva born  1877 died  1948 Section  AA  4-75b
CARLSON Esther Spouse of  Herman  born  1893 died  1941 Section  AA  2-29a
CARLSON Eva Spouse of  Elof born  10-12-1885 died  9/3/1977 Section  AA  7-75c
CARLSON Geraldine L. spouse of J. Edward born 12-31-1916 died 12-12-2009 age 92y  Dau. of Ceylon & Lena Barnes Ordiway b. Bradford PA d. St. Mary's PA Wed 1-23-1937 in Kane PA 
CARLSON Gilbert born  1900 died  1938 Section  A  6-15b
CARLSON Gust B. Spouse of  Anna born  1870 died  1950 Section  AA  5-91a
CARLSON H.G. born  7-4-1878 died  1/28/1903 Section  C  17-29
CARLSON Helen E. Spouse of  L.LeVerne born  1/14/1931 died  11/24/1998 Section  AA  3-55b
CARLSON Herman Spouse of  Esther born  1890 died  1971 Section  AA  2-29b
CARLSON Hilding Spouse of  Mrs. Hilding born  1863 died  1951 Section  A  2-16b
CARLSON J. Edward Spouse of  Geraldine born  8/13/1915 died  1/1/2006 Section  AA  9-184a
CARLSON J.Edwin Spouse of  Daisy born  1894 died  1952 Section  A  3-25b
CARLSON J.Magnus Spouse of  Albertina born  1853 died  1931 Section  B  9-4a
CARLSON Jennie Spouse of  Alfred J. born  1870 died  1950 Section  A  6-15a
CARLSON John A. Spouse of  Agnes born  1888 died  1967 Section  B  9-5b
CARLSON John A. Spouse of  Annie C. born  5/6/1907 died  3/8/1993 Section  AA  2-32a
CARLSON Keith born  1956 died  1956  -  s of L.LeVerne & Helen E. Section  AA  3-55c
CARLSON L.LeVerne Spouse of  Helen E. born  8/27/1925 died  6/18/1993 Section  AA  3-55a
CARLSON Leonard Spouse of  Alice born  3/9/1904 died  1/2/1995 Section  B  7-5e
CARLSON LeVerne A. born  5/27/1916 died  1/31/1970 Section  A  1-14b
CARLSON Linda Sue born  8/7/1947 died  1/1/1993 Section  CC  4-25b
CARLSON Mae died  1913 Section  C  17-62
CARLSON Mathilda Spouse of  Carl J. born  1868 died  1962 Section  C  12-14c
CARLSON Mathilda born  1890 died  1967 Section  B  9-5a
CARLSON Mrs.Hilding Spouse of  Hilding born  1877 died  1908 Section  A  2-16a
CARROW Evelyn born  5/13/1914 died  1/2/2003 Section  AA  7-Sb
CARROW Freddie born  1912 died  1940  -  s of Nora Section  AA  2-30a
CARROW Fredrick born  1882 died  1912 Section  C  17-59
CARROW Kari born  10/17/1972 died  1/24/1985  -  d.of Dale & Vicki Section  AA  11-231b
CARROW Keith born  1962 died  1962 Section  B  8-2a
CARROW Mary L. Spouse of  Richard born  6/7/1934 died  5/14/2004 Section  AA  7-140Ab
CARROW Nora born  1886 died  1956 Section  AA  2-30b
CARROW Richard Spouse of  Mary L. born  6/18/1928 died  3/3/1977 Section  AA  7-140Ac
CARROW Vicki born  12/14/1949 died  1/24/1985 Section  AA  11-231a
CHALLSTROM Anna B. Spouse of  Emil born  1859 died  1936 Section  B  10-9b
CHALLSTROM Emil Spouse of  Anna B. born  1866 died  1936 Section  B  10-9a
CHALLSTROM Gust Spouse of  Mabel born  1887 died  1973 Section  AA  8-147a
CHALLSTROM Mabel Spouse of  Gust  born  1892 died  1967 Section  AA  8-147b
CHARLES Esther Spouse of  George T. born  1878 died  1953 Section  B  11-15b
CHARLES George T. Spouse of  Esther born  1890 died  1958 Section  B  11-15c
CHEESMAN Edith G. born  1897 died  1939 Section  A  5-18c
CHRISMAN Chester Spouse of  Elenora born  1899 died  1963 Section  AA  4-79c
CHRISMAN Elenora Spouse of  Chester born  1899 died  1969 Section  AA  4-80a
CHRISMAN Howard born  1901 died  1967 Section  AA  4-80b
CHRISMAN Isabel spouse of Roger born 9-14-1938 died 10-27-2009 age 71y  Dau. of Lorenzo & Juana Vasquez b. Gary IN d. Pittsburgh PA Wed 5-13-1988 in Mt. Jewett PA 
CHRISMAN Melvina Spouse of  Stewert born  9/17/1921 died  9/27/2002 Section  AA  7-140b
CHRISMAN Roger  Spouse of  Isabelle born  10/31/1948 died  10/5/1998 Section  CC  5-28a
CHRISMAN Stewart Spouse of  Melvina born  12/3/1919 died  10/3/1977 Section  AA  7-140a
CHRISTENSON Albert born  1898 died  1899  -  s of John & Gertrude Section  B 9-11a
CHRISTENSON Arnold J. Spouse of  Doris G. born  4/4/1917 died  6/2/1991 Section  A  1-9c
CHRISTENSON Doris G. Spouse of  Arnold J. born  5/16/1916 died  8/15/1990 Section  A  1-9b
CHRISTENSON Esther born  3-29-1894 died  6/10/1980 Section  B  7-14a
CHRISTENSON Gertrude  born  1894 died  1894 Section  B  9-11b
CHRISTENSON John born  1-29-1860 died  3/10/1900 Section  B  9-11c
CHRISTENSON John Spouse of  Marie S. born  1888 died  1949 Section  A  1-8a
CHRISTENSON John Paul born  7/31/1948 died  4/4/1966  -  s of Arnold J.& Doris G. Section  A  1-9a
CHRISTENSON Marie S. Spouse of  John born  1887 died  1963 Section  A  1-8b
CHRISTMAN Burlington Spouse of  Jennie born  1874 died  1935 Section  C  14-13a
CHRISTMAN Francis born  3-13-1849 died  11-11-1895 Section  A  4-3a
CHRISTMAN Jennie Spouse of  Burlington born  1880 died  1936 Section  C  14-13b
CLARK Ella (Miller) born  1885 died  1967 Section  AA  3-56b
CLARK Harold Spouse of  Victoria born  2-8-1899 died  10/12/1974 Section  AA  4-68b
CLARK Tillie Spouse of  William born  4-13-1867 died  7/21/1923 Section  A  5-6b
CLARK Victoria Spouse of  Harold born  6/21/1904 died  2/13/1995 Section  AA  4-68a
CLARK Vina born  1-24-1894 died  10/31/1905 Section  A  5-6c
CLARK William Spouse of  Tillie born  1866 died  1894 Section  A  5-6a
CLINK Ethel  Spouse of  Sam born  1891 died  1959 Section  AA  1-19b
CLINK Sam Spouse of  Ethel born  1890 died  1959 Section  AA  1-19c
COCHRIN Alva (Hipchen) born  1871 died  1942 Section  AA  2-35c
COLESON Helen Spouse of  John born  1845 died  1911 Section  A  6-7b
COLESON Irene A. died  1889 Section  A  6-7c
COLESON John Spouse of  Helen born  1840 died  1917 Section  A  6-7a
COLLINS Elsie born  1861 died  1922 Section  A  1-12
COLLINS Hector Spouse of  Virginia born  1892 died  9/3/1978 Section  AA  5-92b
COLLINS Virginia Spouse of  Hector born  1891 died  1957 Section  AA  5-92c
COLSON Albin Spouse of  Christina born  1858 died  1937 Section  B  8-2c
COLSON Baby died  1887  -  b of Albin Section  C  18-11
COLSON Christina Spouse of  Albin born  1863 died  1932 Section  B  8-2b
COLSON Clayton Spouse of  E.Larue born  5/18/1906 died  5/9/1980 Section  AA  6-118c
COLSON Cletus born  1889 died  1-30-1890 Section  C  18-10
COLSON E.Larue Spouse of  Clayton born  1912 died  1972 Section  AA  6-119a
COLSON Harold (Sonny) Spouse of  Susan born  6/15/1939 died  6/1/1992 Section  CC  3-26a
COMPTON Cynthia (Smith) spouse of Donald Lee Compton Born 6/21/1947 died 8/6/2016 age 69  Dau of Stanley Emerson and Evelyn Mae (Earhart) Smith, Born in Kane, Married June 27, 1990 in Johnsonburg, Died in Kane
CONANT Ada Spouse of  Lynn born  9-18-1894 died  5/9/1980 Section  AA  4-77b
CONANT Doreen G. spouse of Eugene M. born 7/8/1925 died 3/6/2014 age 88y Dau of Ranson & Gladys Stewart Crane b. Canton NY d. Bradford PA Wed 6-19-1971 in Gowanda NY Eugene died 6-2-1998  Former Husband Bernard Vincent
CONANT Eugene Spouse of  Lois born  3/30/1924 died  6/2/1998 Section  AA  9-175b
CONANT Lois Spouse of  Eugene born  1916 died  1970  Section  AA  9-175c
CONANT Lorraine born  7/5/1934 died  12/2/1987  -  d of Lynn & Ada Section  AA  4-77c
CONANT Lynn Spouse of  Ada born  1900 died  1955 Section  AA  4-77a
CONKLIN Giles Spouse of  Myrtle born  1915 died  1994 Section  B  11-8b
CONKLIN Myrtle Spouse of  Giles born  1916 died  1991 Section  B  11-8b
COOLEY Charles W. Spouse of  Doris A. born  8/24/1914 died  3/30/1983 Section  AA  11-242a
COOLEY Doris A. Spouse of  Charles W. born  3/31/1922 died  10/2/1999 Section  AA  11-242b
COULTER Ida F. Spouse of  John J. born  1858 died  1933 Section  A  1-20b
COULTER John J. Spouse of  Ida F. born  1853 died  1927 Section  A  1-20a
CRESSMAN Ina Spouse of  Martin born  1916 died  1996 Section  AA  4-Sc
CRESSMAN Martin Spouse of  Ina born  1905 died  1992 Section  AA  4-Sb
CROUSE Ira died  1896  -  b of Vernon Section  C  20-11
CUNNINGHAM Agnes Spouse of  Horace born  1909 died  9/20/1961 Section  AA  3-41b
CUNNINGHAM Beverly born  1940 died  9/20/1961 Section  AA  3-42b
CUNNINGHAM Horace Spouse of  Agnes born  1905 died  12/20/1961 Section  AA  3-41a
CUNNINGHAM Paula born  1960 died  9/20/1961 Section  AA  3-42c
DAHLBERG Anna B. Spouse of  John G. born  1877 died  1940 Section  B  8-15c
DAHLBERG Edward L. born  1908 died  1935 Section  B  8-16c
DAHLBERG John G. Spouse of  Anna B. born  1865 died  1931 Section  B  8-15b
DAHLER Emma born  1892 died  1972 Section  C  13-7b
DANDAY Arthur F. born  1872 died  10/4/1928 Section  C  15-15b
DANDAY Camile Spouse of  Pere born  1867 died  1948 Section  A  2-12a
DANDAY Daniel born  1889 died  1907  -  s.of Pere Section  A  2-12c
DANDAY Erma born  1879 died  1910 Section  C  15-15c
DANDAY Louis  born  1874 died  1937 Section  C  15-15a
DANDAY Pere Spouse of  Camile born  1864 died  1914 Section  A  2-12b
DANIELSON, Alice O. spouse of Harlan born 7-5-1916 died 1-11-2007 age 90  - Dau. of Swan A. & Anna H. Eliason Osbeck b. Mount Jewett PA d. Kane PA Wed 9-7-1933 in Mount Jewett PA 
DANIELSON C.V. Spouse of  Nellie born  1873 died  1940 Section  C  12-1a
DANIELSON, David Lee spouse of Dorothy "Dot" Pascale born 11-8-1939 died 8-30-2007 age 67  - Son of Edward & Doris Brock Danielson  b. Kane PA  d. Smethport PA  Wed  5-1963 in Mt. Jewett PA 
DANIELSON Donald Spouse of  Gloria born  7/9/1923 died  5/4/1983 Section  CC  1-7a
DANIELSON Doris  Spouse of  Edward born  5/22/1915 died  9/22/1981 Section  AA  10-223b
DANIELSON Edward Spouse of  Doris  born  6/12/1913 died  5/24/1977 Section  AA  10-223a
DANIELSON Ferne L. Spouse of  Howard born  11/14/1920 died  3/21/1999 Section  B  7-11b
DANIELSON Harlan Spouse of  Alice born  11/24/1915 died  5/12/2004 Section  AA  9-188a
DANIELSON Helena G.E. born  1903 died  1922 Section  C  12-1c
DANIELSON Howard Spouse of  Ferne L. born  6/2/1918 died  6/29/1985 Section  B  7-11c
DANIELSON Nellie Spouse of  C.V. born  1883 died  1967 Section  C  12-1b
DANIELSON Richard H. spouse of Kathleen born 3/5/1937 died 7/2/2014 Son of Harlan Henry & Alice F. Osbeck Danielson b. & d. Kane PA
DANIELSON Ronald  Spouse of  Ruth born  12/22/1933 died  8/3/2003 Section  CC  4-33a
DANN Carlyle Spouse of  Martha born  4/30/1920 died  5/9/1984 Section  AA  7-128c
DANN Martha Spouse of  Carlyle born  1920 died  1968 Section  AA  7-128b
DAUB June C. born  3/25/1921 died  9/16/1985 Section  AA  5-83a
DAVIDSON Alfred E. Spouse of  Annetta born  1866 died  1945 Section  A  4-21a
DAVIDSON Annetta Spouse of  Alfred E. born  1854 died  1913 Section  A  4-21b
DAVIDSON Clarence born  1896 died  1955 Section  AA  4-78c
DAVIDSON Henry Spouse of  Nora born  1900 died  1964 Section  AA  4-78b
DAVIDSON Nora Kempt Spouse of  Henry born  11/4/1906 died  1/5/1999 Section  AA  4-78a
DAVIDSON  Ronald H. born 4/29/1927 died 10/12/2012 age 85y Son of Henry & Nora M. Black Davidson b. Bradford PA d. Mount Jewett PA U.S. Army in Company C 349th Infantry WW2
DAVIS Anne  born  1867 died  1956 Section  A  5-10b
DAVIS Clementine E. Spouse of  David H. born  1845 died  1924 Section  A  5-9b
DAVIS David H. Spouse of  Clementine E. born  1836 died  1897 Section  A  5-9a
DAVIS Jessie born  1877 died  1945 Section  A  5-9c
DAVIS Lorrain born  1871 died  1956 Section  A  5-10a
DAVIS Millard Spouse of  Nora born  11/8/1913 died  4/11/1984 Section  AA  10-198a
DAVIS Roscoe born  1882 died  1971 Section  A  5-10d
DEBUTTS Beverly Gayle born  1/13/1929 died  3/4/1979 Section  A  3-1
DECKER Andrew born  1/10/1910 died  9/1/1985 Section  AA  8-Sb
DELPIERRE Alfred born  1889 died  1917  -  s.of John B. & Mathilda Section  A  3-14a
DELPIERRE Alice  born  1900 died  1904  -  d.of John B. & Mathilda Section  A  3-14b
DELPIERRE John B. Spouse of  Mathilda born  1857 died  1926 Section  A  3-14c
DELPIERRE Mathilda Spouse of  John B. born  1858 died  1930 Section  A  3-14d
DESIO Victoria L. born  10/26/2000 died  10/26/2000  -  d ofAnthony & Annette Section  CC  7-37a
DESSY Mrs. died  1902 Section  C  17-23
DESSY Telesphore died  1902 Section  C  17-22
DEWEY Agnes Spouse of  Oscar born  8/11/1910 died  6/12/1982 Section  AA  3-43b
DEWEY Oscar Spouse of  Agnes born  2/17/1906 died  9/2/1975 Section  AA  3-43a
DEWITT Rose born  1892 died  1899 Section  C  18-55
DEWITT Rose born  1900 died  1903 Section  C  17-58
DICKINSON Cecelia J. born  1893 died  1925 Section  A  6-11b
DICKSEN Charles Spouse of  Mrs. born  1868 died  1918 Section  A  6-23a
DICKSEN Mrs. Spouse of  Charles died  1920 Section  A  6-23b
DUDENHOFFER Myrtle P. born  3-11-1890 died  1/9/1976 Section  AA  1-5b
DUMONT Alfred born  1883 died  1907  -  s.of Emil & Philomene Section  A  2-13e
DUMONT Emil Spouse of  Philomene died  1920 Section  A  2-13b
DUMONTPhilomene Spouse of  Emil born  1850 died  8/10/1919 Section  A  2-13c
DUNN Donald Spouse of  Minerva born  3/11/1904 died  11/17/1982 Section  AA  6-120a
DUNN Minerva Spouse of  Donald born  1907 died  1972 Section  AA  6-120b
ECKSTROM Albert Spouse of  Margeurite born  2/2/1904 died  7/1/1987 Section  AA  7-136a
ECKSTROM Bernard Spouse of  Theresa born  9/9/1911 died  6/29/1998 Section  AA  8-167a
ECKSTROM Carl Petey born  8/20/1902 died  2/22/1990 Section  AA  7-136c
ECKSTROM Emelia Spouse of  Peter born  6-28-1875 died  8/30/1937 Section  B  10-15b
ECKSTROM Gertrude born  8/20/1902 died  12/14/1918  -  d.of Peter & Emelia Section  B  10-15a
ECKSTROM Herbert born  1910 died  1/21/1973 Section  AA  8-168a
ECKSTROM Margeurite Spouse of  Albert born  10/21/1907 died  3/16/1994 Section  AA  7-136b
ECKSTROM Peter Spouse of  Emelia born  1870 died  1945 Section  B  10-15c
ECKSTROM Peter M. Sr. born  11/26/1942 died  8/26/2002 Section  AA  5-Sb
ECKSTROM Theresa Spouse of  Bernard born  8/10/1916 died  3/2/1992 Section  AA  8-167b
EDINGER David Spouse of  Connie born  5/26/1930 died  9/6/2002 Section  CC  5-26a
EDINGER Donald Spouse of  Winfred born  2/28/1928 died  4/5/1990 Section  AA  10-216b
EDINGER Terry born  1/23/1968 died  1/9/1989  -  s of Donald & Winfred Section  AA  10-217a
EKEN Helena Spouse of  John born  1829 died  1906 Section  A  6-4b
EKEN John Spouse of  Helena born  1825 died  1889 Section  A  6-4a
ELIAS Martha born  2/9/1925 died  3/29/1986 Section  C  12-17a
ELIASON August Spouse of  Betty born  1863 died  1957 Section  A  3-11a
ELIASON Betty Spouse of  August born  1865 died  1931 Section  A  3-11b
ELIASON Charles Spouse of  Elsie born  1884 died  1954 Section  A  6-26a
ELIASON Clyde born  1911 died  1932  -  s.of Elsie & Charles Section  A  6-26c
ELIASON Edward E. Spouse of  Molly born  1862 died  1937 Section  A  6-13a
ELIASON Elsie Spouse of  Charles born  1885 died  1913 Section  A  6-26b
ELIASON Engeline Spouse of  J.A. born  1837 died  1906 Section  A  3-12b
ELIASON J.A. Spouse of  Engeline died  1910 Section  A  3-12c
ELIASON Molly Spouse of  Edward E. born  1868 died  1933 Section  A  6-13b
ELIASON Nels J. born  1830 died  1917 Section  A  4-13b
ENGDAHL Agda Spouse of  August born  1874 died  1948 Section  A  3-10b
ENGDAHL August Spouse of  Agda born  1870 died  1901 Section  A  3-10a
ENGDAHL Norman died  1916  -  s.of August & Agda Section  A  3-10c
ENGER Ruth Lindlow born  3/1905 died  6/1/1986 Section  CC  1-11a
ERICKSON Christina Spouse of  Gustaf born  1839 died  1925 Section  A  4-17b
ERICKSON Christinia died  1950 Section  A  4-16b
ERICKSON Floyd A. Spouse of  Regina A. born  12/31/1907 died  7/22/1999 Section  AA  9-186a
ERICKSON Gustaf Spouse of  Chrisina born  1839 died  1917 Section  A  4-17a
ERICKSON Regina A. Spouse of  Floyd A. born  6/6/1916 died  10/24/1994 Section  AA  9-186b
ESCHRICH Danny L. Spouse of  Linda born  3/18/1953 died  9/19/1996 Section  CC  5-23a
EWING Angeline A. born  4/14/1904 died  1/12/1997 Section  A  5-26b
FAULL  Ralph G. spouse of Marguerite Magnuson born 8/21/1930 died 6/24/2013 age 82y Son of William Lee & Cornie Minteer Faull b. Karns City PA d. Erie PA Wed 10-27-1961 in Mount Jewett PA  51 Years of Marriage  U.S. Air Force 1948-1952
FIHE Bertha born  10-29-1894 died  1/29/1988 Section  B  8-5a
FIRTH Larry born  1941 died  1946  -  s of Lester C.& Lois M. Section  AA  4-66c
FIRTH Lester C. Spouse of  Lois M. died  1990 Section  AA  4-66b
FIRTH Lois M. Spouse of  Lester C. born  8/7/1918 died  4/27/1998 Section  AA  4-66a
FLEMING Laura Lee born  1963 died  1963  -  d of Francis & Phyllis Section  AA  6-117a
FORBES Almeda Spouse of  Fred born  1877 died  1928 Section  A  2-6c
FORBES Elisha K. born  1899 died  1910  -  d-Fred & Almeda Section  A  2-6a
FORBES Fred Spouse of  Almeda born  1857 died  1913 Section  A  2-6b
FORNESS Constance born  1891 died  1973 Section  AA  8-Sa
FOSBERG Alfred born  1881 died  1956 Section  B  9-13a
FOSBERG Charles Spouse of  Christina born  1854 died  1926 Section  B  9-13b
FOSBERG Christina Spouse of  Charles born  1855 died  1918 Section  B  9-13c
FOSBERG Frank  born  1884 died  1971 Section  AA  2-30c
FOSBERG Mary Jane born  11/30/1919 died  9/26/1986 Section  AA  8-141c
FRANCART Ellen C. Spouse of  George G. born  1907 died  1/24/1999 Section  C  14-11c
FRANCART George G Spouse of  Ellen C. born  1901 died  12/11/1984 Section  C  14-11b
FRANCIS Florence born  1902 died  1934 Section  C  14-1a
FRANCIS  Ronald J. spouse of Shirley Swanson Barnes born 1/18/1938 died 9/28/2013 age 75y Son of Clarence & Ann Zelinski Francis b. Erie PA d. Kane PA Wed 7-4-1986
FRASER Sylvia born  6/7/1907 died  8/12/1980 Section  B  11-4c
FREDELL Alex B. born  1883 died  1909 Section  C  17-51
FREDELL Ellen V. died  1906 Section  C  17-45
FREDELL Hawley died  4/20/1920 Section  B  11-16b
FREDELL Jennie S died  1906 Section  C  17-44
FREDELL Mathilda S. born  1856 died  1907 Section  C  17-48
FREDELL Rudolph born  1881 died  1899 Section  C  15-9
FREDERICK John H. Spouse of  Linda born  10/15/1939 died  6/25/2005 Section  AA  5-83c
FREDERICK Linda Spouse of  John H. born  4/12/1941 died  6/4/1999 Section  AA  5-83b
FREELAND Jacob Spouse of  Lillian born  9-5-1894 died  11/18/1985 Section  C  14-12c
FREELAND Lillian Spouse of  Jacob born  12/4/1902 died  11/2/1977 Section  C  14-12b
FREELAND Robert J. died  10/4/1935  -  s of Jacob & Lillian Section  C  14-12a
FRID Gust born  1888 died  1958 Section  AA  6-115b
FRID L. Eric Spouse of  Maxine born  10/7/1917 died  7/29/1995 Section  AA  7-135a
FRID Maxine spouse of Eric born 6-5-1917 died 9-29-2009 age 92y  Dau. of August & Pauline Newburg Bengston b. Mount Jewett PA d. Warren PA Wed 7-12-1949 - Maxine had an unparalleled zest for life - Her first & only flight at 88 years was in an ultra-light plane after which she proclaimed she had been "to heaven and back"
FRID Methea born  1896 died  1956 Section  AA  6-115c
FRID Oscar born  1920 died  1966 Section  AA  6-115a
GARDNER Hannah born  1889 died  1965 Section  B  9-7b
GASSART John born  1869 died  1938 Section  A  2-12d
GREENWALD Charles J. Spouse of  Dorthea born  1856 died  1942 Section  B  9-12a
GREENWALD Dorthea Spouse of  Charles J. born  1863 died  1939 Section  B  9-11x
GREENWALD Peter born  1865 died  1932 Section  C  13-14b
GRIFFITH Leslie C. died  1975 Section  A  1-13a
GRIFFITH Lillian born  9-16-1895 died  5/17/1981 Section  A  1-13b
GRUNDBERG Axel Spouse of  Marie born  1879 died  1946 Section  B  11-12b
GRUNDBERG Axiel Ivan born  1915 died  1919  -  s.of Axel & Maria Section  B  11-12d
GRUNDBERG Marie Spouse of  Axel  born  1880 died  1966 Section  B  11-12a
GRUNDBERG Mary Lola born  1919 died  1919  -  d.of Axel & Marie Section  B  11-12c
GULISH Frances Spouse of  Donald F. Warren born  10/13/1929 died  12/24/2001 Section  CC  4-18b
GUSTAFSON Alma born  1877 died  1950 Section  B  10-14c
GUSTAFSON  Catherine Flahery spouse of Henry "Bud" born 1928 died 9/15/2013 age 85y Born in Gowanda NY d.  Upper Darby PA
GUSTAFSON David Spouse of  Doris G. born  6/2/1911 died  10/4/1988 Section  AA  11-254a
GUSTAFSON Doris G. Spouse of  David born  12/31/1910 died  1/15/1977 Section  AA  11-254b
GUSTAFSON Edward Spouse of  Florence born  9-18-1890 died  4/10/1982 Section  A  2-22b
GUSTAFSON Florence Spouse of  Edward born  10-4-1899 died  5/21/1978 Section  A  2-22a
GUSTAFSON Henry Spouse of  Margaret born  1893 died  1963 Section  AA  6-102a
GUSTAFSON Henry Bud born  3/5/1924 died  2/24/1988 Section  CC  1-36a
GUSTAFSON Josephine L. born  1849 died  1916 Section  B  9-8b
GUSTAFSON Lawrence Spouse of  Mabel L. born  10/23/1909 died  7/18/1989 Section  CC  1-29a
GUSTAFSON Lisa Danielson born  6/6/1964 died  6/21/1992  -  d of David & Dorothy Section  CC  3-24b
GUSTAFSON Mabel L. Spouse of  Lawrence born  11/1/1908 died  7/6/1997 Section  CC  1-29b
GUSTAFSON Margaret Spouse of  Henry born  1-3-1899 died  4/25/1975 Section  AA  6-102b
GUSTAFSON Olaf born  1889 died  1919 Section  B  10-13a
HALE Leona born  7/7/1919 died  11/6/1994 Section  C  12-13d
HALL Baby died  1960 Section  C  14-5c
HALL Baby died  1973 Section  C  14-5c
HALL Verna B. born  12/31/1905 died  1/16/1986 Section  C  14-5d
HANES Baby born  1946 died  1946  -  b.of Margaret Section  AA  aisle
HANSON Alberta G. Spouse of  Melvin born  9/1/1918 died  3/26/1999 Section  CC  4-23b
HANSON Anna Spouse of  Nels born  1856 died  1942 Section  A  1-10b
HANSON Anna A. Spouse of  Thedore born  1887 died  1955 Section  C  12-16b
HANSON E.H. Spouse of  Edith born  1890 died  1966 Section  AA  3-60b
HANSON Edith born  1897 died  1933 Section  C  13-8b
HANSON Edith Spouse of  E.H. born  1894 died  1960 Section  AA  3-60a
HANSON Ida Anetta born  5-21-1834 died  5/13/1906 Section  A  4-1a
HANSON John A. died  1906 Section  C  17-47
HANSON Leonard born  1926 died  1929  -  s of Edith Section  C  13-8c
HANSON Martha born  1926 died  1929  -  d of Edith Section  C  13-8a
HANSON Melvin Spouse of  Alberta G. born  7/25/1918 died  2/27/1993 Section  CC  4-23a
HANSON Nels Spouse of  Anna born  1853 died  1922 Section  A  1-10a
HANSON Sigfred Skip born  6/24/1913 died  8/1/2001 Section  CC  3-34b
HANSON Thedore Spouse of  Anna A. born  1886 died  1931 Section  C  12-16a
HARDING Mildred J. born  1-21-1897 died  9/28/1992 Section  AA  11-238a
HARROLD Horence W. born  5/6/1905 died  5/8/1984 Section  A  6-8a
HASNEY Francis Fetch Spouse of  Katherine born  6/20/1925 died  1/9/2002 Section  AA  6-107a
HASNEY Kathryn Mary  spouse of  Francis "Fetch"  born  7-31-1932   died  8-6-2011  age  79y    Dau. of Joseph & Catherine Rindosh Morgan b. Halsey NY d. Mount Jewett PA Wed 7-18-1959 in Mount Jewett PA
HAWES Esther born  3/29/1906 died  4/9/1998 Section  B  asile
HEDLUND Baby died  1926  -  b of Perry & Clara Section  C  12-15a
HEDLUND Clara Spouse of  Perry born  10-23-1882 died  4/10/1980 Section  C  12-15b
HEDLUND  Freda  spouse of Lawrence L. born 12/20/1919 died 1/7/2014 age 94y Dau of John & Marie Moore Roth b.Sheffield PA d. Kane PA Wed 5-8-1941 in Olean NY
HEDLUND Lawrence L. born  12/7/1915 died  1/21/2005 Section  AA  1-20b
HEDLUND Perry Spouse of  Clara born  1876 died  1951 Section  C  12-15c
HEDLUND Roger born  1940 died  1963 Section  AA  1-20a
HEGLEN Floyd born  1865 died  1912 Section  A  4-9d
HEGLEN Olivar born  1853 died  1900 Section  A  4-9a
HEGLEN Wilber born  1899 died  1916 Section  A  4-9c
HEGLUND Mary  died  1927 Section  C  17-28
HENRY Marie Spouse of  Robert born  1-6-1890 died  10/30/1974 Section  AA  2-Sb
HENRY Oscar J. born  1896 died  1899 Section  C  18-2
HENRY Robert Spouse of  Marie died  9/7/1947 Section  AA  2-Sa
HERVATIN Phyllis Spouse of  Joseph born  9/24/1931 died  5/23/1986 Section  AA  6-101c
HINKLEY Martha born  1892 died  1927 Section  C  13-10a
HIPCHEN Charles Spouse of  Ethel born  8/12/1903 died  4/24/1983 Section  AA  2-35b
HIPCHEN Duane Spouse of  Nancy born  4/26/1929 died  7/31/2002 Section  CC  6-32a
HIPCHEN Ethel Spouse of  Charles born  7/30/1907 died  9/20/1998 Section  AA  2-35a
HIPCHEN Nancy E. spouse of C. Duane born 8/13/1931 died 9/2/2012 age 81y Dau of Mont & Beatrice Daugherty b. Butler PA d. Warren PA Wed 11-17-1948 in Port Allegany PA
HODGDEN Dexter Spouse of  Emma born  1898 died  1969 Section  AA  8-160a
HODGDEN Dexter born  2/26/1930 died  5/28/2002 Section  AA  8-161a
HODGDEN Emma Spouse of  Dexter born  5/3/1908 died  10/27/1990 Section  AA  8-160b
HOKANSON Eddie A. born  1888 died  1920  -  s.of Peter & Hanna Section  A  5-12c
HOKANSON Hanna Spouse of  Peter died  1915 Section  A  5-12b
HOKANSON Helen C. Spouse of  Swan A. born  1855 died  1946 Section  A  4-20b
HOKANSON Peter Spouse of  Hanna born  1846 died  1905 Section  A  5-12a
HOKANSON Swan A. Spouse of  Helen C. born  1851 died  1910 Section  A  4-20a
HOLMBERG Alvar died  4/26/1984 Section  AA  9-181a
HOLMBERG Baby born  1934 died  1934  -  b of Iver J. & Mabel Section  C  14-3a
HOLMBERG Isabelle Spouse of  Alvar born  9/6/1912 died  7/26/1992 Section  AA  9-181b
HOLMBERG Ivar J. Spouse of  Mabel born  1900 died  1972 Section  C  14-3b
HOLMBERG Mabel Spouse of  Ivar J. born  3/14/1902 died  2/4/1975 Section  C  14-3c
HOLQUIST Gust died  1/1/1910 Section  A  2-18
HOMBERG Agusta born  1869 died  1953 Section  A  5-15c
HOMBERG August born  1863 died  1934 Section  A  5-15b
HOMBERG Hanna born  1871 died  1903 Section  A  5-15a
HOMBERG J.Alfred Spouse of  Betty born  1924 died  1973 Section  AA  8-150b
HOOK Mathilda born  1865 died  1911 Section  C  17-55
HOUSLER, Bonnie Jean spouse of Robert Jr. born 8-19-1957 died 3-1-2008 age 50 - Dau. of Richard & Shirley Hall Raught b. Kane PA d. Pittburgh PA 
HOUSLER Claude  Jr. born  12/2/1928 died  12/21/2002 Section  CC  6-31A
HOUSLER Robert Spouse of  Mary born  1/10/1921 died  1/19/1989 Section  CC  2-31a
HOUSLER Robert L. born  2/5/1950 died  11/5/2003  Section  CC  7-31b
HOWARD Henry A. Spouse of  Loretta born  2/25/1931 died  2/4/1999 Section  CC  2-9a
HOWARD Leonard Spouse of  Wilma born  2/28/1914 died  12/5/1994 Section  AA  5-87b
HOWARD Wilma Spouse of  Leonard born  12/4/1913 died  11/13/1993 Section  AA  5-87c
HOWELL Javin D. born  2/18/1957 died  7/31/2005 Section  AA  11-228a
HOWELL Richard Spouse of  Shirley  born  2/25/1929 died  3/23/1999 Section  AA  11-228a
HUDSON Joseph born  10/26/1933 died  9/16/2003 Section  A  5-13b
HUDSON Lill born  1903 died  1964 Section  A  5-13b
HUDSON W.Lars born  2/24/1935 died  11/18/1983 Section  A  5-13b
HUGHES Gail D. Spouse of  William born  7/1/1943 died  8/4/1996 Section  CC  3-18b
HULINGS Cecelia Spouse of  Lyman born  1904 died  1968 Section  AA  8-163b
HULINGS Lyman Spouse of  Cecelia born  1/2/1998 died  4/17/1976 Section  AA  8-163a
HUSTON Delancey J. born  3/11/1936 died  2/21/2006 Section  C  12-6c
INGERSOLL Carolyn Spouse of  Thomas born  6/1/1928 died  9/6/2004 Section  C  14-15b
INGERSOLL Thomas Spouse of  Carolyn born  7/10/1918 died  4/12/1979 Section  C  14-15a
IRONS Joan M. Spouse of  Harold born  12/10/1932 died  5/17/1992 Section  CC  2-20b
JACKSON Elof Spouse of  Mathilda born  1861 died  1943 Section  B  11-4b
JACKSON Harry Spouse of  Nellie born  1887 died  1943 Section  AA  2-36a
JACKSON Mathilda Spouse of  Elof born  1867 died  1928 Section  B  11-4a
JACKSON Nellie Spouse of  Harry born  1887 died  1966 Section  AA  2-36b
JACOBSON Justus born  1879 died  1940 Section  C  15-20
JACOBSON Linus born  1865 died  1940 Section  C  15-21
JEFFERDS Estella A. spouse of Freedom born 9/14/1912 died 2/12/2010 age 97y  - Dau. of Henry & Lillian Irwin Tremblay b. Clarendon PA d. Kane PA Wed 8-31-1937 in Warren PA 
JEFFERDS Freedom Spouse of  Estella born  9/28/1907 died  7/10/1991 Section  AA  8-166a
JOHANSSON Alma  Spouse of  Erick  born  1886 died  1954 Section  B  9-17b
JOHANSSON Erick  Spouse of  Alma  born  1872 died  1956 Section  B  9-17a
JOHANSSON Frances N. Spouse of  E.Helge born  3/16/1910 died  7/2/2002 Section  B  10-17b
JOHANSSONE. Helge Spouse of  Frances N. born  1/27/1907 died  5/5/1996 Section  B  10-17a
JOHNSON Albert born  1900 died  1902 Section  C  17-19
JOHNSON Albert Spouse of  Caroline born  1868 died  1960 Section  B  10-4b
JOHNSON Albert G. Spouse of  Ida born  1877 died  1957 Section  AA  4-71a
JOHNSON Albert J. born  1908 died  1969 Section  C  12-11a
JOHNSON Alberta L. Spouse of  Walter O. born  11/19/1916 died  8/24/1995 Section  AA  3-52a
JOHNSON Alice Spouse of  Emil T. born  1905 died  1970 Section  AA  9-177b
JOHNSON Alice born  11/17/1903 died  11/18/1986 Section  B  9-3b
JOHNSON Amelia Spouse of  August born  1869 died  1952 Section  B  9-7d
JOHNSON Andrew born  1879 died  1939 Section  B  9-3c
JOHNSON Andrew Spouse of  Hilda  born  1871 died  1941 Section  B  7-5a
JOHNSON Andrew born  12-13-1889 died  11/12/1939 Section  AA  1-16a
JOHNSON Andrew G. born  1856 died  1889 Section  C  21-34
JOHNSON Anna born  1890 died  1905  -  d.of Spike & Johanna Section  A  4-12a
JOHNSON Anna Spouse of  John born  1868 died  1939 Section  AA  1-2b
JOHNSON Anna Spouse of  Anton E. born  1880 died  1946 Section  B  9-2c
JOHNSON Anna Spouse of  Walter H. born  1902 died  1963 Section  C  12-13b
JOHNSON Anna S. born  1842 died  1922 Section  A  1-13c
JOHNSON Anna Sophia Spouse of  Elmer  born  1880 died  1944 Section  A  5-21c
JOHNSON Anna Viola Spouse of  Fillmore born  1910 died  1944 Section  AA  3-49a
JOHNSON Anna W. Spouse of  Walter born  1896 died  1966 Section  AA  3-51b
JOHNSON Anton E. Spouse of  Anna born  1870 died  1948 Section  B  9-2b
JOHNSON Arron T. born  11/6/1995 died  11/6/1995  -  s of Ted & Sandra Section  CC  4-24a
JOHNSON Arthur born  1917 died  1947 Section  AA  4-72a
JOHNSON Arthur F. born  1901 died  1963 Section  C  13-5b
JOHNSON August Spouse of  Amelia born  1866 died  1951 Section  B  9-7c
JOHNSON Augusta Spouse of  Nels G. born  1876 died  1914 Section  A  2-21a
JOHNSON Axel  died  10/28/1973 Section  B  10-4d
JOHNSON Baby  died  2/19/1928  -  b of Arthur F. Section  C  13-5a
JOHNSON Baby Jerry born  1971 died  1971  Section  AA  9-179a
JOHNSON Baby Johnson died  1908 Section  A  5-14c
JOHNSON Betty Jane spouse of Quinten C. born 4-6-1921 died 12-2-2010 age 89y Dau. of Harry J. & Ida M. Swanson Timmerman b. Crosby PA d. Smethport PA Wed 12-14-1940 in Smethport PA 70 years of Marriage
JOHNSON Blanche F. Spouse of  Henning born  1899 died  1973 Section  A  1-18c
JOHNSON C.Edmund Spouse of  Olga born  1894 died  1971 Section  AA  8-143a
JOHNSON Carl born  1873 died  1896 Section  A  4-5b
JOHNSON Carl O. born  11-25-1889 died  9-19-1919- Section  B  11-10c
JOHNSON Caroline Spouse of  Albert born  1869 died  1963 Section  B  10-4c
JOHNSON Charles born  1865 died  1913 Section  A  4-24a
JOHNSON Charles born  1876 died  1934 Section  A  6-2b
JOHNSON Charles died  1940 Section  A  4-8a
JOHNSON Christ Spouse of  Selma born  1883 died  1972 Section  AA  4-73a
JOHNSON Christina Spouse of  Olaf died  1912 Section  A  2-17a
JOHNSON Christina A. Spouse of  Niles born  1866 died  1947 Section  A  6-11c
JOHNSON Clara died  1928 Section  A  4-8d
JOHNSON Clayton died  1912 Section  A  2-19b
JOHNSON David C. Spouse of  Jean Ann born  2/18/1924 died  10/27/1996 Section  CC  1-26a
JOHNSON Edgar Spouse of  Florence born  4/11/1910 died  5/18/1990 Section  C  12-6b
JOHNSON Ella born  8/12/1904 died  5/22/1994 Section  B  7-5c
JOHNSON Ellen died  1904 Section  A  4-8c
JOHNSON Elmer Spouse of  Anna Sophia born  1864 died  1910 Section  A  5-21a
JOHNSON Elsa Spouse of  Hristian born  1902 died  1955 Section  AA  5-95c
JOHNSON Emil T. Spouse of  Alice born  3/15/1904 died  7/20/1985 Section  AA  9-177a
JOHNSON Emilia born  1901 died  1961 Section  C  12-10c
JOHNSON Emma born  1860 died  1945 Section  A  6-4c
JOHNSON Emma Ml. born  8/8/1906 died  1/12/1917 Section  B  10-4a
JOHNSON Erick J. Spouse of  Lisa born  1848 died  1919 Section  A  5-14a
JOHNSON Eugene W. born  8/10/1922 died  7/2/1999 Section  CC  1-6a
JOHNSON Evelyn Spouse of  LeRoy E. born  1/15/1908 died  4/15/1977 Section  B  7-8c
JOHNSON Florence Spouse of  Edgar born  5/19/1905 died  5/18/1990 Section  C  12-6a
JOHNSON Francis D. Spouse of  James R. born  1/1/1941 died  11/13/1998 Section  CC  5-31b
JOHNSON Frank born  1861 died  1949 Section  B  9-9b
JOHNSON Frank O. born  1862 died  1901 Section  C  17-15
JOHNSON G.A. born  1863 died  1907 Section  A  6-19a
JOHNSON Geneieve Spouse of  John born  1905 died  1954 Section  AA  4-64a
JOHNSON Grace Isabell died  1911 Section  C  19-15
JOHNSON Gust Spouse of  Johanna born  1857 died  1934 Section  B  11-10a
JOHNSON Gust Spouse of  Hanna born  1875 died  1955 Section  AA  3-47b
JOHNSON Gust (Handy) born  1865 died  1952 Section  A  4-5a
JOHNSON Gust S. Spouse of  Tekla J. born  1871 died  1931 Section  A  3-7b
JOHNSON Hanna Spouse of  Gust born  1872 died  1945 Section  AA  3-47a
JOHNSON Harold Spouse of  Pearl born  3/25/1907 died  11/28/1981 Section  AA  9-180a
JOHNSON Hazel B. born  1907 died  1910  -  d.of Anna & Elmer Section  A  5-21b
JOHNSON Helena born  3/9/1908 died  3/13/2000 Section  AA  11-238b
JOHNSON Henning Spouse of  Blanche F. born  1897 died  1962 Section  A  1-18b
JOHNSON Herman died  7-2-1910 Section  A  4-19c
JOHNSON Hilda  Spouse of  Andrew born  1879 died  1967 Section  B  7-5b
JOHNSON Howard Spouse of  Dorothy born  11/11/1928 died  8/11/1998 Section  CC  2-32a
JOHNSON Ida Magnuson Spouse of  Albert G. born  10/24/1885 in Blekinde, Sweden died 1894 died  May 1962 Married at Mt. Jewett 8/20/1904 Section  AA  4-71b
JOHNSON James R. Spouse of  Francis D. born  2/26/1941 died  2/26/1991 Section  CC  5-31a
JOHNSON Johanna Spouse of  Gust born  1854 died  1924 Section  B  11-10b
JOHNSON Johanna S. Spouse of  P.M. (Spike) born  1868 died  1915 Section  A  4-12c
JOHNSON John born  1847 died  1891 Section  C  18-23
JOHNSON John Spouse of  Anna born  1868 died  1948 Section  AA  1-2a
JOHNSON John Spouse of  Geneieve born  1898 died  1957 Section  AA  4-64b
JOHNSON John Helmer born  1905 died  1910  -  s.of AntonE. & Anna Section  B  9-2a
JOHNSON John R. born  1858 died  1940 Section  A  6-5x
JOHNSON Karen K. Spouse of  Soren born  1874 died  1942 Section  C  12-10a
JOHNSON Kristian Spouse of  Elsa born  1899 died  1967 Section  AA  5-95b
JOHNSON LaVern C. born  10/12/1903 died  11/1/1979 Section  AA  3-47c
JOHNSON LeRoy E. Spouse of  Evelyn born  5/28/1908 died  3/4/1996 Section  B  7-9a
JOHNSON Lillian born  1889 died  1902 Section  A  6-5a
JOHNSON Lisa Spouse of  Erick J. born  1854 died  1932 Section  A  5-14b
JOHNSON Mamie born  1890 died  1912 Section  A  2-19a
JOHNSON Mary Ann born  1945 died  1946  -  d of Alberta & Walter O. Section  AA  3-52c
JOHNSON Mattick born  1856 died  1916 Section  B  9-9a
JOHNSON Mother born  1836 died  1901 Section  B  7-12a
JOHNSON Nels G. Spouse of  Augusta P. born  1871 died  1963 Section  A  2-21b
JOHNSON Neoma D. Spouse of  Paul O. born  3/21/1913 died  7/17/1998 Section  AA  9-183b
JOHNSON Niles Spouse of  Christina A. born  1855 died  1913 Section  A  6-11a
JOHNSON Olaf Spouse of  Christina died  1908 Section  A  2-17b
JOHNSON Olga Spouse of  C.Edmund born  1-12-1899 died  11/26/1989 Section  AA  8-143b
JOHNSON P.M. (Spike) Spouse of  Johanna S. born  1862 died  1901 Section  A  4-12b
JOHNSON Paul O. Spouse of  Neoma D. born  1914 died  1973 Section  AA  9-183a
JOHNSON Paul W. Spouse of  Pauline E. born  9/2/1920 died  6/22/1974 Section  AA  9-195a
JOHNSON Pauline E. Spouse of  Paul W. born  1/15/1913 died  11/2/1992 Section  AA  9-195b
JOHNSON Pearl Spouse of  Harold born  2/7/1911 died  4/17/1989 Section  AA  9-180b
JOHNSON Peter born  1886 died  1928 Section  B  9-9c
JOHNSON Quinten Carl spouse of Betty Timmerman born 9/28/1919 died 4/14/2012 age 94y Son of Henning & Blanch Johnson b. Hazel Hurst PA d. Kane PA Wed 12-14-1940 Married 70 years U.S. Navy WW2 serving in the European & North African Theater as a gunner's mate aboard the USS Savannah
JOHNSON Robert Spouse of  Harry's Baby born  1923 died  1923 Section  A  1-13d
JOHNSON Ruby died  1923  -  d-Henning & Blanche Section  A  1-18a
JOHNSON Russel born  1904 died  1904 Section  A  6-5b
JOHNSON Selma Spouse of  Christ born  1880 died  1965 Section  AA  4-73b
JOHNSON Sheri born  1974 died  1974 Section  AA  5-95a
JOHNSON Sigred born  1879 died  1900 Section  A  4-8b
JOHNSON Soren Spouse of  Karen K. born  1865 died  1951 Section  C  12-10b
JOHNSON Stella Spouse of  Robert born  12/23/1921 died  6/19/1987 Section  CC  1-31b
JOHNSON Tekla J. Spouse of  Gust S. born  1874 died  1940 Section  A  3-7c
JOHNSON Theodore C. born 6-4-1929 died 4-24-2009 age 79 - Son of Emil T. & Alice Mitchell Johnson b. Mount Jewett PA d. Smethport PA  Former Wife Kathleen Pearson  U.S. Navy Korean War
JOHNSON Victor born 1863 died 1934 Section  B  11-17a
JOHNSON Mrs. Victor born 1861 died 1932 Section B 11-17b
JOHNSON Virgil born  7/16/1923 died  6/2/1986 Section  CC  1-32a
JOHNSON Walter Spouse of  Anna W. born  2-24-1894 died  5/27/1979 Section  AA  3-51a
JOHNSON Walter  born  1898 died  1900  -  s.of Gust & Tekla J. Section  A  3-7a
JOHNSON Walter H. Spouse of  Anna born  8-8-1898 died  5/4/1984 Section  C  12-13a
JOHNSON Walter O. Spouse of  Alberta L. born  6/18/1917 died  10/19/1991 Section  AA  3-52b
JOHNSTON Carl Spouse of  Martha born  1896 died  1968 Section  AA  4-80A-b
JOHNSTON Gladys E. "Rusty"  spouse of  Richard  born  1-24-1925  died  10-29-2011  age  86y    Dau. of Edward & Alta Van Order Moran b. Ridgway PA d. Kane PA Wed 12-9-1945 in Kane PA    
JOHNSTON Martha Spouse of  Carl born  11-21-1891 died  1/28/1984 Section  AA  4-80A-c
JOHNSTON Richard   spouse of  Gladys E. "Rusty" Moran  born  9-15-1918  died  3-21-1988  age      Sec CC  2-18A   
KEESLER Anna M. Spouse of  Rupert born  4-22-1899 died  7/26/1975 Section  AA  10-225b
KEESLER Avis H. Spouse of  John born  10/6/1912 died  4/13/2004 Section  AA  10-222b
KEESLER Baby born  1962 died  1962  -  b of William B.& Lauretta Section  AA  6-103c
KEESLER John Spouse of  Avis H. born  9/25/1908 died  11/8/1976 Section  AA  10-222a
KEESLER Lauretta M. Spouse of  William B. born  7/19/1922 died  10/31/2005  - maiden name Ogren Wed: 1956 Section  AA  6-103b
KEESLER Nannie F. Spouse of  William R. born  4-2-1894 died  10/25/1986 Section  AA  10-214b
KEESLER Rupert Spouse of  Anna M. born  5-8-1898 died  10/3/1978 Section  AA  10-225a
KEESLER Stanley K. born  1/14/1921 died  6/3/1991 Section  AA  10-224b
KEESLER William B Spouse of  Lauretta M. born  6-14-1918 died  10-1-2006 age 88  - Son of William R. & Nannie J. Keesler b. Mount Jewett Pa.d. St. Mary's Pa. U.S. Army 37th Ordinance Company Australia & New Guinea  WW 2 Section  AA  6-103a
KEESLER William R. Spouse of  Nannie F. born  1-19-1894 died  10/21/1958 Section  AA  10-214a
KIMBROUG Helen E. Spouse of  James R. born  10/12/1906 died  6/21/1991 Section  AA  11-246b
KIMBROUG James R. Spouse of  Helen E. born  4/23/1906 died  5/14/1989 Section  AA  11-246a
KRAMER John Spouse of  Vivian M. born  6/12/1922 died  2/4/1997 Section  AA  2-28c
KRAMER Vivian M. Spouse of  John born  6/29/1919 died  1/12/2000 Section  AA  2-28b
LANDERS Francis  born  1893 died  1971 Section  AA  7-122a
LANDERS Margaret born  4/10/1902 died  5/2/1985 Section  AA  7-122b
LANDFAIR Harry Spouse of  Laura R. born  1918 died  1973 Section  AA  9-172a
LANDFAIR Ruth L.  spouse of  Harry W.  born  9/21/1919  died  12/15/2011  age  92y    Dau of John H. & Laura Taylor Gallagher b. New Alexandria PA d. Kane PA Wed 7-7-1941 in West Virginia Harry died in 1973
LANG Marcel (Shorty) Spouse of  Pearl N. born  5/10/1903 died  5/15/1997 Section  AA  11-255a
LANG, Pearl N. spouse of Marcel born 2-3-1910 died 5-4-2006 age 96 - Dau. of Norman & Minnie Burrows Warfle b. Hazel Hurst PA d. Marienville PA Wed 12-11-1926  Section AA  11-255b
LANTHIER Nestor died  4-12-1930 Section  A  5-26a
LANTZ Arden O. born  1914 died  1944 Section  AA  1-3a
LANTZ Ardis born  1904 died  1939 Section  AA  1-4a
LANTZ Bessie Spouse of  Victor R. born  5-17-1899 died  6/29/1980 Section  AA  6-106b
LANTZ Bessie H. born  1892 died  1901 Section  A  6-3c
LANTZ Carl E.  spouse of Evelyn "Susie" born 10/1/1922 died 2/1/2012 age 89y Son of Victor R. & Bess Waterson Lantz b. & d. Kane PA Married 59 years U.S. Army WW2 serving in China as part of the China Defensive
LANTZ Caroline Spouse of  Walter born  6/30/1900 died  3/29/1988 Section  AA  1-6a
LANTZ Caryle born  1914 died  1918 Section  B  9-6b
LANTZ Eling born  1845 died  1932 Section  A  5-1c
LANTZ  Evelyn M. "Susie" spouse of Carl E. born 7/10/1926 died 1/1/2014 age 87y Dau of Ira Raymond & Alma W. Anderson Sloan b. & d. Kane PA Wed 10-18-1952 in West Kane PA
LANTZ Godfrey Spouse of  Hilma  born  1866 died  1940 Section  A  6-3a
LANTZ Hanna born  1887 died  1919 Section  A  6-2c
LANTZ Hedrig born  1878 died  1957 Section  AA  1-3c
LANTZ Hilma  Spouse of  Godfrey born  1873 died  1956 Section  A  6-3b
LANTZ Jeanette born  12/3/1927 died  11/30/1940  -  d.of Walter & Caroline Section  AA  1-6c
LANTZ LeVerne Spouse of  June born  2/25/1912 died  9/17/1940 Section  AA  2-26a
LANTZ N.A.Roy born  1902 died  1903 Section  A  6-3d
LANTZ N.P. Spouse of  Sophia born  6-25-1841 died  9/22/1921 Section  A  5-1a
LANTZ Oscar born  1875 died  1946 Section  AA  1-3b
LANTZ Sextus S. born  1882 died  1916 Section  B  9-6a
LANTZ Sophia M. Spouse of  N.P. born  10-14-1845 died  12-5-1889 Section  A  5-1b
LANTZ Victor R. Spouse of  Bessie born  3-23-1896 died  10/28/1982 Section  AA  6-106a
LANTZ Walter Spouse of  Caroline born  9-20-1898 died  12/8/1937 Section  AA  1-6b
LANTZ Walter H. born  1891 died  1892 Section  A  6-3d
LARSON Albert born  1882 died  1897  -  s.of John & Dorathea Section  A  5-8c
LARSON Alma Spouse of  Ernest born  1884 died  1943 Section  AA  2-21c
LARSON Alma Spouse of  Herman L. born  1883 died  1946 Section  AA  1-9a
LARSON Amanda Spouse of  Clarence A. born  1878 died  1904 Section  A  5-13a
LARSON August Spouse of  Peternella born  1850 died  1925 Section  B  9-16a
LARSON August Spouse of  Lill born  1888 died  1952 Section  AA  4-67c
LARSON Baby died  1924  -  b of G.H.W. & Charlotte Section  C  12-7d
LARSON Baby died  1895 Section  A  6-6c
LARSON Carl G. born  1864 died  1896 Section  A  4-6a
LARSON Charles born  1871 died  1931 Section  B  9-7a
LARSON Charles Spouse of  Olive C. born  1871 died  1935 Section  C  14-7b
LARSON Charlotte Spouse of  G.H.W. born  1877 died  1947 Section  C  12-7b
LARSON Clarence A. Spouse of  Amanda born  1875 died  1962 Section  A  5-13c
LARSON Darrel born  1942 died  1942 Section  C  15-22c
LARSON Dorathea Spouse of  John B. died  1930 Section  A  5-8b
LARSON Dorothy P. spouse of Arthur E.born 8-28-1919 died 6-9-2011 age 91y -Dau. of Hartley & Emma Winner Adair b. Mount Jewett PA d. Jamestown NY Wed 7-3-1952 in Sheffield PA Arthur E. died 6-28-2007
LARSON Edmond born  1909 died  1920 Section  A  1-2b
LARSON Edward Delas born  1902 died  1918  -  s.of Emanuel & Elizabeth Section  B  10-12a
LARSON Elizabeth  Spouse of  Emanuel born  1866 died  1950 Section  B  10-12c
LARSON Ella Spouse of  (Reay) born  9-16-1890 died  6/1/1976 Section  AA  1-8a
LARSON Elmer E. born  1886 died  1938 Section  AA  1-8b
LARSON Emanuel Spouse of  Elizabeth born  1865 died  1947 Section  B  10-12b
LARSON Emelia C. Spouse of  Hjalmar born  1879 died  1949 Section  A  1-3c
LARSON Ernest Spouse of  Alma born  1880 died  1960 Section  AA  2-21d
LARSON Evelyn born  10/18/1911 died  2/8/1998 Section  CC  1-20b
LARSON G.H.W. Spouse of  Charlotte born  1874 died  1954 Section  C  12-7c
LARSON Gusaf Spouse of  Hedda C. born  1844 died  1908 Section  B  7-2b
LARSON Hedda C. Spouse of  Gusaf born  1851 died  1934 Section  B  7-2a
LARSON Herman L. Spouse of  Alma born  1872 died  1938 Section  AA  1-9b
LARSON Hjalmar Spouse of  Emelia C. born  1899 died  1901 Section  A  1-2a
LARSON John B. Spouse of  Dorathea died  1919 Section  A  5-8a
LARSON John F. born  1868 died  1956 Section  A  1-3b
LARSON LeRoy C. born  2/27/1919 died  3/10/1981 Section  AA  1-9c
LARSON Lill Spouse of  August born  9-17-1894 died  5/25/1975 Section  AA  4-67b
LARSON Lillian born  2-28-1895 died  8/24/1980 Section  B  11-13a
LARSON Mrs. Nels Spouse of  Nels  died  1901 Section  A  6-6b
LARSON Nancy born  1944 died  1944 Section  C  15-22b
LARSON Nels Spouse of  Mrs. Nels died  11-7-1895 Section  A  6-6a
LARSON O.George Hazel born  1887 died  1910 Section  B  7-1a
LARSON Olive C. Spouse of  Charles born  1875 died  1949 Section  C  14-7c
LARSON Par born  1842 died  1918 Section  C  17-71
LARSON Peternella Spouse of  August born  1853 died  1939 Section  B  9-16b
LARSON Rudolph born  1910 died  1942 Section  C  15-22a
LARSON Severin Spouse of  Sophia born  1845 died  1922 Section  A  1-11b
LARSON Sophia Spouse of  Severin born  1846 died  1930 Section  A  1-11a
LARSON Victor H. born  12/5/1914 died  3/7/2002 Section  AA  2-21f
LARSON Walter born  1894 died  1956 Section  AA  2-40a
LARSON Wilbert born  1902 died  9/29/1934 Section  C  14-7a
LEAFSTROM David Spouse of  Viola M. born  1/16/1903 died  11/11/1974 Section  AA  10-226a
LEAFSTROM Viola M. Spouse of  David born  4/14/1908 died  4/19/1994 Section  AA  10-226b
LIND Charles Spouse of  Mathilda born  1852 died  1912 Section  A  1-1a
LIND Mathilda Spouse of  Charles born  1846 died  1928 Section  A  1-1b
LINDE Lennea born  10/5/1904 died  12/8/1992 Section  B  8-3a
LINDELOW Axel  Spouse of  H. Maria born  1868 died  1919 Section  A  5-24a
LINDELOW Axel M. born  1896 died  1907  -  s.of Axel & Maria Section  A  5-24c
LINDELOW Carl J. born  1909 died  1909  -  s.of Axel & Maria Section  A  5-24d
LINDELOW H. Maria Spouse of  Axel born  1869 died  1913 Section  A  5-24b
LINDQUIST Mathilda born  1861 died  1955 Section  AA  2-33c
LOCKWOOD Adelle Spouse of  Clarke born  3-31-1895 died  5/28/1983 Section  AA  10-206b
LOCKWOOD Clarke Spouse of  Adelle born  7-20-1894 died  9/23/1976 Section  AA  10-206a
LORENTSON Alma Spouse of  Oscar born  1882 died  1929 Section  C  15-16a
LORENTSON Olga E. born  11/1/1905 died  7/18/1998 Section  C  15-16c
LORENTSON Oscar Spouse of  Alma born  1871 died  1947 Section  C  15-16b
LOVETT Effey J. Spouse of  Sanford born  1892 died  1971 Section  AA  6-109a
LOVETT Sanford Spouse of  Effey J. born  1884 died  1958 Section  AA  6-109b
LUDWIG Mildred born  7/19/1903 died  7/17/1978 Section  AA  1-20a-c
LUNBERG August Spouse of  Ida  born  1855 died  1932 Section  A  2-7b
LUNBERG Ida  Spouse of  August born  1858 died  1902 Section  A  2-7c
LUNDBERG Algert Spouse of  Mabel born  1896 died  1966 Section  AA  4-70a
LUNDBERG Anna Spouse of  Bengt born  1847 died  1915 Section  B  8-8c
LUNDBERG Bengt Spouse of  Anna born  1849 died  4/15/1915 Section  B  8-8b
LUNDBERG Christine Spouse of  Gunnar born  1858 died  1945 Section  B  8-9b
LUNDBERG Gunnar Spouse of  Christine born  1852 died  1916 Section  B  8-9a
LUNDBERG Henry born  1881 died  7/15/1917 Section  B  10-2c
LUNDBERG Hilda  died  1889 Section  C  21-28
LUNDBERG Mabel Spouse of  Algert born  1894 died  1967 Section  AA  4-70b
LUNDBERG Olga Spouse of  Theodore born  3-28-1896 died  12/8/1975 Section  AA  8-152b
LUNDBERG Theodore Spouse of  Olga born  1893 died  1966 Section  AA  8-152a
LUNDBERG Walter born  4/12/1900 died  9/9/1977 Section  B  10-1c
LUNDEN Alma S. Spouse of  Charles born  1867 died  1937 Section  A  6-16b
LUNDEN Arlie Myrtle born  1904 died  1904  -  d.of Charles & AlmaS. Section  A  6-16c
LUNDEN Arthur Spouse of  Mona born  1887 died  1969 Section  AA  5-88a
LUNDEN August W. born  1873 died  1890 Section  C  18-12
LUNDEN Charles Spouse of  Alma S. born  1866 died  1940 Section  A  6-16a
LUNDEN Fred S. Spouse of  Hilda G. born  1863 died  1934 Section  C  14-5a
LUNDEN Grealdine born  1902 died  1905  -  d.of Charles & AlmaS. Section  A  6-16d
LUNDEN Hilda G. Spouse of  Fred S. born  1863 died  1945 Section  C  14-5b
LUNDEN I. Ilene Spouse of  Fred  born  8/25/1925 died 3/27/1992 Section  AA  11-241a
LUNDEN Karin born  1830 died  1931 Section  C  18-13
LUNDEN Mona Spouse of  Arthur born  12-29-1895 died  5/7/1976 Section  AA  5-88b
LUNDGREN Angalia Spouse of  Rev. Nels born  1890 died  1958 Section  AA  5-81b
LUNDGREN Anna born  1882 died  1903 Section  B  11-2b
LUNDGREN Anna born  1882 died  1903 Section  C  15-10
LUNDGREN Anton born  1902 died  1903  -  s.of Sone Section  A  2-9
LUNDGREN Arthur born  1892 died  1897 Section  B  11-2c
LUNDGREN Baby died  1897  -  b of Sone Section  C  18-7
LUNDGREN Charles born  3-27-1870 died  12/26/1939 Section  AA  1-13a
LUNDGREN Earl born  1918 died  1918  -  s.of Sone Section  A  2-9
LUNDGREN Edna  born  1888 died  1919 Section  B  11-2e
LUNDGREN Hannah born  1858 died  1899 Section  B  11-2a
LUNDGREN Harold born  7/3/1915 died  4/7/1988 Section  AA  5-100Aa
LUNDGREN Hellen born  1912 died  1913  -  d.of Sone Section  A  2-9
LUNDGREN John Spouse of  Karin born  1873 died  1941 Section  AA  1-13b
LUNDGREN Karin Spouse of  John born  1874 died  1948 Section  AA  1-13c
LUNDGREN Kristin born  1887 died  1892 Section  B  11-2d
LUNDGREN Luther born  1912 died  1932 Section  B  11-1d
LUNDGREN Merle born  1918 died  1918  -  s.of Sone Section  A  2-9
LUNDGREN Mrs. Olaf born  3-19-1894 died  4/22/1981 Section  B  11-1c
LUNDGREN Mrs. Sone died  1899 Section  C  18-6
LUNDGREN Mrs. Sone Spouse of  Sone born  1877 died  1923 Section  A  2-9
LUNDGREN Nelse born  1867 died  1944 Section  A  2-8
LUNDGREN Rev. Nels Spouse of  Angalia born  2-21-1889 died  4/18/1978 Section  AA  5-81a
LUNDGREN Rev.Olaf born  1884 died  1958 Section  B  11-1b
LUNDGREN Sone born  1858 died  1936 Section  B  11-1a
LUNDGREN Walter born  1905 died  1972 Section  AA  5-100Ab
LUNDGREN Willard born  1903 died  1923  -  s.of Sone Section  A  2-9
LUNDIN August born  1882 died  1913 Section  C  17-61
MABEN Darla born  2/15/1942 died  12/10/2004 Section  AA  1-20a-b
MACARTHUR Arlene born  10/23/1916 died  10/20/1980 Section  AA  4-67a
MAGNUSON August Hjalmar born  1876 died  1944 Section  A  2-20a
MAGNUSON Johanna S. Spouse of  Lars born  1856 died  1921 Section  A  2-20b
MAGNUSON Lars Spouse of  Johanna S. born  1834 died  1913 Section  A  2-20c
MALMROSE Arthur Spouse of  Hertel born  1904 died  1969 Section  AA  4-61c
MALMROSE August born  1878 died  1930 Section  C  13-12a
MALMROSE Baby born  1939 died  1939  -  b of Everett & Dorothy Section  C  13-13a
MALMROSE Dorothy Spouse of  Everett born  1914 died  1972 Section  C  13-13c
MALMROSE Everett Spouse of  Dorothy born  12/11/1913 died  3/6/1993 Section  C  13-13b
MALMROSE Helena born  1925 died  1932  -  d.of Arthur & Hertel Section  AA  4-61a
MALMROSE Hertel Spouse of  Arthur born  1905 died  1957 Section  AA  4-61b
MANNING Roger born  12/13/1912 died  4/20/1993 Section  AA  8-168b
MATTHEWS Mary V born  4/20/1923 died 9/9/2009 Dau of Ed Besecker and Margaret Landers Section AA 7-122c
McCLOSKEY George L.  spouse of  Marilyn Smith born 4/16/1930 died 9/3/2013 age 83y Son of Lester & Olive McCracken McCloskey b. Snow Shoe d. Smethport PA Wed 10-3-1952 in Hazel Hurst PA
MCCLASKEY Mathew died  1910 Section  A  4-9b
MCCLOSKEY Ian L born 8-25-1982 died 6-9-2007 age 24 Son of George McCloskey Jr. & Nadine Holmerg b. Kane PA d. Lantz Corners PA auto accident
MCCLOSKEY Marilyn J. Spouse of  George born  1/26/1931 died  5/27/1995 Section  AA  11-237b
MCCORMICK Henry C. died  9-23-1981 Section  AA  6-112c
MCDOWELL June I. Spouse of  Billy born  8/4/1925 died  12/14/2000 Section  CC  2-14b
MCGILL Elizabeth Ann born  1/7/1926 died  5/21/1928 Section  B  8-10c
MCGILL James S. Spouse of  M. Theresia born  8-1-1889 died  10-15-974 Section  B  8-11a
MCGILL M. Theresia Spouse of  James S. born  2-18-1896 died  9/7/1979 Section  B  8-11b
MCINTYRE Anna M. Spouse of  Donald born  5-20-1890 died  8/19/1985 Section  B  9-12b
MCINTYRE Donald Spouse of  Anna M. born  1889 died  1926 Section  B  9-12c
MCMOHAN Dolly born  1878 died  1898 Section  A  3-6a
MCNABB Keith A. born  1948 died  1993 Section  AA  7-122b
MELLANDER Ava Greta Spouse of  John born  1824 died  1912 Section  A  5-3b
MELLANDER C.J. born  1830 died  1887 Section  C  15-12
MELLANDER John Spouse of  Ava Greta born  1818 died  1903 Section  A  5-3a
MIKA Shawn born  1972 died  1973 Section  AA  7-132c
MIKA Thomas J. born  3/15/1969 died  4/30/1994 Section  CC  4-26a
MILLER A. Verne Spouse of  Ella born  1883 died  1945 Section  AA  3-56a
MILLER Bernard born  9-3-1880 died  11/13/1901 Section  B  7-7c
MINEHART Janet Spouse of  John born  5/30/1942 died  1/20/1997 Section  CC  2-13b
MOLLANDER Alice Spouse of  Claud E. born  1901 died  1954 Section  AA  5-89b
MOLLANDER Alice Spouse of  Walter born  3/3/1903 died  8/29/1976 Section  AA  4-63b
MOLLANDER Art died  12-12-1945 Section  A  4-24c
MOLLANDER Celia C. Spouse of  Walter F. died  4/26/1986 Section  AA  4-62a
MOLLANDER Claude E. Spouse of  Alice born  1885 died  1960 Section  AA  5-89a
MOLLANDER Claude Jr. born  1938 died  11/14/1969 Section  AA  3-60a-c
MOLLANDER Engrid died  1993 Section  A  5-4x
MOLLANDER Hulda died  6/23/1940 Section  A  5-5a
MOLLANDER Ida born  1859 died  1945 Section  A  5-5b
MOLLANDER John died  1930 Section  A  5-4a
MOLLANDER Mabel died  10/16/1934 Section  A  5-5c
MOLLANDER Margie born  1932 died  1954  -  d of Claue E. & Alice Section  AA  5-89c
MOLLANDER Maria J. died  1930 Section  A  5-4b
MOLLANDER Walter Spouse of  Alice born  1897 died  1952 Section  AA  4-63c
MOLLANDER Walter F. Spouse of  Celia C. born  3/4/1933 died  12/7/1994 Section  AA  4-62b
MORGAN James Spouse of June (Wallin) Born 8-16-1935 died 2-20-2015 Age  79 - Son of Joseph and Catherine (Rendosh), 2 children - uncategorized Vet, US Army           
MORGAN Mark J. born  2/20/1962 died  9/5/1983  -  s.of James & June Section  AA  10-210b
MOUNTAIN Baby born  1943 died  1943 Section  AA  2-37a
MOUNTAIN Clifford S. Spouse of  Mabel born  7/3/1908 died  7/14/1992 Section  AA  2-37c
MOUNTAIN Mabel Spouse of  Clifford S. died  5/13/1973 Section  AA  2-37b
MUNSON Andrew Spouse of  Karoline born  6-3-1855 died  1/26/1918 Section  B  10-8a
MUNSON Karoline Spouse of  Andrew born  4-16-1857 died  6/11/1944 Section  B  10-8b
MYRICK Charles died  1920 Section  B  10-16b
MYRICK Stanley died  12/23/1918 Section  B  10-16c
NELSON Alfreda born  11/7/1902 died  6/5/1903 Section  B  7-12b
NELSON Alice E. born  1904 died  1927 Section  A  3-8b
NELSON Amelia died  1910 Section  A  6-21b
NELSON Anna B. Spouse of  Nels J. born  1842 died  1917 Section  B  10-6b
NELSON August W. Spouse of  Christina born  1868 died  1938 Section  A  3-9a
NELSON Beda born  1874 died  1909 Section  B  7-12c
NELSON Beda Spouse of  John O. born  1886 died  1956 Section  B  10-5b
NELSON Betty Spouse of  Nels  born  1835 died  1903 Section  A  6-12a
NELSON Carl Spouse of  Sylvia A. born  7/12/1918 died  7/22/1978 Section  AA  9-190a
NELSON Christina Spouse of  August W. born  1867 died  1935 Section  A  3-8c
NELSON Elimina born  1867 died  1943 Section  A  4-13c
NELSON Emma Spouse of  Frank died  1940 Section  C  12-3b
NELSON Ethel M. born  1900 died  1901 Section  A  3-8a
NELSON Frank Spouse of  Emma born  1849 died  1928 Section  C  12-3a
NELSON George W. born  1891 died  1966 Section  AA  1-10c
NELSON Gunnar died  1913 Section  A  3-22b
NELSON Herman  born  1875 died  1961 Section  AA  1-18b
NELSON Hilma C. Spouse of  John A. born  1878 died  1907 Section  A  2-14a
NELSON J. Albert born  1878 died  1947 Section  AA  1-18a
NELSON Johanna Spouse of  John H. born  1848 died  1915 Section  A  5-19b
NELSON John A. Spouse of  Hilma C. born  1873 died  1931 Section  A  2-14b
NELSON John H. born  1862 died  1903 Section  A  4-13a
NELSON John H. Spouse of  Johanna born  3-3-1845 died  12/22/1908 Section  A  5-19a
NELSON John O. Spouse of  Beda born  1883 died  1917 Section  B  10-5a
NELSON Mary born  1886 died  1888 Section  C  21-26
NELSON Maurice Spouse of  Norma L. born  1911 died  1944 Section  AA  2-23a
NELSON Nels Spouse of  Betty born  1836 died  1908 Section  A  6-12b
NELSON Nels J. Spouse of  Anna B. born  1845 died  1927 Section  B  10-6a
NELSON Norma L. Spouse of  Maurice born  2/28/1919 died  1/19/1996 Section  AA  2-23b
NELSON Peter Spouse of  Sabina born  1865 died  1940 Section  AA  1-10b
NELSON Rudolph J. born  1902 died  1934 Section  A  3-9c
NELSON Russel born  3/27/1905 died  9/17/1906 Section  A  4-16a
NELSON Sabina Spouse of  Peter born  1869 died  1938 Section  AA  1-10a
NELSON Swen Ed. died  1982 Section  A  6-24d
NELSON Sylvia died  12/23/1918 Section  B  10-16a
NELSON Sylvia A. Spouse of  Carl born  1918 died  11/29/1999 Section  AA  9-190b
NEVEL Bernard A. Spouse of  Sara born  3/27/1924 died  2/26/2001 Section  AA  9-173a
NEVEL Sara I. Spouse of  Bernard A. born  7/22/1923 died  2/3/1974 Section  AA  9-173b
NEWBURG Albert Spouse of  Lena born  1844 died  1914 Section  B  8-7a
NEWBURG Lena Spouse of  Albert born  1858 died  1941 Section  B  8-7b
NOGAR Denise Spouse of  John born  1891 died  1962 Section  AA  4-78b
NOGAR John Spouse of  Denise born  1891 died  1966 Section  AA  4-78a
NORDSTROM Anna born  1877 died  1953 Section  AA  6-Sa
NORMAN Riley L. born  6/23/2000 died  6/24/2000 Section  CC  4-23b
NOVOSEL Joseph born  11/19/1922 died  9/5/2000 Section  CC  1-30a
OAKES Bernice W. born  1/2/1920 died  5/7/2001 Section  AA  6-110a
OAKES C. Richard Spouse of  Francena C. born  6/3/1916 died  6/29/1983 Section  AA  10-218a
OAKES Clyde Spouse of  Ruth born  1893 died  1965 Section  AA  5-82c
OAKES Francena C. Spouse of  C. Richard born  7/16/1914 died  5/11/2005 Section  AA  10-218b
OAKES Maxine died  1992 Section  B  9-10a
OAKES Ruth Spouse of  Clyde born  8-13-1896 died  12/29/1988 Section  AA  5-82b
OBERG C.W. Spouse of  Mary born  1860 died  1932 Section  B  7-7a
OBERG John A. born  1865 died  1931 Section  B  7-13b
OBERG John P. Spouse of  Louisa H. born  1825 died  1897 Section  A  6-9a
OBERG Louisa H. Spouse of  John P. born  1831 died  1917 Section  A  6-9b
OBERG Mary Spouse of  C.W. born  1860 died  1920 Section  B  7-7b
OBERG Oscar born  1875 died  1958 Section  B  7-13c
OHLSON Clifford Spouse of  Martha Lou born  1/26/1920 died  7/28/1992 Section  CC  3-31a
OKERLUND Dorothy E. Spouse of  Raymond born  6/4/1911 died  8/13/2002 Section  AA  8-144b
OKERLUND Edward born  1906 died  1906  -  s.of Steve & Emma Section  A  3-13d
OKERLUND Emma  Spouse of  Steve B. born  1879 died  1950 Section  A  3-13b
OKERLUND Margaret born  1919 died  1927  -  d.of Steve & Emma Section  A  3-13c
OKERLUND Raymond Spouse of  Dorothy E. born  3/9/1909 died  3/16/1976 Section  AA  8-144a
OKERLUND Ronald B. Spouse of  Helene born  12/29/1936 died  1/15/1993 Section  CC  4-24a
OKERLUND Steve B. Spouse of  Emma  born  1874 died  1957 Section  A  3-13a
OKNEFSKI Charles Spouse of  Margaret born  3/31/1922 died  10/31/1977 Section  AA  11-248a
OLANDER Anna D. Spouse of  Martin born  8-15-1865 died  7/17/1935 Section  C  14-10a
OLANDER Martin Spouse of  Anna D. born  10-18-1864 died  11/5/1955 Section  C  14-10b
OLANDER Olga born  9-26-1895 died  9/12/1979 Section  C  14-10c
OLIPHANT Barry born  1948 died  1951 Section  B  11-11c
OLIPHANT Freda born  1896 died  1970 Section  B  11-11b
OLIPHANT Irma Peg  Spouse of  Robert G. born  6/27/1923 died  12/26/1992 Section  CC  2-29b
OLIPHANT Lelia born  1915 died  1919 Section  B  11-11a
OLIPHANT Robert G. Spouse of  Irma (Peg) born  10/29/1920 died  12/20/1998 Section  CC  2-29a
OLSON Anna Spouse of  Erick born  1872 died  1939 Section  AA  1-12a
OLSON Augusta Spouse of  Peter born  1856 died  1927 Section  A  2-15b
OLSON Carl A. born  1890 died  1907  -  s.of Carl & Augusta Section  A  2-15a
OLSON Elsie born  4-4-1878 died  6/21/1901 Section  A  2-3c
OLSON Erick Spouse of  Anna born  1862 died  1942 Section  AA  1-12c
OLSON Pete born  1863 died  1942 Section  C  13-15a
OLSON Peter Spouse of  Augusta born  1861 died  1938 Section  A  2-15c
ORDIWAY Verle Spouse of  Lillian born  1/30/1917 died  4/3/1997 Section  AA  7-138a
OSBECK Anna H. Spouse of  Swan  born  1879 died  1944 Section  A  6-20b
OSBECK Anna Viola born  1906 died  1909  -  d.of Swan & Anna H. Section  A  6-20c
OSBECK Swan Spouse of  Anna H. born  1871 died  1953 Section  A  6-20a
OVERBECK William L. Spouse of  Barbara born  10/25/1925 died  4/13/2001 Section  AA  4-62c
PAAR Frank Spouse of  Thyra B. born  1917 died  1990 Section  B  11-7b
PAAR Thyra B. Spouse of  Frank born  1919 died  1997 Section  B  11-7a
PALMQUIST Albert W. born  1885 died  1960 Section  B  7-17c
PALMQUIST Anna Spouse of  Peter J. born  1857 died  1928 Section  B  7-16c
PALMQUIST G. Erick born  1892 died  1915  -  s.of Peter J. & Anna Section  B  7-16a
PALMQUIST Gust born  1881 died  1922 Section  A  1-16a
PALMQUIST Mother born  1883 died  1953 Section  A  1-16b
PALMQUIST Peter J. Spouse of  Anna born  1858 died  1928 Section  B  7-16b
PAMY Mary born  1845 died  1922 Section  A  1-15b
PARDEE Baby died  1896 Section  C  20-1
PARRISH  Victoria "Vicki" born 12/9/1955 died 10/11/2013 age 57y Dau of Leo Barnes & Shirley Swanson b. Kane PA d. Mount Jewett PA
PARSON Harold born  1903 died  1920 Section  C  14A-1b
PARSON Mis.Hilda born  1877 died  1941 Section  C  14A-1c
PARSON Mrs. David born  1872 died  1893 Section  A  5-4c
PARSON Rev. Morton born  1867 died  1932 Section  C  14A-1a
PAULSON Algot  Spouse of  Emma born  1885 died  1959 Section  AA  3-58b
PAULSON Anna Spouse of  John A. born  1874 died  1948 Section  A  5-22b
PAULSON  Arthur A. Jr. spouse of Alice Aderman born 11/7/1930 died 1/3/2013 age 82y Son of Arthur A. & Emma Mae Smith Paulson Sr. b. Mount Jewett PA d. Kane PA Wed 5-21-1955 in Mount Jewett PA  1948-1952 served in the Korean War
PAULSON Baby died  1896  Section  A  3-2
PAULSON Carl A. born  1876 died  1954 Section  A  3-4x
PAULSON Carolina Spouse of  Charles born  1854 died  1915 Section  A  3-3b
PAULSON Caroline H. born  1892 died  1909  -  d.of Charles & Mathilda Section  A  3-2
PAULSON Charles Spouse of  Carolina born  1854 died  1900 Section  A  3-3a
PAULSON Charles R. Spouse of  Mathilda died  1945 Section  A  3-2
PAULSON Dana born  9/16/1992 died  1/28/1982 Section  AA  5-99b
PAULSON Donald   spouse of  Doris  born  6-4-1925  died  11-5-2010  age  85y    Son of Algott & Emma Smith Paulson b. Unknown d. Lake Placid FL  U.S. Army WW2 serving in France & Germany
PAULSON Emily died  1913  -  d.of Charles & Mathilda Section  A  3-2
PAULSON Emma Spouse of  Algot born  1903 died  1957 Section  AA  3-58a
PAULSON Ewald died  1930  -  s.of Charles & Mathilda Section  A  3-2
PAULSON Frank H. born  1873 died  1898  -  s.of Charles & Carolina Section  A  3-3c
PAULSON Gerald O. born  9/10/1907 died  12/9/1999 Section  AA  7-121b
PAULSON Gilbert Spouse of  Hildegarde born  1901 died  1967 Section  AA  3-60c
PAULSON Helga M. born  6-30-1898 died  1/22/1983 Section  A  5-22c
PAULSON Herbert S. born  1896 died  1897  -  s.of Charles & Mathilda Section  A  3-2
PAULSON Hildegarde Spouse of  Gilbert born  10/8/1900 died  2/6/1980 Section  AA  3-60a-a
PAULSON Johanna Spouse of  John born  1836 died  1909 Section  A  4-7a
PAULSON John Spouse of  Johanna born  1835 died  1899 Section  A  4-7b
PAULSON John A. Spouse of  Anna born  1872 died  1911 Section  A  5-22a
PAULSON Lucille A. Spouse of  Richard born  11/24/1915 died  3/28/2003 Section  AA  3-43c
PAULSON Mathilda Spouse of  Charles R. born  1865 died  1903 Section  A  3-2
PAULSON Nedra L. born  1915 died  1917 Section  AA  1-5d
PAULSON Otto  born  1883 died  1947 Section  AA  1-5a
PAULSON Phyllis born  12/17/1932 died  1979 Section  AA  3-sb
PAULSON Richard Spouse of  Lucille A. born  1913 died  12/30/1972 Section  AA  3-43c
PAULSON Vivian H. died  1912 Section  AA  1-5c
PEARSON Lars died  1905 Section  C  17-40
PERRY Christine E. Spouse of  William W.  Jr. born  1/21/1948 died  4/15/1999 Section  CC  6-33b
PERRY William W.  spouse of  Christine A. Nevel  born  7/16/1941  died  12/28/2011  age  70y    Son of William W. & Betty Powell Perry b. Kane PA d. Oil City PA Wed 2-14-1970  Served in the National Guard
PETERSON Agnes Spouse of  Clarence V. born  1876 died  1955 Section  A  3-19b
PETERSON Agnes died  1958 Section  A  3-15a
PETERSON Albert born  1897 died  1959 Section  AA  2-40c
PETERSON Albert Spouse of  (Ritter) born  11/23/1915 died  12/2/1990 Section  AA  3-45a
PETERSON Alfred Spouse of  Emma C. born  1860 died  1937 Section  A  3-4b
PETERSON Alfred Spouse of  Mabel born  1891 died  1973 Section  AA  9-192a
PETERSON, Alice E. spouse of Clarence born 9-18-1913 died 12-20-2006 age 93  - Dau. of Carl & Hilda Hokenson Anderson  b. Mount Jewett PA  d. Warren PA  Wed 10-18-1981 in Mount Jewett PA  Section A  6-25a
PETERSON Alma Spouse of  Axel born  1884 died  1971 Section  AA  3-45c
PETERSON Alma Spouse of  Carl born  2/7/1904 died  5/26/1976 Section  AA  8-146b
PETERSON Amy Spouse of  John F. born  1893 died  1957 Section  AA  3-59a
PETERSON Andrew Spouse of  Hannah born  4-15-1832 died  4/15/1919 Section  B  11-9a
PETERSON Anna L. Spouse of  Ermest L. born  1880 died  1946 Section  C  14-8b
PETERSON Anton Spouse of  Johanna  born  1849 died  1930 Section  A  3-15c
PETERSON Axel born  1877 died  1914 Section  C  17-63
PETERSON Axel Spouse of  Alma born  1880 died  1944 Section  AA  3-45b
PETERSON Baby died  1895 Section  A  5-16c
PETERSON Baby died  1896 Section  C  14A-2d
PETERSON Baby died  1902 Section  A  5-16d
PETERSON Baby-Clarence & Agnes died  1908 Section  A  3-19a
PETERSON Bertie D. died  8-6-1888 Section  C  21-16
PETERSON Carl born  1948 died  1952 Section  AA  5-Sa
PETERSON Carl Spouse of  Alma born  1893 died  1968 Section  AA  8-146a
PETERSON Carl William born  1902 died  1957 Section  AA  2-40b
PETERSON Christina Spouse of  Sven A. born  1938 died  1916 Section  C  14A-2b
PETERSON Clarence V. Spouse of  Agnes born  1872 died  1937 Section  A  3-19c
PETERSON Elphon Alvie born  2/9/1910 died  10/29/1987 Section  CC  1-24a
PETERSON Emma C. Spouse of  Alfred born  1875 died  1912 Section  A  3-4a
PETERSON Ernest  Spouse of  Jennie born  5-15-1890 died  1/21/1942 Section  B  11-8a
PETERSON Ernest L. Spouse of  Anna L. born  1883 died  1934 Section  C  14-8a
PETERSON Eva Spouse of  Nels  born  1866 died  1954 Section  AA  2-27b
PETERSON Hanna born  1866 died  1909 Section  A  5-16a
PETERSON Hannah Spouse of  Andrew died  1939 Section  B  11-9b
PETERSON Harriet died  8-7-1899 Section  C  18-50
PETERSON Harry born  12/27/1904 died  6/15/1981 Section  AA  2-40aa
PETERSON  Helge spouse of Patricia Parana born 6/8/1921 died 11/27/2013 age 92y Son of Ernest & Anna Peterson b. & d. Mount Jewett PA Wed 4-19-1947 in Johnsonburg PA  U.S. Air ForceWW2
PETERSON Herbert Spouse of  Viola born  10/19/1915 died  11/18/1992 Section  AA  8-162a
PETERSON Irene E. born  1889 died  1922 Section  A  6-15d
PETERSON Jennie Spouse of  Ernest  born  2-19-1889 died  2/28/1939 Section  B  11-8b
PETERSON Johanna  Spouse of  Anton born  1849 died  1924 Section  A  3-15b
PETERSON John F. Spouse of  Amy born  1886 died  1963 Section  AA  3-58c
PETERSON Karin died  1908 Section  A  5-16b
PETERSON L.G. died  11-16-1895 Section  C  21-39
PETERSON Linda born  1879 died  1961 Section  C  12-13c
PETERSON Mabel Spouse of  Alfred born  4-16-1897 died  7/2/1976 Section  AA  9-192b
PETERSON Marcia born  2/26/1938 died  6/16/2001 Section  CC  3-30a
PETERSON Marvin Spouse of  Mildred born  8/24/1913 died  10/24/1993 Section  CC  2-28a
PETERSON Mildred Spouse of  Marvin born  3/4/1917 died  8/3/1993 Section  CC  2-28b
PETERSON Nels born  1834 died  1900 Section  C  17-68
PETERSON Nels Spouse of  Eva born  1864 died  1942 Section  AA  2-27a
PETERSON Olin died  4-15-1919  -  s.of Ernest & Jennie Section  B  11-8c
PETERSON P. died  1909 Section  C  17-50
PETERSON Sven A. Spouse of  Christina born  1840 died  1922 Section  C  14A-2a
PETERSON Teckla born  1862 died  1935 Section  C  14A-2c
PETERSON Viola Elvira  spouse of  Herbert  born  5-17-1919  died  1-11-2011  age  91y    Dau. of John & Anna Lundblad b. Westville d. DuBois Pa Wed 5-6-1939 in Ridgway PA
PRESTON Eleanor C. Spouse of  Herman D. born  7/20/1920 died  11/11/1997 Section  CC  1-21b
PRESTON Herman D. Spouse of  Eleanor C. born  4/2/1913 died  10/31/1988 Section  CC  1-21a
PRUYNE Riley born  1830 died  1918 Section  A  2-2c
PUCCI Nicolo M. died  11-21-2002 Section  CC  1-30b
QUIST Andrew Spouse of  C.Hulda born  1877 died  1959 Section  C  13-3x
QUIST C.Hulda Spouse of  Andrew born  1884 died  1959 Section  C  13-3c
QUIST Charles J. Spouse of  Mina born  1881 died  1935 Section  B  10-13c
QUIST Harold Spouse of  Ruth born  5/23/1910 died  12/9/1985 Section  C  13-4b
QUIST Helge born  1905 died  1926 Section  C  13-3a
QUIST Mina Spouse of  Charles J. born  1879 died  1923 Section  B  10-13b
QUIST Ruth C. spouse of Harold E. born 3/6/1920 died 2/13/2015 age 94y Dau of Elof & Eva Heron Carlson b. Marvindale PA d. Downington PA Wed 2-16-1942
RAFFERTY Baby William born  1918 died  1920 Section  B  9-10a
RAFFERTY Dan Spouse of  Katherine born  1885 died  1933 Section  B  9-10c
RAFFERTY Janet died  1-15-1919 Section  B  8-14b
RAFFERTY Katherine Spouse of  Dan born  1888 died  1964 Section  B  9-10b
RAFFERTY William died  1931 Section  B  8-14a
RATHBURN George Walter born  1908 died  1968  -  s.of Martin & Sarah Section  A  3-24c
RATHBURN Martin Spouse of  Sarah born  1871 died  1953 Section  A  3-24a
RATHBURN Robert R. born  1900 died  1933  -  s.of Martin Section  A  3-23b
RATHBURN Sarah Spouse of  Martin born  1877 died  1943 Section  A  3-24b
RATHBURN Thomas A. born  1904 died  1914  -  s.of Martin Section  A  3-23a
REINARD Beatrice D. Spouse of  Joseph born  2/5/1911 died  4/21/2004 Section  AA  7-130d
REINARD Bertha  Spouse of  Harry born  8/31/1903 died  5/21/1998 Section  AA  7-137c
REINARD Harry Spouse of  Bertha born  7-13-1893 died  2/25/1978 Section  AA  7-137b
REINARD Jerry Lee born  1939 died  1939 Section  C  15-14c
REINARD Joseph Spouse of  Beatrice D. born  12/5/1913 died  1/21/1975 Section  AA  7-130c
REINARD Walter born  10/4/1910 died  12/29/1988 Section  AA  7-137a
RILEY Fred born  1886 died  1910 Section  C  17-54
ROBERTSON Marlene E. Spouse of Roy W. Born 6/1/33    died 04/19/15 Age 81 Dau of Thelma Cressman, born in Bradford, PA., died in Coudersport, PA., married Dec. 14, 2013 in Olean, NY., 2 daughters, one son
ROBERTSON  Roy W.  spouse of  Marlene E. Carter born 11/15/1932 died 12/14/2013 age 81y Son of Roland & Jannette Schwab Robertson b. Franklin PA d. Smethport PA Wed 5-29-1952 in Olean NY
ROBINSON Helen Spouse of  William born  7/5/1941 died  9/13/1981 Section  AA  11-232b
ROBINSON Mabel born  1916 died  2/14/2001 Section  CC  1-15a
ROBINSON William L. spouse of Helen Ordiway born 5-2-1920 died 6-11-2009 age 89y  Son of Willard & Pearl Chandler Robinson b. Bullis Mills PA d. Smethport PA Wed 7-5-1947 in Bradford PA 
ROSE Dorothy born  1932 died  1957 Section  AA  2-31a
ROSE Hilder born  1909 died  1968 Section  AA  2-31b
ROSS Bruce C. born  7/17/1927 died  11/8/2002 Section  AA  9-178a
ROTH E. Jeanette spouse of Floyd born 6/6/1938 died 3/28/2010 - Dau. of Victor M. & Virginia H. Reinard  Swanson b. Mount Jewett PA d. Kane PA Wed 8-24-1957 In Mount Jewett PA 
ROTH Elmer Spouse of  Margaret born  8/12/1901 died  2/17/1975 Section  AA  9-171a
ROTH Floyd born  1896 died  1931  Section  A  1 -5c
ROTH Floyd E. Spouse of E. Jeanette (Swanson) born 1/21/1934 died 12/4/2017 Age 83 Son of Elmer H. and Margaret (Hoover) Roth, born in Cecil Twshp, Married Aug 24, 1957 in Nebo Chapel, died in Kane, 4 sons; Served in the US Air Force during the Korean War.
ROTH Gerald I. born  9/15/1936 died  9/16/2001 Section  AA  9-170b
ROTH Hilmer A. Spouse of  Tilda born  1865 died  1945 Section  A  1-4b
ROTH Howard born  4/29/1909 died  1/11/1976 Section  AA  8-145a
ROTH John  born  1890 died  1945 Section  A  1-4a
ROTH Margaret Spouse of  Elmer born  5/28/1910 died  8/2/1997 Section  AA  9-171b
ROTH Tilda S. Spouse of  Hilmer A. born  1867 died  1942 Section  A  1-4c
ROTH Victoria born  1898 died  1935 Section  A  5-27a
ROTH William born  1904 died  1973 Section  AA  8-145b
RUPE Arlene Spouse of  Raymond born  4/27/1921 died  2/23/1981 Section  C  12-12b
RUPE Bessie born  1893 died  1951 Section  C  12-12c
RUPE Raymond Spouse of  Arlene born  11/25/1910 died 4/26/1987 Section  C  12-12b
SALVAMOSER James J. "Jim"  spouse of  Marjorie Kimbrough  born  1/9/1940  died  12/15/2011  age  71y    Son of Francis "Frank" & Julia Powley Salvamoser b. &  d. Kane PA Wed 8-26-1961 in Mount Jewett PA U.S. Army attaining rank of Captain and acive during the Berlin Crisis - Recipient of Bronze Star National Defense Service Medal Vietnam Service Medal & Campaign Medal
SANDERS Gordon born  9/30/1925 died  1/28/1982 Section  AA  11-252a
SANDERS Jesse Scott born  5/1/1990 died  5/2/1990 Section  CC  2-22a
SANDSTROM Agnes Victoria Spouse of  Alfred died  1905 Section  A  4-11b
SANDSTROM Alfred Spouse of  Agnes died  1941 Section  A  4-11a
SANDSTROM August born  1860 died  1954 Section  B  8-13a
SANDSTROM Bernard died  1906 Section  B  8-13b
SANDSTROM Carl born  1895 died  1916 Section  B  8-12a
SANDSTROM Frank F. born  2-17-1897 died  8-10-1897 Section  B  8-12b
SANDSTROM Mateida born  1861 died  1942 Section  B  8-12c
SCHLEIFF Howard Spouse of  Ina Belle born  9/29/1903 died  11/3/1984 Section  AA  6-104b
SCHLEIFF Ina Belle Spouse of  Howard born  1911 died  1960 Section  AA  6-104a
SCHLOPY Harry Spouse of  Helen born  3/16/1909 died  8/31/1974 Section  AA  9-191b
SCHLOPY Helen Spouse of  Harry born  11/22/1912 died  4/25/2002 Section  AA  9-191c
SCHLOPY Bernard Spouse of  Evelyn born  6/21/1917 died  9/20/1984 Section  AA  8-155a
SCHLOPY Evelyn Spouse of  Bernard born  8/1/1917 died  12/17/2001 Section  AA  8-155b
SCHRECENGOST Dean R. born  3/13/1963 died  7/12/1998 Section  CC  2-12
SCHRECENGOST Joseph G. spouse of Kathleen Shall born 11/15/41 died 07/28/15 age 73 Son of Clarence and Ruby (Wingard) Schrecengost, Born in Kiggannig, Married Sept 8, 1962 in Kane, Died in Mount Jewett, 1 daughter, 1 son
SEABURG Charles Spouse of  Sophia born  1850 died  1931 Section  A  4-15a
SEABURG Sophia Spouse of  Charles born  1851 died  1927 Section  A  4-15b
SEAGREN John died  1946 Section  AA  1-19a
SHELANDER John A. Spouse of  Sophia born  1887 died  1973 Section  AA  6-120Ac
SHELANDER John Dutch Spouse of  Ruth C. born  10/31/1918 died  2/8/2005 Section  AA  6-120Aa
SHELANDER Ruth C. Spouse of  John (Dutch) born  3/7/1922 died  7/13/2002 Section  AA  6-120Ab
SHELANDER Sophia Spouse of  John A. born  1888 died  1970 Section  AA  6-120Ad
SHERMAN George born  1-1-1869 died  7/30/1943 Section  A  2-5c
SIDBERG Astrid died  1907 Section  A  4-15c
SILLAWAY Albert born  1862 died  1905 Section  C  17-37
SILVIS Harold A. "Ike" Spouse of Marian (Johnson) Born 8/23/1926 Died 1/15/2017 Age 90 Son of Amer and Marie (Moore) Silvis, Born in Brookville, married July 2, 1949 in Frewsburg NY, died in Bradford, 3 sons; Navy Veteran of WWII (1943-1947)
SIMONDS Tillie born  8/10/1911 died  3/2/1992 Section  CC  3-35b
SIMONS Bertha Spouse of  George born  1895 died  1957 Section  A  3-23c
SIMONS Donald (Si) Spouse of  Sandra born  1/7/1921 died  5/27/1997 Section  AA  10-205b
SIMONS George Spouse of  Bertha born  1888 died  1976 Section  A  3-23d
SIMONS Sandra C. spouse of Donald born 10/20/1935 died 4/9/2014 age 78y Dau of Clark R. & Adelle Pettigrew Lockwood b. DuBois PA d. Erie PA Wed 6-20-1968
SLOPPY Baby born  1915 died  1921  -  b of Bill Section  C  20-5
SMITH Amelia Spouse of  Porter born  1897 died  1966 Section  AA  6-108a
SMITH, Bernice L. spouse of Bill born 11-7-1949 died 3-24-2008 age 58y  - Dau. of Willard & Marjorie Buck Babcock b. Kane PA d. Erie PA Wed 5-21-1971 in Mount Jewett PA
SMITH Brian "Butch" K. Spouse of Larue (Hanson) born 12/13/1939 died 10/18/2017 Age 77 Son of Alfred and Marion (Kymer) Smith, Born in Mount Jewett, Married May 25, 1963 in Mount Jewett, died in Smethport, 2 daughters, 3 sons.
SMITH Dolores M. Spouse of  Ellsworth A. born  4/19/1928 died  10/1/2002  - maiden name Anderson Section  AA  9-182b
SMITH Ellsworth A. "Smitty" Spouse of  Dolores M. born  2-27-1915 died  10-14-2006 age 91  - Son of George & Jesse Smith b. Warriors Mark Pa. d. Smethport Pa. Section  AA  9-182a
SMITH Evelyn Spouse of  Stanley (Spot) born  1/16/1927 died  9/9/1990 Section  AA  7-127b
SMITH Fannie Spouse of  William born  1849 died  1898 Section  A  6-10b
SMITH Howard born  1956 died  1961  -  Smith Baby Section  AA  5-93b
SMITH Kendrien died  3-11-2000 Section  CC  4-23a
SMITH  Mona Joye spouse of William Carl born 2/26/1930 died 6/26/2014 age 84y Dau of George Julius & Iona Murray Swanson b. Mount Jewett PA d. Plano TX Wed 9-8-1951 in Mount Jewett PA
SMITH Porter Spouse of  Amelia born  1893 died  1959 Section  AA  6-108b
SMITH Stanley (Spot) Spouse of  Evelyn born  10/25/1917 died  1/23/2006 Section  AA  7-127a
SMITH William Spouse of  Fannie born  1838 died  1898 Section  A  6-10a
SMITH  William Carl spouse of  Mona Joye Swanson born 10/20/1930 died 11/28/2014 Son of Lloyd Dowler & Agnes Marie Kruise Smith b. Rixford PA d. Mount Jewett PA Wed 9-8-1951 in Mount Jewett PA U.S. Army for 22 years serving in duty stations in NY MA Germany OK CO TX PA MN & Korea
SONBERGH Andrew Spouse of  Christina born  1843 died  1919 Section  A  2-10
SONBERGH Christina Spouse of  Andrew born  1847 died  1920 Section  A  2-10
SONBERGH Ellen born  1885 died  1928  -  d.of Andrew Section  A  2-10
SORENSEN Adelbert Spouse of  Laura born  9/26/1917 died  11/23/1998 Section  AA  7-140c
SORENSEN Anne Spouse of  Arnold E. born  8/7/1916 died  3/9/1983 Section  AA  11-251b
SORENSEN Arnold E. Spouse of  Anne born  7/27/1915 died  11/17/1987 Section  AA  11-251a
SORENSEN Earl A. born  11/17/1919 died  11/15/2001 Section  AA  8-169a
SORENSEN Jessie C. Spouse of  Lars born  1880 died  1955 Section  AA  5-85b
SORENSEN Lars Spouse of  Jessie  born  1878 died  1960 Section  AA  5-85a
SORENSEN Laura Lee Spouse of  Adelbert born  5/14/1918 died  4/4/1977 Section  AA  7-140Aa
SORENSEN Terry W. born  3/13/1947 died  1/1/2000  -  s of Adelbert & Laura Section  AA  7-140Aa
SORENSON Christ died  1959 Section  B  7-11a
SORENSON Christine Spouse of  Helgar born  1871 died  1931 Section  B  7-10a
SORENSON Helgar Spouse of  Christine died  1907 Section  B  7-10b
SORENSON Olga Spouse of  Sam  born  7-10-1888 died  9/15/1978 Section  A  4-22a
SORENSON Roy R. born  11/25/1910 died  10/1/1911  -  s.of Sam & Olga Section  A  4-21c
SORENSON Roy W. born  1/23/1906 died  11/1/1909  -  s.of Christine & Helgar Section  B  7-10c
SORENSON Sam  Spouse of  Olga born  1880 died  1965 Section  A  4-22b
SPADAFORE Frank Spouse of  Marjorie born  3/8/1910 died  1/8/1992 Section  CC  2-26a
SPADAFORE Marjorie Spouse of  Frank born  10/17/1915 died  9/6/2003 Section  CC  2-26b
SPADEFOR Baby born  1921 died  1923 Section  C  20-7
SPEAR Jim died  1914 Section  C  19-22
SPEEDY Edwin S. Spouse of  Marion E. born  4/21/1915 died  6/13/2004 Section  CC  3-27a
SPEEDY Marion E. Spouse of  Edwin S. born  4/25/1919 died  2/27/1999 Section  CC  3-27b
SPEEDY Walter D. Spouse of  Deborah born  12/18/1950 died  3/23/2004 Section  AA  11-236a
SPENCER Arthur born  4/23/1914 died  12/23/1979 Section  AA  5-87a
SPENCER Jane Spouse of  Jesse born  1915 died  1950 Section  AA  5-86c
SPENCER Jesse Spouse of  Jane born  1911 died  1953 Section  AA  5-86b
SPENCER Lillian Spouse of  Walter G. born  1884 died  1944 Section  C  14-6c
SPENCER Robert born  1938 died  1964  -  s of Jesse & Jane Section  AA  5-86a
SPENCER Walter G. Spouse of  Lillian born  1884 died  1951 Section  C  14-6b
SPRINGSTEEL Andrew Spouse of  Signa born  1881 died  1948 Section  AA  2-25a
SPRINGSTEEL Ervin born  1/12/1907 died  1/17/1907 Section  A  5-5e
SPRINGSTEEL Signa Spouse of  Andrew born  1887 died  1965 Section  AA  2-25b
STANLEY Agnes Spouse of  Virgil born  7-4-1895 died  4/25/1974 Section  AA  7-129b
STANLEY Virgil Spouse of  Agnes born  1895 died  1966 Section  AA  7-129a
STEWART Gerald Spouse of  Jenny born  1914 died  1938 Section  A  1-6a
STEWART Iola died  1921 Section  A  1-6b
STEWART Jenny Spouse of  Gerald born  11-16-1893 died  7/4/1980 Section  A  1-6c
STIDD Mariam L. "Ginger" born 4/4/1929 died 11/13/2017 Age 88 Dau of Roy and Edith (Lundstrom) Anderson, born in Bradford, died in Mount Jewett, 2 daughters, 1 son.
STOLT Adolf born  1902 died  1933 Section  A  4-25c
STOLT August Spouse of  Ida born  1854 died  1931 Section  A  4-25b
STOLT Carl Spouse of  Ester born  1887 died  1971 Section  A  4-26b
STOLT Ester Spouse of  Carl born  1892 died  1970 Section  A  4-26a
STOLT Ida Spouse of  August born  1862 died  1914 Section  A  4-25a
STONE Elizabeth  born  1901 died  9/12/1967 Section  AA  3-60a-b
STROTMAN Howard Spouse of  Myrtle born  1889 died  1967 Section  AA  8-151a
STROTMAN Myrtle Spouse of  Howard born  4-15-1890 died  1/2/1984 Section  AA  8-151b
STROUP Brian C. born  1947 died  2003 Section  AA  6-119c
STROUP Daniel A. Spouse of  Vesta Queen born  1/5/1902 died  6/11/1986 Section  AA  6-119c
STROUP, Kenneth Marvin Sr. spouse of Carol (Raught)    born 12/29/1934 died 2015 age 81 Son of Daniel and Vesta (Queen) Stroup, Born in Westline, died in Mt. Jewett, Married Oct. 4,1952 in Port Allegany, 2 sons
STROUP Vesta Queen Spouse of  Daniel A. born  4/13/1906 died  3/20/1983 Section  AA  6-119b
SUDBOROGH William R born  1897 died  1950 Section  AA  4-Sa
SUNDBERG Emerite Hazel spouse of Gust born  1-19-1919 died  6-18-2006 age 87  - Dau. of Charles & Olivia Thurstenson Larson b. Mount Jewett Pa. d. Kane Pa. Section  CC  1-20a
SWANK Anna Spouse of  Cecil Swank Born  4/24/1936 Died  8/3/2017 Age 81 Dau of Oliver and Agnus Roxie (Nelson) Anderson, born in Kane, died in Mt. Jewett.
SWANSON Albert Spouse of  Ester born  1887 died  1973 Section  A  5-25b
SWANSON Albin , Spouse of born  1896 died  1965 Section  AA  7-131b
SWANSON Amanda Spouse of  Elof born  1871 died  1965 Section  C  15-14b
SWANSON Arene V. died  1904 Section  A  5-2a
SWANSON Axil C. Spouse of  Emelia born  1865 died  1937 Section  B  8-4a
SWANSON Baby died  1915 Section  A  5-25c
SWANSON Bernard Spouse of  Florence born  8/4/1903 died  12/14/1987 Section  AA  10-213a
SWANSON Carl G. Spouse of  Esther born  1904 died  1941 Section  C  14-14a
SWANSON Charles Spouse of  Jennie born  1879 died  1966 Section  B  10-11a
SWANSON Charlotte Spouse of  Ernest E. born  1859 died  4/15/1955 Section  A  5-23b
SWANSON Christ died  3-10-1910 Section  B  11-5a
SWANSON Clarence born  1911 died  1936  -  s.of Emil & Hulda Section  A  3-18c
SWANSON dal L. died  1906 Section  C  17-46
SWANSON Dorathry born  1906 died  1933  -  d.of Emil & Hulda Section  A  3-17b
SWANSON Dwight born  1935 died  1936  -  s of Carl G.& Ester Section  C  14-14d
SWANSON Edgar Spouse of  Elsie born  6/5/1904 died  1/18/1979 Section  AA  9-193a
SWANSON Edgar O. born  1894 died  1955 Section  C  13-7a
SWANSON Elof Spouse of  Amanda born  1865 died  1928 Section  C  15-14a
SWANSON Eloise Spouse of  William Sr. born  4/6/1924 died  3/25/1998 Section  CC  1-22b
SWANSON Elsie Spouse of  Edgar born  7-26-1899 died  12/29/1977 Section  AA  9-193b
SWANSON Emelia Spouse of  Axel C. born  1869 died  1944 Section  B  8-4b
SWANSON Emil Spouse of  Hulda born  1873 died  1940 Section  A  3-17c
SWANSON Emil  born  1909 died  1951 Section  AA  5-93a
SWANSON Emma Spouse of  Sigfred born  1889 died  1965 Section  AA  6-116b
SWANSON Emma E. Spouse of  John A. born  1868 died  1949 Section  C  13-6c
SWANSON Ernest E. Spouse of  Charlotte born  1863 died  1911 Section  A  5-23a
SWANSON Esther Spouse of  Albert born  1-16-1894 died  7/25/1990 Section  A  5-25a
SWANSON Esther Spouse of  Carl G born  1910 died  8/11/2000  Section  C  14-14b
SWANSON Evin A. born  1912 died  1913  -  s.of Emil & Hulda Section  A  3-17a
SWANSON Florence Spouse of  Bernard born  2/6/1903 died  10/22/1977 Section  AA  10-213b
SWANSON Francis Spouse of  Joyce born  10/4/1914 died  1/9/1989 Section  AA  10-199a
SWANSON Franklin Spouse of  Lillian born  1903 died  1971 Section  AA  8-165a
SWANSON George Spouse of  Iona born  1899 died  1959 Section  AA  5-93c
SWANSON  George M. "Bud" spouse of  Bernadine Lantz born 5/25/1932 died 9/28/2014 age 82y Son of George Julius & Iona Murray Swanson b. Mount Jewett PA d. Kane PA Wed 4-2-1966 in Mount Jewett PA U.S. Air Force Korean War
SWANSON Hulda Spouse of  Emil born  1876 died  1944 Section  A  3-18a
SWANSON Hulda A. Spouse of  J.Adolf born  1884 died  1918 Section  B  8-1b
SWANSON Iona Spouse of  George born  12/6/1910 died  2/27/2000 Section  AA  5-94a
SWANSON Irene born  1904 died  1928 -  d of John A. & Emma E. Section  C  13-6a
SWANSON J.Adolf Spouse of  Hulda A. born  1875 died  1945 Section  B  8-1a
SWANSON Jennie Spouse of  Charles born  1886 died  1965 Section  B  10-11c
SWANSON John born  1933 died  1934  -  s of Carl G.& Ester Section  C  14-14c
SWANSON John A. Spouse of  Emma E. born  1862 died  1940 Section  C  13-6b
SWANSON Josephine  died  10-31-1929 Section  B  11-5c
SWANSON Josephine F. Spouse of  Melvin born  12/14/1924 died  7/14/2004 Section  CC  2-10b
SWANSON Joyce E. spouse of Francis born 7/15/1921 died 6/18/2007 age 85 - Dau of Bertha Reinard b. Warren PA d. Smethport PA Wed 12-20-1941 in Warren PA
SWANSON Laurence died  1-4-1991 Section  AA  8-156a
SWANSON Lawrence born  1913 died  1918  -  s.of Charles & Jennie Section  B  10-11b
SWANSON Lillian Spouse of  Franklin born  5/14/1913 died  11/9/1992 Section  AA  8-165b
SWANSON Louisa Spouse of  Peter born  1877 died  1961 Section  AA  4-65a
SWANSON  Lucille M. spouse of Ray D. born 10/2/1920 died 9/4/2012 age 91y Dau of Oscar F. & Ellen M. Anderson b. Mount Jewett PA d. Kane PA Wed 3-25-1946 in Mount Jewett PA
SWANSON Luella E. born  1908 died  1925 Section  B  8-1c
SWANSON Melvin Spouse of  Josephine F. born  4/10/1919 died  3/5/2006 Section  CC  2-10a
SWANSON Mrs. Christ died  2-24-1933 Section  B  11-5b
SWANSON Nannie P. born  1890 died  1944 Section  B  9-1a
SWANSON Peter Spouse of  Louisa born  1871 died  1953 Section  AA  4-65b
SWANSON, Ray D. spouse of Lucille M. Anderson born 5-18-1918 died 9-27-2007 age 89  - Son of Adolph & Marie Peterson Swanson  b. Ludlow PA  d. Kane PA Wed 3-25-1946 in Mount Jewett PA Corporal U.S. Army Air Corps 30th Bombardment Squadron on Guam in the South Pacific 
SWANSON Russel T. born  1905 died  1929 Section  B  8-5c
SWANSON Sara I. born  9/10/1927 died  6/13/2000 Section  AA  7-134b
SWANSON Sigfrig Spouse of  Emma born  1885 died  1963 Section  AA  6-116a
SWANSON Signa died  1994 Section  B  8-4c
SWANSON Thyra E. born  1892 died  1933 Section  B  8-5b
SWANSON Victor M. Spouse of  Virginia H. born  8/10/1916 died  3/1/1995 Section  AA  10-201a
SWANSON Virginia H. Spouse of  Victor M. born  12/7/1916 died  1/31/2002 Section  AA  10-201b
SWANSON William Sr. Spouse of  Eloise born  8/25/1924 died  1/13/1987 Section  CC  1-22a
SYLVANDER Helen Spouse of  J.Ted born  2/1/1912 died  1/7/1986 Section  C  12-11c
SYLVANDER J.Ted Spouse of  Helen born  12/12/1906 died  2/13/1979 Section  C  12-11b
TANNER Annette Spouse of  Ira S. born  1878 died  1943 Section  AA  1-15a
TANNER Ira S. Spouse of  Annette born  1875 died  1951 Section  AA  1-15b
TANNER Manuel S. born  4-12-1899 died  9/22/1946 Section  AA  1-15c
TAYLOR Edward  Spouse of  Mabel born  1894 died  12/1/1943 Section  AA  3-46a
TAYLOR Mabel Spouse of  Edward born  3-17-1898 died  3/15/1990 Section  AA  3-46b
TAYLOR Raymond born  1920 died  1990 Section  C  12-12a
THOMPSON William L. born  1/28/1937 died  12/16/2004 Section  CC  3-20a
TIMLIN James Robert Spouse of  Valery A. born  6/26/1929 died  3/3/1987 Section  CC  1-13a
TIMLIN Valery A. Spouse of  James Robert born  10/21/1934 died  5/8/1993 Section  CC  1-13b
TIMSON Beatrice Spouse of  Clement born  8-7-1893 died  4/28/1982 Section  AA  7-123b
TIMSON Clement Spouse of  Beatrice born  1894 died  1972 Section  AA  7-123c
TRANSUE Terry Lee born  4/27/1954 died  2/3/1978  -  d of William H. Section  AA  7-139c
TRANSUE Thomas born  1944 died  1945 Section  AA  3-55c
TRANSUE William H. born  1/14/1929 died  1/10/1984 Section  AA  7-138c
TURNFELT Arvid born  1874 died  1943 Section  A  4-4c
TURNFELT Charles J. born  1872 died  1897 Section  A  4-4b
TURNFELT Martin J. born  1869 died  1895 Section  A  4-4a
TURNQUIST Anna Spouse of  Arthur born  7/5/1908 died  9/12/2005 Section  AA  3-44b
TURNQUIST Arthur  Spouse of  Anna born  12/29/1901 died  4/1/1979 Section  AA  3-44a
TURNQUIST Baby died  1896  -  b of Charles W. Section  C  20-12
TURNQUIST John born  1863 died  1902 Section  C  17-24
TYNDALL Alberta Spouse of  Earl born  8/26/1900 died  11/2/1987 Section  A  2-5b
VANCAMP Elva P. born  8/9/1929 died  6/29/2003 Section  AA  7-137b
VANTASSEL William born  1891 died  1969 Section  AA  7-133a
VASBINDER Daisy M. Spouse of  James W. born  6/28/1925 died  5/7/1982 Section  AA  10-200b
VEROLINI John J. Spouse of Jeanne (Davidson) Born 9/6/1923 Died 9/30/2016 Age 93 Son of Alonso and Flavia (Seri) Verolini, born in Kushequa, married June 16, 1951 in Kushequa, died in Bradford, 2 daughters; Served in the U.S. Army during WWII in England; received a Soldiers Medal for saving an 18-month old child from drowning.
VETELL Anna Spouse of  Carl born  1883 died  1954 Section  A  2-11
VETELL Carl Spouse of  Anna born  1866 died  1954 Section  A  2-11
VILDE Elof born  1853 died  1892 Section  A  5-2b
VYERS Cora Spouse of  Glenn born  1878 died  1949 Section  AA  3-57b
VYERS Glenn Spouse of  Cora born  1888 died  1946 Section  AA  3-57a
WALKER Dorla Spouse of  Merle E. born  10/22/1923 died  6/28/2002 Section  CC  2-11b
WALKER Merle E. Spouse of  Dorla born  6/14/1919 died  12/10/1996 Section  CC  2-11a
WALLACE, Elmer F. spouse of Mary K. Dixon born 1-5-1921 died 12-30-2008 age 87y  - Son of John R. & Fanny Morrison Wallace b. Kinzua PA d. Ann Arbor MI Wed 9-8-1945 in Bradford PA U.S. Army 725th Field Artillery WW2
WALLIN Arthur Spouse of  Evelyn born  9/20/1901 died  3/18/1980 Section  AA  4-69b
WALLIN Baby born  1924 died  1924  -  b of Elmer F.& Viola l. Section  A  1-7a
WALLIN Brittanee born  1992 died  1992 Section  CC  3-29b
WALLIN David A. born  12/18/1954 died  11/18/1994 Section  AA  11-239b
WALLIN Dorothy  Spouse of  Eugene born  9/21/1929 died  6/17/1978 Section  AA  11-239b
WALLIN Elmer F. Spouse of  Viola L. born  1899 died  1966 Section  A  1-7c
WALLIN Eugene Spouse of  Dorothy  born  8/17/1925 died  1/24/1990 Section  AA  11-239a
WALLIN Evelyn Spouse of  Arthur born  9/1/1905 died  6/9/1987 Section  AA  4-69c
WALLIN Gladys born  6/6/1915 died  6/14/1915 Section  B  7-14b
WALLIN Viola L. Spouse of  Elmer F. born  10-17-1899 died  10/31/1989 Section  A  1-7b
WALMSTROM Annette Spouse of  Gust born  1861 died  1952 Section  C  12-5a
WALMSTROM Gust Spouse of  Annette born  1856 died  1934 Section  C  12-5b
WALTER H. Dale Spouse of  June born  3/13/1913 died  11/12/1988 Section  AA  11-240b
WALTER June Spouse of  H. Dale born  3/27/1912 died  11/21/1978 Section  AA  11-240a
WARNER Angela born  1965 died  1965 Section  AA  2-21e
WEAVER Bradley born  1960 died  9/29/1998 Section  CC  1-14b
WEAVER Robert T. Spouse of  Nancy born  3/21/1930 died  3/12/1987 Section  CC  1-14a
WEBSTER George died  9-10-1925 Section  C  17-77
WEBSTER Myrtle Edith died  1899 Section  C  15-6
WEISER Harriet M. born  1908 died  1957 Section  C  13-3b
WEISS G. Edward born  1879 died  1920 Section  B  11-15a
WELLS Allie L. Spouse of  Russell G. born  5/19/1913 died  3/17/1999 Section  CC  2-34b
WELLS Russell G. Spouse of  Allie L born  1/8/1913 died  2/15/1999 Section  CC  2-34a
WEST Amanda Spouse of  Richard born  1878 died  1959 Section  A  4-23b
WEST Richard Spouse of  Amanda born  1873 died  1913 Section  A  4-23a
WESTERLUND John Jr. Spouse of  Letty E. born  2/29/1916 died  8/27/2001 Section  AA  11-253a
WESTERLUND John W. Spouse of  Selma born  1885 died  1968 Section  AA  2-40ab
WESTERLUND Kjarsten born  1847 died  1907 Section  C  17-43
WESTERLUND Letty E. Spouse of  John Jr. born  12/8/1918 died  12/14/2002 Section  AA  11-253b
WESTERLUND Olaf born  1852 died  1905 Section  C  17-49
WESTERLUND Selma Spouse of  John W. born  1884 died  1964 Section  AA  2-40ac
WHITAKER Harry Red born  3-16-1890 died  7/3/1975 Section  AA  7-Sa
WIBORG Auscar born  1853 died  1926 Section  B  7-3a
WILCOX Gertrude R. Spouse of  Merele born  7/29/1908 died  2/27/2006 Section  AA  6-114b
WILCOX Merele Spouse of  Gertrude R. born  9/9/1902 died  5/5/1991 Section  AA  6-114a
WILL  Frank Campbell spouse of Lavina Keesler born 9/9/1917 died 2/12/2010 age 92y  - Son of Clyde & Isabelle Will b. West Hickory PA d. Alexandria VA Wed 7-5-1944 in Columbus KS  Served in the U.S. Army Signal Corps & retired at the rank of Major from the U.S. Army Reserves  WW2 
WILL Lavina Spouse of  Frank born  8/16/1920 died  11/11/2005 Section  AA  10-215b
WINGARD Ernest Spouse of  Julia born  1902 died  1951 Section  AA  4-76a
WINGARD Julia Spouse of  Ernest born  4/7/1903 died  1/2/1984 Section  AA  4-76b
WINGARD Thomas C born  9/27/1931 died  8/1/1984 Section  AA  4-76c
WINSOR Almarion born  1/27/1914 died  7/31/1986 Section  CC  1-24b
WINSOR Gary E. spouse of Mary Helen Davis born 4-26-1947 died 5-25-2009 age 62 - Son of Edward & Almarion Peterson Winsor b. & d. Kane PA U.S. Marines
WINSOR Gary Jr. born  9/14/1974 died  9/14/1974  -  s of Gary & Mary Helen Section  AA  9-Sc
WINSOR Mary H. Spouse of  Gary Sr. born  5/11/1951 died  9/7/1990 Section  AA  10-198b
WISMAR Carl F. Spouse of  G.Marie born  1896 died  1970 Section  AA  7-133b
WISMAR G.Marie Spouse of  Carl.F. born  12-10-1895 died  11/11/1981 Section  AA  7-133c
WITHINGTON Caroline died  1898 Section  C  18-5
WRIGHT Charles Spouse of  Hildur J. born  1913 died  1966 Section  AA  7-126a
WRIGHT Hildur J. Spouse of  Charles born  1913 died  1/1/2004  - Section  AA  7-126b
ZARR Albert P. born  1876 died  1904  -  s. of Johnnas & Lisa Section  B  7-4a
ZARR Johnnas Spouse of  M.Lisa born  1839 died  1918 Section  B  7-4c
ZARR M. Lisa Spouse of  Johnnas born  1840 died  1907 Section  B  7-4b

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