McKean County Bio's
Submitted by PHGS member: Beverly Schonewolf

Samuel Jones Rockwell was born in 1840 in Triangle, Broome County, NY, son of Peter Rockwell and Ann Leach. He is found living with his
parents (farmers) in the federal and state census records from 1840
until 1870 after which he moved to McKean County PA with his family.
He married Mary Ann Underwood when he was twenty-two, she was
seventeen. In 1868 he received just $5.00 in his father's will,
obviously having received his inheritance when married.

In 1865 Samuel Rockwell, age 25, lived in the northern end of the town
of Triangle in Broome County, NY, with his young family. His farm had
40 acres improved, 10 acres unimproved with a value of $1800. His stock
was valued at $575. and his tools $100. He plowed 22 acres, 30 in
pasture and 10 in meadow. He produced 14 t. hay, 10 bu. corn, 100 bu.
apples, 2 barrels of cider, 1 gal maple molasses, 3 bu. oats, 50# of
honey, 2# bees wax, 1 calf, 8 milk cows, 900# milk, 3 pigs, 200# pork

Samuel Rockwell moved his family to McKean County PA in 1871. His
daughter Addie May was born in 1864, she married Wilbur Oviatt in
Smethport, at age sixteen. Daughter Minnie was born in 1867, married
Frank Herron and lived in Olean, NY. Elbridge, born in 1872, Mary in
1874 married Fred Kautz. His son Samuel was born in 1877 and went with his
father to the state of Washington after 1882. A daughter Myrtle was
born in 1879, but died young.
He had acquired enough money to build the Rockwell House in Smethport
in 1879/80. It was later called the Imperial Hotel. He owned a large
amount of land in McKean County.

Sometime after his wife's death in 1882, he moved to Bellingham WA, was
a logger and farmer. He died there at age seventy-nine. (Death
certificate) He is buried in the Bay View Cemetery, Section 3, Lot 6,
Grave 3.

In 1871 Mr. Rockwell came to McKean County and purchased the farm
formerly owned by Philip Wright. Later he was extensively engaged in
buying and selling cattle, and in 1879 built the present Imperial Hotel.

"Not many people are left who can remember this huge, beautiful
building. Those who do, however, describe it as nothing less than an
absolute marvel. The hotel, which was located on West Main Street, was
constructed between 1880-1881 by S.J. Rockwell, who then named it the
Rockwell House. He remained the proprietor for a few months. Following
Rockwell there were three other proprietors, and then the hotel was
purchased by H.B.Vincent, who renamed it the Chautauqua House. The
first advertisement fr it appears in the February 5, 1886 of the "McKean
County Miner", where it's listed as the Chautauqua House with proprietor
H.B. Vincent. J.L.Thomas and the Burgess Daniel Bacon became
proprietors after Vincent. Originally it had three floors. Somewhere
between the summers of 1900 and 1901, however a fourth floor was added
by actually raising the entire building off the ground and then building
underneath. When the building was elevated, the name changed from the
Chautauqua House to the Imperial Hotel."
The Rockwell lines include the family names of Orcutt, Lillie, Wright,
Boutell, Parke, Norton, Wells, Capen, Purchase, Newton, Harris, Moore,
Rogers, Drake. It is interesting to note that in Windsor CT, in the
1600's, my paternal Rockwell ancestors were members of my maternal
ancestor Rev. Samuel Mather's congregation.
Samuel Rockwell's mother was Ann Leach, who stated she was born in
Cortland County, NY.. A Jonathan Leach settled in that county after the
Revolutionary War, along with five sons, including Alexander, who named
daughter Anna in his will..The Leach family traces its ancestry to
James Chilton and Frances Cooke of the Mayflower.
All of these ancestors in the Rockwell lines are English, all
identified to date emigrating in the 1600's, migrating to MA, CT, and
then NY, PA, and WA.

Death certificate, Bellingham WA lists 25 Nov 1839, obituary in
Smethport, PA newspaper and father Peter Rockwell's Bible list 18 Jan
Marriage-Death Certificate, obituary, Peter Rockwell Bible
Death Certificate record No. 83 Washington State Board of Health,
Whatcom Co., Bellingham, filed 6 March 1919.Obit, Smethport paper 1919.
Parents-Peter Rockwell will Broome County Courthouse, Binghamton, NY,
Book 2, p.97, estate 121.
Census- 1840 US, Broome Co., NY, Triangle, p.799, line 10 male child
of Peter Rockwell under age 5, National Archives film M-704, roll 266.;
Census-1850;US, Broome Co., NY, Triangle, p. 263, line 26, age 10, film
M-432, roll 477.
Census-1855;NY State, Broome Co. Triangle, age 15.
Census-1860-US; Triangle p. ?, line 17, family 466, age 20, film M-653,
1865-NY State Census, Broome Co., Triangle p.? , line 5 Agricultural
1870-US Census; NY, Broome Co.; Triangle p. 24, line 5, age 30, N.A film
M-593 roll 907.
1880 US Census,PA, McKean Co., Smethport, age 40, p. 40, line 20, N.A
film T-9, roll 1153\54.

Catherine Maria (Stickles) Oviatt was born in 9 July,1826, daughter of
Stephen Stickles and Elizabeth Teal, in Claverack, Columbia County, NY.
She was baptized in the St. Thomas Lutheran Church in Churchtown, NY 21
November 1826.
With her parents, she arrived in McKean County, PA when she was
fifteen. She married Joseph B. Oviatt when she was nineteen, became a
widow when she was thirty-nine, with eleven children to raise. She
smoked a corn cob pipe and lived to be seventy-six years of age. Her
father moved his family to Seneca and Yates Counties in NY before
settling in Keating Township. From the History of McKean County, p.458
: "To revert to the pioneer days a recital of the following
circumstances may not prove uninteresting; When Stephen Stickles
arrived in Keating Township he had but $2.50 left, and had but one
acquaintance in his neighborhood, P.B. Fuller. Work was scarce and
wages very low, and the father and boys went to making shingles, which
brought 75 cents per thousand, and "store pay" at that. Having little
or no hay, they chopped browse for the cow and yearling once a day, and
thus worried through the winter of 1841/42. In the spring of 1842, the
father, having a net, caught thousands of wild pigeons. As there was no
market for them, he hired himself and his net to his neighbors at $2.00
per day, capturing 500 to 2000 pigeons per diem. His mother was Eleanor
Morry, his father Adam Stickles. Catherine Maria is buried in Smethport,

Birth-Obituary in Smethport newspaper, 1902
Marriage-Obituary in Smethport newspaper, 1902
Death- Obituary in Smethport newspaper, 1902; tombstone in Rose Hill
Smethport, PA. Oviatt Family Bible, Buffalo, 1830.
McKean County Death Register 1893-1906, LDS microfilm # 0946756.
Census-1830; US; Columbia Co., NY; Claverack,p. 83, line 27, Stephen
Stickles listed with female under age 5 (Catherine age 4). National
Archives microfilm M-19, roll 87.
Census-1840; US; Yates Co. NY; Italy, P. 298, line 6, Stephen Stickles
female age 10-15, (Catherine age 14). N.A. film M-704, roll 351.
Census-1850 US Census, McKean Co., PA, Keating Twp., age 24, p. 4, line
family 44, dwelling 44, born in NY. film M-432, roll 795.
Census-1860;US;McKean Co.; Keating Twp., age 35, p. 718, line 9, family
1240, dwelling 1277, seven children. N.A. film M-653, roll 1138.
Census-1870; US; McKean Co.; Keating Twp., widow age 44, p.695, family
dwelling 28, ten children, line 18, film M-593, roll 1372.
Census-1880; US; McKean Co. Keating Twp., age 50, p. 19 or 300, line 1,
T-9, roll 1154. States parents born in NJ !
Census-1900; US. McKean Co.; Keating Twp., age 73, p. ?, line 68, family
dwelling 74, E.D. 113, N.A. film T-623, roll 1439.

McKean County Death Records, age 76, born Columbia County, NY, died 19
Dec 1902 of pneumonia, was ill one week, buried in Smethport 21 Dec
1902. LDS film #946756

Stephen Stickles, son of Adam and Eleanor Stickles (Nelly Morry) was
born in Claverack, Columbia Co. NY, 21 June 1801 per baptism record, and
baptized in the Claverack Reformed Church 20 Sep 1801, sponsored by
Nicklaus Stickel and Jakominje Whealer. Ref: Baptismal Record of
Reformed Church Claverack, New York 1727-1899, transcribed and indexed
by Arthur C.M. Kelly 1970.
He married Elizabeth Teal there, prior to 1826. In 1836 he moved his
family to Waterloo, Senaca County NY, and in 1838 to Yates Co., NY. In
1841 they migrated to Keating Township, McKean County PA and located on
a farm in what is known as Stickles Hollow. (History of McKean CO., PA
To revert to the pioneer days a recital of the following may not prove
uninteresting: When Stephen Stickles arrived in Keating Twp., he had
but $2.50 left, and had but one acquaintance in the neighborhood, P. B.
Fuller. Work was scarce and wages very low, and the father and the boys
went to making shingles, which brought 75 cents per thousand, and "store
pay" at that. Having little or no hay, they chopped browse for the cow
and yearling once a day, and thus worried through the winter of
1841/42. In the spring of 1842, the father, having a net, caught
thousands of wild pigeons, but as there was no market for them, he hired
himself and his net to his neighbors at $2.00 per day, capturing 500 to
2000 pigeons per diem.
Stephen Stickles died in 1864, is buried in Rosehill Cemetery in
Smethport, PA. His blind widow Betsy lived with their son Miller
Stickles where she died in 1880. Miller Stickles began carrying the
mail in 1844, from Smethport to Great Valley, NY, a distance of 36
miles, going on horseback one day and returning the next. For this
service he received 25 cents per day. He also trapped pigeons, entering
into an agreement with W.S. Oviatt to trap all he could catch between
April 4 and May 4 for 31 cents per dozen. In three days he had earned
$76.25. At that time the market dropped to 10 cents per dozen. In one
forenoon he captured 105 dozen.

Stephen Stickles died intestate. His wife Betsy renounced her right to
administer her husband's estate and requested her sons Miller Stickles
and George Stickles be appointed administrators. Witnessed by son Hiram
Stickles Dec 20, 1864.
McKean Co. Courthouse, Smethport, PA

Birth-Tombstone, Rosehill Cemetery, Smethport, PA
. History of McKean Co. PA p. 458
.IGI batch 7313814, serial sheet 79.
Marriage-Obituary of wife Betsy (Elizabeth Teal), Smethport newspaper
Death-Tombstone, Rosehill Cemetery, Smethport, PA
Census-1800-US,NY, Columbia Co., Claverack, p. 193, line 22, father Adam

Stickels listed with two males under 10 yrs.,( Stephen born this year).
National Archives Microfilm M-32, roll 22.
Census-1810-US, NY, Columbia Co., Claverack, p. 156, father Adam listed
male 10-16. N.A. film M-252, roll 31.
Census-1830;US;NY;Columbia Co., Claverack, p. 83, line 27, Stephen in
age bracket, (age 30), N.A. film M-19, roll 87.
Census-1840;US;NY;Yates County, Italy, p. 298, line 6, age 40. N.A. film

M-704, roll 351.
Census-1850;US;PA;McKean Co;, Keating Twp.;p.9, family 149, dwelling
149,line 21, age 52. N.A. film M-432, roll 795.
Census-1860;US;PA;McKean Co;, Keating Twp.,p.717,family 1230,dwelling
1267, line 12, age 61, N.A. film M-653, roll 1138.

Benjamin Franklin Oviatt was born in the part of Albany County that
became Rensselaer County in 1791. He married Frances Sweet from Berlin,
NY, some of their children were born there.
Although no trace of the Columbia (Bradford County, PA) Baptist Church
book has been found, it was formed in 1812 from eastern immigrants and
recent converts. They had no house of worship, but met usually at
"Columbia Flats", now known as Sylvania. Benjamin Oviatt was pastor
from 1819 to 1821. He performed 90 baptisms. Joseph Beaman was an Old
School preacher there,(obviously the man for whom he named his son
Joseph Beaman Oviatt). History of Bradford Co. PA p. 133.
The Columbia and Wells church was recognized at the house of James
Seely in 1821. Benjamin Oviatt was pastor in 1823 and Joseph Beaman in
1824. Bradford Co. History, p. 134.
Benjamin served as supply pastor in 1860, a house of worship had been
built in 1853. (History of Bradford Co., PA p. 134)
The first clearing of the area was in 1795, with the first permanent
settlers coming in 1799-1800. Columbia was part of Smithfield until
1814, the first post office was established in 1818, called Sylvania,
later the name of the settlement. In 1819 the Rev Benjamin Oviatt came,
and preached three years in the neighborhood, holding meetings in the
school-house near Mr. Corey's, which was soon called "Baptist Hill", and
in Samuel Edsall's barn. (History of Bradford Co.)

Interestingly, in the 1820 census of Bradford Co., PA Benjamin Oviatt
is listed with one male 0-10, one male 10-16, one male 30-40, one female
0-10, one female 10-16. Son Ira was 16, son William was 13, daughter
Frances was 8, Joseph B. was not born until 1823. No adult female was

Benjamin Oviatt was "of" Columbia Twp. Bradford County, PA when his
mortgage is recorded in McKean Co. Deed Book "B" p. 337-339, and the
deed itself, p. 339-340, on 12 December 1823. His mortgage of
$1600.00 to Benjamin Miller of Ohio was for Lot # 29 known as Hunter
Lot in Ceres Twp. in McKean Co., on the east side of Sixes Creek. It
was bounded as follows: beginning at a beech stump on the east side of
Sixes Creek being the southwest corner of Jonathan Southwick's lot,
thence east three hundred and twenty poles to a beech tree for a corner
thence south one hundred and four poles to a Small Ironwood sapling for
a corner, thence west to a beech stump on the east bank of Sixes Creek
supposed to be three hundred and twenty poles, thence down said creek
to the place of beginning, containing 212 acres of land.
Recorded 20 February 1824. The mortgage is satisfied 1 Dec. 1832.
The deed itself further states the survey was done by John King, the
description more fully recorded when executed by John Keating, John
Roulet to the said Benjamin Miller.
This deed was recorded by Justice of the Peace Nathaniel C. Gallop.

Benjamin and Frances Oviatt sold this land 26 May 1832, when the deed
states they were "of the town of Springwater, State of New York"
(Springwater was a small town in Livingston County, near Steuben Co.
line, with a Baptist Church). It was sold to Thomas J. Richards, Edwin
Snell, & Warren Edson for $1004.00, the same Lot #29, known by the
Miller Farm and bounded as before stated. It was signed, sealed and
delivered by the hands of Benjamin Oviatt and Frances Oviatt his wife,
witnessed by Ira Oviatt and W.S. Oviatt.
The said "Francis" of full age and "discression" declared that she
executed the same without the fear, threat or compulsion of her said
husband. Dated August 16, 1832, Entered March 11, 1835. Deed Book "D"
p. 291,292.

He was well educated,a Baptist layman preacher. In 1840 a Baptist
Church was organized by William and Benjamin Oviatt (this most likely
was the son Benj. of W.S. Oviatt) in Smethport, PA. It originated in
Norwich Twp. PA 1836-37.
The Smethport Courthouse was being built in 1826, after which the
Elder Oviatt preached on the second floor of the building.
The second story of the first courthouse was used on Sundays by Elder
Folsom, the Unionist preacher, Elder Oviatt, the Baptist, and one or
other of the various Methodists and Adventist preachers who visited this
section from 1826 to 1833. (p. 103 History of McKean, Elk, Cameron &
Potter Co. Beers 1890)

Benjamin's first wife Frances Sweet died in 1836, her place of death
listed as Amity, NY. The name of Amity was later changed to Belmont.
Amity was formed from Angelica and Scio, Feb 22, 1830. The Genessee
River flows through the valley with hilly summits 500 to 800 feet
above. (Historical and Statistical Gazetteer of NY State; Heart of
Lakes Pub.) He married Sally Bagley soon after the death of Frances as
they had children as soon as 1838. Benjamin died July 1864, and is
buried at Hornell, NY.

"Rev. Benjamin Oviatt, son of Elisha Oviatt was born August 16, 1783,
died at Alfred, NY July 1864. He was born and grew to manhood near
Troy, NY, received a good education, and became a minister of the
Baptist Church. He married at Alfred, Frances Sweet, born Sept 18,
1782." from Genealogical and Personal History of Northern PA, under
editorial supervision of John W. Jordan, LL.D Librarian of the
Historical Society of PA. 1913; NY. Vol 2; p.605.

"Carrie Oviatt of Smethport, PA says her grandfather Benjamin Franklin
Oviatt was a Baptist minister, preaching from the time he was 21 years
of age. He was called Father Oviatt in that part of the state." (Notes
from wife of grand nephew of Carrie Oviatt.)

The Baptist Church of Smethport had it's origin in the society formed
in Norwich township in 1820.

Benjamin Oviatt's obituary reads: 1864 Died: At his sister's in
Hornersville, NY. July 17, 1864 where he was on a visit, after an
illness of three days, Benjamin Oviatt, aged 80 years and 11 months.

Benjamin's son Ira Oviatt bought seven acres in Keating Township, Lot
#22 for $300.00 20 March 1830, entered 26 March 1830, from Nathaniel
He (Ira Oviatt) sold 903 acres, claimed by virtue of a deed from the
Commissioners of McKean County dated 10 November 1826; Recorded in book
C. Page 44 of McKean Co. Records, to Nathaniel White, entered 4 May

21 May 1832 Ira and Ruth Oviatt of Keating Twp., McKean Co., PA sold
Lot #22, containing seven acres strict measure to his brother W.S.
Oviatt for $400.00. Entered 9 November 1832. Deed Book "D" p. 340,

Ira Oviatt and Ruth Fellows Bennett Oviatt went west with Joseph Smith
and the Mormon movement.

From: Mary Pat Livingston
Bloomington, IN
Ira and wife, Ruth Bennett, lived in Kirtland, Ohio , Nauvoo, 4years; Council Bluffs, Iowa for 5 years, settling in Farmington, Utah.  He died July 1, 1868, buried in Farmington, Davis Co. Utah.
Children: John Franklin b. 29Aug1830, d.1Nov1856 in Springville, UT.
                  Henry Herman b.17Jun1832, d.9Apr1918 in Elmo, Emery Co, UT
                  Sara Jane B 21Mar1834, d.17Aug1848 in Nauvoo, Hancock Co. IL
Three above all born in Smethport, PA
                  Zera b.3Apr1836, d 3June1837 in Nauvoo, IL
                  Willis Murry, b 28Sep1838, d. 5Feb1844 in Nauvoo, IL
Two above born in Phillipsburg, NY
                   Judith b 22Mar1841 in Kirtland, OH
                   Lewis b.4jun1847
                   Mary Jane b.1Feb1850 at Council Bluffs, IA

William Sweet Oviatt bought and sold a large amount of land in McKean
County after 1836 as recorded in Deed Books "E and F"

History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania, published by L.H. Everts &
Co., Philadelphia, 1878, p. 133, 134, 305.
Families of Early Milford, CT, compiled by Susan Woodruff Abbott; 1979,
Gen. Pub. Co. , Baltimore states: Benjamin Franklin Oviatt was born 15
Aug 1783 died Hornellsville, NY 18 Feb 1864 mar/1 1801 Frances Sweet
mar/2 Sally Bagley.
Child- William Sweet Oviatt-Smethport Centennial Booklet 1853-1953; Copy
belonging to Beverly Oviatt Schonewolf
Newsletter;Oviatt Reunion;April 15, 1993 issue
Census-1790;US;NY, Albany Co., Stephentown, listed with father Elisha, 2
male children under 10,(Benjamin age 7). NY Heads of Families,
Washington, 1908.
Census-1820;US;PA;Bradford Co; Columbia Twp;p.99, line 26, age 37.
National Archives microfilm M-33, roll 98.
Census-1830; US; PA; McKean Co.; Keating Twp.; p.125, line 7, age 47.
film M-19, roll 161.
Census-1840; US; NY; Steuben Co.;Dansville; p. 016, line 4, age 57. N.A.
M-704, roll 340.
Census-1860 Federal Census;NY;Chautauqua County;Busti;age 76, born in
New York,living with 2nd wife Sally Bagsley and her son's family, p. 28,
family 217, dwelling 217, line 9. N.A. film M-653, roll 731.
Death- Obituary,copy in possession of Beverly Schonewolf. Family Bible.
Birth-Marriage-Death:Susan Woodruff Abbott;Families of Early Milford,
Baltimore; 1979
Family Bible, published Buffalo, NY 1839, given to Frances Oviatt
Williamson Oliver of Melrose, FL, lists birth and death.
Will of Zacheus Salyer of Danby, Tompkins Co., NY, 1 Aug 1817 lists
Benjamin Oviatt, Witness.

Joseph Beaman Oviatt is mentioned as a minor, in the settlement of the
estate of his grandfather William Sweet in Albany County NY. Advertised
in the Albany Evening Journal March 1840.

Joseph Beaman Oviatt was born in 1823 in PA according to the 1850 and
1860 census, Berlin, Rensselaer County NY, according to other sources,
son of Benjamin Franklin Oviatt and Frances Sweet. In 1830 when Joseph
was seven, a Benjamin Oviatt was living in McKean County, Keating
Township with among others, a 5 to 10 year old male. The Smethport
Courthouse was being built in 1826, after which Elder (Benjamin) Oviatt
preached on the second floor of the building.
Joseph's mother died when he was thirteen, and his grandfather Sweet
died in 1840. He probably lived with his brother William Sweet Oviatt
in Keating Twp.
He married Catherine Maria Stickles in 1846, they had eleven
children, he died when the youngest was six months old, he was just
forty-two. He was a farmer, made trips to Buffalo, NY to trade goods,
described in the diary he kept in 1847-48.

He was one of northwest PA's first editors and was publisher of the
"Settler and Pennon" in 1845, previously published by his brother

The Oviatt emigration was from England, with various theories as to the
origin of the name. The Oviatt ancestors include the families of
Barber, Loomis, Alvord, Hoskins, Drake, Moore, Warner, Kellogg, Galpin,
Bryan, Bouton, Howard, Brown, Bowling, Norton, Smith, Coggin, Newton,
Gilette, all from England in the 1600's to CT and then to NY after the
Revolutionary War.
His mother's family, the Sweets and Maxsons were Welsh and English,
settling in RI until after the Revolutionary War when they migrated to
Rensselaer County, NY. They also arrived in the 1600's and included the
family names of Congdon, Reynolds, Sherman, Gifford, Randall, Stafford,
Northrup, Clarke, Greene, Tattershall, Perriam, Hollyman, Hooker,
Odding, Albro, Holden, Dungan, Latham, Crowell, Mosher, Hubbard, Cooper,
Cocke, Morton, Holbrook and others in England.

Joseph Beaman Oviatt is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Smethport, PA.

To demonstrate some of the hardships endured by the pioneers who came
to McKean County in the early 1800's, I have taken excerpts from the
Smethport Centennial Booklet:
"The Norwich pioneers who came to Potato Creek Valley, and the early
families who settled at Farmer's Valley and the Eldred Flats made their
way by canoes and boats up the shallow and rapid mountain streams, or by
horseback, or even by foot over roads that were in many places mere
paths through a densely wooded wilderness.
In R.B.Stone's "McKean, the Governor's County", we are told that during
the first seventy-five years of the county's history, all the principal
streams navigable by rafts or logs were declared public highways by Act
of assembly. It is significant that many towns in this region have the
word "port" attached to their names.
The early settlers often endured privations in the way of inadequate
shelter, clothing and food to the degree that life itself was often
endangered. They were also cut off for weeks at a time from
communication with friends and relatives in the older settlements along
the Atlantic coast.
The pioneers brought pressure to bear on the State Assembly to provide
roads so that mails and essential goods might be brought into the
wilderness. The first and most important of the early roads was the
East and West road surveyed pursuant to act of Assembly of 1807. The
State Legislature felt a need to connect the northern counties with a
road running from the Moosic Mountain near the Delaware River to the
city of Erie. Surveyed on the date given, it is probable that the road
for some years was a mere trail with very few streams bridged. U.S.
Route 6 follows that road across McKean County.
As late as 1821 there were only 211 taxables living in the county. The
first courthouse was built in 1825-26, a second in 1851, a third in
1881, which burned in 1940, however all valuable records had been stored
in a fire-proof wing.
From the Genealogical and Personal History of Northern PA; edited by
John W. Jordan, LL.D, Librarian of the Historical Society of PA, 1913;
NY. Vol II p. 605: "Beaman died in Farmer's Valley, PA; married
Catherine Maria Stickles, of Keating Township; (children then
listed)." And (William Sweet Oviatt) "came to Smethport and in 1839
established the Settler and Pennon, a paper continued in 1845 by J. B.
Oviatt; Vol. II, No.10, of the paper bears the date December 24, 1840."

The McKean County Journal was issued by Richard Chadwick in 1834.
......published until September 1837 when he sold the office to Asa H
Cory for $300.
The ":Beacon and McKean County Journal" was issued in September
1837, although No. 51, of Volume I, is dated April 13, 1839. It bears
the name of Asa Howe Cory as publisher......... Mr. Cory sold to J.B.
Oviatt, who established the "Settler and Pennon." Mr. Oviatt abolished
Chadwick's independent ideas, and espoused the Democratic idea of the
time. Ref: Beers 1890 History of McKean, Potter, Elk, Cameron Co.

Personal diary of Joseph B. Oviatt 1847-1848, in possession of BJS
Birth-Parents-Benjamin F. Oviatt Family Bible, pub. Buffalo, NY, 1849,
given to Frances Margera (Oviatt) Williamson Oliver, granddaughter of
George Edwin Oviatt, by her Great-aunt Sarah. Mrs. Oliver lived in
Melrose, FL 32666.
Marriage-Obituary of wife in Smethport newspaper, Dec. 1902, obituaries
children, William, George, Mary, Wilbur. Personal diary of J.B. Oviatt
Census-1830;US;PA;McKean Co;Keating Twp.; p.125, father Benjamin listed
on line 7, Joseph age 7, National Archives microfilm M-19, roll 161.
Census-1840; US;PA; McKean Co, Keating Twp, p. 102, Joseph (age 17)
probably with brother William as father Benjamin in Steuben Co. NY. N.A.
film M-704 roll 475.
Census-1850 US Census, McKean Co. PA, Keating Twp.,age 26, p.4, line 7,
family 44, dwelling 44. N.A. film M-432, Roll 795.
Census-1860 US; PA; McKean Co; Keating Twp.; p.718, line 8, family 1240,

dwelling 1277, N.A. film M-653, roll 1138. Age 37.
McKean County Bio's

Copies of the "Settler and Pennon" were seen by Beverly Oviatt
Schonewolf in 1980 at the McKean County Historical Society Museum at the
Courthouse in Smethport PA: Vol 6 No 3 Aug 23, 1845, Vol 1 No 45 Aug 13,
1840, Vol 1 No 5 Nov 9, 1839, Vol 2 No 10 Dec 24, 1840, Vol 3 No. 26,
published by William and Joseph B. Oviatt.

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