Marshburg Cemetery
Marshburg PA  McKean Co.

Compiled by NANCY THOMAS

BENNETT, Alvah            died    Oct. 14- 1848           48y -4m -13d 
BENNETT, Clarisa A        died    Nov. 8-1848             13y -9m -25d       -    dau of A. & M. Bennett
BENNETT, William T.       died    Nov. 28-1848    age     11yr-      -    rest unreadable
BISHOP, Arthur I       born    1850    died    1897 
BISHOP, Bert A         born    1886    died    1968 
BISHOP, Carrie L       born    1852    died    1933 
BISHOP, Joe M          born    1888    died    1967 
BISHOP, Joseph D       born    1922    died    1942 
BISHOP, Maude          born    1888    died    1938 
DEROSIA, Jack          born    1897 
DEROSIA, Lawrence      born    1897                              
DICKSON, Elizabeth W   born    1885    died    1912  - 5/6 pieces of stones laying here with nothing on it
GOODWILL, Martha Scott born    1915    died    1953 
LAWTON, Thankful        spouse of       David Lawton    died    Jan. 19- 1851           62y 
MARSH, Benjamin     born    1819    died    1894 
MARSH, Elson                                                                       -    footstone
MARSH, father                                                                      -    footstone
MARSH, Frank                                                                       -    footstone
MARSH, mother                                                                      -    footstone
PALMER, James W spouse of       Nancy S     died    Nov. 1-1883             77y -9m   -    broken here
PALMER, Nancy S spouse of       James W.           died    Feb. 3-1882  54y -5m -14d 
POORE, Wilfred H     born    Aug 6- 1851     died    Aug. 2-1905 
SCOTT, Carnen Scott  born    1899    died    1961                         
SCOTT, Earl Ward     born    July 15-1892    died    10-8-1955 - Penn CPL Co D 1st Inf. REPL & TNG BN WW I
SCOTT, Harold V      born    1913    died    1979 
SCOTT, Lela B        born    Feb. 13-1874    died    March 18-1956 
SCOTT, Leon A        born    1910    died    1947 
SCOTT, Samuel T      born    Nov. 16-1854    died    Aug. 24-1936 
SCOTT, Warren H      born    1908    died    1955 
SCOTT. Robert W      born    Nov. 10-1911    died    Feb. 4-1937 
SKINNER, Susan Seviah   spouse of       Byron R. Skinner         died    June 21-1850 16y -5m 
SMITH, Dolly C  spouse of       Usaac Smith       died    May 25-1853  -    age is buried
STOKES, Loys       born    1902 
UNKNOWN,                                                           -    flag for WW II
UNKNOWN, _. S.                                                     -    smallstone
UNKNOWN, Field stone                                                                        
UNKNOWN, I. D.                                                      -    smallstone
UNKNOWN, Nancy A         died    Sept. 24-1853           55y -2m -27d 
UNKNOWN, S. J. P.                                                       -    smallstone


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