Pomfret Twp., NY
Transcribed by PHGS Member: Ann Oelheim 2000
formatted by PHGS Member: GAYLE THOMSON

There are seversl stones in this cemetery with initials only, not associated with a family.
As they were very difficult to read in the transcript, they are not included in the record.
Copied from the records in the office of the Pomfret Town Clerk, Fredonia, NY,
by the Benjamin Prescott Chapter, NSDAR. (*- Transcriber notes)

ALLEN           -   No Data (See TAYLOR-ALLEN)
ALLEN, Almadie D. spouse of Josiah P.     died 2-6-1875 age 32y 1m 8 d   -   dau of Avery & Roxanna G. Taylor
ALLEN, Estella Ruth   born 10-1-1864 died 5-3-1866     -   dau of Josiah & Almadie D. Allen
BALDWIN, Faith spouse of Samuel     died ??-4-1851 age 70   
BALDWIN-SMITH           -   No Data
BOGARDUS, Amanda spouse of Robert     died 3-14-1849 age 50   
BOGARDUS, J.E.P.           -   No Data
BOGARDUS, R. P.           -   No Data
BOGARDUS, S. P.           -   No Data
BOGARDUS, W. L.           -   No Data
BOLLING, Freddie           -   No Data
BOLLING, Lena           -   No Data
BRADLEY, Sarah spouse of Henry     died 4-19-1849 age 38   
BURNHAM, Capt. John   born 1-6- 1797 died 4-18-1837    
BURNHAM, J. B.           -   No Data
BURNHAM, P. B.           -   No Data
CLARK, Emaly M.     died 10-24-1838 age 5    -   dau of J. A. & Louise Clark
CLARK, J.A.C.*   born 1808 died 1856     -   *Probably John A. Clark
CLARK, Louisa A. spouse of John A.   born 1808 died 1900     -   nee Wilson
DYE, Mary Ann spouse of D. T.    died 10-20-1851 age 44y 8m  
ESTERBROOK, Henry     died 7-10-1854 age 60    -   died while on a visit to his friends
FATHER - Probably RISLEY, IRA     died 1892 age 73   
FOX, George     died 10-2-1825 age 1y 24d   -   1st son of Simeon & Mary Fox
FOX, George     died 1-5-1829 age 3y 5m 19d   -   2nd son of Simeon & Mary Fox
FOX, Ira     died 9-23-1834 age 21y 11m 21d   -   son of Simeon &I Mary Fox
FOX, Vanish (?)   born 1762       -   Soldier of the Revolution
HALL, D. H.           -   Marker - No Data
HALL, David     died 3-31-1850 age 60y 3m 13d  
HALL, Frank E.     died 6-10-1850 age 1y 7m 29d   -   son of Edwin &I Ruth Hall
HALL, R. M. H.            -   Marker - No Data
HALL, Ruth M. spouse of Edwin     died 3-12-1869 age 48y 1m 1d  
HUBBARD, G. H.           -   Marker - No Data
HUBBARD, George     died 8-5-1865 age 24    -   son of Horace & Elvira Hubbard
HUBBARD, H. S. E.           -   Marker - No Data
HUBBARD, Helen S.     died 9-12-1855 age 22    -   dau of Horace & Elvira Hubbard
HURD, E. L.           -   No Data
HURD, Lorinda G. spouse of Philander     died 9-14-1865 age 29    -   dau of A. D. & R. G. Taylor
HURD, N. C. L.           -   No Data
HURD, Sally spouse of Asabel A   died 10-8-1841 age 64    -   nee Lowell ?
LOOMIS           -   No Data (See NORTHRUP-LOOMIS)
LOOMIS, Mary spouse of Samuel   died 8-23-1850 age 75y 8m  
LOOMIS, Truman   born 2-15-1798 died 8-13-1875 age 77y 8m 0 d  
LOW (?), Maryette spouse of David M.     died 12-10-1861 age 45   
LOWELL, Eliza spouse of Prosper S. Sloan   died 10-28-1865 age 43y 10m 11d  
LOWELL, James     died 7-23-1863 age 81y 4m 2d  
LOWELL, Margaret spouse of James    died 4-14-1878 age 88y 17d    -   nee Casety
LOWELL, Mary Ann spouse of Coluis Roff   died 12-2-1876 age 62y 1m 14d  
LOWELL, Sarah spouse of Willobe (sp?)    died 2-3-1837 age 77   
LOWELL, Willoughby     died 6-17-1823 age 74   
MARSH, Elijah Marsh      died 4-16-1868 age 73   
MAY, Austin P.           -   No Data
MAY, Chena     died 4-17-1830 age 26y 9m 4d   -   son of Chester & Lucy May
MAY, Electa spouse of Harvey    died 1-11-1825 age 25y 7m 26d  
MAY, G. B. B.           -   No Data
MAY, G. M.           -   No Data
MAY, George G.           -   No Data
MAY, M. M. L. (?)           -   No Data
MEEDER, Charles P.       age 15m  
MILTON, Ann (*Ana?) Eliza spouse of John     died 8-6-1865 age 57    -   nee Post
NOBLE, Horace     died 5-16-1854 age 63   
NOBLE, Mary spouse of Hezekiah     died 2-10-1878 age 91   
NOBLE, Maryett     died 10-13-1846 age 26    -   dau of Hezekiah & Mary Noble
NOBLE,Hezekiah     died 9-9-1869 age 82   
NORTHRUP, J. H.   born 8-3-1808 died 7-1-1883     -   born at Newhavon, CT
NORTHRUP, Mary A. spouse of John H.    died 3-23-1880 age 71y 5m 22d  
NORTHRUP, Mary R.     died 2-27- 1853 age 8y 10m 14d   -   dau of J. H. & M. A. Northrup
NORTHRUP, Rebecca spouse of Philo     died 4-9-1849 age 82   
ORTON, Abiram     died 9-10-1820 age 15    -   son of Philo & Irene Orton
ORTON, Irene spouse of Philo    died 12-16-1817 age 36   
ORTON, Philo           -   No Data
ORTON, R.N.           -   No Data
ORTON, S.B.           -   No Data
OSBORN (OSBURN)R. O.           -   No Data
OSBURN, Rheumilla spouse of Aaron     died 10-13- 1838 age 49y 1m 0d  
PERKINS, Phila spouse of Mr. Loman     died 11-4- 1825 age 29   
PORTER, Emely     died 5-8-1822 died 10    -   dau of Stephen & Ruth Porter? (*Another error? More likely daughter of Eunice and John.)
PORTER, Eunice M. spouse of John     died 4-1-1881 age 86    -   (*Is this an error? Both died same date same age
PORTER, Ida A.   born 7-8-1844 died 5-24-1871    
PORTER, Ira   born 8-17-1818 died 6-4-1883    
PORTER, Jane S.     died 3-14-1880 age 69    -   dau of Stephen & Rtuh Porter
PORTER, John     died 4-1-1881 age 86    -   Same dates, same age - error?
PORTER, Ruth spouse of Stephen     died 5-13-1859 age 82   
PORTER, Stephen     died 11-6-1842 age 67   
POST, Algelana spouse of Arthur B. born 1817 died 1853    
POST, Arthur B. spouse of Algelana   died 9-5-1875    
POST, Ellen D.     died 7-28-1859 age 10    -   dau of Arthur B. & Algelana Post
POST, John R.(?)     died 6-21-1864     -   son of Arthur B. & Algelana Post GAR Member Company B 111 Reg. NYS Vols
POST, Malona   born 1808 died 1822    
RISLEY, A. R.           -   No Data
RISLEY, E. D. R.           -   No Data
RISLEY, Ira -- see UNKNOWN, Father          
RISLEY, J. K. R.            -   No Data
ROSS, Almedith spouse of Gilbert     died 10-5-1851  age 30y 8m  
SMITH, Perry     died 4-9-1850 age 70   
TAYLOR- HURD, G. T.            -   Marker - No Data
TAYLOR, Bernice     died 4-10-1853 age 68y 10m 26d  
TAYLOR, Caroline     died 7-18-1854 age 67y 5m 24d  
TAYLOR, Lydia R.     died 9-14-1865 age 29    -   (*looks like possible error-both Lorinda and Lydia's age and death date are the same.)
TAYLOR-ALLEN .(?) R.A.           -   Marker - No Data
TAYLOR-ALLEN, B. T.            -   Marker - (*possibly F)
Unknown, Father Spouse of  Born  Died 1892 Age 73    -   "Father"--no surname, Probably is Ira Risley
WHITE, George Huntington     died 7-8-1828 age 18m   -   don of Wm. & Betsey White
WILSON, G. F.           -   No Data
WILSON, James     died 9-22-1847 age 2y 21d   -   son of Robert & Rhoda Wilson
WILSON, Mabel spouse of Joseph     died 1-8-1860 age 75y 6m 21d  
WILSON, Rhoda spouse of Robert     died 11-1-1847 age 40   
WILSON, Stephen D.     died 8-27-1884 age 45    -   son of R. & R. Wilson

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