Jamestown, NY
Submitted by: Mary E. Bryant


JACKSON, Carolyn. Spouse of Edward W. Born 6-2-1927, died 2-26-2002. Age: 74 - Dau of John and Beulah Johnson Giess, a postal worker. Wed 5-23-1947
JACKSON, Edward W. Spouse of Caroline Giess. Born 10-17-1926, died 6-3-2001. Age: 74 - Son of Floyd and Beatrice Walburg Jackson - WW II Vet, US Army. 88th Div., 349th Inf., Co.I
JACKSON, Elaine M. Spouse of Wallace T. Born 10-18-1932, died 10-10-2006. Age: 73 - Dau of Richard and Ester Anderson Johnson-married 9-9-1952
JACKSON, Susan A. Spouse of Charles E. Born 1-24-1936, died 3-25-2010. Age: 74 - Dau of Arthur L. and Irene V. Hedin Anderson-married 3-28-1959
JACOBS, Donald E. Spouse of Svea R. Born ??, died 1995
JACOBS, Svea R. (Johnson). Spouse of Donald E. Born 07-16-1923, died 03-17-2003. Age: 79 - Dau of John and Elsa Anderson Johnson, born in Sweden.Came to US in 1923
JACOBSON, Dewey Melvin [Jake] Sr. Spouse of Carolyn E. Ruden. Born 7-24-1924, died 9-25-2010. Age: 86 - Son of Nathan and Mabel Holt Jacobson, born in Grassflat, PA. Wed 6-15-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army
JACOBSON, Edwin Alfred. Spouse of Wanda V. Born 1-13-1893, died 12-6-1978. Age: 85 - Son of John A. and Louise Holm Jacobson, president of the J. A. Jacobson Inc.
JACOBSON, Jean Hosack. Spouse of Quentin N. Born 7-21-1922, died 4-28-2010. Age: 87 - Dau of Wilbur and Elsie Bard Hosack-born in Erie, PA-married 4-27-1946
JACOBSON, Lucille M. Born 11-1-1921, died 12-15-2006. Age: 85 - Dau of Clyde and Effie Pugh Brooks-born in Terre Haute IN
JACOBSON, Wanda V. Gore. Spouse of Edwin Alfred. Born ??, died 11-3-1973
JAMES, Roger B. Born 8-10-1942, died 6-9-2003. Age: 60 - Son of Merton James and Bernadine Badget McBride
JARL, Paul J. Spouse of Catherine Barker. Born 10-16-1904, died 11-29-1963. Age: 59 - Son of Charles and Mary Lindberg Jarl - WW II Vet, US Navy Seabees
JAROSZYNSKI, Josephine Casamento. Spouse of John W. Born 9-30-1917, died 11-11-2007. Age: 90 - Dau of Salvatore and Anna Gervise Casamento-born in Akron, OH-married 7-1-1939
JARRETT, Kay A. Born 12-20-1945, died 2-6-2018. Age: 72 - Dau of Reuben L. and Mildred (Noyd) Jarrett. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. A nurse.
JARRETT, Mildred Pearl (Noyd). Spouse of Reuben L. Born 8-8-1910, died 4-17-2000. Age: 89 - Dau of John and Ellen Johnson Noyd. Born Patton PA. Wed 4-30-1932
JARRETT, Reuben L. Spouse of Mildred P. Noyd. Born 4-10-1910, died 5-30-1971. Age: 61 - Son of Grover Cleveland and Mary Ellen (McCarty) Jarrett. Wed 4-30-1932
JEAN, Leslie H. Beau Sr. Born 10-15-1925, died 1-25-2001. Age: 75 - Harold and Marguerite Dorman Beau Jean- US Army WW II
JENGO, Rose Mazzone. Spouse of Michael H. Born 9-12-1909, died 7-19-2009. Age: 99 - Dau of Gaetano and Lucia Tedeschi Mazzone-born in Vieste, Italy-married in 1932
JENKINS, Lynnette J. Spouse of Luther J. Born 8-23-1951, died 1-3-2001. Age: 49 - Dau of Joel and Drew Damon
JENNINGS, James H. Spouse of Beverly Roberts. Born 9-29-1923, died 1-19-2010. Age: 86 - Son of Orlan and Ethel Gill Jennings, born in Altoona, PA. Wed 10-7-1979 - WW II Vet, US Army
JENSEN, Bernice P. Spouse of DeForest. Born 1-21-1926, died 6-18-2000. Age: 74 - Dau of Arthur and Jennie Hazelton Franklin
JENSEN, DeForest. Spouse of Bernice P. Born ??, died ??
JIM, Grace R Guiffrida. Spouse of Legore Gordon. Born 5-20-1922, died 11-20-2001. Age: 79
JOBE, Merritt H. Jr. Born 12-12-1939, died 11-13-2015. Age: 75 - Son of Merritt H. and Rose (Smith) Jobe Sr., born and died in Jamestown NY. A bartender.
JOHN, Dorothy Marie. Spouse of Alton E. Born 3-17-1927, died 5-17-2000. Age: 73 - Dau of Carl A and Elsa Franzen Gustafson
JOHN, Gloria J. Spouse of Neal G. Born 11-23-1941, died 9-12-2003. Age: 61 - Dau of Charles H. and Anna MacTavish Weaver m. Apr. 2 1971
JOHNSON, A. Donald. Spouse of Phyllis Pearson. Born 9-2-1924, died 3-12-2015. Age: 90 - Son of Axel Hjalmar and Anna Sophia Johnson, born and died in Jamestown NY. Co-owner of Baldwin Jewlers for 40 years. Citizen of the Year in 1997. Wed 7-4-1945, four children. (She d. 5-5-1999) - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, Capt. A pilot form 1942-1945
JOHNSON, Adelline. Spouse of Paul H. Born ??, died 2-26-1982 - Wed July 13 1953
JOHNSON, Allan R. [Archie]. Born 7-20-1940, died 4-22-2008. Age: 67 - Son of Ambert and Edna Clint Johnson - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
JOHNSON, Alton Edwin. Spouse of Dorothy M. Gustafson. Born 6-21-1925, died 1-30-2014. Age: 88 - Son of A. Edwin and Elsa S. (Berglund) Johnson, born in Jamestown, died in Lititz PA. Wed in 1949, 4 children - WW II Vet, US Navy, 7th fleet, Phillipines
JOHNSON, Arnold Richard. Spouse of Margaret L. Chipukaizer. Born 11-9-1923, died 6-20-2017. Age: 93 - Son of Herbert R. and Hedvig (Dahl) Johnson. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Taught history at Falconer Central School for 30 years. Wed 6-6-1954 in Newton Falls OH, four children. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corp
JOHNSON, Arthur E. Spouse of Lillian Larson/ Marie. Born 9-22-1907, died 4-24-2001. Age: 93 - Son of F. Henning and Anna J. (Gustafson) Johnson, born Torrington CT. Lillian died 8-23-1968 IOOF Lodge 931
JOHNSON, Arthur R. [Rolly]. Spouse of Alice L. Main. Born 9-1-1930, died 3-11-2021. Age: 90 - Son of Eric T. and Sonja L. (Lundblad) Johnson. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. A masonry contractor. Wed 7-28-1951 in Falconer NY, three daughters. (Spouse survives) - Korean War Vet, US Army. 1951-1953
JOHNSON, Axel H. Spouse of #1 Anna Sophia, #2 Ellen C. Born ??, died 4-9-1976 - Wed Ellen Nov. 20 1940
JOHNSON, Barbara A. (Beckstrom). Spouse of Allan P. Born 9-5-1942, died 9-7-2007. Age: 65 - Dau of Magnus H. and Doris (Russell) Beckstrom-married 3-26-1966
JOHNSON, Barbara K. Born 11-6-1928, died 12-27-2010. Age: 82 - Dau of Harry and Elnora (Berg) Johnson
JOHNSON, Barbara K. (Kerr). Spouse of Robert. Born 8-5-1921, died 4-17-2004. Age: 82 - Dau of Daniel and Isabelle (DeLisle) Kerr m. May 16 1953
JOHNSON, Bernice (VanGeisen). Spouse of Edward L. Born ??, died 5-18-1997 - Wed July 6 1946 in North East PA
JOHNSON, Bert M. Spouse of Roseabell Lundell. Born 2-27-1916, died 8-29-2002. Age: 86 - Son of Gustaf and Amanda Lundquist Johnson - WW II Vet, US Army
JOHNSON, Betty Bendo. Spouse of Dean K. Born 6-29-1920, died 1-15-2005. Age: 84 - Dau of Irvin J. and Gladys Williams Hoyt
JOHNSON, Betty S. Spouse of Herbert E. Born 3-24-1930, died 6-15-1996. Age: 66 - Dau of George and Millie Walters Steck
JOHNSON, Burton L. Spouse of Joyce E. Born 10-5-942, died 12-17-2001. Age: 59 - Son of Rudolph J and J Eleonora Peterson Johnson
JOHNSON, C. George. Spouse of Edna Belle DuBois. Born 1898, died 1991 - No other information
JOHNSON, Carl Hugo. Spouse of Ethyle Cornelia. Born ??, died 8-26-1978 - Wed Mar 28 1964
JOHNSON, Carol A. Spouse of Donald. Born 8-17-1953, died 9-26-2005. Age: 52 - Dau of Joseph and Betty Hawkins Fiorella
JOHNSON, Charles F. Spouse of #1 Dorothy Franzen, #2 Marilyn Limberg. Born 7-23-1914, died 11-23-2011. Age: 97 - Son of Charles D. and Capitola (LaFaver) Johnson. Born in Huron OH, lived and died in Celoron NY. A volunteer at WCA for 23 years. Wed Marilyn 10-19-1982. No children with either wife.
JOHNSON, Charles H. Spouse of Katherine L. Przybelinski. Born 11-16-1913, died 11-7-1980. Age: 66 - Son of Earl and Susan (Kell) Johnson. Born in Ellery NY, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 10-27-1943, four children. - WW II Vet, US Army. 865th Engineering-Aviation Battalion Phillipine Islands
JOHNSON, Chester L. Born 5-27-1920, died 9-7-2007. Age: 87 - Son of Leonard and Agda Olson Johnson
JOHNSON, Daniel F. Jr. Born 12-22-1962, died 3-10-2006. Age: 43 - Son of Donald F. and Irene E. Brosius Johnson Sr.
JOHNSON, Dean K. Spouse of Betty B. Born ??, died 11-2-1999 - Wed Mar 23 1974
JOHNSON, Delores O. [Dee]. Born 1-20-1930, died 1-5-2010. Age: 79 - Dau of Nils Edwin and Ellen Dagmar Johnson Olson
JOHNSON, Dorothy (Smith) Emmott. Spouse of #1 Harold L. Emmott, #2 George P. Johnson. Born 8-23-1923, died 12-5-2018. Age: 95 - Dau of Valentine V. and Mary L. (Meehan) Smith. Born in Marianville PA, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Wed Harold 12-5-1943 in Jamestown, two children. (Spouse d. 4-11-1993) Buried with Harold. Wed George 8-4-2001 who d. 1-26-2018.
JOHNSON, Dorothy Marie. Spouse of Alton E. Born 3-27-1927, died 5-17-2000. Age: 73 - Dau of Carl A. and Elsa Franzen Gustafson
JOHNSON, Dorothy P. Spouse of Ivar C. Born 8-4-1913, died 2-26-2008. Age: 94 - Dau of Frank and Edna Lawson Pitt-married 7-9-1932
JOHNSON, Edna Belle (DuBois). Spouse of C. George. Born 7-5-1904, died 12-26-1990. Age: 89 - Dau of Fred and May B. (Crick) DuBois
JOHNSON, Edward L. [Slim]. Spouse of Bernice. Born 8-16-1912, died 6-24-2000. Age: 87 - Son of Charles and Anne Johnson - WW II Vet, US Army Purple Heart
JOHNSON, Einar A. Spouse of Genevieve K. Born 2-6-1907, died 11-8-2001. Age: 94 - Son of John Emil and Jennie Marie Swennson Johnson
JOHNSON, Ellen C. Spouse of Axel H. Born 7-13-1905, died 7-10-2005. Age: 99 - Dau of Amandus and Carrie (Erickson) Swanson
JOHNSON, Ellen E. Spouse of Carl E. [Fred[. Born ??, died 1-17-2008. Age: 81 - married 1-18-1947
JOHNSON, Ellen L. Spouse of Richard. Born 1-6-1926, died 6-30-2009. Age: 83 - Dau of Herman and Hazel Apthorpe Woodcock
JOHNSON, Ethyle Cornelia. Spouse of Carl Hugo. Born 5-14-1904, died 1-17-2004. Age: 99 - Dau of William Henry Michael and Alpha Omega White
JOHNSON, Evelyn E. Spouse of Lydle M. Born 9-17-1919, died 10-31-2005. Age: 86 - Dau of Frank N. and Hulda Lindquist Baker-born in Loyalton-married 4-16-1938
JOHNSON, Frances. Spouse of John D. Born 10-11-1916, died 4-3-2000. Age: 83 - Son of Boleshaw and Caroline Jaworski born in Cleveland, Ohio
JOHNSON, Franklin W. Spouse of Gloria VanDewark. Born 09-09-1919, died 04-12-2003. Age: 83 - Son of F. Wilbert and Anna M. Johnson - WW II Vet, US Army, 20th Air Force - B-29 Bombers in the Asiatic and Pacific theatres
JOHNSON, Gail Andrew. Spouse of Kathleen TenHuisen. Born 7-10-1938, died 10-10-2004. Age: 66 - Son of Andrew and Evelyn Baxell Johnson - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
JOHNSON, Gail E. Spouse of Mary Jane. Born ??, died 12-9-1971 - Wed July 9 1946
JOHNSON, Gayle C. (Choate). Spouse of Paul R. S. Born 10-26-1921, died 2-27-2016. Age: 94 - Dau of Earl O. and Mabel (Lyster) Choate, born in Harvey IL, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 10-30-1965, two daughters. (He d. 3-4-2003)
JOHNSON, Genevieve 'Jean'. Spouse of Einar A. Born 12-22-1908, died 5-19-2001. Age: 92 - Dau of Reinhold and Anna Broman Kihlstrom was licensed practical nurse m. Apr 8 1931
JOHNSON, Harold Alvan. Spouse of Laura Anderson. Born 8-28-1927, died 8-7-2010. Age: 82 - Son of Alvan and Elsie Nelson Johnson-born in Johnsonburg, PA. Wed 4-12-1952 - WW II Vet, US Army
JOHNSON, Harold Oscar. Spouse of Emiley Schafer. Born 3-19-1930, died 12-15-2006. Age: 76 - Son of Oscar and Marie Soderquist Johnson. Wed 11-20-1970 - Korean War Vet, US Army
JOHNSON, Harriet Lois. Spouse of Lawrence W. Born 10-22-1928, died 6-3-2000. Age: 71 - Dau of Arthur Roy and Edna I Brown Kinney
JOHNSON, Herbert E. Spouse of Betty Steck. Born 7-2-1928, died 10-19-2008. Age: 80 - Son of Edwin and Klara Johnson. Wed 10-29-1949 - WW II Vet, US Army
JOHNSON, Infant. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Lawrence and Harriet Lois Johnson
JOHNSON, Irene V. Spouse of Leonard O. Born 11-11-1916, died 6-6-2006. Age: 89 - Dau of Victor and Amanda Anderson Swanson-born in Duluth Minnesota-married 7-12-1952
JOHNSON, Ivar C. Born 9-15-1925, died 5-18-1943. Age: 17 - Son of Carl A. and Margaret Erickson Johnson
JOHNSON, J. Eleonora Peterson. Spouse of Rudolph J. Born ??, died 2-21-1997
JOHNSON, John A. Sr. Spouse of K. Barbara Linder. Born 11-1-1932, died 1-27-2017. Age: 84 - Son of C. Harold and Esther M. Westman Johnson. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Owned John A. Johnson Construction for 50 years. Wed 3-19-1955, three children. (She d. 1-4-1999) - Uncategorized Vet, NY Army Natl Guard, 28 yrs.
JOHNSON, John D. Spouse of Frances Jaworski. Born ??, died 8-26-1996 - Wed Aug.12 1939
JOHNSON, John W. Spouse of Joan E. Dahlgren. Born 2-16-1927, died 11-27-2007. Age: 80 - Son of Nels and Ellen Ecklund Johnson. Wed 4-9-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army
JOHNSON, Joyce E. (Bergren). Spouse of Burton L. Born ??, died 3-29-1984 - Wed April 12 1973
JOHNSON, Katherine L. (Przybelinski). Spouse of Charles H. Born 10-31-1920, died 1-26-2018. Age: 97 - Dau of Frank and Ida Gulczynski (Gulch) Przybelinski. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 10-27-1943, four children.
JOHNSON, Kermit B. Spouse of #1 Mildred Hedstrom, #2 Doris Landquist. Born 3-19-1921, died 1-6-2009. Age: 87 - Son of Adolph and Bertha (Johnson) Johnson. Born in Kane PA, died in Jamestown NY. Owned Kerm Johnson TV Repair. Wed Mildred 2-21-1948, two sons. (She d. 9-12-1990). - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard USS Yorktown. 1942-1945. Earned Presidential Citation for Heroism.
JOHNSON, Lawrence W. Spouse of Harriet Lois. Born ??, died ??
JOHNSON, Lennard E. Spouse of Mary Holls. Born 9-9-1927, died 10-21-1993. Age: 66 - Son of Ernest W. and Agnes C. Sandquist Johnson - WW II Vet, US Navy
JOHNSON, Lloyd W. Spouse of Olga L. Born ??, died 1961
JOHNSON, Margaret E. (Larson). Born 3-17-1914, died 6-23-2005. Age: 91 - Dau of Charles and Eleanor Larson, born Wettmore PA
JOHNSON, Margaret L. (Chipukaizer). Spouse of Arnold R. Born 2-21-1931, died 1-3-2021. Age: 89 - Dau of Ben and Esther (Finnical) Chipukaizer. Born in Newton Falls OH, lived and died in Jamestown NY. A teacher and LPN. Wed 6-6-1954 in Netown Falls, four children.
JOHNSON, Marilyn L. (Limberg). Spouse of #2 Charles F. Johnson. Born 8-22-1929, died 3-16-2017 - Dau of Paul and Irma (Karlberg) Limberg. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Celeron NY, died in Sherman NY. An LPN at WCA hospital for 25 years. Wed 10-19-1982, two daughters. (He d. 11-23-2011)
JOHNSON, Mary Jane (Eddy). Spouse of Gail E. Born 5-16-1924, died 1-3-2005. Age: 80 - Dau of Arthur B. Eddy and Bertha M. (DeVore) Eckman, born Youngsville PA
JOHNSON, Merle E. Spouse of Mary Jane Stafford. Born 6-18-1923, died 8-25-2007. Age: 84 - Son of Ernest [Dutch] and Margaret Faulkner Johnson. Wed 2-9-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army
JOHNSON, Mildred (Hedstrom). Spouse of Kermit B. Born 1-22-1922, died 9-12-1990 - Wed 2-12-1948, two sons.
JOHNSON, Milton A. Spouse of Audrey Southworth. Born 4-20-1921, died 1-3-2007. Age: 85 - Son of J. Albin and Lydia Sundstrom Johnson. Wed 12-22-1973 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
JOHNSON, Nancy L. (Schutt). Spouse of Robert B.Johnson (#2?). Born 3-28-1943, died 9-1-2015. Age: 72 - Dau of Clare E. and June E. (Parker) Schutt, born and lived in Sherman NY, died in Pittsburgh PA. Worked 23 yrs for Cummins Engine. Three children, son surnamed Davidson. Wed Robert 11-9-1980, he survives.
JOHNSON, Olga L. Spouse of Lloyd W. Born 4-27-1908, died 9-21-2002. Age: 94 - Dau of John and Anna Anderson Anderson
JOHNSON, Paul H. Spouse of Adeline Foti. Born 9-25-1932, died 1-1-2000. Age: 67 - Son of Kristian and Elsie E Johansson Johnson - Korean War Vet, US Navy
JOHNSON, Paul R. S. Spouse of Marian Erickson/ Gayle C. Choate. Born 5-22-1919, died 3-4-2003. Age: 83 - Son of Charles O. and Aleda Johnson Johnson. Marian d.11-25-1961 - WW II Vet, US Air Force, Bombadier Instructor
JOHNSON, Raymond L. Spouse of Tressa D. Born 4-2-1914, died 11-28-1997. Age: 83 - Son of Charles and Hilma Johnson Johnson m. July 3 1938
JOHNSON, Richard A. Spouse of Ellen Phillips. Born 2-27-1934, died 11-28-001. Age: 67 - Son of Ivar C and Dorothy Pitt Johnson. Wed 6-14-1980 - WW II Vet, US Army
JOHNSON, Richard B. Born 4-10-1950, died 9-18-1950. Age: 5m - Son of Charles H. and Katherine (Pryzbelinski) Johnson
JOHNSON, Riene M. Spouse of Raymond L. Born 11-13-1917, died 6-17-2006. Age: 88 - Dau of Herman and Naema Pierson Johnson-married for 33 years
JOHNSON, Robert A. [Beaver]. Spouse of Betty A. Born 3-11-1941, died 4-28-2007. Age: 66 - Son of Carl A. Johnson and Agnes Peterson Johnson Edborg. Married for 43 years
JOHNSON, Robert C. Spouse of Elaine Johnson. Born 7-22-1925, died 11-19-2007. Age: 82 - Son of W. Carl and Gertrude VanValkenburg Johnson Bush - WW II Vet, US Army
JOHNSON, Robert F. Spouse of #1 Mary Corcoran, #2 Violet Thompson. Born 10-13-1925, died 12-14-2016. Age: 91 - Son of Robert C. and Bernice (Jones) Johnson, Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Four children with Mary who d. 2-9-1983. Violet d. 6-8-2016. - WW II Vet, US Navy, 13 yrs.
JOHNSON, Roger T. Spouse of Ann Juul. Born 11-8-1954, died 10-23-2007. Age: 52 - Son of Sherwood and Ruth Truver Johnson. Wed 6-8-1980
JOHNSON, Ronald L. Spouse of Sharon Boyer. Born 5-27-1939, died 4-14-2021. Age: 81 - Son of John and Alma (Grant) Johnson. Born in Bradford PA, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 4-13-1962, four children. (Spouse survives)
JOHNSON, Roseabelle L. Spouse of Bertil M. Born 4-13-1917, died 11-20-2001. Age: 84 - Dau of Victor and Emma Lundin Lundell- m. Oct. 5 1940
JOHNSON, Rudolph J. Spouse of J. Eleonora Peterson. Born ??, died 9-14-1972
JOHNSON, Ruth E. Spouse of Walter A.R. Born 3-11-1923, died 1-25-2004. Age: 80 - Dau of Carl V. and Bessie Strickland Hedstrom
JOHNSON, Ruth Keating. Spouse of Leslie [Pete]. Born 3-17-1914, died 8-27-2007. Age: 93 - Dau of Linus and Marion Slater Keating-born in New York City-married in 1940
JOHNSON, Ruth M. Born 4-1-1931, died 2-6-2016. Age: 84 - Dau of Axel Leonard and Agda (Ohlsson) Johnson, born lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Unmarried.
JOHNSON, Sherwood T. Spouse of Ruth Truver. Born 6-9-1928, died 5-12-2000. Age: 71 - Son of Courtney and Cecelia Corbran Johnson
JOHNSON, Sylvia F. Spouse of Ardel. Born ??, died 10-21-1999
JOHNSON, Tressa D. Spouse of Raymond L. Born 11-1-1917, died 12-27-2002. Age: 85 - Dau of Lucinda Michel
JOHNSON, Vern R. Spouse of Dolores Carlson. Born 7-24-1926, died 7-12-2001. Age: 74 - Son of Ivar and May Webeck Johnson. Wed 8-6-1949. Herman Kent Post 777 - WW II Vet, US Navy
JOHNSON, Walter A.R. ''Arnie''. Spouse of Ruth E. Born ??, died 4-28-1996 - Wed Sept 17 1955
JOHNSON, William E. Spouse of Iris Crawford. Born 12-25-1913, died 11-4-2015. Age: 101 - Son of Quit Allen and Nora (Gordon) Johnson, born in Andover NY, died in Jamestown NY. Worked 40 yrs for Marlin Rockwell. Wed 12-13-1940 in Olean NY, three daughters. (She d. 2-25-2013)
JOHNSTON, Gail M. Spouse of Ronald. Born 5-23-1939, died 7-28-2010. Age: 71 - Dau of Virgil and Ruth Dikeman Barden-married 9-3-1964
JOHNSTON, Greta. Spouse of Donald P. Born 9-10-1928, died 12-31-2009. Age: 81 - Dau of Walter and Rose Parry Patchett-married 12-3-1949
JOHNSTON, Nancy L. (Sager). Companion of Kraig Werlin. Born 5-10-1943, died 3-11-2019. Age: 75 - Dau of Mearl and Helen Sager. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Lakewood NY, died in Buffalo NY. One daughter, father not named. (Keith d. 2005)
JOLLY, Mildred Freeman. Spouse of Thomas R. Born ??, died ?? - Wed June 22 1920
JOLLY, Thomas R. Spouse of Mildred F. Born 10-16-1895, died 4-6-1968. Age: 72 - Son of John P. and Flora Wiles Jolly - WW II Vet, US Army Hospital No. 310 78th Division in the Argonne Forest and St. Mihiel offensives in France
JONES, G. Emil. Spouse of Anna Halversen. Born 4-8-1884, died 6-28-1950 - Emmigrated from Sweden in 1923. Original surname is Jonsson, printer for a newspaper in Jamestown
JONES, H. Glendean McDonald. Spouse of #1 Donald C. Macdonald Sr., #2 Falconer Jones, Sr. Born 8-6-1911, died 8-11-1996
JONES, Marjorie. Spouse of Marshall W. Born 7-10-1920, died 1-4-2003. Age: 82 - Dau of Edward F. and Olive V. Angus McGaffick
JONES, Marshall W. Spouse of Marjorie. Born ??, died 3-25-1998 - Wed July 3 1951 in Bangor Maine
JONES, Pauline E. (Casey) [Polly]. Spouse of Omer S. Born 11-26-1940, died 3-6-2017. Age: 76 - Dau of Clyde and Elnora (Covey) Casey. Born in Erie PA, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 11-6-1959, four children. (He survives)
JONES, Robert A. Spouse of Sally Lou Hayward. Born 8-24-1921, died 8-4-2004 - Son of Alfred and Ruth Jones - WW II Vet US Army Air Corps, Sgt
JONES, Ruth P. (Smith). Spouse of Gerald. Born 4-4-1921, died 2-6-2016 - Dau of Wallace and Lilly Mae Smith, born in Hancock MD, lived in Jamestown NY. Wed 50 years, three sons with Gerald and two sons surnamed Spencer.
JONES, Virginia A. Spouse of Richard. Born 9-23-1934, died 1-17-2006. Age: 71 - Dau of Gerald and Catherine Wilson Chapman-married for 51 years on 6-26
JONETHIS, Athena (Janaq) [Nulie]. Born 9-20-1919, died 3-6-2016 - Dau of John and Mary (Plaku) Janaq. Born in Hochist Albania. Immigrated 1936. Wed 6-16-1946, four children. (He d. 10-11-2011)
JORDAN, Mary E. ''Gena''. Born 2-16-1920, died 8-28-2005. Age: 85 - Dau of Jay F. and Louise Hart Phear
JORDAN. Melvin F. Jr. Spouse of RoseMary Voss. Born 2-13-1949, died 5-29-2016. Age: 67 - Son of Melvin and Doris (Foreman) Jordan, Sr. Born, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Long-distance trucker. Wed 10-24-1989, six children, including two boys surnamed Saircloth. (She d. 5-29-2016) - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1969-1971, later Civil Air Patrol
JOSEPHSON, Amanda A. (Anderson). Spouse of Gust H. Born 2-28-1903, died 2-10-2001. Age: 97 - Dau of Gottfried and Justia (Colberg) Anderson
JOSEPHSON, Barbara M. (Woelfel). Spouse of Robert G. Born 12-29-1931, died 7-30-2018. Age: 86 - Dau of William and Thelma (Frantz) Woelfel. Born in Baltimore MD, lived and died in Jamestown NY. A registered nurse at Jamestown General Hospital for 30 years. Wed 2-28-1953, four children.
JOSEPHSON, Gust H. Spouse of Amanda A. Andderson. Born ??, died 6-14-1981 - Wed Dec. 15 1923
JOSEPHSON, Robert G. Spouse of Barbara M. Woelfel. Born 5-5-1929, died 7-10-2013. Age: 86 - Son of Gust and Amanda (Anderson) Josephson. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Research tecnician with MRC-SKF for 30 years. Holder of several patents. Wed 2-28-1953, four children. - Korean War Vet, US Army, Cpl
JOYCE, Elizabeth Hayward. Born ??, died 1-19-2001. Age: 81 - Dau of Dr. and Mrs. Walter Gifford Hayward
JUDGE, Kathryn A. Spouse of Forrest. Born 3-31-1919, died 9-11-2010. Age: 91 - Dau of Ernest J. and Lottie Bunnell McArthur-married in 1948
JUNGQUIST, Ernest L. Spouse of Myrna Colburn. Born ??, died 10-24-2007. Age: 76
JUNGQUIST, Timothy L. Born 12-27-1960, died 6-25-2016. Age: 55 - Son of Ernest and Myrna (Colburn) Jungquist. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Buffalo NY. A truck driver. Three children, mother not named.
JUUL, Donald William. Spouse of Grace. Born ??, died 5-24-2010. Age: 82 - WW II Vet, US Army
JUUL, Phyllis H. Spouse of Robert. Born 9-8-1929, died 3-5-2010. Age: 80 - Dau of Arthur and Goldie Larson Hidahl
KAMERSON, Robert L. Born 3-16-1927, died 8-7-2009. Age: 82 - Son of Arthur Kamerson and Hazel Lawson Franson, born in Buffalo, NY
KASPEREK, Leonard R. Spouse of Jean Mary Farrar. Born 10-11-1927, died 12-18-2007. Age: 80 - Son of John Jacob and Helen Ukolowicz Kasperek. Wed 4-26-1953 - WW II Vet, Merchant Marines. Korean War Vet, US Army
KATES, Janet G. (Gustafson). Spouse of Jay F. Born 8-18-1930, died 3-17-2017. Age: 86 - Dau of Ivar and Lillian (Lundmark) Gustafson. Born and died in Jamestown NY. A registered nurse. Wed 11-13-1953 in Daytona Beach FL, four children. (He d. 1-17-2000)
KATES, Jay F. Spouse of Janet. Born 5-23-1930, died 1-17-2000. Age: 69 - Son of Francis and Helen Jacobson Kates. Wed 11-13-1953 in Daytona Beach FL, four children. - Korean War Vet, US Navy
KAY, Betty. Spouse of Sam. Born 1-15-1921, died 10-14-2000. Age: 79 - Dau of Joseph and celia Heinz Michaels from injuries she sustained in an automobile accident
KAY, Sam. Spouse of Betty M. Born ??, died 1987 - Wed March 4 1951
KEEFE, Donald E. Sr. Spouse of Virginia M. Born 1-22-1916, died 11-7-2001. Age: 85 - Son of John and Clara Foss Keefe
KEEFE, Leta Linn, died 9-6-2017 - Dau of Wallace A. and Lillian (Lundy) Keefe. Born and lived in Warren PA, died in Sheffield PA.
KEEFE, Robert E. Spouse of Marie Spitzer. Born 8-3-1920, died 9-13-2009. Age: 89 - Son of John and Clara Foss Keefe. Wed 7-12-1940 - WW II Vet, USMC
KEEFE, Virginia M. Spouse of Donald E. Sr. Born 5-28-1914, died 3-24-2002. Age: 87 - Dau of Lee and Johannah Kleinsang Stafford m Nov 1 1935
KEIFER, A.L. Spouse of Ella P. Oalm. Born ??, died 1951
KEIFER, Ella P. Spouse of A.L. Born 9-11-1898, died 8-4-000. Age: 101 - Dau of Oscar and Anna Kjelgren Palm
KEIFER, Frederick R. Spouse of Pat. Born 6-26-1933, died 1-29-2021. Age: 87 - Son of Edgar Neal and Isabelle (Clark) Keifer. Born in Celoron NY, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Three children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1953-1955, Korea.
KELLER, Audrey L. (Phillips). Born 4-25-1927, died 1-9-2004. Age: 76 - Dau of Jesse L. and Lola Belle (Schobey) Phillips, born in Silar City NC
KELLER, Kenneth E. Sr. Spouse of Mary Jane Titus. Born 10-22-1940, died 3-1-2009. Age: 68 - Son of Edward and Blanch Stooksburg Keller. Wed 7-9-1971
KELLETT, Marjorie Albert. Born 10-14-1911, died 4-13-1967. Age: 55 - Dau of George and Lillian Newton Osgood
KELLEY, Albert E. Spouse of Esther Liliestedt. Born 1-15-1902, died 2-3-1998
KELLEY, Esther Linnea Liliestedt. Spouse of Albert E. Born 1-24-1912, died 8-31-2008. Age: 96 - Dau of Oscar T. and Emma Karlson Liliestedt-born in Alexander, NY-married 7-18-1931
KELLEY, Ray R. Spouse of Rena Davis. Born 10-7-1886, died 5-25-1962. Age: 75 - Son of Joseph B. and Anna Rice Kelly
KELLY, Edna Jean (Hauck). Spouse of Joseph E. Born 2-11-1927, died 11-7-2011. Age: 84 - Dau of Vincent Clair and Cora Violet (Huey) Hauck. Born in Bear Run PA, lived in Frewsburg NY, died in Jamestown NY. Wed 11-26-1949, no children.
KELLY, Jane H. Spouse of Paul W. Sr. Born 5-10-1920, died 10-15-2006. Age: 86 - Dau of Thomas and Alice Edsall Harvey-married 3-20-1946
KELLY, Joseph E. Spouse of Edna Jean Hauck. Born 4-11-1924, died 8-7-2015. Age: 81 - Son of Francis J. and Troby E. (Fleming) Kelly, born in Starford PA, died in Frewsburg NY. Worked 30 yrs at Sunco Tool and Die. Wed 11-26-1949, no children. (She d. 11-7-2011) - WW II Vet, US Army, 387th Inf.
KELLY, Margaret K. Spouse of Ralph. Born 12-17-1917, died 9-9-2000. Age: 82 - Dau of James and Margaret Whitfield Cowen-, born Anita PA
KELLY, Ralph. Spouse of Margaret K. Born ??, died 2-9-1999 - Wed Dec.24 1945
KELSEY, Joyce Ann. Born 2-5-1943, died 7-17-2015. Age: 72 - Dau of Lawrence C. and Geraldine (Fiske) Kelsey, born lived, and died in Jamestown NY.
KELSEY, Richard Andrew. Born 09-07-1920, died 03-21-2003. Age: 82 - Son of Archie and Bertha Henninger Kelsey, born in Chautauqua Co. - WW II Vet, US Army.1st Div, 16th Inf, Central Europe
KEMP, Dylan S. Born 6-25-1992, died 7-2-2015. Age: 23 - Son of Sherry K. Kemp, born in Jamestown NY, died in San Francisco CA.
KENDALL, Blanche. Spouse of Squire. Born 7-30-1904, died 9-26-2000. Age: 96 - Dau of John F and Viola M Roller Stewart- Ingjald Lodge 65 Vikings
KENDALL, Irma F. (Lawson). Spouse of John S. Born 4-25-1930, died 4-4-2017. Age: 86 - Dau of Raymond and Eudora (Ecker) Lawson. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Greenhurst NY. Wed 5-23-1953, four children.
KENDALL, John S. Spouse of Irma F. Lawson. Born 8-9-1928, died 12-2-1987 - Wed 5-23-1953, four children. (He d. 12-2-1987)
KENDALL, Squire. Spouse of Blanche S. Born ??, died 12-2-1987 - Wed July 29 1920
KENNEDY, Herbert J. Spouse of Ruth J. Born 12-31-1915, died 4-10-2007. Age: 91 - Son of Arthur and Margaret O'Neil Kennedy, born in Utica NY. Wed 11-30-1936
KENNEDY, Paul T. Born 2-13-1963, died 4-20-2010. Age: 47 - Son of Francis and Marilyn Burch Kennedy Sr. Killed in a house fire.
KENNEDY, Ruth J. (Lindahl). Spouse of Herbert J. Born 11-08-1916, died 04-06-2003. Age: 86 - Dau of Carl and Augusta (Lofstedt) Lindahl, born in Masontown PA
KENT, Robert M. Sr. Spouse of Glendine Curtis. Born 2-28-1925, died 3-6-2011. Age: 86 - Son of Roy W. and Sadie Parsons Kent. Wed 2-5-1948
KERR, F. Ray. Spouse of Inga B. Born ??, died 5-30-1990 - Wed Sept. 21 1935
KERR, Inga B. Spouse of F. Ray. Born 7-26-1913, died 5-12-2000. Age: 86 - Dau of Knut and Betty Billings-, born Nassjo, Sweden
KESBY, Raymond J. Spouse of Janet Parker. Born 10-28-921, died 5-12-1979. Age: 57 - Son of Irving W. and Ina Newbury Kesby U.S. Army Air Force pilot WW II motorcycle accident in FL - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps, pilot
KESTLER, Michael John. Born 8-6-1952, died 1-10-2010. Age: 57 - Son of George and Betty Fagerstrom Kestler
KEYES, Charles B. Spouse of Lois Roth. Born 3-25-1929, died 12-11-2015. Age: 86 - Son of Harriet Green and Sherman S. Green Keyes, born in Jamestown NY, died in Dunkirk NY. Wed 6-17-1951, four children.
KEYES, Lois (Roth). Spouse of Charles B., died 11-20-2016. Age: 83 - Dau of Alfred J. and Ruth (Seitz) Roth, born in Buffalo NY, lived in Fredonia NY, died in Dunkirk NY. Wed 6-17-1951, four children. Ashes.
KEYES, Pauline P. Spouse of William C. Born ??, died 7-3-2010. Age: 81
KIBLER, Edna F. Spouse of Frederick W. Born 10-30-1934, died 2-15-2000. Age: 65 - Dau of Jesse and Mary J. Vaughn McDugald
KIDD, Dennis R. Born 1-6-1943, died 8-23-2004. Age: 61 - Son of Robert W. and Hazel D. Niver Kidd - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
KIDD, Hazel D. Spouse of Robert W. Born 10-31-1923, died 4-27-2005AGE. Age: 81 - Dau of Fred and Blanch Phillips Niver
KIDD, Norman W. Born 10-10-1925, died 1-24-2002. Age: 76 - Son of William E and Mable Eckendorf Kidd
KIDD, Robert W. Spouse of Hazel D. Born ??, died 10-15-1999 - Wed Oct 4 1941
KIDDER, Charlene B. (Willink). Spouse of Bruce. Born 4-6-1948, died 7-30-2015. Age: 67 - Dau of Raymond and Doris (Raymond) Willink, born in Corry PA, died in Jamestown NY. Wed in 1968, three daughters. (He survives)
KIENDL, Judith L. Born 4-2-1928, died 11-20-2003. Age: 75 - Dau of Gust and Agnes Hammersted Rolfe
KIESHAUER, Doris L. Born 10-8-1908, died 12-8-2005. Age: 97 - Dau of Walter and Mary Jacobson Thelander-died in Myrtle Beach, SC
KINDLAND, Wesley Irving. Born 4-24-1923, died 1-16-2003. Age: 79 - Son of Nathaniel and Ethelyn Irene Hedin Kindlandborn in Jamestown NY
KING, Betty Leah (Bush). Spouse of Conrad R. Born 10-15-1923, died 12-28-2015. Age: 92 - Dau of Charles L. and Hazel R. Bush, born in Canton NY, died in Greenhurst NY. Wed 6-8-1946, four sons.
KING, Conrad R. [Connie]. Spouse of Betty Bush. Born 5-28-1924, died 2-19-2016. Age: 91 - Son of Paul H. and Eva (Lucas) King, born in Panama NY at grandparent's home. Lived and died in Ashville NY. Owned and operated Kings' Heating and Sheet Metal for 40 yrs. Wed 6-8-1946, four sons. - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard USS South Dakota in the south Pacific. Witnessed the signing of peace treaty with Japan.
KINNEAR, Jeremy Wright. Born 10-13-1980, died 10-13-2001. Age: 21 - Son of Thomas Wright Kinnear and Lynn G Wheelhouse Kinnear. Killed by hit and run driver
KINNEY, Patricia B. (Young) Rolland J. 7-4-1926 7-9-2016 91 Dau of Gilbert and Bertha Olson Young. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Lakewood NY. Taught 3rd grade for 30 years. Wed 6-28-1947, two daughters
KINNEY, Rolland James. Spouse of Patricia B. Young. Born 9-3-1922, died 4-27-1988. Age: 65 - Son of ? and Mildred (Schwinderman) Kinney. Wed 6-28-1947, two daughters WW II Vet, POW
KJORNSBERG, Pauline [Polly]. Spouse of Kjell. Born 9-4-1915, died 9-25-2008. Age: 93 - Dau of Raymond and Nora Potter-married 4-2-1936
KLECK, Doris V. Spouse of Robert J. Born 4-13-1915, died 4-30-2006. Age: 91 - Dau of Nels T. and Ellen Louise Enstrom Carlson-married 8-7-1993
KLEIN, Daniel M. Spouse of Patricia Higgins. Born 9-10-1934, died 5-20-2010. Age: 75 - Son of Jerry and Hazel Finnerty Klein. Wed 12-26-2003 - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
KLINE, Laurette M. Spouse of Gary 1st/Oliver W. SCOTT- d. 1968. Born 12-15-1926, died 12-16-2000. Age: 74 - Dau of Alvin and Violet Mae Dunmire
KLOMP, Audrey F. Spouse of Cornelius Johannis. Born 12-18-1924, died 12-31-2006. Age: 82 - Dau of Frank and Addie Engblom
KLOMP, Cornelius Johannis. Spouse of Audrey F. Born 6-7-1911, died 2-20-2000. Age: 88 - Son of Cornelius and Elizabeth Ross Klomp
KNAPP, Harry J. Jr. Spouse of Shirley Mead. Born 8-4-1916, died 1-6-2010. Age: 93 - Son of Harry J. and Lila Maybee Knapp. Wed 7-3-1954 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
KNICKERBOCKER, Lucille E. Spouse of Ellis L. Born 11-6-1918, died 6-15-2008. Age: 89 - Dau of Carl and Henny Holmgren Carlson-married 1-15-1944
KNIGHT, Roberta (Lindbeck). Born 12-1-1947, died 6-27-2015. Age: 67 - Dau of Malcom and Edith (Levine) Lindbeck, born in Jamestown, died in Corry PA. One daughter
KNORR, Earle C. Spouse of Bernice Woleen. Born 12-6-1924, died 1-7-2002. Age: 77 - Son of Harry V and Fern Closser Knorr. Wed 7-24-1948 - WW II Vet, US Army
KNOTT, Edith. Spouse of Ray W. Born 4-25-1915, died 11-8-2009. Age: 94 - Dau of Edward C. and Esther Josephine Johnson Nelson-married 10-8-1938-died in Seymour, IN
KNOWLTON, Kenneth K. Spouse of Patricia Biekert. Born 11-22-1931, died 4-7-2004. Age: 72 - Son of Lester and Geneva Stevens Knowlton - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
KOLSTEE, Earl D. Spouse of Mary Sawchyn. Born 3-19-1904, died 6-3-1963. Age: 59 - Son of William F. and Joanna Warnshuls Kolstee
KORCYL, Stanley J. Spouse of Sophie M. Evanczik. Born 1-15-1918, died 1-3-1998. Age: 79 - Son of Joseph and Emilia Czajka Korcyl. Wed 6-8 1940 - WW II Vet, US Natl Guard
KOSTHORST, Anthony G. Born 1-14-1922, died 10-29-2009. Age: 87 - Son of Edward and Rose (Metsport) Kosthorst. Born and lived in Jamestown N, died in St. Petersburg FL. A spot welder at Watson MFG. Three children, mother not named. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force T/Sgt
KOSTHORST, James E. Spouse of JoAnn N. Nickerson. Born 12-17-1919, died 9-15-1990. Age: 86 - 1940 Jamestown census: Son of Edward and Rose (Metsport) Kosthorst.Three children.
KOSTHORST, JoAnn N. (Nickerson). Spouse of James E. Born 8-25-1931, died 12-22-2017. Age: 70 - Dau of Walter and Signe Nickerson. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Gerry NY. A secretary. Three children.
KOSTHORST, John H. Spouse of Mabel E. Anderson. Born 2-18-1917, died 10-4-1974. Age: 57 - 1940 Jamestown census: Son of Edward and Rose (Metsport) Kosthorst. Wed 8-1946 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Sgt.
KOSTHORST, Mabel E. (Anderson). Spouse of John H. Born 1-12-1915, died 5-30-2001. Age: 86 - Dau of Charles and Ida (Carlson) Anderson. Born in Bitumen PA, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 8-3-1946, two children.
KOSTHORST,Marcia (Bell). Spouse of John H. Born 1950, died 1971 - Dau of Russell J. and Vivian E. (Weaver) Bell. One daughter.
KOTCH, George L. Spouse of Marguerite E. Born 3-2-1916, died 8-4-2001. Age: 85 - Son of Andrew and Anna Gregor Tkac. Samuel Derby Post 556 - WW II Vet, US Army
KOTCH, Marguerite E. Robbins. Spouse of George L. Born ??, died 7-27-1999 - Wed Oct.2 1942
KRAEMER, Cletus [John]. Spouse of Margaret W. Born ??, died 3-9-1982
KRAEMER, Margaret. Spouse of Cletus. Born 8-4-928, died 2-11-2001. Age: 72 - Dau of William and Katherine Kahler Whittle
KRAEMER, Paul D. Spouse of Phyllis N. Noyd. Born 6-4-1938, died 6-26-2009. Age: 71 - Son of Magnus and Alice Hamann Kraemer-born in Buffalo, NY. Wed 6-14-1969
KRINER, Raymond E. Spouse of Thelma. Born ??, died 12-25-1986 - Wed July 7 1946
KRINER, Thelma [Marge]. Spouse of Raymond E. Born 2-13-1926, died 2-3-2001. Age: 74 - Dau of William and Ellen Carr Frost Herman Kent- Aux. Post 777 Amer. Legion
KRON, Robert A. Spouse of Phyllis Joyce Rahm. Born 9-5-1924, died 6-23-2009. Age: 84 - Son of Axel Nelander and Svea Elizabeth Holmstrom Kron. Wed8-28-1948 - WW II Vet, US Navy
KRUSE, Gunnard J. Spouse of Martha L. Born ??, died 12-11-1993 - Wed April 30 1924
KRUSE, Martha L. (Hammer). Spouse of Gunnard J. Born 5-11-1903, died 10-23-2000. Age: 97 - Dau of Carl and Frida (Martinson) Hammer, born Orebro, Sweden
KUHL, Karen (Carlson). Spouse of Akos. Born 1-31-1943, died 10-901997. Age: 54 - Dau of Josef and Julia Kuhl. Wed 11-26-1986 in Chaut Co, two daughters.
KUHN, Mildred. Spouse of Arthur. Born 4-4-1918, died 1-1-2008. Age: 89 - Dau of Edward and Electa Braley Dalrymple-married 1-22-1949-died in Columbia, SC
KUHRE, Carol L. Paulus. Spouse of Floyd d. 1957. Born 5-24-1923, died 7-1-2003 - Dau of Joseph and Muriel Merchant Wilcox.
KULIG, Edward J. Born 4-26-1957, died 3-5-2015. Age: 57 - Son of Joseph and Jane (Rippey) Kuleg, born in Jamestown, died in Tamarack FL. A post-booking agent for Carnival Cruise lines. Single
KUTSCHKE, Siegfried. Spouse of Piroska Janus. Born 8-19-1934, died 1-19-2017. Age: 82 - Son of Willy and Mathilde (Maulischitzki) Kutschke. Born in Germany, immigrated to US in 1951. Lived and died in Jamestown NY. Worked 39 years at Jamestown Metal Products. Wed 1-11-1958, five children. (She survives)
KUTSCHKE, Willy P. Spouse of Matilda Mauleschitzk/ Patricia Ann Colosimo. Born 7-9-1905, died 12-17-2008. Age: 103 - Son of Paul and Francska (Koschalka) Kutschke, born in Kartuse, Germany. Wed Patricia 12-14-1991
KUZMA, Patricia M. (Moeller). Spouse of John A. Kuzma. Born 11-16-1949, died 04-18-2003. Age: 53 - Dau of John and Violet (Francen) Moeller, born in Jamestown NY
LABELLE, Bertram L. Born 10-9-1944, died 11-11-2007. Age: 63 - Son of James L. and Genevieve V. Stickney LaBelle
LABELLE, Genvieve V. Spouse of James L. Born 8-3-1909, died 11-13-1985. Age: 76 - Dau of William and Ina Winchester Stickney
LABELLE, James L. Spouse of Genvieve V. Born 1-6-1908, died 2-1-1978. Age: 70 - Son of Thomas LaBelle and Emma Whitney. Wed July 5 1934
LAFFERTY, Alonzo. Spouse of Anna B. Born ??, died ??
LAFFERTY, Anna B. Spouse of Alonzo. Born 8-14-1868, died 9-7-1943. Age: 75
LAIRD, Ina Belle (Phillips). Spouse of John R. Sr. Born 11-29-1924, died 10-4-2010. Age: 85 - Dau of Aleson and Mary (Strangeway) Phillips. Born in Sugar Grove, PA. Wed 61 yrs, six children.
LAIRD, John Robert Sr. [Jack]. Spouse of Ina B. Phillips. Born 11-12-1914, died 9-2-2015. Age: 100 - Son of Fred and Margaret Zita Farrell Laird, born in Corry PA, lived in Jamestown NY, died in Gerry NY. Wed 61 yrs, six children. - WW II Vet, US Army Corps of Engrs, S/Sgt. India, China, worked on the Burma Road and pipeline.
LAMAR, Dale. Spouse of Jane Hedlund. Born 3-24-1943, died 3-24-2016. Age: 73 - Son of Kenneth and Amanda (Hagstrom) LaMar. Born in Clymer NY, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Supervisor for All Metal Specialities. Wed 7-1-1965, two children. (She survives)
LAMB, Charles Sommers. Spouse of Madeline R. Born 11-21-1915, died 1-14-1991. Age: 75 - Son of Charles J. and Hazel Sommers Lamb
LAMB, Madeline R. Spouse of Charles S. Born 11-26-1919, died 4-20-2004. Age: 84 - Dau of Franklin and Ruby Winans Fox m. Oct 31 1939
LAMB, Steven M. Born 6-30-1952, died 4-3-2000. Age: 47 - Son of Richard Lloyd and Mary Ann Buntenbah Lamb - Vietnam Vet, US Army
LANDY, Angeline Parasiliti. Spouse of Vincent J. Born ??, died 3-8-1995 - Wed Sept. 20 1947
LANDY, Beatrice E. Logue. Spouse of Dominic Anthony. Born 1-11-1929, died 11-8-2000. Age: 71 - Dau of Clarence and Hazel Rose Lanning Logue
LANDY, Dominic Anthony. Spouse of Beatrice E. Born ??, died 5-23-1985 - Son of Pasquale and Carmella Bellardo Landy - WW II Vet, US Army - Europe
LANDY, Joseph J. Spouse of Margaret T. Tsitso. Born 3-19-1922, died 3-23-2007. Age: 85 - Son of Patsy and Carmella Bellardo Landy. Wed 9-21-1947 - WW II Vet, US Army
LANDY, Margaret T. Spouse of Joseph J. Born ??, died 9-24-2010 - Dau of Miller and Evelyn Tsitso-married 9-21-1947
LANDY, Vincent J. Spouse of Angeline P. Born 9-27-1923, died 11-13-2001. Age: 78 - Son of Louis and Rose Bellardo Landy - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corp, Medical Corp
LANE, Catherine M. (Bohall). Spouse of Robert L. Born 12-26-1921, died 3-8-2019. Age: 97 - Dau of George and Mary (Seaborn) Bohall. Born, lived, and died in Chaut Co. A secretary at WCA Hospital. Wed abt 1942, one daughter. (Spouse d. 9-14-1971) - WW II Vet, US Army, 333rd Ord Maint Co, TEC5
LANE, Robert L. Spouse of Catherine M. Bohall. Born 10-26-1920, died 9-14-1971. Age: 50 - Wed abt 1942, one daughter.
LANG, Frederick W. Spouse of Signe S. Born 7-18-1910, died 7-17-1980. Age: 69 - Son of William and Mabel Harrison Lang
LANG, Jack R. Spouse of Ginger DeStevens. Born 10-14-1936, died 6-19-2017. Age: 80 - Son of Revelle D. and Edura P. (Martin) Lang. Born in Kane PA, lived and died in Jamestown NY. No children named.
LANG, Norma C. Spouse of William B. Born 7-27-1919, died 6-16-2001. Age: 81 - Dau of George and Lorena Anderson Carlson
LANG, Signe Swan. Spouse of Frederick W. Born ??, died 11-10-1967 - Wed May 29 1931 in First Lutheran Church Jamestown NY
LANG, William B. Spouse of Norma C. Born ??, died 10-18-1999 - Wed Sept. 20 1941
LANGHAN, Charlotte C. Born 9-9-1906, died 5-30-2004. Age: 97 - Dau of John and Anna Johanson Carlson hus. died 10-11-1987 m. Nov 4 1928
LARSON, Arthur R. Spouse of Jean Clemenger. Born 12-25-1911, died 7-25-2003. Age: 91 - Son of Carl and Anna Edgren Larson
LARSON, Carl A. Spouse of Pauline O. Born 2-14-1914, died 5-29-2001. Age: 87 - Son of John B. and Johanna ‘‘Hulda’’ Johannson Larson - WW II Vet, US Army, 10th Mtn Div, Sgt - Italy
LARSON, Carol K. Spouse of Donald W. Born 12-19-1924, died 10-7-2010. Age: 85 - Dau of John and Clara Foss Keefe-married 6-8-1945
LARSON, Donald W. Spouse of Carol K. Born 2-10-1924, died 8-22-2009. Age: 85 - Son of William and Marie Bloomstrand Larson. Wed 6-8-1945 - WW II Vet, US Navy
LARSON, Doris Hilda Lucille (Landquist) Johnson #1 Kermit Johnson, #2 Ray Larson, died 5-24-2016. Age: 92 - Dau of Oscar and Edith Landquist. Lived in Jamestown NY and New Port Richey FL, died in New Port Richey. No children. Wed to Ray for 18 years, he survives.
LARSON, Doris Lucille. Spouse of Elmer A. Born ??, died 1-3-2009. Age: 89 - Dau of Paul and Esther Miller-married for over 68 years-died in Newburgh, NY
LARSON, Elaine M. (Samuelson). Spouse of #1 Leslie Snowden, #2 Reynold Larson. Born 5-29-1928, died 9-2-2018. Age: 90 - Dau of H. Samuel and Gerda (Adolfson) Samuelson. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. An office worker in Insurance industry. Leslie d. 1948, Wed Reynold 1-29-1049, four children.
LARSON, G. Dewey. Spouse of Myrna S. Born 10-27-1898, died 7-12-1986. Age: 87 - Son of John and Augusta Larson. Wed 4-29-1922
LARSON, George B. Spouse of Carol H. Priest. Born 6-29-1929, died 11-12-2010. Age: 81 - Son of Oscar R. and Hilda A. Stoberg Larson. Wed 7-23-1989 - WW II Vet, US Navy
LARSON, Gladys E. Spouse of S. Hilding. Born 6-28-1913, died 4-5-2004. Age: 90 - Dau of Charles G. and Ruth ''Meme'' Kroon Gustafson
LARSON, Harold H. Spouse of Julia W. Born 7-10-1921, died 4-8-2000. Age: 78 - Son of Jacob Magnus and Hulda Grundstrom Larson - WW II Vet, US Navy
LARSON, Jeannette L. Spouse of Raymond E. Born 2-29-1920, died 3-6-2005. Age: 85 - Dau of Frederick H. and Helene LeClerique Pugh
LARSON, Julia Whiting. Spouse of Harold H. Born ??, died 12-11-1990 - Wed June 7 1961
LARSON, Marie (Hokonson) Phelps [Pedie]. Spouse of #1 Eugene Phelps, #2 Vernon S. Larson [Bud]. Born 12-12-1929, died 1-11-2016. Age: 86 - Dau of Henry J. and Marie (Hansen) Hokonson, born and died in Jamestown NY. One daughter. Both husbands predeceased her.
LARSON, Myrna S. Spouse of G. Dewey. Born 3-3-1904, died 6-4-2006. Age: 102 - Dau of Lavern and Bess Ricker Spencer-born in Sugar Grove PA
LARSON, Pauline O. Johnson. Spouse of Carl A. Born ??, died 4-19-1988 - Wed August 30 1945
LARSON, Pearl A. Spouse of Henry W. Born 10-17-1910, died 10-19-2006. Age: 96 - Dau of Herbert and Clara Johnson Allen-married in 1939
LARSON, Raymond E. Spouse of Jeannette L. Born ??, died 6-22-1984 - Wed Oct 16 1939
LARSON, Reynold O. Spouse of Elaine M. Samuelson. Born 4-26-1927, died 8-10-2007. Age: 80 - Son of Oscar R. and Hilda A. (Stoberg) Larson. Wed 1-29-1949, four children. - WW II Vet, US Navy
LARSON, Richard C. Spouse of Eleanor Hafstrom. Born 5-9-1925, died 12-11-1990. Age: 65 - Son of Carl E. and Augusta Broman Larson
LARSON, Robert E. Spouse of Shirley Meehan. Born 9-5-1921, died 8-11-2010. Age: 88 - Son of C. Elmer and Alice Booth Larson. Wed 9-24-1942 - WW II Vet, US Army
LARSON, Roy B. Spouse of Carol Smith. Born 5-7-1922, died 8-8-2017. Age: 95 - Son of Edward and Esther (Holmquist) Larson, Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Lakewood NY, died Worked 35 years for Jamestown Metal Products in Greenhurst NY. Five children, mother not named. Wed Carol 11-23-1970. (Spouse survives)
LARSON, S. Hilding. Spouse of Gladys E. Born ??, died 1-18-1994 - Wed June 18 1932
LARSON, Shirley J. Spouse of Robert E. Born 10-5-1923, died 1-1-2007. Age: 83 - Dau of Lewis and Mabel Olson Meehan-married 9-24-1942
LARSON, Steven R. Spouse of Kimberly Anderson. Born 12-18-1954, died 4-30-2010. Age: 49 - Son of Reynold O. and Elaine (Samuelson) Larson. Born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Laakwwood NY. A real estate agent. Wed 6-10-1978, three children.
LARSON, Vernon S. [Bud]. Spouse of #1 Nancy Lundgren, #2 Marie Phelps. Born 11-16-1930, died 1-13-2015. Age: 84 - Son of Levi G. and Gertrude (Taylor) Larson, born and died in Jamestown NY. A meatcutter for 38 yrs. Two daughters with Nancy (She d. 2-12-1988) Wed Marie 7-21-1991
LARSON, Virginia E. Spouse of C. Milton. Born 7-17-1924, died 4-21-2010. Age: 85 - Dau of Harold L. Eno and Gladys Tiffany Eno-Townsend-born in Geneva, NY-married 7-7-1946
LASKARIS, Gust G. Spouse of Margaret Lund. Born 8-28-1914, died 12-10-2003. Age: 89 - Son of George and Christine (Kacvas) Laskaris. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 11-23-1943, two daughters. - WW II Vet, US Army
LASKARIS, Margaret E. (Lund). Spouse of Gust G. Born 1-27-1921, died 5-21-2017. Age: 96 - Dau of Sven Thure and Anna (Westberg) Lund. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 11-23-1943, two daughters.
LASSEN, Dorothy J. Spouse of Merle H. Born 6-26-1931, died 3-6-2008. Age: 76 - Dau of Chester Golden and Florence Marie Leary Ahlgren-married 5-9-1953
LASSEN, Merle H. Spouse of Dorothy Ahlgren. Born 10-27-1929, died 9-15-2010. Age: 80 - Son of Henry W. and Genevieve Bergquist Lassen. Wed 5-9-1953
LATTA, Betty Jane Brown. Spouse of Leroy A. Brown Sr, [sic]. Born 5-11-1935, died 7-22-2017. Age: 82 - Dau of Clifford and Margaret (Keefer) Latta. Born in Stedman NY, lived and died in Bemus Point NY. A homemaker. Seven children. (Spouse predeceased)
LAURIN, Marjorie J. Spouse of H. Richard. Born 12-31-1949, died 8-20-1967. Age: 37 - Dau of Herman F. and Ethel Esterbrook Murbach died at Roswell Park Memorial Institute
LAW, Helen F. Born 7-9-1922, died 12-16-2015. Age: 93 - Dau of Thomas A. and Helen M. (Kuptz) Law, born in Punxsutawney, PA, died in Gerry NY.
LAWSON, A. Dolores. Spouse of Woodrow W. Born 9-20-1910, died 2-14-2006. Age: 95 - Dau of Maurice and Mary O'Brien Dahlquist-married 11-2-1934
LAWSON, Charles Milo. Born 7-29-1947, died 6-27-2006. Age: 58 - Son of Milo Charles Lawson and June Patricia Dunkle, born in Warsaw, NY
LAWSON, Delores L. Born ??, died 5-6-1994 - Dau of Carl J Albin and Hilma C. Franzine Nelson
LAWSON, Gary O. Spouse of Joelle. Born 12-16-1949, died 11-27-2015. Age: 65 - Son of Oramon and Barbara Lawson, born in Jamestown NY, died in Buffalo NY. One daughter, (Wife d. 1996) - Vietnam Vet, US Navy, USS Buchanan and Navy Reserves, 1971-1976
LAWSON, Kenneth H. Born 5-27-1966, died 12-13-2007. Age: 41 - Son of Virginia Everly Lawson
LEAHY, Raymond F. Spouse of #1 Sylvia A. Lounsbery, #2 Bonnie Kaiser. Born 1-11-1929, died 5-20-2019. Age: 90 - Son of Thomas and Helen (Dowd) Leahy. Born in Hemmingford Quebec, lived in Jamestown NY, died in Gerry NY. An educational administrator for 20 years. Four children with Sylvia, divorced in 1978. Wed Bonnie in 1995. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army, paratrooper. Ft. Campbell KY.
LEAKE, Marie Constantine. Spouse of Russell B. Born 3-31-1926, died 10-11-2007. Age: 81 - Dau of Thomas and Chrisula Zdruli Constantine-married 5-20-1956
LEAKE, Raymond Webster. Born 8-26-917, died 3-30-2000. Age: 82 - Son of Ray and Inez Larson Leake - WW II Vet, USMC
LEBURG, Ethel M. Jones Anderson. Spouse of Herbert G. Born 3-19-1926, died 7-19-2008. Age: 82 - Dau of Francis Jackson Jones and Mary Isabel Blyth Jones Nutt-died in Ashtabula, OH
LEE, Camilla E. Born 2-12-1918, died 7-9-2000. Age: 82 - Retired nurse from Millard Fillmore Hospital Buffalo
LEE, Geneve L. Spouse of George E. Born 12-24-1911, died 1-11-2000. Age: 88 - Dau of David and Victoria Anderson Starleave
LEE, George E.[Eddie]. Spouse of Geneve L. Born ??, died 4-4-1984 - Wed June 19 1936
LEE, George Edward. Spouse of Pamela. Born 1-5-1935, died 6-19-2007. Age: 72 - Born in Roxboro NC
LEES, Irene R. Spouse of James S. Jr. Born 6-17-1922, died 3-15-2006. Age: 83 - Dau of Fred and Karin Lundsten Rossbach-married 8-18-1946
LEES, James S. Jr. Spouse of Irene Rossbach. Born 11-5-1919, died 7-23-2001. Age: 81 - Son of James S and Blanche Peltier Lees Sr. - WW II Vet, US Army
LEFEBVRE, George A. Spouse of Judy Burnett. Born 7-22-1936, died 3-1-2008. Age: 71 - Son of Herman and Susan Yurko Lefebvre, born in Moran PA. Wed 11-21-1964 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army, Airborne
LEFFORD, Donald W. Spouse of Florence Ploetz. Born 6-6-1930, died 12-23-2004. Age: 74 - Son of Ernest [Jack] and Anna Hansen Lefford
LEFFORD, Florence Ploetz Gilbert. Spouse of Donald W. Born ??, died 7-9-1999
LEICHNER, George M. Spouse of Gladys L. Born ??, died 3-24-1984 - Wed April 20 1926
LEICHNER, Gladys L. Spouse of George M. Born 1-23-1908, died 11-15-2001. Age: 93 - Dau of Roscoe and Ida Mae Ford Sparks
LENNA, Virginia B. Companion of George J. McCray. Born 7-21-1917, died 2-12-2007. Age: 89 - Dau of Donald and Genevieve Anderson Buck
LEONARD, Betty M. Spouse of Irving L. Sr. Born 3-16-1928, died 3-28-2000. Age: 72 - Dau of Thornton and Alice Shaffer Harmic
LEONARD, Irving L. Sr. [Joe]. Spouse of Betty M. Born 11-3-1924, died 10-29-2005. Age: 80 - Son of Wilhelm and Flora Wiethrich Leonard, born in Warren, PA. Wed 5-10-1947 - WW II Vet, US Army
LEONE, Rose (Greppi). Spouse of William. Born 12-6-1922, died 1-15-2015. Age: 92 - Dau of Antonio and Maria Rosa (Dellatorre) Greppi, born in Savona Italy, died in Jamestown NY. Came to US as a war bride, wed 3-29-1947, two children. A self-employed seamstress.
LEPPIN, Annemarie Ilse. Born 4-8-1933, died 9-19-2008. Age: 75 - Dau of Herbert and Luise Miller Leppin-born in Berlin, Steglitz, Germany-game to the US in the 1950's
LEROY, Norman W. Spouse of Jean Ann Owen. Born 3-2-1935, died 5-10-2009 - Son of William McKinley and Ruth Hetfield LeRoy. Wed 8-23-1958
LESHER, Rosalind M. Born 8-30-1922, died 10-12-2008. Age: 86 - Dau of Albert and Bessie Braley Hitchcock Sr.
LEVIN, Alice E. Spouse of Ernest I. Born 8-17-1915, died 10-31-2006. Age: 91 - Dau of Levi and Amanda Olson Engstrom-married 12-26-1938
LEVIN, Ernest I. Spouse of Alice E. Born 9-20-1913, died 11-19-2000. Age: 87 - Son of Axel and Hedvig Hollenius Levin. Wed 12-26-1938
LEWIS, Dolores J. Spouse of Gerald A. Born 7-31-1931, died 7-2-2001. Age: 69 - Dau of Ernest and Mae Barker Diers m. Dec 15 1989
LEWIS, Gerald A. [Pete]. Spouse of Delores Nichols. Born 9-22-1929, died 12-11-2005. Age: 76 - Son of John H. and Helen M. Boyd Lewis - Korean War Vet, US Army
LEWIS, Luther H. Spouse of Margaret L. Born ??, died 3-23-1993 - Wed Sept 3 1940
LEWIS, Margaret L. (Andrus). Spouse of Luther H. Born 5-19-1922, died 11-18-2004. Age: 82 - Dau of Lewis and Agnes (Hanes) Andrus, born Rathburn PA
LIBERG, Margaret O. Nelson. Spouse of Carl Milton. Born 1-1-1921, died 10-23-2006. Age: 85 - Dau of Herman and Olina Olsen Nelson-married 8-4-1956
LILIESTEDT, Allan S. Spouse of Ebba Liliestedt Naslund. Born 4-22-1903, died 2-22-1948 - Mason
LILIESTEDT, Emma Karlson. Spouse of Oscar T. Born 4-3-1879, died 12-11-1953 - Viking
LILIESTEDT, Gunnard B. [Gunny] Sr. Spouse of #1 Katherine Przybelinski Johnson, #2 Mary Gron, #3 Marian H. Adams. Born 10-21-1917, died 1-9-2007. Age: 89 - Son of Oscar T. and Emma Karlson Liliestedt - WW II Vet, US Army
LILIESTEDT, Mary Grace Gron. Spouse of Gunnard B. Sr. Born 5-6-1919, died 11-11-1955. Age: 36 - Dau of William Charles and Lilyan (Sweet) Gron above Veteran's Circle died of breast cancer
LILIESTEDT, Oscar Theodore. Spouse of Emma Karlson. Born ??, died 6-21-1943. Age: 65
LILIESTEDT, T. Allen [Bud]. Spouse of Beverly Jacobson. Born 11-11-1930, died 3-2-2006. Age: 75 - Son of Oscar and Ethel Ariel Liliestedt. Wed 3-2-1972, four children - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
LILLESTADT, Beverly A. (Jacobson). Spouse of T. Allen. Born 4-3-1932, died 10-8-2016. Age: 84 - Dau of Knute and Alice (Wallen) Jacobson. Born, lived, and died in Chautauqua Co NY. Wed 3-2-1972, four children. (Spouse d. 3-2-2006)
LIMBERG, Irma J. (Karlberg). Spouse of Paul V. Born 10-5-1908, died 5-6-2005. Age: 96 - Dau of Severin and Selma (Nilsson) Karlberg, born Smoland Sweden
LIMBERG, Paul V. Spouse of Irma J. Born ??, died 5-14-1985 - Wed Feb 23 1928
LINBLAD, George H. Spouse of Ruth Safford. Born 11-15-1915, died 1-27-2014. Age: 98 - Son of Carl August Wahl and Anna (Gordlund) Lindblad, born in Orvilla PA. Wed 7-26-1958. - WW II Vet, US Army 111 Inf Reg, Pacific Theatre
LINDBECK, Edith Marie. Spouse of Malcolm T. Born 10-6-1911, died 6-8-2006. Age: 94 - Dau of Oscar and Agnes Levine-born in McKeesport PA
LINDBERG, Andrew. Spouse of Esther K. Born 6-3-892, died 2-14-2000. Age: 107 - Son of John and Kerstin Paulson Lindberg, born Oxie Skona Sweden
LINDBERG, Esther K. Lang. Spouse of Andrew. Born ??, died 2-1-1983 - Wed Feb.23 1915 in Sweden
LINDBERG, Myra. Spouse of Alton. Born 4-14-1918, died 8-4-2005. Age: 87 - Dau of John B. and Jennie Wigren Lawson
LINDBLAD, Anna C. (Johnson). Spouse of Axel E. Born 7-24-1885, died 12-14-1979 - Dau of Per August and Maria Kristina (Peterson) Johnson, born Kalmarian, Sweden
LINDBLAD, Axel E. Spouse of Anna C. Born 9-23-1881, died 11-22-1979 - Son of Johan Erick and Ida Sophia (Anderson) Lindblad, born Kalmarian, Sweden
LINDBLAD, Carl L. Born 7-21-1915, died 10-22-1982. Age: 67 - Son of Alex and Anna C. Johnson Lindblad - WW II Vet, Pacific Theatre
LINDBLAD, Evelyn Carlson. Spouse of Kenneth W. Born ??, died 7-16-1985 - Wed June 20 1936
LINDBLAD, Kenneth W. Spouse of Evelyn Carlson. Born 4-13-1908, died 8-20-2001. Age: 93 - Son of Winfred E and Hildur Lindstrom Lindblad
LINDELL, J. Roger. Spouse of Marilyn Schow. Born 9-4-1924, died 12-21-1998. Age: 74 - Son of John W. and Isabelle Berhard Lindell. Wed 7-3-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
LINDELL, Mary Jane Phillips. Spouse of Norman L. Born ??, died 6-19-1994
LINDELL, Norman L. Spouse of Mary Jane. Born 11-20-1920, died 12-25-1999. Age: 79 - Son of Lawrence and Signe Chinberg Lindell
LINDFORS, Bertha E. Spouse of Roy. Born 1-13-1921, died 4-15-2000. Age: 79 - Dau of Leon and Elizaabeth Clark
LINDFORS, Roy. Spouse of Bertha E. Clark. Born ??, died 6-11-1996 - Wed Sept. 2 1938 in Frewsburg NY
LINDGREN, Lori P. Spouse of James E. Born 9-21-1963, died 2-23-2000. Age: 36 - Dau of Fred Trace and Katie Lawson Burdic
LINDHOLM, Ellen M. Spouse of Hugo A. Born 6-26-1894, died 3-23-1982. Age: 87 - Dau of August and Matilda Haglund Eklund
LINDHOLM, Hugo A.. Spouse of Ellen M. Born ??, died 1-13-1968
LINDQUIST, Anna T. Carlson. Spouse of Victor Herman. Born 3-2-1894, died 7-30-1982. Age: 88 - Dau of John and Matilda Carlson
LINDQUIST, Arthur Julius. Spouse of Bertha V. Carlson. Born 2-20-1914, died 2-10-1981 - Son of Victor and Anna Lindquist
LINDQUIST, Bertha Victoria Carlson. Spouse of Arthur Julius. Born 1-19-1919, died 5-18-2005 - Dau of Conrad and Lavinia Shaw Carlson
LINDQUIST, Harold S. Spouse of Marian W. Born ??, died 4-7-1994 - Wed Sept 4 1933 in Altoona PA
LINDQUIST, Jean Albertina. Spouse of Rodney L. Born 7-25-1937, died 8-13-2010. Age: 73 - Dau of David and Avonelle Helfrick Anderson-married 9-8-1956-died after a courageous battle with cancer
LINDQUIST, Margaret O. Spouse of K. Eric. Born 7-19-1912, died 9-30-2000. Age: 88 - Dau of C. Robert and Olivia Nelson O'Berg- m. April 20 1935
LINDQUIST, Marian W. Spouse of Harold S. Born 12-26-1910, died 2-3-2003. Age: 92 - Child of Cullen and Catherine Craig Webster, born in Hollidaysburg PA
LINDQUIST, Paul Henry. Spouse of MaryAnn Tedquist. Born 1-18-1935, died 3-22-2021. Age: 86 - Son of Gunnard and Ruth (Anderson) Lindquist. Lived in Bemus Point NY and New Port Richey FL, died in Erie PA. Worked 25 years for Jamestown Public Utilities. Wed 6-13-1954 in Jamestown. Three daughters. (Spouse survives)
LINDQUIST, Victor Herman. Spouse of Anna T. Carlson. Born 11-20-1893, died 12-17-1981
LINDSTROM, Clare Elizabeth. Born 9-17-2010, died 9-17-2010. Age: infant - Dau of Mark and Trisha McNamara Lindstrom
LINDSTROM, Kermit H. Spouse of Beverly J. Myers. Born 8-22-1925, died 11-16-2005. Age: 80 - Son of Harold and Beulah Simmons Lindstrom. Wed 7-1-2005 - WW II Vet, US Army
LINDSTROM, Robert C. Spouse of Vivi L. K. Born ??, died 2-9-1996
LINDSTROM, Robert E. Spouse of Joyce. Born 1-20-1929, died 9-11-2000. Age: 71 - Son of Lester and Elizabeth Leburg Lindstrom - Korean War Vet, US Army
LINDSTROM, Sarah Esther (Arnold). Spouse of Walfrid H.E. Born 5-14-1909, died 9-10-2004. Age: 95 - Dau of John and Esther Frances (Lambert) Arnold, born in Batavia
LINDSTROM, Vivi L. K. Spouse of Robert C. Born 8-14-1918, died 10-20-2000. Age: 82 - Dau of Eric and Signe Carlson Franzen
LINDSTROM, Walfrid H.E. Spouse of Sarah Esther. Born ??, died 7-16-1986 - Wed Dec 24 1927 in Batavia
LINDSTROM, Walter Edward. Spouse of Myrtle Lucille Carlson. Born 11-15-1918, died 11-21-2003. Age: 85 - Son of Gilbert Ferdinand and Anna Olivia Swanson Lindstrom - WW II Vet, US Army, 124th Armored Ordnance Battalion
LINN, Frank P. Spouse of Marion Jacobson. Born 8-11-1924, died 3-29-2001. Age: 76 - Son of Frank W and Emma Bruce Linn - WW II Vet, US Army
LINQUIST, Dr. Wesley Evavn. Spouse of Genevieve L. Hanson. Born 2-7-1928, died 7-9-2007. Age: 79 - Son of Edward R. and Emma Sophia Bloomquist Linquist. Wed 9-1-1951
LIPPERT, Marvin L. Spouse of Janet Danielson. Born 11-5-1940, died 6-13-2018. Age: 77 - Born in Aldenville PA, lived in Jamestown NY. A farmer. One daughter with Janet and three aditional children, mother not named. (Spouse survives)
LIPSEY, Thelma M. Spouse of William L. Born 7-24-1904, died 6-23-2001. Age: 96 - Dau of Warner and Minnie Meredith Irwin- School Teacher
LIPSEY, William L. Spouse of Thelma M. Irwin. Born ??, died 9-13-1966 - Wed July 20 1931
LITAKER, Anna R. Born 5-20-1936, died 6-11-2008. Age: 72 - Dau of Clyde F. and Alta Phillips Green
LITTLE, Gladys Evelyn. Spouse of Robert J. Sr. Born 12-16-1920, died 5-2-1982. Age: 61 - Dau of Jacob and Lucinda Belle Cook Michel
LITTLE, Kathy L. Spouse of Robert J. Jr. Born 2-7-1964, died 4-16-2010. Age: 46 - Dau of Albert and Mary Francis Kibbler
LITTLE, Robert L. Jr. Born 1-14-1945, died 5-2-2004 - Son of Robert and Gladys Michel Little Sr.
LLOYD, Betty J. Born 3-3-1999, died 1-12-2015. Age: 52 - Dau of Alvin and Alma (McMahon) Lloyd, born and died in Jamestown NY. A housekeeper at WCA Hospital.
LOCKERBIE, Ellen M. [Toot]. Companion of John E. Bush. Born 3-2-1935, died 2-3-2011. Age: 75 - Dau of Walter and Gladys Crandall Reed
LOEWER, Richard Allen. Spouse of Marion Schellenberg. Born 8-7-1923, died 8-31-2001. Age: 78 - Son of Harlan and Inez Spicer Kelley - WW II, Korea, Vietnam Vet, US Air Force, MSgt.
LOGAN, Ethel I. Spouse of F. Cecil. Born 2-15-1915, died 4-22-2001. Age: 86 - Son of Bert and Gertrude Dean Barger
LOGAN, F. Cecil. Spouse of Ethel I. Born ??, died 1-2-1985 - Wed April 13 1938
LOGAN, Macie J. Spouse of Ralph J. Born 4-12-1894, died 8-9-1979. Age: 85 - Dau of Harvey and Amy Jane Moon Jones registered nurse
LOGAN, Michael K. Born 10-4-1941, died 12-3-2000. Age: 59 - Son of Raymond A and Beulah Stevens Logan - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
LOGAN, Ralph J. Spouse of Macie J. Born ??, died 9-28-1963
LOGAN, Stewart D. Spouse of Jane Dawson. Born 11-26-1907, died 7-17-1984. Age: 75 - Son of James and Alma Dailey Logan U.S. Army European Theater WW II - WW II Vet, US Army, Europe
LOGUE, Raymond C. Spouse of Rosalie Black. Born 7-31-1933, died 1-16-2007. Age: 73 - Son of Clarence and Hazel Lanning Logue. Wed 8-13-1994 - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
LONEY, Mary Titus. Spouse of Raymond L. Born ??, died 2-27-2002. Age: 83
LONEY, Raymond L. Spouse of Mary Titus. Born ??, died 1-15-1983 - Wed Oct 9 1948
LOOP, William R. Spouse of Elvie. Born 3-28-1924, died 12-19-2008. Age: 84 - Son of Robert and Violet Smith Loop, born in Dubois, PA - WW II Vet, US Army
LOPUS, Doris E. Spouse of Willard D. Born 10-19-1923, died 4-29-2002. Age: 78 - Dau of Conrad and Florence Johnson Christian licensed practical nurse
LOPUS, Willard D. [Lopy]. Spouse of Doris E. Born 9-22-1926, died 11-15-2004. Age: 78 - Son of Glenn Lopus and Mabel Dougherty Lopus Graper - WW II Vet, US Navy
LOUCKS, Martha A. Spouse of Maurice W. Born 12-3-1928, died 12-10-2000. Age: 72 - Dau of Edward Nelson and Clara Smith Nelson Jones
LOUCKS, William M. Spouse of Grace Mills. Born 11-25-1896, died 3-22-1966. Age: 66 - Son of Jacob A. and Mattie Parker Loucks
LOVERME, Charles L. Spouse of Gertrude L. Lawson. Born 5-17-1925, died 8-29-1988. Age: 73 - Son of Joseph and Rose Coffaro Loverme - WW II Vet, US Army, Purple Heart
LOVERME, Gertrude (Lawson). Spouse of Charles, died 7-13-2015. Age: 91 - Dau of Marvin and Julia (Ellis) Lawson, died in Jamestown NY. Worked 38 yrs as a teacher's aide. Three children
LOWN, Leon [Pinky]. Spouse of Agnes Gustafson. Born 9-2-1902, died 3-25-1973. Age: 70 - Son of John and Lena Griffith Lown. Wed in 1923
LUCAS, Charles E. Spouse of Joyce E. Watrous. Born 9-26-1931, died 10-21-2006. Age: 75 - Son of Glenn and Bertha Crosscut Lucas. Wed 7-20-1956 - Korean War Vet, US Navy
LUCE, Robert M. Spouse of Martha LaBadie. Born 5-7-1947, died 10-28-2007. Age: 60 - Son of Robert L. and Ann Zbink Luce - Vietnam Vet, US Army
LUDWICZAK, Raymond R. Spouse of Caroline Jackson. Born 03-01-1934, died 02-22-2003. Age: 68 - Son of Joseph and Mary Pilat Ludwiczakborn in Jamestown NY - Korean War Vet, US Army
LUNDBERG, Carl F. Spouse of Rose Marie E. Born 4-20-1910, died 5-18-2004. Age: 94 - Son of David C. and Jennie Benson Lundberg
LUNDBERG, Erling R. Spouse of Majorie E. Hill. Born ??, died 11-13-1986 - Wed Sept. 7 1929
LUNDBERG, Majorie E. Spouse of Erling R. Born 7-16-1909, died 2-2-2001. Age: 91 - Dau of Leslie D and Mable Taylor Hill
LUNDBERG, Rose Marie Edwards. Spouse of Carl F. Born ??, died 10-17-1989 - Wed June 1 1931
LUNDBLAD, Lawrence A. Spouse of Mildred Peterson. Born 4-30-1928, died 6-16-1982. Age: 77 - Son of Oscar and Fred Nystrom Lundblad - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
LUNDEEN, Donald William. Spouse of Dorothy Jean Fuller. Born 7-11-1925, died 12-6-2016. Age: 91 - Son of Eric W. and Marion (Penderson) Lundeen. Born in Jamestown, moved to FL in 1963, died in Zephrhills FL. Wed 70 Years, three children. (She survives)
LUNDELL, Bernice E. Born 2-24-1911, died 5-10-1998. Age: 87 - Dau of Fred and Ethel Peterson Lundell
LUNDELL, Emma. Spouse of Victor S. Born 5-20-1893, died 6-27-1962. Age: 69 - Dau of Andrew and Maria Peterson Lundin
LUNDELL, Ethel (Peterson). Spouse of Fred. Born 5-2-1892, died 10-20-1980. Age: 88
LUNDELL, Fred J. Spouse of Ethel Peterson. Born 2-28-1887, died 5-24-1969. Age: 82 - Son of John and Sophia (Nordstrom) Lundell
LUNDELL, Kermit A. Spouse of Mona Bullock. Born 5-13-1922, died 6-5-2006. Age: 84 - Son of Victor and Emma Lundin Lundell. Wed 8-6-1955 - WW II Vet, US Army
LUNDELL, Mona F. Spouse of Kermit A. Born 12-27-1926, died 3-13-1998. Age: 71 - Dau of Chester and Tabitha Wilkerson Bullock
LUNDELL, Victor S. Spouse of Emma Lundkin. Born 12-16-1891, died 11-4-1981. Age: 89 - Son of John and Sophia (Nordstrom) Lundell
LUNDGREN, Howard A. Spouse of Joanne C. Bloomquist. Born 5-23-1926, died 10-9-2011. Age: 85 - Son of Elmer G. and Alice (Johnson) Lundgren. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. A postal letter carrier for 39 years.Wed 4-15-1951, two children. - WW II Vet, US Army. 1943-1946
LUNDGREN, Janice E. (Nelson). Spouse of Par A. Born 8-23-1929, died 3-4-2019. Age: 89 - Dau of Paul and Lillian (Webeck) Nelson. Born, lived, and died in Chaut Co NY. Wed 5-3-1947, two children.
LUNDGREN, Jerome A. [Jerry]. Born 7-1-1927, died 11-11-2016. Age: 89 - Son of Carl and Edna (Carlson) Lundgren, born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Unmarried - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
LUNDGREN, Joanne C. (Bloomquist) Howard A. Born 8-23-1930, died 12-2017. Age: 87 - Dau of Walter C. and Gertrude Bloomquist. Born at home in Jamestown NY and lived all her life in that same house, died in Erie PA. Retired at age 80. Wed 4-15-1951, two children.
LUNDGREN, Lori P. Spouse of James F. Born 9-21-1963, died 2-23-2000. Age: 36 - Dau of Fred Trace and Katie Lawson Burdick
LUNDGREN, Par A. Spouse of Janice Nelson. Born 7-4-1921, died 8-20-2005. Age: 84 - Son of Arvid and Freda Lundgren. Wed 5-3-1947, two children. - WW II Vet, US Army, Pacific Theatre
LUNDGREN, Rev. LeRoy Lawrence. Spouse of Dorothy McLaughlin. Born 2-28-1927, died 3-4-2007. Age: 80 - Son of Emil and Genevieve Taylor Lundgren, born in Port Allegany PA. Wed 6-21-1950
LUNDIN, Andrew. Spouse of Marie Anderson. Born ??, died 9-24-1934
LUNDIN, Doris May (Gronquist). Spouse of Richard, companion of Robert Hoaglund. Born 5-26-1931, died 6-14-2017. Age: 86 - Dau of Carl and Viola Gronquist. Born and lived in Chaut Co, died in The Villages FL. Worked many years a Journal Press of Jamestown NY. One daughter. (Spouse d. 1979). Companion d. 2006.
LUNDIN, Richard P. Spouse of Doris M. Gronquist. Born 6-30-1928, died 1-1979. Age: 50 - One daughter.
LUNDQUIST, Andrew E. Born 12-18-1984, died 2-9-2010. Age: 25 - Son of Richard and Patricia Bajdo Lundquist, born in Watertown, NY
LUNDQUIST, John E. Spouse of Marian L. [Vonnie] Fargo. Born 1-19-1926, died 11-29-2005. Age: 79 - Son of Hilmar and Ruth Johnson Lundquist. Wed 6-6-1978 - WW II Vet, US Navy
LUNDSTEN, Carl A. Spouse of V. Shirley Lindberg. Born 9-24-1922, died 2-20-2000. Age: 77 - Son of Anders and Emma C.Hagstrom Lundsten - WW II Vet US Army Air Corps
LUNDSTEN, Jeannine L. (Carlson). Spouse of Roger D. Born 7-17-1929, died 9-8-2003. Age: 74 - Dau of Simon and Engeborg (Edborg) Carlson. Wed 3-29-1952, four daughters.
LUNDSTEN, Roger D. Spouse of Jeannine L. Carlson. Born 1929, died 11-18-2015. Age: 86 - Son Andrew L. and Emma C. (Hagstrom) Lundsten, born and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 3-29-1952, four daughters. (She d. 9-8-2003)
LUNDSTEN, V. Shirley (Lindberg). Spouse of Carl A. Born 8-8-1923, died 1-18-1989 - Wed June 12 1943
LYNN, Donald A. Spouse of Katherine Carlson. Born 6-16-1929, died 8-12-2016. Age: 87 - Son of Allen and Bertha (Comstock) Lynn, born in Blockville NY, died in Cape Coral FL. Wed 66 yrs, four children. (She survives)
LYONS, Guy E. Sr. Born 7-27-1936, died 11-20-2015. Age: 79 - Son of Roy and Ida Jane (Dawson) Lyons, born in Mt. Airy NC, died in Warren PA. Seven children
MACEY, Ellis H. [Bill]. Spouse of Mariam N. Born ??, died 12-7-1982 - Wed Sept. 15 1950
MACEY, Miriam N. Spouse of Ellis H. Born 1-3-1925, died 10-29-2001. Age: 76 - Dau of George and Mildred Johnson Daughenbaugh
MACFARLANE, Clara J. Born 9-23-1905, died 9-3-2000. Age: 94 - Dau/Robert and Clara Caldeerwood Macfarland-, born Scotland
MACTAVISH, Fern A. (Crotzer). Spouse of Paul. Born 06-09-1915, died 04-29-2003. Age: 87 - Dau of Philip and Amanda (Nordstrom) Crotzer, born in Johnsonburg PA
MACTAVISH, Marion B. Spouse of Roger E. Born 7-15-1938, died 7-18-2008. Age: 70 - Dau of Oscar and Nina Barber Brink-born in Port Jervis, NY-married 5-24-1958
MACTAVISH, Paul. Spouse of Fern. Born ??, died 1993
MADDEN, Eugene E. Born 3-1-1927, died 3-19-1989. Age: 62 - Son of Everard and Mae Stahl Madden
MADEEN, Harold B. Spouse of Pauline Cowan. Born 12-23-1917, died 12-15-2006. Age: 88 - Son of Henry J. and Hilda R. Berg Madeen. Wed 6-13-1954, two children. - WW II Vet, US Army
MADEEN, Pauline C. (Cowan). Spouse of Harold. Born 8-8-1923, died 12-19-2016. Age: 93 - Dau of James and Margaret (Whitfield) Cowan, born in Anita PA, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 6-13-1954, two children.
MAGNUSON, Neil E. Sr. Spouse of Marianne. Born 2-10-1932, died 1-18-2001. Age: 68 - Son of Leonard and Irene Johnson Magnuson. Wed July 29 1983
MAHER, Richard Phillips. Companion of Kathleen J. Ingalsbe. Born 12-29-1935, died 7-20-2017. Age: 81 - Son of Edwin P. and Alice (Hanson) Maher. Born in Jamestown NY, Lived in Lakewood NY, died in St. Augustine NY. President/Owner of Jamestown Ironworks. Three children, mother unclear.
MAINE, Signe Nickerson. Spouse of Walter and Lee. Born 5-23-1907, died 10-5-1998. Age: 91 - Dau of Magnus and Alma Carlson Hegstedt 1st hus. was Walter E. Nickerson 2nd ws Lee Maine
MAISTO, Esther L. Spouse of Stephen. Born 4-6-1926, died 10-31-2007. Age: 81 - Dau of Joseph and Ethel Henry Smith-born in DuBois, PA-married 7-31-1948
MAISTO, Stephen A. Spouse of Esther Smith. Born 11-15-1922, died 6-3-2010. Age: 87 - Son of Joseph and Theresa Miglino Maisto. Wed 7-31-1948 - WW II Vet, US Navy. Korean War Vet
MALMBERG, Beatrice A. Spouse of Roy. Born 2-13-1926, died 7-31-2006. Age: 80 - Dau of Elmer and Alice Anderson-married 6-7-1947-died in Venice FL
MALMBERG, Roy G. Spouse of Beatrice. Born 10-1-1925, died 7-25-2006. Age: 80 - Son of Gustaf and Alva Malmberg. Wed 6-7-1947. Died in Venice FL - WW II Vet, US Navy
MALONE, Catherine. Spouse of Jack. Born 2-13-1924, died 3-15-2005. Age: 81 - Dau of Per Sigurd and Lily Erickson Forslin
MALONE, Jack. Spouse of Catherine. Born ??, died 1-21-2004 - Wed July 11 1953 in St. John's Catholic Church
MALONEY, Kenneth R. Spouse of Susan L. Swanson. Born 11-04-1945, died 03-02-2003. Age: 57 - Son of Raymond W. and Gladys A. (Horton) Maloney. Wed 6-21-1980
MALONEY, Susan L. (Swanson). Spouse of Kenneth R. Born 8-14-1956, died 3-14-2018. Age: 61 - Dau of Henning Arnold and Donna Rae (Anderson) Swanson. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Erie PA. A medical transcriptionist for 20 years. One daughter, father unclear. Wed Ken 6-21-1980.
MANFREY, Rose (Muscarella). Spouse of Frank. Born 1-5-1919, died 1-2-2017. Age: 97 - Dau of Salvatore and Nina Muscarella, born in Jamestown NY, lived in Falconer NY, died in Chaut Co. Two sons. (He d. 1-10-1982)
MANFREY. Frank E. Spouse of Rose Muscarella. Born 6-13-1916, died 1-10-1982 97 - Two sons.
MANGANO Joseph J. Sr. Spouse of Claudia George. Born 1-15-1932, died 2-28-2017. Age: 85 - Son of Leonard and Frances Mangano. Born in Buffalo NY, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Photographer for over 1000 weddings. Four children, mother unclear. Wed Claudia 7-9-1977. - Cold War Vet, US Army in Germany. 1953-1955
MANGANO, Claudia P. (George). Spouse of Joseph J. Sr. Born 9-16-1923, died 4-14-2019 - "Dau of Charles and Santa (Casalle) George. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Three children, sons surnamed Cuisimano. Wed Joseph 7-9-1977.
MARCHIANDO, Albert. Spouse of Mary Scarpino. Born 06-10-1914, died 03-29-2003. Age: 88 - Son of Michael and Loreta Saccoccia Marchiando, born in Dunkirk NY
MARCHIANDO, Hazel L. (LeBaron). Spouse of Samuel J. Born 12-15-1923, died 4-20-2019. Age: 95 - Dau of Ernest and Hazel (Young) LeBaron. Born in Fredonia NY, lived in Jamestown NY, died in Greenhurst NY. An LPN for 26 years, Wed 3-19-1967 in Laona NY, one daughter.
MARCHIANDO, Mary R. Spouse of Albert. Born 7-14-1916, died 11-7-2006. Age: 90 - Dau of Frank and Angeline Iuculano Scarpino-married 6-21-1941
MARCHIANDO, Samuel J. Spouse of Hazel L. (LeBaron). Born 11-2-1906, died 2-19-1989. Age: 95 - Lived in Jamestown NY. Wed 3-19-1967 in Laona NY, one daughter.
MARKIEL, Betty Lou (Schnell). Spouse of Walter A. Jr. Born 8-7-1932, died 1-19-2019. Age: 86 - Dau of ? and Fern (Fleming) Schnell. Born in Emlenton PA, lived and died in Chaut Co. A homemaker. Wed 5-18-1957, three daughters.
MARKIEL, Walter A. Jr. Spouse of Betty Lou Schnell. Born 11-17-1926, died 5-20-1999. Age: 72 - Son of Walter A. Sr. and Mary M. Markiel. Wed 5-18-1957, three daughters. (Spouse d. 5-20-1999)
MAROTTO, Richard Frank. Born 11-22-1964, died 12-22-2001. Age: 37 - Son of Frank A. Marotto and Beatrice Demarco Marotto Vitanza. Homicide victim.
MARQUARDT, Phyllis L. Spouse of Harry W. Born 12-22-1918, died 6-2-2000. Age: 81 - Dau of Arch and Lillian Edwards Baker Adoptby Mic.and Isabelle Hannon
MARRA, Frances Page (Pratt) S. Ralph 7-14-1933 7-24-2016 Dau of Cleveland F. and Martha (Newton) Pratt. Born in Brooklyn NY, died in Aiken SC. Founded and worked 15 years at A Children's Place Day Care Center. Wed 1954, five sons.
MARTENSON, Flora Tekla Anderson. Spouse of Harry M.T. Born ??, died 10-14-1996 - Wed June 8 1926
MARTENSON, Harry M.T. Spouse of Flora Tekla. Born 12-22-1904, died 1-5-2003. Age: 98 - Son of Otto and Betty Frithiof Martenson
MARTIN, Ansel R. [Buck] Dr. Spouse of Mildred Shamel. Born 10-14-1920, died 7-17-2001. Age: 80 - Son of Dr. Howard E and Harriet Lewis Martin. Wed 6-28-1943
MARTIN, Bernice D. [Bunny]. Spouse of John [Jack]. Born 10-17-1919, died 12-6-2002. Age: 83 - Dau of Eric and Elsie Hedmon Danielson m Aug 8 1943
MARTIN, Doris E. Born 7-26-1934, died 10-23-2009. Age: 75 - Dau of Axel and Bertha Whitney Strom
MARTIN, John D. Born 11-26-1949, died 11-18-2003. Age: 53 - Son of John [Jack] Martin Sr. and Bernice [Bunny] Danielson Martin - Vietnam Vet, US Army
MARTIN, Margaret J. Spouse of Robert H. Born 6-9-1922, died 3-5-2008. Age: 85 - Dau of Carl and Ester Carlsson-adopted at 5 years of age by her Aunt and Uncle from Sweden, Carl and Emma Gilblad-married 8-24-1946
MARTIN, Martha J. Spouse of Wilbur C. Born 10-16-1919, died 4-6-2001. Age: 81 - Dau of Samuel and Ruth Taylor Orr
MARTIN, Mildred Shamel. Spouse of Dr. Ansel R. Born 4-5-1919, died 6-23-2010. Age: 91 - Dau of Carrie Burgess Shamel-born in East Concord, NY-married 6-28-1943
MARTIN, Robert H. Spouse of Margaret Carlsson. Born 5-31-1922, died 12-19-2008. Age: 86 - Son of Howard C. and Mary Ann Gage Martin. Wed 8-24-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
MARTIN, Wilbur C. Spouse of Martha J. Born ??, died 10-28-1987 - Wed June 14 1941
MARTONIS, Vincent S. [Whitey]. Spouse of Elizabeth Blash. Born 1-13-1915, died 12-26-2009. Age: 94 - Son of Peter and Eva Cegles Martonis, born in Highland, PA. Wed 11-29-1941 - WW II Vet, US Army
MASON, Beatrice S. Spouse of Roger K. Born 3-31-1901, died 12-30-2005. Age: 104 - Dau of Arthur K. and Selma Johnson Swanson. Order of Eastern Star
MASON, George O. Born 10-17-1919, died 05-07-2003. Age: 83 - Son of Beverly and Jennie (Bouch) Mason, born in Clarion Co. PA
MASON, Roger K. Spouse of Beatrice S. Born ??, died 3-24-1928 - Wed June 3 1922
MASTRIAN, Margaret M. Spouse of John Thomas /Frank. Born 3-24-1907, died 9-30-2001. Age: 94 - Dau of Howard and Lydia Weaver Moore
MATHEWS, Barbara J. Spouse of Robert L. “Bud”. Born 4-6-1931, died 8-28-2005. Age: 74 - Dau of Eldie E. and Linnea L. Wickmark Carlson
MATHEWS, Robert L. “Bud”. Spouse of Barbara J. Born ??, died 11-4-1999 - Wed July 3 1948
MATHIS, Winifred M. Born 3-28-1925, died 9-7-2008. Age: 83 - Dau of James and Sybil Fox Spring
MATTSON, Genevieve Butts. Spouse of George G. Born 7-11-1913, died 9-10-2006. Age: 93 - Dau of Horace A. and Augusta Christensen Butts-married 7-10-1943
MAU, Stanley L. Born 12-16-1924, died 11-3-1999. Age: 74 - Son of Louis and Bessie Schrader Mau - WW II Vet, US Army
MAZZONE, Steven J. [Muzzy]. Born 4-10-1957, died 4-6-2007. Age: 49 - Son of Joseph Mazzone Jr. and Sylvia L. Smith Mazzone Huber
MCCALL, Frances A. Dahlin. Born 8-10-1928, died 7-28-2007. Age: 78 - Dau of Frank and Lillian Rawsley Muff
MCCANDLESS, Robert, died 12-10-2017. Age: 74 - A Day Hab Program participant. Ashes
MCCLELLAN, Michael L. Born 5-26-1972, died 2-26-2008. Age: 35 - Son of John [Jack] and Brice (Cumiskey) McClellan, born in Warren, OH. Killed in a snowmobile accident.
MCCRAY, George J. Companion of Virginia Lenna. Born 11-28-1923, died 10-11-2008. Age: 84 - Son of Neil R. and Helen M. Rapp McCray-born in Fairview, PA - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corp
MCCRAY, Phyliss Suzanne. Spouse of Donald H. Born 10-5-1933, died 2-26-2007. Age: 73 - Dau of Merle and Ethel Robson Ehrhart-married 8-24-1952
MCCREA, Chester. Spouse of Clarice B. Marsh. Born ??, died 10-26-1966 - Wed Marsh Oct. 9 1917
MCCREA, Clarice B. Spouse of Chester. Born 8-16-1901, died 5-29-1901. Age: 98 - Dau of George Henry Marsh and Florence Fisher Marsh Gotts
MCDONALD, Anita D. (Dunlop) [Neet]. Spouse of James J. Born 5-11-1929, died 8-2-2018. Age: 89 - Dau of William and LaFronia Chloe Dunlop. Born in Morgantown WV, lived and died in Jamestown NY. A psychiatric social worker. Wed12-27-1950 in Masontown, WV, one daughter.
MCDONALD, Craig D. Spouse of Marjorie Bieber. Born 3-7-1925, died 5-4-2018. Age: 93 - Son of Leo Benedict and Marjorie (Hill) McDonald.Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Ashville NY, Wed 12-15-1946, five children. - WW II Vet, US Navy. 1942-1946 in the Pacific. Fought at Iwo Jima.
MCDONALD, James J. Spouse of Anita Dunlop. Born 9-8-1928, died 1-13-2011. Age: 82 - Son of James and Zella (Johnson) McDonald. Born in Bretz, WV. Wed12-27-1950 in Masontown, WV, one daughter. - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
MCDONALD, Marjorie B. (Bieber). Spouse of Craig D. Born 3-4-1923, died 1-30-2014. Age: 90 - Dau of Albert C. and Grace Luella (Vaux) Bieber. First female letter carrier in Lakewood NY, 18 yrs. Wed 12-15-1947, five children
MCDOWELL, Rita M. Born ??, died 11-27-2001. Age: 81
MCDOWELL, Suzan L. Spouse of Delavin A. Born 2-8-1946, died 6-13-2010. Age: 64 - Dau of Ralph E. Slagle and Shirley Hager Spring-married 3-21-1969
MCGILL, Rev. Arra D. Spouse of Ruth B. Born ??, died 10-14-1962 - Wed June 29 1926
MCGILL, Ruth B. Spouse of Rev. Arra D. Born 7-3-1902, died 1-3-2002. Age: 99 - Dau of George and Bertha Gray Burley
MCGRATH, Mary A. Spouse of James E. Born 10-21-1938, died 3-4-2010. Age: 71 - Dau of Thore D. and Esther Carlson Anderson-married 9-4-1965
MCGRAW, Helen E. Spouse of John Howard. Born 4-29-1918, died 6-23-2008. Age: 90 - Dau of Stanley and Helena Bialock-born in Cleveland, OH-married 5-29-1937
MCINTYRE, Jacklyn A. (Thompson). Spouse of Jackson F. Born 3-7-1931, died 8-31-2016. Age: 85 - Dau of Maynard and Marjorie (Wilber) Thompson, born in Gowanda NY, liced and died in Lakewood NY. Wed 4-3-1954, two daughters. Columbarium
MCINTYRE, Jackson F. Spouse of Jacklyn Thompson. Born 9-1-1929, died 4-27-2016. Age: 86 - Son of Francis R. and Dorothy (Vernon) McIntyre. Born in Grand Rapids MI. lived in Lakewood NY. Retired as VP and Treasurer of Empire State Mutual Life Insurance after 33 years. Wed 4-3-1954, two daughters. Columbarium. - Cold War Vet, US Army
MCKINLEY, William P. Jr. Spouse of Norma J. Nies. Born 2-8-1935, died 12-4-2007. Age: 72 - Son of William P. and Evelyn Washburn McKinley Sr. Born in Erie, PA, Wed 7-4-1955
MCMASTER, Herbert F. Spouse of Pauline F. Born 5-21-1919, died 12-2-1996. Age: 77 - Son of Harry T. and Nettie Barkley McMaster - WW II Vet, US Navy
MCMASTER, Pauline S. Spouse of Herbert F. Born 7-22-1920, died 5-1-2006. Age: 85 - married 2-8-1941
MCMURDY, John. Spouse of Susan M. Hoyt. Born 6-28-1948, died 7-17-2003. Age: 55 - Son of the late Chester D. and Marjorie V. McBride McMurdy Sr.
MCVEIGH, Eva (Carlson). Spouse of Not named. Born 2-6-1923, died 1-6-2015. Age: 91 - Dau of Claus and Karin Carlson, born in Goteborg Sweden, died in Bedford TX. Wed 6-6-1942, two sons. (He d. 5-18-1985)
MEABON, Monie L. Spouse of Dawn LeBarron. Born 12-4-1971, died 12-15-2009. Age: 38 - Son of Monty Meabon and Vickie Pike Bowen, Wed 7-2-1992
MEERDINK, Eva Louise Gleason. Spouse of Wilbur E. Born 1-14-1921, died 11-28-2006. Age: 85 - Dau of H. Vincent and Grace Hill Gleason-born in Open Meadows, NY-married 12-7-1945
MEIER, Dorothy I. (Lowe). Spouse of Richard. Born 2-8-1926, died 2-6-2014. Age: 87 - Dau of Lawrence and Caroline (Rusk) Lowe, born in Cleveland OH, died in Jamestown. Wed July 25, 1975,three children - sons surnamed Banes.
MELQUIST, Carol J. Spouse of Donald L. Born 2-23-1924, died 9-13-2009. Age: 85 - Dau of Harry and Edna Rosean Winterburn-married 10-23-1942
MERCHANT, Elton P. Spouse of Eunice. Born 5-31-1934, died 11-18-1999. Age: 65 - Son of Arthur and Esther Besse Merchant
MEREDITH, Murray C. Spouse of #1 Geraldine, #2 Mary Sellers. Born 1-26-1925, died 11-9-2008. Age: 83 - Son of Joseph and Jenny Johnson Meredith-US Merchant Marines Veteran - WW II Vet, US Merchant Marines
MERRILL, Jo Ann. Spouse of Richard Sr. Born 7-14-1928, died 1-12-2006. Age: 77 - Dau of Marvin W. and Florence V. Anderson Jackson registered nurse
MERRILL, Richard E. Spouse of Jo Ann Jackson. Born 4-8-1924, died 2-20-2008. Age: 83 - Son of LeRoy H. and Mildred Donahue Merrill-born in Buffalo NY. Wed 5-6-1950 - WW II Vet, US Army
MESSINA, Shirley A. Spouse of Frank Sr. Born 12-9-1930, died 7-14-2000. Age: 69 - Dau of Harold F and Marguerite Dorman Beau Jean
MESSINGER, James. Spouse of June B. Born ??, died 5-21-1987
MESSINGER, June B. Spouse of James. Born 5-21-1919, died 5-24-2000. Age: 80 - Dau of Charles and Eunice Butler
MEYERS, Jerome G. Spouse of LaVerne Eveslage. Born 3-2-1935, died 11-20-2000. Age: 65 - Son of George and Matilda Gardner Meyers. Wed 11-6-1958 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
MEYERS, LaVerne Eveslage. Spouse of Jerome [Jerry]. Born 9-21-1935, died 10-20-2010. Age: 75 - Dau of Fred and Frances Eveslage-born in St. Cloud, Minn.-married in 1959
MICHAEL, Evelyn B. (Benson). Spouse of Sherwood R. Born 1-23-1934, died 3-6-1998. Age: 64 - First wife of Sherwood Michael. Wed abt 1959, three children. - Cold War Vet, US Navy aboard USS Porterfield
MICHAEL, Sherwood R. Spouse of #1 Evelyn Benson, #2 Carolyn Schulte. Born 9-17-1933, died 1-8-2019. Age: 85 - Son of John Henry Michael Jr, and Alberta (Huckelberry) Michael. Born and lived in Falconer NY, died in Richmond VA. Long-distance Trucker for many years. Wed Evelyn abt 1959, three children. She d. 3-1998. Wed Carolyn abt 2002, she d. 2009. - Cold War Vet, US Navy aboard USS Porterfield
MIKULA, Emma J. (Clark). Spouse of Anthony Jr. Born 12-31-1929, died 12-9-2015. Age: 85 - Dau of Roy and Nell Clark, born in Knox PA, died in Jamestown NY. Six children, some surnamed Nellis and Munday.
MILLARD, Robert A. Spouse of Elaine Cederquist. Born 8-13-1930, died 10-2-2002. Age: 72 - Son of Ralph and Mae Rushton Millard. Wed Oct 10 1953
MILLER, Baby. Born ??, died - Dau of Raymond and Mary M Elder Miller
MILLER, Bertil F. Spouse of Joyce M. Herrick. Born 11-17-1921, died 5-2-2008. Age: 86 - Son of Fred F. and Esther Swensen Miller. Wed 7-30-1947 - WW II Vet, US Army
MILLER, Donald F. Spouse of Betty L. Foulkrod. Born 7-15-1932, died 1-12-2021. Age: 88 - Son of Floyd and Elsie Miller. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Greenhurst NY. Worked 39 years at Marlin Rockwell in Falconer. Wed 1957, two daughters. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1953-1955
MILLER, James O. Spouse of Joanne E. Franzen. Born 6-21-1935, died 3-11-2016. Age: 80 - Son of Floyd L. and Elsie C. (Peterson) Miller. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Greenhurst NY. Wed 7-11-1959, three children. (She survives) - Uncategorized Vet, US Natl Guard
MILLER, John R,. Spouse of Nancy L. Beaty. Born 3-18-1930, died 8-31-1973. Age: 43 - Wed 9-24-1955, two daughters.
MILLER, Leslie L. Spouse of Gerald B. Born 10-22-1943, died 9-15-2006. Age: 62 - Dau of the late Lester and Lucille Hulings m. Feb 25 1961
MILLER, M. Mary. Spouse of Raymond A. Born 12-9-1921, died 4-16-2000. Age: 78 - Dau of David Watt and Celia McMahon Elder
MILLER, Marilyn M. Spouse of Gerald M. Hilt. Born 12-18-1937, died 4-28-2007. Age: 69 - Dau of Gerald and Jessie Louise Eddy Miller-married 12-31-1986-entombment in the mausoleum
MILLER, Nancy L. (Beaty). Spouse of John R. Born 8-28-1933, died 3-9-2019. Age: 85 - Dau of Raymond J. and Hazel C. (Lewis) Beaty. Born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Lakewood NY. Worked in banking. Wed 9-24-1955, two daughters. (Spouse d. 8-31-1973)
MILLER, Patricia (Lindquist). Spouse of Richard J. Born 10-4-1937, died 12-12-2014. Age: 85 - Born and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 2-6-1960, three children.
MILLER, Raymond A. Spouse of Mary M. Born 2-19-1914, died 1-21-2002. Age: 87 - Son of Fred and Bessie Shannon Miller. Wed 4-19-1941
MILLER, Richard J. Spouse of Patricia Lindquist. Born 12-6-1931, died 12-21-2016. Age: 85 - Son of Oscar and Genevieve (Wenberg) Miller, born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Gerry NY. Wed 2-6-1960, three children. - Korean War Vet, US Navy
MILLER, Sherwin S. [Bud]. Spouse of Linda Kamholtz. Born 8-21-1929, died 1-18-2015. Age: 85 - Son of Ollie and Vivian (Esrig) Miller, born in Buffalo NY, died in Jamestown NY. A pharmicist. Four children. Wed Linda 11-4-1984. Korean War Vet, US Army
MILLER, William A. Spouse of Helena. Born 4-25-1921, died 1-10-2001. Age: 79 - Son of G. Alfred and Anna Louise Steinmetz Miller - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
MILLER, Willis C. Spouse of Diane Intihar. Born 4-30-1935, died 7-5-2017. Age: 82 - Son of Walter "Buzz" and Mossalea Olive (Nation) Miller. Born in Piney Fork OH, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Worked for Hope Windows for 44 years. Wed 6-26-1989, three children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, Army Natl Guard, 6 years.
MILLIGAN, Ella Mae. Spouse of Henry T. Born 11-25-1915, died 12-8-2006. Age: 91 - Dau of Gus and Sara Humphrey-born in Lexington, KY-married 5-23-1976
MILLIGAN, Henry T. Spouse of Ella Mae Humphrey. Born 9-14-1918, died 12-26-2007. Age: 89 - Son of Jonah and Abigail Milligan, born in Middletown, NY. Wed 5-23-1976
MILSPAW, Ralph W. Born 5-28-1934, died 7-10-2017. Age: 83 - Son of Ray and Frances (Wade) Milspaw. Born in Randolph NY, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Worked for Automatic Voting Machine for 26 years. Two daughters, mother not named. - Korean War Vet, US Army. 1957-1959, then army reserves until 1963
MINATI, Dorothy R. (Rightmyer). Born 12-24-1924, died 1-19-2018. Age: 93 - Dau of Wayne and Dorothy (Peebles) Rightmyer. Born, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Two children, father not named.
MINSKER, Barbara J., died 3-15-2018. Age: 65 - Lived and died in Jamestown NY
MITCHELL, Garrett M. Spouse of Norma L. Nelson. Born 7-6-1921, died 3-4-1991. Age: 69 - Son of Garrett M. and Melva W. Mitchell. Wed 5-5-1946, three sons. - WW II Vet, US Army
MOHR, Eileen P. Spouse of Victor. Born 6-16-1935, died 9-22-2008. Age: 73 - Dau of Otis and Hilda Waite Pillsbury-married 5-24-1958
MOHR, Lillian H. Spouse of Charles L. Born 4-11-1911, died 1-17-2006. Age: 94 - Dau of Clarence and Melissa Mae Stevens Hotchkiss-born in Steamburg, NY-married 6-18-1929
MOHR, Victor H. Spouse of Eileen Pillsbury. Born 1-24-1934, died 4-17-2009. Age: 75 - Son of Karl and Dorothea Johnson Mohr. Wed 5-24-1958 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
MOLINE, Astrid Linnea (Swenson). Spouse of Walter B. Born 8-25-1918, died 2-11-2003. Age: 84 - Dau of Gustav and Gerda (Grehn) Swenson, born Newark NJ. Wed 1-31-1942 in Montclair NJ, two children.
MOLINE, Walter Benson. Spouse of #1 Astrid L. Swenson, #2 Lorraine Bohlin Swenson. Born 6-17-1918, died 1-7-2018. Age: 99 - Son of Philemon and Amelia (Larson) Moline. Born and lived in Montclair NJ, died in Marysville WA. A time study engineer for over 30 years. Wed Astrid 1-31-1942 in Montclair NJ, two children. Wed Lorraine in 2013. Both wives predeceased.
MOLLER, Beverly J. Born 6-11-1943, died 12-4-2004. Age: 61 - Dau of Henry and Shirley Webster Bragg
MONAGAN, John L. Born 9-11-1947, died 2-15-2010. Age: 62 - Son of Elmer J. and June Bush Monagan-born in Rochester, NY - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
MONAGAN, June E. Spouse of Elmer. Born 8-5-1923, died 2001. Age: 77 - Dau of Lewis and Charlotte Stevens Bush
MONFORT, Carol O. (DuBois). Spouse of Judson H. Born 8-9-1913, died 2-17-2006. Age: 92 - Dau of Walter E. and Olga G. (Carlson) DuBois. A maternity nurse at WCA hospital for 30 years. Wed 4-11-1936, three children.
MONFORT, Judson H. Spouse of Carol O. DuBois. Born 9-15-1911, died 1-30-1974. Age: 62 - Wed 4-11-1936, three children.
MONTAGNA, Roy Frank. Born 2-14-1929, died 3-13-2004. Age: 75 - Son of Cecilia Montagnino
MOORE, Andrew Michael. Born 3-4-1974, died 1-28-2017. Age: 42 - Son of Kenneth R. [Rebel] and Marilyn (Backus) Moore. Born in Jamestown NY, died in Weddington NC. Unnmarried
MOORE, James Gentry M.D. Spouse of Iris Jecker. Born 7-3-1923, died 10-11-2010. Age: 87 - Son of Ralph James D.O. and Hetty Lee Galbreath Moore, born in Kirksville, MO. Wed 10-30-1969 - WW II Vet, US Army and Navy
MOORE, Jean (McCrea). Spouse of Jack D. Born 12-30-1930, died 3-12-2016. Age: 85 - Dau of Earle D. and Lois (Stanley) McCrea, twin to John McCrea. Born in Oil City PA, lived in Lakewood NY, died in Gowanda NY. Society Page Editor for Post-Journal. Wed 8-21-1954, four sons. (He survives)
MOORE, Pearl V. Spouse of F. Kenneth. Born 12-29-1915, died 11-3-2007. Age: 91 - Dau of John and Hilda Johnson Anderson-married 11-11-1939
MORAN, James Dugan Francis Jr. Born 11-9-1924, died 10-5-2008. Age: 83 - Son of James F. and Celestine Tyrrell Moran - WW II Vet, US Army
MOREHOUSE, Betty D. Spouse of Donald Q. Born 4-2-1924, died 9-12-2000. Age: 76 - Dau of Axel and Selma Dawson-, born Cleveland Ohio
MOREHOUSE, Donald Q. Spouse of Betty D. Born ??, died 5-21-1996 - Wed Oct 7 1944
MORETTI, Loretta (Trippi). Spouse of Matthew. Born 9-30-1930, died 11-6-2016. Age: 86 - Dau of Anthony and Josephine Trippi, born in Jamestown NY, Lived in Amherst NY, died in Buffalo NY. An elemetary school teacher. Five children. (He d. 3-19-2002)
MORGAN, Dorothy Mae. Spouse of William. Born 4-15-1920, died 11-11-2010. Age: 90 - Dau of Arthur Gill and Esther Holm Gill
MORGAN, William Hollings. Spouse of Dorothy. Born 8-10-1916, died 1-2-2003. Age: 86 - Born in Jamestown NY
MORGENSTERN, Ellen H. Spouse of #1 John A. Walker, #2 Dr. Robert P. Morgenstern. Born 7-15-1914, died 3-7-2010. Age: 95 - Dau of Professor Grant and Ann Ottaway Hopkins-born in Ithaca, NY
MORIN, Margaret I. Born 1-13-1939, died 6-10-2008. Age: 69 - Dau of Charles A. and Irma Davis Logan
MORRISON, Claude T. [Jack]. Spouse of Joan Boucher. Born 12-7-1937, died 1-23-2014. Age: 76 - Son of Ellis T. and Elsie (Cobb) Morrison. Wed 8-27-1960, 3 daughters - Uncategorized Vet, US Marine Corps, 1st Lt. 1955-1963, Pacific
MORRISON, Cory D. Born 9-10-1971, died 11-19-1994 - Son of Cheryl Thorpe Morrison and Richard Morrison. Killed in an auto accident
MORRISON, Gerald L. Spouse of Cherryl L. Hollenbaugh. Born 8-4-1937, died 4-3-2016. Age: 78 - Son of Benjamin P. and Jessie H. (Woodin) Morrison. Born in Warren PA, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Worked 37 years at MRC-TRW. Wed 3-29-1958, three children. (She survives)
MOSLEY, George W. Spouse of Caroline Van Keuren. Born 7-7-1931, died 10-16-2006. Age: 75 - Son of Ella Williams Pearson, born in Nanty Glo PA. Wed 6-2-1956 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
MOUNT, Mary A. (Painter). Spouse of Richard B. Born 8-21-1945, died 1-12-2019. Age: 73 - Dau of Sidney R. and Virginia F. (VanDerBeck) Painter. Born in Brooklyn NY, lived and died in Bemus Point NY. Wed abt 1989, no children named. (Spouse survives)
MOYLE, Florence L. Spouse of J. Kenneth. Born 5-14-1912, died 2-15-2000. Age: 87 - Dau of Carl and Clara Anderson
MOYLE, J. Kenneth. Spouse of Florence L. Born ??, died 11-12-1999. Age: 87 - Wed Aug.4 1934
MUNK, Mark G. Born 5-21-1961, died 1-31-2014. Age: 52 - Son of Robert and Marilee Munk, born in OH, died in Woodbridge VA.
MUNSON, E. Eugene. Spouse of Virginia Carlson. Born 12-31-1914, died 8-24-2007. Age: 92 - Son of John and Theresa Dennison Munson, born in Sheffield PA. Married for 65 years
MUNSON, Virginia M. Spouse of E. Eugene. Born 12-9-1920, died 10-30-2006. Age: 85 - Dau of Carl G. and Arlene Okerwall Carlson-born in Erie PA-married for 65 years
MURRAY, Byanna L. Born 4-16-1953, died 6-10-2005. Age: 52 - Dau of Bryan and Patricia Howard Murray was a nurse
MURRAY, Geraldine B. Spouse of Harold T. Born 2-20-1919, died 1-27-2004. Age: 84 - Dau of William D. and Olive L. Overton Bragg
MURRAY, Harold T. Spouse of Geraldine B. Born ??, died 5-17-1994 - Wed May 11 1937
MURRAY, Harry J. Spouse of Glenna Hurder. Born 5-27-1911, died 3-19-2006. Age: 94 - Son of Joseph T. and Tunie S. Anderson Murray. Married for 71 years. Died in Englewood, FL
MURRAY, James E. Spouse of Esther Lobley. Born 12-16-1919, died 11-1-2004. Age: 84 - Son of Joseph T. Murray and Tunie Anderson Murray Fox - WW II Vet, US Navy - USS Nashville
MURRAY, Joan L. Spouse of Howard R. Jr. Born 1-22-1933, died 2-1-2010. Age: 77 - Dau of Clarence T. and Jeanette Stroth Carlson Sr.-married 1-20-1951
MUSCARELLA, Anita Carol (Spunaugle). Spouse of Michael L. Born 6-22-1933, died 12-1-2007 - Died in Tahlequah OK. Wed 7-1-1950 in Jamestown, four children.
MUSCARELLA, Michael Lory. Spouse of Anita C. Spunaugle. Born 6-14-1927, died 4-14-2018. Age: 90 - Son of Albert and Mary (Muscato) Muscarella. Born and lived in Jamestown NY and Tahlequah OK, died in Muskogee OK. Retired from Marlin Rockwell. Wed 7-1-1950 in Jamestown, four children.
MUSCARELLA, Rosalee. Spouse of Salvatore. Born 7-13-1937, died 12-27-2007. Age: 70 - Dau of Santo J. Leone and Mary Papaserge Leone Worden
MUSCARELLA, Salvatore [Sam]. Spouse of Rosalee. Born 12-18-1937, died 12-29-2005. Age: 68 - Son of Joseph and Maria Farrone Muscarella, born in Valelunga Cartanisetta Italy. Became a US citizen in September, 1974
MUSCARELLA, Sam A. Jr. Spouse of Dolores E. Rowan. Born 12-7-1916, died 6-7-2007. Age: 90 - Son of Salvatore and Nina Provenzo Muscarella. Wed 2-14-1980
MUZZO, Carolyn Savoca. Spouse of Sebastian. Born 4-24-1919, died 2-3-2000. Age: 81 - Dau of Charles and Clara Calavitta Savoca
MUZZO, Sebastian [Busty]. Spouse of Carolyn Savoca. Born ??, died 2-21-1997 - Wed June 7 1941
MYERS, Lisa A. Spouse of Clifford. Born 4-20-1965, died 5-10-2010. Age: 45 - Dau of Daniel Gustafson and Joyce and Norman Nelson. Wed 8-11-1995


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