Route 430 Mina, NY
Located between Sherman, NY & Findley Lake, NY
Walked 2004 by PHGS Members: Sandra & Norman McIntyre


H., M. A. - Initials only -- "M. A. H."
HAGAR, Ackles A. Born 1883, died 1913 - Son of Rev. L. L. Hager
HAGAR, Father. Spouse of Unknown. Born 1825, died 1919 - No first name, [Father]
HAIR, Arthur M. Spouse of Margaret. Born 4-14-1897, died 5-15-1983 - WW I Vet, US Army
HAIR, Margaret. Spouse of Arthur M. Born 4-25-1898, died 3-12-1974 - WW I Vet, US NRF
HAMMER, George. Spouse of Phillippina, died 3-27-1911. Age: 84
HAMMER, Lizzie, died 5-16-1888. Age: 25 - Dau of George and Phillippina Hammer
HAMMER, Phillippina. Spouse of George, died 6-14-1888
HANSON, Ella K. Spouse of Olaf. Born 1914, died 1996
HANSON, Olaf. Spouse of Ella K. Born 1914
HARDINGER, Addie C. Born 1867, died 1942
HARDINGER, Charles T. Born 1855, died 1937
HARDINGER, Ruth A. Born 1898, died 1904
HART, Mary - Apparently no data?
HASKELL, Carl F. Born 1891, died 1921
HASKELL, Effie L. Spouse of John H. Born 1864, died 1944
HASKELL, John H. Spouse of Effie L. Born 1853, died 1927
HASKELL, Mildred K. Spouse of Ray H. Born 1889, died 1970
HASKELL, Ray H. Spouse of Mildred K. Born 1893, died 1959
HASLETT, Burley James. Born 1933, died 1997 - Son of Carlton and Nellie B. (Smith) Haslett. - Korean War Vet, US Army, Pvt
HASLETT, Carlton James. Spouse of Nellie B. Smith, died 1938. Age: 58
HASLETT, Floyd B. Spouse of Lettie A. Born 1868, died 1928
HASLETT, Lettie A. Spouse of Floyd B. Born 1875, died 1970
HASLETT, Nellie B. (Smith) Bagley #1 Carlton Haslett, #2 Clair D. Bagley. Born 3-2-1915, died 8-10-2011. Age: 96 - Dau of Estin Ambrose and Kathrine (Hesse) Smith, born in Morgantown WV, died in Erie PA.
HAYES, Linda D. (Hazen). Spouse of Alan D. Hayes. Born 9-3-1952, died 4-7-2014. Age: 61 - Dau of Merle E. and June (Perdue) Hazen. Born in Corry, PA and d. in Findley Lake, NY. Married 41 years, 4 children.
HAYNER, Baby. Age: Infant
HAYNER, C.Marion. Born 1903, died 1920
HAYNER, Charolette. Spouse of Cornelia, died 2-27-1879. Age: 56
HAYNER, Cornelia. Spouse of Charolette, died 5-28-1871. Age: 56
HAYNER, Edith A. Spouse of Frank. Born 1871, died 1924
HAYNER, Frank. Spouse of Edith A. Born 1868, died 1941
HAYNER, Martha Jane. Spouse of Philip, died 11-05-1875
HAYNER, Philip. Spouse of Martha Jane, died 5-13-1863. Age: 35y 10m 28d
HAZEN, Arthur. Born 1871, died 1948
HAZEN, Benjamin. Spouse of Emma T. Born 1834, died 1920 - Son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Griffith Hazen - Civil War Vet, Co F 194th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 5-3-1865 at Elmira NY.
HAZEN, Charlie, died 10-06-1879. Age: 59y 7m 22d
HAZEN, Daniel. Spouse of Sally M. Born 8-04-1823, died 3-29-1887 - Son of Paul and Anna McMullen Hazen
HAZEN, Emma T. (Jones). Spouse of Benjamin, died 10-20-1884 - Wed 9-15-1863
HAZEN, Lena Ada. Born 1883, died 1937
HAZEN, Melissa J. Born 1868, died 1947 - [Auntie]
HAZEN, Merle Edwin. Spouse of June Perdue. Born 2-16-1926, died 12-2-2007. Age: 81 - Son of Charles and Ella Priester Hazen. Married for 57 years. - WW II Vet, US Army
HAZEN, Opal L. Born 1920, died 1961
HAZEN, Sally M. Hunt. Spouse of Daniel. Born 5-05-1824, died 1-13-1899 - Dau of ? and Jane Snedeker
HERZOG, Hannah H. Born 1916, died 1983
HERZOG, Mathew. Born 1911, died 1967
HEWITT, Ernest C. Spouse of Winifred M. Born 1867, died 1961
HEWITT, Winifred M. Spouse of Ernest C. Born 1877, died 1950
HILL, John. Spouse of Ruth. Born 9-16-1812, died 7-29-1883
HILL, Julia A. Born 1914, died 1966
HILL, Ruth. Spouse of John. Born 2-19-1826, died 10-11-1887
HILLYA, Amy Cady. Spouse of Simon J. Born 1892, died 1943
HILLYA, Simon J. Spouse of Amy C. Born 1887, died 1929
HIMELEIN, Adam. Born 1821, died 1911
HIMELEIN, Bertha I. Born 8-31-1948, died 12-04-1999. Age: 51 - Dau of Russell P. and Vera A. [Vickey] (Mong) Himelein
HIMELEIN, Bertha M. Spouse of C. Herman. Born 1890, died 1973
HIMELEIN, C. Herman. Spouse of Bertha M. Born 1877, died 1945
HIMELEIN, Charles E. Born 1917, died 1918
HIMELEIN, David. Born 1859, died 1926
HIMELEIN, David L. Spouse of Joan Rothwell. Born 12-15-1946, died 4-5-2019. Age: 72 - Son of William D. and Frances M. (Emory) Himelein. Born in Erie PA, lived and died in Findley Lake NY. Was chief of Findley Lake Fire Dept. Wed 10-16-1976 in Westfield NY, three daughters. (Spouse survives)
HIMELEIN, Frances M. Spouse of William D. Born 1925
HIMELEIN, G. Vernon. Born 11-8-1948, died 7-26-2006. Age: 57 - Son of William D. and Frances Emory Himelein-born in Erie PA-died in Edroy TX - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
HIMELEIN, Julia D. Born 1839, died 1909
HIMELEIN, Louise. Born 1870, died 1972
HIMELEIN, Russell J. Spouse of Terri. Born 10-15-1952, died 8-14-2007. Age: 54 - Son of Russell P. and Vera A. Mong Himelein-born in Erie PA
HIMELEIN, Russell P. Spouse of Vera A. Born 1924
HIMELEIN, Vera A. Mong [Vicky]. Spouse of Russell P. Born 1926, died 1990
HIMELEIN, Wendy K. Born 6-26-1978, died 10-10-1996
HIMELEIN, William D. Spouse of Frances M. Born 1922, died 1997 - WW II Vet, US Army
HITCHCOCK, James, died 4-23-1883. Age: 34
HITCHCOCK, Robert, died 9-07-1871. Age: 69 - Stone with no writing nearby
HOLDRIDGE, Alexander. Spouse of Almeda J. Born 1824, died 1910
HOLDRIDGE, Almeda J. Spouse of Alexander. Born 1818, died 1890
HOLDRIDGE, Chester. Born 1843, died 1911
HOLDRIDGE, Isaac. Spouse of Mary. Born 4-09-1834, died 8-25-1908
HOLDRIDGE, Jay A. Spouse of Josephine. Born 1868, died 1955
HOLDRIDGE, Jennie. Born 1-01-1871, died 11-27-1871 - Dau of Isaac and Mary Holdridge
HOLDRIDGE, Josephine. Spouse of Jay A. Born 1873, died 1968
HOLDRIDGE, Mary. Spouse of Isaac. Born 12-02-1835, died 12-17-1913
HOLDRIDGE, Ruth F. Born 1848, died 1905
HOLDRIDGE, Sarah A. Born 2-13-1862, died 12-04-1871 - Dau of Isaac and Mary Holdridge
HOOKER, G. Born 1908 - One date--assume dob
HOOKER, Mary, died 12-25-1865. Age: 1y 7m 2d
HOOKER, Mary Jeanette. Born 1838, died 1905
HOOKER, Ozro, died 2-23-1865. Age: 12y 2m 6d
HORTON, Clara C. Spouse of Dana P., died 9-27-1876. Age: 26y 11m 22d
HORTON, Dana P. Spouse of Clara C. Born 12-24-1838, died 12-27-1897. Age: 59y 3d - Civil War Vet, Co F 154th Inf NYS Vols, Capt. Wounded at Gettysburg, discharged for disability 8-6-1864
HORTON, Ida V. Born 1853, died 1944
HORTON, Mary E. Born 1853, died 1929
HOTCHKISS, Lonson A. Born 1877, died 1959
HOTCHKISS, Louise M. Born 1881, died 1937 - Next to a base missing the stone
HOWARD, Irene Babcock. Born 1899, died 1977
HUBBARD, Joseph C. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1848, died 1937
HUBBARD, Leo J. Born 1886, died 1957
HUBBARD, Leo Jr. Born 1905, died 1934 - Son of Leo Hubbard
HUBBARD, Mary A. Spouse of Joseph C. Born 1855, died 1903
HUBBARD, Pearl. Born 1887, died 1965
HULETT, Amanda Skellie. Spouse of George. Born 8-10-1860, died 2-07-1938 - Wed 5-18-1881
HULETT, George. Spouse of Amanda S
HULETT, Myra M. Spouse of Ray D. Born 1893, died 1981
HULETT, Ray D. Spouse of Myra M. Born 1891, died 1962 - Wed 11-25-1913
HUNTLEY, A. Jay. Spouse of Estella. Born 1881, died 1953
HUNTLEY, Estella. Spouse of A. Jay. Born 1885, died 1955
HUNTLEY, Francis. Born 1883, died 1973
HUNTLEY, Nellie M. Born 1895, died 1957
HUNTLEY, Nellie M. Spouse of Roy. Born 1917, died 2002
HUNTLEY, Roy. Spouse of Nellie M. Born 1913, died 2003
HURLBURT, Anna Sulucia. Born 1902, died 1941
HURLBURT, John L. Born 1873, died 1935
HURLBURT, Leslie. Born 1900, died 1975
IVES, Alice. Spouse of Cliffton L. Born 1913
IVES, Arthur. Spouse of Bertha N. Born 1887, died 1964 - Son of David F. and Ida (Haskell) Ives
IVES, Bertha Newhouse. Spouse of Arthur. Born 1888, died 1915
IVES, Cena Newhouse. Spouse of Harry H. Born 1883, died 1974
IVES, Cliffton L. Spouse of Alice. Born 1909, died 1981
IVES, Donald H. Born 1918, died 2002
IVES, Harry H. Spouse of Cena N. Born 1880, died 1962 - Son of David F. and Ida (Haskell) Ives
IVES, Howard F. Born 9-22-1913, died 11-12-2000
IVES, Judy Ann. Born 1942, died 1943
JENKINS, Curtis S. Spouse of Ora R. Born 1905, died 1996 - Son of Jacob R. and Rodelpha (Martin) Jenkins
JENKINS, Gerald C. Born 1925, died 1987 - Son of Curtis and Ora R. (Bloss) Jenkins
JENKINS, Ora R. Bloss. Spouse of Curtis S. Born 1908, died 1989
JENNINGS, Alva F. Born 4-18-1827, died 6-21-1872 - Dr.
JENNINGS, Job - Unreadable, stone is down
JOHNSON, Hannah. Born 1857, died 1919
JONES, Alonzo A. Spouse of Nellie M. Born 1867, died 1946 - Son of David A. and Nancy A. (Stetson) Jones
JONES, Alvah D. Born 1885, died 1968 - Son of Lester and Susan Ann (Ottaway) Jones
JONES, Anna Babcock. Born 1860, died 1917
JONES, Betty Frank. Spouse of Nelson E. Born 1924
JONES, Ethel Harmelink. Spouse of John R. Born 1894, died 1972
JONES, John R. Spouse of Ethel H. Born 1902, died 1944 - Son of Alonzo A. and Nellie M. Jones
JONES, Nellie M. Spouse of Alonzo A. Born 1873, died 1957
JONES, Nelson E. Spouse of Betty F. Born 1922, died 1990 - Son of John R. and Ethel (Harmelink) Jones
JONES, Ray O. Born 1887, died 1957 - Son of Lester and Susan Ann (Ottaway) Jones
KEATING, Ethel. Born 1879, died 1955
KEENER, Baby Boy. Born 1984, died 1984. Age: Infant - [Baby Boy]
KEITH, Mary Lou (Gibbons). Spouse of Raymond A. Born 9-25-1946, died 11-26-2016. Age: 70 - Dau of Guy and Irma M. (Sweet) Gibbons, born in Westfield NY, lived and died in Clymer NY. First lady fire chief at Findley Lake and a champion stock car racer. Three children, some surnamed Seekings.
KEITH, Mildred E. Spouse of Waynard - No dates
KEITH, Raymond A. Spouse of Mary L. Gibbons. Born 1946
KEITH, Ryan Wayne. Born 9-11-1976, died 12-12-1992 - Son of Wayne and Brenda Keith d. hit by car while walking
KEITH, Waynard. Spouse of Mildred E. Born 1915, died 1973
KIFER, Sharon. Born 9-29-1955, died 3-10-2007. Age: 51 - Dau of Milton and Fern Perdue Adams-born in Corry PA
KILGORE, Harold R. [Zig]. Born 7-9-1929, died 2-22-2016. Age: 86 - Son of John E. Kilgore and Rita M. McCabe, born in Lancaster PA, lived and died in Bemus Point NY. Co-owner of Davison and Kilgore Furniture and Appliance in Mayville. Wed 9-10-1949, two daughters. (She d. 7-3-2012) - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
KINIACI, Patsy. Spouse of Ruth. Born 11-16-1918, died 8-08-1987
KINIACI, Ruth. Spouse of Patsy. Born 8-25-1917, died 8-26-1988
KINYON, Arlouine O. Born 1907, died 1977
KINYON, Berdenal. Spouse of Robert W. Born 1916, died 1977
KINYON, Clara G. Born 1855, died 1922
KINYON, Clarence H. Born 1892, died 1971
KINYON, Grace N. Spouse of Horace E. Born 1873, died 19--
KINYON, Horace E. Spouse of Grace N. Born 1880, died 1930
KINYON, Maude E. Born 1888, died 1946
KINYON, Robert W. Spouse of Berdenal. Born 1916, died 1997
KINYON, Willa Jean. Born 1922, died 1937
KLINSHROTE, Adam B., died 9-07-1872. Age: 23y 7m 10d
KLINSHROTE, George, died 3-28-1893. Age: 79
KLINSHROTE, John. Born 1851, died 1930
KLINSHROTE, Magdalena, died 3-30-1897. Age: 87
KLINSHROTE, Maggie. Born 1857, died 1906
KNOWLES, Josephine. Born 1866, died 1958 - Surname Atkins on other side of stone
KNOWLES, Lafayette. Born 1844, died 1915
KYSAR, Abner, died 1-10-1884. Age: 65y 4m - Stone down nearby and field stone no writing
KYSAR, Nancy E. Spouse of Nathan J. Born 1850, died 1907
KYSAR, Nathan J. Spouse of Nancy E. Born 1849, died 1919
LAFAYETTE, Unknown - Unreadable
LAKE, Abiathar W. Born 1819, died 1897
LAKE, Harriet C. Born 1819 - One date--assume dob
LANDRY, Bella. Spouse of Edgar W. Born 1900, died 1983
LANDRY, Edgar W. Spouse of Bella. Born 1901, died 1965
LANGDON, Albert J. Spouse of Gertrude M. Born 1879, died 1961
LANGDON, Gertrude M. Spouse of Albert J. Born 1881, died 1951
LAROSE, Clayton. Spouse of Florence E. Born 1902, died 1965
LAROSE, Donald. Spouse of Martha G. Born 1928, died 1998
LAROSE, Florence E. Spouse of Clayton. Born 1934
LAROSE, Martha Gabor. Spouse of Donald. Born 1897, died 1992
LARSON, Charlotta. Born 1845, died 1929
LEACH, Carson. Born 7-29-1827, died 3-07-1899
LEACH, Sophia. Born 11-01-1830, died 1-09-1907
LEEK, Fern A. Born 8-31-1934, died 3-20-1999
LEWIS, Baby. Age: Infant - Child of Lewis no data
LEWIS, Beverly A. Spouse of John H. Born 5-06-1938, died 3-04-1999
LEWIS, Eva Beach. Born 1880, died 1937
LEWIS, Frances E. (Herzog). Spouse of John H. Born 2-05-1942, died 2-02-1998
LEWIS, Frank L. Spouse of Sarah M., died 2-17-1893. Age: 45y 11m
LEWIS, Glen A. Born 2-26-1944, died 9-29-2005. Age: 61 - Son of William R. and Clara M. Lewis
LEWIS, Jason M. Born 1883, died 1955 - Son of Frank L. and Sarah Lewis
LEWIS, Jesse. Born 1881, died 1958 - Child of Frank L. and Sarah Lewis
LEWIS, John H. Spouse of #1 Frances E. Herzog, #2 Beverly A. Born 8-13-1942 - Son of William and Clara Hamilton Lewis
LEWIS, Ronald. Born 1946, died 1998 - Son of William and Clara Hamilton Lewis
LEWIS, Sarah M. Spouse of Frank L. - No dates
LILLY, F. E. Born 1864, died 1899 - Dr.
LILLY, F. Rush. Born 1892, died 1893
LINGER, Norma June (Ferguson). Spouse of James William. Born 7-12-1942, died 3-16-2019. Age: 76 - Dau of Ed and Dovie (Maiden) Ferguson. Born in KY, lived and died in Sherman NY. Wed 7-13-1960 in Mayville, six children. (Spouse survives)
LOCKE, Gilbert W. Spouse of Mildred H. Born 1927
LOCKE, Mildred H. Spouse of Gilbert W. Born 1924, died 1991
LOCKE, Sherry Lynda. Born 1947, died 1989
LOUCKS, Hildagarde. Spouse of Walter. Born 1900, died 1962
LOUCKS, Walter. Spouse of Hildagarde. Born 1897, died 1955
LOVELESS, Theodore E. Born abt 1843 - Son of Loveless, Apparently no dates?, - Civil War Vet, Co F 154th Inf NYS Vols, Sgt. Mustered out with company 6-11-1865 near Bladensburg MD.
LUCE, Henrietta F. Born 1845, died 1911
MACH, Florence M. Born 1901, died 1983
MACOMBER, James - Unreadable stone
MACOMBER, James, died 12-09-1863. Age: 16y 2m 9d
MACOMBER, James G., died 2-18-1864. Age: 44 - Civil War Vet, Co E 154th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Captured in Action 7-1-1863 at Gettysburg. Died 2-18-1864 while prisoner at Richmond VA
MACOMBER, John, died 1-18-1843. Age: 22y 8m 24d
MACOMBER, Sarah M., died 8-15-1871. Age: 80
MADDEN / MADSEN, David - Apparently no data?
MANN, Alma C. Born 1919, died 1920
MARK, Philip Field - Field stone--unreadable
MARKET -- see also MERKET
MARSHALL, Edith. Born 1874, died 1881
MARSHALL, Glenna. Born 1880, died 1958
MARSHALL, Hiram. Spouse of Jane E. Born 1839, died 1922 - Civil War Vet, Co I 68th Inf NYS Vols
MARSHALL, Infant. Born 1867, died 1867. Age: Infant - Dau of Hiram and Jane (Buss) Marshall, "Infant Dau"
MARSHALL, Infant. Born 1872, died 1872. Age: Infant - Son of Hiram and Jane (Buss) Marshall
MARSHALL, Jane E. Buss. Spouse of Hiram. Born 1840, died 1920
MARSHALL, Janette E. Spouse of John D. Born 1867, died 1945
MARSHALL, John D. Spouse of Janette E. Born 1867, died 1925
MARSHALL, Mary - No dates
MARSHALL, Nella J. Spouse of Roy E. Born 1906, died 1972
MARSHALL, Roy E. Spouse of Nella J. Born 1896, died 1952
MARTIN, Bertha. Spouse of O. Lee. Born 1886, died 1936
MARTIN, Bertha A. Spouse of Gust A. Born 1880, died 1936
MARTIN, Gust A. Spouse of Bertha A. Born 1881, died 1934
MARTIN, Martha. Born 1902, died 1924
MARTIN, O. Lee. Spouse of Bertha. Born 1883, died 1923
MASSING, Frank. Spouse of Helen R. Born 1883, died 1955
MASSING, Helen R. Spouse of Frank. Born 1874, died 1944
MASSING, James. Born 1907, died 1930
MCCOURT, Margaret. Spouse of Walter. Born 1921
MCCOURT, Walter. Spouse of Margaret. Born 1914, died 1994
MCGERL, Margaret. Born 1912, died 1936
MCINTOSH, Alonzo L. Born 1860, died 1930
MCINTOSH, Mildred. Born 1903, died 1986
MCKILLIP, Judith Gundlach. Born 1945, died 1974
MCKILLIP, Marshall Lee. Spouse of Juanita L. Rearick. Born 9-28-1938, died 2-26-2021. Age: 82 - Son of Merle and Edna (Bentley) McKillip. Born in Erie PA, lived in Ripley NY, died in Westfield NY. Transportation supervisor at Ripley schools for over 30 years. Wed 7-12-1957 in Ripley, three children. (Spouse survives) - Cold War Vet, US Air Force. 1957-1960
MEAD, Eloise. Spouse of Lyle. Born 1903, died 2003
MEAD, Lyle. Spouse of Eloise. Born 1898, died 1982
MEEDER, Clarice H. Spouse of Mervin H. Born 1901, died 1977
MEEDER, Clifford O. Spouse of Vera E. Born 1907, died 1985 - Son of Oscar Frederick and Edith (Fardink) Meeder
MEEDER, Edith Fardink. Spouse of Oscar Frederick. Born 1877, died 1956
MEEDER, Hewitt O. Spouse of Madeline Tresler. Born 9-17-1927, died 7-15-2006. Age: 78 - Son of Mervin and Clarice Hewitt Meeder. Married for 53 years - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps
MEEDER, John M. Spouse of #1 Lura L., #2 Donna. Born 5-26-1926, died 9-27-2008. Age: 82 - Son of Mervin and Clarice Hewitt Meeder - WW II Vet, US Army
MEEDER, John W. Born 1866, died 1927
MEEDER, Lura L. Farnham. Spouse of John M. Born 1923, died 1993 - Dau of Floyd Leander and Isabell (Reardon) Meeder
MEEDER, Madeline M. Spouse of Hewitt O. Born 1933
MEEDER, Mervin H. Spouse of Clarice H. Born 1900, died 1973 - Son of Oscar Frederick and Edith (Fardink) Meeder
MEEDER, Robert Henry. Spouse of Vida Marcella. Born 1929, died 1973 - Son of Mervin and Clarice H. Meeder
MEEDER, Vera E. Spouse of Clifford O. Born 1904, died 1984
MEEDER, Vida Marcella. Spouse of Robert Henry. Born 1929
MELHUISH, Mahala. Born 4-20-1815, died 10-21-1866
MELHUISH, Robert Mahala Beeman. Born 11-13-1807, died 10-27-1886 - Son of ? and Susan (Smith) Melhuish, born in England. Wed 12-29-1785 in Litchfield Co CT.
MELNICK, Bryce Winter. Born 1-11-2004, died 3-25-2006. Age: 2 - Son of Jed Melnick and Jessica Morris Zenns
MERKET / MARKET, Adam. Spouse of Rachel, died 4-13-1884. Age: 72
MERKET / MARKET, Rachel. Spouse of Adam. Born 3-03-1818, died 8-05-1864
MERRET, Anna A., died 12-20-1785
MERRITT, Bruce G. Jr. Born 1956, died 1979 - Son of Bruce G. and Ruby A. (Kindberg) Merritt Sr.
MERRITT, Bruce G. Sr. Ruby A. Kindberg. Born 9-27-1925, died 7-4-2004. Age: 78 - Son of Loren A. and Orvalyn (Sargeant) Merritt Jr., born in Arcade NY, died in Erie PA. Wed 6-23-1953, four children. - Korean War Vet, US Army
MERRITT, Ruby A. (Kindberg). Spouse of Bruce G. Sr. Born 12-30-1930, died 1-11-2015. Age: 84 - Dau of Hjalmar and Anne (Johnson) Kindberg, born in Jamestown NY, died in Erie PA. Wed 6-23-1953, four children.
MILES, Flora G. Born 1847, died 1895
MILLER, Louisa. Born 2-09-1898, died 4-1971
MITCHELL, Ruth. Spouse of William K. Born 1905, died 1930
MITCHELL, William K. Spouse of Ruth. Born 1888, died 1954
MONTAGUE, Oliver R. Born 1815, died 1891
MONTAGUE, Peter R. Born 1809, died 1896
MOORE, Dorothy M. Spouse of Russell E. Born 1910, died 1967
MOORE, Elizabeth. Spouse of Henry E. Born 1890, died 1973
MOORE, Henry E.. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1892, died 1976
MOORE, Russell E. Spouse of Dorothy M. Born 1914, died 1975 - Son of Henry and Elizabeth Moore
MOORHEAD, Lydia Seeley. Spouse of John. Born 1902, died 1995
MORGAN, Ann, died 5-14-1886. Age: 71
MORGAN, Duane W.
MORGAN, Mary D., died 8-06-1850. Age: 83
MORGAN, W. M., died 1851. Age: 7y 4m 1d
MORSE, Anna Cook, died 1937
MORSE, Charles B. Born 18951, died 1930
MORSE, J. Marie. Born 1895, died 1912
MORSE, Nathan P. Spouse of Sylvia A. Born 1821, died 1905
MORSE, Sylvia A. Spouse of Nathan P. Born 1828, died 1909
MORTON, Floy O. Born 1898, died 1977
MORTON, Henry F. Spouse of Meriel W. Born 1902, died 1983
MORTON, Meriel W. Wright. Spouse of Henry F. Born 1917, died 2004 - Dau of R. Lee and Mabel Newhouse Wright
MORTON, Neal F. Born 1892, died 1955 - WW II Vet, Pvt
MOUL, Dell A. Spouse of Susan A. Born 1940, died 1977
MOUL, Susan A. Spouse of Dell A. Born 1941
MOULTON, Mahlon J. Born 1822, died 1898
MOULTON, Nancy. Born 1824, died 1918
MUELLER, Carl. Spouse of Olga. Born 1876, died 1962
MUELLER, Olga. Spouse of Carl. Born 1886, died 1952
NAPPER, Minnie -- see PETERSON, Minnie Skellie
NECKERS, Arthur J. Spouse of Wilma A. Born 1910, died 1996
NECKERS, Barbara S. Spouse of Kenneth W. Born 1930
NECKERS, Benjamin. Born 1860, died 1948
NECKERS, Billy - Son of Donald H. and Evelyn J. Neckers, No dates
NECKERS, Cleo. Spouse of George L. Born 1892, died 1989
NECKERS, Donald H. Spouse of Evelyn J. Born 1923
NECKERS, Donna. Spouse of Rollie E. Born 1897, died 1981
NECKERS, Earl J. Spouse of Lena F. Born 1890, died 1984
NECKERS, Evelyn J. Sphon. Spouse of Donald H. Born 4-9-1905, died 11-9-2008. Age: 82 - Dau of Frank and Lorna Sphon-married for 63 years
NECKERS, George L. Spouse of Cleo. Born 1894, died 1976
NECKERS, Henry. Spouse of Lepha M. Born 1887, died 1977
NECKERS, John A. Born 1905, died 1923
NECKERS, John P. - No dates
NECKERS, Kenneth W. Spouse of Barbara S. Born 1913, died 1984
NECKERS, Larry A. Spouse of Joan. Born 5-7-1948, died 10-11-2008. Age: 60 - Son of Donald and Evelyn Sphon Neckers-born in Corry, PA-married 3-28-1969
NECKERS, Lena F. Spouse of Earl J. Born 1884, died 1979
NECKERS, Lepha M. Spouse of Henry. Born 1888, died 1955
NECKERS, Minnie. Born 1868, died 1948
NECKERS, Minnie D. - No dates
NECKERS, Rollie E. Spouse of Donna. Born 1889, died 1957
NECKERS, Wilma A. Spouse of Arthur J. Born 1914, died 1997
NECKERS, Wilson J. - No dates
NELSON, Walter. Spouse of Hilda Pellnat. Born 1906, died 8-3-1978
NEWELL, Frederick C. Spouse of Laura Jane. Born 10-22-1823 - One date--assume dob
NEWELL, Ida E. Born 1858, died 1937
NEWELL, Laura Jane. Spouse of Frederick C., died 11-17-1890. Age: 64y 8m
NEWELL, Milton G. Born 1856, died 1917
NICHOLS, Hannah. Spouse of James, died 10-12-1945. Age: 59
NICHOLS, John Franklin? - Unreadable
NICHOLS, Maretta, died 10-01-1838. Age: 23 - Dau of James and Hannah Nichols
NICHOLS, Mary Ellen, died 8-16-1845 - Dau of Elias and Elizabeth Nichols
NIELSON, Arlyne P. Born 1924, died 7-13-1970
NIXON, Etta Rater. Spouse of Robert O. Born 1872, died 1922
NIXON, Robert O. Spouse of Etta R. Born 1872, died 1940
NOBLE, Dorothy M. Spouse of Ernest L. Born 12-10-1919, died 10-24-1973
NOBLE, Ernest L. Spouse of Dorothy M. Born 3-28-1912, died 2002
NOBLE, Linda. Born 1950 - Dau of Ernest L. and Dorothy M. Noble
NORCROSS, Daniel A. Spouse of Mary L. Born 1944 - Son of Neil E. and Martha (Chesley) Norcross
NORCROSS, Martha C. Chesley. Spouse of Neil E. Born 1901, died 1980
NORCROSS, Mary L. Spouse of Daniel A. Born 1953
NORCROSS, Neil E. Spouse of Martha C. Born 1915, died 1981
NOTHUM, Barbara. Spouse of Merle J. Born 1935, died 1997
NOTHUM, C. W. [Cap]. Spouse of Grace H. Born 1912, died 1990
NOTHUM, Grace H. Spouse of C. W. Born 1918
NOTHUM, Maude (Moulton). Born 2-16-1885, died 8-26-1932 - Mother of Merle J. Nothum
NOTHUM, Merle J. Spouse of Barbara. Born 1928
NOTHUM, Nicholas. Born 1878, died 1962
NUNN, Emma. Born 1861, died 1939
NUNN, Joshua. Born 1858, died 1919
NUTTALL, Ann Kay, died 8-07-1944
NUTTALL, Doris R. Spouse of Hilton. Born 1915
NUTTALL, Earl. Born 1899, died 1906
NUTTALL, Hilton. Spouse of Doris R. Born 1907, died 1999
NUTTALL, Ruth C. Born 1878, died 1974
NUTTALL, William L. Born 1869, died 1954
ODELL, Audrey M. Spouse of Wiinston H. Born 1902, died 1963
ODELL, Richard V. Born 8-12-1922, died 7-19-1989 - WW II Vet, USMC, Sgt
ODELL, Winston H. Spouse of Audrey M. Born 7-07-1889, died 12-22-1969 - WW II Vet, USMC, Pvt
OSBORNE, Grace Odell. Spouse of Oscar. Born 1877, died 1968
OSBORNE, Jettie L. Spouse of Royal O. Born 1873, died 1942
OSBORNE, Oscar. Spouse of Grace. Born 1863, died 1902
OSBORNE, Royal O. Spouse of Jettie L. Born 1876, died 1945
OTTAWAY, Addie M. Spouse of Irving O. Born 1874, died 1908
OTTAWAY, Bert H. Born 1870, died 1954
OTTAWAY, C. Fred. Spouse of Flora P. Born 1856, died 1940
OTTAWAY, Edith B. Born 1869, died 1943
OTTAWAY, Ellen Hewitt. Born 1850, died 1897
OTTAWAY, Ellen M. Buss. Spouse of Henry W. Born 1834, died 1920
OTTAWAY, Flora Pelton. Spouse of C. Fred. Born 1855, died 1933
OTTAWAY, Grace Mary. Born 1881, died 1980
OTTAWAY, Henry W. Spouse of Ellen M. Born 1834, died 1915
OTTAWAY, Horatio W. Born 1840, died 1900 - Civil War Vet, Co D 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt Discharged for disability 9-30-1863
OTTAWAY, Irving O. Spouse of Addie M. Born 1872, died 1944
OTTAWAY, Jennie A. Born 1844, died 1924
OTTAWAY, Jennie O. Born 1833, died 1976
OTTAWAY, John Edwin. Spouse of Sarah B. Born 1827, died 1917
OTTAWAY, Lucy Pelton. Born 1853, died 1929
OTTAWAY, Mary, died 12-11-1881. Age: 14 - Dau of Henry W. and Ellen M. (Buss) Ottaway
OTTAWAY, Osher James. Born 1850, died 1942
OTTAWAY, Sarah Boorman. Spouse of John Edwin. Born 1827, died 1907 - Dau of Benjamin and Sarah (Hosmer) Boorman
OVERCHUK, Michael. Spouse of Orvella O. Born 7-26-1927, died 4-20-1997
OVERCHUK, Orvella O. Spouse of Michael. Born 12-11-1921, died 1-11-1991
OWENS, Katherine, died 6-07-1845. Age: 66y 4m 10d
PADDOCK, Roy T. Born 1894, died 1952
PARSONS, Ella May, died 11-21-187?. Age: 2y 1m - Dau of David and Mary Parsons
PARSONS, Infant, died 10-28-1872. Age: 3m 3d - Son of David and Mary Parsons
PERDUE, Flora S. Born 1881, died 1970 - Field stone nearby with no writing
PERDUE, Hazel E. Spouse of Ralph O. Born 1893, died 1981
PERDUE, Jean (Ward). Spouse of. Born 6-12-1936, died 12-29-2000 - Twin to June (Ward) Wright, Same stone as George and June Wright
PERDUE, Leslie G. Born 1927, died 1993 - Uncategorized Vet
PERDUE, Mabel Foster. Spouse of Robert H. Sr. Born 1914, died 1994
PERDUE, Ralph O. Spouse of Hazel E. Born 1892, died 1974
PERDUE, Robert H. Jr. Born 1941, died 1997 - Son of Robert H. Sr. and Mabel (Foster) Perdue
PERDUE, Robert H. Sr. Spouse of Mabel F. Born 1909, died 1986
PERDUE, William V. Born 1877, died 1951
PERSON, Alfred. Spouse of Anna. Born 1875, died 1954
PERSON, Anna. Spouse of Alfred. Born 1874, died 1943
PERSON, Anna L. Born 1873, died 19--
PERSON, Elenora. Born 1838, died 1934
PERSONS, Alvin E. Spouse of Helen J. Born 1912, died 1994
PERSONS, Helen J. Spouse of Alvin E. Born 1919, died 1976
PERSONS, Ina Moore. Spouse of Lee Merle. Born 1904, died 1981
PERSONS, Lee Merle. Spouse of Ina M. Born 1899, died 1945
PERSONS, Leonard [Bud]. Spouse of Alice. Born 8-13-1926, died 12-09-2003 - Son of Lee Merle and Ina (Moore) Persons
PERSONS, Margaret Tenbuckle. Spouse of Paul A. Born 1895, died 1974 - Dau of William and Anna Margaret (Cady) Tenbuckle
PERSONS, Nettie, died 1918
PERSONS, Paul A. Spouse of Margaret T. Born 1889, died 1976
PERSONS, S. John. Born 1882, died 1934
PETERS, Adolph. Born 1887, died 1926
PETERSON, Anna J. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1843, died 1932\
PETERSON, Carl A. Born 1878, died 1955
PETERSON, Charles A. Spouse of Anna J. Born 1844, died 1931
PETERSON, Ida M. Born 1875, died 1903
PETERSON, John Lewis. Spouse of Mary J. Born 1866, died 1934
PETERSON, Mary J. Saunders. Spouse of John Lewis. Born 1873, died 1946
PETERSON, Minnie Skellie. Spouse of #1 Melford, #2 Glenn Napper. Born 7-09-1911, died 6-05-1993 - Dau of Dell and Bertha (Cave) Skellie
PHELPS, Arlene M. Born 11-30-1946, died 7-01-1949 - Dau of Phelps, GrandDau of Henry and Mary Permilia (Sears) Brown
PHELPS, Charles. Born 1889, died 1960
PHELPS, James M. Spouse of Mary E. Born 1915, died 1987
PHELPS, Mary E. Spouse of James M. Born 1917, died 1978
PHELPS, Vera M. Born 1897, died 1996
PHIFER, Lola Grimes. Born 1879, died 1934
PHIFER, M. B. Spouse of P. H. Born 7-09-1825, died 7-14-1902
PHIFER, M. E., died 12-08-1888. Age: 23
PHIFER, P. H. Spouse of M. B. Born 4-21-1825, died 8-07-1909
PIERCE, Elmer W., died 6-30-1887. Age: 10y 4m 14d
PLAKENPOLE, Cena H. Spouse of Garret. Born 1881, died 1924
PLAKENPOLE, Dora H. Born 1842, died 1918
PLAKENPOLE, Ellen. Born 1914, died 1914
PLAKENPOLE, Garret. Spouse of Cena H. Born 1869, died 1949
PLUMB, Edith M. Born 1882, died 1884
PLUMB, Harvey S. #1 Mabel Cave, #2 Pearl M. Shore. Born 5-01-1878, died 1-26-1914. Age: 36 - Son of Herman O. and Ida M. Plumb
PLUMB, Herman O. Spouse of Ida M. Born 8-16-1848, died 1930 - Son of Luther Plumb of Russia Herkimer Co.NY
PLUMB, Ida M. Spouse of Herman O. Born 1856, died 1934
PLUMB, Irene Elizabeth (Waters). Spouse of Ralph. Born 10-8-1922, died 8-16-2017. Age: 94 - Dau of Arthur J. and Alice (Grover) Waters. Born in Ripley NY, lived in Sherman NY, died in Erie PA. Worked in Accounting at Welch Foods for 40 years. Wed 11-12-1949, no children named. (Spouse d. 5-27-2005)
PLUMB, Mabel Cave. Spouse of Harvey. Born 8-21-1881, died 5-12-1903
PLUMB, Pearl M. Shore. Spouse of Harvey. Born 3-14-1884, died 10-28-1911
PLUMB, Ralph [Sam]. Spouse of Irene E. Waters. Born 8-19-1909, died 5-27-2005. Age: 95 - Son of Harvey and Pearl Shore Plumb and raised by Ernest and Ethel Plumb Pratt. Wed 11-12-1949, no children named
PLUMB, Unknown - Broken stone, unreadable
PORTER, Fred E. Born 1927
PORTER, Herbert S. Born 1908, died 1970
PORTER, Minnie E. Born 1905, died 1999
PRATT, Almira. Born 1818, died 1889 - On same stone as Franklin P. Gill
PRATT, Anna R. Hazen. Spouse of Jay F. Born 1885, died 1977
PRATT, Anthony C. Born 1981
PRATT, Elmira / Almira - Dau of Samuel and Salina (Rater) Pratt, Apparently no data?
PRATT, Ernest. Spouse of Ethel B. Born 5-28-1894, died 5-09-1958 - Son of Francis Lorenzo and Eliza (Stetson) Pratt
PRATT, Ethel B. Plumb. Spouse of Ernest. Born 1885, died 1952
PRATT, Jay F. Spouse of Anna R. Born 1874, died 1950
PRATT, Salina Rater. Spouse of Samuel D. Born 1848, died 1908
PRATT, Samuel D. Spouse of Salina R. Born 1847 - Son of Stephen and Almira (Robinson) Pratt
PRATT, Timothy. Born 1980, died 1980
PRATT, Unknown - Unreadable, stone is down. Close to Salina Rater Pratt
PROCTER, Phillip E. Spouse of Wendy M. Campbell). Born 3-4-1955, died 5-10-2018. Age: 63 - Son of Rexford L. and Joan K. (Kormos) Proctor. Born in Westfield NY, Lived in Fairview PA. No children named. (Spouse survives)


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