World War II Veterans

These pages contain the names of  men and women from Chautauqua County who served in World War II.
Many were born here, others came to the county later in life. They all helped make the county what it is today.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • The service column uses these standard military abbreviations: KIA Killed in action; DOW Died of Wounds; DOD Died of Disease; DNB Died Non-Battle; DOI Died of Injuries; FOD Finding of death/Missing presumed dead; Dead no other info; POW Prisoner of War. If the service begins with Vet, the soldier survived the war.
  • If we do not know a soldier's burial place, the place where he enlisted is in square brackets in the burial column.
  • "Unnamed Cem, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • The ~ means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Chautauqua County's Medal of Honor recipients


Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ABELL, William Shakespeare Vet, US Army, Sgt 4-26-1971 Cassadaga
ABERSOLD, Elwood R.  Vet, US Navy 3-25-2005  Cassadaga
ABERSOLD, Sheldon C. [Shelly] Vet, US Navy aboard the USS J.C.Owens. 1946-1948 7-9-1996 Cassadaga
ABRAHAMSON, Rogar N Vet, US Army 11-16-2001 Fluvanna
ADAMS, Aleck W. Vet, US Army  2-10-1987 Bemis Point
ADAMS, Cecile Mae Vet, US Army Nurse Corps 3-8-2006 Allen
ADAMS, Cecile Mae (Horton) Vet, US Army Nurse 3-8-2006 Bemus Point
ADAMS, Earl C.  Jr. [Johnny] Vet, US Navy, MMOM2 2-5-1999 Grant
ADAMS, Harold Jackson Vet, US Army 1-14-2007 Pine Hill
ADAMS, William V. Vet, US Army 1943-1946 10-30-2016 Sunset Hill
ADOMOWICZ, Walter J Vet, US Army, Pfc 10-1-1988 St. Hyacinth
AFONICO, Henry R. [Hank] Vet, US Navy 1-25-2009 Mount Olivet
AGNELLO, Nicholas O. Vet, US Navy. 1943-1947 8-19-2018 Sunset Hill
AHLBIN, Carl W. Vet, US Navy 11-24-1988 Bemis Point
AHLGREN, Roger L. Vet, US Army 11-24-2010 Sunset Hill
AHLSTORM, Richard M. Vet, US Army, 289th Combat Engrs Bn 21st Corps 7th Army. England, France, and Germany  5-3-2003 Sunset Hill
AIELLO, Augustine A. Vet, US Army, 94th Chem Warfare Bn. Europe 5-3-2003 Holy Sepulchre
ALBRO, Harold R. Vet, US Army Air Force 6-27-2008 Sunset Hill
ALDAY, Gilbert M. Vet, US Army 08-11-2009 Sherman
ALDRICH, Charles F. Vet, US Army  3-9-1966 Bemis Point
ALDRICH, Francis M. KIA, US Army 501st Prcht Inf 101 Airborne Div, Pvt.  1-3-1945 Hamlet
ALDRICH, Gerald [Cleo] Vet, US Navy 4-5- 1970 Bemis Point
ALDRICH, Lloyd G. Vet, US Navy, Pacific. 1-1-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
ALEXANDER, Walter L.  Vet, US Army, German interpreter in Africa ~ Bentley
ALLEN, Donald L. Vet, US Army 1-10-2016 Arlington Natl Cem
ALLEN, Elmer C. Vet, US Navy. 1943-1947 4-24-2012 Unnamed Cem, this site
ALLEN, Percy L. Vet, US Navy aboard USS D.J.Buckley, four years.  07-24-2009 Allen
ALLEN. Burke Fowler Jr. MIA, US Army Air Force 87th Fighter Sqdrn, 79th Fighter Grp, 2/Lt.  Purple Heart, Air Medal with 4 Oak Leaf Clusters. Name on list of missing at Sicily-Rome American Cemetery
Nettuno, Italy
12-12-1943 Pine Hill
ALLEN. Phillip Sheridan Sr. Vet, US Navy aboard USS D212, F1. 1944-1946 South Pacific 10-26-2017 Pine Hill
ALLENSON, Edwin T. Vet 12-15-1996 Allen
ALLISON, Robert E. Vet, US Army Tec 5 10-26-2007 Evergreen Lawn
ALM, Robert C. Vet, US Army 15th Special Service Co. Europe.  4-13-2017 Lake View
AMATUZZO, Joseph  Vet, US Army, MP 10-18-2001 Holy Sepulchre
AMBERMAN, Carl Richard Vet, US Army Air Corps, England 3-3-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
AMES, Helen Virginia (Baker) Vet, US Army Nurse Corps, 74th Station Hospital, 1/LT. Africa and Italy 7-4-2019 Allen
AMES, Hermes L. Vet, US Army, 1/LT Flight Instructor. 11-02-2009 Allen
AMES, Warren E. Vet 4-7-1997 Allen
ANDALORA, Paul M. Sr. Vet, US Army 3-30-2008 Holy Sepulchre
ANDERSON, Allen Cass Vet, US Air Force (Also Korea) 1-21-2000 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Alvin E. Vet, US Army 2-13-2007 Lake View
ANDERSON, Arthur C. Vet, US Army 1-23-2000 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Audrey S. Vet, US Army Air Force, 3539 Base Unit, Cpl,  2-14-1955 Quincy
ANDERSON, Bryant G. [Buster] Vet, US Army. 1946-1948 1-30-2017 Lake View
ANDERSON, Carl A  Vet, US Navy 5-2-2000 Lake View
ANDERSON, Carl E. Vet 8-26-1983 Allen
ANDERSON, Carl E. Vet, US Army. Battle of the Bulge, Purple Heart, Bronze Star.  6-2-2018 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Carl H. Vet, US Army Air Force, CPL, NY 8-4-2001 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Carl Louis Vet, US Navy 1-6-2007 Bemis Point
ANDERSON, Carroll C. [Joe] Vet, US Navy 12-06-2009 Riverside Kennedy
ANDERSON, Chester  Vet, Drafted in 1942, age 35, served in Presidential motorcade ~ Lake View
ANDERSON, Clarence E Vet, ~ 8-24-1985 Riverside Kennedy
ANDERSON, Clayton David Vet, US Navy, Signalman. South Pacific 8-11-2019 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Clifford R.  Vet, US Army, Sgt 11-15-1981 Evergreen Sinclairville
ANDERSON, Earl K. Vet, US Navy 7-26-2009 Lake View
ANDERSON, Gale W. Vet, US Army 11-8-1986 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Gene H. Vet, US Army 8-2-2001 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Gifford Leach Vet, Career (Also WW I Vet,) 1-4-1970 Valley View
ANDERSON, Gordon E. Vet, US Army ~ Maple Grove, Ashville
ANDERSON, Harry N. Jr. Vet, US Navy, CPO 8-9-2000 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Herbert E. [Hub] Vet, US Army 1-21-1999 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
ANDERSON, Hilding W  Vet, US Army 9-11-2001 Lake View
ANDERSON, Lawrence R. Vet, US Army Air Corps 9-3-2006 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Milton R Vet, US Army, European, African and Middle East campaigns 7-12-2004 Lake View
ANDERSON, Norma S. (Swanson) Vet, US Army. Nurse in Japan and the Philippines. 6-12-2016 Lake View
ANDERSON, Paul T. Vet, US Navy 11-1-2008 Fluvanna
ANDERSON, Ray A. [Bunkie] Vet, US Army, Asia 2-9-2006 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Raymond A. Vet, US Navy, ENS 11-4-2001 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Raymond C. Vet, US Army Air Corps 12-1-2010 Lake View
ANDERSON, Reno L. Jr. Vet, US Navy (Also Korea) 1-22-2009 Lake View
ANDERSON, Richard A. Sr. Vet, US Army Air Force 12-18-2016 Mayville
ANDERSON, Richard L. Vet, US Marine Corps 9-26-2008 Lake View
ANDERSON, Richard O Vet, ~ 4-22-1989 Fluvanna
ANDERSON, Robert E. Vet, US Army, 104th Infantry Div, Lt. Europe 7-6-2010 Valley View
ANDERSON, Robert S. Vet, US Army 11-10-2005 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Roger E. Vet, US Navy. 1944-1946.  2-25-2019 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Roger M.. Vet, US Army, 104th Infantry Div, Lt. Europe 1-11-1984 Valley View
ANDERSON, Roy H. Vet, US Army, Pacific. 1942-1945. Bronze Star. 3-4-2017 Sunset Hill
ANDERSON, Wallace C. Vet, US Navy, 1944-1946 in the Pacific. 8-16-2019 Fluvanna
ANDERSON, Wendell Murray [Swede] Vet, US Navy, Seabee 12-6-2011 Unnamed Cem, this site
ANDIN, Nicholas  Vet, US Navy, QM3. Europe 11-2-2020 Unnamed Cem, this site
ANDRASIK, Joseph H Vet, US Army, Cpl 9-21-1984 St. Hyacinth
ANDREWS, John C. Vet, US Air Force. China/Burma Theatre. 12-10-2020 St Luke Columbarium, Jamestown
ANDREWS, Lewis Vet, US Army 6-4-2007 Sunset Hill
ANDREWS, Michael Joseph III Vet, US Marine Corps, Sgt 4-5-1975 Fluvanna
ANGER, Harold J. Sr. Vet, US Army, MP 9-12-2018 Mt. Carmel
ANSON, Richard F. Vet, USMC, Purple Heart 3-31-2019 Unnamed Cem, this site
ANTONUCCIO, Patsy Vet, US Army Air Corps 5-12-2007 Holy Sepulchre
ARNINK, Donald H.  Vet, US Army 4-29-1993 Holland
ARNOLD, Richard M. Vet, US Marine Corps 10-23-2002 Bemis Point
ARNONE, Angelo "Lucky" Vet, US Army Air Corps  8-10-2009 Holy Sepulchre
ARNONE, Dominic Vet, US Navy 3-11-2008 Sunset Hill
ASPER, Milton Ira Vet, US Navy 10-26-2009 Bemis Point
ATKINS, Paul Emory  Vet, US Army, 1913 SVC CMD Unit, Pvt 9-28-1962 Fentonville
AUSTIN, Joseph C. Vet, US Army 11-23-2000 Sunset Hill
AYLING, E. Richard Vet, US Army 1-31-2001 Sunset Hill
BABCOCK, Gerald L. Vet, US Army Air Corps. Germany 1945-1946 1-30-2015 Lake View
BABCOCK, PAul L. Vet, US Navy, USS Norton Sound 4-30-2003 Sunset Hill
BABCOCK, Russell Cobb Vet, US Navy aboard USS Benham, Sonarman 3rd Class. 1943-1946 in the Pacific.  1-27-2021 Sherman
BABYAK, John P Vet, US Army Air Corps 4-18-1983 Fluvanna
BAGLIA, Joseph J. Vet, US Army Air Force 2-19-2007 Holy Sepulchre
BAGLIA, Vincent N.  Vet, US Army, 1st Arm Div. 751st Bat 4-29-2001 Holy Sepulchre
BAIDEME, Salvatore V. Vet, US Navy, MM3 1-21-1979 St. James
BAIDENE, Philip ‘‘Phil’’ James  Vet, US Army Air Corps, 15th Corps, M/Sgt. Flight mechanic on B-17s and B-24s, Europe 9-5-2000 St. James
BAILEY, George T  Vet, US Army 4-9-2001 Lake View
BAINBRIDGE, Forrest R. Vet, US Army 5-5-2010 Sunset Hill
BAJDAS, Henry F. [Hank] Vet, US Army. 1943-1945 4-19-2017 St. Hyacinth
BAKER, Donald L. Vet, US Navy 5-9-2006 Magnolia
BAKER, Kenneth H. Jr. Vet, ~ 10-11-1987 Fluvanna
BAKER, Lloyd Vet, ~ 9-2-1948 Riverside Kennedy
BALDER, Dean  Vet, US Army 4-16-2003 Lake View
BALDWIN, Calvin J. DNB, US Army, 1/Lt. Died of non-battle cause. 1944 Quincy
BALDWIN, David M. Vet, US Army, Patton's 3rd Army. Fought at Battle of the Bulge. 1-29-2021 Webster Street
BALLEW, Owen H. Sr. Vet, US Navy, F2 2-21-1994 Cherry Creek
BANACH, Clement S Vet, US Army, Tec5 10-3-1996 St. Hyacinth
BANACH, Harry T Vet, Air Control and Warning Squadron at Irumagawa, Japan 2-11-1972 St. Hyacinth
BANSE-FAY, Frederick V. Vet, US Army, Colonel 10-8-2008 Fluvanna
BARBER, Harley J. Jr. Vet, US Army. Europe, Bronze Star. 5-1-2018 Mayville
BARBER, Michael J. Vet, US Army Air Corps 6-18-2008 Holy Cross
BARDEN, David Clarence  Vet, US Army, 3175 Signal Service Co 4-28-2003 East Ripley
BARGER, Robert L. Vet, US Navy 01-18-2011 Quincy
BARHITE, Wayne J.  Vet, US Army, 82nd Airbourne Div 1948 Evergreen Sinclairville
BARKMAN, Cleon F. Vet, US Army, Pfc 4-2-1987 Quincy
BARLOG, William S Vet, US Army, Tec4 4-29-1982 St. Hyacinth
BARLOW, Elwood LeRoy Vet, US Army, Pvt.  8-14-1985 Blockville Union
BARLOW, Jesse Stanley Vet, US Army Air Force,  2511 Base Unit, PFC 5-9-1965 Quincy
BARNES, Miles R. Jr. Vet, US Merchant Marines and then US Army, 350th Inf 88th Div. 1946-1947. 12-1-2016 Glenwood
BARONE, Michael F  Vet, US Army 12-1-2000 Holy Sepulchre
BARR, John R. Vet 6-5-1986 Allen
BARR, Margaret V. (Gustafson) Vet, US Navy 1-17-2016 Allen
BARRUS, Walter M. Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt. 8-21-1998 Valley View
BARRY, Lawrence E. Vet, US Army, Tec4. Pacific, 1944-1946 2-27-2017 Sunset Hill
BARTHOLD, Raymond J Vet, US Army, Pfc 2-27-1980 St. Hedwig
BARTKOWIAK, Raymond Vet, US Navy, Lt 1-9-1983 St. Hyacinth
BARTON, John W. Sr. Vet, US Army 11-27-2000 Sunset Hill
BARTON, LeRoy E. Vet, US Navy 4-20-2001 Sunset Hill
BASCOM, Albert C.  Vet, US Army 2-25-2002 Blockville Union
BASCOM, Almon H. Vet, US Army 9-14-1988 Blockville Union
BASILE, Anthony Vet, US Army 12-27-2009 Holy Sepulchre
BASILE, Carl J. Vet, US Army 12-22-2014 Gate of Heaven, Hawthorne NY. 
BASILE, Carlo G. Vet, US Army 6-29-2008 Holy Sepulchre
BASSNETT, Thomas R. Vet, US Army Air Force, Flt 3 7-11-1945 Maple Grove, Ashville
BASTIAN, Clyde E. Vet, US Army Air Corps 8-4-2007 Sunset Hill
BATSON, Clifford R.  Vet, ~ 11-12-1964  Sherman
BATTS, Elmer Merle Vet, US Army, Tec5 3-13-1983 Quincy
BAXWELL, Kenneth T. Vet, US Navy 12-10-2000 Sunset Hill
BEAUJEAN, Herman B. Vet, US Army  01-04-2011 Portland Evergreen
BEAVERS, William R. Vet, US Army, Tec4 10-20-1974 Grant
BECKER, David L  Vet, ~ 5-19-2000 Lake View
BECKWITH, Charles E. Vet, US Army, 102nd Inf, and 405th Anti-Tank Regt in Europe. 1942-1946. Two Bronze Stars 1-6-2016 Gerry Village
BEDIENT, Sherwood W. Vet, US Army 12-23-1966 Allen
BEEBE, Derwood J. Vet, US Marine Corps 5-21-2009 Sunset Hill
BEEBE, Donald L. Vet, USMC, Pacific 1942-1945. Purple Heart 11-30-2016 Sunset Hill
BEEBE, Maurice R. Vet, US Army, India 10-1-2004 Sunset Hill
BEEHLER, Bernard R. Sr. Vet, US Navy, S1 5-04-1981 St. James
BEEMER, Harold Delmar Vet, US Army, Enlisted from Oregon in 4907th Service, PFC 11-29-1962 Valley View
BEEMER, William H. Vet, US Navy Reserves, SC 2 12-5-1967 Valley View
BEERS, Donald E. Vet, US Navy Seabee 01-22-2011 Westfield
BEKELESKI, Alton Vet, US Coast Guard, S2 11-18-1981 St. Hyacinth
BEKELESKI, Ralph F Vet, US Army, Tec5 4-3-2002 St. Hedwig
BELL, A. Troy Vet, US Army Air Force, S/Sgt 4-3-2006 Holy Cross
BELLARDO, Joseph Sr. Vet, US Army 1-14-2001 Holy Sepulchre
BELLAVIA, Anthony T. Vet, US Army 10-18-2001 Sunset Hill
BELSON, Jacob W. Vet, US Army, 550 AAA AW Bn, PFC 3-30-1972 East Ripley
BEMIS, Floyde Christie Sr. Vet, US Navy, MOMM3 12-16-1957 St. Matthias
BEMIS, Francis Vet, US Navy, North Atlantic, GM3C 9-12-2006 Sherman
BEMIS, Gladys Evelyn (Crawford) Vet, US Navy, MOMM3 1-24-2007 St. Matthias
BEMIS, Orville Leroy  Vet, US Army, Pfc 1976 Cutting
BENJAMIN, Horace F. Vet, US Army, Africa, Sicily, Italy. Purple Heart. 8-8-2005 Sunset Hill
BENNETT, Emory Marvin Vet, US Army 1-1-1987 Fentonville
BENNETT, Lester L. Vet, US Army 3-22-1995 Fentonville
BENNETT, Orlo E.  Vet, US Navy, S1 and US Army, SP5. 9-27-1999 Fentonville
BENNINK, Fredrick  Vet, US Marine Corps, Pvt 5-2-1981 Sherman
BENNINK, William H. WW II, Korea, and Vietnam Vet,. US Air Force, Lt Col. 31 year-career. 11-26-2015 Sam Houston Natl Cem, San Antonio TX.
BENSINK, Irwin J. Vet, US Army 12-11-2011 Unnamed Cem, this site
BENSON, David R. Vet, US Navy 9-5-2008 Sunset Hill
BENSON, Donald R. Vet, USMC, S/Sgt 1994 Myrtle
BENSON, Douglas E. Vet, US Army, 94th Inf in Europe. Bronze Star and four Battle Stars. 1-18-2019 Lake View
BENSON, George H. Vet, US Navy 7-24-2008 Sunset Hill
BENSON, Robert H. Vet, US Army Air Corps, 24th Fighter Squadron, 6th Air Corps, Sgt. 1942-1945 6-2-2014 Lake View
BENTLEY, Norris M. Vet, US Army 08-01-2009 Mayville
BENTLEY, Ross Wilson Vet, US Army, Africa and Europe 10-20-2004 Quincy
BENTON, Harlan R. Vet, ~ 1959 Sherman Valley
BERA, John S Vet, US Navy 8-25-1980 St. Hyacinth
BERDENE, Clarence Vance [Vance] MIA, US Army Air Corps, 1/LT. Missing in New Guinea, presumed dead 1942 Sunset Hill
BERDINE, Kenneth M. Vet, US Army Air Corps. 1943-1946 4-18-2021 Unnamed Cem, this site
BEREK, Robert Vet, US Army, Pfc 1-9-1993 St. Hyacinth
BERGFELDT, George Allen WW II and Korea Vet, US Navy  9-13-2017 Lake View
BERNATOWICZ, Benedict E Vet, US Army, Tec5 8-11-1989 St. Hyacinth
BERNHARDT, Roy S. Vet, US Navy 6-6-2011 Lake View
BERTRAM, John C. Sr. Vet, US Army Air Force 6-22-2003 Portland Evergreen
BESSEY, Arthur Harold Vet, US Army, Tec5.  India and Burma 4-19-2005 Allen
BESSEY, Lewis Verrall Vet, US Navy, S2 6-1-2005 Evergreen Lawn
BEST, Frank E.  Vet, US Army, 179th Regt, 45th Inf Div,1/Lt. Purple Heart, Distinguished Service Cross,  Bronze Star. 7-1-2008 Evergreen Lawn
BETTS, Arthur C. Vet, US Army, Pacific 8-30-2001 Riverside Kennedy
BIALASZEWSKI, Felix V Vet, US Army, 37th Inf, PFC 7-27-1958 St. Hedwig
BIALASZEWSKI, Henry I Vet, US Coast Guard, SM1 1-14-1991 St. Hedwig
BIALASZEWSKI, Peter P Vet, US Army, Tec4 7-17-1996 St. Hyacinth
BIALASZEWSKI, Walter J Vet, US Army 1-18-2007 St. Hedwig
BIEKERT, Benjamin L. Vet, US Army 08-30-2010 Mayville
BIEKERT, Donald Vet, US Army 2002 Mina
BIEKERT, Robert C. Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. England and Africa. 1-12-2019 Mayville
BIELASZKA, Joan T. Vet, US Army 4-28-2019 Willowbrook Park
BIELAT, Peter S Vet, US Army Air Force, 4006 Base Unit, T/Sgt 6-28-1961 St. Hedwig
BIELEC, Casimer Vet, US Navy Reserves, SM5 11-15-1969 St. Hedwig
BIELECKI, Henry J Vet, US Army, Pfc 1-14-1987 St. Hedwig
BILGREN, Paul A. Vet, US Army, 184th Inf - Pacific Theatre 3-3-2004 Sunset Hill
BILLQUIST, Clarence E. Vet, US Navy, MM3. US Army, M Sgt. Career. 4-27-1997 Allen
BINKO, Anthony Vet, US Army Europe and Africa 10-11-2018 St. Joseph
BJORKHOLM, William Aron Isidor Vet, US Army, Military Intelligence, Europe. Purple Heart and several other medals. 12-18-2015 Lake View
BLACKOWSKI, Eugene J. Vet, US Army, PFC 4-2-1973 Evergreen Lawn
BLACKSTONE, George V  Vet, US Army 2-7-2001 Lake View
BLADYKAS, Helen Vet, US Navy WAVE 5-22-2011 St. Hedwig
BLAHA, Paul  Vet, US Army, Tec4  1978 Cutting
BLAKENEY, Wilbert Trent Vet, US Army 8-3-2006 Sunset Hill
BLANCHARD, Leroy F. [Frank] Vet, US Army. Two Purple Hearts. 4-27-2013 Mayville
BLANCHARD, Louis C. Vet, US Army, Sgt 9-29-1975 Grant
BLANCHARD, Norman Clyde Vet, US Army.  10-3-1990 Mayville
BLANCHARD, Warren Campbell Vet, US Army Air Corps 9-12-2005 Lake View
BLAZEJEWICZ, John Vet, US Army Air Forces, S/Sgt 11-28-1999 St. Hedwig
BLECK, Robert H. Vet, US Army 8-12-2018 Willowbrook Park
BLEMASTER, Donald E Vet, US Army 5-28-2015 Collins Center Cemetery, Erie Co NY
BLISS, Robert O. Vet, US Navy 7-18-1970 Mina
BLODGETT, Manley A Vet, US Army 1-8-1987 Sunset Hill
BLOOD, Paul Ellis Vet, US Army 7-1-2008 Holy Cross
BLOOM, William E. Vet, US Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, and Army. 1944-1949 4-2-2016 Unnamed Cem, this site
BLOOMBERG, C. Gordon Vet, US Army Air Corps, Bombardier/navigator on A26 attack bomber. 1943-1945 1-21-2017 Sunset Hill
BLOOMGREN, Harold C. Sr. Vet, US Army, Mil Police in Europe. Three Bronze Stars 5-22-2015 Marshtown, Russell PA
BOBER, Frank F Vet, US Army, 877th CML CO AIR OPR 3-21-1963 St. Hyacinth
BOCCHINO, Aldo Charles Vet, US Army 8-21-2007 Mount Olivet
BODELL, H. Carl Vet, US Army Air Force, Lt. Col. 10-11-1995 Sunset Hill
BOGERT, Charles W. Vet, US Coast Guard 04-25-2010 Sherman
BOHALL, Ernest Frank Vet, US Navy 1-12-2007 Bemis Point
BOLLING, Warren G. Vet, US Navy 7-26-2009 Sunset Hill
BONTA, Angelo S. Vet, US Navy 12-31-2020 Lake View
BOOZEL, Alvin A. Vet, US Army 1977 Mina
BORGSTROM, Henry E. Vet, US Army Air Force 1-24-2000 Sunset Hill
BORKMAN, Gordon F. Vet, US Army 12-26-2015 Sunset Hill
BOROWSKI, Francis Ignatius "Frank" or "Chink" Vet, US Navy aboard aircraft carrier, USS Lexington, Gunner's Mate 7-7-2018 Ashes to Dunkirk for Memorial
BOUCKHUYT, George E. Jr. Vet, US Navy 11-25-2008 Sunset Hill
BOUGHTON, David I. Sr Vet, US Navy 11-6-2011 Valley View
BOUTELLE, Donald L. Sr. Vet, US Army 2-11-2006 Sunset Hill
BOVA, Angelo S. Vet, Us Army 12-22-2008 St. James
BOVA, Martin S. Sr. Vet, US Army, Coastal Arty in South Pacific 9-18-2010 St. James
BOVA, Salvatore J.[Sy] Vet, US Army, Purple Heart 1-18-2003 St. James
BOWEN, Norman E. "Nubby" Vet, US Army  7-10-2008 Westfield Portland Union
BOWER, Chester A. Vet, US Army - four months 10-31-1997 Quincy
BOWERS, John H. Vet, US Army, Sgt 6-28-1998 Sunset Hill
BOWKER, Homer Jr. Vet, US Army, Sgt. New Guinea and Philippines. Two Purple Hearts with Oak Leaf Clusters, two Bronze Stars 7-22-2019 Forestville
BOWKER, Robert R. Vet, US Army Air Force, S/Sgt. Flew 51 missions as tailgunner in the Philipines. Three Oak Leaf Clusters  1-15-2019 Forestville
BOYD, Harold  Vet, ~ 11-12-1983 Riverside Kennedy
BOYLE, Robert J. Vet, US Army 3-3-2007 Portland Evergreen
BOZEK, Frank Vet, US Army, Pfc 6-12-1992 St. Matthias
BRACISZEWSKI, Elaine F Vet, US Navy, AM2 2001 St. Hyacinth
BRADISH, Elwood Edward [Woody] Vet, US Navy, AMM. 1942-1946, Pacific. 5-29-2018 Sunset Hill
BRADSHAW, Harvey J. Vet, US Army 6-26-2000 Sunset Hill
BRANDEL, Frank D. Vet, US Army 12-19-2004 Sunset Hill
BRANT, Gerald E. [Griz} Vet, US Navy 11-2-2015 West Lawn, Columbus PA
BRANT, Gerald E. [Griz} Vet, US Navy 11-2-2015 West Lawn Cemetery, Columbus Pa
BRAUTIGAM, Kenneth D. Vet, ~ 1984 Panama Union
BRAY, Max D.  Vet, US Navy 4-2-2015 Webster Street
BREADS, Robert D. Vet, US Navy, Electrician's Mate. 1944-1946 4-22-2019 Westfield-Portland Union
BREMER, Edward D. Vet, US Army 1-2-2021 St. Mary
BRENECKI, Peter P Vet, US Army, Tec4 3-10-1986 St. Hedwig
BRENNAN, Charles Walter Vet, US Army 12-26-2019 Evergreen Lawn
BREWER, Samuel H. Vet, 38th Base HQ, Pvt 1966 Northville, North East PA
BREWSTER, Clarence H. Jr. Vet, US Navy 1-3-2013 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
BREWSTER, Paul E  Vet, US Army, Bronze Star 2-18-2000 Lake View
BRIDENBAKER, George R. Vet, 9th US Army Air Force. France and London  3-19-2018 Valley View
BRIDGES, Henry Jed Vet, US Navy 1-23-1990 Sunset Hill
BRIGGS, Walter E. Vet, US Army, Pvt. Career 12-26-1967 Maple Grove, Ashville
BRIGIOTTA, Sam Vincent Vet, US Navy, Y3 aboard US General John Pope. 1943-1946 5-8-2017 Holy Cross
BRISKY, Alfred J -Kelly Vet, US Army Air Corps, Pvt 6-8-1986 St. Hyacinth
BROADHEAD, Almet Norval [Al] Vet, US Army, Engineers. 4-27-2016 Lake View
BROBERG, James E. Vet, US Army 3-2-2008 Lake View
BROBERG, Robert C. Vet, US Army 5-13-2009 Sunset Hill
BROCKWAY, Edward Vet, US Navy 1-9-1983 Greenwood, Harmony
BROOKLER, George Richard Vet, US Army 11-3-2007 Sunset Hill
BROOKS, Henry O. Vet, US Army 03-24-2010 Cherry Creek
BROOKS-, Kane Stanley Vet, US Army, 527 MTR Trans Corps, Cpl 9-27-1967 St. Hyacinth
BROWN, Charles H. Vet, US Navy, MM3 aboard USS Spokane 10-10-2007 Maple Grove, Ashville
BROWN, Charles W. Vet, US Navy (Also Korea) 10-23-2015 Sunset Hill
BROWN, Francis E. "Elmer"  Vet, US Army 6-19-2005  Quincy
BROWN, Jack E. Vet, US Merchant Marines 12-8-2004 Sunset Hill
BROWN, James A. Vet, US Army Air Corps, S/Sgt. Tail gunner on B-26. 1-4-2019 Sunset Hill
BROWN, Joseph R. Vet, US Army, Philipines 5-11-2012 Quincy
BROWN, Leslie E. Vet, US Army, 1318th Service Unit 6-16-1969 Lake View
BROWN, Paul A. Vet, US Navy 6-1-2006 Lake View
BROWN, R. Peter Vet, US Navy 3-15-1980 St. James
BROWN, Ralph Chauncey [Jack] Vet, US Army, PFC 2-19-2000 Villenova
BROWN, Ramon C  Vet, US Army Air Corps 11-6-1981 Fluvanna
BROWN, Robert E. Vet, US Army, 2nd Radio Sqdrn, Mobil G. 1945-1947. 5-4-2018 Sunset Hill
BROWNELL, Alvin M. Vet, US Army Air Corps. 1944-1946 5-15-2011 Sunset Hill
BRUGGE, Donald Warn Vet, Us Navy aboard USS Goodrich. RM3. !944-1946, South Pacific. 7-28-2019 Sunset Hill
BRYANT, Allen C Vet, US Navy, BM2 8-10-1984 St. Hyacinth
BRYANT, George E. [Sonny] Jr. Vet, US Navy 1-19-2011 Sunset Hill
BUCCOLA, Lory Vet, US Army, Tec4 9-23-2001 Mount Olivet
BUCK, Harold W. Vet, US Army 8-6-2007 Pine Hill
BUCK, Stanley E. Vet 12-8-1973 Cassadaga
BUDNIEWSKI, Harry N Vet, US Navy, YN3 8-8-1993 St. Hyacinth
BUDNIEWSKI, Richard Vet, US Army, Infantry, PFC 4-8-1968 St. Hyacinth
BUFFONE, Philip M. Vet, US Army, fought in the Battle of the Bulge. 3-7-2018 Holy Cross
BULLOCK, Bert E. Vet, US Army 12-31-2016 Willowbrook Park
BUNCE, Tyler H. Vet, US Army Air Force 2-10-2011 Sunset Hill
BURCH, Gilbert L.  Vet, US Air Force, Sgt. Career (Also Korea and Vietnam) 1978 Sherman
BURCH, Guy F.  Vet, US Army, Pvt 11-08-1982 Clymer
BURCH, Sherwood A. Vet 9-14-1997 Allen
BURDICK, Guy. E. Sr. Vet, US Navy 12-23-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
BURNS, Gordon H.  Vet, US Army Air Corps, Philippines, Okinawa and China 12-6-2003 Lake View
BURNS, Theodore H. Vet, US Army Air Force,  pilot flight instructor 11-11-2002 Pine Hill
BURT, Menzo M  Vet, US Army, Purple heart 1-23-2000 Lake View
BURTON, Wells Emerson Vet, US Navy Seabees 4-16-2002 Portland Evergreen
BUSCH, Gordon R. Vet, US Army, Sgt. 27th Inf Div,  Pacific 6-9-1993 Cassadaga
BUSENLEHNER, Beverly J. (Salisbury) Vet, US Navy, nurse. Stationed at Portsmouth VA.  9-30-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
BUSH, Edward L.  Vet, US Navy 2-28-1996 Maple Grove, Ashville
BUSH, Harold C. Vet, US Navy 8-20-2007 Maple Grove, Ashville
BUSH, Harold C. Vet, US Navy 8-20-2007 Maple Grove, Ashville
BUSH, Warren Elwood [Bud] Vet, ~ 11-5-2007 Lake View
BUTCHER, Donald WW II and Korea Vet, US Army, M/Sgt 4-21-2004 Evergreen Lawn
BUTCHER, Donald Jackson Vet, US Army, M/Sgt 4-21-2004 Evergreen Lawn
BUTCHER, Walter N. Vet, US Army, Pfc 3-6-2017 Evergreen Lawn
BUTCHER, Walter N. Vet, US Army, PFC 3-6-2017 Evergreen Lawn
BUTRYN, Adolph P Vet, US Army, Tec5 8-12-1985 St. Hyacinth
BUTTERS, Richard T. Sr. Vet, US Air Force 12-24-2016 Allen
BUTTON, Ralph J. Vet, ~ 1977 Panama Union
BYERS, Paul E. Vet, US Navy 6-4-2008 Sunset Hill
BYLUND, John E. Vet, US Coast Guard 1945-1946 6-23-2017 Sunset Hill
BYRNE, Eugene Michael [Gene] Vet, US Navy. Hawaii 1-30-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
CADDEN, Joseph W. Vet, US Army 11-1-2005 Holy Cross
CADE, John Roger [Roger] Vet, US Army, Japan. 1946-1947 9-7-2015 Hillside, Pembroke NY
CADY, Glenn J.  Vet, US Navy 5-22-1996 Cassadaga
CALA, Joseph T. Vet, US Army 3-12-2011 Holy Sepulchre
CALABRESE, James S. Vet, US Army, Tec5 7-28-1998 Mount Olivet
CALABRESE, Sam C. Vet, US Army Air Corps 10-28-1989 Mount Olivet
CALALESINA, Anthony A. Vet, US Army 1-30-2009 Holy Sepulchre
CALALESINA, Clarence Vet, US Army in France, later in Army Reserves 10-13-2013 Holy Sepulchre
CALAMUNGI, James T. Vet, US Army 1946-48 2-17-2014 Holy Sepulchre
CALAMUNGI, Salvatore J. [Terry] Vet, US Army, Medical Corps 1-1-2011 Holy Cross
CALANNI, Sam C  Vet, US Army 8-20-2001 Holy Sepulchre
CALANNI, Sebastian "Busty" Vet, US Army 3-13-2010 Holy Sepulchre
CALARCO, Joseph T. Vet, US Army, Sgt. 1942-1945 4-6-2016 St. James
CALKINS, Donald F.  Vet, US Army   11-23-1996 Evergreen Sinclairville
CAMERON, Rev. Howard F. Vet, US Navy 2-17-2008 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
CAMPANA, Carmen [Spike] Vet, US Navy Seabee 1-19-2011 Holy Sepulchre
CAMPBELL, Helen N. Vet, US Navy WAVES, Lt. 1943-1946 1-23-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
CANFORA, Philip Paul Vet, US Army 11-1-2002 Holy Sepulchre
CAPPA, Carl M. Vet, US Army 5-12-2001 Holy Sepulchre
CAPPANO, Charles [Cappy]  Vet, US Army 9-29-2000 Holy Sepulchre
CAPRINO, Ignazio  Vet, Italian Army 11-11-2004 Holy Sepulchre
CAPRON, Lee H. Vet, US Navy, was a minesweeper in the Mediterranean 2-28-2004 Sunset Hill
CARD, Lawrence Vet, US Army  3-2-1993 Maple Grove, Ashville
CARDINALE, Bennie A. Vet, US Army, 501st Armored Bn. T/4 operator. 1942-1945. Europe Africa, Middle east. Two Bronze Stars. 1-5-2017 Mount Olivet
CARDONE, William Peter Vet, US Army 4-23-2008 Holy Sepulchre
CARDWELL, Thomas E. Vet, US Navy 11-10-1992 Greenwood, Stockton
CARLBERG, C. Gordan [Gordy] Vet, US Navy aboard the USS Nerius AS17. Aleutian Islands 1-12-2018 Allen
CARLEIN, Jabez L. [JB] Vet, US Navy Seabees 5-7-2006 Sunset Hill
CARLSON, Alden C. [Augie] Vet, US Army, POW, Bronze Star 7-22-2001 Sunset Hill
CARLSON, Alvin Bulow Vet, US Army 12-14-2008 Pine Hill
CARLSON, Arthur D. Jr. [Delm] Vet, US Army 2-8-2010 Sunset Hill
CARLSON, Arthur E.  Vet, US Army, 71st Infantry, 44th Div.  4-18-2014 Sunset Hill
CARLSON, Bertel H DNB, US Army, Captain 9-21-1944 Forest Hill
CARLSON, C. Phillip Vet, US Navy. Medical officer on USS Terry 3-25-2003 Sunset Hill
CARLSON, C. Reynold Vet, US Army 5-14-2007 Sunset Hill
CARLSON, Chester K. [Chet] Vet, US Airmy Air Force. Africa and Europe 2-5-2017 Gerry
CARLSON, Eric Elwood Vet, US Navy Seabees 5-9-2006 Lake View
CARLSON, George L. Vet, US Coast Guard 3-6-2010 Sunset Hill
CARLSON, Gordon A. Vet, US Army 4-14-2000 Sunset Hill
CARLSON, Gordon H. Vet, US Navy 11-15-2007 Sunset Hill
CARLSON, James E. Vet, US Army, Sgt. 9-14-1999 Lake View
CARLSON, Kenneth E. Vet, US Navy 3-12-2010 Sunset Hill
CARLSON, Lawrence D. DDS Vet, US Army Air Corp 12-4-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
CARLSON, Leonard D Jr Vet, US Army 10-17-2006 Fluvanna
CARLSON, Leonard H. Vet, US Army, European Theater 5-6-1995 Fluvanna
CARLSON, Nels G. Vet, US Army 10-31-2001 Sunset Hill
CARLSON, Paul H  Vet, US Army Air Corps 8-7-2001 Lake View
CARLSON, Paul Robert Vet, US Army  10-21-2016 Unnamed Cem, this site
CARLSON, Robert E. Vet, US Army  2-19-2007 Holy Cross
CARLSON, Robert V. Vet, US Army Air Force, 487th Base Unit.  3-24-2018 Lake View
CARLSON, Robert W. Vet, US Army, 357th Infantry Div, Bronze Star 8-10-2006 Bemis Point
CARLSON, Sherwood C. [Bud] Vet, US Army Air Force 5-22-2009 Sunset Hill
CARLSON, Swan E. Vet, US Army 1-12-2011 Sunset Hill
CARLSON, Wallace C Vet, US Army 8-5-1989 Fluvanna
CARLSON, Wallace M. Vet, ~ 2-1-2010 Lake View
CARNEY, Edward J.  Vet, US Army 8-2-2004  Holy Cross
CARNEY, John F Vet, US Army Air Force 12-18- 2000  Holy Cross
CARPENTER Russell C.  Vet, US Army, HQ Armor FA BN, Tec 5, NY 12-23-1960 Evergreen Sinclairville
CARPENTER, Floyd G. Vet, ~ 9-16-1946 Levant
CARR, Raymond J. DNB, US Army Air Force, 29 Academic SQD, Pvt 4-29-1943 Valley View
CARROLL, Richard Patrick Vet, US Army Air Corps, 1943-1946. Reserves until 1958. Two children with Diane. (She d. 1990) 10-27-2016 Sunset Hill
CARTWRIGHT, James Leon Vet, US Navy SP2 1-17-1991 Evergreen Lawn
CARVER, Vernon Lynn Vet, US Army ~ ~
CASLER, Harold W. [Tip] Vet, US Army, 1943-1946 10-3-2015 Unnamed Cem, this site
CASSATT, Homer, Leahon Vet, US Army 12-11-2001 Sunset Hill
CASTEN, Roger R Vet, US Navy aboard USS Alaska. 1943-1946 7-10-2017 Cherry Creek
CASTIGLIA, Cosmo Vet, US Army, Svc Battery 718th Fld. Arty, Sgt. Bronze Star 4-6-1965 Quincy
CASTIGLIONE, Anthony S. Vet, ~ 4-26-2008 Mount Olivet
CASTLE, Anthony James Vet, US Army, Sgt. A trumpeter with an Army band that toured Europe entertaining troops. 4-14-2019 Unnamed Cem, this site
CATALANO, Leonard  Vet, USMC, 3rd Assault Grp, Pacific. Stormed beaches across five islands.  7-24-2017 Willowbrook Park
CATANIA, Anthony J. "Chief" Vet, US Army 4-10-2010 Holy Sepulchre
CATANIA, Marion W. Vet, US Army Air Force 11-1-2008 St. James
CATTLEY, Marshall E. Vet, US Army 9-11-2005 Lake View
CAVALLARO, Thomas J. Vet, US Army 3-7-2009 Mount Olivet
CAVE, Gilbert   Vet, US Army Air Force, PFC. China Burma India 1-28-2002 Cassadaga
CAVE, Leo Quenton  Vet, US Navy Reserves, F1 1-13-1966 Cassadaga
CHAFEE, Raymond Vet, US Army, Engrs, Sgt 4-19-1947 Valley View
CHAFFIN, Lyle E Vet, US Army 12-31-1999 Portland Evergreen
CHAMBERLIN, Clarence Clyde Vet, US Army, Sgt 1-17-1975 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
CHAMBERLIN, Lawrence Vet, ~ 9-6-1983 Sherman Valley
CHAMBERLIN, Walter Vet, US Navy 12-3-1972 Sherman Valley
CHAMP, Forrest J Vet, US Army, AFE, 1919 Co A 306 MC BN 77 Div 3-4-1985 Fluvanna
CHAMP, Jeanne B. Vet, US Army 1-28-2010 Fluvanna
CHANDLER, James W. Vet, US Army, Co D 16th Inf, Tec4. Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster 8-6-1965 Quincy
CHAPMAN, Edgar B. Vet, US Army. 1942-1945 7-23-2018 Quincy
CHASE, Ernest E. Vet, US Army Air Force 5-2-2008 Cherry Creek
CHASE, Warren James Vet, US Army Air Force, 20th Div 44th Bombardment Sqdrn., Sgt. 7-18-2016 Cassadaga
CHIAPPONE, Louis S. Vet, US Army, 697th Field Arty Bn Europe 5-26-2004 Holy Cross
CHILDS, Everett G. Vet, US Army, Pvt 3-2-1978 Evergreen Sinclairville
CHILDS, Kenneth S  Vet, US Army, 10th Mt. Div 10-6-1963 Myrtle
CHILDS, Lawrence  Vet, US Army Air Force, Ftr Wing, CPL, PA 9-25-1969 Evergreen Sinclairville
CHRABASZ, Anthony A Vet, US Army, 21st Engineer AVN BN, Pvt 10-28-1967 St. Hyacinth
CHRABASZ, Jacob J Vet, US Army, Pvt 3-27-1993 St. Hyacinth
CHRIS, Harold E Vet, US Army 5-3-1987 Fluvanna
CHRIST, Russell S. Vet, US Army, Pfc 12-27-1954 Quincy
CHRISTIANSON, Stanley L. [Chick] Vet, US Navy aboard USS Wasp. 1945-1946 9-13-2016 Sunset Hill
CHRISTNER, Ernest Vet, US Army 10-2-2006 Holy Cross
CHRISTO, Chris S. Vet, US Army, Sgt. 1942-1945 11-23-2018 Sunset Hill
CHRISTOPHERSON, Ralph E Vet, US Army 12-27-1975 Fluvanna
CHRISTY, George Leonard Vet, US Navy, PHM1 3-2-1995 Evergreen Lawn
CHUDZINSKI, Edmund B Vet, US Army, Cpl 8-30-1987 St. Hyacinth
CHUDZINSKI, Stanley J Vet, US Army Air Force, 482 Base HQ, ABSQ 1-3-1955 St. Hyacinth
CHURCH, Donald R. Vet, US Army 8-16-1989 Cassadaga
CHYLINSKI, Julia (White) Vet, US Navy WAVE, Y2C. 1944-1946 8-11-2015 St. Matthias
CHYLINSKI, Raymond Victor Vet, US Navy. 1944-1946. Served on a merchant ship in pacific, European and African Theaters 1-7-2011 St. Matthias
CIESLEWICZ, Casmir Vet, ~ 1985 St. Hyacinth
CIESLEWICZ, Victor L. Vet, US Army, T/Sgt 1-14-2006 St. Hedwig
CIMINELLA, Anthony P. Vet, US Army, Pfc 1970 St. James
CIMINO, Joseph Vet, US Army Air Force 3-9-2008 Sunset Hill
CLARK, Dean J. Vet, US Army 9-18-2003 Sunset Hill
CLARK, Donald A. Vet 10-7-1975 Allen
CLARK, Gerald Forrest  Vet, US Navy, S1, NY 2-6-1957 Evergreen Sinclairville
CLARK, Lewis L. Vet, ~ 1963 Magnolia
CLARK, Robert Harvey  Vet, US Navy 4-19-2015 Cassadaga
CLASSON, Fred D. Vet, US Army Air Force 07-05-2009 Levant
CLAUSON, Arthur E. Vet, US Army Air Corps, 649th Signal Corps, Sgt 12-5-1991 Fluvanna
CLINE, Florence E. (Mitchell) Vet, US Navy. Arial Gunnery instructor 4-5-2016 Unnamed Cem, this site
CLINE, Glenn Walter Vet, US Army Air Corps, Cpl. China, Burma, India. 2-28-1998 Lake View
CLINE, Walter C. Jr. Vet, US Navy, 1944-1946 3-2-2015 Sunset Hill
CLOSE, Keith E Vet, US Army, Purple Heart 5-19-1999 Fluvanna
COBB, Lynn Nathan Vet, US Navy Reserves, MM2 4-23-1970 Tuckertown
COBURN, Gerald  H. Vet, ~ 1997 Mina
COCHRAN, Everal Wayne Vet, US Navy 5-28-1996 Clymer
COCHRAN, Orrie Elsworth [Bud] Vet, US Army, Pfc and PA Natl Guard 5-6-1969 Clymer
COLBURN, Luther J. Sr. Vet, US Army 6-12-2007 Cherry Creek
COLBURN, Perry C.  Vet, US Army   12-25-1986 Evergreen Sinclairville
COLBURN, Walter J. Vet, US Navy 6-16-1998 Bemis Point
COLE, Douglas L. Vet, US Army 2-19-1999 Chautauqua Cem
COLE, James C. Jr. Vet, US Army, Cpl 8-19-1992 Panama Union
COLE, John K. Vet, US Navy, USS Adams, Radio man 3-2-2002 Lake View
COLE, Richard H.  Vet, ~ 1995 Clymer
COLE, William Ethan Vet, US Army 1945-1947, Philippines. 12-20-2017 Clymer
COLEMAN, Alvan E. Vet, ~ 2-9-1981 Magnolia
COLLI, Salvatore J. Sr. Vet, US Army, Pfc 11-1984 St. Matthias
COLLINS, John F. Vet, US Army, Medical Tech 8-19-2001 Sunset Hill
COLSTON, Frederick L. [Rebel] Vet, Merchant Marines 6-7-2005 Portland Evergreen
COLUCCI, Dominic Angelo Vet, Italian (?) Army 11-2-2020 Holy Sepulchre
COMELLA, Leonard John Vet, US Army 389th Fld Arty 97th Div, T/Sgt. Europe 8-24-2009 Holy Cross
COMSTOCK, Martin Vet, ~ 8-5-1979 Ivory
CONIGLIO, Leonard Joseph Vet, US Navy RM2C. Pacific 8-5-2018 St, Joseph
CONNELLY, Gerald D. Vet, US Army 4-30-2007 Lake View
CONNELLY, Gordon M. [Red] Vet, US Army 11-19-2007 Lake View
CONNER, George H. Vet, US Army 10-3-2009 Sunset Hill
CONNER, George H. Vet, US Army 10-3-2009 Sunset Hill
CONNER, George W. Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. 11-29-2015 Allen
CONNY, Daniel V. Vet, USMC. Pacfic, Purple Heart 9-16-2016 St, Joseph
CONOVER, Kenneth E. Vet, US Army, 91st Calvary Reconnaissance Squadron in Africa, Sicily & Italy 9-30-2003 Fluvanna
CONSTANTINO, Dimetrio F. [Bucky] Vet, US Navy, 1942-1946 and 1950-1952. (and Korea) 8-25-2015 Holy Sepluchre
CONTI, James Vet, (Also Korea) 6-29-2015 Saratoga National Cemetery, Schuylerville, NY
CONTI, Louis Ross MD. Vet, US Navy, AMM, Hawaii. 10-3-2010 St. Joseph
CONTI, Ross J. Vet, US Navy Seabee and US Navy Reserves, Chief Tender. Career 40 years  6-24-2018 St. Anthony
CONTINO, Carmen R. Vet, 290th Field Arty. Europe 12-20-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
COOK, Frederick J. [Bud] Vet, US Army Air Force 10-14-2008 Bemis Point
COOK, Leroy Vet, US Navy 1-12-2004 Fluvanna
COOK, Merrille E Vet, US Army 9-29-1992 Fluvanna
COOK, Richard H. Vet, US Army - 738th Signal Aircraft Warning Co. 02-19-2014 Levant
COONS, Carlyle C. [CC] Vet, U S Navy 9-9-2020 Sunset Hill
COOPER, Richard C. Vet, US Navy 6-2-2010 Sunset Hill
CORCORAN, Delbert P Vet, US Navy 11-24-2004 Fluvanna
CORCORAN, Kermit H.  Vet, US Army, 800 Military Police Bn in Japan 9-25-2005 Sunset Hill
CORCORAN, Paul F. Vet, US Army 11-5-2006 Sunset Hill
CORNISH, Clifford  Vet, ~ 11-30-1972 Cassadaga
COSTANZO, Anthony J. Vet, US Army, 1st Inf Div. Africa and Europe. Fought at Omaha Beach. Purple Heart with clusters, Bronze Star among other decorations. 4-6-2017 Holy Cross
COTTEN, Elmer L. Vet, US Army 1-28-2019 Webster Street
COUCHENOUR, Albert H. Jr. [Bud] Vet, US Navy 11-24-2007 Sunset Hill
COURSON, Dean Samuel Vet, US Army 4-11-2011 Cassadaga
COWEN, Arthur L. Vet, US Army, Tec5 4-29-2010 Valley View
COXSON, Charles Warren Jr. Vet, US Navy 2018 Ashes Scattered
CRABTREE, Wendell B. Vet, US Army Air Force 12-16-2007 Cassadaga
CRAIG, Donald B. Vet, US Army, 48th Reinforcement Bn, Pfc 4-5-1964 Sherman Valley
CRANDALL, Clyde R.  Vet, US Army, Sgt 1994 Sherman
CRANE, James Edward Vet, US Army 1-24-1990 Mina
CRANE, William N. Vet, US Army 12-21-2000 Mina
CRANSTON, Allen B Vet, US Army, Tec5 9-1-1986 Portland Evergreen
CRASTI, Anthony J. Vet, US Army 11-27-2009 Holy Sepulchre
CREA, Sam J. Vet, US Army Air Force, 884th Air Engr Sqdrn and 466th Air Service Grp. 1943-1946 in Europe. 2-3-2019 St. Joseph
CRESANTI, Joseph Charles  Vet, US Army, 26th GenHosp, surgical Tec4 11-12-2001 Holy Sepulchre
CRESANTI, Peter F Vet, US Army 10-1-2000 Holy Sepulchre
CRESANTI, Samuel  Vet, US Army 14th Arm. Div. 3rd Army  11-20-2001 Holy Sepulchre
CRICK, Frank A. Vet, US Army 7-2-2009 Sunset Hill
CRISCIONE, Joseph F Vet, US Army 11-23-1999 Portland Evergreen
CRIST, Harold E Vet, US Army 5-3-1987 Fluvanna
CROFT, Carl Richard Vet, US Army 5-15-2010 Sunset Hill
CROSCUT, Guy A. Vet, US Army 08-16-2010 Mayville
CROSS, Archie Wright Vet, US Army HQ Co, 112th Inf, PFC. Purple Heart, Bronze Star 4-28-1966 Allen
CROSSLEY, Albert Eugene Vet, US Army - Europe 02-07-2014 Steamburg Cemetery, Catt. Co.
CROUCH, Doris J. [Bonnie] Vet, US Marine Corps, CPL 4-27-2000 Panama Union
CROWELL, Harold L. Vet, US Army 1-6-2006 Evergreen Sinclairville
CRUMP, Leslie M. Vet, ~ 9-22-1995 Sherman
CRUMP, Vernon F.  Vet, ~ 12-29-1960 Sherman
CRUZ, Julio Rev. Vet 1-1968 Lake View
CUDNY, Walter E. Vet, US Army, 1945 2-2-1971 St. Matthias
CULVER, Ernest H. Vet, US Navy 10-27-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
CUMMINGS, Lyle A.  Vet, ~ 11-09-1951 Sherman
CUNNINGHAM, James F. Vet, US Navy 2-18-2019 Evergreen Lawn
CUNNINGHAM, James F. Vet, US Navy 2-18-2019 Evergreen Lawn
CURRIER, Lenard J. Vet, US Army, Pfc 4-19-1977 Quincy
CURRY , William E. Sr. Vet, US Navy 10-14-2000 Sunset Hill
CURRY, Rayner J. Vet, US Army Air Forces. Pvt. 8-18-1998 Evergreen Lawn
CURRY, Walter C. Vet, US Army, Drafted and served 2 years under General Patton 3-1-2014 Sunset Hill
CURTIS, Charles A. Vet, US Navy 3-14-2003 Dewiittville
CURTIS, Doris M. [Dolly] Vet, US Navy 12-14-2008 Dewittville
CURTIS, James M. Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. Purple Heart, Silver star, and Bronze Star 12-28-2007 Sunset Hill
CUSIMANO, Anthony S. Vet, US Army 10-1-2006 Holy Sepulchre
CUSIMANO, Fred J. Vet, US Army 2-6-2006 Holy Sepulchre
CUSIMANO, Joseph S. Vet, US Army, Tank destroyer Bn, Africa and Europe 5-29-2003 Holy Sepulchre
CUSIMANO, Peter J. [Buckwheat] Vet, US Army, 1875th Aviation Engineer Co. 1-31-1980 Bemis Point
CUSIMANO, Samuel L. Vet, US Army, Medic 5-24-2005 Holy Sepulchre
CUSIMANO, Thomas W. "Coach" Sr. Vet, US Army 11-16-2009 Holy Sepulchre
CYBART, Joseph B Vet, US Army Air Force, 742 bomb Sqdrn, Pfc 9-1-1967 St. Hyacinth
CYBART, Richard J Vet, US Navy, AMM3 10-28-1998 St. Hyacinth
CYBULSKI, Edward S Vet, US Army, Tec5 10-4-1994 St. Hyacinth
CYBULSKI, Leo J Vet, US Army, T/Sgt 3-22-1981 St. Hedwig
CYGANOWSKI, Edmund J Vet, US Army, Tec5 8-17-1982 St. Hyacinth
CZEIZINGER, Louis  Vet, US Navy 10-27-2005 Portland Evergreen
CZEKANSKI, Robert J Vet, US Navy, MM3 9-18-1992 St. Hyacinth
DACH, John C Vet, US Navy, BM1 7-13-1996 St. Hyacinth
DAHL, Herman Alfred Vet, US Army, Sgt 3-28-1988 Allen
DAHL, Rollin E. Vet 2-25-1964 Allen
DAHLIN, Marshall Bernander Vet, US Army Air Force 07-07-2009 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
DAILEY, Albert F. Vet, US Navy 4-13-2009 Lake View
DALRYMPLE, Bernard E. Vet, US Army, Europe 1942-1945 8-31-2005 Pine Hill
DALRYMPLE, Carl R. Vet, US Army 3-17-2021 Westfield-Portland Union
DALRYMPLE, Leonard [Bill] Vet, US Army 5-18-2007 Cassadaga
DAMCOTT, Donald L. Vet, US Army 4-1-1986 Sherman Valley
DAMCOTT, Norman Frederick Vet, US Army, PFC 6-24-1996 Holland
DAMCOTT, Ralph J. Vet, US Army, 1/Lt 1988 Clymer
DAMCOTT, Wilfred Leo [Jiggs] Vet, US Army 1-16-2012 Holland
D'ANGELO, Angelo V, [BoBo] Vet, US Army. 1943-1945 4-12-2018 Holy Sepulchre
D'ANGELO, Anthony M. Vet, US Navy 3-13-1976 Holy Sepulchre
D'ANGELO, John C. ‘‘Giggy’’  Vet, US Army, Mil Police 4-27-2002 Holy Sepulchre
D'ANGELO, Vincent Joseph [Jimmie] Vet, US Army. M/Sgt. 20-year plus career. Battle of Bulge, Korea, and Vietnam.  10-9-2018 Holy Sepulchre
D'ANGELO, Vincent Joseph [Jimmy] Vet, WW II, Korea, and Vietnam, US Army Medical Corp. A medic and dental assistant in a MASH unit. Present at Battle of the Bulge.   10-9-2018 Holy Sepulchre
DANIELS, Albert J Vet, US Army, Pfc 11-7-1998 St. Hyacinth
DANIELSON, Edwin L. Vet, US Navy 9-2-2010 Sunset Hill
DANIELSON, Einar A.  Vet, US Army, 187th Military Police, North Africa and Europe, Purple Heart 2-11-1969 Lake View
DANIELSON, Richard A. "Dick" Vet, US Army, 17th, 82nd and 101st Airborne Division, European Theatre 12-1-1991 Fluvanna
DANIELSON, Verland H. Vet, US Army.  6-16-2012 Sunset Hill
D'ARGENTO, Anne Calanni  Vet, US Army Air Force 8-27-2001 Holy Sepulchre
DARLING, Robert F.  Vet, US Army Air Force 11-12-2004 Lake View
DASCOLI, James J. Vet, US Navy 11-24-2016 Mayville
DAVIS, Alton B. Vet, US Marine Corps 1-9-2008 Evergreen Sinclairville
DAVIS, Carl L. "Lewie" Vet, US Army, 62nd Signal Battalion 4-18-2001 Fluvanna
DAVIS, Charles M. [Chuck] Vet, US Army, 377th Regt, 95th Div with Patton in Europe. 11-12-2016 Unnamed Cem, this site
DAVIS, Donald C. Vet, US Army Air Corps.  11-4-2020 Unnamed Cem, this site
DAVIS, Fred C. Vet, US Army 2-4-2015 Unnamed Cem, this site
DAVIS, Howard K. Vet, US Army Air Force 1998 Maple Grove, Ashville
DAVIS, Paul B.  Vet, US Army, Clerk typist in Frankfurt Germany. 1945-1946 11-29-2020 Sunset Hill
DAVISON, Victor E.  Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 1-30-1994 Maple Grove, Ashville
DEAN, Walter L. Vet, US Army  9-2-1968 Maple Grove, Ashville
DEANGELO, Philip J. Vet, US Army 3-10-2009 Mount Olivet
DEANGELO, Philip J. Vet, US Army 3-10-2009 Mount Olivet
DEARING, William D. Vet, US Army Air Force 7-16-2007 Mayville
DECKER, Clyde W. Vet, US Army, Pvt. 2-17-1945 to 2-12-1945 12-17-1997 St. Matthias
DeFOREST, David B. Vet, US Army, T/Sgt 4-12-1978 Panama Union
DEHOFF, Ivan Luther Vet, US Navy, AMM1. 1942-1945 in Iceland. 1-17-2019 Maplecrest NY
DEJOE, Vincie Rita D'Angelo Vet, US Army Air Corps 5-5-2009 Holy Sepulchre
DEJONGHE, Charles Albert Vet, US Navy, Seabees in the Pacific. 1941-1945 4-24-2018 Vet, USMCSt. Mary
DEJONGHE, Charles Albert Vet, US Navy, Seabees in the Pacific. 1941-1945 4-24-2018 St. Mary
DEMARCO, Charles J. Vet, US Navy aboard USS Eisenhower 11-7-2005 Holy Sepulchre
DENISON, Albert K Vet, US Army, 452nd Bomber Group 6-8-2000 Portland Evergreen
DENNIS, Franklin J. Vet, US Army 7-29-2001 Sunset Hill
DEPPAS, Andrew G. Vet, US Army 1-23-2008 Holy Cross
DERRY, William L. Vet, US Army 2-8-2006 Holy Cross
DESANTIS, Patsy L. Vet, US Army 3-18-2009 Holy Cross
DESHAZER, Walter Dougas  Vet, US Army  11-13-2001 Cutting
DESTRO, Anthony J Vet, US Army 6-17-2000  Holy Cross
DESZCZ, John Vet, US Army, 1691 Ord Suft Maint.Co, Tec4 11-13-1957 St. Hyacinth
DEUINK, Gerald John Vet, US Army, 368th Fighter Sqdrn, Sgt. Was at Normandy and in Northern France campaign.  3-28-1980 Cassadaga
DEWEY, James W. Vet, US Navy. Philippines, 1944-1946. Later called up for  war. Served aboard USS Enoree 1950-1952.  11-6-2020 Glenwood
DEWEY, Robert Adelbert Vet, Pilot 3-3-1995 Evergreen Sinclairville
DEYO, Edsal A. Vet, US Army, Philippines and Japan 12-27-2004 Sunset Hill
DICKINSON, Marvin C. Vet, US Army, Pvt. 7-1-1998 Forestville
DICKINSON, Robert W.  Vet, Us Navy, S1. 10-23-1992 East Ripley
DIFFENDERFER, Bernice N. (Danielson) Vet, US Navy WAVE. 1944-1945. 5-1-2016 Sunset Hill
DIKEMAN, George E. Vet, US Navy (and Korea) 10-31-2016 Westfield
DIKEMAN, George E. Vet, US Navy, also Korea 10-31-2016 Westfield
DIMAIO, Catherine A. Cairns Vet, US Army, Neuropsychiatric Nurse 6-4-2001 Sunset Hill
DIMAS, Louis Vet, US Army Air Force, 5 yrs 6-4-2015 Sunset Hill
DIMICK, Jack B. Vet, US Army, Pvt. 1-15-1981 Evergreen Lawn
DINAPOLI, Louis M Sr. Vet, US Army, Btry A 536th Fld Arty 6-10-2000 Holy Sepulchre
DINGELDEY, Leonard C. Jr. Vet, US Army 11-20-2018 Forestville
DITONTO, Bennie A. Sr. Vet, US Army, 44th and 499th Field Hospital, Surgical technician in Europe. 1942-1945 8-25-2016 Holy Cross
DITZLER, James Storms Vet, US Army. Pacific for 4.5 years. 5-3-2017 St Luke's Columbarium (Jamestown NY)
DIVINCENZO, Anthony T. Vet, US Army 3-5-2007 Mount Olivet
DOBEK, John T Vet, US Army, Pfc. Purple Heart 3-26-2000 St. Hyacinth
DOBEK, Joseph F. Vet, US Army. Italy and Sicily 10-23-2005 St. Hyacinth
DOBRZYNSKI, Edmund C  Vet, US Army, 14th Armor Div, Tec4 1-4-1964 St. Hedwig
DODSON, Ernest C. Vet, US Army Air Force, Lt Col 3-15-1996 St. Hedwig
DOKTOR, Edward A Vet, US Navy, S1 7-14-2001 St. Hedwig
DOLBY, John Henry Vet, US Army, Tec4 ~ Maple Grove, Ashville
DOLCE, G. Thomas Vet, US Army 2-18-1992 St. James
DOLE, Charles N. Vet, US Navy 1-14-2003 Panama Union
DOLE, E. Donald  Vet, US Navy 1-20-2004 Panama Union
DOMBROWSKI, Edward P.  Vet, US Army Air Force 11-19-2009 St. Matthias
DOMBROWSKI, Felix Vet, US Army Air Force, CPL 8-31-1997 St. Hedwig
DOMBROWSKI, Matthew Vet, US Army, M/Sgt 9-6-1993 St. Hyacinth
DOMBROWSKI, Sally A. (Whiting) Vet, US Navy WAVE 2-12-2011 St. Matthias
DOMENICO, Albert A. Vet, US Army Air Corps, Sgt. 3-19-1994 Evergreen Lawn
DOMERACKI, Chester S. KIA, Co H 112th Inf, 29th Div, S/Sgt. 2-17-1941 to 3-6-1943 3-6-1943 St. Matthias
DONATO, Ricardo Vet, US Army, Sgt. 4-17-2016 Holy Sepulchre
DONELSON, Elmer T. Vet, US Army, Tec5. 4-4-1990 Greenwood, Harmony
DOOLITTLE, Arthur A. Vet, ~ 1969 Panama Union
DORT, Paul Q Vet, ~ 3-27-1987 Riverside Kennedy
DOUD, James F. Vet, US Navy 3-10-2007 Lake View
DOUGAN, Charles Roy Dead, USMC, 3rd Div, Cpl 8-9-1944 Quincy
DOUGAN, William Alfred Vet, US Army 4-29-1976 Quincy
DOWD, Ralph J Sr. Vet, ~ 10-6-1986 Fluvanna
DRAGGETT, James Harold Vet, US Army Air Corps, an aviation mechanic in Germany.  7-30-2017 Forest Hill
DRAGO, John L. WW II, US Army, Inf. T/Sgt. Purple Heart 8-14-1973 St. Anthony
DRAGOSAVAC, William F.  Vet, US Army 8-8-2008 Sunset Hill
DRAK, Thomas L Vet, US Army, Tec5 9-4-1974 St. Hedwig
DRAKE, Lillian Lorraine (Erickson) Vet, USMC, Pfc 12-26-2005 Allen
DRAKE, Nolan Afton [Aft] Vet, USMC. Pacific 1942-1945 3-8-2016 Allen
DRAKE, Stanley M.[Bunger] Vet, US Navy 6-22-2006 Mayville
DRAVES, Donald H. Vet, US Navy 4-10-2002 Holy Cross
DROZDIEL, Henry Vet, US Army, Tec5 2-5-1992 St. Hedwig
DROZDIEL, Stanley A Vet, US Navy, AMM2 8-24-2006 St. Hedwig
DUBIEL, John L. Vet, US Army 11-8-1988 St. Matthias
DUBOIS, Albert B. Vet, US Army Air Corps, PFC 7-16-1994 Cassadaga
DUBOIS, Elmer Morley Vet, US Army Air Force, 2132 Base Unit, Sgt 4-17-1958 Maple Grove, Ashville
DUCHARME, Bernard Ivan Vet, US Army, 172nd Infantry 43rd Division 11-19-2002 Fluvanna
DUDEK, Edmund R Vet, US Marine Corps, Cpl 9-11-1968 St. Hyacinth
DUDEK, Fred Vet, US Navy, S1 11-7-1991 St. Hyacinth
DUDEK, Henry F Vet, US Army, Tec5 5-9-1980 St. Hyacinth
DUDEK, John S Vet, US Army, Tec5 3-3-1980 St. Hyacinth
DUDLEY, Julius Anderson Vet, US Army Air Force 11-8-2008 Mayville
DUINK, Earl Lewis Vet, US Army Air Force, India 02-11-2014 West Lawn Cemetery, Columbus PA
DULL, Edward J Vet, ~ 1964 St. Hyacinth
DURNELL, Claude I. Vet, US Army 6-29-2006 Maple Grove, Ashville
DURNELL, Claude I. Vet, US Army 6-29-2006 Maple Grove, Ashville
DURST, Harold J. Vet, US Army, Co 1 3rd Bn 1st Tng Regt, Pvt 9-9-1962 Quincy
DWORAK, Leonard [Lenny] Vet, US Army, Pvt 1-16-1987 St. Hyacinth
DWYER, Robert D. Vet, US Army Air Corps 12-26-2008 Lake View
DYBECK, Harry S Vet, US Army, 100th MTraining Regt, Pvt 4-24-1951 St. Hyacinth
DYBECK, John F Vet, US Army, Pfc 3-29-1992 St. Hyacinth
DYBECK, Walter J Sr Vet, US Army, Sgt 2-5-1979 St. Hyacinth
DYBKA, Joseph Lucas Vet, US Army, Pvt. 7-6-1999 Forestville
DYKAS, Frank V Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 1991 St. Hyacinth
DYKAS, Michael D Vet, US Army, Co A, 86 Inf, S/Sgt. Bronze Star 9-19-1956 St. Hyacinth
DYKAS, Walter F Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 1-5-1991 St. Hedwig
DYNYS, Joseph Jr Vet, US Army Air Corps.  10-15-2012 Holy Cross
DZIDUCH, Stanley J Vet, US Navy, BM2. Pearl Harbor Survivor. 7-26-2006 St. Hedwig
DZIEDZIC, Edward A Vet, US Army, Tec5 1-4-1996 St. Hyacinth
EARLE, Ellsworth Vet, US Army, Co E 350th Inf, S/Sgt 12-20-1952 Forestville/Pioneer
EBERT, Robert W. Vet, ~ 6-10-1962 East Ripley
ECKER, Bill "Claude W" Vet, US Navy 2-28-1999 Fluvanna
ECKER, Norman L. Vet, US Army Air Force 344 Fighter Sq, Sgt 12-08-1969 Grant
ECKLUND, Evert A. Vet, US Army 7-26-2008 Lake View
ECKLUND, Richard E. Vet, US Navy 6-19-2008 Westfield
ECKROTH, George B. Vet, US Navy, USS Franklin, South Pacific 9-19-2005 Lake View
ECKSTEDT, Gilbert J.   Vet, US Army 5-29-1987 Lake View
ECKSTROM, Alton M Vet, US Army, Cpl 10-2-1982 Fluvanna
ECKSTROM, Edmond J "Jiggs" Vet, US Army, Sgt FC (Also Korea) 12-1-1975 Fluvanna
ECKSTROM, Richard David "Dick" KIA, US Army, 15th Inf 3rd Div, Pvt, killed at Aix in southern France 8-21-1944 Fluvanna
ECKWAHL, Harold W. Vet, US Navy. 1945-1946 7-4-2017 Bemus Point
ECKWAHL, Roland J. Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 12-1-2001 Sunset Hill
EDDY,  Edward J. Vet, US Navy (Also Korea) 1993 Open Meadows
EDDY, Everett L. Vet, US Army 2-27-2003 Quincy
EDDY, Raymond C Jr. Vet, European Theater 4-26-1975 Fluvanna
EDDY, Robert L. Vet, US Army. Signal Service, T4. Europe 1943-1946 2-1-2021 Holy Cross
EDINGTON, Robert L Vet, US Army (Also Korea) 1-5-2015 Pine Hill, Gowanda NY
EDINGTON, Robert L Vet, US Army (Also Korea) 1-5-2015 Pine Hill, Gowanda NY
EDISON, C.''Ed'' LeRoy Jr. Vet, US Army, 1394th Military Police Europe, Africa, Middle East 11-16-2004 Sunset Hill
EDSON, Bernard Vet, US Navy, 8-8-1944 to 3-5-1946 3-3-2014 Busti
EDSTROM, Albert E Vet, US Navy 3-28-2001 Pine Hill
EDWARDS, Barney R. Vet, US Army, Pvt 11-1-1993 Sunset Hill
EDWARDS, Charles H.  Vet, US Army, Pvt 11-22-1970 Clymer
EDWARDS, Dale H. Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 10-11-1976 Grant
EDWARDS, John C. [Jack] Vet, US Army, Purple Heart 1-10-2003 Clymer
EDWARDS, Morris D. Vet, US Army Air Force 1973 Mina
EDWARDS, Ross B.  Vet, US Army, Cpl 5-31-1988 Clymer
EDWARDS, Warren L. Vet, US Army 5-29-2004 Sunset Hill
EGBERT, Henry R. Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. Japan 2-20-2019 Villenova
EGER, Jack L. Vet, US Army, 6th Armored Div, Pfc. Europe. Purple Heart,  2 Bronze Battle Stars and a European African Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon. 3-27-2016 Sunset Hill
EIMERS, Allen E. Sr. Vet, ~ 12-21-2005 Sherman
EIMERS, Fredrick R. Vet, US Army Air Force 1-7- 2000 Quincy
EIMERS, Guernon R. [Gurney] Vet, US Navy (Also Korea) 2-13-2007 East Ripley
ELARDO, Vincent S. Jr. Vet, US Army Air Force 8-16-2000 Mount Olivet
ELDER, George A. Vet, USMC, 4th Div Saipan Tinian, and Iwo Jima. Wounded three times. 8-16-2013 Holy Cross
ELDRIDGE, Claud W. Vet, US Army, 484th Engrs, Tec4 1969 Northville, North East PA
ELIASON, Leonard "Penner" Vet, US Navy 04-21-2010 Mina
ELLIS, Frank J. Vet, US Army 2-8-2009 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
ELMORE, Herbert O. Vet, US Army 10-3-2007 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
EMERSON, Frank L. Vet, US Army, Pfc 3-22-1976 Quincy
EMLEY, Warren W. Vet, US Navy, MM3 8-17-2004 Cassadaga
ENGBERG, Gordon Edward KIA, US Navy, SM2 aboard USS Juneau. Lost at sea at Guadalcanal 11-13-1942 Sunset Hill, Memorial only
ENGDAHL, Roy A. Vet, US Navy 1-12-1996 Evergreen Sinclairville
ENGLE, Melvin W. Vet 5-7-2005 Allen
ENGWALL, L. Sherwood Vet, US Army 5-9-2007 Maple Grove, Ashville
ENGWALL, L. Sherwood Vet, US Army 5-9-2007 Maple Grove, Ashville
ERDLE, Warren S. Vet, US Army Air Force, 884 Bombardment Squadron. 5-1-2013 Evergreen Lawn
ERENWEIN, Clarence V. Vet, US Army Air Corps 2-26-1990 Fluvanna
ERICKSON, Burwin E  Vet, US Army Air Corps 1-20-2001 Lake View
ERICKSON, Conrad Sr. Vet, US Marine Corps, 6th Marine Div 11-9-2001 Sunset Hill
ERICKSON, George L. Sr. Vet, US Army 1/Sgt 1-21-2001 Allen
ERICKSON, Gunnard E. "Gunny" Vet, US Army 7-4-2009 Lake View
ERICKSON, Harry F. Vet, US Army Air Corps 2-3-1989 Evergreen Sinclairville
ERICKSON, Raymond A. Vet, US Army, Tank Destroyer unit in the Philippines.  6-19-2016 Unnamed Cem, this site
ERICKSON, Robert V. Vet, US Army (1940-1941). US Navy, 1943-1945 in amphibian force in the Pacific. 5-1-2017 Allen
ERICKSON, Warren J. Vet, US Army. 1942-1947 7-30-2011 Allen
ERICKSON, William G. [Gus] Vet, US Army 10-20-2007 Sunset Hill
ESTABROOK, Frederick F. Vet, US Navy, Pilot. 1945. At 19, became one of the youngest navy pilots. After the war remained in the Reserves. Retiring in 1966 as Lt. Cmdr. 1-10-2013 Lake View
EVANCZIK, John T. Vet, US Army 4-28-2007 Sunset Hill
EVANS, George (Dermitt) Vet, US Army 9-25-2006 Bemis Point
EVANS, Renetta M. MCCaughry "Ree" Vet, US Army, Nursing Corps 10-2-2008 Westfield Portland Union
EVERTS, Marshall J. Vet, US Army Air Corps 9-3-2006 Westfield
FAGAN, William M. Vet, US Navy 5-6-2007 Sunset Hill
FAGERSTROM, Siegfred P. Vet, US Army 11-3-2005 Sunset Hill
FANDT, Walter E. Vet 11-24-1976 Cassadaga
FANTAUZZO, James R.  Vet, US Army 1-22-2003 Holy Sepulchre
FARDINK, Harold B. Vet, US Army, Tec4 9-30-2002 Maple Grove, Ashville
FARGO, Alan M. Vet, US Army Air Force 8-5-1989 Sunset Hill
FARLEY, George Washington Jr. Vet, US Navy, Aviation Ordnanceman Third Class. Served in support of a PBY Squadron in Brazil. 7-13-2009 Donated body
FARLEY, Richard Vet, US Navy, retired 10-26-2007 Donated body
FARLEY, Robert T.  Vet, US Army, Military Police 4-20-2008 Levant
FARNHAM, Leroy S. [Dutch] Vet, US Army, 309th Depot Sqd.,Sgt 4-4-2001 Portland Evergreen
FARNHAM, Norris E.  DNB, Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 3-24-1944 Portland Evergreen
FARRAR, William A Vet, US Army 2-23-2000 Portland Evergreen
FARRELL, Robert F. Vet, US Army, France 12-14-1982 Sunset Hill
FAUST, Theodore [Ted] Vet, US Army 5-27-2019 Mayville
FEATHER, Norman N. Vet, US Army, Battle of the Bulge 5-12-2001 Sunset Hill
FEDIRKO, Peter Jr Vet, US Navy 8-30-2017 Holy Cross
FEDYSZYN, Anthony S Vet, US Navy, BM1 6-29-2000 St. Hyacinth
FEIDLER, Homer F. Vet, US Navy 9-23-2007 Maple Grove, Ashville
FELSMAN, Edward A Vet, US Army, Bronze Star 2-10-2000 Portland Evergreen
FELT, Analinda B. (Brown) Vet, US Navy. 1944-1945 7-23-2016 Donated body
FERINO, Michael Vet, US Army 2-28-2008 Holy Sepulchre
FERRARA, Anthony J. Vet, US Army 2-20-1994 Holy Cross
FERRI, Frederick P. Sr. Vet, US Army 5-30-1998 Holy Sepulchre
FESER, Albert Vet, US Marine Corps 12-22-2000 Portland Evergreen
FESSENDEN, John Vet, US Army (Also Korea) 5-16-2015 Cassadaga
FETZNER, William A. Vet, US Navy Seabees 10-18-2000 Bemis Point
FICARRA, Nicholas Vet, US Army Air Corps 01-04-2010 Westfield
FIELD, William Fitzhugh Vet, US Army Air Corps 11-12-2008 Lake View
FIELD, William Fitzhugh Vet, US Army Air Corps 11-12-2008 Lake View
FINSON, Marvin S Vet, ~ 9-27-1996 Fluvanna
FIORELLA, Michael S. Vet, US Army 11-13-2005 Mount Olivet
FIRSTER, Albert H.  Vet, US Army, 397th (AAA) AWBN, Medical Detachment 2002 Sherman
FISCHER, Robert J. ''Bob''  Vet, US Army, 232nd Medical Dispensary Aviation 14th Air Force [Flying Tigers], Sgt. Purple Heart  12-17-2002 Sunset Hill
FISCUS, Lawrence L.  Vet, US Marine Corps 11-26-1980 Holland
FISHER, James R.  Vet, ~ 1994 Sherman
FISHER, James V. Vet, US Army 5-25-2004 Sunset Hill
FITCH, Albert W Vet, US Navy 1-1-2000 Mount Olivet
FLETCHER, Clayton W Vet, US Army, Co D 181st Inf, PVC 1-11-1970 Fluvanna
FLOOD, Marcus A. Vet, US Army, Co B 263rd Engr Cmbt Bn, Cpl 11-9-1971 Evergreen Lawn
FLORAMO, Salvatore P Vet, US Army, Pfc 12-19-1980 St. Hyacinth
FLUKER, Harold D. Vet, US Army, Sgt 3-15-1992 Evergreen Lawn
FONTI, Frank J. Sr. Vet, US Navy Seabee 1943-1945, Pacific 10-8-2017 Mount Olivet
FORBES, Louis G. Vet 9-3-1977 Allen
FORBES, Morris E. Vet, US Army, Tec5 3-1-1999 Sunset Hill
FORBES, Warren E. Sr. Vet 9-25-1977 Allen
FORD, Clyde  Vet, ~ 3-17-1974 Cassadaga
FORD, Clyde G. Vet, US Navy SCB2 3-17-1974 Cassadaga
FORD, Richard M. Sr. Vet, US Navy, BKR3 3-14-1955 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
FORMANOWICZ, Daniel R. Sr. Vet, US Navy. 1945-1946, then reserves. Called up to serve in 6th fleet 1951-1952 12-7-2020 Unnamed Cem, this site
FORSLIN, George A. Vet, US Army, Pacific 5-25-2004 Sunset Hill
FORSTROM, Carl O. Vet 1-15-1986 Allen
FOSTER, Floyd B. Vet, US Army, Co B 2nd Med Tng Reg 9-26-1968 Mina
FOSTER, Jess Vet, ~ 4-13-1954 Mina
FOSTER, Vivian Vet, US Navy, S1C. Gunner on a PT boat 4-29-2001 Sunset Hill
FOTI, Anthony J  Vet, US Navy 1-14-2006 Holy Sepulchre
FOTI, Anthony J. "Tony" Vet, US Army Air Force 7-11-2008 Holy Sepulchre
FOX, John Allen Jr  Vet, US Army 12-31-1972 Fluvanna
FOX, Luella K. Vet, US Army, Nurse 12-2-2007 Lake View
FOX, Richard A. Vet, US Army, S/SGT 8-24-1980 Portland Evergreen
FOX, Ward E Vet, US Army 71st Inf Div 7-14-2000 Evergreen Sinclairville
FRANCIS, Ellsworth R.  Vet, ~ 10-06-1967 East Ripley
FRANK, Richard C. Sr. Vet, US Army Air Force 4-21-2010 Holy Cross
FRANKOWSKI, Anthony Vet, US Army, 1580 Svc Unit, Pvt 3-21-1966 St. Hyacinth
FRANKOWSKI, Michael Vet, US Army 1977 St. Hyacinth
FRANKS, Dr. Myron Buckley Vet, US Navy 9-16-2008 Sunset Hill
FRANKSON, William L.  Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. 3235 Ord Depot, North Africa and Europe. Purple Heart. 5-11-1981 Cassadaga
FRANZEN, Clarence R. [Bob] Vet, US Army 5-27-2009 Lake View
FREDERICK, Richard L Vet, ~ 7-29-1973 Levant
FREDLUND, Kenneth L Vet, US Army Air Corps, Pfc 8-21-1986 St. Hyacinth
FREDRICKSON, Delmer T.  Vet, ~ 10-1- 1968  Cassadaga
FREDRICKSON, Howard D. Vet, US Navy Seabees 12-19-1997 Cassadaga
FREDRICKSON, John Richard Vet, US Navy 3-12-1987 Cassadaga
FREEMAN, George W. KIA, Killed in Saipan 7-12-1944 Valley View
FREEMAN, Gilbert K. Vet, US Navy 10-01-2010 Mayville
FREEMAN, Ralph R.  Vet, US Army, Pvt 1971 Sherman
FREEMAN, Raymond F. Vet, US Navy 2001 Sherman
FREW, James W. Vet, US Army. 1945-1952. World War II Victory Medal and the Army of Occupation Medal 3-12-2016 Glenwood
FRIBERG, Marshall A.  Vet, US Army, S/Sgt 10-31-2004 Lake View
FRICK, Herbert F Vet, US Army, American Service Medal, Victory Medal, Bronze Service Arrowhead, and Good Conduct Medal 2-13-2002 Sunset Hill
FROST, Ernest R. Vet, US Army, 3rd Div, 7th Army. Europe. A sniper. Purple Heart with cluster 9-1-2018 Greenwood, Stockton
FULLER, Walter Lewis Jr. Vet, US Army 4-30-2006 Pine Hill

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