Who has Served Since Vietnam?

This page contains the names and final resting places of those from Chautauqua County who served  their country between 1975 and today.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • "Unnamed, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • This list does not include living service men and women.
  • The ~  means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Chautauqua County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ABBOTT, Alden S. Vet, US Navy 7-23-2008 Myrtle
ALLETTE, Joey Sr. Vietnam and Post-Vietnam Vet, US Army, two tours in Vietnam. The US Air Force, Career. 9-24-2017 Veterans Memorial Cem in Arlington, TX
ANDERSON, Mark Vet, US Air Force. Career 1974-2010. 4-6-2018 Corwin, Newfane NY 
ANDERSON, Mark Vet, US Air Force. Career 1974-2010. 4-6-2018 Other Corwin, Newfane NY 
AUSTIN, Theresa M. (Weishan) Vet, US Army, Air Traffic Controller.  2-7-2016 Unnamed Cem, this site
BABCOCK, Jared T. Vet, active duty. US Army,Co B 37th 2nd Platoon, SPC. Jump-qualified and a member of the Global Response Force. 2-3-2018 Evergreen Lawn
BALCOM, William L.  Vet, US Army. 6-8-2018 Lake View
BEMIS, Brian W. Vet, US Army, Pvt 11-19-1995  Sherman
BERGMAN, Dana L. Vet, USMC, 1978-1982 9-27-2015 Holy Cross
BINKiWITZ, Stephanie J.  Vet, US Army, mechanic stationed in Germany/ 8-23-2017 Unnamed
BOOTH, John W. Vet, US Marine Corps. 1993-1996 12-26-2015 Unnamed Cem, this site
BURDICK, James C.  Vet, US Air Force, Brig Gen. Career. 1965-2001 (Vietnam and Post-Vietnam) ~ ~
CALHOUN, Duncan R,  Vet, US Navy. 12-31-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
CAPIZZI, Robert C. Vet, US Navy 8-26-1998 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
CARLSON, Ralph A. Vet, US Army 6-21-2006 Sunset Hill
CASWELL, Kenneth Lee Vet, US Air Force. 1981-1984 ~ ~
CHIMERA, Jerry L. Vet, USMC. 1992-1996 1-12-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
COMBER, Thomas E. Vet, US Air Force, Desert Storm and Desert Shield. 1-16-2015 Sunset Hill
COOPER, Charles S. Jr was KIA in Iraq 4-29-2005 Look for him  KIA US Army 2nd Bn, 14th Inf, 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Div. PFC Killed in Iraq, 2 Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, and other medals 4-29-2005 Lake View
CUMMINGS, Gary G. Vet, US Navy 05-04-2010 Mina
DAMCOTT, Byron Vet, US Navy. 1976-1980 5-2-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
DUDA, John David Vet, USMC 4-21-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
DUDA, John David Vet, USMC 4-21-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
EMORY, Michael F. Vet, US Air Force, A1C 10-4-1999 Sunset Hill
FURLOW, Guy A. Vet, US Air Force, S/Sgt. 1980-1992 6-5-2016 Unnamed Cem, this site
HAUSHERR, John M. Vet, US Army 11-7-1999 Sunset Hill
HILDOM, Bruce A. Vet, US Army 4-29-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
JOSEPHSON, Thomas Paul Vet, US Air Force 3-17-2007 Allen
KLOSE, Michael [Mike] A Vet, US Air Force, S/Sgt. 2011-2015 5-24-2015 Unnamed Cem, this site
LINK, Kevin J. Vet, US Army [Helicopter Crew Chief, served in Honduras and El Salvador, (1983-86)]; US Army Reserves, Combat Engineer (1998-2000) 10-19-2016 Unnamed Cem, this site
LOFECHECK, R Michael Vet, US Army 10-16-2001 Holy Sepulchre
LOGAN-NIETO, Theresa M. (Durant) Vet, US Navy, Yeoman. 1981-1983. 4-13-2016 Unnamed Cem, this site
LUCE, Michael Alan Vet, US Navy. 23 years. 3-26-2017 Riverside, Kennedy
MATTESON, James Charles [J.C.] KIA, Sgt. Killed in Fallujah Iraq 11-12-2004 Lake View
MCMASTER, William John Vet, Persian Gulf, US Navy. Retired from a 30-year career as Master CPO (also Vietnam) 01-25-2014 Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Boulder NV
MICHALAK, Timothy D. Vet, US Army, SFC. Special Forces, Jump-qualified, 2 tours in Iraq,  8-5-2013 St. Hedwig
MILLIMAN, Timothy J. Sr.  Vet, US Air Force. 1977-1985. 2-18-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
MOYNIHAN, William P. Vet, USNR and Air Natl Guard, 30 years. 2-24-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
NELSON, Jeffrey A. Vet, US Army. 1975-1977 9-22-2015 Sunset Hill
NEWMAN, Matthew Vet, US Army, Germany. Later, Natl Guard until 1994 3-1-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
NICHOLS, James T. Vet, Army Natl Guard.  2-4-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
OVERBECK, James F.  Vet, US Navy 4-18-2001 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
PAJERSKY, Kevin Vet, US Air Force , Germany. 176-1982 1-25-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
PARKHURST, Travis Kent Navarro Vet, US Air Force. 2002-2015. Served in Iraq. 4-4-2015 Unnamed Cem, this site
PERU, Meryl DeVere Vet, Army Natl Guard, E4. 2008 ~ ~
RATER, Michael Allan "Mike" Vet, US Navy (1980-84) 10-28-2016 Unnamed Cem, this site
RAYNOR, Dale C. Vet, US Navy SRIE 2-04-1999 Mina
REXFORD, Ernest III [Roy] Vet, US Army, Sgt. Four years. 3-2-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
RYAN, Jeffrey Lynn Vet, US Army. 1980-1984 3-13-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
SCHOENBERG, Stella Lynn (Thompson) Vet, US Air Force ~ ~
SCHRANTZ, Patrick William Vet, US Navy, HA 6-22-2009 St. Hedwig
SKINNER, Earl E. Vet, US Army. 1974-1976, then Army Reserves 1976-1982 7-10-2017 Unnamed
SMITH, Richard [Smitty] Vet, US Navy 5-28-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
SONNE, Kenneth J. Vet, US Air Force, S/Sgt. 10 yrs. 5-25-2015 Busti
SPINUZZA, Darrin Vet, US Marine Corps 6-8-2018 Unnamed
SPRIGGS, Ryan Christopher Vet, USMC, 3/8 India Co. 2004-2009. two tours in Iraq, also served aboard the USS Kearsarge. 2-7-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
SWANSON, Aaron M. KIA, US Marine Corps, L/Cpl. Died in Garmsir District, Helmand Province, Afghanistan 2-7-2011 Lake View
SWANSON, Brandy Lynn (Thompson) Vet, US Air Force, Senior Airman. 1994-1998 ~ ~
SWEATMAN, Aaron Michael Vet, US Natl Guard. 2002-2008 ~ ~
SWEATMAN, Jodie Ann Marie Vet, US Air Force. Aboard USS Nemttz, Bernerton Navel Base 2014-2017 ~ ~
SWEATMAN, Shawn Arthur Vet, US Air Force, 1984-1985 ~ ~
SWEATMAN, Vaughan Michael Vet, US Air Force,  US Army Reserves ~ ~
TELLINGHUISEN, Daryl John Vet, US Navy, EM2. 1993-1997 ~ ~
TELLINGHUISEN, John Arnold Vet, US Air Force, E4. 1982-1988 ~ ~
TELLINGHUISEN, Randy James Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. Served in Germany, Korea, and Persian Gulf. 1981-1994 5-17-2017 Unnamed Cem, this site
TELLINGHUISEN, Violetta Vet, US Army ~ ~
THOMAS, Alex M. Vet, US Marine Corps 5-13-2008 Cherry Creek
THOMAS, Joshua D. Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. On active duty at time of death. Served in Kosovo, Afghanastan, Iraq, Jump-qualified. Earned Army and Navy Achievement Medals as well as Army Commendation Medal and Combat Action Badge 8-20-2016 Lake View
THOMAS, Raymond J. Vet, US Air Force. 26-year career, retired 2006. One son, mother not named. 3-24-2018 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
TORREY, Robert W. Sr Vet, US Army 1978-1990 4-16-2015 Unnamed Cem, this site
VARA, Richard Douglas Vet, US Army. 20-year career. 2-22-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
WEBBER, James H. Vet USMC 3-7-2018 Unnamed Cem, this site
WHITCOMB, William A.  Vet, US Army, 20th Engineer Battalion during the construction of the Berlin Wall 8-22-2005 Lake View
WIGREN, Debra Lynn Vet, USMC. 4 years.  6-25-2016 Unnamed Cem, this site
WILCOX, Ray S. Vet, US Army, M/Sgt. 1985-2005. 11-13-2015 Arlington Nat'l Cem
WILLETT, Andrew G. Vet, US Army, Sgt 5-15-1992 Maple Grove, Ashville
WILSON, Gregg G. [Sweetness] Vet, US Army 2-12-2017 Lake View
YASAV-PEARL, Ayla Lorraine Vet, Army Natl Guard, medic 9-2-2017 Unnamed

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