Who Served in the Cold War?

This page contains the names of those who called Chautauqua County home and served in the Cold War, that period of time between the end of  the Korean Conflict and the beginning of the Vietnam conflict (roughly 1954-1965)
Many were born here, others came to the county later in life. They all helped make the county what it is today.

We owe them thanks and recognition.

  • "Unnamed, this site" in the Burial column is this page.
  • This list does not include living service men and women.
  • The ~  means we do not know.

Check the  Medal of Honor page to see details about Chautauqua County's Medal of Honor recipients

Name Service Death Date Burial Place
ACHTERBERG, Gerard A. Vet, US Navy aboard US Wrangler. 1966-1970 2-11-2017 Lake View
ACKLEY, Larry I. Vet, US Air Force 5-31-2016 Unnamed, this site
ANGILELLA, Samuel M. Vet, US Navy. 1963-1965 9-12-2015 Mt. Olivet
ARCHER, Richard A.  Vet, US Army, 1962-1965 9-20-2005 Quincy
ARISMAN, Bruce B. Vet, US Navy and Naval Reserves. 1953-1965 12-3-2015 Unnamed, this site
ARISMAN, Bruce B. Vet, US Navy and Naval Reserves. 1953-1965 12-3-2015 Unnamed, this site
AVERY, Charles H. Vet, US Navy aboard the USS Missouri. 1948-1952 4-16-2018 Linked Wild Rose
AVERY, Charles H. Vet, US Navy aboard the USS Missouri. 1948-1952 4-16-2018 Wild Rose
BAGLIA, John L. Vet, US Army 12-1-2010 Holy Sepulchre
BAKER, James R. [Red] Vet, US Air Force 11-13-2015 Unnamed, this site
BARBER, Ross J.  Vet, US Army 11-4-1992 Holy Sepulchre
BARDEN, Ralph Eugene [Gene] Vet, US Army 1955-1958 5-14-2016 Sunset Hill
BARLOW, James A. Sr. Vet, US Army 8-4-2007 Holy Sepulchre
BARMORE, Ronald E. Vet, USMC, 1946-1948 3-22-2016 Gerry Hill
BARON, Stanley T. Vet, US Army, 1945-1947 4-2-2017 Donated body
BARTH, Frank W. Vet, US Army, 101st Airborne. Enlisted 1962. A sharpshooter and paratrooper. 2-15-2017 Cherry Creek
BARTLETT, Thomas E. Vet, US Army. Germany. 3-26-2016 Donated body
BARTON, Brady W. [Pete] Vet, US Navy. 1970-1974, also NY Natl Guard.  8-12-2017 Unnamed, this site
BELLARDO, John J. Jr. Vet, USMC for 4 yrs and Natl Guard for 22 years. 3-1-2017 Unnamed, this site
BERGMAN, William [Bruce] Vet, Army Natl Guard. Vietnam Era 1-26-2017 Unnamed, this site
BERTOLDI, William J. Vet, US Air Force. Vietnam erra 12-12-2016 Unnamed, this site
BLACK, Gordon W. Vet, US Army. 1953-1955 5-16-2017 Unnamed, this site
BLOOMQUIST, Robert L. Vet, US Navy. 1950-1952 7-22-2017 Donated body
BONDI, Gerald C. Vet, US Army Air Force, 37th Statistical Control Unit. 1946-1947 5-18-2017 Sunset Hill
BOUTELLE, Howard R. Sr. Vet, US Army, Cpl. 1956-1959 9-16-2017 Sunset Hill
BOYLE, Ret Vet, US Air Force 1963 Cutting Cem
BRANDOW, Dennis D. [Joe]  Vet, US Navy 1969-1971 8-24-2003 Bentley
BRIGGS, Earl C. [Chuck] Vet, US Army and Natl Guard.  7-5-2017 Unnamed, this site
BRIGGS, Larry E. Vet, YS Navy 1957-1960 8-28-2017 Sunset Hill
BRIGGS, Paul Emmett Vet, US Air Force. 1953-1957  3-5-2017 Unnamed, this site
BROWN, Brian J. Vet, US Army. Germany 4-16-2018 Unnamed, this site
BROWN, Brian J. Vet, US Army. Germany 4-16-2018 Unnamed, this site
BROYLES, Ivan L. Vet, US Navy, air traffic controller. Career 6-19-2018 Unnamed, this site
BURGESS, Richard G. Vet, US Army. 1961-1964 12-26-2016 Lake View
BURLEY, Robert L. Vet, US Navy. 1955-1959 8-31-2016 Sunset Hill
BUTERA, Vincent Edward [Jim] Vet, USMC, E-4. 1953-1961 3-12-2015 Holy Sepulchre
CADWELL, Sherwood Staples [Sherry] Vet, US Navy. Europe. 2-20-2018 Unnamed, this site
CARLSON, Robert M. Vet, US Army. 1953-1955 10-23-2016 Unnamed, this site
CARUSO, Salvatore [Sam] Vet, US Navy aboard USS Midway  6-28-2017 Unnamed, this site
CARUSO, Salvatore M. [Sy] Vet, US Army Signal Corps, Sgt. 1948-1951 12-15-2016 St. James
CASH, Anthony Louis  Vet, US Army, 2nd Armored Div. Mainz Germany 1-30-2017 Other Donated body
CASTER, Gordon W. Vet, US Army. Conscientious objector who participated in Project White Coat at Walter Reed Hospital. 5-1-2018 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
CENTNER, Richard E. Vet, US Army, Military Police. 1961-1963. 2-6-2015 Unnamed, this site
CIANCIO, Joseph C. Vet, US Army 10-18-2008 Holy Sepulchre
CLARK, Raymond E. Vet, US Army. 1958-1960 9-18-2017 Grant
CLARK, Theodore C. Vet, US Army 01-24-2011 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
COE, Peter W. Vet, US Army. Stationed in Turkey diring Vietnam era. 5-6-2017 Unnamed, this site
CONKLIN, Albert L. Rev. Vet, US Navy 8-31-2017 Unnamed, this site
CONNER, James L. Jr. Vet, US Army, 1962-1964 1-15-2016 Holy Sepulchre
COONS, James M. Vet, US Air Force. 1953-1957 6-18-1934 Unnamed, this site
CORCORAN, Stephen P. Vet, US Air Force. Vietnam erra 12-14-2106 Lake View
CORELL, Lloyd Vet, US Navy, Lt jg. 1954-1961. Pilot who flew Transport planes between Newfoundland and the Azores. 10-29-2015 Unnamed, this site
CORKERY, Leo M. Jr. Vet, US Army 1-3-2011 Holy Cross
COTTON, Ronald B. Vet, US Navy 11th Sqd, AEW 1-8-2015 Sunset Hill
CRANE, Michael T. Sr Vet, US Army 1961-1963 8-12-2017 Unnamed, this site
CRAWFORD, Edward L. Vet, US Air Force, mechanic 8-26-2015 North East Cem, North East PA
CREELEY, Thomas Allen Sr.  Vet, US Army 12-1-1995 Cherry Creek
CROWELL, Maurice H. [Moe] Vet, US Army, Germany 5-14-2018 Unnamed, this site
CZYSZ, Eugene E. Vet, US Air Force. 1960-1963 3-5-2018 Unnamed, this site
DAKE, Fred E. Jr. Vet, US Army 7-30-2017 Unnamed, this site
DANIELSON, Eugene T. Vet, US Air Force S/Sgt. SAC in Omaha NE. 7-29-2017 Unnamed, this site
DAVIS, David B. Vet, US Army 1953-1955 1-1-2018 Beth El
DEFRISCO, Salvatore J. Vet US Army, 1946-1947 7-11-2017 Lake View
DEPEW, William H. Vet, US Army, SP4. Fort McClellan AL 2-10-2018 Unnamed, this site
DEVEREAUX, Lee LaVerne Vet, US Navy. 1959-1962 11-30-2015 Unnamed, this site
DIAZ, Hugo Ernesto Vet, US Air Force. 1963 12-5-2016 Unnamed, this site
DILLENBURG, Bill Vet, US Air Force. 1966-1970 1-29-2018 Unnamed, this site
DOINO, Rocco R. Vet, US Army. Occupation of Japan. 1-2-2018 Unnamed, this site
DOMINICK, Carl A. Vet, US Army, 1959-1960 10-8-2015 Holy Cross
DREHER, Paul  Vet, US Army 10-15-2000 Holy Sepulchre
DUBIEL, Anthony J  Jr. Vet, US Army 1964-1970 3-6-2015 Sunset Hill
DUSTIN, Daniel R. [Dusty] Vet, US Army Co B, 3rd Bn 23rd Inf, Sp4. Korea 1967-1968 6-18-2016 Sunset Hill
DUTCH, William Vet, US Army, Europe 1-2015 Unnamed, this site
EARLE, Henry F. Vet, US Navy 1966-1968 aboard USS Boxer and USS Guadalcanal as supply officer. Then 24 years in USNR. 3-27-2017 Bath Natl Cem, Bath NY
ECKMAN, Allen R. Vet, US Army 6-14-2005 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
EDDY, Alan Keith Vet, US Army. Germany 5-9-2017 Donated body
Ellis, Gerald L. [Jerry] Vet USMC. 1946-1948 8-26-2011 Unnamed, this site
ELLMAN, Chad C  Vet, US Air Force, Master Sergeant, 1955-1975 1-7-2015 St. Mary's Cemetery
ERICKSON, Clare W. Vet, US Air Force and reserves. 1952-1960 9-17-2016 Lake View
ERICKSON, Donald V. ThD Vet, US Navy 1958-1962 11-21-2017 Allen
ERWIN, Paul A. Vet, US Army 6-27-2018 Evergreen Lawn
FARDINK, James A. Vet, US Air Force 1-30-2018 Maple Grove, Ashville
FARRAR, Bruce B. Vet, NY Army Natl Guard 1949-1959. 11-3-2015 Sunset Hill
FARRELL, Frank A. Vet, US Marine Corps Reserves 11-6-2010 Holy Sepulchre
FEDARKO, Donald M. Vet, US Air Force. 1951-1955. Served in the Arctic Circle. 3-13-2017 Holy Cross
FERRALORO, Anthony J. Vet, US Army Reserves 10-14-2006 Holy Sepulchre
FIEBELKORN, Carl G. Vet, US Army 9-26-2017 Unnamed, this site
FIELD, Lyle S, Vet, US Air Force. 1953-1962 10-3-2017 Blockville Union
FINNERTY, Patrick T. Vet, US Army. 1964-1969 8-28-2016 Grant
FISHER, Lincoln A. Vet, US Army. Mechanic. 1951-1952 10-23-2017 Unnamed, this site
FLEMING, Charles B. II Vet, US Navy and US Army 9-16-2009 Holy Cross
FORD, Robert E., DDS. Vet, US Air Force 1-19-2018 Coye Cemetery, South Bristol NY
FOX, Ronald P. Vet, US Army. 1968-1970 11-3-2007 Portland Evergreen
FRANKSON, Stephen M. Vet, US Air Force. 1970-1974 4-19-2018 Unnamed, this site
FRANKSON, Stephen M. Vet, US Air Force. 1970-1974 4-19-2018 Unnamed, this site
FRANKSON, Wallace D. Vet, US Air Force, Maj. Career 07-15-2010 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
FRAZIER, Craig A. Vet, US Army, 23rd Inf. Korea 1965-1969 6-11-2017 Unnamed, this site
FRITZ, Donald Allen Vet, US Navy 6-8-2017 Other, Parklawns, Chambersburg PA
GALOFARO, Louis Frank Vet, US Army. Tank Driver in Germany. 5-30-2018 Holy Trinity
GIRTS, Danny Allen Vet, US Navy 1959-1965 4-30-2018 Unnamed, this site
GIRTS, Danny Allen Vet, US Navy 1959-1965 4-30-2018 Unnamed, this site
GOKEY, Todd R. Vet, US Navy 10-17-2010 Holy Cross
GUIDO, Thomas  Vet, US Army, 1745th Co.C 5th Cav. 1-29-2001 Holy Sepulchre
GUIFFRIDA, Frank M. Vet, US Navy. 1957-1961 2-18-2014 Holy Sepulchre
GULOTTI, Herbert M. Vet, US Air Force 7-9-1958 Holy Sepulchre
GUSTAFSON, John A. Vet, US Navy 4-1-2002 Gerry Village
HAINES, Wallie Edward Vet, US Navy, Guam. 1965-1967 10-4-2017 Unnamed, this site
HALEY, Frederick A. Vet, Natl Guard. 1950-1955 7-29-2017 Sunset Hill
HALICKI, Frank A. Vet, US Army 8-29-2015 Donated body
HALL, Jerry R. Vet, US Navy 2-19-2018 Unnamed, this site
HALL, Roger D. Vet, US Army, 1960-63 2-28-2014 Sunset Hill
HALLMARK, James W. [Dub] Vet, US Air Force. 1955-1959 9-14-2016 Unnamed, this site
HARWOOD, Stephen G. Vet, US Navy, 1965-1968. 5-18-2018 Unnamed, this site
HASKINS,James M. Vet, US Air Force 1960-1964 3-17-2018 Unnamed, this site
HASKINS,James M. Vet, US Air Force 1960-1964 3-17-2018 Unnamed, this site
HAYS, Gary R. Vet, US Army 7-19-2017 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
HEISTER, Richard A. Vet, US Navy, Career. Active duty 1972-1994, then Reserves for another 10 years. 4-3-2017 Unnamed, this site
HENDERSON, Benjamin C. Vet, US Army. 1954-1956 3-20-2016 St. Hedwig
HESS, Daniel David Vet, US Air Force. Okinawa and the Phillipines. 1951-1955. 3-11-2018 Unnamed, this site
HITCHCOCK, David A. Vet, US Army. 1968-1969 5-10-2016 Unnamed, this site
HOLCOMB, Donald L. Vet, US Air Force 9-7-2008 Holy Cross
HOUBEN, David L. Vet, US Army 2-9-2006 Holy Cross
HOWELL, George E. Vet, US Army. 1957-1959. 9-15-2016 Sunset Hill
HUCKABONE, Lonnie A. Vet, US Navy. 1956-1959 12-17-2015 Lake View
HURLBURT, David E. Vet, US Navy 8-27-2017 Unnamed, this site
HUSKEY, Joe Wayne Vet, US Army 1956-1958, the 20 years in the Reserves. 8-7-2017 Unnamed, this site
JACKSON, Donald W. Vet, US Navy 10-20-2018 Allen
JENSEN, Forrest Reynard "Jug" Vet, US Marine Corps 6-4-2018 Donated body
JOHNSON, Ellis F.  Vet, US Navy aboardUSS Lake Champlain CVA 39, 1956-1957 10-18-2017 Unnamed, this site
JOHNSON, Russell L. Jr. Vet, US Army, then 20 years in the Reserves, Capt.  10-18-2016 Unnamed, this site
JORDAN. Melvin F. Jr. Vet, US Army. 1969-1971, later Civil Air Patrol 5-29-2016 Sunset Hill
KARBACKA, Robert M. Vet, US Navy aboard USS Springfield. 1964-1966 5-16-2018 Lake View
KASPER, David C Vet, US Navy in Japan during the Vietnam War, as a Lieutenant 1-9-2015 Pine Grove Cemetery, Russell, PA.
KEPPEL, Gene P. Vet, US Navy, 1958-1962 4-23-2018 Unnamed, this site
KEPPEL, Gene P. Vet, US Navy, 1958-1962 4-23-2018 Unnamed, this site
KIMBALL, Irene S.  Vet, ~ 4-8-1977 Riverside Kennedy
KOHLER, Glenn W. Vet, US Army 8-20-2017 Unnamed, this site
KROON, Eric C. Vet, US Army, 5th Army, chaplain's assistant 8-10-2015 Unnamed, this site
KRYSTOFIK, Henry F [Hank] Vet, US Navy USS Ulvert M. Moore, 1953-1957 5-29-2011 St. Hedwig
KURTIS, Gordon Vet, US Navy 10-18-2005 Holy Sepulchre
KUSNESKE, Richard M. Vet, US Air Force and Natl Guard. 2-17-2015 Unnamed, this site
LAMB, James C. Vet, US Army and Merchant Marines 11-29-2002 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
LARSON, Andrew J. Jr. Vet, US Air Force, 1969-1973 5-3-2018 Unnamed, this site
LAUGHLIN, James T. Vet, USMC. 1965-1967 5-19-2017 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
LAUGHLIN, James T. Vet, US Army, stationed at West Point NY. 1965-1967 5-19-2017 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
LEHNEN, James R. Vet, US Army. 1949-1950 6-27-2017 Linked Laona
LIND, Gordon E. Vet, US Navy. 1956-1958 4-21-2017 Cassadaga 
LOKIETEK, Robert Vet, US Navy, Boatmain's Mate 1C. 20 years, Bronze Star.  5-27-2018 Donated body
LOPRIORE, Dominic Vet, US Air Force. 1961-1965 2-27-2017 Holy Sepulchre
LOVE, Russell H. Vet, US Army. 1953-1955 6-15-2016 Lake View
LOWN, John R. Vet, US Army 10-10-2017 Unnamed, this site
LUCCHESI, Oreste S.  Vet, US Navy, PO3, aboard USS John W. Weeks, a destroyer. 1952-1956 8-14-2017 Unnamed, this site
LUTGEN, Wesley V. Vet, US Army, Signal Corps in Germany. 1950-1954 12-27-2014 Unnamed, this site
MACKIE, David C. Vet, US Navy and USMC, Pilot.  5-25-2017 Unnamed, this site
MANCUSO, Paul Jr. Vet, US Army 6-30-2017 Unnamed, this site
MANGANO Joseph J. Sr. Vet, US Army in Germany. 1953-1955 2-28-2017 Sunset Hill
MARSH, Dennis Sterling Vet, US Marine Corps. 21-year career 1969 - 1991 5-21-2015 Unnamed, this site
MAYTUM, Larry D. Vet, USMC, L/C 5-23-2017 Unnamed, this site
MAYTUM, Larry Dean Vet, USMC 5-23-2017 Unnamed, this site
MCARTHUR, Arthur, R. Sr. [Bob] Vet, US Navy, Cook. 1956-1959 2-14-2017 St. Hedwig
MCCOY, Beverly A. (Vogt) Vet, US Navy (1958-60) 10-20-2016 Webster Street
MCILVAIN, Daniel R. Vet, US Army 7-31-2010 Holy Sepulchre
MCINTYRE, Jackson F. Vet, US Army 4-27-2016 Sunset Hill
MELLORS, James W.  Vet, US Air Force 5-1-2007 Quincy
MELQUIST, Brian L. Vet, US Army, 1970-1972, then Reserves until 1976 4-2-2017 Unnamed, this site
MICHALSKI, David S. Vet, US Army. Germany. 1-30-2016 St. Hyacinth
MILLER, Willis C. Vet, Army Natl Guard, 6 years. 7-5-2017 Sunset Hill
MISTRETTA, Vincent J  Vet, US Army 12-29-2000 Holy Cross
MITCHELL, James Norman [Mr. Jim] Vet, US Air Force. 1960-1964. 11-14-2016 Unnamed, this site
MORGAN, Robert M. Vet, US Navy, 22 years 5-12-2003 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
MORRISON, Claude T. [Jack] Vet, US Marine Corps, 1st Lt. 1955-1963, Pacific 1-23-2014 Sunset Hill
MRUK, Thomas O. Vet, US Navy 1959-1962 2-14-2018 Cassadaga
MULKIN, James M  Vet, US Army from 1959 to 1965 1-9-2015 Webster Street Cemetery
MUNSON, Donald R. Vet, Army Natl Guard. 9-30-2017 Unnamed, this site
MUNSON, Thomas J Vet, US Army and Reserves, Sgt. 23 yrs combined service. 1-16-2001 Portland Evergreen
MURRAY, Gary Thomas  Vet, US Army 1-18-2001 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
NALBONE, Vincent R, Vet, US Navy, Dental Corps, Lt. 1-29-2015 Unnamed, this site
NELSON, Chandler Ray Vet, US Air Force. 1948-1952 6-26-2018 Mayville
NELSON, Daniel W. Vet, US Navy. 1959-1961 8-4-2016 Sunset Hill
NICHOLS, Harold Vet, US Navy aboard USS Los Angeles. 1950-1954 8-28-2017 Other Donated body
NORDIN, Roger E. “Shorty”  Vet, US Army 11-6-2004 Holy Cross
O'CONNELL, Joyce K. Vet, US Navy 1949-1950 2-9-2017 Willow Brook Park
OLSON, Roy Folke Vet, US Army, Germany. 1956-1958 1-18-2018 Lake View
ONUFFER, Albert J. [Al] Vet, US Army 1-10-2009 Holy Cross
OTT, Alan L. [Doc] Vet, USMC 1947-1947 1-28-2018 Unnamed, this site
OWEN, Roger E. Vet, US Army, Pfc 6-27-1999 Maple Grove, Ashville
PALMER, David J. Vet, US Navy. 1969-1970 6-14-2018 St. Mary 
PALMER, Garry E. Vet, US Army 1963. Korea and Italy. 9-5-2016 Unnamed, this site
PANFIL, Carl P. Vet, US Air Force, 1963 5-4-2018 St. Hyacinth
PARLA, Anthony Vet, US Army 10-17-2010 Holy Sepulchre
PATCHETT, Leon M. Vet, US Army. 1955-1957 3-1-2018 Unnamed, this site
PATTERSON, Marshall R. Vet, US Air Force. 1967-1970 3-17-2017 Lake View
PECK, Stephen J. Vet, US Air Force 1962-1965 5-13-2018 Unnamed, this site
PERRY, Larry J. [Hap] Vet, US Army, 1st Sgt. Retired from Natl Guard after 25 years. 3-19-2018 Unnamed, this site
PETERSON, Robert L. Vet, US Air Force 3-15-2010 Holy Sepulchre
PETERSON, Vernon L. "Monty"  Vet, US Navy. Career 6-2-2018 St. James Catholic Cemetery in Westfield
PETERSON, Wayne D.  Vet, US Army Reserves. 8-18-2017 Maple Grove Frewsburg
PHILLIPS, Thomas W. Jr Vet, US Army, 1960-1963, Europe 8-8-2017 Rathbun
PICKARD, A. J. [Jack] Vet, US Army, 867th AAA Bn. 11-8-2015 Bemis Point
PICKARD, William J. Sr. Vet, US Air Force. Four years.  2-14-2018 Unnamed, this site
PIERCE, Allan M. Vet, US Army. Served in Germany in Vietnam Era 1-3-2017 Lake View
PILLITTIERI, Samuel C. Vet, US Army 10-11-2007 Holy Cross
PROCTOR, Floyd W. Vet, US Navy 10-1-2017 Sunset Hill
RAYNOR, Lyle W. Vet, USMC. 1956-1958 5-22-2017 Unnamed, this site
REA, James A. Vet, US Army and reserves. 1960-1966 12-3-2016 Panama Union
REAM, Donald Vet, US Army, 1958-1964 11-1-2015 Donated body
REIMONDO, Donald J. Vet, US Army. 1950-1052 in Germany. 2-18-2018 Mount Olivet
REISE, Thomas James [TJ] Vet, USMC. Discharged in 1958 2-8-2015 Unnamed, this site
RHODES, Ronald Harry vet, USMC, 6th Fleet, Sgt. Security duty in the Mediterranean. 7-11-2017 Donated body
RINE, Ronald F. Vet, USMC, 1/Lt. 2 yrs active duty, seven years as Capt in reserves. 9-27-2015 Forestville
RIOLO, Anthony R. [Rig] Vet, US Navy Reserve 10-21-2005 Holy Sepulchre
ROBBINS, Clarence D. Vet, US Army and Natl Guard. 1954-1967.  8-2-2017 Myrtle
ROTHWELL, Vincent L. Vet, Career: WW II: US Army Air Corps, Sgt. Reentered army in 1957 and served as military chaplain. Retired as Lt Col after 22 years. 6-1-2016 Unnamed, this site
ROZEN, Frank T. Vet, US Army. 1966-1968 6-14-2017 Linked St. Mary
RUCKMAN, Roger E. Vet, US Air Force. 1957-1961 1-29-1957 Unnamed, this site
RUSSELL, Robert H. "Doc" Vet, US Air Force. Germany 6-8-2018 St. Mary 
SAMUELSON, Jack Herman Vet, US Air Force, 603rd AC&W Squadron. 1952-1960. 12-27-2017 Unnamed, this site
SAXTON, Arthur P Vet, US Navy. Midway 1960-1963 2-5-2018 Evergreen, Sinclairville
SCALISE, Angelo J. Vet, US Army 1960-1966 3-4-2017 Holy Sepulchre
SCHMITTER, Robert C. Vet, US Navy 7-12-2017 Nativity Cem, Orchard Park, NY
SCHRADER, Clyde A. Vet, US Army Fld Arty. 1963-1965 2-28-2015 Willowbrook Park
SCHRADER, Donald C. Vet, USMC 6-12-2018 Pine Hill
SCHUSTER, Joseph J. Vet, US Air Force. 1960-1964 9-5-2016 Quincy Rural
SCHUTT, John L. Vet, US Army. 1960-1962 9-26-2017 Sunset Hill
SEASTROM. Allan G. [Jack] Vet, US Navy aboard USS Hornet 3-26-2018 Unnamed, this site
SEELY, David L. Vet, US Navy aboard USS Ashland. 1960-1964. 12-7-2016 Sunset Hill
SHEARMAN, Winslow T. [Ted] Vet, US Army, Germany 5-8-2018 Bentley
SHRECENGOST, Ronald A. Vet, US Army, 1956-1958, Stuttgart Germany 1-23-2016 Oakland Cemetery, Distant, PA
SICKLER, Scott R. Vet, US Army. 1961-1963. Then Army Reserves until 1967.  7-11-2017 Sunset Hill
SIDEY, James D Vet, US Army, Post-WW II occupation in Europe  11-26-2009 Forest Hill
SIMPSON, William R. Vet, US Air Force. 1956-1960 3-17-2017 Unnamed, this site
SISSON, Michael E Vet, US Air Force, 4 years 4-3-2014 Maple Grove, Frewsburg
SLAVIN, Monica Ann Vet, US Air Force. Disabled Vet, 12-4-2016 Levant
SMITH, Anthony P. [Pete] Vet, US Navy. 1967-1973 8-30-2017 Lake View
SMITH, Bryan Hubert Vet, US Navy 1958-1962 4-23-2014 Unnamed, this site
SMITH, Martin John Vet, US Navy 1-21-2010 Holy Cross
SNYDER, Marvin W. Vet, US Navy 2-4-2018 Rathbun Lawn
SOBCZAK, William M. Vet, US Army 1957-1961 1-16-2018 Unnamed, this site
SOLDANO, Marion T. Jr. Vet, US Army and Natl Guard 6-29-2006 Holy Cross
STIVER, Norman Ralph [Bud]  Vet, US Army 1960-64 4-5-2014 Unnamed, this site
SULLIVAN, Brad L. "Whitey" Vet, US Air Force. 1968-1971 in Japan 6-28-2018 Donated body
SUNDQUIST, Paul Douglas [Pete] Vet, US Army Reserves. 1969-1975 9-3-2015 Holy Cross
SUTTER, Fred W. Vet, US Air Force in England. 1955-1961 5-31-2016 Unnamed, this site
SWANSON, Dwight D. Vet, US Army Reserves. 6 years. 9-18-2017 Pine Hill
SWANSON, Henning Arnold [Arnie] Vet, US navy aboard USS Cabot and USS Midway. 1950-1954 1-13-2018 Sunset Hill
SYMANS, Robert H. Vet, US Navy 1956-1958 9-9-2016 St Marys, Dunkirk
TAFT, Theodore N. Vet, US Army. 1955-1957 8-28-2015 Unnamed, this site
TARR, Elizabeth L. (Lepley) Vet, US Army WAC 1955-1959 4-27-2018 Other Sunville, Venango Co PA
TARR, Elizabeth L. (Lepley) Vet, US Army WAC 1955-1959 4-27-2018 Sunville, Venango Co PA
TEEMLEY, Stewart A. Vet, US Army Reserves 9-8-2001 Quincy
TELLINGHUISEN, Marvin Wayne Vet, US Army, Cpl. 3-19-2012 West Nidros, Crooks SD
TENBUCKEL, Jerome T. Vet, US Army 1956-1958. 5-14-2018 Donated body
TERRITO, Victor J. Vet, USMC. 4-16-2018 Holy Sepulchre
TERRITO, Victor J. Vet, USMC. 4-16-2018 Holy Sepulchre
THAYER, Richard G. Vet, US Navy, Radar Operator. 1963-1967  10-20-2017 Sunset Hill
TITUS, Jack R. Vet, US Air Force in Heraklion Crete. 1952-1956 3-30-2017 Pine Hill
TRANIELLO, Frank A. Vet, US Army. 1955-1957 in Germany. 1-2-2018 Holy Cross
TRAVIS, Francis E. Vet, US Army National Guard 1952-1955 1-20-2016 Allen
TRIAGA, Joseph C. Vet, US Air Force, A/1C. 1952-1956 7-30-2017 Mt. Carmel
ULRICH, Richard Otto Sr. Vet, US Navy. Seabees aboard USS Gen H. W. Butner 1957-1959 and Active Reserves through 1965.  1-7-2018 Evergreen, Sinclairville
VAN RIPER, Bradley C. Vet, US Navy, Machinists Mate 1974-1978 5-4-2018 Unnamed, this site
VANZILE, Jack L. Vet, US Army 1955-1957 4-22-2011 Forestville
VINCENT, Ronald A. Vet, US Army. 10-19-2017 Unnamed, this site
VINE, William B.  Vet, US Navy aboard USS Shenandoah. 1952-1956 5-18-2016 Allen
VOSS, Louis R. Vet, US Air Force. 1954-1962. 2-5-2018 Unnamed, this site
VULLO, Clement J. Vet, US Navy, USS Lake Champlain. 1950-1954. Joined reserves in 1961 5-1-2018 Sunset Hill
WAITE, Wesley Illingworth  Vet, USMC and Naval Reserve. 4-30-2017 Lake View
WALKER, Herman G. Vet, US Army. Germany during Korean War 10-23-2017 Riverside, Kennedy
WASHBURG, James C. Vet, US Army. 1953-1955, Germany  3-21-2018 Fentonville
WATERS, Arthur Frank Vet, US Army, 1949 - discharged for disability. 8-8-2017 East Ripley
WEBER, Richard R. Vet, US Air Force.  4-15-2015 Allen
WELCH, Joseph B. Vet, US Army 1-22-2011 Holy Sepulchre
WELLS, Marion A. [Nuck] Vet, US Army. 1951-1953 6-14-2016 Lake View
WESTON, Douglas C. [Bump] Vet, US Army. 1964-1966 4-4-2018 Unnamed, this site
WESTON, Douglas C. [Bump] Vet, US Army. 1964-1966 4-4-2018 Unnamed, this site
WHITE, Donald J.    Vet, US Army, SP3 3-3-2005 Holland
WHITNEY, Victor H. Vet, US Army, Sgt. Also Reserves. Deployed to Ground Zero in NYC. 1-18-2015 Unnamed, this site
WICKHAM, Terrance, Sr. Vet, USMC. 1960-1964 2-3-2017 Unnamed, this site
WILLIAMS, Earl Everett Vet, USMC Military Police, S/Sgt. Career 25 years. 9-14-2015 Unnamed, this site
WINKLER, Ronald W. Vet, US Navy 1-30-2018 Unnamed, this site
WOLOSZYN, John A. Vet, US Army. 1955-1957 5-9-2018 St. Hedwig
YOUNG, Melvin P. Vet, US Army Reserves, five years.  7-12-2004 Allen
YOUNG, Quentin W. Vet, US Army. 1950-1952 In Germany. 6-9-2018 Holy Cross
YOUNG, Sherwood B. Vet, US Navy Reserve. 8-25-2017 Unnamed, this site
ZABRODSKY, John Vet, US Army, Military Intelligence 1953-1954 8-18-2015 Sunset Hill

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