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Mayville, NY
Formatted by Gayle Thomson
Photos by Wendy Phillips


ABBEY, Matilda. Born 1837, died ??
AHLGREN, Glenn. Born 1898, died 1928
AHLGREN, Lena. Spouse of Olef. Born 1850, died 1886
AHLGREN, Olef L. Spouse of Lena. Born 1847, died 1908
AKERS, Caroline (Godard). Born ??, died 6-19-1865 - Dau of Anson H. and Elsie Godard
ALDEN, Charles N. Born 1870, died 1907
ALDRICH, Nahum. Born ??, died 6-17-1847. Age: 1y 10m 0d - Son of Nahum and Angeline Aldrich
ALDRICH, Son. Born ??, died 3-22-1848. Age: 19d - Son of Nahum and Angeline Aldrich
ALLMENG, Sophia. Spouse of P. J. Born 1862, died 1896 - [Wife of P.J.]
AMES, Jason D. Born 1851, died 1922
AMES, Lloyd Herbert. Born 5-17-1936, died 4-14-2021. Age: 84 - Son of Herbert D. and Edith O. (Shepard) Ames. Born in Hartfield NY, died in Columbia TN. Unmarried.
AMOS, Father [Emory?]. Spouse of [Mother]. Born 1836, died 1903
AMOS, L. Belle (Hunt). Spouse of Henry H. Born 12-25-1867, died 9-22-1907 - [Wife of Henry H.]
AMOS, Marjorie. Born 4-15-1899, died 10-21-1901
AMOS, Mother. Spouse of Emory. Born 2-06-1835, died 9-02-1901 - [Wife of Emory]
AMOS, Sarah. Born 1861, died 1921
ANDERSON, Andrew. Born 1824, died 1899
ANDERSON, Andrew F. Spouse of Britte. Born 1824, died 1907
ANDERSON, Ann W. Born 1834, died 1906
ANDERSON, Britte. Spouse of Andrew. Born 1827, died 1907
ANDERSON, Conrad A. Born 1896, died 1913
ANDERSON, Emma L. Born 1880, died 1888
ANDERSON, Errol C. Spouse of Joyce Hellman. Born 4-17-1942, died 1-9-2015. Age: 72 - Son of Woodrow and Clare Daley Anderson
ANDERSON, Eunice M. (Holcomb). Spouse of Joseph D. Born 11-21-1923, died 12-7-2004. Age: 81 - Dau of Marshall and Ethel (Wood) Holcomb. Wed 11-3-1945
ANDERSON, Hattie E. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1862, died 1918
ANDERSON, Husta F. Born 1888, died 1892
ANDERSON, Ida C. Spouse of Thomas J. Born 5-11-1863, died 7-01-1890 - [Wife]
ANDERSON, Ida M. Born 1863, died 1925
ANDERSON, Jean B. (van der Meulen). Spouse of Richard A. Sr. Born 1-14-1928, died 1-17-2021. Age: 93 - Dau of Sieberen and Marie (Rusinowski) van der Meulen. Born in Dunkirk NY, lived in Mayville NY, died in Amherst NY. A homemaker. Wed 8-24-1946, six children.
ANDERSON, John C. Born 1855, died 1923
ANDERSON, Joseph D. Spouse of Eunice M. Holcomb. Born ??, died 9-7-1987 - Wed 11-3-1945
ANDERSON, Julia W. Born 1902, died 1913
ANDERSON, Lora D. Born 1857, died 1889
ANDERSON, Loss P. Born 1828, died 1895
ANDERSON, Martin. Born 1872, died 1908
ANDERSON, Maude Kastner. Born 1825, died 1920
ANDERSON, Mollie. Born 1884, died 1893
ANDERSON, Mollie M. Born ??, died 1898
ANDERSON, Paul M. Born 1898, died 1899
ANDERSON, Richard A., Sr. Spouse of Jean VanderMeulen. Born 11-5-1925, died 12-18-2016. Age: 91 - Son of John A. and Mabel (Peterson) Anderson, born in Brocton NY, lived in Mayville NY, died in Jamestown NY. Wed 8-24-1946 in Mayville (70 yrs), six children. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
ANDERSON, Thomas J. Spouse of Hattie. Born 1858, died 1915
ANDERSON, Thomas J. Spouse of Ida. Born 6-29-1858, died 1915
ANDERSON, Woodrow J. Spouse of Susan F. Born ??, died 08-02-2009. Age: 69 - Son of Woodrow R. and Clare Anderson
ANDREWS, Albert J. Spouse of Harriet. Born 1806, died 1890
ANDREWS, Harriet. Born 3-13-1811, died 2-12-1851. Age: 16d
ANDREWS, Harriet B. Spouse of Albert. Born ??, died 11-29-1876 - [Wife of Albert] Born in Franklin VT
ARBA, Edard [Edward?]. Born 1842, died ??
ARNOLD, Agnes Flick. Spouse of H. W. Born 1908, died 1927 - [Wife of H.W.]
ARNOLD, Bessie M. Spouse of Nahum P. Born 1842, died 1911
ARNOLD, Joanna. Spouse of Nahum. Born 1871, died 1926 - [Wife of Nahum]
ARNOLD, Nahum P. Spouse of Bessie M. Born 1842, died 1911
ARNOLD, Nancy Etta (Hardenburg). Spouse of William H. Born 1849, died 10-27-1936 - Dau of Stephen and Jane Hardenburg. In 1900, three children.
ARNOLD, William H. Spouse of #1 Mary Spurr, #2 Nancy E. Hardenburg. Born 1849, died 11-24-1918 - Wed Mary abt 1840, at least four children. Wed Nancy abt 18799, three children.
ASPER, Eliza. Born 1-11-1848, died 11-08-1920
ASPER, Lewis B. Born ??, died July ?
ASPINWALL, Minor. Born 11-26-1858, died 8-20-1880
ATWOOD, Arthur S. Born 1872, died 1875
ATWOOD, Homer S. Born 1850, died 1895
ATWOOD, Walter H. Born 1879, died 1919
AUGE, Arnold. Born 3-10-1933, died 7-8-1957. Age: 24 - Son of Edward and Gladys M. (Housman) Auge.
AUGE, David Edmund. Born 9-4-1974, died 2-6-2019. Age: 44 - Son of Edmund E. and Donna Mae (Snyder) Auge. Born and died in Westfield NY, lived in Mayville NY.
AUGE, Donna Mae (Snyder). Spouse of Edmund E. Born 3-7-1941, died 3-21-2019. Age: 78 - Dau of Victor and Eunice (Burgess) Snyder. Wed 4-6-1967, three sons.
AUGE, Edmund E. Spouse of Donna M. Snyder. Born 3-9-1931, died 1-30-1999. Age: 67 - Son of Edward and Gladys M. (Housman) Auge. Wed 4-6-1967, three sons. - Korean War Vet, USMC
AUGE, Edward. Spouse of Gladys M. Houseman. Born 1-5-1886, died 1-1976. Age: 44 - Son of Earnest and Annie (Strauch) Auge. Born in Venus PA, lived in Sherman NY, a farmer.
AUGE, Gladys Mae (Houseman). Spouse of Edward. Born 11-10-1904, died 3-1984. Age: 79 - Dau of Daniel and Jessie B. (Farrand) Houseman. Born in Lyndonville NY, lived in Chautauqua NY. Wed 12-25-1921 in Chautauqua.
BAILEY, Lillian H. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1849, died 1918
BAILEY, Thomas James. Spouse of Lillian. Born 1843, died 1914
BAKER, Adelbert M. Spouse of Ella. Born 1853, died 1923
BAKER, Billy Jack. Born 2-23-1980, died 8-4-2007. Age: 27 - Son of Charles H. and Melody L. (Erhard) Baker. Died in dirt bike accident
BAKER, Ella O. Spouse of Adelbert. Born 1853, died 1926
BAKER, Eva H. Spouse of George. Born 1871, died 1908
BAKER, George H. Spouse of Eva. Born 1866, died ??
BAKER, Timothy. Born ??, died 1-06-1845. Age: 64
BALCOM, Ryan Clarence. Born 10-23-2007, died 3-9-2008. Age: 4m 15d - Son of George H. and Carol (Darling) Balcom Jr.
BARBER, Eleanor (Hovey) [Ellie]. Spouse of Harley J. [Bill] Jr. Born 12-10-1927, died 3-28-2008. Age: 80 - Dau of Howard and Geraldine (Houtz) Hovey. Wed 9-3-1947, two sons
BARBER, Harley J. Jr. Spouse of Eleanor H. Hovey. Born 12-20-1925, died 5-1-2018. Age: 92 - Son of Harley J. Sr. and V. Fern Stafford Barber. Born and lived in Mayville NY, died in Westfield NY. Owned Ba.rber Garage in Mayville. Wed 9-3-1947, two sons - WW II Vet, US Army. Europe, Bronze Star.
BARBER, Harley J. Sr. Spouse of V. Fern Stafford. Born 8-8-1895, died 3-5-1982. Age: 86 - Son of Jay L. and Myrtie (Swanson) Barber. Born and died in Westfield NY. Owned Barber's Garage in Mayville. Wed 9-7-1921 in Chatauqua NY, two children. - WW I Vet, US Army, 3rd Div, Btry A.
BARBER, Vannessa Fern (Stafford). Spouse of Harley J. Sr. Born 12-21-1900, died 11-23-1985. Age: 84 - Dau of Albert J. and Josephine (Pongratz) Stafford. Wed 9-7-1921 in Chatauqua NY, two children.
BARNHART, Amy. Born ??, died 2-04-1824. Age: 28 - [Wife]
BARNHART, Amy. Born 1843, died 1912
BARNHART, Charlotte. Spouse of William William. Born 1817, died 1904 - [Wife]
BARNHART, Eliza A. Born ??, died 1-15-1834. Age: 20d
BARNHART, Melvina. Born ??, died 2-17-1827. Age: 6
BARNHART, Molly (Boyer). Spouse of Peter. Born 1752, died 1-15-1835. Age: 82 - Given name: Mary Martha. Born in Switzerland, died in Catt Co NY. Wed 1775 in Somerset Co PA, at least three children.
BARNHART, Peter. Spouse of Molly. Born 5-31-1751, died 8-13-1836. Age: 85 - Born in Germany, died in Mayville NY. Wed 1775 in Somerset Co PA, at least three children. Revolutionary War Vet, Private in Capt. Philip Buck's Co., 3rd Battalion, Elizabeth Township, Lancaster, PA. 1776-1778 (DAR # A006544)
BARNHART, William William. Spouse of Charlotte. Born 1818, died 1886
BARRETT, James K. Spouse of Martha. Born 1836, died 1903
BARRETT, Martha C. Spouse of James. Born 1842, died 1930
BARRINGER, David. Born 1839, died 1905
BARRON, Donald John. Spouse of Marilyn L. (Hurst). Born 9-15-1930, died 1-15-1989. Age: 58 - Wed 6-3-1953 in Springdale PA, four children.
BARRON, Marilyn Lucile (Hurst). Spouse of Donald J. Born 5-6-1931, died 8-20-2017. Age: 86 - Dau of Frank and Stella (Figiel) Hurst. Born in New Kensington PA, died in Westfield NY. Wed 6-3-1953 in Springdale PA, four children.
BARROWS, Sharon (Stewart). Spouse of Frederick J. Born 1-17-1948, died 12-6-2020. Age: 72 - Dau of Robert H. and Caroline G. (Shearer) Stewart. Born in Panaman Canal Zone, lived in Chaut Co NY, died in Palmyra PA. An elelmentary teacher in Sherman Schools. Wed 8-15-1970 in Mayville, three daughters. (Spouse survives)
BARTLETT, Elizabeth W. Born 1808, died 1895
BARTON, Byron R. Born ??, died 1937 - Son of Byron and Emma (Bunnell) Barton
BARTON, Byron Rowlan. Spouse of Emma A. Bunnell. Born 1868, died 9-9-1930 - Only child of Rowlan and Olive (Ackles) Barton
BARTON, Carrie (Denzer). Born ??, died ??
BARTON, Emma A. (Bunnell). Spouse of Byron Rowlan. Born 1870, died 2-12-1912 - Dau of ? and Elizabeth (Hively) Bunnell. Three babies of Rowlan S. and Lena (Holben) Barton, grandchildren of Emma, are buried with her in lot 400
BARTON, Flagler. Born ??, died 3-28-1858. Age: 6y 3m 0d - Son of Zachariah and Marie Barton
BARTON, John K. Spouse of unwed. Born 1-12-1844, died 7-22-1869 - Son of Wm. and Lois (Ellsworth) Barton. Drowned in Chautauqua Lake
BARTON, Lena (Holben). Spouse of Rowlan Sylvester. Born 4-5-1893, died ??
BARTON, Lois (Aylesworth). Spouse of William. Born 1801, died 5-07-1873. Age: 73y 9m 24d - [Wife] Dau of James Aylesworth (Ellsworth) and Margaret (Harrington) Aylesworth. Wed in Vermont. James changed the spelling of the name to Ellsworth
BARTON, Olive Ackles. Spouse of Rowlan LeRoy. Born ??, died ??
BARTON, Rowlan LeRoy. Spouse of Olive Ackles. Born ??, died ??
BARTON, Rowlan Sylvester. Spouse of Lena Holben. Born 4-24-1894, died 5-7-1967 - Son of Byron and Emma (Bunnell) Barton
BARTON, William. Spouse of Lois Aylesworth. Born 1807, died 11-28-1858. Age: 51y 7m 21d - Son of Rowland and Keziah Barton of New Lisbon NY. Wed in Vermont
BAUMGERT, Edward. Born 1882, died 1884 - Son of Hustav and Josephine Baumgert
BAUMGERT, Frank. Born ??, died 8-14-1874 - Son of Hustav and Josephine Baumgert
BAUMGERT, Hustav. Spouse of Josephine. Born 1840, died 1907
BAUMGERT, Josephine. Spouse of Hustav. Born 1844, died 1918
BAUMGERT, Ustene. Born 1839, died 1909
BEARS, Ann Mariah. Spouse of H. W. Born ??, died 7-28-1852. Age: 27 - [Wife of H.W.]
BEARS, Willie. Born ??, died 1-13-1847. Age: 3m 3d - Son of H. W. and Ann M. Bears
BEAUJEAN [BEJAMIN], (Emeline). Spouse of Eusebius? Beaujean [Benjamin]. Born ??, died 5-06-1861. Age: 53y 7m 2d - [Wife of Eusebius?]
BEAUJEAN [BEJAMIN], Anthony Peck. Born 1782, died 1861
BEAUJEAN [BEJAMIN], Michael M. Born 1780, died 1877. Age: 1
BEAUJEAN [BENJAMIN], Anthony Orilla. Born 9-19-1842, died 7-16-1862. Age: 13y 9m 27d - Son of Eusebius and Cynthia Beaujean [Benjamin]
BEAUJEAN, Adeline Maryette (Wilcox). Spouse of Rufus W. Born 1850, died ?? - Dau of Henry and Margaret (Barton) Wilcox. Killed by lighting in Melborne Beach FL
BEAUJEAN, David M. Born 1810, died 1889
BEAUJEAN, E. Martha (Kelsey). Spouse of George R. Born 1860, died 1902 - [Wife]
BEAUJEAN, Fred O. Born 1867, died 1921
BEAUJEAN, George R. Spouse of E. Martha Kelsey. Born 1836, died 1916
BEAUJEAN, Hannah S. Born 1811, died 1860
BEAUJEAN, Lemuel P. Born 1844, died 1906
BEAUJEAN, Mary Louise. Born 1860, died 1865 - Dau of George R. and Martha (Kelsey) Beaujean
BEAUJEAN, Taylor Rose. Born 9-12-2008, died 9-15-2008. Age: 3d - Dau of Roger L. and Tammy (Holland) Beaujean
BEDELL, Ellen J. Spouse of Walter. Born 1852, died 1899
BEDELL, May. Born 1882, died 1884
BEDELL, Pearl W. Born 1880, died 1915
BEDELL, Walter H. Spouse of Ellen. Born ??, died ??
BEEBE, Gertrude E. Born 1864, died 1925
BEEKMAN, Caroline C. Spouse of John A. Born 1839, died 1921 - [Wife]
BEEKMAN, John A. Spouse of Caroline. Born 1834, died 1889
BEEVIS, Mary Ann (Huston). Spouse of Stephen. Born 2-06-1818, died 3-20-1847 - Dau of Thomas and Dorcas Huston
BEHRER, Barbera. Spouse of Michael. Born 5-19-1832, died 2-19-1903 - [Wife]
BEHRER, Michael. Spouse of Barbera. Born 11-02-1819, died 5-19-1891
BELDEN, Edmund. Born 1867, died 1899
BELDEN, Nathan. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1835, died 1909
BELDEN, Sarah H. Spouse of Nathan. Born 1846, died 1924
BELKNAP, Frances Josephine. Born ??, died 1-31-1840. Age: 1 - Dau of Harvey and Sall A. Belknap
BELL, Helena. Spouse of William. Born ??, died 10-16-1833. Age: 64 - [Wife of Wm.]
BELL, Lavonja D. Born 4-27-1967, died 6-20-1969. Age: 2 - Dau of Patricia Lillian Work and Robert Bell. Was killed in a car-train accident with mother
BENJEAUN, Charles D. Born ??, died 6-24-1875. Age: 71y 11m 18d
BENJEAUN, Henry. Born ??, died 11-26-1902. Age: 56y 1m 1d
BENJEAUN, Horsee. Born ??, died 8-08-1846. Age: 8y 11m 11d
BENJEAUN, Zerush. Spouse of Charles A. Born ??, died 3-03-1877. Age: 52y 6m 20d - [Wife of Chas. A.]
BENTLEY, Edwin F. Born 1866, died 1915
BENTLEY, Ivan M. Born 1903, died 1925
BENTLEY, Mary J. Spouse of Morris. Born 1845, died ??
BENTLEY, Morris. Born 1883, died 1885
BENTLEY, Morris. Spouse of Mary J. Born 1843, died 1927
BENTLEY, Norris M. Spouse of Virginia [Geege] Sylvester. Born 10-02-1916, died 08-01-2009. Age: 92 - Son of George and Daisy (Kenniston) Bentley. Wed 4-25-1946 in Mayville, 3 children - WW II Vet, US Army
BENTLEY, Virginia M. (Sylvester) [Geege]. Spouse of Norris M. Born 07-31-1919, died 01-25-2014. Age: 94 - Dau of Harry and Gertrude (LaKin) Sylvester. Born in Mayville, owned Bentley's Supermarket. Wed 4-25-1946 in Mayville, 3 children -
BENTLEY, William D. Born 1870, died 1898
BENTON, Fredk. Spouse of Mary. Born ??, died 9-17-1862. Age: 67y 7m 21d
BENTON, Mary. Spouse of Fredk. Born ??, died 12-28-1867. Age: 68y 7m 15d - [Wife]
BERNHART, Eliz A. Spouse of Harry W. Born 12-25-1837, died 7-22-1897 - [Wife] Dau of Jones?
BERNHART, Harry W. Spouse of Eliz A. Born 2-03-1829, died 5-19-1905
BERRINGER, Ann M. Born 1851, died 1920
BICKERT, Barbera. Born 1859, died ??
BICKERT, Christina. Born 1860, died 1929
BIEKERT, Benjamin L. Spouse of Barbara Shearer. Born 06-17-1919, died 08-30-2010. Age: 91 - Son of Lewis W. and Kate (Overlander) Biekert. Wed 7-6-1949 - WW II Vet, US Army
BIEKERT, Margaret G. (Seitz). Spouse of Robert C. Born 9-6-1915, died 4-23-2013. Age: 97 - Joseph and Mary (Duhoslav) Seitz. Born in Cleveland OH, lived, and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 9-1947 in Cleveland OH, one daughter.
BIEKERT, Robert C. Spouse of Margaret Seitz Rundell. Born 6-23-1920, died 1-12-2019. Age: 98 - Son of Clarence and Heika (Overlander) Biekert. Born, lived, and died in Chautauqua Co NY. Wed 9-1947 in Cleveland OH, one daughter. - WW II Vet, US Army, S/Sgt. England and Africa.
BIGELOW, Taole (Scriven). Spouse of Wm. Born 1848, died 1924
BIGELOW, William R. Spouse of Taole Scriven. Born 1847, died 1904
BIRD, Mary A. P. Born 1821, died 1900
BIXBY, Georgiana. Born 1865, died 1870
BIXBY, H. S. Born 1855, died 1895
BIXBY, Martha R. Spouse of Solomon. Born 1-26-1809, died 5-29-1879. Age: 70y 4m 3d - [Wife]
BIXBY, Solomon. Spouse of Martha. Born 3-05-1808, died 4-05-1881. Age: 73y 1m 0d
BIXBY, William. Born 1870, died 1886
BLANCHARD, Bruce. Born 12-9-1956, died 5-19-2014. Age: 57 - Son of Norman C. and Clara M. (Ecker) Blanchard. Born and died in Westfield NY.
BLANCHARD, Chance William, died 4-27-2017. Age: 29 - Son of ? and Angela Gwen Blanchard (d. April 13, 2007). Lived with grandparents, William and Sandra Blanchard. One daughter.
BLANCHARD, Clara M. (Ecker). Born 2-2-1927, died 6-27-2017. Age: 90 - Dau of Eugene and Anna (Perdue) Ecker. Born in Blockville NY, lived in Mayville NY, died in Westfield NY. Wed 5-13-1950 in Westfield, seven children
BLANCHARD, Edward B. Born 4-20-1930, died 7-16-1950. Age: 20 - Son of Leroy H. and Neta (MacGahen) Blanchard - Korean War Vet, 19th Inf, 24th Inf Div, PFC.
BLANCHARD, Isadora Emily (Honeysett). Spouse of William F. Born 4-28-1858, died 5-19-1935. Age: 77 - Dau of Humphrey T. and Amy Amanda (Pitts) Hoenysett. Born, lived, and died in Mayville NY. Wed 12-26-1890, one son.
BLANCHARD, Leroy F. [Frank]. Spouse of Elvera Johnson. Born 8-31-1919, died 4-27-2013. Age: 93 - Son of Leroy H. and Neta (McGahen) Blanchard. Born, lived, and died in Mayville NY. A metallurgist. Five daughters. - WW II Vet, US Army. Two Purple Hearts.
BLANCHARD, Leroy Honeysett. Spouse of Neta (MacGahen. Born 10-5-1891, died 8-18-1940. Age: 48 - Son of William F. and Isadora E. (Honeysett) Blanchard. Born in Union City PA, died in Westfield NY. Seven children.
BLANCHARD, Neta (McGahen) Lincoln. Spouse of #1 Leroy H. Blanchard, #2 Claude Lincoln. Born 1-26-1896, died 9-20-1985. Age: 89 - Seven children.
BLANCHARD, Norman Clyde. Spouse of Clara M. Ecker. Born 9-19-1923, died 10-3-1990. Age: 67 - Son of Leroy H. and Neta (McGahen) Blanchard. Born, lived, and died in Mayville NY. Wed 5-13-1950 in Westfield, seven children - WW II Vet, US Army.
BLANDY, Noel Eedes. Born 1893, died 1914
BLOOMER, Carrie. Born 1877, died 1897 - Dau of Robert and Roda Bloomer
BLOOMER, Ette Haviland. Born 1888, died 1926
BLOOMER, Mary A. (Sixbey). Spouse of William. Born ??, died 12-27-1894. Age: 76y 10m 0d - [Wife of Wm]
BLOOMER, Robert. Born 1891, died 1891 - Son of Robert and Roda Bloomer
BLOOMER, Robert. Spouse of Roda. Born 1824, died 1900
BLOOMER, Roda A. Spouse of Robert. Born 1854, died 1929 - [Wife]
BLY, J. Frank. Born 1838, died 1888
BOHLIN, Christine L. Born 1849, died 1927
BOHLIN, D. A. Born 1850, died 1922
BOHLIN, Ellen. Born 1885, died 1887
BOHLIN, Gustaf. Born 1815, died 1893
BOHLIN, Ida. Born ??, died 12-1876. Age: 3y 5m 6d
BOLDS, James. Spouse of Jane Blinks. Born 8-01-1780, died 6-24-1869 - Born in Devonshire Eng
BOLDS, Jane (Blinks). Spouse of James. Born 12-18-1785, died 1-14-1837 - [Wife] Born in Kent Eng
BOLDS, Lucy (Morgan). Spouse of James. Born ??, died 12-01-1846. Age: 55 - [Wife]
BOND, Allie M. Spouse of Orlando. Born 1841, died 1909
BOND, Belle B. Born 1850, died 1901
BOND, Bethuel. Born ??, died 5-20-1884. Age: 50
BOND, Bethuel. Spouse of Lydia. Born ??, died 8-15-1841. Age: 78y 3m 5d
BOND, Charlotte. Born 1831, died 1900
BOND, Fernando. Born 1840, died 1919
BOND, Francis. Born 1837, died 1892
BOND, George W. Born 1825, died 1891
BOND, Henriette E. Born 1866, died 1918
BOND, Kathleen. Born 1888, died 1914
BOND, Lydia D. Spouse of Bethuel. Born 1-09-1774, died 8-09-1845 - [Wife]
BOND, Mary A. Spouse of Miner. Born 1813, died 1895
BOND, Mary A. Born 1882, died 1916
BOND, Miner T. Spouse of Mary. Born 1808, died 1858
BOND, Miner T. Born 1864, died 1885
BOND, Nancy. Spouse of William D. Jr. Born ??, died 8-28-1835. Age: 36y 10m 17d - [Wife]
BOND, Nancy. Born 1845, died 1921
BOND, Orlando. Spouse of Allie. Born 1835, died 1910
BOND, Phebe. Born 1842, died ??
BOND, William D. Jr. Spouse of Nancy. Born 1822, died 1873 - Son of William D. Bond
BOOTH, Augustus A. Spouse of Ida C. Anderson. Born ??, died ?? - No data
BOOTH, Father. Spouse of Hulda. Born 1847, died 1914
BOOTH, Hulda C. Spouse of Father. Born 1855, died 1911
BOOTH, Ida C. (Anderson). Spouse of Augustus. Born ??, died ?? - [Wife] No dates
BOOTH, Maria (Clark). Spouse of Sidney W. Born 1836, died 1914 - [Wife]
BOOTH, Sidney W. Spouse of Maria Clark. Born 1835, died 1921
BOYDEN, Emily C. (Russell). Spouse of William. Born 1844, died 1926
BOYDEN, William A. Spouse of Emily C. Russell. Born 1834, died 1912
BRADSHAW, Mary (Scott). Spouse of Salmon. Born 11-30-1810, died 2-29-1892
BRADSHAW, Salmon. Spouse of Mary Scott. Born 12-17-1801, died 2-25-1884
BRIGGS, Hancil M. (Armstrong) Kelsey. Spouse of #1 John Kelsey, #2 Jim Briggs. Born 6-18-1922, died 8-2-2015. Age: 93 - Dau of Griggs and Nellie (Green) Armstrong. Born in Estill Springs TN, lived in Ashville NY, died in Jamestown NY. Nine children, fathers unclear. (Predeceased by both husbands)
BRIGHAM, Edward. Born 7-16-1796, died 12-16-1876. Age: 80y 5m 0d - Born in Madison NY
BRIGHAM, Elvira A. (Lincoln). Spouse of Edward. Born 8-18-1813, died 6-11-1899 - [Wife of Edward] Born in Bethany NY, died in Mayville NY. Buried with Lincolns
BRIGHAM, Jonathan Jr. Born 10-13-1791, died 9-03-1819 - Son of Jonathan Brigham
BRIGHAM, Lucina. Born ??, died 3-01-1854. Age: 54y 2m 0d
BRIGHAM, Lucy. Born ??, died 5-03-1842. Age: 64 - [Wife]
BRIGHAM, Lydia. Born ??, died 2-04-1828. Age: 70 - [Wife]
BRIGHTMAN, John Y. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1847, died ??
BRIGHTMAN, Sarah L. Spouse of John. Born 1858, died 1917
BRODT, Charles. Born 1868, died 1926
BRODT, Clara. Born 1880, died ??
BRODT, James. Born 1845, died 1922
BRODT, Margelis S. Born 1843, died 1928
BROOKS, Jesse. Born 9-01-1788, died 6-30-1877
BROWN, Charles E. Spouse of Edna Kranking. Born 12-19-1932, died 12-04-2009. Age: 76 - Son of Cecile and Cecile (Markham) Brown. Wed 9-5-1953 - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
BROWN, Francis. Born ??, died 8-03-1881. Age: 43
BROWN, Fredrick Stanley. Companion of Geraldine Wilkins. Born 4-23-1923, died 5-10-2018. Age: 86 - Son of Fredrick and Grace (Osborn) Brown. Born in Dewittville NY, lived in Brocton NY, died in Westfield NY. Four children, mother not named. Companion survives. - Korean War Vet, US Army.
BROWN, Levilla. Born 1837, died 1923
BROWN, Mary Ann (Myers). Born 6-1-1936, died 7-20-2017. Age: 81 - Dau of Samuel and Mary (Horvath) Myers. Born in Painesville OH, lived and died in Westfield NY. Four sons, father not named.
BRUMAGIM, Hilma F. (Hall). Spouse of Not named. Born 4-21-1919, died 6-9-2015. Age: 96 - Dau of William R. and Florence (Cooper) Hall, an accountant. Born in Racine WI, died in Greenhurst NY. One daughter
BRUMBAUGH, Frederick. Born 1909, died 1930
BUCKMAN, Frank S. Sr. Spouse of Janet Priabe. Born 10-10-1915, died 10-12-2004. Age: 89 - Son of Stanley and Pauline (Fitt) Bochman, born in Old Forge PA, lived in Sherman NY, died in Greenhurst NY. Wed 1-16-1960 in Buffalo NY, one son.
BUCKMAN, Janet E. (Priabe). Spouse of Frank S. Born 2-10-1935, died 5-26-2021. Age: 86 - Dau of Fredrick W. and Mary T. (Mutka) Priabe Sr. Born in Buffalo NY, lived in Buffalo and Sherman NY, died in Erie PA. Wed 1-16-1960 in Buffalo NY, one son.
BUNDY, Esther. Born ??, died 2-15-1892
BUNNELL, Charles. Born ??, died 1927 - Son of ? and Elizabeth (Hively) Bunnell. Brother of Emma Barton
BUNNELL, Elizabeth (Hively). Born ??, died 1912 - Mother of Emma Barton
BURCH, Jerome C. Spouse of Mary. Born 1822, died 1888
BURCH, Mary A. Spouse of Jerome. Born 1826, died 1928
BURFORD, Thomas. Born 1845, died 1915
BURGESS, Fredk. Born ??, died 5-12-1850. Age: 1y 4m 0d - Son of J. S. and Cornelia Burgess
BURNETT, Edward W. Born 1849, died 1870 - Son of Martin Burnett
BURNETT, Eliza (Johnson) Rodgers. Born 11-24-1840, died 6-11-1923 - Dau of Johnson; Wed also Rodgers?
BURNETT, Elizabeth. Spouse of Martin. Born 1840, died ?? - [Wife]
BURNETT, Maria. Born 1840, died 1924
BURNETT, Martin. Spouse of Sophia. Born 1819, died 1907 - Wed twice?
BURNETT, Sophia. Spouse of Martin. Born 1818, died 1879 - [Wife]
BURRI, Ann V. Born 1872, died 1929
BURROWS, Elizabeth. Spouse of John B. Born 5-19-1803, died 1-25-1892 - [Wife]
BURROWS, Elizabeth. Born 1826, died 1915
BURROWS, John B. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 7-02-1797, died 4-15-1865
BURROWS, John Watson. Born 1897, died 1899
BURROWS, Sarah Watson. Born 1839, died 1890
BUSCH, Charles C. Spouse of Rose M. Born 1850, died 1930
BUSCH, Rose M. Spouse of Chas. Born 1850, died 1930
BUSH, Ensign. Spouse of Sarah. Born ??, died 8-25-1848. Age: 67y 1m 0d
BUSH, Jennie (Nelson). Born 1891, died 1927
BUSH, Sarah. Spouse of Ensign. Born ??, died ?? - [Wife] Stone underground
BUTLER, Benjamin. Born ??, died 6-27-1882
BUXTON, Angela Gwen (Blanchard). Companion of Richard Parkhurst. Born 4-12-1967, died 4-13-2007. Age: 40 - Dau of William and Sandra (Scarpine) Blanchard. Born in Westfield NY, died in Mayville NY. Three children.
CADWELL, Adelaide. Born 1859, died 1861
CADWELL, Adin. Spouse of Edith Strong. Born 1-02-1803, died 11-13-1875 - Born in New Haven VT
CADWELL, Edith (Strong). Spouse of Adin. Born 8-20-1805, died 3-06-1864 - Born in New Haven VT
CADWELL, Edwin C. Spouse of Eliza. Born 1836, died 1914
CADWELL, Eliza C. Spouse of Edwin. Born 1841, died 1924
CADWELL, Fidelia G. Born 1834, died 1896
CADWELL, George. Born 1864, died 1866
CADWELL, Leroy B. Born ??, died 11-05-1879. Age: 37y 10m 14d - Son of Adin and Edith (Strong) Cadwell
CADWELL, Wallace. Born 1831, died 1892
CADY, Jason M. Spouse of Maxine Bauer. Born ??, died 5-18-1981 - Wed 5-21-1941
CADY, Maxine (Bauer). Spouse of Jason M. Born 2-24-1914, died 2-17-2002. Age: 87 - Dau of Fredrick and Leona (Church) Bauer. Wed 5-21-1941
CALDWELL, Frank. Born 8-01-1892, died 8-19-1912
CALDWELL, Mabel H. Born 8-18-1884, died 9-02-1913. Age: 29y 0m 15d
CAMPBELL, Daughter. Born ??, died 2-14-1871. Age: 2m - Dau of J. B. and Eliza Campbell
CAMPBELL, Eliza. Spouse of James. Born 1837, died 1925
CAMPBELL, George. Spouse of Janet. Born ??, died 8-21-1881. Age: 89
CAMPBELL, James. Spouse of Eliza. Born 1827, died 1889
CAMPBELL, Janet (Jannette?). Spouse of George. Born ??, died 2-11-1858. Age: 64 - [Wife of Geo.]
CAMPBELL, Robert. Born ??, died 2-23-1838. Age: 12y 4m 0d - Son of George and Jannette Campbell
CANNON, Edwin S. Spouse of Mary Ann Dearing. Born 1-14-1929, died 12-15-2020. Age: 91 - Son of Edwin R. and Mildred (Samson) Cannon. Born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Mayville NY. Worked for Mayville NYS DOT. Wed 6-9-1956 in Mayville, three sons. (Spouse survives) - Korean War Vet, US Army.
CARLSON, Ann K. Spouse of Jones. Born 1838, died 1906 - [Wife]
CARLSON, Anneks. Spouse of Gustav. Born 1838, died 1925
CARLSON, Annika J. Spouse of John. Born 1832, died 1914 - [Wife]
CARLSON, Augusta. Born 1867, died 1923
CARLSON, Augusta M. Born 3-22-1860, died 4-19-1884 - [Wife] (of John?)
CARLSON, Donald C. Spouse of Evelyn Crowe. Born 12-17-1924, died 7-25-2019. Age: 94 - Son of Andrew A. Jr. and Ruth (Buxton) Carlson. Born and lived in Mayville NY, died in Jamestown NY. Mayor of Mayville 1965-1971. Wed 8-12-1950, three children.
CARLSON, Evelyn (Crowe). Spouse of Donald C. Born 4-11-1927, died 12-16-2015. Age: 88 - Dau of Frank and Alice (McGrath) Crowe, born in Fredonia NY, died in Mayville NY. AnElementary school teacher. Wed 8-12-1950, three children.
CARLSON, Gustaf. Spouse of Annenks. Born 1834, died ??
CARLSON, John. Spouse of Annika J. Born 1829, died 1923 - Wed twice?
CARLSON, John Allen [Jack]. Spouse of Mary W. Born 10-03-1929, died 10-12-2010. Age: 81 - Son of Andrew A. and Ruth (Buxton) Carlson. Married for 55 years - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
CARLSON, Jones. Spouse of Ann. Born 1838, died 1925 - Civil War Vet, Co E, 100th NY Vols
CARLSON, Raymond E. Spouse of Mary Odell. Born 02-04-1931, died 01-16-2010. Age: 78 - Son of Oscar and Sara (Galloway) Carlson, born in Conneaut, OH. Wed 10-26-1968
CARPENTER, Leander. Born ??, died 5-09-1850. Age: 7 - Son of E. L. and Harriet Carpenter
CARPENTER, Spencer. Born ??, died 4-21-1850. Age: 3
CARRY, Patricia Ann (Holcomb). Born ??, died 06-28-2009. Age: 63 - Dau of Paul W. and Viola C. (Hodas) Holcomb, died in Astoria, OR
CARVER, Charles. Born ??, died 5-18-1849. Age: 2 - Son of Amos and Susan Carver
CARVER, Harriet T. Born ??, died 1-08-1835. Age: 3 - Dau of Amos and Sally Carver
CARVER, Sally. Spouse of Amos. Born ??, died 3-15-1844. Age: 33 - [Wife of Amos]
CASE, Ann B. Spouse of Reuben. Born 5-10-1809, died 12-07-1901
CASE, Reuben. Spouse of Ann. Born 6-10-1801, died 1-16-1882
CHACE, Henry. Born 9-23-1864, died 8-25-1901
CHACE, James B. Born ??, died 11-23-1860 - Son of Dr. W. C. and Mary Chace
CHACE, John H. Born ??, died 11-13-1871. Age: 35y 7m 24d
CHACE, Kenneth. Born 6-18-1888, died 10-22-1888 - Son of Henry and Alice Chase
CHACE, Susan E. Spouse of William C. Born ??, died 1-23-1880 - [Wife]
CHACE, William. Born 1833, died 1891
CHACE, William C. Spouse of Susan. Born ??, died 8-19-1795. Age: 80
CHAMBERLAIN, Eri. Born ??, died 12-22-1889. Age: 68y 11m 22d
CHANDLER, Karin J. (Carlson). Companion of Ed Smith. Born 3-8-1954, died 11-1-2016. Age: 62 - Dau of James and Anita (Dearing) Carlson, born, lived, and died in Westfield NY. One son surnamed Wappat - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
CHAPMAN, Desire. Born ??, died 6-22-1851. Age: 91
CHARLESTON, John P. Born 9-21-1881, died 9-23-1881. Age: 4d
CLARK, Carolyn Louise (Fischer) Rollman. Spouse of Seymour W. Rollman/ Courtland N. Clark. Born 1-9-1925, died 4-5-2008. Age: 83 - Dau of George and Helen (Hitchcock) Fischer
CLARK, Dollie M. Spouse of William M. Born 1859, died 1916 - [Wife]
CLARK, Gurney. Born 1876, died 1916
CLARK, Norman. Born 1850, died 1928
CLARK, Sarah. Born ??, died 12-31-1893. Age: 62y 10m 14d - Dau of Benajah Clark
CLARK, William M. Spouse of Dollie. Born 1855, died ??
CLECKNER, Albert. Born 6-16-1860, died 10-31-1889
COBB, Addie M. Born 1841, died 1911
COLBY, Betsey. Spouse of Webster. Born ??, died 1-27-1838. Age: 31 - [Wife of Webster]
COLBY, Horatio P. Born ??, died 3-05-1848. Age: 18y 5m 0d
COLBY, Marguerite. Born 1855, died 1923
COLBY, Martin E. Born 1867, died 1-2-1917 - Injured by train accident 1-1-1917
COLBY, Mary. Born 1845, died 1924
COLBY, Oris L. Born ??, died 2-01-1855. Age: 2y 5m 10d
COLDWELL, Irene. Born 1832, died 1847
COLDWELL, Peter E. Born 1831, died 1909
COLDWELL, Thirsa (Case). Born 1834, died 1901
COLE, Annette L. (Chamberlain). Spouse of William. Born ??, died 5-19-1893. Age: 62y 11m 22d - [Wife of William]
COLE, Chester S. Born ??, died 1-22-1839. Age: 2y 10m 14d - Son of Chester and Virtus Cole
COLE, Medad. Born ??, died 11-12-1882
COLINETZ, Kathryn M. Born 1873, died 1902 - [Wife]
COOK, Henry. Born ??, died 8-12-1885
COOK, Henry A. Born 1832, died 1903
COOPER, Bessie K. Born 1884, died 1902
COOPER, Eliza (Kingston). Spouse of Robert J. I. Born 1825, died 1889 - [Wife]
COOPER, Mollie (Rolfe). Born 1864, died 1918
COOPER, Myrtle. Born 1877, died 1917
COOPER, Robert J. I. Spouse of Eliza Kingston. Born 1821, died 1901
COOPER, Samuel L. Born 1863, died 1905
COPELAND, Helen (Turner). Spouse of C. Albert. Born 5-25-1914, died 4-5-2008. Age: 93 - Dau of Burt N. and Bertha (Jackson) Turner. Wed 6-28-1947
CORCORAN, Denis M. Spouse of Mary H/ Marie A. Born 4-3-1906, died 5-14-2001. Age: 95 - Son of Martin and Catherine Corcoran, born in Co. Sligo Ireland
CORNELL, Andrew. Spouse of Fern Hardenburg. Born ??, died 1949
CORNELL, Fern (Hardenburg). Spouse of Andrew. Born 1-25-1893, died 7-7-1982 - Dau of George and Ada (Curtis) Hardenburg. Born, lived, and died in Mayville NY. No children named.
CORNELL, Gladys Newbury. Spouse of Purl D. Born ??, died ?? - Wed 1917
CORNELL, Ida Lois (Wilcox). Spouse of John George. Born 1859, died 1986 - Dau of Alfred and Maryette Lois (Barton) Wilcox
CORNELL, John George. Spouse of Edna Hall. Born 1892, died 1918 - Son of John George and Ida Lois (Wilcox) Cornell
CORNELL, John George. Spouse of Ida Lois Wilcox. Born ??, died ??
CORNELL, Purl D. Spouse of Gladys N. Born 7-19-1896, died 11-23-1975. Age: 79 - Son of Ezra and Jennie Cornell - WW I Vet, US Army
CORNISH, Marion. Spouse of Joel. Born ??, died 5-29-1910. Age: 69y 4m 0d - [Wife of Joel]
CORRY, Adelia H. Spouse of Hiram. Born 11-02-1818, died 9-06-1901 - [Wife of Hiram]
COTTERELL, Walter A. Born ??, died 11-28-1857 - Son of Alva and Sarah Cotterell
COTTRELL, Amanda. Born ??, died 5-17-1845. Age: 19y 4m 22d - Dau of L. and S. Cottrell
COTTRELL, Sophia. Spouse of Lemuel. Born ??, died 3-24-1837. Age: 36y 10m 17d - [Wife of Lemuel]
COTTRELL, Susan A. Born ??, died 7-08-1845. Age: 1y 11m 28d - Dau of Lemuel and Avis Cottrell
COVELL, James. Born ??, died 12-01-1814. Age: 88y 9m 0d
CRANDALL, Adeline. Spouse of Nelson. Born 1832, died 1919
CRANDALL, Arthur M. Born 1857, died ??
CRANDALL, Beatrice (Willard). Spouse of Fred Lathrop/ Clyde. Born 9-9-1892, died 7-11-1982. Age: 89 - Dau of Marvin J. and Ellen (Riley) Willard. Fred died 6-17-1955
CRANDALL, Chester Edwin. Born 6-3-1940, died 1-4-2016. Age: 75 - Son of Sidney and Mildred (Swanson) Crandall, Born and died in Mayville NY. Two children. - Cold War Vet, US Army Reserves, Sgt. 1961-1967
CRANDALL, Clyde. Spouse of Beatrice W. Born ??, died 6-24-1972
CRANDALL, Ellen F. Spouse of Nelson Willard. Born 1870, died ??
CRANDALL, Jobe G. Born 1883, died 1902
CRANDALL, Mary Jane (Hunt). Spouse of William A. Born 1839, died 1895 - [Wife]
CRANDALL, Melissa. Born 1842, died 1910
CRANDALL, Nelson A. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1862, died 1930
CRANDALL, Nelson L. Spouse of Adeline. Born 1827, died 1910
CRANDALL, William A. Spouse of Mary Jane Hunt. Born 1840, died 1894
CRANDELL, Betsey E. Spouse of Paul. Born ??, died 3-22-1880. Age: 72y 4m 10d - [Wife]
CRANDELL, Forest A. Born ??, died 12-30-1886. Age: 19y 5m 23d
CRANDELL, James T. Born 1825, died 1892
CRANDELL, Paul. Spouse of Betsey. Born 1802, died 1887
CRANDELL, Ruth F. Born 1838, died 1894
CRANE, Joseph. Born ??, died 8-14-1826. Age: 9m 27d - Son of Benjamin and S. Crane
CRESS, James. Born 1856, died 1907
CRIPPEN, Daniel. Spouse of Rebecca. Born ??, died 10-17-1855. Age: 77y 1m 0d
CRIPPEN, Rebecca. Spouse of Daniel. Born ??, died 5-24-1857. Age: 64y 4m 9d - [Wife]
CROM, Andrew. Spouse of Mary. Born ??, died 10-01-1874. Age: 64y 9m 5d
CROM, Mary. Spouse of Andrew. Born ??, died 2-12-1897. Age: 86y 10m 12d - [Wife]
CROSCUT, Guy A. Spouse of #1 Mary Ann, #2 Florence E. Born 07-08-1917, died 08-16-2010. Age: 93 - Son of Albert and Ora S. (Stebbins) Croscut - WW II Vet, US Army
CROSS, Albert J. Spouse of Alta Alden. Born 1-3-1890, died 7-17-1967. Age: 77 - Son of James and Minnie (Hughes) Cross. Wed 12-8-1915 in Buffalo NY
CROSS, Alta (Alden). Spouse of Albert J. Born 4-9-1885, died 7-10-1965. Age: 80 - Dau of James and Lillian (Pickitt) Alden. Wed 12-8-1915 in Buffalo NY
CROSS, Betty L. (Munger). Spouse of Walter M. Born 9-18-1923, died 3-17-2001. Age: 77 - Dau of Henry R. and Pearl M. Murdock Munger. Wed 1-29-1942
CROSS, Esther (Wilcox). Spouse of Lee. Born 1900, died ?? - Dau of William and Lizzie (Mudge) Wilcox
CROSS, June A. (Hall). Spouse of Lyle A. Born 6-17-1932, died 12-29-2020. Age: 88 - Dau of George and Myrtle (Gilbert) Hall. Born in Denton Corners NY, died in Westfield NY. Grape farming. Wed 7-2-1949, four children.
CROSS, Lyle Alden. Spouse of June A. Hall. Born 6-10-1923, died 9-9-1989. Age: 66 - Son of Albert J. and Alta J. (Alde) Cross. Born in Dewittville NY, Grape farming. Wed 7-2-1949, four children.
CROSS, Rebecca Ruth (Laird). Spouse of William. Born 4-19-1925, died 4-27-2007. Age: 82 - Dau of Elmer and Dorothy (Crandall) Laird. Wed 10-27-1967
CROSS, Walter M. Spouse of Betty L.Munger. Born 3-17-1915, died 9-28-2006. Age: 91 - Son of George Lester and Susie Fern (Goodrich) Cross. Wed 1-29-1942
CULVER, Claybourne. Spouse of Jean Dearing. Born ??, died ??
CULVER, Jean (Dearing). Spouse of Claybourne. Born 9-24-1903, died 4-26-1967. Age: 63 - Dau of John F. and Bertha (Scofield) Dearing, died in CA
CURRY, Alburtine C. Born 1865, died 1924
CURRY, Michael H. Born 1854, died ??
CURTIS, Alonzo. Born 1840, died 1903
CURTIS, Chloe. Born 1849, died 1925
DAHLIN, John. Born 1849, died 1925
DAHLIN, Mother. Born 1837, died 1918
DAHLIN, Robert C. Born 1906, died 1925
DAILEY, Jane (Locker). Spouse of Charles. Born ??, died 8-03-1854. Age: 29y 3m 9d - [Wife of Chas.]
DAMON, Dorothy Emily. Born 3-29-1912, died 7-7-1958
DANE, Charles. Born ??, died 1-16-1894
DARROW, George. Born ??, died 1-08-1852. Age: 87y 9m 8d
DARROW, John F. Born ??, died 4-17-1828. Age: 18y 6m 26d
DASCOLI, James J. Spouse of #1 Geraldine Baker, #2 Betty J. Sliter. Born 4-15-1927, died 11-24-2016. Age: 89 - Son of Nicola and Grace Passuccia Dascoli, born in West Orange NJ, Lived in Mayville NY, died in Erie PA. A barber. Four children with Geraldine. (She d. 1990) Wed Betty 4-15-1991 in Sarasota FL, - WW II Vet, US Navy
DAVIS, Bertha. Born ??, died 12-05-1863. Age: 2y 4m 2d - Dau of John and Harriet Davis
DAVIS, Corine D. Born 1865, died ??
DAVIS, Harriet. Born 1834, died 1906
DAVIS, Ida Viola. Born ??, died 1-07-1868. Age: 18y 6m 0d - Dau of S. W. and J. Davis
DAVIS, John. Born 1827, died 1855
DAVIS, John W. Born 1844, died 1929
DAVIS, Joseph. Born ??, died 2-07-1867. Age: 81y 4m 14d
DAVIS, Thomas. Born 1-09-1872, died 64y5m18d
DAWLER, Arthur. Born ??, died 9-25-1860. Age: 37y 5m 0d
DEAN, A. Pearl. Born 1-1893, died 11-1893
DEAN, Alice. Spouse of George R. Born 1845, died ?? - [Wife]
DEAN, Blanche C. Born 1896, died 1922
DEAN, George R. Spouse of Alice. Born 1837, died 1907
DEAN, George W. Born 1865, died 1910
DEARING, Beulah (Hess). Spouse of Claude W. Born 3-12-1912, died 2-17-1998 - Dau of Rufus and Nellie (Duell) Hess. Wed 4-6-1933
DEARING, Claude W. Spouse of Beulah H.Hess. Born ??, died 11-8-1978 - Wed 4-6-1933
DEARING, Edwin H. Born ??, died 3-20-1861 - Son of John S. and Jane Dearing
DEARING, J. Arthur. Born ??, died 1-03-1856. Age: 2m 10d
DEARING, Jane E. Spouse of John S. Born 1831, died 1917 - [Wife]
DEARING, John S. Spouse of Jane E. Born 1829, died 1866 - Born in Yalmonton Eng
DEARING, June (Meade). Spouse of Raymond F. Morse/ William D. Dearing. Born 1-31-1924, died 1-16-2007. Age: 82 - Dau of Gilbert and Bernice K. Meade, born in Saginaw MI. Wed 5-8-1946 in NY
DEARING, Mary E. Spouse of William A. Born 1864, died 1914
DEARING, William A. Spouse of Mary. Born 1855, died 1918
DEARING, William D. Spouse of June Meade. Born 6-29-1922, died 7-16-2007. Age: 85 - Son of Donald A. and Mildred (Lupean) Dearing. Wed 5-8-1946 in NY - WW II Vet, US Air Force
DECKER, James T. Spouse of Rebecca. Born 1847, died 1915
DECKER, Rebecca B. Spouse of James. Born 1848, died 1922
DEEG, Ann B. Spouse of John. Born 1823, died 1894
DEEG, John C. Born 1856, died 1926
DEEG, John M. Spouse of Ann. Born 1828, died 1914
DEEG, Martin. Born ??, died 9-11-1874. Age: 16y 5m 31d - Son of John and Ann Deeg
DEEG, Mary Luella. Born ??, died 5-20-1872. Age: 3y 1m 19d - Dau of John and Ann Deeg
DEEG, Pauline O. Born 1873, died ??
DEERING, Arthur S. Born 1892, died 1926
DEERING, David. Born 7-17-1802, died 7-29-1863 - Born in Devonshire Eng
DEERING, David E. Born 8-03-1839, died 10-01-1906 - Born in Yulpton Eng
DEERING, Edmund. Born 1836, died 1922
DEERING, Henry. Born 8-01-1831, died 8-01-1831
DEERING, Lydia. Born 11-14-1804, died 2-22-1872 - Born in Exeter Eng
DEERING, Martha. Born 1839, died 1921
DEERING, Mary M. Born 1849, died 1924
DEERING, Tracy. Born 1833, died 1897
DEERING, William. Born ??, died 11-08-1849. Age: 22y 8m 0d
DEMING, Richard E. Born 7-2-1936, died 7-13-2007. Age: 71 - Son of John and Gladys (Weary) Deming - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force
DENNIS, Frances. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1852, died ??
DENNIS, Leland E. Born 1872, died 1927
DENNIS, Thomas. Spouse of Frances. Born 1847, died 1909
DEPONCEAU, Suzanne Yvonne (Morton). Spouse of Philip. Born 12-30-1945, died 10-31-2018. Age: 72 - Dau of George and Gertrude (Estes) Morton. Born, lived, and died in Chautauqua Co NY. A homemaker. Three children, multiple surnames. Wed Philip 12-6-1997. (Spouse d. 12-1-2015)
DERBY, Asahel. Spouse of Sally Buell. Born ??, died 6-10-1850. Age: 63y 0m 9d
DERBY, Elizabeth. Born ??, died 12-02-1855. Age: 2 - Dau of Asahel and Sally (Buell) Derby
DERBY, J. M. Spouse of Mary N. Powers. Born 1822, died 1901 - A minister
DERBY, Mary N. (Powers). Spouse of J. M. Born 12-14-1830, died 4-17-1900 - [Wife] Born in Panama, died in Point Chautauqua
DERBY, Sally (Buell). Spouse of Asahel. Born ??, died 11-20-1883. Age: 88y 1m 9d - [Wife]
DERBY, Willis Martin. Born 1856, died 1914
DEWOODY, Caroline (Chamberlain). Spouse of Charles P. Born 1-31-1878, died 9-13-1906 - [Wife of Chas. P.]
DEXTER, Eliza Ann. Born ??, died 12-19-1813. Age: 4
DIBBLE, Adele (Scholin). Born 4-27-1898, died 10-25-1982. Age: 84 - Dau of Charles and Molly (Nelson) Scholin
DIBBLE, Peter. Spouse of Rachel. Born 1770, died 1843
DIBBLE, Rachel. Spouse of Peter. Born 1779, died 1843
DINSBIER, John L. Spouse of Magdalene. Born 5-02-1832, died 3-31-1922
DINSBIER, Magdalene L. Spouse of John L. Born 6-11-1831, died 5-04-1900 - [Wife]
DONATO, Mary Jean (Arnold). Spouse of Frank A. Born 6-14-1927, died 6-6-2015. Age: 87 - Dau of Harry and May (Cournan) Arnold, born in Dewittville NY, died in Greenhurst NY. Worked 31 yrs for Dewittville Post Office. Wed 12-4-1946, one son.
DOOLITTLE, Edwin. Born 1840, died 1916
DORMAN, Elmer E. Born 1883, died 1824
DORMAN, Estelle L. Spouse of George A. Born 2-18-1858, died 5-06-1920 - [Wife]
DORMAN, George A. Spouse of Estelle. Born 2-12-1846, died ??
DORMAN, George W. Spouse of Mary Naesser. Born 11-14-1859, died ??
DORMAN, Martha G. (Woodard). Spouse of Marion E. Sr. Born 6-21-1924, died 1-29-2000. Age: 75 - Dau of Edgar and Minnie (Price) Woodard
DORMAN, Mary A. (Naesser). Spouse of George. Born 9-12-1864, died 2-16-1902
DORMAN, Rose -- See SOMMERS, Rose F. Born ??, died ??
DOTY, Martha (Graves). Born 1870, died 1921
DRAKE, Stanley M.[Bunger]. Spouse of Beverley Ross/ Joyce Carr. Born 3-3-1924, died 6-22-2006. Age: 82 - Son of Nelson A. and Allie May (Boyer) Drake, born in Mullen, NE - WW II Vet, US Navy
DROZ, Alphonse Humbert. Spouse of Louise E. Sagne. Born 9-16-1765, died 12-25-1848 - Born in Reynault Switzerland
DROZ, Louise Elizabeth (Sagne). Spouse of Alphonse Humbert. Born 1-05-1778, died 5-27-1837 - [Wife] Born in Reynault Switzerland
DUCHAINE, Edward G. Spouse of Molly Lincoln. Born 7-24-1912, died 6-24-2001. Age: 88 - Son of Gideon and Rachel (Willetts) DuChaine, born in Lowell, MA. Wed 8-13-1939 in Oil City PA
DUCHAINE, Molly (Lincoln). Spouse of Edward G. Born 10-20-1913, died 7-11-2004 - Dau of Newton and Anna (Lundquist) Lincoln. Wed 8-13-1939 in Oil City PA
DUDLEY, Eva (Stoeltzing). Spouse of Richard A. Born 9-12-1923, died 2-6-2003. Age: 79 - Dau of Roy I. and Louise (Unger) Stoeltzing
DUDLEY, Julius Anderson. Spouse of Nadine Barton. Born 12-7-1923, died 11-8-2008. Age: 84 - Son of William A. and Anna (Anderson) Dudley. Wed 1-12-1944, four sons. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force
DUDLEY, Nadine (Barton). Spouse of Julius A. Born 5-12-1925, died 2-18-2018. Age: 92 - Dau of Rowlan S. and Lena (Holben) Barton. Born in Butler PA, lived in Mayville NY and FL, died in Punta Gorda FL. Wed 1-12-1944, four sons.
DUDLEY, Richard A. Spouse of Eva S. Born ??, died 12-25-1998 - Wed 2-22-1946, St. Mark Lutheran Church in Mayville
DUDLEY, Shirley (Beckman). Spouse of Leonard. Born ??, died 11-14-2006. Age: 71 - Dau of Allen and Elizabeth (Spencer) Beckman
DURK, Esther C. Born 1904, died 1928
DURK, Jacob M. Born 1862, died 1926
DUTCHER, Edna Alice. Born 1875, died 1875
DUTCHER, Edward Arba. Spouse of Edna. Born 7-10-1842, died 8-11-1932. Age: 90y 1m - Son of Dwight and ? Dutcher, died in St. Petersburg FL, last surviving member of Co H. - Civil War Vet, Co H, 112th NY Vols, Sgt. Wounded June 1, 1864 at Cold Harbor VA. Diccharged 5-19-1865 from Hospital.
EASTMAN, J. Fred. Born 1881, died 1919
ECKER, Ernest W. Spouse of M. Eliz. Born 1858, died 1920
ECKER, Kenneth W. [Pete] 12-3-1946 7-10-2016. Age: 69 Son of Iver and Irene (Blanchard) Ecker. Born in Portland NY, lived and died in Mayville NY. Three children, mother not named. Vietnam Vet, US Army
ECKER, M. Elizabeth. Spouse of Ernest. Born 1858, died ??
ECKER, Rebecca. Spouse of Wm. Born 1830, died 1912
ECKER, William S. Spouse of Rebecca. Born 1828, died 1900
EDMONDS, Charles. Spouse of Julia. Born 1839, died 1911
EDMONDS, Gertrude. Born 1872, died 1906 - Dau of Charles and Julia Edmonds
EDMONDS, Julia A. Spouse of Charles. Born 1840, died 1919 - [Wife]
EDMUNDS, George W. Born 9-15-1837, died 10-27-1864 - Born in Troy NY - Civil War KIA, Co H, 112th NY Vols, 1st Lt. Killed at Darbytown Road VA.
EDMUNDS, Grace. Born 4-13-1862, died 5-17-1863 - Dau of George and Mary Edmunds
EDMUNDS, Nathan. Born 6-19-1838, died 6-02-1864 - Civil War KIA, Co H, 112th NY Vols. Killed at Cold Harbor VA
EDMUNDS, William. Born 1847, died 1903
EDWARDS, Melvin D. Born ??, died 11-06-1918. Age: 28
EEDES, Alvah. Spouse of Lydia. Born 1835, died 1915
EEDES, Lydia J. Spouse of Alvah. Born 1836, died 1899 - [Wife]
ELLIOTT, Charlotte M. (Flagg). Spouse of Nathaniel Y. (I). Born 1-24-1841, died 9-18-1907 - Dau of Eleazer and Eliza H. (Wilder) Flagg. Wed abt 1865, 2 children.
ELLIOTT, Christopher Stephen. Born 4-23-1963, died 2-20-2019. Age: 55 - Son of Stephen N. and Marilyn (Winchester) Elliott. Born in Westfield NY, lived and died in Mayville NY. President of Camelot Golf. Two daughters, mother not named.
ELLIOTT, Jennie Flagg. Born 1878, died 1900 - Dau of Nathaniel Y. and Charlotte (Flagg) Elliott.
ELLIOTT, Lewis. Born 6-1911, died 11-1911 - Son of Lewis H. and Mary C. (Rogers) Elliott.
ELLIOTT, Lewis Henry. Spouse of Mary C. Rogers. Born 7-16-1871, died 4-8-1941. Age: 69 - Son of Nathaniel Y and Charlotte (Flagg) Elliott. Wed 12-26-1899, five children.
ELLIOTT, Marilyn (Winchester). Spouse of Stephen N. Born 2-7-1934, died 8-14-2013. Age: 79 - Dau of Glenn A. and Lillian J. Winchester. Born in Jamestown NY lived in Mayville NY, died in Erie PA. A homemaker. Wed 8-21-1952 in Mayville, two children.
ELLIOTT, Mary Cecelia (Rogers). Spouse of Lewis H. Born 2-10-1876, died 9-9-1946. Age: 70 - Dau of Chauncey P. and Elizabeth Ramsey (Speel) Rogers. Wed 12-26-1899 in Corry PA., five children.
ELLIOTT, Nathaniel Yoemans (II). Spouse of Velma Neckers. Born 9-12-1903, died 10-16-1980. Age: 77 - Son of Lewis H. and Mary C. (Rogers) Elliott. Born in Marvin NY, died in Westfield NY.
ELLIOTT, Rogers. Spouse of Marion B. Born 2-25-1902, died 10-7-1943 - Son of Lewis H. and Mary C. (Rogers) Elliott. Two children. (Rogers died at Sea. He has three cenotophs: Here, Arlingtion Natl Cem, and Honolulu) - WW II KIA, US Navy, Cmdr. Career, enilisted 4-23-1917. Killed when his carrier USS Wasp was sunk in the Pacific.
ELLIOTT, Stephen N. Spouse of Marilyn Winchester. Born 10-24-1932, died 1-6-2021. Age: 88 - Son of Nathaniel Y. and Velma (Neckers) Elliott. Born and lived in Mayville NY, died in Greenhurst NY. Worked in Insurance for 40 years. Owner/operator of Chautauqua Point Golf Course. Wed 8-21-1952 in Mayville, two children. - Cold War Vet, US Army. 1953-1954
ELLIOTT, Velma Marie (Neckers). Spouse of Nathaniel Y. (II). Born 2-23-1899, died 12-13-1989. Age: 90 - Dau of Frank W. and Jennie (Susink) Neckers. Wed 6-25-1927 in Chaut Co, two children.
ERICKSON, August. Born 1852, died 1923
ERICKSON, Alma C. Born 1889, died 1891
ERICKSON, Andrew. Born 1840, died 1921
ERICKSON, Ann A. Born 1887, died 1889
ERICKSON, Arthur. Born 1887, died 1930
ERICKSON, Christine. Born 1848, died 1916
ERICKSON, Erick. Born 1835, died ??
ERICKSON, Johanna. Born 1845, died 1920
ERICKSON, Kristine S. Born 1853, died 1919
EVANS, Ann (Ellicott). Born ??, died 12-28-1854. Age: 17
EVANS, George. Born 6-09-1835, died 5-14-1857 - Son of Benjamin and Susan Evans
EVANS, Joseph. Born ??, died 3-22-1832. Age: 54
EVANS, Lewis. Born ??, died 5-09-1831. Age: 100
EVANS, Susan Elizabeth. Born ??, died 10-04-1851. Age: 17
EVANS, William. Born ??, died 10-20-1859 - Son of Benjamin and Susan Evans
FARRELL, Ann (Shepard). Spouse of Oscar. Born ??, died 1-06-1890. Age: 88y 6m 0d - [Wife]
FARRELL, Oscar. Spouse of Ann Shepard. Born ??, died 10-01-1872. Age: 73
FAUST, Theodore [Ted]. Spouse of Patricia. Born 11-13-1925, died 5-27-2019. Age: 93 - Son of Oliver and Edna Pierce Faust. Born in Sugar Grove PA, lived and died in Youngsville (PA?) Wed 11-1-1975, three children. (Spouse survives) - WW II Vet, US Army
FILMER, John C. Born ??, died 8-16-1876 - Civil War Vet, Co H, 112th NY Vols, Pvt
FISCHER, Anne D. Spouse of Herman. Born 1862, died 1920
FISCHER, Henry. Born 1830, died 1886
FISCHER, Herman. Spouse of Anne D. Born 1863, died 1902
FLAGG, Jennie. Born 1878, died 1900
FLAGLER, Elmer. Spouse of Frances V. Born 1861, died 1891
FLAGLER, Frances V. Spouse of Elmer. Born 1865, died ??
FLAGLER, James H. Spouse of Nancy A. Born 1835, died 1907
FLAGLER, Nancy A. Spouse of James H. Jr. Born 1842, died 1911
FRANCIS, Frank J. Born 1872, died 1915 - Son of Joseph and Hannah Francis
FRANCIS, George ?. Spouse of Lois E. Born 1856, died 1926
FRANCIS, Hannah M. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1835, died 1900
FRANCIS, Joseph. Spouse of Hannah M. Born 1825, died 1890
FRANCIS, Lois E. Spouse of George. Born 1869, died ??
FRANCIS, Richard W. Spouse of Meshelle Geelen. Born 6-14-1958, died 6-30-2001. Age: 43 - Son of Stanley and Allene (Baker) Francis Sr
FREAY, Florence (Chandler). Spouse of Paul L. Born 3-22-1932, died 4-10-2001. Age: 69 - Dau of Frank and Dora (Benson) Chandler. Wed 3-11-1955 in Mayville NY
FREAY, Frances A. (Arnold). Spouse of Harold L. Born 07-17-1920, died 12-28-2013. Age: 93 - Dau of Willis L. and Lura (Hood) Arnold Sr., born in Townville PA. Owned Freay Funeral Home from 1952-1983. Wed 11-10-1943 in Falconer, 5 children -
FREAY, Paul L. Spouse of Florence Chandler. Born 9-14-1928, died 9-22-2001. Age: 73 - Son of Leonard and Beulah (Campbell) Freay. Wed 3-11-1955 in Mayville NY
FREEMAN, Dorothy M. (Lincoln). Spouse of Matthew. Born 5-6-1923, died 2-27-2006. Age: 82 - Dau of Claude and Lillian (Johnson) Lincoln
FREEMAN, Gilbert K. Spouse of Vivian Robinson. Born 02-27-1921, died 10-01-2010. Age: 89 - Son of John and Fern Miller Freeman. Wed 5-14-1948 - WW II Vet, US Navy
FRENCH, Marian R. (Pratt). Spouse of #1 Lester Loveless, #2 Almon Penhollow, #3 Raymond French. Born 1-7-1924, died 1-1-2003. Age: 78 - Dau of Hiram and Ethel (Carlson) Pratt.
FRISBEE, Anne E. Vincent. Born 1852, died 1928
GALLOWAY, Dorothy. Born 1905, died 1919
GALLOWAY, John W. Born 1877, died 1916
GALLOWAY, Paul. Born 1911, died 1911
GARDNER, Edward. Born 1858, died 1924
GARDNER, Mary. Born 1823, died 1918
GARDNER, Virginia. Born 1919, died 1928
GEERTSON, Albion. Born 1896, died 1912
GEERTSON, Camilla (Geertson). Born 1862, died 1925
GEERTSON, Carl Christian. Born 1853, died 1895
GEERTSON, Catherine (Bodil). Born 1850, died 1920
GELWICKS, Beverly A. (Fisher). Spouse of James H. Jr. Born 06-02-1935, died 12-11-2010. Age: 75 - Dau of Walter and Dorothy (Runkle) Fisher, born in Pottsville, PA. Wed 8-25-1956 in Port Carbon, PA
GIBBS, Charles T. Born 1867, died 1898
GIBBS, Mary Ann. Spouse of Stephen. Born 8-21-1834, died 12-01-1902 - [Wife]
GIBBS, Stephen. Spouse of Mary Ann. Born 1826, died 1916
GIFFORD, Arthur J. Born 1864, died 1922
GIFFORD, C. Maria (Farwell). Spouse of George W. Born 10-22-1827, died 5-08-1860 - [Wife]
GIFFORD, Eliza Ann. Born ??, died 7-19-1853. Age: 19y - Dau of Henry and Mary Gifford
GIFFORD, Elizabeth J. Born 1841, died 1905
GIFFORD, George W. Spouse of C. Maria Farwell. Born 8-11-1824, died 11-15-1906
GIFFORD, Phebe. Spouse of William. Born 1800, died 1888
GIFFORD, William. Spouse of Phebe. Born 1797, died 1885
GLACKMER, Ira. Spouse of Mary. Born 11-21-1822, died 11-01-1887
GLACKMER, Mary. Spouse of Ira. Born 8-22-1835, died 3-26-1926 - [Wife]
GLEASON, Adelaide A. Born 1-25-1841, died 10-10-1889
GLEASON, Charles. Spouse of Lucy A. Slocum. Born 1833, died ??
GLEASON, Lucy A. (Slocum). Spouse of Charles. Born 1842, died 1912 - [Wife]
GLEASON, Melissa. Spouse of Rufus. Born ??, died 5-13-1872. Age: 65 - [Wife of Rufus]
GLEASON, Rufus. Spouse of Melissa. Born ??, died 3-24-1889. Age: 81
GLEASON, Twila O. (Himes). Spouse of Floyd G. [Bud]. Born 1-13-1919, died 4-30-2007. Age: 88 - Dau of Elmer and Sarah (Miller) Himes, born in Tidioute PA. Wed 7-5-1946
GLECKNER, Alonso. Born 1827, died 1892
GLECKNER, Angeline. Spouse of Joseph. Born 1798, died 1885 - [Wife]
GLECKNER, Caroline. Born 1832, died 1834
GLECKNER, Ezra. Born 1821, died 1889
GLECKNER, Harvey. Born 1834, died 1855
GLECKNER, Ira. Born 1822, died 1887
GLECKNER, Jane. Born 1838, died 1829
GLECKNER, Joseph. Spouse of Angeline. Born 1794, died 1866
GLECKNER, Lucius. Born 1825, died 1885
GLECKNER, Mary. Born 1841, died 1869
GLECKNER, Permelia. Born 1830, died 1891
GLECKNER, Sarah. Born 1838, died 1911
GODARD, Anson H. Spouse of Elsie. Born 8-13-1808, died 6-08-1879
GODARD, Ellen. Spouse of Albert. Born ??, died 8-22-1869. Age: 24 - [Wife of Albert]
GODARD, Elsie. Spouse of Anson H. Born ??, died 11-26-1864. Age: 52 - [Wife]
GODARD, Ezra B. Spouse of Martha Green. Born ??, died 3-22-1881. Age: 65
GODARD, Ezra G. Born ??, died 4-17-1895. Age: 45
GODARD, Hannah J. Born 7-08-1832, died 3-28-1885
GODARD, Martha (Green). Spouse of Ezra B. Born ??, died 10-09-1879. Age: 61 - [Wife]
GODARD, Mary Ann. Born ??, died 3-04-1860. Age: 16 - Dau of Ezra B. and Martha (Green) Godard
GODARD, William C. Born 4-19-1835, died 2-11-1857
GODLOVE, Dorothy (Henderson). Spouse of John H. [Jack]. Born 7-24-1924, died 10-30-2007. Age: 83 - Dau of Alexander and Ruth (Gast) Henderson, born in St. Louis,MO. Wed 5-10-1950 in Webster Groves, MO
GODLOVE, John H. [Jack]. Spouse of Dorothy Henderson. Born 03-28-1920, died 03-03-2011. Age: 90 - Son of Dempster W. and Edith (Hespenheide) Godlove, born in St. Louis, MO. Wed 5-10-1950 in Webster Groves, MO
GOODRICH, Martin B. Spouse of Winnie L. Born 1860, died 1922
GOODRICH, Winnie L. Spouse of Martin B. Born 1863, died ??
GOODWILL, Jack. Spouse of Sherri Eggleston. Born 8-16-1947, died 8-12-2019. Age: 71 - Son of Fred and Frances (Williams) Goodwill. Born in Corrry PA, lived in Chaut Co. Owner/operator of J&S painting in Mayville for 40 years. Five sons. (Spouse survives) - Vietnam Vet, USMC, two tours
GOYT, Philo. Born 1799*, died 1893. Age: 104y 11m 1d - War of 1812 Vet
GRANCIS, Elmer D. Born 1866, died 1926 - Son of Grancis
GRANCIS, Jennie M. Born 1866, died 1926
GRANCIS, Jennie M. Born 1861, died 1930
GRANGER, James. Spouse of Mary. Born 1841, died 1915
GRANGER, Mary (VanValkenburgh). Spouse of James VanValkenburgh. Born 1852, died 1926
GRAVIT, Alice (Ganey). Spouse of Lee Owen. Born ??, died ?? - Wed 3-1-1936 in Erie PA
GRAVIT, Lee Owen. Spouse of Alice Ganey. Born 1-11-1888, died 10-30-1969. Age: 81 - Son of John and Jennie (Hawley) Gravit. Wed 3-1-1936 in Erie PA. Owner of the Chautauqua Brand Vinegar Factory
GREEN, Anson. Spouse of Rachel. Born ??, died 12-29-1849. Age: 76
GREEN, Charles. Born ??, died 9-02-1866. Age: 6m 9d - Son of S.L. and T. Green JR.
GREEN, Edith L. Spouse of Eric. Born 1859, died 1927
GREEN, Eric A. Spouse of Edith. Born 1855, died ??
GREEN, Franklin. Spouse of H. Louise Farwell. Born 9-17-1832, died ??
GREEN, H. Louise (Farwell). Spouse of Franklin. Born 11-28-1834, died 7-17-1910 - [Wife]
GREEN, Harriet Tracy. Born 11-11-1825, died 7-26-1892
GREEN, Henry C. Born 9-25-1834, died 12-21-1855 - [6th Son]
GREEN, Hester. Spouse of William. Born ??, died 5-12-1872. Age: 70 - [Wife]
GREEN, Holden. Born 9-03-1839, died 1-10-1859 - [Son]
GREEN, J. Otto. Born ??, died 3-27-1883 - Son of William and Hester Green
GREEN, John. Born ??, died 1-31-1860. Age: 23 - Son of Thomas and Sarah Green
GREEN, Rachel. Spouse of Anson. Born ??, died 9-18-1858. Age: 81y 2m 7d - [Wife]
GREEN, Richard. Born 3-06-1799, died 3-03-1865
GREEN, Tracy. Born ??, died 2-29-1852. Age: 1y 6m 0d - Son of J. Otto and Harriet Green
GREEN, William. Born ??, died 4-23-1865 - Son of Thomas and Sarah Green
GREEN, William. Spouse of Hester. Born 2-16-1801, died 4-16-1890
GREEN, William Jr. Born ??, died 2-13-1853. Age: 27 - Son of William and Hester Green
GREENE, Alfred C. Born 1882, died 1926
GREENE, Augusta. Born ??, died 2-11-1874. Age: 14y 5m 25d
GREENE, Barbara A. (Turck). Born 2-28-1948, died 11-5-2017. Age: 69 - Dau of Raymond Turck and Betty Dulmas Pinder. Lived in Sherman NY, died in Westfield NY. A homemaker. Wed 2-21-1965, three children. (Spouse predeceased)
GREENE, George A. Born ??, died 9-13-1873. Age: 70y 10m 25d
GREENE, Louise. Born 10-24-1856, died 4-10-1870 - Dau of George and Mary Greene
GRIFFIN, Claude. Born 1915, died 1918 - Son of Jack and Iva [Eva] Griffin
GRON, Abram. Born ??, died 4-01-1856. Age: 4y 2m 6d
GRON, Alma. Born 1882, died 1883
GRON, Ann (Carl). Spouse of John. Born 1825, died 1895 - [Wife]
GRON, Augusta. Born 1848, died 1909
GRON, Augusta M. Born 1852, died 1913
GRON, Elfing. Born ??, died 1-28-1855. Age: 4m - Son of A. and M. Gron
GRON, John. Spouse of Ann Carl. Born 1826, died 1891
GRUBER, Mildred (Parment). Spouse of Theodore [Jack]. Born 01-07-1936, died 06-28-2009. Age: 73 - Dau of Kenneth R. and Mary (Mays) Parment. Wed 9-4-1954
GUSTAFSON, Richard C. [Lefty]. Spouse of Sheryl Dowd. Born 11-26-1939, died 7-9-2007. Age: 67 - Son of Carl Walter and Esther Florence (Rogers) Gustafson. Wed 11-22-1965
HALE, Lambert. Born ??, died 5-06-1831. Age: 20 - Son of Nathan and Betsey Hale
HALE, Nathan. Born ??, died 11-28-1843. Age: 57
HALEY-MCGEE, Sally J. Spouse of Patrick McGee. Born 9-13-1952, died 1-23-2019. Age: 66 - Dau of ? and Susan (Preston) Atkinson. Born in Westfield NY, lived and died in Mayville. One daughter, surnamed Haley. Wed Patrick 1-17-2015 in Mayville.
HALL, Alice M. Born 1872, died ??
HALL, John P. Born 1864, died 1920
HALL, Ricky L. Spouse of Michelle Bova. Born 09-19-1963, died 02-22-2010. Age: 46 - Son of Ronald E. and Constance (Williams) Hall
HALLSTROM, Selma E. Spouse of A. W. Born 1876, died 1909 - [Wife of A.W.]
HAMMOND, David W. Born 1895, died 1929
HAMMOND, Deborah. Spouse of Ephraim. Born ??, died 4-26-1859. Age: 55y 6m 11d - [Wife of Ephraim
HAMMOND, E. W. Born ??, died 10-12-1856. Age: 23y 6m 9d
HAMMOND, Ephraim. Spouse of Deborah. Born ??, died 11-02-1869. Age: 68y 3m 25d
HAMMOND, Inez M.(Sickles). Spouse of Francis C. Born 10-20-1920, died 5-3-2007. Age: 86 - Dau of George and Maude (Wescott) Sickles. Wed 4-4-1942
HAMMOND, John Wesley. Born ??, died 7-27-1839. Age: 1y 8m 0d - Son of Ephraim and Deborah Hammond
HAMNING, Elmer C. Spouse of Myrtle Harrington. Born ??, died 1980 - Wed 1925
HAMNING, Myrtle (Harrington). Spouse of Elmer C. Born 8-5-1904, died 12-23-2002. Age: 98 - Dau of Addison S. and Laura (Baxter) Harrington. Wed 1925
HANCHETT, Ambrose. Born 1799, died 1900
HANCHETT, Eliza. Spouse of Andrew. Born ??, died 6-26-1842. Age: 20y 7m 25d
HANCHETT, Elsa. Born ??, died 11-29-1847. Age: 2y 2m 0d - Dau of A. and Harriet Hanchett
HANCHETT, Harriet. Spouse of A. Born 1819, died 1853 - [Wife of A. Hanchett]
HANCHETT, J. C. Born 1813, died 1892
HANCHETT, Josephine. Born ??, died 7-13-1844. Age: 2y 7m 0d - Dau of J. and E. Hanchett
HANCHETT, Lucy. Spouse of Zacheus. Born 1773, died 1868 - [Wife]
HANCHETT, Sabrina. Spouse of Joseph C. Born ??, died 6-13-1852. Age: 38y 7m 22d - [Wife of Joseph C.]
HANCHETT, Zacheus. Spouse of Lucy. Born 1771, died 1857
HANNUM, Cyril S. Born 1829, died 1912
HANSELENA, Ray F. Born 1890, died 1926
HARDENBURG, Ada Ruth (Curtis). Spouse of George R. Born 1869, died 7-31-1894 - Dau of Alonzo and Harriet (Crandell) Curtis. Born in NY, died in Hartfield NY. At least three daughters
HARDENBURG, Adeline (Tucker). Spouse of Cornelius. Born 3-19-1803, died 5-17-1877. Age: 74y 1m 4d - At least four children
HARDENBURG, Amy (Hopson). Spouse of John J. Born 11-1-1825, died 12-13-1895 - Dau of Lyman and Nancy (Barnhart) Hopson. At least two children.
HARDENBURG, Anna W. Spouse of George R. Born 7-1869, died 12-12-1966. Age: 97 - 2nd wife of George R. Wed after 1894.
HARDENBURG, Chester S. Born 3-4-1836, died 1-22-1839. Age: 2 - Son of Chester and Virtue (Cole) Hardenburg. Cem records say buried with Cornelius and Adeline Hardenburg.
HARDENBURG, Cornelius. Spouse of Adeline. Born 1-4-1801, died 5-27-1883. Age: 82y 4m 23d - Son of James and Jane (Vedder) Hardenburg. Eight children
HARDENBURG, George Rush. Spouse of #1 Ada R. Curtis, #2 Anna W. Born 7-21-1868, died 4-5-1962. Age: 93 - Son of Stephen and Jane Hardenburg, Born, lived and died in Chaut Co. Wed Ada in 1888, three daughters, Wed Anna in 1895
HARDENBURG, Jane C. Spouse of Stephen A. Born 2-1827, died 2-17-1915 - Born in NY, lived and died in Mayville NY. Four children.
HARDENBURG, John J. Spouse of Amy Hopson. Born 2-5-1825, died 5-11-1888. Age: 63 - Son of Cornelius and Adeline (Tucker) Hardenburg. Two children.
HARDENBURG, Kathryn (Peck). Spouse of Kenneth E. Born 2-12-1907, died 11-23-2005. Age: 74 - Dau of William Edwin and Carlotta (Coover) Peck. Born in Remington IN, died in Westfield NY. Wed 1931, at least one son.
HARDENBURG, Kenneth E. Spouse of Kathryn Peck. Born 5-26-1908, died 12-24-1995. Age: 74 - Son of George F. and Lillian C. (Hintz) Hardenburg. Wed 1931, at least one son. WW II Vet, US Army
HARDENBURG, Kenneth Martin [Martie]. Spouse of Bonnie Whalen. Born 8-30-1943, died 2-7-2018. Age: 74 - Son of Kenneth and Kathryn (Peck) Hardenburg. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Mayville NY, died in Erie PA. Worked 43 years for DPW. Wed 3-23-1972, two children. - Vietnam Vet, US Army Reserves.
HARDENBURG, Spencer C. Born 1870, died 3-31-1874. Age: 4y 0m 23d - Son of Stephen and Emeline Hardenburg
HARDENBURG, Stephen A. Spouse of Jane C. Born 1824, died 2-26-1905 - Four children.
HARGRAVES, George. Born ??, died ?? - Son of John and Nora (Hopson) Hargraves; No dates
HARGRAVES, George L. Born 1882, died 1882
HARGRAVES, John. Spouse of Nora Hopson. Born 1841, died 1923
HARGRAVES, Nora (Hopson). Spouse of John. Born 1858, died ?? - [Wife]
HARLEY, Grace H. Born 1875, died 1927
HARRINGTON, Cecil Claude. Spouse of Willa Mary Hewes. Born 6-19-1927, died 1-10-2009. Age: 81 - Son of Claude and Alfreda Hoyt Harrington-married 7-22-1949
HARRIS, David R. [Dick]. Spouse of Dolores A. [Dolly] Sliter. Born 5-15-1924, died 1-19-2006. Age: 81 - Son of Russell and Cleo (Barrett) Harris, born in Sherman, NY. Wed 12-27-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army and Navy Reserves
HARRISON, Mariette D. Spouse of Wm. Born 1857, died 1921
HARRISON, William A. Spouse of Mariette. Born 1845, died 1912
HASKIN, Emmett Almon. Spouse of Bertha. Born ??, died 3-13-1947
HAVEN, Mary A. Spouse of William. Born ??, died 2-25-1860. Age: 39 - [Wife of Wm.]
HAWKINS, Paul H. Spouse of Selma Ecker. Born 8-3-1951, died 8-19-2006. Age: 55 - Son of Harley and Josephine Delahoy Hawkins, born in Ashtabula OH. Wed 10-18-1991
HAYES, Elmer. Born ??, died 9-27-1880
HAZELTON, Andrew B. Born 1835, died 1909
HEIGHT, Lovina A. Spouse of James. Born ??, died 12-08-1869. Age: 48 - [Wife of James]
HEMELINE, Josephine. Spouse of F. G. Born 1879, died 1907 - [Wife of F. G.]
HEMENWAY, Hosea. Born ??, died 4-07-1848. Age: 49
HEMILINE, Fannie. Born ??, died 4-02-1866. Age: 5y 4m 24d - Dau of John and Jane Hemiline
HEMILINE, Jane. Spouse of John. Born 10-28-1836, died 2-17-1929
HEMILINE, John. Spouse of Jane. Born 6-23-1833, died 7-1897
HEMSTREET, Bessie (Hardenburg). Spouse of Harry. Born 10-25-1861, died 3-17-1986. Age: 94 - Dau of George R. and Ada (Curtis) Hardenburg. Born in Hartfield NY, died in Westfield NY. Wed 12-14-1911 in Chautauqua NY.
HENDERSON, Alma. Born ??, died 4-14-1876. Age: 6m 27d - Dau of J. and C. Henderson
HENDERSON, Almer T. Born ??, died 4-27-1883. Age: 6y 2m 20d - Dau of J. and C. Henderson
HENDRICKS, Isaac L. Born 1861, died 1904
HENDRICKS, Pauline G. Born 1901, died 1902
HERRICK, Artemes. Born ??, died 2-23-1860. Age: 93 - Hon.
HERRICK, Eleanor. Born ??, died 12-16-1838. Age: 68
HERRICK, Tracy. Born ??, died 1-15-1844. Age: 53
HILL, Abigail. Spouse of William. Born ??, died 12-12-1864. Age: 89 - [Wife]
HILL, Sarah. Born ??, died 3-11-1852. Age: 10y 2m 21d - Dau of James and Olive HILL
HILL, William. Spouse of Abigail. Born ??, died 10-08-1858. Age: 81
HIMES, Carrie Estell. Born 1862, died 1930
HIMES, Emeline Leslie. Born 1864, died ??
HIMES, Howard M. Born 1905, died 1922
HIMES, Olive Irene. Born 1900, died 1928
HIMMELEIN, Ann B. Spouse of George J. Born ??, died 1-01-1893. Age: 57 - [Wife]
HIMMELEIN, George J. Spouse of Ann. Born ??, died 2-09-1886. Age: 55
HIMMELEIN, Michael. Born ??, died 9-29-1886
HINES, Blanche E. (Young). Spouse of Manson E. Born 1870, died 1893 - [Wife]
HINES, Elis A. Spouse of William C. Born 1858, died 1891 - [Wife]
HINES, Manson E. Spouse of Blanche E. Young. Born 1867, died ??
HINES, Martha. Spouse of Zolomon. Born 1840, died 1919
HINES, William C. Spouse of Elis. Born 1855, died ??
HINES, Zolomon. Spouse of Martha. Born 1832, died 1918
HITCHCOCK, Ariette (Howell). Spouse of Corydon. Born ??, died 3-07-1844 - Dau of William T. and Betsey Howell
HOEFT, Harold P. Spouse of Marian Gehr. Born 1-22-1931, died 4-21-2009. Age: 78 - Son of Peter and Anna (Kralewski) Hoeft-born in Chicago, IL. Wed 11-10-1956
HOITINK, Paul H. Spouse of Barbara J. LaCross. Born 2-1-1935, died 9-19-2017. Age: 82 - Son of Harold and Myrtle (Einink) Hoitink. Born in Clymer NY, lived in Mayville NY, gied in Gerry NY. A truck driver. Wed 2-17-1956, three children. (Spouse survives)
HOLBROOK, Gary L. Spouse of Kathleen L. Burch. Born 6-7-1960, died 6-12-2009. Age: 49 - Son of Norman and Marion L. (Burnett) Holbrook, born in Tucson AZ. Wed 12-17-2002
HOLBROOK, Josiah. Spouse of Welthia. Born 1839, died 1911
HOLBROOK, Welthia. Spouse of Josiah. Born 1848, died 1908 - [Wife]
HOLCOMB, George A. Spouse of Barbara Harkness/ Peggy Lawson. Born 05-21-1926, died 05-22-2010. Age: 84 - Son of Wilson and Florence (Knox) Holcomb - WW II Vet, US Army
HOLMES, William P. Born 5-03-1813, died 9-14-1855
HONEYSETT, Elizabeth. Spouse of James. Born ??, died 1-15-1846. Age: 51y 3m 21d - [Wife of James]
HONEYSETT, Ellen W. Spouse of James. Born 6-30-1848, died 11-17-1884
HONEYSETT, Humphrey T. Born 8-09-1827, died ??
HONEYSETT, James. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born ??, died 2-06-1875. Age: 83y 7m 0d
HONEYSETT, James. Spouse of Ellen. Born 3-06-1834, died 11-28-1907
HOPSON, Angeline (Howard). Spouse of Schyuler. Born 1820, died 1909 - [Wife of Schyuler]
HOPSON, Bert E. Born 1890, died 1920
HOPSON, Daughter. Born ??, died 5-22-1869. Age: 21d - Dau of James and Jane Hopson
HOPSON, Flora A. Spouse of Frank M. Born 1861, died 1921 - [Wife]
HOPSON, Frank M. Spouse of Flora. Born 1852, died 1893
HOPSON, Hattie. Born 1853, died 1888
HOPSON, Howard. Born 1855, died 1899
HOPSON, Jason L. Spouse of Lydia. Born 1829, died 1920
HOPSON, Jennie. Born 1868, died 1927
HOPSON, Lydia A. Spouse of Jason. Born 1834, died 1899
HOPSON, Lyman. Spouse of Nancy Barnhart. Born 1799, died 1853 - Son of Philo Hopson. Wed 1823 in Chautauqua Co, six children
HOPSON, Marilla (Fuller). Born 1828, died ??
HOPSON, Mary. Born ??, died 8-25-1859 - Dau of James and Margaret Hopson
HOPSON, Nancy (Barnhart). Spouse of Lyman. Born 1797, died 1858 - Dau of Peter and Mary martha (Boyer) Barnhart. Born in Somerset PA, died in Chaut Co NY. Wed 1823 in Chautauqua Co, six children
HOPSON, Nelson. Born 1837, died ??
HOPSON, Schuyler. Spouse of Angeline Howard. Born 1817, died 1901
HOPSON, Sidney P. Born 1842, died 1864
HOPSON, Vina. Born 1861, died 1897
HOSIER, Abram. Born 1839, died 1904
HOSIER, Lucina L. Born 1849, died 1904
HOTCHKISS, Betsey A. Spouse of C. Wesley. Born 1857, died 1925
HOTCHKISS, C. Wesley. Spouse of Betsey A. Born 1844, died ??
HOTCHKISS, Chaliste. Spouse of Harrison D. Born ??, died ?? - [Wife] No dates
HOTCHKISS, Harold Jay [Hitchy]. Spouse of Evelyn Ames. Born 4-25-1921, died 10-27-2008. Age: 87 - Son of Richard and Mina (Noble) Hotchkiss. Married for 66 years - WW II Vet, US Army
HOTCHKISS, Harrison D. Spouse of Chaliste. Born ??, died 2-27-1884. Age: 71
HOUGHTALING, Edward R. Born 3-28-1859, died 11-01-1889
HOUGHTON, Silas. Born 11-13-1750, died 5-04-1834. Age: 84y 5m 10d - Revolutionary War Vet
HOUSEMAN, Jessie B. Born 1879, died 1924
HOUX, Jennie. Born 4-05-1838, died 4-20-1895
HOVEY, Edward C. Spouse of Phebe. Born ??, died 6-20-1874. Age: 86y 10m 10d
HOVEY, Harriet. Born 1-23-1827*, died 1-24-1827. Age: 1d - Dau of Josiah and Mary Hovey
HOVEY, Josiah. Born ??, died 7-03-1847. Age: 46
HOVEY, Julie E. Spouse of W. Frank. Born 1841, died 1917
HOVEY, Mary. Born ??, died 9-23-1878. Age: 91 - [Wife]
HOVEY, Phebe. Spouse of Edward. Born ??, died 4-03-1829. Age: 34 - [Wife]
HOVEY, Sarah. Born ??, died 9-25-1890. Age: 84y 4m 21d - [Wife]
HOVEY, W. Frank. Spouse of Julie. Born 4-13-1832, died 3-29-1910
HOWARD, Alonzo. Spouse of Martha. Born ??, died 9-04-1880. Age: 64y 8m 25d
HOWARD, Charles. Born ??, died 10-07-1843or1853?. Age: 5m
HOWARD, Charles E. Born ??, died 10-19-1842. Age: 5m - Son of Alonzo and Martha Howard
HOWARD, Clark. Born ??, died 2-18-1862. Age: 2y 11m 20d - Son of Alonzo and Martha Howard
HOWARD, Deforest. Born ??, died 3-18-1862. Age: 15 - Son of Alonzo and Martha Howard
HOWARD, George E. Born 1834, died 1926
HOWARD, Madeline E.(Cornell). Spouse of Raymond. Born 1916, died ?? - Dau of John George and Edna (Hall) Cornell
HOWARD, Martha. Spouse of Alonzo. Born ??, died 11-01-1903. Age: 60y 2m 9d - [Wife]
HOWARD, Olive (Smith). Born ??, died 10-03-1860. Age: 73
HOWARD, Raymond. Spouse of Madeline E. Cornell. Born ??, died ??
HOWARD, Zephaniah. Born ??, died 11-21-1847. Age: 59
HOWELL, Angeline. Born ??, died 7-03-1853. Age: 28 - Dau of William and Betsey Howell
HOWELL, Charles E. Born 1871, died 1926
HOWELL, Charlotte. Spouse of William T. Born 1845, died 1879 - [Wife]
HOWELL, James H. Born 1832, died 1910
HOWELL, William T. Spouse of Charlotte. Born ??, died 1-07-1872. Age: 83y 11m 7d
HOXSIE, Amanda H. Spouse of Stephen. Born ??, died 8-25-1840. Age: 35y 6m 0d - [Wife of Stephen]
HOXSIE, Oscar. Born ??, died 7-1834. Age: 1y 9m 9d - Son of Stephen and Amanda Hoxsie
HOXSIE, Sarah Ann. Born ??, died 9-13-1835. Age: 4y 9m 10d - Dau of Stephen and Mandia (aamanda?) Hoxsie
HOYT, Barbara A. (Howard). Born 12-27-1962, died 8-7-2016. Age: 53 - Dau of Everette R. and Lona (Sample) Howard, born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Ashville NY. Wed 5-19-1984, four children. (He d. 10-7-1996)
HOYT, David Arthur. Spouse of #1 Patricia Martin, #2 Shirley DeLong. Born 7-11-1935, died 1-6-2019. Age: 83 - Son of Earl George and Alice G. (Chapman) Hoyt. Born, lived, and died in Chautauqua Co NY. A dairy farmer in Ashville NY. Wed Patricia abt 1959, three children, she predeceased. Wed Shirley 9-14-2002 in Jamestown NY, she survives.
HOYT, Edith M. (Davis). Spouse of Harold Sr. Born 6-13-1913, died 9-23-1981. Age: 68 - Dau of Laket Elmer and Lula (Boyer) Davis. Wed 10-15-1929
HOYT, Jeffrey David. Spouse of Barbara Howard. Born 11-27-1960, died 10-7-1996. Age: 35 - Son of David A. and Patricia L. (Martin) Hoyt. Born and died in Jamestown NY. - Post-Vietnam Vet
HOYT, Patricia Louise (Martin). Spouse of David A. Born 7-8-1937, died 7-15-1990. Age: 53 - Dau of Edward D. and Mary L. (McCoy) Martin. Born in Indiana PA, lived and prob died in Chautauqua Co NY. Dairy farming in Ashville NY. Wed abt 1959, three children.
HUBBARD, Debby. Born ??, died 10-15-1867
HUBBARD, Emma (Willard). Spouse of Soloman. Born 1772, died 1834 - [Wife]
HUBBARD, Louise. Born 1811, died 1819
HUBBARD, Solomon. Spouse of Emma Willard. Born 1770, died 1823
HUGHES, Arthur. Spouse of Theresa L. Navarro. Born ??, died ??
HUGHES, Theresa L. (Navarro). Spouse of Arthur. Born 7-25-1934, died 2-11-2002. Age: 67 - Dau of Clarence and Mary (Conners) Navarro, born in Bronx NY
HUNT, James H. Spouse of Roxcendia A. Born 1853, died ??
HUNT, Mycia. Born 1865, died 1905
HUNT, Roxcendia A. Spouse of James. Born 1857, died 1925
HUNT, Zeruiah. Spouse of Gibson. Born ??, died 4-14-1875. Age: 70y 1m 27d - [Wife of Gibson]
HUSTON, Dorcas (Weed). Spouse of Thomas. Born 5-16-1806, died 12-26-1845 - Dau of Noah and Dorcas Weed
HUSTON, George W. Born 1-14-1814, died 7-31-1842 - Son of Thomas and Dorcas (Weed) Huston
HUSTON, Hester L. Born 6-19-1823, died 6-16-1855 - Dau of Thomas and Dorcas Huston
HUSTON, Thomas. Spouse of Dorcas Weed. Born 11-22-1776, died 3-01-1857 - Son of Robert and Pleasant Huston
HUTTENBACHER, Andrew. Born 1872, died 1915
HUTTENBACHER, Father. Spouse of Mother. Born 1833, died 1929
HUTTENBACHER, Mother. Spouse of Father. Born 1835, died 1919
HYPEN, Harry Lucas. Born 1864, died 1915

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