Kelley Hill Rd, off Rte 380 just outside Stockton, NY, on a hillside near the old Kelley Corners Farm
Town of Pomfret
Compiled & Submitted by PHGS Member: Dolores Pratt Davidson

NOTE: These are from reading the tombstones and my own family history, I have added some of the dates because they were missing.
I am quite certain there are more TURK, BLODGETT, RANDALL, and KELLEY family buried here, but no stones remain.
It is an old cemetery, I am still invetigating.  There are also recent burials, which I have omitted for privacy.
I do have further info to share on the Kelley, Turk & Blodgett Families.

BLODGETT, Florence    born 1892 died 1894                         
BLODGETT, Olive   born 1890 died 1894                         
BREMMER, Carl    born 1807 died 1894                         
BREMMER, Frederick   born 1879 died 1882                         
BREMMER, Jacob             - No Dates- His stone is leaning on a tree                      
BREMMER, Mary    born 1810 died 189?                           
COOPER, Culcenia  spouse of John  born 1-18-1891 died 72y 1m 8d                           
COOPER, John  spouse of Dulcenia           - Unreadable                      
CROSS, Betty S.   born 03-02-1926 died 07-06-2009 age 83  daughter of Carl A. & Bertha E. Anderson Seiberg                     
GROTH, Mary   born 9-15-1799  died 9-14-1898  age 99                       
HAGEN, Wm.   born 1880 died 1886      - His stone is leaning on a tree                      
KELLEY, Bela     died 2-18-1861  age 77y? 11m 6d     - B.K. Footstone                      
KELLEY, Ben    born 1876 died 1943                         
KELLEY, Bernice   born 1878 died 1959                         
KELLEY, Darwin  spouse of Julia Ann  born 1826 died 1894      - Son of Richard & Hepsybah Kelley- Probably also buried here, but the stone is missing                      
KELLEY, Franklin  spouse of Maria M   died 1-27-1881 age 58y 4m                         
KELLEY, Hepsybah  spouse of Richard   died 4-16-1847   ?y 1m 28d                         
KELLEY, Julia Ann  spouse of Darwin  born 3-19-1827  died 2-28-1864      - Dau. of Abraham Stocking & Elizabeth Turk Blodgett                      
KELLEY, Maria M spouse of Franklin    died 9-19- 1905  age 85y 4m     - nee McGregor                      
KELLEY, Richard  spouse of Hepsybah    died 9-13-1835 age 48y 10m 22d     - Stone broken into several pieces                      
MUNGER, Jeduthan      died 7-8-1847  age 26y 9m 8d    - Only Son of Parley & Polly Tower Munger                      
MUNGER, Maritta      10-29-1845  age 23y 2m 27d     - Dau. of Parley & Polly Tower Munger                      
MUNGER, Naomi      died 10-81844  age 18y 6m 4d     - Dau. of Parley & Polly Tower Munger                      
MUNGER, Parley  spouse of Polly T          - Stone Unreadable                      
MUNGER, Polly T  spouse of Parley    died 11-17-1849      - nee Tower                      
MUSEWALD, Charles    born 11-22-840  died 7-29-901                           
MUSEWALD, F.     died 3-15-1868      - No Info.                      
MUSEWALD, Louis      died 12-20-1878  age 11y  8d                         
MUSEWALD, Minna      died 3-16-1877       - Next to F. Musewald                      
MUSEWALD, Minnie      died 1-15-1911 age 68y 6m                         
RANDALL, Eliza K  spouse of Elliot   died 3-28-1891  age 79    - nee Kelley                      
RANDALL, Elliot  spouse of Eliza K    died 11-18-1851  age 39y 8m 8d                         
RANDALL, Eunice K  spouse of Matthew  born 12-25-1789        - Sister of Bela & Richard Kelley                      
RANDALL, George W.    born 8-8-1833  died 9-2-1876  age 43y 25d     - Stone Btoken & off Base- Son of Elliot & Eliza Kelley Randall                      
RANDALL, Matthew  spouse of Eunice K    died 3-1851      - Father of Elliot- d. Stockton, NY                      
TURK, Abigail "Nabby" B  spouse of Jacob  born 1801 died 6-11- 1882      - b. Ashfield, Franklin Co., MASS.- Dau. of Aaron & Sarah Lilly Blodgett d. Stockton, NY- Her stone reads "Nabby"                      
TURK, Edith M.            - Small Marker/ No Dates- Probable child of Jacob & Hattie Jane Kelley Turk                      
TURK, Harriet Jane Kelley  spouse of Jacob  born 1848 died 1929      - b. Stockton, NY- Dau. of Franklin & Marie McGregor Kelley                      
TURK, Jacob  spouse of Abigail "Nabby" B  born 10-14-1801  died 12-20-1872      - b. Albany Co., NY- Son of Jeronimus & Elizabeth Bussing Turk Stones are very poor condition                      
TURK, Jacob  spouse of Harriet Jane born 1833 died 1908      - b. Stockton, NY- Son of Jacob (Oct. 14, 1801-Dec. 20, 1872) & Abigail "Nabby" Blodgett Turk ( 1801- June 11, 1882)Civil War Flag Holder                      
UNKNOWN, Father             - Small Marker                      
UNKNOWN, MAtilda            - Unreadable                      
UNKNOWN, Mother            - Small Marker                      
WELNER, Augusta K.    born 1876 died 1944                         
WELNER, Charles H.    born 1867 died 1943                         
WELNER, John F.  spouse of Mary  born 1836 died 1917                         
WELNER, Lute J.   born 1899 died 1952                         
WELNER, Mary  spouse of John F.  born 1832 died 1910                         

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