Also known as Gerry Village Cemetery
Gerry, NY Chautauqua County
Formatted by: GAYLE THOMSON

photo by PHGS member Wendy Phillips

ALDRICH, Bernice I. Born ??, died 12-27-1859. Age: 7y 10m 24d - Bd. with George and Huldah Aldrich
ALDRICH, Carrie M. Spouse of Frank. Born 1858, died 1946
ALDRICH, Florine. Born ??, died 1-22-1866. Age: 9y 6m 17d - Dau of George A. and Huldah Sophia Eaton Aldrich
ALDRICH, Frank H. Spouse of Carrie. Born 1857, died 1945
ALDRICH, George A. Spouse of Huldah Sophia. Born ??, died 9-28-1885. Age: 62y 10m 20d
ALDRICH, George King. Born 1-24-1797, died 12-1867 - Son of Benjamin and Patience (King) Aldrich
ALDRICH, Huldah Sophia. Spouse of George A. Born ca1822, died ?? - Dau of Walter and Bernice Salisbury Eaton
ALVERSON, Damaris. Born ??, died 12-01-1879. Age: 71y 2m 14d - Dau of Johnathon and Ursula Alverson
ALVERSON, Ursula. Spouse of Johnathon. Born 12-03-1771, died 7-30-1825 - Dau of Church
ANDERSON, Arthur Lee. Spouse of Donna Wooley. Born 3-16-1939, died 10-7-2015. Age: 76 - Son of Kenneth O. and Edith (Perkins) Anderson, born in Silver Creek NY, died in Ocala FL. Owned Art's Gun Shop for 30 yrs. Wed 6-25-1960, two children
ANDERSON, Elise. Born ??, died 8-01-1838. Age: 2y - Bd. with James and Phebe Anderson
ANDERSON, Elizabeth. Born ??, died 3-31-1851. Age: 49 - Bd. with James and Phebe Anderson
ANDERSON, Frederick. Spouse of Hannah. Born 1871, died 1949
ANDERSON, Genora. Born ??, died 11-27-1877. Age: 30 - Bd. with James and Phebe Anderson
ANDERSON, Hannah. Spouse of Frederick. Born 1885, died ??
ANDERSON, James. Born ??, died ??. Age: 2 - Bd. with James and Phebe Anderson
ANDERSON, James. Spouse of Phebe. Born ??, died 3-30-1857. Age: 64
ANDERSON, Phebe. Spouse of James. Born ??, died 8-31-1879. Age: 69
ANDERSON, William Q. Born ??, died 9-28-1859. Age: 9y 6m 17d - Bd. with James and Phebe Anderson
ARMSTRONG, Kathryn Mae (Anderson). Spouse of Morton C. Born 10-30-1936, died 4-25-2021. Age: 84 - Dau of Oswald E. and Ruby S. (Burlingame) Anderson. Born in Huntington WV, lived and died in Gerry NY. A teacher and homemaker. Wed 8-31-1957, two sons. (Spouse d. 11-13-2012)
ARMSTRONG, Morton C. Spouse of Kathryn M. Anderson. Born 11-5-1934, died 11-13-2012. Age: 78 - Son of Grove L. Sr. and Eva (Reynolds) Armstrong. Born in Randolph NY, lived and died in Gerry NY. An English tacher in Cassadaga Schools. Wed 8-31-1957, two sons. - Cold War Vet, US Army 1957-1959
AUSTIN, Mabel. Spouse of Murry E. Born 1884, died 1950 - Dau of Dailey
AUSTIN, Merle W. Spouse of Irma/ Odessa Graves. Born 2-26-1902, died 12-19-1997. Age: 95 - Son of John and Lina Austin. Wed 7-9-1949
AUSTIN, Morris. Born 1832, died 1907
AUSTIN, Murry E. Spouse of Mabel D. Born 1879, died 1953
AUSTIN, Sarah E. Spouse of Spencer. Born 1847, died 1935 - Dau of Becker
AUSTIN, Spencer. Spouse of Sarah E. Born 1844, died 1918
BABCOCK, Matilda. Born ??, died 11-08-1836. Age: 29
BAHR, Amelia T. Born 1871, died ?? - Dau of William and Eliza Shulz Bahr
BAHR, Eliza. Spouse of William B. Born 1849, died 1919 - Dau of Schulz
BAHR, Laura M. Born ??, died 12-1881. Age: 4y 6m 0d - Dau of William and Eliza Bahr
BAHR, William. Spouse of Eliza S. Born 1834, died 1904 - b. PA
BARBER, Hattie. Born 1851, died ??
BARKER, Abel M. Spouse of Ellen B. Born 1839, died 1921 - Civil War Vet, Co E 123rd Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted at Hebron for three years. Mustered out with co mpany 6-8-1865 near Washington DC
BARKER, Ellen. Spouse of Abel. Born 1846, died 1923 - Dau of Beardsley
BARKER, J. Howard. Spouse of Maude. Born 1870, died ??
BARKER, Maude E. Spouse of J. Howard. Born 1875, died 1938
BARKER, Merton G. Born ??, died 10-01-1949. Age: 81y 5m 11d - Bd. with Abel and Ellen Barker
BARMORE, Allen. Spouse of Polly A. Pierce. Born 1800*, died 7-27-1866-7. Age: 66y 9m 7d - Son of John and Polly (Dryer) Barmore, seven children
BARMORE, Amos Jr. Born 1828*, died 9-18-1841. Age: 13 - Son of Amos Sr. and Julia (Cobb) Barmore
BARMORE, Amos Sr. Spouse of Julia Cobb/ Phila/ Mary (Ely) Teller. Born 1810, died 11-15-1881. Age: 71y 5m ?d - [Pa] Julia d. 1831. Phila d. 1866. Mary d. 1928
BARMORE, Cornelia A. Spouse of Walter A. Born 10-21-1833, died 3-28-1871 - Dau of Reuben and Julia Post, Bd. with parents? or husband? -- two listings
BARMORE, Emmet Pard. Spouse of Mildred Ostrander. Born 3-3-1881, died 1939 - Son of Fred V. and Rachel (Shepardson) Barmore. One son
BARMORE, Flora M. (Hitchcock). Spouse of Walter M. Born 8-21-1882, died 1-1974 - Dau of Marion and Helen (Bertron) Hitchcock. Three children in 1920 Gerry census
BARMORE, Fred Vernon. Spouse of Rachel S. Born 1855, died 1920 - Son of Merritt W. and Lucinda M. (Holdridge) Barmore (Rachel bd. Bemus Point)
BARMORE, Julia (Cobb). Spouse of Amos Sr. Born ??, died 11-28-1831. Age: 21y 7m 29d - Dau of Isaac and Deliverence (Knowles) Cobb
BARMORE, Laura A. Born ??, died 12-1837. Age: 18m - Dau of Amos Sr. and Phila Barmore
BARMORE, Lucinda M. (Holdridge). Spouse of Merritt W. Born 4-01-1836, died 8-07-1910. Age: 74 -
BARMORE, Lydia. Born abt 1833, died 1878. Age: 45y 9m ?d - Dau of Amos Sr. and Phila Barmore
BARMORE, Mary (Ely) Tuller. Spouse of #1 George Tuller, #2 Amos Barmore Sr. Born 7-9-1831, died 8-16-1928. Age: 97y 1m 7d - Dau of Samuel and Artless Ely, oneo f 12 siblings. Born in Hebron NY, died in Gerry NY. Third Wife of Amos [Ma] Two children with George. (He d. in Dekalb IL) One daughter with Amos.
BARMORE, Merritt W. Spouse of Lucinda M. Born ??, died 10-08-1889. Age: 54y 5m 29d - Son of Allen and Polly (Pierce) Barmore, Reverend
BARMORE, Mildred C. (Ostrander). Spouse of Emmet P. Born 4-7-1888, died 11-1984 - One son.
BARMORE, Pardon. Born 1864, died 1929 - Son of Merritt W. and Lucinda M. Holdridge Barmore
BARMORE, Phila. Spouse of Amos Sr. Born ??, died 10-03-1866. Age: 57y 8m 6d - Second Wife of Amos
BARMORE, Polly Alice (Pierce). Spouse of Allen. Born 4-13-1812, died 12-03-1886. Age: 74y 7m 20d - Dau of John M. and Elizabeth (Simmons) Pierce, born and died in Chaut Co. Seven children
BARMORE, Russell K. Spouse of Althea Powell. Born 10-2-1961, died 10-13-2006. Age: 45 - Son of Verland and Janice (Swanson) Barmore. Died as the result of a farm accident. Wed 10-20-1984
BARMORE, Walter A. Born ??, died 1-02-1881. Age: 10y 4d - Son of Rev. O. L. and J. C. Barmore
BARMORE, Walter A. Spouse of Cornelia A. Born 3-03-1833, died 5-18-1880 - Son of Allen and Polly (Pierce) Barmore
BARMORE, Walter M. Spouse of Cornelia A. Born 1877, died 1951 - Three children in 1920 Gerry Census
BARTHOLOMEW-COLGROVE-Mabel L. Spouse of #1 Orlo E. Bartholomew, #2 Archer Brace, #3 Tedd Colgrove. Born 7-2-1910, died 8-26-2005. Age: 95 - Dau of Jay and Blanche Freeman Helmick-born in Steamburg
BECKWITH, Charles E. Spouse of Hilda L. Maynard. Born 10-14-1921, died 1-6-2016. Age: 94 - Son of Rev. George Albert and Alice (Collett) Beckwith, born in Rochester NY, died in Gerry NY. Worked 38 yrs at Gerry Homes/Heritage Village. Wed 11-15-1946 (68 Yrs), three children. (She d. 2-7-2015) - WW II Vet, 102nd Inf, and 405th Anti-Tank Regt in Europe. 1942-1946. Two Bronze Stars
BEDIENT, Addie Kapple. Spouse of William E. Born 1861, died ?? - DAR
BEDIENT, William E. Spouse of Addie K. Born 1859, died 1918
BENNETT, Ernest R. Born 1911, died 1937 - Bd. with Roy F. Bennett
BENNETT, Nellie. Born 1874, died 1922
BENNETT, Roy F. Born 1904, died 1943 - Bd. with Ernest R. Bennett
BLANCHARD, Charles E. Spouse of H. Born 1863, died ??
BLANCHARD, H. Spouse of Charles. Born 1864, died 1940 - Dau of May
BOYLES, Lottie Knott. Spouse of. Born 1873, died 1937
BOYNTON, Jennie M. Born 1877, died 1900
BRABROOK, Frank. Spouse of Josephine. Born ??, died ?? - No dates
BRABROOK, Josephine. Spouse of Frank. Born ??, died ?? - No dates
BREWER, Alice Stevens. Born 1-19-1883, died 1914
BREWER, Father. Spouse of Mary. Born 1836, died 1930 - [Father]
BREWER, Mary C. Spouse of Father. Born 1836, died 1907 - [Mother]
BROOKS, Clair F. Spouse of Evelyn Goldthwaits. Born 4-22-1918, died 10-2-2006. Age: 88 - Son of Frank and Minnie (Darling) Brooks. Wed 4-7-1962
BROWN, Rachel Geiger. Spouse of. Born 1890, died 1917 - Dau of Fred R. and Ella Geiger, Bd. with parents
BUCKLEN or BUCKLIN, Charles 1. Born ??, died 7-02-1834. Age: 2 - Son of Willard and Damaris (Shepardson) Buklen or Bucklin
BUCKLEN or BUCKLIN, Clinton 1. Born ??, died 1-18-1830. Age: 2y 2m ?d - Son of Willard and Damaris (Shepardson) Buklen or Bucklin
BUCKLEN or BUCKLIN, Clinton 2. Born ??, died 9-27-1858. Age: 28 - Son of Willard and Damaris (Shepardson) Buklen or Bucklin
BUCKLEN or BUCKLIN, Damaris. Spouse of Willard. Born 3-01-1799, died 3-12-1848 - b. Guilford VT, d. Gerry NY
BUCKLEN or BUCKLIN, Willard. Spouse of Damaris S. Born 5-30-1798, died 1-01-1869 - b. Guilford VT, d. Gerry NY
BUCKLEN, James. Spouse of Martha A. Born 7-19-1777, died 1-14-1865 - b. Foster RI, d. Gerry NY
BUCKLEN, Lois Ann. Born ??, died 7-13-1849. Age: 41y 11m 27d - Dau of James and Martha (Aldrich) Bucklen
BUCKLEN, Martha Aldrich. Spouse of James. Born 1774, died 3-25-1850. Age: 76y 3m 18d
BUCKLIN, Cynthia M. Richardson. Born 2-22-1801, died 7-01-1866
BUCKLIN, Gratia. Spouse of None. Born ??, died ?? - Not married
BUCKLIN, Lovel. Born 4-05-1802, died 2-03-1884 - Son of James Bucklen also bd. here, DAR
BUCKLIN, Seward. Spouse of None. Born 1839, died 1913 - Not married
BUDD, Etta. Born 1859, died 1941
BURKETT, Stanley S. Spouse of Geraldine R. Larson. Born 8-21-1932, died 1-28-2020. Age: 87 - Son of L. Schuyler and Helen (Dillingham) Burkett. Born and died in Jamestown NY, lived in Falconer NY. Wed 12-15-1951 in Jamestown, eight children. - Korean War Vet, US Navy Seabees. 1952-1953 in the Philippines.
CANNON, Eli A. Spouse of M. Clementine. Born 1844, died 1934
CANNON, Frank. Spouse of Nettie E. Born 1854, died 1940
CANNON, M. Clementine. Spouse of Eli A. Born 1846, died 1949
CANNON, Nettie E. (Tompkins). Spouse of Frank. Born 1868, died 1944 - Wed 1-24-1899
CARLSON, Anna. Spouse of Charles P. Born 10-24-1837, died 6-28-1928
CARLSON, Charles P. Spouse of Anna. Born 12-07-1836, died 5-03-1906
CARLSON, Chester K. [Chet]. Spouse of Mert E. Hodges. Born 10-28-1927, died 2-5-2017. Age: 89 - Son of Russell and Emma (Anthony) Carlson. Born in Youngsville PA, lived in Gerry NY. Worked 44 yrs for MRC/SKF. Wed 9-29-1950, One son. - WW II Vet, US Airmy Air Force. Africa and Europe
CARLSON, Ellen R. Spouse of LaVerne C. Born 1-30-1917, died 10-21-2001. Age: 84 - Dau of Wallace H. and Mary Smith Records
CARLSON, LaVerne C. Spouse of Ellen R. Born ??, died 10-12-1998 - Wed 9-15-1960
CARLSON, Mary. Born 6-24-1866, died 6-03-1869 - Dau of Charles P. and Anna Carlson
CARLSON, Mert E. (Hodges). Spouse of Chester K. [Chet]. Born 6-3-1931, died 10-14-2015. Age: 84 - Dau of James and Grace (Loomis) Hodges, born and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 9-29-1950, one son.
CARPENTER, Richard Joel. Born ??, died 7-05-1845. Age: 1y 10d - Son of C. and Catherine Carpenter
CASE, Adaline (Rice). Spouse of Hiran. Born 3-28-1806, died 3-24-1882 - Born in CT
CASE, Francis M. Born ??, died 3-27-1875. Age: 33 - Bd. with Hiram and Adaline Case - Civil War Vet, 1861-1865
CASE, Hiram. Spouse of Adaline R. Born 8-05-1800, died 11-04-1878
CLARK, Axenia. Spouse of Luther. Born 1820, died ??
CLARK, Edna E. (Morton). Spouse of Howard M. Born 1864, died 2-21-1939. Age: 74
CLARK, Emily M. Born 1841, died 1904 - Dau of Zenas and Jane (Cobb) Clark
CLARK, Evelyn M. (Hancock). Spouse of Robert M. Born 5-15-1925, died 3-9-2015. Age: 89 - Dau of Rev. Ira J. and Roma M. (Bush) Hancock, born in Apollo PA, died in Jamestown NY. Wed 7-1-1947, three children. (He d. 11-3-2013)
CLARK, Helen. Born 1852, died 1852 - Dau of Luther and Axenia Clark
CLARK, Helen. Born ??, died 1854 - Dau of Luther and Axenia Clark, One date--assume dod?
CLARK, Howard M. Spouse of Edna E. Born 10-24-1863, died 1-13-1942. Age: 78
CLARK, Jane Cobb. Spouse of Zenas Davis / J. D. Born 10-20-1820, died 1925 - Dau of Isaac and Lydia (Hill) Cobb, Bd. Clark lot
CLARK, Luna Cobb. Spouse of. Born 9-23-1836, died ?? - Dau of Isaac and Lydia (Hill) Cobb, Bd. Clark lot
CLARK, Luther. Spouse of Axenia. Born 1815, died 1889
CLARK, Zenas Davis. Spouse of Jane. Born 1811, died 1901
COBB, Adaline. Born ??, died 1-21-1847. Age: 17y 1m 25d - Dau of Isaac and Lydia (Hill) Cobb
COBB, Adaline (Brown). Born ??, died 10-11-1927. Age: 24 - Bd. with Isaac and Deliverance Cobb
COBB, Barrett. Born ??, died 1-24-1827. Age: 9 - Son of Isaac and Deliverance (Knowles) Cobb
COBB, Deliverance (Knowles) [Dilly]. Spouse of Isaac. Born 1771, died 4-22-1849. Age: 78y 28d
COBB, Floyd F. Born 1878, died 1931 - Son of Grant J. and Sarah Cobb; Dr.
COBB, Fred B. Born 1874, died 1941 - Son of Grant Cobb; Bd. with Isaac and Nancy Cobb
COBB, Freeman. Spouse of Rebecca Howard. Born 12-17-1796, died 5-17-1877. Age: 80y 7m 27d - b. Bakersfield VT
COBB, Grant J. Spouse of Sarah. Born 1843, died 1941 - Civil War Vet, Co A 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 6-13-1865 at Releigh NC.
COBB, Isaac. Spouse of Deliverance K. Born 9-11-1770, died 1-13-1847. Age: 76y 6m 19dd
COBB, Isaac. Spouse of Nancy. Born 4-29-1826, died 11-07-1900 - Son of Freeman Cobb
COBB, Isaac. Spouse of Lydia H. Born 8-11-1795, died 1-01-1883 - Son of Isaac and Deliverance (Knowles) Cobb, b. Woodstock VT,
COBB, Isaiah. Spouse of Nancy S. Born 3-17-1824, died ? - Son of Isaac and Lydia (Hill) Cobb, dod unreadable
COBB, Lydia. Spouse of Isaac. Born 11-05-1798, died 12-30-1878 - Dau of Hill
COBB, Madison. Born ??, died 12-25-1884. Age: 5 - Dau of Isaac and Lydia Cobb
COBB, Nancy. Spouse of Isaiah. Born 10-22-1828, died 5-14-1887 - Dau of Major and Amanda Sinclair
COBB, Nancy A. Spouse of Isaac. Born 12-09-1827, died 1-03-1902 - Bd. with Isaac Cobb, wife or sister?
COBB, Olive. Born ??, died 10-17-1845. Age: 18y 2d - Dau of Isaac and Lydia (Hill) Cobb
COBB, Rebecca Howard. Spouse of Freeman. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of James Bucklin
COBB, Sarah J. Spouse of Grant J. Born 1844, died 1927
COCHRAN, Harold B. Born 1900, died 1939
CONET, Stuart Clark. Born 1878, died 1901 - Son of Conet, Bd. with Zenas and Jane Clark
CRANE, O. Pearl. Spouse of Clyne Galloway/ Rev. Warren. Born 4-29-1903, died 2-11-2001. Age: 97 - Dau of William and Esther Hamilton Babcock
CULVER, Hezekiah F. Spouse of Myra. Born 1832, died 1902 - Civil War Vet, 7th Co 1st Sharpshooter Bn, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Busti for three years. Wounded 5-10-1864. Transferred to Co I 7th Regt VRC 12-7-1864 from which mustered out with detachment 6-29-1865 at Washington DC
CULVER, Myra S. Spouse of Hezekiah F. Born 1834, died ??
CUTTING, Jonah E. Spouse of M. B. Born 5-16-1822, died 1-14-1897 - [Father]
CUTTING, M. B. Spouse of Jonah E. Born 4-25-1826, died 2-16-1897 - [Mother]
DAILEY, Marian. Born 1852, died 1914 - [Mother]
DAMON, Carl S. Spouse of Grace. Born 1889, died ??
DAMON, Ella H. Born 1874, died ?? - Bd. with G. Clayton and Fanny Damon
DAMON, Elva J. Born 1883, died 1936 - Bd. with Joel and Pamela Damon
DAMON, Eunice E. Spouse of George W. Born ??, died 2-16-1860. Age: 38
DAMON, Fanny. Spouse of G. Clayton. Born 1871, died 1901
DAMON, G. Clayton. Spouse of Fanny. Born 1879, died 1940
DAMON, George W. Spouse of Eunice. Born ??, died 10-10-1863. Age: 49
DAMON, Grace S. Spouse of Carl. Born 1891, died ??
DAMON, Iva. Born 12-05-1879, died 1-13-1881 - Bd. with Joel and Pamela Damon
DAMON, Joel G. Spouse of Pamela S. Born 1848, died 1924
DAMON, Pamela Strong. Spouse of Joel G. Born 1843, died 1918
DEXTER, Albert W. Spouse of Maria. Born 1826, died 1907
DEXTER, Carrie L. Born 1860, died 1888 - Bd. with Albert and Maria Dexter
DEXTER, Foster A. Born ??, died 1888. Age: Infant - Bd. with Albert and Maria Dexter, One date--assume dod?
DEXTER, Maria D. Spouse of Albert W. Born 1830, died 1917
DEXTER, William A. Born 1849, died 1868 - Bd. with Albert and Maria Dexter
DIBBLE, Homer L. Spouse of Mary. Born 1883, died 1849 - Reverend
DIBBLE, Mary O. Spouse of Homer L. Born 1886, died 1949
DORMER, Charlotte Bignell. Born 1819, died 1912
DUNHAM, Mahala Cobb. Born 1824, died 1902 - Bd. with Grant and Sarah Cobb
DUNN, Mary K. Spouse of Lafayette. Born 12-1-1909, died 12-24-2005. Age: 96 - Dau of Parker and Rose Harmon Addy-born in Coshocton, OH-married 10-28-1955
EASTERLING, Bruce James. Spouse of Betty I. Rennells. Born 9-2-1926, died 7-9-2018. Age: 91 - Son of Charles J. and Myrtle Violet (Kibbler) Easterling. Born in Minneapolis, KS, died in Gerry NY. Volunteer of the Year in 2008. Wed 9-2-1948, three children. (Spouse d. 2-8-2010)
EATON, Almira. Spouse of Sylvanus. Born ??, died 2-26-1841 - Dau of Sloan, Wed 2-28-1790 Williamstown-Berkshire-MA per IGI
EATON, Bernice. Spouse of Walter. Born ??, died 11-13-1860. Age: 58 - Dau of Salisbury, Wed 1820 Brattleboro-Windham-VT
EATON, Emerett S. Born 1878, died 1913
EATON, Sylvanus. Spouse of Almira S. Born 1767, died 5-22-1848. Age: ca 81y
EATON, Walter. Spouse of Bernice S. Born ??, died 3-04-1879. Age: 83 - Son of Sylvanus and Almira (Sloan) Eaton
EATON, Walter L. Born ??, died 8-???? - Son of Walter and Bernice (Salisbury) Eaton
EDDY, Lena M. Spouse of Lewis F. Born 1885, died ??
EDDY, Lewis F. Spouse of Lena. Born 1878, died 1946
ELDRIDGE, Hulda Z. Spouse of Lorenzo. Born 8-13-1819, died 7-18-1841 - Dau of Garner and Huldah (Newton) Salisbury
ELLIS, Frank E. Born 1856, died 1945
ELLSWORTH, Lena M. Pratt. Spouse of. Born 1892, died 1942
ELWELL, Delphine. Spouse of Frank Josiah Jr. Born 10-22-1860, died 1948 - Dau of John and Rosina Bennett
ELWELL, Frank Josiah Jr. Spouse of Delphine B. Born 2-02-1858, died 1-06-1935 - Son of Frank Josiah Sr. and Delphine (Bennett) Elwell
ELWELL, Frank Josiah Sr. [Josiah]. Spouse of Mary Ann C. Born 1-10-1807, died 11-12-1893 - Bd. as Josiah
ELWELL, Mary Ann. Spouse of Frank Josiah Sr. Born 3-09-1826, died 11-25-1887 - Dau of Caswell
FAIN, Clarence W. [Red]. Spouse of Helen Spinler. Born 7-26-1925, died 11-7-2010. Age: 85 - Son of General and Mae (Bullock) Fain. Born in Anniston AL, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Worked 38 years at Weber-Knapp Wed 9-20-1947, three children.
FAIN, Helen B. (Spinler). Spouse of Clarence W. Born 7-12-1929, died 9-28-2017. Age: 88 - Dau of Willie and Grace Collins Spinler. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Greenhurst NY. Worked at Weber-Knapp. Wed 9-20-1947, three children.
FAIRBANKS, Clayton T. Spouse of H. Estelle. Born 1877, died 1941 - Reverend
FAIRBANKS, H. Estelle (Goodenough). Spouse of Clayton T. Born 1880, died ??
FAIRBANKS, Shirley M. (Frost). Spouse of Wendell. Born 4-3-1919, died 5-6-2021. Age: 102 - Dau of Fred and May (Green) Frost. Born and lived in Fredonia NY, died In Gerry NY. Wed 1-1941, two sons.
FAIRBANKS, Wendell H. Spouse of Shirley Frost. Born 4-9-1921, died 10-20-1982. Age: 61 - Son of Clayton and Estelle (Goodenough) Fairbanks. Wed 1-1941, two sons.
FARGO, Ariel Woodworth. Spouse of Martha A. Born 5-01-1815, died 9-14-1893 - Son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Ambler) Fargo, born in Huntington VT
FARGO, Harold M. Born 1921, died 1926 - Bd. with Herbert G.
FARGO, Herbert G. Born 1824, died 1929 - Bd. with Harold M.
FARGO, Martha A. Spouse of Ariel Woodworth. Born 9-22-1822, died 1-06-1889 - Dau of Freeman and Rebecca Howard (Bucklin) Cobb
FARLEY, Frederick. Spouse of Evelyn Risley. Born 9-14-1925, died 10-2004 - Son of George W, Sr, and Mabel (Nelson) Farley. Born in Jamestown NY.Wed 11-6-1948, four daughters. - WW I Vet, US Navy aboard USS Lamar in the Pacific. 1943-1946
FESSENDEN, Emeline. Born ??, died 2-09-1838. Age: 18 - Dau of Rubin and Lucretia (Fisher) Fessenden
FESSENDEN, James. Born ??, died 9-25-1829. Age: 13 - Son of Rubin and Lucretia (Fisher) Fessenden
FESSENDEN, Lucretia. Spouse of Rubin. Born 10-10-1788, died 7-02-1865. Age: 76 - Dau of Nehemiah Fisher, b. Marlboro-Windham-VT
FESSENDEN, Norman. Born 7-13-1811, died 2-11-183?. Age: 26 - Son of Rubin and Lucretia (Fisher) Fessenden
FESSENDEN, Rubin [Reuben?]. Spouse of Lucretia. Born 12-12-1786, died 9-13-1866. Age: 73y 9m 10d - Son of Solomon and Elizabeth (Tucker) Fessenden, born in Windham Co VT
FISHER, Annette F. Spouse of Jarvis A. Born 1854, died 1917
FISHER, Don V. Born 1884, died 1943 - Bd. with Jarvis and Annette Fisher
FISHER, Jarvis A. Spouse of Annette. Born 1844, died 1908 - Civil War Vet, Co F 112th Inf NYS Vols, Pvt. Mustered out with company 6-19-1865 at hospital Buffalo NY.
FISHER, John M. Spouse of Merinda J. Born ??, died 2-02-1860. Age: 41
FISHER, Merinda J. Spouse of John M. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Turk, No dates
FISHER, Merton J. Born ??, died 3-23-1869. Age: 7m - Son of John M. and Merinda J. (Turk) Fisher
FISKE, Amy J. Spouse of David W. Born 1871, died 1936
FISKE, David W. Spouse of Amy. Born 1871, died ??
FISKE, Ross D. Born 1913, died 1930 - Son of David W. and Amy Fiske
FOSTER, Mary H. Spouse of C. G. Born ??, died 2-25-1887. Age: 30y 7m 21d - Dau of A. J. and Miranda (Strong) Turk; Bd. with parents
FRITTS, Albert F. Born 1853, died 1917
GATES, Annis. Spouse of Henry D. Born 8-09-1812, died 5-22-1847 - Dau of Strong, Wife #1?
GATES, Charles F. Born 6-13-1856, died ?? - Bd. with Henry and Emeline Gates
GATES, Emeline P. Spouse of Henry D. Born 6-08-1824, died 1-15-1882 - Dau of Fuller, Wife #2
GATES, Henry D. Spouse of Annis [#1?]. Born 4-27-1812, died ??
GATES, Henry Fuller. Born 5-01-1864, died ?? - Son of Henry D. and Emeline P. (Fuller) Gates
GEIGER, Ella. Spouse of Fred R. Born ??, died ?? - No dates
GEIGER, Fred R. Spouse of Ella. Born 1861, died 1936
GILBERDS, Ernest D. Spouse of Lena. Born 1862, died 1931 - Bd. with Ezra and Prudence Gilberds
GILBERDS, Ezra. Spouse of Prudence. Born 1830, died 1907
GILBERDS, John I. Born 1857, died 1915 - Bd. with Ezra and Prudence Gilberds
GILBERDS, Lena. Spouse of Ernest D. Born 1873, died 1934
GILBERDS, Prudence. Spouse of Ezra. Born 1839, died 1900
GRAZULEWICZ, John F. Born 10-10-1951, died 9-25-2002. Age: 50 - Son of Frank and Margaret (Bargar)Grazulewicz
GRIFFITH, Catherine. Spouse of George W. Born 5-1826, died 6-24-1900 - Dau of Peterson b. Ellery Tshp NY
GRIFFITH, Edith. Spouse of James Emerson. Born 1863, died 1917 - Dau of Morton D. and Mary E. Ostrander Salisbury
GRIFFITH, George W. Spouse of Catherine P. Born 3-01-1820, died 4-14-1903
GRIFFITH, James Emerson. Spouse of Edith S. Born 10-21-1861, died 1-31-1917 - Bd. with George and Catherine Griffith
GULLO, Elsie L. Schlining Kenworthy. Spouse of Hershel Kenworth/ Sam. Born 6-20-1915, died 12-6-1999. Age: 84 - Dau of William and Myrtle Chase Schlining. 1st husband d 12-2-1995
GULLO, Sam. Spouse of Elsie L. Born ??, died 1997
GUNNELL, Jeffrey A. Spouse of Bonnie K. Piazza. Born 7-10-1961, died 9-29-2011. Age: 50 - Son of Robert G. and Joan F. (Weber) Gunnell. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Falconer NY, died in Buffalo NY. Killed in auto accident. Wed 9-20-1980 in Levant NY, two sons.
GUNNELL, Joan F, (Weber). Spouse of Roberrt G. Born 8-10-1939, died 3-18-2013. Age: 73 - Dau of Earl and Gertrude (Sampson) Weber. Born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Falconer NY. A foster parent. Wed 11-30-1957 in Gerry, four sons. (Spouse survives)
GUNNELL, Ronnie L. Spouse of Vickie L. Goodwill. Born 11-15-1958, died 10-8-2019. Age: 60 - Son of Robert G. and Joan F. (Weber) Gunnell Born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Gerry NY. Worked 41 years at Inscape. Wed 9-20-1978, two daughters. (Spouse survives)
GUSTAFSON, August. Spouse of Augusta. Born 6-30-1851, died 1915
GUSTAFSON, Augusta M. Spouse of August. Born 3-18-1859, died 10-11-1899
GUSTAFSON, John A. Spouse of Mary J. French. Born 8-8-1939, died 4-1-2002. Age: 62 - Son of Vaughn and Nancy (Anderson) Gustafson - Cold War Vet, US Navy
HACKETT, Clifford L. Born 1915, died 1932 - Bd. with Milton J.
HACKETT, Milton J. Born 1922, died 1924 - Bd. with Clifford L.
HALLBERG, Frank O. Spouse of Reba. Born 1-24-1891, died 2-8-1965. Age: 74 - Son of Charles and Emma Halberg
HALLBERG, Reba. Spouse of Frank O. Born 1895, died 1921 - Dau of Glenn P. and Ina Salisbury Waite
HARMS, Richard J. Spouse of Gail Werne. Born 5-14-1935, died 4-28-2018. Age: 82 - Son of August and Doris (Schultz) Harms. Born in Batavia NY, lived in Gerry NY, died in Jamestown NY. A mechanical engineer. Wed 5-16-1959, four children. (Spouse d. 5-3-2009)
HARRIS, Eugene D. Spouse of Ophelia S. Born 1844, died 1919
HARRIS, Ophelia. Spouse of Eugene D. Born ??, died ?? - Dau of Sears No dates
HART, Richard E. Spouse of Leona DeHoff Ricardson. Born 1918, died 2-27-2006. Age: 87 - Son of Dr. Stanley and Iona Redman Hart, born in Port Chester NY. Wed in 1980
HATCH, Dexter. Spouse of Sally. Born 9-13-1787, died 1-14-1828. Age: 40 - Son of Nathan and Jersha Fisher Hatch b. Boston-Suffolk-MA
HATCH, Jerusha. Born ??, died 7-20-1822. Age: 10m - Dau of Dexter and Sallay Hatch
HATCH, Sally. Born ??, died 8-11-1835. Age: 11 - Dau of Dexter and Sallay Hatch
HATCH, Sally. Spouse of Dexter. Born ??, died 5-01-1856. Age: 53
HAWLEY, Marcus A. Spouse of Ruby S. Born 1878, died ??
HAWLEY, Ruby. Spouse of Marcus A. Born 1889, died ?? - Dau of Ansel and Amelia Shelmandine
HAYES, Thomas G. Born 1827, died 1910
HAZZARD, Grace Harris. Spouse of Walter. Born 4-03-1882, died 10-02-1954 - Dau of Eugene and Ophelia Harris; Killed in auto accident with Walter Hazzard
HAZZARD, Walter. Spouse of Grace?. Born 10-14-1873, died 10-02-1954 - Son of Wallace and Marian (Andrews) Hazzard. Killed in auto accident with Grace Harris
HEATH, Florence E. Spouse of Winifred J. Born 1-11-1873, died 5-29-1897 - Dau of Charles A. and Abbie (Damon) Wilbur; Bd. with parents
HEATH, James F. Spouse of Lepha A. Born 1844, died 1921 - Son of Isaac and Lucinda (Lee) Heath
HEATH, Lepha A. Spouse of James F. Born 1846, died 1926 - Dau of Pratt
HEATH, Ruth E. Spouse of Richard A. [Rick]. Born 2-14-1944, died 4-26-2006. Age: 62 - Dau of Leland and Elsie Schlining Penhollow-married 3-3-1962
HEATH, Winifred J. [male]. Spouse of Florence E. Born 5-08-1870, died 10-10-1915 - Son of James F. and Lepha A. (Pratt) Heath
HEITZENRATER, Elliott Johnsen. Born 5-4-2018, died 5-4-2018. Age: 0d - Son of Daniel J. and Jessica L. (Swan) Heitzenrater, Falconer NY.
HICKS, Sarah J. Born 1845, died 1925
HINES, Eliza. Spouse of Zaddock. Born 12-20-1785, died 10-25-1865
HINES, John. Spouse of Sophia. Born 1787, died 7-25-186? - Came to Chautauqua Co in 1818, Father of Sukey (Hines) Pratt -- wife of Stephen
HINES, Sophia. Spouse of John. Born 3-25-18??, died 6-16-1869
HINES, Zaddock. Spouse of Eliza. Born 11-05-1784, died 1-20-1846 - Bd. with brother John
HOLDRIDGE, Harmonius. Born ??, died 12-10-1850. Age: 19 - Bd. with Maryette Holdridge and Hiram Holdridge
HOLDRIDGE, Hiram. Born ??, died 8-25-1826. Age: 5m 9d - Son of Hiram and Mary Holdridge
HOLDRIDGE, Hoyt P. Born ??, died ??. Age: 8y 10m 2d - Son of N. M. and S. E. Holdridge, No dates
HOLDRIDGE, Hugh A. Born ??, died ??. Age: 6y 1d - Son of N. M. and S. E. Holdridge, No dates
HOLDRIDGE, Mary M. Born ??, died ??. Age: 1y 8m 2d - Dau of N. M. and S. E. Holdridge, No dates
HOLDRIDGE, Maryette. Born ??, died 5-25-1848. Age: 18y 10m - Dau of Hiram and Mary Holdridge
HOLDRIDGE, Zilla. Spouse of Ira. Born ??, died 8-11-1899. Age: 56
HOLLIDAY, Charles W. Spouse of Nellie. Born 1882, died 1949
HOLLIDAY, Nellie A. Spouse of Charles W. Born 1882, died ??
HOOKER, Azubath. Born 12-05-1818, died 4-24-1840 - Bd. with Maranda Hooker
HOOKER, Maranda. Born 3-10-1821, died 12-03-1826 - Dau of Rand H. Hooker; Bd. with Azubath Hooker
HOOPER, Addie. Born 1858, died ?? - Dau of Albert and Maryette (Seeley) Hooper
HOOPER, Albert. Spouse of Maryette S. Born 1841, died 1922
HOOPER, Maryette. Spouse of Albert. Born 1845, died 1895 - Dau of Seeley
HOOPER, Olive Wait. Born 6-30-1855, died 9-16-1923 - Dau of Lines
HOPE, Leo Theodore. Born 1907, died 1927
HORTON, Charlotte. Spouse of Charles D. Born 11-13-1816, died 2-04-1838. Age: 22 - Bd. with Pliny and Rachel Shepardson
HORTON, Dorinda. Spouse of Samuel. Born 3-30-1812, died 9-09-1887 - Dau of Cobb
HORTON, Emily Cobb. Spouse of Asa. Born ??, died 3-31-1848. Age: 36y 4m - Dau of Isaac and Lydia (Hill) Cobb, Bd. Clark lot
HORTON, Nehemiah. Born ??, died 8-01-1855. Age: 74y 9m - Son of Nehemiah and Philadelphia (Marsh) Horton--Check Age at death
HORTON, Samuel. Spouse of Dorinda C. Born 10-05-1806, died 6-09-1863
HORTON, Samuel W. Born 10-20-1843, died 10-29-1859 - Son of Samuel and Dorinda (Cobb) Horton
HOTCHKISS, Robert D., Rev. Spouse of Ruth S. Schwab. Born 4-7-1925, died 1-7-2000. Age: 74 - Son of Orange D. and Elsie (Waltz) Hotchkiss. Lived and died in Gerry NY. Wed 9-4-1946, four children. WW II Vet, US Navy
HOTCHKISS, Ruth S. (Schwab). Spouse of Robert D., Rev. Born 6-8-1926, died 7-20-2019. Age: 93 - Dau of John and Emma (Anderegg) Schwab. Born in Wellsboro PA, lived and died in Gerry NY. Wed 9-4-1946, four children. (Spouse d. 1-7-2000)
HOUSE, Betty Jane (Baker). Spouse of Arthur House. Born 7-16-1929, died 10-26-2016. Age: 87y - Dau of Burdette and Jane (Pratt) Baker; born in Jamestown NY, died in Gerry NY. Wed 6-24-1950; three children. (He d. 10-24-2003.) Cassadaga Valley High School, Sinclairville, NY, Class of 1947.
HOWARD, Bernice H. (Smith) [Bunny]. Spouse of Charles R. Born 2-11-1935, died 12-3-2016. Age: 81 - Dau of Melvin E. and Lillian (Hodges) Smith. Born and died in Jamestown NY, lived in Gerry NY. Wed 7-5-1953, three children. (He d. 2-5-2013)
HOWARD, Charles R. Spouse of Bernice H. Smith. Born 10-5-1931, died 2-6-2013 - Son of Harold O. and Goldie (Milliron) Howard. Born and died in Jamestown NY, lived in Gerry NY. Wed 7-5-1953, three children. Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force. 1950-1954
HUGHES, Ida J. (Smith). Spouse of Rev. Glenn D. Born 9-20-1919, died 11-29-2015. Age: 96 - Dau of Francis and Hattie Ide Smith, born in Shavertown PA, died in Jamestown NY. Two children.
HUTCHENS, H. T. Spouse of Helen. Born 1848, died 1925
HUTCHENS, Helen I. Spouse of H. T. Born 1851, died 1925
HYLAND, Alexander. Born 1855, died 1945
JOHNSON, Albert E. Born 1892, died 1936 - Bd. with C. Edward and Carrie Johnson
JOHNSON, Alta. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1880, died 1921 - Dau of Garner and Huldah Salisbury
JOHNSON, C. Edward. Spouse of Carrie. Born 1860, died 1922
JOHNSON, Carole A. Spouse of Charles. Born 11-12-1943, died 10-20-2008. Age: 64 - Dau of Stan and Irene Chambers Wolinski-born in Lackawanna-married 5-27-1961
JOHNSON, Carrie. Spouse of C. Edward. Born 1868, died 1926
JOHNSON, Charles A. Spouse of Alta S. Born 1879, died 1942
JOHNSON, Ida. Born 1882, died ?? - Dau of William and Eliza Bahr
JOHNSON, Olive L. Spouse of Dell. Born 1858, died 1922
JOHNSON, William G. Born 1897, died 1929 - Bd. with C. Edward and Carrie Johnson
JONES, Charles W. Spouse of Isabelle. Born 1855, died 1941
JONES, Isabelle L. Spouse of Charles W. Born 1853, died 1936
KAPPLE, Betsey Ann Starr. Spouse of William. Born ??, died 2-23-1870. Age: 27y 6m 28d
KAUFMANN, Shirley J. (Rogers). Spouse of A. Walter. Born 5-18-1925, died 1-27-2014. Age: 88 - Dau of William and Beulah (Slay) Rogers, born in Blyesville OH. Three children
KENNELLY, James M. Born 1914, died 1941
KIGHTLINGER, Doris (Amy). Born 2-14-1941, died 8-25-2018. Age: 77 - Dau of Art Amy and Mable Howard. Born, lived, and died in Chautauqua Co NY. Five children, father not named.
KIMBALL, Agnes R. Palmer. Spouse of Rolland Freeman. Born 10-26-1842, died 9-14-1907
KIMBALL, Asahel. Born ??, died 8-27-1835. Age: 72y 6m - Father of Joseph
KIMBALL, Calista. Spouse of Joseph Elliot. Born ca1803, died 1-07-1860 - Dau of Freeman and Sylvia (Smith) Holbrook, b. Wardsboro VT
KIMBALL, Elliot. Born ??, died 4-03-1841. Age: 6y 7m 4d - Son of Joseph and Calista (Holbrook) Kimball
KIMBALL, Hurbert. Born ??, died 6-26-1849. Age: 2y 11m - Son of Joseph and Calista (Holbrook) Kimball
KIMBALL, Joseph Elliot. Spouse of Calista H. Born 8-20-1803, died 10-07-1877 - Son of Asahel Kimball. Wed 9-17-1828 Wardsboro VT, Dr.
KIMBALL, Rolland Freeman. Spouse of Agnes R. Born 10-03-1842, died ?? - Son of Joseph and Calista (Holbrook) Kimball
KIMBALL, Sylvia. Born ??, died 2-26-1841. Age: 4y 6m 27d - Dau of Joseph and Calista (Holbrook) Kimball
KIMBALL, Webster. Born ??, died 3-01-1841. Age: 2y 5m 1d - Son of Joseph and Calista (Holbrook) Kimball
KING, Lily Horwood. Spouse of Carroll W. Sr. Born 5-4-1912, died 9-21-2007. Age: 95 - Dau of Arthur and Ethel Annie Roberts Horwood-born in Burtley Durham County England-moved to the US in 1922-married 5-17-1986
KNOTT, George W. Born 1832, died 1896 - Civil War Vet, Co K 112th Inf NYS Vols, Cpl. Returned to ranks 6-20-1864. Mustered out with detachment 5-26-1865 at hospital Fortress Monroe VA.
KNOTT, Lottie. Spouse of. Born ??, died ?? - Bd. with George W. and Ray W. Knott, Assume no dates?
KNOTT, Ray W. Born 1895, died 1933 - [Father]
LANE, Emma. Born ??, died 7-01-1853. Age: 6m - Dau of Charles and Marcia Lane
LANE, Eugene. Born ??, died 10-11-1851. Age: 1m - Son of Charles and Marcia Lane
LANE, Marcia. Spouse of Charles. Born ??, died 6-28-1854. Age: 23y 2m 12d
LANGWORTHY, Benjamin Ira. Born 1873, died 1927
LANGWORTHY, Blanch. Spouse of Frank. Born ??, died 11-05-1902. Age: 17y 2m 18d - Bd. with Richard Langworthy
LANGWORTHY, Ellen Torry. Spouse of Richard F./R. Born 1846, died 1929
LANGWORTHY, Richard. Born 10-02-1869, died 9-16-1951 - Bd. with Blanch Langworthy
LANGWORTHY, Richard F. or R. Spouse of Ellen T. Born 1848, died 1919
LASALLE, H. Bernard. Born 1924, died 1941 - Bd. with Harry B.
LASALLE, Harry B. Born 1892, died 1949 - Bd. with H. Bernard
LAWRENCE, Cora Rolph. Spouse of. Born 1864, died ?? - Bd. with Edward E. Rolph
LAWSON, Baby -- See LAWSON, Bernice. Born ??, died ??. Age: Infant - Child of Bernice (Stearns Lawson, Bd. with mother
LAWSON, Bernice. Spouse of. Born 1910, died 1929 - Dau of Stearns listed both as Bernice Lawson Stearns or Bernice Stearns Lawson, Bd. with infant
LITTLE, Libbie M. Born 1866, died 1905
LIVERMORE, Shirley A. (States). Spouse of Sherwood A. Born 4-10-1943, died 12-26-2013. Age: 70 - Dau of Randall and Alice (Wiltsie) States. Wed 11-21-1970, 4 children. Foster mother to 35 children.
LOWN, Edna L. Furlow. Spouse of Will C. Born 1864, died 1926
LOWN, Will C. Spouse of Edna L. Born 1862, died 1942
LOWN, William R. Born 1924, died 1938 - Bd. with Will and Edna Lown
MANROSS, Henry W. Spouse of Nancy E. Born 1855, died 1925
MANROSS, Nancy E. Spouse of Henry W. Born 1854, died 1921 - Dau of John Saulsgiver
MARSH, E. Born ??, died ?? - No dates
MARSH, Forest. Spouse of Violet. Born 1887, died 1941
MARSH, Violet C. Spouse of Forest. Born 1894, died ??
MARTIN, Della M. Newton. Spouse of Rufus B. Born 1853, died 1913
MARTIN, Dora B. Spouse of Edward S. Born 1879, died ??
MARTIN, Edward S. Spouse of Dora. Born 1875, died 1918
MARTIN, Glen E. Born 1911, died ?? - Son of Edward S. and Dora Martin
MARTIN, Harold. Born 1899, died 1918 - Son of Edward S. and Dora Martin
MARTIN, Jennie M. Spouse of. Born 1877, died 1900 - Dau of Boynton, Bd. with Rufus and Della Martin
MARTIN, Rufus B. Spouse of Della M. Born 1857, died 1903
MATTHEWS, A. Jackson. Spouse of B. Born 1828, died 1906 - Civil War Vet
MATTHEWS, Audrey. Born 1871, died ?? - Dau of A. Jackson and B. Matthews
MATTHEWS, B. Spouse of A. Jackson. Born 1841, died ??
MATTHEWS, Charles. Born 1867, died 1936 - Bd. with A. Jackson and B. Matthews
MAYNE, Linda L. Mayne. Born 12-28-1945, died 7-21-1948
McCULLOUGH, Almeda B. Born 1841, died 1932
MCINTYRE, Mitchell J. Spouse of Sharon Hultman. Born 12-14-1943, died 3-13-2000. Age: 56 - Son of tJames Westley and Evelyn (Perkins) McIntyre
MEAHAN, Allen Barmore. Born 1889, died 1937 - Son of Rodger D. and May (Barmore) Meahan WW I Vet
MEAHEN, May (Barmore). Spouse of Rodger D. Born 5-8-1869, died 1-18-1954 - Dau of Amos, Sr. and Mary (Ely) Barmore, born in Gerry NY, died in Mayville NY. One son.
MEAHEN, Rodger D. Spouse of May Barmore. Born 1862, died 1938 - One son, Allen Barmore Mehan. [Husband]
MEHS, James A. Spouse of Cherin A. Woodin. Born 8-17-1946, died 5-4-2017. Age: 70 - Son of Thomas and Vera (Alton) Mehs. Born in Buffalo NY, lived in Gerry NY, died in Jamestown NY. Worked at Cummins Engine for 18 years. Wed 9-30-1967, one son. (Spouse survives)
MELLEN, Benton. Born ??, died 6-29-1856. Age: 20y 8m 19d - Son of William and Polly Mellen
MELLEN, Harrison. Born ??, died ?8-03-1856? - Son of William and Polly Mellen, Accidentally shot while hunting 8-3-1856 -- not expected to live
MELLEN, Milton. Born ??, died 9-15-1855. Age: 25y 2m 0d - Son of William and Polly Mellen
MELLEN, Polly. Spouse of William. Born ??, died 8-15-1865. Age: 61y 4m 27d
MELLEN, Serepta. Spouse of Morris. Born ??, died 9-18-1854. Age: 23y 1m 7d - Dau of George and Marinda Walkup
MELLEN, William. Spouse of Polly. Born ??, died ?? - No dates
MESSENGER, Hiram Edgar. Spouse of Martha Jane Tefft. Born 1849, died 1926
MESSENGER, Martha Jane. Spouse of Hiram Edgar. Born 1848, died 1928 - Dau of Luke [b. 9-18-1809 Lebanon-Madison-NY, d. Stockton NY] and Betsey (Bloomer) Tefft
MILIRON, Charles A. Spouse of Minta. Born 1866, died 1941
MILIRON, Minta M. Spouse of Charles A. Born 1872, died 1941
MILLER, Clayton. Born ??, died 12-31-1889. Age: 24y 9m 25d - Son of Levi and Nora Miller
MITCHELL, Lida. Spouse of Ernest. Born 11-15-1925, died 1-11-2000. Age: 74 - Dau of John D. and Florence Williams Barger
MOHNEY, Jason K. Born 6-23-1979, died 5-17-1997. Age: 17 - Son of Willis K. Mahoney and Jeanine L. Solinger Sweet. Drowned
MORRISON, M. Jennie. Born 1832, died 1909
MORTON, Bertha. Born 1867, died 1875 - Morton children all buried together
MORTON, Burnail. Born 1879, died 1883 - Bd. with Marshal Morton
MORTON, Claudius. Born 1869, died 1876 - Morton children all buried together
MORTON, Delbertus. Born 1862, died 1878 - Bd. with Marshal Morton'
MORTON, Evert. Born 1860, died 1864 - Morton children all buried together
MORTON, Frankie. Born ??, died 8-18-1871. Age: 27y 6m 10d - Bd. with Marshal Morton
MORTON, Homer. Spouse of Lucina. Born 8-27-1834, died 5-18-1904
MORTON, Infant Son. Born ??, died 1888. Age: Infant - [Infant Son] Bd. with Marshall Morton
MORTON, Lucina E. Spouse of Homer. Born 1-30-1826, died 10-30-1893
MORTON, Lucinda. Born 1843, died 1924 - Bd. with Marshal Morton
MORTON, Madison C. Born 1873, died 1875 - Morton children all buried together
MORTON, Marshall J. Born 1827, died 1902
MORTON, Minnie. Born ??, died 1872. Age: Infant - Morton children all buried together
MORTON, Polly Sherman. Spouse of William M. Born 5-06-1805, died 11-26-1890 - Bd. with Marshal Morton
MORTON, Ruthella. Born 1848, died 1864 - Morton children all buried together
MORTON, William M. Spouse of Polly S. Born 1-19-1801, died 5-24-1870 - Bd. with Marshal Morton
MOSHER, Orson S. Born 8-18-1834, died 7-20-1889. Age: 51y 11m 2d
MOURER, Bernice Reynolds. Spouse of Berton C. Born 8-23-1909, died 1-21-2000. Age: 90 - Dau of A. Lynn and Pearl McNeel Johnston
MURCH, Ethel P. Spouse of William C. Born 1864, died 1937
MURCH, William C. Spouse of Ethel. Born 1858, died 1930
NARY, Victor M. Born 7-01-1925, died 4-27-1943
NASH, Ruth. Spouse of. Born 1876, died ?? - Bd. with Marshall Morton et al
NELSON, Ernest Ray. Born 1927, died 1935
OBERST, Alan E. Spouse of Phoebus Smith. Born 3-10-1925, died 8-8-2008. Age: 83 - Son of William C. and Mary E. Walter Oberst, born in Trucksville, PA. Wed 6-14-1947 - WW II Vet, US Navy
OLMSTEAD, Addison G. Spouse of Julia S. Born 4-15-1839, died 12-05-1911
OLMSTEAD, Chauncey Burton. Spouse of Ella B. Born 1867, died 1927
OLMSTEAD, Ella. Spouse of Chauncey Burton. Born 1870, died ?? - Dau of Bitley, She remarried
OLMSTEAD, Ida May. Spouse of. Born 4-08-1874, died 6-03-1929 - Dau of Sales, Bd. with Addison and Julia Olmstead
OLMSTEAD, Julia Sheldon. Spouse of Addison G. Born 4-20-1840, died 10-26-1904
OVERTURF, Emma C. Spouse of Roy B. Born 5-25-1919, died 8-31-2008. Age: 89 - Dau of Frank and Anna Baker Shutters-born in Weedville, PA-married 5-20-1937
OVERTURF, Roy B. Spouse of Emma Shutters. Born 11-12-1913, died 2-11-2005. Age: 91 - Son of Stanton and Josephine Ponnis Overturf. Wed May 20 1937
PAINTER, Sidney D. Born 4-8-1942, died 2-22-2006. Age: 63 - Son of Sidney R. and Virginia F. (VanDerBeck) Painte, born in Brooklyn NY, died in Hurricane, WV
PAINTER, Sidney R. Spouse of Virginia F. Born ??, died ??
PAINTER, Virginia F. Spouse of Sidney R. Born 5-5-1920, died 2-11-2000. Age: 79 - Dau of James W. and Ivy F. Marshall VanDerBeck
PALMER, Adaline [Lina]. Spouse of Herbert S. Born 12-16-1847, died 3-27-1876 - Dau of Griffith
PALMER, Adele G. Born 1851, died 1937 - Bd. with Herbert and Adaline Palmer
PALMER, Arthur L. Spouse of Emma. Born 1841, died 1908 - Son of Sidney Palmer
PALMER, Emma A. Spouse of Arthur L. Born 1843, died ??
PALMER, Herbert S. Spouse of Adaline G. Born 1845, died 5-25-1920. Age: 75y 1m 24d
PALMER, Irvin. Born ??, died ?? - Son of John H. Palmer
PARKER, Cordelia. Born 1873, died 1934
PARKHURST, Frank H. Spouse of Minnie O. Born 1860, died 1940
PARKHURST, Minnie O. Spouse of Frank H. Born 1862, died 1939 - Dau of Olmstead
PARMETER, Abby. Spouse of James. Born 4-19-1815, died 2-14-1834
PARTRIDGE, Eva. Spouse of Oscar. Born 1845, died 1922 - Dau of Wilson
PARTRIDGE, Flora. Spouse of Howard W. Born 10-02-1869, died 9-16-1951. Age: 96 - Dau of Richard F. and Ellen (Torry) Langworthy
PARTRIDGE, Howard W. Spouse of Flora L. Born 1871, died 1938
PARTRIDGE, Oscar. Spouse of Eva W. Born 1842, died 1927
PELTON, Anna. Born 1877, died ??
PELTON, Claribel. Spouse of Gloster A. Born 9-12-1884, died 7-8-1971. Age: 86 - Dau of the Rev. William and Emma Jackson Henderson
PELTON, Clifford A. Born 1893, died 1897 - Bd. with Marcus and Anna Pelton
PELTON, Gloster A. Spouse of Claribel. Born 8-30-1887, died 2-8-1969. Age: 81 - Son of Myron W. and Phila Jane Merritt Pelton
PELTON, John C. Born 1901, died 1902 - Bd. with Marcus and Anna Pelton
PELTON, Marcus A. Born 1854, died 1943
PELTON, Theodore. Born 1891, died ?? - Bd. with Marcus and Anna Pelton
PERKINS, Elizabeth. Born 1861, died 1935 - Bd. with Gertrude Perkins
PERKINS, Gertrude Violet. Born 1899, died 1902 - Dau of Perkins, Bd. with Elizabeth Perkins
PETERS, Cynthia. Born ??, died ?? - No dates
PETERS, Emma M. Born 7-10-1860, died 8-23-1888 - Dau of G.W.L. and Mary Ann (Newton) Peters
PETERS, Hattie. Spouse of Will P. Born 1867, died 1917
PETERS, Lynn. Spouse of Valentina S. Born ??, died 2-27-1973 - Wed Aug 6 1932
PETERS, Mary Ann Newton. Spouse of G. W. L. Born 1-29-1830, died 9-18-1879
PETERS, Valentina S. Spouse of Lynn. Born 3-1-1897, died 4-26-1992. Age: 95 - Dau of George and Mary (Jascemski) Sadowski, born in Warsaw Poland
PETERS, Will. Spouse of Hattie. Born 1865, died 1944
PHELPS, Fanny C. Born ??, died 10-03-1834. Age: 7m 28d - Dau of Barney and Patience (Shepardson) Phelps
PHELPS, Lucy Ann. Born ??, died 1-17-1839. Age: 2y 7m 13d - Dau of Barney and Patience (Shepardson) Phelps
PHELPS, Patience. Spouse of Barney. Born ??, died ?? - Bd. with Pliny and Rachel Shepardson -- assumed bd. here with no dates?
PHILBRICK, Jeffrey A. Spouse of Rozella Wright. Born 10-15-1974, died 8-24-2007. Age: 32 - Son of Bert Solomon and Elizabeth [Betty] Philbrick. Married 10-24-1998
PICKUT, Marianne. Spouse of Werner. Born 7-19-1906, died 4-15-2008. Age: 101 - Dau of Hubert and Anna Schmitz Mannheims-born in Saarbruken Germany-immigrated in 1927-married in 1935 and became a US citizen 12-6-1941
POST, Cornelia. Born 10-21-1833, died 3-28-1871 - Dau of Reuben and Julia Post
POST, Julia. Spouse of Reuben. Born 6-05or25-1799, died 5-15-1862
POST, Reuben. Spouse of Julia. Born 10-10-1800, died 8-12-1883
POTTER, Joseph. Born 1839, died 7-30-1931. Age: 91y 11m 12d - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
PRATT, Alice Aldrich. Spouse of Merrick B. Born 1849, died 1905
PRATT, Beulah [or STRONG, Beulah Pratt?]. Spouse of. Born 4-04-1891, died 5-25-1891 - Dau of Strong?; Bd. with Strong's--Same dob as Benton W. Strong
PRATT, Burton R. Born 1867, died 1931 - Son of Levi S. and Mary S. (Dennison) Pratt
PRATT, Charlotte T. Spouse of Wallace R. Born 1842, died 1934
PRATT, Clayton D. Spouse of Lottie E. Born 1864, died 1943 - Son of Levi S. and Mary S. (Dennison) Pratt
PRATT, Cynthia. Spouse of Rufus. Born 1820, died 1895 - Possible Dau of Samuel and Dorinda (Cobb) Horton
PRATT, Hershel. Born 1846, died 1885 - Son of Rufus and Cynthia (Horton) Pratt
PRATT, Lena M. Ellsworth [or ELLSWORTH, Lena M.?]. Born 1892, died 1942 - Bd. with Wallace and Charlotte Pratt
PRATT, Levi S. Spouse of Mary S. Born 11-07-1837, died 2-04-1917 - Son of Stephen Barnabus and Sukey (Hines) Pratt
PRATT, Lottie E. Clark. Spouse of Clayton D. Born 1876, died 1935
PRATT, Mary S. Dennison. Spouse of Levi S. Born 6-07-1841, died 10-20-1903
PRATT, Merrick B. Spouse of Alice A. Born 1848, died 1937 - Son of Rufus and Cynthia (Horton) Pratt
PRATT, Orlin W. Born 1844, died 1910 - Son of William Welles Pratt, grandson of Zaddock Pratt - Civil War Vet
PRATT, Rufus. Spouse of Cynthia HORTON. Born 1816, died 1891 - Son of Zaddock and Eliza (Ballard) Pratt
PRATT, Stephen Barnabus. Spouse of Sukey HINES. Born 7-25-1807, died 10-09-1858 - Son of Zaddock Pratt
PRATT, Sukey. Spouse of Stephen Barnabus. Born 8-24-1810, died 6-19-1897 - Dau of John and Sophia (Newton) Hines
PRATT, Wallace R. Spouse of Charlotte. Born 1841, died 1922 - Son of Stephen Barnabus and Sukey (Hines) Pratt, Grandson of Zaddock Pratt
RANER, George. Born 6-23-1900, died 12-04-1948
RANNEY, Rosey. Born 1903, died 1935
READ, Florence. Born ??, died 5-01-1861. Age: 7y 7m 14d - Dau of Charles and Mary Read
REINING, Albert P. Rev. Spouse of Nellie M. Born ??, died 7-6-1995 - Wed Sept 4 1937
REINING, Nellie M. Spouse of Albert P. Rev. Born 7-12-1917, died 4-2-2002. Age: 84 - Dau of Alton J. and Jessalyn Browning Miner, b. Northfield Mass.
REISSNER, Kurt H. Spouse of Donna M. Abrahamson. Born 10-31-1934, died 2-21-2008. Age: 73 - Son of Otto K. and Maria F. Ossowski Reissner-born in New Kensington, PA. Wed 6-13-1970
REYNOLDS, Clinton J. Born 7-23-1882, died 1-17-1943
RICE, Julia. Spouse of Sylvester. Born ??, died 1-12-1878. Age: 45y 9m - Dau of Amos Barmore
RICE, Lorinda J. Spouse of Jarius. Born ??, died 2-17-1848. Age: 28y 8m 8d - Dau of Pliny and Rachel (Tisdale) Shepardson Sister to Susan
RICE, Susan. Spouse of Jarius. Born ??, died 2-28-1842. Age: 17y 3m - Dau of Pliny and Rachel (Tisdale) Shepardson Sister to Lorinda
RISLEY, Gail (Flick). Spouse of Ivan H. Born 1-8-1894, died 10-29-1974 - Born in Hancock Co OH. Six children.
RISLEY, Harvey A. Spouse of Madelaine V. (Vogolla) DiMaio. Born 12-5-1930, died 3-26-2012. Age: 81 - Son of Ivan and Gail (Flick) Risley. Born in Rawson OH, lived and died in Gerry NY. Worked 38 years at Marlin Rockwell/SKF. Wed 12-15-1979, three children. - Korean War Vet, US Army, Sgt. Okinawa
RISLEY, Ivan Harvey. Spouse of Gail Flick. Born 6-22-1896, died 5-27-1984. Age: 87 - Son of Charles and Louisa (Haight) Risley. Born in Waterboro NY, lived in Conewango Valley NY, died in Jamestown NY. A farmer. Six children.
RISLEY, Madelaine V. (Vogolla) DiMaio. Spouse of #1 Guido DiMaio, #2 Harvey Risley. Born 4-8-1924, died 3-20-2018. Age: 93 - Dau of Louis and Charlotte (Nordstrom) Vogolla. Born in Falconer NY, died in Jamestown NY. Worked at Martin Rockwell/TRW. Three sons with Guido. Three children with Harvey. Both husbands predeceased.
ROLPH, Edward E. Born 1859, died 1925 - Son of Rolph, Bd. with Cora (Rolph) Lawrence
ROTH, Nora T. Born 1881, died 1943
RYAN, Margaret L. (Harmon). Spouse of Bradley G. [Bud]. Born 6-21-1927, died 9-9-2016. Age: 89 - Dau of Preston and Laura (Thompsett) Harmon, born in Gowanda NY, lived in Gerry NY. Owned Peggy's Restaurant. Wed 11-22-1945, six children. (He d. 3-1-2009)
SALES, Ida May. Born 4-08-1874, died 6-03-1929
SALISBURY, Caroline. Born ??, died ?? - Stone eroded, Bd. with Garner and Huldah Salisbury
SALISBURY, Edith. Spouse of James Emerson GRIFFITH. Born 1863, died 1917 - Dau of Morton D. and Mary E. (Ostrander) Salisbury, Bd. with husband or parents? -- two listings
SALISBURY, Garner. Spouse of Huldah NEWTON. Born 6-27-1776, died 12-29-1850. Age: 74y 6m 4d - Son of Salisbury, b. Guilford VT
SALISBURY, Huldah. Spouse of Garner. Born ca1778, died 11-03-1867 - Dau of Samuel and Anna (Winchester) Newton, b. Brattleboro-Windham-VT
SALISBURY, Julia Ann. Spouse of Newton [#2?]. Born 1-30-1831, died 2-24-1880 - Dau of Wheat, Wed first Nelson Seeley
SALISBURY, Lucy. Spouse of Orson Newton. Born 8-09-1867, died 9-12-1937 - Dau of Smith
SALISBURY, Mary E. Spouse of Morton D. Born 5-26-1841, died 2-06-1917 - Dau of Ostrander
SALISBURY, Morton D. Spouse of Mary E. Born 8-01-1836, died 6-04-1904
SALISBURY, Newton. Spouse of Julia Ann W. Born 4-20-1808, died 5-04-1881 - Son of Garner Salisbury
SALISBURY, Orson Newton. Spouse of Lucy S. Born 11-26-1856, died 6-04-1904 - Son of Newton Salisbury
SALISBURY, Pearl. Spouse of Frank. Born 1891, died 1950 - Dau of Shaver, dau-in-law of Orson Salisbury
SAYERS, Gertrude. Spouse of Henry. Born ??, died ?? - Assume no dates?
SAYERS, Henry. Spouse of Gertrude. Born 1858, died 1930
SCOTT, Eunice. Spouse of Pandora. Born ??, died 10-27-1852. Age: 66y 2m 22d - Dau of Whitmore
SCOTT, Pandora [male]. Spouse of Eunice W. Born 4-14-1799, died 10-03-1865 - Son of Oliver and Dorcas (Prior) Scott, b. Middletown-Rutland-VT. Wed 2-23-1826 Volney NY
SCOTT, Tillie. Born ??, died 10-04-1865. Age: 5y 11m 5d - Dau of Warren and Lydia Scott
SCOTT, Warren. Spouse of Lydia. Born 5-13-1834, died 10-14-1863 - Son of Pandora and Eunice (Whitmore) Scott, Vet-CW Civil War DOD Co D 9th Engrs NYS Vols, Pvt. Died of disease 10-14-1863 at Gerry NY.
SCOTT, Weston. Born ??, died 10-25-1852. Age: 2y 5m 23d - Son of Pandora and Eunice (Whitmore) Scott
SCOTT, Winfield. Born ??, died 10-27-1852. Age: 12y 9m 16d - Son of Pandora and Eunice (Whitmore) Scott
SCOVILLE, Anna B. Spouse of Lloyd?. Born 1851, died 1912
SCOVILLE, Lloyd. Spouse of Anna?. Born 1853, died 1929
SEALY, Ellen E. Spouse of Hiram N. Born 1837, died ??
SEALY, Eva. Born ??, died 9-24-1862. Age: 2y 2m 7d - Dau of William and Jane Sealy
SEALY, Griffin. Born ??, died 7-01-1890. Age: 59y 8m 10d
SEALY, Hiram N. Spouse of Ellen. Born 1833, died 1907. Age: 74y 2m 17d
SEALY, Janette Case. Spouse of Jeremiah. Born 1832, died 1904
SEALY, John. Born ??, died 11-09-1852. Age: 3y 9m - Son of P. and E. Sealy
SEALY, Lorinda Cobb. Spouse of Jeremiah. Born ??, died 4-04-1856. Age: 23 - Dau of Isaac and Lydia (Hill) Cobb, Bd. Clark lot?
SEALY, Louisa. Born ??, died 4-04-1839. Age: 2m - Dau of P. and E. Sealy
SEALY, Nelson. Born ??, died 10-25-1865. Age: 5y 10m 28d - Son of A. and P. Sealy
SEARS, Cecellia L. Born ??, died 6-12-1860. Age: 5 - Adopted dau of Hiram and Mary (?) Sears
SEARS, DeEtte. Born 1-08-1858, died 4-13-1878 - Adopted dau of Hiram and Mary (?) Sears
SEARS, George. Born 8-30-1877, died 8-20-1893 - Bd. with Hiram Sears
SEARS, George H. Born 3-28-1849, died 9-05-1867 - Son of Hiram and L… (Shepardson) Sears
SEARS, Hiram. Spouse of #1 Laurilla Shepardson, #2 Lucretia Shepardson, #3 Mary A. ?. Born 1811, died 1904. Age: 93?
SEARS, Laurilla (Shepardson). Spouse of Hiram. Born 1-8-1818, died 7-11-1850. Age: 33y 8m - Dau of Pliney and Rachel (Tisdale) Shepardson, Sister to Lucretia, Bd. with sister or with parents
SEARS, Mary A. Spouse of Hiram. Born 1806, died 1893 - Wife #3
SEARS, Ophelia S. Born 1845, died 1924 - Bd. with Hiram Sears
SHARRA, Ella M. Born 4-24-1929, died 3-12-2018. Age: 88 - Dau of William G. and Nellie (Henderson) Sharra. Born in Pittsburgh PA, died in Gerry NY. An officer in the Salvation Army for 25 years. Unmarried.
SHAUGER, Maggie. Born 1851, died 1891
SHAW, A. E. S. Born 1839, died 1842 - Bd. with Henry and Aner…? Shaw
SHAW, Aner..?. Spouse of Henry. Born 1810, died 1852 - First name apparently illegible
SHAW, B. B. S. Born 1836, died ?? - Bd. with Henry and Aner…? Shaw
SHAW, H. A. S. Born 1842, died 1862 - Bd. with Henry and Aner…? Shaw
SHAW, H. T. S. Born 1842, died ?? - Bd. with Henry and Aner…? Shaw
SHAW, Henry. Spouse of Aner…?. Born 1797, died 1885
SHAW, I. D. S. Born 1833, died ?? - Bd. with Henry and Aner…? Shaw
SHAW, L. B. S. Born 1850, died ?? - Bd. with Henry and Aner…? Shaw
SHAW, R. R. S. Born 1826, died 1852 - Bd. with Henry and Aner…? Shaw
SHAW, S. B. S. Born 1828, died ?? - Bd. with Henry and Aner…? Shaw
SHAW, W. F. S. Born 1831, died 1920 - Bd. with Henry and Aner…? Shaw
SHELMANDINE, Amelia. Spouse of Ansel F. Born 1855, died 1935
SHELMANDINE, Ansel F. Spouse of Amelia. Born 1852, died 1930
SHELMANDINE, William O. Born 1881, died 1947 - Bd. with Ansel and Amelia Shelmandine
SHEPARDSON, Elsie. Spouse of Major. Born ??, died 1928 - Dau of Ephrain and Lovilla (Starr) Waite
SHEPARDSON, H. Born ??, died 3-09-1856. Age: 57y 6m 0d - Bd. with Pliny and Rachel Shepardson
SHEPARDSON, Jared. Spouse of Ruth S. Born 7-18-1762, died ?? - Son of Zephaniah Shepardson, b. Attleboro-Bristol-MA, Is he buried here?
SHEPARDSON, John. Born ??, died 10-02-1840. Age: 26y 6m 21d - Bd. with Ruth (Starr) Shepardson
SHEPARDSON, Laura A. Born 7-04-1882, died 5-26-1940 - Bd. with Major and Elsie Shepardson
SHEPARDSON, Major. Spouse of Elsie W. Born 2-02-1856, died 1950 - Son of Walter and Camilla (Partridge) Shepardson
SHEPARDSON, Mandron. Born 1839, died 2-21-1841. Age: 2y 8m 22d - Child of Shepardson, Bd. with Pliny and Rachel Shepardson
SHEPARDSON, Mary L. Born 1-04-1921, died 11-06-1936 - Bd. with Major and Elsie Shepardson
SHEPARDSON, Pliny or Plinny. Spouse of Rachel T. Born 7-15-1796, died 7-22-1871 - Son of Samuel and Anna (Barney) Shepardson, born in Guilford VT
SHEPARDSON, Rachel Tisdale. Spouse of Pliny/Plinny. Born ??, died 9-01-1864 (death poss 9-21-1854)
SHEPARDSON, Reuben. Spouse of Roxy. Born 3-27-1791, died 2-18-1877. Age: 80y 10m 21d
SHEPARDSON, Roxy Phelps. Spouse of Reuben. Born 1-31-1795, died 4-29-1875. Age: 80y 2m 9d - Wed Oct 15 1815
SHEPARDSON, Ruth Starr. Spouse of Jared. Born ??, died 8-08-1850. Age: 79y 11m 10d
SHOCKEY, Barbara A. (Birrel). Spouse of Mark H. Jr. Born 12-20-1928, died 7-3-2015. Age: 86 - Dau of Gordon B. and Marian F. (Bowers) Birrel, born in Washington DC, died in Jamestown NY. Five children
SHUTTERS, Carolyn E. Spouse of Lawrence D. Born 4-27-1941, died 5-10-2000. Age: 59 - Dau of Walter and Phyllis Smith Overturf wed April 19 1958
SIMPSON, Rev. Thomas B. Spouse of Helen Morton. Born 3-3-1910, died 3-6-2008. Age: 98 - Son of Thomas and Hattie (Trusler) Simpson
SINCLAIR, Amanda G. Spouse of Major. Born ??, died 6-09-1889. Age: 59y 9m 11d
SINCLAIR, Eunice. Born ??, died 6-09-1859. Age: 4m - Dau of Major and Amanda Sinclair
SINCLAIR, Major. Spouse of Amanda. Born ??, died 8-05-1904. Age: 72y 10m 0d
SINCLAIR, Martha. Spouse of Samuel Jr. Born ??, died 2-27-1879. Age: 78y 8m 9d - Dau of Bucklin, Widow of Samuel Sinclair Jr. and wife of John Weaver, Bd. as Sinclair?
SINCLAIR, Samuel Jr. Spouse of Martha BUCKLIN. Born ??, died 10-02-1848. Age: 47y 1m 17d - Son of Samuel Sinclair Sr.
SISCHO, Aurilla Cowden. Spouse of Castle Jr. Born 1846, died 1904
SISCHO, Castle Jr. Spouse of Aurilla C. Born 1837, died ?? - Son of Castle Sischo Sr.
SLOCUM, Thomas Jennings. Spouse of #1 Ila Rennells, #2 June Young Hessler. Born ??, died 5-11-2000. Age: 88 - Son of Jesse Thomas and Hazel Jenning Slocum. (Ila d. 2-12-1987)
SMILEY, Edith W. Born ??, died 2-18-1939. Age: 73y 11m 23d
SMITH, Carrie R. Spouse of Dennis. Born ??, died 3-04-1863. Age: 32y 8m - Dau of William R. and Rebecca (Fisher) Wilson; Bd. with parents
SMITH, Francina Oliver. Spouse of Mark H. Born 3-21-1921, died 8-2-2008. Age: 88 - Dau of George H. Oliver and Cora R. Ursoy m. June 8 1945
SMITH, Lovina. Spouse of Charles. Born ??, died 1-17-1821. Age: 31
SMITH, Mark H. Spouse of Francina Oliver. Born 1-14-1920, died 8-16-2007. Age: 87 - Son of Melvin H. and Ethel Mae Cole Robinson Smith-Born in Glendola NJ-raised by John and Bertha Williams - WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, 89th Bomb Squad
SMITH, Salina A. Spouse of Philander. Born ??, died 8-05-1876. Age: 44
SPRAGUE, Mary J. Born ??, died 10-02-1842. Age: 1m 6d - Dau of J. B. and A. Sprague
STAINES, Donald Elmer. Born ??, died 6-16-1938. Age: Infant - [Infant]
STANFORD, Ruth E. Spouse of Gerald R. Born 8-25-1922, died 10-19-2007. Age: 85 - Dau of David and Bertha Cox Johnson-married 9-20-1941
STARR, Elizabeth [Betsy]. Spouse of Paul. Born ??, died 1-19-1888. Age: 83y 9m 26d - Dau of Bucklen
STARR, Eunice. Born ??, died 11-27-1863. Age: 9y 4m 23d - Dau of Henry and Mary T. (Fargo) Starr
STARR, Henry. Spouse of Mary T. Born 2-13-1829, died ?? - Son of Paul Starr
STARR, Mary T. Spouse of Henry. Born 1835, died 1913 - Dau of Dr. Samuel Fargo
STARR, Paul. Spouse of Elizabeth B. Born 4-01-1797, died 12-21-1873. Age: 76y 8m 23d - Son of Timothy and Anna Kinnicott (Chase) Starr, born in Guilford VT
STARR, Paul R. Born ??, died 9-20-1842. Age: 1m 26d - Bd. with Betsey Ann (Starr) Kapple
STEARNS, baby -- See STEARNS, Bernice. Born ??, died ??. Age: Baby - Child of Bernice (Lawson) Stearns, Bd. with mother
STEARNS, Belle M. Spouse of Oscar F. Born 1860, died ??
STEARNS, Bernice. Spouse of Claude V. Born 1910, died 1929 - Dau of Lawson, Seems to be listed both as Bernice Lawson Stearns or Bernice Stearns Lawson, Bd. with her baby
STEARNS, Claude V. Spouse of Bernice L. Born 1883, died 1937 - Son of Oscar Stearns
STEARNS, Frank H. Born 1909, died 1922 - Bd. with Oscar and Belle Stearns
STEARNS, Oscar F. Spouse of Belle. Born 1853, died 1936
STEDMAN, Bertha M. Spouse of Clinton S. Born 1877, died ?? - Dau of Spencer and Sarah E. (Becker) Austin; Bd. with parents
STEDMAN, Clinton S. Spouse of Bertha M. Born 1883, died 1947 - Bd. with inlaws
STEDMAN, Daughter. Born 1911, died 1916 - Dau of Clinton S. and Bertha M. (Austin) Stedman
STEDMAN, Julia. Born 1911, died 1916 - Dau of Clinton and Bertha Stedman
STEPPE, Charlene D. (Nary). Spouse of LeRoy G. Sr. Born 1-23-1945, died 5-23-2019. Age: 74 - Dau of Victor M., Sr. and Beatrice Koser Nary. Born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Falconer NY. Wed 1-26-1963, four children.
STEPPE, LeRoy G. Sr. [Tony]. Spouse of Charlene D. (Nary). Born 7-1-1944, died 12-9-2013. Age: 69 - Son of Gilbert and Wilma Steppe. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Gerry NY and Jamestown. Worked 35 years for city of Jamestown. Wed 1-26-1963, four children. - Cold War Vet, US Army 1961-1969
STERNS, Allen G. Born ??, died 1875. Age: Infant - Son of Edwin P. and S. Eliza Sterns
STERNS, Edwin P. Spouse of S. Eliza. Born 1849, died 1927
STERNS, Phineas. Born ??, died 5-10-1870. Age: 4y 1m 20d - Son of Edwin P. and S. Eliza Sterns
STERNS, S. Eliza. Spouse of Edwin P. Born 1847, died 1924
STEUCKE, Mary B. Spouse of Theodore C. Born 5-4-1910, died 2-16-2000. Age: 89 - Dau of Calvin and Emily Peverill Butts
STEVENS Alice -- See BREWER, Alice Stevens. Born ??, died ??
STEVENS, Leigh L. Born 1894, died 1894
STRATTON, Marguerite O. Spouse of Clifton C. Born 10-7-1931, died 8-22-2008. Age: 76 - Dau of Carey Leon and Harriet Ransom Osborne-married 5-26-1951
STRONG, Agnes Electa. Born 1872, died 1924
STRONG, Alice A. Born ??, died 6-15-1866. Age: 11y 6m 0d - Dau of John and Emily A. (Wilson) Strong
STRONG, Benton Wilson. Born 4-04-1891, died 16-21-1892
STRONG, Beulah -- See PRATT, Beulah. Born ??, died ??
STRONG, Catharine S. Born ??, died 1-30-1887. Age: 80 - Bd. with Orrin and Lucinda Strong
STRONG, Dan. Born ??, died ?? - Bd. with Orrin and Lucinda Strong, No dates
STRONG, Edith H. Born ??, died 8-03-1864. Age: 4 - Dau of John and Emily A. (Wilson) Strong
STRONG, Eliza Palmer. Spouse of Gilbert Jr. Born ??, died 5-29-1860. Age: 63
STRONG, Emily A. Wilson. Spouse of John. Born 1835, died 1925
STRONG, Frances G. Post. Spouse of #1 Orren E., #2 Palmer Cotton. Born 12-21-1838, died 8-10-1906
STRONG, Gilbert Jr. Spouse of Eliza P. Born ??, died 6-10-1878. Age: 83y 0m 16d - Son of Gilbert Sr. and Rachel Strong who are bd. Hemenger Cem in Gerry
STRONG, Horace. Spouse of Polly CARTER. Born ??, died 2-09-1876. Age: 86y
STRONG, John. Spouse of Emily A. Born ??, died ??
STRONG, Lizzie L. Born ??, died 9-20-1878. Age: 9y 3m 18d - Dau of Orren and Frances G. (Post) Strong
STRONG, Lucinda. Spouse of Orrin. Born 6-23-1806, died 9-14-1859
STRONG, Mary Selina. Spouse of B. E. Born 6-03-1854, died 11-10-1901
STRONG, Orren E. Spouse of Frances G. Born 6-30-1834, died 5-04-1887
STRONG, Orrin. Spouse of Lucinda. Born 7-07-1803, died 2-28-1887
STRONG, Polly. Spouse of Horace. Born ??, died ??
STRONG, Robert Martin. Born 1907, died 1912
SWANSON, Cynthia A. (Nasuti). Spouse of John R. Born 9-26-1950, died 3-18-2021. Age: 70 - "Dau of Joseph and Florence (Gindy) Nasuti. Born in DuBois PA, lived and died in Jamestown NY. Wed 3-5-1971, two children.
SWEET, Delos. Spouse of Rebecca B. Born 1829, died 1914
SWEET, Rebecca Bucklen. Spouse of Delos SWEET. Born 1838, died 1897
THRASHER, Alan R. Born 1-13-1959, died 11-20-2018. Age: 59 - Son of Dean and Gladys (Wilmark) Thrasher. Born and died in Jamestown NY, lived in Gerry NY Owner/Operator of Thrasher's Welding. One son surnamed Near, three daughters, mother Virginia Miller.
TOLE, Emma Gates [aka Emma E.?]. Spouse of. Born 4-07-1850, died 4-02-1890 - Dau of Henry D. and Emeline P. (Fuller) Gates, Bd. with parents
TOMKINS, Lena S. Spouse of John A. Born 1862, died 1924
TOMKINS, Blanche Harris. Spouse of George N. Born 1873, died ??
TOMKINS, Burr. Born 1870, died 1936
TOMKINS, George N. Spouse of Blance H. Born 1875, died 1946
TOMKINS, John A. Spouse of Lena. Born 1864, died 5-02-1923
TOMKINS, Kenneth. Born 1907, died 1912
TOMKINS, M. H. Born ??, died ?? - Bd. with George and Blanche Tomkins, No dates
TOMKINS, Martha Hale. Spouse of Nathaniel. Born 11-03-1836, died 7-05-1905
TOMKINS, Mary. Born 1905, died 1917 - Dau of John A. and Lena Tomkins
TOMKINS, Nathaniel. Spouse of Martha H. Born 1833, died 3-20-1916
TOMKINS, Plinney K. Born ??, died 6-13-1868. Age: 2y 11d
TOMPSETT, George. Spouse of Sara Jane. Born 1839, died 1924
TOMPSETT, Sarah Jane. Spouse of George. Born 1847, died 1890
TRACY, G. R. Born ??, died 4-12-1902
TRUSLER, Antoinette. Spouse of Joseph. Born 2-01-1849, died 10-29-1934
TRUSLER, Charles. Spouse of Mary. Born 1858, died 1921
TRUSLER, Joseph. Spouse of Antoinette. Born 1-19-1848, died 4-25-1899
TRUSLER, Mary H. Spouse of Charles. Born 1860, died ??
TRUSLER, Son. Born 1880, died 1892 - Son of Charles and Mary Trusler, No given name
TURK, A. J. Spouse of Miranda S. Born 1810, died 1884
TURK, Dan S. Born 9-19-1882, died 6-26-1896 - Bd. with Orrin and Lucinda Strong or with Turks?--two listings (one with diff. year born)
TURK, Dan S. Born 9-19-1892, died 6-26-1896 - Son of Wm.? and Laura?. Bd. with Turks or with Orrin and Lucinda Strong?--two listings (one with diff. year born)
TURK, Francis E. Born 3-17-1898, died 7-20-1898 - Son of Ralph O. and Myra T. Turk
TURK, Miranda Strong. Spouse of A. J. Born 1822, died 1915
TURK, Ray. Born ??, died ?? - [Baby Ray] no data
VAN DER WARKER, Edwin S. Spouse of Ella S. Born 7-24-1850, died 11-5-1934
VAN DER WARKER, Ella Sealy. Spouse of Edwin S. Born ??, died ??
VAN DER WARKER, M. Pearl. Born 1886, died 1887 - Dau of Edwin Van der Warker
VAN RENSSELAER, Clair. Born 1920, died 1924 - Son of Nelson Van Rensselaer
VAN RENSSELAER, Nelson. Born ??, died ?? - no dates
VAN VALIN, Howard W. Rev. Spouse of Pearl H. Born ??, died 1-31-1997 - Wed Aug 18 1927
VAN VALIN, Pearl H. Spouse of Howard W. Born 5-4-1905, died 6-6-2001. Age: 96 - Dau of Harry and Fanny Wells, b. Whitesburg, DE. At 6 she became foster dau of William and Alice Hodge
VAN VLECK, Aaron. Spouse of Lucinda W. Born 7-25-1811, died 10-22-1903
VAN VLECK, Josephine S. Born 1857, died 1945 - Dau of Aaron and Lucinda (Whipple) Van Vleck
VAN VLECK, Lucinda Whipple. Spouse of Aaron. Born 6-02-1819, died 2-18-1911
VEDDER, William. Born 1840, died 1923 - Civil War Vet
VEDDER?, Unknown. Born 1843, died 1918 - Name illegible--assume another Vedder
VENN, Kate A. Spouse of William?. Born 1874, died ??
VENN, William C. Spouse of Kate?. Born 1870, died ??
WAIT, Arthur. Spouse of Olive. Born 3-03-1854, died 2-20-1901 - Bd. with Epraim and Lavilla Wait
WAIT, Ephraim D. Spouse of Lavilla S. Born 2-01-1829, died ?? - Son of Lewis and Avis (Burdick) Wait
WAIT, Lavilla. Spouse of Ephraim D. Born 8-24-1832, died 1-11-1898 - Dau of Paul and Elizabeth (Bucklen) Starr
WAIT, Olive. Spouse of #1 Arthur Wait, #2, Mr. Hooper. Born 1855, died 1923
WAITE, G. Warren. Born 1927, died ?? - Bd. with Glenn and Ina Waite
WAITE, Glenn P. Spouse of Ina S. Born 1872, died 1952
WAITE, Ina Salisbury. Spouse of Glenn P. Born 1875, died 1948
WALKER, Amelia. Born ??, died 5-08-1857. Age: 15y 14d - Dau of Jesse and Sally Walker
WALKER, John W. Born ??, died ?? - Son of Jesse and Sally (?) Walker, No dates
WALKUP, Hannah A. Spouse of Thomas. Born ??, died 5-28-1838. Age: 35y 5m
WEAVER, Martha -- See SINCLAIR, Martha. Born ??, died ??
WESTERDAHL, Martin A. Spouse of Mary?. Born 1867, died 1929
WESTERDAHL, Mary J. Spouse of Martin?. Born 1880, died ??
WHEELER, Adaline. Spouse of Amos. Born 1-04-1849, died 1921 - Dau of Isaiah and Mary (Sinclair) Cobb [May be Nancy?]
WHEELER, Amos. Spouse of Adaline C. Born 1-05-1838, died ??
WILBUR, Abbie Damon. Spouse of Charles A. Born 2-22-1853, died 5-01-1876
WILBUR, Charles A. Spouse of Abbie D. Born 12-06-1850, died 7-10-1899 - Son of Simeon Wilbur
WILBUR, Daisy. Born 9-11-1884, died 8-16-1895 - Bd. with Charles and Abbie Wilbur
WILLIAMS, Nellie M. Spouse of Orange W. Born 4-03-1853, died 1913 - Dau of Walter and Camilla (Partridge) Shepardson
WILLIAMS, Orange W. Spouse of Nellie M. Born 1847, died 5-20-1918or1919
WILSON, Austin C. Born ??, died 5-22-1854. Age: 26y - Bd. with Jonathon and Betsy Wilson
WILSON, Betsy. Spouse of Jonathon. Born 4-12-1781, died 7-02-1849. Age: 69
WILSON, Cassius A. Born 3-17-1845, died 5-17-1845 - Son of William W. and Lurissa G. (Cutting) Wilson
WILSON, Clara E. Spouse of William J. Born 1873, died 1948
WILSON, Darwin W. Born 12-20-1842, died 7-07-1849 - Son of William W. and Lurissa G. (Cutting) Wilson
WILSON, Delia M. Spouse of Jarvis K. Born 1838, died 1929
WILSON, Grace. Born ??, died 1-24-1881. Age: 1y 6m 19d - Dau of Jarvis K. and Delia Wilson
WILSON, Hattie I. Born ??, died 9-22-1878. Age: 24y - Bd. with Jonathon and Betsy Wilson
WILSON, J. Newell. Spouse of Laura E. Born 5-03-1822, died 1888
WILSON, Jarvis K. Spouse of Delia. Born 1836, died 1918
WILSON, Jonathon. Spouse of Betsy. Born 4-12-1777, died 5-13-1868. Age: 91y 1m 1d - Son of Jonathon Wilson, Elder, b. Colrain-Franklin-MA, d. Gerry NY
WILSON, Laura E. Spouse of J. Newell. Born 12-02-1825, died 9-02-1894 - Dau of Gilbert and Eliza Strong
WILSON, Lurissa G. Spouse of William W. Born 12-17-1824, died 1910 - Dau of Calvin and Mary or Polly (Walworth) Wilson
WILSON, Mary Jane. Born ??, died 4-13-1839. Age: 0y 9m 9d - Dau of William and Rebecca Wilson
WILSON, Mary L. Born 1853, died 1872 - Dau of William W. and Lurissa G. (Cutting) Wilson
WILSON, Morris D. Born 6-06-1900, died 8-29-1901
WILSON, Odin G. Spouse of Rosa?. Born 1841, died 1895
WILSON, Polly Almyra [Myra]. Spouse of Ralph O. Born 11-15-1874, died 7-04-1942 - Dau of Ebenezer Burch and Martha Jane (Eaton) Thornton, [Myra]
WILSON, Ralph O. Spouse of Polly Almyra T. Born 1875, died 1927
WILSON, Rebecca. Spouse of William. Born 6-03-1799, died 8-28-1877
WILSON, Rosa E. Spouse of Odin?. Born 1840, died 1928? - Dau of Emerson?
WILSON, William. Spouse of Rebecca. Born 2-23-1801, died 4-12-1877. Age: 76 - Son of Jonathon Wilson
WILSON, William J. Spouse of Clara. Born 1867, died 1920 - Bd. with J. Newell and Laura Wilson
WILSON, William W. Spouse of Lurissa G. CUTTING. Born 1820, died 1892 - Son of William Wilson, grandson of Jonathon Wilson
WOOD, Harriet A. Spouse of S. B. Born ??, died 2-03-1862. Age: 29y 6m - Dau of William and Rebecca Wilson, Bd. with parents
WOODS, Dora H. Spouse of None. Born 1890, died 1983 - Dau of J. Dell and Viola Woods. Teacher in Gerry school
WOODS, J. Dell. Spouse of Viola. Born 6-22-1854, died 2-19-1946
WOODS, Lola B. Spouse of Newell?. Born 1878, died 1944
WOODS, Newell G. Spouse of Lola?. Born 1876, died ??
WOODS, Viola. Spouse of J. Dell. Born 1853, died 1932
WRIGHT, Christine E. Born ??, died 3-11-1915. Age: 86 - Dr.
YOUNG, Addie E. Spouse of William D. Born 1861, died ??
YOUNG, Dorothy. Born 4-09-1894, died 6-06-1908 - Dau of William D. and Addie E. Young
YOUNG, William D. Spouse of Addie. Born 1851, died 1918

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