Route 430 to Meadows Road in Dewittville

Contributed By PHGS Member Mary Matthews

photos by Wendy Phillips

AKAM, Ann S., died 4/6/1880. Age: 62y 2m 24d - Dau of John & Anna Akam
AKAM, Anna. Spouse of John, died 12/9/1844. Age: 55y 10m 1d
AKAM, Dalton. Born 1810, died 7/12/1871. Age: 56
AKAM, Elizabeth S. Born 11-26-1925, died 4-8-1919
AKAM, James J. Born 1868, died 1893
AKAM, John Bainton. Born 1823, died 1897
AKAM, John D. Born 1845, died 2/7/1850. Age: 5y 16d - Son of Dalton & Mary Akam
AKAM, Johnson. Spouse of Melissa H, died 12/23/1816
AKAM, M. A., died 3/1/1878. Age: 48y 8m 4d - Son of John & Anna Akam
AKAM, Mary. Born 1825, died 1899
AKAM, Melissa (Haskin). Spouse of Johnson. Born 10/5/1823, died 4/12/1887
ALDEN, Edna S. Spouse of John G. Born 1879, died 1900
ALDEN, James E. Spouse of Kate P. Born 12/2/1848, died 2-13-1925 - Son of Nathan
ALDEN, James L. Spouse of Lillian P. Born 12/1/1848, died 2-13-1925. Age: 76y 2m 13d - Wed 11-1880
ALDEN, John G. Spouse of #1 Lucretia, #2 Edna S. Born 1857, died 1930
ALDEN, Kate P. Spouse of James E, died 5/1/1878. Age: 30y 6m 7d
ALDEN, Lillian (Pickett). Spouse of James L. Born 11/24/1858, died 3-14-1923 - Dau of Whitfield W. and Janette (Harris) Pickett. Wed 11-1880
ALDEN, Lucretia. Spouse of John G. Born 1847, died 1891
ALDEN, Retta. Born 1869, died 1933
ALDEN, W. H. Born 1861, died 1924
ALLEN, Helen, died 10/18/1854 - Dau of Scofield Allen
ANDERSON, Catherine (Hendry) [Lena]. Spouse of James G. Born 12-28-1928, died 3-21-2018. Age: 89 - Dau of Daniel and Agnes (Carlin) Hendry. Born in Glasgow Scottland, lived in Dewittville NY, died in Jamestown NY. Croftamie Kennels in Dewittville. Wed 8-3-1953 in Glasgow, one daughter. (Spouse predeceased)
ARNOLD, Amy M., died 4/7/1872. Age: 1y 11m 1d - Dau of Frank & Zilpha Chapman Arnold
ARNOLD, Betsey Tiffany. Spouse of T. H., died 2/21/1871. Age: 90y 17d
ARNOLD, Charles. Spouse of Kezia. Born 1781, died 2/27/1864. Age: 82y 5m 25d
ARNOLD, Charlie S., died 12/25/1868. Age: 5m 25d - Son of Geo. T. & Eva Arnold
ARNOLD, Clarence W., died 1/22/1883. Age: 12y 1m 3d - Son of Geo. T. & Eva Arnold
ARNOLD, Claude M. Born 1882, died 1955
ARNOLD, Dr. Horatio H., died 9/11/1850. Age: 39 - [lo where this silent marble weeps a friend, a father, and husband sleeps]
ARNOLD, Emma T. Spouse of Claude Wed. Born 1897, died 1924
ARNOLD, Evelyn. Spouse of George T. Born 1842, died 1914
ARNOLD, George T. Spouse of Evelyn. Born 1839, died 1913
ARNOLD, Gladys B. Born 5-4-1914, died 10-6-1995. Age: 81 - Dau of Arthur and Lillian Dean Giles
ARNOLD, Hannah, died 8/24/1816
ARNOLD, Kenneth "Red". Spouse of Gladys Giles. Born 2-24-1913, died 3-6-1981. Age: 68 - Son of Claude and Emma Arnold Wed Nov 2 1932
ARNOLD, Keratu, died 1924 - Son of Geo. T. & Eva Arnold
ARNOLD, Kezia. Spouse of Charles, died 9/8/1833. Age: 51y 4m 27d
ARNOLD, M. W. Born 7/7/1814, died ?/21/1839
ARNOLD, Marcuis Wellington, died 2-18-1906. Age: 9 - Son of Chas & Keziel Arnold
ARNOLD, Merton L. Born 1878, died 1943
ARNOLD, Myrtle D., died 1872
ARNOLD, Zilpha A. Born 1865, died 1-22-1942. Age: 78
ARONOLD, Frank M. Born 1840, died 1917 - Bro. of George Arnold
BACON, Abigail. Born 1827, died 1860
BACON, Alanson. Spouse of Aurelia. Born 1787, died 1862
BACON, Aurelia. Spouse of Alanson. Born 1793, died 1875
BACON, Caroline. Born 1831, died 1832
BACON, Clinton. Born 1833, died 1863
BACON, Emily J. Born 1822, died 1893
BACON, Moses A. Born 1812
BAGLEY, Emma. Born 1856, died 1912
BAGLEY, John L. Born 1859, died 1923
BARNHART, Cheney, died 3/12/1855. Age: 21y 10m 12d
BARNHART, Hamilton, died 2/17/1860. Age: 34y 10m 25d - Son of H & N Barnhart
BARNHART, Henry, died 5/5/1877. Age: 85y 9m 4d - Son of Peter & Molly (Bower) Barnhart - War of 1812 Vet
BARNHART, Hiram - Son of Peter
BARNHART, Hiram, died 1865. Age: 64y 7m 9d
BARNHART, Leet, died 5/10/1851. Age: 27
BARNHART, Mary Ann, died 7/20/1840 - Dau of H & N Barnhart
BARNHART, Mary Jane. Spouse of Hiram - Dau of Simon & Harriet Barnhart
BARNHART, Theresa. Spouse of A.J. - Dau of Nathan & Mary Barnhart
BELDEN, Almira Fuller. Born 1836, died 1922
BELDEN, David L. Born 12/3/1804, died 10/10/1884
BELDEN, George W. Born 1834, died 1916
BELDEN, Our Little Mary, died 10/25/1863. Age: 2y 11m 25d
BELDEN, Sarah, died 1/27/1874. Age: 80y 1m 23d
BEST, Barbara J. (Sundlov). Born 12-30-1935, died 5-27-2017. Age: 81 - Dau of Elov and Mabel (Johnson) Sundlov. Born in New York City, lived in Jamestown NY, died in Buffalo NY. Three children, surnamed Best.
BIEKERT, Arthur H. Mamie Overlander. Born 3-14-1905, died 11-22-1970 - Son of Frank J. and Salomea (Anton) Biekert.
BIEKERT, Helen (Howe) Ray A. Born 5-12-1932, died 4-11-2007. Age: 74 - Dau of John and Lepha (Cooper) Howe. Born, lived, and died in Dewitteville NY. Retired as postmaster of Chautauqua Post Office. Wed 4-4-1953 in Dewittville, five children
BIEKERT, Mamie (Overlander) Arthur. Born 8-9-1885, died 1-9-1974. Age: 88 - Dau of Berend and Martha (Schroder) Overlander. Born in MN, died n Mayville NY. Wed in Mayville 3-22-197 (prob. 1927)
BIEKERT, Ray A. Helen Howe 8-8-1932 7-21-2016 83 Son of Arthur and Mamie (Overlander) Biekert. Born in Mayville NY, lived and died in Dewittville NY. Wed 4-4-1953 in Dewittville, five children. (Spouse d. 4-11-2007)
BREWER, S. Luella. Spouse of William, died 10/9/1885. Age: Infant - Dau of J & C Caldwell [Our babe- gone but not forgotten]
BREWER, William, died 5/5/1895. Age: 29
BRIGGS, Clarissa A. (Record). Spouse of #1 Isaac Philips, #2 Ebenezer Briggs. Born 1808, died 1886 - Dau of James Record
BRIGGS, David S., died 1846
BRIGGS, Ebenezer. Spouse of Clarissa A., died 3/20/1871. Age: 75y 8m 9d
BRIGGS, Floeilla C. Born 1851, died 1923
BRIGGS, Reba Ella, died 2/29/1857. Age: 3y 3m - Dau of Chas & Louisa Briggs
BROWN, Joshua P. Born 9/28/1848, died 8-28-1914
BROWN, Ralph C. Born 8/1/1885, died 6/4/1886 - Son of JP & Lizzie Brown
BROWNELL, Barnabus Clapp. Born 12/29/1815, died 2/9/1893 - Son of Joseph & Elizabeth VanWert Brownell
BROWNELL, Children of S&J - No Names Listed
BROWNELL, Eliza McCoul. Born 1864, died 1950 - Dau of Reuben
BROWNELL, George Grant. Born 1865, died 1926
BROWNELL, Julia Mason. Born 1835, died 1918
BROWNELL, Mary Jane, died 3/2/1868. Age: 25y 5m 7d
BROWNELL, Pattie S. Born 1818, died 1905
BROWNELL, Simon. Born 2/10/1833, died 1913 - Son of David & Thankful Brownell
BRYANT, George W. Spouse of Harriett Hugo. Born 9-7-1909, died 6-14-2000. Age: 90 - Son of James A & Florence Earnest Bryant
BUTTLES, Emma L. Born 1854, died 1915
BUTTLES, Mildred. Born 1843, died 1916
CALDWELL, Annette M., died 11/15/1872 - Dau of James & Clarissa Caldwell
CALDWELL, James, died 10/22/1807 - [Our Father]
CALDWELL, James W., died 10/22/1895. Age: 75y 1m 26d
CALDWELL, Julia A., died 11/15/1872. Age: 20y 5m 10d - Dau of James & Clarissa Caldwell
CALDWELL, Rosalie, died 2/20/1869. Age: 19y 10m 6d - Dau of James & Clarissa Caldwell
CARY, Lazarus Dr,. Spouse of Rachel Scofield, died 1/11/1812. Age: 45 - Son of Barnabus & Mary Short Cary. Wed 3/18/1798
CARY, Rachel (Scofield). Spouse of Dr. Lazarus, died 9/8/1831. Age: 57 - Dau of Uriah & Elizabeth Scofield. Wed 3/18/1798
CASE, Baby
CASE, Gertrude. Spouse of Chauncey E. Knight
CASE, Hezekiah, died 2/25/1877. Age: 62y 7m 29d
CASE, Mary Jane, died 7-9-1901. Age: 81
CHASE, Elizabeth M., died 12/25/1846. Age: 20 - Dau of Stephen & Jerusha Chase
CHENEY, Frank, died 9/16/1852. Age: 5y 5m 5d - Son of Nathan & Mary Cheney
CHENEY, James. Born 1844, died 1922
CHENEY, Maria Akam. Born 1846, died 1920
CHRISTY, Charles R. IV [Roy]. Spouse of Margaret Sundlov. Born 5-26-1940, died 2-16-2019. Age: 78 - Son of Charles R., III and Charlotte (Baxter) Christy. Born in Buffalo NY, lived in Jamestown and Westfield NY, died in Erie PA. No children named.
CHRISTY, Margaret A. (Sundlov). Spouse of Charles R. Born 5-26-1939, died 9-21-2006. Age: 67 - Dau of Elov C. & Mabel E. Johnson Sundlov. Wed 4-9-1988, no children named.
CLARK, Abijah. Born 4/11/1788, died 12/3/1874. Age: 85
CLARK, Andrew, died 2/23/1829. Age: 2
CLARK, Ann Eliza. Born 8/18/1808, died 5/10/1841
CLARK, Emeline. Born 6/19/1810, died 5/26/1828
CLARK, Fanny. Born 4/30/1814, died 9/1/1832
CLARK, George. Born 4/10/1824
CLARK, Gilbert. Born 1789, died 12/8/1850. Age: 60y 9m 16d
CLARK, Hiram. Born 3/9/1822, died 2/27/1849 - Buried Lewis Cemetery
CLARK, Ichabod. Born 4/10/1818, died 6/13/1841
CLARK, Jefferson S. Born 10/3/1860, died 6/3/1887 - Son of Ann
CLARK, John. Born 2/23/1830, died 10/23/1865
CLARK, Martha. Born 10/22/1826, died 4/17/1848
CLARK, Martha Scofield. Spouse of First Wife of Abijah. Born 11/16/17??, died 6/10/1859
CLARK, Oscar. Born 6/6/1812
CLARK, Polly Snyder. Born 9/17/1790, died 9/7/1890. Age: 99y 11m 20d
CLARK, Royal. Born 7/17/1816, died 3/16/1817
CLARK, Seth G. Born 1/22/1834, died 7/31/1855
CLARK, Willaim S. Born 2/13/1820, died 6/26/1844
COBB, Isabel LESHER. Born 1814, died 1902
COLE, Ella LaNeah. Born 2/20/1854, died 1/30/1862 - Dau of Lyman & Melissa A. Cook
COOK, Alezander, died 7/31/1840. Age: 19y 3m 12d
COOK, Alonzo. Spouse of Melissa A. Born 1825, died 1894
COOK, Donald DeForest [Mudgie]. Spouse of Beverly Samuelson. Born 3-5-1940, died 4-1970. Age: 30 - Son of Fred and Gertrude Holbrook Cook. Killed in a small plane crash - Uncategorized Vet, US Army.
COOK, Eliza. Born 1838, died 1923
COOK, Ellick. Born 2/20/1854, died 1/30/1882 - Son of Alzoneo & Melissa Cook
COOK, Fred. Born 2/28/1834, died 12/23/1865 - Son of Alzoneo & Melissa Cook
COOK, J. Burton. Born 1869, died 1939
COOK, Jemima. Spouse of Theodore, died 3/20/1873. Age: 80y 9m 24d
COOK, Josephine. Born 1875, died 19??
COOK, Melissa A. Spouse of Alonzo, died 1865
COOK, Theodore. Spouse of Jemima, died 6/16/1857. Age: 62y 8m 12d
COWDEN, James E. Born 1840, died 1909 - Civil War Vet, Co A 16th PA Vols
CRANDALL, Esli. Spouse of Minnie B
CRANDALL, Minnie. Spouse of Esli. Born 3/5/1868, died 12-27-1954. Age: 86 - Dau of Ira & Kate Louis Lewis. Wed Esli 9/5/1888
CURTIS, Charles A. Spouse of Doris "Dolly" Hippensteal. Born 12-8-1920, died 3-14-2003. Age: 82 - Son of Roy and Beida Eden Curtis II - WW II Vet, US Navy
CURTIS, Doris M. [Dolly]. Spouse of Charles A. Born 3-15-1921, died 12-14-2008. Age: 87 - Dau of Harry & Anna Melchor Hippensteal-born in Bethlehem PA - WW II Vet, US Navy
DALRIMPLE, -------, died 5/18/1867. Age: 6m 16d - [Our Little One]
DALRIMPLE, Maria. Spouse of Mark, died 6/17/1848. Age: 51 - Dau of Sylvester Niby
DAVIS, James W. Spouse of Barbara Dorman. Born 07-20-1931, died 07-11-2009. Age: 77 - Son of Walter & June Sweet Davis. Wed 9-12-1953
DAVIS, Louise Scofield. Born 1/19/1809, died 7/30/1890 - Dau of Darius
DAVIS, Mary A. Spouse of MVB. Born 5/2/1844, died 12/28/1897
DAVIS, Simson Hulbert. Born 2/12/1806, died 3/11/1860
DAYTON, Ada. Born 12/23/1858, died 1/23/1865
DAYTON, Ellen. Born 10/27/1846, died 1/26/1870
DAYTON, Henry C. Born 6/24/1819, died 8/1/11864 - Civil War Vet, Co E. 112th NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1862 at Chataugua for three years. Discharged for disability at hospital Hilton Head SC. [Died in hospital in NY City on his way home from the Army]
DAYTON, Laura. Spouse of H. C. Born 11/5/1822, died 3/26/1880
DAYTON, Neil. Born 7/21/1844, died 6/11/1864 - Civil War Vet, Co I 9th Cav NYS Vols, Pvt. Enlisted 1861 at Westfield for three Years. Killed 6-11-1864 at Trevilian Station VA.
DENTON, Amy G.(Arnold). Spouse of Fowler. Born 1812, died 1885
DEXTER, Andrew J., died 7/19/1837. Age: 2y 6m 23d
DEXTER, Col. Darius. Spouse of Hetty Winsor. Born 11/26/1789, died 6/15/1866
DEXTER, Hetty Winsor. Spouse of Col. Darius. Born 2/11/1787, died 6/15/1829. Age: 42y 5d
DEXTER, Mercy C.
DEXTER, Rachel
DRAKE, Martha Bacon. Born 1824, died 1892?
DRAPER, (husband) - Buried without stones
DRAPER, (wife) - Buried without stones
DUDLEY, Effie May. Spouse of Wilbur. Born 7-15-1882, died 12-23-1963. Age: 81 - Dau of William and Sara Cook Osborne
DUDLEY, James M. Born 1842, died 1930 - Civil War Vet, Co I 98th Regt PA Vols, Pvt. Drafted, mustered in 3-6-1865. Absent, sick, at muster out.
DUDLEY, Wilbur. Spouse of Effie May, died 5-7-1956
EDDY, Harriet, died 4/19/1842. Age: 16y 1m - Dau of Levi & Mary Eddy
EDWARD, Amariah, died 8/28/1874. Age: 63
ENGDAHL, Genevieve P. [Genny]. Spouse of Robert. Born 4-12-1915, died 1-6-2006. Age: 90 - Dau of Clarence & Julia Cone Parker. Wed 8-17-1935
FENTON, Barry B. Born 1794, died 1827
FENTON, Bicknel. Spouse of Cordelia A. Born 9/12/1816, died 7/11/1889
FENTON, Cordelia A. Spouse of Bicknel. Born 4/30/1824, died 10-9-1901
FENTON, Edward L. Born 5/27/1860, died 9/21/1876 - Son of Bicknel & Cordelia A. Fenton
FENTON, Eugene S. Born 9/17/1853, died 9/29/1853 - Son of Bicknel & Cordelia A. Fenton
FENTON, Fannie A., died 7/21/1849 - Dau of Bicknel & Cordelia A. Fenton
FENTON, Fanny. Born 1793, died 1859
FENTON, George T., died 10/10/1845? - Son of Bicknel & Cordelia A. Fenton
FENTON, Hibbard D. Born 8/2/1857, died 10/17/1876 - Son of Bicknel & Cordelia A. Fenton
FENTON, Laura M. Born 7/29/1847, died 12/9/1854 - Dau of Bicknel & Cordelia A. Fenton
FENTON, Rhoda Lewis
FLANDERS, Ella. Born 1878, died 1947
FLANDERS, Fayette P. Born 4/9/1847, died 1/2/1873
FLANDERS, Frank W. Born 1/30/1853, died 12/25/1877
FLANDERS, Fred E. Born 1861, died 1936
FLANDERS, Margaret L. F, died 2/20/1864. Age: 15y 3m 7d
FLANDERS, Maria L. Pickett. Born 1888, died 10/7/1829
FLANDERS, Mett. Born 1855, died 1930
FLANDERS, Parker Watson. Born 5/20/1823, died 7-11-1916
FOSTER, Burnett R. Born 10-17-1920, died 10/16/193?
FRANCIS, Maxine R. (Brooks). Spouse of Neil. Born 1-29-1923, died 9-20-2017. Age: 94 - Dau of Walter and Nelle (Cunningham) Brooks. Born in North Kansas City MO, lived in Dewittville NY, died in Gerry NY. Supervisor for Chaut Co Children's Services. Wed Neil 8-20-1946, four children, one surnamed Himes, Jr.
FREDRICKSON, Ada. Born 1892, died 1911
FREDRICKSON, Charles. Born 1864, died 1929
FREDRICKSON, Ella. Born 1890, died 1910
FREDRICKSON, Esther. Born 1900, died 1904
FREDRICKSON, Matilda. Born 1861, died 1927
FULLER, Ezra. Born 1799, died 1884
FULLER, Freelove. Born 1769, died 1862. Age: 92 - Mother of Ezra Fuller
FULLER, Lucy Wilson. Born 1797, died 1889
GLEASON, Mary. Born 6/18/1879, died 6/18/1879
GLEASON, William H. Born 5/9/1872, died 3/20/1880
GRANT, Jennie J. Born 1863, died 1942
GRANT, John W. Born 1860, died 1916
GRAVIT, Claire H. Spouse of Julia Obuck. Born 12-5-1898, died 1-13-1977. Age: 78 - Son of John and Jennie Hawley Gravit first wife Julia Sylvester Gravit died in 1958
GREEN, Frank W., died 1942
GREEN, Mabel K. Spouse of Nelson K. Born 7-26-1907, died 2-27-2002. Age: 94 - Dau of Peter and Anna Kofod
GREEN, Mary J. Spouse of Elijah, died 2/11/1864. Age: 42
GREEN, Nannie. Spouse of Frank W, died 2/19/1883. Age: 23y 7m 3d
GREEN, Nelson K. Spouse of Mabel K., died 2-1-1989
GRIFFITH, Franklin. Spouse of Sally Y. Born 7/1/1814, died 12/10/1896 - Son of Samuel & Elsie Simmons Griffith
GRIFFITH, Janette Garfield. Born 1838, died 7-11-1916
GRIFFITH, Sally Young. Spouse of Franklin, died 9/19/1869. Age: 47y 7m 22d
GUILD, Zilpha. Spouse of Oliver, died 5/27/1867. Age: 88y 9m 27d - Dau of Nathan & Jerusha Morgan
HALL, Bertha ‘‘Tug’’ Moon. Spouse of Harold M., died 6-13-1992 - Wed Oct 22 1932 in Gerry NY
HALL, George A. Spouse of Myrtle. Born 1880, died 1962
HALL, Harold M. Spouse of Bertha ‘‘Tug’’. Born 12-23-1905, died 4-30-2002. Age: 95 - Son of John and Rachel Logue Hall
HALL, Myrtle (Gilbert)". Spouse of 2nd w/o George A, died 1904
HALL, Zenas G., died 1/2/1823. Age: 27
HANCHET, Aseal 4/12/1794 - War of 1812 Vet, Pension # 3375, $70.00
HARRIS, A. T. Born 4/3/1838, died 5/20/1887
HARRIS, Asa P. Spouse of Sarah, died 12/1/1882. Age: 76y 8m 16d
HARRIS, Sarah. Spouse of Asa, died 2/4/1885. Age: 71y 7m 10d
HARVEY, Alma A. Born 1886, died 1902
HAVILAND, Dorothea N., died 1912
HAVILAND, Freida K., died 1938 - Unclear if buried here
HAVILAND, Kenneth H., died 1902 - Handwritten
HAVILAND, Linda Lee. Born 5-6-1938, died 9-18-2019. Age: 81 - Dau of Kenneth and Dorthea (Norton) Haviland.
HAVILAND, Luella K. Born 1864, died 1938
HAVILAND, M. Alice. Born 1855, died 1932
HAVILAND, Martha A. (Jones). Born 1830, died 1917
HAVILAND, William R. Born 1824, died 1904
HAWLEY, Alice M. Spouse of Charles E. Born 5-2-1859, died 2-5-1945. Age: 85 - Dau of Barnabus C. & Patty Scofield Brownell
HAWLEY, Charles Ernest. Spouse of Alice B. Born 1857, died 1934 - Wed April 8 1880
HEBBS, Lettie L. - No stone
HEBBS, Robert - No stone
HEMINGWAY, Lucy. Born 12/14/1791, died 5/6/1856
HEMINGWAY, Richard, died 8/13/1857. Age: 56
HERRICK, Esther, died 4/4/1845. Age: 71y 6m
HERRICK, Higby Sylvester, died 9/10/1850. Age: 77y 8m 10d
HERRICK, Jesse, died 6/4/1823. Age: 16
HERRICK, Maria. Spouse of Mark Dalyrimple, died 6/17/1848. Age: 51 - Dau of S & E Higby
HERRICK, Nathaniel. Born 8/20/1796
HERRICK, Royal. Spouse of Maria Vorce. Born 12/5/1797, died 3/17/1865. Age: 67y 3m 14d Son of Nathaniel and Sharah (Cheney) Herrick
HERRICK, Sylvester, died 2/12/1813. Age: 10
HIGGS, ????
HINDMAN, William D. "Will". Born 5-31-1970, died 12-29-2003. Age: 33 - Son of David A. and Susan J. Smith Hindman
HOLLISTER, CA (Mrs.). Born 2/5/1842, died 5-9-1909
HOLLISTER, Ernest A., died 12-17-1909. Age: 67
HUBER, Clydell. Spouse of #1 Robert S. Lindahl, #2 Edward C. Ulmer, #3 Earl Huber. Born 12-4-1923, died 4-23-2009. Age: 85 - Dau of John H. & Lepha Cooper Howe-born in Lottsville, PA
HULL, Aaron. Spouse of Electa. Born 5/31/1807, died 8/21/1864
HULL, Charles W. Born 1857, died 1927 - Son of Aaron & Electa Hull
HULL, Electa M. Spouse of Aaron. Born 6/24/1814, died 1/3/1885
HUNT, Aaron Jr. Spouse of Electa Maxham. Born 5/31/1807, died 8/21/1864 - Son of Aaron & Azubah Smith Hunt
HUNT, Bertha McClelland. Born 2/20/1869, died 9-24-1900
HUNT, Carrie E. Waterman. Spouse of Willard W. Born 8/19/1874, died 3-13-1939
HUNT, Carrie Waterman. Spouse of Willard W. Born 8/19/1874, died 3-13-1939. Age: 64 - Dau of Perry G. and Helen F. Waterman
HUNT, Edith (Carpenter). Spouse of Elton
HUNT, Electa Mazham. Spouse of Aaron Jr. Born 6/24/1814, died 1/3/1885
HUNT, Elton. Spouse of Edith
HUNT, Francis Marion. Spouse of Julia L. Wood. Born 6/1/1844, died 3-15-1916
HUNT, Francis Marion. Spouse of Julie L Wood. Born 6/1/1844, died 3-15-1916
HUNT, Gerald F., died /24/1894. Age: 22 - Son of Willard W. & Carrie Hunt
HUNT, Gerald R. Born 5/16/1873, died 9/4/1894 - Son of Francis Marion & Julia (Wood) Hunt
HUNT, Gertrude Fairbanks. Born 1898, died 1970 - Dau of Elton
HUNT, Harold A. Born 3/3/1886, died 4-3-1902 - Son of Francis Marion & Julia (Wood) Hunt
HUNT, Julia L. Wood. Spouse of Francis Marion. Born 2/17/1848, died 5-17-1917
HUNT, Perry D. Born 12/19/1880, died 10-20-1905 - Son of Francis Marion & Julia (Wood) Hunt
HUNT, Willard. Spouse of Carrie - Son of Francis Marion & Julia (Wood) Hunt
HUNT, Willard W. Spouse of Carrie E. Waterman. Born 10/14/1870, died 11-18-1952
HURLBURT, Alice G. Born 1860, died 1926
HURLBURT, Charles E. Born 1858, died 1932
HURLBURT, Ralph C. Born 1898, died 1906
HURLBURT, Russell. Born 1896, died 1896
IDE, George G., died 8/27/1850. Age: 9m 23d - Son of Geo P. & Aurila Ide
IDE, Laura. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1789, died 1871
IDE, Thomas. Spouse of Laura. Born 1779, died 1851
INGERSON, Azariah, died 1/20/1888. Age: 85y 11m 5d
INGERSON, Calvin C. Spouse of Hulda Sophronia. Born 1820, died 1853
INGERSON, Dora. Born 1856, died 1918
INGERSON, Elizabeth L. Born 1850, died 1926
INGERSON, George E. Born 1869, died 1947 - Son of Ira
INGERSON, Hannah E. (Hippensteal), died 4/30/1850. Age: 3y 3m 3d - Dau of Harry Wilson & Harriet Scofield Ingerson
INGERSON, Hannah Scofield. Spouse of Harry, died 4/27/1854. Age: 75
INGERSON, Harley, died 10-21-1931
INGERSON, Harley E., died 9/15/1855. Age: 3y 2m 5d - Son of Calvin & Hulda Ingerson
INGERSON, Harriet A. Scofield. Spouse of Harry W, died 11/14/1843. Age: 60
INGERSON, Harry. Spouse of Hannah, died 1830. Age: 53
INGERSON, Hermes, died 10/30/1865. Age: 2y 4m - Son of Miles & Phebe Ingerson
INGERSON, Hulda Sophronia. Spouse of Calvin C. Born 1827, died 1900
INGERSON, Ida M. Born 1873, died 1941 - Mother
INGERSON, Joh Wilson, died 9/15/1896. Age: 88y 7m 16d
INGERSON, Mary Elizabeth. Born 1836, died 2-28-1917
INGERSON, Myra, died 12/28/1882. Age: 16y 6m 25d - Dau of Miles & Phebe Ingerson
INGERSON, Susan Waterman, died 9/15/1895. Age: 88y 7m 16d
IRWIN, Minnie Akam. Born 1856, died 1926
ISLEY, Albert B. Born 1884, died 1920
ISLEY, Edwin A. Born 1843, died 1923
ISLEY, Josephine. Spouse of Edwin A. Born 1843, died 1911
JACKSON, Ann E., died 4/24/1857. Age: 50y 10m 9d - Dau of Sheldon & Rachel Jackson
JACKSON, Rachel Ann Marsh. Spouse of Sheldon. Born 1828, died 1907
JACKSON, Sheldon. Spouse of Rachel Ann. Born 1827, died 1904 - Son of Isaac of West Ellery
JONES, Armena Clark. Spouse of F Harvey. Born 6/3/1829, died 10/21/1852. Age: 23y 2m 18d
JONES, Catherine M. Spouse of Robert, died 2/18/1870. Age: 31
JONES, Effie, died 10/31/1881. Age: 19y 7m 12d - Dau of Robert S & Catherine M Jones
JONES, F. Harvey. Spouse of Armena Clark. Born 3/1/1825, died 3/30/1855. Age: 30y 29d
JONES, Festus, died 11/21/1866. Age: 69y 11m 18d
JONES, Henry. Spouse of Mary E, died 6/15/1878. Age: 78y 2m 18d
JONES, Martha B. Young, died 4/7/1876. Age: 77y 5m 1d
JONES, Mary A. Spouse of Wed V. B.
JONES, Mary E. Spouse of Henry, died 8/9/1890. Age: 72y 1m 4d
JONES, Mary Ellen, died 7/26/1861. Age: 19 - Dau of H & C. Jones
JONES, Robert S. Spouse of Catherine M. Born 1834, died 1907
JORDAN, Ellen A. Born 1839, died 1919
JORDAN, Emma B. Born 1875, died 1922
JORDAN, J. R. Born 1836, died 1928
KESBY, Albert T. Spouse of Clara Ingerson. Born 7-24-1907, died 7-4-1961. Age: 53 - Son of Irving W. and Ina Newbury Kesby
KIDDER, George W. Born 1861, died 1924
KIRKLAND, Edwin. Born 1834, died 1914
KIRKLAND, George A. Born 1868, died 1932
KIRKLAND, Laura S. Born 1868, died 1939
KIRKLAND, Lucy E. Born 1835, died 1912
KNIGHT, Chauncey B. Born 12/23/1838, died 11-4-1908
KNIGHT, Estelle L. Spouse of W/o Chauncey, died 1/6/1881. Age: 22y 8m 3d - Dau of HB & MJ Case
KNIGHT, Gertrude O. Spouse of W/o Chauncey, died 3/25/1870. Age: 22y 8m 3d - Dau of HB & MJ Case
LAVOICE, Charles. Spouse of Mary A. Born 1835, died 1911
LAVOICE, Mary A. Spouse of Charles. Born 1838, died 1909
LAVOICE, Milton Francis. Born 3/8/??, died 3-23-1903
LAVOICE, Sylvester H. Born 1870, died 1906
LEBAREN, Betsey, died 7/7/1858. Age: 16y 3m 15d - Dau of Henry H. & Polly LeBaren
LEBAREN, Henry H. Spouse of #1 Polly J., #2 Marial (Vorce) Herrick. Born 9/26/1804, died 12/23/1883
LEBAREN, Henry O. - Son of Henry H. & Polly LeBaren
LEBAREN, Horace, died 5/14/1873. Age: 34 - Son of Henry H. & Polly LeBaren
LEBAREN, Marial (Vorce) Herrick. Spouse of #1 Royal Herrick, #2 Henry H. LeBaren. Born 8/20/1805, died 9/9/1890 Dau of Jedediah & Lucretia Vorce. No children. Buried beside Royal
LEBAREN, Orlando A. - Son of Henry H. & Polly LeBaren
LEBAREN, Polly J. Spouse of Henry H. Born 6/14/1807, died 4/4/1869
LEBAREN, Rosetta J. - Dau of Henry H. & Polly LeBaren
LEBAREN, Sally L. - Dau of Henry H. & Polly LeBaren
LEBAREN, W. Hixon, died 10/3/1861. Age: 28y 9m - Son of Henry H. & Polly LeBaren
LEBAREN, Wilson S. - Son of Henry H. & Polly LeBaren
LEET, Abigail (Dudley). Spouse of Anson G., died 2/2/1879. Age: 99
LEET, Alan George. Spouse of #1 Eva Winchester, #2 Lepha C. Cooper. Born 9-14-1902, died 10-16-1975 73 - Born in Chaut Co, died in Dewitville NY. Wed Eva 1925, three children. She d. 1971. Wed Lepha 1971.
LEET, Anson G. Spouse of Abigail Dudley. Born 4-17-1777, died 6-21-1843 - Born in Guilford CT, died in Chautauqua NY. At least seven children. - War of 1812, Capt
LEET, Cynthia Ann (Kennedy). Spouse of Timothy Sr.
LEET, Eliza Ann (Strang). Spouse of William, died 11/21/1850. Age: 30 Mother of Anson G. Leet [Grandson of Anson G. buried this cem]
LEET, Eva Winchester. Spouse of Alan G. Born 11-19-1897, died 2-15-1971 73 - Born and lived in Dewitville NY, died in Jamestoen NY. Wed 1925, three children.
LEET, Franklin. Spouse of #1 Sally Sumner, #2 Louise Jones. Born 1815, died 1906 - Son of Anson G. and Abigail (Dudley) Leet. Four children with Sally. Two children with Louise
LEET, Harriet Weed. Spouse of Simeon, died 10/6/1881. Age: 78y 5m 17d - Dau of Alanson & Polly Platt Weed
LEET, Lepha C. (Cooper) Howe #1 John H. Howe, #2 Alan G. Leet. Born 9-25-1898, died 9-25-1986. Age: 87 - Dau of Clyde and Dell (McKelvey) Cooper. Born in Sugar Grove PA, lived in Dewittville NY, died in Westfield NY. Three daughters. Rob all with John who d. 1966, Alan d. 1981
LEET, Louise J. (Jones). Spouse of Franklin. Born 1833, died 1896
LEET, Martha Jane, died 12/4/1865. Age: 12y 8m 7d - Dau of Franklin & Sally Leet
LEET, Mary E. Born 1854, died 1939
LEET, Sally (Sumner). Spouse of Franklin, died 4/3/1863. Age: 47y 6m 19d
LEET, Simeon. Spouse of Harriet, died 8/16/1881. Age: 79y 10m 28d - Son of Anson G. & Abigail (Dudley) Leet
LEET, Sybil (Thum) Spring. Born 1848, died 1916
LEET, Timothy, died 12/17/1836. Age: 34 - Son of Capt. Anson G. & Abigail (Dudley) Leet
LEET, Timothy A. born, died 10-12-1904. Age: 25y 6m - Son of Timothy & Cynthia Ann (Kennedy) Leet - Civil War Vet, Co K 49th Inf NYS Vols, Wagoner. Enlisted 1861 at Jamestown for three years. Discharged for disability 8-26-1862 from hospital.
LEET, William #1 Eliza A. Strang, #2 Harriet Belden. Born 6-24-1818, died 6-10-1904 Son of Anson G. and Abigail (Dudley) Leet, born and died in Chautauqua NY. One son with Eliza. At least four children with Harriet
LEWIS, Harold L. Spouse of Judith Northrup. Born 1-1-1934, died 3-5-2016. Age: 82 - Son of Harold G. and Mary Jane (Coon) Lewis. Born in Medina NY, lived in Mayville NY, died in Wastfield NY. A furniture maker at Ethan Allen. Wed 8-28-1993, no children named. (She d. 6-29-2012)
LEWIS, Judith (Northrup). Spouse of Harold L. Born 2-15-1934, died 6-29-2012. Age: 82 - Dau of of Clarence G. & Edith (Woodin) Northrop. Lived in Mayville NY.Wed 8-28-1993, no children named.
LEWIS, Rhoda J. (Young). Spouse of Marshall. Born 1827, died 1894 - At least one son.
LINDAHL, Dale E. Born 06-23-1949, died 09-18-2009. Age: 60 - Son of Robert S. and Clydell (Howe) Lindahl - Vietnam Vet, US Navy
LITTLE, Antoinette G. Spouse of Robert C. Born 1841, died 1917
LITTLE, Ellen. Spouse of Robert C. Born 8/24/1824, died 6/7/1896 - Two children
LITTLE, Nellie M. Born 10/19/1862, died 1/5/1886 - Dau of Robert & Ellen Little
LITTLE, Robert C. Spouse of #1 Ellen, #2 Antoinette G. Born 1844, died 1925 - Two children with Ellen - Civil War Vet, Possibly Co E 30th Inf NJ Vols. If so enlisted 8-20-1862 for nine months. Mustered out 6-27-1863
LOCKWOOD, Sarah. Spouse of Jacob, died 3/16/1854. Age: 68y 5m 15d
LOOMIS, Birdell Haskin. Spouse of Elmer, died 6-30-1935. Age: 63 - Dau of Oliver & Kate Brown Haskin
LOOMIS, Elmer, died 1940 - No stone
LOOMIS, Oscar R. Born 1/3/1864, died 1/26/1890
LOOMIS, Sarah E. Spouse of Charles, died 10/28/1869. Age: 25
LOVELESS, Edna Mae. Spouse of Norman A. Born 7-14-1928, died 4-9-2002. Age: 73 - Dau of Floyd L. and Belle Reardon Farnham
LOVELESS, Norman A. Spouse of Edna Mae, died 8-8-1993 - Wed June 29 1946
MARBLE, Elizabeth M. Spouse of Joy, died 12/25/1846 - Dau of Stephen & Jerusha Chase
MARSH, Albert W., died 1/14/1849. Age: 1y 11d - Son of WWed & Polly Jane Jackson
MARSH, David. Spouse of Diantha J. Born 4/25/1818, died 8/9/1889
MARSH, Diantha J. Spouse of David. Born 9/13/1829, died 4/21/1896
MARSHALL, Amy, died 9/23/1857. Age: 27y 1m - Dau of A & J Marshall
MARSHALL, Robert H., died 12/13/1862. Age: 28y 8m - Son of Samuel & Jane Marshall
MARSHALL, Samuel, died 8/2/1848. Age: 58
MASON, Arion. Born 1925, died 3/25/1839
MASON, Job, died 2/11/1866. Age: 21y 3m - Son of John & Maria Mason
MASON, John. Spouse of Maria. Born 4/16/1809, died 11/13/1885. Age: 76
MASON, Maria Leet. Spouse of John. Born 5/30/1813, died 5/5/1897. Age: 84
MASON, Warren, died 10/22/1855. Age: 12y 10m - Son of John & Maria Mason
MAXHAM, Cornelia F., died 11/5/1856. Age: 39y 6m 10d
MAXHAM, Daniel, died 2/9/1856. Age: 49y 8m
MAXHAM, Eleanor. Born 1815, died 1891
MAXHAM, Valorus. Born 1812, died 1899 - Dau of Elizb. Maxham Davis
MAXHAM, Valorus L., died 8/31/1882. Age: 26y 1m 7d
MAYTUM, Charles Leon [Chuck]. Spouse of Roxanna Arnold. Born 3-28-1941, died 9-27-2018. Age: 77 - Son of Charles and Zona (Kieffer) Maytum. Born in Plankington SD, lived and died in Mayville NY. Owner/operator of several businesses in Mayville. Wed 8-28-1965 in Dewittville, one son. (Spouse survives)
MCCLELLAND, Bertha Hunt. Born 2/10/1869, died 9-24-1900
MCCORMICK, Anna Mildred. Spouse of James S. Born 12-5-1911, died 3-24-2009. Age: 97 - Dau of Daniel Webster & Sarah Frances Fisher Knauff-born in Ayer Township, Fulton County, PA. Wed 1-31-1948 in Charlestown, SC
MCCOUL, Frank. Spouse of Jennie Adell. Born 1839, died 1918 - Son of James McCoul
MCCOUL, Frank J., died 10/20/1875. Age: 21y 11m 24d
MCCOUL, James. Spouse of Tryphena Arnold, died 12/10/1877. Age: 83y 5m 4d - War of 1812 Vet
MCCOUL, James. Spouse of Leona Young. Born 1837, died 1901 - Son of James McCoul
MCCOUL, Jennie Adell. Spouse of Frank, died 3/30/1892. Age: 26y 7m 20d - Dau of Zee & Mary Barney
MCCOUL, Leona Young. Spouse of James, died 12/21/1831. Age: 30
MCCOUL, Lorena, died 3/31/1855. Age: 38y 2m 5d - Dau of James & Tryphena McCoul
MCCOUL, Mary. Born 1877, died 1877
MCCOUL, Reuben. Born 1827, died 1910
MCCOUL, Rosanna Davis. Born 1833, died 1905
MCCOUL, Sarah. Born 1854, died 1877
MCCOUL, Stellar J., died 10/30/1881. Age: 38y 2m 5d - Dau of James & Tryphena McCoul
MCCOUL, Tryphena Arnold. Spouse of James, died 8/18/1876. Age: 74y 3m 12d
MEADOWS, George H. Spouse of Meredyth Bloss. Born 5-18-1929, died 5-16-2007. Age: 77 - Son of George Albert & Anna Rose McGaw Meadows. Wed for 58 Years
MESSENGER, Austin E. Born 1834, died 1916
MORSE, Mary. Spouse of Charles R, died 6/18/1848. Age: 21y 2m 20d - Dau of Asa & Olive Morse
MORSE, Sarah Ann, died 6/27/1849. Age: 19 - Dau of Asa & Olive Morse
MUNSON, Ross Emery. Spouse of Jane Read. Born 8-27-1929, died 12-6-2018. Age: 89 - Son of Arlington and Edith (Darling) Munson. Born in Sherman NY, lived and died in Dewittville NY. A carpenter for NYSDOT. Wed 12-18-1955 in North Clymer NY, six children. (Spouse survives) - Korean War Vet, US Navy
MURKETT, Mrytle Young. Born 1867, died 1904
NICKERSON, Adele (Degenfelder). Spouse of Ernest C. Born 3-29-1921, died 6-23-2017. Age: 96 - Dau of John and Lillian Degenfelder. Born in Mayville NY, lived in Dewittville NY, died in Bemus Point NY. Owned and operated Midway Garden Center in Maple Spring s NY for 45 years. Wed 6-25-1945, six children
NICKERSON, Ernest C. Spouse of Adele Degenfelder. Born 12-15-1921, died 8-29-2007. Age: 85 - Son of Elwyn and Eva Jane (Shannon) Nickerson. Wed 6-25-1945, six children
NICKERSON, Paul Christopher. Born 1952, died 1952. Age: Infant - Son of Ernest C. and Adele (Degenfelder) Nickerson.
OWEN, Addie - Dau of Fernando C. & Thankful Owen
OWEN, Fernando C. Spouse of Thankful Brownell. Born 1842, died 1911
OWEN, Thankful (Brownell). Spouse of Fernando C. Born 1846, died 9-22-1931 - No stone
PARKER, Clarence. Spouse of Julia C. Born 1879, died 4-4-1938
PARKER, David W. Spouse of Katherine Nelson. Born 11-7-1935, died 6-5-2019. Age: 83 - Son of Grant W. and Jewell (Lindal) Parker. Born and lived in Dewittville NY, died in Erie PA. A dairy farmer and worked for Post Office for 35 years. Wed 10-23-1993 in Jamestown NY, one daughter. - Cold War Vet, US Army
PARKER, Gorman A. Born 6-20-1906, died 3-5-1982. Age: 75 - Son of Clarence and Julia (Coon) Parker - WW II Vet, US Army
PARKER, Julia Coon. Spouse of Clarence
PENHOLLOW, Doris H. Spouse of Morris Cecil. Born 1-20-1922, died 11-4-1992. Age: 70 - Dau of Leo and Hazel (Wensley) Carlton
PENHOLLOW, Irvin E. Born 1-19-1930, died 11-27-2005. Age: 75 - Son of Linwood and Pearl Seekings Penhollow - WW II and Korean War Vet, Two Bronze Service Stars
PENHOLLOW, Morris Cecil. Spouse of Doris H., died 10-27-1982 - Wed June 29 1940
PERRY, Margaret N. Born 9/17/1825, died 3/24/1889 - Beside John & Elizabeth Akam - perhaps a dau.
PETERS, Lorraine Pope. Spouse of Glenn N. Born 4-6-1924, died 9-20-2008. Age: 84 - Dau of Howard H. & Dorothy Graf Pope. Wed 9-12-1947
PHILLIPS, Minton S. Born 1870, died 1927
PHILLIPS, Russell B. Spouse of Sarah B. Weaver. Born 12/23/1828, died 12/19/1877
PHILLIPS, Sarah B. Weaver. Spouse of Russell B. Born 1876, died 1876
PICKETT, Janette Harris. Born 1888, died 1888 - Dau of Asa & Sarah Hainer Harris
PICKETT, Leman. Spouse of Leonora B. Born 1/27/1806, died 7/20/1877
PICKETT, Leonora B. Hurd. Spouse of Leman. Born 10/3/1808, died 5/9/1878
PICKETT, Lillian
PICKETT, William Whitfield. Born 10/30/1828, died 8/4/1877 - Son of Leman & Leonora Pickett
PORTER, George. Spouse of Philenda, died 9/27/1857. Age: 67
PORTER, Philenda. Spouse of George. Born 3/23/1857, died 1/30/1875
PORTER, Philenda Pickett, died 1/3/1874. Age: 84
PUGH, Frank. Born 1849, died 1914
RECORD, Charlie H., died 6/12/1869. Age: 6week 2d - Youngest son of Dr. HA & HM Record
RECORD, James. Spouse of Huldah Allen. Born 8/6/1776, died 10/21/1855. Age: 79y 2m 16d
RECORD, Rosalia. Born 1855, died 1926
REED, Baby Son, died 1905 - Son of D & R Reed
REED, Baby Son, died 1908 - Son of D & R Reed
RICHARDSON, Thomass, died 11/27/1887. Age: 44 - Born in County Tyrone Ireland
ROBINSON, Sarah, died 12/13/1881. Age: 71y 5m 24d - Mother
ROTHWELL, Elizabeth P (Pickard). Spouse of Vincent L. Born 7-23-1928, died 2-7-2017. Age: 88 - Dau of Robert Earl and Margaret (Dake) Pickard. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Westfield NY, died in Sebring FL. A pastor's wife. Wed 10-7-1946, four children.
ROTHWELL, Vincent L. Spouse of Elizabeth Packard. Born 3-11-1925, died 6-1-2016. Age: 91 - Son of Noah and Mildred (Thomas) Rothwell. Born in West Portland NY, Lived all over, died in Westfield NY. Wed 10-7-1946, four children. WW II Vet, US Army Air Force, Turret Gunner on B-24. Also Korea, Vietnam Vet, Re-entered the army in 1957 as a chaplain, served 22 yrs, one tour in Vietnam 1968. Retired as Senior Chaplain, Lt. Col.
RUSS, Ruth G. (Gerber). Spouse of Walter A. Born 1-5-1920, died 12-17-2016. Age: 96 - Dau of Frank and Eleanor (Alstadt) Gerber, born in New Sewickley PA, lived in Panama NY, died in Burlington NC. Wed 7-1-1942 in Sinclairville NY, one daughter.
RUSS, Walter A. Spouse of Ruth Gerber. Born 6-16-1918, died 8-15-2004. Age: 86 - Son of Allen and Lorena Seaburn Russ. Wed 7-1-1942 in Sinclairville NY, one daughter. - WW II Vet, US Army
RUSSELL, Azariah. Spouse of Harriet. Born 9/21/1810, died 10/7/1859 - Son of John & Rhoda Russell
RUSSELL, Cary. Spouse of Eliza. Born 1903 - Son of John & Rhoda Russell
RUSSELL, Edwin Earl. Born 2/2/1868, died 3/12/1870 - Son of Charles & Florence A. Russell
RUSSELL, Eliza. Spouse of Cary. Born 11/11/1835, died 4-27-1905
RUSSELL, Harriet. Spouse of Azariah. Born 8/21/1810, died 10/23/1881 - Dau of Jedidiah & Lucretia Vorce
RUSSELL, John, died 6/23/1862. Age: 75y 6m 14d
RUSSELL, Mary J. Spouse of Seeley Waterman, died 12/2/1872. Age: 40y 10m 28d
RUSSELL, Rachel Ann, died 6/26/1827. Age: 1y 7m 11d
RUSSELL, Rhoda Scofield, died 10/10/1851. Age: 67
RUSSELL, Zerah. Born 3/3/1817, died 10/10/1851. Age: 67
SCHUTT, Clare E. Spouse of June E Parker. Born 7-12-1920, died 1-10-2001. Age: 80 - Son of Leslie H & Adele E Scholin Schutt m June 8 1939
SCHUTT, June E. Spouse of Clare E. Born 6-15-1920, died 6-9-2006. Age: 85 - Dau of George H. & Ethel Weise Parker. Wed for 61 years
SCOFIELD, Azariah, died 11/9/1853. Age: 77y 9m8d
SCOFIELD, Charity E. Van Names. Spouse of Seely Jr. Born 8/18/1820, died 1-21-1905 - Dau of Moses & Alice Brownell Van Namee
SCOFIELD, Charles. Born 1845, died 1846 - Son of Haran & Pamelia Scofield
SCOFIELD, Charles Cary. Spouse of Harriet. Born 1/5/1816, died 9/15/1887. Age: 71y 8m 10d
SCOFIELD, Darius. Born 12/27/1788, died 3/18/1862 - Son of Seely & Hannah Crissey Scofield
SCOFIELD, Daruis Jr. Spouse of #1 Rachel A, #2 Mary J, #3 Helen A. Young. Born 4/24/1815, died 6/19/1881. Age: 66y 1m 25d
SCOFIELD, Elizabeth. Spouse of Uriah, died 5/21/1834. Age: 73
SCOFIELD, Hannah (Crissey) Seely Sr. Born 3/24/1766 - Born in Stamford CT
SCOFIELD, Haran. Spouse of Pamelia M. Born 12/7/1802, died 6/3/1867 - Son of Seely & Hannah Crissey Scofield
SCOFIELD, Harriet. Spouse of Charles Cary. Born 9/1820, died 1/4/1866. Age: 45y 3m 4d
SCOFIELD, Helen Allen. Born 10/18/1854, died 4-28-1902 - Dau of Darius & Helen Ann Scofield
SCOFIELD, Helen Ann (Young). Spouse of Darius Jr., died 7/3/1855. Age: 19y 2m 5d - Dau of Pearly & Polly Young
SCOFIELD, Joseph. Born 1833, died 1943 - Son of Haran & Pamelia Scofield
SCOFIELD, Mary A. Born 10/22/1811, died 1/3/1890
SCOFIELD, Mary Jane. Spouse of Darius Jr., died 2/7/1853. Age: 29y 22d - Dau of Pearly & Polly Young
SCOFIELD, Mary S. Morse. Spouse of Charles R, died 6/18/1848. Age: 21y 21d - Dau of Asa & Olive Morse
SCOFIELD, Newton, died 10/8/1854. Age: 3y 1d - Son of Seymour & Eliza Scofield
SCOFIELD, Pamelia McClenathan. Spouse of Haran. Born 2/9/1804, died 5/24/1882
SCOFIELD, Rachel Ann. Spouse of Darius Jr., died 9/24/1850. Age: 39y 7d - Dau of Azariah & Ruhannah Scofield (She was his niece)
SCOFIELD, Richard, died 1848 - Son of Haran & Pamelia Scofield
SCOFIELD, Ruhannah ?
SCOFIELD, Sarah Glenni. Spouse of Darius Sr., died 12/17/1860. Age: 72y 8m 9d
SCOFIELD, Seely Jr. Spouse of Charity E. Van Names. Born 8/5/1813, died 5/29/1896
SCOFIELD, Seely Sr. Spouse of Hannah Crissey. Born 7/22/1758, died 6/15/1843. Age: 84y 10m 23d - 9th CT Militia, Pvt. Served 6yrs 6m under (DAR # A101331)
SCOFIELD, Seymour, died 4/2/1895 - Son of Ezra & Fanny Blinn Scofield
SCOFIELD, Uriah. Spouse of Elizabeth, died 7/17/1824. Age: 72
SHEARMAN, ??? - No names listed only Surname
SLAYTON, Amassa, died 5-18-1902
SMITH, Abraham. Spouse of Mary, died 5/29/1855. Age: 91y 4m 2d
SMITH, Abram B. Spouse of Elizabeth L, died 8/29/1896. Age: 83y 4m 19d
SMITH, Calista, died 2/7/1849. Age: 13y 5m 24d - Dau of Daniel & Sarah R. Smith
SMITH, Daniel D. Spouse of Sarah R. Maxham, died 3/6/1877. Age: 77y 10m
SMITH, Daniel N. Spouse of Rhoda Russell. Born 1838, died 1912
SMITH, David. Spouse of Phebe, died 2/21/1824. Age: 36 - [A good man has gone to his long home and the mourners go about the streets.]
SMITH, David Martin. Spouse of Perry Gilmore. Born 1-23-1935, died 12-9-2000. Age: 65 - Son of Ernest & Helen Furlow Smith
SMITH, David Paul. Spouse of Ann Gilbert. Born 10-17-1962, died 1-18-2018. Age: 55 - Son of Pete Smith and Jeannette (Williams). Born in Westfiled NY, lived in Mayville NY. A carpenter. Wed 7-7-1987 in Lake Placid NY, two children. (Spouse survives)
SMITH, Elizabeth L. Spouse of Abram B, died 2/18/1877. Age: 54y 24d
SMITH, Florence Owen
SMITH, Frank W. Born 1866, died 19?? - Son of Daniel Smith was 82 in 1948
SMITH, Frank W. Born 1895, died 1895
SMITH, FRed R., died 1938
SMITH, Henry Darius - Dates not ascertained
SMITH, Henry J. Spouse of Marie I, died 9-2-1993 - Wed 9/16/1944
SMITH, Isabel B. Born 1847, died 1910
SMITH, Joseph. Born 1810, died 1889
SMITH, Lenetta. Born 1896, died 1896
SMITH, Marie I. Spouse of Henry J. Born 11-30-1913, died 11-7-2000. Age: 86 - Dau of Newton & Marie Bauman Ilsley
SMITH, Mary. Spouse of Abraham, died 9/8/1856. Age: 78
SMITH, Myra L. Born 1870, died 19??
SMITH, Phebe. Spouse of Rev. David, died 12/29/1869. Age: 78y 9m
SMITH, Polly. Spouse of Abram B, died 8/6/1872. Age: 59y 9m
SMITH, Rhoda Russell. Spouse of Daniel N. Born 1842, died 1932
SMITH, Sarah L., died 1/5/1858. Age: 30y 6m 12d
SMITH, Sarah R. Maxham. Spouse of Daniel, died 6/16/1864. Age: 59y 9m 7d - Dau of Silas & Abigail Maxam
SMITH, Sybil A. (Thum). Spouse of #1 ? Smith, #2 Anson Leet. Born 1848, died 1916. Age: 68 - Dau of Asa & Mary McCoul Thum
SNETHEN, T. Howard. Born 1912, died 1990 - Of Sangamon Farm
SPRING, Darius Miles. Spouse of Elizabeth Lee E
SPRING, Elizabeth Lee Emmons. Spouse of Darius Miles. Born 7/31/1814, died 6/30/1889. Age: 74y 11m - Dau of Henry & Mary Emmons
SPRING, Marius Miles. Born 11/22/1813, died 10/20/1880 - Born in Otis MA
SPRING, Mehetable (Jones). Spouse of #1 Spring, #2 Samuel Young Jr. - Dau of Miles, sister of Gestus Jones
SPRING, V R. Born 1792, died 1813 - Son of Darius Spring - War of 1812. Killed at Battle of Lake Erie
STAGE, Betty Alberta (Penhollow). Spouse of Paul Leland. Born 3-31-1933, died 5-3-2019. Age: 86 - Dau of Leland and Elsie (Haskins) Penhollow. Born in Russell PA, lived in Dewittville NY, died in Westfield NY. Wed 5-3-1969, four children.
STAR, Amasa I. Spouse of Huldah B, died 1897
STAR, Huldah B. Spouse of Amasa I. Born 11-18 1844, died 1917. Age: 73 - Dau of David and Thankful Brownell
STAR, Loraine P. Born 4/7/1804, died 8/26/1896
STAR, Oliver L. Spouse of Loraine P. Born 3/9/1803, died 6/15/1860
STEARNS, Eliza Messenger, died 1898
STEELE, Cheryl (Dickey). Companion of Curtis Crowell. Born 4-20-1948, died 9-23-2016. Age: 68 - Dau of Lester O. and Evelyn (Strickland) Dickey, born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Warren PA. One daughter with Thomas Steele.
STRANG, Phebe, died 10/29/1843. Age: 20y 11m 17d - Dau of Gabriel & Electa Strang
STRICKLAND, David L. Spouse of Louise K. Mallery. Born 04-01-1935, died 10-27-2009. Age: 74 - Son of Herbert & Ruth Carlson Strickland. Wed 9-14-1957 - Uncategorized Vet, US Army
STRICKLAND, Herbert T. Spouse of Ruth C., died 2-10-1988 - Wed March 31 1922
STRICKLAND, Ruth C. Spouse of Herbert T. Born 5-27-1901, died 12-29-1995. Age: 94 - Dau of Fred and Anna Johnson Carlson
SWAN, Francis Hugo Harald Swan Sr. Born 5-12-1857, died 3-5-1925 - Son of Frans & Johanna Mathilda Leckstrom Swan
TEXTOR, Beth June (Higgs). Spouse of Henry, then companion of Dennis Hawley. Born 6-6-1958, died 8-3-2019. Age: 61 - Dau of Lewis and Betty (Holcomb) Higgs. Born in Westfield NY, lived and died in Mayville NY. Two children with Henry. (Spouse predeceased, companion survives)
TEXTOR, Henry. Spouse of Betty J. Higgs. Born 7-18-1951, died 6-8-2001. Age: 49 - Son of Ellaworth & Christine Denz Textor. Two children.
THUM, Angeline. Born 11/20/1812, died 2/23/1897 - Dau of Anna Thum
THUM, Anna Conro. Spouse of 2nd w/o Everett A, died 4-17-1949
THUM, Asa A. Born 5/12/1815, died 11/17/1880. Age: 65y 6m - Son of Anna Thum. Wed 1847
THUM, Carrie P. Spouse of First W/o Everett A., died 3/20/1886. Age: 22y 4m 25d
THUM, Caty. Born 2/17/1801, died 7/29/1810 - Dau of Margaret Thum
THUM, Elizabeth. Born 5/6/1808, died 7/3/1808 - Dau of Margaret Thum
THUM, Everett A. Born 2/5/1840, died 1922. Age: 82 - Son of Asa & Mary Thum. No stone
THUM, Helen. Born 1885, died 1892 - Dau of S. Dwight & Lillian Thum
THUM, Ira. Born 9/26/1811, died 12/20/1811 - Son of Anna Thum
THUM, Laura. Born 2/6/1818, died 1/5/1843 - Dau of Anna Thum
THUM, Lillian Irwin. Spouse of S. Dwight. Born 1848, died 1931
THUM, Margaret. Spouse of Nicholas. Born 11/17/1780, died 6/30/1808
THUM, Mary. Spouse of Lewis Leet Ellis. Born 1/2/1810 - Dau of Anna Thum. Wed 6/16/1827
THUM, Mary McCoul. Born 7/27/1823, died 1/21/1870 - Dau of James & Lorena McCoul
THUM, Melchert. Born 12/31/1804, died 3/7/1833 - Dau of ? and Margaret Thum
THUM, Nancy. Born 12/23/1802 - Dau of Anna Thum. Wed 8/17/1821
THUM, Nicholas. Spouse of Margaret. Born 3/15/1774, died 1/27/1864
THUM, S. Dwight. Spouse of Lillian Irwin. Born 1850, died 1926
THUM, Wlizabeth. Born 6/28/1820, died 5/24/1824 - Dau of Anna Thum
TODD, Bela. Spouse of Lucy Henningway. Born 11/3/1785, died 9/23/1862. Age: 77y 10m 20d - Son of Caleb & Hannah Todd
TODD, Caleb. Spouse of Hannah, died 7/8/1842. Age: 78
TODD, Hannah. Spouse of Caleb, died 7/23/1852. Age: 86
TODD, Lucretia, died 10/5/1840. Age: 24y 5m 25d
TODD, Lucy Henningway. Spouse of Bela. Born 12/14/1791, died 5/6/1856. Age: 65
TRAOHAGEN, Ella. Born 1879, died 1971
TRAPHAGEN, Flynn. Born 1879, died 1949
TYLER, Levice Todd. Spouse of Judson, died 5/27/1840. Age: 50
VAN ARNAM, Alfred. Spouse of Sally M, died 3/29/1858. Age: 28y 9m 10d
VAN ARNAM, Luella M., died 12/2/1863. Age: 12y 7m 15d - Dau of Alfred & Sally Van Aenan
VAN ARNAM, Sally M. Spouse of Alfred. Born 1831, died 12-30-1903. Age: 71
VAN NAMEE, Abner B. Spouse of Aurilla/Julia. Born 9/20/1809, died 1896
VAN NAMEE, Julia A. Dayton. Spouse of 2nd w/o Abner. Born 1826, died 1848
VAN NAMEE, Sabra Ann. Born 1842, died 1850
VAN, NAMEE Aurilla Lamb. Spouse of 1st w/oAbner. Born 1810, died 6/1848
VERCE/VORCE, Edwin. Spouse of Sarah Clark, died 3/3/1842. Age: 29y 1m 4d - Son of Jedidiah & Lucretia Verce
VERCE/VORCE, Lucretia Scofield. Spouse of Jedidiah, died 8/2/1863. Age: 78y 8m 7d - Dau of Stephen Scofield
VERCE/VORCE,, Hiram, died 3/15/1815. Age: 6 - Son of Jedidiah & Lucretia Verce
VERCE/VORCE,, Jedidiah. Spouse of Lucretia. Born 1/31/1781, died 9/13/1863. Age: 81y 7m 13d
VERCE/VORCE,, Sarah Clark. Spouse of Edwin. Born 1/6/1819, died 11-28-1906
WAGNER, Jay Blair Jr. Spouse of Janette Strickland. Born 12-15-1955, died 2-28-2008. Age: 52 - Son of Jay Wagner Sr. & Dolores Wagner, born in Latrobe PA
WARNER, Clara E. (Ingerson) Kesby. Spouse of #1 Albert Kesby, #2 Agney Warner. Born 7-10-1914, died 10-19-1996. Age: 82 - Dau of Eugene and Gertrude (Rhodes) Ingerson. Albert d. 7-4-1961
WATERMAN, Amanda Putnam. Spouse of Zadec G. Born 4/24/1808, died 1/14/1890 - Dau of Dea. John
WATERMAN, Asa l. Spouse of Elizabeth Ann. Born 1849, died 1929 - Son of Zadoc Gilbert Waterman & Amanda Putnan
WATERMAN, Baby Son - Son of Asa L.& Elizabeth Ann [Libby] (Cobb) Waterman
WATERMAN, Elizabeth (Libbie). Spouse of Asa L. Born 2/8/1847, died 1-11-1912 - Dau of Joseph Cobb and Isabel Lesher
WATERMAN, Erminie. Born 12/7/1865, died 6/1/1875
WATERMAN, Eugene. Born 1871, died 1945 - Son of Asa L.& Elizabeth Ann [Libby] (Cobb) Waterman
WATERMAN, Helen F. Spouse of Perry G. Born 11/4/1842, died 2-15-1921
WATERMAN, Leonora L. Spouse of Eugene. Born 1873, died 1939
WATERMAN, Martin, Dr. Born 5/10/1875, died 4-6-1934. Age: 59 - Son of Asa L.& Elizabeth Ann [Libby] (Cobb) Waterman
WATERMAN, Mary J. Russell. Spouse of Seeley, died 12/2/1872
WATERMAN, Nettie (Carpenter). Born 6/25/1878, died 9/15/1893 - Adopted
WATERMAN, Nettie E. Spouse of Norman O. Born 1853, died 1903 - Dau of Joseph & Isabel Lesher Cobb
WATERMAN, Norman O. Spouse of Nettie E. Born 1849, died 1929
WATERMAN, Perry G. Spouse of Helen F. Born 2/21/1842, died 4-25-1919 - Son of Asa L.& Elizabeth Ann [Libby] (Cobb) Waterman
WATERMAN, Seeley S. Spouse of Mary Jane Russell. Born 1830, died 1910
WATERMAN, Son, died 7/16/1866. Age: 7y 4m - Son of Lewis P. & Salona P. Waterman
WATERMAN, Zadec G. Spouse of Amanda Putnam. Born 7/17/1800, died 12/21/1876
WATSON, James V. Spouse of Lucretia J. Born 1824, died 1914 - Father
WATSON, Lucretia J. Spouse of James V. Born 1832, died 1914 - Mother
WHEELER, George E. Spouse of Jeanne (Sundlov), then companion of Sandy Belovarac. Born 2-21-1943, died 6-22-2018. Age: 75 - Son of George and Fern (Vose) Wheeler. Born and lived in Jamestown NY, died in Erie PA. Married Jeanne Sundlov 2-6-1971, one daughter. (Spouse d. 6-7-2008). Companion survives. - Vietnam Vet, 1st Calvary Div Combat Infantry. Bronze Star.
WHEELER, Jeanne E. (Sundlov). Spouse of George E. Born 12-1-1940, died 6-7-2008. Age: 67 - Dau of Elov & Mabel (Johnson) Sundlov. Wed 2-6-1971, one daughter.
WHITEHILL, Helen J. Spouse of Robert D. Born 10-24-1932, died 07-12-2010. Age: 77 - Dau of Martin Bloss & Anna Stanton Bloss Carter-born in Lawtons, NY. Wed 10-15-1954
WHITEHILL, Ricky A. Born 01-07-1962, died 01-19-2011. Age: 49 - Son of Robert D. & Helen Bloss Whitehill
WHITEHILL, Robert D. Spouse of Helen Bloss. Born 11-11-1927, died 11-18-2010. Age: 83 - Son of John & Ada McDonald Whitehill, born in Tidioute PA. Wed 10-15-1954 - WW II Vet, US Navy
WIGGINS, Frank L. Spouse of Mary E
WIGGINS, Mary E. Spouse of Frank L. Born 7/21/1888, died 4-14-1969
WILSON, Elizabeth A. Spouse of Ralph Courtney. Born 7-29-1912, died 7-21-2006. Age: 93 - Dau of Norman & Helen Wright Peters. Wed 7-15-1933
WINSER, Andrew J., died 7/19/1837. Age: 2y 6m 23d - Son of Clark & MaryWinser
WINSER, Clark. Spouse of Mary Hall, died 3/12/1870. Age: 74y 1m 16d
WINSER, David. Spouse of Sally, died 1/11/1875 - Son of Clark & Mary Winser - War of 1812 Vet
WINSER, Mary Hall. Spouse of Clark, died 12/14/1865. Age: 50y 2m 12d
WINSER, Mercy, died 7/31/1825. Age: 1y 15d - Dau of Clark & Mary Winser
WINSER, Mercy C., died 3/27/1832. Age: 6y 4d - Dau of Clark & Mary Winser
WINSER, Rachel, died 3/22/1832. Age: 9y 2m 12d - Dau of Clark & Mary Winser
WINSER, Sally. Spouse of David, died 4/21/1855. Age: 54y 7m 28d
WOOD, Alta J. Born 7/8/1881, died 4/22/1882 - Dau of George & Amy Wood
WOOD, Amy Cheney. Spouse of George. Born 9/16/1852, died 4-15-1939
WOOD, Clarence. Born 1872, died 11/29/1872
WOOD, Delia. Born 11/23/1870, died 4-21-1927
WOOD, Elmer. Born 2/22/1787, died 7/25/1859
WOOD, Eslie Maria. Born 11/10/1837, died 12/12/1882
WOOD, George. Born 6/15/1845, died 11-1-1925
WOOD, Glen. Born 9/23/1872, died 5-13-1911
WOOD, Harriet J. VanNamee. Spouse of William. Born 2/18/1838, died 1908
WOOD, John. Spouse of Sally J. Born 3/24/1816, died 5/8/1899
WOOD, Perry D. Born 2/17/1832, died 12-19-1903
WOOD, Philena. Born 4/24/1792, died 4/30/1860
WOOD, Sally J. Spouse of John. Born 4/24/1823, died 2/23/1877
WOOD, Sarah Dayton. Spouse of Willard
WOOD, Sarah M. Born 4/26/1823, died 8/6/1894
WOOD, Willaim. Born 1827, died 1907
WOOD, Willard. Spouse of Sarah Dayton. Born 3/9/1818, died 5/1/1882
WRIGHT, Laura. Spouse of Reuben. Born 3/7/1795, died 5/4/1879. Age: 84y 1m 27d - Dau of Rev. David & Hannah Rumsey
WRIGHT, Reuben. Spouse of Laura. Born 12/1/1791, died 6/21/1866 - Son of Asahel Wright b. Lenoz, MA
YOUNG, Alice Hamer
YOUNG, Charles E. Born 1840, died 1885 - Son of Pearly
YOUNG, Clark H. Born 1845, died 1918
YOUNG, David. Spouse of Irena. Born 6/9/1791, died 10/2/1879. Age: 88y 2m 23d
YOUNG, Elvira B., died 2/13/1845. Age: 27y 5m 13d - Dau of David & Irena Young
YOUNG, Festus. Born 1/8/1833, died 10-11-1904
YOUNG, Henry H. Spouse of Sarah E. Born 1/14/1861, died 7-13-1922
YOUNG, Hiram, died 7/2/1848. Age: 38
YOUNG, Horace [Creep], died 4/19/1857. Age: 13y 9m
YOUNG, Irena. Spouse of David. Born 12/9/1795, died 7/21/1878. Age: 82y 5m 12d
YOUNG, Lorinda Ames. Born 1842, died 1913
YOUNG, Mehitable, died 3/16/1853. Age: 59y 4m 9d
YOUNG, Myrtle Merkett. Born 1867, died 1904
YOUNG, Pearly. Spouse of Polly. Born 12/5/1799, died 10/20/1850. Age: 51y 8m 15d
YOUNG, Polly. Spouse of Pearly. Born 12/29/1807, died 9/24/1883
YOUNG, Reuben, died 3/8/1853. Age: 14y 7m 14d - Son of Pearly & Polly Young
YOUNG, Russell, died 5/5/1839. Age: 26y 9m 5d
YOUNG, Ruth. Born 10/10/1826, died 1/8/1849 - Dau of Pearly & Polly Young
YOUNG, Samuel Jr., died 6/25/1857. Age: 70y 3m 9d
YOUNG, Sarah E. Spouse of Henry H. Born 1/11/1865, died 3-2-1922 - Gr. Dau of David Smith
YOUNG, Sarah L. Smith. Spouse of Z Coleman, died 1/5/1858. Age: 30y 6m 12d - Dau of David & Sarah Smith
YOUNG, Sarah Leet. Born 1840, died 1920
YOUNG, Wendell B. Spouse of Prudence Carpenter. Born 12/1/1824, died 6/29/1858. Age: 33y 7m 28d - Son of David & Irena Young. Wed Prudence 2-29-1848
YOUNG, Z. Coleman. Spouse of Sarah L

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