Cherry Creek, NY
Contributed by PHGS Member: Paul Giometti

Photo by Wendy Phillips


ABBEY, Addie. Born 1876, died 1951
ABBEY, Addie E. Spouse of Chauncey J. Born 1858, died 1930
ABBEY, Carrie M. Born 1884, died 1964
ABBEY, Chauncey J. Spouse of Addie E., died 12-14-1933
ABBEY, David. Born 1945, died 1945 - Son of Nathan and Lorena
ABBEY, Elwyn. Born 1912, died 9-28-1912
ABBEY, Eva. Spouse of Henry, died 1-23-1857. Age: 68
ABBEY, Everett. Born 2-13-1887, died 2-23-1887
ABBEY, Frank. Born 1856, died 1922
ABBEY, Grace Belle. Spouse of George. Born 7-1-1881, died 2-29-1904. Age: 23 - Dau of Henry Lucius and Laura Lauranacie Remington Shattuck
ABBEY, Grover. Born 1-18-1885, died 8-25-1901. Age: 16
ABBEY, Henry. Spouse of Eva. Age: 88
ABBEY, Lura F. Born 1859, died 1888
ABBEY, Lydia A. Born 1831, died 6-2-1900
ABBEY, Mary A. Born 1859, died 1941
ABBEY, Oliver, died 7-2-1867. Age: 7m 8d - Son of Henry and Eva Abbey
ABBEY, Oliver H. Born 1820, died 1890
ABBEY, Oliver L. Born 1867, died 1868
ABBEY, Percy J. Born 1880, died 1959 - With Carrie
ABBEY, Richard P. Spouse of Doris M. Born 04-25-1929, died 07-12-2010. Age: 81 - Son of Alfred C. and Lelah Abbey. Wed 8-21-1948
ABBEY, Sister, died 9-27- 1859
ABBEY, Tida, died 5-9-1888
ABBY, Addie F. Spouse of Chauncey J. Born 1858, died 5-19-1930 - Sister of Frank H. Cookingham
ABBY, Almon James. Born 1863, died 1942
ABBY, Anna. Born 1840, died 1914. Age: 73
ABBY, Carrie. Born 1884
ABBY, Chancey. Born 1876, died 1960
ABBY, Chauncey J. Spouse of Addie F. Born 1858, died 12-14-1993
ABBY, Cora. Born 1874, died 7-1876 - Dau of David and Anna Abbey
ABBY, Cora. Born 1874, died 1876
ABBY, David. Born 1836, died 1907
ABBY, David. Born 1945, died 1945
ABBY, Elwyn. Born 1912, died 1912
ABBY, Eva. Spouse of Henry
ABBY, Henry. Spouse of Eva. Age: 88
ABBY, Louisa. Born 1846, died 1908
ABBY, Lura F. Born 1859, died 1888
ABBY, Lydia A. Born 1831, died 1900
ABBY, Mandy. Born 1877, died 1881
ABBY, Manley. Born 1877, died 1881
ABBY, Mary. Born 1864, died 1901
ABBY, Nathan. Born 1834, died 3-21-1904. Age: 69y 10m 5d - Abbey?
ABBY, Oliver H. Born 1820, died 1890
ABBY, Oliver L. Born 1867, died 1868
ABBY, Percy J. Born 1880, died 1959 Son - Son of Chauncey and Sarah Rundell Abbey
ABBY, Rev. Davi. Born 1836, died 1907 - Son of Calvin and Abigail Patton Abbey
ABERSOLD, Jane Louise (Vollentine). Spouse of Elwood R. Born 1-22-1930, died 2-17-2021. Age: 91 - Dau of Ward A. and Fern L. (Simpson) Vollentine. Born in Town of Ellery, lived in Lakewood NY, died in Warren PA. A health care Aide. Wed 7-25-1947, two daughters.
ALLNATT, Charles. Spouse of Jessica. Born 11-18-1825, died 4-29-1875. Age: 49y 5m 4d
ALLNATT, Grace Louisa. Born 8-27-1866, died 4-20-1887 - Dau of Charles and Jessica Bullock Allnatt, died of typhoid pneumonia
ALLNATT, Jessica B. Spouse of Charles. Born 4-24-1829, died 2-5-1897
ANDERSON, Andrew N. Born 7-13-1858
ANDERSON, Eva Purdy. Spouse of Milton H., died 12-31-1967 - Wed June 13 1930
ANDERSON, Milton H. Spouse of #1 Eva Purdy, #2 Mildred V. Swanson Gustafson. Born 2-26-1909, died 12-1-1999. Age: 90 - Son of August Mary Bush, born in Kenosha WI. Wed Mildred 5-31-1969.
ANNIS, Alpha W. Born 1864, died 1925
ANNIS, Carrie R. Born 1867, died 1924
ANNIS, Orson. Born 5-17-1899
AUSTIN, Alta. Born 1874, died 1947
AUSTIN, Bertha. Born 1894
AUSTIN, Lorenzo W. Born 1874, died 1953
BABCOCK, Cecil, died 11-24-1889. Age: 10y 8m 4d - Dau of H. V. Babcock
BABCOCK, Herman. Spouse of Rokie
BABCOCK, John B. Spouse of Mercy. Age: 64
BABCOCK, Marian. Born 1822, died 1895
BABCOCK, Mercy (Chase). Spouse of John B.
BABCOCK, Nellie, died 8-4-1872. Age: 10y 12m 1d - Dau of H. R. Babcock
BABCOCK, Pearl Angie. Spouse of Ronald Russel Sr. Born 01-28-1909, died 08-18-2009. Age: 100 - Dau of Willard Ransom and Angeline Scholton Webber
BABCOCK, Rokie. Spouse of Herman, died 7-5-1879. Age: 24y 0m 11d
BABCOCK, Thomas, died 8-11-1856. Age: 3y 0m 18d - Son of L. N. and Sarah Ames
BAILEY, Brandon Jacob. Born 2-14-2008, died 2-14-2008. Age: Infant - Son of Steven and Jennysue Bailey
BAKER, Ellen A. Born 7-15- 1859, died 3-30-1920
BAKER, Rev. Joel. Born 1824, died 1911
BALLEW, Adeline E. (Lincoln) [Peggy]. Spouse of Owen H. Sr. Born 1-28-1927, died 8-8-2018. Age: 91 - Dau of Orlando and Lena Lincoln. Born in Cherry Creek NY, lived in Erie PA, died in Waynesboro MS. Wed 7-1--1951, four children.
BALLEW, Owen H. Sr. Spouse of Adeline E. Lincoln). Born 1-2-1915, died 2-21-1994. Age: 79 - Son of Charles M. and Blanche (Hibbard) Ballew. Wed 7-1--1951, four children. WW II Vet, US Navy, F2
BANNISTER, Alvin. Spouse of Harriet. Born 1796, died 1878
BANNISTER, Claude G. Born 1868, died 1899
BANNISTER, Gideon A., died 8-9-1866. Age: 26y 10m 25d
BANNISTER, Harriet. Spouse of Alvin, died 11-22- 1869. Age: 72y 12d
BANNISTER, Harriet J. Born 1872, died 1932
BANNISTER, Henry. Spouse of Lucretia. Born 1829, died 1910
BANNISTER, Lucretia. Spouse of Henry B. Born 1839, died 1898
BARLUTE, Eda A. Spouse of Leander A. Born 7-14-1851, died 2-14-1888
BARLUTE, Leander
BARNUM, Ellen A. Born 2-20-1845, died 9-13-1898
BARTH, Frank W. Born 6-9-1945, died 2-15-2017. Age: 71 - Son of Clarence and Margaret (Kinn) Barth. Born in Gowanda NY, lived in Silver Creek NY, died in Buffalo NY. One daughter, mother not named. - Cold War Vet, US Army, 101st Airborne. Enlisted 1962. A sharpshooter and paratrooper.
BARTLETT, Julia. Born 1822, died 1913
BELL, Vera Mabel (Macey). Spouse of Fredrick Elmer. Born 12-30-1922, died 8-20-1995. Age: 72 - Dau of Rodney and Gladys (Clark) Macey, born in Town of Cherry Creek, NY
BENTLEY, Alexander. Born 1821, died 4-19-1883. Age: 62y 6m 4d - Son of Joshua Jr. and Sally Thomas Bentley
BENTLEY, Almon, died 5-30-1874. Age: 62y 7m 24d - Son of Gardner and Amy Crandell Bentley
BENTLEY, Ann. Born 1822, died 4-7-1882. Age: 59y 7m 21d - Dau of Dyer and Mehitable Bugbee
BENTLEY, Benjamin. Spouse of Susannah. Born 2-1795, died 3-30- 1866 - Son of Joshua and Abigail Wilsie Bentley
BENTLEY, Casper, died 12-11- 1872. Age: 21y 1d - Son of Almon and Ann Bugbee Bentley
BENTLEY, Clara Howard Gage. Spouse of Ira. Born 1823, died 1900
BENTLEY, Ernest L. Spouse of Margaret Eugenia, died 7-8-1996 - Wed 11-23-1923 in Ellington, NY
BENTLEY, George. Spouse of Mary, died 2-1-1902. Age: 86
BENTLEY, George L. Age: 1y 3m - Son of G.R. and E.K. Bentley
BENTLEY, George W., died 12-28-1868. Age: 59y 2m
BENTLEY, Ira. Spouse of Clara G, died 4-6-1871. Age: 44
BENTLEY, Joshua Jr. Spouse of Sally. Born 3- 1786, died 6-29- 1851. Age: 65 - Son of Joshua Sr. and Abigail Wilsie Bentley
BENTLEY, Margaret Eugenia (Bagg). Spouse of Ernest L. Born 4-4-1902, died 9-22-1999. Age: 97 - Dau of Ellison and Etta Babcock Bagg. Wed 11-23-1923 in Ellington, NY
BENTLEY, Mary Eastman. Spouse of George. Born 1833, died 1917
BENTLEY, Mary Jane. Born 1822, died 1913 - Dau of Edwin and Mary Griggs Cowen
BENTLEY, Sally Thomas. Born 3-1789, died 6-24-1862. Age: 73y 3m
BENTLEY, Susannah King. Spouse of Benjamin. Born 1796, died 6-14-1873. Age: 77y 2m 12d - Dau of Joshua and Abigail Wilsie Bentley
BENTON, Erie R. Born 8-19-1884
BENTON, Isaac S. Spouse of Nettie L. T. Born 10-5-1859, died 1-14-1947
BENTON, Merle J. Born 2-21-1895
BENTON, Nettie L. Tanner. Spouse of Issac S. Born 6-12- 1864, died 8-3-1907
BEVERLY, David. Born 7-7-1809, died 12-22-1898. Age: 89y 5m 15d
BEVERLY, David F. Spouse of Viola. Born 1859, died 1923
BEVERLY, Laura. Spouse of David B. Born 5-5-1812, died 3-9-1893
BEVERLY, Martha W., died 3-31-1850. Age: 41y 4m 13d
BEVERLY, Viola. Spouse of David F. Born 1854, died 1920. Age: 66 - Dau of Frederick Augustus Simms and Mary Ann Rac(e)y Shattuck
BILLINGS, Alva. Spouse of #1 Sophia, #2 Electa Weaver, died 2-26- 1882. Age: 81y 11m 26d
BILLINGS, Electa (Weaver). Spouse of Alva. Born 9-21-1823
BILLINGS, Francis, died 9-5-1855. Age: 3
BILLINGS, Sophia. Spouse of Alva, died 10-18-1862. Age: 62
BISHOP, William R. Born 2-4-1955, died 6-10-2018. Age: 63 - Son of William and Marian Bishop, Born in Chicago IL, lived and died in Cherry Creek NY.Two children, mother not named.
BLAISDELL, Lydia F. Spouse of William. Born 9-7-1839, died 6-24-1860. Age: 21 - Dau of Lawrence Eugene and Amy Angeline Ames Shattuck Also buried with her are her children Burke and Lydia F.( D. 1863)
BOUTELLE, Jeanne M. Born 6-14-1957, died 3-7-2006. Age: 48 - Dau of Eugene and Ruth Harriger Clinton-born in Warren PA-died in Rio Rancho NM
BOUTWELL, Cora. Spouse of Delos F.
BOUTWELL, Delos F. #1 Cora, #2 Elizabeth M. Born 1838, died 1911
BOUTWELL, Elizabeth M. Spouse of Delos F. Born 1880, died 1953
BOUTWELL, Ellen. Spouse of Frank - Dau of Columbus and Susan Schutz Farrington
BOUTWELL, Francelia L. Born 1848, died 1924
BOUTWELL, Frank. Spouse of Ellen
BOUTWELL, Jessie, died 12-6-1874. Age: 54y 10m 9d
BOUTWELL, Louis E. Born 11-11-1869, died 1953
BOUTWELL, Margaret. Born 4-25-1850, died 1968 - Dau of Charles and Jessica Allnatt
BOUTWELL, Milo. Spouse of Lois Holmes. Born 1824, died 1899 - Father of Oscar Bullock
BOUTWELL, Milo. Spouse of Nora. Born 11-9-1873, died 5-20-1950 - Son of Oscar and Margaret Allnatt Bullock
BOUTWELL, Nora. Spouse of Milo B. Born 1885, died 1958 - Dau of Walter and Mary Bullock Dorwin
BOUTWELL, Nora M. Born 1884, died 1915
BOUTWELL, Oscar. Born 10-22-1849, died 1-2-1926 - Son of Milo and Lois Holmes Bullock
BOUTWELL, Roxy A. Spouse of Thomas. Born 1802, died 7-20-1886. Age: 84y 4m
BOUTWELL, Thomas. Spouse of Roxy A. Born 1796, died 9-10-1870. Age: 74
BOUTWELL, Viola B. Born 1836, died 1861 - Dau of Joseph and Lena VIincent of Hamlet
BOYS, Barna E. Age: 11m 13d - Dau of Joseph W. and Susan A. Crumb Boys
BOYS, Barnabas. Spouse of Polly. Born 10-26-1800, died 10-2-1884
BOYS, Joseph W. Spouse of Susan A. Born 12-5-1833, died 12-5-1901
BOYS, Polly. Spouse of Barnabas. Age: 67y 7d
BOYS, Susan A. Crumb. Spouse of Joseph W. Born 5-9-1839, died 1631
BRIGGS, Alice. Spouse of Demus, died 7-22-1893. Age: 89y 12d
BRIGGS, B. Ransom. Spouse of Betsy J. Born 1843, died 1-31-1901. Age: 58 - Civil War Vet
BRIGGS, Betsey J. Spouse of B. Ransom. Born 1842, died ?
BRIGGS, Demus. Spouse of Alice, died 12-12-1882. Age: 78y 6m 8d
BRIGGS, Emily W. Spouse of Hartwell, died 3-1-1890. Age: 62
BRIGGS, George, died 6-12-1933. Age: 74 - Gunshot
BRIGGS, Hartwell. Spouse of Emily W., died 8-9-1876. Age: 51
BROCKWAY, Amy A. (Bentley). Born 2-15-1834, died 3-22-1902. Age: 68y 1m 7d - Dau of Joshua Jr. and Sally (Thomas) Bentley
BROCKWAY, George R. Born 2-27- 1829, died 12-11-1886. Age: 59y 9m 14d
BROCKWAY, Leonard. Born 8-9-1854, died 1931
BROCKWAY, Orin, died 3-10-1865. Age: 7w - Son of Geo. and Amy Brockway
BROOKS, Berdena A. Spouse of Henry O. Born 7-20-1920, died 7-7-2006. Age: 85 - Dau of Frank and Ora Merrill Nolte-married 12-28-1957
BROOKS, Henry O. Spouse of Berdena A. Nolte. Born 06-08-1919, died 03-24-2010. Age: 85 - Son of John Henry and Emma (Sharp) Brooks, born in Spruce WV. Wed 12-28-1957 - WW II Vet, US Army
BROWN, Blanch A. Born 7-26-1878, died 10-8-1895 - Dau of Richard and Emma Bullock
BROWN, Emma. Born 12-23-1853, died 177
BROWN, Henry Geor. Jr. Born 1925, died 1928
BROWN, Horace. Spouse of Lydia. Born -6-1820, died 1904
BROWN, Lydia Myers. Spouse of Horace. Born 9-11-1827, died 1902
BROWN, Onettie
BROWN, Richard
BRUNSON, Lucy (Farrington). Spouse of Robert c. Born 1845, died 1930
BRUNSON, Rev. Alfred. Born 1844, died 1905
BRUNSON, Robert C. Spouse of Lucy F. Born 1887, died 1932
BUCKLEY, Jim. Born 8-2-1946, died 9-6-2008. Age: 62 - Son of Walter J. and Mary Alice (Shattuck) Buckley, died in Ashland, OH
BUCKLEY, Mary Alice. Spouse of Walter John. Born 5-18-1913, died 3-7-1999. Age: 85 - Dau of John Floyd and Mary Gertrude McNamara Shattuck
BUCKLEY, Walter John. Spouse of Mary Alice. Born 8-21-1909, died 5-21-1958 - Son of John Lawrence and Avah Mirth Delahoy Buckley
BUGBEE, Agnes A. Born 1-12-1864, died 12-24-1904
BUGBEE, Matilda C. Spouse of W. Asa. Born 8-8-1836, died 5-26-1911
BUGBEE, Mebitabel. Spouse of Dyer, died 2-21-1848. Age: 69
BUGBEE, W. Asa S. Spouse of Matilda C. Born 9-2-1832, died 10-1- 1902
BULLOCK, Almira M. Spouse of William. Age: 36
BULLOCK, Asril. Born 1866, died 1941
BULLOCK, Azra, died ?. Age: 18y 5m 1d
BULLOCK, Betty. Born 5-14-1872
BULLOCK, Earl Z. Spouse of Flora S. Born 1853, died 1893
BULLOCK, Emily. Spouse of Joseph C.
BULLOCK, Emma A. Born 1851, died 1914
BULLOCK, Eunice B. Born 1851, died 1914
BULLOCK, Flora S. Spouse of Earl Z. Born 1858, died 1940
BULLOCK, Harvey, died 8-8-1846 - Son of Reuben and Nancy Bullock
BULLOCK, James. Spouse of Lucretia. Born 4-17-1815, died 12-17- 1890
BULLOCK, Joseph C. Spouse of Emily. Born 1843, died 1923
BULLOCK, Lettie. Born 1865, died 1915
BULLOCK, Loretta M. Age: 2y 11m 18d - Dau of Wm. and Almira M. Bullock
BULLOCK, Lucretia. Spouse of James. Born 2-16-1824, died 6-1-1897
BULLOCK, Martin E. - Son of Wm. and Almira M. Bullock
BULLOCK, Mary E. Born 1851, died 1893
BULLOCK, Nancy. Spouse of Reuben A. Born 2-10-1807, died 10-24-1884. Age: 77y 8m 4d
BULLOCK, Nancy C. Born 3-26-1820, died 6-7- 1893
BULLOCK, Perrin - Son of Reuben and Nancy Bullock
BULLOCK, Peter. Born 1835, died 1895
BULLOCK, Reuben. Spouse of Nancy, died 10-6- 1871. Age: 69y 2m
BULLOCK, Reuben. Spouse of #1Anna Muncil, #2 Margaret Blaine. Born 1-7- 1777, died 9-14-1856. Age: 79y 8m 7d
BULLOCK, Stephen, died 7-31-1859. Age: 36
BULLOCK, Una A. Born 2-14-1882, died 4-20-1904 - Dau of John and Sally Bullock
BULLOCK, Wallace H. Born 1868, died 1940 - Son of Peter and Mary Electa Hildum Bullock
BULLOCK, Wm. Spouse of Almira M. Born 1826, died 1904
BULLOCK, Wm. S. Spouse of Nancy C. Born 1811, died 1893
BUNCE, Mary E. (Pomeroy) Ingalls. Spouse of Nelson, died 1-4-1929. Age: 88 - 2nd wife. Nelson and his first wife are interred at the Cottage cemetery
BUSH, Elizabeth M. Spouse of Luther
BUSH, Infant - Dau of R. O. and M. A. Bush
BUSH, Luther. Spouse of Elizabeth, died 12-20-1888. Age: 72y 4m 2d
BUSH, Luther J., died 12-17-1896. Age: 23
BUSH, R. O., died 9-5-1887. Age: 47
BUSH, Willie, died 7-28-1890
CADY, Faith R. Spouse of Joseph. Born 10-5- 1797, died 8-8-1868. Age: 70y 10m 3d
CADY, Joseph. Spouse of Faith R. Born 3-18-1794, died 12-25-1880. Age: 86y 9m 7d
CANEEN, Bertha. Born 187?, died 4-23- 1934
CANEEN, John E. MD. Born 1855, died 1929
CARR, Eliza. Spouse of Samuel H. Born 1832, died 1896
CARR, Ella L. Born 1859, died 1930 - Dau of Truman and Hannah Carr
CARR, George W., died 3-21- 1856. Age: 24y 8m 28d - Son of Wm. and Sally Carr
CARR, Hannah M. Spouse of Alvah Billings. Born 1827, died 1923
CARR, Infant
CARR, Jennie. Spouse of Ira R. Born 11-1805, died 4-9-1895 - Dau of Truman and Hannah Carr m. Ira Richardson
CARR, Mason H.
CARR, Matilda. Spouse of Samuel H. Born 1829, died 1858
CARR, Sally Baldwin. Spouse of William. G. Born 4-1802, died 4-3-1858. Age: 56
CARR, Samuel H. Spouse of #1 Matilda, #2 Eliza. Born 1827, died 1906 - Son of Wm. G. and Sally Carr
CARR, Truman B. Born 1829, died 1903
CARR, William G. Spouse of Sally, died 4-1854. Age: 53y 1m 11d
CARR, Wm. D. Age: 2m - Son of W. and S. Carr
CASTEN, Archie R. Spouse of Olive G. Shearer. Born 1886
CASTEN, Gerald J. Born 1927, died 1929
CASTEN, Olive G. (Shearer). Spouse of Archie R. Born 1889, died 1962
CASTEN, Pearl G. Born 1872, died 1958
CASTEN, Roger R. Spouse of Nova L. Henderson. Born 10-25-1925, died 7-10-2017. Age: 91 - Son of Archie and Olive (Shearer) Casten. Born in Town of Ellington NY, lived in Falconer NY, died in Ravenna OH. Wed 9-21-1946 in Cherry Creek NY, two sons. (Spouse survives) - WW II Vet, US Navy aboard USS Alaska. 1943-1946
CASTEN, Wm. H. Born 1868, died 1927
CHAMPLIN, Allen J. Born 1893, died 1948
CHAMPLIN, Ann A. Born 5-13-1854, died 4-27-1900 - Dau of John E. Matteson
CHAMPLIN, Carrie. Born 1883, died 19??
CHAMPLIN, Edwin G. Born 1897, died 1957
CHAMPLIN, Frank B. Born 1881, died 1937
CHAMPLIN, Genevieve L. Born 1902
CHAMPLIN, George T. Born 1858, died 1930
CHAMPLIN, James. Born 1854, died 1934
CHAMPLIN, Lizzie. Born 1882, died 1911
CHAMPLIN, Maude H. Born 1893, died 1955
CHAMPLIN, Nellie A. Born 1855, died 1921
CHAMPLIN, Nellie D. Born 1872, died 1932
CHAMPLIN, Stephen J. Spouse of Ann A. Born 1-11-1851, died 1-16-1919
CHASE, Bertha B. Born 1898, died 19?? - Dau of Millard and Elsie Chase
CHASE, E. Joyce. Spouse of Ernest E. Born 7-30-1925, died 5-14-2009. Age: 83 - Dau of Fay and Flossie Ridout Lewis-married 5-20-1944
CHASE, Elsie Gladys (Crumb). Spouse of Millard. Born 7-6-1905, died 12-10-1934 - Dau of Burlin P. Crumb
CHASE, Emma L.
CHASE, Ernest E. Spouse of E. Joyce Lewis. Born 6-16-1922, died 5-2-2008. Age: 85 - Son of Walter and Bertha Brown Chase. Wed 5-20-1944 - WW II Vet, US Air Force
CHASE, Grace R. Born 1901, died 1943
CHASE, Harold B. Born 1901
CHASE, Herbert S. Born 1850, died 1941
CHASE, Karen V. (Carlson). Spouse of Ronald E. Born 7-16-1944, died 1-29-2003. Age: 58 - Dau of Evert and Stella (Smith) Carlson, born in Olean NY
CHASE, Lois. Spouse of Cecil B. Mahle
CHASE, Mark Richard. Born 8-22-1971, died 12-16-2020. Age: 49 - Son of Ronald and Karen Chase. Lived and died in South Dayton NY. Library media specialist for 20 years.
CHASE, Melva A. Born 1857, died 1929
CHASE, Millard Nelson. Spouse of Elsie G. Born 10-25- 1905
CHASE, Millard Nelson Jr. Spouse of Margaret Ann Hoag
CHASE, Ruth. Spouse of Larry Buck
CHASE, Walater. Born 1893, died 1956 - Son of Millard and Elsie Chase
CLARKE, James D. Spouse of Betty L. Felt. Born 12-7-1938, died 6-26-2017. Age: 78 - Son of Gilman and Dorothy (Bogue) Clarke. Born in Buffalo NY, lived in Forestville NY. A printer at Great Lakes Printing for 34 years. Wed abt 1960, four children, multiple surnames.
COLBURN, Luther J. Sr. Spouse of Margaret Park. Born 8-10-1917, died 6-12-2007. Age: 89 - Son of Justin and Lucy Sharpe Colburn. Wed 7-20-1946 - WW II Vet, US Army
COLVIN, Arnold M. Spouse of Marion G. Born 6-12-1888, died 7-3-1971 - Son of Samuel and Lillie Maybelle Estee Colvin
COLVIN, Brad. Born 1954, died 1988 - Son of Roy and Claribel Hoth Colvin
COLVIN, Charles Herbert. Spouse of Norma Carol H, died 10-20-2003 - Son of Herbert Glenn Colvin and L. Faye Johnson
COLVIN, Clair H. Spouse of Eva Dann. Born 1-31-1898, died 12-7-1973 - Son of Samuel and Lillie Maybelle Estee Colvin
COLVIN, Elizabeth S. "Lizzie". Spouse of James L. Colvin. Born 1866, died 1898 - Dau of James Lyon and Ann (Wilkinson) Delahoy
COLVIN, Eva Dann. Spouse of Clair H. Born 2-6-1903, died 10-21-1996
COLVIN, Faye J. (Johnson). Spouse of #1 Herbert, #2 Paul. Born 3-26-1918, died 4-7-2017. Age: 99 - Dau of Clarence and Mildred Johnson. Born in Sinclairville NY, lived in Cherry Creek and Sebring FL. Died in Sebring. Worked 30 years for Pine Valley Schools. Three children, father unclear. Herbert d. 1984, Paul d. 2008
COLVIN, Florence. Spouse of Kenneth. Born 1901, died 1947
COLVIN, Florence M. Born 1891, died 1901
COLVIN, Glenn D. Spouse of Marjorie Belote. Born 7-27-1893, died 1-2-1970 - Son of Samuel and Lillie Maybelle Estee Colvin
COLVIN, Herbert Glenn. Spouse of L. Faye Johnson. Born 10-25-1915, died 5-22-1984 - Son of Glenn D
COLVIN, James L. Spouse of S. Elizabeth. Born 10-24-1859, died 1898 - Son of Daniel C. and Annis L. Bennett Colvin
COLVIN, Kenneth H. Spouse of Florence. Born 1891, died 1985
COLVIN, Lance G. Born 10-20- 1966, died 7-24-1994. Age: 27 - Son of Charles H. and Norma Carol (Hubbard) Colvin, born in Jamestown, NY
COLVIN, Lillie Maybelle. Spouse of Samuel D. Born 12-23-1865, died 10-16-1952 - Dau of Isiah Estee and Rosetta Evans
COLVIN, Lyman. Born 3-1844, died 1901 - Son of James L. and S. Elizabeth Colvin
COLVIN, Marion Gray. Spouse of Arnold M. Born 12-7-1913, died 11-10-1992
COLVIN, Marjorie (Smith) Belote. Spouse of Glenn D. Born 12-9-1915, died 4-9-2006 - 2nd wife. Dau of Elwood Belote and Mabel Snow, born in Forestville NY. Parents buried in Smith Mills
COLVIN, Olive. Born 1917, died 1931 - Dau of Glenn and Clara Snow Colvin
COLVIN, Paul Emerson. Spouse of Faye J. Johnson. Born 9-27-1919, died 8-14-2008. Age: 88 - Son of Glenn D. and Clara (Snow) Colvin
COLVIN, Roy. Spouse of Claribel Hoth. Born 4-15-1923, died 3-18-1961 - Son of Clair and Eva Dann Colvin
COLVIN, S. Elizabeth. Spouse of James L. Born 1866, died 1898
COLVIN, Samuel D. Spouse of Lillie Estee. Born 12-23-1865, died 10-14-1942
CONDON, Carol A. Spouse of Jack F. Born 2-16-1943, died 7-6-2006. Age: 63 - Dau of Ross F. and Jean C. Howard Estus Jr.-married 7-16-1971
CONDON, Salvatore R. [Sam]. Spouse of Elaine F. Whipple. Born 8-23-1928, died 2-5-2015. Age: 86 - Born in Cherry Creek NY, died in Jamestown NY.
CONGDON, Sally Jane (Fairbanks). Spouse of Earl D. Born 9-1-1939, died 9-5-2018. Age: 79 - Dau of Art and Evelyn (Olrogg) Fairbanks. Born in Chaut Co, lived in Forestville NY, died in Dunkirk NY. A homemaker. Wed 1958, two children.
COREY, Abbie (Abigail) A. Bullock. Spouse of Edson J. Born 1845, died 1874
COREY, Edson J. Spouse of Abbie A. Born 1847, died 1921
CREELEY, Patricia Albord. Spouse of Thomas Allen Sr., died 12-17-1992
CREELEY, Thomas Allen Sr. Spouse of Patricia. Born 8-18-1946, died 12-1-1995. Age: 49 - Son of Harold E. and Pauline (Chapman) Creeley, born in Salamanca NY - Cold War Vet, US Army
CROWELL, Curtis H. Born 1862, died 1923
CROWELL, Sarah A. Born 1841, died 1912
CROWELL, Seth. Born 1824, died 1-20-1896
CRUMB, Alvira. Spouse of Josiah B. Born 9-5-1803, died 4-24-1887 - Dau of Eleazer and Martha [Patty] Clark Brown
CRUMB, Ambrose, died 5-6-1845. Age: 15m - Son of Arnold and Lydia Crumb
CRUMB, B. Aucelia. Spouse of Chiles Hidecker. Born 5-12-1833, died 5-25-1921
CRUMB, Burlin P. Born 9-28- 1874, died 10-23-1938 - Son of Henry and Joanne Racey Crumb
CRUMB, Charles. Spouse of Flora Stebbins. Born 8-24-1837, died 9-16- 1884
CRUMB, Charles M. Born 1859, died 1921
CRUMB, Chauncey. Born 3-1- 1845, died 9-24- 1918
CRUMB, Dea. Wartstill. Born 1771, died 1844
CRUMB, Delos. Born 7-11-1826, died 3-31-1900
CRUMB, Deloss P. Spouse of Jane. Born 1827, died 1900
CRUMB, Elizabeth B. Born 1835, died 1921
CRUMB, Ella. Age: 105
CRUMB, Ella Grace. Born 8-26-1874, died 8-8-1911 - Dau of Chauncey Crumb
CRUMB, Elvira. Spouse of #1 Henry Amsdell, #2 Albert Hale. Born 5-7-1830, died 5-15-1898
CRUMB, Elvira Amsdell. Spouse of Levi. Born 3-24-1828, died 8-11-1905
CRUMB, George. Spouse of Maude Boutwell. Born 1-31- 1886, died 11-9-1936 - Son of Byron Crumb
CRUMB, Henry. Born 5-3-1834, died 4-23-1888
CRUMB, Hiram B. Spouse of Emily. Born 1-24-1834, died 3-11-1911
CRUMB, Infant - Son of Henry Crumb
CRUMB, J. Clark. Born 12-31-1828, died 4-15-1853
CRUMB, Josiah. Spouse of Elvira. Born 8-28-1803, died 8-7-1865 - Son of Waitstill and Cynthia Holcombe Crumb
CRUMB, Levi. Spouse of Elvira A. Born 4-14-1822, died 3-16-1882 - Son of John Wells Crumb and Amy Brown
CRUMB, Lucy Emiley. Born 9-2-1838, died 9-12- 1917
CRUMB, Lydia. Spouse of Rev. Nicholas Northrup, died 9-11-1842. Age: 66y 8m 24d
CRUMB, Lydia A. Born 1792, died 1881
CRUMB, Malvina, died 3-1-1843. Age: 2m - Dau of Arnold and Lydia Crumb
CRUMB, Myrtie D. Born 10-18-1869, died 1-14-1939 - Dau of John and Elsie Weed
CRUMB, P. Climena. Spouse of Erastus Brown. Born 2-9-1832, died 6-24-1908
CRUMB, Rebecca J. Spouse of Martin Lawrence. Born 3-4-1841, died 11-30- 1923
CRUMB, Roger G. Born 11-2-1940, died 1-19-2021. Age: 80 - Son of Kenneth and Velma (Towne) Crumb. Born in Jamestown NY, lived in Cherry Creek NY.Owner/operator of Crumb Dairy farm. One son, mother not named.
CRUMB, Susan A. Spouse of Joseph William Boys. Born 5-9-1839
CRUMB, Wm. Born 1832, died 1901
CUMMINGS, Clare H. Born 10-10-1899, died 7-13-1961
CUMMINGS, Clark. Born 1-30-1829, died 4-2-1884
CUMMINGS, Daniel. Born 4-23-1868, died 12-24- 1930
CUMMINGS, George F. Born 1837, died 1914
CUMMINGS, Henry. Born 5-9-1834, died 11-12-1881 - Son of Isaac and Chloe Cummings
CUMMINGS, Marian. Born 1840, died 11-3-1920 - Son of Daniel and Henrietta Farrington Stilson
CUMMINGS, Mazie. Born 7-7-1873, died 3-24-1939
CUMMINGS, Mildred M. Born 1902, died 19??
CUMMINGS, Prudence A. Born 11-9-1823, died 1-13-1904
CUMMINGS, Sharah E. Born 1838, died 1913
CUNNINGHAM, Etta M. Spouse of #1 Ernest Ray Langford, #2 Adolph Thyberg, #3 George Troland, #4 Axel Rolfe, #5 Charles Cunningham. Born 10-27-1909, died 12-24-2008. Age: 99 - Dau of Frank and Effie Wilson Porter
CURTIS, Isaac. Age: 60y 1m
CURTIS, Lucy Horton. Spouse of Stephen L. Age: 58y 10m 22d
CURTIS, Samuel. Born 7-2-1813, died 7-7-1901. Age: 88y 5d
CURTIS, Stephen L. Spouse of Lucy H. Born 10-5-1801, died 9-16- 1885
CURTIS, Sylvia. Born 11-19-1819, died 6-16-1908. Age: 88y 6m 27d
DAY, Elbert E. Born 1847, died 1904
DAY, Lee Elton. Born 1875, died 1931
DELAHOY, Ann. Spouse of James Lyon Delahoy. Born 16 Nov 1824, died 27 Jun 1902
DELAHOY, Frank Wesley. Born 16 Jan 1868, died 16 Jan 1937 - Son of James Lyon and Ann Wilkinson Delahoy
DELAHOY, James Lyon. Spouse of Ann Wilkinson. Born 2-1822, died 17 Feb 1899
DEVOE, James
DEXTER, John. Age: 57
DICKINSON, Anna A. Spouse of J. C., died 10-10-1856. Age: 32
DICKINSON, Sally. Spouse of Christoper, died 4-12-1857. Age: 80
DIGIROLAMO, Joseph G. Spouse of Janice Phillips. Born 4-21-1932, died 5-15-2009. Age: 77 - Son of Nicholas and Mary Camarata. Wed 8-23-1958 - Uncategorized Vet, US Navy
DIX, Clinton E. Spouse of Josephine. Born 1849, died 1922
DIX, Debby Ann. Born 1832, died 1910
DIX, James. Born 1819, died 1908
DIX, Josephine. Spouse of Clinton E., died 3-11-1894. Age: 32y 9m
DIX, Theodore B. Born 1842, died 1924
DOE, Alice A. Born 1854, died 1932
DOE, Ethel. Born 1885, died 19??
DOE, Mark. Born 1892, died 1948
DOE, Marquis D. Born 1846, died 1901
DOLAN, Bessie. Born 1883
DOLAN, John A. Born 1882, died 1956
DOUGLAS, Mittie M., died 8-17-1931
DOVERSPIKE, Joyce M. (Crumb). Born 2-23-1935, died 10-16-2017. Age: 82 - Dau of F. Clifford and Edna (Peters) Crumb. Born in Cherry Creek NY, lived in Cassadag NY. A bookkeeper with Agway for over 45 years. No husband or children named. Ashes
DURFEE, Edwin J. Born 1870, died 1941
DURKEE, William. Age: 83
DYE, Ace E. Born 1883, died 1956
DYE, Althea Jane. Born 1915, died 1929
DYE, Dorotha Lucille. Born 9-10-1905, died 11-29-1905
DYE, Erma L. Born 1879, died 19??
DYE, Fred A. Born 1877, died 1952
DYE, George C. Born 7-18-1852, died 11-16-1926
DYE, Jane A. Born 6-22-1851, died 4-1-1911
DYE, Mary F. Born 1876, died 19??
DYE, Millie C. Born 1887, died 1953
DYE, Reuben. Born 1873, died 1961
EASTMAN, Byron. Age: 22
ECCLES, Daryl E. Spouse of Donna M. Reynolds. Born 6-11-1956, died 4-15-2018. Age: 61 - Son of Milton and Doris (Dean) Eccles. Born in Sauk Village IL, lived in Randolph NY, died in Erie PA. Worked for Truck-Lite for 37 years. Wed 9-29-1979 in Cherry Creek NN, three children. (Spouse survives)
EDWARDS, Alonzo Eli. Spouse of Lillis, died 3-20-1900. Age: 69 - Son of Eli and Catherine Longstreet Edwards
EDWARDS, C. Leroy. Born 1859, died 1936 - Zerviah M. Sherman
EDWARDS, Carrie L. Born 1859, died 1945
EDWARDS, Hardy L. Born 1887, died 1970
EDWARDS, Lillis. Spouse of Alonzo Eli. Born 1-4-1838, died 9-5-1922 - Dau of George H. and Zerviah M. Sherman Frost
EDWARDS, Myra S. Born 1886, died 1971
ERDLE, Lydia M. Born 1841, died 1922
ERDLE, Maud G. Born 1891, died 1911
ESSEX, Benjamin. Spouse of Lurancy, died 9-9-1857. Age: 45
ESSEX, Benjamin. Spouse of Laurancy O. Age: 45
ESSEX, Lurancy (Olmsted). Spouse of Benjamin, died 2-8-1887. Age: 71 - Given name may be Laurancy
FAIRBANKS, Douglas L. Spouse of Linda VanWormer. Born 10-6-1941, died 12-31-2018. Age: 77 - Son of Arthur and Evelyn (Olrogge) Fairbanks. Born in Dunkirk NY, lived in Arkwright NY, died in Buffalo NY. Owned a dairy farm and maple syrup operation. Wed abt 1958, six children. (Spouse survives)
FAIRBANKS, Floyd M. Born 1885, died 1954
FAIRBANKS, Joseph. Born 1913, died 1916
FAIRBANKS, Lucille. Born 1912, died 1919
FAIRBANKS, Susan B. Born 1879, died 1952
FARRINGTON, Abigail. Born 10-3-1796, died 2-24-1833. Age: 86y 4m 21d
FARRINGTON, Ada (Durfee). Spouse of Jackson. Born 1873, died 1960
FARRINGTON, Allen L. Born 1861, died 1882
FARRINGTON, Amelia. Born 1869, died 1924 - Dau of Suusanna (Schiets) Farrington
FARRINGTON, Columbus C. Spouse of Susanna S. Born 1830, died 1910
FARRINGTON, Edwin J. Durfee. Born 1941
FARRINGTON, Estelle C. (Knapp). Spouse of Jackson. Born 1860, died 1912
FARRINGTON, Floy E. Born 1891 1896
FARRINGTON, Hannah. Spouse of Putman. Born 1774, died 1837
FARRINGTON, Jackson. Spouse of Estelle C. Knapp, #2 Ada Durfee. Born 5-5-1855, died 1927
FARRINGTON, Julia L. Born 1858, died 1862
FARRINGTON, Lovina. Spouse of Zenas, died 1855
FARRINGTON, Mary. Born 5-18-1824, died 2-17-1898
FARRINGTON, Nicholas A. Born 1865, died 1938 - Son of Susanna (Schietz) Farrington
FARRINGTON, Orren F. Born 1864, died 1934 - Son of Susanna (Schietz) Farrington
FARRINGTON, Putnam. Spouse of Hannah. Born 1770, died 1845
FARRINGTON, Susanna (Schultz). Spouse of Columbus C. Born 1838, died 1920
FARRINGTON, Thompkins P. Born 1-14-1815, died 2-16-1895 - Son of Putnam Farrington
FARRINGTON, Versel. Born 8-21-1894?, died 5-17-1870. Age: 75y 8m 26d - Son of Putnam Farrington
FIELD, Lucy B. Spouse of Myron, died 10-20- 1872. Age: 39y 8m 18d
FIELD, Mary M. Born 1885, died 1940
FIELD, Myron. Spouse of Lucy B., died 2-29-1896. Age: 74y 7m 16d
FOSTER, George Harmon. Spouse of Elizabeth Jessica Cookingham. Born 6-6-1883, died 12-13-1942
FROST, Bertha L. Born 1867, died 1912 - Dau of Wm. and Sophia (Parker) Pope
FROST, Burlin N. Born 1849, died 1914 - Son of George Nelson and Jane (Kimball) Frost
FROST, Caroline Levingston. Age: 5m - Norman and Ann Kimball
FROST, Charles L. Born 1868, died 1951
FROST, Flora. Born 1849, died 1925 - Dau of George W. and Harriet (Hill) Warner
FROST, Gene C. Spouse of Allie Vee Pitts. Born 12-11-1929, died 5-13-2017. Age: 87 - Son of George Sheldon and Florence (Abbey) Frost. Born in Jamestown NY, lived and died in Cherry Creek NY. Worked 39 years for MRC-SKF. Wed 64 years, three children. - Uncategorized Vet, US Air Force, Tyndall AFB. 1947-1954
FROST, George H. Born 1850, died 1921 - Son of George Nelson and Jane (Kimball) Frost
FROST, George Nelson. Spouse of Jane M. Kimbell. Born 1826, died 1910
FROST, Jackson P. Spouse of Patricia Nobles. Born 10-24-1924, died 05-08-2010. Age: 85 - Son of George and Florence Abbey Frost. Wed 3-1949
FROST, Jane M. (Kimbell). Spouse of George Nelson. Born 1829, died 1907
FROST, Mared. Spouse of Charles. Born 1876, died 1952 - 2nd Wife
FROST, Mary A. Born 1859, died 1946
FROST, Norman Kimball. Age: 32
GAGE, Almeda, died 11-29-1835. Age: 9m 21d
GAGE, Gerdia H., died 2-15-1842. Age: 2m 5d - Dau of David and Martha Beverly
GAGE, Martha A. Born 1845, died 1909
GAGE, Reuben. Born 1827, died 1904
GARDNER, Miles. Spouse of Susannah. Born 1832, died 1915
GARDNER, Nathan H. Age: 1 - Son of Miles and Susannah Gardner
GARDNER, Susannah. Spouse of Miles. Born 1838, died 1894
GATES, Blythe W., died 5-23-1873. Age: 4m - Dau of Wm. O. and M. E. Harper
GATES, Myron F. Jr. Born 1906, died 1908
GATES, Myron W., died 1-26-1881. Age: 31y 2m 11d
GODFREY, Charles J. Born 9-5-1889, died 8-15- 1959
GODFREY, Sarah Ann. Spouse of J. W. Born 5-10- 1870, died 61y 0m 29d
GREEN, Chlote B. Born 1824, died 1897
GREEN, Dewitt C. Born 1828, died 1889
GREEN, Elwin David. Born 03-20-1948, died 09-29-2009. Age: 61 - Son of Howard G. and Ruth M. Meyers Green - Vietnam Vet, US Army
GREEN, Lydia M. Born 1841, died 1922
GREEN, Maude C. Born 1891, died 1911
GREEN, Zorada L. Spouse of Merle W. Born 07-29-1918, died 07-28-2010. Age: 91 - Dau of D. Foster and Zorada Corinne Blake Green-married 6-22-1946
GRISWOLD, George, died 9-14-1875. Age: 21y 11m 13d
GRISWOLD, Isadore. Spouse of A. E. Born 1844, died 1918
GRISWOLD, Nabby, died 8-2- 1818. Age: 32y 2m 2d
GRISWOLD, Seth, died 4-15-1877. Age: 60y 6m 2d
GRISWOLD, W. E. Age: 21
GRISWOLD, Walter. Born 1839, died 1920


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