AKA: Willson Cem., Burlingame Hill Cem., & Union Hill Cem.
Ischua, NY
Submitted by PHGS Member: Jerry Babcock

AGNES, Nancy spouse of, William died, Feb. 1, 1851 age, 56y 8m 22d TS
BATES, Margaret T. McGraw born, Aug. 2, 1798 died, July 7, 1856 TS
BEVERLY, Asa died, Dec. 29, 1858 age, 77 TS
BRISTOL, Hannah M. Upson spouse of, Joseph M. died, Feb. 15, 1867 age, 35y 10m 3d TS
BURLINGAME, Eugene born, 1841 died, 1864 Son of Philo & Sally Dodge BURLINGAME- 147 NY Vol. TS
BURLINGAME, Herbert born, 1836 died, 1861 Son of Philo & Sally Dodge BURLINGAME- 5th Wisc. Vol. TS
BURLINGAME, Philo spouse of, Sally born, Jan. 18, 1809 died, Aug. 12, 1873 TS
BURLINGAME, Sally Dodge spouse of, Philo born, Jan. 17, 1806 died, Dec. 18, 1871 TS
CHERRYMAN, Elizabeth spouse of, William born, 1786 died, 1868 TS
CHERRYMAN, Lucy Can't Read TS
CHERRYMAN, William spouse of, Elizbeth born, 1775 died, 1864 TS
HACKETT, Eunice spouse of, Major born, 1787 died, 1869 TS
HACKETT, Major spouse of, Eunice born, 1787 died, 1832 Ward of 1812 TS
HIBNER, Alma spouse of, Phillip died, Dec. 17, 1851 age, 32y 10m TS
HIBNER, Asenath R. Fitch spouse of, Joseph died, Feb. 19, 1849 age, 30 1st Wife TS
HIBNER, Joseph spouse of, Asenath R. died, May 14, 1906 age, 94 TS
HOAG, Mary MALLORY spouse of, Samuel born, April 18, 1842 died, June 19, 1903 Dau of Sophronia & Simon MALLORY TS
HOAG, Samuel W. spouse of, Mary L. born, May 3, 1846 died, 1915 Son of Ann Wood and Elisha HOAG TS-Obit
MALLORY, Candace born, Feb. 19, 1846 died, Dec. 18, 1893 Dau of Sophronia & Simon MALLORY TS
MALLORY, Edwin born, Sept. 29, 1838 died, May 26, 1862 Son of Sophronia & Simon MALLORY TS
MALLORY, Emmett R. died, Jan. 31, 1865 age, 7y 7m 2d Son of F.J. & M.M. MALLORY TS
MALLORY, Leuie died, 1861 2y 2m 11d Dau of C.M. & E. MALLORY TS
MALLORY, Melissa A. born, Oct. 8, 1828 died, Sept. 9, 1852 Dau of Sophronia & Simon MALLORY TS
MALLORY, Sanford S. born, Mar. 20, 1836 died, July 18, 1860 Son of Sophronia & Simon MALLORY TS
MALLORY, Simon spouse of, Sophronia born, Mar. 21, 1804 died, Jan. 31, 1878 TS
MALLORY, Sophronia McNALL spouse of, Simon born, Oct. 2, 1807 died, Aug. 20, 1885 TS
McGEE, Nancy spouse of, William died, Feb. 1, 1851 age, 55y 8m 23d TS
McGEE, Samuel born, Oct. 24, 1836 died, Feb. 19, 1863 Died in Civil War- Son of Nancy & William McGEE TS
McGEE, William spouse of, Nancy died, Mar. 13, 1881 age, 88y 10m War of 1812 TS
McPHALL, William died, Oct. 3, 1858 age, 32 TS
MUNGER, Emma S. born, May 19, 1851 died, Mar. 9, 1857 Dau of Sarah A. and William MUNGER TS
MUNGER, Sarah spouse of, William born, Sept. 8, 1826 died, Nov. 16, 1893 TS
MUNGER, William No Data TS
STEFFY, Henry spouse of, Mary born, 1777 died, 1850 War of 1812 TS
STEFFY, Mary spouse of, Henry born, 1777 died, 1847 TS
WAGNER, John spouse of, Susanna born, 1797 died, 1876 War of 1812 TS
WAGNER, Susanna spouse of, John born, 1803 died, 1880 TS
WHITE, George Sr. spouse of, Mabel born, 1778 died, 1850 War of 1812 TS
WHITE, Mabel spouse of, George Sr. born, 1780 died, 1851 TS
WILSON, Hannah spouse of, Kniffen born, 1807 died, 1877 TS
WILSON, Kniffen spouse of, Hannah born, 1786 died, 1862 War of 1812 TS
WILSON, Legran D. died, Dec. 18, 1852 age, 3y 2m Son of Hannah & Kniffen WILSON TS
WILSON, Lucy A. born, Sept. 7, 1885 died, May 22, 1886 Dau of A. D. WILSON TS
WILSON, Urbern J. died, Oct. 29, 1882 age, 6m Son of A. D. WILSON TS


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