off 219 on the Hebdon Road
Town of Ellicottville

Photo's by Mary E. Bryant

ADAMS, Florence (Ploetz). Spouse of J. Raymond. Born 12-29-1906, died 12-24-1990. Age: 83 - Dau of Frederick J. & Elizabeth (Hanewinckel) Ploetz
AHRENS, Frederick J. Spouse of Frederika Pitchurd. Born 1836, died 11-1-1918 - Born in Mecklinburg Germany, died in Ellicottville NY. Wed 1866.
AHRENS, Frederika (Pitchurd). Spouse of Frederick J. Born 1835, died 1922 - Born in Mecklinburg Germany, died in Ellicottville NY. Wed 1866.
AHRENS, Johann C. F. Spouse of Marie. Born 3-24-1820, died 1-4-1881
AHRENS, John W. Spouse of Sophia H. Born 6-21-1871, died 11-29-1933. Age: 62 - Son of Frederick J. and Frederika (Pitchurd) Ahrens.
AHRENS, Ludwig. Born 6-5-1874, died 3-5-1892 - Son of Frederick & Frederika Ahrens
AHRENS, Marie D. L. C. Born 10-5-1821, died 12-9-1894
AHRENS, Sophia H. Spouse of John W. Born 1875, died 1936
ALDROW OLLROGGE, Christoph. Spouse of Sophia. Born 8-10-1815, died 9-27-1887 - Born in Nellenhoff Germany
ALDROW OLLROGGE, Sophia. Spouse of Christoph. Born 1-8-1817, died 12-30-1900 - Born in Germany
ALDROW, Emma. Born 10-1868, died 1-1869 - Dau of Johann & Maria (Wilken) Aldrow
ALDROW, infant, died 6-15-1870 - Child of Johann & Maria (Wilken) Aldrow
ALDROW, Johann. Spouse of Maria W. Born 9-3-1848, died 7-31-1918 - Wed 10-14-1868
ALDROW, John L. Born 12-21-1871, died 12-18-1890 - Son of Johann & Maria Wilken Aldrow
ALDROW, Maria Dorothea (Wilkin). Spouse of Johann A. Born 3-14-1849, died 12-14-1878 - Born in Beentein, Germany
ALLWARDT, Maria Elizabeth (Weishan). Spouse of Johannes J. Born 3-9-1813, died 7-6-1868. Age: 55 - Born in Germany, died in Ashford NY.
ARENDS, A. L. M. Wilhelmia. Born 3-13-1875, died 1-25-1877 - Dau of Johann & Magdelena Ahrens
BAUER, John C. Born 3-13-1880, died 3-15-1880
BLEMASTER, Georgia. Born 12-9-1901, died 1-25-1904. Age: 2y - Dau of John & Sophie Blemaster
BLOHM, Caroline Christ. Dor. Born 1814, died 11-29-1894. Age: 79y 8m 19d - RAGGE-BLOHM
BLOHM, Dorothea A. G. L. Spouse of Heinrick. Born 3-6-1815, died 11-29-1894
BLOHM, Fred. Spouse of Sophie. Born 1850, died 1902
BLOHM, Heinrick I. G. Spouse of Dorothea A. G. L. Born 3-20-1818, died 3-27-1909
BLOHM, Ida. Born 1889, died 1954 - Dau of Fred & Sophie Blohm
BLOHM, Johann. Born 12-5-1844, died 4-15-1880
BLOHM, Martha. Born 1-26-1878, died 7-19-1878
BLOHM, Sophie. Spouse of Fred. Born 12-8-1860, died 1937
BOHNHOF, Henry. Spouse of #1 Katherine Marie, #2 Dorothra (Lankhow) Wehaust. Born 7-6-1825, died 3-7-1904
BOLLOW, Arnold. Born 10-1910, died 1-1920 - Son of Fred C. Bollow
BONNHOF, Dorothra (Lankow). Spouse of Henry. Born 5-10-1837, died 12-1-1921
BONNHOF, Katharina Marie (Wilkins). Spouse of Henry. Born 4-16-1822, died 9-25-1883 - Stone inscribed in German
BREMILLER, Margaret (Hess). Spouse of #1 ? Hunsicker, #2 Philip Bremiller. Born 12-25-1827, died 11-4-1890. Age: 62 - Dau of Wendel and Margaretha Hess. One daughter with Hunsicker, One daughter with Philip who died in 1882, buried in West Valley cem. Surname spelled Brühmüller.
BROWN, Dorothea Doris (Littow) [Dora]. Spouse of J. Frederick. Born 1864, died 1899 - J. Frederick, Dora, and Pauline share a stone.
BROWN, Gladys. Born 12-4-1912, died 9-10-1913. Age: 9m - Dau of Herman F. & Nellie D. (Wulff) Brown
BROWN, Herman Fred. Spouse of Nellie D. Wulff. Born 1-21-1885, died 2-5-1969 - Son of J. Frederick & Dorothea (Littow) Brown. Wed 12-9-1908
BROWN, J. Frederick. Spouse of Dorothea D. Littow. Born 1857, died 1939 - Son of J. Frederick & Anna Maria (Buckfink) Brown. J. Frederick, Dora, and Pauline share a stone.
BROWN, Lillian N. Born 7-20-1918, died 9-9-2013. Age: 95 - Dau of Herman F. & Nellie D. (Wulff) Brown. Born in Plato NY, died in Randolph NY. Worked 25 years at Litchfields.
BROWN, Nellie D. (Wulff). Spouse of Herman Fred. Born 7-31-1888, died 1-24-1976 - Dau of Frederick & Caroline (Westfall) Wulff. Wed 12-9-1908
BROWN, Pauline. Born 1895, died 1908 - Dau of J. Frederick & Dorothea (Littow) Brown. J. Frederick, Dora, and Pauline share a stone.
BUERGER, Clara Helen (Secora). Spouse of Rev. Edgar. Born 5-20-1900, died 10-11-1992 - At least one son
BUERGER, Edgar J. Spouse of Clara Helen. Born 3-17-1893, died 1-13-1994. Age: 100 - Lutheran minister and pastor of St. Pauls. At least one son - WW II Vet, US Army, Capt.
BUSEKIST, Anna. Spouse of John. Born 1824, died 1902
BUSEKIST, Elmer. Born 1887, died 3-30-1889. Age: 2y 2m 2d - Son of Carl & Lena Busekist
BUSEKIST, John. Spouse of Anna. Born 10-11-1821, died 1-24-1905
BUSEKIST-GOSSMAN, Dora. Born 2-5-1839, died 8-30-1910
CARSON, Jack Raymond. Born 7-3-1954, died 8-19-2006. Age: 52 - Son of Ray J. & Mona Shelton Carson
CARSON, Ray J. Spouse of Mona F. Born 1928, died 9-26-1991
CONRAD, Frederick. Spouse of Henriette D. Born 8-10-1823, died 2-19-1903
CONRAD, Henriette D. Spouse of Frederick. Born 6-8-1822, died 6-24-1888
DAHLKE, Fredia. Born 1-15-1908, died 1-23-1908 - Dau of Carl & Lena Dahlke
DAHLKE, Freiderika. Spouse of Johann Carl
DAHLKE, Johann Carl. Spouse of Freiderika. Born 10-14-1830, died 5-26-1910
DANKERT, Catherina F. Spouse of Henry, died 5-17-1874. Age: 66y 4m
DASH, Dena Marie (Schultz). Spouse of Roy F. Born 9-22-1896, died 4-8-1954. Age: 57 - Born in East Otto NY, lived in Ellicottville NY, died in Salamanca NY. Four children.
DASH, Donald William. Spouse of Caroline. Born 6-26-1926, died 10-11-1979 - Son of of Roy & Dena (Shultz) Dash - WW II Vet, US Army
DASH, Lynford Leroy. Born 11-26-1924, died 8-19-1952 - Son of of Roy & Dena (Shultz) Dash. Born and lived in Ellicottville NY, died in Salamanca NY from head injury in a fall.
DASH, Roy Frank. Spouse of Dena M. Schultz, #2 Myrtle Deininger. Born 3-28-1895, died 5-4-1973. Age: 78 - Son of William and Jennie (Messinger) Dash. Born in Elkdale NY, lived in Ellicottville NY, died in Olean NY. Owned and operated a garage for over 50 years. Wed Dena 9-22-1920, four children. Wed Myrtle 7-22-1961.
DASH-PHILLIPS, Betty Jane. Spouse of Roy. Born 12-9-1932, died 1-27-2005. Age: 72 - Dau of Roy & Dena M. (Shultz) Dash. Born in Ellicottville NY, died in Wellsville NY.
DAYTON, Kenneth M. Spouse of Margaret M. Born 10-11-1914, died 9-21-1972 - WW II Vet, HQ Co, 1st Bn 155th Inf, Pfc
DAYTON, Margaret M. Spouse of Kenneth M., died 1997
DETMER, Baby. Born 1896, died 1896 - Child of Henry & Minnie (Schuppenhauer) Detmer
DETMER, Lena. Born 1893, died 1897 - Dau of Henry & Minnie (Schuppenhauer) Detmer
DETMER, Minnie (Schuppenhauer). Spouse of Henry. Born 1866, died 1897 - Dau of Johann and Katharina J. Schuppenhauer. Five children.
DIEDERICHSEN, Anna. Born 3-12-1846, died 3-13-1914
DREiER, Caroline Josephine (Heidel). Spouse of Joseph. Born 10-6-1860, died 9-8-1885 - Dau of Frederick W. and Fredrica (Zimmerman) Heidel. Born Grand Island NY, died in Catt Co NY. Four children.
DREIER, Dina Minnie Maria. Born 4-30-1893, died 8-19-1893 - Dau of Oscar & Mary (Dankert) Dreier
DREIER, Henriette M. Born 1885, died 1885 - Dau of Joseph & Caroline J. Dreier
DREIER, Ida Anna. Born 10-9-1883, died 5-23-1884 - Dau of John & Maria Stender Dreier
DREIER, Joseph. Spouse of Caroline J. Heidel. Born 1857, died 1935
DREIER, Mabel Maria Caroline. Born 12-28-1887, died 2-21-1888
DREIER, Maria S. K. (Bohnhof). Spouse of Oscar. Born 11-29-1861, died 7-4-1888
DREIER, Mary (Dankert). Spouse of Oscar. Born 1860, died 1932
DREIER, Oscar. Spouse of #1 Maria S. K. Bohbhof, #2 Mary Dankert. Born 1860, died 1918
DREIR, H. J. Heinrich. Spouse of Maria Helene Freid. Born 4-26-1816, died 6-27-1898
DREIR, Maria Helene (Busekist) Freid. Spouse of H. J. Heinrich. Born 5-16-1822, died 8-15-1880
DUNKELMAN, John C. Born 10-5-1830, died 3-18-1909
DUNKELMAN, Marie M. K. Spouse of John C. Born 12-28-1836, died 11-22-1910
DUNKLEMAN, Alice. Born 4-4-1911, died 11-14-1911 - Dau of H. J. & Emma Dunkleman
DUNKLEMAN, Alta M. Born 1913, died 1928
DUNKLEMAN, Anna D. Born 1877
DUNKLEMAN, Carol J. Born 1-29-1938, died 12-9-1990 - Child of Milfred & Louise (Weishan) Dunkleman
DUNKLEMAN, Charles A. Born 1-6-1961, died 7-7-2013. Age: 52 - Son of Kenneth and Carol (Weishan) Dunkleman. Born in Salamanca NY, died in Franklinvill NY. A landscaper.
DUNKLEMAN, Fred J. Born 1871, died 1955
ELLIS, Daniel Karl. Born 1-26-1966, died 4-11-1987. Age: 21 - Son of James & Shirley R. (Musall) Ellis
ELLIS, Shirley R. Spouse of James. Born 12-25-1938, died 2-4-2021. Age: 82 - Dau of James and Hilda (Erdmann) Musall. Born in Mansfield NY, lived in East Otto NY, died in Springville NY. A teacher. Wed 1-25-1964, three sons. (Spouse survives)
ELVERS, Ernest Wilh. Carl. Born 1-30-1895, died 4-17-1895 - Surname probably Eulers
ERDMANN, Robert H. Spouse of #1 June, #2 Gloria, #3 Toni Bova. Born 7-7-1936, died 1-18-2-23. Age: 86 - Son of Henry and Margaret Erdmann. Born, lived, and lived in Mansfield NY. A self-employed contractor. June and Gloria predeceased. Four children, mother unclear. Wed Toni 10-4-1992,
EULERS, Elizabeth. Spouse of Ernest J. J. Born 1835, died 1929 - [Mother]
EULERS, Ernest J. J. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 9-22-1828, died 8-10-1888
EULERS-LANGHANS, Dorothy S. Born 4-17-1863, died 9-25-1893
FACKLAM, Ernest J. Born 1883, died 1908
FACKLAM, John. Spouse of Mary. Born 1862, died 1937
FACKLAM, Mary. Spouse of John. Born 1864, died 1939
FERSCH, Johann. Spouse of Sophia. Born 10-2-1825, died 9-7-1900. Age: 74 - Sophia on stone with Johann, death date uncut.
FOX, Mary. Spouse of William. Born 1835, died 1903
FOX, William J. Spouse of Mary. Born 1827, died 1908
FRANK, Alvin Christ. Born 5-15-1901, died 9-14-1907 - Son of Oscar & Anna (Hansen) Frank
FRANK, Jennie. Born 1878, died 1967
FRENTZ, E. I. Born 3-1823, died 10-29-1886
FRENTZ, F. H. Johann. Born 9-16-1851, died 9-26-1885
FRENTZ, J. H. Carl. Born 12-14-1829
GERWITZ, Christopher Allen. Born 2-21-1959, died 12-16-1962. Age: 3y - Son of Lester & Nancy (Adams) Gerwitz
GERWITZ, Gary Neal. Born 11-26-1957, died 12-16-1962. Age: 5y - Son of Lester & Nancy (Adams) Gerwitz
GILDNER, Edson J. Spouse of Lucy M. Born 8-15-1888, died 1977 - Son of Fred and Mary (Tanger) Gildner, at least two children.
GILDNER, Elton. Born 1921, died 1928 - Son of Edson J. and Lucy M. (Kickbush) Gildner
GILDNER, Fred. Spouse of Mary Tanger. Born 1861, died 1921
GILDNER, Lucy M. (Kickbush). Spouse of Edson J. Born 12-13-1890, died 1970 - At least two children.
GILDNER, Mary (Tanger). Spouse of Fred. Born 9-2-1865, died 1942 - Dau of J. and Mary Tanger.
GOLD, Catharina. Born 2-14-1833, died 8-14-1873
GOLD, Joachim. Born 1831, died 1903
GOLD, Mariam (Kroff). Born 1836, died 1911
GOSMAN, Eugenia. Born 1-10-1909, died 8-25-1909. Age: 7m - Dau of John H. and Josephine (Weishan) Gosman
GOSMAN, John H. Spouse of Josephine Weishan. Born 11-1869, died 8-13-1919 - Born in NY, died in Ellicottville NY. Wed in 1896, At least four children.
GOSMAN, Josephine. Spouse of John H. Born 8-2-1877, died 10-1-1964 - Wed in 1896, At least four children.
GOSMANN, Johann Fr. Chr. Born 5-2-1806, died 2-22-1893
GOSSMAN, Dora (Busekist). Born 2-5-1839, died 8-30-1910
GOSSMAN, William Christ. Born 1844, died 1-25-1903
GREEN, Evelyn Gertrude (Dash). Spouse of John M. Sr. Born 1-28-1922, died 3-29-1993. Age: 71 - Dau of Roy & Deanna (Schultz) Dash. Born in Ellicottville NY, died in Bolivar NY. Wed 9-30-1944
GREEN, John Maurice Sr. [Morris]. Spouse of #1 Evelyn G. Dash, #2 Pauline B. Born 12-8-1919, died 8-15-2008. Age: 88 - Son of Frederick & Elizabeth Fenton Green - WW II Vet, US Army 7th Fld Arty Medical Detachment, Pvt. Africa and Europe
HALZWARTH, Alice May. Born 10-1871, died 1-30-1872 - Dau of Christian and L Halswarth.
HANEWINCKEL, Anna Luttmann. Spouse of Wilhelm. Born 11-11-1853, died 11-9-,1923. Age: 69 - Dau of Christian & Henriette (Buter) Luttmann. Born in Plueschow Germany, d. Plato NY. Wed 1-29-1879 in Brunstorf Germany, three daughters.
HANEWINCKEL, Wilhelm. Spouse of Anna Luttmann. Born 11-13-1849, died 2-2-1913. Age: 63 - Son of Christoph H. & Marie (Von Hanffstengel) Hanewinckel. Born in Mustin by Ratzeburg Germany, d. Plato NY
HANSEN, Carl F. Christian. Spouse of Fredericka. Born 8-14-1841, died 10-15-1918 - Son of Hans Christian & Sophia Dorothea (Burchard) Hansen. Born in Germany
HANSEN, Freiderike Christine (Koeke). Spouse of Carl F. C. Born 10-20-1836, died 2-10-1890 - Born in Germany.
HANSEN, Joseph. Spouse of Maria Sophia. Born 12-9-1802, died 12-28-1884 - Son of Hans Christian & Sophia Dorothea (Burchard) Hansen. Born in Germany
HANSEN, Maria Sophia [Mary]. Spouse of Joseph. Born 7-3-1803, died 10-3-1885 - Dau of Christoph & Dorothea Johrent Holst Born in Lussow md. Sep. 09 1825
HART, Emilie S. Born 1876, died 3-2-1878 - Dau of Henry Hart
HARTZ, Maria. Born 5-28-1848, died 7-27-1884 - Dau of Henry Hartz
HEIDEL, Frederica (Zimmerman). Spouse of Frederick W. Born 3-14-1835, died 10-5-1894. Age: 59 - At least seven children.
HEIDEL, Frederick W. Spouse of Freiderica Zimmerman. Born 3-15-1833, died 10-25-1910. Age: 77 - Born in Mecklinburg Germany, died in Ashford NY. At least seven children.
HEINEMANN, Hilda Eva Christina (Hanewinckel). Spouse of Oscar. Born 10-4-1892, died 2-11-1960. Age: 67 - Dau of Wilhelm & Anna (Luttmann) Hanewinckel. Born in Plato NY. Wed 11-6-1918, at least two children
HESS, Margaretha (Schweickert). Spouse of Wendel. Born 9-29-1807, died 7-27-1878 - Born in Hesse Germany, died in Ashford NY. Wed in 1824 in Germany, at least two children.
HESS, Wendel. Spouse of Margarette S. Born 9-29-1804, died 4-9-1887 - Born in Hesse Germany, died in Ashford NY. Wed in 1824 in Germany, at least two children.
HILLER, Johann Joachim. Born 1830, died 2-12-1868. Age: 38y 1m 11d
HILLER, Le Grand F. W. Born 3-13-1892, died 1894. Age: 1y 9m 23d - Son of Hein. & Maria Hiller
HINTZ, Albert H. Spouse of Esther A. Reed. Born 1-2-1899, died 4-11-1965 - Son of Theodore F. and Caroline B. Hintz. Wed 10-5-1921
HINTZ, Albert R. Spouse of Minnie D. Born 8-23-1887, died 8-16-1934
HINTZ, Carl Herman. Spouse of Nona E. Ellis. Born 10-24-1889, died 2-6-1976. Age: 86 - Born in Germany, died in Ellicottville NY
HINTZ, Caroline B. Spouse of Theodore E. Born 1873, died 1959 - At least three children.
HINTZ, Elton Barton. Spouse of Lillian P. Ploetz. Born 12-5-1917, died 9-29-1991 - Son of Carl & Nona (Ellis) Hintz. Birth date on stone is 1916
HINTZ, Erwin J. Spouse of Marilyn Nannen. Born 3-30-1918, died 8-16-2004. Age: 86 - Son of Carl & Nona (Ellis) Hintz -owned Valley Ridge Farm. Wed 10-2-1954, four daughters
HINTZ, Esther Augusta (Reed). Spouse of Albert H. Born 6-4-1899, died 8-12-1965 - Dau of John F. and Gertrude R. (Aldrow) Hintz. Wed 10-5-1921
HINTZ, Freda. Born 1905, died 1906 - Dau of Theodore E. & Caroline Hintz
HINTZ, Gustav Theo. R. Born 6-13-1893, died 9-9-1893 - Son of Herman & Hulda Hintz
HINTZ, Herman. Spouse of Hulda. Born 1860, died 1907
HINTZ, Hulda. Spouse of Herman. Born 1859, died 1922
HINTZ, infant. Born 1915, died 1915 - Child of Henry T. Hintz
HINTZ, Lillian Pauline Anna (Ploetz). Spouse of Elton Barton. Born 12-23-1922, died 9-3-2010 - Dau of Anna Wilhelmine C. S. Draves Hintz md. June 26 1946
HINTZ, Lydia E. (Ebert). Spouse of Paul F. Born 11-19-1903, died 5-28-2001. Age: 97 - Dau of Edward & Bertha (Buelow) Ebert. Born in Mansfield NY d Springville NY
HINTZ, Marguerite (Lexer). Spouse of Richard C. Born 10-6-1926, died 1-18-2008. Age: 81 - Dau of Belmont & Vera (Thishusen) Lexer. Wed 5-15-1948, five children
HINTZ, Marilyn B. (Nannen). Spouse of Erwin. Born 11-5-1934, died 2-16-2019. Age: 84 - Dau of Charles and Lana (Langhans) Nannen. Born and died in Ellicottville NY. Dairy farming with husband. Wed 10-2-1954, four daughters
HINTZ, Minnie D. Spouse of Albert R. Born 1887, died 1908
HINTZ, Nona Elizabetn (Ellis). Spouse of Carl H. Born 4-2-1894, died 9-17-1987 - Born in New Albion NY, died in Erie Co NY
HINTZ, Paul F. Spouse of Lydie E. Born 1907, died 1971 - Co-owner/operator dairy farm in East Otto-NY. Wed 6-05-1948, five children
HINTZ, Richard C. Spouse of Marguerite Lexer. Born 8-5-1922, died 6-28-2005. Age: 82 - Son of Albert & Esther (Reed) Hintz. Postal carrier for 37 yrs. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corps WW II European Theater
HINTZ, Theodore E. Spouse of Caroline B. Born 1875, died 1940
HOLTS, Alvina W. Spouse of Carl W. Born 1890, died 1967
HOLTS, Arlene E. (Jensen) Moen. Spouse of #1 Herbert Moen, #2 /Clarence C. Holts. Born 10-23-1927, died 8-15-2004. Age: 76 - Dau of Emil & Carlina (Peterson) Jensen. Born in Eau Claire WI. Herbert d. 3 -14-1978
HOLTS, Carl W. Spouse of Alwina W. Born 1881, died 1963
HOLTS, Clarence C. Spouse of Arlene JENSEN. Born 4-10-1923, died 5-26-2010. Age: 87y - Son of Carl W. & Alvina (?) Holts, Born in Ellicottville-NY
HOLTS, Fred. Born 12-6-1875, died 11-4-1898
HOLTS, John. Born 1843, died 1909
HOLTS, Lavern H. F. Born 10-9-1911, died 2-1-1987 - Son of Carl W. & Alvina W. Holts - WW II Vet US Army
HOLTS, Mary. Born 1847, died 1927
HOLZWARTH, Alice May. Born 6-1872, died 1-30-1873 - Dau of Christian & ? Holzwarth
HOLZWARTH, Christian C. Born 9-4-1836*, died 11-13-1875. Age: 40y 2m 9d
HUGHEY, Donald C. Spouse of Viola O. Born 9-17-1900, died 8-20-1979 - Son of Claude L. & Lora (Conrad) Hughey - WW II Vet
HUGHEY, Viola F. (Ornce). Spouse of #1 Hugh Langhans, #2 Donald C. Hughey. Born 1-22-1906
JEFFERS, Evelyn V. (Shank). Born 11-16-1948, died 8-11-1988. Age: 39 - Born in PA
JENKEL, Albert. Born 8-28-1891, died 6-9-1891. Age: 2m
JENKEL, Augusta (Helvers). Spouse of Henry Joseph. Born 2-28-1860, died 3-31-1908 - At least five children.
JENKEL, Donald. Spouse of Edna D. Erdman. Born 6-8-1905, died 2-17-1969 - Son of Henry Joseph & Augusta (Helvers) Jenkel
JENKEL, Edna D. (Erdman). Spouse of Donald. Born 11-19-1909
JENKEL, Frank C. Born 7-3-1894, died 1919 - Son of Henry Joseph & Augusta (Helver) Jenkel - WW I Vet, US Navy
JENKEL, Martha Joh. Born 12-4-1882, died 1973 - Dau of Henry Joseph & Augusta (Helvers) Jenkel
JENKEL, William Fritz. Born 2-27-1893, died 11-12-1974 - Son of Henry Joseph & Augusta (Helvers) Jenkel
KANOLD, Amanda M., died 9-20-1881 - Dau of Herman & Elizabeth Kanold
KANOLD, Carl Christian Dani. Born 11-28-1800, died 10-26-1879
KESSLER, Myrtle Jane. Born 1898, died 1972
KING, Ann. Spouse of Frederick C. L. Born 1833, died 3-10-1885. Age: 52 - Born in Germany, died in Catt Co NY. At least one daughter.
KING, Frederick C. L. Spouse of Ann. Born 7-31-1833, died 8-23-1890. Age: 57y 7m 23d - At least one daughter.
KLENS, William H. Born 7-1864, died 4-2-1936. Age: 68 - Son of J Heinrich and Catharina (Meier) Klentz. Born in Catt Co NY, died in Collins NY.
KLENTZ, Catharina Anna (Meier). Spouse of Heinrich. Born 7-20-1831, died 11-2-1887 - Born in Mecklinburg Germany, died in Catt Co NY. Four children.
KLENTZ, Joachim Heinrich Sr [Henry]. Spouse of Catherine. Born 12-19-1831, died 1-22-1906. Age: 74 - Born in Germany, died in Ellicottville NY. Four children
KLENZ, Maria Magdalene. Born 11-2-1864, died 10-2-1879. Age: 14 - Dau of J Heinrich and Catharina (Meier) Klentz. Stone: Magd. Dor.
KLINGENSMITH, Glenn Leslie. Spouse of Dorothy G, Williams. Born 4-2-1931, died 2-4-1979. Age: 47 - Son of Amos H. and Velma G (Blose) Klingensmith. Born in Allegheny Co PA, died in Little Valley NY. - Korean War Vet, US Air Force, A2G
KROFF-GOLD, Maria. Born 1836, died 1911
LANGHANS, Albert E. Born 3-22-1881, died 2-21-1902 - Son of Julius E. & Anna Kruse Langhans
LANGHANS, Anna Christina Dora Mirrow. Spouse of Johann. Born 7-14-1815, died 11-10-1898
LANGHANS, Anna L. (Kruse). Spouse of Julius E. Born 1853, died 1922
LANGHANS, Dora S. Born 1879, died 1879 - Dau of Julius and Anna Kruse Langhans
LANGHANS, Dorothea S. Eulers. Born 4-17-1863, died 9-25-1893
LANGHANS, Ernst J. Born 4-17-1884, died 5-11-1884 - Son of Heinrich & Dorothy Langhans
LANGHANS, Frank John. Spouse of Hilda M. Westfall. Born 11-19-1873, died 10-31-1940. Age: 66 - Son of John and Sophia (Block) Langhans. Wed abt 1896, at least one son.
LANGHANS, H. J. Born 1852
LANGHANS, Hilda M. (Westfall). Spouse of Frank J. Born 2-2-1878, died 1-21-1966. Age: 87 - Dau of Joseph C. and Dora M. (Winkle) Westphal. Wed abt 1896, at least one son
LANGHANS, Hugh E. Spouse of Viola F. Born 1907, died 1954
LANGHANS, Johann. Spouse of Anna Christina. Born 1811, died 9-21-1884
LANGHANS, John. Spouse of Sophia B. Born 10-21-1843, died 9-19-1927. Age: 83 - Dau of Joachim F. and Doratha (Kruse) Block. Born in Schleswig-Holstein Ger, died in Ellicottville NY. At least one son.
LANGHANS, Julius E. S. Spouse of Anna L. Born 1846, died 1914
LANGHANS, Leonard E. Born 1-11-1903, died 12-21-1903 - Son of Frank & Hilda Westfall Langhans
LANGHANS, Mary D. Spouse of William. Born 1880, died 1969
LANGHANS, Sophia (Block). Spouse of John. Born 4-2-1851, died 11-21-1907. Age: 56 - Born in Mecklinburg Ger, diedi n Catt Co NY.
LANGHANS, Walter J. Born 4-14-1900, died 8-9-1900 - Prob son of William & Mary D. Langhans
LANGHANS, William H. Spouse of Mary D. Born 1875, died 1936
LANKOW, Joseph. Spouse of Katherine Ahrens. Born 1849, died 5-11-1925 - Born in Germany, died in Ellicottville NY. Wed in Germany. Came to US in 1883. Four children, two born in Germany.
LANKOW, Katherine (Ahrens). Spouse of Joseph. Born 1849, died 1911 - Born in Germany, died in Ellicottville NY. Wed in Germany. Came to US in 1883. Four children, two born in Germany.
LANKOW-VOSS, Marie. Born 12-25-1835, died 10-8-1903
LAUTNER, Anna Margaret (Houcher). Spouse of John T. Born 5-24-1834, died 5-8-1908
LAUTNER, John T. Spouse of Anna Margaret Houcher. Born 8-30-1823, died 5-12-1895
LEO, Joan. Born 1830, died 1898
LITTO, Carl. Spouse of Sophia. Born 1831, died 1907
LITTO, Sophia (Wendt). Spouse of Carl. Born 1833, died 1916
LITTO-PLOETZ, Wilhelmina. Born 3-20-1858, died 11-13-1936 - See Ploetz, Wilhemina
LUSS, Caroline (Nieland). Spouse of Frederick. Born 3-11-1822, died 4-1-1912
LUSS, Frederick H. Spouse of Caroline. Born 12-30-1824, died 12-18-1903
LUSS, Gertrude R. (Aldrow) Reed. Spouse of #1 John F. Reed, #2 John Luss. Born 1876, died 4-17-1905 - At least one daughter with Reed.
LUSS, John. Spouse of Gertrude Aldrow. Born 4-15-1881, died 12-8-1958
MANNEN, James R. Born 1930, died 6-30-1905
METT, Luia. Born 1-31-1871, died 12-3-1871 - Dau of J. & M. Mett
MOEHRING, Adeline (Westfall). Spouse of Theodore Fritz, died 2-12-2000 - Wed 2-4-1978
MOEHRING, Evelyn C. (Rankey). Spouse of Theodore Fritz. Born 5-10-1903, died 7-28-1977 - First wife
MOEHRING, Theodore Fritz. Spouse of Evelyn R. Born 12-2-1911, died 4-19-2005. Age: 93 - Son of Theodore B. & Victoria (Mackey) Moehring. Wed Adeline 2-4-1978
MUELLER-GOLD, Catherine. Born 2-14-1833, died 8-14-1873
NANNEN, C. Gertrude. Spouse of William. Born 1815, died 1889
NANNEN, Charles W. Spouse of Lana M. Langhans. Born 1889, died 1979
NANNEN, James Raymond. Born 1-21-1930, died 7-10-1030. Age: 78 - Son of Charles W. & Lana M. (Langhans) Nannen
NANNEN, John P. Spouse of Mary D. L. Born 1-11-1855, died 2-23-1931
NANNEN, Lana M. (Langhans). Spouse of Charles W. Born 1896, died 1966
NANNEN, Mary D. L. Spouse of John P. Born 9-10-1862, died 11-30-1903
NANNEN, William. Spouse of C. Gertrude. Born 1810, died 1893
ORNCE, Cora H. (Winkey). Spouse of Frank H. Born 1-1882, died 1964 - Dau of Henry & Augusta (Ranke) Winkey. At least one son.
ORNCE, Frank Henry. Spouse of Cora W. Born 5-26-1876, died 1956 - At least one son.
ORNCE, Hazel E. (Hinman). Spouse of Marvin W. Born 3-5-1901, died 3-1-1990. Age: 88 - Dau of Emory A. and Lena M. (Torber) Hinman. Born and died in Catt Co NY.
ORNCE, Marvin W. Spouse of Hazel E. Hinman. Born 5-6-1904, died 6-22-1990 - Son of Frank H. and Cora H. (Winkey) Ornce. Born, lived, and died in Catt Co NY.
PERSCH, Albert. Born 7-4-1883, died 7-31-1883 - Son of John & Elizabeth Persch
PERSCH, Johann. Spouse of Sophia. Born 10-2-1825, died 9-7-1900
PERSCH, Sophia. Spouse of Johann. Born 5-14-1835, died 5-1-1911
PFEFFER, Bertha (Exner). Spouse of Charles H. Born 1890, died 1976
PFEFFER, Charles A. Spouse of Bertha Exner. Born 1888, died 1970
PLOETZ, Albert B. Spouse of Marie G. (Hannewinckel). Born 1-20-1890, died 8-25-1964 - Son of Frederick J. Sr. & Wilhelmina (Litto) Ploetz. Wed 4-6-1910, at least one daughter.
PLOETZ, Baby girl. Born 2-8-1910, died 2-8-1910 - Dau of Frederick J. Jr. & Elizabeth (Hanewinckel) Ploetz
PLOETZ, Boy. Born 2-3-1906, died 2-3-1906 - Son of Frederick J. Jr. & Elizabeth (Hanewinckel) Ploetz
PLOETZ, Carl F. Born 4-1-1895, died 10-21-1902 - Born in Ashford NY, d. Machias NY
PLOETZ, Dorothy (Kidd). Spouse of Hermann W. Born 7-20-1913, died 1978 - Died in Plato NY. Wed 2-11-1934
PLOETZ, Edgar A. Spouse of Eleanor M. Born 9-19-1920, died 6-6-2006. Age: 85 - Son of Albert B. & Marie G. (Hanewinckel) Ploetz. Wed 8-4-1945, four children. Stone has family tree on back.
PLOETZ, Eleanor M. (Felton). Spouse of Edgar. Born 12-28-1923, died 6-2-2005. Age: 81 - Dau of Frank & Shirley Felton. Wed 8-4-1945, four children. Stone has family tree on back.
PLOETZ, Elizabeth B. (Hanewinckel) [Lilly]. Spouse of Frederick. Born 4-31-1883, died 8-27-1927. Age: 44 - Dau of Wilhelm & Anna (Luttmann) Hanewinckel. Born in Cumberland MD. Wed 2-2-1905 in Plato NY
PLOETZ, Ellen. Born 8-11-1927, died 8-11-1927 - Dau of Albert B. & Marie G. (Hanewinckel) Ploetz.
PLOETZ, Frederick Johann Sr. Spouse of Wilhelmina Litto. Born 9-5-1856, died 4-19-1917 - Son of Johann Frederick & Caroline (Andert) Ploetz. Born in Germany. Wed in 1882
PLOETZ, Frederick John Jr. [Fritz]. Spouse of Elizabeth B. Hannewinckel. Born 3-13-1885, died 8-12-1949. Age: 64 - Son of Frederick J. Sr. & Wilhelmina (Litto) Ploetz Born in Ashford NY
PLOETZ, Hermann W. Spouse of Dorothy Kidd. Born 8-7-1908, died 8-1-1998 - Son of Frederick J. Jr. & Elizabeth Hanewinckel Ploetz
PLOETZ, Infant. Born 5-29-1917, died 5-29-/1917 - Child of Frederick J. Jr. & Elizabeth (Hanewinckel) Ploetz. Infant and Robert E share a stone.
PLOETZ, Leonard A. Spouse of Dorothy BUERGER. Born 10-14-1928, died 9-22-2010 - Son of Albert & Marie (Hanewinckel) Ploetz Wed 7-06-1952 at St. Paul's Luth Ch in Ellicottfille NY
PLOETZ, Marie Gertude (Hanewinckel). Spouse of Albert B. Born 9-23-1890, died 2-25-1969. Age: 78 - Dau of Wilhelm & Anna (Luttmann) Hanewinckel. Born in Plato NY. Wed 4-6-1910, at least one daughter.
PLOETZ, Robert. Born 11-15-1943, died 1959 - Son of Herman & Dorothy (Kidd) Ploetz
PLOETZ, Robert E. Born 5-2-1916, died 5-2-1916 - Son of Frederick J. Jr., & Elizabeth (Hanewinckel) Ploetz. Infant and Robert E share a stone.
PLOETZ, twin sons. Born 9-27-1916, died 9-27-1916 - Sons of Albert & Marie (Hanewinckel) Ploetz
PLOETZ, Wilhelmina Johanna (Litto). Spouse of Frederick J. Born 3-20-1858, died 11-13-1936 - Dau of Carl & Sophia (Wendt) Littau. [sic] Born in Leitzen, Germany; md. 1882
PLOETZ-HINTZ, Lillian Pauline Anna. Born 12-23-1922 - Dau of William Frederick Carl & Anna Wilhelmine C. S.( Draves) Ploetz. Wed 6-26-1946
PRILL, Anna. Born 1887, died 1914
PUFF, Edda, died 5-28-1895. Age: 7y 9m 15d - Dau of August & Lucy (Schultz) Puff
RANKE, Augusta G. (Langhans). Spouse of Edward. Born 1870, died 1899 - Four children, youngest born 12-1899
RANKE, Dora. Spouse of John. Born 1836, died 1914
RANKE, Edward S. Jr. Spouse of Rauna. Born 1906, died 1931 - 1930 East Otto Census: living with father, one daughter, born 1929.
RANKE, Edward S. Sr. Spouse of Augusta Langhans. Born 10-1864, died 1944 - 1900 Ellicottville census: Widowed with four small children, youngest born 12-1899.
RANKE, Emma (Schwartz ). Spouse of Edward. Born 1883, died 1907
RANKE, Irene J. Born 11-1891, died 1-23-1892 - Dau of Edward & Augusta (Langhans) Ranke
RANKE, John. Spouse of Dora. Born 1827, died 1910
RAZEY, Earl A. Spouse of Marian M. Born 1910, died 1999
RAZEY, Marian M. Spouse of Earl A. Born 1913, died 1971
REED, John F. Spouse of Gertrude Aldrow. Born 7-26-1872, died 4-15-1907 - At least one daughter.
ROENKE, Johann Frans. Born 6-1-1872, died 2-1-1874
ROHER, Albert J. Spouse of Elizabeth. Born 1870, died 1940
ROHER, Elizabeth. Spouse of Albert J. Born 1870, died 1946
ROHER, John F. Spouse of Mary. Born 1832, died 1924
ROHER, Mary. Spouse of John F. Born 1829, died 1905
ROHER, May. Born 11-25-1891, died 11-26-1891 - Dau of Albert J. & Elizabeth Roher
RONKY, daughter, died 6-1-1872
SANDER, Catherine, died 7-18-1902
SANDER, Joachin H. F. Born 11-10-1818, died 5-1860
SCHRADER, Anna. Spouse of Louis J. Born 1882, died 1970
SCHRADER, John. Spouse of #1 Louise W., #2 Minnie W. Born 1856, died 1930
SCHRADER, Louis J. Spouse of Anna. Born 1881, died 5-27-1905
SCHRADER, Louise (Wienke). Spouse of John. Born 1856, died 1898
SCHRADER, Minnie (Weichmann). Spouse of John. Born 1865, died 1938
SCHROEDER, Fred. Born 1835, died 1913 - or May 20 1900
SCHROEDER, Fritz. Born 12-12-1832, died 6-27-1907
SCHROEDER-WENDLAND, Caroline. Born 1-27-1860, died 12-30-1891
SCHROEDER-WILKENS, Maria. Born 9-29-1816, died 4-11-1898
SCHULTZ, Augusta (Hintz). Spouse of Otto J. Born 5-18-1877, died 1962 - Dau of Carl F, and Amelia C. (Kirchenwitz) Hintz. Born in Germany
SCHULTZ, Dorothea Sophie (Klentz) [Dora]. Spouse of Henry F. Born 10-2-1858, died 1-15-1943 - Dau of Joachm H. F. and Catharina M. (Meier) Klentz. Born in Mecklinburg Germany, died in Ellicottville NY. Four children
SCHULTZ, Frans. Born 9-20-1873, died 8-31-1875
SCHULTZ, Henry Friedrich. Spouse of Dorothea S. Klenz. Born 4-30-1851, died 11-29-1926 - Son of Henry and Maria D. (Miller) Shults. Born in Germany. Came to US in 1853. A farmer for 40 years. Four children.
SCHULTZ, Henry H. Born 6-12-1885, died 1948 - Son of Henry F. and Dorothea S. (Klentz) Schultz. [Husband] - WW II Vet, US Army
SCHULTZ, Henry J. Spouse of Ruth Weishan. Born 4-25-1924, died 1-6-1992 - Son of Henry & Clara Schultz
SCHULTZ, Henry Joachim. Spouse of Maria D. Muller. Born 3-5-1819, died 3-12-1897 - Born in Mecklinburg Germany, lived in Germany and Ellicottville NY, died in Bradford PA. Wed in Germany bf 1851, five children.
SCHULTZ, Maria Dorothea Muller/Miller [Lena]. Spouse of Henry Joachim. Born 3-14-1826, died 1-5-1891 - Born in Mecklinburg Germany, lived in Germany and Ellicottville NY, died in Bradford PA. Wed in Germany bf 1851, five children.
SCHULTZ, Otto J. Spouse of Augusta Hintz. Born 1881, died 1907 - Son of Henry F. and Dorothea S. (Klentz) Schultz.
SCHULTZ, Ruth (Weishan). Spouse of Henry J. Born 1922, died Uncut
SCHUPPENHAUER, Charley. Spouse of Ida. Born 1868, died 1937
SCHUPPENHAUER, Christ J. Born 1822, died 2-13-1908
SCHUPPENHAUER, Ida. Spouse of Charley. Born 1878, died 1917
SCHUPPENHAUER, Johann. Spouse of Katharina J. Born 6-12-1820, died 6-14-1893
SCHUPPENHAUER, Katharina J. Spouse of Johann, died 12-12-1878. Age: 53y 8m 82d
SCHWARTZ, Fred Carl. Born 3-5-1887, died 10-9-1910 - Son of William & Caroline Schwartz
SCHWARTZ, Louise Jennie. Born 10-20-1889, died 12-12-1903
SCHWEIKERT-HESS, Margarette. Spouse of Wendel Hess. Born 12-25-1827, died 11-4-1890 - Wed 1824
SCOTT, Dorothy. Born 12-3-1901, died 8-17-1902. Age: 8m - Dau of George E. and Emma D. (Hansen) Scott
SHAW, Homer E. Spouse of Marguerite D. Born 12-29-1905, died 5-10-1979 - WW II Vet, US Army, Tec3
SHAW, Marguerite D. Spouse of Homer F. Born 1914, died 1988
SPEER, Frederick. Spouse of Ulrica D. Born 1822, died 1904
SPEER, Ulrica Dorothea. Spouse of Frederick. Born 1822, died 1901
SPENCER, Richard Claude. Spouse of Ruth Edith. Born 8-11-1926, died 3-11-1998 - Died in Buffalo, NY - WW II Vet, US Army
SPENCER, Ruth Edith (Reynolds. Spouse of Richard Claude. Born 9-13-1925, died 8-5-1997 - Dau of James & Francis (Schultz) Reynolds
STADE, Andreas. Born 12-18-1864, died 9-10-1871 - Son of Frederick & Dorothy Stade
STADE, Frans J. Born 3-21-1874, died 6-9-1883 - Son of Frederick & Dorothy Stade
STADE, Hannah Caroline. Born 5-7-1871, died 8-13-1887 - Dau of Frederick & Dorothy Stade
STADE, William Johann. Born 3-25-1860, died 3-22-1887
STEFFEN, Ruth Louise (Heinemann). Spouse of Eugene Martin Steffan Sr,. Born 10-30-1921, died 9-12-1984. Age: 62 - Dau of Oscar P. Hilda E. (Hanewinckel) Heinemann. At least one son.
STENDER, Joachim. Born 1-25-1829, died 1-19-1911
STONE, James L. Spouse of Marian Ploetz. Born 10-16-1923, died 9-04-2018. Age: 94y - Son of Lee & Edith (Meacham) Stone, Born in Ellicottville NY, d. Oxford NY. Wed 61 years, one son. - WW II Vet, US Army Air Corp, Pacific
STONE, Marian (Ploetz). Spouse of James L. Born 7-31-1922, died 2-18-2009. Age: 86 - Dau of Albert & Marie (Hanewinckel) Ploetz. Wed 61 years, one son.
SWORTS, Amelia R. Spouse of Ernest N. Born 1875, died 1937
SWORTS, Bertha A. Spouse of Theodore. Born 1880, died 1964
SWORTS, Ernest N. Spouse of Amelia R. Born 1873, died 1959
SWORTS, Theodore J. Spouse of Bertha A. Born 1877, died 1957
TANGER, J. Spouse of Mary Block. Born 1823, died 1903 - At least one daughter.
TANGER, Mary (Block). Spouse of J. Born 1830, died 1916 - At least one daughter.
TIMME, Ann Louise. Born 10-30-1968, died 10-30-1968. Age: 0d - Dau of Glenn and ? (Marsh) Timme. Born in Salamanca NY.
TRADEL, Johann J. Spouse of Magdelena Gold. Born 12-1808, died 5-25-1869
TRADEL, Magdelena (Gold). Spouse of Johann. Born 5-22-1810, died 4-13-1873
VOSS, Wilhelm. Spouse of Marie. Born 5-14-1827, died 8-14-1908
WEHORST, Charles, died 11-15-1884. Age: 24y 4m 13d
WEHURST, Hannah. Spouse of William. Born 11-26-1881, died 1958
WEHURST, William. Spouse of Hannah. Born 5-12-1873, died 1940
WEICHORST, -------. Born 1857, died 4-9-1877. Age: 19y 10m 29d
WEICHORST, Frankie, died 4-23-1884 - son of Heinrich & Dora Weichorst
WEICHORST, Heinrich Joh. Joc., died 1-17-1890. Age: 24y 8m 12d
WEICHORST, Johann, died 8-12-1873
WEICHORST, Louise, died 2-12-1883. Age: 21y 1m 23d - Dau of Heinrich & Dora Weichorst
WEISHAHN, Annetta D. Spouse of Christopher. Born abt. 1812, died 1-16-1879. Age: 66
WEISHAHN, Christopher. Spouse of Annetta D. Born 1811, died 2-19-1876. Age: 70y 1m
WEISHAN, Alma P. Spouse of Fred C. Born 1888, died 1940
WEISHAN, C. Louise. Spouse of Milford C. Born 1916, died 2002
WEISHAN, Carl Wilhelm. Spouse of Marie Elizabeth. Born 1834, died 1903
WEISHAN, Caroline. Spouse of William. Born 10-8-1847, died 8-16-1895. Age: 47
WEISHAN, Charles Carl. Spouse of Matilda Gold. Born 4-24-1860, died 5-5-1927
WEISHAN, Clarence. Born 10-10-1896, died 10-28-1896 - Son of Wilhelm & Freiderike Weishan
WEISHAN, Elmer C. Born 1887, died 1889
WEISHAN, Emma. Born 3-1-1898, died 3-15-1898 - Dau of Wilhelm & Freiderike Weishan
WEISHAN, Frank. Born 1900, died 1942
WEISHAN, Fred C. Spouse of Marie Lana. Born 1836, died 1918
WEISHAN, Fred C. Spouse of Alma D. Born 1881, died 1963
WEISHAN, Frederick C. Born 1920, died 1921 - Son of Fred C. and Alma P. Weishan.
WEISHAN, Herman G. J. Born 1886, died 1886 - Son of Charles Carl & Matilda (Gold) Weishan
WEISHAN, Lenny Herm. Born 8-17-1901, died 8-25-1904 - Son of Wilhelm & Freiderike Weishan
WEISHAN, Maria. Spouse of Johann. Born 3-9-1813, died 7-1868
WEISHAN, Marie Elizabeth (Gierke). Spouse of Carl Wilhelm. Born 1833, died 1902
WEISHAN, Martha Lana. Spouse of Fred C. Born 1841, died 1923
WEISHAN, Matilda (Gold). Spouse of Charles Carl. Born 1861, died 1924
WEISHAN, Milford C. Spouse of Louise. Born 1909, died 1973
WEISHAN, Myrtle E. (Felmet). Spouse of Charles Carl. Born 11-27-1929, died 1-3-2015. Age: 85 - Dau of Edward and Myrtle (Gilmore) Felmet. Born and died in Buffalo NY, lived in East Otto NY. Wed 8-27-1949, three children. (Spouse d. 91-2009)
WEISHAN, William. Spouse of Caroline. Born 10-24-1839, died 1-16-1903
WENDLAND, Caroline (Schroeder). Born 1-27-1860, died 12-30-1891
WENZEL, Maggie (Hunsicker). Spouse of Jacob. Born 2-18-1851, died 1-21-1882. Age: 30y 11m 3d - Dau of ? and Margaret (Hess) Hinsicker Bremiller. Given name is Margaret. Born in Germany, died in NY. Wed 12-5-1871 in Plato NY.
WESTFALL, Albert. Spouse of Louise Schrader. Born 1873, died 1964
WESTFALL, Louise (Schrader). Spouse of Albert. Born 1877, died 1955
WESTFALL, Mildred. Born 1909, died 1922 - Dau of Albert & Louise (Schrader) Westfall
WESTPHAL, Dora May (Winkle) [Minnie]. Spouse of Joseph C. Born 5-21-1852, died 10-27-1930. Age: 78 - Born in Mecklinburg Germany, died in Plato NY. Wed abt 1878, at least one daughter.
WESTPHAL, Joseph Charles. Spouse of Dora M. Winkle. Born 1848, died 1928 - Born in Mecklinburg Germany, died in Pope NY. Wed abt 1878, at least one daughter.
WESTPHALL, Dorothea C. Born 1848, died 1940
WESTPHALL, John. Age: 52
WIENKE, Emma Maria Wilhelmin, died 3-11-1892. Age: 14y 5m 18d
WIENKE, Johann. Spouse of Julianne W. Born 12-12-1820, died 4-15-1889
WIENKE, Julianne Weber. Spouse of Johann. Born 6-22-1822, died 1-10-1900
WIESE, Della Marie (Bly) Conners. Spouse of #1 Raymond L Conners, #2 John H. Wiese. Born 4-5-1928, died 5-1-2003. Age: 75 - Dau of Victor E, and Marjorie E. (Priel) Bly. Born in East Conrad NY, died in Machias NY. Wed Raymond abt 1945, two children. (He d. 1999)
WIESE, Herbert. Spouse of Inez M. (Howard). Born 1907, died 1989
WIESE, Inez M. (Howard). Spouse of Herbert. Born 1-10-1909, died 11-14-2000 - Dau of William & Ida May (Brimmer) Howard. Born in Genesee PA
WIESE, Johanna (Fick). Spouse of Ludwig. Born 1834, died 1922
WIESE, Ludwig. Spouse of Johanna Fick. Born 1828, died 2-21-1896 - Born in Germany, died in Ashford NY.
WILKENS, Maria. Born 9-29-1816, died 4-1-1898. Age: 81
WILKINS, Clara. Born 5-12-1886, died 5-16-1886. Age: 4d
WINKEY, Augusta. Spouse of Henry. Born 1856, died 1925
WINKEY, Henry. Spouse of Augusta. Born 1854, died 1938
WOODWORTH, Charles. Spouse of Bettina. Born 1-31-1932, died 12-12-2007. Age: 75 - Son of Leroy & Genevieve (Reynolds) Woodworth. - Cold War Vet, US Air Force, 914th Civil Engineering Sqd.
WULF, James W. Spouse of Bonita. Born 10-31-1933, died 11-13-2008. Age: 75 - Son of Alvin & Mildred (Clark) Wulf - Cold War Vet, US Army, Germany
WULFF, Caroline (Westphal). Spouse of Frederich Carl Chris. Born 1844, died 1928
WULFF, Caroline L. (Schultz). Spouse of Herman J. H. Born 1862, died 1933
WULFF, Dora. Spouse of Henry. Born 1817, died 1885
WULFF, Edith (Facklin). Spouse of Ernest J. Born 1883, died 1980 - Wed 3-19-1902
WULFF, Edith L. Spouse of Norman H. Born 1888, died 1968
WULFF, Ellen B. S. Spouse of Sylvester H. Born 1911, died 7-5-1994
WULFF, Ernest Johann. Spouse of Frederica L. Jaster. Born 1-14-1878, died 1967 - Son of Frederich C & Caroline (Westphal) Wulf
WULFF, Franz. Born 9-20-1872, died 8-31-1878
WULFF, Frederica L. (Jaster). Spouse of Ernest. Born 1886, died 1962
WULFF, Frederich Carl Chris. Spouse of Caroline Westphal. Born 1842, died 1915
WULFF, Heinrich Joachim Hartwig. Born 1-18-1841, died 11-20-1863. Age: 22y 10m 2d - Note that date of death does not match service record. - Civil War Vet, Co B, 154th Inf NYS Vols, CPL. Enlisted 8-2-1862 at East Otto for three years. Promoted corporal 5-9-1864, Wounded in Action 6-15-1864 at Pine Mountain GA. Discharged 11-13-1864. (Carried as Henry Wulff.)
WULFF, Henry. Spouse of Dora. Born 1809, died 1901
WULFF, Herman Joh. Hein. Spouse of Caroline Schultz. Born 1857, died 1909
WULFF, Norman H. Spouse of Edith L. Born 5-19-1886, died 11-20-1934
WULFF, Sophia Catherina Dorothea. Born 8-27-1852, died 3-29-1871. Age: 19
WULFF, Sylvester H. Spouse of Ellen B., died 1881

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