Portville, NY
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NOTE: The oldest cemetery in the Portville area. Many stones now gone or illegible.Additional
information included about person and/or family. This file created September 2, 1996 by Portville
Historical Society. Original records are missing -may possibly contact 933-8917.

DODGE, Charles* died, Nov. 02, 1833 age, 9 m 
DODGE, Chloe died, Jul. 10, 1823 age, 25 
DODGE, wife Wife
FERRY, Pamela Dau of Silas & F. FERRY
JOHNSON, Eli B. born, ?May 06, 1813? died, May 27, 1843 [6 May 1813]; Son of JOHNSON
JONES, Benjamin died, Aug. 03, 1828 age, 35 
JONES, Darwin Carlos died, Jun. 27, 1825 age, 1y11m 
LEIGHTON, Amanda Spouse of, Henry T. died, Sep. 19, 1856 age, 44 
LEIGHTON, Miram Spouse of, Henry T. died, Sep. 26, 1836 age, 32 In memory of Miram
MCCORMICK, Olive M. Spouse of, David died, Jun. 23, 1836 Relict [Widow] of Benjamin JONES
PINKERTON, John died, Jul. 16, 1828 
PINKERTON, Lynds died, Mar. 15, 1826 age, 18 
PINKERTON, wife Spouse of, John died, Jul. 1828 age, 24 Dau of J. & M. WILSON [possibly died in childbirth w/son John?]
PINKERTON, William died, 1831 
RAE, Walter [Jr.] died, Feb. 22, 1832 age, 1y23d Son of Walter & Mary RAE
REA, Harriet died, Jul. 15, 1823 age, 9m5d Dau of REA; In memory of Harriet REA
REA, James died, Jun. 30, 1827 age, 1y5d Son of REA; In memory of James REA
STEVENS, Nelson died, May 24, 1844 Son of Loyd and Sally STEVENS
UNKNOWN, Isaac A. age, ?3y7m15d Son of T.A. & Amammda M. ? 
WILSON, John died, Jul. 09, 1842 


NOTE:  Jonathan DODGE and Eunice ATHERTON were married in 1809 and lived in Millgrove
NOTE:  1840 Census lists a William T. JONES
NOTE:  Henry T. LEIGHTON was Collector and Constable in 1838 and Supervisor 1849-1850.  The Surrogates Office in
Little Valley has a will on file for Henry dated Nov. 26, 1856.
NOTE:  David John MCCORMICK was Postmaster at Millgrove in 1832.  He is in the 1840 census.
NOTE:  William PINKERTON was one of first settlers in Portville.  He settled on the east bank of the Allegany
River, just below the mouth of the Oswayo River, in 1809.
NOTE:  Walter RAE Sr. was Commissioner of Common Schools.
NOTE:  There is a Loyal STEVENS in the 1840 census


The 1810 census for Cattaraugus County which is under Niagara County lists William, Asahel, and Rufus

The 1820 Olean census lists Alford, Jonathan, and Lynds DODGE on p. 8 and David DODGE on p. 11;
Henry T. LAYTON on p. 9; William PINKERTON on p. 9; Ebenezer JONES on p.8.

The 1830 Olean Census lists Timothy CARPENTER; Alfred, Jonathan, Lynde, Oliver DODGE and Reuben
and Truman RICE on p. 135; and Henry T. LEIGHTON, Walter RAY, and Grove RICE on p. 136.

The 1835 Olean census lists Daniel CARPENTER head of household with one male, one female on p. 6.
Also Luman RICE with 5 males, 5 females; Alphius and Lynels DODGE and Isaac SENTER on p. 4.  Isaac H. PARKER,
Truman PARKER, George PINKERTON, Walter RED, and David MCCORMICK all on p. 8.

NOTE:  Daniel CARPENTER died Aug. 26, 1840

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