Westbrook Commercial Academy, 1908-9

Olean, NY

Submitted by Ernie Thode,
Local  History and Genealogy Dept.
Washington County Public Library
Marietta, Ohio

Scanned and formatted by Mike Henderson

This is a large composite photo, with individually numbered photos and a legend at the bottom giving the corresponding names.

It ended up in the collection of the Washington County Public Library (Marietta, Ohio). If you know of a connection between a member of the class and Washington County, OH, or can explain how the photo ended up there we would like to hear from you. 

Ethel M. Whelan Mary Mullane William Sullivan Mildred Multrus
Olive A. Rice Alice S. Conley Clifford Johnston Ray C. Hulse
Mildred J. Rogers Fred A. Larson Hilda Hertig Homer K. Davis
D. S. Cradduck Edward H. Ballard Bell Findlay W. B. Williams
Helen Crandell Orrin S. Karn Leroy Willson Jefferson Hosley
M. Rechenberger Chas. F. Johnson Earl H. Wright John Schussele
Eloy D. Pettit Floyd Reeland Earl Clayson Raymond Hughes
Lelia Smith T. G. McEwan Reuben Smith Lelia Wickwire
Mary Draper Chas. P. Roberts Sherman Childs Reuben Brierson
Chas. O. Anderson Clarence Perrigo Edda Horning Helena Noonan
Claude Woodard Cecil C. Rogers Frank Kujawa Raymond McCoy
E. P. Wilson Clara Sommers Raymond Quinn Ruthe M. Beaver
R. H. Thornton Gerturde Bisset Walter W. Strait Florence Wakelee
Lewis E. Derx Lulu Carlson Prof. Westbrook Bessie Fitzgerald
Than M. Wells Minnie Oosterhoudt Roland Palmer Gertrude Drum
Charles Cooney Flora Carpenter Ethel Townsend Albert Schamel
Richard Broughton Marie Bickmire Myron L. Gallup Paul Dean
Mary U. Hannon James Dougherty Claude Collins Bertha Curry
Lee M. Hotchkiss Harvey L. Snyder Lynnford Crone Evelyn P. Dennis
Claude Nenno Annabel Sullivan Frank Nix Ella B. Corbin
R. W. Chamberlain Walter Bernreuther George Harbel Marie E. Johnson
John Fox Raymond Yoerk George Reynolds Grace Burlingham
J. M. Bromley Frances Bristol Norman Smith Hazel A. Lewis
Howard F. Rogers Sarah McVey Clarance Snyder Samuel Stull
Ivy M. White Francis Allen Lora E. Otto Lewis LaFever
Katherine Brown Josephine Gilbert Jason Layton Grace M. Snyder

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