West Hill Road
Town of Mansfield, Cattaraugus County

Walked & Photos by John & Mary E. Bryant
August 2003


ALDRICH, Esther died, 7-18-1843 age, 33 wife of ? - stone laying broken on ground
BABCOCK, Clarissa spouse of, Harry died, 7-1869 age, 72y 8m 8d 
BABCOCK, Harry spouse of, Clarissa died, 1841 
BEELOW, Mary E spouse of, Emil born, 2-28-1865 died, 9-11-1900 stone says "wife of Emil" is spelled BEELOW
BISHOP, E. L. died, 3-21-1865 age, 5m 3d 
BOTSFORD, Emiline died, 9-21-1837 dau of Luzon & Polly Botsford
BOTSFORD, Grover died, ? son of Simeon & Lizzie L - Can't read date
BOTSFORD, Lucius A. son of Theophilus & Rebecca B otsford
BOTSFORD, Luzon M. died, 1-?-1850 
BOTSFORD, Mary died, 1-21-1841 age, 1y 2m 15d dau of Theophilus & Rebecca Botsford
BOTSFORD, Nettie born, 6-5-1866 died, 1-17-1885 at Rest"
BOTSFORD, Rebecca spouse of, Theophilus born, 1825 died, 1911 
BOTSFORD, Riley M died, 11-1883 
BOTSFORD, Simeon Davis died, 2-9-1861 son of W. & V. J. Botsford
BOTSFORD, Theophilus spouse of, Rebecca born, 1825 died, 1907 
BOTSFORD, Theoplilus born, 1885 died, 1886 son of Simeon & Nettie S.
BUELOW, Violet G born, 1892 died, 1913 is spelled BUELOW
BUFFINGTON, ----- 4 or 5 more Buffington stones laying on ground, cannot read them
BUFFINGTON, Celina spouse of, William died, 4-30-1845 age, 26 
BUFFINGTON, Cornelia spouse of, Jeremiah can't read anymore of stone
BUFFINGTON, Harriet spouse of, William born, 3-20-1785 died, 3-4-1874 
BUFFINGTON, William died, 3-27-1858 age, 76 
BUSKIST, Dora spouse of, John born, 1842 died, 1906 
BUSKIST, John spouse of, Dora born, 1838 died, 1916 
GOWEN, Harmina spouse of, Timothy died, 9-2-1851 age, 77 
GOWEN, Timothy spouse of, Harmina died, 10-16-1852 age, 77y 6m 
GREEN, Harvey S. spouse of, Fidelia Balcom born, 6-24-1837 died, 10-27-1871 son of Samuel- this stone is laying on ground
GREEN, Samuel died, 7-24-1849 age, 46 
GUNN, Edward J spouse of, Lucy S born, 1820 died, 1891 
GUNN, Lucuis died, 7-20-1865 age, 5y 10m 28d 
GUNN, Lucy Smith spouse of, Edward J born, 1821 died, 1891 
HARVEY, Adella born, 1860 died, 1897 child of Albert R & Helen Griswold Harvey
HARVEY, Albert R spouse of, Helen G born, 11-16-1831 died, no date son of Samuel & Mary Reed Harvey
HARVEY, Austin S born, 1837 died, no date son of Samuel & Mary Reed Harvey
HARVEY, Emma born, 1877 died, no date child of Albert R & Helen Griswold Harvey
HARVEY, Helen Griswold spouse of, Albert R born, 1834 died, 1900 
HARVEY, Henry born, 1867 died, 1911 child of Albert R & Helen Griswold Harvey
HARVEY, Jannette born, 1870 died, no date child of Albert R & Helen Griswold Harvey
HARVEY, Leonard J born, 1824 died, 1929 
HARVEY, Mary J. born, 1828 died, no date 
HARVEY, Mary Reed spouse of, Samuel H. born, 4-13-1802 died, 1-19-1891 age, 77y 9m 6d dau of Jonathan & Rhody Reed m. Jan 28 1824
HARVEY, Samuel H spouse of, Mary R born, 3-28-1801 died, 12-28-1878 age, 77y 9m son of Melad & Anar Buell Harvey
HERRICK, Elisha died, 3-26-1852 15y 9m 2 other Herrick stones - could not read them
HERRICK, John R. spouse of, Rosalie born, 1823 died, 1904 
HERRICK, Rosalie spouse of, John R. born, 1820 died, 1864 
HORTON, ------ cannot read stone
HORTON, Polley died, 2-28-1872 age, 78y 4m 4d 
KAEHLER, Heinrich, H.J. died, 1880 not sure if Heinrich is first name or if it is just one name Heinrichkaehler - has german written on stone and cannot read.
LAMB, A. Mellissa spouse of, Almon born, 1831 died, 1909 
LAMB, Almon spouse of, A. Mellissa born, 1822 died, 1906 
LAMB, Emmet son of A. & M. A. Lamb can't read date, stone buried in ground
LAMB, Huldah died, 12-20-1860 dau of A. & M. A. Lamb
LAMB, Jehiel spouse of, Lois born, 3-3-1787 died, 1-30-1870 son of David b. VT
LAMB, Lois Varnum spouse of, Jehiel born, 1-2-1789 died, 1-12-1856 
LAMB, Louisa spouse of, James died, 5-2-1861 age, 28y 6m 22d stone says " Wife of James Lamb"
MANLEY, Clarrissa spouse of, Nelson died, 3-11-1844 age, 41y 2m 5d 
MANLEY, Infant Daughter died, 2-10-1840 age, 5d 
MANLEY, James K died, 9-13-1846 age, 20d son of Nelson & Mary - stone is leaning against a tree
MILLS, Emma A. born, 8-8-1830 died, 5-27-1852 age, 9m 15d dau of William & Amanda Mills
NICKERSON, A spouse of, Ephraim 
NICKERSON, Aldura died, no date child of Ephraim & A Nickerson
NICKERSON, Charles G. died, no date child of Ephraim & A Nickerson
NICKERSON, Emma died, no date child of Ephraim & A Nickerson
NICKERSON, Ephraim spouse of, A died, 10-2-1873 age, 71y 11m 22d 
NICKERSON, Ruth died, no date child of Ephraim & A Nickerson
PARLEE, Eunice spouse of, Joshua died, 4-25-1859 age, 79y 2m 12d 
PARLEE, Joshua spouse of, Eunice died, 1834 age, 53y 11m 26d 
SCHROADER, A. K. nothing else
SCHROADER, Elizabeth nothing else
SCHROADER, Frank nothing else
SCHROADER, Fritz died, 1880 age, 73 (?) 
SCHROADER, Joachim nothing else
SCHROADER, Katherina died, 1870(?) Stone broken, I think it says "wife of Fritz"
SCHROADER, Minnie nothing else
SMITH, Alvira born, 9-20-1834 died, 1-15-1840 age, 6y 4m 25d dau of Ephraim & Lydia Smith
SMITH, Catherine spouse of, Gilbert born, 1809 died, 3-13-1881 age, 72y 2m 
SMITH, Ephriam spouse of, Lydia born, 5-9-1800 died, 3-20-1861 
SMITH, Gilbert spouse of, Catherine born, 1812 died, 11-2-1884 age, 72y 9m 
SMITH, Jedediah spouse of, Submit born, 1789 died, 1867(?) age, 80 stone laying on ground 
SMITH, Lydia spouse of, Ethriam born, 4-30-1801 died, 5-22-1886 
SMITH, Submit (?) spouse of, Jedediah born, 1790 died, 1861 stone laying on ground under brush it was beside Jedediah Smith Could be wife
SPRAGUE, Charles F. born, 6-4-1850 died, 11-28-1876 
SPRAGUE, Henry W. born, 8-4-1866 died, 9-19-1889 
SPRAGUE, Lina born, 5-25-1862 died, 7-29-1877 
SPRAGUE, Lucinda spouse of, Lewis died, 4-17-1836 age, 29y 11m 10d says "wife of Lewis Sprague"
SPRAGUE, Mary Jane spouse of, Walter M born, 5-5-1827 died, 12-22-1882 
SPRAGUE, Sarah J. spouse of, Leonard S. died, 12-2-1858 age, 35y 10m 
SPRAGUE, Walter M. spouse of, Mary Jane born, 1-18-1824 died, 6-4-1879 
STEBBINS, Benjamin born, 1807 died, 1879 
STEBBINS, Caroline born, 1844 died, 1866 
STEBBINS, Emerett born, 1840 died, 1910 
STEBBINS, Emmal age, 5m 3d 
STEBBINS, Francis D. spouse of, Lorana B. born, 1821 died, 1895 
STEBBINS, Joseph B. born, 1809 died, 1934 
STEBBINS, Laura born, 1808 died, 1880 
STEBBINS, Lorana B. spouse of, Francis D. born, 1823 died, 1900 
STEBBINS, Lucinda Kellogg spouse of, Silvanus born, 1780 died, 1834 
STEBBINS, Ohilo H. born, 1817 died, 1835 
STEBBINS, Philena spouse of, Silvanus born, 1785 died, 1868 
STEBBINS, S Murton born, 1811 died, 1836 
STEBBINS, Sarah age, 3d 
STEBBINS, Silvanus spouse of, Lucinda/Philena born, 1778 died, 1861 
STRICKLAND, Ellen spouse of, John died, 6-10-1870 age, 23y 10m 4d dau of Francis & Lorana Stebbins
TRACY, Horace spouse of, Nancy 
TRACY, Nancy spouse of, Horace died, 2-12-1836 age, 31y 24d 
TRAVIS, Charles died, 12-13-1851 age, 22y 5m 15d son of William & Sophia Buffington Travis
TRAVIS, Phena died, 11-15-1851 age, 9y 5m 11d dau of William & Sophia Buffington Travis
TRAVIS, Sophia Buffington spouse of, William born, 10-15-1803 died, ? born in Kenebec county, Maine
TRAVIS, William Capt. spouse of, Sophia B born, 12-27-1796 died, 10-19-1851 age, 54y 9m 22d born in Saratoga county, NY
UNKNOWN, Elida J can't read, stone broken and laying on ground
UNKOWN, Mary this stone is beside Buskist leaning against a tree.
VASH, John H. spouse of, Mary born, 1840 died, no date 
VASH, Mary A. S. born, 1841 died, 1900 stone says "Wife of John"
VICKERY, Alice A. born, 1858 died, 1874 child of John T. & Emma Linda Vickery
VICKERY, Baby died, 1881 Just baby, no name - child of John T. & Emma Linda Vickery
VICKERY, Emma F. born, 1865 died, 1866 child of John T. & Emma Linda Vickery
VICKERY, Emma Linda spouse of, John T. born, 1835 died, 1866 
VICKERY, John T. spouse of, Emma Linda born, 1834 died, 1890 
VICKERY, Manley died, 5-9-1853 age, 79y 8d 
YOUNG, William B. born, 8-8-1830 died, 8-29-1865 son of H. & H. A. Young


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