West Amish Cemetery
Conewango, Cattaraugus County, NY

GPS Coordinates: 42.2609800, -79.0345600

HOSTETLER, Albert D. Born 1-15-2008, died 1-24-2009. Age: 1y - Son of Daniel J. and Martha J. (Shetler) Hostetler. Born in Conewango NY, died in Jamestown NY.
HOSTETLER, Eli Y. Spouse of Martha B. Shetler. Born 12-28-1919, died 2-24-2013. Age: 93 - Born in Milroy PA, died in Conewango NY. S minister and dairy farmer. Twelve children.
MILLER, Crist E. Spouse of Rachel Yoder. Born 10-19-1933, died 6-26-2009. Age: 75 - Son of Eli J. and Elizabeth (Herberger) Miller, born in Lumberton MS, died in Conewango NY. A dairy farmer. Wed 2-20-1958, ten children
MILLER, Cristian J. Born 6-1-1986, died 8-14-2009. Age: 23 - Son of John M. and Gertrude J. (Hershberger) Miller. Born in Gowanda NY, killed in a motorcycle accident in Seneca PA.
MILLER, Harvey E. Spouse of Elizabeth Yoder. Born 1-19-1926, died 12-23-2012. Age: 86 - Son of Eli J and Elizabeth J. (Hershberger) Miller, born in Apple Creek OH, died in Randolph NY. A dariy farmer and cabinet maker. Nine children and 365 great-grandchildren.
SHETLER, Martha (Hostetler). Spouse of Moses B. Born 12-18-1924, died 6-16-2014. Age: 89 - Dau of Harvey and Ada (Schock) Hostetler, born in Kosciusko Co IN, died in Conewango NY. Wed 11-17-1943, nine children
SWARTZENTRUBER, Anna J. Spouse of Joseph E. Born 4-15-1926, died 12-19-2010. Age: 84 - Dau of Jacob and Fannie (Schrock) Wengerd, born in Millersberg OH, died in Leon NY. Wed 1-31-`957, seven children
WENGERD, Amanda E. (Hershberger). Spouse of Eli J. Born 1-26-1930, died 7-15-2011. Age: 81 - Dau of Eli J. and Elizabeth Herberger. Born in Lumberton MS, died in Leon NY. Twelve children
WENGERD, Dan N. E. Born 5-3-2009, died 11-5-2011. Age: 2y - Son of Noah and Edna A. (Miller) Wengerd. Born in Dunkirk NY killed in vehicle and buggy collision in Leon, eight siblings
WENGERD, Eli J. Spouse of Amanda Hershberger. Born 7-2-1927, died 4-21-2011. Age: 83 - Son of Jacob and Fannie (Schrock) Wengerd. Born in Holmes Co OH, died in Irving NY. A dairy farmer and owner/operator of the Buggy Shop. Twelve children
WENGERD, Levi N. Born 4-27-2019, died 4-28-2019. Age: 1d - Son of Naoh and Edna A. (Miller) Wengard. Born in Buffalo NY, died in Leon NY.
WENGERD, Noah J. Born 10-15-0928, died 11-24-1998. Age: 70 - Son of Jacob and Fannie (Schrock) Wengerd, born in Holmes Co OH, died in Conewango NY
WENGARD, William L. Born 5-3-1990, died 4-17-2014. Age: 23 - Born, lived, and died in Leon NY.
MILLER, Rebecca D. (Yoder). Spouse of Levi D. Born 10-3-1924, died 2-17-2012. Age: 87 - Dau of David A. and Sarah E. (Troyer) Yode. Born in Wayne Co OH, died in Leon NY. Fourteen children

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