Weber Cemetery
Springville, Cattaraugus County, NY
(Also known as Henrietta Road Cemetery)

GPS Coordinates: 42.4752998, -78.7174988.

BLESY, Brian Harold. Born 9/28/1979, died 12/28/1997. Age: 18 - Born in Springville, NY and died in Ashford, NY
CRAWFORD, Charles. Spouse of Cornelia Schneider. Born 1804, died 2-1-1882. Age: 77 - Five children
CRAWFORD, Charles. Born 1780, died 1857. Age: 76
CRAWFORD, Cornelia. Spouse of Charles Crawford. Born 1810, died 11-9-1889. Age: 78 - Five children
CRAWFORD, Harriet. Born 1841, died 3-19-1842. Age: 1
CRAWFORD, Harvey. Born 1835, died 3-29-1842. Age: 6
CRUMWELL, Corsa Anna. Spouse of James M. Crumwell. Born 12-28-1827, died 6-24-1848. Age: 20 - Dau of Hiram and Elizabeth (Hufstader) Goo, one daughter
CRUMWELL, James M. Spouse of Corsa Anna Goo. Born 1819, died 3/19/1900. Age: 80 - Born in Herkimer, NY and died in Machias, NY, one daughter
FRANK, Ann Margrate. Spouse of John H. Frank. Born 10-11-1774, died 7-31-1858. Age: 83 - Born in German Flatts, NY and Died in Ashford, NY, 11 children
FRANK, Caroline. Born 1824, died 8-25-1851. Age: 26 - Dau of J. J. and M. Frank
FRANK, Catharine. Spouse of Henry Frank. Born 3-3-1815, died 3-27-1852. Age: 37 - Dau of Johann F. and Elizabeth (Hockstatter) Oyer, four children
FRANK, Daniel. Spouse of Catharine Multer. Born 4-21-1815, died 12-31-1867. Age: 52 - Son of John H. and Ann M. (Gerlach) Frank, born in Frankfort, NY and died in Great Valley, NY, eight children
FRANK, John H. Spouse of Ann Margrate Gerlach. Born 10-25-1775, died 3-22-1859. Age: 83 - Son of Henry Frank, born German Flatts, NY and died in Ashford, NY, 13 children
GARLOCK, Armenia Lulu. Born 1855, died 2-20-1864. Age: 8 - Dau of Warren G. and Margaret C. (Weber) Garlock, born East Otto, NY and died in Cattaraugus County, NY
GARLOCK, Margaret C. Spouse of Wayne Garlock. Born 1830, died 11-18-1866. Age: 35 - Dau of Isaac J. and Louis L. Weber,
GARLOCK, Warren George. Spouse of Margaret C. Weber. Born 3-1825, died 6-15-1904. Age: 79 Son of Jonas H. and Maria C. (Frank) Garlock, born in Ashford, NY and died Erie County, NY, four children
GOO, David H. Born 12-20-1823, died 4-15-1831. Age: 7 - Son of Hiram and Elizabeth (Hufstader) Goo, born and died in Ashford, NY
HEMSTREET, Abram. Spouse of Maria McMichael. Born 7-14-1780, died 6-29-1871. Age: 90 - Died in Springville, NY, ten children
HEMSTREET, Abram Vedder. Born 1-23-1834, died 4-7-1893. Age: 59 - Son of Abram and Maria (McMichael) Hemstreet
HEMSTREET, John H. Spouse of. Born 1831, died 4-17-1876. Age: 44 - Son of Abram and Maria (McMichael) Hemstreet
HEMSTREET, Maria. Spouse of Abram Hemstreet. Born 10-1-1790, died 2-9-1868. Age: 77 - Ten children
HESS, George Joseph. Spouse of Mary. Born 12-18-1788, died 8-26-1857. Age: 68 - Son of Hanyost Hess
HESS, Mary. Spouse of George Joseph Hess
HUFSTADER, Jacob, Jr. Spouse of Roxanna Oyer. Born 12-4-1806, died 12-25-1876. Age: 70 - Son of Jacob and Catharine (Rema) Hochstatter, born in Frankfort, NY and died in Concord, NY, six children
HURD, Abigail B. Spouse of Horatio Sheldon Hurd. Born 12-28-1829, died 1854. Age: 24 - Born in Massachusetts
HURD, Clara - Dau of Horatio S. and Abigail Hurd
JOHNSON, Mary. Spouse of Thomas Johnson, died 7-4-1875
MCKAY, Elbert C. - Son of George and Margaret McKay
MCKAY, Nelson W., died 5-1-1862 - Son of George and Margaret McKay
MCKAY, Theresa
NORTON, William. Born 7-13-1833, died 2-27-1846. Age: 12 - Son of Burroughs and Margaret (Weber) Norton
NOTHE, Clarence Edward, Jr. Born 10-30-1919, died 11-11-2001. Age: 82 - Son of Clarence Edward and Mabel A. (Bugenhagen) Nothe, Sr., born in Hambur, NY and died in Springville, NY - WW II Vet, US Army, TEC 4
OYER, Elizabeth. Spouse of Johann Frederick Oyer. Born 1767, died 1-31-1866. Age: 98 - Born in Schuyler, NY and died in East Otto, NY, five children
OYER, Joahann Frederick, Sr. Spouse of Elizabeth Hockstatter. Born 2-29-1768, died 1825. Age: 56 - Son Of Johann F. Oyer, five children
OYER, Levi. Born 5-5-1820, died 11-3-1851. Age: 31
OYER, William. Born 12-1825, died 1871. Age: 58 - Son of Johann F. and Elizabeth (Hockstratt) Oyer
PEIRCE, Chauncey, died 2-27-1872
PIERCE, Joseph. Born 1825, died 3-7-1838. Age: 12
PIERCE, Luseba, died 2-24-1872
PIERCE, Thomas. Born 12-5-1763, died 10-13-1850. Age: 86 - Born in Hopkinton, MA and died in Cattaraugus County, NY
WEBER, Benjamin B. Spouse of Julia Ann Lowe. Born 1810, died 9-13-1848. Age: 38
WEBER, Betsey. Spouse of Matthew Weber. Born 2-18-1921, died 9-12-1904. Age: 83 - Born in Montgomery County, NY and died in Salamanca, NY
WEBER, Ellen Elizabeth 11-8-1842 - Dau of Matthew and Betsey (Hemstreet) Weber
WEBER, Emily A. 5-11-1849 - Dau of Isaac J. and Louisa L. Weber,
WEBER, Eveline S. Spouse of Isaac J. Weber. Born 1808, died 2-3-1891. Age: 82 -
WEBER, Gertie. Born 1851, died 4-28-1865. Age: 13 - Dau of Matthew and Betsey (Hemstreet) Weber
WEBER, Isaac J. Spouse of Louisa and Eveline. Born 3-5-1806, died 4-14-1878. Age: 72
WEBER, Jacob. Spouse of Margaret. Born 2-23-1776, died 7-13-1855. Age: 79 - Propreitor of this cemetery
WEBER, Lawrence. Born 6-28-1801, died 6-2-1883. Age: 81
WEBER, Louisa L. Spouse of Isaac J. Weber
WEBER, Lydia. Spouse of Lawrence Weber. Born 10-25-1800, died 12-19-1885 85
WEB ER, Margaret. Spouse of Jacob Weber, died 2-25-1865
WEBER, Matthew. Spouse of Betsey Henstreet. Born 12-4-1818, died 8-5-1895. Age: 76 - Son of Lawrence and Lydia Weber
WEBER, Persis Amelia. Spouse of James Birney Weber, Sr. Born 7-8-1841, died 2-7-1885. Age: 43
WIDRIG, Eveline. Spouse of George G. Widrig, died 6-30-1878
WIDRIG, George G. Spouse of Eveline, died 1872

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