Town of East Otto
on Bowen Road
this cemetery was about to be plowed under some years ago
but was saved by neighborhood protest, the stones were set up again
not necessairly in the original spot and cultivation has continued around the cemetery.

submitted by Suzan Paschen

Photo's M.E.Bryant

TEFFT, Alexander spouse of Deborah born 7-18-1784 died 2-14-1868 age 82y 6m 26d    - b. in Rhode Island son of Oliver and Deborah Dewey Tefft 
TEFFT, Alexander            - son of Alexander & Deborah Tefft 
TEFFT, Carriee E.     died 1861 
TEFFT, Deborah spouse of Alexander           - dau of Nathaniel and Deborah Niles 
TEFFT, Deborah spouse of Howard   died 10-?-1851 age 61    - dau of Willard & Heather Dewey 
TEFFT, Dewey Rev.  spouse of Harriet   died 1-8-1892 age 74y 1m6d    - son of Oliver and Deborah Dewey Tefft was a Free Methodist minister 
TEFFT, Gertrude  spouse of E.N.     age 25y 1m 8d    - dau of John & Eliza Dow 
TEFFT, Harriet spouse of Rev. Dewey  born 11-5-1823 died 6-1882      - dau of Isaac & Zelpah Nicholas 
TEFFT, John N. 
TEFFT, Nathaniel Niles    born 8-12-1814        - son of Alexander & Deborah Niles Tefft 
TEFFT, Olive A.            - son of Nathaniel Niles & Martha Tefft 
TEFFT, Oliver D.     died 5-?-1867 age 18y 28d    - son of Nathaniel Niles & Martha Tefft 
TEFFT, Polly            - son of Nathaniel Niles & Martha Tefft 


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