Another Circle of Friends and Family

In and Around Cattaraugus County, New York

Twenty-seven Transcriptions from the Scrapbook of Ruth Isabelle (Vaughn) Davis


Submitted by Philip R. Roblee (email link)

March, 2000
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This Scrapbook is the second of two scrapbooks in my possession, passed-on to me by my mother, Joyce (Davis) Roblee after my grandmother's (Ruth (Vaughn) Davis) death. The first Scrapbook, transcribed and available on the internet under the title, "A Circle of Friends and Family in Cattaraugus County, New York: Life, Death, and Generations Spanning Two Centuries; Seventy Transcriptions from the Scrapbook of Arzetta H. Sparks and Bertha (Vaughan) Jones" (Click Here to View). The Second Scrapbook is housed in a hardback copy of "The Home Manual, Illustrated," written ("prepared") by Mrs. John A. Logan, and published by H. J. Smith & Co. in 1889. Pasted across the pages of roughly the first one-third of the book are 27 newspaper articles, wedding announcements and obituaries relating to friends, family, acquaintances, and other people of interest to my grandmother. While the "Home Manual" predates my grandmother's birth by more than 10 years, the articles pasted within its pages generally are of the 1920s era (as evidenced by her handwritten dates on many of the articles), and thus would have been collected shortly after she married my grandfather, Francis Law Davis.

The book itself is fascinating (even without the pasted articles), as it obviously was written for women of that era who wanted to have a "Proper" home. The Manual is subtitled, "The Home Manual. Everybody's Guide in Social, Domestic, and Business Life. A Treasury of Useful Information for the Million. Profusely Illustrated."

The Manual apparently was a gift, probably given to my grandmother's Aunt Bertha (Vaughan) Jones (who raised my grandmother), since there is a hand-written inscription on one of the back pages, dated 1890, which reads:

"I commend this as a delightful book. The author of this work, Mrs. John A. Logan, had more, perhaps, to do with the success of her illustrious husband as a statesman than all other influences combined. He never accepted a nomination for any office until his wife signified that it was wise to do so. It will be stranger if the same superior common sense, to which "Logan" ever and always appealed to in her, will not be formed in these pages. Then Will Carleton [contributing editor], the expert that pleases each and all, has brought to this work his share of genius. The book is a mine in which all will find rich treasures.

Machias, Dec. 13, 1890.

Rev. E.J. Groynn,

M, A. Ph' D,"

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Arcade, NY 
1, 12, 13, 18
Farmersville, NY 
North Evans, NY 
Baker, OR 
Franklinville, NY 
Oakfield, NY 
Batavia, NY 
Freedom, NY 
9, 20
Olean, NY 
Belmont, NY 
Geneseo, NY 
Penn Yan, NY 
Berkshire Hills, MA 
Houghton, NY 
Rochester, NY 
10, 22
Buffalo, NY 
8, 13, 18, 22, 23
Kenmore, NY 
Rushford, NY 
8, 27
Cambridge Springs, PA 
LeRoy, NY 
Sandusky, NY 
14, 22
Castile, NY 
4, 5
Lime Lake, NY 
Syracuse, NY 
4, 5
Chaffee, NY 
Little Valley, NY 
Thousand Islands, NY 
Delevan, NY 
16, 23
Lockport, NY 
Utica, NY 
East Arcade, NY 
Machias, NY 
10, 19, 21
Williamsville, NY 
Farmersville Center, NY 
Maple Grove, NY 
Wyoming, NY 

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21. Vaughan-Scott
4. Van Arsdale - Kellogg
13. Conschafter-Webber
22. Lloyd-Pratt
5. Van Arsdale - Kellogg
14. Mrs. Charles Roblee
23. Hall-Tiffany
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15. M.E. Missionary Society
24. Young Son's Testimony...
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16. Blood-Persons
25. Yunker Held
8. Williams-Lynde
17. Student/Teacher Missing
26. D.C. Stone
9. Brown-Ascher
18. Ernice Jackson
27. Mrs. Charles Seivert

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#1 - Obituary (with Photo of Clifford Bakeman)


son of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bakeman of Arcade, who died as the result of injuries sustained when his auto ran into an engine on the Pensylvania [sic] R. R. at Arcade, September 22, 1917. He was one of the most highly esteemed young men of Arcade and his untimely death is deeply mourned by his relatives and a very large circle of friends.

#2 – Obituary

LAWLER – October 14th. Genevieve L., daughter of Martin and Mary E. Costello Lawler, sister of Frank T., Leo M., Mary E., Sarah T. and Cecelia T. Lawler. Funeral from the family residence, No 84 Richmond avenue, on Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock.

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#3 – Wedding Announcement (handwritten date of Sept. 1921)

The wedding of Mr. Melvin Leonard and Miss Ida Peet was solemnized at the Baptist parsonage on Tuesday evening, by Rev. John E. Whitney. Mrs. Percy L. Austin, Mr. Leonard’s daughter, and her husband were attendants. Their many friends wish them years of happy wedlock.

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#4 – Newspaper Article (with Photo of Mrs. Stanley Van Arsdale Kellogg)


16-Year Old Bride Loves Husband and Does Not Want Wedding Annulled.

SYRACUSE, Dec. 21.—Stanley Van Arsdale Kellogg’s pretty 16-year-old bride, whom he married here last Thursday and subsequently left with little money in the Onandaga hotel, while he went to his home at Castile, intends to try out married life with her youthful husband. In that decision she has the support of young Kellogg, so she declares, but it has not yet been definitely decided whether the young couple will reside in Castile or make their home in this city. Kellogg is an undergraduate at Syracuse university and his relatives desire him to complete his education.

Little Mrs. Kellogg returned here last evening from Castile whither she had gone with a lawyer representing the Van Arsdales to come to some understanding regarding the future of her young husband and herself. She says she was offered an annulment of the marriage by Charles Van Arsdale, uncle of young Kellogg. She turned down the offer.

"I love my husband and I don’t want the marriage annulled," said the pretty little bride.

"I intend to make our marriage a success. Anyway we can try it out for a while and see how things come out for us."

Young Kellogg met his wife, who was then Dorothy LeGrange in a South Salina street restaurant here last week. Then she went to a dance with him and later they were married. The girl is exceptionally attractive.

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#5 – Newspaper Article

SYRACUSE, Feb. 8.—Clergymen, city and town clerks, justices of the peace and others who permit the marriage of "infant," were denounced by Justice Edward N. Smith when he had heard the appeal of Mrs. Dorothy LaGrangeKellogg, 18, formerly of Syracuse and now of Utica, for annulment of her marriage three years ago with Stanley Van Arsdale Kellogg, then a Syracuse University student.

The bride was deserted at the Onondaga Hotel two days after the marriage, she told Justice Smith in the Special Term of Supreme Court.

Kellogg was a fraternity man at the University. His home was in Castile and he fell in love with Miss LaGrange when she was 15, she said in court.

Whirlwind Courtship

There was a whirlwind courtship and the decision to be married. After being turned down several times, she said, they came to the Court House here and Justice of the Peace Duerr performed the ceremony.

Their honeymoon was passed in the Onondage. They were married Thursday, Dec. 15, 1921, and the bridegroom is alleged to have deserted his bride Saturday. Her plight was revealed to Harry Van Arsdale, uncle of the bridegroom, and he came to Syracuse and returned to Castile in company with his nephew’s bride.

In April, 1922, she received a letter from Kellogg, who said he was in a lumber camp at Baker, Ore., trying to earn enough money "to return and support her decently." That was the last word she had from her husband, she said.

obscure ..Bride’s Mother

A baby girl was born to Mrs. Kellogg Sept. 8, 1922, and the baby has been adopted by Mrs. Mary Wannamaker, Mrs. Kellogg’s mother.

Since the marriage, Mrs. Kellogg avers she has been in poor health and has received only $10 from her husband. She has, however, received some money from her husband’s mother. She asks that the court annul the marriage and restore her former name.

When Mrs. Kellogg had concluded her statements, Justice Smith indignantly denounced the practice of marrying minors without investigation where the youth is apparentl and birth records are available.

The Court reserved decision.

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#6a – Memoriam

ROBESON – In loving memory of our daughter and sister, Mrs. Althea Robeson, who passed away one year ago to-day, April 10th.

Peacefully sleeping, resting at last,

This world’s sorrows and troubles are passed.

In silence you suffered, with patience you bore,

Until God called you home to suffer no more.

Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Wheeler

Mr. and Mrs. F. Cheesman

Mr. and Mrs. V.E. Wheeler.

#6b – Memoriam

ROBESON – In loving memory of our dear daughter and loving sister, Mrs. Althea Wheeler Robeson, who passed away on [sic] year ago today, April 10th.

No one knows the silent heartache,

Only those who lost can tell

The grief we bear in silence

For the one we loved so well.

Her loving parents, sister and brother. (Handwritten date of 1924)

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#7 – Announcement (with Photo of Mis Mildred Hall photographed at Majestic Studios)


Miss Hall is one of the committee in charge of the dance to be given by the Kenmore Business and Professional Women’s Club at the Y. W. C. A. tomorrow evening. (handwritten date – 1925).

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#8 – Marriage Announcement


Clark B. Williams and Miss Winnifred Lynde Repeat Vows Before Large Number of Guests

The home of Mr. and Mrs. George Farwell of Podonque was the scene of a well appointed and exceedingly pretty wedding on Wedesday [sic] evening, October 12th, when their granddaughter, Winnifred Lynde, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe C. Lynde, was united in marriage to Clark B. Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Williams.

The home was beautifully decorated and at the appointed hour to the strains of the wedding march played by Miss Neva Parker of Houghton the bridal party took their places, under an attractive arch of evergreens and fall leaves from which hung a large bell. Master Knowles Williams, as ring bearer preceeded [sic] the bridal party to the altar. Miss Delberta E. Wood and Harold M. Hall of Buffalo were the attendants. The bride was attired in a lovely gown of white satin and Georgette crepe trimmed with pearls, her bouquet being of roses and ferns. Miss Wood wore a gown of yellow changeable satin.

The impresive [sic] ceremony was performed by Rev. Wm. Adam, pastor of the Baptist church, and was witnessed by about 50 guests.

Immediately following the congratulations a wedding dinner was served with twelve seated at the bride’s table. The young couple left for a motor trip ,the bride traveling in a tailored suit of blue, trimmed in squirrel, with hat to match.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams expect to live in Geneseo and will have the best wishes of a host of friends.

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#9 and #10 – Marriage Announcements (handwritten date of Aug. 1922)


Miss Velma Ascher, of North Evans, and Mr. Lloyd Brown of Freedom were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s parents, by Rev. Howard. They are on a wedding trip to Montana after which they will be at home in Freedom.


On August 4, a very pretty home wedding was solemnized at the home of the bride’s parents, when Miss Marie F. Drumb, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Drumb, of Machias, was united in the holy bonds of matrimony to Mr. Floyd D. Morris of Rochester.

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#11 – Marriage Announcement (handwritten date of Aug. 1923)



A quiet wedding ceremony took place at the Christian church on Tuesday evening, Aug. 21, 1923, Hazel Martin, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Burnett Martin, becoming the bride of Earl E. Pratt. Rev. John M. Williams performed the ceremony, while the bride and groom were attended by Mr. and Mrs. LaMonte Marble.

The happy couple have left on a motor trip which will include the Thousand Islands. Upon their return they will be at home at Lime Lake where Mr. Pratt has been a resident for a number of years and where he has a home furnished in readiness to receive his bride.

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#12 – Marriage Announcement


Mr. and Mrs. William Hinze of Little Valley announce the marriage of their daughter, Meta W. to Mr. Carl R. Pearson of Arcade, N.Y., on Saturday, July 28, 1923, at 8 p.m. at Little Valley, N.Y.

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#13 – Marriage Announcement (handwritten date of Sept. 1923)


Mr. Victor Conschafter, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Conschafter of Arcade was united in marriage to Miss Mildred Webber of Buffalo in the Presbyterian church, Buffalo, Tuesday, at 8 p.m. A number of Arcadians attended the wedding, which was a beautiful ceremony.

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#14 – Obituary


Mrs. Charles Roblee, aged 63 years died Sunday at her home at Maple Grove. The funeral services were held on Wednesday in the M. E. Church, Sandusky. She leaves to mourn her death her husband, five sons and two daughters.

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#15 – Meeting Announcement


The ladies of the M. E. Missionary society held their regular monthly meeting with Mrs. Millard Jones on Wednesday afternoon. When some of the ladies appeared with baskets the hostess could not resist a sly peek and then found a surprise. Of course, it so happened, she was on a fruit diet, but after much jollying and tempting of fruit punch, she was persuaded to take a sip and this was her great downfall. The meeting was called to order in due form by singing, reading of Scripture from the 52nd verse to the end of the 6th chapter of St. John, followed by prayer, song, roll call, reading of the minutes of the two last meetings. The secretary Mrs. Hatch, reported credit to the society for one barrel of fruit sent the Williamsville home, amount $7.50, also receipts were $5.00 paid on this year’s apportionment leaving $5.00 due, which was decided to be paid by special collection at April and May meetings.

Nine members were present and three guests, Mrs. Lamb, Mrs. Vaughan and Mrs. Francis Davis. Mrs. Davis presided at the piano.

All voted it a very enjoyable time even the hostess, allowing the following day good enough to start dieting. (hand written date of March 1924).

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#16 – Marriage Announcement (handwritten date of 1924)



Married, in Chaffee, Wednesday, June 4th, by Rev. Oliver, Mrs. Mary Blood and Charles S. Persons of Delevan. Congratulations.

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#17 – Newspaper Article


Farmersville Girl Studied Three Years in the Same Grade Under Missing Instructor.

FRANKLINVILLE, Feb. 18.—Considerable gossip has been caused by the recent disappearance of Forest Lewis, 42-year –old teacher of the eighth grade in Farmersville, near here, and Grace Henry, 18 years old, a pupil of Lewis’, who vanished on the same day.

According to the village wags the double disappearance is more than a coincidence, and with a shake of their head they ask, why did it take Miss Henry three years to complete her studies in Lewis’ grade and graduate from grammar school.

Mrs. Lewis, wife of the missing man, also a teacher in the Farmersville school, has had no word from her husband. The parents of the girl are equally left in the dark. Lewis has been a teacher in the Farmersville school for the past four years. He originally made his home Farmersville Center.

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#18 – Obituary


The many friends of Miss Ernice Jackson were shocked and saddened Wednesday to learn of her death in a Buffalo hospital at 6 p.m. Tuesday. She had been taken to Buffalo the week before suffering from some complication of internal ailments, which seemed to center in her teeth. She apparently was in good health, but for some time she had complained of being tired, although she was at all times reluctant to say anything about her personal ailments.

The body was brought to Arcade Wednesday and taken to the home of her parents, Mr. And Mrs. B. E. Jackson at East Arcade.

The funeral services will be held in St. Mary’s church, of which she was a member, at East Arcade at 10:30 a.m. today, Rev. Father Meyers officiating. Interment will be in East Arcade cemetery.

Ernice Jackson was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Jackson of E. Arcade. She was 27 years of age and her life has been spent in the town of Arcade where she was loved and esteemed by all. She was a teacher in the Arcade High school and was very successful, being loved by her students and regarded very highly by the Board of Education and by the members of the Faculty.

She is survived by her parents, and by three sisters: Mrs. Wolcott of Wyoming, Miss Mary Jackson who is teaching school in Buffalo, and Miss Dorcas Jackson of East Arcade, and by other relatives and a host of friends.

The sympathy of the entire community goes out to the afflicted family in their great loss.

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#19 – Wedding Announcement


William Henry Dells and Miss Josephine L. Vaughan, both of Machias, were married at the First Presbyterian manse on Saturday by the Rev. L. W. Scott. They were accompanied by Mr. And Mrs. Francis Davis.

Mr. and Mrs. Dells will make their home at Machias, where the groom is employed by Machias Sand & Gravel Company. (Handwritten date of June 28, 1924)

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#20 – Wedding Announcement


Mr. Oliver M. Smith of Lockport, N.Y., and Miss Hazel M. Jones of Freedom, N.Y., were united in marriage at the Baptist parsonage, Freedom, Monday morning, June 9th, Rev. D. H. Conrad officiating. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Day of Lockport. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Jones, town of Freedom. The young couple took the B., R. & P. morning train, going south for a brief wedding trip, after which they will be at home in Lockport, N.Y. Their many friends extend congratulations. (Handwritten date of 1924)

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#21 – Wedding Announcement


Smith Daniel Vaughan of Machias and Marie Scott of 22 Cherry street, this village, were married Saturday night by Justice of Peace E. J. Blackman. Mr. and Mrs. Vaughan will make their home in Machias. (Handwritten date of 1925)

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#22 – Wedding Announcement


A pretty home wedding took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Pratt, Sandusky, Monday, June 23rd, when their daughter, Grace Irene, became the bride of Mrs. [sic] C. Wesley Lloyd.

At one o’clock, to the strains of Lohengrin’s wedding march, played by the bride’s sister, Mrs. Albert Kraft of Arcade, the bridal party marched to their positions before a bank of ferns and flowers. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. E. Thompson of Belmont, formerly pastor of the Sandusky Baptist church. They were attended by Miss Leona Sisson of Penn Yan, N.Y., and Mr. Clifford Lloyd, brother of the groom.

The bride wore a gown of white satin trimmed with Spanish lace and georgette, her veil was caught with a bandeau of orange blossoms. She carried a shower bouquet of sweetheart roses and sweet peas. The bridesmaid wore a gown of robin’s egg blue georgette, and carried a bouquet of pink roses.

After the ceremony the entire company, which consisted of the immediate relatives of the bride and groom posed for photos, and then sat down to a sumptuous banquet which was much enjoyed by all.

The happy couple left by auto for a honeymoon trip to Rochester and the Berkshire Hills, Mass.

The bride and groom are both highly esteemed Sandusky young people, and have the best wishes of a host of friends. They will reside in Buffalo, where Mr. Lloyd has a business position with the Childs Restaurant company. (Handwritten date of 1924)

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#23 – Engagement Announcement


Mr. and Mrs. Nelson O. Tiffany announce the engagement of their daughter, Martha Louise, to Mr. Laurice W. Hall, the wedding to take place in June.

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#24 – News Article

Young Son’s Testimony in Father’s Divorce Suit Puts A "Horse" on Horse Doctor

"Ma and a horse doctor were pretty thick," was the testimony of Howard Peckham, a high school lad, in his father’s suit against his mother, Maude Peckham of Delevan, Chautauqua County [sic], for absolute divorce before Justice Norton in supreme court today.

Howard told about a summer’s evening when it was suggested that he go to the village post office for the mail. He came up the road toward his unlighted home about 9 o’clock. He decided that the folks had gone to bed. To make sure he walked into his mother’s room.

But suffering cats! There was his mother, not with in his father’s arms, but in the arms of "Doctor" Bishop, the veterinary.

The doctor had been coming there every day, he recalled. He knew that the doctor kept his spavin cures and the fever drops in their cellar. He had often seen his mother and the veterinary retire to this part of the house.

Puts Pop Wise

Of course—if it had been a real doctor—it would have been different. Then he could have understood his presence in his mother’s boudoir. So after he had doped it all out, he told his dad and then there were fireworks.

Mrs. Edith Dickson, witness No. 2, a friend of Mrs. Peckham’s, told of the latter visiting her in Buffalo. Mrs. Peckham confided to her friend that she was registered at the Main Street hotel with Dr. Bishop.

Later Mrs. Peckham took care of Mrs. Dickson when she was ill. During Thanksgiving week, Dr. Bishop came to Buffalo at the request of Mrs. Peckham. From all Mrs. Dickson could see from her sick bed, it looked to her like a reunion of sweethearts. They made no secret of their affair.

Justice Norton granted Edwin Peckham the decree. (Handwritten date of April 1924)

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#25 – News Article


BATAVIA, Nov. 13.—Since his arrest yesterday George Yunker has been held at the Genesee County jail and was arraigned before Justice of the Peace William J. Tyrrell. He pleaded not guilty and his examination was set down for November 21st. Bail of $5,000 was furnished by his brother, William Yunker of Oakfield. Yunker is charged with assault in the first degree as the result of the alleged shooting of Frank H. Ball of Batavia, when Ball returned to the Yunker farm with Mrs. Yunker and her daughter, Catherine.

Some slight improvement is noted in Ball’s condition and every hope is held out for his recovery by his physician, Dr. Irwin A. Cole of LeRoy. The charge from the shotgun raked Ball’s chest, but the gun was aimed toward the head, because Yunker [sic] seized the barrel of the gun and pulled it downward.

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#26 – Funeral

D. C. Stone was in Cambridge Springs, Pa., recently to attend the funeral of Everett Stone, son of Alfred and Nellie AlsworthStone. The young man was with the Atlantic fleet during the war and died as a result of desease contracted while in the Navy. (Handwritten date of April 1924)

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#27 – Obituary


Mrs. Atheline Violet Smith Seivert 20 years old, wife of Charles E. Seivert of Olean, died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Smith of Olean Monday after an illness of scarlet fever.

Mrs. Seivert was born in Rushford September 19, 1905 and had lived in Olean for the last fifteen years. She was a member of the First Methodist Episcopal church of Olean and soprano soloist in that church. She took a very active part in the musical life of that city and vicinity.

Besides her husband and parents, she is survived by a seven day old son, Charles Eugene; also one sister, Mrs. Edward Blaskey of Olean and two brothers, Clarence E. Smith, Jr., and Robert K. Smith.

On account of the nature of her illness, the funeral services were held privately at the home Tuesday afternoon and friends gathered in Mt. View cemetery for a brief service conducted by Rev. E. A. Mathews of the First M.E. church.

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