From An Early History of The Town of Portville.


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There were about thirty families settled in what was to be the Town of Portville in 1829 when the Holland Land Company granted the Portville Methodist Church a tract of 100 acres of Gospel Land. Among these esttlers were some at whose fireside the Methodist Circuit Riders were warmed and fed. One of the first of these was Rev. Reuben A. Aylesworth who came to bring the word of God and share the privations and hardships of the new settlers.

The first Methodist meetinghouse was built in 1845 at the cost of $1,275. The church was dedicated on January 1, 1846. The pews, or slips as they were called, were rented to the highest bidders. They used the money from that to defray the church expenses

In 1846 Milo Scott was appointed as the preacher.

At 6 o'clock in the morning of June 3, 1851, the first wedding was solemnized in the church. A double wedding uniting Edward Percival with Carolyn Wright and Dr. Thomas Jackson with Sarah Percival. The young couples wanted to catch the early train out of Olean and had to drive the 6 miles over plank road to do so. That was why the early hour.

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