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This is part of a map of Cattaraugus County by David H. Burr. It was entered according to an act of Congress in June 5, 1829. It is the oldest map existing of Cattaraugus County. It is divided into Townships distinguished by ranges and numbers. These are subdivided into lots and numbered from South to North. Portville is listed as a new town. According to the chart Portville had I grist mill, 18 saw mills and 1 tannery.

This 1829 Map of Cattaraugus County Belonged to the late Ethel Carnes of Great Valley, NY. She was the Catt. Co. Historian at Little Valley, NY before her death. She was a wonderful person and did a great service for the County of Cattaraugus. I lived next door to  Ethel for many years. I'm glad to have know her.

The first designated highway in the county was the Allgheny River. The New York Legislature made the designation by law in 1807. For many years the river was the only avenue of travel.

The earliest settlement by white men was made in the north part of Portville in 1805 when James Green settled on Haskell Creek .

The first child born in this settlement was Hannah Green, daughter of James greeen and his wife. She was born on April 28, 1807.

The first marriage took place between Jonahthan Dodge and Eunice Atherton in 1809.

The Town of portville was officially formed from Olean April 27, 1837. It is the southeast corner of cattaraugus County. It is bounded on the east by the Allegany County and the south by Pennsylvania.

The Alllegheny River enters the Town on the south, and receives as tributaries Oswayo, Dodges and Haskell Creek all from the east bank of the river.

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