Perrysburg in Pictures - 1912-1975

Perrysburg, Cattaraugus County, NY
Photos contributed by: Judith Quinn

J. N. Adam Hospital Main Entrance abt 1915

J. N. Adam Hospital

Named for James Nobel Adam.
Opening ceremonies on November 12, 1912
The hospital was originally a TB hospital.
It closed and reopened as J. N. Adam Developmental Center;
later it became J. N. Adam State School.
Closed in 1972, it is now abandoned

J. N. Adam Hospital - 2014

Chadwick Bay Gazette Photo
Hospital is abandoned.

J. N. Adam Hospital - Dietary workers abt 1930

Bertha May (Hall) Jackett on the far right

J. N. Adam Hospital - Nursing Staff 1960s

Far left: Mrs Simmons. Lady in pink - Mrs Farabaugh
2nd from the right: Richard West. Far right: Mildred Rohrich.

Perrysburg School, District 3 - 1933-1934

A little white school house on the corner of Route 39 and Campbell Road in Perrysburg, NY (east side of town).
First row, second child from the left is Chester Rohrich. Teacher is Lois Manley.

Back of Perrysburg School, District 3 - 1933-1934

Perrysburg School, District 3 - 1934-1935

Front row: 2nd from left: Robert Rohrich;
4th from left: Chester Rohrich.
Teacher is Lois Manley.

Perrysburg School, District 3 - 1935-1936

Front row: 2nd from left: Robert Rohrich;
6th from left: Chester Rohrich
 Teacher is Lois Manley

Perrysburg School, District 3 - 1936-1937

Center row, 2nd from left: Chester Rohrich;
3rd from left: Robert Rohrich.
Teacher Eva Brookman Powell

Perrysburg School, District 3 - 1937-1938

Chester Rohrich on the left; Robert Rohrich
2nd from the right.
Teacher is Eva Brookman Powell

New Perrysburg Fire Station - 1947
Chester L. Rohrich in the middle.
Merl A. Rohrich on the right.

Perrysburg Fire Department - 1947

Front row: 3rd from left Obie Brumfield,
4th from the left Robert Rohrich,
5th from the left LeRoy Kronz Sr

2nd row: 2nd from the left Merl Rohrich,
10th from the left Albert Bartlett,
11th from the left Chester Rohrich,
12th from the left Mr. Lacey

3rd row: 2nd from the right Robert Ratzel
looking over Chester's shoulder)

Perrysburg firemen marching in a parade
in Gowanda abt 1947

Robert Rohrich and Mr. Lacey carrying the banner
Behind Mr. Lacey is Chester Rohrich
3rd behind Robert Rohrich is Robert Ratzel

Perrysburg Baby Boom - 1947

(Taken at the home of Merl & Mildred Rohrich)
L to R: Mary Foster with baby Duane,
June Rohrich with baby Nancy,
Leota Ratzel with baby Janis, and
Mildred Rohrich with baby Judy.

WW I - Mark John Hall - US Army, France

WW II - Harval Mark Jackett - US Army

WW II - Chester L. Rohrich USMC

WW II - Platoon 127, USMC
Chester second row, 4th from the right

Vietnam - Claude A. Murphy US Navy

Vietnam - Luther L. Albrecht US Navy

Vietnam - Paul Sternisha US Navy

Perrysburg Methodist Church

100 years old, 1954

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